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Date/App# patent app List of recent Concentrated-related patents
 Transformation weighted indexes offering concentrated multi-risk factor exposure patent thumbnailnew patent Transformation weighted indexes offering concentrated multi-risk factor exposure
Computer-based systems, software, and computer-implemented methods for creating an index of securities based upon various data transformations of risk factor metrics regarding entities or securities associated with the entities and weighting each index member in proportion to its combined transformed weighting value.. .
 Fluidized bed detector for continuous, ultra-sensitive detection of biological and chemical materials patent thumbnailnew patent Fluidized bed detector for continuous, ultra-sensitive detection of biological and chemical materials
The present invention is generally directed to a fluidized bed detector for continuous detection of biological and chemical materials comprising a fluidized bed of detecting elements suspended in a continuous flow system wherein the detecting elements remain in the system when a first force trying to move the detecting elements to the bottom of the system is balanced with a second opposing force of a flowing gas or liquid trying to move detecting elements to the top of the system and wherein the presence of a target molecule in the flowing gas or liquid disrupts the balance of the first and second forces causing the detecting element to exit the system. The release of the detecting element indicates the presence of the target molecule and may be captured, concentrated, or both for further evaluation by other assays or other means.
 Detection of magnetic-field-concentrated analytes in a lateral flow capillary patent thumbnailnew patent Detection of magnetic-field-concentrated analytes in a lateral flow capillary
The present disclosure generally relates to systems, devices and methods for detecting magnetic-field-concentrated target analytes within a lateral flow capillary.. .
 Concentrated shelf stable liquid coffee and methods of making thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Concentrated shelf stable liquid coffee and methods of making thereof
The present invention is directed to a technique of producing an ultra-concentrated liquid coffee that is shelf-stable at ambient temperature without the need for refrigeration or freezing. This invention further relates to a process for manufacturing ultra-concentrated stabilized liquid coffee with enhanced freshness, aroma and flavor retention without acidity or bitterness..
 Brown butter and systems and methods for the continuous production thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Brown butter and systems and methods for the continuous production thereof
A system and method for the continuous production of brown butter involves concentrating butter while retaining solids non-fat in the butter, and continuously transferring and heating the concentrated butter to cause the solids non-fat in the butter to react in a maillard reaction to form a brown butter product. The system may use one or more of a heating vessel, an evaporator and a reaction vessel to form the brown butter in the continuous process.
 Hydrogen gas production system utilizing silicon wastewater and method for production of hydrogen energy using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Hydrogen gas production system utilizing silicon wastewater and method for production of hydrogen energy using the same
Disclosed is a method for production of hydrogen energy utilizing silicon wastewater. The method includes treating the silicon wastewater through uf membrane filtration to separate uf treated water and a concentrated silicon waste solution therefrom, admixing the separated silicon waste solution with an alkaline material, reacting the concentrated silicon waste solution with the alkaline material in the mixture to produce hydrogen gas and alkaline water, using an acidic material to neutralize the alkaline water, thereby forming a supernatant and a precipitate..
 Apparatus and methods for concentrating and seperating particles such as molecules patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for concentrating and seperating particles such as molecules
Particles of interest, such as dna molecules, are injected into a medium by applying a first field. Once in the medium the particles are concentrated by applying one or more fields that cause mobilities of the particles in the medium to vary in a manner that is correlated with motions of the particles.
 Plasma processing apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Plasma processing apparatus
A plasma processing apparatus capable of optimizing a plasma process is provided. The plasma processing apparatus includes a control unit for controlling a minimum energy and a maximum energy of ions incident onto a substrate independently of each other such that ion energy of the ions are concentrated at a first energy band and a second energy band respectively.
 Cleaning agent for removal of contaminates from manufactured products patent thumbnailnew patent Cleaning agent for removal of contaminates from manufactured products
A composition effective for removing contaminates from a manufactured product either as a concentrated material or when diluted with water. The composition designed for effective removal of all types of undesirable contaminates from a manufactured product, including but not limited to, solder flux, oils, greases, soil, and particulate matter.
