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Concentrator patents

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Induction heating head

Solar concentration system using volume holograms

Date/App# patent app List of recent Concentrator-related patents
 Method for energy consumption monitoring and control and system therefrom patent thumbnailnew patent Method for energy consumption monitoring and control and system therefrom
The invention provides a method and system for managing energy consumption for efficient recording, monitoring, control of electricity or energy usage and payment collection for the same. The energy consumption recording method for managing energy consumption multiple host users, comprises steps for collating electricity meter data from each meter associated with the each host user, through a data concentrator unit, wherein the data concentrator unit comprises at least one sensor for each electricity source associated with the each meter.
 Process for the preparation of benzodithiophene compounds patent thumbnailnew patent Process for the preparation of benzodithiophene compounds
The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of benzodithiophene compounds which comprises reacting a derivative of 3,3′-bithiophene with at least one internal alkyne. Said benzodithiophene compounds can be suitably functionalized and polymerized to give electron-donor compounds which can be used in photovoltaic devices such as, for example, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules, solar cells, solar modules, on both rigid and flexible supports.
 A system and method for inferring schematic and topological properties of an electrical distribution grid patent thumbnailnew patent A system and method for inferring schematic and topological properties of an electrical distribution grid
A system and method for inferring schematic and topological properties of an electrical distribution grid is provided. The system may include remote hubs, subordinate remotes, a substation receiver, and an associated computing platform and concentrator.
 Sunny bright solar lighting patent thumbnailnew patent Sunny bright solar lighting
Sunny bright solar lighting is an easily mounted roof solar sunpipe that magnifies and concentrates the incoming sun light with an internally mounted and focused nonimaging fresnel lens paired with a kohler concentrator lens in order to magnify and concentrate the focused intense sun light onto a fiber optic illumination systems glass plate, used for solid core fiber optic lighting cables, and a bundle of seven 14 mm solid core endglow plastic fiber optic cables that carries only light waves in a visible light spectrum to seven different rooms that are up to thirty three feet away from the roof mounted sunny bright solar tube. Each fiber optic cable has an easily installed adjustable light aperture with diffuser on the end in order to dim or turn off each light independently this would allow sunny bright solar lighting to bring the suns light into any desired room during the day and at night the 110v led lighting array that is internally mounted in the sunny bright solar tube would replace the sunlight to continue lighting the seven different rooms..
 Light concentrator assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Light concentrator assembly
A light concentrator assembly includes a concentrator portion having multiple light concentrators. The light concentrator assembly concentrates light received from different parts of a light source, such as a light emitting diode, and outputs light beams that have an angular spectrum narrower than the light beam received from the light source.
 Induction heating head patent thumbnailnew patent Induction heating head
An induction heating system includes a power source and an induction head. The converter output is at a voltage that is not greater than the voltage applied to the coil.
 Solar concentration system using volume holograms patent thumbnailnew patent Solar concentration system using volume holograms
An electromagnetic wave concentrating system, comprising a photovoltaic material and at least one holographic concentrator. The holographic concentrator includes at least two stacked holographic optical elements (hoe).
 Concentrator photovoltaic module, concentrator photovoltaic panel, and flexible printed circuit for concentrator photovoltaic module patent thumbnailnew patent Concentrator photovoltaic module, concentrator photovoltaic panel, and flexible printed circuit for concentrator photovoltaic module
As a structure of a concentrator photovoltaic module, a ribbon-shaped flexible printed circuit is arranged along a bottom surface of a vessel-shaped housing. The flexible printed circuit includes a solar cell on a flexible substrate having flexibility, and furthermore, can also include a concentrating portion (a secondary concentrating portion) for concentrating incident sunlight onto the solar cell.
 Integrated modular unit including an analyte concentrator-microreactor device connected to a cartridge-cassette patent thumbnailIntegrated modular unit including an analyte concentrator-microreactor device connected to a cartridge-cassette
The present invention relates to an immunoaffinity device for capturing one or more analytes present at high or low concentrations in simple or complex matrices. The device is designed as an integrated modular unit and connected to capillary electrophoresis or liquid chromatography for the isolation, enrichment, separation and identification of polymeric macromolecules, primarily protein biomarkers.
 System and method to manage utility meter communications patent thumbnailSystem and method to manage utility meter communications
A method for managing communications within a network comprising utility meters, each associated and connected to at least one utility management center through at least one intermediate data concentrator. A message is sent by a utility meter to the destination data concentrator.
