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Conductive Elements patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Conductive Elements-related patents
 Direct connect orthogonal connection systems patent thumbnailDirect connect orthogonal connection systems
A direct-attach orthogonal electrical connection system with improved high frequency performance is provided. A conductive member is provided between first and second components, each having signal and ground conductors.
 Fabrication method of stacked package structure patent thumbnailFabrication method of stacked package structure
A fabrication method of a stacked package structure is provided, which includes the steps of: providing a substrate having at least a semiconductor device disposed thereon; and disposing a semiconductor package on the substrate through a plurality of conductive elements such that the semiconductor device is located between the substrate and the semiconductor package, and forming an encapsulant between the substrate and the semiconductor package to encapsulate the semiconductor device. The encapsulant can be formed on the semiconductor package first and then laminated on the substrate to encapsulate the semiconductor device, or alternatively the encapsulant can be filled between the substrate and the semiconductor package driven by a capillary force after the semiconductor package is disposed on the substrate.
 Techniques for packaging multiple device components patent thumbnailTechniques for packaging multiple device components
Techniques for fabricating multiple device components. Specifically, techniques for fabricating a stacked package comprising at least one i/c module and a multi-chip package.
 Cooling of semiconductor devices patent thumbnailCooling of semiconductor devices
A semiconductor device such as an led illumination device includes a substrate sheet (2) and a plurality of leds (4) that are supported on the front of the substrate sheet. A plurality of apertures (9) extend through the substrate sheet (2) and thermally conductive elements in the form of conduits or tubes (1) extend through the apertures, while thermally conductive elements in the form of pads (10) extend between the leds and the tubes (1).
 Electronic device patent thumbnailElectronic device
An electronic device includes a casing, a circuit board, an electronic component and a plurality of conductive elements. The circuit board is disposed in the casing.
 Vehicle window with shade patent thumbnailVehicle window with shade
A window assembly for a vehicle includes inner and outer window panels and a spacer element disposed between the window panels to establish an interpane cavity, with a roller shade disposed therein having an end fixedly attached at an anchor stop. A dielectric layer is disposed between the roller shade and a conductive layer at the inner window panel.
 Precision target methods & apparatus patent thumbnailPrecision target methods & apparatus
A method for determining and retrieving positional information includes forming a grid by locating a plurality of first conductive elements on a surface and a plurality of second conductive elements on the surface. A second grid is coupled to the surface and electrically isolated from the grid.
 Method for verifying the authenticity of securities and device for its realization patent thumbnailMethod for verifying the authenticity of securities and device for its realization
The present invention relates to methods and devices for verifying the authenticity of various securities and may be used for determining the authenticity of banknotes, financial documents, identity cards and other important documents. The method consists in that the security is transilluminated with a light flux passing from a light source to a receiver, is registered the feature of paper, is compared the registration result with the reference feature, obtained during the control test and stored in a database of reference features, the coincidence of signs confirming the authenticity of the security.
 Portable equipotential grid patent thumbnailPortable equipotential grid
A portable grid for creating an equipotential zone that comprises at least two portable conductive elements. Each element comprises an electrically conducting platform forming a separation barrier with a working surface such as a ground surface.
 Redundant wired pipe-in-pipe telemetry system patent thumbnailRedundant wired pipe-in-pipe telemetry system
A system and method for providing redundant wired pipe-in-pipe telemetry is described. The redundant wired pip-in-pipe telemetry system includes an outer pipe and an inner pipe disposed within the outer pipe.
High voltage led with improved heat dissipation and light extraction
The present disclosure involves a lighting apparatus. The lighting apparatus includes a polygon die.
Microelectronic packages with nanoparticle joining
A method of making an assembly includes the steps of applying metallic nanoparticles to exposed surfaces of conductive elements of either of or both of a first component and a second component, juxtaposing the conductive elements of the first component with the conductive elements of the second component with the metallic nanoparticles disposed therebetween, and elevating a temperature at least at interfaces of the juxtaposed conductive elements to a joining temperature at which the metallic nanoparticles cause metallurgical joints to form between the juxtaposed conductive elements. The conductive elements of either of or both of the first component and the second component can include substantially rigid posts having top surfaces projecting a height above the surface of the respective component and edge surfaces extending at substantial angles away from the top surfaces thereof..
Single layer force sensor
A sensor for sensing an application of pressure is disclosed. The sensor includes a substrate, conductive elements and an electroactive layer.
Radio circuits and components thereof including temperature responsive liquid mems
A radio circuit includes an adjustable rf front-end module on an ic die, a liquid mems component on a board, and a processing module on the ic die. The adjustable rf front-end module adjusts processing of an inbound or an outbound rf signal based on a compensation control signal.
