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This page is updated frequently with new Contac-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Contac-related patents
 System and method to detect and correct ip phone mismatch in a contact center patent thumbnailnew patent System and method to detect and correct ip phone mismatch in a contact center
Detecting an ip address mismatch in a contact center includes receiving a workstation login request from a workstation of the center that include login credentials associated with an agent of the center for logging into the workstation. The method also includes retrieving from a database a predetermined first ip address assigned to the agent; receiving an application login request related to an application from a workstation of the center on which the application is executing; extracting a second ip address from the application login request; and comparing the predetermined first ip address with the second ip address and granting the agent access if the addresses match..
Avaya Inc.

 Mobile device prevention of contactless card attacks patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile device prevention of contactless card attacks
Technologies related to mobile device prevention of contactless card attacks are generally described. In some examples, a mobile computing device may monitor for electromagnetic signals at frequencies used for short range communications with contactless cards.
Empire Technology Development Llc

 Ophthalmic device molds and related methods patent thumbnailnew patent Ophthalmic device molds and related methods
Ophthalmic device molds made from a first portion of a molding surface formed from a first polymer and a second portion of the molding surface formed from a second polymer are described. When combined, the first portion and the second portion of the molding surface form an entire molding surface suitable for molding an entire surface, such as an anterior surface or a posterior surface of an ophthalmic device.
Coopervision International Holding Company, Lp

 Lens care product for ozone-based cleaning/disinfecting of contact lenses patent thumbnailnew patent Lens care product for ozone-based cleaning/disinfecting of contact lenses
The present invention provides an aqueous lens care solution for disinfecting and/or cleaning contact lenses in an ozone-based lens care system. The lens care solution of the invention is a hypotonic solution, has an osmolality at about 25° c.

 Ophthalmic composition patent thumbnailnew patent Ophthalmic composition
An ophthalmic composition comprising geranylgeranylacetone and a phosphate buffering agent has an advantage that the loss of the geranylgeranylacetone content during long-term storage is very little. This is because of reduced adsorption of geranylgeranylacetone to a wall of an ophthalmic container.
Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

 Personnel allocation planning device, method and program patent thumbnailPersonnel allocation planning device, method and program
A device, method and program for personnel allocation planning are provided, with which the personnel allocation planning is easily and appropriately carried out with prospective roi, and is based on actual achievement by the staff members to be allocated, thereby improving the certainty. An individual efficiency calculation unit 2 calculates the factors for return on investment on each of the plurality of staff members at the contact center.
P&w Solutions Co., Ltd.

 Incoming call identification patent thumbnailIncoming call identification
In one embodiment, at least a portion of a telephone call from an unknown caller is recorded and played in response to a subsequent call from the unknown caller. At a telephone or a network device, a caller identification number associated with an incoming call is received.
Nokia Technologies Oy

 Skill-based secure dynamic contact center agent access patent thumbnailSkill-based secure dynamic contact center agent access
Methods, systems and computer readable media for providing skill-based, secure and dynamic contact center agent network access are described.. .
Avaya Inc.

 Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
A semiconductor device includes a substrate; an inter layer dielectric disposed on the substrate; a tsv penetrating the substrate and the ild. In addition, a plurality of shallow trench isolations (sti) is disposed in the substrate, and a shield ring is disposed in the ild surrounding the tsv on the sti.
United Microelectronics Corp.

 Partial corneal conjunctival contact lens patent thumbnailPartial corneal conjunctival contact lens
A contact lens system, including a peripheral conjunctival cover portion including a shell curved and sized to substantially overly a conjunctiva of an eye. The conjunctival cover portion defines a full thickness central opening therethrough.


System and see-through display panels

Various embodiments of the present invention provide for systems and apparatus directed toward using a contact lens and deflection optics to process display information and non-display information. In one embodiment of the invention, a display panel assembly is provided, comprising: a transparent substrate that permits light to pass through substantially undistorted; a reflector disposed on the transparent substrate; and a display panel aimed toward the reflector and substantially away from a human visual system, wherein the reflector reflects light emitted from the display panel toward the human visual system.
Innovega Inc.


Ophthalmic and contact lens solutions using choline

Where r1, r2, r3 and r4 are —h or low molecular weight radicals, and r5 is a low molecular weight radical, or salt thereof; an effective amount of a tonicity agent; and the balance water.. .


