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Contac patents

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Contact lenses for myopic eyes and methods of treating myopia

Brien Holden Vision Institute

Contact lenses for myopic eyes and methods of treating myopia

Method of cast moulding a translating multifocal contact lens

Ezekiel Nominees Pty Ltd

Method of cast moulding a translating multifocal contact lens

Method of cast moulding a translating multifocal contact lens

Color changing contact lenses

Date/App# patent app List of recent Contac-related patents
 Selective mapping of callers in a call center routing system patent thumbnailnew patent Selective mapping of callers in a call center routing system
Systems and methods are disclosed for routing callers to agents in a contact center, along with an intelligent routing system. An exemplary method includes mapping a first portion (or fraction) of callers to agents according to a performance and/or pattern matching algorithm based on comparing caller data associated with the callers and agent data associated with the agents.
Satmap International Holdings Limited
 System for dynamic contact center routing patent thumbnailnew patent System for dynamic contact center routing
A communication request from a contact center caller may be received in a contact center via any of a variety of communication devices equipped with any of a variety of operating systems, any of a variety of applications and with any of a variety of device capabilities. The communication request may also be received via any of the multiple different communication mediums.
Cisco Technology, Inc.
 Bottom mount buttons for a rearview assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Bottom mount buttons for a rearview assembly
A rearview device having a housing defining at least one button opening. A travel guide defines a button engagement interface.
Gentex Corporation
 Contact lenses for myopic eyes and methods of treating myopia patent thumbnailnew patent Contact lenses for myopic eyes and methods of treating myopia
A contact lens and a method for treating an eye with myopia is described. The contact lens includes an inner optic zone and an outer optic zone.
Brien Holden Vision Institute
 Progressive multifocal rigid gas permeable contact lens patent thumbnailnew patent Progressive multifocal rigid gas permeable contact lens
A large diameter, rigid, gas permeable, corneal-scleral progressive, multifocal vision contacty lens that covers the cornea and a portion of the sclera of an eye. It is particularly beneficial for use on patients who have undergone refractive surgery and/or on patients experiencing presbyopia.
Dakota Sciences, Inc.
 Color changing contact lenses patent thumbnailnew patent Color changing contact lenses
The present invention generally relates to contact lenses. Specifically, this invention relates to contact lenses that change color based on one or more stimuli.
 Color changing contact lenses patent thumbnailnew patent Color changing contact lenses
The present invention generally relates to contact lenses. Specifically, this invention relates to contact lenses that change color based on one or more stimuli.
 System and  see-through display panels patent thumbnailnew patent System and see-through display panels
Various embodiments of the present invention provide for systems and apparatus directed toward using a contact lens and deflection optics to process display information and non-display information. In one embodiment of the invention, a display panel assembly is provided, comprising: a transparent substrate that permits light to pass through substantially undistorted; a reflector disposed on the transparent substrate; and a display panel aimed toward the reflector and substantially away from a human visual system, wherein the reflector reflects light emitted from the display panel toward the human visual system.
Innovega Inc.
 Method of cast moulding a translating multifocal contact lens patent thumbnailnew patent Method of cast moulding a translating multifocal contact lens
There is provided a contact lens (60) which is produced by cast moulding. The cast moulding is achieved by the use of an anterior face mould insert (30) which has a cap (24) with a domed surface (26) and a body (10).
Ezekiel Nominees Pty Ltd
 Connection routing system patent thumbnailConnection routing system
According to an example, connections may be routed in a contact center by determining if a current connection from a customer terminal to the contact center is a repeat connection or a first connection. In response to determining that the connection is a repeat connection, the repeat connection is routed to an originating agent terminal when an originating agent is verified as employed, logged-in, and available.
Accenture Global Services Limited

Contact lenses for refractive correction

Ophthalmic lenses for correcting refractive error of an eye are disclosed. Ophthalmic lenses include a deformable inner portion and a deformable peripheral portion.
Nexisvision, Inc.

Colored ink for pad transfer printing of silicone hydrogel lenses

The present invention provides an ink and a method of using the ink for making colored contact lenses. The ink comprises at least one colorant, a silicone-containing binder polymer, a solvent, a vinylic-monomer mixture, and optionally a photoinitiator or thermal initiator.
Novartis Ag

Heart-type circulation device

A heart-type circulation device comprises a power system, a cover plate (16), an elastic plate (5), a pressing contact ring (6), a water inlet (13), a check valve a (9), a self-pressing liquid storage tank (12), a check valve b (10), a water outlet (11), and a pipeline (17). The elastic plate (5) is disposed above the power system, the pressing contact ring (6) is disposed on the periphery of a bottom surface of the elastic plate (5), and the pressing contact ring (6), the elastic plate (5), and the cover plate (16) are fixedly connected in sequence from bottom to top.

