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Congestion patents


This page is updated frequently with new Congestion-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Congestion-related patents
 Radio communication system, radio communication terminal, control  radio communication system, and storage medium patent thumbnailRadio communication system, radio communication terminal, control radio communication system, and storage medium
In order to provide a wireless communication system capable of controlling congestion between wireless communication sections, a wireless communication system of the present embodiment has a wireless communication terminal and a wireless base station for performing wireless communication with the wireless communication terminal. The wireless base station has a transmission means for transmitting, to the wireless communication terminal, free wireless resource information, which is information pertaining to a free wireless resource of the wireless base station.
Nec Corporation

 Ip camera and video playback method thereof patent thumbnailIp camera and video playback method thereof
Disclosed is an ip camera and a video playback method thereof, the ip camera connected to a host through the network, the ip camera includes an image capturing unit, a processor, and an input/output buffer unit. An external video is captured by the image capturing unit, and the external video includes a plurality of frames.
Triclouds Corporation

 Histamine-3 receptor antagonists patent thumbnailHistamine-3 receptor antagonists
The invention is directed to a compound of formula i, as defined herein, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; a pharmaceutical composition containing a compound of formula i; and a method of treatment of a disorder or condition selected from the list consisting of acute myocardial infarction; memory processes disorders; dementia; cognition disorders such as alzheimer's disease; attention deficit disorder (add); attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd); cancers such as cutaneous carcinoma, medullary thyroid carcinoma and melanoma; meniere's disease; gastrointestinal disorders; inflammation; migraine; motion sickness; obesity; pain; septic shock; respiratory disorders (including allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion and allergic congestion) in a mammal, including a human, that may be effected by administering to said mammal a pharmacologically effective amount of a compound of formula i, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.. .
Medisynergics, Llc

 Communication method, device, and system patent thumbnailCommunication method, device, and system
A communication method includes: sending, by an mme, a bearer setup request message to an enodeb, where the bearer setup request message is used to instruct the enodeb to set up a voice bearer for user equipment; and when the mme receives a bearer setup failure message sent by the enodeb in response to the bearer setup request message, sending, by the mme, an indication message to the user equipment, where the indication message is used to indicate that a voice over voims of the user equipment is unavailable. When setup of a voice bearer of a volte call fails, the user equipment is notified that a volte is unavailable, so that the user equipment can be prevented from continuing attempting to initiate the volte call and exacerbating cell congestion..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Mobile radio communications network congestion patent thumbnailMobile radio communications network congestion
The invention provides for a method of easing congestion in a mobile radio communications network including the step of applying access restriction at a mobile radio communications user terminal device towards the network and on the basis of bearer characteristics such as new or ongoing bearer, bearer quality of service, bearer type and or bearer class, and the access restrictions being controlled by the network e.g. The radio access network such as via an enodeb or the core network..
Nec Corporation

 Congestion control in a transport network patent thumbnailCongestion control in a transport network
A congestion control method of a cellular communication system is disclosed. A first protocol data unit having a first sequence number is transmitted from a radio network controller to a base station via a transport network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Web server constraint support patent thumbnailWeb server constraint support
Techniques are disclosed for a web server to support constraints specified by a client. In one embodiment, the web server receives, from the client, a request for one or more blocks of data.
Netflix, Inc.

 System and  joint dynamic forwarding and caching in content distribution networks patent thumbnailSystem and joint dynamic forwarding and caching in content distribution networks
A system and method for joint dynamic interest request forwarding and dynamic cache placement and eviction and provided within the context of the named data networking (ndn) architecture. The system and method employ a virtual control plane that operates on the user demand rate for data objects in the network, and an actual plane that handles interest packets and data packets.
Northeastern University

 Transport path-aware quality of service for mobile communications patent thumbnailTransport path-aware quality of service for mobile communications
Embodiments provide quality of service for media content delivery over capacity-constrained communications links to user devices by exploiting usage models and path awareness. For example, one or more uncongested beams can be identified as preceding one or more congested beams (e.g., by computing a congestion map) along a predicted transport path of a user device moving through a multi-beam satellite communications system.
Viasat, Inc.

