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Colloid patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Colloid-related patents
 Method of fabricating connection structure for a substrate patent thumbnailnew patent Method of fabricating connection structure for a substrate
A connection structure for a substrate is provided. The substrate has a plurality of connection pads and an insulation protection layer with the connection pads being exposed therefrom.
Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

 Composition for controlled release and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Composition for controlled release and manufacturing the same
A method for manufacturing a composition for controlled release including multiple steps is provided. Firstly, an inclusion and a polymer aqueous solution are provided.

 Method of manufacturing a transparent tactile surface and tactile surface obtained by such a method patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing a transparent tactile surface and tactile surface obtained by such a method
A method for manufacturing a transparent tactile surface. The nanoparticles, particularly of ito, are incorporated in an aqueous solution containing a stabilizing agent.
Nanomade Concept

 Method of manufacturing a transparent and birefringent thin solid mineral layer and optic component with a transparent and birefringent thin solid mineral layer patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing a transparent and birefringent thin solid mineral layer and optic component with a transparent and birefringent thin solid mineral layer
A method of fabricating a transparent and birefringent mineral solid thin layer comprises the following steps: a) preparing a colloidal solution constituted by anisotropic mineral nanoparticles in suspension in a dispersion liquid; b) depositing the colloidal solution on a surface of a substrate by spreading as a thin layer while applying directional shear stress tangentially to the surface of the substrate so as to deposit the colloidal solution as a liquid thin layer on the surface of the substrate, the value of the shear stress and the concentration of mineral nanoparticles in the colloidal solution being determined in such a manner as to cause the anisotropic mineral nanoparticles to be aligned along the direction of the shear stress tangential to the surface of the substrate; and c) drying the liquid thin layer by evaporating the dispersion liquid.. .
Centre Nationale De La Recherche Scientique

 Process for producing photochromic optical articles patent thumbnailProcess for producing photochromic optical articles
Provided is a method for producing a photochromic optical article having a photochromic coating layer exhibiting photochromism formed on an optical base such as a plastic lens which has good optical characteristics and photochromic characteristics, and also has good adhesion between the base and the photochromic layer. The method enables to easily produce such a photochromic optical article by improving wettability of a photochromic coating agent for a primer.
Tokuyama Corporation

 Highly reflective crystalline colloidal arrays with radiation absorbing particles patent thumbnailHighly reflective crystalline colloidal arrays with radiation absorbing particles
A radiation-scattering composition, comprising a plurality of colloidal crystals or aggregates of colloidal crystals, each said crystal comprising radiation reflecting particles in a colloidal array and radiation absorbing particles dispersed in the crystals. The composition scatters radiation in a wavelength band in substantially all directions and absorbs radiation..
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

 Colloidal nanocrystals ensembles with narrow linewidth band gap photoluminescence and methods of synthesizing colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals patent thumbnailColloidal nanocrystals ensembles with narrow linewidth band gap photoluminescence and methods of synthesizing colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals
A method of synthesizing colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals involves contacting a source of at least one semiconductor cation element (group 11-14, more preferably group 12-14, more preferably 12 or 14, more preferably cd, zn, hg or pb, most preferably cd) with a source of at least one group 15, or 16 element in the presence of a ligand forming compound containing a carboxylic acid moiety in a reaction medium comprising a solvent that is substantially noncoordinating with respect to the at least one cation, the ligand forming compound and the source of at least one cation element having a molar ratio of 1:1 or less. The cation element source is preferably bonded to two low carbon acids.
National Research Council Of Canada

 Metal nanoparticle composite body, metal colloidal solution, and methods for producing these patent thumbnailMetal nanoparticle composite body, metal colloidal solution, and methods for producing these
Provided are metal nanoparticle composite body whose multiple properties, such as a good metal nanoparticle control property, high dispersion stability, a good low-temperature firing property, and ease of purifying and separating metal nanoparticles, are intentionally added and controlled so that practical electrical conductivity can be exhibited, a metal colloidal solution in which the metal nanoparticle composite body is dispersed, and methods for producing these. A metal nanoparticle composite body includes a nitrogen-containing compound (a) and a metal nanoparticle (b), in which the nitrogen-containing compound (a) contains an oxidized nitrogen atom.
Dic Corporation

