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Condensation patents


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 Method to filter macro particles in a cathodic arc physical vapor deposition (pvd), in vacuum patent thumbnailMethod to filter macro particles in a cathodic arc physical vapor deposition (pvd), in vacuum
A method to filter macro particles in a cathodic arc physical vapor deposition (pvd) in vacuum is described, said method comprising the step of evaporating a material from a solid source (1) by means of application of the arc on the source, forming a plasma comprising electrons, micro particles (vapor) and ions of evaporated material, together with macro particles larger in size than the micro particles and ions. The arc is moved on the source at a speed vcs (superficial speed) at which the electrons, the micro particles and the ions of material evaporated at a point p2 deviate, from a path towards a substrate (2) to be coated facing the source, the macro particles formed at a point p1 previously passed over by the arc, so as to self-clean the plasma of the macro particles and allow condensation of only the cleaned plasma on the substrate..
Argor Aljba Sa

 Heat recovery system patent thumbnailHeat recovery system
The heat recovery system includes an oven having a treatment air with a treatment air temperature and a treatment air dew point temperature to treat a product or product in process. A zone outlet exhaust waste treatment air following the treatment of the product.
Kellogg Company

 Drain recovery device patent thumbnailDrain recovery device
In a drain recovery section including a recovery tank to which drain generated in a steam-using device is collected and from which the drain is supplied to a boiler, pressure decrease in the boiler under a high load can be suppressed. A drain recovery section includes: a recovery tank in which drain generated by condensation of steam in a steam-using device is stored and from which water stored in the recovery tank is supplied to a boiler; and a control unit that controls an amount of water supply from the recovery tank to the boiler to prevent the water level of water in the recovery tank from decreasing below a predetermined tank reference water level.
Tlv Co.,ltd.

 Zinc containing catalysts, methods for preparing the catalysts, and compositions containing the catalysts patent thumbnailZinc containing catalysts, methods for preparing the catalysts, and compositions containing the catalysts
A composition is capable of curing via condensation reaction. The composition uses a new condensation reaction catalyst.
Dow Corning Corporation

 System and process for converting plastics to petroleum products patent thumbnailSystem and process for converting plastics to petroleum products
A system and process for converting plastics and other heavy hydrocarbon solids into retail petroleum products are provided. The plastics are processed by melting, pyrolysis, vapourization, and selective condensation, whereby final in-spec petroleum products are produced.
Jbi Inc.

 Condensation polymers for antimicrobial applications patent thumbnailCondensation polymers for antimicrobial applications
A number of cationic antimicrobial polymers have been synthesized by a condensation polymerization in bulk. The initial polymer formed has backbone tertiary nitrogens, which are subsequently quaternized using a suitable quaternizing agent (e.g., alkyl halide).
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

 Method for producing polyamide patent thumbnailMethod for producing polyamide
A method for producing a polyamide, comprising performing melt polycondensation of a diamine component comprising xylylenediamine in an amount of 70 mol % or more and a dicarboxylic acid component comprising a linear aliphatic dicarboxylic acid having 6 to 18 carbon atoms in an amount of 70 mol % or more in the presence of a phosphorus atom-containing compound (a), wherein the decomposition temperature of the phosphorus atom-containing compound (a) is not lower than the melting point of the polyamide, and an aqueous solution of the phosphorus atom-containing compound (a) and the diamine component are added to the dicarboxylic acid component being in a molten state to perform the melt polycondensation.. .
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

 Method for preparing a polyester under specific esterification conditions patent thumbnailMethod for preparing a polyester under specific esterification conditions
A polyester including poly(ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate is prepared by esterification of a starting mixture including 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid and ethylene glycol to form an ester composition, and by subjecting the ester composition thus obtained to polycondensation at reduced pressure in the presence of a polycondensation catalyst to obtain a polycondensate. The mixture is reacted under conditions such that the esterification potential as defined by esterification potential (espo)=(mr−1)2*ph2o(t), where mr represents the molar ratio of ethylene glycol over 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid, mr being greater than 1; ph2o(t) represents the pure component vapor pressure (in bar) of water at temperature t, which is the final reaction temperature in the esterification mixture before the pressure is reduced to effect the polycondensation, is less than 0.8..
Furanix Technologies B.v.