 Facilitating congestion control in a network switch fabric based on group and aggregate traffic rates patent thumbnailFacilitating congestion control in a network switch fabric based on group and aggregate traffic rates
A system for communicating packets through a network switch fabric is described. At an aggregation point in the network switch fabric, the system segregates packet flows from multiple sources into a set of quality-of-service (qos) buckets.
Oracle International Corporation


Method and providing congestion management for a wireless communication network

A method and apparatus for providing a congestion management of a wireless communication network are disclosed. For example, the method projects dynamically a trend for a network element of the wireless communication network, using a functionality metric associated with the network element of the wireless communication network, and determines if there is a potential congestion in accordance with the trend.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Method, system and device for managing congestion in network services

A method, system and device for managing congestion/overload conditions at application level, experienced in a network service provided through a telecommunications network, allowing to provide fast, valid and complete service responses to the service client even when the service servers are overloaded. The congestion management is provided by an intermediary node communicated with the client device and with the server or servers providing the network service.
Telefonica Digital Espana, S.l.u.


Method and controlling traffic quality

A method for controlling traffic transmission in a control server of a communication system includes receiving information of an application corresponding to a network session; receiving, from a network node, information related to a network congestion condition with respect to the network session; and controlling a traffic flow of the network session on the basis of a traffic quality policy which is determined on the basis of the received application information and/or the information related to the network congestion condition. The control server can receive, from an electronic device, the application information of an application corresponding to the network session.
Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd.


Section acquisition system, section acquisition method, and section acquisition program

Section acquisition systems, methods, and programs acquire a scheduled travel route of a vehicle driven by at least one of an internal combustion engine or a motor. The systems, methods, and programs divide the scheduled travel route that is in a range of a predetermined distance from a current location into a plurality of sections such that a difference in traffic congestion degree is distinguished, and divide the scheduled travel route that is not in the range of the predetermined distance from the current location into a plurality of sections such that a difference in travel load is distinguished..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Mobile wireless device providing off-line and on-line geographic navigation information

A mobile device, wireless network and their method of operation provide both on-line (connected) navigation operation, as well as off-line navigation from a local database within the mobile device. Routing according to the navigation system can be controlled by traffic congestion measurements made by the wireless network that allow the navigation system to select the optimum route based on expected trip duration..
Traxcell Technologies, Llc


System and mitigating network congestion using fast congestion detection in a wireless radio access network (ran)

Fast congestion detection is implemented in a wireless radio access network (ran) to mitigate congestion by classifying bearers into bearer types using bearer metrics and monitoring bearers for type specific anomalies to obtain anomaly data. Congestion is detected based on the anomaly data to obtain congestion information that is exported to a network node to mitigate network congestion.


Mobile device equipped with mobile network congestion recognition to make intelligent decisions regarding connecting to an operator network

Systems and methods for recognizing congestion in a mobile network to make intelligent decisions regarding connecting to an operator network is disclosed. A mobile device having a local proxy equipped with congestion recognition capabilities can use time elapsed to establish connection with a mobile base station in the mobile network to recognize congestion at the mobile base station.
Seven Networks, Llc


Pacing enhanced packet forwarding/switching and congestion avoidance

The subject technology discloses configurations for receiving, at a first network device, a set of network packets corresponding to a first flow from a client, wherein the set of network packets includes a destination address of a second network device; detecting, in the received set of network packets, pacing rate information indicating a specified pacing rate for transmission of the network packets; determining, based on the detected pacing rate, a desired pacing rate to reduce packet dropping on route to the second network device; and transmitting, by the first network device, the set of network packets over an egress link at the desired pacing rate.. .
Google Inc.


Facilitating congestion control in a network switch fabric based on group traffic rates

The disclosed embodiments relate to a system for communicating packets through a network switch fabric. During operation, at an aggregation point in the network switch fabric, the system segregates packet flows from multiple sources into a set of quality-of-service (qos) buckets.
Oracle International Corporation


Method and system for controlling an operation of an application by classifying an application type using data bearer characteristics

An application type of a bearer is classified by computing statistics vectors of bearer metrics and locating points on a label map corresponding to the statistics vectors to obtain application type information. The application type information is exported to a network node to control an operation of application.


Traffic adjustment for variable network state

A traffic adjustment or a traffic command, for example, is based on data congestion on a cellular network. Position data is received from a mobile device.
Here Global B.v.


