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Date/App# patent app List of recent Contiguous-related patents
 High parameter-count touch-pad controller patent thumbnailnew patent High parameter-count touch-pad controller
An apparatus including a touch user interface device including a sensor array configured to sense spatial information associated with one or more contiguous regions of contact and a processing device in communication with the touch user interface device configured to discern a first contiguous region of contact corresponding to a first finger from the one or more contiguous regions of contact, determine a first spatial distribution profile of the first contiguous region at a first time, determine a second spatial distribution profile of the first contiguous region at a second time, analyze a shape variation of the second spatial distribution profile in comparison to the first spatial distribution profile to determine a rotational movement of the first finger, generate a control signal in response to the detected rotational movement.. .
 Electronic device including touch-sensitive display and method of controlling same patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic device including touch-sensitive display and method of controlling same
A method includes displaying a plurality of display elements on a touch-sensitive display of an electronic device; displaying a selection tool on the touch-sensitive display; in response to detecting a first gesture, selecting a first portion of the plurality of display elements, the first portion comprising at least one display element; and in response to detecting a second gesture, moving the selection tool without selecting the display elements; and in response to detecting a third gesture, selecting a second portion of the plurality of the plurality of display elements, the second portion being non-contiguous with the first portion.. .
 Store data forwarding with no memory model restrictions patent thumbnailnew patent Store data forwarding with no memory model restrictions
Embodiments relate to loading data in a pipelined microprocessor. An aspect includes issuing a load request that comprises a load address requiring at least one block of data the same size as a largest contiguous granularity of data returned from a cache.
 Energy optimized cache memory architecture exploiting spatial locality patent thumbnailnew patent Energy optimized cache memory architecture exploiting spatial locality
Aspects of the present invention provide a “supertag” cache that manages cache at three granularities: (i) coarse grain, multi-block “super blocks,” (ii) single cache blocks and (iii) fine grain, fractional block “data segments.” since contiguous blocks have the same tag address, by tracking multi-block super blocks, the supertag cache inherently increases per-block tag space, allowing higher compressibility without incurring high area overheads. To improve compression ratio, the supertag cache uses variable-packing compression allowing variable-size compressed blocks without requiring costly compactions.
 Gaming system and a method of gaming patent thumbnailnew patent Gaming system and a method of gaming
A gaming system comprising a selector arranged to select a plurality of symbols from a set of symbols for display in a display area at a plurality of display positions and to select a plurality of win line elements. The gaming system is arranged to define a special win line when a plurality of win line elements are contiguously displayed across the display area, and an outcome generator arranged to determine a game outcome based on symbols displayed along the special win line if a special win line is defined.
 Second node, positioning node and methods therein patent thumbnailnew patent Second node, positioning node and methods therein
Some embodiments herein disclose a method in a second node (12,13) for performing a positioning measurement on at least uplink signals transmitted by a wireless device (10) served by a first node (12) in a wireless communication network (1). The second node (12,13) obtains information related to a non-contiguous uplink configuration associated with a carrier frequency, wherein the non-contiguous uplink configuration further comprises one or more multi-cluster uplink transmissions from the wireless device (10).
 High affinity fully human monoclonal antibodies to interleukin-8 and epitopes for such antibodies patent thumbnailnew patent High affinity fully human monoclonal antibodies to interleukin-8 and epitopes for such antibodies
The present embodiments are related to high-affinity antibodies directed to il-8, methods of making and characterizing such antibodies and uses of such antibodies. Isolated polynucleotide sequences encoding, and amino acid sequences comprising, heavy and light chain immunoglobulin molecules, particularly sequences corresponding to contiguous heavy and light chain sequences spanning the framework regions (fr's) and/or complementarity determining regions (cdr's), are provided..
