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 Managing pending acknowledgement packets in a communication device patent thumbnailManaging pending acknowledgement packets in a communication device
A method for managing pending acknowledgement (ack) packets in a communication device is provided. The method can include the communication device monitoring a status of a transmit queue for packets to be sent over a network; detecting a queue condition indicative of congestion causing a delay in sending one or more ack packets pending in the transmit queue; and discarding a set of one or more ack packets from the transmit queue in response to the queue condition.
Apple Inc.

 Coding approach for a robust and flexible communication protocol patent thumbnailCoding approach for a robust and flexible communication protocol
A coding approach for a robust and flexible network communication protocol is described. By using coding, it is possible to eliminate the need to track packet identities, and hence, it is possible to reduce coordination overhead associated with many conventional protocols.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

 Method for avoiding congestion on network device and network device patent thumbnailMethod for avoiding congestion on network device and network device
The present invention discloses a method for avoiding congestion on a network device and a network device, in order to resolve a problem of a decrease in a throughput of a network device caused when the network device performs, after receiving a series of packets, packet discarding processing on the series of packets in a manner of randomly and discretely discarding packets. The method includes: determining, by a network device according to a size of currently used storage space, whether packet discarding processing needs to be performed on packets that belong to a same data flow in the currently used storage space, where there are n packets that belong to the same data flow, and n≧2; and if packet discarding processing needs to be performed, discarding, by the network device, continuous m packets that belong to the same data flow, where 1≦m≦n..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Interconnect congestion control in a storage grid patent thumbnailInterconnect congestion control in a storage grid
Methods, systems, and computer program product embodiments for controlling congestion in a storage grid, by a processor device, are provided. In a storage grid, a storage request transmit queue length is monitored.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Determining inactivity timeout using distributed coordination function patent thumbnailDetermining inactivity timeout using distributed coordination function
Methods, systems, and devices are described for power management in wireless devices. Power saving for a device of a wireless network may be improved by appropriately setting an inactivity timeout (ito), and thus the amount of time, after a last transmission or reception of data traffic, that the device remains in an awake mode listening for more data traffic before the device enters a sleep mode.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Congestion mitigation method and apparatus considering optimization of user satisfaction of video traffic in mobile network patent thumbnailCongestion mitigation method and apparatus considering optimization of user satisfaction of video traffic in mobile network
The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for providing a congestion mitigation method in a mobile communication network. A communication method of packet data network-gateway (p-gw) in a mobile communication system according to an embodiment of the present invention may comprise the steps of: identifying video information by using a video request message of a terminal and a video response message of a content server; receiving a video packet from the content server; identifying the buffer status of the terminal by using the video packet; recording, in the header of the video packet, video traffic information comprising the video information and the buffer status information of the terminal; and transmitting the video packet having the video traffic information recorded therein to a base station.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Controlling a transmission control protocol congestion window size patent thumbnailControlling a transmission control protocol congestion window size
A method and apparatus for controlling a tcp congestion window size for data sent from a tcp sending node in a communications network towards a tcp receiving node via a radio access network. The tcp sending node determines a minimum required bit rate for a data stream sent towards the tcp receiving node.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Computer implemented method, a system and computer programs for congestion control in a transport node of a communication network patent thumbnailComputer implemented method, a system and computer programs for congestion control in a transport node of a communication network
The method comprises identifying and classifying, by a classification unit (102), received data packets flows between fixed bit rate data packets flows (fb) and variable bit rate data packets flows (vb); sending the identified and classified fixed bit rate data packets flows (fb) to a pacer unit (103) spacing the transmission of the fixed bit rate data packets flows (fb) towards an egress port of the transport node (100); and sending the configuration parameters relating to the variable bit rate data packets flows (vb) to a virtual queue unit (104), said virtual queue unit (104) including a processor running an algorithm to activate one or more congestion correction procedures, wherein in case the result obtained by said algorithm being over, or equal, at least one threshold activating a corresponding congestion correction procedure.. .
Telefonica, S.a.

 Dynamic thresholds for congestion control patent thumbnailDynamic thresholds for congestion control
Communication apparatus includes multiple interfaces configured for connection to a packet data network. A memory, coupled to the interfaces, is configured as a shared buffer to contain packets in multiple sets of queues for transmission to the network.
Mellanox Technologies Tlv Ltd.

 Application controlled path selection over different transit providers patent thumbnailApplication controlled path selection over different transit providers
Some embodiments move the task of selecting between different transit provider paths from the network level to the application level. Some embodiments perform network level configurations involving a destination network router advertising over a first transit provider path, a unique first address identifying a destination network server as reachable via the first path and advertising over a second transit provider path, a unique second address identifying the destination network server as reachable via the second path.
Verizon Digital Media Services Inc.

