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Colloid patents


This page is updated frequently with new Colloid-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Colloid-related patents
 Measuring  membrane fouling index patent thumbnailMeasuring membrane fouling index
A device for measuring the membrane fouling index which can measure the modified fouling index (mfi) and the silt density index (sdi) at the same time and quantify the degree of membrane fouling caused by various kinds of membrane fouling materials, such as particulate materials, colloids, organic matters, and so on, in a short period of time.. .
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

 Ice nucleii counter technology patent thumbnailIce nucleii counter technology
A method and system of measuring the size distribution of particles within dilute colloids, for example, through variation of the minimum ice-nucleation sizes of particles within the colloid. The system for measuring particles in fluids includes, a sample fluid inlet and an ice nuclei counter communicatively connected to the sample fluid inlet, the ice nuclei counter cooling the sample fluid and measuring particles which form crystals in the cooled fluid.

 Buffer formulations for enhanced antibody stability patent thumbnailBuffer formulations for enhanced antibody stability
The invention provides buffered formulations of adalimumab. The formulations comprise a buffer comprising an acetate salt, mannitol, glacial acetic acid, sodium chloride, and polysorbate 80.
Oncobiologics, Inc.

 Food coating patent thumbnailFood coating
Described is a method for providing an outer surface of a foodstuff with a gel layer, comprising the steps of applying a liquid gelling composition comprising a gellable hydrocolloid and a plasticizer on the said outer surface of the foodstuff, and allowing the liquid gelling composition to gel while in contact with the outer surface of the foodstuff, therewith forming a gel layer directly covering the said outer surface of the foodstuff. Also described is a novel food coating composition, in particular for coating pre-prepared meals, that are to be heated before consumption.
Rousselot B.v.

 Dry mixture in particulate form for preparation of liquid foods with dispersed gas bubbles patent thumbnailDry mixture in particulate form for preparation of liquid foods with dispersed gas bubbles
The present invention provides a dry mixture in particulate form containing a gas release agent, a flavour component and a hydrocolloid. Upon dissolution in water, gas bubbles are released into the continuous liquid phase, and these bubbles remain dispersed in the continuous liquid phase.
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

 Slurry chromizing compositions patent thumbnailSlurry chromizing compositions
Slurry coating composition for selectively enriching surface regions of a metal-based substrate, for example, the under-platform regions of a turbine blade, with chromium. The slurry coating composition contains metallic chromium, optionally metallic aluminum in a lesser amount by weight than chromium, and optionally other constituents.
General Electric Company

 Emulsion type paint patent thumbnailEmulsion type paint
Buildings surfaces are often seen subjected to application of heat insulation paint. When the surface of buildings gets dirty, reflectivity of the light lowers, so that the surface of buildings is likely to adsorb heat, resulting in lowering of the heat insulation effect.
Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd.

 Particles with designed different sized discrete pores patent thumbnailParticles with designed different sized discrete pores
Polymeric porous particles have a continuous organic solid phase and at least two sets of discrete pores that are isolated from each other within the continuous phase and that have different average sizes. One set of discrete pores has a larger average size than another set of discrete pores by at least 50%.

 Red colorant for beverages, food and pharmaceutical compositions patent thumbnailRed colorant for beverages, food and pharmaceutical compositions
The present invention is directed to rhodoxanthin formulations, whereby the rhodoxanthin is embedded in a matrix of a protective hydrocolloid, the protective hydrocolloid being preferably a modified food starch. The present invention is further directed to the manufacture of such formulations as well as to their use for colouring beverages, food or pharmaceutical compositions, whereby the rhodoxanthin formulations impart an intense red colour to those coloured beverages, food or pharmaceutical compositions.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

 Production of microwaveable coated food products patent thumbnailProduction of microwaveable coated food products
A frozen, microwaveable, coated food product comprising: a core of cooked edible material having a weight equal to 15-95 wt. % of the food product; a fried coating that envelops the core of edible material and has a weight equal to 5-85 wt.
Crisp Sensation Holding S.a.


Microwaveable coated food product, and the manufacture thereof

A frozen, microwaveable, coated food product comprising: a core of cooked edible material having a weight equal to 15-95 wt. % of the food product, a fried coating that envelops the core of edible material and has a weight equal to 5-85 wt.
Crisp Sensation Holding S.a.


