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Combustion patents

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Apparatus and system comprising integrated master-slave pistons for actuating engine valves

Downhole steam generator and method of use

Exhaust energy recovery for engines

Date/App# patent app List of recent Combustion-related patents
 Internal combustion engine control device patent thumbnailnew patent Internal combustion engine control device
An electronic control device is applied to an internal combustion engine including an engine driving pump, circulates lubricant by use of a driving force of the internal combustion engine, and reduces that driving load of the pump which works on the internal combustion engine, by executing a low-pressure control to limit a circulation amount of the lubricant when demand for the lubricant is small. Further, when a predetermined automatic stop condition is established, an engine operation is stopped automatically, and when a predetermined restart condition is established during the automatic stop, the internal combustion engine is restarted.
 Vehicle stop control system patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle stop control system
A vehicle stop control system capable of finely and properly determining traveling of a vehicle in a traffic jam to permit or inhibit automatic stop according to the determination result to ensure the effect of fuel economy improvement by automatic stop and avoiding inconveniences caused by frequent execution of automatic stop and restart. The system sets a precondition vehicle speed satisfaction flag to 1 when a vehicle speed becomes not lower than a precondition speed after an internal combustion engine was automatically stopped to permit automatic stop.
 Fuel injection control device for internal combustion engine patent thumbnailnew patent Fuel injection control device for internal combustion engine
When injecting fuel from a direct injector and a port injector such that a requested fuel injection amount is obtained in an internal combustion engine, the direct injector is driven in the following manner. After a target fuel injection amount for the fuel injection with the higher priority among fuel injection in the late stage of a compression stroke and fuel injection in the early stage of an intake stroke in the direct injector has been set on the basis of the engine operating condition, the target fuel injection amount for the fuel injection with the lower priority is set on the basis of the engine operating condition.
 Reducing engine misfire due to charge air cooler condensate using in-cylinder enrichment and a positive valve overlap patent thumbnailnew patent Reducing engine misfire due to charge air cooler condensate using in-cylinder enrichment and a positive valve overlap
Methods and systems are provided for adjusting combustion parameters to increase combustion stability during conditions when condensate formed in a charge air cooler may enter cylinders of an engine. In response to increased mass air flow and a condensate level in the charge air cooler, the engine may combust a rich air-fuel ratio while increasing a positive valve overlap..
 Automatic transmission patent thumbnailnew patent Automatic transmission
An automatic transmission capable of improving stability and reliability of connection operation of a synchronization mechanism when pre-shift control is executed, thereby making it possible to prolong the service life of the mechanism and improve marketability thereof. To change the speed position of a vehicle, one of two power transmission paths from an internal combustion engine to drive wheels is switched to the other, and pre-shift control is executed before switching the path.
 Method and apparatus for managing speeds in a multi-mode transmission patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for managing speeds in a multi-mode transmission
A multi-mode powertrain system includes a transmission configured to transfer torque among an internal combustion engine, torque machines and an output member. A method for controlling the powertrain system includes determining a desired acceleration profile for the internal combustion engine, determining a constrained acceleration profile by imposing prioritized constraints on the desired acceleration profile, integrating the constrained acceleration profile to determine a preferred speed profile, determining a preferred acceleration profile including a derivative of the preferred speed profile constrained by minimum and maximum hard acceleration constraints, and controlling operation of the internal combustion engine in response to the preferred acceleration profile and the preferred speed profile..
 System for controlling vehicle overspeeding via control of one or more exhaust brake devices patent thumbnailnew patent System for controlling vehicle overspeeding via control of one or more exhaust brake devices
A method and system are provided for controlling overspeeding of a vehicle carrying an internal combustion engine having one or more exhaust brake devices controllable to apply braking torque to the engine. The system may be operable determine a desired speed of the vehicle, to determine a road speed of the vehicle, and if the road speed of the vehicle exceeds the desired speed of the vehicle by more than a threshold speed, to determine a target brake torque required to reduce the road speed of the vehicle speed to the desired speed of the vehicle, and to then control the one or more exhaust brake devices to apply the target brake torque to the engine to thereby control the road speed of the vehicle to the desired speed of the vehicle..
