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Method of forming gate dielectric layer and method of fabricating semiconductor device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Concentrated-related patents
 Compositions and methods for remediation of chlorinated polyaromatic compounds patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for remediation of chlorinated polyaromatic compounds
The present invention relates to compositions and methods that are effective in the remediation of contaminants found in natural sources such as groundwater, surface water, soil and manufactured products. The disclosed compositions and methods provide a method for remediating chlorinated polyaromatic compounds by treating them under pressure and heat with concentrated acids and chloride salts.
 Stable protein-containing preparation containing argininamide or analogous compound thereof patent thumbnailStable protein-containing preparation containing argininamide or analogous compound thereof
Addition of argininamide or valinamide to a highly concentrated antibody solution was found to lead to remarkable stabilization, in particular, stabilization against photostress.. .
 Method for viscosity reduction in co-fermentation ethanol processes patent thumbnailMethod for viscosity reduction in co-fermentation ethanol processes
The present disclosure provides methods and compositions for reducing the viscosity of biomass process streams in an ethanol production process. The method comprises adding cellulase enzymes to a biomass feedstock that is fermented to produce ethanol, generating whole stillage and thin stillage streams from the post-fermentation biomass, and adding an additional enzyme or enzyme cocktail that reduces the viscosity of the whole stillage stream, thin stillage stream, concentrated thin stillage stream, and/or the syrup stream generated by evaporating the thin stillage..
 Method of forming gate dielectric layer and method of fabricating semiconductor device patent thumbnailMethod of forming gate dielectric layer and method of fabricating semiconductor device
A method for fabricating a semiconductor device includes ion-implanting germanium into a monocrystalline silicon-containing substrate; forming a gate oxide layer over a surface of the monocrystalline silicon-containing substrate and forming, under the gate oxide layer, a germanium-rich region in which the germanium is concentrated, by performing a plasma oxidation process; and crystallizing the germanium-rich region by performing an annealing process.. .
 Solar plant patent thumbnailSolar plant
A solar plant enabling transformation of solar energy exploiting most of the solar spectrum with very efficient yields, including: at least one solar collector including a concentrator, configured to collect and concentrate solar radiation in the concentrator; a solar laser device to transform radiation received from the concentrators into laser radiation; a receiver and/or a solar reactor configured to receive radiation from the laser device and transform it into another form of energy; and can include flexible lightguides or plane mirrors to transport the radiation received from the laser device to the solar reactor and/or receiver, and photovoltaic cells interspersed among the collectors and laser devices to transform the concentrated radiation into electricity and allow radiation not transformed to pass to the laser devices.. .
 Coated article with heat treatable coating for concentrated solar power applications, and/or methods of making the same patent thumbnailCoated article with heat treatable coating for concentrated solar power applications, and/or methods of making the same
Certain example embodiments relate to heat treatable coated articles, e.g., suitable for concentrating solar power (csp) and/or other applications. For instance, the heat treatable coated article may be a secondary reflector panel, primary reflector, etc., where a reflective coating is disposed on a glass substrate.
 Renewable energy system patent thumbnailRenewable energy system
An integrated renewable energy system is provided for a tall multi-story building including solar, wind, and hydrogen subsystems. The solar subsystem includes a plurality of photovoltaic panels to produce a first source of electrical energy and a concentrated solar thermal system for producing a second source of electrical energy.
 Acid/salt separation patent thumbnailAcid/salt separation
The invention provides a method for preparing a succinic acid, which method includes the steps of: providing magnesium succinate; acidifying the magnesium succinate with hydrochloric acid (hcl), thereby obtaining a solution including succinic acid and magnesium chloride (mgcl2); optionally a concentration step, wherein the solution including succinic acid and mgcl2 is concentrated; precipitating succinic acid from the solution including succinic acid and mgcl2, thereby obtaining a succinic acid precipitate and a mgcl2 solution. The addition of hcl to a magnesium salt of succinic acid and subsequent precipitation of succinic acid from the solution leads to a very efficient separation of succinic acid from a magnesium succinate solution..
 Method and apparatus for concentrating an ink for an electrostatic printing process patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for concentrating an ink for an electrostatic printing process
(d) removing the concentrated ink from the conveyor and transferring it to a storage vessel. An apparatus for carrying out this method is also disclosed..