Semiconductor package structure and forming method thereof

A semiconductor package structure and forming method thereof; the semiconductor package structure includes a heat sink frame (2) and a lead frame (1), where the heat sink frame (2) is connected with a heat sink (4), a chip pad (21) of the lead frame (1) is adhered with a chip (3), and the heat sink (4) is connected to the chip (3) through a bonding material (5), and where the lead frame (1) is provided with a first lead (22), and the heat sink frame (2) is provided with a second lead (43) and a third lead (44). The method of forming the semiconductor package structure comprises: arranging the second lead (43) and the third lead (44) on the heat sink (4), and connecting the first lead (22) to the bottom electrode of the chip pad (21) to form a current input terminal; connecting three second lead (43) on the heat sink frame (2) to the top electrode of the chip (3) to form a current output terminal; welding the third lead (44) on the heat sink frame (2) with a conductive wire to form a current control terminal, thus greatly reducing the use of conductive wires, and thus heat loss; and after injection molding, colloids are exposed on of both sides of the semiconductor package structure, thus realizing double-sided heat dissipation, and improving heat dissipation of the semiconductor package structure..
Great Team Backend Foundry (dongguan), Ltd.


Self-healing hard coatings

A method is presented herein that involves mixing a self-healing coating solution, a dispersion of colloidal nanoparticles, and at least one of a solvent or a surfactant, to obtain a composition, wherein the composition is capable of being cured into a coating that is transparent to visible light. An ophthalmic lens product obtained by this method is also presented herein..
Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)


Roll-to-roll light directed electrophoretic deposition system and method

A roll-to-roll light directed electrophoretic deposition system and method advances a roll of a flexible electrode web substrate along a roll-to-roll process path, where a material source is positioned to provide on the flexible electrode web substrate a thin film colloidal dispersion of electrically charged colloidal material dispersed in a fluid. A counter electrode is also positioned to come in contact with the thin film colloidal dispersion opposite the flexible electrode web substrate, where one of the counter electrode and the flexible electrode web substrate is a photoconductive electrode.
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc


Cmp composition for silicon nitride removal

The invention provides a chemical-mechanical polishing composition comprising: (a) colloidal silica particles that are surface modified with metal ions selected from mg, ca, al, b, be, and combinations thereof, and wherein the colloidal silica particles have a surface hydroxyl group density of from about 1.5 hydroxyls per nm2 to about 8 hydroxyls per nm2 of a surface area of the particles, (b) an anionic surfactant, (c) a buffering agent, and (d) water, wherein the polishing composition has a ph of about 2 to about 7, and wherein the polishing composition is substantially free of an oxidizing agent that oxidizes a metal. The invention further provides a method of chemically-mechanically polishing a substrate with the inventive chemical-mechanical polishing composition.
Cabot Microelectronics Corporation


Method for manufacturing fibrous particles of polylactic acid resin, colloid composition for forming foam sheet, foam sheet, and manufacturing foam sheet

The present invention relates to a colloid composition for forming a foam sheet including: polylactic acid resin particles having an average diameter of 1 μm to 100 μm obtained by pulverizing fibrous particles of a polylactic acid resin.. .
Lg Hausys, Ltd.


Catalyst for producing hydrogen and preparing method thereof

The present invention provides a catalyst for producing hydrogen and a preparing method thereof. The method includes the steps of adding a first metal source, a second metal source, a third metal source and a cerium source into a first organic solvent containing a surfactant to form a colloidal mixture, wherein a metal of the first metal source is a group iiib metal; a metal of the second metal source is selected from the group consisting of alkali metals, alkaline earth metals and group iiib metals, and a metal of the third metal source is a transition metal; calcining the colloidal mixture to form a metal solid solution; and allowing the metal solid solution to be carried on a carrier to obtain the catalyst.
National Chiao Tung University


Compositions comprising lecithin oils and nsaids for protecting the gastrointestinal tract and providing enhanced therapeutic activity

A novel pharmaceutical composition is provided by which nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids) are added directly to phospholipid-containing oil such as lecithin oils or to a bio-compatible oil to which an phospholipid has been added to make a nsaid-containing formulation that possess low gastrointestinal (gi) toxicity and enhanced therapeutic activity to treat or prevent inflammation, pain, fever, platelet aggregation, tissue ulcerations and/or other tissue disorders. The composition of the invention are in the form of a non-aqueous solution, paste, suspension, dispersion, colloidal suspension or in the form of an aqueous emulsion or microemulsion for internal, oral, direct or topical administration..
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System


Silver-copper-zinc oxide wound care system

A wound care system for promoting wound healing and for preventing infections thereof and a method for producing the same includes an anti-microbial solution and a multi-layer wound dressing. The anti-microbial solution contains a mixture of colloidal silver, colloidal copper and colloidal zinc oxide mixed in sterile purified water.