 Vehicle control apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle control apparatus
The control apparatus according to the invention is applied to a hybrid vehicle having a manual transmission. The control apparatus controls a motor-generator such that a torque is input to the manual transmission when a neutral switch outputs a detection signal while an internal-combustion engine and the vehicle are stopped.
 Hybrid electric vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Hybrid electric vehicle
A hybrid electric vehicle includes a high voltage dc bus and an internal combustion engine. The internal combustion engine is mechanically coupled to a non self-excited generator/motor which is preferably a switched reluctance machine.
 Polyalkylene carbonate diol paint composition patent thumbnailnew patent Polyalkylene carbonate diol paint composition
Disclosed is a polyalkylene carbonate paint composition, which is a pre-coated metal (pcm) paint composition capable of being applied in various fields for architectural uses, domestic uses, coating a can, or the like, in which high hardness is required. The composition may provide a pcm paint capable of having a low smoke density and significantly decreasing discharge of toxic gas and smoke caused by combustion at the time of fire as compared to the existing laminate steel sheet and high gloss film.
new patent Methods of and apparatus for extracting 3-methyl-2h-furo[2,3-c]pyran-2-one
A method for extracting the compound 3-methyl-2h-furo[2,3-c]pyran-2-one from smoke, the method comprising pyrolysis of cellulose or any biomass within a combustion chamber, directing the smoke into a scrubbing apparatus incorporating a spiral condenser tube extending along the chamber and having a number of mist spray units spaced along the entire spiral condenser tube, collecting smoke water thus formed and passing it to a cooling chamber and then to preparation for storage or despatch.. .
new patent Vessel propulsion apparatus and vessel
A vessel propulsion apparatus includes an exhaust passage guiding an exhaust, discharged from combustion chambers into an exhaust collecting passage, to a catalyst housed in a catalyst housing passage, and a cooling water passage guiding cooling water. The cooling water passage includes an upstream water passage, guiding the cooling water taken into the interior of the vessel propulsion apparatus by a water pump, and a first and second parallel water passage connected in series to the upstream water passage and connected in parallel to each other.
new patent Torch and torch attachment
An attachment for a torch includes a combustion cone mounted on a fuel delivery tube. The combustion cone bounds a combustion chamber and has an inlet through which fuel from the tube enters the chamber to create a flame when the torch ignites the fuel.
new patent Fuel cell module
A fuel cell module includes a first area where an exhaust gas combustor and a start-up combustor are provided, an annular second area disposed around the first area where a heat exchanger is provided, an annular third area disposed around the second area where a reformer is provided, and an annular fourth area disposed around the third area where an evaporator is provided. The fuel cell module includes a first partition plate having first combustion gas holes, a second partition plate having second combustion gas holes, and a third partition plate having third combustion gas holes..
new patent Method for the production of a connecting rod for an internal combustion engine
A method for producing a connecting rod for an internal combustion engine, having a small connecting rod eye for holding a piston pin and having a large connecting rod eye for holding a crank pin, wherein at least one connecting rod eye has at least one geometric deviation from a cylindrical inner contour. It is provided according to the invention that the at least one connecting rod eye is formed by creating a bore with a cylindrical inner contour, and coating the bore with a coating comprising a resin with solid lubricant particles embedded therein.
new patent Oxidation system and method for cleaning waste combustion flue gas
Methods and systems for the removal of so2 from waste combustion flue gas are described herein. The subject methods and systems entail one step, two steps or three steps to produce cleaned flue gas for release to the atmosphere..
new patent Process and apparatus for improving the operation of wet scrubbers
The description relates to improving the operation of wet scrubbers, especially those based on calcium carbonate, by reducing the quantities of soluble chlorides in the combustion gases fed to the scrubbers. By converting gaseous hcl in the combustion gases to a solid copper chloride and removing it before the chloride reaches the scrubber, the reactivity of the scrubbing slurry will be better maintained.
new patent Process of removing hcn from flue gas
The invention includes a process for reducing the amount of hcn discharged to atmosphere from a fcc unit, having a regenerator and a means for collecting and supporting catalyst particles. The process comprises adding a catalyst to the regenerator flue gas prior to entering the collecting means and precipitating the catalyst in the collecting means to form a catalyst bed.
