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Compatibility patents


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 Communication resource allocation patent thumbnailCommunication resource allocation
A method for resource allocation includes determining, based on topology information, resource compatibility between a first basic service set (bss) and a second bss. The method also includes, in response to determining the first bss and the second bss are incompatible, assigning a first device the first bss to a first group of devices and assigning a second device of the second bss to a second group of devices.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Electrical filter, electrical equipment which is provided with such a filter and a vehicle which is equipped with such equipment patent thumbnailElectrical filter, electrical equipment which is provided with such a filter and a vehicle which is equipped with such equipment
An electrical filter (10) is suitable for having a greater effectiveness for reducing the common mode current that an electrical device (30) can produce in the direction of a voltage source (20) which is used to supply this device. Such a filter can be useful for meeting the electromagnetic compatibility requirements set by the bmw group standard gs 95002-2 “electromagnetic compatibility (emc)—requirements and tests on components up to 60 v nominal voltage”..
Valeo Systemes Thermiques

 Separator of lithium ion battery and manufacturing method thereof, and lithium ion battery patent thumbnailSeparator of lithium ion battery and manufacturing method thereof, and lithium ion battery
A separator of lithium ion battery and manufacturing method thereof, and a lithium ion battery are provided. The separator of lithium ion battery is a thin film formed by thermal crosslinking of pbz (polybenzoxazine) electrospun fibers.
National Tsing Hua University

 Composite material for fluorescent quantum dot micro-nano packaging patent thumbnailComposite material for fluorescent quantum dot micro-nano packaging
A composite material for fluorescent quantum dot micro-nano packaging. The composite material comprises fluorescent quantum dots, a mesoporous particle material having a nanometer lattice structure, and a barrier layer, wherein the fluorescent quantum dots are distributed in the mesoporous particle material, and the barrier layer is coated on the outer surface of the mesoporous particle material.
Tianjin Zhonghuan Quantum Tech Co., Ltd.

 Image analysis for determining characteristics of pairs of individuals patent thumbnailImage analysis for determining characteristics of pairs of individuals
Embodiments include methods for predicting one or more characteristics of an individual, such as a human or non-human animal, by applying computational methods to image(s) of the individual to generate one or more metrics indicative of the characteristics. Embodiments determine predictors of characteristics by creating a sample library of individuals, determining facial measurements for each individual, determining relationships between facial measurements and additional library data, and selecting predictors from these relationships.

 Operating  card reader patent thumbnailOperating card reader
An operating method for a card reader, comprising: powering on a card reader, and setting an operating mode according to the type of a device connected thereto; judging the operating mode, waiting to receive audio data if the operating mode is an audio mode, converting the received audio data into a digital signal, forming a data packet by the digital signal, parsing the data packet to obtain a parsing result, judging an instruction type according to the parsing result, executing a corresponding operation according to the instruction type, converting the obtained operation result into an audio data packet, and sending the audio data packet to the device connected thereto; and waiting to receive usb data if the operating mode is a usb mode, judging an instruction type of the received usb data, executing a corresponding operation according to the instruction type, and returning the operation result to the device connected thereto. According to the present invention, a card reader conducts data communication with a device through an audio module or a usb module, thereby not depending on the usb module in the existing card reader to conduct data communication any longer, having relatively good compatibility, and improving the user experience..
Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Virtual machine homogenization to enable migration across heterogeneous computers patent thumbnailVirtual machine homogenization to enable migration across heterogeneous computers
Described is a technology by which a virtual machine may be safely migrated to a computer system with a different platform. compatibility of the virtual machine may be checked by comparing the virtual machine's capabilities against those of the new platform.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Soap comprising biosurfactants patent thumbnailSoap comprising biosurfactants
A soap, in particular a bar of soap, includes fatty acid soaps and biosurfactants as main components. A soap can thus be provided that has excellent foaming performance, good dermatological compatibility and a good feeling on the skin, the ingredients of which can be largely or exclusively based on renewable raw materials and which are easily biodegradable..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

 Laminate and production method therefor patent thumbnailLaminate and production method therefor
A laminate has at least one polylactic acid resin-containing layer (c) with a thickness of 10-500 nm on at least one surface of a fibrous structure (b) containing a water-soluble resin (a). A production method for the laminate is characterized in that water or an aqueous solution is applied to the joining surface of the fibrous structure (b) and the polylactic acid resin-containing layer (c).
Toray Industries, Inc.