 Devices and methods for determination of bioavailability of pollutants patent thumbnailnew patent Devices and methods for determination of bioavailability of pollutants
Contaminant mass collection in saturated sedimentary environments for bioavailability determination. A casing includes a screen between the environment that is subject to sampling, such as a saturated sediment and the device itself.
new patent Rotary disk crop harvesting header with rearwardly shifted top conditioning roll and lower rear deflector
A crop harvesting header, the top conditioning roll is set back from a conventional position slightly leading the bottom roller so as to instead reside directly over or slightly rearward of the bottom roller, whereby rejection of crop material back into the cutting zone by the top roller is reduced. A rear deflector compensates for a resulting lack of upward trajectory of crop material from the nip, acting to impart a lifting action to same as it exits the rear of the header.
Process for removing dioxane from a composition
Apparatus and processes for removing dioxane from a composition, e.g., an ethoxylated fatty alcohol sulfate paste, utilize an evaporator having an inlet chamber and one or more heated channels. The process includes the step of heating the composition at a location upstream of the flow restriction to a temperature above the flashing temperature of water at a pressure of the channel inlet and applying a pressure to the heated composition to avoid such flashing.
Optical sensor for analyte detection
Devices, systems, and methods for detection of an analyte in a sample are disclosed. In some embodiments, an optical sensor can include a metallic layer and a plurality of dielectric pillars extending through the metallic layer.
Plasma protein concentrate for cell delivery in regenerative applications
The invention is directed to concentrating autologously-derived plasma, using the concentrated plasma fluid to dilute the patient's cells and applying the combination of concentrated fluid with cells at a site of pathology or mixing the combination of concentrated fluid with cells with a particulate material like a bone void filler prior to placing the mixture at a site of pathology.. .
Communication system, control device, and processing rule setting method and program
A communication system includes: a plurality of forwarding nodes that process a packet transmitted from a user terminal, in accordance with a processing rule that has been set, and a control device that selects a forwarding node in which a processing rule is to be set, from among the plurality of forwarding nodes, such that processing rules are set so as not to be concentrated in a specific forwarding node, based on the number of processing rules that are set in each of the forwarding nodes.. .
Brushless motor
Disclosed is a magnetic flux concentrated-type brushless motor performing field weakening control and reducing iron loss. The teeth of the stator are provided with a stator-side wide-width portion, and the rotor is provided with magnetic members having a rotor-side wide-width portion, and magnets disposed between the magnetic members.
Solar spectrum panel
An approach and device for generating electrical power from solar panels where electromagnetic radiation is filtered and concentrated at solar cells mounted on lightweight material that allows the dissipation of heat.. .
Washing machine
A washing machine including a washing tub to allow enhancement in washing efficiency. A washing tub of the washing machine includes a pattern having a protrusion portion to generate friction force between laundry and the washing tub and to thereby increase washing efficiency.
Washing machine
A washing machine including a drum capable of improving washing efficiency is provided. The washing machine includes a body, a tub provided at an inside the body to store wash water, a drum rotatably provided at an inner side of the tub to accommodate laundry, a driving apparatus to rotate the drum, protrusions that are formed of polygons having polygonal shapes and protruding inward from the drum, and a through-hole provided between adjacent protrusions to drain water.
Method for extracting an odorous extract by an alternative solvent to conventional solvents
Methods for extracting an extract of volatile odorous compounds from an organic raw material containing odorous compounds is disclosed. The method includes contacting an organic raw material with dimethyl carbonate, as a solvent, in at least one bath at a temperature of 10° c.
Stable enzyme stabilizer premix
The need for a highly concentrated enzyme stabilizer premix, which is both physically and chemically stable, is met by dissolving phenyl boronic acid, or a derivative thereof, to form a premix comprising an organic solvent, while limiting the amount of water present.. .
Particle separation and concentration using spiral inertial filtration
A spiral inertial filtration device is capable of high-throughput (1 ml/min), high-purity particle separation while concentrating recovered target particles by more than an order of magnitude. Large fractions of sample fluid are removed from a microchannel without disruption of concentrated particle streams by taking advantage of particle focusing in inertial spiral microfluidics, which is achieved by balancing inertial lift forces and dean drag forces.
Production of pulse protein product using calcium chloride extraction ("yp702")
A pulse protein product having a protein content of at least about 60 wt % (n×6.25) d.b., preferably a pulse protein isolate having a protein content of at least about 90 wt % (n×6.25) d.b., is prepared from a pulse protein source material by extraction of the pulse protein source material with an aqueous calcium salt solution, preferably calcium chloride solution, to cause solubilization of pulse protein from the protein source and to form an aqueous pulse protein solution, separating the aqueous pulse protein solution from residual pulse protein source, optionally concentrating the aqueous pulse protein solution while maintaining the ionic strength substantially constant by using a selective membrane technique, optionally diafiltering the optionally concentrated pulse protein solution, and optionally drying the optionally concentrated and optionally diafiltered pulse protein solution.. .