Computer telephony integration (cti) complete healthcare contact center

Methods, systems, and products enable a healthcare facility or server to process incoming communications. When a communication is received, the time and a recipient's address may be compared to a schedule of procedures.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Contact center interactive text stream wait treatments

Contact center interactive text stream wait treatments are disclosed. A user device initiates a communication interaction with an automated contact center device (accd).
Avaya Inc.


Grounding system for integrated circuits of particular usefulness for circuits incorporating backside-illuminated photosensor arrays

A backside-illuminated photosensor array ic is formed in a thinned circuit wafer. Silicon is removed in at least one substrate-stripped zone where a doped edge-contact ring surrounds the substrate-stripped zone, the edge-contact ring formed in a same first side of the wafer as a plurality of transistors, and opposite to a backside of the wafer.
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.


Crossbar structure of electromagnetic contactor

Disclosed are a crossbar structure of an electromagnetic contactor, and more particularly, a crossbar structure of an electromagnetic contactor in which consistent performance is made by preventing a moving mount from being flipped. In the crossbar structure of the electromagnetic contactor, the electromagnetic contactor includes a crossbar configured to move up and down and a moving contact point disposed on an installation groove, which is formed on the crossbar in a vertical direction, and brought in contact with or separated from a fixed contact point.
Lsis Co., Ltd.


Customized lens device and method

A system and method for identifying a custom contact lens for a patient. The method includes receiving as input results from a bare eye examination of a patient including at least a measured sphere power; receiving as input a target or actual measured sphere power of a selected fitting lens; receiving as input results of an over-refraction examination of a patient wearing the fitting lens, wherein the results of the over-refraction examination include at least a measured sphere power; calculating the power delivered by the fitting lens on the patient's eye based on input received from the bare eye examination and over-refraction examinations; calculating an effectiveness ratio using the calculated power delivered by the fitting lens and the target or actual measured sphere power of the fitting lens; and calculating a custom lens power for the patient using the effectiveness ratio and measured sphere power from the bare eye examination..
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.


Stimulation devices and methods for treating dry eye

Described herein are devices and methods of use thereof for treating dry eye, tired eye, or other forms of ocular discomfort such as from contact lenses. The methods generally include applying spatially and/or temporally patterned stimulation to one or more anatomical structures located in an ocular or nasal region.
Oculeve, Inc.


Methods of treating psoriasis using allantoin

Embodiments herein provide formulations and methods for treatment of inflammatory skin diseases using allantoin in an amount from about 0.5% to about 15.0% by weight. Inflammatory skin diseases treated by embodiments herein include, without limitation, cutaneous porphyria, sclerodema, epidermolysis bulosa, psoriasis, decubitus ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, sickle cell ulcers, ulcers caused by burns, eczema, urticaria, atopic dermatitis, dermatitis herpetiform, contact dermatitis, arthritis, gout, lupus erythematosus, acne, alopecia, carcinomas, psoriasis, rosacea, miliaria, skin infections, post-operative care of incisions, post-operative skin care following any variety of plastic surgery operations, skin care following radiation treatment, care of dry, cracked or aged skin and skin lines as well as other conditions affecting the skin and having an inflammatory component, symptoms thereof, or a combination thereof.
Scioderm, Inc.


Systems and methods for printing on a contact lens

One embodiment of a contact lens includes a lens body configured to fit directly on the surface of the eye and legible characters positioned on the lens body. Another embodiment of a contact lens comprises a lens body including polymeric material and a lens enhancing material (e.g., ink, silicone material, medicament material, and the like) encapsulated in the polymeric material.
Menicon Singapore Pte Ltd.


Method for designing contact lenses with semi-customized back surface

The present invention is directed to a method for designing a soft contact lens with semi-customized back surface including determining axial radius topography data for a plurality of eyes of a specific population; calculating an apical radius and a conic constant distribution from the axial radius data; determining apical radius and conic constant values for an individual subject; selecting a subset of base curves from a base curve library based on the individual subject's apical radius and conic constant values; and selecting a final base curve from the subset of base curves that fits the individual subject's needs based on one or more selection criteria.. .
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.


Firearm with tubular handguard mounting system

A firearm with tubular handguard mounting system is provided. The firearm includes receiver, a barrel having a breech threadably engaging the receiver, and a handguard.
Sturm, Ruger & Comapny, Inc.


