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new patent System and methods for integrating short message service messaging with contact center applications
A system for routing short message service (sms) messages to endpoints in a contact center includes a first node for receiving sms message streams from multiple sources operating variant protocols and for multiplexing the multiple streams into a single message stream following a universal protocol, a media gateway server connected to the first node for receiving the single message stream and for forwarding individual ones of the messages therein to individual ones of a plurality of connected servers, and a router connected to at least one of the connected servers for routing individual messages represented therein to individual ones of a plurality of network-supported endpoint devices.. .
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

new patent Ophthalmic and contact lens solutions containing simple saccharides as preservative enhancers
The present invention relates to an ophthalmic solution comprising 0.00001 to 10.0 weight percent of a simple saccharide, at least 0.00001 weight percent of a preservative, and not more than about 0.2 percent by weight chloride. The simple saccharide is chosen from the group consisting of: inositol; mannitol; sorbitol; sucrose; dextrose; glycerin; propylene glycol; ribose; triose; tetrose; erythrose; threose; pentose; arabinose; ribulose; xylose; xylulose; lyxose; hexose; allose; altrose; fructose; galactose; glucose; gulose; idose; mannose; sorbose; talose; tagatose; adlose; ketose; heptose; sedoheptulose; monosaccharides; disaccharides; sugar alcohols; xylitol; and polyol..
Fxs Ventures, Llc

System and contact center shared economy
A system includes a contact center to provide an interaction between a consumer and an agent workstation of the contact center, where the consumer conducts a transaction with a provider through a third party marketplace. A database stores information about a relationship between the consumer, the provider and the marketplace.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

Predictive agent-lead matching
A system for providing predictive agent-lead matching, comprising an agent-lead matching server that receives information from network-connected systems operating within a contact center, analyzes the received information, and identifies data correlations between portions of received information; and a routing server that receives communications from user devices, and directs communications to agent workstations operating within a contact center.. .
Data Prophet (pty) Ltd.

History management apparatus, history management method and history management program
A history management apparatus that includes: a control unit and a storage unit that stores a history management program that, when executed by the control unit, causes the history management apparatus to perform actions including: acquiring a plurality of fragment data sets, an action of a contact center to a call, and an execution time of the action; generating a plurality of historical data sets indicating a history of response states to a respective plurality of calls and, for each call of the plurality of calls, determining a sequence of response states and duration of each of the sequence of response states; generating a first display image indicating the history of response states for one or more calls from the plurality of calls at the position of a corresponding time within a region indicating a designated time slot based on the historical data sets; and causing the display image to be displayed on a display unit.. .
P&w Solutions Co., Ltd.

Agent interaction during operation of an unmanned delivery service
Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems, methods, and computer readable media for providing agent interaction during item delivery in an unmanned delivery service. In a particular embodiment, a method provides determining that a first agent of a contact center should communicate through an unmanned delivery device at a first delivery location, wherein the unmanned delivery device transports a first item for delivery to the first delivery location.
Avaya Inc.

Systems and methods to generate contact databases and simulate and display contact value profiles based on quantitative leads-based analysis
Embodiments of the invention relate generally to database generation and organization and, more particularly, to the generation and quantitative analysis of contact databases based on a contact's business leads. The system and method generate a contact database and contact value profiles using three separate modules in order to rank the contacts by the quality of the leads and notify a user when to get in touch with the contact.
Tenzingbrook Software Llc

Multifunction contact lens
The present disclosure relates to therapeutic optical devices configured to provide corneal reshaping for correction of refractive errors of an eye, as well as a peripheral refractive effect on on-axis and/or off-axis light to provide regulation of refractive error development in the eye. Related methods for designing therapeutic optical devices and treatment of an eye with a multifunction therapeutic optical device are also provided..
Crt Technology, Inc.