Compositions comprising lipophilic active compounds and their preparation

Compositions are provided comprising a lipophilic active compound, e.g., a human or veterinary drug or a nutraceutical, interwoven with a polymeric matrix formed by two or more polymers, wherein one of the polymers is an amphiphilic polymer and the other polymer is either an amphiphilic polymer with a different hydrophobic-hydrophilic balance or a hydrophilic polymer, and the active lipophilic compound has modified physicochemical properties. The composition forms colloidal nanodispersion upon contact with aqueous media..
Solubest Ltd.


Cu2xsny4 nanoparticles

Materials and methods for preparing cu2xsny4 nanoparticles, wherein x is zn, cd, hg, ni, co, mn or fe and y is s or se, (cxty) are disclosed herein. The nanoparticles can be used to make layers for use in thin film photovoltaic (pv) cells.
Nanoco Technologies, Ltd.


Automated real-time particle characterization and three-dimensional velocimetry with holographic video microscopy

An in-line holographic microscope can be used to analyze on a frame-by-frame basis a video stream to track individual colloidal particles' three-dimensional motions. The system and method can provide real time nanometer resolution, and simultaneously measure particle sizes and refractive indexes.
New York University


Single step peeling off light nail gel and manufacturing method thereof

A nail gel composition includes a nail gel mixture and a color agent mixing therewith for forming a nail gel layer on a nail of a user. The nail gel mixture includes first through sixth chemical elements, wherein the first through sixth chemical elements are polyacrylate-15, di-hema trimethylhexl dicarbamate, phenylbis (2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl) phosphine oxide, hema, trimethylbenzoyl di-phenylphosphine, and 1-hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl ketone respectively.


Method of treating radioactive liquid waste and radioactive liquid waste treatment apparatus

Provided is a method of treating radioactive liquid waste which reduces the amount of radioactive waste to be generated and is capable of removing a radioactive nuclide from radioactive liquid waste to the extent that the concentration thereof is less than or equal to the measurement lower limit using a simple apparatus configuration. A filtration device is connected to a colloid removal device by a connection pipe.
Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy, Ltd.


Noble metal superparticles and methods of preparation thereof

A method comprises heating an aqueous solution of colloidal silver particles. A soluble noble metal halide salt is added to the aqueous solution which undergoes a redox reaction on a surface of the silver particles to form noble metal/silver halide sps, noble metal halide/silver halide sps or noble metal oxide/silver halide sps on the surface of the silver particles.
Uchicago Argonne, Llc


System and harmonic modulation of standing wavefields for spatial focusing, manipulation, and patterning

An system, and method are disclosed for harmonic modulation of standing wavefields for spatial focusing, manipulation, and patterning of particles, cells, powders, aerosols, colloids, and solids using a multifrequency wave source, a chamber a control module and an analysis module to generate standard wavefields useful for tissue engineering, micro fabrication, therapeutic treatment, and diagnostic tests.. .
Utah Valley University


Redox active polymers and colloidal particles for flow batteries

The invention provides a redox flow battery comprising a microporous or nanoporous size-exclusion membrane, wherein one cell of the battery contains a redox-active polymer dissolved in the non-aqueous solvent or a redox-active colloidal particle dispersed in the non-aqueous solvent. The redox flow battery provides enhanced ionic conductivity across the electrolyte separator and reduced redox-active species crossover, thereby improving the performance and enabling widespread utilization.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Nanocomplexes for co-delivering a drug and sirna and uses thereof

The present invention relates to a nanocomplex, and a pharmaceutical composition, a drug delivery system and a drug delivery method using the same. The present nanocomplex consists of a nucleic acid molecule, a monocationic drug and a biocompatible polymer surfactant, and not only has a hydrodynamic size of 10 nm or less, but uniformly distributes as a colloidal form in an aqueous environment.
D.r.nano Co., Ltd


Electrical generator with rotational gaussian surface magnet and stationary coil

A treble quantum dot strip array comprising a red, a green and a blue photon transparent stationary colloidal epoxy suspension volume strip segment each including a plurality of red photon emitting quantum dots responsive to an electrical signal applied thereon to provide a photon emission in the red wavelength and a uv attenuating filter, wherein each of said red, blue and green segments are disposed to form a parallel treble array of segments are disposed to provide a photon path from a photon source through said uv attenuating filter. Alternate embodiments provide a quantum dot colour electrically conductive strip to emit a selected colour in response to a corresponding electric said signal applied thereacross, and including a cob (chip on board) led (light emitting diode) array apparatus..