Portable oxygen concentrator with integrated manifold
Methods and system for concentrating oxygen include a plurality of sieve beds configured to absorb nitrogen from air, at least one reservoir configured to store oxygen-enriched gas exiting from the plurality of sieve beds, a compressor configured to deliver air at one or more desired pressures to the plurality of sieve beds, a support member positioned in housing and configured to support the compressor, the plurality of sieve beds and the reservoir, an air manifold providing a plurality of channels therein that at least partially define passages communicating between the compressor and the plurality of sieve beds, and an oxygen delivery manifold providing a plurality of channels therein that at least partially define passages for delivering the oxygen-enriched to a user. The air manifold and the oxygen delivery manifold are integrally formed with the support member..
Process for the preparation of benzohetero [1,3] - diazole compounds disubstituted with heteoaryl groups
Process for the preparation of a benzohetero[1,3]diazole compound disubstituted with heteroaryl groups which comprises reacting at least one benzohetero[1,3]diazole compound disubstituted with at least one heteroaryl compound. Said benzohetero[1,3]diazole compound disubstituted with heteroaryl groups can be advantageously used in the construction of luminescent solar concentrators (lsc).
Membrane concentrator
Apparatus for concentrating a nebulant comprising a nebulant flow conduit and a counter-flow conduit, or preferably, a plurality of alternating nebulant flow conduits and corresponding counter-flow conduits eg in layered or coaxial arrangement. And wherein at least a portion of the nebulant flow conduit and said counter-flow conduits define respective opposed sides of a gas permeable membrane.
Systems and methods for a nanoparticle photocatalyzed through-flow degradation reactor
A reactor system including a main reactor having a reaction vessel in operative communication with a solar concentrator for focusing sunlight onto the reaction vessel for providing waste management and removal is disclosed. The sunlight focused on the reactor vessel provides ultraviolet radiation that degrades organic pollutants within the reaction vessel and infrared radiation boils off the liquid within the reaction vessel, thereby allowing a steady state condition to be achieved in the reactor vessel.
Systems and methods for selectively producing steam from solar collectors and heaters for processes including enhanced oil recovery
Systems and methods for selectively producing steam from solar collectors and heaters, for processes including enhanced oil recovery, are disclosed herein. A system in accordance with a particular embodiment includes a water source, a solar collector that includes a collector inlet, a collector outlet, and a plurality of solar concentrators positioned to heat water passing from the collector inlet to the collector outlet, a fuel-fired heater, a steam outlet connected to an oil field injection well, and a water flow network coupled among the water source, the solar collector, the heater, and the steam outlet.
Oxygen concentrator with dynamic noise control
An oxygen concentrator an inlet opening configured to receive air. The concentrator also includes a compressor configured to pressurize the air received through the inlet opening.
Oxygen concentrator supply line oberpressure protection
A portable oxygen concentrator (10) including a reservoir (26) for storing oxygen-enriched gas and a delivery line (41) for delivering the oxygen-enriched gas from the reservoir to a subject. An oxygen delivery valve (36) communicates with the reservoir via the delivery line.
Reciprocating pump and oxygen concentrator
A reciprocating pump includes a motor having a motor shaft, four cylinders, four pistons disposed in the cylinders and reciprocated by the motor shaft, a casing accommodating the motor shaft, and eight ducts. The four cylinders are disposed at positions offset 90 degrees from each other about the motor shaft.
Gas collection and analysis system with front-end and back-end pre-concentrators and moisture removal
Embodiments of an apparatus including a front-end pre-concentrator module including an inlet, an outlet, and at least one valve to control flow through the inlet, the outlet, or both. The apparatus includes a back-end pre-concentrator module including an inlet, an outlet, and at least one valve to control flow through the inlet, the outlet, or both, and also includes a gas analysis module having an inlet and an outlet and including a gas chromatograph having an inlet and an outlet.
Wastewater processing systems for power plants and other industrial sources
Methods, systems, and/or apparatuses for treating wastewater produced at a thermoelectric power plant, other industrial plants, and/or other industrial sources are disclosed. The wastewater is directed through a wastewater concentrator including a direct contact adiabatic concentration system.
Pricing system and method for utility consumptions within a smart grid
A pricing method for utility consumptions of utility meters each connected to at least one management center through an intermediate data concentrator. The data concentrator receives, from each management center, at least a tariff table comprising at least one time interval and an associated pricing rate.
