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Congestion patents


This page is updated frequently with new Congestion-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Congestion-related patents
 Methods, network nodes, and computer program products for providing access point name (apn) based group congestion control patent thumbnailMethods, network nodes, and computer program products for providing access point name (apn) based group congestion control
This disclosure describes an apn based group congestion control mechanism. The mechanism utilizes a group defining apn (gda) for defining terminal groups.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Correlation identifier for user plane congestion and other use cases patent thumbnailCorrelation identifier for user plane congestion and other use cases
Various communication systems may benefit from an identifier that can correlate a user equipment or a packet data network connection with a particular cell. For example, a correlation identifier may be useful to address management of user plane congestion and other use cases.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

 Network control of applications using application states patent thumbnailNetwork control of applications using application states
Application states of applications associated with a communication device can be network controlled. An application agent, associated with an application used by the communication device, controls transitioning the application between application states based on network indicators received or network events detected from a communication network.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

 Matrix vector multiply techniques patent thumbnailMatrix vector multiply techniques
Techniques are disclosed relating to parallel computing. In some embodiments, fine-grained data communication facilitates operations on large data sets such as multiplication of a sparse matrix by a vector.
Interactic Holdings, Llc

 Congestion control in a communications network patent thumbnailCongestion control in a communications network
A method of congestion control (500) in a communications network is provided. The method comprises detecting congestion (501, 502) for data packets being transmitted along a data path between a sender and a receiver of the communications network, wherein the receiver accesses the communications network via a radio access network (ran), interrupting transmission (503, 505, 506) of data packets to the receiver during an idle period, and transmitting an indication (504) pertaining to the interruption of transmission to the ran.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Reducing internal fabric congestion in leaf-spine switch fabric patent thumbnailReducing internal fabric congestion in leaf-spine switch fabric
Embodiments of the present invention provide methods and system to reduce needless data traffic in leaf-spine switch fabric. In embodiments, in a static solution, data rates of data flows having a common destination port may be measured and responsive to the data flows having a combined data rate that exceeding a rate limit of the common destination port, one or more of the data flows may be limited.
Dell Products L.p.

 Close control loops for data centers patent thumbnailClose control loops for data centers
Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for providing a closed control loop for data centers. The data centers can receive monitoring data that can include congestion data and class of service data.
At&t Global Network Services France, Sas

 Broadcast resource congestion control  use in wireless communication system patent thumbnailBroadcast resource congestion control use in wireless communication system
The present invention relates to a communication technology and system converging the fifth generation (5g) communication system for supporting a data rate higher than that of the 4g system with the iot technology. Further, the present invention is applicable to the intelligent services based on the 5g communication and iot technologies (e.g., smart home, smart building, smart city, smart car or connected car, health care, digital education, retail, security, and safety services).
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Congestion avoidance in network storage device using dynamic weights patent thumbnailCongestion avoidance in network storage device using dynamic weights
Methods, systems, and computer programs are presented for allocating cpu cycles and disk input/output's (ios) to resource-creating processes based on dynamic weights that change according to the current percentage of resource utilization in the storage device. One method includes operations for assigning a first weight to a processing task that increases resource utilization of a resource for processing incoming input/output (io) requests, and for assigning a second weight to a generating task that decreases the resource utilization of the resource.
Nimble Storage, Inc.

 Adapting blind reception duration for range and congestion patent thumbnailAdapting blind reception duration for range and congestion
Methods, systems, and devices are described for adapting blind reception duration for range and congestion. A wireless station may measure channel conditions (e.g., range to an access point (ap) and channel congestion), and adjust one or more sleep timers based on the conditions.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Router, terminal, and congestion control router and terminal

A congestion control method includes determining whether congestion occurs by monitoring a network, receiving an interest packet including a name of content data that is requested to be sent, generating a first nack packet indicating an occurrence of congestion if it is determined that the congestion occurs when the interest packet is received, and sending the generated first nack packet to the network. In the generating of the first nack packet, if first alternative content data which is an alternative of the content data corresponding to a name included in the received interest packet is stored in a cache of the router, information regarding the first alternative content data is set in the first nack packet.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Clustered dispersion of resource use in shared computing environments

Host machines and other devices performing synchronized operations can be dispersed across multiple racks in a data center to provide additional buffer capacity and to reduce the likelihood of congestion. The level of dispersion can depend on factors such as the level of oversubscription, as it can be undesirable in a highly connected network to push excessive host traffic into the aggregation fabric.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Congestion management for datacenter network

Technologies are generally described to provide a congestion management system for a datacenter network. According to some examples, the congestion management system may detach management of congestion at the datacenter network from switches of the datacenter network.
New Jersey Institute Of Technology


Using wireless client for proxy channel scan

Methods, systems, and computer readable media can be operable to facilitate the use of a station as a proxy for scanning one or more wireless channels. Upon a determination that a currently utilized wireless channel has become impaired, an access point may identify one or more idle wireless stations and may request that the one or more idle wireless stations perform a scan of one or more other wireless channels.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.


