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Compaction patents


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 Data compaction patent thumbnailData compaction
Method and system for arranging data comprising receiving a data set including one or more data elements. Generating from an indication of properties of the one or more data elements an arrangement scheme describing how to arrange the data elements.
C24 Technologies Limited

 Shotshell having wad with enhanced fin deployment patent thumbnailShotshell having wad with enhanced fin deployment
A shotgun shell has a polymer wad with a forward shot cup portion and a rearward propellant cup, the wad in a casing, shot in the shot cup, propellant in the propellant cup, and a primer. The rearward propellant cup portion having enhanced fin deployment such that the shells are operative with shotguns with no chokes, shotguns with ported chokes, and shotguns with conventional chokes.
Vista Outdoor Operations Llc

 Continuously variable transmission with side speed regulating lead screw patent thumbnailContinuously variable transmission with side speed regulating lead screw
The invention relates to a continuously variable transmission with side speed regulating lead screw, and it comprises: a housing, a driving flat disc system, a power input system, a middle flat disc system, a power output system, a compaction system, a speed regulating ratio system of the middle flat disc, and serial and parallel structures. Since the previously most successful continuously variable transmission is the cvt continuously variable transmission, such continuously variable transmission transmits power depending on the conical disc and steel belt, and the limitation of the continuously variable transmission restrains the extensive application of such continuously variable transmission, whereas the continuously variable transmission of the invention transmits power depending on the mutual compaction between the driving flat disc and the middle flat disc as well as between the middle flat disc and the driven flat disc.

 Glass for chemical strengthening and chemically strengthened glass patent thumbnailGlass for chemical strengthening and chemically strengthened glass
There are provide a glass for chemical strengthening suitable for a display member, having a low compaction and a high accuracy of film forming and patterning on a glass plate (causing less positional displacement) even in a glass plate manufactured by the fusion method or the like at a high cooling rate in glass forming, in a heat treatment at a low temperature (150° c. To 300° c.) in manufacturing the display member, and a chemically strengthened glass obtained using the glass for chemical strengthening.
Asahi Glass Company, Limited

 Controller, data storage device, and program product patent thumbnailController, data storage device, and program product
According to one embodiment, a write instructing unit instructs a data access unit to write, in a storage area of a data storage unit indicated by a first physical address, write object data, instructs a management information access unit to update address conversion information, and instructs a first access unit to update the first physical address. A compaction unit extracts a physical address of compaction object data, instructs the data access unit to read the compaction object data stored in a storage area of the data storage unit indicated by the physical address, instructs the data access unit to write the compaction object data in a storage area of the data storage unit indicated by a second physical address, instructs the management information access unit to update the address conversion information, and instructs a second access unit to update the second physical address..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Method of supporting a part patent thumbnailMethod of supporting a part
A method of supporting a part with particulate shape retaining media, the method including placing the part on a bed of the particulate shape retaining media, fluidizing the particulate shape retaining media until the part penetrates therein, and vibrating the bed of particulate shape retaining media to compact the particulate shape retaining media around the part. The part may be a green part to be debound in a powder injection molding process.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

 Systems and methods for separating liquids from solids through compaction patent thumbnailSystems and methods for separating liquids from solids through compaction
A compaction system includes a compaction cavity having an inlet opening sized to receive a bag containing liquids and solids, and a compaction ram movable within the compaction cavity to compact the bag. At least one of the compaction cavity and the compaction ram includes at least one piercing member arranged and configured to puncture the bag to permit release of the liquids from the bag.
Simply Right, Inc.

 Method of curing a composite article using differential vacuum patent thumbnailMethod of curing a composite article using differential vacuum
A method of curing a composite layup may include applying an inner bag vacuum pressure to an inner bag chamber and an outer vacuum pressure to an outer vacuum chamber. The vacuum inner bag chamber may be formed by a vacuum bag covering a composite layup and sealed to a forming tool with an inner bag chamber seal.
The Boeing Company

 Method of consolidating pre-preg material ply layers patent thumbnailMethod of consolidating pre-preg material ply layers
An induction heating compaction system is provided. The system includes an induction heating member and a compaction member.
Orbital Atk, Inc.