Formulations containing a non-oxidative biocide and a source of active halogen and use thereof in water treatment
Novel formulations containing a non-oxidative biocide, such as dbnpa, and a source of an in situ produced active biocide, such as a concentrated aqueous solution of an inorganic halide salt, are disclosed. These novel formulations are particularly effective in the treatment of water, and are characterized by high stability, desirable rheological properties and an excellent biocidal activity..
Concentrated solar cell and manufacturing method for the same
A concentrated solar cell has a sealing portion (12) provided on a receiver substrate (102) so as to cover a solar cell element (101) provided on the receiver substrate (102), and an optical member (13) that is provided on the sealing portion (12) and concentrates sunlight on the solar cell element (101). The optical member (13) is configured so as to include an optical refraction portion (131) having a curved face for refracting and concentrating sunlight, a concentrated light emission portion (133) that is arranged in close contact with the sealing portion (12) such that the sunlight concentrated by the optical refraction portion (131) is emitted toward the solar cell element (101), and an optical base portion (132) arranged between the optical refraction portion (131) and the concentrated light emission portion (133).
Multifunctional static or semi-static photovoltaic skylight and/or methods of making the same
Improved building-integrated photovoltaic systems according to certain example embodiments may include concentrated photovoltaic skylights or other windows having a cylindrical lens array. The skylight may include an insulated glass unit, which may improve the solar heat gain coefficient (shgc).
Removal of urea and ammonia from exhaust gases
The invention relates to a method for recovery of urea dust and ammonia from a gas stream by contacting said gas stream with an aqueous sulphuric acid solution, thus forming an acid solution of ammonium sulphate and urea, characterized in that the acid solution is concentrated to a melt comprising less than 5 wt % of water, which melt is subsequently transferred into solid particles comprising urea and ammonium sulphate.. .
Method of treating digestive upsets by buccal administration of botanical derivatives
A buccally administered dosage for assisting with the relief of common digestive complaints where the dosage formed into a hard candy dosage drop, where the dosage is a sugar base infused with a botanical derivative that has concentrated active compositions in sufficient concentration to provide a soothing effect of digestive upset, and where the drop has favorable organoleptic properties.. .
Method for detecting target particles
The present invention provides a method for detecting a target particle, comprising: (a) concentrating a test sample so as to enhance the concentration of target particles in the test sample, (b) preparing a sample solution containing the test sample concentrated in (a) and a luminescent probe that binds to the target particle, and allowing the target particle and the luminescent probe to bind in the sample solution, and (c) counting the number of target particles bound to the luminescent probe present in the sample solution according to a scanning molecule counting method, wherein the luminescence properties of the released light differ between the state in which the luminescent probe is bound to the target particle and the state in which the luminescent probe is present alone.. .
Magnetophoretic analyte selection and concentration
Devices and methods for magnetophoretic analyte selection and concentration are described. Magnetically marked analytes (e.g., cells) may be separated out of a sample dynamically in flux, such that the magnetically marked analytes are present in a highly concentrated manner in a reduced sample volume.
The drink includes a mix of apple vinegar (1), balsamic vinegar (2) and concentrated grape must (3).. .
Preparation method for extractive of jinxuan hemorrhoid washing powder botanicals
The present invention discloses a preparation method for extractive of jinxuan hemorrhoid washing powder botanicals comprises the steps: a, honeysuckle, schizonepeta, and purslane in the prescription of jinxuan hemorrhoid washing powder are mixed, ground, and passed through a mesh; the medicinal powder obtained from supercritical extraction is soaked in alcohol, then undergoes percolation extraction, and the percolate is collected; b, the alcohol percolate is concentrated, left stand, and suction filtrated to obtain a filtrate; c, the filtrate macroporously adsorpts to a resin column at a flow velocity, is then removed of to impurity by water washing, and undergoes elution with alcohol to obtain an alcohol eluent; d, alcohol is recovered from the eluent, the remaining liquid is concentrated, and the concentrated liquid is dried to obtain the extractive of jinxuan hemorrhoid washing powder botanicals. The method is simple and produces high active substance content at a lower production cost and energy consumption.