Means for controlling the progression of myopia
A contact lens for use in controlling or retarding the progression of myopia in an eye has a central optical zone approximating the normal diameter of the pupil of the eye that gives clear central vision at distance for the wearer. An annular peripheral optical zone that is substantially outside the diameter of the pupil is formed around the central optical zone with greater refractive power than that of the central zone so that oblique rays entering the eye through the peripheral optical zone will be brought to focus at a focal plane that is substantially on or anterior to the peripheral region of the retina.
Vision Crc Limited

Contact lenses made with hema-compatible polysiloxane macromers
Hema-compatible siloxane monomers are described that can be used to manufacture contact lenses that combine the attributes of hema-based contact lenses with the high oxygen permeability of silicone hydrogel lenses. Optically clear silicone hydrogel contact lens can be manufactured that comprise a polymeric lens body that is the reaction product of a polymerizable composition comprising: a) at least 25 wt.
Coopervision International Holding Company, Lp

Method of making contact lenses

The invention relates to a method of making a contact lens, the method comprising identifying the eccentricity of a lens produced in a mould half, lathing the lens and adjusting the path of the lathe to take account of the eccentricity, and a computer programme for controlling the lathe.. .
Contact Lens Precision Laboratories Limited

Laser assisted cataract surgery

Laser assisted cataract surgery methods and devices utilize one or more treatment laser beams to create a shaped opening in the anterior lens capsule of the eye when performing a capsulorrhexis procedure. A light absorbing agent may be applied to the anterior lens capsule to facilitate laser thermal separation of tissue along a treatment beam path on the lens capsule.
Excel-lens, Inc.

Contact lens travel kit

A contact lens travel device is provide having a flexible body. The body of the device is configurable to a circular configuration wherein it is adapted to engage an eyeglass case or for a positioning as support for a mirror at multiple angles above a support surface for a user to employ for contact lens insertion or removal from their eyes.

Contact lens case with predetermined life span for safety

A contact lens storage case of limited life and predetermined usage to further the safe and effective use of contact lenses by ensuring patient compliance through both limiting case use over a set period of time and discouraging reuse and topping-off of the disinfecting and storage solution. Generally, the self-destruction consists of the case developing a leak in a pre-determined fashion as a result of the change in properties of a material in a limited area of the case following exposure of the case to the storage solution..

Microphone monitoring and analytics

Microphone monitoring and analytics are provided. An initiation of a new contact session is determined that includes a communication interaction between a contact center agent (cca) having a microphone and a contacting individual (ci).
Avaya Inc.

Remotely powered contactless card

A contactless card is powered by an antenna connected to the input of a rectifier. An output of the rectifier is coupled to a processing unit that consumes a first current output from the rectifier.
Stmicroelectronics Sa

Semiconductor device including dummy metal

A semiconductor device may include a plurality of dummy wirings formed on a substrate at different vertical levels and electrically floated and a plurality of dummy contact plugs each electrically connected between two adjacent dummy wirings of the plurality of dummy wiring of the plurality of dummy wirings. No dummy wiring of the plurality of dummy wirings is electrically connected to a terminal of any one of a plurality of transistors included in the substrate..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tris(trimethyl siloxy)silane vinylic monomers and uses thereof

The invention provides a tris-containing vinylic monomer which comprises one sole (meth)acryloyloxy group and a tris(trimethylsiloxy)silyl group covalently linked to the ethylenically-unsaturated group through a polyoxyethylene linker. The present invention is also related to a polymer, an actinically-crosslinkable silicone-containing prepolymer, a silicone hydrogel polymeric material, or a silicone hydrogel contact lens, which comprises monomeric units derived from a tris-containing vinylic monomer of the invention.
Shin-etsu Chemical Company, Ltd.

