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Cpv tracking using partial cell voltages

Adsorption heat exchanger devices

Date/App# patent app List of recent Concentrated-related patents
 Inhalable aztreonam lysinate formulation for treatment and prevention of pulmonary bacterial infections patent thumbnailnew patent Inhalable aztreonam lysinate formulation for treatment and prevention of pulmonary bacterial infections
A method and a composition for treatment of pulmonary bacterial infections caused by gram-negative bacteria suitable for treatment of infection caused by escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, klebsiella oxytoca, pseudomonas aeruginosa, haemophilus influenzae, proteus mirabilis, enterobacter species, serratia marcescens as well as those caused by burkholderia cepacia, stenotrophomonas maltophilia, alcaligenes xylosoxidans, and multidrug resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa, using a concentrated formulation of aztreonam lysinate delivered as an aerosol or dry powder formulation.. .
 Stable, concentrated herbicidal compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Stable, concentrated herbicidal compositions
The composition is stable; i. E., it occurs in a substantially continuous, single phase at temperatures as low as −20° c.
 Composition and method of obtaining oral or enteral dosage forms of phytochemicals from pomegranates patent thumbnailnew patent Composition and method of obtaining oral or enteral dosage forms of phytochemicals from pomegranates
Nutraceutical compositions for improved administration of important phytochemicals from pomegranate to a human or animal. More particularly, enables oral or enteral dosage forms containing phytochemicals from pomegranate for administering on a routine basis.
 Filament based on hyaluronic acid in the form of free acid and method for obtaining it patent thumbnailnew patent Filament based on hyaluronic acid in the form of free acid and method for obtaining it
The present invention relates to a method for preparing by wet spinning a continuous filament based on hyaluronic acid in free acid form, notably soluble in water. The preparation method according to the invention comprises the following steps: a) preparing a spinnable aqueous solution of hyaluronic acid or of a hyaluronic acid salt, preferably a sodium hyaluronate solution; b) extruding said solution to an extrusion die; c) forming the filament by passing the extruded solution into a bath of acetic acid, concentrated to more than 80%, drawing and drying.
 Inertial drive actuator patent thumbnailnew patent Inertial drive actuator
An inertial drive actuator includes a displacement unit, a vibration substrate, a movable body, a first magnetic field generator which generates a magnetic field so that, a magnetic attractive force or a magnetic repulsive force acts in a direction opposite to the movable body, a first yoke, and which induces a magnetic flux generated by the first magnetic field generator such that, the flux generated by the first magnetic field generator is concentrated on a surface of the movable body, opposite to the vibration substrate, and second yokes and on a side of the vibration substrate, opposite to a direction facing the movable body, and the second yokes and control a frictional force acting between the movable body and the vibration substrate by controlling the magnetic field generated by the first magnetic field generator.. .
 Method for controlling the suspension in a suspension smelting furnace, a suspension smelting furnace, and a concentrate burner patent thumbnailnew patent Method for controlling the suspension in a suspension smelting furnace, a suspension smelting furnace, and a concentrate burner
The invention relates to a method for controlling suspension (8) in a suspension smelting furnace (1), to a suspension smelting furnace, and to a concentrate burner (2). The method comprises feeding additionally to pulverous solid matter (6) and additionally to reaction gas (7) reducing agent (13) into the suspension smelting furnace (1), wherein reducing agent (13) is fed in the form of a concentrated stream of reducing agent (13) through the suspension (8) in the reaction shaft (2) onto the surface (9) of the melt (10) to form a reducing zone (15) containing reducing agent (13) within the collection zone (14) of the melt (10)..
 Osmotic desalination process patent thumbnailnew patent Osmotic desalination process
An energy efficient desalination process that does not produce waste products involves the extraction of water from a first solution, such as seawater, by using a second concentrated solution to draw the water from the first solution across a semi-permeable membrane. By manipulating the equilibrium of the soluble and insoluble species of solute within the second solution in favor of the soluble species of the solute, a saturated second solution can be used to generate osmotic pressure on the first solution.