 Systems and apparatus for removal of harmful algae blooms (hab) and transparent exopolymer particles (tep) patent thumbnailSystems and apparatus for removal of harmful algae blooms (hab) and transparent exopolymer particles (tep)
A mobile heb and tep mitigation device includes a mobile body capable of movement within or upon a body of water. Located within the mobile body is a hydrodynamic separation system which includes a water inlet, a hydrodynamic separation unit and a collection tank.
Methods and systems for wastewater treatment and resource recovery
Wastewater treatment methods and systems for removal of phosphorus (p) and nitrogen (n) from wastewater and for recovery of them as usable materials. Sufficient amount of dolomite lime and slaked dolomite lime is added into the wastewater to increase the ph of the wastewater to above 8.5 and to form p precipitates and to convert ammonium to ammonia in a precipitation-ammonia stripping reactor or a continuous flow precipitation reactor.
Process and plant for decontaminating phosphoric acid solution
The invention relates to a method for recycling of phosphoric acid solution from a decontamination bath, which solution is contaminated with radioactive components, wherein the used phosphoric acid solution is diluted with aqueous oxalic acid solution, in order to separate off iron oxalate in this connection, and the phosphoric acid solution is used for decontamination of further system parts, wherein the iron ion content in the phosphoric acid in the decontamination bath is continuously measured, and phosphoric acid is continuously withdrawn from the decontamination bath and concentrated and purified phosphoric acid is replaced, so that a specific concentration of dissolved iron in the contamination bath is not exceeded, and to a system for implementation of the method. The solution has the advantage that only small amounts of phosphoric acid are in circulation in a system for recycling of a phosphoric acid solution from a decontamination bath, whereby the required work volume in the system tanks is significantly reduced.
Method for three dimensional (3d) lattice radiotherapy
A method for high-dose grid radiotherapy utilizing a three-dimensional (3d) dose lattice formation is described herein. The 3d dose lattice can be achieved by, but not limited to, three technical approaches: 1) non-coplanar focused beams; 2) multileaf collimator (mlc)-based intensity modulated radiation therapy (imrt) or aperture-modulated arc; and 3) heavy charged particle beam.
Production of biodiesel and glycerin from high free fatty acid feedstocks
A system and method for the conversion of free fatty acids to glycerides and the subsequent conversion of glycerides to glycerin and biodiesel includes the transesterification of a glyceride stream with an alcohol. The fatty acid alkyl esters are separated from the glycerin to produce a first liquid phase containing a fatty acid alkyl ester rich (concentrated) stream and a second liquid phase containing a glycerin rich (concentrated) stream.
Method for preparing high purity biodiesel
Disclosed is a method for preparing high purity biodiesel from crude oils. The method comprises the steps of: pre-treating the crude oil raw material to remove impurities; pre-esterifying the pre-treated crude oil raw material under the effect of a catalyst of concentrated sulfuric acid; and then carrying out an ester exchange reaction in the presence of an alkali catalyst; recycling methanol, and separating glycerol, so as to obtain a crude fatty acid methyl ester; and subjecting the obtained fatty acid methyl ester to purification, distillation and segmentation to obtain a high-purity fatty acid methyl ester..
Novel inhibitor compositions and methods of use
The invention concerns a formulation and method which allow for the efficient delivery of antipolymerants of low solubility into processes for the production of ethylenically unsaturated monomers, and associated process streams, and which avoid the potential health and safety problems and economic disadvantages which are associated with the methods of the prior art and facilitate the safe and efficient production of these monomers. Specifically, the invention provides an antipolymerant composition for the prevention of unwanted polymerisation reactions during the production and processing of ethylenically unsaturated compounds, the composition comprising a concentrated liquid formulation, wherein said concentrated liquid formulation is a suspension concentrate which comprises: (a) at least one compound selected from the group comprising phenols, quinones, thiazines, hydroxylamines and aromatic amines; (b) at least one dispersing agent; and (c) at least one polar or non-polar liquid carrier.