Hfc cable system with shadow fiber and coax fiber terminals

System and method to extend the upstream data capacity of an hfc catv system by extending a “shadow” optical fiber network deeper into the various catv cable neighborhoods, with coax fiber terminals (cft) spaced roughly according to the distribution of catv active devices such as rf amplifiers. The cft can intercept local upstream data from various neighborhood sub-regions and transform this upstream data into upstream optical data, thus relieving upstream data congestion in the 5-42 mhz catv frequency region.
Gainspeed, Inc.

Nasal relief and snoring stopping device

An airflow intrusive nasal relief and snoring stopping device is applied in an oral cavity. The oral cavity includes an oral opening, an upper tooth, a tongue, a palate and a uvula.

Method and device for controlling processing load of a network node

Controlling the processing load in a first node 100, resulting from received signaling by particular second nodes 210, 220. 230, 240, by determining the amount of signaling received from the particular second nodes.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Mesh network nodes configured to alleviate congestion in cellular network

A plurality of nodes in a first network mitigate data restrictions on access points which are an interface between the first network and a second network. The access points advertise their access parameters to the second network to the nodes.
Silver Spring Networks, Inc.

Congestion information generation device and congestion information generation method

An information generator may generate congestion information of a road link based on a link velocity calculated for the road link. A section velocity calculator may calculate a section velocity based on a plurality of pieces of position information and time information mapped on the road link.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

System and methods for handling priority services congestion

Techniques for congestion management in a communication network are contemplated. For example, a wireless transmit receive unit (wtru) may include a radio resource control (rrc) layer and a non-access stratum (nas) layer.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

Content-aware inter-rat rab steering

A method for congestion control at an enodeb is described, comprising detecting congestion at an enodeb and entering a congestion control mode, receiving, at the enodeb, a new user equipment (ue) connection request that contains a radio resource control (rrc) establishment cause, and using the rrc establishment cause for identifying a congestion management strategy, the congestion management strategy comprising one of initiating a handover for an existing lte bearer, or redirecting the new ue connection request to a 3g nodeb.. .
Parallel Wireless, Inc.

Methods and systems for controlling congestion in a communication network

Methods and related systems for controlling congestion in a communication network are provided. The methods generally allow a network node to receive requests for transmission from user equipments, and to selectively, and generally temporarily, block certain requests for transmission if congestion has been determined to be associated with their destination addresses.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Falling back from three-dimensional video

Disclosed are techniques for allowing a fallback from downloading and presenting a three-dimensional (3d) media content item to a 2d version of the same content item. During the download, a triggering condition is noted, such as network congestion or resource starvation on the receiving device.

System and content streaming in a network environment

Streaming content with an electronic device includes incrementally downloading content data at a first quality level from a content server over a network. Triggered by receipt of a notification indicative of predicted network congestion, the electronic device requests and downloads a next increment of the content data at a second quality level lower than the first quality level from the content server..
Sony Corporation

Privacy and performance tuning a versioned file block access method

File blocks of version-controlled files are individually provisioned, tracked, load-balanced, and secured by an interposer apparatus. A combination of application, resource location, schedule and user authentication is verified by the apparatus prior to reading, writing, or operating on each file block.

Congestion abatement in a network interconnect

A method and system for detecting congestion in a network of nodes, abating the network congestion, and identifying the cause of the network congestion is provided. A congestion detection system may comprise a detection system, an abatement system, and a causation system.
Cray Inc.

Congestion causation in a network interconnect

A method and system for detecting congestion in a network of nodes, abating the network congestion, and identifying the cause of the network congestion is provided. A congestion detection system may comprise a detection system, an abatement system, and a causation system.
Cray Inc.

Online traffic volume monitoring system and method based on phase-sensitive optical time domain reflectometry

An online traffic volume monitoring system based on a phase-sensitive optical time domain reflectometry and its monitoring method are related to a field of intelligent transportation and an application of distributed fiber sensing. A vehicle moving temporal-spatial response graph is generated by accumulating differentiated optical time-domain reflectometry tracks at different moments in one unit monitoring period for traffic volume statistics, and then converted into a vehicle moving trajectory image through binarization and image pre-processing.
University Of Electronic Science And Technology Of China

Vascular occluding bridged self-expanding metal stent (vobsems)

This patent application is for the design of a vascular occluding bridged self-expanding metal stent (vobsems) for fixed and immobile selective vascular occlusion and thrombosis of arteries and veins. Current vascular self-expanding metal stents (sems) are designed to open atherosclerotic arteries such as coronary arteries.