 Compact and operability-enhancing multicage-type device for filtering ballast water patent thumbnailnew patent Compact and operability-enhancing multicage-type device for filtering ballast water
A device for filtering for treating ballast water by way of a filtering method, and more particularly, to a compact and operability-enhancing multicage-type device for filtering ballast water, which distributes a lower portion of the device for filtering a discharge portion for discharging foreign substances after backwashing a filter and a backwash line, among features that are concentrated at an upper portion of the device for filtering, and communicates discharge tubes of each filtering unit in a single line, by considering the unique installation environment of the device for filtering that is coupled to a ship, thereby simplifying structure, reducing space required for installing the device for filtering in the upper portion of the device for filtering, allowing efficient maintenance by integrating foreign substance discharge and back pressure maintenance of each of the filtering units.. .
 Cpv tracking using partial cell voltages patent thumbnailnew patent Cpv tracking using partial cell voltages
A solar electricity generator including an array of solar electricity generating elements, a solar energy concentrating element operative to transmit concentrated solar radiation from the sun onto the array, voltage measuring functionality operative to measure at least one of a total row voltage generated by at least one row of the electricity generating elements in the array and a total column voltage generated by at least one column of the electricity generating elements in the array.. .
 Adsorption heat exchanger devices patent thumbnailnew patent Adsorption heat exchanger devices
Adsorption heat exchanger devices (11, 25) are provided for use in solid sorption refrigeration systems (1) together with methods for making such devices and adsorbent structures therefor. The methods include applying a curable binder, in solution in a solvent, to granular adsorbent material, and then evaporating the solvent and curing the binder.
Multi-component detachable jaw tools and methods of using and making same
Provided is a jaw tool formed from two separable units and which includes a fastening device that attaches the two units together when the jaw tool is in use and which may automatically separate the units after the device performs its function such as clamping and/or cutting. Also provided is a jaw tool having a cutting blade wherein the contours of the device are shaped so that force is concentrated on the cutting bade when the device is closed.
Use of organic framework porous solid acid
The invention relates to an application of organic framework porous solid acid. A catalyst for catalytic esterification and acylation reaction is prepared by the steps of adding a divinyl benzene monomer into a solvent prepared by mixing azobisisobutyronitrile, tetrahydrofuran and water, performing hydrothermal treatment at the normal temperature under the constant pressure, and volatilizing the solvent at the room temperature to obtain polydivinylbenzene; grinding the polydivinylbenzene into 200-mesh powder and performing degassing treatment under the nitrogen condition; adding polydivinylbenzene blocks into 1,1′,2-methyl chloroform to explode and crack into small blocks, wherein the small blocks swell; evenly mixing 1,1′,2-methyl chloroform and concentrated sulfuric acid, adding silver sulfate serving as a catalyst, adding processed polydivinylbenzene, performing sulfonation, filtering and washing with dioxane and water till it is neutral, performing drying, using dilute sulphuric acid to activate, performing washing till the it is neutral and performing drying.
Microfluidic interface for highly parallel addressing of sensing arrays
Disclosed is a spotter device and methods for the formation of microassays, biochips, biosensors, and cell cultures. The spotter may be used to deposit highly concentrated spots of protein or other materials on a microarray slide, wafer, or other surface.
Method for producing ethanol using cellulosic biomass as raw material
According to the method of the present invention, a cellulosic biomass slurry whose concentration of cellulosic biomass between 1% and 5% by mass is hydrothermally treated at a temperature of between 140° c. And 200° c.
Separation processes using divided columns
The claimed invention provides a technique wherein the two column system is combined into a single column. The light components are concentrated on the prefractionation side (feed side) of the column, where they are removed as an overhead top product.