Production of highly concentrated solutions of self-assembling proteins
The present invention concerns stable aqueous protein dispersions comprising in an aqueous phase at least one self-assembling protein in dispersed form and also at least one specific dispersant for the self-assembling protein; processes for producing such stable aqueous dispersions; processes for electrospinning self-assembling proteins using such stable aqueous dispersions; processes for producing fibrous sheet bodies or fibers from such aqueous dispersions; the use of such aqueous dispersions for coating surfaces; the use of the materials produced by electrospinning in the manufacture of medical devices, hygiene articles and textiles; and also fibrous or fibrous sheet bodies produced by an electrospinning process of the present invention.. .
Electrical utility box enclosing power supply and thermoregulator for a coil heater
An electrical utility box that houses various electrical devices to heat a coil heater to heat titanium rod through the process of thermal conduction. The titanium rod is heated for the purpose of vaporizing concentrated essential oils of medical marijuana.
Product gas concentrator utilizing vacuum swing adsorption and method associated therewith
Systems and methods associated with providing a concentrated product gas utilizing a vacuum swing adsorption process are provided. In one embodiment, the system includes first and second sieve beds, a scavenger pump, and a controller.
Solar energy air conditioning system with storage capability
The invention utilizes concentrated solar energy in a novel air conditioning system which includes storage capabilities. The refrigerant circuit “high” pressure side is comprised of multiple solar concentrators placed between two positive rotary valves.
Method of producing natural b carotene by fermentation and use thereof
The present invention provides a method for producing and purifying β-carotene by blakeslea trispora fermentation and use thereof. The method comprises the following steps: a) separately inoculating the blakeslea trispora strains onto a pda culture medium so as to obtain a spore suspension; b) propagating spores in a seeding tank so as to obtain seeds for fermentation; c) inoculating the seeds for fermentation onto a fermenter and fermenting said seeds; d) adjusting the fermentation liquid to be basic by using an organic or inorganic base, and filtering so as to obtain wet mycelia; e) treating the wet mycelia with a hydrophobic non-polar organic solvent; f) mixing the wet mycelia with an organic solvent of ester and obtaining a concentrated solution by extracting; g) adding a saturated monohydric alcohol into the concentrated solution, and filtering and crystallizing so as to obtain pure ss-carotene.
Systems and methods for processing variable acetyl streams
The invention provides systems and processes for concentrating acetic acid and acetic anhydride streams. The systems allow operation of equipment used for such concentrations in two or more modes of operation.
Method for enhancing the production yield of human papillomavirus l1 protein
This invention is a method for improving production yield of hpv l1 protein including the phase of culturing cell expressing hpv l1 protein in a medium containing high concentration of carbon source. According to the culture method using a medium containing highly concentrated carbon source of this invention, the production yield of hpv l1 protein can be not only remarkably increased but also the immunogenicity of the produced hpv l1 protein is significantly increased..
Liquid to liquid biological particle concentrator
A rapid one-pass liquid filtration system efficiently concentrates biological particles that are suspended in liquid from a dilute feed suspension. A sample concentrate or retentate suspension is retained while eliminating the separated fluid in a separate flow stream.
Device and method for the capture of c02 by cao carbonation and for maintaining sorbent activity
The present invention is included within the field of energy production from carbonaceous fuels with capture of carbon dioxide for its use or permanent storage and in particular relates to devices and methods which enable the improved capture of co2 by cao in calcination-carbonation processes due to the use of a recarbonator where the partially carbonated solids from the carbonator are brought into contact with highly concentrated co2; so that the fraction of carbonate in the solids increases slightly above the effective co2 carrying capacity in the carbonator and said increase compensates the loss of effective co2 carrying capacity that said solids undergo in the following calcination-carbonation cycle, thus checking the deactivation process in a higher value of co2 carrying capacity of the sorbent.. .
Multi-wavelength light source apparatus
The present invention discloses a multi-wavelength light source apparatus. The multi-wavelength light source apparatus includes: a pump light source, configured to provide pump light; an erbium-doped optical fiber, configured to absorb energy of the pump light and emit wide-spectrum laser light; and an optical fiber, configured to filter the wide-spectrum laser light and output a multi-wavelength optical signal in a free spectral range of the optical filter, where the multi-wavelength optical signal is incident on the erbium-doped optical fiber, and the erbium-doped optical fiber is further configured to re-amplify and output the incident multi-wavelength optical signal.
