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Congestion patents

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Congestion detection in a network interconnect


Congestion detection in a network interconnect

Date/App# patent app List of recent Congestion-related patents
 Congestion management and latency prediction in csma media patent thumbnailnew patent Congestion management and latency prediction in csma media
A facility for congestion management and latency prediction is described. In various embodiments, the facility sums a series of fractional transmission delays wherein each fractional transmission delay is measured as a probability of a failed transmission attempt multiplied by the cost of the failed transmission attempt, and provides the sum..
Coco Communications Corp.
 Method and device for preventing mobile-terminated call drop patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for preventing mobile-terminated call drop
Provided is a method of sending and receiving signals for a user equipment (ue) in a mobile communication system. The method may include: receiving a service reject message from a mobility management entity (mme) under congestion; sending a message containing at least one piece of information determined based on the service reject message to a mobile switching center (msc); receiving a message containing camping cell information from a base station (enb); and camping on a cell indicated by the camping cell information.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Congestion detection in a network interconnect patent thumbnailnew patent Congestion detection in a network interconnect
A method and system for detecting congestion in a network of nodes, abating the network congestion, and identifying the cause of the network congestion is provided. A congestion detection system may comprise a detection system, an abatement system, and a causation system.
Cray Inc.
 Method for managing load balance in a cellular heterogeneous network patent thumbnailnew patent Method for managing load balance in a cellular heterogeneous network
A method is provided for managing load balance in cellular heterogeneous networks. The method comprises: providing a plurality of spectrum carriers for conveying communication signals to/from a macro cell.
Cisco Technology Inc.
 Facilitating network flows patent thumbnailnew patent Facilitating network flows
In various embodiments, a system includes a switch comprising a resource that is shared between multiple objects. The switch comprises circuitry that determines a congestion metric for the switch in response to an amount of used of the resource by the objects.
Broadcom Corporation
 Mobile station patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile station
To improve the probability of successfully performing transmission processing by a priority terminal and transmission processing of an emergency call even during congestion. A mobile station ue according to the present invention includes: a reception unit 21 configured to acquire an emergency random access channel resource from a radio base station enb; a ra procedure execution unit 23 configured to perform a ra procedure by using the emergency random access channel resource when the mobile station ue is a priority terminal or when the mobile station ue transmits an emergency call; and an access control unit 22 configured to perform acb on transmission of a signal regarding the transmission processing.
Ntt Docomo, Inc.
 Communication  path control patent thumbnailnew patent Communication path control
An object is to provide a communication system that can avoid a service interruption caused by a device failure, a congestion and the like inside a cell phone system. The communication system according to the present invention includes a data transfer apparatus (11), a gateway (12) for communicating with the data transfer apparatus (11), a gateway (13) that is an alternative apparatus of the gateway (12), and a path control apparatus (14) for controlling a communication path between the data transfer apparatus (11) and the gateways (12) and (13).
Nec Corporation
 Image transmission apparatus, image transmission method, and recording medium patent thumbnailImage transmission apparatus, image transmission method, and recording medium
Convention transmission of streams of moving images disadvantageously has a long stopping time because frame transmission skip and gop transmission skip are performed in a case where a congestion of a transmission process occurs in a transmission side. An image transmission apparatus which transmits encoded data acquired by encoding an image according to the present invention includes a first acquiring unit configured to acquire information on a congestion of transmission of the encoded data, a second acquiring unit configured to acquire a priority level of a target tile that is one of tiles acquired by dividing the image, and a determination unit configured to determine encoded data corresponding to the target tile to be output externally from the image transmission apparatus based on the information on the congestion of transmission acquired by the first acquiring unit and the priority level of the target tile acquired by the second acquiring unit..
 Sub-band dependent resource management patent thumbnailSub-band dependent resource management
A system and method for facilitating resource management in ofdm systems is provided. The system permits different and flexible resource cell metric operations levels (e.g.
 Congestion in a wireless network patent thumbnailCongestion in a wireless network
Examples of methods, systems, and computer program products relating to supervising data in a wireless network are disclosed. At least part of a system may be located between a packet data network and a base station, and/or may be at least logically separate from the base station.

Enabling virtual queues with qos and pfc support and strict priority scheduling

To reduce latency in a network device that buffer packets in different queues based on class of service, packets received from a network are stored in physical queues according to a class of service associated with the packets and a class of service associated with each of the physical queues. The physical queues are scheduled based quality of service requirements of their associated class of service.