Catalytic ink preparation method
A catalytic ink preparation method comprises mixing a first ion conducting body and a catalyst, preparing a first ink, and concentrating the first ink. The method is characterized by further comprising a step of adding a second ion conducting body to the concentrated first ink.
Concentrated coffee extract
(b) at least one guaiacol selected from guaiacol, 4-ethylguaiacol and 4-vinylguaiacol. A content weight ratio [(b)/(a)] of the component (b) to the component (a) is 0.6 or smaller..
Methods of using regenerative cells to promote wound healing
Cells present in adipose tissue are used to promote wound healing in a patient. Methods of treating patients include processing adipose tissue to deliver a concentrated amount of regenerative cells obtained from the adipose tissue to a patient.
Methods of using regenerative cells to promote wound healing
Cells present in adipose tissue are used to promote wound healing in a patient. Methods of treating patients include processing adipose tissue to deliver a concentrated amount of regenerative cells obtained from the adipose tissue to a patient.
Recovery and purification of monovalent salt contaminated with divalent salt
A method and system for improving the quality and quantity of a soluble salt recovered from the supernatant produced when concentrated solutions are mixed to precipitate an insoluble salt are disclosed. Liquid residual, or supernatant, contains salt that is reusable in the regeneration solution of ion removal devices such as ion exchange or electrodialysis metathesis (edm).
Illumination optical system and image projection apparatus
An illumination optical system is capable of changing a light beam diameter in one of first and second cross sections orthogonal to each other that include an optical axis, and includes a light source, a condenser lens that concentrates light from the light source, a first fly-eye lens including a first lens cell on which light concentrated by the condenser lens is incident, a second fly-eye lens including a second lens cell, a polarization conversion element that performs polarization conversion on light from the second fly-eye lens, and an image display element that displays an image based on light from the polarization conversion element, and widths of the image display element and a light emitting surface of the light source, widths of the first and second fly-eye lens, and change rates α and β of the light beam diameters are set within appropriate ranges.. .
Remote plasma generation apparatus
A remote plasma generation apparatus that can enhance plasma processing efficiency by centralizing remote plasma to a processing object is provided. The remote plasma generation apparatus includes: a dielectric support body that has a main body that is connected to a discharge gas injection opening and a nozzle portion that is connected to a plasma outlet; a driving electrode that is fixed to the main body and that receives application of an ac voltage from a power supply unit to generate plasma at internal space of the main body; and a ground electrode that supports a processing object at the outside of the nozzle portion.
Air driven dispenser for delivery of undiluted chemical
A chemical delivery system that delivers concentrated liquid chemical using a non-liquid motive fluid to deliver the concentrated liquid chemical in an undiluted form to a point of use. The concentrated chemical is delivered by the motive fluid by way of the aggressive interaction of a high-pressure jet stream of motive fluid causing a nearly complete local vacuum such that the concentrated chemical is drawn under low pressure into a jet vortex to form a chemical dispersion.
Osmotic separation systems and methods
Separation processes using osmotically driven membrane systems are disclosed generally involving the extraction of solvent from a first solution to concentrate solute by using a second concentrated solution to draw the solvent from the first solution across a semi-permeable membrane.. .
Osmotic separation systems and methods
Separation processes using osmotically driven membrane systems are disclosed generally involving the extraction of solvent from a first solution to concentrate solute by using a second concentrated solution to draw the solvent from the first solution across a semi-permeable membrane.. .
Devolatilization/solution concentration process utilizing an auxiliary volatilizable and condensable heat transfer fluid
In a devolatilization/solution concentration process which comprises pre-heating a feed stream, providing a small amount of additional heat to the pre-heated stream, evaporating a portion of the heated stream into a gaseous medium to cool the remaining, concentrated stream, and condensing the vapor in the gaseous medium to provide the pre-heating and produce a condensed volatile matter stream, particularly when the feed stream comprises a dilute aqueous solution containing a dissolved desiccant, the temperature of the pre-heated stream can be raised by evaporating a portion of an auxiliary heat transfer fluid into a gaseous medium and condensing its vapor in the gaseous medium to provide at least another part of the pre-heating. This will reduce the amount of the additional heat which has to be supplied, improve the performance, and better adapt the process to various end-use applications..