 Low-temperature, forced-convection, steam-heating of nuts patent thumbnailLow-temperature, forced-convection, steam-heating of nuts
Apparatus and methods for heat-treating almonds and other nuts and food products with steam at atmospheric pressure. The amount of condensation on and the consequent water uptake of almonds is limited by heating the almonds in a low-temperature gaseous atmosphere including a steam mixture and forming a forced-convection path through the almonds.
Laitram, L.l.c.

 Nuclear localization of src-family tyrosine kinases is required for growth factor-induced euchromatinization patent thumbnailNuclear localization of src-family tyrosine kinases is required for growth factor-induced euchromatinization
A method for quantitatively evaluating chromatin structural changes using pixel imaging of the nucleus is provided. Pixel imaging of the nucleus can include capturing one or more images of a nucleus of one or more nucleic acid stain treated cells.
National University Corporation Chiba University

Process for preparing polyamines

The present invention relates to a process for preparing polyamines having a mean molecular weight of ≧203 g/mol, in which the deviation from the mean molecular weight per ° c. Of change in the reaction temperature is <19% of the mean molecular weight, by polycondensation of diamines in the liquid phase in the presence of heterogeneous catalysts based on transition metals of the eighth to eleventh transition groups of the periodic table of the elements and hydrogen at temperatures of 100 to 250° c.
Basf Se

Polyester and preparing such a polyester

A polyester, including ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate units, has an intrinsic viscosity of at least 0.45 d l/g, and has a relative content of carboxylic acid end groups, expressed as the fraction of the molar amount of carboxylic acid end groups divided by the sum of the molar amounts of hydroxyl end groups and carboxylic acid end groups in the range of 0.10 to 0.70. The polyester can be prepared with a method wherein a starting mixture comprising 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid and ethylene glycol is subjected to esterification and subsequent polycondensation at reduced pressure when the molar ratio of 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid to ethylene glycol in the starting mixture is 1:1.01 to 1:1.15, where water, that is formed during the reaction between 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid and ethylene glycol, and some ethylene glycol are removed in a distillation system, and where ethylene glycol that is removed with water, is separated from water and at least partly recycled..
Furanix Technologies B.v.

Respiratory tee piece

A tee piece that functions as device to direct dual, alternating respiratory therapies to a patient. It has a centrally located low pressure actuated one way valve that connects the inhalation and exhalation paths to the specific therapy devices.
Medica Holdings Llc

Image forming apparatus and dehumidifying method

An image forming apparatus for forming images to a medium, includes an apparatus housing; a temperature detection unit for detecting a temperature of a surrounding of the apparatus housing; a dehumidifying unit for dehumidifying an interior surrounded by the apparatus housing; and a dehumidifying decision unit for operating the dehumidifying unit based on a change of the detected temperature at the temperature detection unit, to certainly remove dew condensation. .
Oki Data Corporation

Laser apparatus having temperature control function for maintenance work

A laser apparatus able to prevent the formation of condensation at the time of maintenance work. The laser apparatus includes a housing having an openable sealed structure, an optical system set inside the housing, a temperature regulation mechanism maintaining the optical system at a predetermined temperature, and a preparatory step controller controlling a preparatory step performed before opening the housing.
Fanuc Corporation

Vapor chamber

A vapor chamber includes a condensation board and an evaporation board. The evaporation board includes an evaporation surface.
Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

Room temperature crosslinked type halogen-free flame retardant resin composition, and preparing the same

Provided are a room temperature crosslinked type halogen-free flame retardant resin composition and a method of preparing the same. Specifically, a room temperature crosslinked type halogen-free flame retardant resin composition according to the present invention including a polyethylene resin, a olefin-based elastomer, a metal hydroxy compound, a radical initiator, a crosslinked type alkoxysilane-based compound, a condensation catalyst of the crosslinked type alkoxysilane-based compound, and one or more crosslinking aids selected from the group consisting of an aliphatic acid and an aliphatic acid metal salt, and a method of preparing the same are provided.
Dym Solution Co., Ltd.