 Fiber placement machine roller with vaccum assisted tow handling patent thumbnailFiber placement machine roller with vaccum assisted tow handling
A fiber placement system is provided that can include a compaction roller defining a plurality of openings between a roller outer surface and a roller inner surface. The plurality of openings are in fluid communication with a vacuum source.
General Electric Company

Methods and predicting glass dynamics

Computer-implemented methods and apparatus are provided for predicting/estimating (i) a non-equilibrium viscosity for at least one given time point in a given temperature profile for a given glass composition, (ii) at least one temperature profile that will provide a given non-equilibrium viscosity for a given glass composition, or (iii) at least one glass composition that will provide a given non-equilibrium viscosity for a given time point in a given temperature profile. The methods and apparatus can be used to predict/estimate stress relaxation in a glass article during forming as well as compaction, stress relaxation, and/or thermal sag or thermal creep of a glass article when the article is subjected to one or more post-forming thermal treatments..
Corning Incorporated

Compressing device having a suction drum

An apparatus (vm) for compacting a fiber sliver (v) on a spinning machine, having a carrier (16) which has a receptacle (19) for a bolt (36), having a rotatably mounted suction drum (14) which has a closed end face (34) and an open end face (35), and a bearing element (k) is disposed in the region of the closed end face (34), the suction drum (14) being rotatably mounted on an end section of the bolt (36) by means of said bearing element, so that the bolt (36) protrudes out of the open end face (35) of the suction drum (14). In order to permit simple and rapid assembly and/or disassembly of the suction drum (14) during the entire running time of the compaction apparatus (vm), the suction drum (14) is affixed axially by means of the bearing element (k) with the bolt (36), as seen in its axial direction, so that the suction drum (14) and the bolt (36) form a separate unit of the apparatus (vm) and at least one fastening means (45) by means of which the bolt (36) is releasably fastened in the receptacle (19), is provided..
Maschinenfabrik Rieter Ag

System and file detection and usage during compaction

A non-volatile memory system may include a controller configured for parsing a host file system, identifying a location of a host file system directory and tracking directory entries of files deleted from the host file system directory but having valid data mappings in the logical-to-physical mapping table. The controller may then store the location of the host file system directory, monitor activity in the host file system directory and track validity status information for use in optimizing a compaction process.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Portable lawn clipping silage processing method

The present disclosure is directed to a process utilizing a compaction device that allows for preparing turf lawn clippings for ensiling. The lawn clippings are compacted using the compaction device at or near their source prior to the lawn clippings souring allowing preservation of the clippings.

Methods for estimating formation pressure

One or more specific embodiments includes a method for providing an estimated formation pressure comprising modifying a first data set to derive a second data set that corresponds to estimated pressures wherein modifying the first data set comprises using a variable matrix factor and a compaction coefficient.. .
Gcs Solutions, Inc.

Mandrel for forming an aggregate pier, and aggregate pier compacting system and method

An aggregate pier compacting system for forming a compacted aggregate pier (ap) at a target location includes a mandrel, a tamper device, and a finishing tamper device. The mandrel includes a casing for housing a drilling shaft (ds).

Differential sand compaction sensor

A device for monitoring the effectiveness of sand compaction on a production line comprising one or more sensors. The sensor's response measures the changes in sand compaction, which is affected by the mechanics of the vibration system, changes in the sand properties, and environmental changes.

Spinal fusion device and using same

A spinal fusion device having a spacer and a fastener and an associated method of use are disclosed. The spinal fusion device preferably has features to prevent excessive insertion of the spacer between two adjacent vertebrae, to ensure proper fenestration, to ensure tight engagement between the spacer and the fastener and between the spinal fusion device and two adjacent vertebrae, to hinder back-out of screws used by the fastener, and to promote compaction and displacement of bone graft material to enhance the fusion process..

