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Congestion patents

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Congestion control enforcement in a virtualized environment

Mellanox Technologies

Congestion control enforcement in a virtualized environment

Road traffic information server and road traffic information system

Honda Motor

Road traffic information server and road traffic information system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Congestion-related patents
 Signalling congestion patent thumbnailnew patent Signalling congestion
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for signalling congestion being caused by data items such as packets, received at a network element such as a router, in a communications network such as the internet, or being caused by items otherwise requiring service or capacity from a shared resource. Preferred embodiments of the method involve identifying whether or not received data items received at a network element are capable of carrying congestion indications such as ecn marks, and for those that are capable, assigning congestion indications to the data items in dependence on a queue length characterisation based on a substantially current, instantaneous measurement of the length of the queue, whereas for those that are not capable, a sanction such as dropping may be applied in dependence on a different queue length characterisation based on a weighted moving average of current, recent, and less recent measurements of the length of the queue..
British Telecommunications Public Limited Company
 Network congestion control with awareness of random packet losses patent thumbnailnew patent Network congestion control with awareness of random packet losses
Messages are sent from a first network device to a second network device across a network. The network includes a network portion with an expected random packet loss rate.
Cisco Technology, Inc.
 Congestion control enforcement in a virtualized environment patent thumbnailnew patent Congestion control enforcement in a virtualized environment
In a data network congestion control in a virtualized environment is enforced in packet flows to and from virtual machines in a host. A hypervisor and network interface hardware in the host are trusted components.
Mellanox Technologies Ltd.
 Road traffic information server and road traffic information system patent thumbnailnew patent Road traffic information server and road traffic information system
Provided are a server and a system that are capable of generating road traffic information on traffic congestion in a more appropriate manner, considering actual road traffic conditions. If a vehicle speed v falls below a first reference speed v1 and then exceeds a second reference speed v2 (>v1), then a traffic congestion situation is estimated based on an inference that the vehicle is highly likely to have escaped from traffic congestion.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
 Updating pin locations in a graphical user interface of an electronic design automation tool patent thumbnailUpdating pin locations in a graphical user interface of an electronic design automation tool
Methods and apparatuses are described for creating, editing, and viewing a floorplan of a circuit design. Specifically, some embodiments enable a user to perform a graphical operation at an inference point in a circuit design layout, wherein the location of the inference point is determined based on existing graphical objects in the circuit design layout.
Synopsys, Inc.
 Method, device and system for packet transmission over ip networks patent thumbnailMethod, device and system for packet transmission over ip networks
In a method for packet transmission over ip networks redundant ip packet streams are generated by an ip transmitter (32) and transmitted using separate network paths (34) to one or more ip receivers (36). At each ip receiver (36) duplicate ip packets are overwritten to form a single combined packet stream.
Appear Tv As
 Suppression of discovery of mobile devices in a wireless network patent thumbnailSuppression of discovery of mobile devices in a wireless network
Technologies are generally described for suppressing discovery of mobile devices in a wireless ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) network, reducing the number of network transmissions by devices in the network and reducing network congestion and prolonging battery life. A mobile device may add supplementary information to introductory beacons transmitted by the device that indicate no response is necessary from other devices participating in the network except for a coordinator of the network.
Empire Technology Development Llc
 Jitter-based transmission control method patent thumbnailJitter-based transmission control method
A jitter-based transmission control method is disclosed. In the jitter-based transmission control method, several packets are sent applying a current congestion window size by at least one sender device through a network switch device.
National Central University
 Systems and methods for managing a network patent thumbnailSystems and methods for managing a network
Systems and methods for managing a network are disclosed. One method can comprise receiving data having information identifying a first path to a destination, wherein the information facilitates transmission of the data to a next-hop of the first path.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc
 Congestion profiling of computer network devices patent thumbnailCongestion profiling of computer network devices
A method may include transmitting data frames from a reaction point of a source device. The method may also include receiving, at the reaction point, congestion notification messages corresponding to the transmitted data frames and containing congestion feedback data regarding a particular network switching device and an identifier of the particular network switching device.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and architecture to optimize video traffic over internet protocol networks

