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Computer Vision patents


This page is updated frequently with new Computer Vision-related patent applications.

 Component health monitoring system using computer vision patent thumbnailComponent health monitoring system using computer vision
A component health monitoring system may include an optical system configured to irradiate an area containing a work implement and including a surface of a component to be inspected in a position mounted on the work implement, and a sensor configured to capture a target image of the area. An image processor may receive the target image from the sensor and analyze the target image, determine a first feature set including directional changes in image intensity for the target image, retrieve a reference image from a memory, and determine a second feature set for the reference image.
Caterpillar Inc.

 Modifying at least one attribute of an image with at least one attribute extracted from another image patent thumbnailModifying at least one attribute of an image with at least one attribute extracted from another image
In various implementations, one or more specific attributes found in an image can be modified utilizing one or more specific attributes found in another image. Machine learning, deep neural networks, and other computer vision techniques can be utilized to extract attributes of images, such as color, composition, font, style, and texture from one or more images.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

 Searching using specific attributes found in images patent thumbnailSearching using specific attributes found in images
In various implementations, specific attributes found in images can be used in a visual-based search. Utilizing machine learning, deep neural networks, and other computer vision techniques, attributes of images, such as color, composition, font, style, and texture can be extracted from a given image.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

 Method and system for controlling fixtures patent thumbnailMethod and system for controlling fixtures
A method for computer vision based control of a fixture including identifying in an image a user indicating at the fixture and based on the identification of a user indicating at the fixture causing a processor associated with the fixture to generate an identifying signal. The method may include causing a control device to assign the fixture to a group of fixtures based on the identifying signal..
Pointgrab Ltd.

 Video feature tagging patent thumbnailVideo feature tagging
An activity recording system is provided. The activity recording system includes a three-dimensional camera, a sensor arrangement that is fitted to a subject being recorded, and an activity recording device.

 Dense optical flow acceleration patent thumbnailDense optical flow acceleration
Described herein are technologies related to technologies to facilitate real-time computer vision applications, especially those with autonomous or semi-autonomous locomotive robots (e.g., drones or self-driving cars). More particularly, the technologies described herein facilitate, for example, real-time motion estimation using dense optical flow.
Intel Corporation

 Computer vision as a service patent thumbnailComputer vision as a service
A computer vision service includes technologies to, among other things, analyze computer vision or learning tasks requested by computer applications, select computer vision or learning algorithms to execute the requested tasks based on one or more performance capabilities of the computer vision or learning algorithms, perform the computer vision or learning tasks for the computer applications using the selected algorithms, and expose the results of performing the computer vision or learning tasks for use by the computer applications.. .
Sri International

 System and  computer vision based tracking of an object patent thumbnailSystem and computer vision based tracking of an object
Determining occupancy in a space by detecting a suspected object in a first image of a space, creating a bounding shape around the suspected object in the image, the bounding shape being aligned towards the center of the image, tracking a selected feature from within the bonding shape, determining occupancy in the space based on the tracking, and controlling a device based on the occupancy determination.. .
Pointgrab Ltd.

 Methods and systems for disease classification patent thumbnailMethods and systems for disease classification
This invention describes methods and systems for use of computer vision systems for classification of biological cells as an aid in disease diagnostics. More particularly the present invention describes a process comprising employing a robust and discriminative color space which will help provide segmentation of the cells; employing a segmentation algorithm, such as a feature-based level set, that will be able to segment the cells using a different k-phase-segmentation process, which detect for example, if a while blood cell occurs for segmenting the internal components of the cell robustly; employing a combination of different type of features including shape, texture, and invariant information, and employing a classification step to associate abnormal cell characteristics with disease states..
Carnegie Mellon University

 Systems and methods for configuring baby monitor cameras to provide uniform data sets for analysis and to provide an advantageous view point of babies patent thumbnailSystems and methods for configuring baby monitor cameras to provide uniform data sets for analysis and to provide an advantageous view point of babies
Systems and methods for monitoring babies with cameras using a centralized computation and storage center that allows using visual output signals for computer vision and machine learning analysis and high-level reasoning of baby movements. The system comprises a camera located at a predefined working point above a baby's crib, and one or more communication networks between components of the system including a web-based network for in-depth computer vision and machine learning analysis of the visual output signals by an analysis server..