System for facilitating cloud formation and cloud precipitation

A system for facilitating cloud formation and cloud precipitation includes a controller and a beam emitter that is responsive to the controller. The beam emitter is configured to emit a beam to form charged particles within an atmospheric zone containing water vapor.
Elwha Llc

Devices including high percentage sige fins formed at a tight pitch and methods of manufacturing same

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device comprises forming a plurality of silicon fins on a substrate, wherein the plurality of silicon fins are spaced apart from each other at a pitch and formed to a height in a direction perpendicular to a top surface of the substrate, forming a nitride layer between each of adjacent silicon fins and on lateral surfaces of each of the silicon fins, removing a portion of each of the silicon fins to reduce the height of the silicon fins, epitaxially growing a silicon germanium (sige) layer on the remaining portion of each of the silicon fins, performing a top-down condensation process on the epitaxially grown sige layers to form an oxide layer and an sige fin under the oxide layer in place of each epitaxially grown sige layer and the remaining portion of each silicon fin, and removing the oxide layers and nitride layers.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Electronic device and manufacturing the same

An electronic device is disclosed, which comprises: a first substrate; an adhesion layer disposed on the first substrate and comprising a condensation product of silane or derivatives thereof; an inorganic layer disposed on the adhesion layer; and an active unit disposed on the inorganic layer. In addition, the present disclosure also provides a method for manufacturing the aforementioned electronic device..
Innolux Corporation

Gas sensors with structure to resist signal losses due to condensation

Embodiments of the disclosure relate to capillary controlled gas sensors comprising a top cap assembly, wherein the top cap assembly is operable to reduce the effects of condensation and pressure changes on the effectiveness of the gas sensor. The top cap assembly comprises a capillary controlled gas flow path, a bulk flow control assembly, and a raised boss surrounded by a moat..
Honeywell International Inc.

Highly reflective surface profile measurement system with air condensation and method thereof

The present disclosure provides a system and a method thereof for measuring highly reflective surface profile with air condensation. The method, suitable for measuring an article's shiny surface, includes the following steps: reducing the temperature of the air surrounding the article; performing an optical scanning toward the article's surface as to get a photoelectric signal; and processing the signal..
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Method and device for precooling a cryostat

A method is provided for precooling a cryostat having a hollow cold head turret into which a neck tube protrudes and connects an object to be cooled to the exterior of the cryostat, wherein a cold head having a cold head stage for cooling a cryogenic working medium may be introduced into the neck tube. During a condensation operation the cryogenic working medium flows through a heat pipe into an evaporator chamber which is thermally conductively connected to the object to be cooled.
Bruker Biospin Gmbh

Method and system to reduce charge air cooler condensation

Methods and systems for operating an engine that includes a compressor and charge air cooler are disclosed. In one example, air flow through the charge air cooler is increased in response to condensation accumulating in the charge air cooler without increasing engine torque.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Can pretreatment for improved coat adhesion

The invention relates to use of an aqueous composition for pretreating can body stock, whereby an inorganic-organic conversion layer is formed, which effects outstanding sliding behavior of the shaped can body stock and in addition offers an outstanding holding primer for subsequent coating. The invention comprises a process in which can body stock which is deep-drawn to form a half-open can cylinder, before further shaping processes, is contacted with an acidic aqueous composition which contains water-soluble inorganic compounds of zr, ti, si, hf or ce, water-soluble polymers having carboxyl groups or hydroxyl groups and also a dispersed wax.
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Process for recovering olefins from manufacturing operations

A process for treating an effluent gas stream arising from a manufacturing operation that produces an olefin or an olefin derivative to recover unreacted olefin. The process involves compressing the effluent gas stream, which comprises an olefin, a paraffin, and a third gas, to produce a first compressed stream, then directing the first compressed stream to a membrane separation pretreatment step.
Membrane Technology And Research, Inc.

