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Date/App# patent app List of recent Communications-related patents
 Security scanning system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Security scanning system and method
The present disclosure provides a computer-readable medium, method and system for determining security vulnerabilities for a plurality of application programs used to provide television services to a customer device over a communications network. The method includes running a first scanning program against a first application program relating to a control panel for the customer device; running a second scanning program against a second application program that provides internet content to the customer device; running a third scanning program against a third application program that relates to a component management system of customer premises equipment; and correlating security vulnerabilities identified utilizing the first, second, and third scanning programs..
 Method and apparatus for data transmission patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for data transmission
Embodiments of the present invention relate to communications technologies and disclose a method and a system for establishing a data transmission channel, a sip server, and a session border controller. A first authentication request message is sent by a first terminal.
 Authorization of server operations patent thumbnailnew patent Authorization of server operations
An authorization device for authorizing operations of a remote server requested from user computers via a data communications network includes a computer interface configured to connect to a local user computer for facilitating communication with the remote server via a data communications network, a user interface configured to present information to a user, and control logic. The control logic is adapted to use security data accessible to the control logic to establish, via the local user computer, a mutually-authenticated connection for encrypted end-to-end communications with the server; collect from the server, via the connection, information indicative of any operation requested via a different connection to the server and requiring authorization by the user; and present the information to the user via the user interface to prompt for authorization of the operation..
 Detection and response to unauthorized access to a communication device patent thumbnailnew patent Detection and response to unauthorized access to a communication device
A communication gateway consistent with the present disclosure may detect unauthorized physical or electronic access and implement security actions in response thereto. A communication gateway may provide a communication path to an intelligent electronic device (ied) using an ied communications port configured to communicate with the ied.
 Communications system and method, information processing apparatus and method, information management apparatus and method, recording medium and program patent thumbnailnew patent Communications system and method, information processing apparatus and method, information management apparatus and method, recording medium and program
A communications system and method, an information processing apparatus and method, an information management apparatus and method, a recording medium and a program make it possible to efficiently and comfortably make use of contents, which are stored in one server, from a plurality of devices connected via a network. In a case in which the playing of content is stopped, bookmark information including a time stamp representing the stopped position of the content is stored in association with predetermined identification information.
 Integrated broadcasting communications receiver and integrated broadcasting communications system patent thumbnailnew patent Integrated broadcasting communications receiver and integrated broadcasting communications system
To provide a broadcast-communication coordination receiving device having an excellent operability and that allows a plurality of users to manage individual personal information and use an application. A broadcast-communication coordination receiving device (400) is provided with: a broadcast receiving means (401); an application server (300); a communication transceiving means (406) for performing transceiving to and from an authentication server (500); a decoding means (40); and a composite display means (415); and is further provided with: an application startup information extraction means (402a); an application startup information storage means (405); an application acquisition means (411); an application management and execution control means (409); an application execution means (413); a user account information storage means (426); and an application usage information management control means (420)..
 Real-time communications client architecture patent thumbnailnew patent Real-time communications client architecture
A distributed services modular client architecture may be used to implement ip-based real time communication services in a flexible manner among a wide variety of different types of chip sets and systems-on-chip. The various services are distributed among one or more processor cores, at least one of which is a low power core, in accordance with a number of factors, including power consumption, media latency, on-time, performance, and other considerations.
 Seamless extension of local computing power patent thumbnailnew patent Seamless extension of local computing power
Machines, systems and methods for remotely provisioning computing power over a communications network are provided. The method may comprise selecting one or more tasks being executed on a first computing system to be migrated for execution on a second computing system connected to the first computing system by way of a communications network; determining a first point of execution reached during the execution of at least a selected task on the first computing system prior to the selected task being migrated for execution to the second computing system; migrating the selected task to the second computing system, wherein the second computing system continues to execute the selected task from the first point of execution; and monitoring the connection between the first computing system and the second computing system so that in response to detecting a disconnection, execution of the selected task continues seamlessly..
 Column organization of content patent thumbnailnew patent Column organization of content
Column organization of content is described. In an implementation, a mobile communications device configures a user interface to include a plurality of representations of content arranged according to a plurality of columns that permits navigation between first and second said columns upon detection of a gesture input via a touchscreen of the mobile communications device.
