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A configurator is provided that connects with various disparate elements in a telecommunication system. The configurator is adapted to receive a traffic plan that has a plurality of different aspects that are implemented across the disparate elements. The configurator is adapted to generate processing schemas and/or databases that can be used...

Method and system for exchanging setup configuration protocol information in beacon frames in a wlan
Certain aspects of a method for enabling exchange of information in a secure communication system may comprise configuring at least one 802.11 client station via authentication enablement information comprising data that specifies a time period during which configuration is allowed. The data that specifies a time period during which configuration is...

Method and system for improved communication network setup
Aspects of a method and system for improved communication network setup may comprise receiving authentication enablement information from a configurator station comprising indication of a current state of a configurator timing window. In response to input at a client station to communicate authentication response information to the configurator station, receiving at...

Multi-behavior image correction tool
A system to perform modifications, or adjustments, to a digital image includes an interface component to receive selection input that indicates a location with respect to the digital data to be modified. A detector then detects a characteristic of the digital data. A configurator configures a data modification component to modify...

Design configurator system
The present invention relates to design and configuration engineering and more particularly to providing a Configurator system that automates aspects of the engineering design process. The Configurator System automates the configuration engineering process associated with creating new designs for customers based on a catalog of pre-designed options and can generate 2D...

Real-time priority-based media communication
Representative embodiments are disclosed of a real-time priority-based communication system and method for communicating media streams made up of multiple media message sub-streams, the communication system comprising a chunk configurator for dividing media message sub-streams into chunks, a state machine configured to translate between information regarding the media message sub-streams and...

Method and system for transporting configuration protocol messages across a distribution system (ds) in a wireless local area network (wlan)
Aspects of a method and system for transporting configuration messages across a DS in a WLAN are presented. Aspects of a method for enabling communication of information in a secure communication system may comprise configuring a wireless client station located in a client network based on configuration information received from a...

Multiple authentication support in a shared environment
An authentication configurator may define a LDAP security group for LDAP authentication, wherein the LDAP security group is associated with rights. It may define a native security group for native authentication users, wherein the native authentication group has at least one right not present in the LDAP security group, and define...

Interactive generic configurator program
Method and System for creating item configurators intended to run under the control of computerized devices possessing GUI. This method comprises creating a plurality of graphic layer files and graphic layer thumbnail files comprising various layers of the item desired for configuration. Generally at least some of this plurality of graphic...

Quick connect and disconnect, base line configuration, and style configurator
An approach for quick connect, quick disconnect, style configurator and baseline change actions for station/platform systems. For a quick connect, a user may receive a list of available groups, select a particular group, and provide site number and controller number for a station/platform to be identified and connected. For a quick...

Use of a handheld medical device as a communications mediator between a personal computer-based configurator and another networked medical device
A handheld diabetes managing device that provides a secure and efficient communication link between an insulin pump and an external computing device. The handheld diabetes managing device can include a blood glucose meter, a processor and first and second communication modules. The handheld diabetes managing device can be configured to deliver...

Methods and apparatus for specifying and applying business rules in a product configurator
Methods and apparatus for specifying and applying businesses rules in a product configurator are disclosed. The disclosed system enables a design-time user to specify a set of businesses rules for a product configurator using a table. The system then converts this table to software instructions to enforce those business rules. A...

Audio jack configurator for a portable electronic device
A portable electronic device having an audio jack is provided. The device comprises: a processor provided in a housing; a display screen; a jack provided in the housing, the jack being sized for receiving a plug of an audio accessory of the plurality of audio accessories; electrical connectors provided in the...

Communication method, and transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus using that communication method
A transmission apparatus includes a plurality of antennas and a frame configurator that selects, in a first unit time either a first transmitting method which transmits a modulated signal from at least one of the plurality of antennas, or a second transmitting method which transmits a plurality of modulated signals from...

Session table framework
In accordance with embodiments disclosed herein, there are provided methods, systems, and apparatuses for implementing a session table framework including, for example, receiving a configuration request at a host organization from a client device; generating, via a configurator engine of the host organization, a configuration model having metadata therein; generating a...

Graphical programming object population user interface autogeneration
Automatically generated user interfaces are provided to aid data population of object instances in graphical programming environments. A selection gesture identifies an instance of an object type. The public fields defined for the instance are automatically determined, and a user interface is automatically generated with the name of each defined field...

Charging efficiency using selectable isolation
The apparatus for charging an energy storage system (ESS) from an AC line voltage includes a boost stage for converting the AC line voltage to a first ESS charging voltage; an isolation stage, coupled to the boost stage, for converting the first ESS charging voltage to a second ESS charging voltage...

Power management integrated circuit using a flexible script-based configurator and method for power management
A power management integrated circuit incorporates (a) a microprocessor; (b) a non-volatile memory accessible by the microprocessor for storing programs executable by the microprocessor; (c) a random access memory accessible by the microprocessor; (d) an external interface which allows an external device to communicate with the power management integrated circuit; and...

System and method of creating and remotely editing interactive generic configurator programs
Item configurators for websites and other applications, using a plurality of graphic layer files and graphic layer thumbnail files comprising various layers of the item desired for configuration. Generally at least some of this plurality of graphic layer files will contain some transparent pixels. The method also involves creating at least...

Solutions configurator
A system and method are disclosed for collaboratively configuring an information handling system (IHS). Collaborative IHS configuration operations are initiated by a first user selecting an IHS product to collaboratively configure. The first user selects one of more additional users for collaboration. The current product configuration, along with configuration options for...

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