Molecularly tunable heterogeneous catalysts by edge functionalization of graphitic carbons

Disclosed are surface immobilized (electro)catalysts that may be prepared by a condensation reaction that generates an aromatic unit that is robust to acid and base and elevated temperatures. Among their many desirable characteristics, the catalysts are far less prone to the bimolecular deactivation pathways commonly observed for homogeneous catalysts, and may be used in solvents with a range of polarities and dielectric strengths.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Air sensor with downstream facing ingress to prevent condensation

An air flow sensor is provided with an opening facing downstream and having a thin downstream facing edge to prevent condensation or buildup of moisture thereon. The sensor has been found to reduce entrainment of particles in a mixed phase stream.
National Research Council Of Canada

Managing condensation with angled fluid control features

An article comprises a structure having an outer surface extending along a longitudinal axis. At least a portion of a cross section of the outer surface is convex.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Drain flushing system

A drain flushing system includes an hvac unit. A drain is coupled to the hvac unit such that the drain line may drain condensation from the hvac unit.

Stiffened frame supported panel

Frame supported panels with an increased load carrying capacity derived from inducing newly discovered conditions on panels made from weaker, lighter and thinner materials. The fixed/continuous/dropped condition can increase a panel's load capacity many times based on the panel's interaction with frame members.

Coating composition, making the coating and use thereof

A curable coating composition and the use, especially in heat exchangers, for heating and/or cooling water, in particular tap water, is described. The curable coating comprises, based on solids after curing, 35-80% by weight of an epoxysilane according to the general structure 1 and/or its hydrolysation and/or condensation products, 1: r1r2asir3b with r1 being 3-glycidyloxypropyl, r2 being methyl, r3 being alkyloxy or acyloxy, a being 0, 1 or 2 and b being 3−a and 20-65% by weight of a blocked polyisocyanate and optionally further components.
Teknologisk Institut

Method for coating a flexible support with a silicone composition

The present invention concerns a method for coating a textile material with a silicone elastomer composition crosslinkable by condensation reactions, to produce a solid silicone elastomer, optionally in a thin layer, on a flexible support that can be made from a textile material, paper, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, polyethylene, polyurethane, non-woven glass fibre fabric or polyethylene terephthalate.. .
Bluestar Silicones France Sas

Resin produced by polycondensation, and resin composition

According to one embodiment, a polyester resin is provided, which includes a structural unit derived from a compound represented by general formula (1), a structural unit derived from a compound represented by general formula (2), and a structural unit derived from a dicarboxylic acid or a derivative thereof.. .
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

Preparation of high molecular weight polymers by direct arylation and heteroarylation

A method for preparing polymers by direct heteroarylation or arylation polycondensation is described herein. The method includes preparing a reaction mixture including at least a monomer to be polymerized, a catalyst and a ligand; heating the reaction mixture; and, optionally, end-capping the reaction mixture..
Universite Laval

Biorefining compounds and organocatalytic upgrading methods

The invention provides new methods for the direct umpolung self-condensation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (hmf) by organocatalysis, thereby upgrading the readily available substrate into 5,5′-di(hydroxymethyl) furoin (dhmf). While many efficient catalyst systems have been developed for conversion of plant biomass resources into hmf, the invention now provides methods to convert such nonfood biomass directly into dhmf by a simple process as described herein.
Colorado State University Research Foundation

Polycondensation product based on aromatic compounds, the preparation and use thereof

Proposed is a polycondensation product comprising as monomer components at least one aryl polyoxyalkylene ether, at least one vicinally disubstituted aromatic compound, at least one aldehyde and also optionally further aromatic compounds; processes for preparing same, and also use thereof as dispersant for aqueous suspensions of inorganic binders and as grinding assistant for inorganic binders.. .
Construction Research & Technology, Gmbh

Grafted polymer surfaces for dropwise condensation, and associated methods of use and manufacture

Presented herein are articles and methods featuring substrates with thin, uniform polymeric films grafted (e.g., covalently bonded) thereupon. The resulting coating provides significant reductions in thermal resistance, drop shedding size, and degradation rate during dropwise condensation of steam compared to existing coatings.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Composite membrane with support comprising poly(phenylene ether) and amphilphilic polymer; making; and separation module thereof

A porous composite membrane includes a porous support layer of a poly(phenylene ether) or poly(phenylene ether) copolymer; and an amphiphilic copolymer having a hydrophobic block and a hydrophilic block or graft, wherein the hydrophobic block includes a polystyrene block, a poly(phenylene ether) block, or a poly(phenylene ether) copolymer block; and an ultrathin, cross-linked, water permeable layer, which is the reaction product of an electrophilic monomer and a nucleophilic monomer, in contact with a side of the porous support layer. The reaction product can be a polyamide that is the interfacial condensation product of: an aromatic, polyfunctional acyl halide comprising of 3 to 6 acyl halide groups per aromatic ring and an aromatic polyamine comprising at least two primary amine groups and a maximum number of primary amine groups that is less than or equal to the number of acyl halide groups on the polyfunctional acyl halide..
Sabic Global Technologies B.v.