 Method of preparing synthetic quartz glass substrate patent thumbnailMethod of preparing synthetic quartz glass substrate
A synthetic quartz glass substrate is prepared by immersing a starting substrate in an aqueous solution of a nonionic surfactant and precision polishing the substrate with a colloidal silica water dispersion. A synthetic quartz glass substrate having a few defects and low surface roughness is obtained while the polishing rate is improved and the polishing time is reduced..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

 Colloid bonded medicinal compounds patent thumbnailColloid bonded medicinal compounds
The invention relates to colloids bound medicinal compounds or fluorescent markers, to a process for the preparation thereof, and to a pharmaceutical formulation containing such compounds.. .
B. Braun Melsungen Ag


Encapsulation system

The invention pertains to an encapsulation system; in particular a 3-phase system comprising an inner, second and outer phase wherein the second phase is gaseous, and wherein the 3-phase system has a lifetime of at least 3 min and the second phase has a diameter of less than 1 mm. An example of such a system is a stable, small antibubble.


Anti-retention agent in steam-solvent oil recovery

The present invention relates to a method for reducing solvent retention in es-sagd process so as to increase process economics wherein an anti-retention agent is injected into the reservoir to decrease solvent retention in the reservoir. The anti-retention agent can be made pre-injection or can form in situ, and comprises an agent in which the solvent is readily soluble, such that the solvent partitions into the foam, colloidal dispersion, or gel, and out of the condensed water or steam, and away from the reservoir rock..
Conocophillips Company


Nano-dispersions of carbonaceous material in water as the basis of fuel related technologies and methods of making same

Colloidal carbonaceous material-in-water slurries having nano-particles of carbonaceous material creating a pseudo-fluid. The colloidal carbonaceous material-in-water slurry generally includes from about fifty to about seventy two weight percent of carbonaceous material, with about 20 to about 80 percent of the carbonaceous material having a particle size of about one micron or less with a mode particle size of about 250 nanometers.
Nano Dispersions Technology, Inc.


Low free mdi prepolymers for rotational casting

Rotational cast polyurethane composition prepared from a prepolymer composition comprising: a) an isocyanate-terminated polyurethane prepolymer; and b) a curative agent comprising i) a polyol; ii) an aromatic diamine; iii) a thixotropic aliphatic amine; and iv) a thixotropic colloidal additive, wherein the prepolymer comprises a product produce by the reaction of a polyol with an organic diisocyanate monomer comprising 4,4′-diisocyanato diphenylmethane (mdi), and which prepolymer comprises less than 1.0% by weight of free mdi monomer, based on the total weight of the prepolymer, exhibits a range of enhanced physical properties compared to those obtained from prepolymers comprising a higher level of free mdi monomer.. .
Chemtura Corporation


Ultrasound-assisted high throughput continuous extraction for complete fragmentation of cocoa beans into valuable fractions and their formulations thereof

A process for the complete fractionation of cocoa beans with ‘zero waste’ into various value-added ingredients, a composition comprising cocoa polyphones/procyanidins and soluble dietary fiber, and a water dispersible and sustained release formulation of cocoa polyphones with cocoa soluble dietary fiber capable of forming a colloidal dispersion of bioactive cocoa polyphones in gastric fluid.. .
Akay Flavours & Aromatics Pvt. Ltd


Large-grain crystallized metal chalcogenide film, colloidal solution of amorphous particles, and preparation methods

The present invention also relates to a method for manufacturing a film of large-grain crystallized semi-conducting metal chalcogenide film notably of czts obtained from an aqueous or hydro-alcoholic colloidal solution according to the invention, said film being useful as an absorption layer deposited on a substrate applied in a solid photovoltaic device.. .