A closure with a surface tension seal

A closure for a glass container arranged to contain flowable content, the container defining a first extremely flat annular surface, the closure comprising a sealing disc made of hard material adapted to sit across the annular surface, the disc defining a second extremely flat surface, retaining means to urge the first and second extremely flat surfaces into parallel abutting contact and to prevent lateral movement of the disc relative to the first surface, the extremely flat surfaces adapted to form a surface tension seal when they are urged into parallel abutting contact wherein a wetting agent is provided between the extremely flat surfaces at the abutting contact of the surfaces.. .


Contact lens for increasing tear production

Described here are devices, systems, and methods for increasing tear production by stimulating the cornea, conjunctiva, and/or subconjunctiva. In some variations, the devices may be in the form of a contact lens.
Oculeve, Inc.


Growth control of oral and superficial organisms using gallium compounds

The present invention provides methods for treating or preventing diseases and disorders caused by iron-dependent pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and parasites, by applying a gallium compound to an affected area. In particular, the present invention provides methods for treating or preventing dental caries, vaginal infections, skin infections, and so forth.
Mount Sinai School Of Medicine


Contact-type ophthalmoscope

A contact-type ophthalmoscope includes a contact lens, an annular illumination module, an imaging lens group and an image capture module. The contact lens having a concave surface is configured for contacting an eyeball.
Medimaging Integrated Solutions, Inc.


Speech analytics: conversation timing and adjustment

Agents of a contact center often encounter conversational delays when speaking with a customer. These delays may be introduced by transmission delays, which include the distance between the agent and the customer, and processing delays, such as those introduced by systems and processes within a contact center.


Electric motor, in particular of a vehicle component

An electric motor of a vehicle component, in particular a window opener drive or seat adjuster drive, includes a rotor, a stator with a three-phase stator winding having at least one coil per phase with first and second coil ends, and a connection element having a number of vias corresponding to the number of coil ends, the vias forming first and second contacting groups. The vias of the first contacting group are paired with a contact ring with contact points for electrically conductively connecting the first coil ends, in particular while forming a neutral point.


Metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor device having a drain side dummy contact

A mos transistor device includes a substrate including a gate formed thereon, and a spacer being formed on a sidewall of the gate; a source region and a drain region formed in the substrate; and at least a first dummy contact formed above the substrate on a drain side of the gate. More important, the first dummy contact is formed apart from a surface of the substrate..


Virtual mirror remotely training and/or supporting contact lens users

Systems and methods are provided to assist a user with contact lens usage. The system includes a virtualization apparatus on a communication device for use by the contact lens user.


Contact lens with metered liquid system

A contact lens fluid delivery device having a liquid reservoir connected to a channel with a flow regulator is described. Other eye hydration and variable dioptric power contact lenses are described herein.


Contact lens use in the treatment of an ophthalmologic condition

The present disclosure relates to the use of contact lenses for treating one or more ophthalmologic conditions. In some embodiments, the contact lenses may be used to treat presbyopia, induced myopia, computer vision syndrome (cvs), insufficient accommodation, or a condition associated with insufficient accommodation.


Protecting privacy of a customer and an agent using face recognition in a video contact center environment

A method, apparatus and computer program product for protecting privacy of a customer and an agent using face recognition in a video contact center environment is presented. A video call is initiated by a customer to a contact center.


Method and system for managing interactive communications campaigns with call pacing

A web-based hosted system through which business entities create and manage communications campaigns. The system carries out a communications campaign on behalf of a client.


Call event tagging and call recording stitching for contact center call recordings

A system and method for recording media for a contact center allows for call event tagging and call recording stitching. A processor receives call metadata for a telephony call.


Image transforming vision enhancement device

Image transforming vision enhancement device that enhances vision by transforming images provided by one or more cameras into modified images projected on one or more displays. The system may be embedded in glasses, contact lenses, binoculars, or other vision devices, in computer screens, or in components of moving vehicles.


Contact center delivery in-building homing service

The delivery of goods to a customer comprises a substantial portion of human activity. To correct address errors and/or to more precisely locate delivery locations, systems are provided to assist human, human operated vehicle, or autonomous vehicles to locate a delivery point.


Eyewear pupilometer

The embodiments disclose an apparatus including an eyewear pupilometer for detecting, measuring and processing a wearer's pupil movement and size, for detecting and processing retinal images, for detecting and processing a wearer's field of view, for broadcasting alerts, for pre-diagnostic screening, for overriding vehicle operation and for measuring, recording and transmitting circadian responses, at least one eyewear pupilometer module including a lens fiber optic camera module, an image processor module, a retinal image infrared detector module, an outward camera module, at least one alert module, an alert light and message projector, a wi-fi module, an automated pullover module, an automated steering module, fiber optic & data cables, a contact lens pupilometer image, sensor and processor module, and at least one eyewear pupilometer module coupled to and/or embedded into eyewear frames and lenses, contact lenses, a vehicle wind shield and protective covers for hand held devices and laptop computers.. .