 System for synchronizing a satellite pointing device patent thumbnailnew patent System for synchronizing a satellite pointing device
A system for synchronizing a satellite pointing device using the transmission of a satellite synchronization signal in a set of contiguous time intervals, comprises first means of selection of at least two time intervals belonging to the set. The system also comprises second means of selection of at least two distinct transmission frequencies, each transmission frequency being associated with one of the said selected time intervals.
 Wideband tuner architecture patent thumbnailnew patent Wideband tuner architecture
A wideband receiver system is provided to concurrently receive multiple rf channels including a number of desired channels that are located in non-contiguous portions of a radio frequency spectrum and to group the number of desired channels into a contiguous frequency band. The system includes a wideband receiver having a complex mixer for down-shifting the multiple rf channels and transforming them to an in-phase signal and a quadrature signal in the baseband.
 Systems and methods for indirectly associating logical and physical display content patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for indirectly associating logical and physical display content
Systems and methods include utilizing a layer stack to indirectly associate logical and physical display content. A layer stack may decouple content from content presentation details at a physical display, facilitating the implementation of mirroring, spanning, and other multiple-display modes across non-contiguous display devices with disparate resolutions, densities, and other characteristics, while maintaining native device configuration settings.
new patent Touch fastening
A method of forming a touch fastener product having a sheet-form base and an array of discrete fastener elements each extending from the base includes providing a molded sheet-form base and an array of discrete fastener element preforms, each preform extending from the base and including both a stem portion rising from the base and a head portion both contiguous with a distal end of the stem portion and having an upper surface directed away from the base, the head portion including at least one laterally directed extension overhanging the base in a primary lateral direction between exposed sides of the fastener element preform and ending at a distal, free tip; and then forming respective caps, of a cap material of a higher flex modulus than the resin of the preforms, on the upper surfaces of at least some of the molded fastener element preforms to form the discrete fastener elements.. .
new patent Passive infra red detector
A passive infra red detector comprises a plurality of passive infra red sensors (4, 5) and a lens member (2) arranged to direct radiation from a target area onto the sensors. The lens member (2) forms a substantially hemispherical dome about the infra red sensors (4, 5).
new patent Fastening device suitable for use with needle detectors
A fastening device designed to be suitably used with needle detectors. The fastening device does not trigger alarms from needle detectors.
new patent Girls' modesty garments
A young girl's modesty garment substantially covering a wearer's pelvic region and a relatively short length of the wearer's upper thighs, may include a fitted panty portion including a main panty body partially bounded by a left leg opening and a right leg opening, and a crotch portion disposed at a lower vertical edge of the main panty body and laterally centered between the left and right leg openings. The modesty garment further comprises right and left fitted leg bodies permanently affixed to and contiguous with the panty portion at a seam disposed at the right and left leg openings, respectively.
Configurable order entry, matching, coordination, and market data intervals
Methods, system and articles of manufacture are disclosed including configurable order entry, matching, coordination and market data intervals. An example method to decouple order entry and matching of contra-side orders includes receiving a trade order during an order entry interval, wherein the order entry interval defines a first period.
Calf stretching device
A calf stretching device that helps to increase flexibility, improve posture, and promote rehabilitation of lower leg injuries. The device generally includes a wedge-shaped central ramp having two contiguous sections of different lengths joined end-to-end to define a triangular ramp.
Human monoclonal antibodies to ctla-4
In accordance with the present invention, there are provided fully human monoclonal antibodies against human cytotoxic t-lymphocyte antigen 4 (ctla-4). Nucleotide sequences encoding and amino acid sequences comprising heavy and light chain immunoglobulin molecules, particularly contiguous heavy and light chain sequences spanning the complementarity determining regions (cdrs), specifically from within fr1 and/or cdr1 through cdr3 and/or within fr4, are provided.
Auger tank apparatus for wellbore cuttings
A skid-mounted auger tank apparatus includes a hopper-bottomed receiving tank contiguous with a hopper-bottomed loadout tank, which is typically higher than the receiving tank. The sloped-wall hopper bottom of the receiving tank transitions into an auger trough extending the length of the hopper bottom and into the loadout tank.