Arrangement and devices configured for carrying out optical absorption spectroscopy
An implantable fluorescent concentrator is configured to be inserted in vivo as a subcutaneous light source for optical absorption spectroscopy of surface-near tissue layers. As a result, certain and reliable results of the optical absorption spectroscopy are achievable.
Flexible handle assembly for a battery
A removable battery assembly is configured to provide electrical power to a device. The device may include, for example, an oxygen concentrator, a ventilator, a respiratory therapy device, an electromagnetic radiation therapy device, a nebulizer, and/or other devices.
Light concentrator or distributor
A light concentrator or distributor is provided, which includes a plurality of light conducting cells that are lined up in a transparent light conducting body. The light conducting cells are defined by boundary faces, which are produced within the light conducting body using laser radiation..
Solar concentrator for photovoltaic systems
A solar concentrator (1) having a longitudinal axis of extension (3) and a cross-section at right angles to the longitudinal axis substantially equal for a continuum of cross-sections, and comprising a reflective system (6) and a refractive system (7), the reflective system forming an optical inlet (8) and an optical outlet (9) and comprising two semi-portions positioned specularly relative to the plane of symmetry, where the cross-section profile of the refractive system is a triangle (11) having a base (12) at the optical outlet (9) and apex (13) on the axis of symmetry (5), where the cross-section profile of each semi-portion of the reflective system comprises a segment (18) in the shape of a parabola having an axis (20) forming with the axis of symmetry an acceptance angle (θ0) greater than zero and a focus (f) on the axis of symmetry, and where the focus falls inside the triangle.. .
Concentrating photovoltaic solar panel
The present invention relates to photovoltaic power systems, photovoltaic concentrator modules, and related methods. In particular, the present invention features concentrator modules having interior points of attachment for an articulating mechanism and/or an articulating mechanism that has a unique arrangement of chassis members so as to isolate bending, etc.
Steam or vapour condensing system
A steam or vapour condensing system (10) for use with radiant solar energy collecting apparatus (17) of the type having solar energy concentrators (20) and in which steam or vapour is generated for supply to a load such as to a steam turbine, the system (10) using the solar energy concentrators (20) to directly or indirectly radiate heat energy of exhaust steam or vapour from the load. The collecting apparatus (17) may float on a body of liquid (19) and heat energy of the exhaust steam or vapour is transferred to the body of liquid for example by being passed through a duct (23) in the body of liquid (19) and heat energy transferred to the body of liquid (19) is radiated by the concentrators (20)..
Hand-held adipose processor and cell concentrator
Devices and methods are provided for processing adipose tissue with a hand-held device. This device may include a processing chamber, a cannula, a vacuum source, a digestion area, and a product cell concentration chamber..
Urea production process characterized by short urea melt transportation time between last concentrator and prilling tower
The invention relates to a method for urea production and to a urea production plant wherein ammonia emission in the final step of forming urea prills is reduced. In the method, the concentration of a urea solution is performed in at least three consecutive concentration steps and the residence time of urea melt leaving a last concentrator to the prilling tower is minimised.
Apparatus for initializing perpendicular mram device
The present invention is directed to an apparatus for initializing perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction. The apparatus comprises a permanent magnet for generating a magnetic flux; a flux concentrator made of a soft ferromagnetic material and having a base area in contact with the permanent magnet and an tip area that is smaller than the base area, thereby funneling and concentrating the magnetic flux to the tip area for emitting a magnetic field therefrom; and a means for supporting and conveying a substrate with an arrays of magnetic tunnel junctions formed therein to traverse the magnetic field in close proximity to the tip area.
Solar plant
A solar plant enabling transformation of solar energy exploiting most of the solar spectrum with very efficient yields, including: at least one solar collector including a concentrator, configured to collect and concentrate solar radiation in the concentrator; a solar laser device to transform radiation received from the concentrators into laser radiation; a receiver and/or a solar reactor configured to receive radiation from the laser device and transform it into another form of energy; and can include flexible lightguides or plane mirrors to transport the radiation received from the laser device to the solar reactor and/or receiver, and photovoltaic cells interspersed among the collectors and laser devices to transform the concentrated radiation into electricity and allow radiation not transformed to pass to the laser devices.. .
Oxygen compressor with boost stage
An oxygen concentration and compression system includes an oxygen concentrator, a boost stage, a compressor, and a portable container. The boost stage receives oxygen enriched gas at a first pressure from the oxygen concentrator.