 Collaboration network platform providing virtual rooms with indication of number and identity of users in the virtual rooms patent thumbnailnew patent Collaboration network platform providing virtual rooms with indication of number and identity of users in the virtual rooms
The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing a collaboration network platform that provides virtual rooms with an indication of which users of the collaboration network are working within the virtual rooms. A virtual room comprises an organizational unit for grouping users of a collaboration network with respect to a particular subject.
new patent Method and system for forward error correction decoding with parity check for use in low complexity highly-spectrally efficient communications
A receiver receives an inter-symbol correlated (isc) signal with information symbols and a corresponding parity symbol. Values of information symbols are estimated utilizing parity samples that are generated from the parity symbols.
new patent Powered device classification in a wired data telecommunications network
In a wired data telecommunication network power sourcing equipment (pse) coupled to a powered device (pd) carries out an inline power discovery process to verify that the pd is adapted to receive inline power, then a plurality of classification cycles are carried out to convey a series of inline power classes back to the pse. The series of inline power classes may all be the same, in which case the pd is legacy equipment and is adapted to receive the power level corresponding to that class.
new patent Secure data parser method and system
A secure data parser is provided that may be integrated into any suitable system for securely storing and communicating data. The secure data parser parses data and then splits the data into multiple portions that are stored or communicated distinctly.
new patent System, method and apparata for secure communications using an electrical grid network
A secure communications and location authorization system using a power line or a portion thereof as a side-channel that mitigates man-in-the-middle attacks on communications networks and devices connected to those networks. The system includes a power grid server associated with a substation, or curb-side distribution structure such as a transformer, an electric meter associated with a structure having electric service and able to communicate with the power grid server, a human authorization detector input device connected to the electric meter and the power grid server.
new patent Wireless communications using a sound signal
A method for communicating messages by a mobile device via a sound medium is disclosed. The mobile device receives input sounds from at least one mobile device via the sound medium.
new patent Method and apparatus for setting tcam entry
The present invention discloses a method and an apparatus for setting a tcam entry and relates to the field of communications, which are used to achieve an objective of improving utilization of a tcam. The method for setting a tcam entry includes: acquiring a number set formed by values of same fields in preset packets, where the packets are packets on which a same action needs to be performed, and the number set includes at least two numbers; acquiring a longest continuous mask of the number set; obtaining an acquisition result according to the longest continuous mask of the number set; and storing the acquisition result in a ternary content-addressable memory tcam entry corresponding to the action.
new patent Optimized link training and management mechanism
In one embodiment, a converged protocol stack can be used to unify communications from a first communication protocol to a second communication protocol to provide for data transfer across a physical interconnect. This stack can be incorporated in an apparatus that includes a protocol stack for a first communication protocol including transaction and link layers, and a physical (phy) unit coupled to the protocol stack to provide communication between the apparatus and a device coupled to the apparatus via a physical link.
new patent Method for transmitting a process map via a gateway device
Exemplary methods and systems are directed to transmitting a process map of a control or automation system via a gateway device. The gateway device includes at least one first functional unit connected to a higher-ranking control unit via a first communications link based on a primary field bus protocol, and at least one second functional unit connected to at least one field device via a second communications link based on a secondary field bus protocol.
new patent Secure handle for intra- and inter-processor communications
A protocol element referred to as a secure handle is described which provides an efficient and reliable method for application-to-application signaling in multi-process and multi-computer environments. The secure handle includes an absolute memory reference which allows the kernel to more quickly and efficiently associate a network data packet with an application's communication context in the kernel..
new patent Network based endoscopic surgical system
A network based surgical system including a first medical device having a first network interface, a second medical device having a second network interface, a communications network over which the first medical device, through the first network interface, and the second medical device, through the second network interface, are communicable, wherein the first network interface and the second network interface employ the same network protocol for communicating over the communications network, and wherein the first network interface has a maximum throughput greater than a maximum throughput of the second network interface.. .
new patent Degrees of separation for handling communications
A sender's degrees of separation from a recipient may be used to aid in spam filtering or to otherwise handle a communication. The “degrees of separation” represent a metric used to quantify whether/how the recipient is linked to the sender through intermediary people or other entities.
new patent Mobile device message enabled on-line community bulletin board
A community information sharing system, method and program product therefore. A communications network with connected communications devices serves community communications device users.
new patent Architecture for a system of portable information agents
A method and system for providing enhanced intelligent agents that are moveable by a user from a browser application to a desktop. In specific embodiments, agents provide advanced interactive graphics and communications back to a server..