Multiple vector fluid localization

A differential or relative measurement between an orthogonal measurement vector and another measurement vector can be used to determine the location where fluid accumulation is occurring or the local change in such fluid accumulation. This can help diagnose or treat infection or hematoma or seroma at a pocket of an implanted cardiac rhythm management device, other implanted medical device, or prosthesis.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

Communication system, radio base station, traffic load distribution method, and storage medium on which program has been stored

[problem] to provide a communication system, a radio base station, a traffic load distribution method and a traffic load distribution program whereby backhaul congestions can be avoided and degradation of the throughputs of terminals can be avoided. [solution] a management control apparatus (20) comprising: a first communication unit (21) that collects, from relay apparatuses, backhaul resource load information indicating the traffic loads of the links in the backhaul between a core network and radio base stations (10-1 to 10-n); a calculation unit (22) that extracts, on the basis of the backhaul resource load information, the bottleneck link the load of which is the highest among those of the links for each radio base station; and a second communication unit (23) that transmits the backhaul resource load information of the bottleneck links to the radio base stations.
Nec Corporation

System and deferred delivery of content based on congestion in a network environment

A method is provided in one example embodiment and may include receiving congestion information for an environment in which a user equipment (ue) is operating; receiving a first request to deliver content to the ue; determining that the environment in which the ue is operating is experiencing congestion based, at least in part, on the congestion information; determining a re-try interval based, at least in part, on the congestion information; and deferring delivery of the content to the ue until the re-try interval has expired. In one example embodiment, the method can include provisioning one or more policy rules for a service data flow associated with the content and communicating the indication indicating that delivery of the content has been deferred to a charging system to set charging information for at least one of a user associated with the ue or a provider of the content..
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Dynamically provisioning subscribers to manage network traffic

A system comprising: one or more server devices to: set a first network threshold level for determining network congestion in a network; set rate limiting criteria for determining when one or more subscribers will be rate limited; detect an increase in network congestion at a base station above the first network threshold level; identify one or more subscribers meeting one or more of the rate limiting criteria; rate limit network traffic associated with the one or more subscribers; detect a decrease in network congestion at the base station below a second network threshold level; and remove the rate limiting of the network traffic associated with the one or more subscribers.. .
Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

Switch device, control method, and storage medium

A switch device includes a plurality of ports respectively including a queue and transmits a flow including packets; and a processor configured to detect congestion in one of the plurality of ports, based on an amount of packets stored in the queues, receive, from another switch device, congestion information relating to the another switch device, specify a port coupled to a link where the congestion is not occurred, the link being one of a plurality of links coupled to the another switch device, based on the congestion information received from the another switch device, extract a target flow to which no packet stored in a queue of the specified port, from among a plurality of flows scheduled to be transmitted from the port in which the congestion is detected, and transmit a plurality of packets included in the extracted target flow from the specified port to the another switch device.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Reducing network congestion by preferentially dropping packets sent by high bandwidth sources

Some embodiments provide a method for reducing congestion in a network stack that includes a series of components that send data packets through the network stack to a network. At a first component of the network stack, the method receives a data packet from a second component of the network stack.
Nicira, Inc.

Enhanced large data transmissions and catastrophic congestion avoidance over ipv6 tcp/ip networks

A system and method of reducing network congestion whereby significant improvement can be gained by the elimination of catastrophic network congestion failure within a tcp/ip network. Exemplary embodiments are implemented by an improved process for dealing with data loss related to ipv6 fragmentation, in which a icmpv6 error message is transmitted by a destination node containing a bitmap of the unreceived datagram fragments.
Connectivity Systems Incorporated

Systems, methods, and computer program products for congestion control of media gateway resources

A method is disclosed for managing a plurality of resources in a media gateway, the method comprising: determining that a utilization of a resource exceeds a first threshold, wherein the resource is one of the plurality of resources; determining a reduction in load to communicate to a media gateway controller (mgc) coupled to the media gateway, wherein the reduction is based on the resource and the first threshold; and sending a message indicating the reduction and the resource to the mgc.. .
Genband Us Llc

Accelerating stream processing by dynamic network aware topology re-optimization

Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to techniques that improve performance of streaming systems. Accordingly we disclose efficient techniques for dynamic topology re-optimization, through the use of a feedback-driven control loop that substantially solve a number of these performance-impacting problems affecting such streaming systems.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

Transmission device, voice recognition system, transmission method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a transmission device includes an obtaining unit, first and second encoding units, a first determining unit, a first control unit, and a first transmitting unit. The obtaining unit obtains sound data.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Device and detecting circumventing behavior and device and processing cause of circumvention

A device (100) for detecting circumventing behavior includes an estimation unit (101) that estimates a degree of crowd congestion in relation to each of a plurality of partial areas of a target image, and a detection unit (102) that detects circumventing behavior of a crowd by using a distribution state and a temporal transition of the degree of congestion estimated by the estimation unit (101).. .
Nec Corporation