new patent Supported poly(allyl)amine and derivatives for co2 capture from flue gas or ultra-dilute gas streams such as ambient air or admixtures thereof
Supported amine polymer adsorbents based on polymers containing only or primarily primary amines sites are to be used as regenerable adsorbents for co2 capture from ultra-dilute gas streams, such as ambient air, or from mixtures of gases containing preferably at least 10% oxygen. And can also be useful for use at the moderate gas pressures found in typical post-combustion capture processes, such as flue gas from large point sources such as coal-fired power plants.
new patent Oxidation catalyst for a combustion engine
An oxidation catalyst for treating an exhaust gas produced by a combustion engine, wherein the oxidation catalyst comprises a substrate and a catalyst layer, wherein the catalyst layer comprises: a first support material; a first noble metal; and a second noble metal; wherein the catalyst layer is disposed on a surface of the substrate, and the catalyst layer has a non-uniform distribution of the first noble metal in a direction perpendicular to the surface of the substrate. The oxidation catalyst can be used to oxidise carbon monoxide (co), hydrocarbons (hcs) and also oxides of nitrogen (nox) in such an exhaust gas..
new patent Interconnected system and method for the purification and recovery of potash
The present invention provides a kiln for the combustion of agricultural waste. The kiln includes a central cylindrical combustion chamber.
new patent Exhaust system for a lean burn ic engine
An exhaust system (10) for a lean-burn internal combustion engine (12) comprises a first substrate monolith (16) comprising a catalyst for oxidising nitric oxide (no) comprising a catalytic oxidation component followed downstream by a second substrate monolith (18) which is a wall-flow filter having inlet channels and outlet channels, wherein the inlet channels comprise a nox absorber catalyst (20) and the outlet channels comprise a catalyst for selective catalytic reduction (22) of nitrogen oxides with nitrogenous reductant.. .
new patent Reductant delivery system
An aftertreatment system for the transport of fluid reductant to an exhaust of a combustion engine is provided. The aftertreatment system includes a reductant tank configured to store the reductant.
new patent Controllable coolant pump
A controllable coolant pump for a coolant circuit of an internal combustion engine, the coolant pump including a hollow bearing shaft which is supported in a bearing sleeve, carries a drive wheel at one end, and is permanently connected at its opposite end to an impeller, the impeller having a stop surface at the end face thereof; the space between the stop surface and the impeller forming the pumping cross section for a coolant, and a piston that can be axially displaced by an actuation unit being disposed in the hollow bearing shaft and provided at its outer end with a guide plate having a collar facing the impeller for completely or partially closing the pumping cross section in accordance with the position of the piston. The actuation unit has a release lever which can be pivoted by an electromechanical actuating element about an axis of rotation, thus allowing axial positioning of the piston..
new patent Controllable coolant pump
A controllable coolant pump for a coolant circuit of an internal combustion engine. The coolant pump has a hollow bearing shaft which is supported in a bearing sleeve, carries a drive wheel at one end, and is permanently connected to an impeller at its opposite end, the impeller having a stop surface at the end face thereof.
new patent Remediation of contaminated particulate materials
A process for the remediation of contaminated particulate materials by the addition of an environmentally benign, carbonaceous fuel source in low concentration to enable or enhance smoldering combustion. The process may be applied to both in situ and ex situ treatments.
new patent Generator including a fuel shutoff valve
A generator including an enclosure, an internal combustion engine provided within the enclosure, an alternator provided within the enclosure and driven by the internal combustion engine, a fuel supply line for providing fuel to the internal combustion engine, a valve for selectively closing the fuel supply line, the valve biased to a normally closed position, a controller configured to provide a signal to maintain the valve in an open position, and a temperature responsive device configured to interrupt the signal from the controller to the valve upon exposure to a threshold temperature, thereby resulting in the closing of the valve.. .
new patent Shovel and method of controlling shovel
A shovel includes an internal combustion engine whose revolution speed is controlled to be constant, a hydraulic pump connected to the internal combustion engine, a generator connected to the internal combustion engine, and a control unit for controlling the generator, wherein the control unit causes the generator to perform an electrical power generating operation in a case where a load on the hydraulic pump is increasing.. .
