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Facilitating in-device coexistence between wireless communication technologies

Presenting a view within a three dimensional scene

Methods and systems for allocating resources in a wireless network

Date/App# patent app List of recent Concurrent-related patents
 Mobile telecommunications apparatus for receiving and displaying more than one service patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile telecommunications apparatus for receiving and displaying more than one service
Mobile telecommunications apparatus has a receiver for receiving concurrently a plurality of broadcast services containing image data content, and a display device with a display area operable to display an image corresponding to the content of at least one of the services in a first mode in which the content one of the channels is displayed for normal viewing, and a second mode in which the content of more than one of the services is displayed. A mosaic of images may be displayed from which one may be selected for full screen viewing in the first mode.
 System and method for using a sequencer in a concurrent priority queue patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for using a sequencer in a concurrent priority queue
A system and method can support a concurrent priority queue. The concurrent priority queue allows a plurality of threads to interact with the priority queue.
 Executing an operating system on processors having different instruction set architectures patent thumbnailnew patent Executing an operating system on processors having different instruction set architectures
An apparatus includes a first processor having a first instruction set and a second processor having a second instruction set that is different than the first instruction set. The apparatus also includes a memory storing at least a portion of an operating system.
 Method and apparatus for game physics concurrent computations patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for game physics concurrent computations
An apparatus for physical properties computation comprising an array processor. The array processor comprises of a plurality of processing elements, said processing elements arranged in a grid.
 Methods and systems for providing supplemental data patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems for providing supplemental data
Methods and systems for providing supplemental data are disclosed. An exemplary method can comprise determining content currently being consumed by a user, determining one or more user preferences for display of supplemental data, retrieving supplemental data according to the one or more user preferences, and providing the supplemental data to the user concurrently with the content currently being consumed..
 Method and equipment for measuring mass inertia of moving surfaces patent thumbnailnew patent Method and equipment for measuring mass inertia of moving surfaces
A method for measuring mass inertia of moving surfaces, comprising the steps of: (a) alignment of the center of gravity of an assembly (90) formed by the moving surface (50) and a support device (70) fastened to at least two joints (31, 32) in a rest position, this alignment comprising a reading in a comparing clock (40) and driving of an adjusting element arranged in the support device (70) for obtainment of a predetermined value in the comparing clock (40); (b) measurement of the static moment of assembly (mstatic) in an intermediate position through a dynamometer (60); (c) measurement of the oscillation period of assembly (t) in a pendulum position through an accelerometer arranged in the support device (70) and (d) reading of the static moment of assembly (mstatic) and that of oscillation period of assembly (t) and obtainment of the inertial moment of the moving surface (ihhsup)—an equipment (10) for measurement of mass inertia of moving surfaces, is further described, comprising: a structure (20) formed by first and second structural bodies (21, 22) concurrently, thus forming a free gap (23) for positioning of moving surfaces (50); the first structural body (21) comprising at least two joints (31, 32) fastened to its upper portion (211) and a comparing clock (40) arranged in its lower position (212); the structural body (22) comprising a dynamometer (60) positioned in an extension (25); and a support device (70) associated with at least two joints (31, 32) and in collaboration with a comparing clock (40) and the dynamometer (60).. .
 Compensation current optimization for cochlear implant systems patent thumbnailnew patent Compensation current optimization for cochlear implant systems
An exemplary system includes a sound processor configured to process one or more audio signals and an implantable cochlear stimulator configured to apply stimulation representative of the one or more audio signals to a patient via a plurality of electrodes. In some embodiments, the sound processor directs the implantable cochlear stimulator to 1) apply a main current to a first electrode included in the plurality of electrodes and associated with a first pitch, 2) concurrently apply, during the application of the main current, a compensation current to a second electrode included in the plurality of electrodes and associated with a second pitch that is lower than the first pitch, and 3) adjust the compensation current to result in a target pitch being presented to the patient, the target pitch being higher than the first pitch..