Regenerable sorbent for carbon dioxide removal

A mixed salt composition adapted for use as a sorbent for carbon dioxide removal from a gaseous stream is provided, the composition being in solid form and including magnesium oxide, an alkali metal carbonate, and an alkali metal nitrate, wherein the composition has a molar excess of magnesium characterized by a mg:x atomic ratio of at least about 3:1, wherein x is the alkali metal. A process for preparing the mixed salt is also provided, the process including mixing a magnesium salt with a solution comprising alkali metal ions, carbonate ions, and nitrate ions to form a slurry or colloid including a solid mixed salt including magnesium carbonate; separating the solid mixed salt from the slurry or colloid to form a wet cake; drying the wet cake to form a dry cake including the solid mixed salt; and calcining the dry cake to form a mixed salt sorbent..
Research Triangle Institute


Autogenous cleaning filtration

A device for separating solids from a colloidal solution or suspension utilizing a permeable sheet comprised of passages or openings connecting the up and downstream faces of the sheet, an elastic support, a sealed enclosure separating the solids of the colloidal suspension from the clarified fluid filtered through the device, and a port or other means to allow transfer or collection of filtered fluid under the motivation of a simultaneously applied positive or negative pressure to the sheet. The sheet is affixed to the elastic support in a ballooned state at one or several discrete locations so as to allow transfer of fluid through the sheet while keeping solids outside the seal.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.


Toner compositions including silica blends and method to make the same

The toner composition of the present invention and method to make the same includes toner particles mixed with a specific set of extra particulate additives including large colloidal silica sized 90 nm to 120 nm and having a conductivity of less than 20 μs/cm in combination with medium size silica particles sized 30 nm to 60 nm. Optionally, additional extra particular additives such as silica sized 2 nm to 20 nm, alumina, titania or mixtures thereof can be used.
Lexmark International, Inc.


Toner compositions including silica blends and method to make the same

The toner composition of the present invention and method to make the same includes toner particles mixed with a specific set of extra particulate additives including large colloidal silica sized 90 nm to 120 nm and basing a conductivity of less than 20 μs/cm in combination with medium size silica particles sized 30 nm to 60 nm. Optionally, additional extra particular additives such as silica sized 2 nm to 20 nm, alumina, titania or mixtures thereof can be used.
Lexmark International, Inc.


Lining for surfaces of a refractory crucible for purification of silicon melt and purification of the silicon melt using that crucible(s) for melting and further directional solidification

A crucible for molten silicon comprises at least one refractory material having an inner surface and a lining deposited onto the inner surface, the lining comprising colloidal silica. A method for silicon purification comprises melting a first silicon in an interior of a melting crucible to provide a first molten silicon, the melting crucible comprising a first refractory material having at least one first inner surface defining the melting crucible interior, directionally solidifying the first molten silicon in a directional solidification mold to provide a second silicon, the directional solidification mold comprising a second refractory material having at least one second inner surface defining a mold interior, and coating at least a portion of at least one of the first inner surface and the second inner surface with a lining comprising colloidal silica..
Silicor Materials Inc.


Method of manufacturing hydrophobic antifouling coating material and forming hydrophobic antifouling coating film

A method of manufacturing a hydrophobic antifouling coating material, including: (a) mixing a sol-gel precursor, water, an aqueous colloidal silica suspension, and a catalyst to perform a sol-gel reaction to form a solution having particles therein, wherein the sol-gel reaction is performed without addition of any organic solvent; (b) chemically modifying the particles with a hydrophobic agent to form surface-modified particles; and (c) adding a surfactant to the solution containing the surface-modified particles to form a hydrophobic antifouling coating material. The hydrophobic antifouling coating material can be dispersed in an aqueous solution, and has properties such as low voc (volatile organic compound) value, high solid content, and high stability..
Behr Process Corporation


Method of packaging ball lens of solar collector and structure thereof

A method of packaging ball lends of a solar collector contains step of coating optical clear adhesives on colloid layers twice, and the optical clear adhesives are solidified so that a solar cell, plural gold wires, and an electric circuit are packaged, thus eliminating use of a conventional support component, lowering weight of the solar collector, and simplifying the solar collector. Moreover, a dam is applied to absorb stray light so as to enhance light absorption of the solar cell and working efficiency of the solar collector..
Atomic Energy Council - Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research