Apparatus and estimating breathing rate using microphone

Provided are an apparatus and method for estimating a breathing rate using a microphone, which performs band filtering and noise filtering on tracheal and nasal sounds collected from the microphone, selects a processing region of preprocessed data, calculates similarity between pieces of data using an autocorrelation function, calculates a power spectrum density, detects multiple peaks including a highest peak through the power spectrum density, analyzes the multiple peaks to determine a breathing pattern, and calculates a breathing rate in consideration of a dynamic characteristic between inhalation and exhalation, nasal congestion detection, and noise reduction. Accordingly, it is possible to accurately estimate the breathing rate because calculation is performed in consideration of a dynamic characteristic of inhalation and exhalation, nasal congestion, and white noise..
Soonchunhyang University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation


Methods and systems for performing dynamic spectrum arbitrage based on enodeb transition states

A dynamic spectrum arbitrage (dsa) system may include a dynamic spectrum policy controller (dpc) and a dynamic spectrum controller (dsc) that together dynamically manage the allocation and use of resources (e.g., spectrum resources) across different networks. The dsc and/or dpc components may be configured to monitor a congestion state of an enodeb, and intelligently allocate resources, manage user traffic of the enodebs, select target enodebs for handovers, determine the quality of service (qos) levels that are to be given to wireless devices attached to the enodebs, and/or perform other similar operations to intelligently manage the allocation and use of resources by the various networks.
Rivada Networks, Llc


Apparatus and detecting network congestion based on destination node

An apparatus and a method for detecting network congestion based on a destination node are provided. To elaborate, the apparatus may include: a physical information extraction unit that extracts physical information of an electrical signal received through an antenna of the destination node; a mac information extraction unit that extracts a size of a mac frame payload from a mac frame on the basis of the extracted physical information; a tcp information extraction unit that extracts a size of service data included in the mac frame payload; a data size comparison unit that compares the size of the mac frame payload with the size of the service data and generates comparison result data; and a congestion detection unit that receives the comparison result data, compares the comparison result data with a predetermined threshold value, and determines presence or absence of network congestion..
Korea University Research And Business Foundation


User prioritization in a congested network

A behavior investigating device of a system investigating arrangement in a communication network continuously obtains statistical network usage data of users, analyzes the statistical network usage data with regard to the pattern of behavior of the users, prioritizes the users based on the analysis and informs a traffic prioritizing function about the priority of at least one of the users. The traffic prioritizing function, which may be provided in the traffic prioritizing node, determines that there is network congestion, identifies a communication session of a user in the communication network, obtains a priority of the user from a behavior investigating device and determine whether the user is to be allowed to use the communication network based on the priority and the congestion determination..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Control method, information processing device, and communication system

A control method executed by an information processing device including a memory configured to store information on a plurality of temporary routes set for each kind of service, the control method includes receiving a routing request from a switch among a plurality of switches; extracting, from the memory, a temporary route corresponding to a service related to the routing request when it is determined that processing congestion of the information processing device occurs; setting the extracted temporary route for one or more related switches among the plurality of switches; determining a route corresponding to the service, based on a predetermined condition of the service, when it is determined that the processing congestion of the information processing device has subsided; and setting the determined route for the one or more related switches among the plurality of switches.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Method and system for network congestion control

A network congestion control method is provided. The method includes detecting whether a new network connection is established by a source endpoint; obtaining a destination endpoint of the new network connection when it is detected that a new network connection is established by a source endpoint; and assigning the new network connection to an established network group corresponding to the destination endpoint of the new network connection.
Sangfor Technologies Company Limited


Reporting of aggregated ran congestion information

The present disclosure is directed at systems, methods and media for relieving ran congestion in a core network. In some embodiments, ran congestion information is reported from user equipment to a packet data gateway (pgw) through an enodeb and a software gateway.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Congestion/overload control method and apparatus

Embodiments of the present invention provide a congestion/overload control method and apparatus. The method includes: learning, by a gateway device, information about network access time of a user equipment (ue) or ue group; and rejecting or discarding, by the gateway device, session management request messages of the ue or ues in the ue group beyond the network access time of the ue or ue group; or discarding, by the gateway device, data of the ue or the ues in the ue group beyond the network access time of the ue or ue group.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Mac copy in nodes detecting failure in a ring protection communication network

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and system for reducing congestion on a communication network. The communication network includes a network node having a first port and a second port.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Layered multicast and fair bandwidth allocation and packet prioritization

Embodiments include an overlay multicast network. The overlay multicast network may provide a set of features to ensure reliable and timely arrival of multicast data.
Blitz Stream Video, Llc


Layered multicast and fair bandwidth allocation and packet prioritization

Embodiments include an overlay multicast network. The overlay multicast network may provide a set of features to ensure reliable and timely arrival of multicast data.
Blitz Stream Video, Llc