Planar solar concentrators using subwavelength gratings
Light concentration of order more than 10 times using sub-wavelength diffraction gratings integrated on top and bottom surface of a planar glass substrate is claimed. The invention discloses designing of subwavelength gratings, with period less than the wavelength of light, which can effectively guide the incoming solar radiation into the glass substrate.
Acoustically enhanced pet animal collar for health & vital signs monitoring, alert and diagnosis
An acoustically enhanced collar for monitoring vital signs of a pet animal, may comprise an elastic band having a working surface configured to wrap around a neck of a pet animal and an oppositely faced rear surface, at least one sensor element situated along a circumference of the band and configured to measure at least one bioparameter from the following bioparameters: temperature, heart rate, respiration rate, movement; at least one acoustic concentrator projecting as a bump toward the neck from the working surface on a first side of the at least one sensor element; at least one acoustic concentrator projecting as a bump toward the portion from the working surface on a second side of the at least one sensor element and acoustic balancers projecting from the rear surface at least partly behind the acoustic concentrators. Preferably, the acoustic concentrators and balancers have a base end having an “x” shape..
Variable optical density solar collector
The invention described here is a variable optical density solar collector optimized to be used in a nominally vertical orientation and in synergy with an adjacent, complementary solar concentrator.. .
Product gas concentrator utilizing vacuum swing adsorption and method associated therewith
Systems and methods associated with providing a concentrated product gas utilizing a vacuum swing adsorption process are provided. In one embodiment, the system includes first and second sieve beds, a scavenger pump, and a controller.
Solar energy air conditioning system with storage capability
The invention utilizes concentrated solar energy in a novel air conditioning system which includes storage capabilities. The refrigerant circuit “high” pressure side is comprised of multiple solar concentrators placed between two positive rotary valves.
Chemical reactors with annularly positioned delivery and removal devices, and associated systems and methods
Chemical reactors with annularly positioned delivery and removal devices, and associated systems and methods. A reactor in accordance with a particular embodiment includes a reactor vessel having a light-transmissible surface proximate to a reaction zone, and a movable reactant delivery system positioned within the reactor vessel.
Liquid to liquid biological particle concentrator
A rapid one-pass liquid filtration system efficiently concentrates biological particles that are suspended in liquid from a dilute feed suspension. A sample concentrate or retentate suspension is retained while eliminating the separated fluid in a separate flow stream.
Photovoltaic power generation system
A photovoltaic (pv) power generation system comprising an array of pv cell modules arranged in strings connected via secondary stage power efficiency optimizers to a central inverter is provided. In at least one of the strings, sunlight receiver assemblies (including the pv cells) of the pv cell modules are provided each with a corresponding primary stage or integrated power efficiency optimizer to adjust the output voltage and current of the pv cell.
Wideband light energy waveguide and detector
An electromagnetic energy concentrator uses a prism and waveguide with a gap layer of uniform thickness disposed between the prism and a first surface of waveguide. Energy detectors, which may be photovoltaics or miniaturized antenna elements are disposed adjacent to and co-extensive with a second surface of the waveguide.
Solar energy collection conduit
A solar energy collection conduit (10) comprising an optical concentrator (40) incorporated into an outer tube (30) having a sunlight-transmitting ceiling (32). The concentrator (40) focuses, guides, directs, and/or otherwise concentrates sunlight towards a pipe (50).
Solar concentrators, method of manufacturing and uses thereof
A solar concentrator comprising at least one rigid parabolic self-supporting solar collector comprising at least one parabolic reflector and at least one heat collector rigidly supported above a reflective surface of the parabolic reflector; and a positioning unit configured for positioning the solar collector into an operation position for reception of solar beams by the parabolic reflector, and into a rest position in which the reflective surface of said parabolic reflector and the heat collector are at least partly under cover of a back surface of the parabolic reflector.. .
Inductor systems using flux concentrator structures
An apparatus (e.g., an inductor system) includes an elongate magnetic core, at least one coil wrapped around the magnetic core and a spacer configured to separate an inner side of the at least one coil from the magnetic core to provide a coolant passage between the inner side of the at least one coil and the magnetic core. The apparatus further includes at least one flux concentrator body positioned on an outer side of the at least one coil and configured to concentrate a magnetic flux on the outer side of the at least one coil.
Gripping device
A gripper formed as a single component includes a hoop portion connecting facing arms. Each arm may have a tang end, a jaw end and a pivot intermediate the tang and jaw ends and be attached to the hoop portion at the pivot to be pivotable to change the size of a jaw opening defined by the jaw ends.