Honeycomb structure comprising an outer cement skin and a cement therefor

Disclosed is a honeycomb catalyst support structure comprising a honeycomb body and an outer layer or skin formed of a cement comprising an amorphous glass powder with a multimodal particle size distribution applied to an exterior surface of the honeycomb body. The multimodal particle size distribution is achieved through the use of a first glass powder having a first median particle size and at least a second glass powder having a second median particle size.
Corning Incorporated


Recording medium

A recording medium including, in the following order, a base, an ink-receiving layer containing inorganic particles, and a protective layer. The protective layer contains colloidal silica, gas phase process silica, and at least one kind of particles selected from resin particles and wet process silica particles.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Nanofluid mold cooling

A nanofluid molding arrangement includes a mold tool (12) having movable pieces (14, 16) that move between an open and closed position. When the moveable pieces (14, 16) are in the closed position, they form a mold cavity (18) that defines a surface for creating a molded part.
Magna International Inc.


Reducing small colloidal particle concentrations in feed and/or byproduct fluids in the context of waterjet processing

A waterjet system in accordance with a particular embodiment includes a pressurizing device configured to pressurize a fluid, a cutting head downstream from the pressurizing device, and a catcher positioned to collect a jet from the cutting head. The system can further include a treatment assembly configured to treat a feed fluid to the pressurizing device and/or a byproduct fluid from the catcher, such as by removing submicron colloidal particles from the feed fluid and/or from the byproduct fluid.
Omax Corporation


Method for forming cnt (carbon nanotube) film

There is disclosed a method for forming a cnt film. In the method, the cnt film is formed by applying a dispersion liquid including cnt and a silica colloid onto a base material and drying the dispersion liquid..
Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd.


Methods for the colloidal synthesis of lithium iron phosphate

Methods for producing lithium iron phosphate or lithium manganese phosphate or lithium iron manganese phosphate, by colloidal synthesis are provided. Such methods include the operation of reacting a lithium salt, an iron(ii) halide (and/or a manganese(ii) halide) and a phosphorus compound, which, under the reaction conditions, is capable of releasing the phosphate ion, in the presence of an organic surfactant or a mixture of organic surfactants including an alkylamine or alkenylamine, in which the surfactant or mixture of surfactants is capable of dissolving the lithium salt and the iron halide (and/or the manganese halide), where used, in an organic solvent, which is liquid at room temperature, in which the surfactant or mixture of surfactants is soluble, the reaction being performed at a temperature not lower than 250° c..
Fondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia


Method and manufacturing isotropic magnetic nanocolloids by pulsed laser ablation

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and apparatuses for manufacturing highly isotropic magnetic nanoparticles. In particular, manufacturing of spherical and amorphous particles suspended in a solvent by irradiating alloy targets submerged in a solvent using nanosecond-scale laser pulses is disclosed.


This invention relates generally to novel methods and novel devices for the continuous manufacture of nanoparticles, microparticles and nanoparticle/liquid solution(s) (e.g., colloids). The nanoparticles (and/or micron-sized particles) comprise a variety of possible compositions, sizes and shapes.
Gr Intellecturl Reserve, Llc


Method for producing granular material containing metal oxide

The method of the present invention for producing a granular material containing a metal oxide includes the steps of feeding a metal oxide sol that contains colloidal particles of a metal oxide as a dispersoid and water as a dispersion medium and that has a ph of 7 or higher, into an aqueous electrolyte solution, so as to aggregate the colloidal particles of the metal oxide, form aggregates containing the metal oxide in the aqueous electrolyte solution, and make the aggregates settle out in the aqueous electrolyte solution; and separating the aggregates from the aqueous electrolyte solution after formation of the aggregates. Thus, a highly productive method for producing a granular material containing a metal oxide can be provided..
Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited


