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Consumable patents


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 System and  synchronized distributed data collection patent thumbnailnew patent System and synchronized distributed data collection
A system and method are provided for distributed data collection synchronization. Provided are communicating data generation units (dgus) capable of data storage, having consumable power resources.
Sharp Laboratories Of America (sla), Inc.

 Systems and  monitoring processing systems patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and monitoring processing systems
Approaches are provided where data relating to mining processing system performance parameters of a mining processing system is captured and stored in a memory storage device. The data is obtained at disparate time frequencies, and is obtained by one or more of automatically reading sensors or receiving manual input from an operator.
General Electric Company

 Image forming apparatus, consumable product management method, and storage medium patent thumbnailnew patent Image forming apparatus, consumable product management method, and storage medium
There is provided an image forming apparatus that can detect a replacement of toner cartridge and can accurately manage information after the replacement even if serial numbers of the toner cartridges before and after the replacement are identical to each other. Each toner cartridge is provided with a nonvolatile memory that can record cartridge information, such as printed page count value (i.e., total number of printed sheets) and beginning-of-use date and time.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Image forming apparatus,  managing consumable, and storage medium patent thumbnailnew patent Image forming apparatus, managing consumable, and storage medium
An image forming apparatus is provided which can properly manage individual information after replacement and history of replacement on the apparatus side. If individual information is successfully read from a toner cartridge storing the individual information, the image forming apparatus records the individual information in an apparatus-side memory.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Engineering-grade consumable materials for electrophotography-based additive manufacturing system patent thumbnailnew patent Engineering-grade consumable materials for electrophotography-based additive manufacturing system
A part material for printing three-dimensional parts with an electrophotography-based additive manufacturing system, the part material including a composition having an engineering-grade thermoplastic material and a charge control agent. The part material is provided in a powder form having a controlled particle size, and is configured for use in the electrophotography-based additive manufacturing system having a layer transfusion assembly for printing the three-dimensional parts in a layer-by-layer manner..
Stratasys, Inc.

 System and  determining a useful life of a consumable component patent thumbnailnew patent System and determining a useful life of a consumable component
A method for determining a useful life of a consumable component of a machine is provided. The method includes monitoring for a signal indicative of an identifier code associated with the consumable component and further determining the identifier code from the signal.
Caterpillar Inc.

 Smart nursing consumable and physiological monitoring device using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Smart nursing consumable and physiological monitoring device using the same
A smart nursing consumable includes an absorbent body and a sensor module. The absorbent body includes a water-absorbing layer.
Sinopulsar Technology Inc.

 Smart nursing consumable, rollable sensor module thereof and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Smart nursing consumable, rollable sensor module thereof and manufacturing method thereof
A smart nursing consumable, which includes an absorbent body and a sensor module disposed on the absorbent body. The sensor module includes a first film sheet, at least one wire, a second film sheet and a conductive pad.
Sinopulsar Technology Inc.

 Bagless and reusable product disposing bin patent thumbnailnew patent Bagless and reusable product disposing bin
A modular blending system including a bin is provided; the bin being for consumable products has a well in the bottom thereof. A bottom surface of the bin is sloped from substantially a plurality of sides toward the well to facilitate evacuation of the consumable product into and through the well.
Vita-mix Management Corporation

 Message storage patent thumbnailMessage storage
A messaging application receives a sequence of user-consumable messages directed to at least one destination user. The messages are stored in non-volatile storage comprising one or more non-volatile storage devices, and the messages consist of a number of consumed messages having been consumed by the destination user, and a number of unconsumed messages not yet having been consumed by the user.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Resistor switching circuit, storage circuit, and consumable chip

A resistor switching circuit, a storage circuit and a consumable chip. The resistor switching circuit is used in the consumable chip, and includes a plurality of resistor switching branch circuits, the resistor switching branch circuit including a switching switch and a resistor, the switching switch and the resistor being connected in series in a conducting loop of a signal wire; and a decoder, connected to a data storage module in the consumable chip, and used for generating a switching instruction according to a signal output by the data storage module to control a switching switch of a corresponding resistor switching branch circuit to put a corresponding resistor into the conducting loop of the signal wire, so as to change a resistance value of the conducting loop of the signal wire..
Apex Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for welding wires for welding zinc-coated workpieces

This disclosure relates generally to welding and, more specifically, to electrodes for arc welding, such as gas metal arc welding (gmaw) or flux core arc welding (fcaw) of zinc-coated workpieces. In an embodiment, a welding consumable for welding a zinc-coated steel workpiece includes a zinc (zn) content between approximately 0.01 wt % and approximately 4 wt %, based on the weight of the welding consumable.
Hobart Brothers Company

Image processing system, information processing device, and non-transitory computer readable medium

An image processing system includes an image processing device, a general user device, and an administrator device. The general user device includes the following elements.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Inductive and photovoltaic rechargeable battery powered thermoelectric cooler system for consumable liquids or food

The premise of the device's operation is employing the peltier effect—using thermoelectric coolers—to keep smaller amounts of consumable liquids or food either cold or hot during short distances of travel. The device is a portable metal container with an inner container encompassed by an outer container to provide an insulation moat that aids in maintaining a level interior temperature.

