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Colloid patents


This page is updated frequently with new Colloid-related patent applications.

new patent Composite quantum-dot materials for photonic detectors
A composite quantum-dot photodetector comprising a substrate with a colloidally deposited thin film structure forming a photosensitive region, the thin film containing at least one type of a nanocrystal quantum-dot, whereby the nanocrystal quantum dots are spaced by ligands to form a lattice, and the lattice of the quantum dots has an infill material that forms an inorganic matrix that isolates the nanocrystal quantum dots from atmospheric exposure.. .
Vadient Optics, Llc.

new patent Polishing composition and polishing magnetic disk substrate
Embodiments of the invention provide a polishing composition including colloidal silica, pulverized wet-process silica particles, and a water-soluble polymer compound, wherein the water-soluble polymer compound is a polymer or copolymer having a constituent unit derived from an unsaturated aliphatic carboxylic acid. Various embodiments achieve a high polishing rate and obtain a good surface smoothness and end-face shape without the use of alumina particles..
Yamaguchi Seiken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

new patent Polishing composition and polishing magnetic disk substrate
Embodiments of the invention provide a polishing composition including colloidal silica having an average particle size of 5 to 200 nm and pulverized wet-process silica particles having an average particle size of 0.1 to 1.0 μm, wherein a value of the ratio of the average particle size of the wet-process silica particles to that of the colloidal silica is from 2.0 to 30.0. The polishing composition, according to various embodiments, achieves a high polishing rate and has a good surface smoothness, without the use of alumina particles..
Yamaguchi Seiken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

new patent Process for the synthesis of nanostructured metallic hollow particles and nanostructured metallic hollow particles
A process for the synthesis of nanostructured metallic hollow spherical particles, in which the metal is deposited onto sacrificial masks formed in a polymeric colloidal solution by the electroless autocatalytic deposition method. Deposition releases only gaseous products (n2 and h2) during the oxidation thereof, which evolve without leaving contaminants in the deposit.
Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina - Ufsc

new patent Light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces
A method and apparatus for the manipulation of colloidal particulates and biomolecules at the interface between an insulating electrode such as silicon oxide and an electrolyte solution. Light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces relies on the combination of three functional elements: the ac electric field-induced assembly of planar aggregates; the patterning of the electrolyte/silicon oxide/silicon interface to exert spatial control over the assembly process; and the real-time control of the assembly process via external illumination.
Bioarray Solutions, Ltd.

Silicone based emulsion, making same, and waterborne co-binder resin compositions comprising such emulsions
A crosslinkable silicone based emulsion composition includes a hydroxylated polydiorganopolysiloxane grafted onto at least one colloidal silica dispersion, wherein the at least one hydroxylated polydiorganopolysiloxane grafted onto the least one colloidal silica dispersion contains residual silanol groups from the at least one hydroxylated polydiorganopolysiloxane. Further, a waterborne co-binder silicone-organic resin composition includes (a) the crosslinkable silicone emulsion and (b) an organic resin emulsion which provides improved cured properties including, but not limited to, improved hydrophobicity (water resistance), scratch resistance and gloss retention as well as process for making the emulsions and the compositions..
Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

Flange extender comprising honey
A flange extender for an ostomy bag comprises honey. In a preferred embodiment, the flange extender comprises a composition of hydrocolloid and medical grade manuka honey and at least one release liner.
Welland Medical Limited

Plant illumination device and method
An improved method to produce artificial light for plant cultivation, an illumination device with a semiconductor light emission solution and device suited for plant cultivation in a greenhouse environment are described. The best mode is considered to be a lighting device with binary alloy quantum dots (110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160) made by colloidal methods to produce a size distribution of quantum dots that produces an emission spectrum similar to the photosynthetically active radiation (par) spectrum.
Valoya Oy