Methods and systems for real-time advanced congestion identification and warning

The present disclosure relates to a system and method for locating slow or stopped vehicles on a roadway and alerting drivers approaching the back of a queue, and in particular to intelligent transportation systems and traffic management.. .
Purdue Research Foundation


Reporting traffic conditions on road segments containing a bottleneck

Methods for reporting traffic conditions on road segments containing a bottleneck include: (a) calculating an amount of traffic congestion on a segment of a roadway, the segment containing a bottleneck, based on a free-flow speed specific to a subsection of the segment from which a report of an observed speed is received; and (b) communicating, by the computer processor, information indicative of the amount of traffic congestion on the segment to a client. Apparatuses for reporting traffic conditions on road segments containing a bottleneck are described..
Here Global B.v.


Systems and methods for shopping detour during traffic congestion

A system or a method is provided to provide shopping detours to users during traffic congestions. In particular, the system may detect that a user is experiencing or is about to experience a traffic congestion.
Ebay Inc.


Semi-solid chewable dosage form for over-the-counter medications and producing same

The invention provides a semi-solid chewable dosage form that contains one or more active pharmaceutical ingredients that are generally available as over-the-counter medications including, for example, chlorpheniramine maleate, phenylephrine hydrochloride, guaifenesin, dextromethorphan hydrobromide, loratadine, or a combination thereof. The invention further provides a semi-solid chewable dosage form that contains chlorpheniramine maleate, phenylephrine hydrochloride or a combination thereof, a gelling agent, gelatin, sugar, a polyol, and a ph adjusting agent.
Santa Cruz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Access control

An access control method includes: obtaining, by a protocol-stack upper layer of a terminal, an override identifier; starting, by the protocol-stack upper layer of the terminal, an application specific congestion control for data connectivity acdc check according to a service initiated by the terminal; and, if the protocol-stack upper layer of the terminal confirms that the service initiated by the terminal can pass the acdc check and determines that the override identifier corresponding to an application identifier of the service passing the acdc check is overriding an access class barring acb check, sending, by the protocol-stack upper layer of the terminal, an rrc establishment request message to an access layer of the terminal, where the request message carries an indication of not performing an acb check. Therefore, even if the terminal cannot pass the acb check, the terminal can still perform services of some particular applications..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Controlling application traffic

A wireless communication device controls whether an application can access a service provided by a server. The wireless communication device maintains a policy that specifies a particular action (e.g., blocking traffic) to be taken at the wireless communication device if a particular network condition occurs (e.g., congestion at a server).
Qualcomm Incorporated


Phantom queue link level load balancing system,

A data processing system includes a phantom queue for each of a plurality of output ports each associated with an output link for outputting data. The phantom queues receive/monitor traffic on the respective ports and/or the associated links such that the congestion or traffic volume on the output ports/links is able to be determined by a congestion mapper coupled with the phantom queues.
Xpliant, Inc.


Network load balancing and overload control

Load balancing and overload control techniques are disclosed for use in a sip-based network or other type of network comprising a plurality of servers. In a load balancing technique, a first server receives feedback information from at least first and second downstream servers associated with respective first and second paths between the first server and a target server, the feedback information comprising congestion measures for the respective downstream servers.
Alcatel Lucent


Quantized congestion notification (qcn) proxy function in data center bridging capabilities exchange (dcbx) protocol

In one embodiment, an apparatus for providing quantized congestion notification (qcn) proxy functionality to a network device control plane includes a processor and logic integrated with and/or executable by the processor, the logic being configured to enable qcn proxy functionality for a particular congestion notification priority value (cnpv) on each edge port of a qcn edge switch, wherein the qcn edge switch includes one or more edge ports connected to devices outside of a congestion notification domain (cnd) that operates on the particular cnpv, and forward congestion notification packets received at the qcn edge switch using the qcn proxy functionality when the packets are destined for one of the devices connected outside of the cnd that is not qcn-enabled. Other systems, methods, and computer program products for providing qcn proxy functionality to a network device control plane are described in more embodiments..
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Network congestion analysis

A network monitoring and network congestion analysis can be performed based on a comparison of data packets at multiple different network nodes installed at different locations on a communication path. A downstream network node may be installed at a user location while an upstream network may be installed at an access router further up the network.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Proxy address resolution protocol on a controller device

Techniques are presented herein for reducing network congestion in data center environments. A virtual switch, hosted by a server device in the network, registers with a controller device to enable the virtual switch to exchange address information with the controller device.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Lane level congestion splitting

A controller receives probe data from a vehicle traveling on a path segment. The probe data may be collected by a mobile device.
Here Global B.v.


Real-time congestion avoidance in a retail environment

A shopping list may be ordered in order to guide a shopper through a store in an efficient manner. congestion in the store may be identified, such as using security camera footage.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.


