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Colloid patents


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 Method for manufacturing a thin film consisting of a colloidal crystal infiltrated with the luminescent mdmo-ppv polymer made of silica (sio2) spheres, having a face-centered cubic system (fcc) patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing a thin film consisting of a colloidal crystal infiltrated with the luminescent mdmo-ppv polymer made of silica (sio2) spheres, having a face-centered cubic system (fcc)
He present invention relates to a method for manufacturing thin films consisting of sio2 spheres of 250 nm in diameter, packed in a simple cubic structure and infiltrated with the organic luminescent polymer poly[2-methoxy-5-(3′,7′-dimethyloctyloxy)-1,4-phenylene-vinylene] (mdmo-ppv). The thin film can be deposited onto a substrate of soda lime or indium oxide doped with tin (ito).
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

 Scratch and abrasion resistant uv blocking glass coating patent thumbnailScratch and abrasion resistant uv blocking glass coating
A coating composition and method of making a scratch resistant uv blocking glass coating is described. The composition can include an aqueous colloidal silica.
Tru Vue, Inc.

 Water-based zinc-rich pre-construction primer patent thumbnailWater-based zinc-rich pre-construction primer
A water-based, two-part primer for metal substrates includes at least a first and second part, combined in a ratio of about 1:1. The first part of the primer may be substantially free of volatile organic compounds and include a colloidal silica present in the amount of about 20 weight percent to about 80 weight percent, based on the total weight of the first part; a silane coupling agent selected from the group consisting of epoxysilanes, mercaptosilanes, and modified silanes having a functional group active to an epoxy group, the silane coupling agent present in the amount of about 0.05 weight percent to about 15 weight percent based on the weight of the first part; and a cellulose ether in the amount of about 0.1 weight percent to about 2 weight percent.
The Sherwin-williams Company

 Torroidal mesoporous silica nanoparticles (tmsnps) and related protocells patent thumbnailTorroidal mesoporous silica nanoparticles (tmsnps) and related protocells
In one aspect, the invention provides novel monodisperse, colloidally-stable, torroidal mesoporous silica nanoparticles (tmsnps) which are synthesized from ellipsoid-shaped mesoporous silica nanoparticles (msnps) which are prepared using an ammonia base-catalyzed method under a low surfactant conditions. Significantly, the tmsnps can be loaded simultaneously with a small molecule active agent, a sirna, a mrna, a plasmid and other cargo and can be used in the diagnosis and/or treatment of a variety of disorders, including a cancer, a bacterial infection and/or a viral infection, among others.
Sandia Corporation

 Process of preparing aqueous ophthalmic solution of olopatadine patent thumbnailProcess of preparing aqueous ophthalmic solution of olopatadine
An aqueous ophthalmic solution containing relatively high concentration of olopatadine in solubilized form and process for making such solution is provided. The process for preparing the aqueous ophthalmic solution comprises a step of sizing olopatadine particles, preferably by using a microfluidizer, a ball mill or a colloidal mill.
Gavis Pharmaceuticals

 Wet pet food formulated to be served in a form selected by the pet owner patent thumbnailWet pet food formulated to be served in a form selected by the pet owner
A wet pet food is formulated to be served to a pet in a first form or in a second form, and the first and second forms of the wet pet food have the same ingredients and about the same amounts thereof relative to each other but different viscosities relative to each other. In a preferred embodiment, the first form is a ready-to-eat chunks in jelly, the second form is chunks in gravy, and heating the wet pet food changes the food from the first form into the second form.
Nestec S.a.

 Compositions for stabilizing dna, rna and proteins in blood and other biological samples during shipping and storage at ambient temperatures patent thumbnailCompositions for stabilizing dna, rna and proteins in blood and other biological samples during shipping and storage at ambient temperatures
Compositions and methods are disclosed for substantially liquid, gel, suspension, slurry, semisolid and/or colloid storage of biological samples following admixture with the herein disclosed storage composition, permitting substantial recovery of biological activity following storage without refrigeration. In certain embodiments, unfractionated blood or tissue samples may be stored without refrigeration for weeks, months or years in a form that permits recovery of intact dna, rna or protein components following the storage period..
Biomatrica, Inc.