Liquid mems component responsive to pressure
A liquid micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) component includes a board, a channel frame, a flexible channel side, a liquid droplet, and one or more conductive elements. The channel frame is within the board and mates with the flexible channel side to form a channel within the board.
Multiple droplet liquid mems component
A liquid micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) component includes a board, a channel, multiple liquid droplets, and one or more conductive elements. The channel is within the board and contains the multiple liquid droplets.
Animal deterrent device with insulated fasteners
An animal deterrent device and methods for installing and producing an animal deterrent device for delivering an electric shock to an animal, pest, or bird to be deterred, having the typical components of a non-conductive base to which the electrically conductive elements are attached. The bottom layer unfolds outward to allow sewing of the conductive elements to the top layer of the elongated base, while preventing the stitching from penetrating the bottom layer of the elongated base.
Modular wiring system
A modular wiring system includes a junction box having a plurality of ports and a programmable wiring board carrying electrically conductive elements. A plurality of cable receiving connectors are each insertable into a corresponding one of the plurality of ports of the junction box and each provides electrical coupling between wires of a cable and the electrically conductive elements of the programmable wiring board.
Sensor packaging method and sensor packages
A method (80) entails providing (82) a structure (117), providing (100) a controller element (102, 24), and bonding (116) the controller element to an outer surface (52, 64) of the structure (117). The structure includes a sensor wafer (92) and a cap wafer (94).
High-frequency electrical connector
An electrical connector with improved high frequency performance. The connector has conductive elements, forming both signal and ground conductors, that have multiple points of contact distributed along an elongated dimension.
High-frequency electrical connector
An electrical connector with improved high frequency performance. The connector has conductive elements, forming both signal and ground conductors, that have multiple points of contact distributed along an elongated dimension.
Pixel capacitors
A technique comprising: forming laterally-extending switching circuitry of a device for controlling an overlying laterally-extending array of pixel conductors of said device; forming an electrically conductive laterally-extending patterned screen over said switching circuitry via a first insulating region, said patterned screen defining holes for receiving conductive interlayer connects between said switching circuitry and said array of pixel conductors; and thereafter: forming a second insulating region over said patterned screen, forming said array of pixel conductors over said patterned screen via said second insulating region for capacitative coupling with said patterned screen, forming through holes through at least said first and second insulating regions at the locations of said holes defined in said patterned screen, and forming said interlayer connects in said through holes; and wherein said patterned screen is configured such that the area of overlap between the array of pixel conductors and underlying conductive elements is substantially constant within a range of lateral positions of the pixel conductors relative to the switching circuitry, which range is greater in a first direction than 40% of the pitch of the pixel conductors in said first direction.. .
Sensor packages and method of packaging dies of differing sizes
A method (90) entails placing (124) sensor elements (122) in an array (126) arranged to correspond with locations of controller dies (24) in a controller wafer (94) and encapsulating (128) the array (126) in a mold material (74) to form a panel (130) of the sensor elements (122). The sensor elements (122) include bond pads (42) that are concealed by a material section (116, 118) of the sensor elements (122).
Package-on-package semiconductor device
A semiconductor device and method of forming the semiconductor device, the semiconductor device includes a package having at least one first die and at least one second die. The semiconductor device further includes a set of conductive elements electrically connecting the at least one first and the at least one second die to a substrate.
Electric deterrent device
A deterrent device for delivering an electric shock to an animal, pest or bird to be deterred, having the typical components of a non-conductive base to which the electrically conductive elements are attached. Instead of the typically-used copper wire, however, the braided elements comprise smaller strands of a conductive material, such as copper, aluminum or stainless steel wire, is used and is mechanically attached to the non-conductive base.
Sensor packages and method of packaging dies of various sizes
A method (112) of forming a sensor panel (146) that includes an array (144) of sensor structures (22, 24) encapsulated in a mold material (148) and forming a controller panel (158) that includes an array (156) of controller dies (26) encapsulated in a mold material (160). The arrays (144, 156) are arranged so that locations of the sensor structures (22, 24) correspond with locations of the controller dies (26).
Method and arrangement for generating oxygen
The present invention relates to a method of generating oxygen. The method addresses the objects of reducing the servicing work and improving the purity of the generated oxygen.
Battery assembly method comprising a separate battery connector and a flex circuit for use in an electronic device
A battery assembly for use in an electronic device is provided. The battery assembly may include a battery cell (e.g., a rechargeable battery cell), a battery connector for providing power from the battery cell to the electronic device, and a flex circuit electrically coupling the battery cell to the electronic device.
