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System for maintaining unified access to scada and manufacturing execution system (mes) information
A system is disclosed that simplifies configuring an MES entity corresponding to a SCADA system object representing plant equipment. The system includes an equipment model builder (EMB) that receives a set of configured UCO information for a modeled piece of plant equipment in a SCADA system. The EMB extracts relevant MES...

Systems and methods for comparing configuration files and generating corrective commands
The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods of synchronizing a target configuration file of a target device with a source configuration file of a source device. A parser of a first device may group commands from a source configuration file of a source device into subsets of commands. Each...

Systems and methods of wi-fi enabled device configuration
Systems and methods of configuration of Configuration Target Wi-Fi enabled devices are disclosed. The present invention applies to Configuration Target Wi-Fi enabled client devices that implement a method that allows their fast configuration over the air. The configuration parameters include but are not limited to the name of a wireless network...

Custom jewelry configurator
A jewelry configurator is disclosed which permits a consumer or end user to begin with a catalog of jewelry pieces that he is able to then customize and alter in various ways to tailor the piece to his taste, view a rendering of said piece, get a price quote for the...

Automatically configuring of a lighting
The invention relates to automatically configuring of a lighting created by a lighting system, particularly to creating a lighting, which follows a person, with a networked lighting system. A basic idea of the invention is to adapt the learning based processing of activations of lamps and presence detectors received as input...

Systems and methods for dynamically configuring communication data items
Systems and methods reconfigure data transmitted on a network, the network using a communication protocol. The systems and methods include a processor that is operable to receive data from a second device on the network; a memory medium; and a data configurator operable to dynamically reconfigure the data from the second...

Multiple authentication support in a shared environment
An authentication configurator may define a LDAP security group for LDAP authentication, wherein the LDAP security group is associated with rights. It may define a native security group for native authentication users, wherein the native authentication group has at least one right not present in the LDAP security group, and define...

Coarse-grained reconfigurable processor and code decompression method thereof
A coarse-grained reconfigurable processor having an improved code compression rate and a code decompression method thereof are provided to reduce a capacity of a configuration memory and reduce power consumption in a processor chip. The coarse-grained reconfigurable processor includes a configuration memory configured to store reconfiguration information including a header storing...

Systems, methods, and apparatus for improved application security
A secure computing system includes a plurality of application nodes, each node including a device address, a platform address, and a node ID. A mapping is maintained between each of the node IDs and the platform addresses. A mapping is also maintained between each of the platform addresses and the device...

Adaptive business logic configurator
A method and server for configuring an application that uses a unit of work which provides functionality for the application includes reading metadata associated with a unit of work; and determining a number of configuration options for the unit of work based on the metadata associated with that unit of work....

Client configuration during timing window
Certain aspects of a method for enabling exchange of information in a secure communication system may comprise configuring at least one 802.11 client station via authentication enablement information comprising data that specifies a time period during which configuration is allowed. The data that specifies a time period during which configuration is...

Panel configurator engine
A method including receiving input identifying a panel associated with a software application, the software application including a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the panel comprising a discrete area of the GUI within which to group software objects to control the software application. Additionally, the method includes processing the input to...

Aggregating business analytics architecture and configurator
A computer implemented method, a data processing system, and a computer program product are provided for designing an architectural solution. Functional requirements and nonfunctional requirements of the architectural solution are received. Responsive to receiving the functional requirements and nonfunctional requirements, first level outputs are produced. Further input is received through a...

Real-time priority-based media communication
Representative embodiments are disclosed of a real-time priority-based communication system and method for communicating media streams made up of multiple media message sub-streams, the communication system comprising a chunk configurator for dividing media message sub-streams into chunks, a state machine configured to translate between information regarding the media message sub-streams and...

Multi-source configurator content processing for terms and conditions document to contract creation
An authored contract document can be created based on an existing RFx sourcing document such as a “terms and conditions” document. This RFx sourcing document can be the product of collaboration and editing by unrelated bidders, thus creating bidder-specific RFx documents. The authored contract document can be created using a rules-based...

Method, apparatus and system for customizing a building via a virtual environment
A configurator platform and a corresponding configurator environment, according to an embodiment of the invention enable a user to navigate a displayed virtual representation of a building configuration. The user is also enabled to customize the building configuration. The customization is based on a set of physical product specifications from which...

Transmission device, video display device, transmission method, video processing method, video processing program, and integrated circuit
A transmission device transmits data for causing a video display device to display, in a display area, a video made up of a 3D video and a superposed display object, the transmission device comprising: a division information generator generating division information indicating a range for each of two or more regions...

Method and system for improved communication network setup utilizing extended terminals
Aspects of a method and system for improved communication network setup utilizing extended terminals are presented. Aspects of the method may comprise configuring a wireless Ethernet terminal functioning as a client station by a configurator via a network. The configured wireless Ethernet terminal may wirelessly receives information from a wireless station,...

Configuring application parameter of mobile terminal
Embodiments of the present application disclose a method, related apparatus, and system for configuring an application parameter of a mobile terminal, so as to configure an application parameter of a mobile terminal conveniently. The method includes: establishing, by the mobile terminal, a near field communication (NFC) connection with a configurator; negotiating,...

Transmission device, transmission method, receiving device and receiving method
Provided is a frame configuration usable for both SISO transmission and MISO and/or MIMO transmission. A frame configurator of a transmission device configures a frame by gathering data for SISO and configures a frame by gathering data for MISO and/or MIMO data, thereby to improve the reception performance (detection performance) of...

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