Rotating electrical machine and electric power steering system using the same
A concentrated winding motor having the combination of the number of poles and the number of slots of 10:12 or 14:12 includes coils in the same phase that are adjacent to each other and have mutually different numbers of coil turns.. .
Method and apparatus for recovering solids from water-based effluent
A method of recovering solids from water-based effluent. A first step involves evaporating wastewater effluent containing a liquid contaminant, such as ammonium to recover a concentrated solution and a water effluent stream.
Highly-concentrated flowable salts of alkyl polyalkoxy sulphates
The present invention is directed to highly-concentrated compositions of salts of alkyl polyalkoxy sulphates, whereby in total at least ⅔ of all alkoxy unit of the alkyl polyalkoxy sulphates are propoxy units.. .
Concentrated solar tower assembly and method
A concentrated solar tower assembly includes a hollow tower structure defining lower and upper portions. The lower portion includes a closable opening region for configuring a closable opening, and the upper portion includes a top gird having inner and outer top grids.
Therapeutic solution concentrate
A concentrated poly(ethylene glycol) solution that has good stability for extended storage is provided for use as a laxative. The concentrated solution comprises water, sodium benzoate, poly(ethylene glycol), and enough acid to yield a solution having a ph at 25° c.
Catalysts for oxidative coupling of methane and solution combustion method for the production of the same
A method for making a metal oxide material and catalyzing the oxidative coupling of methane, including mixing a metal cation-containing oxidizer portion and a reducing fuel portion with water to define an aqueous solution, evaporatively removing water from the aqueous solution to yield a concentrated liquid, burning the concentrated liquid yield an homogeneous metal oxide powder, flowing methane from a first source and oxygen from a second source over the homogeneous metal oxide powder, and catalyzing an oxidative coupling of methane reaction with the homogeneous metal oxide powder. The homogeneous metal oxide powder contains metal oxides selected from the group including lasralo4, laalo3, sr3al2o6, na2wo4—mn/sio2, and combinations thereof..
Electric motor, hoisting machine and elevator system
An electric motor, a hoisting machine and also an elevator system are disclosed. The electric motor includes a stator, which stator includes slots, into which slots a concentrated winding is fitted.
Fertilizer suspension and method of preparation
A concentrated, homogenous, stable, water-soluble fertilizer suspension comprising: water-soluble mineral nutrients of at least nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, and magnesium; and an organic stabilizing additive; and wherein the pourable, aqueous suspension has water-soluble mineral nutrients amounting to at least about 80 percent by weight (wt. %) of the suspension..
Method and systems for enhancing oil recovery from ethanol production byproducts
In one aspect of the invention, a method recovers oil from a concentrated byproduct, such as evaporated thin stillage formed during a dry milling process used for producing ethanol. The method includes forming a concentrate from the byproduct and recovering oil from the concentrate.
Highly concentrated aqueous protein solution with reduced viscosity
In an aqueous solution, a composition includes at least one protein, including at least one antibody fragment, and at least one water-soluble viscosity-reducing agent chosen from the group consisting of cytidine, 2′-deoxycytidine, uridine, 2′-deoxyuridine, thymidine and ribothymidine, alone or as a mixture. The protein includes at least one antibody fragment being at a concentration greater than or equal to 50 mg/ml..
Methods of processing solutions of potassium sulfate and magnesium sulfate, methods of producing potassium sulfate, and related systems
Methods of processing an aqueous solution comprising potassium sulfate and magnesium sulfate include crystallizing k2so4, crystallizing recycle crystals, and mixing at least a portion of the recycle crystals with the aqueous solution. Systems for processing potassium sulfate and magnesium sulfate include a first crystallizer and a second crystallizer in fluid communication with the second mix tank.
Dirt disposal structure of aquarium protein skimmer
In a dirt disposal structure of an aquarium protein skimmer, a foam generating chamber formed in a container body is a porous bubble guide column having pores for interconnecting a dirt collection box with the foam generating chamber. Water in an aquarium tank is entered into the foam generating chamber by a liquid-gas mixing device to produce fine air bubbles.
Lead frame package for solar concentrators
Techniques for providing high-capacity, re-workable connections in concentrated photovoltaic devices are provided. In one aspect, a lead frame package for a photovoltaic device is provided that includes a beam shield; and one or more lead frame connectors affixed to the beam shield, wherein the lead frame connectors are configured to provide connection to the photovoltaic device when the photovoltaic device is assembled to the lead frame package.