Process for making pellet product for use in soil neutralization and other applications

Recycled carpet mineral filler material is processed to form pellets that can be used in a variety of applications, such as an agricultural lime product, an asphalt paving additive, a loss control material, or cat litter. Used carpet undergoes a shredding process separating valuable resin fibers from the mineral filler and the residual glue.

Soil neutralization product and making same

A process for making an agricultural lime product utilizes recycled carpet mineral filler material. Used carpet undergoes a shredding process separating valuable resin fibers from the mineral filler and the residual glue.

Multi-state bladder for manufacture of composite material

Within examples, methods and systems for a multi-state bladder or elastomeric apparatus for manufacture of composite material are provided. In one example, the elastomeric apparatus comprises an elastomer housing, and magnetic components within the elastomer housing such that application of a magnetic field to the elastomer apparatus changes a rigidity state of the elastomer housing to a secondary state.
The Boeing Company

Method and a device for manufacturing a cutting insert green body

A device for manufacturing a cutting insert green body by compacting a powder includes a die having an upper die part and a lower die, an upper punch and a lower punch, at least one of which is moveable along a pressing axis in relation to the die. The upper and lower die parts, when joined, define a die cavity that defines the shape of the green body to be formed by the compaction.
Seco Tools Ab

Method and compaction of data received over a network

Methods, apparatuses, and storage media associated with compaction of data from one or more computing devices are disclosed. In various embodiments, one or more internet of things (iot) devices may transmit information to a computing system.
Intel Corporation

Large bore anchor device

A vascular closure system includes a suture and an anchor assembly. The anchor assembly includes a first anchor portion having a plurality of petal members automatically expandable from a retracted position for delivery through a vessel puncture in a vessel, and an expanded position when deployed within the vessel.
St. Jude Medical Puerto Rico Llc

Vascular closure device with automatic suture cutter

A tissue puncture closure device that includes an anchor (208, 508), a sealing pad (210, 510), a compaction member (212, 312, 412, 512), a suture (204, 504), and a suture cutting member (270, 472, 570). The compaction member is configured to compact the sealing pad toward the anchor.
St. Jude Medical Puerto Rico Llc

Scheduling database compaction in ip drives

A data storage device that may be employed in a distributed data storage system is configured to track the generation of obsolete data in the storage device and perform a compaction process based on the tracking. The storage device may be configured to track the total number of ios that result in obsolete data, and, when the total number of such ios exceeds a predetermined threshold, to perform a compaction process on some or all of the nonvolatile storage media of the storage device.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Method of and a device for the compaction of a powder into a cutting insert green body

A device for manufacturing a cutting insert green body by compacting a powder includes a first punch, a second punch having a punch edge that has a curvature around the circumference of the punch edge that is at least partially non-perpendicular with a pressing axis of the device, a first die part, and a second die part. When the first and second die parts are joined together when filling the die with powder, one of the first and second die parts is on top of the other and, when the device is in a position ready for filling of powder into the die, the device presents a cavity defined by the lower die part, a punch being introduced into the lower and upper die part.
Seco Tools Ab

Packing material comprising starch-modified polyurethane for the biofiltration of organic compounds present in gaseous or liquid effluents, production methods thereof and biofiltration system

The invention relates to a packing material for biofilters, having a polyurethane polymer and starch. The packing material is resistant to compaction, can sorb pollutant organic compounds and reduces the start-up time of the biofilter.
Instituto Potosino De Investigación Científica Y Tecnológica A.c.

Leaching vessel system and method

A leaching vessel system and method for extracting oils from plant material is provided. The leaching vessel distribution and emptying system of the present invention is configured to avoid and prevent many of the inherent problems with conventional leaching methods, including channeling, excess compaction of feed, plugging, and the like.