Ophthalmic device molds formed from water-soluble vinyl alcohol copolymer, ophthalmic devices molded therein, and related methods

Ophthalmic device molds made from at least one water-soluble vinyl alcohol copolymer, ophthalmic devices such as ocular inserts and contact lenses and including silicone hydrogel devices formed using these molds, packaged ophthalmic devices present in a solution comprising the at least one water-soluble vinyl alcohol copolymer, and related methods are described. The methods of manufacturing ophthalmic devices can use wet demolding processes, or wet delensing processes or both wet demolding and wet delensing processes involving dissolving the molds in water or an aqueous solution..
Coopervision International Holding Company, Lp

Contact lens mould and methods

A mould for the production of a contact lens, the mould comprising a first mould half shaped to provide the front surface of the contact lens; and a second mould half shaped to provide the rear surface of the contact lens, wherein the first and second mould halves form a mould cavity, wherein the first mould half has a first rim and the second mould half has a second rim, and the first and second rims fit together to provide a seal for the mould cavity, wherein the first rim is inclined at an angle of x relative to an axis passing through the centre of the first and second mould halves, wherein x is from 30 to 60°, and wherein the second rim is inclined at an angle of x-y relative to the axis passing through the centre of the first and second mould halves, where y is from 0 to 4°, and wherein the first and second rims provide a guide for the mould halves, a method of making a contact lens using the mould and a method of making a mould.. .
Coopervision International Holding Company, Lp

Bitmaps for next generation contact center

A queueless contact center is described along with various methods and mechanisms for administering the same. The contact center proposed herein provides the ability to, among other things, achieve true one-to-one matching.
Avaya Inc.

Interaction request processing according to client pre-configured schedule

An apparatus is provided and includes a processor and a memory, the memory storing instructions that when executed from a non-transitory physical medium by the processor cause the processor to detect when a request for interaction that is configured for a scheduled processing is received or otherwise registered at a service access point associated with a contact center, identify schedule data from the request and add the schedule data along with a request identification and a location identifier to a scheduling and reporting application, consult a contact center interaction routing system in response to determining that the scheduled interaction request is to be processed, and route or cause processing of the interaction request based on the schedule data. According to one embodiment, the schedule data includes a scheduled time and date for processing the request..
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

Partial spacer for increasing self aligned contact process margins

A semiconductor structure is provided. The semiconductor includes a gate stack on a substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation

Integrated circuits with self aligned contacts and methods of manufacturing the same

Integrated circuits and methods for producing the same are provided. A method for producing an integrated circuit includes forming an interconnect in a first interlayer dielectric.
International Business Machines Corporation

Image transforming vision enhancement device

Image transforming vision enhancement device that enhances vision by transforming images provided by one or more cameras into modified images projected on one or more displays. The system may be embedded in glasses, contact lenses, binoculars, or other vision devices, in computer screens, or in components of moving vehicles.
Digital Vision Enhancement Inc

Collective dynamics

Many factors can affect the operation of a contact center, especially contact centers utilizing human agents. An agent's health may be utilized as a predictor of performance with respect to a particular task.
Avaya Inc.

Multicomponent optical device for visual and audible translation and recognition

The present disclosure relates generally to multicomponent optical devices having a space within the device. In various embodiments, an optical device comprises a first posterior component having an anterior surface, a posterior support component, and an anterior component having a posterior surface.
Crt Technology, Inc.

Fluidic module for accommodating soft contact lens

A meniscus shaped lens module comprises one or more structures that decrease an amount of pressure or force to move one or more surfaces of the lens module and increase a separation distance of anterior and posterior surfaces of the module in order to provide an increase in optical power. A lens structure of the module comprises one or more of a pattern of a surface of a central chamber, a meniscus, a reduced diameter or a soft material in order to provide increased amounts of curvature of an outer contact lens surface with decreased amounts of pressure.
Onefocus Vision, Inc.

Rewritable lens and manufacturing

A rewritable and freezable lens and method for manufacturing thereof are disclosed. This lens includes at least one active element that has optical properties that can be written, frozen and rewritten into new values at least twice.
Indizen Optical Technologies, S.l.