Circumferential coating material and circumferentially coated honeycomb structure
A circumferential coating material contains colloidal silica, silicon carbide, and titanium oxide different in particle diameters from silicon carbide, coats a circumferential surface of a honeycomb structure monolithically formed by extrusion, including as a main component, cordierite having a porosity of 50 to 75%, and forms a circumferential coating layer. A circumferentially coated honeycomb structure has a honeycomb structure comprising latticed porous partition walls defining and forming a plurality of polygonal cells forming through channels and extending from one end face to the other end face, and a circumferential coating layer formed by coating at least a part of a circumferential surface of the honeycomb structure with the circumferential coating material..
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

Acoustophoretic printing apparatus and method
The present invention contains a printing apparatus and a method, e.g., for ejecting inks (i.e. Pure liquids, mixtures, colloids, etc.) for a very broad range of physical properties (such as viscosity).
Eth Zurich

White led, backlight module and liquid crystal display device

A white led, which includes a substrate, at least one monochromatic led chip disposed on the substrate, a reflector cup disposed on the substrate and surrounding the monochromatic led chip, an encapsulating colloid filled in the reflector cup to seal the monochromatic led chip, and a first quantum dot structure and a second quantum dot structure sealed in the encapsulating colloid, and light generated by the monochromatic led chip, light generated by exciting the first quantum dot structure and light generated by exciting the second quantum dot structure are mixed to form a white light. A backlight module having the white led and a liquid crystal display device having the backlight module is also disclosed..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Colorless luminescent solar concentrators using colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals

Disclosed herein are embodiments of a composition comprising a polymer or sol-gel and one or more nanocrystals. The composition is useful as a luminescent solar concentrator.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc

Innovative nanopore sequencing technology

Methods and apparatus for long read, label-free, optical nanopore long chain molecule sequencing. In general, the present disclosure describes a novel sequencing technology based on the integration of nanochannels to deliver single long-chain molecules with widely spaced (>wavelength), ˜1-nm aperture “tortuous” nanopores that slow translocation sufficiently to provide massively parallel, single base resolution using optical techniques.

Led lamp structure and illuminating module thereof

In a led lamp structure and an illuminating module thereof, the illuminating module includes a circuit board, a flat plate led, an electrical pin and a packaging colloid. The circuit board has a length, a first and a second side formed at two sides of the length.
Lediamond Opto Corporation

Low-dust products using a wax emulsion

The present invention relates generally to wall repair compounds such as joint compounds, spackling compounds, and the like used to repair imperfections in walls or fill joints between adjacent wallboard panels. Particularly, the present invention relates to such a wall repair compound that comprises a dust-reduction additive that reduces the quantity of airborne dust generated when the hardened compound is sanded.
Henry Company, Llc

Self-assembled nano-structure particle and preparing

Novel, nano-structured particles are formed by introducing a selected solid of interest into a structured fluid matrix formed by a dispersion of a small molecule host vessel components, such as a native or modified polysaccharide, cavitand, simple sugar, simple polyol or other similarly structured molecule known to be useful as a host vessel, in an acidic medium or other solvent, whereby the particle size of the introduced solid is reduced and or limited in the structured fluid matrix, by incorporation into or attachment to, the host vessel. The simple, one-step mixing process results in stabilized colloidal dispersions of the nanoparticles useful in a wide variety of applications..
Emerald Hilton Davis, Llc

Method for preparing oil-dispersible carotenoid preparation

Disclosed in the present invention is a method for preparing an oil-dispersible carotenoid preparation, comprising (by weight parts): mixing 100 parts of carotenoid microcapsule, 100-400 parts of vegetable oil and 0.1-1 part of oil-soluble antioxidant; and grinding the mixture in a colloid mill in a nitro—gen atmosphere and at 10-30° c. To obtain a uniform oil-dispersible carotenoid preparation, wherein the preparation contains 2%-14% carotenoid with an average particle size of up to 0.1-1 μm, and 100 parts of carotenoid microcapsule contains 10.5-35.8 parts carotenoid, 0.1-1 part of water-soluble antioxidant, and the remainder is a water-soluble colloid.
Zhejiang Nhu Company Ltd.