Techniques are provided for managing network traffic and alleviating network congestion issues in video conference environments. At a video conference bridge device configured to send and receive communications to an endpoint device in a network, one or more video streams are received from the endpoint participating in a video conference.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Dynamic network traffic analysis and traffic flow configuration for radio networks

A system may receive, from a base station, information indicating that a network congestion level associated with the base station satisfies a threshold, the network congestion level being a measurement of traffic associated with a network, and the network including the base station. The system may determine, based on the network congestion level satisfying the threshold, traffic flow information for a plurality of traffic flows associated with the base station.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Method and controlling network access in a wireless communication system

The present invention is directed to a wireless communication system. Specifically, the present invention is directed to a method of controlling network access and an apparatus therefore, wherein the method comprises: receiving a message related with access parameters, the message including a first n-bit field, a second n-bit field and a third 1-bit field, wherein the first n-bit field indicates a maximum number of slots the wireless device is to delay due to random back-off between consecutive access probes, the second n-bit field indicates a maximum number of slots the wireless device is to delay due to random back-off between successive enhanced access probe sequences, and the third 1-bit field for indicating a network congestion situation..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Partitioned memory with shared memory resources and configurable functions

A memory device that includes an input interface that receives instructions and input data on a first plurality of serial links. The memory device includes a memory block having a plurality of banks, wherein each of the banks has a plurality of memory cells, and wherein the memory block has multiple ports.
Mosys, Inc.

Adaptive setting of the quantized congestion notification equilibrium setpoint in converged enhanced eithernet networks

Embodiments relate to controlling workload flow on converged ethernet links. An aspect includes coupling, by a processing device, a first control loop to a second control loop.
International Business Machines Corporation

Source-aware network shaping

Systems and methods are described for source-aware shaping of network traffic in a communications system. Embodiments can manage resource congestion within a communications network by preferentially adjusting certain types of traffic on a per-subscriber and/or per-application basis.
Viasat, Inc.

Source-driven switch probing with feedback request

Embodiments relate to proactively probing the packet queues of elements in a physical or virtual network to predict and prevent the occurrence of congestion points. An aspect includes receiving a first feedback request at a central controller connected to a plurality of switches in a network.
International Business Machines Corporation

Congestion induced video scaling

Access nodes and methods adjust a bit rate of a data stream in a communication network. The access nodes and methods have a packet inspection unit configured to inspect one or more of the data packets to determine that the data stream includes video data.
Wi-lan Labs, Inc.

Technique for processing a data stream between a server and a client entity

A technique is provided for processing a data stream between a server and a client entity in a packet communication network. The data stream is composed of packets steered by a processing device.

Delivery network, server, and delivery method

In a delivery network system, deliver a server that holds requested content is determined, using information included in a content request message from a communication terminal. A file or stream of the requested content is read from the determined server.
Nec Corporation

Method and using http redirection to mediate content access via policy execution

Systems, methods, and devices of the various embodiments enable http redirect messages to indicate content access policy information. In this manner, policy rules may be implemented based on the policy information in the http redirect messages to control network congestion and/or quality of service (“qos”)..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Higher efficiency storage replication using compression

In one embodiment, there is a multi-cluster synchronization system between two or more clusters. The multi-cluster synchronization system uses variable compression to optimize the transfer of information between the clusters.
Rackspace Us, Inc.

Hierarchical traffic differentiation to handle congestion and/or manage user quality of experience

Methods, apparatuses and systems for performing hierarchical traffic differentiation and/or employing hierarchical traffic differentiation are provided. These methods, apparatuses and systems may be implemented to, for example, handle congestion and/or to manage user quality of experience (qoe).
Vid Scale, Inc

Control device, control method, and communication system

A control device includes: a memory; and a processor coupled to the memory and configured to: acquire congestion information indicating a congestion state of communication of wireless local area networks (lans) which are connection destination candidates of a mobile terminal configured to switch a state thereof between a first state and a second state, in the first state the mobile terminal being wirelessly connected to a radio base station of a mobile communication network and not performing a detection operation of a wireless lan among the wireless lans, and in the second state the mobile terminal performing the detection operation and being wirelessly connected to a detected wireless lan, and perform switching control for switching a state of the mobile terminal from the first state to the second state when the congestion information satisfies a given condition.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Method of controlling congestion, controlling congestion and communication system

