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Session table framework
In accordance with embodiments disclosed herein, there are provided methods, systems, and apparatuses for implementing a session table framework including, for example, receiving a configuration request at a host organization from a client device; generating, via a configurator engine of the host organization, a configuration model having metadata therein; generating a...

Graphical programming object population user interface autogeneration
Automatically generated user interfaces are provided to aid data population of object instances in graphical programming environments. A selection gesture identifies an instance of an object type. The public fields defined for the instance are automatically determined, and a user interface is automatically generated with the name of each defined field...

Charging efficiency using selectable isolation
The apparatus for charging an energy storage system (ESS) from an AC line voltage includes a boost stage for converting the AC line voltage to a first ESS charging voltage; an isolation stage, coupled to the boost stage, for converting the first ESS charging voltage to a second ESS charging voltage...

Power management integrated circuit using a flexible script-based configurator and method for power management
A power management integrated circuit incorporates (a) a microprocessor; (b) a non-volatile memory accessible by the microprocessor for storing programs executable by the microprocessor; (c) a random access memory accessible by the microprocessor; (d) an external interface which allows an external device to communicate with the power management integrated circuit; and...

System and method of creating and remotely editing interactive generic configurator programs
Item configurators for websites and other applications, using a plurality of graphic layer files and graphic layer thumbnail files comprising various layers of the item desired for configuration. Generally at least some of this plurality of graphic layer files will contain some transparent pixels. The method also involves creating at least...

Solutions configurator
A system and method are disclosed for collaboratively configuring an information handling system (IHS). Collaborative IHS configuration operations are initiated by a first user selecting an IHS product to collaboratively configure. The first user selects one of more additional users for collaboration. The current product configuration, along with configuration options for...

Custom jewelry configurator
A jewelry configurator is disclosed which permits a consumer or end user to begin with a catalog of jewelry pieces that he is able to then customize and alter in various ways to tailor the piece to his taste, view a rendering of said piece, get a price quote for the...

Systems and methods for automated adjustment of device settings
System and methods for automated adjustment of device settings are described. An electronic device comprises a receiver for receiving environmental information related to a surroundings of the device, a setting configurator for determining a desired setting for the device as a function of the environmental information, and a setting adjuster for...

Real-time priority-based media communication
Representative embodiments are disclosed of a real-time priority-based communication system and method for communicating media streams made up of multiple media message sub-streams, the communication system comprising a chunk configurator for dividing media message sub-streams into chunks, a state machine configured to translate between information regarding the media message sub-streams and...

Online sales method for information handling systems and related peripherals
A configurator is provided with the ability to present to a user how each choice or change to an information handling system would affect the performance of the information handling system for an intended use. More specifically, during an online sales process, the customer is first presented with a list of...

Renewable energy configurator
Embodiments for determining an optimal configuration for a renewable energy power plant are provided. The power plant, which may be a virtual power plant, includes one or more generator devices and one or more energy storage devices that may be operated to undertake one or more operating applications. Data indicative of...

Programmable intelligent storage architecture based on application and business requirements
An Infrastructure Description Language (IDL) includes Service Level Hints (SLHs) and Service Level Requirements (SLRs). The SLHs and SLRs are used to configure at least one hardware resource in a computing system having an intelligent configurator to broker a hardware configuration based on the SLHs and SLRs....

Methods and apparatuses for generating search expressions from content, for applying search expressions to content collections, and/or for analyzing corresponding search results
Methods, storage media, and apparatuses associated with evaluating a content item are disclosed herein. In various embodiments, a computer-implemented method may include receiving, by a search expression generator operated by a computer, the content item. Additionally, the method may include generating a search expression, by the search expression generator, based on...

System for maintaining unified access to scada and manufacturing execution system (mes) information
A system is disclosed that simplifies configuring an MES entity corresponding to a SCADA system object representing plant equipment. The system includes an equipment model builder (EMB) that receives a set of configured UCO information for a modeled piece of plant equipment in a SCADA system. The EMB extracts relevant MES...

Systems and methods for supporting two different protocols on a same physical connection
Systems and methods of supporting communications over a common network connection in a master-slave field bus network with a first type of packet formatted with a time-sensitive protocol and a second type of packet formatted with a non-time-sensitive protocol are provided. The slave devices are configured with filters to prevent the...

Topic-based messaging using consumer address and pool
In a multicast publisher-subscriber environment, a configurator machine manages a consumer pool of multiple receiver machines. The consumer pool is dedicated to a topic. Each receiver machine has a unique consumer address within the consumer pool allocated by the configurator machine. The configurator machine receives registration data from a receiver machine...

Configurable fm receiver for hearing device
Hearing system comprising a hearing device and an FM receiver, the FM receiver being adapted to be operationally connected to the hearing device and to communicate wirelessly with an FM transmitter on an FM channel, the hearing device comprising memory storing configuration data indicating the FM channel and transferring means for...

Apparatus and method for processing an audio signal and for providing a higher temporal granularity for a combined unified speech and audio codec (usac)
An apparatus for processing an audio signal is provided. The apparatus has a signal processor and a configurator. The configurator is adapted to configure the signal processor based on configuration information such that a configurable upsampling factor is equal to a first upsampling value when a first ratio of the second...

System for maintaining unified access to scada and manufacturing execution system (mes) information
A system is disclosed that simplifies configuring an MES entity corresponding to a SCADA system object representing plant equipment. The system includes an equipment model builder (EMB) that receives a set of configured UCO information for a modeled piece of plant equipment in a SCADA system. The EMB extracts relevant MES...

Systems and methods for comparing configuration files and generating corrective commands
The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods of synchronizing a target configuration file of a target device with a source configuration file of a source device. A parser of a first device may group commands from a source configuration file of a source device into subsets of commands. Each...

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