 Methods of forming colloidal nanocrystal-based thin film devices patent thumbnailMethods of forming colloidal nanocrystal-based thin film devices
Methods of forming colloidal nanocrystal (nc)-based thin film devicesare disclosed. The methods include the steps of depositing a dispersion of ncs on a substrate to form a nc thin-film, wherein at least a portion of the ncs is capped with chalcogenocyanate (xcn)-based ligands; and doping the nc thin-film with a metal..
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

 Methods for the preparation of colloidal nanocrystal dispersion patent thumbnailMethods for the preparation of colloidal nanocrystal dispersion
Methods of preparing a dispersion of colloidal nanocrystals (ncs) for use as nc thin films are disclosed. A dispersion of ncs capped with ligands may be mixed with a solution containing chalcogenocyanate (xcn)-based ligands.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

 Additive for hydraulically setting compositions patent thumbnailAdditive for hydraulically setting compositions
The present invention relates to an additive for hydraulically setting compositions, comprising a colloidally disperse preparation of at least one salt of a mono- or polyvalent metal cation and of at least one compound which is able to release an anion which forms a low-solubility salt with the metal cation, and of at least one polymeric sulphonated dispersant. The additive is suitable particularly as a slump retainer..
Construction Research & Technology, Gmbh

Production forsterite fine particles

A method for producing forsterite microparticles having a primary particle size of 1 to 200 nm, as determined through electron microscopy, characterized in that the method includes spray-drying, at 50° c. Or higher and lower than 300° c., a solution containing a water-soluble magnesium salt and colloidal silica at a mole ratio of magnesium atoms to silicon atoms (mg/si) of 2; and subsequently, firing the spray-dried product in air at 800 to 1,000° c..
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Hydraulic shock absorber

A hydraulic shock absorber having an inner housing portion slidably coupled to an outer housing portion to define a variable size chamber for containing shock absorber fluid and a dynamic seal having a sealing face adjacent to the inner housing portion for confining shock absorber fluid to the chamber. The shock absorber fluid includes a colloidal suspension of inorganic particles in liquid, the colloidal suspension comprising 1-25% by weight inorganic particles..
Messier-dowty Limited

Method for the preparation of a synthetic faujasite material comprising monodisperse nanoparticles composed of single nanocrystals

The present invention relates to a method for the preparation of faujasite nanocrystals, to faujasite nanocrystals, to a method for the preparation of a stable colloidal suspension of faujasite nanocrystals, to a stable colloidal suspension of faujasite nanocrystals, and to the use of said faujasite nanocrystals and said stable colloidal suspension of faujasite nanocrystals in various applications.. .
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

Method for preparing hydrocolloid having diverse range of hydrophobicity

The present invention relates to a method for preparing hydrocolloid having a diverse range of hydrophobicity, and more particularly, to a method for preparing hydrocolloid having a diverse range of hydrophobicity including preparing a hydrophobic hydrocolloid molecule by introducing a hydrophobic molecular group to a hydrocolloid molecule, and gelation by adding the hydrophobic hydrocolloid molecule to a pure hydrocolloid molecule. According to the present invention, a hydrophobic molecule is capable of being stably introduced without decomposing a hydrocolloid molecule during a synthesis process for introducing the hydrocolloid molecule, and hydrocolloid having a diverse hydrophobicity range is capable of being prepared depending on a mixing ratio..
Soongsil University Research Consortium Techno-park

Edible material

An edible material may be made of liquid, sugar, and one or more hydrocolloids. The edible material may be used to form edible cups, containers, and the like and may be capable of holding hot or cold liquids for extended periods of time, and have an extended shelf life.
Loliware Llc

Coating agent for electrical steel sheet, manufacturing method therefor and electrical steel sheet coating method using same

A coating agent for an electrical steel sheet and a manufacturing method therefor are disclosed. A coating agent for an electrical steel sheet according to an example embodiment of the present invention includes a metal phosphate derivative solution, colloid silica, chromium oxide, and solid silica, and a solvent, wherein the metal phosphate derivative is a single material of a magnesium phosphate derivative or a mixed material of an aluminum phosphate derivative and a magnesium phosphate derivative, and in the mixed material, an amount of aluminum phosphate derivative is 10 wt % or less (not including 0%)..

Stable nanomagnetic particle dispersions

Processes and compositions are described for preparing new, colloidally stable, coated nanomagnetic particles useful for both in-vitro and in-vivo biomedical applications, including cell targeting and capturing cells, microorganisms, and cellular organelles or entities such as exosomes. These nanomagnetic particles can also be used as imaging contrast agents due to their small size and high magnetic moment.
Biolegend, Inc.

Pickering emulsion treatment fluid

A well treatment fluid comprising a pickering particle emulsion comprising particles of a first liquid phase dispersed in a continuous second liquid phase, and comprising a plurality of colloidal particles adsorbed to a liquid-liquid interface between the first liquid phase and the second liquid phase. Methods, equipment and/or systems for treating a subterranean formation utilizing such treatment fluids are also disclosed..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Self healing silica based dielectric ink for printed electronic applications

The present invention relates to self healing silica based dielectric ink for printed electronic applications. Novel self healing silica based dielectric ink screen printable on flexible substrates is indigenously developed for printed electronic applications.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Nucleic acid coated colloids