Loudspeaker vibration system

A loudspeaker vibration system includes a diaphragm body part and a voice coil engaged at a lower side of the diaphragm body part. The diaphragm body part includes a rigid dome part, a silicon rubber membrane, and a plastic support engaged to an edge of the silicon rubber membrane.
Goertek Inc.

Emulsifiers from grape processing by-products

A process is described by which the solid waste of grape resulting from processes such as vinification, is treated with hot steam, then is treated with alcoholic solutions, the alcohol being removed, then the oil residues present in the solid residue are removed. The said solid residue is then subjected to aqueous extractions, the aqueous medium is separated from the remaining solids, and this aqueous medium is concentrated.

Light-emitting device containing anisotropic flat colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals and methods of manufacture thereof

A device that emits light in response to an electrical or optical excitation, such as leds, displays, e-readers, device includes at least one anisotropic flat colloidal semiconductor nanocrystal whose smallest dimension, namely the thickness, is smaller than the other two by a factor of at least 1.5, the emitted light having an intensity and a polarization that vary according to the angle formed by the light emitting direction and the normal to the largest surface of the flat nanocrystal. The device allows to realize a light-emitting device exhibiting simultaneously a high emission spectral finesse and allows proper control of the wavelength, the directivity and/or polarization of the emitted light, and thus increases the brightness and color gamut of displays composed of such a device.

Anionic polyplexes for use in the delivery of nucleic acids

The present invention provides an anionic polyplex formed from a nucleic acid and an anionic polymer and further comprising a cation, which can be in the form of a nanoparticle or a microparticle and compositions comprising the anionic polyplex. The present invention further provides uses of the anionic polyplex such as delivery of the nucleic acid into cells and methods of treating a disease, disorder or condition selected from the group consisting of cancer, a metabolic, a neurodegenerative, a cardiovascular, and an infectious or inflammatory disease or disorder.
B.g. Negev Technologies And Applications Ltd

Aqueous emulsion, thin molded article, and producing thin molded article

Provided is an aqueous emulsion including a block copolymer (i) containing a polymer block (a) composed of a structural unit derived from an aromatic vinyl compound and a polymer block (b) containing 1 to 100% by mass of a structural unit (b1) derived from farnesene and 99 to 0% by mass of a structural unit (b2) derived from a conjugated diene other than farnesene, with a mass ratio [(a)/(b)] of the polymer block (a) and the polymer block (b) being 5/95 to 70/30; a protective colloid (ii); and water, a content of the protective colloid (ii) being 3 to 35 parts by mass based on 100 parts by mass of the block copolymer (i).. .
Amyris, Inc.

A preparation graphene as well as graphene oxide based on anthracite

The present invention relates to a preparation method of graphene oxide based on anthracite. The method consists of the following steps.
Shenzhen Cantonnet Energy Services Co. , Ltd.

Compositions and methods for measuring and expanding blood volume

A method for measuring, adjusting and maintaining the level of blood volume in a patient is described. A blood volume expander composition includes, in combination, a standard umodified protein, colloid or crystalloid and a fluorescently-labeled protein colloid or crystalloid of approximately the same molecular weight.
Pharmacophotonics, Inc. D/b/a Fast Biomedical

Hemostatic composition and device

A hemostatic composition comprises calcium alginate, a chitosan, epsilon-aminocaproic acid, an acid selected from aminomethylbenzoic acid and tranexamic acid, and tannin. The method of making the hemostatic composition comprises mixing one or more polysaccharide bases, tannin, a fibrinolytic inhibitor, colloidal silver and a solvent to form a mixture, and drying the mixture at a temperature between 25° c.