Silicone hydrogel lenses with water-rich surfaces

The invention is related to a hydrated silicone hydrogel contact lens having a layered structural configuration: a lower water content silicone hydrogel core (or bulk material) completely covered with a layer of a higher water content hydrogel totally or substantially free of silicone. A hydrated silicone hydrogel contact lens of the invention possesses high oxygen permeability for maintaining the corneal health and a soft, water-rich, lubricious surface for wearing comfort..
Novartis Ag

Contact lens comprising non-coaxial lenslets for preventing and/or slowing myopia progression

Contact lenses incorporating an array of non-coaxial lenslets with add power that create non-coaxial myopic defocus within the optic zone of the lens may be utilized to prevent and/or slow myopia progression. The positive, non-coaxial lenslets cover about twenty to eighty percent of the central pupil area to deliver positive foci of light in front of the retina to slow the rate of myopia progression..
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Fin field-effect transistor gated diode

The invention provides a semiconductor device. The semiconductor device includes a fin field effect transistor (finfet) array including finfet units.
Mediatek Inc.

Partial corneal conjunctival contact lens

A contact lens system, including a peripheral conjunctival cover portion including a shell curved and sized to substantially overly a conjunctiva of an eye. The conjunctival cover portion defines a full thickness central opening therethrough.

Bimodular contact lenses

Ophthalmic lenses for correcting refractive error of an eye are disclosed. Ophthalmic lenses include an inner optic portion configured to be disposed over the optical region of the cornea and having a central portion disposed between an anterior portion and a posterior portion.
Nexisvision, Inc.

Contact lens for myopia progression suppression, and designing method and manufacturing method thereof

A designing method of a contact lens for myopia progression suppression including: providing a tonic accommodation relaxation region in which an additional power whose maximum value is from +0.25 to +0.75 diopters is set with respect to a correction power that is required for realizing a proper correction, the additional power being capable of relaxing a tonic accommodation without improving an aberration off an optical axis and an accommodation lag on the optical axis; and providing a proper correction region in which the additional power is not set at least on an optical center.. .
Menicon Co., Ltd.

Material for contact lenses, manufacturing contact lenses and contact lenses obtained thereby

Wherein r1, r2 and r3 are independently c1-c4 alkyl groups, r4 is c1-c6 alkyl group, r5 is c1-c3 alkylene group, r6 is —or7o— or —nh—, r7 and r8 are independently c1-c2 alkylene groups and m is an integer of about 1-2, n is an integer of about 4-80; at least one hydrophilic monomer; a surfactant which is an urethane (meth)acrylate containing poloxamer and an initiator.. .

Material for contact lenses, contact lenses and forming the same

In formula (ii), r9, r10 and r11 are c1-c4 alkyl groups, r12, r13 and r15 are c1-c3 alkylene group, r14 is a residue obtained by removing nco group from an aliphatic or aromatic diisocyanate, and o is an integer of about 4-80, p is an integer of about 0-1; q is an integer of about 1-20; at least one hydrophilic monomer and an initiator.. .

Treatment of ophthalmic conditions

Ophthalmic conditions such as presbyopia, myopia, and astigmatism can be corrected by the use of a molding contact lens in combination with a pharmaceutical composition suitable for delivery to the eye. The molding contact lenses are preferably commercially available and are not specifically designed for orthokeratology.
Osio Corporation D/b/a Yolia Health

Limiting contact in a networked contact center environment

This document discusses, among other things, limiting contact to a networked contact center that is a host to multiple tenants. In an example embodiment, a communication is received by a networked contact center.
8x8, Inc.

Contact center recording service

A system and method for producing audio messages for use in a contact center. A customer may specify message content, and provide a voice specification, which may identify a preferred voice artist and other aspects of the audio message including the language, accent and tone of the message.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

Electromagnetic contactor

An electromagnetic contactor with connecting spring including: a movable core contact plate section that is inserted into a through hole formed in a movable core and comes into contact with a contact support side of the through hole; and a pair of curved plate sections each joined to either end of the movable core contact plate section and housed in connecting spring tip housing sections formed in the contact support, the sides of which opposite to a contact surface of the movable core contact plate section come into contact with the connecting spring tip housing sections. In the movable core contact plate section, a depressed section is formed in a direction crossing a longitudinal direction to bulge out to an opposite side to the contact support side is formed, and contact sections that come into contact with the through hole are formed on both ends of the depressed section..
Fuji Electric Fa Components & Systems Co., Ltd.