Position detector
A position detector provides a wide dynamic range for detecting a magnetic flux density. The position detector has a magnetic flux detector with a hall ic disposed within a gap between first and second magnetic flux transmission parts that allow rotation of the hall ic relative to a rotating body for outputting a signal reflecting a passing magnetic flux density.
Concentrated methotrexate solutions
Concentrated methotrexate solutions are described which are suitable for the use of an active substance in the production of a parenterally administered medicament for the treatment of inflammatory autoimmune diseases. The methotrexate is added to a pharmaceutically acceptable solvent at a concentration of more than 25 mg/ml.
Low flouride crustacean concentrated hydrolysate fraction compositions
Fluorine being present in the exoskeleton of crustaceans, and especially krill represents a problem for using krill as a source for food, feed, food additives and/or feed additives. There has been developed a process for removing such fluorine from krill material by subjecting the krill to disintegration and to an enzymatic hydrolysis process prior to or simultaneously with a removal of the exoskeleton particles producing a fluorine-reduced product.
Concentrated felbamate formulations for parenteral administration
Formulations of a neuroprotective agent for parenteral administration are described herein. The formulation is in the form of a concentrated (supersaturated) solution or a concentrated suspension of microparticles.
Swing-style and high signal-to-noise ratio demodulation devices and corresponding demodulation method for the measurement of low coherence interference displacement
This invention provides a swing-style and high signal-to-noise ratio low coherence interference demodulation devices and the corresponding demodulation method for the measurement of displacement. In the displacement sensing method, the optical path difference, which is built by the light reflections from the reference surface and the test object, varies with the displacement of the test object.
Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling the same
An image capturing apparatus comprises: a focus detection unit to obtain an in-focus position for each preset focus detection area; a setting unit to set an object area for a captured image; an acquisition unit to acquire a representative in-focus position of the object area based on in-focus positions contained within a given range where in-focus positions of focus detection areas corresponding to the object area are most concentrated; a determination unit to determine, if a plurality of object areas are set by the setting unit, a priority order of the object areas based on representative in-focus positions of the object areas; and a control unit configured to perform control so as to sequentially drive the focus lens to the representative in-focus positions of the object areas in decreasing order of the priority order and perform shooting.. .
Polarity inversion driving method and apparatus for liquid crystal display panel, and liquid crystal display
A polarity inversion driving method and apparatus for a liquid crystal display panel, and a liquid crystal display, is provided in order to solve the technical problem in the prior art that the interference strips are concentrated in one line, without increasing the power consumption of the liquid crystal display panel. The method comprises the steps of: generating n polarity control signals of different timings, wherein n is an integer and n≧2, and each polarity control signal is used to control a polarity voltage for sub-pixels in one or more columns of a liquid crystal display panel; and outputting the n polarity control signals to polarity control lines in the liquid crystal display panel, wherein each polarity control line corresponds to one polarity control signal..
Antenna with a concentrated magnetic field
An antenna with a concentrated magnetic field has a main coil and at least one pair of auxiliary coils. Each of the main coil and each auxiliary coil has at least one coil conductor.
Beverage dispensing system using highly concentrated beverage syrup
A fountain beverage dispenser for constituting a beverage by mixture of a beverage syrup and a diluent for the syrup is characterized by use of a highly concentrated beverage syrup supply and at least one diluent and syrup blending station for diluting the highly concentrated syrup with diluent before the diluted syrup is mixed with diluent in the final mixture of syrup and diluent delivered to a dispensing nozzle.. .
Dynamic equilibrium separation, concentration, and mixing apparatus and methods
Particles are separated, concentrated, or mixed within a fluid by means of a fluid-containing cell having a longitudinal axis, a cross-sectional area generally perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, and at least one particle motivating force directionally interacting with at least one recurrent circulating fluid flow generally aligned with the longitudinal axis within the fluid containing cell.. .
Method and apparatus for ethanol production
An integrated bioethanol production and evaporation process and system produce reduces high quality ethanol and concentrated stillage. The process and system provide a significant energy savings over conventional bioethanol production and evaporation systems by using the energy (“vapor”) that drives the distillation process to also drive a multiple effect evaporator, preferably a multiple effect taste™ evaporator to “flash” or vaporize alcohol from the distillate.
Liquidity margin
Systems and methods are provided for determining margin requirements for portfolios that are illiquid or have concentrated positions. Surveys with sample portfolios that include credit default swaps and that ask for liquidity charges are distributed to clearing members.