Method and device for updating area in wireless communication system

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system and, more specifically, to a method and a device for updating an area of a terminal. A method for processing an area update request of a terminal in a network node, according to one embodiment of the present invention, comprises the steps of: receiving an area update request message from the terminal; and determining whether or not the area update request is accepted on the basis of indication information included in the area update request message when the network is in a congestion state, wherein if the indication information indicates that the terminal has moved to a new area that is not registered, it can be determined that the area update request has been accepted..

Surveillance camera management device, surveillance camera management method, and program

The surveillance areas of cameras registered on a map having a surveillance region set thereon are projected onto the map. The shortest paths between the cameras registered on the map are searched for.

Coffee brewer nozzle cleaning device

A coffee brewer nozzle cleaning device for rinsing a water outlet needle disposed in a coffee brewer whenever the water outlet needle is clogged is characterized in that: a rinsing device holding therein water is put in a water outlet cavity in the coffee brewer; and a hand presses an upper base of the coffee brewer repeatedly, so as for the water outlet needle to suck and eject the water of the rinsing device back and forth, thereby eliminating internal congestion as expected.. .

Downstream bandwidth aware adaptive bit rate selection

A system for providing downstream bandwidth aware adaptive bit rate selection is disclosed. The system may determine a fixed bandwidth available to transmit content to a client on a second network.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Dynamic location referencing segment aggregation

In one embodiment, road segments are aggregated for dlr. A plurality of connected road segments and corresponding traffic information for each of the connected road segments are identified.
Here Global B.v.

Mobile communication control apparatus, mobile communication system, mobile communication control method, and mobile communication control program

When the priority class is set to a mobile terminal that has moved from cell to cell and even if an hlr is in a congestion state, a communication service is provided to the mobile terminal on a priority basis. A location registration signal, which is transmitted from a mobile terminal (2) that has moved from another area, and which is to be transmitted to an hlr (30), is received, and the apparatus corresponding to the movement source area is identified based upon the content of the location registration signal.
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Mobile station

To improve probability of successfully performing origination processing by a priority terminal and origination processing of an emergency call even during congestion. In a mobile station ue according to the present invention, an as function unit 11 is configured to receive ssac information from a radio base station enb and transmit the ssac information to the nas function unit 12 at a predetermined timing, and a nas function unit 12 is configured to perform ssac on transmission of “ra preamble” in a ra procedure for the mobile station ue in the drx state to transmit an uplink signal, or on transmission of an uplink signal from the mobile station ue in the non-drx state..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

System and traffic splitting

In one embodiment, a method for traffic splitting includes detecting congestion in a traffic flow and splitting the traffic flow into a first sub-flow and a second sub-flow after detecting congestion in the traffic flow. The method also includes transmitting, by a first node to a destination node, the first sub-flow along a first path and transmitting, by the first node to a second node, the second sub-flow along a second path, where the second sub-flow is destined for the destination node..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Methods and devices for backward congestion notification

The present invention provides improved methods and devices for managing network congestion. Preferred implementations of the invention allow congestion to be pushed from congestion points in the core of a network to reaction points, which may be edge devices, host devices or components thereof.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Method and system for satellite backhaul offload for terrestrial mobile communications systems

An approach for cost effective backhaul services in terrestrial mobile communications systems is provided. Data traffic over a terrestrial communications path between a cell site and a core network of a cellular communications network is monitored.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc

Congestion avoidance and fairness in data networks with multiple traffic sources

A traffic controller for a data network that includes a plurality of network nodes, a plurality of network links connecting the network nodes, and one or more edge routers, each edge router being configured to control network traffic based on permitted link capacities, and wherein one or more sources of downstream traffic data enter the network downstream of the one or more edge routers, the traffic controller including a receiver operable to periodically receive downstream transmission byte counts from at least some of the network nodes, a processor coupled with the receiver, operable to periodically update the permitted link capacities based on the network node downstream byte counts received by the receiver, and a transmitter coupled with the processor operable to periodically transmit the thus-updated permitted link capacities to the one or more edge routers for their use in controlling the network traffic.. .
Oliver Solutions Ltd.

Systems and methods for proactive congestion detection in radio access networks

System and method embodiments are provided for proactive congestion detection in radio access networks. In an embodiment, a method in a network component for inhibiting the occurrence of congestion at radio nodes in a network includes determining, by the network component, a congestion alert threshold according to available resources in the network, wherein the congestion alert threshold comprises an incoming data rate threshold to an ingress server; and transmitting, by the network component, the congestion alert threshold to the ingress server, wherein the ingress server is configured to transmit a congestion alert to the network component when the incoming data rate exceeds the congestion alert threshold..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Interference congestion control

The present disclosure concerns interference congestion control in radio communication networks. Disclosed herein are methods as well radio network nodes.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Self-attaching air vent tube for liquids and beverages to accellerate liquid flow and reduce agitation at a bottle opening

An air vent tube for liquids and beverages allows air to flow into a bottom portion of a container from which the liquid or beverage is poured. This reduces agitation and congestion that occurs when air attempts to flow into the container opening at the same time the liquid is attempting to flow out of the container opening.