 Hollow fiber membrane module and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailHollow fiber membrane module and manufacturing method thereof
Disclosed is a hollow fiber membrane module including a case and a hollow fiber membrane built in the case, wherein the hollow fiber membrane contains a polysulfone-based polymer and a hydrophilic polymer, and satisfies the following (a) and (b), and an amount of an eluted substance contained in a liquid obtained by circulating ultrapure water heated at 37° c. Through a passage of an inner surface side of the hollow fiber membrane for 4 hours at 200 ml/min is 1.0 mg/m2 or less: (a) an insoluble component accounts for less than 3% by mass of the total mass of the hollow fiber membrane when the hollow fiber membrane is dissolved in n,n-dimethylacetamide; and (b) a flexible layer exists on a surface of a functional layer in a wet state and the flexible layer has a thickness of 7 nm or more.
Toray Industries, Inc.

Active agent-containing microcapsules

Multi-layer microcapsules comprising a core comprising one or more active agents and two or more shells comprised of a wall-forming polymeric material, an opaque substance and a fatty acid salt, which are rupturable upon rubbing or pressing on the skin, are disclosed. The microcapsules are characterized by improved lightness values (l*) and/or compatibility in aqueous solution-containing formulations.
Tagra Biotechnologies Ltd.

System and creating high powered emc compliant power supply for industrial and military applications

The present invention is an apparatus and method for provisioning a compact power filter connection to a well-grounded connector in such a way as to include a capacitive and inductive circuit connection, extremely near the connector and filter, such that emc compatibility is created in a space roughly 30% of traditional mechanisms and design approach to satisfy the aforementioned needs, provide the previously stated objects, include the above-listed features, and achieve the already articulated advantages. The present invention is carried out in a “post-internal ferrite bead re-radiation noise-less” manner, in a sense that ability to have noise introduced back onto a post-ferrite bead line has been greatly reduced..
Crystal Group Inc.

Power removal monitor circuit for interface disconnect detect

Circuits, methods, and apparatus that may compensate for an incompatibility between connection detection schemes used by different interface circuits for different connector receptacles. One example may provide an active pull-down that normally provides a pull-down resistor and provides an open circuit for a period of time following a disconnection of an interface from a cable..
Apple Inc.

Method for processing wide-bandgap semiconductor substrate and apparatus therefor

There are provided a processing method for a wide-bandgap semiconductor substrate and an apparatus therefor that use no abrasives or no abrasive grains, or no solution having a large environmental burden at all, can process a single crystal, which is sic, gan, algan, or aln, at a variety of processing speed, can obtain a surface of higher quality than the quality of a surface finished by cmp, and also have an excellent compatibility with a clean room. A catalytic substance having a function of promoting the direct hydrolysis of a work piece (5) or promoting the hydrolysis of an oxide film on the surface of the work piece is used as a processing reference plane (3).
Toho Engineering Co., Ltd.