Testing system and testing method for touch device
A testing system for a touch device includes a touch simulation module, a control module and a determination module is provided. The touch simulation module includes multiple conductive elements respectively corresponding to multiple touch sensing regions of the touch device.
Slip ring assembly
A medical apparatus (600) including: a magnetic resonance imaging system (602), a medical device (634), and a slip ring assembly (400, 500) for supplying electrical power to the medical device. The slip ring assembly includes: a cylindrical body (100), a rotating member (402) for rotating the medical device, a first cylindrical conductor attached to the cylindrical body, a second cylindrical conductor (108), a first set of conductive elements (112, 712) connected to the second cylindrical conductor; and a brush assembly (406) comprising a first brush (302) and a second brush (304).
Reconstituted wafer-level package dram
A microelectronic package includes first and second encapsulated microelectronic elements, each of which includes a semiconductor die having a front face and contacts thereon. An encapsulant contacts at least an edge surface of each semiconductor die and extends in at least one lateral direction therefrom.
Enhanced stacked microelectronic assemblies with central contacts and improved thermal characteristics
A microelectronic assembly includes a dielectric element that has oppositely-facing first and second surfaces and first and second apertures extending between the surfaces. The dielectric element further includes conductive elements.
Liquidproof dome switch
This is directed to a dome switch that may prevent liquid from coming into contact with circuit elements of the switch. A deformable dome may include a conductive inner surface region and may be placed over a conductive contact pad such that the dome may deform and the conductive elements may contact each other.
Preventing the formation of conductive anodic filaments in a printed circuit board
A conductive via and method of forming a conductive via in a multilayer printed circuit board are disclosed. A hole is drilled into a printed circuit board that is reinforced with glass fibers, wherein the hole extends between two conductive elements on different layers of the printed circuit board and cuts through a portion of the glass fibers.
Lighting device
The lighting device includes a rod and two or more lighting units superimposing each other. Each of the lighting units includes a housing and a lighting element.
Means to provide electrical connections to borderless flexible display
Systems and methods for the design and fabrication of flexible devices, including high-performance large-area oleds, narrow border display panels and lighting panels are provided. Various described fabrication- and design-processes may be used to provide the necessary electrical drive to lighting and display panels.
All-metal casing structure and antenna structure
An all-metal casing structure includes a casing unit, a first substrate unit, a second substrate unit, an antenna unit and a conductive unit. The casing unit includes at least one metal casing having at least one through opening.
Method of packaging a die
A method of attaching a die to a substrate is disclosed. A major surface of the die has an array of electrical contacts, and is covered with a tape segment having an array of apertures in register with the contacts.
Pillar on pad interconnect structures, semiconductor dice and die assemblies including such interconnect structures, and related methods
Methods of fabricating interconnect structures for semiconductor dice comprise forming conductive elements in contact with bond pads on an active surface over a full pillar diameter of the conductive elements, followed by application of a photodefinable material comprising a photoresist to the active surface and over the conductive elements. The polymide material is selectively exposed and developed to remove photodefinable material covering at least tops of the conductive elements.
Stackable molded microelectronic packages
A microelectronic package has a microelectronic element and conductive posts or masses projecting above a surface of the substrate. Conductive elements at a surface of the substrate opposite therefrom are electrically interconnected with the microelectronic element.
Package redistribution layer structure and method of forming same
A package-on-package (pop) device comprises a bottom package on a substrate and a first set of conductive elements coupling the bottom package and the substrate. The pop device further comprises a top package over the bottom package and a redistribution layer coupling the top package to the substrate.
Method of forming 3d integrated microelectronic assembly with stress reducing interconnects
A microelectronic assembly and method of making, which includes a first microelectronic element (including a substrate with first and second opposing surfaces, a semiconductor device, and conductive pads at the first surface which are electrically coupled to the semiconductor device) and a second microelectronic element (including a handler with first and second opposing surfaces, a second semiconductor device, and conductive pads at the handler first surface which are electrically coupled to the second semiconductor device). The first and second microelectronic elements are integrated such that the second surfaces face each other.
Package-on-package structure having polymer-based material for warpage control
A package on package structure providing mechanical strength and warpage control includes a first package component, a second package component, and a first set of conductive elements coupling the first package component to the second package component. A first polymer-comprising material is molded on the first package component and surrounds the first set of conductive elements.
Heater and image heating device having same heater
The present invention is directed to providing a heater in which uniformity of a temperature distribution in a widthwise direction of the heater can be improved while inhibiting a temperature rise of a non-sheet-passing part, and an image heating device equipped with the heater. In a first heat-generation line and a second heat-generation line, a plurality of heat-generation resistors including positive resistance-temperature characteristics between two electro-conductive elements provided on a substrate along the lengthwise direction of the substrate are connected in parallel.
