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Concatenation patents


This page is updated frequently with new Concatenation-related patent applications.

 Accelerated detection of matching patterns patent thumbnailAccelerated detection of matching patterns
Techniques related to accelerated detection of matching patterns are disclosed. In an embodiment, a method may involve, for a single field of a body of records, contiguously storing field values, thereby storing the field values as a concatenation.
Oracle International Corporation

 Sequence data analyzer, dna analysis system and sequence data analysis method patent thumbnailSequence data analyzer, dna analysis system and sequence data analysis method
A sequence data analyzer comprising: a read dictionary preparation unit creating a read sequence dictionary based on a concatenation string, the concatenation string constituted of a pair of a left sequence and a right sequence, which are obtained by sequencing a sample dna fragment respectively from the left and right ends, and connecting characters connecting these sequences together; and a sample reconstruction unit extracting, as a sample sequence, a string up to a terminal character positioned in the string of a hit position of a query sequence in the read sequence dictionary, and extracting, as a mate sequence, the left sequence or right sequence until the appearance of a terminal character on the side where the hit position doesn't exist in the sample sequence.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

 Image encoding device and method, and image processing device and method patent thumbnailImage encoding device and method, and image processing device and method
The present disclosure relates to an image encoding device and an image encoding method, and an image processing device and an image processing method that enable easier bitstream concatenation. A structure according to the present disclosure includes: a setting unit that sets header information related to a hypothetical reference decoder in accordance with information about a position and information about reference, the information about a position and the information about reference being of the current picture of image data to be processed; and an encoding unit that encodes the image data and generates a bitstream containing the encoded data of the image data and the header information set by the setting unit.
Sony Corporation

 Apparatus and  performing division patent thumbnailApparatus and performing division
An apparatus and method are provided, the apparatus comprising: storage circuitry to store an input data value; divider circuitry to split the input data value into at least one sub-value in dependence on a number of lanes for a current iteration, each sub-value occupying a lane, and to operate on each sub-value to generate a quotient corresponding to the division of that sub-value by a divisor, wherein the divisor is an odd integer; remainder circuitry to operate on each sub-value to generate a remainder corresponding to the remainder of dividing that sub-value by the divisor; concatenation circuitry to concatenate each quotient to produce a concatenated division value, and to concatenate each remainder to produce a concatenated remainder value, in each subsequent iteration, the input data value being formed from the concatenated remainder value of a preceding iteration; and output circuitry to output, after a plurality of iterations, a result of adding the concatenated division values produced by said plurality of iterations.. .
Arm Limited

 Processor with instruction concatenation patent thumbnailProcessor with instruction concatenation
A processor includes a plurality of execution units. At least one of the execution units is configured to determine, based on a field of a first instruction, a number of additional instructions to execute in conjunction with the first instruction and prior to execution of the first instruction..
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

 System,  multi-owner transfer of ownership of a device patent thumbnailSystem, multi-owner transfer of ownership of a device
In one embodiment, a method includes: receiving, in a device, a first message to request transfer of ownership of the device from a current owner to a new owner, the device having a storage to store a first title including a device identifier for the device and an owner identifier for the current owner, the storage to further store a first root authorization key associated with the current owner; sending a second message from the device to the new owner, the second message including a hash value of the first title; and receiving a third message, in the device, the third message including a second title for the device, the second title generated by the new owner and including a new owner identifier, the second title comprising a concatenation of the first title, to enable ownership of the device to be transferred to the new owner.. .
Intel Corporation

 Password check by decomposing password patent thumbnailPassword check by decomposing password
A proposed password is decomposed into basic components to determine and score transitions between the basic components and create a password score that measures the strength of the proposed password based on rules, such as concatenation, insertion, and replacement. The proposed password is scored against all known words, such as when a user is first asked to create a password for an account or access.
Paypal, Inc.

 Transmission system for avionics application data patent thumbnailTransmission system for avionics application data
A transmission system for avionics application data is disclosed. In one aspect, the system is for transmitting avionics application data between data producing means and data consuming means, the application data being transmitted in the form of data transmission units, each including: at least one portion of an application message, and an additional message containing identification and control information.