Method of removing absorbates from gases or gas mixtures containing absorbate utilizing miscibility gaps
The present invention relates to a method of removing an absorbate from gases or gas mixtures containing absorbate, in which the gas or gas mixture is contacted by a liquid mixture of absorption agent and absorbate or of liquid absorbate-free absorption agent, wherein the absorbate is absorbed at least partially by the liquid mixture of absorption agent and absorbate and is concentrated therein or is absorbed by the liquid absorbate-free absorption agent while forming a liquid mixture of absorption agent and absorbate. It is characteristic in the method in accordance with the present invention that the absorption agent used and the absorbate used have a miscibility gap..
Customer experience management for an organization
The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for customer experience management for an organization. Embodiments of the invention can be used to monitor and analyze customer activity.
Photocatalytic preparation method of parylene af4
The present invention disclosed a preparation method of parylene af4, which provides a reactant and a reducing agent with the use of catalyst or exposure to uv light with photo-initiator, to shorten the reaction time as a result of minimized the byproduct(s) formation, and obtain high purity (>99.0%) of parylene af4 product under high concentrated reaction mixture.. .
Highly concentrated astaxanthin for topical application
A method for obtaining and topically applying a customized resulting mixture, wherein the customized resulting mixture contains astaxanthin at an individualized concentration, the method comprising: placing in a mixing place a desired amount of a highly concentrated astaxanthin composition of known astaxanthin concentration, the astaxanthin concentration being between about 0.01% to about 5% by weight; placing a proportional amount of a substance near the highly concentrated astaxanthin composition; mixing the substance with the highly concentrated astaxanthin composition to obtain the customized resulting mixture; and, topically applying the customized resulting mixture.. .
Method for undifferentiated growth of mesenchymal stem cell and method for concentration of mesenchymal stem cell
A method in accordance with the present invention includes the steps of: concentrating cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells; and causing the mesenchymal stem cells thus concentrated to grow with use of a particular factor while maintaining undifferentiated state of the mesenchymal stem cells.. .
Compositions and methods for concentrated syrups and drops
The principles of the present invention provide novel compositions and methods for making a low-chloride salt blend, high-concentrate beverage syrup. The method includes combining a high-concentrate beverage syrup and a salt blend low in chlorides to maintain organoleptic properties while minimizing corrosion of metallic components in beverage dispensers..
Synchronization mechanism
A method for synchronising a receiving device with a transmitting device in a wireless communication network comprising forming a synchronisation sequence that has a frequency spectrum comprising peaks at multiple discrete fundamental frequencies, a signal power of the synchronisation sequence being concentrated at those frequencies, and transmitting said synchronisation sequence from the transmitting device to the receiving device.. .
Plastic film and touch sensor
Disclosed is a plastic film and a touch module produced therefrom. The module is constructed from two conductive layers with an insulation layer in between, as are used in capacitive touch pads and/or touch screens, for example.
Tdi-type linear image sensor
In a tdi-type linear image sensor in which pixels are constituted of ccds (charge coupled devices) of n phases (n being an integer not smaller than 3), a gate opening portion and a gate non-opening portion functioning as a tdi transfer channel (15) are formed in all of transfer gates of the ccds of n phases constituting the pixels. Within one pixel pitch in a tdi transfer direction, n microlenses (18) are formed such that light is concentrated at the gate non-opening portion formed at the transfer gate of each phase..
Light emitter devices and methods for light emitting diode (led) chips
Light emitter devices for light emitting diodes (led chips) and related methods are disclosed. In one embodiment a light emitter device includes a substrate and a chip on board (cob) array of led chips disposed over the substrate.