Laminated composite interior part

Numerous fine projections (20) are formed interspersed on a plate-shape member (18), and the neutral plane (s) of each fine projection (20) is inclined at an inclination angle α to the normal line (o) such that the contact center (q) does not overlap with the base part in the plane direction of the surface (22), so when a pressing load (f) is applied, the moment acting on the fine projections (20) is large, and the fine projections (20) easily deform to bend in the respective inclination direction. By this means, the tactile softness (cushion properties) are improved by preventing the fine projections (20) from undergoing simple compression deformation in the axial direction, and stick-slip due to friction between the fine projections (20) and the surface (22) is avoided, making it possible to obtain a smooth and stable tactile softness..


Hybrid contact lens, producing the same, and mold set for producing the same

This invention provides a mold set for manufacturing a hybrid contact lens. The mold set comprises two types of upper molds and a lower mold; alternatively, the mold set comprises an upper mold and two types of lower molds.


Composition comprising an extract of herbal medicine processed by an oriental herbal medicine processing

The present specification relates to a composition comprising processed ginseng extract and processed green tea extract. Such a composition results in having a synergistic effect due to mixing of each processed extract, and is thus capable of promoting the production of procollagen and inhibiting the expression of collagenase.


Contact lens case with cleaning compartment

The “contact lens case with cleaning compartment” allows customers to hand clean, rub, and rinse their contact lens as a part of their contact lens case instead of cleaning their contact lens separately in the palm of their hand. This product allows the user to clean their contact lens within the wall structure of the contact case cleaning compartment.


Agent non-primary skill improvement training method

Agents of a contact center are trained and assessed without the need for a separate testing and assessment task. Work items are provided to agents, who are non-primary agents with respect to a particular skill associated with an attribute of a work item.
Avaya Inc.


Flowing skill request vectors to workforce hiring tools

Systems are provided for the automatic analysis of skills in a contact center. More particularly to skills that are available, skills that are requested, and the difference between the two.
Avaya Inc.


Agent quality and performance monitoring based on non-primary skill evaluation

Contact centers continually monitor the performance of their resources (e.g., human and automated agents) used for processing work items. An agent with a primary skill receives a flow of work items each having an attribute associated with that particular primary skill.
Avaya Inc.


Contact lens and storage medium

[solution] provided is a contact lens including: a lens unit configured to be worn on an eyeball; an image pickup unit configured to capture an image of a subject, the image pickup unit being provided in the lens unit; and an image pickup control unit configured to control the image pickup unit.. .


Silicone hydrogel lenses with nano-textured surfaces

The invention is related to a method for making a silicone hydrogel contact lens having a nano-textured surface which mimics the surface texture of cornea of human eye. A method of the invention comprises creating a prime coating having nano-textures through controlled imbibition and/or depositions of a reactive polymeric coating material and fixing the nano-textures by crosslinking a hydrophilic polymeric material onto the prime coating to form a crosslinked polymeric coating that preserves the nano-textures of the prime coating and provides a nano-textured surface to the contact lens..
Novartis Ag


Silicone hydrogel lenses with water-rich surfaces

The invention is related to a hydrated silicone hydrogel contact lens having a layered structural configuration: a lower water content silicone hydrogel core (or bulk material) completely covered with a layer of a higher water content hydrogel totally or substantially free of silicone. A hydrated silicone hydrogel contact lens of the invention possesses high oxygen permeability for maintaining the corneal health and a soft, water-rich, lubricious surface for wearing comfort..
Novartis Ag


Method for creating self-aligned transistor contacts

Embodiments of the present invention provide improved methods of contact formation. A self aligned contact scheme with reduced lithography requirements is disclosed.
Globalfoundries Inc.


Auxiliary contact mechanism of electromagnetic contactor

The present invention relates to an auxiliary contact mechanism of an electromagnetic contactor, and more particularly, to an auxiliary contact mechanism of an electromagnetic contactor capable of maximizing a time duration for which power is supplied to a magnetic coil for switching a main contact until the main contact is closed. The auxiliary contact mechanism of an electromagnetic contactor, includes: a case formed to have a box shape; an auxiliary sliding member installed above the case, and moving up and down by receiving a pressure from a main contact sliding member; an elastic member accommodated in an insertion groove formed in the auxiliary sliding member; a pressing member insertion-installed below the auxiliary sliding member, and moving up and down by an elastic force of the elastic member; and a micro switch turned on/off by the pressing member..
Lsis Co., Ltd.