new patent Gas generator
A gas generator includes: a pressurized gas chamber formed by a cylindrical pressurized gas chamber housing filled with a pressurized gas; a combustion chamber connected to a first end portion of the pressurized gas chamber and including an ignition device and a gas generating agent therein, a diffuser portion connected to a second end portion of the pressurized gas chamber and provided with a gas discharge port; a first rupturable plate blocking a first communication passage between the pressurized gas chamber and the combustion chamber; a second rupturable plate blocking a second communication passage between the pressurized gas chamber and the diffuser portion; and a filter disposed and positioned in the pressurized gas chamber to cover the second rupturable plate, allowing, during actuation, the combustion gas from the combustion chamber and the pressurized gas to pass therethrough and be discharged therefrom in response to rupturing the second rupturable plate.. .
new patent Hybrid vehicle drivetrain
A drivetrain for a hybrid vehicle has at least one ground engaging element, a torque transmission shaft operatively connected thereto, an electric motor, a transmission having an input shaft and an output shaft, and an internal combustion engine operatively connected to the input shaft of the transmission. The electric motor and the output shaft are operatively connected to the torque transmission shaft.
new patent Downhole steam generator and method of use
A downhole steam generation system may include a burner head assembly, a liner assembly, a vaporization sleeve, and a support sleeve. The burner head assembly may include a sudden expansion region with one or more injectors.
new patent Oven having pyrolysis function
The oven having combustion function includes a cooking cavity; a heating means for emitting heat; a combustion tube for surrounding the heating means, and the combustion tube also being in fluid communication with the cooking cavity and a flow supply unit; a combustion space wherein odor-producing materials are removed by the heat from the heating means, the combustion space formed between the heating means and the combustion tube; a flow supply unit connected to the combustion tube for developing a flow of air through the combustion space; and a connection tube for connecting the flow supply unit to the combustion tube. The odor-producing materials are pyrolyzed by staying at least 0.5 seconds in the combustion space heated over 700° c.
new patent Two-stroke internal combustion engine
The scavenging passage includes a wall surface that defines an orientation direction of a main scavenging gas flow spouting from the scavenging port to the cylinder chamber. In a boundary portion between the scavenging port and the scavenging passage, a wall surface located on an opposite side of the exhaust port is composed of an inclined surface inclined in a direction further away from the exhaust port than a wall surface of a deep portion of the scavenging passage.
new patent Spark-ignition engine
A spark-ignition engine capable of reducing the content of hydrocarbon in exhaust gas is provided. When viewed from a direction parallel to a cylinder center axis, given a central virtual line passing a squish area maximum-width section and the center of a combustion chamber recessed section, and one area a and the other area b divided by the central virtual line, an intake valve port or an exhaust valve port is opened in one area of any opposed section of opposed sections of the combustion chamber recessed section.
new patent Exhaust gas recirculation system
An exhaust gas recirculation system includes an engine defining first and second combustion chambers, wherein a fuel is combustible to produce a combustion gas. The system includes an intake manifold disposed in fluid communication with the first and second chambers, an exhaust manifold disposed in fluid communication with the second chamber, and an exhaust gas recirculation conduit disposed in fluid communication with the first chamber and configured for directing the gas from only the first chamber to the intake manifold.
new patent Variable compression ratio device and internal combustion engine including the same
A variable compression ratio device may include a piston assembly having double pistons of which the volume may be varied, a lifter relatively moving one piston of the double pistons with respect to the other piston of the double pistons, a guide unit engaged with the piston assembly and guiding a movement of the one piston with respect to the other piston, and a locking unit selectively coupling the one piston to the other piston.. .
new patent Apparatus and method for detecting leakage of liquid fuel into gas fuel rail
Methods and systems for detecting leakage of a liquid fuel into a gas fuel rail of a dual-fuel system for an internal combustion engine are disclosed. The methods and systems include sending an injection signal from a controller to a fuel injector and subsequently injecting gas fuel and liquid fuel into a cylinder for combustion.
new patent Method and apparatus for pumping fuel to a fuel injection system
A method and apparatus pump fuel to a fuel injection system in an internal combustion engine. The method comprises steps of pumping a liquid fuel to a first pressure, using the liquid fuel at the first pressure as a hydraulic fluid for driving a gaseous fuel pump, and pumping a gaseous fuel to a second pressure with the gaseous fuel pump..
new patent Fuel injection system and method for a combustion engine
Apparatus and methods for injecting gaseous fuel into a compression ignition engine are disclosed. A gaseous fuel injector includes a pintle valve and an intensifier.