Dna-coated colloids are introduced that can rearrange and anneal using single-stranded dna coatings with thicknesses that are smaller than the colloidal particles, and with areal densities 5—than previously achieved. Micrometer-sized colloidal particles, such as poly(styrene), poly(methylmethacrylate) (pmma), silica and titania, and 3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl methacrylate (tpm), are coated with dna by strain-promoted alkyne-azide cycloaddition.
New York University

Electrostatic removal of colloidal, soluble and insoluble materials from a fluid

A filter that contains an adsorbent to remove the soluble portion of the contaminant, and then some form of electrostatic attraction additive. The electrostatic attraction additive would serve to pull the colloidal and particulate portion of the contaminant out of fluid, which could be held indefinitely, or be used to hold while the contaminant is allowed to solubilize and then be removed by the adsorbent.
Kx Techologies Llc

Novel gold-platinum based bi-metallic nanocrystal suspensions, electrochemical manufacturing processes therefor and uses for the same

The invention includes novel electrochemical manufacturing apparatuses and techniques for making the bi-metallic nanocrystal suspensions. The techniques do not require the use or presence of chlorine ions/atoms and/or chlorides or chlorine-based materials for the manufacturing process/final suspension.

Self-sealing shell for inflatable prostheses

A self-sealing shell useful as a component of a soft fluid-filled prosthetic implant is provided. The shell is at least partly constructed of a wall made of a colloid of an elastomeric polymer matrix and particles of a water-swellable material distributed therein..
Allergan, Inc.

Free flowing nutritional powder and its manufacture

A free flowing nutritional powder includes a primary component originating or derived from fruits, vegetables, grasses, herbs, algae, and combinations thereof, along with an intimate mixture of 2 additional components including: 0.1-5.0% of lecithin and 0.1-5.0% of introduced hydrocolloid material. The dried material has powder has a mass weighted particle size within the range of 10-600 microns, said free flowing powder has a water activity of less than 0.50wa, and said powder contains at least 85 wt.
Plant Science Laboratories, Llc

Energy storage devices and methods of production thereof

The present disclosure provides an energy storage device comprising a first electrode, a second electrode, and a solid multilayer structure disposed between said first and second electrodes. The solid multilayer structure can be in contact with said first and second electrodes.
Capacitor Sciences Incorporated

Compound reflective plate and manufacturing same

A compound reflective plate includes a metal base and a reflective film. The metal base includes a reflective surface.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Cationic poly alpha-1,3-glucan ethers

Poly alpha-1,3-glucan ether compounds are disclosed herein comprising positively charged organic groups. The degree of substitution of the ether compounds is about 0.05 to about 3.0.
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Silica sols, producing the same and use thereof in papermaking

The present invention relates to colloidal silicas having a low s-value and a high solids content, the preparation thereof, and the use thereof in the production of paper. When used in the production of paper, the colloidal silicas of the invention exhibit good retention and drainage performance so that they can be used in lower amounts compared to conventional colloidal silicas.
Ecolab Usa Inc.

Process for producing heat-expandable microspheres and application thereof

A process for producing heat-expandable microspheres including a thermoplastic resin shell and a blowing agent encapsulated therein. The process includes the steps of dispersing a polymerizable component and the blowing agent in an aqueous dispersion medium having a ph of 7 or less and containing a fine-particle metal compound having a mean particle size ranging from 1.0 to 10 nm, and polymerizing the polymerizable component.
Matsumoto Yushi-seiyaku Co., Ltd.

Liposomal particles, methods of making same and uses thereof

Liposomes termed as small unilamellar vesicles (suvs), can be synthesized in the 20-50 nm size range, but encounter challenges such as instability and aggregation leading to inter-particle fusion. This limits their use as a therapeutic delivery agent.
Aurasense Therapeutics, Llc

Materials and methods for the preperation of nanocomposites

Disclosed herein is an isolable colloidal particle comprising a nanoparticle and an inorganic capping agent bound to the surface of the nanoparticle, a solution of the same, a method for making the same from a biphasic solvent mixture, and the formation of structures and solids from the isolable colloidal particle. The process can yield photovoltaic cells, piezoelectric crystals, thermoelectric layers, optoelectronic layers, light emitting diodes, ferroelectric layers, thin film transistors, floating gate memory devices, imaging devices, phase change layers, and sensor devices..
The University Of Chicago

Use of poly alpha-1,3-glucan ethers as viscosity modifiers

A hydrocolloid or aqueous solution comprising a poly alpha-1,3-glucan ether compound is disclosed having a viscosity of at least about 10 centipoise (cps). The poly alpha-1,3-glucan ether compound in these compositions has a degree of substitution of about 0.05 to about 3.0.
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Synthesis alkoxysilanes

The direct depolymerization of biogenic and other high surface area silica sources uses both simple and hindered diols to produce alkoxysilanes in one or two steps that can be separated and purified directly from the reaction mixture by distillation, extraction or filtration followed by solution modification and distillation or extraction. The alkoxysilanes can take the form of spirosiloxanes or simple alkoxysilanes or oligomers thereof.