Mobile device equipped with mobile network congestion recognition to make intelligent decisions regarding connecting to an operator network for optimize user experience

The disclosed technology includes methods, systems, and computer readable media for optimizing network traffic management in a mobile network. One method includes determining, by a network optimization client of a mobile device, a packet call quality (pcq) associated with transmission of packets between the mobile device and a mobile communications network.
Seven Networks, Llc


Deadline driven content delivery

Examples of the present invention present a method of controlling content delivery in a network. A global quality of experience measure, qoemax, is calculated based on the packet loss rate in the network.
British Telecommunications Public Limited Company


Avoiding radio access network congestion

In an lte (long term evolution) system, a radio access network (ran) is configured to detect and report congestion radio congestion to a core network. Ran congestion may be indicated by lost, discarded, or retransmitted data packets.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Proactive network congestion mitigation

A device may proactively mitigate network congestion and reduce network load on a network device. In some implementations, the device may monitor load information associated with a base station in communication with a user device via a wireless cellular network; determine, based on the load information, that load on the base station should be reduced; determine, in response to the determination that the load on the base station should be reduced, and based on a type of traffic being transmitted to the user device via the base station, whether traffic for the user device can be offloaded to an access point within communications range of the user device; and cause, based on determining that the traffic for the user device can be offloaded to the access point, the user device to communicate via the access point and discontinue transmitting the traffic via the base station..
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Data prioritization for wireless networks

A method and device for priority sorting and transmission of data signals including a prioritization engine which reduces congestion of a data stream by prioritizing video data packets in proportion to non-video packets at established ratios.. .
Naddive, Llc


Reduction of user plane congestion

Technology for reducing user plane congestion is disclosed. An inquiry request message can be received at a mobility management entity (mme) from a congestion information collection function (cicf).
Intel Ip Corporation


Distributed bi-directional flow control in wireless mesh networks

A distributed, bi-directional congestion control and starvation avoidance system for wireless mesh networks. In particular implementations, the nodes of the wireless mesh network monitor their respective local buffers for traffic load, and signal upstream and downstream nodes in response to detected congestion or excess capacity to dynamically allocate transmit capacity between neighboring nodes.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


System and distribution of radio channel state and base station congestion state in a network environment

An example method is provided in one example embodiment and can include obtaining, within a radio access network, a channel state for a data channel associated with a mobile terminal; including the channel state in a differentiated services (diffserv) marking within an internet protocol (ip) header of at least one ip packet associated with the mobile terminal; and transmitting the at least one ip packet including the ip header having the diffserv marking toward a packet data network.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.


There is provided an apparatus for controlling transmission of data traffic to a destination node. The apparatus includes: an interface unit configured to obtain information regarding a congestion condition that has occurred on a first routing path during transmission of the data traffic; and a control unit configured to select, based on the information, a second routing path to route, to the destination node, a first portion and a second portion of the data traffic along the first routing path and the second routing path, respectively..
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.


Method and system for tracking and managing network flows

A method and system for tracking and managing network flows including receiving a first flow counter value for a flow of first flows and determining that the flow is an elephant flow. The method further includes obtaining flow egress port information by determining an egress port on a switch for each of the first flows, obtaining port congestion information for the switch, where the port congestion information includes port congestion data for each egress port, and selecting, based on the port congestion information and the flow egress port information, a new egress port for the flow, and sending a request to update a switch chip on the switch, where the request specifies that subsequently received packets for the flow are to be forwarded out of the new egress port..
Arista Networks, Inc.


Congestion control for media flows

An apparatus can include a congestion controller at a source endpoint node of a network that is configured to send substantially real-time media data at a variable sending rate to another endpoint node via the network. The congestion controller can be configured to compute the sending rate as a function of a predetermined target delay and feedback from the other endpoint node that includes a receive delay time for packets of the substantially real-time media data to be received at the other endpoint node from the source endpoint node..
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Radio communication system and radio communication method

A radio communication system according to the present invention includes a plurality of nodes that collect data of apparatuses and an access point that collects the data of the plurality of nodes. The access point arranges the plurality of nodes into a plurality of groups including nodes, each of which can receive radio waves transmitted from one another, the number of the nodes being equal to or smaller than a number with which interference avoidance of radio by an access method for avoiding congestion efficiently functions.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Therapeutic formulations for the treatment of cold and flu-like symptoms

A pharmaceutical formulation of therapeutically effective amounts of acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and a sympathomimetic drug, such as pseudoephedrine (or its prodrug), or phenylephrine used in the treatment of cold and flu-like symptoms. Such symptoms may include fever, pain, nasal congestion, sinus congestion, runny nose, sore throat, myalgia, ear pressure and fullness, and headache.
Kingsway Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Radio transmitter identification and congestion control

A system and a method are disclosed for transmitting and receiving wireless signals in a shared communication channel. Embodiments include sending, by a client device, a request to connect with a base station and receiving, in response to the request, a message including a radio transmission slot and a digital identifier.
Signal Laboratories, Inc.