System and managing agent schedules in a contact center

A transaction is received in a contact center. The transaction can be an email, an incoming call, an outgoing call, a video call, a text message, and/or the like.
Avaya Inc.

Navigation via recorded paths

In one implementation, a contact database stores a list of contacts. One or more of the contacts may be associated with a prerecorded path, which is a set of directions for traveling to a destination specified by the contact.
Nokia Corporation

Contact lens for intraocular pressure measurement

A monitoring apparatus for the eye has a soft contact lens formed of a transparent substrate having an inner surface that faces the eye and an outer surface. A first arcuate pattern of resistive traces is formed onto the outer surface of the lens substrate and centered about the center of the lens.
Syntec Technologies, Inc.

Neck muscle exerciser and assessing neck muscle performance

Training neck muscles in such a way as to improve responsiveness to head acceleration forces to help prevent concussion and/or screen subjects who are at high risk of concussion, especially from contact sports, the neck muscles may be trained to improve strength and responsiveness to head acceleration. This may be accomplished by a device and/or method of training that incorporates an adjustable centripetal force about a fixed axis on the head.

Gripper for a contact lens and process for transporting a contact lens

A gripper (1) for a contact lens comprises a gripper head (2) having a bearing surface (21) for the contact lens (l) to adhere thereto. The gripper (1) further comprises an ejector (23) for mechanically displacing the contact lens, at least partially, away from the bearing surface (21).
Novartis Ag

Managing transaction complexity in a contact center

The systems and methods can also work for multiple contacts that are processed by multiple agents. In addition, the systems and methods will work with outbound contacts..

Auto-detection of environment for mobile agent

An automatic ambient environmental detection and lockout system that recognizes unacceptable background noise for agents and a method that requires agents and/or supervisors to take corrective action on detected noise issues prior to work assignment facilitates an effective and efficient environment appropriate for agents to handle contact center work.. .
Avaya Inc.

System and enabling customers to obtain refraction specifications and purchase eyeglasses or contact lenses

Systems and methods are provided for obtaining sight screenings, optical prescriptions and fittings for eyeglasses and contact lenses. A system can be self-operated through a voice-activated response system that enables an individual to determine one's own refraction, or can be operated with the assistance of a technician.
20/20 Vision Center Llc

Method and apparatus to analyse skill of contact center employees from the behavior displayed during interactions with customers using computer software

A method including the steps of storing a first set of data related to an interaction between a customer and a contact center employee in a computer memory; storing a second set of data regarding an outcome of the interaction in the computer memory; using a computer processor to analyze the first set of data related to the interaction; and using a computer processor to link the second set of data regarding the outcome to the first set of data in the computer memory. The method may further include using a computer processor to determine a score for the contact center employee based on the outcome of the interaction.
Enhancesys Innovations Llc

Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of diseases or disorders of the eye

In one embodiment, the invention provides a method of treating, reducing the incidence, reducing the severity or pathogenesis of an eye disease or disorder in a subject, including, inter alia, retinal detachment, macular degeneration, glaucoma or retinopathy, comprising the step of administering an effective amount of a lipid or phospholipid moiety bound optionally via a spacer to a physiologically acceptable monomer, dimer, oligomer, or polymer via an ester or amide bond, and/or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or a pharmaceutical product thereof. This invention also provides a contact lens solution comprising a lipid or phospholipid moiety bound optionally via a spacer to a physiologically acceptable monomer, dimer, oligomer, or polymer via an ester or amide bond, and/or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or a pharmaceutical product thereof..
Celsus Therapeutics Plc

Ophthalmic lens with micro-acoustic elements

The present invention discloses an ophthalmic device with micro-acoustic electromechanical elements and associated methods. In some embodiments, the micro-acoustic electromechanical elements may be useful for the purpose of providing audible warnings and/or messages to a user.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

System and controlling calls for contact centers

A computer system for controlling calls to a call target, including a processor in communication with non-volatile memory, the non-volatile memory executing code including code for receiving call target information relating to the call target, code for accessing a database and retrieving a contact rate for a time period for the call target, code for placing a call target identifier in a queue indicating the call target will be called during the time period, when the time period has a contact rate greater than a threshold rate, code for placing a call to the call target during the time period, and code for updating the contact rate based on an outcome of the call.. .