Apparatus and methods for clot dissolution
Clot disruption and dissolution are achieved using a catheter having the ability to infuse a thrombolytic agent, aspirate clot and fluid, and allow passage of a guidewire. Optionally, the catheter may also include a mechanical agitator for further disrupt clot in the presence of the thrombolytic agent.
Fluoroalkanesulfonic acid production method
Disclosed is a method for producing a fluoroalkanesulfonic acid including (1) the step of reacting concentrated sulfuric acid and/or fuming sulfuric acid with a fluoroalkanesulfonate to cause an acid decomposition, thereby obtaining a reaction mixture containing the fluoroalkanesulfonic acid and a sulfur component; and (2) the step of adding an oxidizing agent to the reaction mixture obtained by the above step and then conducting a distillation, thereby obtaining the fluoroalkanesulfonic acid from the reaction mixture. It is possible by this method to efficiently reduce the sulfur component, thereby industrially advantageously obtaining fluoroalkanesulfonic acid of high purity..
Methods for triazole synthesis
Disclosed are methods of synthesizing triazoles that avoids the use of concentrated acids in favor of carbonic acid generated from co2 that can be practiced at ambient and/or elevated temperature and/or atmospheric and/or elevated pressures. The disclosed methods also provide a way of synthesizing triazole products that are sufficiently pure and/or of sufficient concentration whereby the reaction product(s) may not require purification or other treatment before being used in, for example, formulating water treatment compositions that will tend to suppress corrosion or as an intermediate product in a more complex synthesis..
Stable glucagon formulations for the treatment of hypoglycemia
The delivery of biopharmaceutical and other therapeutic agents parenterally to an animal via a minimally invasive, low pain administration is provided. The agents are delivered to the patient via, e.g., the epidermal, dermal, or subcutaneous layer of the skin in a concentrated form of injectable glucagon that is dissolved in a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier..
Nutritional supplement, method for increasing the bacterial mass in the rumen of a ruminant and nutritional preparation and corresponding uses
A nutritional supplement, a method for increasing the bacterial mass in the rumen of a ruminant and a nutritional preparation and corresponding uses. A nutritional supplement including proteins with a degree of hydrolysis above 28% and/or which have more than 23 mg α-amino nitrogen per gram of protein and/or have more than 10% of free amino acids.
Separative bioreactor
A bioreactor that combines the steps of recombinant expression and separation of a biological product by binding the secreted biological product with a resin, discarding the nutrient medium and eluting the biological product as a concentrated solution, eliminating the steps of sterile filtration and volume reduction. The method also allows loading of resin for column-purification, eliminating all steps of perfusion process and maintaining a sink condition of a toxic product in nutrient medium to optimize productivity of host cells.
Blend plan optimization for concentrated consumable products
A blending plan for concentrated consumable products, such as liquid food and beverage products, may be optimized by utilizing a computer device executing a software algorithm. The computing device receives one or more inputs associated with the blending of various components employed in producing quantities of a concentrated consumable product over a predetermined time interval.
Process of preparing a concentrated liquid foodstuff
This invention relates to a process of preparing a concentrated liquid foodstuff comprising treating a sugar solution or a concentrate or an extract having a brix of more than 20°, with carbohydrate oxidase and catalase without adjusting the ph before or during the treatment by addition of buffering substances or basic substances, to obtain a concentrated liquid foodstuff, wherein the final ph is lower than 3.. .
Food supplement having high immunological value, based on a protein matrix
The invention relates to a food supplement having high immunological value, based on a protein matrix, i.e. A food compound with high immunological value, based on the mixture of four protein sources: i.
Vehicle headlamp system
An exemplary vehicle headlamp system includes an ultraviolet light emitting diode for emitting ultraviolet light, a first lens, and a phosphor layer. The first lens is located between the ultraviolet light emitting diode and the phosphor layer.