Encapsulating protective cover for a switch

Methods and devices related to preventing accidental operation of a switch are disclosed. An example device includes a main body, and a latch element rotatably connected to the main body and is configured to move relative to the main body between an unlatched position and a latched position.
The Boeing Company

Hyaluronic acid derivatives and composition for cell-surface engineering using the same

Provided are a hyaluronic acid derivative for liver-targeting delivery via intravenous injection of cells and a preparation method thereof. More particularly, provided are a preparation method of a hyaluronic acid derivative capable of modifying the surface of cells and also having biocompatibility, biodegradability, and liver-targeting deliver property, and use of the hyaluronic acid derivative prepared thereby as a liver-targeting cell delivery system..
Postech Academy-industry Foundation

Modified conjugated diene polymer and preparing the same

Disclosed are a modified conjugated diene polymer and a method for preparing the same. The modified conjugated diene polymer and the method for preparing the same advantageously provide superior compatibility with an inorganic filler, heat generation, tensile strength and abrasion resistance, low fuel consumption and excellent resistance on wet roads..
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Closed-loop metalworking system

A closed-loop machining system that includes a rotating spindle assembly having a body, a tool holder connected to the body, an ultrasonic machining module connected to the tool holder, and a power supply for powering the module; a processor for controlling the operation of the closed-loop machining system; a safety and compatibility bridge linking the ultrasonic machining module to the processor, wherein the safety and compatibility bridge further includes an electrical connection between the ultrasonic machining module and the processor; and at least one microprocessor located in or associated with the ultrasonic machining module for enabling and processing communication between the ultrasonic machining module and the processor.. .
Edison Industrial Innovation, Llc

Surface modification method and structure for improving hemocompatibility of biomedical metallic substrates

The present invention relates to a surface modification method for improving the hemocompatibility of biomedical metallic substrate, comprising: fixing a sulfur-containing monomolecular film on the surface of oxide layer of a biomedical metallic substrate by molecular self-assembly. The surface modification will improve the hydrophilicity and hemocompatibility of the biomedical metallic substrate in contact with the blood, and ensure that the biomedical metallic substrate is non-toxic to the endothelial cells..
National Chung-hsing University

Led driver and lighting systems technologies

A driver for a lighting device includes a light emitting diode (led) driver circuit utilizing interface elements for supporting multiple control connectivity options, the led driver circuit utilizing a processor having a physical layer interfaces coupled to the interface elements and configured to operatively support a plurality of network protocols, the processor being configured to perform a plurality of functions, including a function of providing a bridge or gateway between network protocols of the plurality of network protocols, the processor being configured to: detect available network protocols of the plurality of network protocols; select, for a physical layer interface, a mode of operation (from modes of operation including, for example: an inactive mode, a monitoring mode, a gateway mode, and a primary mode) appropriate to ensure interoperability and backward compatibility for the available network protocols; and assign one or more of the available network protocols to the physical layer interface(s).. .
Fulham Company Ltd., An Exempted Co. Inc'd W/ltd. Liability Under The Laws Of The Cayman Islands

Base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, and transmission method

A base station able to maintain backward compatibility with an lte mobile station while minimizing the amount of increase in uplink scheduling information reception and demodulation/decoding processing in independent uplink/downlink cell data transmission. A wireless communication system includes a cell #1, a cell #2, and an lte-a mobile station, and supports independent uplink/downlink cell data transmission.
Sun Patent Trust

Microphone compatability

Provided is a microphone compatibility device comprising a sensor that detects a voltage along a conductive path between a microphone and at least one electronic device and a current control device that draws current for permitting microphone detection by each of a first electronic device and a second electronic device. The second electronic device has a lower current draw requirement than the first electronic device..
Bose Corporation

Device architecture and improved packing of vertical field effect devices

A semiconductor field-effect device is disclosed that utilizes an octagonal or inverse-octagonal deep trench super-junction in combination with an octagonal or inverse-octagonal gate trench. The field-effect device achieves improved packing density, improved current density, and improved on resistance, while at the same time maintaining compatibility with the multiple-of-45°-angles of native photomask processing and having well characterized (010), (100) and (110) (and their equivalent) silicon sidewall surfaces for selective epitaxial refill and gate oxidation, resulting in improved scalability.
D3 Semiconductor Llc

Systems and methods for device compatibility testing and reporting

Systems and methods for device compatibility testing and reporting are disclosed. An exemplary method includes outputting, by a testing computer station, instructions for executing a plurality of certification tests on a device under test.
Google Inc.