new patent Device for dispensing a liquid additive into a fuel circulation circuit for an internal combustion engine, vehicle comprising such a device, and method for using said device
Control means for controlling the injection means.. .
new patent Internal-combustion engine ignition device and ignition method
In an ignition device of an internal combustion engine which carries out ignition of an air-fuel mixture by repeatedly applying a voltage across electrodes of an ignition plug thereby producing a plurality of discharges, an improvement is proposed in which in the presence of gas flow of which direction is perpendicular to a direction that connects the electrodes with a shortest distance, a time interval between n-th time discharge and (n−1)-th time discharge is so set that a discharge channel caused or proposed by the n-th time discharge is more extended in the gas flow direction than a discharge channel caused by the (n−1)-th time discharge.. .
new patent Fuel injection controller for internal combustion engine, and engine including the same
In a fuel injection controller, a first throttle opening th0 is defined at a specific time p2. The p2 is a specific time later than the peak value of an intake pipe internal pressure pb of a previous cycle.
new patent Apparatus and method for controlling rotation speed of internal combustion engine
Rotation speed control apparatus including an electronically controllable throttle valve capable of changing an intake air quantity, a variable compression ratio mechanism capable of changing a mechanical compression ratio, and an ecu configured to calculate a deviation between a target idle rotation speed and an actual rotation speed during idle operation, select either one or both of the intake air quantity and the mechanical compression ratio as control targets in accordance with magnitude of the deviation, and reduce the deviation by changing the selected either one or both of the intake air quantity and the mechanical compression ratio.. .
new patent Solenoid autochoke for an engine
A choke system for an internal combustion engine includes a carburetor having an air intake, a choke valve disposed in the air intake, and a choke lever coupled to the choke valve, wherein the choke valve is movable between a closed position and an open position, a mechanical linkage coupled to the choke lever, and a solenoid attached to the carburetor and coupled to the mechanical linkage so activation of the solenoid moves the choke valve, wherein the solenoid is activated in response to activation of a starter system of an internal combustion engine, thereby moving the choke valve via the mechanical linkage to the closed position.. .
new patent Rim fire sparking gasket
The sparking gasket amalgamates two traditional parts of the internal combustion engine into one unit by replacing the spark plug with electrode circuitry embedded into the gasket material. This system provides reduced hydrocarbon emissions by improving combustion thus giving a cleaner burn with increased fuel economy and improved engine performance.
new patent Combustion system for an engine having a swirl inducing combustion chamber
A combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine includes a contoured surface that defines a plurality of deflection foils. The contoured surface distributes fuel spray into portions directed toward one of the deflection foils.
new patent Apparatus and method for fuelling a flexible-fuel internal combustion engine
A flexible-fuel internal combustion engine apparatus comprises a combustion chamber, an intake valve, a first fuel injector, a second fuel injector, and a computer. The intake valve is operable to admit an intake charge into the combustion chamber.
new patent Engine and outboard motor
An engine includes a catalyst disposed inside an exhaust passage that guides exhaust discharged from a combustion chamber and a controller programmed to control a throttle valve and a fuel injector. If the engine is overheating, the controller is programmed to control the opening degree of the throttle valve or the injection amount of fuel from the fuel injector to decrease the rotational speed of the crankshaft and to control the injection amount of fuel from the fuel injector to set a target air-fuel ratio to a value richer than a stoichiometric air-fuel ratio..
new patent Variable compression engine
The variable compression engine may include a cylinder formed in a cylinder block, a piston moving upward and downward in the cylinder, a combustion chamber formed by the cylinder and the piston for combusting a fuel-air mixture, a fuel injector configured to inject a fuel into the combustion chamber, an exhaust valve selectively opened to discharge a combustion gas from the combustion chamber, an intake valve selectively opened to supply an intake air into the combustion chamber, an intake manifold that guides the intake air into the cylinder, an air injector configured to suck a gas from the combustion chamber and transfer the gas into the intake manifold, an air passage configured to connect the air injector and the intake manifold so that the gas sucked by the air injector passes therethrough, and a control unit configured to control an operation of the air injector.. .