Multilayer coating for flame retardant substrates

A method includes coating a substrate to provide a flame resistant substrate. In an embodiment, the method includes exposing the substrate to a cationic solution to produce a cationic layer deposited on the substrate.
The Texas A&m University System


Hydrocarbon aromatization catalyst composition and formation

A method for forming a catalyst can comprise: heating a ge-zsm-5 zeolite powder at a temperature of 400 to 600° c.; ion-exchanging the heat-treated zeolite powder with an alkali metal and impregnating the heat-treated zeolite powder with noble metal; heating the ion-exchanged, impregnated zeolite powder to a temperature of 250 to 350° c.; mixing the second heat-treated zeolite powder with a solid silica binder and a colloidal silica binder to form a mixture, wherein if the solid silica has a purity of less than or equal to 66 wt % of silica oxide based on the total weight of the solid silica, then the mixture is free of an extrusion aide and the colloidal silica has a particle size of less than 20 nm as measured along a major axis; forming the mixture into a shaped body; and heating the shaped body to 100 to 350° c. To result in the catalyst..
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation


Compound preparation of lercanidipine and atorvastatin

The present invention relates to the medical field, discloses a compound preparation of lercanidipine hydrochloride and atorvastatin calcium, which has a drug content per unit dosage of 5-20 mg of lercanidipine hydrochloride and 10-80 mg of atorvastatin calcium. The present invention also particularly provides a compound preparation in the form of tablets, which comprises lercanidipine hydrochloride and atorvastatin calcium as main drugs, and calcium carbonate, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, polysorbate 80, magnesium stearate, pregelatinized starch and colloidal silicon dioxide as auxiliary materials, and opadry as a coating.
Zhaoke Pharmaceutical (guangzhou) Company Limited


Eifs formulations with enhance rain resistance

The present invention provides shelf-stable, non-cementitious dry mix compositions of inorganic non-cementious materials, such as sand, and water redispersible polymer powder (rdp) containing particles of a multi-stage acrylic copolymer having a calcium methacrylate salt group containing alkali-soluble resin outer stage and one or more inner stage, the particles further containing each of one or more nucleating agent having a boiling point of 150° c. To 500° c.
Rohm And Haas Company


Additive for hydraulically setting compositions

The present invention relates to an additive for hydraulically setting compositions, comprising an aqueous, colloidally disperse preparation of at least one salt of a polyvalent metal cation and of at least one polymeric dispersant which comprises anionic and/or anionogenic groups and polyether side chains. The additive is suitable particularly as a slump retainer..
Construction Research & Technology, Gmbh


Lining for surfaces of a refractory crucible for purification of silicon melt and purification of the silicon melt using that crucible

A crucible for containing molten silicon comprises at least one refractory material having at least one inner surface defining an interior for receiving a molten silicon mixture, and a lining deposited onto the inner surface, the lining comprising colloidal alumina. A method for silicon purification comprises contacting a first silicon with a solvent metal comprising aluminum, sufficient to provide a first mixture, melting the first mixture in an interior of a melting crucible to provide a molten silicon mixture, the melting crucible comprising at least one refractory material having an inner surface defining the interior of the melting crucible, coating at least a portion of the inner surface of the melting crucible with a lining comprising colloidal alumina prior to melting first mixture, cooling the molten silicon mixture, sufficient to form recrystallized silicon crystals and a mother liquor, and separating the final recrystallized silicon crystals and the mother liquor..
Silicor Materials, Inc.