Occupancy detection using computer vision

Occupancy in a vehicle is determined by maintaining a set of occupant regions detected in a video. An occupant region can be a bounding box around a face, and/or an occupied seat that does not overlap any bounding box.
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and estimating damage to a shaker table screen using computer vision

A system for cleaning, repairing, and/or replacing damaged shaker screens is disclosed. The system may comprise a shale shaker with a replaceable shaker screen, at least one camera, and a computer processor.
Covar Applied Technologies, Inc.

Computer vision depth sensing at video rate using depth from defocus

Example embodiments simultaneously acquire multiple different focus state images for a scene at a video rate. The focus state images are acquired from a static arrangement of static optical elements.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Speech and computer vision-based control

The present disclosure relates to a method for controlling a digital photography system. The method includes obtaining, by a device, image data and audio data.
Google Inc.

Inventory, growth, and risk prediction using image processing

According to examples, inventory, growth, and risk prediction using image processing may include receiving a plurality of images captured by a vehicle during movement of the vehicle along a vehicle path. The images may include a plurality of objects.
Accenture Global Services Limited

Intelligent visual humanoid robot and computer vision system programmed to perform visual artificial intelligence processes

The disclosed visual rrc-humanoid robot is a computer-based system that has been programmed to reach human-like levels of visualization artificial intelligence (ai). Behavioral-programming techniques are used to reach human-like levels of identification ai, recognition ai, visualization ai, and comprehension ai.

Robotic process automation

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for automating a manual process. The methods, systems, and apparatus include actions of identifying a process that (i) is manually performed by a user interacting with a computer, and (ii) is to be automated for performance by a robot that is configured to interact with another computer.
Accenture Global Solutions Limited

Content-based zooming and panning for video curation

Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for identifying content in video data and creating content-based zooming and panning effects to emphasize the content. Contents may be detected and analyzed in the video data using computer vision, machine learning algorithms or specified through a user interface.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Remote biometric monitoring system

Remote biometric monitoring systems may include a digital camera having a digital sensor, a processor, and a memory, all enclosed in a common housing. The processor of the camera may locally execute one or more algorithms to perform computer vision analysis of captured images of a sleeping subject, thereby determining an activity state of the subject.
Knit Health, Inc.

Gesture recognition for wireless audio/video recording and communication devices

A/v recording and communication devices and methods that permit commands to be executed based on gestures recorded by the camera, and which may include automatic identification and data capture (aidc) and/or computer vision. In one example, the camera receives an input comprising a user-generated gesture.
Bot Home Automation, Inc.

Orientation-based hashing for fast item orientation sensing

Technologies are generally described for orientation-based hashing to determine item orientation. In some examples, a conveyance system may be configured to adjust the orientations of various types of items before sorting.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Method and system for detecting sea-surface oil

A behavioral recognition system may include both a computer vision engine and a machine learning engine configured to observe and learn patterns of behavior in video data. Certain embodiments may be configured to detect and evaluate the presence of sea-surface oil on the water surrounding an offshore oil platform.
Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc.

Gift card recognition using a camera

Various embodiments describe systems and methods enable a computing device of a user to capture an image of a gift card, or other such monetary device containing a code, with a camera or otherwise receive an image of that gift card. The computing device can be configured to recognize codes, such as digit claim codes, of the gift card by using one or more image processing, computer vision, and/or machine learning algorithms., Inc.