Container compaction

In a method of compacting waste (w), wherein waste is introduced into a generally box shaped elongated waste container (3) through at least one waste inlet (5) thereof and is collected in the waste container (3) at a waste collection station (4), the container is positioned with a generally rectangular bottom wall (3 a) thereof on an inclined surface (7) of the waste collection station, thereby tilting the container and its bottom wall, and releasably securing the container in the tilted position. A waste collection facility (13) of the waste collection station (4) is also provided..
Envac Ab

Method for the production of lignocellulose materials

Wherein, in the step ii.), operations are carried out at elevated temperature during and/or after the precompaction process, and a value of at least 4 cm is achieved for the resultant mat in the push-off test.. .

A sonic/ultrasonic-assisted the compaction and injection of granular slurries and pastes in the subsurface

A compaction and/or hydro fracture generation device (10) comprises a compression device (11), a vibration generator device (12) arranged to generate vibrations in the ultrasonic frequency range, and a power source connected to the vibration generator.. .
Badger Explorer Asa

Simple structured eccentric assembly with enhanced lubrication

The present disclosure presents an eccentric assembly for a compaction machine comprising: an outer eccentric member that is longitudinally elongated cylinder shaped and has a partial longitudinal opening through the length; an inner eccentric member that is longitudinally elongated cylinder shaped and has a partial longitudinal opening through the length and rotatably connected inside of said outer eccentric member so that the inner eccentric member can rotate with respect to the outer eccentric member around the same axis of rotation.. .
Volvo Construction Equipment Ab

Composite absorbent particles

Composite particles and methods for making the same. An absorbent material is formed into a particle.
The Clorox Company

In situ chopping cut and conveyor machine and using same

A chopping cut mechanism comprising a first driving device and a chopping cut device, the chopping cut device comprises an upper blade and the first driving device drives the upper blade to carry out reciprocating motion. The upper blade having a compaction component and the compaction component comprises a compaction part which is not lower than the upper blade edge line.
Shanghai Kinbio Tech Co., Ltd.

System and fast digital signal dynamic range reduction using adaptive histogram compaction and stabilization

Embodiments are directed to systems and methods to intelligently reduce the dynamic range of a signal. Using a histogram analysis of the signal, significant and insignificant portions of the original dynamic range can be identified.
Drs Rsta, Inc.

Powder segregation testing apparatus and using

The invention provides an apparatus and method for testing powder properties. The apparatus has a sample holder with a planar membrane supported therein.

Waste receptacle

This invention relates to a waste receptacle comprising a container having a means to connect a refuse bag within the container for holding waste items, and a compaction mechanism, the compaction mechanism comprising at least one compactor plate, moveable between a non-compacting position and a compacting position, wherein the at least one compactor plate is operable in use to move at least a portion of a connected refuse bag over waste items located within the refuse bag when moving from its non-compacting position to its compacting position and subsequently directly act upon an outer surface of the connected refuse bag to compact the waste items located therein.. .
Joseph Joseph Limited

Additive manufacturing with electrostatic compaction

An additive manufacturing system includes a platen, a dispenser apparatus configured to deliver a layer of powder onto the platen or a previously dispensed layer on the platen, a voltage source coupled to the platen and configured to apply a voltage to the platen to create an electrostatic attraction of the powder to the platen sufficient to compact the powder, and an energy source configured to apply sufficient energy to the powder to fuse the powder.. .

Material dispensing and compaction in additive manufacturing

An additive manufacturing apparatus for forming a part includes a support, a first dispenser to deliver a layer of first particles on a support or an underlying layer on the support, a second dispenser to deliver second particles onto the layer of first particles such that the second particles infiltrate into the layer of first particles, an energy source to fuse the first particle and second particles to form a fused layer of the part, and a controller coupled to the first dispenser, second dispenser and energy source.. .
Applied Materials Inc.

Garbage collection and other management of memory heaps

A memory heap management facility is provided that is able to perform various management tasks, including, but not limited to, garbage collection, compaction, and/or re-ordering of objects within a heap. One or more of these management tasks improve system performance by limiting movement of pages in and out of virtual memory.
International Business Machines Corporation

Data storage space recovery

Storage space is reclaimed by cleaning and compacting data objects where data objects are stored by immutable storage. A storage area of which space needs to be reclaimed is identified.
Formation Data Systems, Inc.