Test paper for detection of diabetic nephropathy

Disclosed is a test paper for detection of diabetic nephropathy, which includes a water-absorbing filter paper, a glass fiber membrane and a nc membrane, all of which are stacked successively from top to bottom. The test paper has a t1 testing region, a t2 testing region and a t3 reference region arranged along a transverse direction; the nc membrane is coated by urinary microalbumin antibodies in the t1 testing region, is coated by urinary haptoglobin antibodies in the t2 testing region and is coated by mouse anti-human igg antibodies in the t3 reference region; and the glass fiber membrane is coated by urinary microalbumin labeled with colloidal gold in the t1 testing region, is coated by urinary haptoglobin labeled with colloidal gold in the t2 testing region and is coated by mouse anti-human igg albumen labeled with colloidal gold in the t3 reference region..
Shenzhen Leadmed Medical Technology Company Limited


Sheet of colloidal crystals immobilized in resin, displaying structural color using same, detecting unevenness distribution or hardness distribution of subject using same, and structural color sheet

Provided are: a sheet of colloidal crystals immobilized in resin exhibiting intense structural color, enabled to be observed easily from a squarely facing direction against a surface; and use thereof. The sheet of the present invention, assuming a direction perpendicular to part of a surface of a target area including partially the sheet surface is set as a specified axis, satisfies: (1) the target area includes plural inclined back-reflecting crystal-domains crystal domains having colloid particles immobilized in resin and including crystal lattice planes capable of bragg-back reflecting at least some of components in a visible wavelength range of incident light having greater than 0 incident angle with the specified axis; and (2) by defining an azimuth angle around the specified axis, the inclined back-reflecting crystal-domains are so oriented that intensity of reflected light caused by bragg back reflection varies depending on the azimuth angle of the incident light..
National Institute For Materials Science


Process and additive to improve adhesion of building compositions to substrates

The present invention relates to the use of an additive as well as a process to improve the adhesion of a mortar to a building substrate, wherein the mortar is mixed with said additive and is applied to a building substrate selected from the group of polystyrene-containing substrates, polyolefin-containing substrates or polyvinyl chloride-containing substrates, the additive containing (i) a plasticizer that is liquid at 50° c. Or lower, has a boiling point of 100° c.
Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.


Bare quantum dots superlattice photonic devices

Manipulation of the passivation ligands of colloidal quantum dots and use in qd electronics. A multi-step electrostatic process is described which creates bare qds, followed by the formation of qd superlattice via electric and thermal stimulus.
University Of South Florida


Self-healing transparent polymer compositions containing conductive colloids

Described is a thiol-ene composition that includes a resinous mixture of at least a first monomer and at least a second monomer, in which the first monomer is a polyfunctional allyl monomer and the second monomer is a polyfunctional thiol and the molar ratio of the first monomer to the second monomer is about 60:40 to about 80:20. Said composition further includes conductive colloidal particles in an amount between about 4 wt % and about 7 wt % of the total composition.
Essilor (compagnie Generale D'optique)


Stabilizer or binder and manufacturing method thereof for phosphorescent materials

A manufacturing method of phosphor stabilizer includes: modifying trimethoxysilylpropyl with polyethylenimine in methylbenzene to obtain a first solution; heating the first solution at a predetermined temperature; dissolving epoxide in methylbenzene to obtain a second solution; and reacting the first solution with the second solution by stirring to obtain a reactant. The reactant is a stabilizer or a binder to combine with a phosphor or a quantum dot material to form a synthetic which is further cooled and purified to obtain a colloid material.
Wah Hong Industrial Corp.


Liposomal curcumin for treatment of cancer

The present invention provides a compositions and methods for the treatment of cancer, including pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and melanoma, in a human patient. The methods and compositions of the present invention employ curcumin or a curcumin analogue encapsulated in a colloidal drug delivery system, preferably a liposomal drug delivery system.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Low-cost and environment-friendly decorative building material and manufacturing method thereof

The present invention provides a low-cost and environment-friendly decorative building material and its manufacturing method to obtain a stone-like surface without actually using natural stones. Said low-cost and environment-friendly decorative building material comprises a substrate; multiple decorative colloids of various shapes and sizes distributed on and adhered to the top surface of the substrate; solidified base layers distributed respectively in correspondence with the decorative colloids, and located on the top surface of the decorative colloids to shape the decorative colloids after primary sintering; and protective layers of various colors and patterns, distributed respectively in correspondence with the decorative colloids, configured on the surface of the solidified base layer through spray printing, to shape and color the decorative colloids after secondary sintering; said solidified base layers and said protective layers both contain glaze powder; and said protective layers further contain glue that can fix the aforementioned glaze powder on the surface of the solidified base layers..