Dynamic bandwidth selection for wide bandwidth wireless local area networks
Dynamic bandwidth selection techniques are provided for a plurality of wireless access point devices that operate in a wireless local area network. Each access point device is capable of serving wireless client devices with a bandwidth from a set of possible bandwidths associated with one or multiple contiguous or non-contiguous radio frequency channels.
Method and system for identifying/outsorting improperly wrapped envelopes in a mailpiece fabrication system
A method and system for identifying and detecting improperly wrapped envelopes for use in a mailpiece fabrication system. The method/system visually images each envelope in predetermined regions of interest (rois) to determine the spatial relationship between the internal content material and one or more points of reference indicative of the internal bounds of a sealing adhesive.
Mounting arrangement for panel veneer structures
A high-strength panel anchoring system for use in a cavity wall. A wall anchor is fixedly attached to an inner wythe.
Cut flower shipping container
The invention is directed toward a spill- and leak-proof container for floriculture items including cut flowers, stems, other horticultural items, and the like. More specifically, the invention includes a receptacle having funnel-like primary closure.
Obfuscating function resources while reducing stack consumption
In one embodiment, a system wide static global stack pool in a contiguous range of random access memory is generated, a block of memory in the system global pool is assigned to a thread of a running process, and the thread stores local variable information in static global stack pool, such that the local variable is hidden from a stack frame back-trace. In one embodiment, a dynamically allocated data structure in system heap memory is generated, the data structure is locked to ensure atomic access, a block of memory in the data structure is assigned to a thread of a process, the data structure is unlocked, and the thread stores local variable information in static global stack pool, such that the local variable is hidden from a stack frame back-trace..
Nvs thresholding for efficient data management
For data management by a processor device in a computing storage environment, a threshold for an amount of non volatile storage (nvs) space to be consumed by any particular logically contiguous storage space in the computing storage environment is established based on at least one of a redundant array of independent disks (raid) type, a number of point-in-time copy source data segments in the logically contiguous storage space, and a storage classification.. .
Nvs thresholding for efficient data management
For data management by a processor device in a computing storage environment, a threshold for an amount of non volatile storage (nvs) space to be consumed by any particular logically contiguous storage space in the computing storage environment is established based on at least one of a redundant array of independent disks (raid) type, a number of point-in-time copy source data segments in the logically contiguous storage space, and a storage classification.. .
Pruning disk blocks of a clustered table in a relational database management system
Techniques are provided for generating a “dimensional zonemap” that allows a database server to avoid scanning disk blocks of a fact table based on filter predicates in a query that qualify one or more dimension tables. The zonemap divides the fact table into sets of contiguous disk blocks referred to as “zones”.
Cholesterol derivatives of inhibitors of viral fusion
The present invention relates to compounds comprising at least ten contiguous amino acids of the hr2 domain of a type 1 viral fusogenic protein of an enveloped virus, or a derivative thereof, attached at the c-terminal to cholesterol or a derivative thereof; or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof which inhibit viral fusion. Thus compounds of the invention are useful to prevent or treat diseases caused by an enveloped virus..
Method and apparatus for pre-loading information over a communication network
Data is downloaded to a wireless device before needed by the user. The data may be downloaded before needed, for example while connected to a high-bandwidth network, slowly over a bandwidth constrained network, during a time when the network is not busy, or when the network operator has reduced tariff for data usage.
Ventilation cap
A ventilation cap includes a tube portion, a vent portion, and an upper portion. The tube portion is configured to releasably engage with a vent pipe.