Anionic drug-containing medical device

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a polymer gel that can increase drug content ratio and reduce undesirable influence on gel strength and shape stability after the drug release, compared with the conventional techniques. The purpose can be achieved by an anionic drug-containing medical device comprising: (1) an anionic drug; and (2) a copolymer which contains, as constituents, a cationic monomer comprising a condensation product of an alkyl quaternary ammonium compound having a substituted or unsubstituted aralkyl group and (meth)acrylic acid or a salt of the condensation product and a monomer capable of copolymerizing with the condensation product or the salt of the condensation product..
Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Method for operating a chiller

A method of operating a chiller having a closed refrigerant loop including a compressor, a condenser and an evaporator. The refrigerant used in the loop defining a pressure-enthalpy curve representative of different phases (vapor, liquid and vapor, and liquid) of the refrigerant at different combinations of pressure and enthalpy.
Johnson Controls Technology Company

Humidity detection device

The purpose of the present invention is to reduce a load of preventing dew condensation, and to provide a highly reliable humidity detection device. In order to achieve the purpose, this humidity detection device is provided with: a humidity sensor having a humidity detection unit and a temperature detection unit; a heating resistor that heats the humidity sensor; and a heating control unit that controls a heating temperature of the heating resistor.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Method and the selective deposition of epitaxial germanium stressor alloys

A method and apparatus for forming heterojunction stressor layers is described. A germanium precursor and a metal precursor are provided to a chamber, and an epitaxial layer of germanium-metal alloy formed on the substrate.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Incubation and detection device

The incubation and detection device includes a heater, a detection surface with at least one receptacle including a growth medium, and a detection system. There is also a system for preventing the formation of condensation in the receptacle, which includes a temperature-control formed by temperature sensors, heaters, coolers, and management device capable of collecting and analyzing the information collected by the sensor and controlling the heater and cooler so as to generate the desired incubation temperature and permanently apply a temperature gradient to the surface of the receptacle..

Room-temperature-curable silicone rubber composition, the use thereof, and repairing electronic device

A room-temperature-curable silicone rubber composition which exhibits good adhesion to a substrate contacted during curing and which forms a silicone rubber cured product that can be efficiently peeled is disclosed. The room-temperature-curable silicone rubber composition comprises: (a) an organopolysiloxane having in each molecule at least two specified alkoxysilyl-containing groups on silicon atoms in the molecular chain, (b) a diorganodialkoxysilane or partially hydrolyzed condensate thereof, and (c) a condensation-reaction catalyst..
Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd.

Thermoplastic composite material made from a semi-crystalline polyamide and manufacturing same

A composition for a thermoplastic composite material, wherein said matrix thermoplastic polymer is a semi-crystalline polyamide polymer including amide units z, 10t and 6t; wherein z corresponds to an amide unit resulting from the condensation of at least one lactam or at least one c6-c14 amino acid, from the condensation of a diamine and a diacid x.y, x and y being at c4-c18, the molar rate of z being 0.0%<z≦30.0%; 10t is a majority amide unit resulting from the condensation of a c10 diamine and terephthalic acid, provided in a molar rate of 40.0% to 95.0%; and 6t is an amide unit resulting from the condensation of a c6 diamine and terephthalic acid, provided in a molar rate of 5.0% to 60.0%.. .
Arkema France

Polyisoidide furanoate thermoplastic polyesters and copolyesters and a use thereof in hot fill packaging

Semi-crystalline polyesters from isoidide and 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid are disclosed, as well as semi-crystalline copolyesters from isoidide and a minor amount of either 1,4-butanediol or 2,3-butanediol with 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid, together with processes for making high molecular weight materials by melt polymerization providing a semi-crystalline polymer then performing solid state condensation on the semi-crystalline polymer.. .
Stichting Dienst Lanbouwkundig Onderzoek