Method for detecting movement speed uniformity of scanned target in line scanning imaging process

Disclosed is a method for detecting movement speed uniformity of a scanned target in a line scanning imaging process. The method comprises a first step of acquiring a scan image of a rectangular correction plate abcd, a second step of performing data processing on a scan image a′b′c′d′ and a third step of calculating a uniformity representation value s of the movement speed of the scanned target.
Jiangsu University

Programmable vision accelerator

In one embodiment of the present invention, a programmable vision accelerator enables applications to collapse multi-dimensional loops into one dimensional loops. In general, configurable components included in the programmable vision accelerator work together to facilitate such loop collapsing.
Nvidia Corporation

Extending generic business process management with computer vision capabilities

A graphical user interface (gui) of a business process management (bpm) system is provided to construct a process model that is displayed on a graphical display device as a graphical representation comprising nodes representing process events, activities, or decision points and including computer vision (cv) nodes representing video stream processing, with flow connectors defining operational sequences of nodes and data flow between nodes of the process model. The process model is executed to perform a process represented by the process model including executing cv nodes of the process model by performing video stream processing represented by the cv nodes of the process model.
Xerox Corporation

Computer vision assisted work tool recognition and installation

A method for installing a work tool for a machine is provided. The method includes detecting, at an electronic controller unit of a machine, a work tool based upon a first input signal from a sensor coupled to the electronic controller unit.
Caterpillar Inc.

Generic object detection on fixed surveillance video

Systems and methods are disclosed for computer vision and object detection by extracting tracks of moving objects on a set of video sequences; selecting a subset of tracks for training; rendering a composite of each selected track into a single image; labeling tracks using the rendered images; training a track classifier by supervised machine learning using the labeled tracks; applying the trained track classifier to the remainder of the tracks; and selecting tracks classified with a low confidence by the classifier.. .
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

Computing hierarchical computations for computer vision calculations

Methods, systems, computer-readable storage media, and apparatuses for efficiently computing a computer vision operation are presented. In certain aspects, techniques are disclosed for receiving values from one or more pixels from a pixel array and representing those values for facilitating computer vision operations, such as haar-like feature computations.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Computer vision collision avoidance in drilling operations

A system and method for automatically preventing a collision between objects is described. One or more images of a working space may be collected, and a first object may be identified based on the one or more images.
Transocean Sedco Forex Ventures Limited

Control of computer vision pre-processing based on image matching using structural similarity

A processor computes a measure of input image structural complexity of an input image, and searches a database of true positives to find one or more entries in the database that represent true positive images that are structurally similar to the input image. The processor compares a measure of signal quality of the input image and a measure of signal quality of one of the true positive images, as retrieved from the database, and based on the comparison updates a control variable that configures a signal quality conditioning process that is to be performed on the input image prior to processing of the input image by a computer vision processor thus improving performance of the computer vision task.
Intel Corporation

Energy and area optimized heterogeneous multiprocessor for cascade classifiers

In one embodiment, a heterogeneous multicore processor is described that is optimized to execute multi-stage computer vision algorithms such as cascade classifier workloads. In such embodiment the heterogeneous processor includes at least one simd core, such as a vector processor core, coupled with one or more scalar cores.

Occlusion handling for computer vision

Disclosed are a system, apparatus, and method for performing occlusion handling for simultaneous localization and mapping. Occluded map points may be detected according to a depth-mask created according to an image keyframe.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Feedback interactive systems

A computer vision based interactive system includes a device to be controlled by a user based on image analysis, an imager in communication with the device and a feedback indicator configured to create an indicator fov which correlates with the fov of the imager for providing indication to the user that the user is within the imager fov.. .
Pointgrab Ltd.

Handheld portable optical scanner and using

A system and methods for real-time or near-real time processing and post-processing of rgb-d image data using a handheld portable device and using the results for a variety of applications. The disclosure is based on the combination of off-the-shelf equipment (e.g.
Dotproduct Llc

Predictive user authentication

In an example, a system and method for predictive user authentication is disclosed. The system may include proximity sensors, computer vision systems, and other provisions for monitoring users' movements throughout a facility.

Automated image cropping and sharing

Technologies for automated cropping and sharing of images include an imaging device configured to capture a digital image, recognize one or more subjects represented in the image, determine the social network groups associated with the subjects of the digital image, and crop the digital image to generate one or more sub-images. Each of the sub-images includes subjects associated with a particular social network group.