Absolute acceleration sensor for use within moving vehicles

A communication system for a vehicle comprises a mechanism for sensing a braking of the vehicle and a control device for sending a signal to a headlight activation circuit to modulate the vehicle's headlights based upon the braking of the vehicle. In particular, a headlight of the vehicle is able to be modulated based upon an application of one or both of a front brake and a rear brake.
Vision Works Ip Corporation

Wireless base station, traffic load-balancing method, and storage medium with program stored thereon

[problem] to provide a wireless base station, a traffic load-balancing method, and a traffic load-balancing program that make it possible to more reliably avoid backhaul congestion and decreases in wireless-terminal throughput. [solution] this wireless base station includes the following: a setting unit (14) that sets network load information that indicates the traffic load on a backhaul between the wireless base station and a core network; and an execution unit (15) that, on the basis of the network load information set by the setting unit and network load information received from a neighboring wireless base station, executes a process that balances the traffic load between the wireless base stations..
Nec Corporation

Congestion mitigation for roamers

The present disclosure is directed at systems, methods and media for mitigating congestion for roamers in a wireless access network. In some embodiments, radio access network (ran) congestion information is reported from a base station to a ran congestion awareness function (rcaf) of a visited network.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Mobile station

A mobile station ue enables scheduling with the congestion status of each component carrier taken into consideration when performing inter-enb ca using a cell under a radio base station enb#1 and a cell under a radio base station enb#2. The mobile station ue includes a transmitter 12 configured to transmit the congestion status in the radio base station enb#2 to the radio base station enb#1..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Suppression of discovery of mobile devices in a wireless network

Technologies are generally described for suppressing discovery of mobile devices in a wireless ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) network, reducing the number of network transmissions by devices in the network and reducing network congestion and prolonging battery life. A mobile device may add supplementary information to introductory beacons transmitted by the device that indicate no response is necessary from other devices participating in the network except for a coordinator of the network.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Method for controlling buffering of packets in a communication network

A method for controlling buffering of packets in a communication network includes storing packets of one or more packet flows in a queue of a buffer, to set a threshold on the queue, and determining whether the queue exceeds the threshold. If the queue exceeds the threshold, a congestion notification on a first packet of the queue causing the exceeding of the threshold is provided and a timeout interval is started.
Alcatel Lucent

Systems and methods for pacing data flows

Systems and methods for managing and pacing data flows are described. In some embodiments, the systems and methods may select a data flow for management, the data flow being transmitted from a first network equipment to a second network equipment, determine, at a third network equipment, a delivery performance of the data flow being transmitted to the second network equipment, detect network congestion based on the determined delivery performance of the data flow being transmitted to the second network equipment, and pace, at the third network device and based on the detected network congestion, delivery of the data flow to the second network equipment by reducing a rate at which the data flow is delivered to the second network equipment..
Opanga Networks, Inc.

Method for upgrading version of network device and network device

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method for upgrading a version of a network device and a device. A specific solution is: configuring a forwarding plane of the network device to be a first forwarding plane and a second forwarding plane; performing, in the first forwarding plane, sampling on forwarded packets by using a preset sampling ratio, to obtain a sample packet; forwarding, by the second forwarding plane, the sample packet in a broadcast manner, to learn a mac address; and when a quantity of mac addresses learned by the second forwarding plane reaches a preset threshold, performing upgrade so that the second forwarding plane is used for packet forwarding of the network device.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and providing traffic flow signaling

An approach is provided for synchronizing traffic flow and/or traffic signals in alternate travel segments. The approach involves determining traffic congestion information for at least one travel segment that is classified in at least one first functional class.
Here Global B.v.

Load balancing for a cloud-based wi-fi controller based on local conditions

Load balancing for cloud-based monitoring of wi-fi devices on local access networks is based on local conditions. Requests for connection are received from wi-fi devices of the plurality of wlans exceed a threshold.
Meru Networks

Dynamically resizing aggregation windows based on network congestion feedback from mixed types of traffic in a wireless network

Aggregation windows are dynamically resized based on network congestion feedback from voip and other mixed types of traffic. Feedback indicative of a level of network congestion on the data communication network where aggregate packets are transmitted is received.
Meru Networks

System for bandwidth optimization with traffic priority determination

A system for optimizing network traffic is described. The system includes a transport communication protocol (tcp) controller configured to acquire data regarding a flow of a plurality of data packets over a link and to determine tcp characteristics for the flow, a traffic prioritization module configured to assign a flow priority to the flow, and a traffic priority controller configured detect congestion on the link and determine a congestion window size for the flow based on the flow priority and the tcp characteristics..
Citrix Systems, Inc.