Storage autonomous space compaction

Embodiments of the inventive concept improve performance, energy efficiency, and capacity of storage solutions, for example, by reducing the data movement between the cpu and the storage device and increasing the available capacity of the underlying storage devices via in-storage support for data compaction. Embodiments include a storage apparatus and method for autonomous in-storage space compaction initiated by a host-side command and according to metadata specified by a host.

Direct power compaction method

The system, method and apparatus described relates generally to a method of direct power compaction (dpc). In one example embodiment to methods, apparatus, and systems to compact loose ground by vibration and compaction of h piles driven by vibrators or drivers (vibro-hammer).
Jafec Usa, Inc.

Device for compacting pulp flocks

A device for compacting pulp flocks into slabs or preferably prism-shaped bale in a press with a device for feeding the pulp to the press with a least one buffer chute. The press unit is provided in the form of a mechanical toggle press and at least one pre-compaction unit.
Andritz Ag

Method for assembling a motor vehicle module

Methods for assembling motor vehicle modules that include a shaft, a functional element, and a housing part are disclosed. The shaft may be arranged rotatably in bearing receptacles of the housing part, and the functional element may be fastened by a hub opening on a thickened portion of the shaft.
Thyssenkrupp Presta Teccenter Ag

Implement position calibration using compaction factor

A method, system, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for calibrating an implement actuation sensor of a machine are disclosed. The method may include calculating a first elevation value of an implement of the machine.
Caterpillar Inc.

High rate production fiber placement system and method

A fiber placement system including a fiber placement station at a first location, the fiber placement station including a tool and a fiber placement assembly configured to construct a reinforcement layup on the tool, the first fiber placement assembly including a compaction roller rotatable about an axis of rotation, the compaction roller at least partially defining a nip, a thermoplastic composite ply extending through the nip and a heating unit positioned to heat the thermoplastic composite ply proximate the nip, and a consolidation station at a consolidation location, the consolidation location being different from the first location, the consolidation station including a consolidation tool and a consolidation system configured to consolidate a reinforcement layup assembly that includes the reinforcement layup.. .
The Boeing Company

Device for biomass beneficiation, in particular for the mechanical drying of plant biomass

A device for biomass beneficiation, in particular for the mechanical drying of plant biomass. The device has a press chamber, which can be supplied with biomass via a feed chute and can be emptied via a feedstock outlet.
Pallmann Maschinenfabrik Gmbh & Co. Kg

Laser-reflective compaction roller and associated fiber placement system and method

A fiber placement system including a compaction roller rotatable about an axis of rotation, the compaction roller including a reflective layer that includes a reflective material dispersed in a polymeric material, and a light source positioned to project a beam of electromagnetic radiation proximate the compaction roller, the beam having a wavelength, wherein the reflective material has a reflectance of at least 80 percent at the wavelength.. .
The Boeing Company

System and crushing and compaction

An exemplary embodiment of a screw crusher may utilize a cantilevered screw with an inverse tapered shaft with flighting for conveying the product up the length of the shaft for compression. The screw may include an end flight configured to provide thrust to the product for further conveyance beyond the end of the screw or additional compaction when utilized with a receiving container.

Compaction for automated fiber placement

A compaction device for use with an automated fiber placement machine includes multiple compaction rollers mounted for independent displacement on a supporting frame. The attitude of the compaction rollers change relative to each other when fiber tows are laid up at an angle over an edge of a tool in order to maintain compaction pressure on the tows and thereby reduce non-compacted areas of the tows..
The Boeing Company

Fiber placement system and method with modulated laser scan heating

A fiber placement system including a compaction roller rotatable about an axis of rotation, the compaction roller at least partially defining a compaction nip region, and a laser heating assembly including a laser that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation and a scan head defining a scan field, the scan field being aligned with the compaction nip region, wherein the scan head scans the beam within the scan field.. .
The Boeing Company

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