Concentrating solar power with glasshouses
A protective transparent enclosure, such as a greenhouse, encloses a concentrated solar power system having line-focus solar energy concentrators. The line-focus solar energy concentrators have a reflective front layer, a core layer, and a rear layer.
Patterned glass cylindrical lens arrays for concentrated photovoltaic systems, and/or methods of making the same
Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to patterned glass that can be used as a cylindrical lens array in a concentrated photovoltaic application, and/or methods of making the same. In certain example embodiments, the lens arrays may be used in combination with strip solar cells and/or single-axis tracking systems.
Method for producing oil containing highly unsaturated fatty acid using lipase
A method for lowering content of a sterol in a highly unsaturated fatty acid-concentrated oil in a method to concentrate a highly unsaturated fatty acid by using a lipase reaction, may include removing the free form of the sterol from a raw material oil that includes a highly unsaturated fatty acid-containing glyceride prior to performing the lipase reaction; and thereafter concentrating the highly unsaturated fatty acid in the glyceride by using a lipase that is less reactive for the highly unsaturated fatty acid.. .
Method of synthesis of substituted hexitols such as dianhydrogalactitol
The present invention provides an efficient method of synthesizing and purifying dianhydrohexitols such as dianhydrogalactitol. In general, as applied to dianhydrogalactitol, the method comprises: (1) reacting dulcitol with a concentrated solution of hydrobromic acid at a temperature of about 80° c.
Method for isolating osteopontin using concentrated feeds
The present invention pertains to a method for isolating osteopontin from milk-derived feeds having a high concentration of protein. Particularly, the present method involves the use of a narrow window of ph and specific conductance of the milk-derived feed, which surprisingly has proven to provide a very efficient isolation of osteopontin from chemically complex feeds..
Preparation of canola protein isolate and use in aquaculture
A canola protein isolate useful in aquaculture is formed by a procedure in which canola oil seed meal is extracted to cause solubilization of protein in the canola oil seed meal to form an aqueous protein solution having a protein content of about 5 to about 40 g/l and a ph of about 5 to about 6.8. After separation of the aqueous protein solution from the residual canola oil seed meal, the protein concentration is increased to at least about 50 g/l while maintaining the ionic strength substantially constant by using a selective membrane technique.
Highly concentrated stable meloxicam solutions for needleless injection
A method for treating pain, inflammation, fever and respiratory complaints in mammals comprising administering by needleless injection to a mammal in need of such treatment an aqueous cyclodextrin-free solution of meloxicam containing a pharmacologically acceptable meloxicam salt of an organic or inorganic base.. .
Putter head
Embodiments of a putter-type golf club head with an increased moment of inertia about the x axis (moixx) and an increased moment of inertia about the z axis (moizz) are disclosed. Generally, the moizz is increased by designing the putter such that the center of gravity (cg) of the putter head is located at or behind the geometric center of the putter head.
Method for harvesting microalgae and device for implementing said method
Method for harvesting microalgae in a culture medium, includes passing the medium through a set of consecutive concentrators; each including a passive filtering unit separating the inner space of the concentrator into an upper and lower volume; the upper volume having an inlet (16) and an outlet (18) arranged at a lower position with respect to the inlet for extracting a more concentrated culture medium from the upper volume; the lower volume having an outlet (32) for extracting a liquid from the lower volume; the inlet (16) of a downstream concentrator being connected to the outlet (18) of the upper volume of the upstream concentrator; and harvesting a concentrated culture medium at the outlet (18) of the upper volume of a concentrator. Preferably, the inlet of the upper volume of an upstream concentrator is located at a greater height than the inlet of the upper volume of the downstream concentrator..
System and method for producing ethanol and biogas
A system and process for producing ethanol and biogas. An incoming feedstock and water is directed to a preparation unit that frees sugar from the feedstock.
Ph adjusted soy protein isolate and uses
Ph-adjusted soy protein products, particularly isolates, that have a natural ph of about 6 and have a non-beany flavour are provided by the processing of soy protein product which is completely soluble in aqueous media at a ph of less than about 4.4 and heat stable in this ph range or a concentrated soy protein solution produced in the preparation of such soy protein product.. .
Nutrition formulation and product produced therefrom
A nutritional composition is provided herein for optimizing fats, carbohydrates, and protein caloric ratios as it relates to balanced nutrition, general health, and muscle performance during exercise and for enhancing muscle cell repair and recovery following the cessation of exercise, comprising: a) about 18% to about 23% by weight, e.g. About 19% to about 21%, of whey protein, e.g.