Smart contact lenses for augmented reality and methods of manufacturing and operating the same

Example embodiments disclose a smart contact lens for augmented reality and methods of manufacturing and operating the smart contact lens. The smart contact lens includes a first contact lens, a display unit in a center region of the first contact lens, a peripheral device on the first contact lens and around the display unit, the peripheral device being connected to the display unit, and a passivation layer covering the display unit and the peripheral device.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Silicone hydrogel lens with a crosslinked hydrophilic coating

The invention is related to a cost-effective method for making a silicone hydrogel contact lens having a crosslinked hydrophilic coating thereon. A method of the invention involves heating a silicone hydrogel contact lens in an aqueous solution in the presence of a water-soluble, highly branched, thermally-crosslinkable hydrophilic polymeric material having positively-charged azetidinium groups, to and at a temperature from about 40° c.
Novartis Ag


Polymerizable polysiloxanes with hydrophilic substituents

The invention provides an actinically-polymerizable amphiphilic polysiloxane which comprises a polysiloxane polymer chain comprising a polylsiloxane segments comprising at least one siloxane unit having a low molecular weight hydrophilic polymer chain connected with a silicone atom of the siloxane unit, and (meth)acrylamido groups each covalently bonded to one of the ends of the polysiloxane polymer chain and/or to the end of one of low molecular weight hydrophilic polymer chains each connected with one silicone atom. The present invention is also related to a polymer, an actinically-crosslinkable silicone-containing prepolymer, a silicone hydrogel polymeric material, or a silicone hydrogel contact lens, which comprises repeating units derived from an actinically-polymerizable amphiphilic polysiloxane of the invention.
Novartis Ag


Ophthalmic lens assemblies and methods of assembly and use

Ophthalmic lens assemblies and methods of assembly and use may include a lens assembly including a lens element and a protective cover. The lens element includes a contact lens surface and a faceted optical body including a distal portion and a faceted portion including one or more mirror facets to form a tir activity pathway.
Volk Optical, Inc.


Connection routing system

According to an example, connections may be routed in a contact center by determining if a current connection from a customer terminal to the contact center is a repeat connection or a first connection. In response to determining that the connection is a repeat connection, the repeat connection is routed to an originating agent terminal when an originating agent is verified as employed, logged-in, and available.
Accenture Global Services Limited


Routing video and non-voice interactions in call centers or contact centers via existing traditional computer telephony integration systems

A method(s) and system(s) through which non-voice interactions or activities can be routed through existing systems presently utilized for voice (or telephone call) routing.. .
Integrated Systems Solutions, Inc.


Method and system of searching for communications for playback or analysis

A method for searching for one or more recorded communications between one or more customers and a contact center comprising is provided. The method is implemented by a computer readable medium having a plurality of code segments.
Mattersight Corporation


Method and system for prediction of contact allocation, staff time distribution, and service performance metrics in a multi-skilled contact center operation environment

A method and system for prediction in a telecommunications network are described. Particularly, contact allocation, staff time distribution, and other performance metrics may be determined in a contact center operation environment comprising multiple media types and/or multiple agent skill sets for handling contact types.
Interactive Intelligence Group, Inc.


Method and system for creating contact center models

A method and system for creating contact center models are described. Model parameters may be derived from and optimized using historical data.
Interactive Intelligence Group, Inc.


Intraocular pseudophakic contact lenses and related systems and methods

Various intraocular pseudophakic contact lenses are disclosed. For example, an intraocular pseudophakic contact lens can include a first optical lens and multiple anchors.


Techniques for behavioral pairing in a contact center system

Techniques for behavioral pairing in a contact center system are disclosed. In one particular embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a method for pairing in a contact center including ordering one or more contacts, ordering one or more agents, comparing a first difference in ordering between a first contact and a first agent in a first pair with a second difference in ordering between a second contact and a second agent in a second pair, and selecting the first pair or the second pair for connection based on the comparing, wherein the first contact and the second contact are different or the first agent and the second agent are different..
Satmap International Holdings Limited


Biomedical energization elements with polymer electrolytes and cavity structures

Designs, strategies and methods to form energization elements comprising polymer electrolytes are described. In some examples, the biocompatible energization elements may be used in a biomedical device.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.