new patent Internal combustion engine
The internal combustion engine includes at least one compression chamber, formed by a housing and therein compressor rotary pistons rotating on a shaft with compressor sealing strips, on which optionally movable toggle sealing strips are arranged. The compression chamber is in gas connection with at least one ignition chamber and this ignition chamber is in gas connection with at least one expansion chamber.
new patent Piston for an internal combustion engine
The invention relates to a piston (1) for an internal combustion engine having shaft elements (8, 9) which have inner surfaces (17, 18) that correspond to those regions of the shaft elements (8, 9) in which the shaft elements (8, 9) are thinner than 7% of the piston diameter “d”, and have outer surfaces (14, 19) that define in a radially outward direction those regions of the shaft elements (8, 9) which, viewed in the circumferential direction, lie outside angle ranges (20, 20′) of more than 40° on both sides of the pin bore axis (15). In this connection, the ratio of the content of the inner surface (17, 18) to the ratio of the content of the outer surface (14, 19) is more than 60%.
new patent Method for producing a cooling-duct piston and associated piston
A method for producing a cooling-duct piston for an internal combustion engine, composed of a piston upper part and a piston lower part, wherein the piston upper part is detachably connected to a piston lower part and a cooling duct is formed in the region between the piston upper part and the piston lower part which is charged with coolant via at least one inlet opening during the operation of the cooling duct piston and out of which coolant flows again via at least one outlet opening. In a first step, the piston upper part is detached and separated from the piston lower part, and subsequently a ring, which has at least on discharge opening, is fastened to the inlet opening and finally the piston upper part and the piston lower part reconnected.
new patent Cylinder head cover of internal combustion engine
A resin-made molded cylinder head cover, which is light in weight and relatively thin particularly at a flange part thereof comprises a cover part that is rectangular in shape and has a plurality of plug holes aligned in a longitudinally extending center area of the cover part; a flange part that is integral with and extends around a periphery of the cover part, so that the cylinder head cover is shaped like a rectangular shallow dish; and thicker elongate bead portions that are integral with the cover part and extend respectively along laterally opposed sides of the longitudinally extending center area, each bead portion being thicker than a general area of the cover part.. .
new patent Air intake system for internal combustion engine
An air intake system for an internal combustion engine has a valve body that can open/close a passage cross section of a part of an air intake passage; a rotation shaft that extends to both sides of the valve body and supports rotation of the valve body; a valve accommodating recess that is formed on an inner wall surface of the air intake passage and accommodates therein the valve body; and a protruding line that is formed on an outer peripheral side surface of the valve body, which faces the valve accommodating recess, and extends along a shaft direction of the rotation shaft. The air intake system further has a communication passage that directly connects the valve accommodating recess and an intake port of the internal combustion engine..
new patent Fuel additive for improved performance in direct fuel injected engines
A fuel composition for a direct fuel injected gasoline engine comprising, a method for improving performance of fuel injectors and a method for cleaning fuel injectors for an internal combustion gasoline engine. The fuel composition includes a major amount of fuel and a minor, effective amount of a quaternary ammonium salt having a thermogravimetric analysis (tga) weight loss of greater than 50 wt.
new patent Internal combustion engine for natural gas compressor operation
This application concerns systems and methods for compressing natural gas with an internal combustion engine. In a representative embodiment, a system for compressing a gas comprises a reciprocating internal combustion engine including at least one piston-cylinder assembly comprising a piston configured to travel in a cylinder and to compress gas in the cylinder in multiple compression stages.
new patent Multi-part, joined rotors in hydraulic camshaft adjusters, having joint-sealing profiles, and method for producing the rotors
The invention relates to a camshaft adjusting device (1) for an internal combustion engine and to a method for producing a camshaft adjusting device having a stator wheel (10) and a rotor wheel (11), wherein the rotor wheel (11) has a first body part (19) and a second body part (20), wherein a joining surface (19a) of the first body part (19) and a joining surface (20a) of the second body part (20) are joined to one another, and wherein depressions (21, 22) are formed in at least one of the joining surfaces (19a, 20a) in order to form the fluid ducts (17, 18) at least in sections. In order to provide a camshaft adjusting device (1) with an improved rotor wheel (11), which is formed from two body parts (19, 20), which can be joined to one another in an improved manner, a provision according to the invention is that at least one sealing means (25, 26) be provided in or on at least one joining surface (19a, 20a) with the sealing means being designed such that the fluid ducts (17, 18) are sealed off and that defined contact is obtained between the joining surfaces (19a, 20a), which are placed on top of one another..