Method for extracting active principles from antrodia camphorata

A method for extracting active principles from fruiting bodies of antrodia camphorata comprises the steps of: extracting fruiting bodies of antrodia camphorata with hot water to obtain extracts hw, and thus extraction residues (residues hw) are remained; extracting the residues hw by a fractional distillation to obtain extracts fd, and thus extraction residues (residues fd) are remained; extracting the residues fd by immersing with a low polar solvent to obtain extracts lps, and thus extraction residues (residues lps) are remained; extracting the residues lps through a cryo-condensation process to obtain extracts iew, and thus extraction residues (residues iew) are remained; extracting the residues iew through a scf by using co2 as a solvent to obtain extracts scf, and thus extraction residues (residues scf) are remained; and forming a mixture by mixing one or more extracts selected from the group consisting of extracts hw, fd, lps, iew, and scf.. .
Ma Shen Kai Ruei Co., Ltd.

Methods for producing electrochromic films by low temperature condensation of polyoxometalates

Described are electrochromic films produced by low temperature condensation of polyoxometalates and applications thereof. A method of producing an electrochromic film includes depositing a polyoxometalate (pom) solution on a substrate to form a pom film.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Additive manufacturing an avionic equipment

Manufacturing method by addition for at least one part of a piece of aeronautic equipment intended to equip an aircraft, the equipment piece including at least one part intended to be arranged at a skin of the aircraft and heating elements for that part, which include a thermodynamic loop including a closed circuit at least partially integrated, in which a heat transfer fluid circulates, the closed circuit including an evaporator and a zone in which condensation of the heat transfer fluid can occur in the appendage to heat it, outside the evaporator, the circuit being formed by a tubular channel with an empty section at least partially integral with the equipment piece, at least the part of the equipment piece arranged outside the aircraft is made by additive manufacturing and includes a base for fastening on the skin of the aircraft from which support elements for a pitot tube extend.. .

Throttle device

A throttle device to decompress a refrigerant and to deliver the refrigerant to an evaporator, may have an opening level of a needle valve controlled following a condensation pressure. Inside a case including a primary chamber connected to the condenser and a secondary chamber connected to the evaporator, a valve seat formed with a port and a guide integral to the valve seat are provided.
Kabushiki Kaisha Saginomiya Seisakusho

Wall mounted receiver

This invention presents a wall mounted receiver to accommodate insulated or non-insulated pipes and at least one inlet or portal for at least one pipe conduit or wiring per portal and with a high degree of flexibility and unique mechanical connection security; this receiver is arranged to receive the piping from any directional angle with a unique flexible inlet capability; without limitation, this receiver is for use with refrigeration or air conditioning equipment and related connections, such as insulated pipes, non-insulated pipes, condensation piping, conduit and wiring. The receiver can be mounted to different wall surface types without the assistance of a wall bracket; can also be fit into tight space service areas depending on refrigeration equipment requirements; can be installed in new construction applications; and can also upgrade existing installations without the need to cut the existing piping..

Device and recognizing leaks in closed circular processes

The invention relates to a method for detecting a leak in a thermodynamic cycle device with a condenser for condensing vaporous working medium, comprising the following steps: determining sub-cooling of the working medium in the condenser, wherein sub-cooling is determined as a difference between a condensation temperature in the condenser and a temperature of a liquid working medium exiting the condenser; detecting a leak in the event that the sub-cooling determined differs from a setpoint value for the sub-cooling or in the event that a filling quantity of the working medium in the thermodynamic cycle device, being determined from the determined sub-cooling, differs from a setpoint value for the filling quantity. The invention further relates to a corresponding computer program product and to a corresponding device..
Orcan Energy Ag

Erosion and corrosion resistant protective coatings for turbomachinery

An erosion and corrosion resistant protective coating for turbomachinery application includes at least one ceramic or metal-ceramic coating segment deposited on surface of a conductive metal substrate subjected to a pre-deposition treatment by at least blasting to provide the surface with texture. The erosion and corrosion resistant coating has a plurality of dome-like structures with dome width between in range from about 0.01 μm to about 30 μm.

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