Biomedical energization elements with polymer electrolytes

Designs, strategies and methods to form energization elements comprising polymer electrolytes are described. In some examples, the biocompatible energization elements may be used in a biomedical device.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.


Method of attenuating reactions to skin irritants

The present invention is directed to a method of inhibiting cd1d activation by administering a composition containing a moiety that blocks cd1d activation. Compositions of the invention are useful for the attenuation of cd1d-restricted immune responses, including treatment of skin disorders due to hyperactive immune responses (e.g., contact hypersensitivity), for systemic administration to attenuate ongoing immune responses, and to provide hypoallergenic cosmetic products including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and skin care compositions.
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.


Composition for prevention and treatment of contact lens papillary conjunctivitis and allergic eye disease

The invention provides a use of panthenol or dexpanthenol in the prevention and/or treatment of contact lens papillary conjunctivitis in a subject. A contact lens care solution containing 0.001 to 10% by dry weight dexpanthenol is also provided..
Brien Holden Vision Institute


Semiconductor device to be embedded within a contact lens

A semiconductor device embedded within a contact lens is provided. The semiconductor device may include a sensor that determines one or more properties associated with an analyte within fluid surrounding the contact lens, and a processing circuit that is coupled to the sensor.
International Business Machines Corporation


Shoulder pad support

A shoulder pad support designed to work in co-operation with or be placed directly onto existing shoulder pad devices for use in contact sports. The shoulder pad support is comprised of an accessory pad designed to be closely worn to the body of the wearer and surround the acromioclavicular joint of the shoulder.


Server for providing enhanced services to contact center agents

Systems and methods for permitting a contact center to provide enhanced services to its agents are described. An agent server is interconnected with the automatic call distributor (acd) and agent telephones of the contact center.
Avaya Inc.


Electric motor drive apparatus having function for detecting welding of electromagnetic contactor

An electric motor drive apparatus includes: an ac/dc converter converting ac into dc by the switching of multiple power devices; a control circuit performing pwm switching control of the multiple power devices; a current detecting circuit that detects input current from the ac power supply to the ac/dc converter; an electromagnetic contactor connecting or cutting off power from the ac power supply to the ac converter; and a dc link unit including a smoothing capacitor for smoothing dc voltage, and is constructed such that the control circuit determines that the electromagnetic contactor has been welded when input current is detected in a condition where with the dc link unit having been charged, the electromagnetic contactor is turned off to cut off the power from the ac power supply to the ac/dc converter and the multiple power devices are controlled by pwm switching in accordance with the switching commands.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Method for detecting the presence or absence of an ophthalmic lens, in particular a contact lens, within a receptacle

From the analysis of the spectral portion detecting the presence or absence of the ophthalmic lens (10) within the receptacle.. .


Contact lens tool kit and using

A contact lens tool kit for placement of a contact lens on an eye is provided. The tool kit may include a tool housing for engaging a contact lens tool.
Invent Horizon, Llc


Intraocular lens with central hole for improved fluid flow and minimized light scattering

An implantable contact lens having a central hole with angled walls optimized to minimize light scattering is described. The central hole provides fluid flow from the posterior to the anterior chamber of the eye, and its shape and size of designed to reduce glare and halos resulting from light scattered by the walls of the hole.
Staar Surgical Company


Social media integrated agent routing

A system and method for interacting with a contact center system. A processor in the apparatus transmits, over a data channel to the contact center system, a message relating to a product a service.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.


Customer controlled interaction management

A system and method for managing interactions of a customer contact center. A contact center processor receives a request to reserve a contact center resource for handling an interaction.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.


System and method to improve self-service experience and optimize contact center resources

System and method to improve self-service operation in a contact center, the method including: monitoring progress of a self-service customer support session for a customer of the contact center; monitoring surplus status of agents in the contact center; determining a system state related to the customer by use of the monitored progress and the monitored surplus status; setting an indicator signal to a first state if the system state is in an agent-support domain, otherwise setting the indicator signal to a second state if the system state is in an self-support domain; and assigning the customer to an agent-supported session if the indicator signal is in the first state.. .
Avaya Inc.


Contact center anti-fraud monitoring, detection and prevention solution

A method of fraud detection is disclosed. The method includes determining that a first agent at a first workstation of a contact center is not on a call at a first time.

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