 Method and device for bounding an object in a video patent thumbnailMethod and device for bounding an object in a video
The invention relates to a method for bounding an object in a video sequence fx,y,t. The method includes obtaining a subset of pixels located in the object to annotate, in each frame of the video sequence.
Thomson Licensing

 Low latency transmission  long distances in soundwire systems patent thumbnailLow latency transmission long distances in soundwire systems
Low latency transmission systems and methods for long distances in soundwire systems are disclosed. In an exemplary aspect, a soundwire sub-system is coupled to a long cable through a bridge.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Systems and associated methods for arabic handwriting using synthetic extension concatenation and synthesis

Systems and associated methodology are presented for arabic handwriting synthesis including accessing character shape images of an alphabet, determining a connection point location between two or more character shapes based on a calculated right edge position and a calculated left edge position of the character shape images, extracting character features that describe language attributes and width attributes of characters of the character shape images, the language attributes including character kashida attributes, and generating images of cursive text based on the character kashida attribues and the width attribues.. .
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Composite information bearing devices

A composite information bearing device comprising an image pattern and a human readable data device. The human readable data device includes a set of human readable data symbols representing a first set of data.
Infotoo International Limited

Establishing a data transfer connection

A data transfer connection between a device and another device can be established using a basic protocol having a multipath extension that allows for the data transfer connection to use several different paths in parallel. In establishing the data transfer connection, an intermediate device receives a connection request from the device.
Universite Catholique De Louvain

Low-power and low-latency device enumeration with cartesian addressing

An enumeration technique is provided that requires no pre-assignment of addresses to slave devices connected through p2p links to a host device. With regard to any p2p link between devices, one device has a master interface and the remaining device has a slave interface.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Transforming social media re-shares to track referrer history and identify influencers

Approaches are provided for tracking and measuring the influence of social networking members on groups of friends to engage in electronic commerce. An approach includes receiving unique identifier information and activity information for a user that referred a social media link to one or more other users.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method for generating a cyclic video sequence

(d) construction of said cyclic video sequence (sc) by concatenation of a fragment (s′) of said video sequence (s) extending from the first singular point (p1) to the second singular point (p2), and of said connecting sequence (sr).. .

Technique for video conferencing

A video conference client device comprises a communication unit configured to receive a first media stream representing a recorded video conference and further configured to receive meta data related to the first media stream, the meta data representing events in the video conference, a processing unit connected to the communication unit and configured to carry out a concatenation process during which at least a part of the first media stream and at least a part of the meta data are concatenated into a video signal, and a man machine interface unit connected to the processing unit. The man machine interface unit comprises a display unit configured to display the video conference and an input unit configured to generate a video conference navigation signal.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Design of a circuit suitable for generating random bits and circuit for generating random bits

The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for designing a circuit suitable for generating random bits and to a circuit for generating random bits. A random bit string which is used as a binary random number is generated, for example.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

System for securing the critical data of an on-board airplane system of an aircraft

A data security system for securing the critical data of an on-board airplane avionics system comprising access control means for controlling access to the said data on the basis of the security related information of a user, wherein the security related information is selected from the group consisting of: a list of authorised users; a maximum number of allowed accesses, as well as the types of allowed accesses; a time window allowed for access; a series/concatenation allowed for access, by various different users; and a hierarchical prioritisation of the zones associated with the data storage means.. .

System for interactive profiling of healtcare consumers to provide digital personalized health guides and digital marketing

A system including (a) an interactive digital profiling questionnaire directed to a health consumer, wherein the questions relate to a health status or condition of the consumer; (b) a consumer health profile that includes a data presentation software application with pre-defined sections, wherein the consumer's answers from the interactive digital questionnaire are entered as health data into the pre-defined sections of the data presentation software application; and (c) a digital personalized health guide for delivery to the consumer that includes logic programs, a concatenation function, and pre-defined topical categories, wherein the logic programs and the concatenation function retrieve health data from the consumer health profile and organize the health data into the pre-defined topical categories. The digital personalized health guide is presented to the consumer with a style appropriate to the consumer's perception of their health status or condition and the consumer can view the health data in the digital personalized health profile according to any of the pre-defined categories..
Univfy Inc.

Method for manipulation protection

A method and a device for manipulation protection, including receiving a first data packet sent from a first device by a second device, the first data packet including a first time-variant parameter; signing a concatenation of a first hash value with the first time-variant parameter and an identification of the second device with the aid of a private key of an asymmetric encryption method which is assigned to the second device, program instructions or data, which are stored on the second device and provided to be carried out during the operation of the second device, being used to determine the hash value; generating a second data packet including the signature and the concatenation; and sending the second data packet from the second device to the first device.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Monitoring of an aircraft engine to anticipate the maintenance operations

A method and a system for monitoring an aircraft engine (2), including: acquisition and processing part (11) configured to collect a time signal of the exhaust gas temperature residual margin of the aircraft engine (2), acquisition and processing part (11) configured to smooth the time signal thus forming a first curve representing the temperature residual margin, acquisition and processing part (11) configured to identify decreasing pieces in the first curve, acquisition and processing part (11) configured to construct a second curve by concatenation of the decreasing pieces, the second curve being continuous while being restricted to the decreasing pieces of the first curve, acquisition and processing part (11) configured to construct a prediction model from the second curve to determine at least one failure forecast indicator.. .