Methods for superdisintegrant-based composite particles for dispersion and dissolution of active pharmaceutical agents

The present disclosure provides improved systems and methods utilizing colloidal/ultrafine superdisintegrant-based composite particles for dispersion and/or dissolution of active pharmaceutical agents. In general, the present disclosure utilizes a surfactant-free or near surfactant-free formulation by incorporating a wet milled sdi as a dispersant in the formulation.
New Jersey Institute Of Technology

Method for manufacturing a thin film consisting of a colloidal crystal infiltrated with the luminescent mdmo-ppv polymer made of silica (sio2) spheres, having a face-centered cubic system (fcc)

He present invention relates to a method for manufacturing thin films consisting of sio2 spheres of 250 nm in diameter, packed in a simple cubic structure and infiltrated with the organic luminescent polymer poly[2-methoxy-5-(3′,7′-dimethyloctyloxy)-1,4-phenylene-vinylene] (mdmo-ppv). The thin film can be deposited onto a substrate of soda lime or indium oxide doped with tin (ito).
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Scratch and abrasion resistant uv blocking glass coating

A coating composition and method of making a scratch resistant uv blocking glass coating is described. The composition can include an aqueous colloidal silica.
Tru Vue, Inc.

Water-based zinc-rich pre-construction primer

A water-based, two-part primer for metal substrates includes at least a first and second part, combined in a ratio of about 1:1. The first part of the primer may be substantially free of volatile organic compounds and include a colloidal silica present in the amount of about 20 weight percent to about 80 weight percent, based on the total weight of the first part; a silane coupling agent selected from the group consisting of epoxysilanes, mercaptosilanes, and modified silanes having a functional group active to an epoxy group, the silane coupling agent present in the amount of about 0.05 weight percent to about 15 weight percent based on the weight of the first part; and a cellulose ether in the amount of about 0.1 weight percent to about 2 weight percent.
The Sherwin-williams Company

Torroidal mesoporous silica nanoparticles (tmsnps) and related protocells

In one aspect, the invention provides novel monodisperse, colloidally-stable, torroidal mesoporous silica nanoparticles (tmsnps) which are synthesized from ellipsoid-shaped mesoporous silica nanoparticles (msnps) which are prepared using an ammonia base-catalyzed method under a low surfactant conditions. Significantly, the tmsnps can be loaded simultaneously with a small molecule active agent, a sirna, a mrna, a plasmid and other cargo and can be used in the diagnosis and/or treatment of a variety of disorders, including a cancer, a bacterial infection and/or a viral infection, among others.
Sandia Corporation

Process of preparing aqueous ophthalmic solution of olopatadine

An aqueous ophthalmic solution containing relatively high concentration of olopatadine in solubilized form and process for making such solution is provided. The process for preparing the aqueous ophthalmic solution comprises a step of sizing olopatadine particles, preferably by using a microfluidizer, a ball mill or a colloidal mill.
Gavis Pharmaceuticals

Wet pet food formulated to be served in a form selected by the pet owner

A wet pet food is formulated to be served to a pet in a first form or in a second form, and the first and second forms of the wet pet food have the same ingredients and about the same amounts thereof relative to each other but different viscosities relative to each other. In a preferred embodiment, the first form is a ready-to-eat chunks in jelly, the second form is chunks in gravy, and heating the wet pet food changes the food from the first form into the second form.
Nestec S.a.

Compositions for stabilizing dna, rna and proteins in blood and other biological samples during shipping and storage at ambient temperatures

Compositions and methods are disclosed for substantially liquid, gel, suspension, slurry, semisolid and/or colloid storage of biological samples following admixture with the herein disclosed storage composition, permitting substantial recovery of biological activity following storage without refrigeration. In certain embodiments, unfractionated blood or tissue samples may be stored without refrigeration for weeks, months or years in a form that permits recovery of intact dna, rna or protein components following the storage period..
Biomatrica, Inc.