A clip for attaching a mounting component to a base component, and the clip comprises: a pin including a head portion for engaging the mounting component, and a shaft portion which is contiguous to the head portion, and a lock pins which extends downward from the head portion; and a grommet including a flange and a shank contiguous to the flange and partially defining an aperture operable to receive the pin in one of a temporary fitted position and a permanent fitted position; and wherein the temporary fitted position, the lock pin abuts a recessed portion in the grommet for maintaining the temporary fitted position, and wherein in the permanent fitted position, the lock pin collapses on the inside, and is contained on the inside of the shank portion of the grommet.. .
Semiconductor device
To provide a semiconductor device having a high efficiency of arranging a tsv, there is provided a semiconductor device which is stacked with a semiconductor chip, and in which the semiconductor chips contiguous each other are electrically connected by plural tsvs, the semiconductor chip includes a core circuit and plural io circuits arranged at a surrounding thereof, the tsv is arranged in the core circuit, and a pitch of arranging the tsvs is an integer-told of a ceil pitch of a library configuring the core circuit.. .
Multi-positional mount for personal electronic devices with a magnetic interface
A stand assembly for holding handheld electronic devices in a multitude of positions or locations having a first section with a curved end magnetically attached to second section having and indented surface. The first section also attaches to a surface, the second section either is contiguous with a portable electronic device, a carrying case, or other item; or has a means to attach to another surface.
Tire having a composite cord in the tread
A tire includes a tread with an internal cavity. Positioned in the internal cavity is a composite cord structured to include an elastomer core and a sheath surrounding the elastomer core.
Aesthetic wall facade systems, devices, and methods
A cladding for facades or walls which is made up of a plurality of panels, where adjacent panels have different curvatures, in which said cladding (1) is comprised of a plurality of convex panels (2) and a plurality of concave panels (3), which are alternately installed in a contiguous manner; in which each of the panels (2, 3) which form the plurality of convex panels (2) and concave panels (3) is installed on a first profile (4) and a second profile (5); said profiles (4, 5) are formed by a first portion (6) in a “c” shape and a second portion (7) in an inverted “c” shape, in which the first portion (6) in a “c” shape has in the outer part of its wings a first plurality of serrated teeth (8) and the second portion (7) in an inverted “c” shape has on the inside of its wings a second plurality of serrated teeth (9), which, once pushed against one another, are joined by the tongue and groove connection generated by the serrated teeth (8, 9); where the first portion (6) in a “c” shape is fastened to the wall (12) with screws and the second portion (7) is then wedged in the first portion (6) through said serrated teeth.. .
Flash memory and accessing method thereof
A flash memory and an accessing method thereof are provided. The accessing method includes steps of receiving a plurality of contiguous accessing commands, sequentially selecting a plurality of word lines corresponding to the accessing commands, and accessing a plurality of memory cells on each of the word lines according to the accessing commands sequentially.
Techniques for improving the efficiency of mixed radix fast fourier transform
Techniques for implementing mixed-radix fft on simd vector processors efficiently for the latest standard in wireless communication technology by dynamically reordering stages are provided. In one aspect, a mixed-radix fft implementation method for vector processors is provided which includes the following steps.
Techniques for improving the efficiency of mixed radix fast fourier transform
Techniques for implementing mixed-radix fft on simd vector processors efficiently for the latest standard in wireless communication technology by dynamically reordering stages are provided. In one aspect, a mixed-radix fft implementation method for vector processors is provided which includes the following steps.
Detection of over-current in a battery pack
A controller identifies a condition of a hazardous internal short by comparing patterns of series element voltages to the last known balance condition of the series elements. If the loaded or resting voltage of one or more contiguous series elements uniformly drop from the previously known condition by an amount consistent with an over-current condition, an over-current internal short circuit fault is registered.
Fgfr1 antibodies and treatment of cancer
The use of an fgfr1 antibody in the treatment of cancer is disclosed, wherein the fgfr1 antibody binds fgfr1 at an epitope that is positioned in the fgfr1 primary amino acid sequence no more than 50 contiguous amino acids away from the c- or n-terminal of the fgfr1 heparin binding domain.. .