Container with concentrated substance and method of using the same
Apparatus and methods are described herein for a container with a unit dose of a concentrated substance that can be diluted and orally consumed using the container. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a container body that defines an opening in fluid communication with an interior of the container body.
Container with concentrated substance and method of using the same
Apparatus and methods are described herein for a container with a unit dose of a concentrated substance that can be diluted and orally consumed using the container. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a container body that defines an opening in fluid communication with an interior of the container body.
Membrane-enabled reverse lung
An air revitalization apparatus and method simultaneously removes carbon dioxide, water vapor, and heat from air and produces oxygen gas, hydrogen gas, and concentrated carbon dioxide gas, does not require an explosion proof enclosure, and includes a fan configured to blow air into a first gas-liquid contactor, an electrochemical cell including first through fourth passages configured to emit hydrogen gas, permit a flow of a carbonate-hydroxide solution, permit a flow of carbonate-bicarbonate solution, and emit oxygen gas, respectively, the first and fourth passages separated by at least three gas-impermeable membranes, and a second gas-liquid contactor, where the first gas-liquid contactor, second passage, and a first pump are configured to circulate the carbonate-hydroxide solution therethrough, where the second gas-liquid contactor, third passage, and a second pump are configured to circulate the carbonate-bicarbonate solution therethrough, and where the output of the first passage is operationally coupled to the second gas-liquid contactor.. .
Method, apparatus and system for concentrating solutions using evaporation
The present disclosure is directed at a system, apparatus and method for concentrating a solution. The system includes a humidification device and a solution flow path for flow of a solution to be concentrated to the humidification device.
Apparatus for and method of adjusting dilution ratio in beverage dispenser
A dilution ratio adjusting apparatus in a beverage dispenser and a method of dilution adjustment calculates driving pulse numbers and pulse frequencies necessary for operating tube pumps discharging concentrated syrup based on dilution ratio information and basic flow rate information for discharging the concentrated syrup to thereby control the operation of the tube pumps, whereby easy and quick change in setting of the beverage dispenser is achieved even when changing of a concentrated syrup to another concentrated syrup with a different dilution ratio.. .
Water desalination system
An improved water desalination system is disclosed, in which contaminated water such as seawater or brackish water is preheated and fed into a primary pressure vessel through a distribution head. The seawater is distributed from the distribution head over a non-adherent surface such as a plurality of silicone chords hanging below a distribution tank or a cone- and cylindrical-shaped surface.
Solar absorber for concentrated solar power generation
A solar absorber for a concentrated solar power (csp) system includes a cylindrically shaped blackbody cavity receiver fused to a cylindrically shaped heat exchanger shell covering the receiver to form a monolithic cavity receiver and heat exchanger. An exterior surface of the cavity receiver has grooves embedded to create a duct spiraling about the exterior of the cavity receiver so that the duct forms tubes of a tube-style heat exchanger when covered by the heat exchanger shell.
Apparatus for providing concentrated inductive power transfer
An inductive charging coil assembly for a vehicle is provided. The assembly comprises a first base plate including at least one first coil thereon for receiving magnetic flux to charge a vehicle battery.
Method and device for transmitting energy to a projectile
Inductive or capacitive transmission of energy to a projectile is disclosed. A waveguide can be used to transmit the energy, the electric field being concentrated in the waveguide.
System and method for the concentrated collection of airborne particles
A system and a method is described herein for the collection of small particles in a concentrated manner, whereby particles are deposited onto a solid surface or collected into a volume of liquid. The collected samples readily interface to any of a number of different elemental, chemical, or biological or other analysis techniques..
Method of increasing electricity output during high demand
The present disclosure relates to a method of operating a combined cycle power generating system. The method includes combusting a fuel in a gas turbine, generating electricity and a steam of flue gas, producing a stream of steam in a heat recovery steam generator, producing a stream of concentrated carbon dioxide using an absorption unit and a solvent regeneration unit, forwarding the steam stream to a steam turbine and transferring the heat energy in the stream exiting the steam turbine to the solvent regeneration unit, and a thermal storage unit for storing heat energy.
Organic rankine cycle for concentrated solar power system
Systems and methods for transforming solar energy into mechanical and/or electrical energy by using an orc fluid in an orc cycle configuration. The orc cycle configuration includes a heat source that vaporizes the orc fluid and an expander that expands the vaporized orc fluid to produce the energy..

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