Congestion and overload reduction

A gateway server situated between a radio access network and a core network is disclosed that includes a radio access network packet interface, a load management module for monitoring load of a management server in the core network coupled to the radio access network packet interface, a packet forwarding module for forwarding requests to the management server coupled to the load management module, and a local packet core module coupled to the load management module and the packet forwarding module, the local packet core module being configured to respond to a mobile device, when an overload is detected at the management server, with a management server message requesting that the mobile device try again at a later time.. .
Parallel Wireless, Inc.


Method and apparatus of congestion management

A congestion management method is provided. The radio access node detects and determining a congestion.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Systems, methods, and devices for congestion control on a mobile network

A user equipment (ue) is configured to send one or more service requests to a third party server via a mobile communications network, such as an evolved packet core (epc). The ue is configured to determine that there is an error or delay in receiving a response to the one or more service requests from the third party server, and to send a wake-up request to a network element in the mobile communications network requesting notification when the third party server is available..
Intel Ip Corporation


Apparatus and methods for managing quality of experience during the delivery of content

Apparatus and methods for managing the quality of experience of delivery of content to end-point or user devices. In one embodiment, metrics data pertaining to network conditions being experience by consumer devices attached to a managed network are monitored by a network entity.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer readable medium

An information terminal 10 successively receives a plurality of packets that configure distribution data from an information distribution server 20, and requests the information distribution server 20 to change a bit rate of the packets that configure the distribution data, if it is judged that congestion occurs in communication with the information distribution server 20 based on a change in time interval from transmission to reception of each of the successively received packets, and if it is judged that a packet loss rate, which is a rate of a loss packet corresponding to a loss included in the packets transmitted from the information distribution server 20 and calculated based on the successively received packets, is increased as compared with a value obtained by multiplying a packet loss rate before the packets that configure the distribution data are received, by a predetermined weight.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Radio communication device, radio communication system, congestion control method, and record medium

A radio communication device that communicates with other radio communication devices that become communication partners includes first detection means that detects moving states of said other radio communication devices; second detection means that detects a moving state of its own device; third detection means that detects a congestion level of communication between said other radio communication devices or a congestion level of communication between said other radio communication devices and said own device; transmission means that transmits a radio signal from said own device to said other communication devices; and control means that controls said transmission means to transmit the radio signal based on the moving states of said other radio communication devices, the moving state of said own device, and said congestion level.. .
Nec Corporation


Congestion control method and apparatus

The present invention provides a congestion control method and apparatus. The method includes: sending, by a user equipment, a first network connection request to a network device of a first mobile network; receiving, by the user equipment, a first network connection rejection message from the network device, where the first network connection rejection message includes network switching indication information, where the network switching indication information is used for instructing the user equipment to switch to a second mobile network, and the network switching indication information is from a subscription manager sm; and accessing, by the user equipment, the second mobile network according to the network switching indication information.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Method for adjusting media stream transmission bandwidth and related apparatus

A method for adjusting media stream transmission bandwidth and a related apparatus are provided. A media stream sending end acquires scores that are given, according to identifiers of multiple media streams, by a media stream receiving end to the media streams, where the multiple media streams are transmitted at a same transmission port, and these identifiers are described based on media stream content; when it is detected that congestion occurs or congestion is resolved, the media stream sending end performs transmission bandwidth adjustment on a corresponding media stream according to these scores, and therefore media stream transmission bandwidth adjustment may be performed, based on the media stream content, on the multiple media streams transmitted at the same transmission port..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Travel assist system, travel assist method, and computer program

A travel assist system, a travel assist method, and a computer program that prevent frequent corrections of a travel plan due to variations in congestion information are provided. Congestion information is acquired from a vics center.
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.


Method of determining expiration period of timer, network node, base station, and non-transitory computer readable medium

A network node (100 or 200) is configured to determine, based on a congestion degree of a radio access network (10), an expiration period of a timer (101) used to determine a transition from a connected state to an idle state of a mobile terminal (300) connected through the radio access network (10) to a mobile core network (20). It is thus possible, for example, to suppress a decrease in a connection success rate of mobile terminals to a network due to adjustments of an expiration period of a ue inactivity timer..
Nec Corporation


Systems and methods using a centralized node to collect ran user plane congestion information

A centralized node collects and stores radio access network (ran) user plane congestion information (rci) that is reported from the ran to a core network. The centralized node provides a congestion information collection function (cicf) and includes one or more interface to communicate with a mobility management entity (mme) and/or a serving general packet radio service (gprs) support node (sgsn).


Channel congestion mitigation

Various embodiments implement protocols and algorithms for selectively transitioning peers in a p2p group, e.g., less than all the peers in the group, from a first channel to a second channel. The group owner may consider: which peers are in communication; the quality of an existing channel link with the peers; and the quality of an alternative channel.
Facebook, Inc.