Method for barring network access for each application, and user equipment

One embodiment of the present specification provides a method of attempting network access by user equipment (ue). The method comprises the steps of: acquiring, from an upper layer, information related to an application attempting network access when an application specific congestion control for data communication (acdc) is configured; determining an acdc category on the basis of the acquired information related to an application; and performing an acdc test on the basis of the determined acdc category, wherein a network access trial can be barred or allowed for each application according to the acdc test..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Apparatus and transmitting packets through multi-homing based network

The present disclosure relates to a communication path control technology, and more specifically, to technology for selecting a network and scheduling packets for multi-homing based transmission. The objective of the present disclosure is to reduce a packet loss by determining the number of packets to be transmitted based on the degree of congestion on each network path for a multi-homing based transmission technology.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Congestion detection using a differentiated packet pair

A method, system, and computer program product for determining a congestion value in a networking component in a data network are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A first packet is set to use a first priority level and a second packet is set to use a second priority level.
International Business Machines Corporation


Radio base station

An object is to improve the throughput of a mobile station ue without affecting the coverage of a macrocell in a case where ca is introduced to a hetnet environment. A radio base station enb according to the present invention is configured to determine whether or not to change the connection destination of a mobile station ue from a small cell #1 to a small cell #2 while the mobile station ue is performing ca by using the macrocell and the small cell #1, based on at least one of the congestion status in each of the small cell #1 and the small cell #2 and the communication quality in each of the small cell #1 and the small cell #2..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


System and multicast over highly mobile mesh networks

Systems, devices, and methodology for removing echo and reducing congestion in multicast (broadcast) over a dynamic self-healing mobile mesh network, by use of discrete embedded computers synchronously tracking mesh connections and link quality across multiple rf connections, keeping multicast both efficient and effective in a highly kinetic, ever changing, mesh topology.. .
Rajant Corporation


3d integrated circuit

A three-dimensional integrated circuit (3d-ic) architecture incorporates multiple layers, each layer including at least one die and at least one switch to connect the dies on the different layers. In some aspects, a power distribution network (pdn) is routed from a first layer through the switches to supply power to at least one other layer, thereby reducing routing congestion on the layers.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method, evaluation system and vehicle for predicting at least one congestion parameter

A method, an evaluation system and a cooperative vehicle for predicting at least one congestion parameter are proposed. The method involves a detecting of a traffic density 71-74, a detecting of a current position x which is present during the detecting of the traffic density 71-74 and a relaying of the traffic density 71-74 and the current position x to an evaluation unit 60.
Volkswagen Ag


Call processing control device, mobile communication system, restricting reception of call connection request, and readable medium

A call processing control device (20), upon receiving a call connection request (32) from a mobile terminal (30), performs connection setup processing. The call processing control device (20) is equipped with: a call type determination unit (21) that determines the call type of the call connection request (32) and classifies, based on the determination result, the call connection request (32) as a request that is to be subjected to acceptance determination or as a request that is not; and an acceptance determination unit (22) that determines whether to or not to accept the call connection request (32) that has been classified as a request to be subjected to the acceptance determination.
Nec Corporation


Method and device for solving congestion in device to device communication

The present invention relates to a method and device for finding and solving congestion in a device to device (d2d) channel that may occur in d2d communication by a user terminal and enables the user terminal or a server to perceive and solve the congestion based on a result obtained by sensing the d2d channel by means of the user terminal.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method & implementation of zero overhead rate controlled (zorc) information transmission via digital communication link

A system and process to adjust the transmission rate of data packets by measuring (continuously or at pre-set intervals) certain elements and variables to reliably measure the current transmission rate and gaps (wasted space) to determine the channel utilization. These measurements are used to adjust the transmission rate of data in real time.
Instart Logic, Inc.


Device, controlling speed of a vehicle using a positional information device

A device, system and method for controlling speed of a vehicle are provided. The device includes a locational information module for determining location information and speed; a storage module for storing at least one geographic map including at least one route and a speed limit for the at least one route; a processing module configured to receive the location information, retrieve at least one geographic map based on the location information, determine a speed limit based on the location information, and compare the speed of the device to the determined speed limit; and a display module for alerting a user if the speed of the device exceeds the determined speed limit.
Intellectual Ventures Ii Llc


Methods for reducing congestion region in layout area of ic

A method for reducing congestion regions of an integrated circuit is provided. A placement of the ic is obtained, wherein the placement includes a signal path between a first macro module and a second macro module.
Mediatek Inc.