System for bandwidth optimization with initial congestion window determination

A system for optimizing network traffic is described. The system includes a transport communication protocol (tcp) controller configured to acquire data regarding a flow of a plurality of data packets over a link and to determine tcp characteristics for the flow, and a congestion window controller configured to determine an initial congestion window based on the tcp characteristics.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

System for dynamic selection and application of tcp congestion avoidance flavors

A system for optimizing network traffic is described. The system includes a packet engine configured to acquire data regarding a flow of a plurality of data packets over a link and to determine transport communication protocol (tcp) characteristics for the flow, and a tcp flavor selector configured to dynamically select a tcp flavor based on the tcp characteristics, where the tcp flavor can be used to modify the flow of data packets over the link.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Method and pcc enhancement for flow based mobility

Systems and methods are described that facilitate multiple registrations and flow based mobility in a wireless communication network. A flow routing component can be included in a mobile device, home agent/p-gateway, or a policy and charging rules function server that determines the manner in which to route one or more ip flows through a set of network access entry points.
Qualcomm Lncoroorated

Oil-immersed transformer thermal monitoring and prediction system

A real time thermal monitoring and prediction system (tmps) is provided for use in monitoring and operating a transformer. The tmps may be used to estimate a maximum loading level for the transformer over a future time period using a dynamic thermal model for the transformer and ambient temperature forecasts.
Abb Inc.

Systems and methods for shopping detour during traffic congestion

A system or a method is provided to provide shopping detours to users during traffic congestions. In particular, the system may detect that a user is experiencing or is about to experience a traffic congestion.
Paypal, Inc.

Calcium glycerophosphate for treating and preventing respiratory diseases or conditions

Calcium glycerophosphate is found to be effective in treating and preventing a disease, disorder and/or condition of the respiratory system. The disease, disorder and/or condition is related to an obstructive or a restrictive condition of the respiratory airway.
Prelief Inc.

Compositions for treating or preventing cardiovascular disease

Vitamin k is effective in counteracting cardiovascular disorders such as the reduction in arterial elasticity normally associated with the aging process. A pharmaceutical composition or nutritional formulation comprising vitamin k can be used to combat age-related stiffening of the arteries, and the consequences thereof, namely pulmonary congestion, hypertension, left ventricular hypertrophy, congestive (right sided) heart failure, left sided or left ventricular failure, chronic cardiac failure, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, mönckeberg's sclerosis and stroke.
Nattopharma Asa

Base station congestion management system, and base station congestion management method

A base station congestion management includes at least one data management unit to which a plurality of communication monitoring apparatuses input the base station bandwidth information and the subscriber information, a shared data store to store base station bandwidth usage information and information of list of subscriber existing within base station coverage, and a congestion management unit to determine whether congestion is occurring at the base station. The data management unit calculates a total value of a used bandwidth for each base station, updates the base station bandwidth usage information, and updates the list of subscriber identification information of a user terminal connected with the base station.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Detection and control of resource congestion by a number of processors

In an embodiment, a system includes a resource. The system also includes a first processor having a load/store functional unit.
Silicon Graphics International Corp.

Method and qcn-like cross-chip function in multi-stage ethernet switching

A method and apparatus for reducing data congestion in clos networks is disclosed. A congestion detector is provided at an output port of a first layer of the clos network.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Car sharing management device, car sharing management method, and program

A car sharing management device includes a congestion state computation unit configured to determine a congestion state of a parking lot area based on vehicle use information about use of a target vehicle for car sharing and parking lot use information about use of the parking lot area in which the target vehicle is parked and an empty space judgement unit configured to determine whether a parking lot area presently fully occupied or predicted to be fully occupied in the future exists based on the congestion state determined by the congestion state computation unit.. .
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatronics Systems, Ltd.

Oil supply type compressor

The objective of the present invention is to reduce the pressure reduction time while preventing foaming in an oil separation device during capacity control of a compressor, and to avoid startup congestion and thus enable normal starting even when a portion provided in an air release pipe and having a small flow path cross-sectional area becomes clogged. This oil supply type compressor is equipped with a compressor main body, an oil separation device, and an air discharge passage for discharging compressed air during capacity control of the compressor.
Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

Radio communication system, radio communication terminal, control radio communication system, and storage medium

In order to provide a wireless communication system capable of controlling congestion between wireless communication sections, a wireless communication system of the present embodiment has a wireless communication terminal and a wireless base station for performing wireless communication with the wireless communication terminal. The wireless base station has a transmission means for transmitting, to the wireless communication terminal, free wireless resource information, which is information pertaining to a free wireless resource of the wireless base station.
Nec Corporation

Ip camera and video playback method thereof

Disclosed is an ip camera and a video playback method thereof, the ip camera connected to a host through the network, the ip camera includes an image capturing unit, a processor, and an input/output buffer unit. An external video is captured by the image capturing unit, and the external video includes a plurality of frames.
Triclouds Corporation