System and power effective participatory sensing

Disclosed is a method and system enabling power effective participatory sensing. The hand held device of the system is equipped with plurality of sensors, and is configured to enable the power effective sensor to monitor operation of the power intensive sensors.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


Apparatus and controlling vehicle communication

The present invention relates to a technology of controlling vehicle communication and, more particularly, to a method and apparatus for determining congestion of vehicle communication to control the vehicle communication, thereby reducing a degree of congestion. In detail, provided are an apparatus and method for controlling vehicle communication, the apparatus including: a reception unit for receiving data units transmitted by each of one or more of object terminals and one or more of pieces of congestion information of the object terminals; a congestion degree pre-determination unit for changing congestion information of a subject vehicle on the basis of the number of data units received during a predetermined period of time; a congestion determination unit for changing electric power control information on the basis of the congestion information of the subject vehicle or the congestion information of the object terminals; and an electric power control unit for controlling transmission electric power of a communication module on the basis of the electric power control information..
Mando Corporation


Sprayable oxygenated saline composition and treating nasal congestion, allergy, dryness, eye irritation, throat irritation, wounds, and skin as applied to human tissues

An oxygenated saline composition is provided comprising stabilized oxygen, sodium chloride (aqueous saline solution), and optionally one or more homeopathic components. The stabilized oxygen can include quad-atomic oxygen.
Oxy Bump Corporation


Congestion notification element and congestion control

A congestion notification element for indicating a congestion status of a mesh node may include at least one field specifying a mesh destination for which an intra-mesh congestion control is to be applied. This may allow for forwarding data frames on paths that share some links but not the bottleneck link with a path that is congestion controlled, which has not been possible with currently specified congestion notification techniques..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


User plane congestion control

The present invention provides methods, apparatuses and computer program product relating to user plane congestion control. The present invention includes receiving, at a network entity, an indication that there is a congestion in at least one network element in a network, receiving, at the network entity, information indicating an internet protocol address of at least one user equipment located in the congested network, and preventing, by the network entity, a setup and/or continuation of at least one application of the at least one user equipment using the at least one network element in the network if it is determined that there is a congestion in the network..
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Provisioning of application categories at a user equipment during network congestion

Technology for provisioning categories of applications on a user equipment (ue) is disclosed. A registration update message may be received at a wireless network element from the ue over non-access stratum (nas) signaling.


Transmission apparatus and transmission method

A transmission apparatus (101) includes an acquisition unit (121) for acquiring a power consumption of each of a plurality of power loads; a communication unit (125) for transmitting data associated with the power consumption to a server via a network; and a controller (127) for acquiring a congestion degree of the network, wherein the controller (127) determines a priority of the data based on the congestion degree and controls the communication unit (125) to transmit the data in priority order.. .
Kyocera Corporation


Methods and nodes for handling congestion in backhaul networks

The present invention relates to nodes and method in such nodes of a radio access network or a backhaul network connected to the radio access network comprising a number of radio base station nodes being connected to the backhaul network comprising communication paths for transferring data packets. There are nodes configured to support the performing of a method involving receiving a notification indicating congestion in one or more data paths of the backhaul network and deciding based on current radio information and data path information to initiate handover of data packet traffic from one radio base station to another radio base station for solving the congestion problem in the indicated one or more data communication paths..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method and congestion signalling for mpls networks

Methods and apparatuses for congestion signaling for mpls networks have been disclosed. A method for use by a transit node on a lsp within an mpls network comprises: generating a congestion notification in response to a congestion occurring during transmission of packets; and transmitting the congestion notification to an egress node on the lsp.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Reducing route congestion during simultaneous rerouting events

A method and system of reducing route congestion due to a traffic event during simultaneous rerouting of a route by gps devices. A computer receives information regarding the traffic event; predicts at least one gps alternate route which a gps device would recommend to a user to avoid the traffic event; predicts a number of users that would utilize the at least one gps alternate route; finds at least one other alternate route; determines a number of existing vehicles already present on the gps alternate route and on the at least one other alternate route; calculates a reroute weight for each of the gps alternate routes, calculates modified traffic information for each of the gps alternate routes by applying the reroute weight for the gps alternate route to increase the real-time traffic data for the gps alternate route; and sends the modified traffic information to the gps devices..
International Business Machines Corporation


Path-based congestion reduction in integrated circuit routing

According to one embodiment of the present invention, a method for reducing congestion in an integrated circuit design is provided. The method may include identifying a net, wherein the net defines a path on one or more of a plurality of conducting layers in an integrated circuit and the net has an associated signal transit time.
International Business Machines Corporation