Sensor noise profile

The invention relates to feature extraction technique based on edge extraction. It can be used in computer vision systems, including image/facial/object recognition systems, scene interpretation, classification and captioning systems.

Techniques for context and performance adaptive processing in ultra low-power computer vision systems

Techniques are disclosed to adaptively control an image sensor and image signal processor (isp), collectively known as an image pipeline, such that a minimum amount of power is consumed by an electronic device while producing images that can be accurately analyzed by a computer vision application. The techniques disclosed herein can be implemented in various electronic devices capable of capturing and processing image data, such as, for example, smart phones, wearable computers, laptops, tablets, and other mobile computing or imaging systems.
Intel Corporation

Vision based real-time object tracking system for robotic gimbal control

Using various embodiments, methods, systems, and apparatuses for controlling a camera pivoting device (e.g., mechanical gimbal) are described. In one embodiment, the system comprises a main computing device, a gimbal stabilizer controller, and a computer vision camera, and/or a user camera.
Reflex Robotics, Inc.

Computer vision pipeline and methods for detection of specified moving objects

A computer vision pipeline detects tracks and classifies people or other specified class of objects in a steam of video. The ability to not only detect motion, but to distinguish people or other specified objects, can improve the systems usefulness in applications like security monitoring.
Sighthound Inc.

Data-enhanced video viewing computer vision processing

A data-enhanced video viewing system scans videos in order to detect and extract certain objects, such as human faces, so as to compile non-time based synopses, including “facelines” of people appearing in the video sequence. It can also provide a time-based synopsis that includes timestamps for all detected objects.
Sighthound, Inc.

Method and system for touchless activation of a device

A method and system are provided for computer vision based control of a device by obtaining an image via a camera, the camera in communication with a device; detecting in the image a user pointing at the camera; and controlling the device based on the detection of the user pointing at the camera.. .
Pointgrab Ltd.

Signal for identifying traffic lights for computer vision

The invention relates to a signal for identifying traffic lights for pedestrians, using an electronic urban guidance device with computer vision, for blind or visually impaired people. The signal is cylindrical or prismatic, has marks that contain encoded information such as the identification of the traffic light, and information characterizing the traffic light and the crossing.
Kaparazoom Slu

Estimating rainfall precipitation amounts by applying computer vision in cameras

A method and system are provided. The method includes storing a set of references images without rain and spanning a plurality of different light conditions.
International Business Machines Corporation

Estimating rainfall precipitation amounts by applying computer vision in cameras

A method and system are provided. The method includes storing a set of references images without rain and spanning a plurality of different light conditions.
International Business Machines Corporation

Computer vision product recognition

A system for computer-aided visual recognition of products may be used by a customer operating a mobile computing device having a camera. A customer can direct the camera at a targeted product for which the customer desires to purchase or learn information.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

System and computer vision based tracking of an object

A system and method for computer vision based tracking of a human form may include detecting a shape of an object in an image of a space and determining the probability of object having a human form shape based on movement of the object. If the probability of the object of being of a human form is above a predetermined threshold the object is tracked and if the probability is below the threshold then the tracking is terminated.
Pointgrab Ltd.

Method for the computation of voronoi diagrams

Two methods are provided for the automated derivation of voronoi diagrams in 3d. The invention, implementable via various means such as a processing system, method, or data structure in a recording medium such as memory or as a self-contained electronic circuit, has wide ranging applicability to numerous fields such as big data analysis, computer graphics and animation, route planning, collision avoidance, computer vision, robotic vision, and etc.

Computer vision navigation

A system for computer-aided visual recognition of products may help a customer navigate to a selected product in a retail store. A customer can direct a mobile computing device camera at one or more targeted products displayed on store shelves.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

System and tracking and recognizing people

A tracking and recognition system is provided. The system includes a computer vision-based identity recognition system configured to recognize one or more persons, without a priori knowledge of the respective persons, via an online discriminative learning of appearance signature models of the respective persons.
General Electric Company

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