 Method of activation of oxazaphosphorines patent thumbnailnew patent Method of activation of oxazaphosphorines
The present invention provides a method of hydroxylating or oxidizing a compound of interest in a subject (e.g., a cytotoxic oxazaphosphorine prodrug), by administering the compound of interest to the subject; and concurrently administering the subject a metalloporphyrin in an amount effective to hydroxylate or oxidize the compound of interest in the subject.. .
 Facilitating in-device coexistence between wireless communication technologies patent thumbnailnew patent Facilitating in-device coexistence between wireless communication technologies
A method for facilitating in-device coexistence between wireless communication technologies on a wireless communication device is provided. The method can include transmitting data traffic from the wireless communication device via an aggressor wireless communication technology; determining occurrence of an in-device interference condition resulting from transmission of the data traffic via the aggressor wireless communication technology interfering with concurrent data reception by the wireless communication device via a victim wireless communication technology; and reducing a bit rate of the data traffic transmitted via the aggressor wireless communication technology in response to the in-device interference condition..
 Imaging the heterogeneous uptake of radiolabeled molecules in single living cells patent thumbnailnew patent Imaging the heterogeneous uptake of radiolabeled molecules in single living cells
A radioluminescence microscopy system and method for imaging the distribution of radiolabeled molecules in live cell cultures and tissue sections. Cells are grown and incubated with radiolabeled molecules on a scintillator plate or a scintillator plate is placed adjacent to the cells after incubation.
new patent Touch type keyboard with home row embedded cursor control
A touch-type keyboard having shifted functions accessed by a concurrent combination of multiple home row keys. Cursor control keys embedded in the home row of a touch-type keyboard.
new patent Wireless communication system with interference cancellation mechanism and method of operation thereof
A method of operation of a wireless communication system includes: processing a received signal; calculating filter weights, by a filter weights estimation module, from the received signal; generating a corrected sequence, through a widely linear-single antenna interference cancellation (wl-saic) module, by applying the filter weights; calculating a channel estimation concurrently with the corrected sequence; and generating an adjusted data by an output equalizer including applying the channel estimation to the corrected sequence.. .
new patent Methods and systems for allocating resources in a wireless network
Methods and systems for allocating resources in a wireless network are described. In one implementation, a wireless network is utilized by at least a first radio and a second radio.
new patent Communication method and communications apparatus
A communication method includes performing, by a processor, digital processing for radio communication by multiple communication schemes; combining based on an actual communication state and within a processing capability of the processor, one or more among the communication schemes; and performing concurrent communication.. .
new patent Integrated multi-channel analog front end and digitizer for high speed imaging applications
A module for high speed image processing includes an image sensor for generating a plurality of analog outputs representing an image and a plurality of hdds for concurrently processing the plurality of analog outputs. Each hdd is an integrated circuit configured to process in parallel a predetermined set of the analog outputs.
new patent Matrix testing targets
An example system for testing camera modules includes: a structure for holding camera modules under test, where each of the camera modules includes an image sensor, and where the camera modules are arranged in a same plane on the structure and offset from each other in the plane; and a target for use in testing the camera modules concurrently, where the target includes multiple tiles that are repeated, where each tile contains information for use in testing a camera module, and where the camera modules and the tiles are arranged so that different camera modules face different tiles but see at least some of the same information at the same angle.. .
new patent Presenting a view within a three dimensional scene
Presenting a view based on a virtual viewpoint in a three dimensional (3d) scene. The 3d scene may be presented by at least one display, which includes displaying at least one stereoscopic image of the 3d scene by the display(s).
new patent Downhole electromagnetic and mud pulse telemetry apparatus
A measurement-while-drilling (mwd) telemetry system comprises a downhole mwd telemetry tool comprising a mud pulse (mp) telemetry unit and an electromagnetic (em) telemetry unit. The mwd telemetry tool can be configured to transmit data in an em-only telemetry mode using only the em telemetry unit, in an mp-only mode using only the mp telemetry unit, or in a concurrent telemetry mode using both the em and mp telemetry units concurrently.
new patent Inductive power transmission system and method for concurrently transmitting digital messages
An inductive power receiver including a resonant circuit, a rectifier, a rectified current sense, and a communication and control unit includes a communications modulator and at least one signal generator operable to generate a set of communication signals including a series of pulses generated at characteristic frequencies. Communication signals provide instructions for an inductive power outlet to regulate power transfer to the inductive power receiver..