Water purification
The invention provides an efficient method to purify an aqueous solution, typically mine drainage water, especially of anions and cations present in the aqueous solution as dissolved solids, the anions and cations are removed by treatment with a positively charged extractant having at least eight carbon atoms, whereby an unstable emulsion is formed; the unstable emulsion is allowed to break into an extract phase loaded with the anions and cations, and a water phase depleted in anions and cations; a floc inherently forms in the loaded extractant phase and then the loaded extractant phase and floc are separated from the purified water and treated to remove the anions and cations as concentrated useful products; the treated aqueous phase now reduced in anion and/or cation content is also separated from the emulsion as a purified aqueous solution. The extractant phase is preferably recycled.
Filtering system and method
Disclosed is a filtering system and method which facilitates to maximize cleaning efficiency, minimize heat energy consumption for cleaning, and shorten cleaning time by a concentrated heating only in a filtering membrane for a maintenance cleaning or recovery cleaning, wherein the filtering system comprises a membrane module including a filtering membrane; an air supplying means for cleaning the filtering membrane; and a heater for heating air supplied from the air supplying means.. .
Graphite oxide and/or graphene preparation method
A graphite oxide or graphene preparation method includes providing a plasma electrolytic apparatus, where an electrolytic solution is provided and a graphite electrode is configured as a cathode of the plasma electrolytic apparatus; and providing a cathodic current so as to initiate a plasma electrolytic process at the graphite cathode to obtain graphite oxide or graphene. The graphite oxide can be synthesized through plasma electrolytic processing at relatively low temperature under atmospheric pressure within a very short period of time, without the need for concentrated acids or strong oxidizing agents.
Membrane distillation device
The invention relates to a membrane distillation device, comprising at least one condensation/evaporation stage, which comprises at least one condensation unit and at least one evaporation unit and to which vapor is fed and through which a liquid to be concentrated flows, wherein each condensation unit comprises a first vapor chamber that is bounded at least partially by a condensation wall and to which the fed vapor is supplied and each evaporation unit comprises a second vapor chamber that is bounded at least partially by a vapor-permeable, liquid-tight membrane wall, and in each condensation/evaporation stage at least one flow channel is provided, which is formed between such a condensation unit and such an evaporator unit adjacent to said condensation unit and which conducts the liquid to be concentrated, and thus the liquid to be concentrated is heated by means of the condensation wall, and vapor arising from the liquid to be concentrated enters the second vapor chamber through the membrane wall. At least one condensation/evaporation stage is expanded by an integrated apparatus for preheating the liquid to be concentrated, which apparatus comprises at least one additional vapor chamber, to which the vapor fed to the condensation/evaporation stage is supplied and in which the vapor is condensed, whereby the liquid to be concentrated is preheated..
Concentrating photovoltaic-thermal solar energy collector
Systems, methods, and apparatus by which solar energy may be collected to provide electricity or a combination of heat and electricity are disclosed herein. Examples of solar energy receivers are disclosed that may be used to collect concentrated solar radiation..
Oxygen concentrator with dynamic noise control
An oxygen concentrator an inlet opening configured to receive air. The concentrator also includes a compressor configured to pressurize the air received through the inlet opening.
Co2 scrubber
Co2 is extracted from the atmosphere by concentrating atmospheric air to form a first volume of the atmospheric air of increased level of co2 and a second volume of reduced level of co2, discharging the second volume back into the atmosphere and injecting the first volume into underground formations. The co2 is concentrated by ionization and electrostatic separation of the charged particles from a stream and further concentration is carried out by molecular sieves.
Non-contact type shift lock apparatus
A non-contact shift lock apparatus that includes a coil and a plunger in a housing. More specifically, the plunger moves downward in the housing when power is supplied to the coil.
Wastewater processing systems for power plants and other industrial sources
Methods, systems, and/or apparatuses for treating wastewater produced at a thermoelectric power plant, other industrial plants, and/or other industrial sources are disclosed. The wastewater is directed through a wastewater concentrator including a direct contact adiabatic concentration system.