Histamine-3 receptor antagonists

The invention is directed to a compound of formula i, as defined herein, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; a pharmaceutical composition containing a compound of formula i; and a method of treatment of a disorder or condition selected from the list consisting of acute myocardial infarction; memory processes disorders; dementia; cognition disorders such as alzheimer's disease; attention deficit disorder (add); attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd); cancers such as cutaneous carcinoma, medullary thyroid carcinoma and melanoma; meniere's disease; gastrointestinal disorders; inflammation; migraine; motion sickness; obesity; pain; septic shock; respiratory disorders (including allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion and allergic congestion) in a mammal, including a human, that may be effected by administering to said mammal a pharmacologically effective amount of a compound of formula i, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.. .
Medisynergics, Llc

Communication method, device, and system

A communication method includes: sending, by an mme, a bearer setup request message to an enodeb, where the bearer setup request message is used to instruct the enodeb to set up a voice bearer for user equipment; and when the mme receives a bearer setup failure message sent by the enodeb in response to the bearer setup request message, sending, by the mme, an indication message to the user equipment, where the indication message is used to indicate that a voice over voims of the user equipment is unavailable. When setup of a voice bearer of a volte call fails, the user equipment is notified that a volte is unavailable, so that the user equipment can be prevented from continuing attempting to initiate the volte call and exacerbating cell congestion..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Mobile radio communications network congestion

The invention provides for a method of easing congestion in a mobile radio communications network including the step of applying access restriction at a mobile radio communications user terminal device towards the network and on the basis of bearer characteristics such as new or ongoing bearer, bearer quality of service, bearer type and or bearer class, and the access restrictions being controlled by the network e.g. The radio access network such as via an enodeb or the core network..
Nec Corporation

Congestion control in a transport network

A congestion control method of a cellular communication system is disclosed. A first protocol data unit having a first sequence number is transmitted from a radio network controller to a base station via a transport network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Web server constraint support

Techniques are disclosed for a web server to support constraints specified by a client. In one embodiment, the web server receives, from the client, a request for one or more blocks of data.
Netflix, Inc.

System and joint dynamic forwarding and caching in content distribution networks

A system and method for joint dynamic interest request forwarding and dynamic cache placement and eviction and provided within the context of the named data networking (ndn) architecture. The system and method employ a virtual control plane that operates on the user demand rate for data objects in the network, and an actual plane that handles interest packets and data packets.
Northeastern University

Transport path-aware quality of service for mobile communications

Embodiments provide quality of service for media content delivery over capacity-constrained communications links to user devices by exploiting usage models and path awareness. For example, one or more uncongested beams can be identified as preceding one or more congested beams (e.g., by computing a congestion map) along a predicted transport path of a user device moving through a multi-beam satellite communications system.
Viasat, Inc.

Facilitating congestion control in a network switch fabric based on group and aggregate traffic rates

A system for communicating packets through a network switch fabric is described. At an aggregation point in the network switch fabric, the system segregates packet flows from multiple sources into a set of quality-of-service (qos) buckets.
Oracle International Corporation

Method and providing congestion management for a wireless communication network

A method and apparatus for providing a congestion management of a wireless communication network are disclosed. For example, the method projects dynamically a trend for a network element of the wireless communication network, using a functionality metric associated with the network element of the wireless communication network, and determines if there is a potential congestion in accordance with the trend.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Method, system and device for managing congestion in network services

A method, system and device for managing congestion/overload conditions at application level, experienced in a network service provided through a telecommunications network, allowing to provide fast, valid and complete service responses to the service client even when the service servers are overloaded. The congestion management is provided by an intermediary node communicated with the client device and with the server or servers providing the network service.
Telefonica Digital Espana, S.l.u.

Method and controlling traffic quality

A method for controlling traffic transmission in a control server of a communication system includes receiving information of an application corresponding to a network session; receiving, from a network node, information related to a network congestion condition with respect to the network session; and controlling a traffic flow of the network session on the basis of a traffic quality policy which is determined on the basis of the received application information and/or the information related to the network congestion condition. The control server can receive, from an electronic device, the application information of an application corresponding to the network session.
Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd.

Section acquisition system, section acquisition method, and section acquisition program

Section acquisition systems, methods, and programs acquire a scheduled travel route of a vehicle driven by at least one of an internal combustion engine or a motor. The systems, methods, and programs divide the scheduled travel route that is in a range of a predetermined distance from a current location into a plurality of sections such that a difference in traffic congestion degree is distinguished, and divide the scheduled travel route that is not in the range of the predetermined distance from the current location into a plurality of sections such that a difference in travel load is distinguished..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Mobile wireless device providing off-line and on-line geographic navigation information

A mobile device, wireless network and their method of operation provide both on-line (connected) navigation operation, as well as off-line navigation from a local database within the mobile device. Routing according to the navigation system can be controlled by traffic congestion measurements made by the wireless network that allow the navigation system to select the optimum route based on expected trip duration..
Traxcell Technologies, Llc

System and mitigating network congestion using fast congestion detection in a wireless radio access network (ran)

Fast congestion detection is implemented in a wireless radio access network (ran) to mitigate congestion by classifying bearers into bearer types using bearer metrics and monitoring bearers for type specific anomalies to obtain anomaly data. Congestion is detected based on the anomaly data to obtain congestion information that is exported to a network node to mitigate network congestion.