Odor eliminating solution

An odor eliminating solution comprises the active deodorizing and antimicrobial agents of silver nanoparticles dispersed in colloidal suspension in a solution containing excess sodium tetraborate decahydrate, commonly referred to as borax. The silver nanoparticles provide deodorizing and antimicrobial properties through the colloidal dispersion which provides a high surface area to volume ratio for the suspension.
Wizard Labs, Llc

Microlens array, manufacturing method thereof, image acquisition device, and display device

The present invention provides a microlens array, a manufacturing method thereof, an image acquisition device, and a display device. The manufacturing method of a microlens array includes steps of: providing a substrate; forming a plurality of accommodation grooves on the substrate; instilling a colloidal prepolymer into each of the plurality of accommodation grooves, so that a top surface of the prepolymer forms a curved surface protruding outwards; and curing the prepolymer, so that the prepolymer in each of the plurality of accommodation groove is cured to form a microlens unit, thereby obtaining the microlens array.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Water repellent, soil resistant, fluorine-free compositions

The present invention pertains to a fluorine-free composition for treating textile articles being water repellant, sol resistant and stain resistant, especially carpets comprising a first composition comprising an aqueous silicone emulsion, an aqueous dispersion of a silane quaternary ammonium salt and water and a second composition comprising a soil repellency component that is an aqueous dispersion of colloidal organosiloxane copolymers.. .
Invista Technologies S.Á.r.l.

Use of an oxidising alkaline gel to remove a biofilm on a surface of a solid substrate

The use of a gel consisting of a colloidal solution comprising, preferably consisting of: 5% to 30% by weight, preferably 5% to 25% by weight, more preferably 8% to 20% by weight relative to the weight of the gel, of at least one inorganic viscosifying agent; a mineral base selected from among hydroxides of alkaline metals, hydroxides of alkaline-earth metals and the mixtures thereof, said mineral base being present in a proportion of 0.05 to 10 mol/l of gel, preferably in a proportion of 0.1 to 5 mol/l of gel; an oxidising agent stable in a basic medium selected from among permanganates, persulfates, ozone, hypochlorites and the mixtures thereof, said oxidising agent stable in a basic medium being present in a proportion of 0.05 to 5 mol/l of gel, preferably 0.1 to 2 mol/l of gel; 0.1% to 2% by weight relative to the weight of the gel, of at least one surfactant; and a solvent; the gel not containing any super-absorbent polymer, to remove a biofilm present on a surface of a solid substrate.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

In situ assembled crystalline colloidal arrays

A dispersion of monodisperse similarly charged particles, the monodisperse particles having a maximum particle size dispersity of 10% and each particle having a surface with a minimum surface charge density of 1 μc/cm2 and comprising pendant steric stabilizing groups.. .
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

Emulsifiers from olive solid waste

A process is described by which the solid waste of olive processing remaining after oil expression and husk oil extraction is dehydrated, treated with alcoholic solutions, the alcohol being removed, the solid residue subjected to aqueous extractions, the aqueous medium being separated from the remaining solids and concentrated. The said material is also described, being capable of emulsifying oil-in-water emulsions and provide stability to colloidal foods..

Selenium-doped nano silica sol used for producing selenium-enriched rice and capable of suppressing absorption and accumulation of heavy metals in paddy rice and preparation method therefor

The present invention discloses a selenium-doped nano-silica sol capable of both inhibiting the absorption and accumulation of heavy metal in rice and producing a selenium-rich rice, and a preparation method thereof. The selenium-doped nano-silica sol of the present invention is prepared mainly by using a nano-silica sol as a carrier, sodium selenite and the like as a raw material, vitamin c and the like as a reducing agent, and polyvinylpyrrolidone and the like as an emulsifier, and doping and dispersing selenium in a specific ratio in a silica sol so as to form a selenium-doped nano-silica sol with a special structure and function.
Guangdong Institute Of Eco-environmental And Soil Sciences (guangdong Museum Of Soil Sciences)

Stable fixed dose pharmaceutical composition comprising mometasone and olopatadine

The present invention relates to a stable fixed dose aqueous pharmaceutical composition (e.g., contained in a container) for nasal administration to a human, comprising mometasone or its salt, olopatadine or its salt. The composition may further include a hydrocolloid.
Glenmark Specialty S.a.

Method for manufacturing electrical steel sheet

A treatment solution is applied on a surface of a base iron; and the treatment solution is baked and dried. The treatment solution contains a first component: 100 parts by mass in solid content, and a second component composed of particles of one or more kinds selected from a group consisting of a polyolefin wax, an epoxy resin and an acrylic resin, the particles having an average particle size of 2.0 μm to 15.0 μm and a melting point of 60° c.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

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