System and interfacing with a dynamic spectrum controller

Dynamic spectrum arbitrage (dsa) systems and methods for managing the allocation, access, or use of a telecommunication resource. A dynamic spectrum controller may be configured use a dynamic spectrum arbitrage application part (dsaap) protocol to receive congestion information from an enodeb, determine based on the received congestion information whether to modify telecommunication resources of the first telecommunication network that were allocated for access and use by devices that subscribe to a second telecommunication network, use the dsaap protocol to send a first communication message that instructs the enodeb to modify the allocated resources, and use the dsaap protocol to send a second communication message that informs an mme that the enodeb was instructed to modify the allocated resources..
Rivada Networks, Llc


Method and controlling wireless access congestion

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system and, more specifically, to a method and an apparatus for controlling wireless access congestion. A method by which a target cell supports a handover in a wireless communication system, according to one embodiment of the present invention, comprises: a step for receiving, from a source cell by the target cell, congestion control information for a terminal handed over from the source cell to the target cell; and a step for congestion controlling, by the target cell, the terminal on the basis of the congestion control information.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Software updating method, system, and device

Disclosed are a method system, and device of updating local software. The method comprises: broadcasting a broadcast message for updating local software to multiple client ends; determining whether a response message about existence of the update software is received, updating local software through the client end sending out the response message, or through a remote server if no response message is received.
Chigoo Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and controlling congestion of machine-type communication in a radio access network

A base station forms a wireless communication area in a radio access network, and a radio device transmits a connection request to the base station. The radio device sets a specific signal sequence in the connection request.


Network congestion management service

A method, a device, and a non-transitory storage medium having instructions to attach to a user device, wherein the network device provides wireless access coverage in a cell area or a sector area of a first network; detect whether the network device is in a congested state; generate a message that indicates that the network device is in the congested state when the network device is in the congested state; and transmit the message on a control or signaling channel for receipt by user devices attached to the network device in the cell area or the sector area. The user device scans the control or signaling channel before initiating a session and determines whether the network device is in the congested state.


Congestion control for a multimedia session

congestion control is achieved by assigning flow identifiers to media flows sharing source and destination addresses. Performance measurements between a sender and a receiver and/or routers are performed and used to detect a congestion state for a flow route in a transport network.


Method and system for adaptive virtual broadcasting of digital content

The virtual broadcast system of the present invention optimizes the routing of digital content among nodes along overlay networks that are dynamically reconfigured based upon forecasts of frequently-changing congestion levels of component interconnections within an underlying network. In the context of delivering streaming video over the internet to large numbers of concurrent users, the present invention makes efficient use of the limited capacity of congested asn peering points by employing deep learning techniques to forecast congestion levels across those asn peering points and, based on those forecasts, to optimize the routing of video content along dynamically reconfigured overlay networks.


Reduction of network congestion

A technology is provided for reducing network congestion. A data loss rate pertaining to a datastream between a client and a server may be determined.


Methods and systems for congestion-based content delivery

The various embodiments described herein include methods and/or systems for content delivery based on network congestion. In one aspect, a method of congestion-based content delivery includes receiving, via a network, a first request for content from a client device.


Modifying directions to a parking lot associated with a venue based on traffic conditions proximate to the parking lot

A venue is associated with various parking lots, and a user may purchase a space in one of the parking lots. A venue management system associated with the venue stores an association between the user and the parking lot.


Voluntary access barring

Methods and apparatuses for communicating in a wireless network including provision of a user equipment for use in a wireless communication system, the user equipment comprising a communication module configured to obtain an indication of application specific congestion control for data communication (acdc) activation, the indication of acdc activation including an indication of at least one allowed application class, and control logic configured to voluntarily bar access for an application requesting network access wherein the application is associated with an allowed application class.. .


Workload deployment with real-time consideration of global network congestion

In one embodiment, a system includes a switch controller configured to communicate with a plurality of network devices in a network. The switch controller includes a processor and logic integrated with and/or executable by the processor.