Mobile device equipped with mobile network congestion recognition to make intelligent decisions regarding connecting to an operator network

Systems and methods for recognizing congestion in a mobile network to make intelligent decisions regarding connecting to an operator network is disclosed. A mobile device having a local proxy equipped with congestion recognition capabilities can use time elapsed to establish connection with a mobile base station in the mobile network to recognize congestion at the mobile base station.
Seven Networks, Llc

Pacing enhanced packet forwarding/switching and congestion avoidance

The subject technology discloses configurations for receiving, at a first network device, a set of network packets corresponding to a first flow from a client, wherein the set of network packets includes a destination address of a second network device; detecting, in the received set of network packets, pacing rate information indicating a specified pacing rate for transmission of the network packets; determining, based on the detected pacing rate, a desired pacing rate to reduce packet dropping on route to the second network device; and transmitting, by the first network device, the set of network packets over an egress link at the desired pacing rate.. .
Google Inc.

Facilitating congestion control in a network switch fabric based on group traffic rates

The disclosed embodiments relate to a system for communicating packets through a network switch fabric. During operation, at an aggregation point in the network switch fabric, the system segregates packet flows from multiple sources into a set of quality-of-service (qos) buckets.
Oracle International Corporation

Method and system for controlling an operation of an application by classifying an application type using data bearer characteristics

An application type of a bearer is classified by computing statistics vectors of bearer metrics and locating points on a label map corresponding to the statistics vectors to obtain application type information. The application type information is exported to a network node to control an operation of application.

Traffic adjustment for variable network state

A traffic adjustment or a traffic command, for example, is based on data congestion on a cellular network. Position data is received from a mobile device.
Here Global B.v.

Method for barring network access for each application, and user equipment

One embodiment of the present specification provides a method of attempting network access by user equipment (ue). The method comprises the steps of: acquiring, from an upper layer, information related to an application attempting network access when an application specific congestion control for data communication (acdc) is configured; determining an acdc category on the basis of the acquired information related to an application; and performing an acdc test on the basis of the determined acdc category, wherein a network access trial can be barred or allowed for each application according to the acdc test..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Apparatus and transmitting packets through multi-homing based network

The present disclosure relates to a communication path control technology, and more specifically, to technology for selecting a network and scheduling packets for multi-homing based transmission. The objective of the present disclosure is to reduce a packet loss by determining the number of packets to be transmitted based on the degree of congestion on each network path for a multi-homing based transmission technology.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Congestion detection using a differentiated packet pair

A method, system, and computer program product for determining a congestion value in a networking component in a data network are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A first packet is set to use a first priority level and a second packet is set to use a second priority level.
International Business Machines Corporation

Radio base station

An object is to improve the throughput of a mobile station ue without affecting the coverage of a macrocell in a case where ca is introduced to a hetnet environment. A radio base station enb according to the present invention is configured to determine whether or not to change the connection destination of a mobile station ue from a small cell #1 to a small cell #2 while the mobile station ue is performing ca by using the macrocell and the small cell #1, based on at least one of the congestion status in each of the small cell #1 and the small cell #2 and the communication quality in each of the small cell #1 and the small cell #2..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

System and multicast over highly mobile mesh networks

Systems, devices, and methodology for removing echo and reducing congestion in multicast (broadcast) over a dynamic self-healing mobile mesh network, by use of discrete embedded computers synchronously tracking mesh connections and link quality across multiple rf connections, keeping multicast both efficient and effective in a highly kinetic, ever changing, mesh topology.. .
Rajant Corporation

3d integrated circuit

A three-dimensional integrated circuit (3d-ic) architecture incorporates multiple layers, each layer including at least one die and at least one switch to connect the dies on the different layers. In some aspects, a power distribution network (pdn) is routed from a first layer through the switches to supply power to at least one other layer, thereby reducing routing congestion on the layers.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method, evaluation system and vehicle for predicting at least one congestion parameter

A method, an evaluation system and a cooperative vehicle for predicting at least one congestion parameter are proposed. The method involves a detecting of a traffic density 71-74, a detecting of a current position x which is present during the detecting of the traffic density 71-74 and a relaying of the traffic density 71-74 and the current position x to an evaluation unit 60.
Volkswagen Ag

Call processing control device, mobile communication system, restricting reception of call connection request, and readable medium