Methods and apparatuses for channel estimation in wireless networks
In a method for estimating a channel at a receiver in a wireless communications network, the receiver obtains channel model parameters for a received signal based on raw channel estimates for the received signal, where each raw channel estimate corresponds to an antenna at the receiver. The receiver combines, for each of a plurality of contiguous subcarriers in the wireless communications network, the channel model parameters to generate a first plurality of combined channel model parameters.
Multilayer ceramic capacitor
A multilayer ceramic capacitor has multiple laminated dielectric ceramic layers made of a dielectric ceramic, internal electrodes formed between the dielectric ceramic layers, and external electrodes electrically connected to the internal electrodes, wherein generation of cracks in the dielectric layer due to expansion of the internal electrode is suppressed by causing ceramic grains having a crystal axis ratio c/a higher than that of the ceramic grains constituting the dielectric layer to be present in non-contiguous parts of the internal electrodes between the dielectric ceramic layers, and by harnessing the stress-mitigating effect of domain switching involving these ceramic grains.. .
Two-dimensionally periodic, color-filtering grating
A two-dimensionally periodic, color-filtering grating has a contiguous high-refractive. In an embodiment, the color-filtering grating includes a metallic ground layer defining a grating plane and above the ground layer a two-dimensionally regular pattern of individual high-refractive, such as metallic areal elements that respectively extend parallel to the grating plane and respectively are spaced apart from the ground layer through an intermediate dielectric by a distance that is greater than the thickness of the ground layer and of the areal elements.
Coaxial gyro accelerometer in a semiconductor substrate
A coaxial gyro accelerometer device in a semiconductor substrate for simultaneously sensing coaxial linear and rotational forces. An exemplary device includes a resonating cantilever beam within a substrate and a package having a resonating cavity.
Portable presentation system and methods for use therewith
An assembly for sharing information in a conference space, the assembly comprising a single large presentation display assembly including a single and contiguous large presentation surface juxtaposed within the conference space for viewing by an audience, a processor linked to the display assembly and programmed to perform the steps of presenting a master sub-space on the presentation surface wherein the master sub-space includes only a portion of the presentation surface, enabling an interface that allows movement of an image from the master sub-space to another location outside the master sub-space, wherein, upon movement of an image from the master presentation sub-space to another space outside the master presentation sub-space on the presentation surface, the processor creates a slave presentation space proximate the another location for presenting the image moved from the master presentation sub-space.. .
Pi-electron conjugated block copolymer and photoelectric conversion element
Provided is a conjugated block copolymer that is capable of morphology control and that can achieve superior conversion efficiency. A π-electron conjugated block copolymer contiguously or non-contiguously bonding polymer block (a) involving a monomer unit having in a portion of a chemical structure at least one heteroaryl skeleton selected from a thiophene, a fluorine, a carbazole, a dibenzosilole and a dibenzogermole; and a polymer block (b) involving a monomer unit similarly having at least one heteroaryl skeleton; wherein the polymer block (a) comprises a homopolymer block of a monomer unit having a substituent rna that is an alkoxy group or an alkyl group having 1-18 carbon atoms, and the polymer block (b) comprises a copolymer block of at least two different each other types of monomer units having substituent rnb selected from an alkoxy group or an alkyl group having 1-18 carbon atoms, which may be substituted with an alkoxy group, a halogen atom, a hydroxyl group, an amino group, a thiole group, a silyl group, an ester group, an aryl group, hetero aryl group..
Irregular excitation of optical sensors
A material is excited with light whose intensity is modulated according to a modulation signal. The modulation signal includes multiple transitions between at least two intensity levels, with times of at least a first contiguous sequence of the transitions being selected according to an irregular pattern.
Smooth shoe uppers and methods for producing them
Shoe uppers having smooth seams and methods for producing them are disclosed. In one embodiment the upper uses thermoplastic seam tape which forms bonds between contiguous upper sections after being subjected to heat and/or pressure.