Metering device for dispensing pharmaceutical fluid from a reservoir having a spindle rod for displacement of the piston

A metering device for delivering a pharmaceutical fluid, includes a reusable part and a consumable part. The reusable part includes a housing, a control unit, a driving device, and a coupling member driven by an output wheel for transmitting a drive output to a spindle device.
Meamedical Ag

Flavor system for non-animal derived protein containing consumables

A flavor system for a non-animal derived protein consumable is provided. The flavor system includes an aqueous component; a protein binder including a mixture of at least one terpene and at least one carbonyl compound; one or more off-note blocking compounds; and a flavorant..
Givaudan, S.a.

Wear detection of consumable part in semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Methods, systems, and computer programs are presented for determining wear of a consumable part in a semiconductor processing apparatus. One chamber includes a reference part, a consumable part, a transfer arm for transferring the substrate into the chamber, a sensor on the transfer arm, and a controller.
Lam Research Corporation

Intelligent, data gathering and communicating portable restrooms

A portable restroom includes an automatic continuous flushing feature and a touchless flush request sensor. An automatic light provides welcome lighting in darker locations.
Satellite Industries, Inc.

Microorganism growth and products recovery

Herein disclosed is a method of generating products from microorganisms, comprising super-saturating a liquid medium with a gas consumable by the microorganisms in a high shear device operating at a shear rate of greater than 1,000,000 s−1 to produce a gas-super-saturated (gss) medium, wherein the gss medium maintains a gss level for at least 10 minutes; feeding the gss medium to microorganisms; allowing the microorganisms to grow by consuming the gas and generate products via photosynthesis or chemosynthesis; and recovering the products. In an embodiment, the microorganisms are genetically modified.
H R D Corporation


A container 401 comprising: a base 402; and a sidewall 404 extending from the base 402; wherein the base 402 and the sidewall 404 define a cavity for containing a consumable; the sidewall 404 comprising at least in part a sidewall element 406 deformable between a compressed state in which the cavity has a first volume and an uncompressed state in which the cavity has a second volume; the sidewall element 406 configured to be bistable such that the sidewall element 406 will remain at rest in equilibrium in both the compressed state and the uncompressed state; wherein the sidewall element 406 is movable between the compressed and uncompressed states by input of an activation energy to the container 401.. .
Awesome Brands Ltd.

Charcoal starter with a consumable fire ignition system and using the same

A system and related method for igniting a fuel source through an ignition process with the help of a flammable support. The system comprises a housing and flammable support.

Plasma arc cutting systems, consumables and operational methods

The invention features methods and apparatuses for regulating a shielding liquid in a plasma torch. A liquid-injection shield for a plasma torch includes a body having an exterior surface and an interior surface and a liquid injection regulation component circumferentially disposed within and in direct contact with the interior surface of the body.
Hypertherm, Inc.

Cartridge for a liquid-cooled plasma arc torch

A liquid-cooled consumable cartridge for a plasma arc torch is provided. The cartridge includes (i) an electrode, (ii) a swirl ring with a first outer retaining feature and a second outer retaining feature on an exterior surface, where the electrode is secured to the swirl ring, and (iii) a nozzle with an inner retaining feature on an interior surface, where the inner retaining feature of the nozzle is mated with the first outer retaining feature of the swirl ring.
Hypertherm, Inc.

Cartridge for a liquid-cooled plasma arc torch

A consumable cartridge frame for a liquid-cooled plasma arc torch is provided. The consumable cartridge frame includes an insulator body configured to be disposed between a torch head and a cartridge tip.
Hypertherm, Inc.

Cartridge for a liquid-cooled plasma arc torch

A consumable cartridge for a liquid-cooled plasma arc torch is provided. The consumable cartridge comprises a cartridge frame including a proximal end having an end surface, a distal end and a body having a central longitudinal axis extending therethrough.
Hypertherm, Inc.

Cartridge for a liquid-cooled plasma arc torch

A torch head for a liquid-cooled plasma arc torch is provided. The torch head includes a torch body and a torch insulator, coupled to the torch body, having a substantially non-conductive insulator body.
Hypertherm, Inc.