A call processing control device (20), upon receiving a call connection request (32) from a mobile terminal (30), performs connection setup processing. The call processing control device (20) is equipped with: a call type determination unit (21) that determines the call type of the call connection request (32) and classifies, based on the determination result, the call connection request (32) as a request that is to be subjected to acceptance determination or as a request that is not; and an acceptance determination unit (22) that determines whether to or not to accept the call connection request (32) that has been classified as a request to be subjected to the acceptance determination.
Nec Corporation

Method and device for solving congestion in device to device communication

The present invention relates to a method and device for finding and solving congestion in a device to device (d2d) channel that may occur in d2d communication by a user terminal and enables the user terminal or a server to perceive and solve the congestion based on a result obtained by sensing the d2d channel by means of the user terminal.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method & implementation of zero overhead rate controlled (zorc) information transmission via digital communication link

A system and process to adjust the transmission rate of data packets by measuring (continuously or at pre-set intervals) certain elements and variables to reliably measure the current transmission rate and gaps (wasted space) to determine the channel utilization. These measurements are used to adjust the transmission rate of data in real time.
Instart Logic, Inc.

Device, controlling speed of a vehicle using a positional information device

A device, system and method for controlling speed of a vehicle are provided. The device includes a locational information module for determining location information and speed; a storage module for storing at least one geographic map including at least one route and a speed limit for the at least one route; a processing module configured to receive the location information, retrieve at least one geographic map based on the location information, determine a speed limit based on the location information, and compare the speed of the device to the determined speed limit; and a display module for alerting a user if the speed of the device exceeds the determined speed limit.
Intellectual Ventures Ii Llc

Methods for reducing congestion region in layout area of ic

A method for reducing congestion regions of an integrated circuit is provided. A placement of the ic is obtained, wherein the placement includes a signal path between a first macro module and a second macro module.
Mediatek Inc.

System and interfacing with a dynamic spectrum controller

Dynamic spectrum arbitrage (dsa) systems and methods for managing the allocation, access, or use of a telecommunication resource. A dynamic spectrum controller may be configured use a dynamic spectrum arbitrage application part (dsaap) protocol to receive congestion information from an enodeb, determine based on the received congestion information whether to modify telecommunication resources of the first telecommunication network that were allocated for access and use by devices that subscribe to a second telecommunication network, use the dsaap protocol to send a first communication message that instructs the enodeb to modify the allocated resources, and use the dsaap protocol to send a second communication message that informs an mme that the enodeb was instructed to modify the allocated resources..
Rivada Networks, Llc

Method and controlling wireless access congestion

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system and, more specifically, to a method and an apparatus for controlling wireless access congestion. A method by which a target cell supports a handover in a wireless communication system, according to one embodiment of the present invention, comprises: a step for receiving, from a source cell by the target cell, congestion control information for a terminal handed over from the source cell to the target cell; and a step for congestion controlling, by the target cell, the terminal on the basis of the congestion control information.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Software updating method, system, and device

Disclosed are a method system, and device of updating local software. The method comprises: broadcasting a broadcast message for updating local software to multiple client ends; determining whether a response message about existence of the update software is received, updating local software through the client end sending out the response message, or through a remote server if no response message is received.
Chigoo Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and controlling congestion of machine-type communication in a radio access network

A base station forms a wireless communication area in a radio access network, and a radio device transmits a connection request to the base station. The radio device sets a specific signal sequence in the connection request.

Network congestion management service

A method, a device, and a non-transitory storage medium having instructions to attach to a user device, wherein the network device provides wireless access coverage in a cell area or a sector area of a first network; detect whether the network device is in a congested state; generate a message that indicates that the network device is in the congested state when the network device is in the congested state; and transmit the message on a control or signaling channel for receipt by user devices attached to the network device in the cell area or the sector area. The user device scans the control or signaling channel before initiating a session and determines whether the network device is in the congested state.

Congestion control for a multimedia session

congestion control is achieved by assigning flow identifiers to media flows sharing source and destination addresses. Performance measurements between a sender and a receiver and/or routers are performed and used to detect a congestion state for a flow route in a transport network.

Method and system for adaptive virtual broadcasting of digital content

The virtual broadcast system of the present invention optimizes the routing of digital content among nodes along overlay networks that are dynamically reconfigured based upon forecasts of frequently-changing congestion levels of component interconnections within an underlying network. In the context of delivering streaming video over the internet to large numbers of concurrent users, the present invention makes efficient use of the limited capacity of congested asn peering points by employing deep learning techniques to forecast congestion levels across those asn peering points and, based on those forecasts, to optimize the routing of video content along dynamically reconfigured overlay networks.

Congestion topics:
  • Congestion
  • Access Point
  • Transmitter
  • Communication System
  • Bottleneck
  • Mobility Management Entity
  • Base Station
  • Hierarchical
  • Allocation
  • Virtual Channel
  • Network Topology
  • Disconnect
  • Abstraction
  • Distributed
  • Time Division Multiplexing

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