Steam concentration conduit, nozzle and weed killing apparatus
The present relates to a steam concentration conduit, a steam concentration nozzle and weed killing apparatus for expanding and directing a flow of steam from a steam apparatus, into a concentrated flow of steam. The steam concentration conduit comprises a body having a first end and a second end.
Method to assemble transmitter optical subassembly
A method to assemble a transmitter optical module is disclosed, where the optical module installs two lenses, one of which concentrates an optical beam emitted from a laser diode, while, the other collimates the optical beam concentrated by the former lens. The method has a feature that the first lens is firstly positioned in a point to collimate the optical beam coming from the laser diode, then, moved to a point, which is apart from the former point with respect to the laser diode, to concentrate the optical beam.
Context based gesture delineation for user interaction in eyes-free mode
Techniques are disclosed for facilitating the use of an electronic device having a user interface that is sensitive to a user's gestures. An “eyes-free” mode is provided in which the user can control the device without looking at the device display.
Content navigation and selection in an eyes-free mode
Techniques are disclosed for facilitating the use of an electronic device having a user interface that is sensitive to a user's gestures. An “eyes-free” mode is provided in which the user can control the device without looking at the device display.
Process for obtaining immunoglobulins from colostral milk
(c) the first permeate p1 is subjected to ultrafiltration thus producing a second permeate p2 which contains lactose and minerals, and a second retentate r2, in which the immunoglobulins are concentrated.. .
Process for fabricating leaf tea products
Disclosed is a process for manufacturing a fabricated leaf tea product. The process comprises the steps of: (i) providing a concentrated liquid tea composition; (ii) providing a base leaf tea; (iii) combining the concentrated liquid tea composition with the base leaf tea to form a tea mixture having a total soluble solids content of at least 50% by dry weight of the mixture; and (iv) drying the tea mixture.
Walking exercise park with man-made hill
The invention is a walking exercise park with a man-made hill. The hill can contain one or more slopes and steps that can be selected and walked or jogged.
Gesture based user interface for use in an eyes-free mode
Techniques are disclosed for facilitating the use of an electronic device having a user interface that is sensitive to a user's gestures. An “eyes-free” mode is provided in which the user can control the device without looking at the device display.
Multifunctional dispenser
A multifunctional dispenser includes a main body having a connecting nozzle and a water supply pipe. A control valve, a regulating device, a proportional control device and a ventilation valve are on the main body.
Inorganic coating-protected unitary graphene material for concentrated photovoltaic applications
This invention provides an inorganic coating-protected unitary graphene material article for concentrated photovoltaic cell heat dissipation. The article comprises at least a layer of unitary graphene material having two primary surfaces and an electrically non-conducting layer of inorganic coating deposited on at least one of the primary surfaces, wherein the unitary graphene material is obtained from heat-treating a graphene oxide gel at a heat treatment temperature higher than 100° c.
System and method for preparing coal water slurry
A system for preparing a coal water slurry, comprising: a first unit for providing a stream of coarse coal water slurry; a second unit for providing a stream of fine coal water slurry; a concentration unit for receiving a portion of at least one of the stream of coarse coal water slurry and the stream of fine coal water slurry, and, providing a concentrated stream having a higher coal concentration than the portion of at least one of the stream of coarse coal water slurry and the stream of fine coal water slurry; and a mixing unit for mixing the concentrated stream and the remaining portions of the stream of coarse coal water slurry and the stream of fine coal water slurry. An associated method is also presented..
Compositions and methods for remediation of chlorinated polyaromatic compounds
The present invention relates to compositions and methods that are effective in the remediation of contaminants found in natural sources such as groundwater, surface water, soil and manufactured products. The disclosed compositions and methods provide a method for remediating chlorinated polyaromatic compounds by treating them under pressure and heat with concentrated acids and chloride salts.