Dynamically variable graphic material using electrostatically attracted particles
Dynamically-variable graphic displays, including a panel comprised of colored microspheres, each a single pixel with an embedded electrical charge; one or more electrodes capable of receiving an electrical charge, each electrode situated so that it can interact with at least one of said microspheres; an energy source connected to the electrodes via conductive elements capable of changing the polarity of said electrodes, such change in polarity causing the microspheres to move to change the color displayed to a viewer; and a substrate. Also included within the invention are dynamically-variable graphic display panels that enable one-way graphics through distribution of pixels to create image and silhouette patterns, wherein the image pattern is visible from the front of the panel under conditions of illumination, and wherein the silhouette pattern creates a substantially transparent area of clear vision from the back of the display panel through the panel..
Compression-molded parts having an embedded conductive layer and method for making same
A compression-molded part has a conductive layer embedded in the part during molding of the part. The conductive layer is generally adjacent an outer surface of the part and is preferably formed from a mesh, a foil, a pulled screen, or multiple layers of conductive elements.
Package-on-package assembly with wire bond vias
A structure includes a substrate having a first region and a second region, the substrate also having a first surface and a second surface. Electrically conductive elements are exposed at the first surface within the second region.
Emi-shielded semiconductor devices and methods of making
A wafer level package including a shield connected to a plurality of conductive elements disposed on a silicon wafer. The conductive elements are arranged to individually enclose micro-structure elements located on the silicon wafer within cavities formed by the conductive elements for better shielding performance.
Active electronically scanned array antenna
An antenna is provided and includes a radiator aperture assembly including a plurality of radiator sticks, each radiator stick including a row of radiating elements configured to transmit and receive rf energy and a body having opposite sides, conductive elements coupled to the radiating elements and a plate disposed proximate to the radiator aperture assembly through which the conductive elements extend. Complementary opposite sides of the respective bodies of adjacent radiator sticks and a surface of the plate are configured to form a slot radiator..
Semiconductor structures and memory cells including conductive material and methods of fabrication
Methods of forming conductive elements, such as interconnects and electrodes, for semiconductor structures and memory cells. The methods include forming a first conductive material and a second conductive material comprising silver in a portion of at least one opening and performing a polishing process to fill the at least one opening with at least one of the first and second conductive materials.
Ultrasound transducer and method for manufacturing an ultrasound transducer
An ultrasound transducer includes an array of acoustic elements, an integrated circuit, and an interposer. The interposer includes conductive elements for electrically connecting the acoustic elements to the integrated circuit.
Heat dissipation switch
The disclosure herein provides for heat dissipation switches and systems, as well as their use for dissipating excess heat from a heat source. Various aspects of a heat dissipation switch may include a thermally isolating material having a number of conductive element cavities.
Substrate-less stackable package with wire-bond interconnect
A method for making a microelectronic unit includes forming a plurality of wire bonds on a first surface in the form of a conductive bonding surface of a structure comprising a patternable metallic element. The wire bonds are formed having bases joined to the first surface and end surfaces remote from the first surface.
Antenna in package with reduced electromagnetic interaction with on chip elements
A ic package for a wireless device includes an antenna that is attached to the chip. The electrically conductive elements of the antenna are spaced away from the antenna and particularly the endpoint of the antenna to prevent interference with the antenna.
Electrical connector assembly
Electrical connectors for interconnecting circuit boards. One such connector includes an integral flange for mounting a guidance pin in any of multiple orientations.
Methods for forming semiconductor device packages with photoimageable dielectric adhesive material, and related semiconductor device packages
Methods for forming semiconductor device packages include applying a photoimageable dielectric adhesive material to a major surface of a semiconductor die and at least partially over conductive elements on the semiconductor die. The photoimageable dielectric adhesive material may be removed from over the conductive elements.
Temperature compensated force sensor
A force sensor may include a housing having a cavity enclosing a sense die, an actuating element and an elastomeric seal. The sense die may have a force sensing element for sensing a force applied to a surface of the sense die, and a temperature compensation circuit.
Semiconductor package and fabrication method thereof
A semiconductor package includes: a first insulating layer; a plurality of first conductive elements disposed in the first insulating layer; a first circuit layer formed on the first insulating layer; a semiconductor chip disposed on the first insulating layer; and an encapsulant formed on the first insulating layer and encapsulating the semiconductor chip. The first conductive elements that are bonding wires have a small diameter and thus occupy desired limited space on the first insulating layer.