System and web-based real time communication with optimized transcoding

A system and method is provided to allow for real-time communication between a web browser application and a contact center resource, where media codecs supported by the two parties may differ. A processor is configured to bridge the media exchanged between the browser and contact center resource.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

Work assignment with bot agents

A contact center auditing work assignment engine communication system hosts a multi-functional automatic bot agent to discover issues, update properties, identify and solve problems, and provide operational support for contact center managers, creating a proactive and flexible automatic audit and cooperation between a bot agent, human agents, and supervisors.. .
Avaya Inc.

Reader communication with contact lens sensors and display device

A reader for communicating with both an eye-mountable device and a display device is provided. The reader can transmit radio frequency power to a tag that is part of the eye-mountable device.
Google Inc.

Voltage adjusting circuit and contactless card and contactless card system which include the same

A voltage adjusting circuit includes an inducing circuit configured to induce a voltage from electromagnetic waves, a first rectifying circuit configured to rectify an output signal of the inducing circuit, a second rectifying circuit configured to rectify the output signal of the inducing circuit, a first regulator configured to regulate an output signal of the first rectifying circuit, and a second regulator configured to regulate an output signal of the second rectifying circuit.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Fully wireless continuously wearable sensor for measurement of eye fluid

Novel methods and systems for monitoring the health of an eye are disclosed. For example, a resonant circuit may be fabricated on a contact lens and this circuit may be coupled to a second circuit having the same resonant current frequency.
California Institute Of Technology

Hydrogel and silicone hydrogel devices including polymerized surfactants

A wettable hydrogel or a silicone hydrogel device includes a polymerized surfactant incorporated into the gel by addition to a gel, on average, of a single ethylenic functionality of the precursor polymerizable surfactant in the polymerization mixture. The attached polymerized surfactant provides improved lubricity to the hydrogel or silicone hydrogel device.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of disease

This invention provides a method of preventing or treating a dermatologic condition including, inter alia, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis, in a subject, the method includes the step of administering to said subject a compound comprising a lipid or phospholipid moiety bound to a physiologically acceptable monomer, dimer, oligomer, or polymer, and/or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or a pharmaceutical product thereof, in an amount effective to treat the subject suffering from a dermatologic condition.. .
Celsus Therapeutics Plc

Electrical connector

An electrical connector includes a terminal that includes a front terminal portion, and a rear terminal portion the contact position of which is located further from the insertion opening of the connector than the contact position of the front terminal portion, and that is electrically connected with a mating terminal as an object to be connected. The front terminal portion has a front elastic arm, and a front contact portion formed at the distal end of the front elastic arm, and the front contact portion has a front contact that comes into contact with the mating terminal, and a dummy contact that is located closer to the insertion opening of the connector than the front contact, and that wipes a foreign substance adhering to the mating terminal..
Iriso Electronics Co., Ltd.

Cast-in structure of vehicle component, and cast-in mold

A steel plate cast-in member 2, which is wrapped cast except for a bonding portion 2b to a steel plate bonding member 3 upon molding a die-cast component 1, has a mold contact portion a at a boundary between a cast-in portion 2a wrapped cast with a die-cast component 1 and the bonding portion 2b. When a cast-in mold a is clamped, the mold contact portion 4 is brought into intimate butting contact with the cast-in mold a, whereby a gap s between the cast-in member 2 and the cast-in mold a, i.e., a cavity is closed.

Synergistic antimicrobial preparations containing chlorite and hydrogen peroxide

Antimicrobial/pharmaceutical preparations (e.g., solutions, gels, ointments, creams, sustained release preparations, etc.) which comprise chlorite (e.g., a metal salt of a chlorite) in combination with a peroxy compound (e.g., hydrogen peroxide), and methods for using such preparations for disinfection of articles or surfaces (e.g., contact lenses, counter tops, etc.), antisepsis of skin or other body parts, prevention or deterrence of scar formation and/or treatment and prophylaxis of dermal (i.e., skin or mucous membrane) disorders (e.g., wounds, burns, infections, cold sores, ulcerations, psoriasis, acne, or other scar-forming lesions).. .
S.k. Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Facilitating a contact center agent to select a contact in a contact center queue

The system and method enable an agent to be able to select a contact (e.g., a voice call or email from a customer) from a contact queue in a contact center. As contacts come into a contact center, the contacts are placed in the contact queue.
Avaya Inc.