Electrochromic whiteboard privacy window or divider

A partition assembly includes a rigid support frame and a first transparent pane in abutting contact with an inner surface of the frame. The first transparent pane includes an interior surface and an exterior surface.
Gentex Corporation

Comfort-optimized contact lens system for non-rotationally symmetric eye aberration

A system of contact lenses includes at least two contact lenses, each lens having a visual correction for a non-rotationally symmetric eye aberration. Each lens has a different level or degree of a stabilization that is characterized by a thickness differential between a thickness of a stabilization zone and a thickness of a non-stabilization zone..
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Disinfection system of contact lens

A disinfection system of a contact lens comprising immersing the contact lens in a disinfecting solution containing hydrogen peroxide in a concentration of 1 to 10% and neutralizing the hydrogen peroxide in the disinfecting solution through contact with a metal catalyst, where the disinfecting solution contains an organic carboxylic acid or a salt of the organic carboxylic acid, the organic carbbxylic acid having a structure in which a hydroxyl group and a carboxyl group are bonded to one carbon atom; the disinfecting solution is adjusted to have a ph of 6 to 8; and the disinfecting solution after the neutralization is adjusted to have an osmotic pressure of 250 to 350 mosm.. .
Menicon Co., Ltd.

A hand-held applicator to clean teats of a milk-producing animal

The embodiments are directed to a hand-held applicator (126) for cleaning a teat of a milk-producing animal. The hand-held applicator comprises: a first housing having housing section (209) including a first end through which a disinfectant delivery line (140) extends or an electrical line (198) extends; and second housing (205) coupled to the housing section and having a sealed gear chamber (216) for supporting gears (186a, 186b and 186c) and bearings.
Alpha Technology U.s.a. Corporation

Location-based call initiation

An apparatus has a processor and a memory, the memory storing instructions that when executed by the processor, cause the processor to schedule a communication between a contact center and a communication device associated with a user, prompt the user to configure a geographic location for the communication device, track geographic location for the communication device, and initiate the communication in response to determining that the geographic location of the communication device appliance is the configured geographic location.. .
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

System for scheduling routing rules in a contact center based on forecasted and actual interaction load and staffing requirements

A system for scheduling resources and rules for routing includes a server connected to a network, a scheduling application executable from the server, and at least one programmable software agent for scheduling routing rules. The scheduling application receives statistics about forecast arrival rates for incoming interactions and current resource availability data and schedules resources and routing rules according to the forecast requirements the software agent propagating the portion of scheduling relative to the routing rules..
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

High performance queueless contact center

A queueless contact center is described along with various methods and mechanisms for administering the same. The contact center proposed herein provides the ability to, among other things, achieve true one-to-one matching.
Avaya Inc.

Visible-light photoinitiators and uses thereof

Described herein are acyl germanium photoinitiator for cost-effective and time-efficient method for producing uv-absorbing contact lenses capable of blocking ultra-violet (“uv”) radiation and optionally (but preferably) violet radiation with wavelengths from 380 nm to 440 nm, thereby protecting eyes to some extent from damages caused by uv radiation and potentially from violet radiation. This invention also provides a method for making uv-absorbing contact lenses made by using an acyl germanium photoinitiator of the invention..
Novartis Ag

Contact lens with optimized performance and design

An optimized contact lens design and method which leverages the strain energy of the system when placed on eye that improves centration, translation, and stabilization characteristics, or any combination thereof, in order to improve both comfort and vision. A contact lens design and methodology wherein the lens-eye resulting strain energy is optimized to achieve the desired function be it centration, translation, or stabilization.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Contact lens for presbyopia

The present, invention relates to a contact lens for presbyopia including: a lens foody; long distance portions and short distance portions arranged on the lens body, the long distance portions having refraction for long distance and the short distance portions having refraction for short distance, wherein the lens body is divided into concentric circles as well as in top/bottom and left/right directions and the long distance portions and the short distance portions are arranged repeatedly and alternately on the neighboring divisions on the lens body.. .

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