Formation of surface modified metal colloids

Metal colloids are surface modified with organosilsesquioxanes comprising at least one functional group. The surface modified metal colloids are suitable as master batch for direct use in lacquers, paints, coatings and inks..


Synthesis of aluminosilicate molecular sieves having the ifr structure type

This disclosure is directed to a method for directly preparing pure phase aluminosilicate molecular sieves having the ifr framework type using a colloidal aluminosilicate composition in the presence of n-benzyl-4-aza-1-azoniabicyclo[2.2.2]octane cations as a structure directing agent.. .


Chromide coatings, articles coated with chromide coatings, and processes for forming chromide coatings

A slurry coating composition for enriching a surface region of a metal-based substrate with chromium includes a metallic powder including chromium powder in the cr(0) oxidation state and aluminum powder; a binder including colloidal silica to bind the metallic powder; and a stabilizer, wherein the chromium powder comprises at least about 80% by weight of the metallic powder and the aluminum powder comprises up to about 10% by weight of the metallic powder. A process of forming a coating and enriching a surface region of a component formed of a nickel-based superalloy with chromium includes applying the slurry coating composition to the surface region of the component to form a slurry coating on the surface region; curing the slurry coating to form a green coating; and sintering the green coating to form a coating having chromium in the alpha phase at an operating temperature of the component between about 1200° c.


Surface-modified metal colloids and production thereof

Metal colloids are surface-modified with low-molecular-weight compounds. In order to produce the metal colloids, metal ions are reduced in the presence of surface modifiers and then purified.


Sheet of colloidal crystals immobilized in resin, displaying structural color using same, detecting unevenness distribution or hardness distribution of subject using same, and structural color sheet

A sheet of colloidal crystals immobilized in resin exhibiting intense structural color and allowing easy observation thereof from squarely facing direction against the surface; and application thereof are provided. The sheet includes crystal domains comprising colloidal crystals immobilized in resin.


Tire having coffee grains

A tire having coffee grains of the present invention includes a tire adhesive layer, which is a solid-state colloid at least formed by raw rubber. The solid-state colloid is disposed with a plurality of coffee particles, and each of the coffee particles is a structure having multiple micro gaps.


Compostion and the control of phyto-parasitic nematodes

The present invention provides a nematicide composition and a method using said composition, for controlling plant pathogenic nematodes. Said composition comprises as active principles, oligomers derived from monomers of gallic acid, quinic acid, caffeic acid and methylated derivatives thereof; also contains hydrocolloids, carbohydrates, water-soluble proteins and agriculturally acceptable excipients.


Composite quantum-dot materials for photonics detectors

A method of manufacturing a composite quantum-dot photodetector formed by alternatively dipping a substrate into a colloidal solution containing at least one type of a quantum dot, thereby forming a monolayer of the quantum dots and then dipping the substrate with the monolayer of the quantum dots into a ligand spacing solution to build a film of the quantum dots and then alternatively exposing the film of the quantum dots to a vapor and an infill material.. .
Vadient Optics, Llc.


Process for the manufacturing of an optical article and optical article

The invention relates to a process for the manufacturing of an optical article comprising forming a multilayered coating on at least one face of an uncoated or coated substrate,and forming on the outermost layer of said multilayered coating, a layer-by-layer (lbl) coating exposed to environment, said lbl coating comprising at least two bilayers, each bilayer being formed successively by: i) applying a first layer composition comprising at least one compound a having a first electrical charge; ii) applying, directly onto the first layer resulting from i),a second layer composition comprising at least one compound b having a second electrical charge, said second electrical charge being opposite to said first electrical charge; iii) repeating at least once steps i) and ii), with the provisos that: -each of compounds a and b is independently chosen from polysaccharide polymers and colloids of metal oxide such as tio2 and zro2 or silicon oxide, with the proviso that at least one of the compounds a and b is a polysaccharide polymer,—each of said compounds a and b is positively or negatively charged respectively, and d) crosslinking the first and second layers of said bilayers of the lbl coating by treatment with an aqueous composition comprising at least tetrakis(2-hydroxyethyl) orthosilicate (theos) as crosslinking agent to induce chemical linkages between compounds a and b. The invention also relates to the optical substrate obtained according to this process..
Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)


Thermal interface material system

A thermal interface material system includes a thermally conductive porous matrix, the thermally conductive porous matrix having a plurality of interstitial voids, and a thermally conductive colloidal suspension disposed on each side of the thermally conductive porous matrix to inhibit thermal pump-out of the thermally conductive colloidal suspension so that the thermally conductive porous matrix and thermally conductive colloidal suspension collectively form a thermally conductive porous pad.. .
Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, Llc.