new patent Recursive identification of individuals for casual collaborative conferencing
A method for real-time communication among two or more individuals separated in space. The method includes the steps of determining that a first individual is likely to be interested in communicating with a second individual via a first communications link; retrieving information via the first communications link about one or more additional individuals from electronic memory means associated with the second individual; and establishing communication with at least one of the additional individuals based on the retrieved information..
new patent Announcing new users of an electronic communications system to existing users
Announcing new users of an electronic communications system includes receiving an indication of a new user of an electronic communications system. The new user has an identifier for the electronic communications system.
new patent System and method to display content on an interactive display surface
A method comprises detecting the location of a portable computing device within a collaboration system based on wireless communications between the portable computing device and a plurality of collaboration sites within the collaboration system; and displaying a map on the portable computing device that identifies the location of the portable computing device within the collaboration system and that specifies a path to a target collaboration site.. .
new patent Method and system for computer implemented social networking and searching
A computer-implemented dating service employs a selectively programmed searching processor that includes a hierarchical calendar availability protocol as key search criteria in ascertaining responsive qualified candidates. System implementation is preferably cell phone and/or web portal based communications with selection processing and data storage accomplished remotely..
new patent Method for teaching an aftermarket accessory component, and an aftermarket accessory component configured to learn
A method for teaching an aftermarket accessory component how to actuate a vehicle function is disclosed herein. The aftermarket accessory component is configured to monitor communications across a vehicle bus.
new patent Networking method for restricted communications
The present invention is a computer implemented, internet website based method for idea development and subsequent sharing, networking, and best practices dissemination through a unique segregation method; construction of which is specifically intended to maximize, streamline, and expedite communications and transparency by and between individual members of governmental boards and commissions subject to locally implemented public record and open meeting laws, while at the same time preventing users from violating such existing laws which could lead to criminal prosecution and incarceration.. .
new patent System and method of authenticating a network gateway
A method of network gateway authenticating involves a network gateway receiving an authentication request from a communications terminal. The communications terminal is in communication with an identity token.
new patent Management of biometric information
Fraud risk is monitored in financial transactions. Biometric information is received over the communications interface configured to exchange data with multiple distinct financial institutions.
new patent Mobile image payment system using sound-based codes
A non-transitory computer readable storage medium with an executable payment application stored thereon, the payment application configured for generating a payment request for receipt by a transaction interface over a communications network such that that the transaction interface is separate and remote from a merchant interface over the communications network, a transaction of the payment request associated with a merchant providing a product to a consumer, wherein the payment application instructs a computer processor to perform the following steps of: receiving a sound code containing sound-based transaction data, wherein the transaction data is representative of merchant data associated with the product; receiving a consumer identifier, wherein the consumer identifier identifies the consumer; sending the payment request including the product data and the consumer identifier to the transaction interface over the communications network; and receiving a confirmation of approval or denial of the payment request from the transaction interface.. .
new patent Universal merchant platform for payment authentication
A method of processing of a transaction between a first and second party is provided. The method includes: receiving payment information at a server operatively connected to a communications network, the payment information identifying a particular payment option used by the second party for the transaction, and the server being equipped to format and route messages over the communications network in different manners to accommodate a plurality of different authentication protocols; determining which of the different authentication protocols is prescribed for the type of payment option identified in the payment information; selecting a particular authentication protocol from the plurality of different authentication protocols supported by the server; obtaining an authentication determination for the transaction, including formatting messages and routing the formatted messages over the communications network in accordance with one or more mandates of the selected authentication protocol..
new patent Interoperable financial transactions via mobile devices
A method and system provide interoperable electronic financial services using mobile communications devices and without the need for traditional banking systems like plastic cards, pos machines, branches and atms. A consumer can deposit and/or withdraw money from his account using his mobile device and with the help of a local agent without ever stepping inside a branch of a bank where the consumer has an account.
new patent Peer-to-peer payment processing
Systems and related methods facilitating payments with a mobile device are discussed herein. Circuitry in a networked-based payment system may be configured to receive payment information from a first device.
new patent System and method for processing securities trading instructions and communicating order status via a messaging interface
A system allowing traders, etc. To use instant messaging (im) (or other non-fix based) communications to input trading instructions directly into a broker's order management system (oms) for managing/executing trades.
new patent Order centric tracking system and protocol for communications with handheld trading units
A computerized method and system for tracking orders implemented on a trading floor exchange is disclosed. The system is order-centric and is configured to route orders to a booth and floor broker in accordance with a symbol associated with the particular security being traded.