Methods of forming colloidal nanocrystal-based thin film devices

Methods of forming colloidal nanocrystal (nc)-based thin film devicesare disclosed. The methods include the steps of depositing a dispersion of ncs on a substrate to form a nc thin-film, wherein at least a portion of the ncs is capped with chalcogenocyanate (xcn)-based ligands; and doping the nc thin-film with a metal..
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Methods for the preparation of colloidal nanocrystal dispersion

Methods of preparing a dispersion of colloidal nanocrystals (ncs) for use as nc thin films are disclosed. A dispersion of ncs capped with ligands may be mixed with a solution containing chalcogenocyanate (xcn)-based ligands.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Additive for hydraulically setting compositions

The present invention relates to an additive for hydraulically setting compositions, comprising a colloidally disperse preparation of at least one salt of a mono- or polyvalent metal cation and of at least one compound which is able to release an anion which forms a low-solubility salt with the metal cation, and of at least one polymeric sulphonated dispersant. The additive is suitable particularly as a slump retainer..
Construction Research & Technology, Gmbh

Production forsterite fine particles

A method for producing forsterite microparticles having a primary particle size of 1 to 200 nm, as determined through electron microscopy, characterized in that the method includes spray-drying, at 50° c. Or higher and lower than 300° c., a solution containing a water-soluble magnesium salt and colloidal silica at a mole ratio of magnesium atoms to silicon atoms (mg/si) of 2; and subsequently, firing the spray-dried product in air at 800 to 1,000° c..
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Hydraulic shock absorber

A hydraulic shock absorber having an inner housing portion slidably coupled to an outer housing portion to define a variable size chamber for containing shock absorber fluid and a dynamic seal having a sealing face adjacent to the inner housing portion for confining shock absorber fluid to the chamber. The shock absorber fluid includes a colloidal suspension of inorganic particles in liquid, the colloidal suspension comprising 1-25% by weight inorganic particles..
Messier-dowty Limited

Method for the preparation of a synthetic faujasite material comprising monodisperse nanoparticles composed of single nanocrystals

The present invention relates to a method for the preparation of faujasite nanocrystals, to faujasite nanocrystals, to a method for the preparation of a stable colloidal suspension of faujasite nanocrystals, to a stable colloidal suspension of faujasite nanocrystals, and to the use of said faujasite nanocrystals and said stable colloidal suspension of faujasite nanocrystals in various applications.. .
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

Method for preparing hydrocolloid having diverse range of hydrophobicity

The present invention relates to a method for preparing hydrocolloid having a diverse range of hydrophobicity, and more particularly, to a method for preparing hydrocolloid having a diverse range of hydrophobicity including preparing a hydrophobic hydrocolloid molecule by introducing a hydrophobic molecular group to a hydrocolloid molecule, and gelation by adding the hydrophobic hydrocolloid molecule to a pure hydrocolloid molecule. According to the present invention, a hydrophobic molecule is capable of being stably introduced without decomposing a hydrocolloid molecule during a synthesis process for introducing the hydrocolloid molecule, and hydrocolloid having a diverse hydrophobicity range is capable of being prepared depending on a mixing ratio..
Soongsil University Research Consortium Techno-park

Edible material

An edible material may be made of liquid, sugar, and one or more hydrocolloids. The edible material may be used to form edible cups, containers, and the like and may be capable of holding hot or cold liquids for extended periods of time, and have an extended shelf life.
Loliware Llc

Coating agent for electrical steel sheet, manufacturing method therefor and electrical steel sheet coating method using same

A coating agent for an electrical steel sheet and a manufacturing method therefor are disclosed. A coating agent for an electrical steel sheet according to an example embodiment of the present invention includes a metal phosphate derivative solution, colloid silica, chromium oxide, and solid silica, and a solvent, wherein the metal phosphate derivative is a single material of a magnesium phosphate derivative or a mixed material of an aluminum phosphate derivative and a magnesium phosphate derivative, and in the mixed material, an amount of aluminum phosphate derivative is 10 wt % or less (not including 0%)..

Stable nanomagnetic particle dispersions

Processes and compositions are described for preparing new, colloidally stable, coated nanomagnetic particles useful for both in-vitro and in-vivo biomedical applications, including cell targeting and capturing cells, microorganisms, and cellular organelles or entities such as exosomes. These nanomagnetic particles can also be used as imaging contrast agents due to their small size and high magnetic moment.
Biolegend, Inc.

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