Data compression apparatus and data decompression apparatus

A data compression apparatus includes: a division unit that divides plaintext data inputted to the division unit into a plurality of plaintext blocks each having a prescribed plaintext block length; a compression unit that creates a payload for each plaintext block of the plurality of plaintext blocks by compressing the plaintext block using a sliding dictionary-type compression algorithm, creates a header indicating the length of the payload, and creates a compression block that includes the header and the payload; and a concatenation unit that creates compressed data by concatenating a plurality of compression blocks created from the plurality of plaintext blocks.. .

Memory signal buffers and modules supporting variable access granularity

Described are memory modules that include a configurable signal buffer that manages communication between memory devices and a memory controller. The buffer can be configured to support threading to reduce access granularity, the frequency of row-activation, or both.
Rambus Inc.

Electronic device and bearing structure thereof

A bearing structure is applied to an electronic device, and the electronic device includes a first operation part and a second operation part. The bearing structure includes a first fastening end, a second fastening end, and a plurality of concatenation units.

Generating and processing an authentication certificate

A method and system for generating and processing an authenticity certificate. A request for a step certificate is received from a requester entity.
International Business Machines Corporation

Speech synthesis apparatus and control method thereof

A speech synthesis apparatus and method is provided. The speech synthesis apparatus includes a speech parameter database configured to store a plurality of parameters respectively corresponding to speech synthesis units constituting a speech file, an input unit configured to receive a text including a plurality of speech synthesis units, and a processor configured to select a plurality of candidate unit parameters respectively corresponding to a plurality of speech synthesis units constituting the input text, from the speech parameter database, to generate a parameter unit sequence of a partial or entire portion of the text according to probability of concatenation between consecutively concatenated candidate unit parameters, and to perform a synthesis operation based on hidden markov model (hmm) using the parameter unit sequence to generate an acoustic signal corresponding to the text..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Device notarization

Methods and systems for device notarization and verification are provided. In one implementation, various integrity values are concatenated to generate a concatenated value that is used to generate a transaction data signature (tds).
Kaiser Foundation Hospitals

Concatenated expected responses for speech recognition

A speech recognition system used for hands-free data entry receives and analyzes speech input to recognize and accept a user's response. Under certain conditions, a user's response might be expected.
Hand Held Products, Inc.

Parallel data sorting

A method, apparatus, and system for improved high-performance parallel data sorting is provided. In a first phase, a plurality of unordered data elements to be sorted is divided into k unordered lists each preferably having approximately m elements.
Oracle International Corporation

Segmenting data with included separators

An incoming string is received and an initial segmentation is generated based upon separators in the incoming string. The segment values in the initial segmentation are validated by determining whether they are found in a data store.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Folding method and folding device and document processing system

A method for generating a folding instruction for folding a stack of sheets into a document includes the steps of, for each sheet of the stack of sheets, receiving a folding action on the sheet defined by a fold type and an orientation relative to an observer, the fold type selected out of a mountain fold right, a mountain fold left, a mountain fold bottom, a mountain fold top, a valley fold right, a valley fold left, a valley fold bottom and a valley fold top; generating a function which has the folding action and the sheet as input and an ordered list of new sheets with an orientation relative to the observer of each new sheet of the list of new sheets as output; repeatedly applying the previous steps to each sheet of the at least one list of new sheets until the sheets in the last applied previous steps form the document; and generating a folding instruction including a concatenation of the at least one generated function on the stack of sheets, the folding instruction intended to be transmitted to a folding device for folding the stack of sheets into the document. A folding device and a document processing system for applying the method are also disclosed..
Océ-technologies B.v.

Recording concatenation costs of most common acoustic unit sequential pairs to a concatenation cost database for speech synthesis

A speech synthesis can record concatenation costs of most common acoustic unit sequential pairs to a concatenation cost database for speech synthesis by synthesizing speech from a text, identifying a most common acoustic unit sequential pair in the speech, assigning a concatenation cost to the most common acoustic sequential pair, and recording the concatenation cost of the most common acoustic sequential pair to a concatenation cost database.. .
At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.