Logistics management system for determining pickup routes for retail stores

According to an aspect, a method for retail store logistics management includes receiving information for pickup order fulfillment including items to be picked up and a store product location map indicating inventory locations and quantities in a retail store. Surveillance data for the store identifies high congestion areas on the sales floor.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems and methods for distance and congestion-aware resource deployment

Computer-implemented systems and methods are disclosed for distance and congestion-aware resource deployment. In some embodiments, a method is provided to estimate a vehicle deployment region.
Palantir Technologies Inc.

Traffic volume estimation

Method, systems, and devices are described for determining traffic volume of one or more path segments. A computing device may receive probe data associated with a road segment from one or more sources.
Here Global B.v.

Compositions and methods for the treatment of nasal conditions

The invention provides compositions and methods for treating nasal congestion. The provided compositions and methods utilize low concentrations of selective a-2 adrenergic receptor agonists.
Eye Therapies, Llc

Radio communication terminal, communication control apparatus, and communication control method

Provided are a radio communication terminal, a communication control apparatus, and a communication control method capable of enhancing the possibility of providing a communication application through inter-terminal direct communication (d2d communication) even in a case where a call request cannot be accepted due to congestion on the network side. In a terminal 400a, a call restriction reception unit 420 receives a call restriction containing configuration information on a communication environment necessary for direct communication.
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Maritime machine-to-machine (m2m) application priority management

A network node communicates with a radio access node that communicates application traffic on behalf of machine-to-machine (m2m) devices via a satellite link. The network node comprises a database and a control unit.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Method of manufacturing semiconductor device

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device can reduce congestion across wires while reducing a wire length. The method includes determining a first tsv candidate region in a first die and determining a second tsv candidate region in a second die perpendicular to the first die, determining a first bound region including a horizontal location of a first pin of the first die and a horizontal location of a second pin of the second die, calculating an area from overlapped regions between the first bound region and each of the first tsv candidate region and the second tsv candidate region, and performing routing for connecting the first pin and the second pin to each other based on the calculated area..
Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University (iucf-hyu)

Lactobacillus rhamnosus and bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis for use in prevention or treatment of upper respiratory tract infections

The present invention relates to a composition comprising lactobacillus rhamnosus, preferably strain atcc53103, and bifidobacterium animalis subsp. Lactis, preferably strain dsm 15954, for use in reducing the duration and/or severity of upper respiratory tract infection (uri) in teenagers and adults.
Chr. Hansen A/s

Probe mechanism for discovering explicit congestion notification data

Explicit congestion notification (ecn) data that is utilized in a core portion of a cellular communication network has known issues associated with a first use scenario and an infrequent use scenario. A probe comprising probe data and a data structure for storing certain ecn data can be transmitted in order to mitigate these issues.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Communication node, a receiving node and methods therein

A method in a communication node for handling a packet to a destination node in a communications network, and associated nodes. The communication node associates the packet with a remaining value, with the remaining value being a packet value reduced by a threshold value of an outgoing link from the communication node towards the destination node.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Feedback-based profiling for transport networks

A method is provided of transporting data packets over a telecommunications transport network. The data packets are carried by a plurality of bearers, the bearers each carrying data packets that relate to different ones of a plurality of services.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Provisioning of application categories at a user equipment during network congestion

The wireless network element can allow a set of applications for a selected application category to communicate with the wireless network when the acdc/asac is activated based on the one or more condition levels for the selected application category.. .

Backhaul management of a small cell using heavy active estimation mechanism

The present disclosure presents a method and an apparatus for heavy active estimation mechanism for backhaul management at a small cell base station. For example, the method may include identifying, at the small cell base station, that a throughput of a user equipment (ue) in communication with the small cell base station is potentially limited due to backhaul congestion at the small cell base station, establishing a proxy flow between the small cell base station and a transmission control protocol (tcp) proxy peer in response to the identifying, wherein the proxy flow data packets are transmitted from the small cell base station to the tcp proxy peer or from the tcp proxy peer to the small cell base station, calculating a throughput of the proxy flow for a pre-determined time period, and determining whether the throughput of the ue is limited by backhaul congestion at the small cell base station based on the calculated throughput of the proxy flow.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and network node for controlling sending rates

A method performed by a network node for controlling sending rates in a communications network, and a related network node. The method controls the sending rate by dropping received data packets if the transport network experiences congestion.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Data transmission system for networks with non-full-duplex or asymmetric transport

A data transfer method and system are provided for networks having gateway-mediated asymmetric transport. Separate data and feedback channels are established between sender and receiver units, along with a gateway feedback channel between a gateway and the sender.
Saratoga Data Systems, Inc.