Intermediate node, an end node, and avoiding latency in a packet-switched network

According to the invention, the maximum bandwidth per flow is determined locally and transferred from the sending node to the receiving node. At each node, the information is updated if a lower local value is computed.


Congestion control in storage systems

An i/o request directed to a portion of a storage object managed at a distributed storage service is received. A congestion control parameter value to be used to schedule a storage operation corresponding to the i/o request is determined.


Inter-rat systems access network (an) load balance and congestion control mechanism

A system and method to perform load-balancing and congestion control between a primary radio access technology (rat) and a secondary rat. A broadcast message is sent to all user equipments (ues) operating under the secondary rat.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method and priority flow and congestion control in ethernet network

An apparatus is configured to perform a method for congestion control in an ethernet network. The method includes determining an egress queue congestion state for each of a plurality of egress queues.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


System and method to analyze congestion in low latency network

Intelligent packet analysis may be provided to determine congestion problems and lead to fast solutions in low latency networks. Specifically, a congestion analyzer system may allow a user to monitor congestion on a network while using lightweight storage.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Situation aware travel information

A system for providing a user with situational information. A user state is defined by information specific to a user, such as location and physiological state of the user, (e.g.
Fly Fleet Llc


Application specific congestion control management

In response to attaching to a mobile network, a user equipment (10) receives a provisioning message (207) from the mobile network. The provisioning message indicates a list of one or more applications which are allowed to perform data communication in a disaster situation.
Sony Corporation


Tracking queuing delay and performing related congestion control in information centric networking

A network device that performs information centric networking (icn) in an icn network receives an interest from a consumer as the interest traverses an interest path to a data responder. The interest requests data by name and indicates an accumulated interest queuing delay experienced by the interest on the interest path.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Method and network node for congestion management in a wireless communications network

Method in and a network node (160; 110; 401a, 600) for congestion management of a transport network (130) comprised in a wireless communications network (100). The wireless communications network (100) further comprises a base station (110; 401a) configured to receive data being transported via a data transport path (132; 404a,d) of the transport network (130) and to transmit the received data to one or more wireless devices (120) served by the base station (110; 401a).
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Dynamic initial congestion window modification

Some embodiments increase throughput across a connection between a host and a client by initializing the congestion window for that connection dynamically using a previously settled value from a prior instance of the connection established between the same or similar endpoints. An initialization agent tracks congestion window values for previously established connections between a host and various clients.
Edgecast Networks, Inc.


Data transmission method and apparatus

A disclosed data transmission method includes; detecting that congestion has occurred in a network between the first information processing apparatus and a second information processing apparatus that is a transmission destination of one or more data blocks; identifying a first data block that satisfies a condition that a time period from a transmission time to a time limit of delivery is longer than a predetermined time period, based on data stored in a data storage unit that stores a transmission time and a time limit of delivery for each of the one or more data blocks; transmitting, to the second information processing apparatus, a request that includes a time limit of delivery of the first data block and requests to reset a transmission time of the first data block; and receiving, from the second information processing apparatus, a transmission time that is set by the second information processing apparatus.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Power control system, power control method and recording medium

In order to solve the problem of a power grid becoming unstable due to a sharp increase in demand for electric power, the present invention provides a power control system to control the supply of electric power to a load or a storage battery in which the time period for supplying electric power is regulated. A power control system (101) of the present invention includes a receiving means (102) for acquiring power supply information including the amount of electric power to be supplied to other loads or storage batteries and a time period to supply electric power and, a determining means (105) for determining a time period to supply electric power to the load or storage battery based on the power supply information.
Nec Corporation


Prioritizing location request of a certain type in a congestion situation

Systems and methods related to prioritization of location requests in a cellular communications system are disclosed. Embodiments including a method of operation of a network node in a cellular communications system to process a message related to a location request are disclosed.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Device centric distributed re-enabling of background application data communication

To reduce the potential for renewed network congestion after a need for a restriction of data communications for background applications has been eliminated, the examples implement techniques in which a mobile device calculates a distributed deactivation delay value corresponding to an amount of time to wait before deactivating the restriction. The mobile device may generate a seed value unique to the mobile device for use in generating an initial distributed deactivation delay value and random control values generated by a threshold determination.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Identification of wireless communication congestion