new patent Power delivery to a moving unit
Power delivery of an image modality system for transferring power from a transmission unit (e.g., stationary unit) to a reception unit (e.g., a moving and/or rotating unit). A modulated electric signal comprising at least two modulated characteristics (e.g., such as amplitude and frequency) is configured to (e.g., concurrently) supply power to both high voltage and lower voltage components (216, 222) of the reception unit.
new patent Embedded sonos based memory cells
Memory cells including embedded sonos based non-volatile memory (nvm) and mos transistors and methods of forming the same are described. Generally, the method includes: forming a dielectric stack on a substrate, the dielectric stack including a tunneling dielectric on the substrate and a charge-trapping layer on the tunneling dielectric; patterning the dielectric stack to form a gate stack of a nvm transistor of a memory device in a first region of the substrate while concurrently removing the dielectric stack from a second region of the substrate; and performing a gate oxidation process of a baseline cmos process flow to thermally grow a gate oxide of a mos transistor overlying the substrate in the second region while concurrently growing a blocking oxide overlying the charge-trapping layer.
new patent Locking assembly for electronic tablet and other devices
A method for securing a portable electronic device having a housing to a substantially immovable object utilizing a locking assembly having a security rod or spike formed with an anchoring end separated axially by a protruding end, a locking device with an internal locking mechanism and a cable permanently attached to the locking device at one end, includes several steps. The steps include securely fixing the anchoring end of the security rod or spike to the portable electronic device upon or through the housing, attaching an other end of the cable to the substantially immovable object and inserting the protruding end of the security rod into an opening in the locking device to actuate the internal locking mechanism and lock the locking device to the captive security rod.
new patent Apparatus for forming a frozen liquid product
An apparatus for forming a frozen liquid product into a predetermined shape, such as a spherical or ball-shape, includes a body (or “housing”) comprising first and second sections relatively disposable into an open or closed orientation, through connection by an attachment assembly. A securing structure is associated with the attachment assembly and operative to maintain the first and second sections in the closed orientation concurrently to the securing structure being disposed in fluid sealing disposition to a hollow interior of the body.
Method and apparatus for inter-widget communication
Various methods are provided for facilitating inter-widget communications. One example method may include receiving a message from a first widget of a plurality of widgets for storage in a data file.
Token-based adaptive task management for virtual machines
Embodiments perform adaptive throttling of tasks into a virtual datacenter having dynamically changing resources. Tasks are processed concurrently in batches.
Application programming interfaces for data parallel computing on multiple processors
A method and an apparatus for a parallel computing program calling apis (application programming interfaces) in a host processor to perform a data processing task in parallel among compute units are described. The compute units are coupled to the host processor including central processing units (cpus) and graphic processing units (gpus).
Look-up based fast logic synthesis
Systems and techniques are described for performing circuit synthesis. Some embodiments create a lookup table based on information contained in a cell library.
Managing application states in an interactive media environment
Applications are managed in an interactive media environment by the creation of a logical model for the lifetime of an application. The model is applicable to concurrently and/or consecutively running applications and governs the creation of applications, manipulation of applications by other applications, resource consumption, visibility of an application to a user, and application shutdown in the interactive media environment using the construct of application “state.” a set of booleans flags is utilized and unique combinations of elements in the boolean flag set define a plurality of application states.
Using shared pins in a concurrent test execution environment
A method for using shared pins in a concurrent test execution environment is disclosed. The method relates to scheduling tests in concurrently executing test flows for automated test equipment (ate) in a way so that resources can be shared between the test flows.
Apparatus and method of a concurrent data transfer of multiple regions of interest (roi) in an simd processor system
This present invention provides a fast data transfer for a concurrent transfer of multiple roi areas between an internal memory array and a single memory where each pe can specify the parameter set for the area to be transferred independently from the other pe. For example, for a read transfer, the requests are generated in a way that first the first element of each roi area is requested from the single memory for each pe before the following elements of each roi area are requested.