new patent Methods and apparatus for knowledge processing system
In exemplary implementations of this invention, a knowledge processing system performs decentralized knowledge acquisition from human experts. The system may store the acquired knowledge in a knowledge database.
new patent System and method for print-on-demand communications campaigns for motivation programs
An on-line motivation website implements a motivation program to motivate a participant by selecting and providing an award and a communications campaign element. A fulfillment program provides the selected award.
new patent Methods and systems for extracting and managing latent social networks for use in commercial activities
A system and method for extracting and managing latent social networks is described. The system generally comprises a network modeling component, a digital information component coupled to the network modeling component, and at least one third party computer system coupled to the network modeling component over a first network.
new patent System and method for direct transfer of electronic parking meter data
A single space electronic parking meter mechanism for inserting into an outer parking meter housing is provided. The mechanism includes an inner housing, a payment receiving structure supported by the inner housing and an electronic display screen supported by the inner housing.
new patent Digital downloading jukebox system with user-tailored music management, communications, and other tools
A digital downloading jukebox system including a mechanism for delivering custom services to a recognized user, including services for creating playlists, communicating with others, accessing other features, etc. Is provided.
new patent Systems and methods for insurance verification
Systems and methods for verifying insurance coverage are provided. A method may include registering data for one or more users, the data including information designating one or more insurance providers for the users.
new patent Epoch of care-centric healthcare system
A computer-based system and method improves the efficiency (quality and/or cost) of healthcare services provided to a patient by modeling an epoch of care (eoc) of the patient and by using the epoch of care model to assist in the provision of healthcare services to the patient, such as by generating predictions of healthcare outcomes for the patient and by making recommendations for actions to be taken in connection with the provision of healthcare services to the patient. An epoch of care of a patient may include all services (e.g., treatments, diagnoses, prognoses, tests, tasks, communications, education), products (e.g., medications, medical equipment, implants), and outcomes (e.g., readmissions, morbidities, patient satisfaction, symptoms) that are related to a particular medical condition or complaint of the patient over a period of time.
new patent System and method of supporting adaptive misrecognition in conversational speech
A system and method are provided for receiving speech and/or non-speech communications of natural language questions and/or commands and executing the questions and/or commands. The invention provides a conversational human-machine interface that includes a conversational speech analyzer, a general cognitive model, an environmental model, and a personalized cognitive model to determine context, domain knowledge, and invoke prior information to interpret a spoken utterance or a received non-spoken message.
new patent Simulation tool for high-speed communications links
A link simulation tool for simulating high-speed communications link systems is provided. Communications links may include link subsystems such as transmit (tx) circuitry, receive (tx) circuitry, oscillator circuits that provide reference clock signals to the tx and rx circuitry, and channels that link the tx and rx circuitry.
new patent Vehicle media and communications access
Methods, systems, devices and/or apparatus relate to vehicle media and communications systems and/or providing communications network and/or satellite network access in a vehicle. Specifically, the disclosed methods, systems, devices and/or apparatus relate to providing access to data, communications and/or satellites using a modular vehicle media and communications system..
new patent Vehicle control device, vehicle control system
Provided is a technology for performing communications between ecus with different required safety levels while satisfying the required safety levels of the ecus. An automotive control unit according to the present invention modifies the error detection method used for data transmission in accordance with the required degree of accuracy of operation of the receiving-end unit (as per fig.
new patent Gaming machine communication with external systems through a single communication port
Electronic gaming machines and gaming systems for allowing communication between the electronic gaming machines and a plurality of external systems are described. The electronic gaming machine is configured to provide gameplay of a wager-based game.
new patent Gaming machine power fail enhancement
An operating system for a gaming system includes a data producer which generates non-reproducible data relating to a transaction carried out in respect of the gaming system. A data consumer is in communication with the data producer for storing data relating to the non-reproducible data.
new patent Selectively granting a floor during set-up of a communication session within a wireless communications system
An embodiment is directed to an application server configured to set-up a communication session within a wireless communications system. The application server receives, from a session originator, a request to initiate the communication session with a set of session targets, and then transmits one or more call announcement messages for announcing the communication session to the set of session targets.
new patent Radio base station, user equipment and methods therein
Embodiments herein relate to a method in a radio base station for transmitting an information signal in a radio communications network. The radio base station is arranged to operate in a time structure associated with a clock and arranged to transmit an information signal associated with the time structure.