Software and associated hardware regression and compatiblity testing system

The present disclosure describes testing regression and compatibility of software and associated hardware. Embodiments herein disclosed receive an indication from a user to test the regression and the compatibility of proposed software; access software files related to installation of the proposed software; present a verification interface to the user, wherein the verification interface includes various validation functions for validating entries created or updated along with the proposed software being installed or uninstalled, such as a registry entry, a log file entry, an add or remove programs entry, and the like, wherein when each of the validation functions is selected, the system automatically determines if the corresponding entry for installation or uninstallation of the proposed software is successful.
Bank Of America Corporation

Stabilized blends containing friction modifiers

The present invention relates to functional fluid compositions containing friction modifiers, and specifically stable compositions containing friction modifiers with limited solubility in and/or limited compatibility with the functional fluids with which they are used. In particular the present invention deals with functional fluids used in internal combustion engines, such as engine oils, and friction modifiers that contain one or more amide functional groups, where the friction modifier is present in the functional fluid composition at levels that would otherwise cause the composition to be unstable and/or hazy..
The Lubrizol Corporation

Side-by-side dual-launch arrangement with improved payload compatibility

A side-by-side dual-launch spacecraft arrangement is provided. The arrangement may include a first and second spacecraft mounted within a fairing.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Novel peptides, combination of peptides and scaffolds for use in immunotherapeutic treatment of various cancers

The present invention relates to peptides, proteins, nucleic acids and cells for use in immunotherapeutic methods. In particular, the present invention relates to the immunotherapy of cancer.
Immatics Biotechnologies Gmbh

Novel peptides, combination of peptides and scaffolds for use in immunotherapeutic treatment of various cancers

The present invention relates to peptides, proteins, nucleic acids and cells for use in immunotherapeutic methods. In particular, the present invention relates to the immunotherapy of cancer.
Immatics Biotechnologies Gmbh

Novel peptides, combination of peptides and scaffolds for use in immunotherapeutic treatment of various cancers

The present invention relates to peptides, proteins, nucleic acids and cells for use in immunotherapeutic methods. In particular, the present invention relates to the immunotherapy of cancer.
Immatics Biotechnologies Gmbh

Prostamide-containing intraocular implants and methods of use thereof

Prostamide-containing intraocular implants that biodegrade in the eye and that are effective for reducing intraocular pressure in an eye for a sustained period. The implants generally contain a prostamide, such as bimatoprost, and at least three distinct biodegradable polymers selected from polylactide and poly(lactide-co-glycolide) polymers and are optimized for placement in and compatibility with the anterior chamber of the eye, particularly the anterior chamber angle.
Allergan, Inc.

Staples comprising a cover

A staple cartridge assembly including staples is disclosed herein. The staples comprise features which improve the biocompatibility and/or bioabsorption of the staples.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Systems methods and devices for brain health assessment

Methods and systems are provided in relation to a brain assessment system. A system is provided, comprising: an interface server that hosts a client site or application for establishing a communication interface connection to one or more client devices to receives test-taker identification information and an electronic indication of consent to collection of test data, and send a software and device request signal to check for software and device compatibility, wherein the interface server generates and transmits a test-taker token and a session id token after validation of the test-taker identification information; a test server for a brain assessment tool that receives the test-taker token and a session id token and after validation generates an electronic brain testing instance for a client device to compute brain testing results, the electronic testing instance having a test ticket identifier token for the session id; the interface server monitoring input components of the client device to detect test response times for the electronic testing instance; the interface server tuning the test response times and the brain testing results based on the software and device compatibility and processing times; the test server computing a test report based on normalization of the brain testing results to provide a score relative to adults of similar gender, education, and age; and one or more data storage devices to store the brain testing results, the test ticket identifier token, the session id, and the test-taker identification information..
Cogniciti Inc.