Stable protein-containing preparation containing argininamide or analogous compound thereof
Addition of argininamide or valinamide to a highly concentrated antibody solution was found to lead to remarkable stabilization, in particular, stabilization against photostress.. .
Method for viscosity reduction in co-fermentation ethanol processes
The present disclosure provides methods and compositions for reducing the viscosity of biomass process streams in an ethanol production process. The method comprises adding cellulase enzymes to a biomass feedstock that is fermented to produce ethanol, generating whole stillage and thin stillage streams from the post-fermentation biomass, and adding an additional enzyme or enzyme cocktail that reduces the viscosity of the whole stillage stream, thin stillage stream, concentrated thin stillage stream, and/or the syrup stream generated by evaporating the thin stillage..
Method of forming gate dielectric layer and method of fabricating semiconductor device
A method for fabricating a semiconductor device includes ion-implanting germanium into a monocrystalline silicon-containing substrate; forming a gate oxide layer over a surface of the monocrystalline silicon-containing substrate and forming, under the gate oxide layer, a germanium-rich region in which the germanium is concentrated, by performing a plasma oxidation process; and crystallizing the germanium-rich region by performing an annealing process.. .
Solar plant
A solar plant enabling transformation of solar energy exploiting most of the solar spectrum with very efficient yields, including: at least one solar collector including a concentrator, configured to collect and concentrate solar radiation in the concentrator; a solar laser device to transform radiation received from the concentrators into laser radiation; a receiver and/or a solar reactor configured to receive radiation from the laser device and transform it into another form of energy; and can include flexible lightguides or plane mirrors to transport the radiation received from the laser device to the solar reactor and/or receiver, and photovoltaic cells interspersed among the collectors and laser devices to transform the concentrated radiation into electricity and allow radiation not transformed to pass to the laser devices.. .
Coated article with heat treatable coating for concentrated solar power applications, and/or methods of making the same
Certain example embodiments relate to heat treatable coated articles, e.g., suitable for concentrating solar power (csp) and/or other applications. For instance, the heat treatable coated article may be a secondary reflector panel, primary reflector, etc., where a reflective coating is disposed on a glass substrate.
Renewable energy system
An integrated renewable energy system is provided for a tall multi-story building including solar, wind, and hydrogen subsystems. The solar subsystem includes a plurality of photovoltaic panels to produce a first source of electrical energy and a concentrated solar thermal system for producing a second source of electrical energy.
Acid/salt separation
The invention provides a method for preparing a succinic acid, which method includes the steps of: providing magnesium succinate; acidifying the magnesium succinate with hydrochloric acid (hcl), thereby obtaining a solution including succinic acid and magnesium chloride (mgcl2); optionally a concentration step, wherein the solution including succinic acid and mgcl2 is concentrated; precipitating succinic acid from the solution including succinic acid and mgcl2, thereby obtaining a succinic acid precipitate and a mgcl2 solution. The addition of hcl to a magnesium salt of succinic acid and subsequent precipitation of succinic acid from the solution leads to a very efficient separation of succinic acid from a magnesium succinate solution..
Method and apparatus for concentrating an ink for an electrostatic printing process
(d) removing the concentrated ink from the conveyor and transferring it to a storage vessel. An apparatus for carrying out this method is also disclosed..
Systems and apparatus for removal of harmful algae blooms (hab) and transparent exopolymer particles (tep)
A mobile heb and tep mitigation device includes a mobile body capable of movement within or upon a body of water. Located within the mobile body is a hydrodynamic separation system which includes a water inlet, a hydrodynamic separation unit and a collection tank.
Methods and systems for wastewater treatment and resource recovery
Wastewater treatment methods and systems for removal of phosphorus (p) and nitrogen (n) from wastewater and for recovery of them as usable materials. Sufficient amount of dolomite lime and slaked dolomite lime is added into the wastewater to increase the ph of the wastewater to above 8.5 and to form p precipitates and to convert ammonium to ammonia in a precipitation-ammonia stripping reactor or a continuous flow precipitation reactor.