new patent Camshaft and corresponding production method
A camshaft for an internal combustion engine may include a shaft and at least one component that is joined to said shaft. The component may be connected via a joint surface of the component to a joint surface of the shaft.
new patent Engine cooling
A cylinder head for an internal combustion engine, the cylinder head including a region for covering a combustion cylinder, the region including one or more ports for communicating with the cylinder, and the cylinder head including a coolant channel that embraces at least one of the ports for cooling the zone of the cylinder head adjacent the port.. .
new patent Piston cooling system
A piston cooling system includes: a nozzle pipe portion which communicates with an oil passage which is provided in an internal combustion engine and which extends towards an interior of a cylinder bore; and a flow path forming member which is fixed to a distal end portion of the nozzle pipe portion and in which a plurality of oil jetting paths are formed, wherein: the distal end portion comprises an expanded pipe portion where the nozzle pipe portion is expanded and the flow path forming member is fittingly inserted into the expanded pipe portion; the flow path forming member has a distal end face which is exposed to an exterior portion at a distal end side of the expanded pipe portion; and the flow path forming member is locked in the expanded pipe portion by deforming a distal end edge of the expanded pipe portion.. .
new patent Hydrogen generator, ammonia-burning internal combustion engine, and fuel cell
A hydrogen generator that can be operated in a broad temperature range is disclosed, which comprises a first ammonia conversion part having a hydrogen-generating material which reacts with ammonia in a first temperature range so as to generate hydrogen; a second ammonia conversion part having an ammonia-decomposing catalyst which decomposes ammonia into hydrogen and nitrogen in a second temperature range; an ammonia supply part which supplies ammonia; and an ammonia supply passage which supplies ammonia from said ammonia supply part to the first and second ammonia conversion parts. The first temperature range includes temperatures lower than the second temperature range, and hydrogen is generated from ammonia by selectively using the first and second ammonia conversion parts.
new patent Bonfire oven
A bonfire oven has a body placeable on the ground. The body has a combustion cabinet and an auxiliary equipment cabinet.
new patent Pulverized fuel supply method for oxyfuel combustion boiler, and oxyfuel combustion boiler system
In an oxyfuel combustion boiler system, nitrogen gas separated by an air separation unit (asu) is supplied as carrier gas to a pulverizer for drying and pulverization of fuel. A fluid mixture of the nitrogen gas from the pulverizer with pulverized fuel is supplied to a powder separation device where the pulverized fuel is separated.
new patent Method and device for regenerating a particle sensor
A method for regenerating a particle sensor, which comprises a ceramic base body, in the exhaust gas duct of an internal combustion engine for driving a motor vehicle, wherein a particle loading of the particle sensor is determined by applying an electrical voltage between at least two electrodes with interdigital arrangement, a temperature of the particle sensor is determined with a temperature sensor mounted to the ceramic base body or from the electrical resistance of a heating element and said particle sensor is regenerated by means of heating with the electrical heating element.. .
new patent Combustor can temperature control system
The present application provides a fuel delivery system for a combustor with reduced coherence and/or reduced combustion dynamics. The combustor can assembly may include a first manifold for delivering a first flow of fuel to a first set of fuel injectors and a second manifold for delivering a second flow of fuel to a second set of fuel injectors.
new patent Gas turbine variable focus laser ignition
A laser ignition system for a gas turbine engine includes a combustion chamber. The system comprises a laser source for generating a continuous laser beam during an ignition process of the combustion chamber; and a dynamic laser focus apparatus positioned outside of the combustion chamber and focusing the laser beam into a continuously varying focal point to generate a laser kernel moving within a spray of air/fuel mixture injected into the combustion chamber..
new patent Turbomachine combustor assembly and method of operating a turbomachine
A turbomachine combustor assembly includes a combustor body having a combustor outlet, and a combustion liner arranged within the combustor body. The combustion liner defines a combustion chamber.