Apparatus and transporting optical channel data unit odu service

The present invention discloses an apparatus and a method for transporting an odu service. The transport apparatus includes a first odu service processing unit, a timeslot allocation unit, a switching output port allocation unit, an ethernet switching unit, and a second odu service processing unit, where a table of a mapping between output ports of the first odu service processing unit and timeslots is determined according to a rate of an oduflex frame carried in an obtained odu service and the number of the output ports of the first odu service processing unit, and the odu service is forwarded, which resolves a problem in the prior art that an oduflex frame cannot be transported by using the ethernet switching unit, thereby ensuring that service congestion does not occur on a forwarding port of a sending apparatus, and improving transmission quality of a communications network..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Anti-packet-loss real-time communication method, system and related device based on hierarchical coding

Disclosed are an anti-packet-loss real-time communication method, system and related device based on hierarchical coding. A transmitting end initially sets a coding parameter and a packaging parameter according to a network condition difference, and generates a payload containing coded data and protected data simultaneously according to the coding parameter and the packaging parameter and transmits the payload to a receiving end; the receiving end counts network status parameters according to the received payload and transmits the network status parameters to the transmitting end; and the transmitting end adjusts the coding parameter and the packaging parameter in real time according to the network status parameters, and generates a payload containing coded data and protected data simultaneously according to the adjusted coding parameter and packaging parameter.
Zte Corporation


Congestion control implementation method and apparatus

The embodiments of the present invention provide a congestion control implementation method and apparatus, where the method includes: determining one or more user equipments for which single radio voice call continuity (srvcc) offloading needs to be performed; sending an srvcc offload message to an e-utran nodeb serving the one or more user equipments, so that when triggering an srvcc handover procedure, the e-utran nodeb switches the one or more user equipments from a long term evolution (lte) domain to a circuit switched (cs) domain. When the srvcc handover procedure is completed, the one or more user equipments can be switched from volte user equipments to vocs user equipments.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Aggregation of congestion information

Apparatuses and methods of sending, to a policy control unit of a mobile communications network, congestion information for a plurality of mobile entities (mes) are described. Each of the mes being connected to a respective radio access network (rat) and associated with the policy control unit, the congestion information indicates congestion of the respective rat.
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Framework for early congestion notification and recovery in a virtualized environment

The congestion notification system of some embodiments sends congestion notification messages from lower layer (e.g., closer to a network) components to higher layer (e.g., closer to a packet sender) components. When the higher layer components receive the congestion notification messages, the higher layer components reduce the sending rate of packets (in some cases the rate is reduced to zero) to allow the lower layer components to lower congestion (i.e., create more space in their queues by sending more data packets along the series of components).
Vmware, Inc.


Method for congestion avoidance

Datalink frames or networking packets contain protocol information in the header and optionally in the trailer of a frame or a packet. We are proposing a method in which part of or all of the protocol information corresponding to a frame or a packet is transmitted separately in another datalink frame.


Handling user plane congestion in a wireless communication network

Embodiments of the present disclosure describe devices, methods, computer-readable media and systems configurations for handling user plane congestion in a wireless communications network. A packet data network gateway (pgw) and/or a serving gateway (sgw) may proactively transmit a congestion notification to a mobility management entity (mme) including a level of congestion of the pgw and/or sgw.
Intel Corporation


Congestion sign detection method, program, and congestion sign detection device

A congestion sign detection method that is executed by a congestion sign detection device 10 which includes three-dimensional acceleration sensor 14 that acquires acceleration information in each axis direction of an x axis, a y axis, and a z axis forming an orthogonal coordinate system of the three-dimensional space. The method includes: an input data calculation step of calculating an acceleration vector using the acceleration information acquired by the three-dimensional acceleration sensor 14, and calculating a norm of a difference of the vectors at two different timings as input data; a frequency analysis step of calculating an autocorrelation of the input data and calculating a power spectrum by performing a fourier transform on the autocorrelation; an angle information acquisition step of converting the power spectrum into angle information; and a congestion sign detection step of detecting congestion sign according to the angle information..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Routing standard cell-based integrated circuits

This disclosure describes a multi-height routing cell and utilization of the multi-height routing in an integrated circuit to reduce routing congestion in a standard cell design floorplan. The multi-height routing cell includes a bypass connection, or “tunnel,” that routes a signal through a non-routing layer and under an impeding power rail.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Network congestion control

A method, a device, and a non-transitory storage medium to obtain a traffic volume value that indicates a volume of traffic to and/or from a radio node, a value that indicates a class of the radio node, or a received signal strength value that indicates a received signal strength of a macro signal received by the radio node; calculate a delay time value based on traffic volume value, the value that indicates the class, or the received signal strength value; and transmit the delay time value to the radio node, wherein the delay time value indicates a time period to wait, by the radio node, before attempting to authenticate and register with one or more network devices.. .
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


System and providing traffic notifications to mobile devices

A system and method for providing traffic notifications to mobile devices is provided. The system obtains device data from a plurality of mobile devices within a similar area, gathered using, e.g., a gps system.
Blackberry Limited