Process and plant for decontaminating phosphoric acid solution
The invention relates to a method for recycling of phosphoric acid solution from a decontamination bath, which solution is contaminated with radioactive components, wherein the used phosphoric acid solution is diluted with aqueous oxalic acid solution, in order to separate off iron oxalate in this connection, and the phosphoric acid solution is used for decontamination of further system parts, wherein the iron ion content in the phosphoric acid in the decontamination bath is continuously measured, and phosphoric acid is continuously withdrawn from the decontamination bath and concentrated and purified phosphoric acid is replaced, so that a specific concentration of dissolved iron in the contamination bath is not exceeded, and to a system for implementation of the method. The solution has the advantage that only small amounts of phosphoric acid are in circulation in a system for recycling of a phosphoric acid solution from a decontamination bath, whereby the required work volume in the system tanks is significantly reduced.
Method for three dimensional (3d) lattice radiotherapy
A method for high-dose grid radiotherapy utilizing a three-dimensional (3d) dose lattice formation is described herein. The 3d dose lattice can be achieved by, but not limited to, three technical approaches: 1) non-coplanar focused beams; 2) multileaf collimator (mlc)-based intensity modulated radiation therapy (imrt) or aperture-modulated arc; and 3) heavy charged particle beam.
Production of biodiesel and glycerin from high free fatty acid feedstocks
A system and method for the conversion of free fatty acids to glycerides and the subsequent conversion of glycerides to glycerin and biodiesel includes the transesterification of a glyceride stream with an alcohol. The fatty acid alkyl esters are separated from the glycerin to produce a first liquid phase containing a fatty acid alkyl ester rich (concentrated) stream and a second liquid phase containing a glycerin rich (concentrated) stream.
Method for preparing high purity biodiesel
Disclosed is a method for preparing high purity biodiesel from crude oils. The method comprises the steps of: pre-treating the crude oil raw material to remove impurities; pre-esterifying the pre-treated crude oil raw material under the effect of a catalyst of concentrated sulfuric acid; and then carrying out an ester exchange reaction in the presence of an alkali catalyst; recycling methanol, and separating glycerol, so as to obtain a crude fatty acid methyl ester; and subjecting the obtained fatty acid methyl ester to purification, distillation and segmentation to obtain a high-purity fatty acid methyl ester..
Novel inhibitor compositions and methods of use
The invention concerns a formulation and method which allow for the efficient delivery of antipolymerants of low solubility into processes for the production of ethylenically unsaturated monomers, and associated process streams, and which avoid the potential health and safety problems and economic disadvantages which are associated with the methods of the prior art and facilitate the safe and efficient production of these monomers. Specifically, the invention provides an antipolymerant composition for the prevention of unwanted polymerisation reactions during the production and processing of ethylenically unsaturated compounds, the composition comprising a concentrated liquid formulation, wherein said concentrated liquid formulation is a suspension concentrate which comprises: (a) at least one compound selected from the group comprising phenols, quinones, thiazines, hydroxylamines and aromatic amines; (b) at least one dispersing agent; and (c) at least one polar or non-polar liquid carrier.
Production of highly concentrated solutions of self-assembling proteins
The present invention concerns stable aqueous protein dispersions comprising in an aqueous phase at least one self-assembling protein in dispersed form and also at least one specific dispersant for the self-assembling protein; processes for producing such stable aqueous dispersions; processes for electrospinning self-assembling proteins using such stable aqueous dispersions; processes for producing fibrous sheet bodies or fibers from such aqueous dispersions; the use of such aqueous dispersions for coating surfaces; the use of the materials produced by electrospinning in the manufacture of medical devices, hygiene articles and textiles; and also fibrous or fibrous sheet bodies produced by an electrospinning process of the present invention.. .

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