Information distribution device and information distribution method
An information distribution device includes a first communication unit, a second communication unit, and a control unit. The first communication unit transmits trial content to a terminal device by wireless communication.
Executing continuous event processing (cep) queries in parallel
A continuous event processing (cep) query processor determines how and when a cep query can be processed in a concurrent manner, such that multiple threads of execution can concurrently perform at least some of the cep query's operations concurrently with each other. According to one technique, a user can instruct a cep query processor to attempt to execute a cep query in a concurrent manner.
Evolving metadata
Described herein are techniques related to inferring context information for a piece of content. A client context agent infers the context information by associating the piece of content with information in the computing environment.
Sql execution plan verification
Approaches, techniques, and mechanisms are disclosed for ensuring that a database command is executed according to a query plan that has been verified to be actually optimal. Except in rare circumstances, a database server does not execute a query plan unless it is first verified by the database server.
Data seeding optimization for database replication
Streaming database replication is provided by merging a stream of user transactions with a stream of copy transactions comprising copy data into a combined stream on a source. A target receives a single stream that includes copy transaction and concurrent user transactions in an order that enables conflicts between data being copied and user transactions to be handled correctly.
Communication apparatus
In an agent function, when a character image in motion is displayed, a number of the character images to be displayed is changed, depending on whether or not a speech utterance of a user is being received. In other words, during receipt the speech utterance of the user, the communication apparatus sends the character images to the vehicle-mounted apparatus at a first reduced frequency.
Aerial display system with floating pixels
A system for performing an aerial display. The system includes a plurality of uavs each including a propulsion device and a display payload, and the system includes a ground station system with a processor executing a fleet manager module and memory storing a different flight plan and a set of display controls for the uavs.
Transcatheter valve prosthesis and a concurrently delivered sealing component
A method of preventing paravalvular leakage includes concurrent delivery of a heart valve prosthesis and an annular sealing component. During delivery, the sealing component is moved from a first position to a second position of the heart valve prosthesis which is longitudinally spaced apart from the first position of the heart valve prosthesis.
Apparatus and method for aiding visualization and/or placing a landmark during a surgical procedure
An apparatus for aiding visualization of a prosthetic implant and concurrently landmarking a patient tissue includes a center post having proximal and distal post ends longitudinally separated by a post body. The post body defines a post axis coaxially therewith.
Controlling uplink transmit power in a plurality of basestations
A method for controlling uplink transmit power for a plurality of basestations in a mobile communications network is disclosed. The basestations may form a second layer within the network, and the network may comprise another plurality of basestations forming a first layer.
System for co-clustering of student assessment data
A system and method for making use of formative assessment data collected is disclosed that identifies clusters of students and concurrently determines the characteristics of the student clusters. A decomposition of the data is performed with spectral theories of graphs and fuzzy logic algorithms to identify the clusters of students, clusters of assessment data and relationships between them.
Video analysis assisted generation of multi-channel audio data
In general, techniques are described for capturing multi-channel audio data. A device comprising one or more processors may be configured to implement the techniques.
Method and apparatus for video decoding using multi-core processor
A method and apparatus for deblocking process using multiple processing units are disclosed. The video image is divided into at least two regions.
System and method for testing multiple data packet signal transceivers concurrently
A system and method for testing multiple data packet signal transceivers concurrently in which scalar and vector signal testing are separated. Concurrent testing of scalar signal characteristics of multiple data packet signals from the data packet signal transceivers can be performed while also performing testing of vector signal characteristics of portions of each of the multiple data packet signals, thereby requiring less test time for performing all desired signal tests..
Two dimensional magnetic sensor immune to skew angle misalignment
Apparatus for two dimensional data reading. In accordance with some embodiments, a magnetic read element has a plurality of read sensors positioned symmetrically about a pivot point with at least two of the read sensors configured to concurrently read two dimensional user data while being immune to skew angle misalignment..
Firing actuator power supply system
A method and apparatus supply electrical current to a firing actuator of a printhead die across a high side switching transistor in a source follower arrangement and supply a regulated voltage, that is no greater than a concurrent voltage at a drain of the hss transistor, to a gate of the high side switching transistor.. .
Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing concurrently open software applications
An electronic device detects a gesture on a touch-sensitive display. In response to detecting the gesture on the touch-sensitive display, when the gesture is a first swipe gesture in a first direction, the device displays a plurality of open application icons that corresponds to at least some of a plurality of concurrently open applications.
Touch-based gestures modified by gyroscope and accelerometer
A mobile device including a touchscreen display presents an image of a three-dimensional object. The display can concurrently present a user interface element that can be in the form of a virtual button.
Built-in self-test methods, circuits and apparatus for concurrent test of rf modules with a dynamically configurable test structure
A testable integrated circuit chip (80, 100) includes a functional circuit (80) having modules (ip.i), a storage circuit (110) operable to hold a table representing sets of compatible tests that are compatible for concurrence, and an on-chip test controller (140, 150) coupled with said storage circuit (110) and with said functional circuit modules (ip.i), said test controller (140, 150) operable to dynamically schedule and trigger the tests in those sets, whereby promoting concurrent execution of tests in said functional circuit modules (ip.i). Other circuits, wireless chips, systems, and processes of operation and processes of manufacture are disclosed..
Work bench including a vise
A work bench including a frame and a table surface connected to the frame. The table surface includes first and second table surface members.
Aerial display system with marionettes articulated and supported by airborne devices
A system for performing an aerial display. The system includes a plurality of unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and a ground control system with a processor executing a fleet manager module and with memory storing a different flight plan for each of the uavs.
Mixing device with tangential inlets for two-phase concurrent vessels
A mixing device for mixing concurrently-flowing streams of vapor and liquid in a vessel contains flow baffles forming a tangential inlet orifice through which the liquid and vapor streams flow at high flow velocity and in a tangential direction into a swirl box. The high momentum of the streams in the inlet orifice, the tangential direction of the streams, and the large distance between the inlet orifice and the vessel centerline, result in a violent swirling flow and a large number of fluid rotations in the swirl box, thereby thoroughly mixing the streams entering through the inlet orifice.
Multifunction multimedia device
A method for interpreting messages, user-defined alert conditions, voice commands and performing an action in response is described. A method for annotating media content is described.
Methods, systems, and devices for real time execution and optimization of concurrent test protocols on a single device
Provided herein are medical testing devices, systems, and methods that integrate multiplex, multi-technology, multi-configuration, multisample, or multi-threading capabilities. These capabilities are achieved using one or more of a level operations and communications architecture, a protocol execution engine, and a machine vision and processing system, method, or device in order to make testing of biologic or other samples more efficient in terms of cost, time, energy, or by prioritizing at least one other objective..
Method and apparatus for clock and data recovery
A multi-link input/output (i/o) interface uses both feed-forward and feedback signaling to reduce the impact of noise on data capture at a memory controller. To transfer data from a source module to a destination module, a defined pattern is communicated from the memory module along a master channel concurrent with the memory module providing data via one or more slave channels.
Automated detection of a system anomaly
A method for automated detection of a real it system problem may include obtaining monitor measurements of metrics associated with activities of a plurality of configuration items of the it system. The method may also include detecting anomalies in the monitor measurements.
Concurrent memory operations
Subject matter disclosed herein relates to performing concurrent memory operations.. .
Storing and retrieving objects on a computer network in a distributed database
Further preferred embodiments of the present invention include methods directed to (a) active data structures, (b) mobile devices, (c) ad-hoc device collections, and (d) concurrent massively parallel supercomputers. Therein, a distributed, object-oriented database engine utilizing independent, intelligent processing nodes as a cooperative, massively parallel system with redundancy and fault tolerance.
Enhanced shared screen experiences for concurrent users
In one embodiment, a group of two or more individuals may be identified. A group profile associated with the group of two or more individuals may be obtained.
Comprehensive measurement of the opportunity to see online advertisements
A method, apparatus, system, article of manufacture and computer program product provide the ability to determine the opportunity to see an online advertisement. Determinations are made regarding whether the advertisement is in a visible portion of a webpage, whether the advertisement is in an active tab of a web browser, and whether a browser window is visible.

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