Method for coating metal surfaces of substrates and objects coated according to said method

The invention relates to a method for coating surfaces, to a corresponding coating, and to the use of the objects coated according to said method. According to the invention, the method has or consists of the following steps: i.
Chemetall Gmbh


Rapid production of cerium-containing oxide organic colloids

Improved methods for producing colloidal dispersions of cerium-containing oxide nanoparticles in substantially non-polar solvents are disclosed. The cerium-containing oxide nanoparticles of an aqueous colloid are transferred to a substantially non-polar liquid comprising one or more amphiphilic materials, one or more low-polarity solvents, and, optionally, one or more glycol ether promoter materials.
Cerion, Llc


Phase-change materials from wax-based colloidal dispersions and their process of making

This invention generally relates to phase-change materials (pcm) comprising colloidally-protected wax-based microstructures and optionally, an absorbent material such as activated carbon. This invention also relates to such pcms configured in various physical forms.
Henry Company, Llc


Vinyl chloride based nanocomposite composition and preparing the vinyl chloride based nanocomposite

Disclosed are a vinyl chloride based nanocomposite composition and a method of preparing the vinyl chloride based nanocomposite. According to the present invention, a method of preparing a straight vinyl chloride based nanocomposite having a nanomaterial uniformly dispersed therein, by using the vinyl chloride based nanocomposite composition when a vinyl chloride monomer is suspension polymerized in the presence of a protective colloidal agent and a polymerization initiator after preparing a water dispersion suspension using the vinyl chloride based nanocomposite composition based on a hydrophilic composition is provided..
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Method of coating and protecting coal tip burner with colloidal silica based high temperature and abrasion resistant putty

A wear resistant substrate including a metal substrate having a surface, a reinforcing support attached to the surface and cured reaction products of an inorganic curable composition disposed over and through the reinforcing support and bonded to the surface. Also a method of enhancing the wear resistance of a metal surface by attaching a reinforcing support to the surface; disposing an inorganic curable composition over and through the reinforcing support and into contact with the surface; and curing the composition..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa


Stabilized food products

A stabilizer composition that includes the following components, calculated by weight of dry matter: cellulose gum in an amount of from 5-25 wt. %; modified starch in an amount of from 10-50 wt.
Crisp Sensation Holding S.a.


Improved lithium metal oxide rich cathode materials and method to make them

A method of doping elements (particularly those that do not have stable divalent oxidation states) into lithium rich metal oxides useful in lithium ion batteries is comprised of the following steps. A dopant metal is dissolved in a liquid, which includes being present as a colloid, to form a solution.
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Method for producing a colloidal solution of nanoscale carbon

The technical result of the present method is simplicity, low cost and the possibility of producing nanoparticles of different types. This result is achieved in that the method for producing a colloidal solution of nanoscale carbon is carried out as follows: an organic fluid is fed into a chamber that contains electrodes, an inert gas is injected into the inter-electrode space, a high temperature plasma channel is formed in gas bubbles, thus atomizing ethanol molecules, followed by rapid cooling..
Obschestvo S Ogranichennoy Otvetstvennostyu "plazma-sk"


Nanoporous stamp for flexographic printing

A nanoporous stamp for printing a variety of materials is disclosed. The nanoporous stamp may include a substrate and an array of carbon nanotubes disposed on and attached to the substrate.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Methods of polishing sapphire surfaces

Described herein are methods for polishing sapphire surfaces and compositions for polishing sapphire surfaces. Kits for polishing sapphire surfaces are also disclosed.
Ecolab Usa Inc.


Compositions and methods for arranging colloid phases

The present invention generally relates to colloids and methods for changing the arrangement of droplet phases. In some embodiments, the colloids and methods comprise a plurality of droplets comprising two or more components, such that the two or more components can change arrangement of the components in the presence of an external stimulus.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Electrolysis solution for electrolytic capacitor, and electrolytic capacitor

Provided is an electrolysis solution for an electrolytic capacitor, having high spark voltage and excellent electric conductivity and heat resistance to spark voltage, and an electrolytic capacitor using the electrolysis solution. An electrolysis solution for an electrolytic capacitor including at least a silicone-based surfactant, colloidal silica, an electrolyte salt, and an organic solvent, and an electrolytic capacitor using the electrolysis solution.
Carlit Holdings Co., Ltd.