Toner and producing toner

The toner comprising a toner particle having a core-shell structure that contains a core containing an amorphous resin a and a crystalline resin and a shell containing an amorphous resin b, wherein the amorphous resin a contains a styrene-acrylic resin, the content of the styrene-acrylic resin is at least 50% by mass based on the total mass of the amorphous resin a, a degree of compatibility a between the amorphous resin a and the crystalline resin is at least 50% and not more than 100%, and a degree of compatibility b between the amorphous resin b and the crystalline resin is at least 0% and not more than 40%.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Scaffolds having variable wall thickness

A scaffold strut is shaped to improve hemocompatibility. The scaffold is made from a tube having variable wall thickness.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Textured surfaces for breast implants

The invention provides new devices for implantation in a patient having irregular textured surfaces, which devices show significantly improved cellular response compared to conventional smooth and textured implants, indicating that significantly improved biocompatibility would be achieved in vivo. Methods for making such new devices and surface textures are also disclosed..
The University Of Manchester

Method of attaching a lens to an led module with high alignment accuracy

A light emitting device includes a light emitting element on a substrate, and a lens element that includes a cavity within which the light emitting element is situated, and is optically aligned with the light emitting element. A strip of adhesive that attaches the lens element to the substrate substantially surrounds the light emitting element, but includes a gap that facilitates release of material from the cavity during the attachment of the lens element to the substrate.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Identifying correlations between log data and network packet data

The disclosed embodiments relate to a system that facilitates performing searches based on qualitative search terms. During operation, the system receives a query that applies a qualitative search term to an attribute of data items in a set of data items.
Splunk Inc.

Computer-implemented intelligently retrieving, analyzing, and synthesizing data from databases

A computer extracts from contact records that each include a contact identifier, a group identifier for each group with which the contact has had an interaction, and interaction information that indicates a number of interactions and a timing of a most recent interaction. The contact data records are processed to generate a contact profile record for each contact including group metric values and a corresponding value for each group metric value based on an interaction history of groups the contact has interacted with.
Nasdaq, Inc.

Algebraic query language (aql) database management system

A method and system provide an algebraic database management system (adbms) that maintains adbms type system. The type system includes an adbms type database (atd) and provides a collection of rules that assign a type to constructs.
California Institute Of Technology

Smart wearable mine detector

To improve the problems of conventional mine detectors, the purpose of the present invention is to provide a smart wearable mine detector comprising a human body antenna unit 100, a main microprocessor unit 200, a smart eyeglasses unit 300, a body-mounted lcd monitor unit 400, a wireless data transmission and reception unit 500, a belt-type power supply unit 600, a black box-type camera unit 700, and a security communication headset 800, the smart wearable mine detector: can be detachably worn on the head, torso, arm, waist, leg and the like of a body while a combat uniform is worn, thereby having excellent compatibility with conventional combat uniforms; enables a human body antenna unit which is detachably attached to a body and detects a mine through a super high-frequency rf beam and a neutron technique to be applied so as to detect the mine by identifying metals, nonmetals, and initial explosives of the mine; enables mines buried on the ground and under the ground to be detected in all directions (360°), and a distance, location, form, and materials of the mines to be exhibited on smart eyeglasses and a body-mounted lcd monitor unit in real time as 2d or 3d images such that a combatant can engage in battle avoiding mines, thereby improving combat efficiency by 90% when compared to existing combat efficiency; enables a battle to be carried out for three to seven days through a twin self-power supply system of a portable battery and a belt-type power supply unit even without need for charging power; and enables combat situations in a remote place to be monitored, in real time, in a remote combat command server, and allows each combatant to share combat information one to one such that it is possible to construct a smart combat command system capable of remotely commanding real combat situations as if one was on site of the battle.. .
Seoul National University Of Technology Center For Industry Collaboration

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