Bandwidth optimization using coalesced dup acks

After sending m consecutive dup acks, m generally being three, the tcp receiver generates dup acks every n packets, with n greater than one, with the eventually transmitted dup ack containing sack information. After receiving the third dup ack the tcp transmitter uses the positive acknowledgements provided in the sack information in the tcp header to inflate the congestion window.
Brocade Communication Systems, Inc.

Base station, and a adapting link adaptation in a wireless communications network

A method in a base station for adapting link adaptation of a transmission between a user equipment and the base station is provided. The link adaptation relates to an initial value of a block error rate, bler, related to the transmission.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Systems and methods for managing a network

Systems and methods for managing congestion in a network are disclosed. One method can comprise receiving a first congestion indicator at a network point and modifying a data transfer rate to an effective bandwidth in response to receiving the first congestion indicator.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Techniques and configurations associated with user equipment-initiated congestion reporting

Embodiments of the present disclosure describe systems and methods for user equipment (ue)-initiated reporting of congestion information. Various embodiments may include systems and methods for reporting congestion information to an evolved node b (enb) by ues.
Intel Ip Corporation

Method and apparatus relating to congestion control

A method and apparatus for enabling service aware congestion control of ps (packet switched) data to be performed in a communication network. In the communication network ps data is communicated between a core network of the communication network and one or more user equipments, ue, via the communication network node.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Computer-based modeling of integrated circuit congestion and wire distribution for products and services

A computer-based system and method for modeling integrated circuit congestion and wire distribution determines a boundary where a tile congestion corresponding to a first layer group is equivalent to a first blockage ratio corresponding to a second layer group, formulates a piece-wise linear formula that relates the tile congestion to a number of wires of a two-dimensional tile, and distributes a portion of the number of wires to a layer of the tile based on the tile congestion.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Congestion estimation techniques at pre-synthesis stage

An apparatus includes a memory device that includes instructions for analyzing rtl code to determine congestion of a logic design without completing a synthesis phase of a chip design process. The instructions can include receiving rtl code, and identifying a statement in the rtl code.
International Business Machines Corporation

Congestion estimation techniques at pre-synthesis stage

A method analyzes rtl code to determine congestion of a logic design without completing a synthesis phase of a chip design process. The method can include receiving rtl code, and identifying a statement in the rtl code.
International Business Machines Corporation

Congestion avoidance in networks of spiking neurons

A method for managing a neural network includes monitoring a congestion indication in a neural network. The method further includes modifying a spike distribution based on the monitored congestion indication..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Internet protocol routing mehtod and associated architectures

Disclosed are structures and methods for improved routing methods for ip networks that advantageously extend the ip shortest path routing capability by establishing pre-computed longer paths that can be activated on-demand to alleviate network link congestion caused by the heavy data loads. These pre-computed longer paths allow an ip network to more effectively meet an application's stringent performance sla while at the same time supporting large bandwidths to carry large volumes of data.

Proxy address resolution protocol on a controller device

Techniques are presented herein for reducing network congestion in data center environments. A controller device in a network receives a registration request from a physical switch device and from a virtual switch that is hosted by a server device in the network.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Method and carrier controlled dynamic rate adaptation and client playout rate reduction

A method and system is provided for controlling bandwidth rate limiting and client rendering rate limiting in a video delivery network. The method provides network service providers with a means for overriding video delivery data rates selected through dynamic client bitrate adaptation, as well as video data rendering rates of the clients, to limit the impact of network congestion.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Mobile communication method, radio base station and mobility management node

To improve probability of successfully performing transmission processing by a priority terminal and transmission processing of an emergency call even during congestion. A mobile communication method according to the present invention includes the steps of: causing a radio base station enb to transmit “ue context release request” regarding a predetermined mobile station ue to a mobility management node mme, the “ue context release request” containing identification information of multiple target mobile stations ue; causing the mobility management node mme to release an access bearer of the predetermined mobile station ue in response to the “ue context release request”, and transmit “ue context release command” regarding the predetermined mobile station ue to the radio base station enb, and causing the radio base station enb to transmit “rrc connection release” to the plurality of target mobile stations ue..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Utlizing explicit congestion notification for network selection