Provided herein is a method of controlling a congestion in a communication scheme using a lower layer that performs a first congestion control and an upper layer that performs a second congestion control different from the first congestion control. The method includes detecting a congestion in the lower layer, notifying, from the lower layer to upper layer, the occurrence of the congestion and congestion control information related to the congestion; and setting, in the upper layer, an output rate for each of at least one congestion-related upper-layer session that is processed in the upper layer and is related to the congestion.
Fujitsu Limited

Method, apparatus and network system for controlling network congestion

The invention provides a method, an apparatus and a system for controlling network congestion. The method includes: sending a control frame or a beacon frame to a station in a network when network congestion occurs, so as to instruct the station to enlarge a contention window when the station needs to send data.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and efficiently controlling access for system load adjustment in mobile communication systems

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for efficiently controlling access for system load adjustment in mobile communication systems. In a wireless communication system according to one embodiment, the method for transmitting and receiving data by a terminal including a user equipment (ue) non access stratum (nas) and a ue access stratum (as) includes the steps of: receiving by the ue ae, information including emergency call-related information which includes barring information by type for the emergency call, from a base station; transmitting, by the ue nas, a service request for the emergency call to the ue as; and determining, by the ue as, whether to bar the service request on the basis of emergency call-related information.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Reporting congestion in access networks to the core network

A network node in a core network is provided information about congestion in an access network coupled to the core network. The information about congestion includes a congestion identifier associated with a bearer that can be sent from an access node in the access network to a network node in the core network.
Cygnus Broadband, Inc.

Radio communication system and base station

A radio communication system includes at least one user equipment, base stations, and a control station. After expiration of the timer started after establishment of the data bearer, the base station selects the access point base station for the user equipment on the basis of the voice congestion levels and indicates the access point base station to the user equipment if the voice bearer has been established, and selects the access point base station for the user equipment on the basis of the data congestion levels and indicates the access point base station to the user equipment if the voice bearer has not been established..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Mechanism to control resource utilization with adaptive routing

Methods and apparatus relating to techniques for controlling resource utilization with adaptive routing are described. In one embodiment, an output port for transmission of an incoming message that is to be received at an input port is determined at routing logic.

Apparatus and inter-vehicle communication

There are provided an apparatus and a method for inter-vehicle communication. The apparatus includes a communication unit configured to perform communication with another vehicle, a positioning unit configured to obtain positional information of a vehicle, and a controller configured to synchronize time instances of transmitting/receiving messages to/from the another vehicle using a signal from the positioning unit, to set communication conditions based on communication congestion with the another vehicle, and to perform transmitting/receiving messages to/from the another vehicle at the synchronized time instance according to the communication conditions..
Kia Motors Corporation

Feeder for flat objects, particularly supplement feeder

A feeder for flat objects, particularly a supplement feeder for supplements, having a stack compartment for receiving objects in the form of a stack and a takeoff device for taking individual objects off the stack along a takeoff direction, wherein the takeoff device includes a conveying element and a gate, through which the objects taken off the stack are led individually by the conveying element. In order to be able to process different objects with properties differing from one another, particularly objects of different type and thickness, with the feeder in continuous operation without problems and without congestion and to provide a feeder for different objects that is as flexible as possible and that is capable of processing both thick and thin objects without lasting deformations while largely avoiding takeoff errors, the gate has a first gate device and a second gate device.
BÖwe Systec Gmbh

Adaptive private network asynchronous distributed shared memory services

A highly predicable quality shared distributed memory process is achieved using less than predicable public and private interne protocol networks as the means for communications within the processing interconnect. An adaptive private network (apn) service provides the ability for the distributed memory process to communicate data via an apn conduit service, to use high throughput paths by bandwidth allocation to higher quality paths avoiding lower quality paths, to deliver reliability via fast retransmissions on single packet loss detection, to deliver reliability and timely communication through redundancy transmissions via duplicate transmissions on high a best path and on a most independent path from the best path, to lower latency via high resolution clock synchronized path monitoring and high latency path avoidance, to monitor packet loss and provide loss prone path avoidance, and to avoid congestion by use of high resolution clock synchronized enabled congestion monitoring and avoidance..
Talari Networks Incorporated