Monitoring and status detection for consumable items

Monitoring oral intake of consumable items may include aggregating, using a processor, oral intake information for a user from a plurality of devices belonging to a same device domain of the user in real time and comparing, using the processor, the oral intake information with a user profile of the user. An instruction for a selected device of the plurality of devices may be generated, using the processor, according to the comparing.
International Business Machines Corporation

Object recognition system for an appliance and managing household inventory of consumables

A refrigerating appliance includes a cabinet having an inner liner that defines at least one aperture for accessing a refrigerating compartment. A door is operably coupled to the cabinet and is operable between open and closed positions.
Whirlpool Corporation

Graphical user interface indicating virtual storage of consumable items

A computing device is configured to display a graphical user interface on a display unit thereof based on purchase data of one or more consumable items that have been received through a communication interface thereof and a user input that has been made. The graphical user interface includes a background layer including a virtual image of storage, an item layer including one or more virtual images of said one or more consumable items, the item layer being overlaid on the background layer, so as to virtually indicate that said one or more consumable items are stocked in the storage, and an indicator layer including one or more indicators, each of which corresponding to one of said one or more consumable items, the indicator layer being overlaid on the item layer, so that each of said one or more indicators indicates a consumption state of a corresponding consumable item..
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

Hot-wire welding assembly for deep and narrow recessed gaps

A contact tip for hot-wire welder is provided that are adapted to operate in deep and narrow recessed gaps within a work piece. Contact tips in accordance with the current invention provide for an assembly having a body portion with a cavity and an extension portion which is inserted into the cavity.
Lincoln Global, Inc.

Method for drying reaction flavor mixtures

A method of preparing a reaction flavor composition. The method includes the steps of providing a reaction flavor mixture containing a reaction flavor and water, drying the reaction flavor mixture in a thin-film evaporator followed by cooling to obtain the reaction flavor composition as a solid.
International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

Transfer of consumable data to vehicles

consumable data objects are transferred from a source server to a vehicle server. The availability of a first data communications link from the source server to a vehicle server is detected and a count of consumable data objects stored on the vehicle server is generated.
Panasonic Avionics Corporation

Cooling system for a turbine engine

A gas turbine engine including a compressor section, a turbine section, and a combustion section positioned between the compressor section and the turbine section is provided. The gas turbine engine also includes a cooling system having a tank and one or more fluid lines in fluid communication with the tank.
General Electric Company

Natural composition

A natural composition comprises a plurality of ingredients that are mixed in predetermined percentages to formulate a natural, healthful, and flavorful composition that integrates into at least one consumable item to produce a flavorful, healthful enhanced consumable item. The ingredients of the composition include a frankincense oil, a gum, and a fruit aroma compound.

Method and system for providing healthcare consumables

A method of providing healthcare consumables is provided. The method includes the following steps: (a)providing a front-end server and a back-end server; (b)the front-end server providing at least a purchasing program for a user to choose from, wherein the purchasing program includes providing a plurality of the healthcare consumables to the user in the first instance and providing the healthcare consumables to the user free of charge within a predetermined period; (c)the front-end server recording a consumed amount of the plurality of the healthcare consumables; and (d)when the consumed amount reaches a first threshold, the front-end server submitting a requisition to replenish the healthcare consumables free of charge to the back-end server via a communication network..
Heartsquare Inc.

System and managing inventory of consumable articles

Stock cards with machine readable tags are placed on article packaging in a point of inventory. When an employee wishes to order an article, the employee selects a state switch on the stock card to place an order for a predefined quantity.
Logitag Systems Ltd

Consumable downhole packer or plug

A packer or plug for use in a wellbore includes: a tubular mandrel made from a composite material including a pyrotechnic composition; an expandable seal disposed on an outer surface of the mandrel; and an igniter operable to initiate combustion of the mandrel.. .
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc

Dispensers having restrictive apertures for the controlled removal of consumable goods

A dispenser includes a panel, a retention member and at least one aperture. The retention member is coupled to the panel.
Bowman Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Method for tungsten inert gas welding

The invention relates to a method and a welding torch for gas tungsten arc welding, wherein an electric arc burns between a non-consumable electrode (110) and a workpiece (151). The interior of the electrode (110) has a cavity (200) through which an electrically conducting filler (210) is fed in the direction (230a) of the workpiece (151), said filler (210) being energized..
Linde Aktiengesellschaft

System and detection of target substances

A system and method includes a test container for detecting a target substance in a consumable sample, where the test container includes a test container body defining a test container top, a test container bottom opposing the test container top, a first chamber proximal the test container top, and a second chamber proximal the test container bottom, a magnetic diaphragm situated between the first chamber and the second chamber, the magnetic diaphragm obstructing flow of the consumable sample, and the magnetic diaphragm including a magnetic element embedded in the magnetic diaphragm, and a driving element geometrically complementary to the first chamber, the driving element including a consumable sample grinding feature protruding from a surface of the driving element.. .
Nima Labs, Inc.