Concentrator filter
A method and an apparatus for separating suspended matter from liquid includes a concentrator filter that draws the liquid out of the suspension while the filter kept unblocked by a sparging filter that allows scrubbing of the concentrator filter by gas bubbles. This invention can be used to replace cross-flow filtration and centrifugation in the bioprocess industry and to reduce the volume of suspensions to concentrate the yield of the end product in the chemical industry..
Solar concentrator configuration with improved manufacturability and efficiency
A solar concentrator comprises a pair of concentric reflectors having a spindle toroid geometry for focusing the collected solar radiation into a ring-shaped focal area, as opposed to the “point” or “line” focus of prior art configurations. In a preferred embodiment, each reflector is formed of a plurality of curved petals that are disposed in a contiguous, keystone arrangement that requires no additional fixturing to hold the petals in place.
Energy convertor/concentrator system
The invention relates to an energy convertor/concentrator system (4) for directly converting solar energy into electric and/or thermal energy, containing at least one energy convertor. The aim of the invention is to provide at least one concentrating optic (5) for concentrating incident solar light (8) onto an absorber module (7)..
Concentrator system
A concentrator system having an optical concentrator and a receiver with a carrier substrate and at least one photovoltaic solar cell. The optical concentrator and the receiver are arranged to concentrate incident electromagnetic radiation onto a front side of the solar cell.
Removable cartridge for oxygen concentrator
A removable gas separation cartridge includes a housing having an inlet port, an outlet port, and a bed of adsorbent material. The cartridge is removable from an oxygen concentrator which separates oxygen from ambient air by using an absorption process..
Collector mirror for a solar concentrator comprising linear fresnel mirrors
The invention relates to a collector mirror (2) which is a component of a solar concentrator comprising linear fresnel mirrors. The collector mirror (2) includes a reflective strip.
Hall sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Disclosed herein are a hall sensor and a method of manufacturing the hall sensor. The hall sensor includes: a flexible substrate in which a groove is formed; a magnetic field flux concentrator formed in the groove of the flexible substrate; an electrode that is patterned to contact the magnetic field flux concentrator; a passivation layer formed around the electrode; and a sensor layer stacked on the passivation layer..
Emitter for a thermo-photovoltaic system and thermo-photovoltaic system comprising at least one such emitter
A thermo-photovoltaic system including an infrared radiation emitter including a body including a first external surface and a second external surface, the first and second external surfaces being distinct, the first external surface facing a concentrator for receiving a concentrated solar radiation, the second external surface facing a thermo-photovoltaic cell, and the body further including at least one gas and/or liquid combustion chamber therein, and an igniter is provided for causing combustion in the combustion chamber.. .
Light concentrator and a solar cell
A light concentrator of an embodiment includes: a first high refractive index layer, a first low refractive index layer, and a second high refractive index layer stacked in sequence, wherein a surface on the first low refractive index layer side of the first high refractive index layer has a periodic concavoconvex region.. .
Solar concentration system
Embodiments of a system and method for collecting electromagnetic radiation are disclosed. One embodiment of a solar concentration system comprises at least one collector panel, the panel comprising a frame and a plurality of moveable reflector elements mounted therewithin, the plurality of movable reflector elements configured to rotate in unison about a set of parallel first axes and in unison about a second axis relative to an electromagnetic radiation source.
Photovoltaic assembly
The invention relates to a photovoltaic assembly (10) comprising a support substrate (12) consisting of silicon, a solar cell (26), in particular a solar concentrator cell, said cell having a first and a second solar cell contact (28, 30) and being connected to the upper face (38) of the support substrate (12) by means of the first solar cell contact (28), a pn-junction (46) that is integrated into the support substrate (12) in order to form a protective diode (14) comprising a first protective diode contact (16) and a second protective diode contact (20), said diodes being connected in anti-parallel to the solar cell (26). In order to design the contacts of the protective diode with as large a surface area as possible and to permit a simple contacting of the solar cell, the first and second protective diode contact (16, 20) form a first and second surface area (18, 22) respectively of the upper face (38) of the support substrate (12)..
Thermal receiver for high power solar concentrators and method of assembly
A device for dissipating heat from a photovoltaic cell is disclosed. A first thermally conductive layer receives heat from the photovoltaic cell and reduces a density of the received heat.
Thermal receiver for high power solar concentrators and method of assembly
A device for dissipating heat from a photovoltaic cell is disclosed. A first thermally conductive layer receives heat from the photovoltaic cell and reduces a density of the received heat.

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