Fluid conduit cover installation devices, systems and methods
A method for assembling a safety hose sleeve system using a crimper die set which includes an upper die comprising an upper curved compressive face, upper recess walls extending contiguous from the upper compressive face at an acute angle to the upper compressive face, each defining a portion of a cavity. Thrust plate slots extend upward from ends of the upper recess walls.
Data insertion apparatus and methods for use with compressed audio/video data
Methods, apparatus, and articles of manufacture for performing data insertion in compressed audio/video data streams are disclosed. Example methods disclosed herein include receiving an input multi-program data stream including a first compressed media data stream associated with a media program and a second data stream containing descriptive information describing the media program, rearranging data in frames of the first compressed media data stream to form contiguous sequences of skip bytes at respective locations in the frames of the first compressed media data stream, extracting the descriptive information from the second data stream, inserting payload data prepared from the descriptive information at the locations of the contiguous sequences of skip bytes in the frames of the compressed media data stream, and recombining the second data stream with the compressed media stream after inserting the payload data to form an output multi-program data stream..
Mir-33 inhibitors and uses thereof to decrease inflammation
The inhibition of mirna mir-33 is shown to promote the polarization of macrophages from an m1 to an m2 phenotype. Mir-33 inhibitors are therefore useful for treating inflammation in subjects.
Beacon timeslot allocation
Beacon transmissions by access points (e.g., femtocells) are controlled in an attempt to increase the number of beacons seen by the access terminals in the vicinity of the access points. In some aspects, interference between beacons is reduced by, for example, scheduling beacon transmissions of neighboring access points at different times.
Microphone test fixture
A microphone test fixture. The test fixture includes a test chamber, an acoustic source, a reference microphone, and an acoustic resistor.
System and method for processing speech files
A system and method for speech file processing which provides users with differentially selectable speech file transcripts which can be sent to one or more other users. The speech files may be voicemail messages from which respective voicemail transcripts are created.
Method and apparatus for performing channel aggregation and medium access control retransmission
A method and apparatus are described for performing channel aggregation to communicate over a non-contiguous spectrum, such as television white space (tvws), using a plurality of aggregated channels including a primary channel and at least one non-primary channel (e.g., a secondary channel, a tertiary channel or a quaternary channel). Carrier sense multiple access (csma) may be performed on the primary channel to obtain access to the primary channel.
Bicycle wheel rim
A bicycle wheel rim having a circular base portion including a proximal surface and a distal surface, and a pair of integral sidewalls extending generally radially outward from an intersection region of the proximal surface and the distal surface. The distal surface of the rim has a central hump, a trough contiguous with the central hump extending axially outward from the hump, and a flat shelf immediately adjacent, contiguous with, and extending axially outward from the trough.
Rubbing machine and its tool pan
A rubbing machine and its tool pan are disclosed. The tool pan (122) comprises a number of homocentric annular structures (125) which have a lot of rubbing zones (121).
Pedal with a « tt » (« pi ») section provided with tilted ribs for reinforcement in torsion
The invention relates to a brake pedal (1) for a vehicle comprising a lever (6) provided with a hollow reinforcement segment (12) which comprises a longitudinal groove (13) with a <<pi>> cross-section on the one hand which opens onto the lower portion of the lever (6), said groove (13) being delimited by an upper wall (14) and two side walls (16), and at least two successive oblique reinforcement ribs (20, 120) oriented from the upper wall (14) towards the lower aperture (15) on the other hand, which each connect the left side wall (16) to the right side wall by subdividing the groove into several opening cavities (21, 121), such that in each cross-section (s1, s2, si, . .
Humidity sensing system
A humidity sensor and filter assembly are housed within a cylindrical barrel that is positioned in a process gas stream such as combustion flue gas. A portion of sample flue gas is conducted through the barrel and the filter assembly past the sensor located inside the filter so that accurate humidity measurements can be taken.