Near real time identification of predicted wireless communication congestion is based on a relationship between a number of key performance indicator (kpi) trend prediction values and corresponding kpi trend thresholds. Each kpi trend prediction value is calculated based on a number of past intervals and a number of kpis corresponding to each past interval of the number of past intervals utilizing linear regression.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Techniques for providing a small cell deployment plan

Techniques for providing a small cell deployment plan are disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a system for providing a small cell deployment plan.
Jdsu Uk Limited


Systems and methods for dynamic operations, administration, and management

Systems and methods with dynamic connectivity fault management (cfm) and continuity check messages (ccms) that enable dynamic configurations to avoid limitations associated with static reconfigurations. Variously, a network, a method, and a network element are configured to implement a dynamic cfm method for dynamic notifications and actions taken based thereon between maintenance end points (meps).
Ciena Corporation


Tunnel establishment method and apparatus

The present invention relates to the field of communications technologies and discloses a tunnel establishment method and apparatus. Even if an entity for executing the solution is not changed, a type of a tunnel established for each service of a terminal may be the same or may be different.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Unordered multi-path routing in a pcie express fabric environment

A method of providing unordered packet routing in a multi-path pcie switch fabric is provided. Fabric egress port congestion is measured and distributed to all ports within a switch and to neighboring switches.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd


Layered multicast and fair bandwidth allocation and packet prioritization

Embodiments include an overlay multicast network. The overlay multicast network may provide a set of features to ensure reliable and timely arrival of multicast data.
Blitz Stream Video, Llc


Quality of service for mixed service tiers

Improving the quality of service in multiple service tiers, particularly during periods of internet congestion, may be accomplished by scaling back the bitrate from a maximum rate to a minimum reserved rate in a non-linear fashion. The use of an intermediate value for scaling back enables a quick drop off of high maximum rates.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.


Route advertisement method, system and controller

Embodiments of the present invention provide a route advertisement method, and controller, where the method is applied to a bgp-based routing network, a physical controller in the routing network is connected to multiple physical routers, and the method includes: receiving, by the physical controller, routing information reported by at least one physical router; obtaining a traffic path in which the at least one physical router is used as an egress router to transmit traffic to a destination router; generating a route for a physical router in the traffic path; and delivering the generated route to a corresponding physical router. In these embodiments, it is avoided that congestion occurs at an egress router, and a router that receives the traffic may generate a route for the router according to the traffic path so as to transmit the traffic to a next-hop router of the router without a need of recalculation..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Analysis of pedestrian congestion

A method, system and computer program product are disclosed for providing a measure of pedestrian congestion in a given area. In one embodiment, the method comprises collecting data from a pedestrian moving in the area, and using the data to determine one or more specified parameters representing a pattern of movement of the pedestrian in the area.
International Business Machines Corporation


Management device, communication system, and communication control method

A management device includes a communication controller that determines whether or not to release a communication resource reserved for a stationary terminal according to whether or not congestion is occurring in a core network at termination of communication of the stationary terminal, and a network interface unit that transmits a result of the determination by the communication controller to a base station.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Ran user-plane congestion management

There are provided measures for improving/enhancing ran user-plane congestion management. Such measures exemplarily comprise detecting a congestion indication for at least one bearer, which indicates user-plane congestion for the at least one bearer in a radio access network, deciding on activation of application detection for the at least one bearer on the basis of the detested congestion indication, and activating application detection for the at least one bearer upon an activation decision..
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Method for performing d2d discovery and terminal using same

The present invention relates to a method for performing a d2d discovery and a terminal using the same. Particularly, the present invention relates to a method for performing a d2d discovery, which compares a congestion level of another discovery slot selected randomly or according to a preset pattern with a threshold or a congestion level of a current discovery slot and determines a discovery slot to transmit a discovery message and a transmission period of the discovery message according to a result of the comparison, and a terminal using the same.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and transferring content among large clusters of storage devices to achieve a target replication distribution