Bimodular contact lenses

Ophthalmic lenses for correcting refractive error of an eye are disclosed. Ophthalmic lenses include an inner optic portion configured to be disposed over the optical region of the cornea and having a central portion disposed between an anterior portion and a posterior portion.
Nexisvision, Inc.

Electromagnetic contactor

The electromagnetic contactor has a pair of fixed contacts disposed to maintain a predetermined interval and a movable contact disposed so as to be attachable to and detachable from the pair of fixed contacts, and an electromagnet unit that drives the movable contact. The electromagnet unit has a magnetic yoke enclosing a plunger drive portion, a movable plunger having a leading end protruding through an aperture formed in the magnetic yoke and biased by a return spring, an annular permanent magnet fixedly disposed so as to enclose a peripheral flange portion formed on a protruding end side of the movable plunger and magnetized in a direction in which the movable plunger can move, and an auxiliary yoke disposed on the annular permanent magnet at a side opposite to that of the magnetic yoke and regulating a movement of the peripheral flange portion of the movable plunger..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Hydrophobic organic-inorganic composite hollow fiber membrane and forming the same

The invention relates to hydrophobic hollow fiber membranes, and in particular, to hydrophobic organic-inorganic composite hollow fiber membranes. Methods for forming the hydrophobic organic-inorganic composite hollow fiber membranes are also disclosed.
Nanyang Technological University

Interaction request processing according to client pre-configured schedule

An apparatus is provided and includes a processor and a memory, the memory storing instructions that when executed from a non-transitory physical medium by the processor cause the processor to detect when a request for interaction that is configured for a scheduled processing is received or otherwise registered at a service access point associated with a contact center, identify schedule data from the request and add the schedule data along with a request identification and a location identifier to a scheduling and reporting application, consult a contact center interaction routing system in response to determining that the scheduled interaction request is to be processed, and route or cause processing of the interaction request based on the schedule data. According to one embodiment, the schedule data includes a scheduled time and date for processing the request..
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

Method and constructing a contact lens with optics

Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and processes for constructing a contact lens. In one embodiment, a contact lens assembly is provided, comprising: a curved polymer polarizer with an aperture; a lenslet disposed inside the aperture, wherein the lenslet enables imaging near objects; and a filter attached to the lenslet.
Innovega, Inc.

Contact device and electromagnetic contactor using the same

A contact device includes a contact mechanism including a pair of fixed contacts disposed to maintain a predetermined distance and a movable contact disposed to be capable of contacting to and separating from the pair of fixed contacts. The movable contact has a conductive plate portion extending in a direction crossing a moving direction of the movable contact in a contact housing case.
Fuji Electric Fa Components&systems Co.,ltd.

Pharmaceutical cream compositions and methods of use

Embodiments relating to cream formulations as well as oxymetazoline creams and methods for treating rosacea and symptoms associated with rosacea, including, for example, papules, pustules, phymas (skin thickening), telangiectasias or erythema associated with rosacea, other skin erythemas, telangiectasias, purpura or the like, and other manifestations associated therewith; other inflammatory conditions of the skin including, but not limited to, keratosis pilaris, lupus miliaris dissemniatus faciei, eczema, dermatitis, such as contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, nummular dermatitis, generalized exfoliative dermatitis, statis dermatitis, neurodermatitis, lichen simplex chronicus, xerosis and xerotic dermatitis, dyshidrosis and dyshidrotic dermatitis, asteototic dermatitis or other conditions characterized by sensitive skin or a disturbance of the epidermal barrier; disorders characterized by rough, dry, cracked or fissured skin, disorders characterized by hyperkeratotic skin such as keratodermas and ichthyosisis and ichthyosiform dermatoses; disorders of hair follicles and sebaceous glands, such as acne, perioral dermatitis, and pseudofolliculitis barbae; disorders of sweat glands, such as miliaria, including, but not limited to, miliaria crystallina, miliaria rubra, miliaria profunda, miliaria pustulosa; sunburn, chronic actinic damage, poikiloderma, radiation dermatitis, actinic purpura (“solar purpura”); other inflammatory dermatoses, reactions and conditions of the skin, including, but not limited to, psoriasis, drug eruptions, erythema multiforme, erythema nodosum, and granuloma annulare; diseases and conditions characterized by bleeding or bruising such as petechiae, ecchymosis, purpura and the like including any accumulation of blood in the skin due to vascular extravasation, irrespective of size or cause, bleeding or bruising due to any skin injury which may include any trauma including surgical or procedural trauma; infection, inflammatory dermatoses or inflammation due to any cause using such creams are described herein.. .
Allergan, Inc.