Colloidal silica particles, process for producing the same, and organic solvent-dispersed silica sol, polymerizable compound-dispersed silica sol, and dicarboxylic anhydride-dispersed silica sol each obtained from the same

There is provided colloidal silica particles comprising at least one polyvalent metal element m selected from a group consisting of iron, aluminum, zinc, zirconium, titanium, tin, and lead in an average content of 0.001 to 0.02 in terms of an m/si molar ratio, and having an average primary particle diameter of 5 to 40 nm, wherein the content of the polyvalent metal element m present in an outermost layer of the colloidal particles is 0 to 0.003 atom per square nanometer (nm2) of a surface area of the colloidal particles; and a silica sol that the colloidal silica particles are dispersed in an organic solvent, a silica sol that the colloidal silica particles are dispersed in a polymerizable compound, and a silica sol that the colloidal silica particles are dispersed in a dicarboxylic anhydride.. .
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Peo coating on mg screws

The present invention relates generally to a bio-degradable implant based on magnesium having a reduced corrosion rate and to a method for the production of such an implant. It is a a method for treating a surface of a bio-degradable metallic implant comprising the following steps: providing a dispersed system comprising a colloid-dispersed apatite and adding an apatite powder to the dispersed system, subjecting an implant to the dispersed system such that a surface of the implant which is to be treated is immersed in the dispersed system wherein the implant comprises a magnesium based alloy, applying an ac voltage difference between the implant as a first electrode and a second electrode positioned in the dispersed system for generating a plasma electrolytic oxidation on the immersed surface of the implant so that the immersed surface is converted to an oxide film which is at least partially covered by apatites formed by the colloid-dispersed apatite and the apatite powder.
Aap Implantate Ag


Low-temperature synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals

Low-temperature organometallic nucleation and crystallization-based synthesis methods for the fabrication of semiconductor and metal colloidal nanocrystals with narrow size distributions and tunable, size- and shape-dependent electronic and optical properties. Methods include (1) forming a reaction mixture in a reaction vessel under an inert atmosphere that includes at least one solvent, a cationic precursor, an anionic precursor, and at least a first surface stabilizing ligand while stirring at a temperature in a range from about 50° c.
University Of Utah Research Foundation


Radiator additive and use thereof

A radiator additive which can significantly improve automobile fuel efficiency by adding only slightly to a coolant of a radiator is newly provided. The radiator additive according to the present invention is a radiator additive including a colloidal solution that includes platinum nanoparticles and/or gold nanoparticles having an average particle diameter of 1 to 10 nm, and can improve fuel efficiency of an internal combustion engine by adding to the coolant so as to constitute at least 1% of the volume of the coolant added into the radiator for cooling the internal combustion engine..
Bio Epoch Co., Ltd.


Concrete cutting, polishing and coloring treatment solutions and methods

Systems and methods for treating concrete, which includes the steps of wetting a surface of concrete with a amorphous colloidal silica, allowing time for the colloidal silica to penetrate the concrete surface, and cutting the surface of the concrete with a bladed tool wherein the longitudinal blade portion is positioned approximately at an angle between 30 degrees and 90 degrees relative to the surface of the concrete.. .
Global Polishing Systems Llc


Antimicrobial hydrocolloid dressing containing sequestered peroxide and preparation thereof

This disclosure provides for an antimicrobial pressure sensitive adhesive composition that includes a sequestered peroxide source and devices that incorporate such a composition.. .
Sarasota Medical Products, Inc.


Colloidally stable dispersions based on modified galactomannans

The disclosed technology relates to a multi-functional additive for personal-care and cosmetic product applications, more particularly, a naturally derived multifunctional additive for use in skin-care formulations, which provides steric stabilization of pigment particles and/or emulsion droplets in aqueous compositions, good suspension-stability (i.e., against settling/creaming) of the compositions, and increased utilization of particulate, skin-care benefit agents contained in the compositions.. .
Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.


Gel volume mascara

Inventive embodiments disclosed herein relate to gel volume mascara. The mascara includes water in a concentration of at least about 45% by weight; disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate; polysorbate 20; black iron oxide; one or more waxes selected from the group consisting of beeswax, cera carnauba/copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax/cire de carnauba, and paraffin in a concentration of 15-20% by weight; and a synthetic layered silicate, insoluble in water, in a concentration effective for forming a colloidal dispersion with the water..
Coty Inc.


Water-based gel cosmetic compositions comprising a polysaccharide hydrocolloid

Disclosed is a water-based gel cosmetic composition comprising at least one polysaccharide hydrocolloid; at least one viscosity increasing agent different from the at least one polysaccharide hydrocolloid; at least one film forming polymer; at least one liquid fatty substance; optionally at least one nonionic surfactant having an hlb greater than or equal to about 15; water; at least one ph or cation adjuster; and optionally a pigment. Also disclosed are methods of making up the eyes with the composition of the invention as well as a method of making the composition..