Communication system and automatic metering system

A communication system according to the present invention includes a plurality of ad hoc communication networks each formed by one or more communication units and one gateway and includes a monitoring server that monitors the ad hoc communication networks. The monitoring server determines on the basis of a monitoring result of load states of the gateways and a monitoring result of a congestion state of radio traffic whether it is necessary to carry out load distribution control for moving a communication unit subordinate to a first gateway to be subordinate to a second gateway set around the first gateway and, when determining that it is necessary to carry out the load distribution control, instructs at least one gateway of the first gateway and the second gateway to broadcast-deliver a signal including control information and instructing reselection of a gateway set as a participation destination..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Congestion notification in leaf and spine networks

Methods and systems to alleviate congestion in leaf and spine network topologies. Control information may be advertised by spines regarding the leaves to which it is connected.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Ip multicast layered distribution method and system

The present invention relates to ip network communication technology. It provides a kind of ip multicast data layer distribution method and system.
Shenzhen Sewise Technologies Co., Ltd.

Methods and congestion-aware buffering using voltage isolation pathways for integrated circuit designs with multi-power domains

A semiconductor apparatus is provided herein for buffering of nets routed through one or more areas associated with a first power domain that is different from a second power domain associated with the buffers and the buffered nets by limiting placement of these buffers in patterned areas associated with the second power domain. This provides for the routing of the buffered nets to be determined not only based on the shortest distance to travel from point a to point b, but also takes into account routing congestion on the semiconductor apparatus.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Data processing device, semiconductor external view inspection device, and data volume increase alleviation method

Provided is a data processing device with which, when a temporary network congestion occurs, it is possible to avoid a buffer overflow and sustain a process. When a request for retransmission of the same data with respect to a processor element from a buffer occurs continuously a prescribed number of iterations, a data processing device according to the present invention determines that it is possible that a buffer overflow occurs, and suppresses an increase in the volume of data which is accumulated in the buffer (see fig.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Node and ran congestion status handling

Example embodiments presented herein are directed towards a mobility management node and a communications node, and corresponding methods therein, for the handling of a ran congestion status. The example embodiments presented herein allow for a means of providing an accurate ran congestion status in an efficient manner..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson

Congestion control method, device, and system

Embodiments of the present invention provide a congestion control method, a device, and a system. In the embodiments of the present invention, because a gateway device, unlike a gateway device that performs congestion control on all user equipments by using a same control policy in the prior art, performs congestion control on a user equipment according to a real-time location of the user equipment and a real-time congestion situation of a location region in which the user equipment is camping, thereby improving flexibility and accuracy of congestion control..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method, apparatus, system, computer program and computer program product for mitigating end user congestion in a wireless network

A method, gateway apparatus, computer program, and computer program product for mitigating end user congestion in a wireless network is provided. The gateway apparatus is in a core network and receives from a radio access network (ran) a message comprising cell congestion information indicating that a cell of the ran is in a congested state.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Congestion avoidance and control for udp-based protocols

An improved technique involves avoiding congestion in a network by monitoring round trip times of data units sent from a node of the network. Along these lines, a controller at a node of the network sends data units at some transmission rate to a target node with instructions to send a response back to the home node.
Emc Corporation

Tier-based congestion control for multimode user equipment

A network device may receive, from a user device, a connection request. The connection request may correspond to a request to access a first network.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Method of controlling packet transmission in network system and network system transmitting packet using pseudo-tcp agent

Provided are a method of controlling packet transmission in a network system and a network system that transmits a packet using a pseudo-transmission control protocol (tcp) agent. The method includes, when a packet is received from a transmitting device or a previous router, storing, at a router, the packet in a buffer and determining whether traffic exceeds a packet processing capacity, when it is determined that the traffic exceeds the packet processing capacity, controlling, at the router, an incoming packet rate to be reduced, when a congestion window is not filled with the packet to be transmitted to a next router or a receiving device due to the reduction in the incoming packet rate, waiting, at the router, until the congestion window is fully filled with a packet received thereafter, and transmitting, at the router, the packets filling the congestion window to the next router or the receiving device..
Dasan Networks, Inc.