Multiple chamber package

The present invention is an openable multiple chamber package. This invention is pertaining to a package comprising at least one divider located between at least two outer walls and connected by at least one edge to enable multiple chambers for complementary consumables that one may wish to separate until time of consumption..

Closure device for a filling or connection opening on a vehicle

A closure device for closing a through opening on a vehicle is provided. An interior space with a filling or connection opening being accessible via the through opening, wherein the filling or connection opening is configured and provided for consumable filling on the vehicle, and it being possible for the through opening to be closed by way of a cover element which can be adjusted on the vehicle in a manner which is actuated by external force between at least one closure position for closing the through opening and an open position for opening the through opening.
Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kg, Coburg

System for the capture and release of acid gases

In one aspect, the invention provides a method for the capture of at least one acid gas in a composition, the release of said gas from said composition, and the subsequent regeneration of said composition for re-use, said method comprising performing, in order, the steps of: (a) capturing the at least one acid gas by contacting said at least one gas with a capture composition comprising at least one salt of a carboxylic acid and at least one water-miscible non-aqueous solvent; (b) releasing said at least one acid gas by adding at least one protic solvent or agent to said composition; and (c) regenerating the capture composition by partial or complete removal of said added protic solvent or agent from said composition. Optionally, said capture composition comprising at least one salt of a carboxylic acid and at least one water-miscible non-aqueous solvent additionally comprises water or another protic solvent.
C-capture Ltd

Nutrient density determinations to select health promoting consumables and to predict consumable recommendations

Various embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing and audio devices for monitoring and managing health and wellness. More specifically, disclosed are methods, interfaces, and computer-readable media to generate predictive consumable recommendations and indicators to determine nutrient density of health-promoting nutrients in consumables, such as food, drink, supplements, and the like.

Prioritized advertising

A system, method, and program product that prioritizes internet advertising for a particular product for a consumer. A system is disclosed that includes: an information gathering system that gathers purchasing information of a consumer; an identification analyzer that identifies at least one potential product for the consumer; a product analyzer that determines whether the at least one potential product is a utility item or a vanity item; and a prioritizing engine including: a vanity scoring engine that assigns an advertising score based on whether the consumer owns the vanity item, whether the vanity item is consumable, and a vanity score for the consumer and a utility scoring engine that assigns an advertising score based on whether the consumer owns the utility item and whether the utility item is consumable, wherein in response to the assigned advertising score exceeding an advertising threshold, an internet advertisement is presented to the consumer..
International Business Machines Corporation

Controlling building systems

Methods, apparatus, and systems are provided for measuring the supply of a consumable product to a facility over time and analyzing the measurements to determine the consumption or supply of the product by one or more loads and/or sources in the facility, and to determine induced and residual heat flow through the facility's envelope. Various aspects compare the measured supply of the consumable product to a database of consumption signatures.
Netesco Llc

Method for monitoring usage of a physical vapor deposition (pvd) target with an ultrasonic transducer

A system for semiconductor manufacturing that uses ultrasonic waves for estimating and monitoring a remaining service lifetime of a consumable element is provided. A consumable element comprises a front side arranged inside a process chamber and a back side, opposite the front side, arranged outside the process chamber.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Consumable authentication

A receptacle for a consumable material, such as a wire spool 2, to be loaded into a machine, such as a wire tying machine 18, comprises first and second indicating means 6, 12 for identifying the receptacle, wherein one of the indicating means 6 is separable from the receptacle.. .
Construction Tools Pc Ab

Foodstuff crafting apparatus, components, assembly, and utilizing the same

A crafting apparatus that performs work on a workpiece is disclosed. The workpiece includes, for example, an edible foodstuff material.
Provo Craft And Novelty, Inc.

Cyclohexanecarboxylic acids for selective taste masking

The use of cyclohexanecarboxylic acids in a consumable to provide taste specific masking effect is provided.. .
International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

Vehicle extrication door system

A vehicle extrication door system that is a training simulator which is used to simulate opening the door of a vehicle that has been involved in an accident. The vehicle extrication door system comprises two supports, two consumable pieces, a first connector, and a compound hinge.
Firevent, Llc

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