new patent Transceiver operating in a wireless communications network, a system and method for transmission in the network
The embodiments provide a transceiver, a method and a system for transmission of one or more signals in a wireless communication network. The transceiver according to the described embodiments being capable of collecting channel characteristics based on a received signal from another transceiver in the network; predicting a transmission mode for a subsequent signal transmission on the basis of said collected channel characteristics by determining an interference level of said received signal and estimating an interference level for the subsequent transmission based on the determined interference level and one or more parameters of the received signal, wherein the transmission mode for the subsequent transmission is predicted based on the estimated interference level.
new patent Method and system for the mass sending of messages
The present publication discloses a method and system for sending messages in a telecommunications network (1, 2, 6, 11, 12), in which method digital messages (40) which contain information on the desired reply address (32) are mass sent (3), and messages, which are sent on the basis of the reply-address information (32) are received (10). According to the invention, the reply-address information of each mass-sent message (40) is converted (3) to correspond to a predefined dialogue, in which the stage of the dialogue defines unequivocally the reply-address information (32), so that the transmission and reception of the messages are implemented in different parts of the telecommunications system (1, 2, 6, 11, 12)..
new patent Tiered wireless, multi-modal access system and method
A wireless, multi-modal access device and system adapted to integrate a number of communications networks operating in differing communication modes to facilitate transfer of communication links during a communication session to promote efficient use of the communication networks. The system includes a plurality of universal multi-modal access devices ummad that are capable of operating at different frequencies and different protocols (tdma, amps, cdma, gsm, pcs etc) to communicate with any one of a number of wide bandwidth gateways (wbg), which are each capable of communication using one or more of the protocols.
new patent Inter-cell interference mitigation
Allocation of terminal stations to communications channels is carried out on the basis of a selection criterion. Allocation takes account of whether the terminal station is in an edge region of a cell.
new patent Cellular wide-area radio communication system with relay-enhanced cells
In a cellular wide-area radio communications system, comprising a plurality of base stations, a plurality of relay stations, and a plurality of mobile stations, wherein each of the relay stations is associated with at least one of the base stations, each of the mobile stations is associated with at least one of the base stations or one of the relay stations, wireless data transmissions between mobile stations and base stations take place either as single-hop data transmissions between the mobile stations and their associated base stations, or as multi-hop data transmissions between the mobile stations and their associated relay stations and a data transmission between the relay stations and the base stations associated with the relay stations, wherein an average number of multi-hop data transmissions in the radio communications system equals at least an average number of single-hop data transmissions.. .
new patent Communications method, device, and system
Embodiments of the present invention provide a communications method, device, and system. The method includes: monitoring whether a terminal on a macro network has a service requirement on a micro network, where the micro network is in the coverage area of the macro network, and all common physical channels or some common physical channels except a pilot channel on the micro network are in a disabled state; and if the terminal has a service requirement on the micro network, sending a network handover instruction that includes configuration information of the micro network to the terminal, where the network handover instruction is used to instruct the terminal to hand over from the macro network to the micro network.
new patent Inter-rat/frequency automatic neighbor relation list management
In one of its aspects the technology concerns a method of operating a telecommunications system comprising a serving radio base station and a candidate radio base station. The serving radio base station comprises a radio base station to which a wireless mobile station provides measurement reports.
new patent Methods for autonomous fast return to preferred rat and communications apparatuses utilizing the same
A communications apparatus includes an rf signal processing device, a baseband signal processing device and a processor. The processor controls operations of the rf signal processing device and the baseband signal processing device, camps on a first cell of a first rat, collects cell selection/reselection parameters of one or more frequencies of the first rat in an autonomous fast return (afr) list, switches from the first rat to the second rat to camp on a second cell of the second rat, establishes a connection with a peer communications apparatus via the second cell, receives a connection release message or a channel release message from the second cell to release the connection, and switches from the second rat to the first rat by performing a cell selection procedure or a redirection procedure according to the afr list to camp on a third cell of the first rat..
new patent Dynamic wireless transceiver selection in a wireless communication device
A wireless communication device has multiple wireless transceivers to access multiple wireless networks. A first wireless transceiver exchanges wireless media communications with a first wireless network.
new patent Location-based profile
A location determination subsystem of a mobile device can determine a location of the mobile device. A monitoring subsystem of the mobile device can be configured, using a profile, to monitor states of a wireless connection between the mobile device and a communications network.
new patent Network data optimization
Techniques for alleviating network congestion are described. A telecommunications device may be configured to selectively poll a cellular telecommunications network.
new patent Controlling communications between a mobile device and a base station
Some embodiments of a telephone system and its operations are described herein. In some embodiments, the operations include establishing a communication link between a mobile device and a base station.