A content distribution network, including: a content server that stores a set of content items; a plurality of gateways for storing and serving content requests to a subset of the content items, the plurality of gateways being grouped into a plurality of classes of gateways; and a plurality of class trackers corresponding to the plurality of classes; wherein each class tracker manages a placement of content items and an assignment of content requests for its class of gateways; wherein the plurality of class trackers exchange congestion signals among themselves; wherein, for each content item, each class tracker determines a fraction of gateways in its class of gateways that store the content item and a rate of content requests that are forwarded to the content server or other class trackers, based on requests for the content item entering its class and the congestion signals received from other class trackers.. .
Thomson Licensing


Systems and methods for managing a network

Systems and methods for managing congestion in a network are disclosed. One method can comprise receiving a service tag at a first node, the service tag representing congestion information of at least a portion of the network.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Method of data delivery across a network

The present invention relates to a method of managing congestion in a multi-path network, the network having a plurality of network elements arranged in a plurality of switch stages and a plurality of network links interconnecting the network elements, the method comprising the steps of detecting congestion on a network link, the congested network link interconnecting the output port of a first network element with a first input port of a second network element in a subsequent switch stage; identifying an uncongested network link connected to a second input port of said second network element; and directing future data packets on a route across the multi-path network which includes the identified uncongested network link. Also provided is a multi-path network and an ethernet bridge or router incorporating such a multi-path network..
Cray Uk Limited


Sinu pads

A two layered device for opening nasal passages, the device comprising: a circular pad having an adhesive underlay surface, a smooth overlay surface, and a center soft plastic compression material within the underlay surface thereof for applying the pad on each side of a human nose, within the maxillary sinus areas. The sinus nasal pads placed in the maxillary sinus area enables the nasal passage to open and providing relief from nasal congestion..


Ip media rate adaptation

A method of managing congestion in a packet switched access network. The method is performed within a packet core network providing a transit network for a user media stream sent from a sending device via the packet switched access network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Erisson (publ)


Enhanced network congestion application programming interface

Systems and methods are disclosed that receive network load data. The network load data provides indication of a utilization level extant in a wireless cellular network.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


System and determining cell congestion level

A metric of cell congestion is determined using an average physical resource block rate that is expected to be allocated for a very active user equipment bearer that is a persistent average rate. The average physical resource block rate is mapped to congestion levels and this information is exported to an application function or a radio access network function in order to mitigate congestion.


Congestion method, device and system

Provided are a congestion control method, device and system. The congestion control method includes: receiving, by a source device, through a first port a local anti-congestion response message sent from a sink device, wherein the local anti-congestion response message is sent after the sink device determines that the length of data cached in a port sending queue for a second port of the sink device corresponding to the first port exceeds a threshold; and suspending, by the source device, sending of a data packet which needs to be sent to the second port through the first port.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Ensuring predictable and quantifiable networking performance

The ensuring of predictable and quantifiable networking performance. Embodiments of the invention combine a congestion free network core with a hypervisor based (i.e., edge-based) throttling design to help insure quantitative and invariable subscription bandwidth rates.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Core network node, radio access network node and methods therein for controlling overload in core network

A method in a core network, cn, node for managing signalling from a radio access network, ran, to a cn in a wireless communication network. The cn node transmits to a ran node an indication of overload in the cn.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Alignment in line-of-sight communication networks

Various of the disclosed embodiments relate to line-of-sight (los), e.g., optical, based networks. Particularly, systems and methods are provided for aligning nodes in a line-of-sight communication network with their peers.
Facebook, Inc.


System for electricity grids for adjusting or matching the electrical demand

A smart grid management system and method where aggregators do not need to have knowledge about the topology of the electricity grid, the physical location of the end-points they control, or the congestion level of the grid. Instead, the smart grid system and method provides maximum freedom of operation to the aggregators to balance electricity supply and demand in such a way that the danger is reduced or it is even impossible for the aggregators to endanger voltage levels at the distribution system operator (dso) level or the capacity levels at the transmission system operator (tso) level.
Vito Nv (vlaamse Instelling Voor Technologisch Onderzoek Nv)

Congestion topics: Congestion, Access Point, Transmitter, Communication System, Bottleneck, Mobility Management Entity, Base Station, Hierarchical, Allocation, Virtual Channel, Network Topology, Disconnect, Abstraction, Distributed, Time Division Multiplexing

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