Signalling congestion

Methods and apparatus for signalling congestion are described, in respect of a network element (10) operable to forward received data items in a telecommunications networks such as the internet, and in respect of a processing element operable to process received requests for service. In either case, the element is operable to perform its processing function at up to a processing rate which is subject to variation, and has a queue for items awaiting processing having a counter associated therewith which maintains a count from which a queue metric is derivable.
British Telecommunications Public Limited Company


Network congestion management

Technologies for managing congestion of a communication channel includes a network device for receiving a network packet from a computing device destined for another computing device, analyzing network traffic flows over a communication channel established between the network device and an upstream network device, and determining whether the communication channel is congested as a function of the network traffic flows. Such technologies may also include storing the received packet in a local storage in response to determining that the communication channel is congested, transmitting an acknowledgement packet to the computing device in response to storing the received network packet local storage, and transmitting the stored network packet to the upstream network device in response to determining that the communication channel is no longer congested..
Intel Corporation


System and providing congestion notification in layer 3 networks

A system and method is provided for sending congestion notification messages through l3 networks. For example, a data packet is received at a first switch in a first fabric block of an l3 network, and the first switch performs source mac tagging of the data packet.
Google Inc.


Portable electronic apparatus, controlling the same, and program

In a delivery network system, deliver a server that holds requested content is determined, using information included in a content request message from a communication terminal. A file or stream of the requested content is read from the determined server.
Nec Corporation


Mobile communication device and allocating resources outside of a virtual carrier based on ue capabilities

A communications device configured to receive data from a mobile communications network including one or more network elements providing a wireless access interface. The wireless access interface provides plural communications resource elements across a host frequency bandwidth, and includes, within the host frequency bandwidth, first communications resource elements within a first frequency bandwidth for allocation preferably to reduced capability devices to receive signals representing data transmitted by a transmitter within the first bandwidth forming a first virtual carrier, the reduced capability devices each having a receiver bandwidth greater than or equal to the first frequency bandwidth but less than the host frequency bandwidth.
Sony Corporation


System, device, and media delivery optimization

A method for alleviation of congestion in a mobile communications network includes detecting congested cells in the mobile communications network, identifying subscribers with active data sessions in the congested cells; and optimizing bandwidth usage for at least one of the identified subscribers. A bandwidth optimization system includes a network sampling interface to receive at least subscriber, cell and data session identifiers from a network data packet sampler, where the sampler identifies the identifiers from internal data traffic within a mobile communications network, and a network awareness engine (nae) to at least cross reference the identifiers with external data traffic output by the mobile communications network to at least detect congested cells and associated subscriber data sessions emanating from the mobile communications network..
Allot Communications Ltd.


Congestion monitoring of mobile entities

A method, by a policy control unit of a mobile communications network, to control a signalling of congestion information of mobile entities at a plurality of congestion monitoring units that monitor which mobile entities are affected by a congestion state in a radio access network of the mobile communications network. The method comprises receiving, from one of the congestion monitoring units, an indication that one of the mobile entities is affected by a congestion state, storing said one congestion monitoring unit from which the indication is received as the current congestion monitoring unit for said one mobile entity, receiving, from another congestion monitoring unit, the indication that said one mobile entity is affected by a congestion state, and indicating, in response to the indication received from the other monitoring unit, to the current congestion monitoring unit a release of congestion information relating to said one mobile entity..
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Service provisioning system and method, and mobile edge application server and support node

Embodiments of the present invention provide a service provisioning system and method, a mobile edge application server and support node. The system includes: at least one mobile edge application server (meas) and at least one mobile edge application server support function (meas-sf), where the meas is deployed at an access network side; and the meas-sf is deployed at a core network side, connected to one or more meas.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Methods and dvr and network storage of locally recorded content

Methods and apparatus for expanding the storage capacity of one or more dvrs in a household by attaching them to a shared network storage device are described. Recorded content is encrypted in at least some embodiments on a per customer basis rather than on a per dvr basis allowing content to be moved between devices at a customer premise and played back by any of the devices at the customer premise where the content was recorded.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Cost-cognitive base station apparatus, cost-cognitive user terminal, and cost-cognitive network method

A cost-cognitive base station apparatus, a cost-cognitive user terminal, and a cost-cognitive network method, in which by recognizing costs based on network congestion, a user may select and receive appropriate network services, thereby reducing telecommunication expenses and inducing the user to a less congested network, which leads to improved network management efficiency.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Software defined networking based congestion control

Methods and systems of adjusting bandwidth allocation by a network element in a communications network includes monitoring a data flow traversing a target port, determining a bandwidth allocation for the target port, determining a fair-share bandwidth allocation for the target port, and adjusting the bandwidth allocation for the target port based on the fair-share bandwidth allocation. The bandwidth allocation for the target port is a bandwidth that is currently allocated for the data flow.

Congestion topics: Congestion, Access Point, Transmitter, Communication System, Bottleneck, Mobility Management Entity, Base Station, Hierarchical, Allocation, Virtual Channel, Network Topology, Disconnect, Abstraction, Distributed, Time Division Multiplexing

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