Cellulose hydrogel compositions and contact lenses for corneal applications

The present invention provides cellulose hydrogels having one or more of the following properties: high water content, high transparency, high oxygen permeability, high biocompatibility, high tensile strength and desirable thermal stability. The present invention further provides a process for preparing a cellulose hydrogel comprising (i) a step of activating cellulose, in which the activating step comprises contacting the cellulose with a solvent to activate the cellulose for a time duration from about 2 hours to about 30 hours; (ii) substantially dissolving the activated cellulose to form a solution; and (iii) gelling the solution to form a gel, in which the gelling step comprises allowing the solution to gel in an environment comprising a relative humidity from about 30% to about 80% at 35° c..
The Johns Hopkins University

Method and system to determine and employ best contact opportunity

Contact centers, such as outbound call centers, are provided with means by which they may attempt to contact individuals at a time and via a channel preferred by the contact. A history of prior contact interactions is used as one means to establish a preferred contact time and channel.
Avaya Inc.

Conditional attribute mapping in work assignment

A contact center, methods, and mechanisms are provided for assigning work items to resources using attributes that conditionally expand a selectable pool of resources. The work item is first analyzed for any required, preferred, and conditional attributes and then queued in multiple resource attribute sets for work assignment.
Avaya Inc

Planetary roller extruder with planet spindles and contact ring

A planetary roller extruder with planetary spindles and stop ring. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 c.f.r.

Self aligned contact with improved robustness

A semiconductor device is provided that includes a gate structure that is present on a channel portion of a semiconductor substrate that is present between a source region and a drain region. The gate structure includes at least a gate conductor and a gate sidewall spacer that is adjacent to the at least one gate conductor.
International Business Machines Corporation

Polymers and methods for ophthalmic applications

Novel methods and materials particularly useful for ophthalmic applications and to methods for making and using the same are disclosed herein. More particularly, relatively soft, optically transparent, foldable, high refractive index materials particularly suited for use in the production of intraocular lenses, contact lenses, and other ocular implants and to methods for manufacturing and implanting iols made therefrom are disclosed..
Key Medical Technologies, Inc.

Pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating ophthalmic disorders

The invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating an ophthalmologic disease comprising a compound of formula (1) as defined in the specification, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or isomer thereof as an active ingredient. Also, the invention relates to a composition for cleansing or preserving a contact lens comprising the above active ingredient..
Catholic University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

Mobile driving condition detection

In one embodiment, user data is analyzed to determine whether a user may be in an impaired condition or demonstrating impairment related activity. The user data may reflect the location of the user or the behavior of the user.
Here Global B.v.

Emergency request prior insight delivery

A communication endpoint is configured to record content which may be audio content, video content, and/or other content and send the recorded content to an endpoint, such as a contact center. In one instance, the communication endpoint initiates content recording upon the detection of an outbound user initiated request, such as an emergency request, and transmits the recorded content when the communication session has been established.
Avaya Inc.

Il-31 monoclonal antibodies

The present invention relates to methods of treating pruritic diseases, including but not limited to contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, drug induced delayed type cutaneous allergic reactions, toxic epidermal necrolysis, cutaneous t cell lymphoma, bullous pemphigoid, alopecia wereata, vitiligo, acne rosacea, prurigo nodularis, scleroderma, herpes simplex virus, or combination thereof by administering il-31 monoclonal antibodies. The invention provides the hybridomas that generate the monoclonal antibodies and the amino acid sequences of the variable regions of the monoclonal antibodies and chimeric antibodies comprising the amino acid sequences of the light and heavy chain variable regions..
Zymogenetics, Inc.

Wide-field head-up display (hud) eyeglasses

The present invention introduces a compact, hud eyeglass display system of novel design that makes it possible to superimpose a wide-angle, computer-generated view on the real-world view, without obscuring the wearer's vision or requiring any additional optical element such as beam-splitters or contact lenses. The digital display is visible regardless of which way the wearer turns his eyes, and has great depth of field, so both it and the external scene appear in focus, regardless of the distance to the scene.

Contact lens

For its manufacture, a silicone precursor is brought between a female and a male mold and is polymerized, and the polymerized contact lens is released from the mold by means of a liquid swelling same and is completed after a pecvd/cvd-coating without edge cutting.. .

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