Integration of devices and electrical connections in components or structural parts of polymeric material installed on a vehicle
The invention relates to a method for the manufacturing of a component or a structural part made of polymeric material, adapted to integrate electrical devices and connections, and a system for carrying out the method. The method includes injection moulding of a composite material including: a non-conductive polymeric matrix; a dispersed phase including at least one carbonization promoter to form carbonaceous conductive structures; and a reinforcing-fibre filler to direct the distribution and orientation of the dispersed phase in the polymeric matrix, wherein injection of the composite material into a mould for forming the component or the structural part includes supplying the material in a spatially more-concentrated way at pre-established regions of the component or of the structural part designed for the incorporation of electrical devices or connections, and supplying the material in a spatially more spread-out way elsewhere..
Emitter for a thermo-photovoltaic system and thermo-photovoltaic system comprising at least one such emitter
A thermo-photovoltaic system including an infrared radiation emitter including a body including a first external surface and a second external surface, the first and second external surfaces being distinct, the first external surface facing a concentrator for receiving a concentrated solar radiation, the second external surface facing a thermo-photovoltaic cell, and the body further including at least one gas and/or liquid combustion chamber therein, and an igniter is provided for causing combustion in the combustion chamber.. .
Oxygen concentration system and method
The present system is an adsorption system for separating air into a concentrated gas component, which has an air supply, a compressor for receiving and compressing the air supply, providing a compressed air supply, and molecular sieve material for separating the compressed air supply into a concentrated gas component. The adsorption system delivers at least 5 liters per minute (lpm) of concentrated gas component from the molecular sieve material in which the system has a specific total weight per lpm<9 lbs/lpm.
Method for chilling a building
A method for chilling a building includes the steps of: heating a working solution contained in a solar panel using solar radiation, separating the heated working solution in vapor and a concentrated working solution, condensing the vapor to liquid refrigerant, evaporating the liquid refrigerant, (i) in a building to be chilled or (ii) outside a building to be chilled, wherein the cooling obtained by evaporation is transferred to a cooling liquid outside the building and transported to the building to be chilled for delivery of the cooling, absorbing in an absorber the vapor in the concentrated working solution, and returning the working solution to the first step.. .
Osmotic heat engine
A method of converting thermal energy into mechanical work that uses a semi-permeable membrane to convert osmotic pressure into electrical power. A closed cycle pressure-retarded osmosis (pro) process known as an osmotic heat engine (ohe) uses a concentrated ammonia-carbon dioxide draw solution to create high osmotic pressures which generate water flux through a semi-permeable membrane against a hydraulic pressure gradient.
Posture estimation device, posture estimation system, and posture estimation method
Provided is a posture estimation device with which it is possible to estimate the posture of an object having joints with a high degree of precision. A posture estimation device (100) carries out an estimation of a posture of an object on the basis of image data wherein an object having a plurality of sites which are connected by joints is photographed.
Process for producing furfural from black liquor
A process for making furfural using papermaking black liquor from the kraft pulping process as a feed material. First, the lignin is removed from the black liquor by carbonizing the black liquor to a ph below ph 10 to insolubilize the lignin, neutralize naoh and other inorganic components of the black liquor.
Concentrated lamellar liquid personal cleansing composition
The invention relates to concentrated liquid cleansing compositions in lamellar phase which possess a lotion-like appearance conveying signals of enhanced moisturization. The use of a specific ratio of synthetic anionic surfactant(s) and co-surfactant(s) to fatty acid(s) in a structured liquid product was found to improve lather production by moderating or eliminating the increase in viscosity upon dilution.
Lignocellulose conversion processes and products
Processes for converting lignocellulose to feedstock and downstream products are disclosed. The processes may include acid treatment of lignocellulose to produce a fermentation feedstock.
Biorefinery process for extraction, separation and recovery of fermentable saccharides, other useful compounds, and yield of improved lignocellulosic material from plant biomass
Non-food plant biomass is subjected hot-water extraction in a pressurized vessel at an elevated temperature up to about 250° c. Without addition of reagents, to yield an aqueous extract containing hemicellulosic components and a lignocellulosic residue.
Inks for liquid electrophotography
A method of manufacturing a liquid electrophotographic ink includes: mixing a pigment with a resin powder; and microfluidizing the mixture together with a carrier fluid in a microfluidizer in a number of passes to form a concentrated ink containing composite particles.. .