Capture selection for digital pre-distortion adaptation and capture concatenation for frequency hopping pre-distortion adaptation

A digital pre-distortion component includes: a first capturing component that captures a first sample set of data; a first generating component that generates a first change matrix associated with a portion of the first sample set of data; a first memory component that stores the first change matrix; a second capturing component that captures a second sample set of data; a second generating component that generates a second change matrix associated with a portion of the second sample set of data; a second memory component that stores the second change matrix; a third capturing component that captures a third sample set of data; a third generating component that generates a third change matrix associated with a portion of the third sample set of data; a comparing component that compares the third change matrix with the first change matrix to obtain a first comparison, and compares the third change matrix with the second change matrix to obtain a second comparison; and an adapting component that adapts the digital pre-distortion component with the third sample set of data based on one of the first comparison and the second comparison.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Partial reverse concatenation for data storage devices using composite codes

In one embodiment, a computer program product includes a computer readable storage medium having program instructions embodied therewith. The computer readable storage medium is not a transitory signal per se.
International Business Machines Corporation

Synthesis of webpage snippets using sub-pages of the webpage

A server device is configured to identify sub-pages corresponding to a particular webpage, where the particular webpage and the identified sub-pages may be associated with a same website; determine titles for the identified sub-pages; process the identified sub-pages to select a set of sub-pages, of the identified sub-pages, to use to generate a snippet for the particular webpage, where each webpage, in the set of sub-pages, may satisfy particular criteria, and a quantity of the set of sub-pages may be based on a length of a concatenation of the titles for the set of sub-pages; generate the snippet, for the particular webpage, using the titles for the set of sub-pages; and store the generated snippet in association with the particular webpage, where the generated snippet may be presented in a search result document when the particular webpage is identified as being relevant to a search query.. .
Google Inc.

System and determining a position of an object

A system is disclosed for determining a position and a change in the position of an anatomical structure. The system utilizes a surgical navigation system and a substrate that is capable of being removably mounted to an outer surface of a patient's body.
Stryker Leibinger Gmbh & Co. Kg

Optimal utilization of multiple transceivers in a wireless environment

Switching between and/or combining various multi-transceiver wireless communication techniques based on a determined characteristic of a network or a wireless link is described herein. As an example, a characteristic such as signal to noise ratio (snr), multi-path scattering, available bandwidth, or the like, can be determined.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Overlapping trace norms for multi-view learning

In multi-view learning, optimized prediction matrices are determined for v≧2 views of n objects, and a prediction of a view of an object is generated based on the optimized prediction matrix for that view. An objective is optimized, wherein is a set of parameters including at least the v prediction matrices and a concatenated matrix comprising a concatenation of the prediction matrices, and comprises a sum including at least a loss function for each view, a trace norm of the prediction matrix for each view, and a trace norm of the concatenated matrix.
Xerox Corporation

Apparatus and methods for distance estimation using stereo imagery

Frame sequences from multiple image sensors may be combined in order to form, for example, an interleaved frame sequence. Individual frames of the combined sequence may be configured a by combination (e.g., concatenation) of frames from one or more source sequences.
Brain Corporation

Computing device and corresponding generating data representing text

An example method involves (i) accessing first data defining multiple portions of a content item, wherein at least a plurality of the portions represent text; (ii) selecting, from the plurality of portions representing text, a subset of the portions representing text, wherein the selecting is based on each portion of the selected subset having a particular characteristic; (iii) based on the text represented by the portions of the selected subset, generating second data that represents a concatenation of the text represented by the portions of the selected subset; and (iv) providing output based on the generated second data.. .
Tribune Digital Ventures, Llc

Storage abstraction layer and a system and a method thereof

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a storage abstraction layer that is a concatenation of a plurality of storage devices that is accessible by a computing device. The plurality of storage devices includes at least one attached storage of the computing device, at least one cloud storage, or a combination thereof.
Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.

Three-dimensional image generation apparatus and three-dimensional image generation method

In a three-dimensional image generation apparatus, a cpu concatenates meshes of a plurality of objects which meet a predefined concatenation condition, and performs in advance vertex attribute transformation on the plurality of objects of which the meshes have been concatenated. The cpu regards as a single object, the plurality of objects on which the vertex attribute transformation has been performed, and transfers a rendering command, which instructs rendering of the plurality of objects regarded as the single object, to a gpu.
Denso Corporation

Device and dynamic concatenated short messaging service optimization of messages with multiple encoding schemes

A device, method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium for receiving a text message including a plurality of characters for transmission through a network, determining, based on a number of characters and encoding schemes associated with the characters, that the text message is to be transmitted using concatenation, determining, based on the number of characters and encoding schemes for each of the characters, a minimum number of concatenated messages used to transmit the text message, encoding the minimum number of concatenated messages for transmission, wherein a first of the concatenated messages is encoded by a first encoding scheme and a second of the concatenated messages is encoded by a second encoding scheme, wherein at least one of the characters in the second concatenated message cannot be encoded by the first encoding scheme and transmitting the concatenated messages that have been respectively encoded to the receiving station.. .
Apple Inc.

Sets of rate-compatible universal turbo codes nearly optimized over various rates and interleaver sizes

A method and apparatus for turbo encoding uses a set of rate-compatible turbo codes optimized at high code rates and derived from a universal constituent code. The turbo codes have rate-compatible puncturing patterns.
Dtvg Licensing, Inc.

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