Methods for polishing inorganic substrates

A method for treating a surface of inorganic flooring (e.g., concrete, terrazzo, or a ceramic) includes applying a composition that includes a silicate to a surface of the inorganic flooring and, while the composition is present on the surface, polishing the surface. The silicate may be a lithium polysilicate and/or a colloidal silica.
Advanced Concrete Technologies Llc


Gravity ball

A gravity ball comprises a ball body. The ball body is compounded by using multiple layers of spherocolloid.
Nantong Sanxing Gym Equipment Co., Ltd.


Circular polarized antenna structure

A circular polarized antenna structure is provided, including: an antenna having a main body, a protruding portion, and a stopping portion formed between the main body and the protruding portion; a base; a radiation conductor disposed on an upper surface of the base and having at least a first through hole formed above the via hole; a ground conductor disposed on a lower surface of the base and has at least a second through hole formed below the via hole; solder partially covering an end of the stopping portion opposing the main body and the first through hole; and colloid partially formed on the solder, the radiation conductor, and the upper surface of the base. The antenna penetrates the base, and the stopping portion abuts against the lower surface of the base, such that the antenna can be prevented from dropping due to the impact of an external force..
Lorom Industrial Co., Ltd.


Optical module package and its packaging method

An optical module package includes a substrate having a recessed portion, a cover covered on the substrate and defining with the substrate a first chamber and a second chamber therebetween, the cover having a light-emitting hole disposed in communication with the first chamber, a light-receiving hole disposed in communication with the second chamber and a stop wall positioned in the recessed portion to separate the first chamber and the second chamber, a light-emitting chip and a light-receiving chip mounted at the substrate and respectively disposed in the first chamber and the second chamber, and two encapsulation colloids respectively mounted in the first chamber and the second chamber and respectively wrapped about the light-emitting chip and the light-receiving chip. Thus, the optical module package not only can prevent crosstalk but also can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost and the level of difficulty..
Lingsen Precision Industries, Ltd.


Optical article comprising an acrylic substrate coated with a specific hard-coat

This invention is related to an optical article, such as an ophthalmic lens, comprising a an acrylic substrate (1) coated with a specific hard-coat (2) formed from a composition comprising a hydrolyzed alkoxysilane, a colloidal metal oxide and a poly-glyceryl ether.. .
Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)


Systems, buffer solutions, and methods for predicting acidic amendment requirements in soils

A method and system for testing soil includes wetting a selected soil sample to obtain a soil solution and measuring an initial ph of the soil solution. A buffer solution is then applied to the soil solution to displace alkaline anions from soil colloids of the soil solution with a displacement agent and to neutralize the alkaline anions with a neutralization agent in a buffer having a buffer ph of between 4.38 and 4.42.


Phase-change materials from wax-based colloidal dispersions and their process of making

This invention generally relates to phase-change materials (“pcm” or “pcm materials”) made from colloidally-protected wax-based microstructures. This invention also relates to such pcm materials configured in various physical forms.
Henry Company, Llc


Coprocessed silica coated polymer composition

An excipient composition having good bulk density and improved flow characteristics is provided. The present invention particularly provides a coprocessed excipient composition and a method of producing the same.
Isp Investments Inc.


Colloidal facial mask with partial carrier and manufacturing the same

A colloidal facial mask with a partial carrier is revealed. The colloidal facial mask includes a colloidal layer and a carrier layer.


Low-fat non-protein whippable topping composition

A low-fat whippable topping composition comprising: (a) 7 to 24% by weight of water-soluble carbohydrates, (b) 8 to 16% by weight of fat, (c) 0.3 to 1.5% by weight of emulsifier, (d) 0.2 to 1% by weight of optionally methylated hydroxypropyl cellulose, preferably hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, (e) 0.05 to 0.5% by weight of carboxymethyl cellulose, (f) 0 to 1% by weight of non-protein hydrocolloid stabilizer different from components (a), (d) and (e), (g) 0 to less than 0.2% by weight of protein, and (h) 53 to 84% by weight of water, wherein the weight ratio of optionally methylated hydroxypropyl cellulose (d) to carboxymethyl cellulose (e) is within the range of from 1.7:1 to 3.5:1.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Colloid topics: Colloidal Silica, Phosphoric Acid, Boric Acid, Caustic Potas, Caustic Potash, Epsom Salt, Fertilizer, Ammonium Hydroxide, Epoxy Resin, Phosphorus, Copper Clad Laminate, Benzoxazine, Distributed, Surfactant, Homogeneous

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