Method for producing lithium tetrafluoroborate solution
Disclosed is a production method of a lithium tetrafluoroborate solution for use as a lithium battery electrolytic solution, including: a reaction step of forming lithium tetrafluoroborate by reaction of lithium fluoride and boron trifluoride in a chain carbonate ester solvent and thereby obtaining a reaction solution of the lithium tetrafluoroborate dissolved in the chain carbonate ester solvent; a water removal step of adding a water removing agent to the reaction solution; an acidic impurity removal step of removing an acidic impurity component from the reaction solution by concentrating the reaction solution after the water removal step; and a dilution step of diluting the concentrated solution after the acidic impurity removal step. It is possible by this method to obtain the lithium tetrafluoroborate solution whose acidic impurity content and water content are reduced to be 50 mass ppm or lower and 15 mass ppm or lower, respectively..
Method for forming conductive film at room temperature
A method for forming a conductive film at room temperature is provided and includes steps of: adding agno3 into a first solution of dodecanoic acid; dropping n-butylamine and a diluted aqueous solution of a reducing agent into the first solution in turn, so as to initially obtain the dodecanoate-protected silver nanoparticles as a capping ligand; then using cyclohexane as a solvent to apply the silver nanoparticles onto a surface of a substrate to form a patterned film of silver nanoparticles; and finally immersing the substrate into a high concentrated aqueous solution of a reducing agent to chemically reduce the patterned film of silver nanoparticles into a conductive silver film. Thus, a patterned film or circuit can be conveniently and rapidly formed, and the silver nanoparticles can be applied to flexible substrates with low material cost and temperature sensitivity..
Production of soy protein product using calcium chloride extraction ("s702")
A soy protein product having a protein content of at least about 60 wt % (n×6.25) d.b., preferably a soy protein isolate having a protein content of at least about 90 wt % (n×6.25) d.b., is prepared from a soy protein source material by extraction of the soy protein source material with an aqueous calcium salt solution, preferably calcium chloride solution, to cause solubilization of soy protein from the protein source and to form an aqueous soy protein solution, separating the aqueous soy protein solution from residual soy protein source, concentrating the aqueous soy protein solution while maintaining the ionic strength substantially constant by using a selective membrane technique, optionally diafiltering the concentrated soy protein solution, and drying the concentrated and optionally diafiltered soy protein solution.. .
Processing quinoa for improved protein-to-carbohydrate formulations
Methods for processing quinoa or other seed that includes soaking the seeds in an aqueous system having alkaline agents, and/or coating the seed with lipases, proteases and/or esterase enzyme preparation to reduce saponin content. After the quinoa seed is ground, it may be steeped in water that is treated with enzymes or a series of combinations of enzymes.
Secondary optic for concentrating photovoltaic device
A light concentrating optic for use with a photovoltaic device includes a light pipe having a first end portion for receiving light and a second end portion for outputting concentrated light. An optical element is coupled to the light pipe on the first end portion and configured to form an optical interface between the light pipe and the optical element.
Apparatus and method for inspecting matter and use thereof for sorting recyclable matter
An apparatus and a method for inspecting matter and the use thereof for sorting recyclable material including transparent material are disclosed. The apparatus comprises a lighting unit for projecting a concentrated diffused lighting onto the matter to generate a specular reflected light beam representative of the inspected matter.
Separator and method of separation
A method of separating a multiphase fluid, the fluid including a relatively high density component and a relatively low density component, that includes introducing the fluid into a separation region; imparting a rotational movement into the multiphase fluid; forming an outer annular region of rotating fluid of predetermined thickness within the separation region; and forming and maintaining a core of fluid in an inner region. Fluid entering the separation vessel is directed into the outer annular region and the thickness of the outer annular region is such that the high density component is concentrated and substantially contained within this region, the low density component being concentrated in the rotating core.
Methods for controlling sex of oviparous embryos using light sources
The sex of embryos in eggs is influenced or controlled through the application of light having selected wavelengths in order to promote the development of embryos of a selected sex. An incubating device is provided having an interior cavity that can be sealed from an outside, and having a plurality of lighting elements disposed on each of a plurality of trays disposed in the interior cavity.
Vest for cooling or warming the user
A body temperature-adjusting vest which includes a plurality of generally rectangular pockets in each of which is housed at least one cooling and/or warming gel pack capable, when activated, of transferring heat between its contents and the wearer's body. The pockets themselves are part of a wide, belt-like, generally symmetrical array worn snugly about the torso.

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