Selective activation of network management policies of mobile devices in a mobile network

Systems and methods described herein employ techniques for generation and selective activation (or triggering) of network management policies in a congested network to, for example, prevent further aggravation of network congestion are disclosed. In order to address mobile network congestion it is necessary to be able to enforce network management policies on the devices which are in the a specific congested cell.
Seven Networks, Inc.

Method and system for collecting traffic data

A method of identifying congestion comprising the steps of monitoring traffic conditions using off call tracking data relating to cellular mobile communication devices carried in vehicles along an off call path and determining when an off call path crossing time of the call path exceeds a threshold. When the off call path crossing time exceeds the threshold, obtaining traffic data from probe vehicles on roads corresponding to the off call path, and analysing the traffic data to determine the location of the congestion along the off call path..

System and improving transport protocol performance in communication networks having lossy links

A transport protocol is provided within a communication network that has a lossy link. The receiver distinguishes between packets received with non-congestion bit errors and packets having been not at all received due to congestion.

Apparatus and methods for modem assisted video telephony

Aspects of the present disclosure provide an apparatus and method for modem-assisted video telephony. As one example, a user equipment (ue) utilizes a modem to perform video telephony (vt) communication with a remote device through a wireless network.

Adaptive volume control

The disclosed embodiments relate to regulation of receipt, rate or volume, and processing of messages, such as order, mass quote or other trade related messages by available trading system resources to minimize congestion, maximize efficient use, minimize unfair monopolization and ensure fair access to/allocation thereof. The disclosed embodiments may act as a governor limiting the maximum rate of message submission to the rate at which the submitted messages can be processed.

Elastic auto-parallelization for stream processing applications

A method for adjusting a data parallel region of a stream processing application includes measuring congestion of each parallel channel of the data parallel region, measuring a total throughput of all the parallel channels, and adjusting the number of parallel channels based on the current measured congestion and throughput.. .

Device for road and urban mobility and for solving the problem of traffic congestion

A device for road and urban mobility and for solving the problem of traffic congestion, installed on a vehicle in order to make traffic flow more fluid in and between cities. The device consists of a set of five electronic modules, including a processor.

System and node adaptive filtering and congestion control for safety and mobility applications toward automated vehicles system

In one example, we describe a method and infrastructure for dsrc v2x (vehicle to infrastructure plus vehicle) system. This can cover a communication circle up to 800 m, and in some cases 1000 m, and as a result, in congested traffic areas, the onboard unit is communicating with high number of units and may end up saturating its processing capability very quickly.

Methods and systems for dynamic spectrum arbitrage with home enodebs

A dynamic spectrum arbitrage (dsa) system includes a plurality of femtocells, a home enodeb gateway (hgw) coupled to each of the plurality of femtocells, a dynamic spectrum controller (dsc) coupled to the hgw, and a dynamic spectrum policy controller (dpc) coupled to the dsc and a plurality of other dscs. Each of the femtocells may be configured to monitor network conditions, generate congestion reports based on a result of the monitoring, and send the generated congestion reports to the hgw.

Method of treatment using a therapeutic agent for intranasal administration

A method of intranasal treatment of nasal symptoms administered to a human in need of the treatment includes administering intranasally from an internasal spray container a composition having a therapeutically effective amount of capsicum extract to a human in need thereof; and effecting relief from at least one symptom. The symptom relieved includes at least one of nasal congestion, sinus pressure, headache, sinus pain or a combination thereof.

Use of hypertonic saline to draw fluid out of swollen tissue and relieve nasal congestion

The optimum concentration of salt in solutions to combat congestion of the mucosa is a relatively narrow range. This use of in hypertonic saline solutions for treatment of congestion of the mucosa having a concentration within the range of 2.3% to and including 2.7% w/v sodium chloride/water with the most preferred concentration being 2.4% to and including 2.6% w/v of sodium chloride in water brings maximum relief of congestion and for cleansing membranes without causing irritation or discomfort..