Explicit congestion notification (ecn) bits that have traditionally been utilized in end to end congestion mitigation can be redefined to identify and compare congested and uncongested wireless accesses. Accordingly, mobile devices or other user equipment can leverage ecn data in order to make intelligent network selection, e.g., selecting a network with no congestion over one in a congested state.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Detection of root and victim network congestion

A method in a communication network includes defining a root congestion condition for a network switch if the switch creates congestion in the network while switches downstream are congestion free, and a victim congestion condition if the switch creates the congestion as a result of one or more other congested switches downstream. A buffer fill level in a first switch, created by network traffic, is monitored.
Mellanox Technologies Ltd.

Reporting of user plane congestion

Technology for as radio access network (ran) node that is operable to report user plane congestion (upcon) is disclosed. The ran node may include computer circuitry configured to receive, from a core network (cn), an information element (ie) including upcon related policy and control charging (pcc) information.

Pacing enhanced packet forwarding/switching and congestion avoidance

The subject technology discloses configurations for receiving, at a first network device, a set of network packets corresponding to a first flow from a client, wherein the set of network packets includes a destination address of a second network device; detecting, in the received set of network packets, pacing rate information indicating a specified pacing rate for transmission of the network packets; determining, based on the detected pacing rate, a desired pacing rate to reduce packet dropping on route to the second network device; and transmitting, by the first network device, the set of network packets over an egress link at the desired pacing rate.. .
Google Inc.

Quantized congestion notification for computing environments

Embodiments of the invention relate to providing quantized congestion notification (qcn) in networks. One embodiment includes a method that includes determining a traffic flow congestion by a particular congestion point (cp) unit of multiple cp units that communicate with at least one end unit, at least one reaction point (rp) unit and at least one controller in a network.
International Business Machines Corporation

Adaptive rate of congestion indicator to enhance intelligent traffic steering

Traffic associated with user equipment that are served by a first radio access network is steered to a second radio access network based on a rate of congestion criterion. Network load is monitored by an access point to determine rate of congestion data associated with the access point.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Method for managing device behavior during increased load or congestion using policies

An apparatus for enabling provision of one or more policies to manage behavior of one or more communications devices may include a processor and memory storing executable computer code causing the apparatus to at least perform operations including analyzing data of at least one policy. The policy includes information instructing a communication device(s) regarding a manner to behave according to a designated network condition(s) designated by a network operator.
Nokia Corporaiton

Congestion control on a cellular frequency providing broadcast services

There are provided measures for congestion control on a cellular frequency providing broadcast services. Such measures exemplarily include removing an entry of a first system information block from a list included in a second system information block to be broadcasted, said first system information block includinq information related to multimedia broadcast and multicast services, said list including information related to broadcasted system information elements; prohibiting modification of an information tag included in said second system information block to be broadcasted, said information tag being indicative of a change of system information including at least said list; and prohibiting inclusion of a modification indicator in any paging messages to be transmitted, said modification indicator being indicative of said change of said system information..
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

Communication system, congestion avoidance method thereof, and meter reading system using communication system

The present invention increases accommodation efficiency in a wireless master station for wireless slave stations, and efficiently uses wireless resources while controlling traffic. In a communication system in which a plurality of wireless slave stations 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, .
Fujitsu Limited

Implementing enhanced net routing congestion resolution of non-rectangular or rectangular hierarchical macros

A method, system and computer program product are provided for implementing enhanced net routing for congestion resolution of non-rectangular or rectangular hierarchical macro designs of an integrated circuit chip. Congested macro nets near a macro boundary are identified.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method & improving the performance of tcp and other network protocols in a communication network

A method and apparatus that improves the performance of tcp (and other protocols) in a data network by segmenting the tcp path and implementing a proprietary protocol (dpr™) over the network. The dpr™ protocol provides a multiplexed tunnel for a multiplicity of tcp sessions from a client to a cloud proxy.
Q Factor Communications Corp.

Method and device for cooperatively based navigation

A method for navigation by road users in the area of a traffic congestion, includes the steps of determining a group of road users in the area of the traffic congestion, who are users of a predetermined service, the capturing of travel data of the members of the group, the determining of driving maneuvers for the members of the group based on the captured driving data and the outputting the driving maneuvers to the associated members of the group. The driving maneuvers are coordinated with one another, in order to reduce the effects of the traffic congestion for the members of the group..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

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