new patent Systems and methods to control combustion dynamic frequencies
Systems and methods for frequency separation in a gas turbine engine are provided herein. The systems and methods for frequency separation in a gas turbine engine may include determining a hot gas path natural frequency, determining a combustion dynamic frequency, and modifying a compressor discharge temperature to separate the combustion dynamic frequency from the hot gas path natural frequency..
new patent Methods and apparatus for rapid sensing of fuel wobbe index
A sensor apparatus and methods for facilitating combustion of a gaseous fuel are provided. The sensor apparatus comprises a combustion apparatus defining a combustion chamber therein.
new patent Combustor liner
The invention is a combustor liner (12) of a dual wall cooling structure including an inner wall section (30) configured to surround a combustion region (13) and in which a plurality of effusion cooling holes (31) are formed, and an outer wall section (20) formed to be spaced apart from the inner wall section (30) and in which a plurality of impingement cooling holes (21) are formed, wherein the inner wall section (30) is constituted by a plurality of plate-shaped members (40), and a support guide member (50) is provided which is configured to guide the plurality of plate-shaped members (40) to enable free insertion and extraction and support the plurality of plate-shaped members (40) at intervals such that deformation by thermal expansion is able to be absorbed.. .
new patent Impingement-effusion cooled tile of a gas-turbine combustion chamber with elongated effusion holes
The present invention relates to a gas-turbine combustion chamber having a combustion chamber wall including a tile carrier, on which wall tiles are mounted at a distance to form an impingement cooling gap, where the tile carrier has impingement cooling holes and the tile is provided with effusion holes, where the tile has on its side facing the tile carrier a surface structure which raises from the surface of the tile and extends in the direction of the tile carrier.. .
new patent Flow conditioner in a combustor of a gas turbine engine
A combustor in a gas turbine includes a liner having an interior volume defining a main combustion zone, a fuel injection system for delivering fuel into the main combustion zone, and a flow sleeve that defines, with the liner, a passageway for air to flow on its way to be mixed with fuel from the fuel injection system, wherein the mixture is burned in the main combustion zone to create hot combustion gases. The combustor further includes a flow conditioner including at least one panel having a configuration such that air is able to pass through the panel(s) on its way to the passageway, wherein at least a substantial portion of the air that enters the passageway for being burned in the main combustion zone passes through the panel(s)..
new patent Fuel nozzle for reducing modal coupling of combustion dynamics
A fuel nozzle includes a center body that extends axially along an axial centerline for a length. A shroud circumferentially surrounds the center body for at least a portion of the length of the center body.
new patent Rich burn, quick mix, lean burn combustor
A combustor for a gas turbine includes a fuel nozzle having a central swirler that circumferentially surrounds a downstream end of the fuel nozzle. A primary combustion zone is defined within the central swirler.
new patent Supercharging system for engine
A supercharging system for an engine includes: a cylinder block forming a combustion chamber; an intake manifold connected to the cylinder block to supply ambient air thereto; an exhaust manifold collecting exhaust gas discharged from the combustion chamber and guiding the same to the environment; a third supercharge path connecting an inlet of the intake manifold to the exhaust manifold; and an electric supercharger supplying compressed air to the exhaust manifold through the third supercharge path. Responsiveness of an engine is enhanced and stabilization of the engine is promoted..
new patent Apparatus and system comprising integrated master-slave pistons for actuating engine valves
An apparatus for actuating first and second engine valves comprises a rocker arm that receives motion from primary and auxiliary valve actuation motion sources at a motion receiving end of the rocker arm. A master piston residing in a master piston bore in the rocker arm is configured to received motion from the auxiliary valve actuation motion source.
new patent Exhaust energy recovery for engines
Technologies are generally described for recovery of energy from engines. The described technology may be applied to systems, methods, and/or apparatuses.
new patent Combustion engine performance-enhancing procedure
The invention uses a car's speed to gather ambient air in an air accumulator to create a fast-moving flow of that air and injecting that air to the exhaust piping in a direction to assist exhaust motion away from the engine.. .
new patent Exhaust treatment burner and mixer system
An exhaust aftertreatment system may include a first housing and a burner. The first housing may include first and second chambers.
new patent Ion sensor with decoking heater
An exhaust treatment system may include a burner, a flame sensor assembly and a control module. The flame sensor assembly may be at least partially disposed within the burner and may include an insulator and an electric heating element in heat transfer relation with the insulator.

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