Replacing contiguous breakpoints with control words
In an embodiment, a first execution path in a program is determined that has been executed a largest number of times, as compared to at least one other path in the program. Swapped instructions are replaced in the program with breakpoints, wherein the swapped instructions are not on the first execution path.
Bone plate with a transfixation screw hole
A system for securing bones together across a joint includes a transfixation screw and a plate. The plate includes an elongate spine having a transfixation screw hole disposed along the spine.
Gaming devices with dedicated player rng and time share features
Gaming machines or devices utilize the output of random number generators (rngs) in the presentation of games, wherein one or more of the rngs are each assigned to a single player. Each uniquely assigned rng is used to determine the outcome of the games played only by the assigned player, such as a casino gaming machine or a game board devices accessed via a remote presentation device such as a phone or computer.
Method and apparatus for configuring a sounding reference signal for a segment carrier
Methods, apparatus and computer program products configure a sounding reference signal (srs) for a segment carrier that serves as a contiguous bandwidth extension of a component carrier, such as a component carrier that is backwards compatible with prior releases of a mobile terminal. In the context of a mobile terminal, the method receives a triggering message that identifies respective configurations of the srs for the component carrier and the associated segment carrier.
Method and system for analyzing sequential data based on sparsity and sequential adjacency
One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for generating a classifier to detect patterns in a data sequence. During operation, the system receives the data sequence, which represents a sequence of measurements of a phenomenon.
Compacting results vectors between stages of graphics processing
Ray tracing, and more generally, graphics operations taking place in a 3-d scene, involve a plurality of constituent graphics operations. Responsibility for executing these operations can be distributed among different sets of computation units.
Thermal management of an ipm motor with containerized fluid
A rotor of an electric machine includes a rotor core having a plurality of longitudinally extending magnet channels each containing a permanent magnet, and a plurality of moldable containers each containing a heat transfer material and each being contiguous with portions of the respective permanent magnet and its magnet channel. A method of thermal management of an internal permanent magnet (ipm) rotor includes installing, into at least one longitudinally extending magnet channel of a rotor core, a permanent magnet having opposite lateral ends.
Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, transmitting method and receiving method for communicating data coded with low density parity check (ldpc) codes
A low density parity check (ldpc) coding unit performs ldpc coding. An interleaving unit interleaves the ldpc-coded data, based on an array according to the number of bits that constitute a modulated symbol.
Method to increase performance of non-contiguously written sectors
A method of managing data in a cache upon a cache write operation includes determining a number of non-contiguously written sectors on a track in the cache and comparing the number with a threshold number. If the number exceeds the threshold number, a full background stage operation is issued to fill the non-contiguously written sectors with unmodified data from a storage medium and the full track is then destaged.
Method and system for storage address re-mapping for a multi-bank memory device
A method and system for storage address re-mapping in a multi-bank memory is disclosed. The method includes allocating logical addresses in blocks of clusters and re-mapping logical addresses into storage address space, where short runs of host data dispersed in logical address space are mapped in a contiguous manner into megablocks in storage address space.
Method, system and processor-readable media for ascertaining a maximum number of contiguous bits of logical ones or zeros within a parallel word of arbitrary width
Methods, systems and processor-readable media for reducing the width of a logical comparison. A width of a logical comparison based on a previous result generated can be recursively reduced from a data stream and a maximum count of consecutive ones or consecutive zeros determined from the serial data stream based on a priority encoder within a single clock cycle in order to avoid a use of complex functions.
Cryotreatment devices and methods of forming conduction blocks
Cryotreatment devices and methods of ablating tissue within the body are disclosed. A cryotreatment device in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes an elongated member having one or more needle-like ablation tips configured to induce necrosis at a target site within the heart.
Method and system for video encoding and decoding
Methods and systems are provided for encoding and decoding a video stream. Each picture in a video stream can be divided into slices, each of which contains a contiguous row of macroblocks.

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