new patent Controlling communications equipment
Communications equipment associated with a calling party in a telecommunications network has a telephony function for handling telephone calls and a data communication application for handling data communication sessions. The telephony function and the data communication application have an associated first and second user interface respectively.
new patent System and method for managing individual use of a mobile telecommunications account
Disclosed are a system and method for managing access to a mobile telecommunication account by disabling use of a mobile device associated with a mobile telecommunication account or sub account when the mobile network detects that a restriction contained in a restriction database is violated.. .
new patent Wireless device access to communication services through another wireless device
A wireless communication device operates between a wifi link and an lte link. The device receives a request indicating a user identifier and determines if the user identifier has sufficient usage credit.
new patent System, method, and apparatus for using alternative numbers for routing voice calls and short messages in a communications network
A system, method and computer-readable medium for allowing the use of an alternative numbering plan for delivering short messages to mobile subscribers using the public mobile telephone network is provided. Users of an enterprise or other closed networks as well as users that are not part of a closed network may send short messages destined to members of an enterprise or closed network from their mobile or other devices associated with their subscription using an alternative enterprise directory number, such as the office number, instead of the mobile number, such that the alternative number will be presented at the destination device as the originating number.
new patent Electronic device with multiple antenna diversity and related methods
An electronic device may include a mobile wireless communications device having a first housing, a spatial diversity wireless transceiver carried by the first housing, and a first antenna carried by the first housing and coupled to the spatial diversity wireless transceiver. The electronic device may include an external antenna device having a second housing, and a second antenna carried thereby and configured to be coupled to the spatial diversity wireless transceiver.
new patent Protocol adaptation layer for wireless communications
Protocol adaptation layer for wireless communications. Communication devices that include one or more radio modules operable in accordance with multiple communication protocols establish communications using one communication protocol and then switch to another communication protocol.
new patent Wireless area network enabled mobile device accessory
A wearable wireless portable device (“wwpd”) includes cellular/wan communications circuitry for establishing a direct connection to a telecommunication network and a low-power short range radio for establishing an indirect connection to the telecommunication network via the communications circuitry of the more feature-rich mobile device. The wwpd may be configured to deactivate its cellular/wan communications circuitry (and other resource such as gps) to communicate with a more feature-rich mobile device (e.g., a smartphone) via low-power short range communication technologies when it is in close proximity to the mobile device, and activate its cellular/wan circuitry to provide cellular and/or network connectivity when it is not in close proximity to the mobile device.
new patent Case with embedded electronics to provide interface between glucose sensor and smartphone
A mobile phone case with an embedded wireless interface for enabling communications between a continuous glucose monitoring (cgm) sensor and a mobile phone is described. The mobile phone case includes an autonomous battery and an autonomous alarm speaker for enabling communication with a cgm sensor in situations where the mobile phone is unavailable..
new patent Methods and apparatus for reducing overhead for nfc data exchange protocol messages
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided in connection with improving ndef message processing. In one example, a communications device is equipped to determine, based on one or more contextual factors, that data received at a nfc device is missing at least a portion of a ndef header, and generate a complete ndef message by adding the missing portion of the ndef header.
new patent Carrier frequency variation for device detection in near-field communications
A near-field communications (nfc) device includes an nfc antenna, a matching network coupled to the nfc antenna, and a transmitter coupled to the matching network. The transmitter applies a signal to the matching network and varies a frequency of the signal.
new patent Circuit tuning for device detection in near-field communications
A near-field communications (nfc) device includes an nfc antenna, a matching network coupled to the nfc antenna, and a transmitter coupled to the matching network. The transmitter applies a signal to the matching network and a capacitance of the matching network is varied.
new patent Method and system for creating simulated human interaction
In the preferred embodiment, a student is able to talk to a pre-recorded actor displayed on a workstation/computer and have the pre-recorded actor respond directly and precisely to the things that the learner is saying, resulting in a fluid and challenging practice conversation without the use of artificial intelligence. A second user (partner) observes the first user (student) either directly or via videoconference or other means and monitors his interaction with the simulated user/actor in the pre-recorded video displayed on the first user's computer screen.
new patent System, method, use and information storage medium for practicing of an inhalation process
An inhalation training system and a method for practicing of an inhalation process and a method of operating a portable communications device in this respect and to an information storage medium are improved. An air flow during inhalation is converted into an acoustic signal, especially a whistling tone.

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