Light emitting device chip scale package
The substrate that is used to support the growth of the led structure is used to support the creation of a superstructure above the led structure. The superstructure is preferably created as a series of layers, including conductive elements that forma conductive path from the led structure to the top of the superstructure, as well as providing structural support to the light emitting device.
Cmp slurry regeneration apparatus and method
The cmp slurry regeneration apparatus 200 for regenerating the cmp slurry used for a cmp process patterning metal conductive elements on a semiconductor circuit comprises a gravity separator 205 for precipitating solids in a diluted waste slurry used in the cmp process by gravity sedimentation; a concentrated slurry container 207 for reserving the solid through the gravity sedimentation in the gravity separator 205 as concentrated slurry 206; a solid-liquid separator 209 for catching components contained in the waste slurry as rinsed components through rinsing the waste slurry by remaining hydroxide corresponding to small amount metal ion while removing soluble and solid components formed by the cmp process; and a regenerated slurry container 211 for regenerating the small amount metal ion from the rinsed components.. .
Electrosurgical instrument with dual radiofrequency and microwave electromagnetic energy
An electrosurgical instrument for delivering radiofrequency (rf) electromagnetic (em) energy and microwave frequency em energy from a coaxial feed cable through an instrument tip into tissue. The instrument tip comprises a dielectric body separating first and second conductive elements, which act as active and return electrodes to convey the rf em radiation by conduction, and as an antenna to radiate the microwave em radiation.
Mezzanine connector
A two-piece mezzanine connector for high speed, high density signals. One piece of the connector may have conductive elements with beam-shaped mating contacts.
Breach detection in solid structures
An implantable device includes at least one solid structure having an external surface and a volume beneath the surface. One or more of a first conductor or set of conductors is disposed externally and/or internally on or within the structure and an array of elongate electrically conductive elements are disposed radially outwardly within the volume.
Methods for forming semiconductor device packages
Methods for forming semiconductor device packages include applying an underfill material over a semiconductor wafer including conductive elements such that an average thickness of the underfill material is at least about 80% of an average height of the conductive elements and each conductive element is covered by underfill material. Underfill material covering tips of conductive elements is removed.
Antenna with variable distributed capacitance
Electronic devices may be provided with antennas. An antenna may be formed from conductive antenna structures that include a frequency-dependent distributed capacitor.
Method for enhanced oil recovery from carbonate reservoirs
Method of using direct current (dc) electrokinetics to enhance oil production from carbonate reservoirs the method comprising the steps of selecting an underground formation comprising an oil-bearing carbonate reservoir, positioning two or more electrically conductive elements at spaced apart locations in proximity to said formation, at least one of said conductive elements being disposed in or adjacent to a bore hole affording fluid communication between the interior of said bore hole and said formation, passing a controlled amount of electric current along an electrically conductive path through said formation, said electric current being produced by a dc source including a cathode connected to one of said conductive elements and an anode connected to another of said conductive elements, said electrically conductive path comprising at least one of connate formation water and an aqueous electrolyte introduced into said formation, and withdrawing oil from at least one of said bore holes.. .
Electrosurgical instrument
A vessel sealing instrument having an instrument tip that comprises a pair of opposing clamping members movable to clamp a vessel to be sealed. The clamping members include an energy delivery structure capable of delivering localised radiofrequency (rf) electromagnetic (em) energy and microwave em energy separately or simultaneously into the vessel.
Multibeam array of top emitting vcsel elements
A top emitting vcsel array may be coupled to a separate heat spreading superstrate that may be positioned above the apertures of the array and that may be able to transmit the emitted beams through the heat spreading superstrate. The vcsel devices in the array may be controlled by an electrical connection to a pattern of conductive elements positioned in close contact with, but electrically isolated from, the heat spreading superstrate.
Two layer capacitive sensor
The embodiments described herein provide improved sensor devices and methods that facilitate improved sensor devices. Specifically, the devices and methods provide capacitive image sensors that require only two layers of conductive elements formed on a single substrate.
Multi-axis input apparatus
The inventive technology, in its various embodiments, relates to improved multi-axis input devices such as joysticks, and associated multi-axis optical displacement measurement means. Certain embodiments of the input devices may comprise elements movable with respect to each other in at least, e.g., three degrees of freedom and comprise ionically conductive elements that are utilized to generate a position signal in, e.g., at least three, or at least six degrees of freedom.
Vertical mount package and wafer level packaging therefor
Vertical mount packages and methods for making the same are disclosed. A method for manufacturing a vertical mount package includes providing a device substrate with a plurality of device regions on a front surface, and a plurality of through-wafer vias.

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