Methods and systems for performing dynamic spectrum arbitrage based on enodeb transition states

A dynamic spectrum arbitrage (dsa) system may include a dynamic spectrum policy controller (dpc) and a dynamic spectrum controller (dsc) that together dynamically manage the allocation and use of resources (e.g., spectrum resources) across different networks. The dsc and/or dpc components may be configured to monitor a congestion state of an enodeb, and intelligently allocate resources, manage user traffic of the enodebs, select target enodebs for handovers, determine the quality of service (qos) levels that are to be given to wireless devices attached to the enodebs, and/or perform other similar operations to intelligently manage the allocation and use of resources by the various networks.

Communication device

A communication device that controls a transmission bandwidth of tcp communication includes a means for linearly increasing the transmission bandwidth of the tcp communication during a certain period of time after a data segment whose reception has been acknowledged enters an update state without detection of congestion in the tcp communication, a means for non-linearly increasing the transmission bandwidth after the certain period of time, a means for detecting congestion using a change rate of a discarding rate or a retransmission rate in the tcp communication, a means for estimating a retransmission rate and a change rate thereof using a previous history of the transmission bandwidth and a retransmission bandwidth, and a means for estimating a discarding rate and a change rate thereof using a previous history of the transmission bandwidth and an ack reception number.. .

Elastic auto-parallelization for stream processing applications based on a measured throughtput and congestion

A method for adjusting a data parallel region of a stream processing application includes measuring congestion of each parallel channel of the data parallel region, measuring a total throughput of all the parallel channels, and adjusting the number of parallel channels based on the current measured congestion and throughput.. .

Communication controller, controlling communications, and tangible and non-transient computer-readable storage medium having communication control program stored therein

A communication controller that controls communications in a network, includes: a determiner that determines that a congestion occurs in the network; and a transmitter that transmits a signal instructing to adjust a traffic volume to a party to which the congestion is attributable. An information processing apparatus and a storage apparatus each include the communication controller.

Request modification for transparent capacity management in a carrier network

The process identifies a parameter of the carrier network and modifies the request when the parameter satisfies a threshold. The process passes the request to the content provider and the content provider provides content that consumes a first set of resources in response to an unmodified request and a second set of resources in response to a modified request.

Methods and system for dynamic spectrum arbitrage policy driven quality of service

A dynamic spectrum arbitrage (dsa) system includes a dynamic spectrum policy controller (dpc) and a dynamic spectrum controller (dsc) that together dynamically manage the allocation and use of resources (e.g., spectrum resources) across different networks. The dsc component may include wired or wireless connections to enodebs, a policy and charging rules function (pcrf) component/server, and various other network components.

Http adaptive streaming server with automatic rate shaping

An adaptive streaming server and a method are described herein for determining if a congestion level within a network exceeds a predetermined threshold and when this occurs then one or more lower bit rate segments of a content stream will be transmitted to a client.. .

Traffic control system and method

A system for facilitating traffic congestion control, comprising traffic related sensors and a system server and database, adapted to receive traffic information from the traffic related sensors and facilitate substantially real time traffic control decision making algorithms in accordance with the traffic information, where the server includes a file with instructions to execute commands to enable execution of the traffic control decisions, the system being operable to receive input information from vehicle control devices and transmit output information to the vehicle control devices in accordance with the traffic control decisions.. .

Apparatus and methods for delivering devices for reducing left atrial pressure

A device for regulating blood pressure between a patient's left atrium and right atrium, and apparatus for delivery the device, are provided. The delivery apparatus may include one or more latching legs, a release ring, a pull chord, and a catheter wherein the latching legs are configured to engage the device for delivery.

Reducing congestion in wireless communication networks

In a method for controlling network congestion, a parameter to bar access from specific user equipment is adjusted. The adjusted parameter in a specific system information block which is different from a system information block type2 is transmitted.

Ensuring predictable and quantifiable networking performance

The ensuring of predictable and quantifiable networking performance. Embodiments of the invention combine a congestion free network core with a hypervisor based (i.e., edge-based) throttling design to help insure quantitative and invariable subscription bandwidth rates.

Backward congestion notification

In one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a network interface system having at least one input port configured for receiving frames and a logic system comprising at least one logic device. The logic system may be configured to perform the following functions: determining a source address and a destination address of a frame received at an ingress port; calculating a flow hash based at least upon the source address and the destination address; forming a congestion management (“cm”) tag that includes the flow hash; inserting the cm tag in the frame; and forwarding the frame to the destination address..

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