Method of fabricating an investment casting mold and slurry therefor

A method of fabricating an investment casting mold includes using a zircon-containing slurry to form a facecoat of a refractory investment wall of a mold cavity in an investment casting mold. The zircon-containing slurry includes, by weight, at least 70% of zircon powder.
United Technologies Corporation


Multi-layered wound dressing containing an hydrocolloid and activated carbon

The invention relates to a wound dressing which is particularly suitable for therapeutically dressing wounds. Said wound dressing consists of a multi-layered structure comprising at least one layer containing at least one hydrocolloid, preferably collagen, (“hydrocolloid layer” or “collagen layer”) and at least one layer containing an activated carbon (“activated carbon layer”)..
Blucher Gmbh


Core-shell capsules for encapsulation of particles, colloids, and cells

Methods for preparing capsules, such as micro- and/or nanocapsules from all-aqueous emulsions are described herein. The method includes mixing, combining, or contacting a first electrically charged phase containing a first solute with at least an optionally charged second phase containing a second solute.
The University Of Hong Kong


Stabilized all-aqueous emulsions and methods of making and using thereof

Methods for preparing all-aqueous emulsions, including stable emulsions or emulsions having high viscosity and/or ultra-low interfacial tension are described. The method includes mixing, combining, or contacting a first electrically charged phase containing a first solute (e.g., dispersed phase) with at least a second phase containing a second solute (e.g., continuous phase).
The University Of Hong Kong


Starch-based battery system

The present invention is directed to a starch-based battery system. The starch-based battery system uses a rheological and replaceable starch gluten electrolyte that generates colloidal starch gel adhesive contacted with and/or attached on electrodes to generate current for powering electronic devices.
G. Concept Technology Ltd.


Hydrophobic vinyl ester copolymer dispersions

An aqueous copolymer dispersion is obtained by emulsion polymerization of a monomer mixture comprising, as main monomers, 10 to 35 weight % of ethylene, 30 to 60 weight % of a vinyl ester of a carboxylic acid having 1 to 9 carbon atoms and 15 to 50 weight % of a vinyl ester of a branched carboxylic acid having 3 to 15 carbon atoms. The monomer mixture also contains 0.1 to 10 weight % of an ethylenically unsaturated monocarboxylic or dicarboxylic acid having 3 to 4 carbon atoms and 0.1 to 10 weight % of a methacrylic or acrylic acid ester modified with epoxide groups and/or hydroxyl groups.
Celanese Emulsions Gmbh


Cmp compositions and methods for polishing nickel phosphorous surfaces

Chemical mechanical polishing (cmp) compositions and methods for planarizing a nickel phosphorus (nip) substrate are described. A nip cmp method comprises abrading a surface of the substrate with a cmp composition.
Cabot Microelectronics Corporation


Dispersion for the metallization of contactings

A dispersion is provided having a dispersion medium and a plurality of colloid particles finely distributed in the dispersion medium, the colloid particles being electrically conductive, the dispersion being a functional ink for the wetting of an inner wall of a contacting opening of a substrate using a print process.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Composition comprising a colloidal synthetic bioresorbable vector and a viral vector

A method of vaccination against a viral, bacterial or non-infectious disease includes administering an effective dose of a prime vaccine and then an effective dose of a boost vaccine. Each one of the prime vaccine and the boost vaccine includes an active principle.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique


Preparation the solid formulation of clopidogrel bisulfate

A solid formulation of clopidogrel bisulfate and its preparation method are disclosed. The formulation includes clopidogrel bisulfate as active ingredient, colloidal silicon dioxide as anti-adherent/coating and the carriers selected from diluent, binder, glidant, disintegrant and/or lubricant..


Fried food products having reduced fat content

Methods of making reduced-fat or fat-free fried food products, and products made according to the methods, in which food pieces are coated with an aqueous adhesion mixture including a protein, and an oil absorption minimizing agent including an edible lipophilic material, where the coating is adhered to the food pieces, in order to provide for food products having the texture, flavor, and other characteristics of conventional full-fat fried food products. According to a preferred embodiment, the aqueous adhesion mixture includes from about 65 to about 95% by weight water, from about 4 to about 25% by weight protein, from 0 to about 2% by weight hydrocolloid, and from 0 to about 10% by weight protein stabilizing agent..
Jimmyash Llc


Antibacterial surfactant/microgel formulations, methods of making and methods of using the same

In a first broad aspect, described herein is an antimicrobial formulation comprised of: at least one nonionic surfactant capable of providing colloidal stability to the formulation, and at least one quaternized polymeric microgel capable of being dispersed in the nonionic surfactant. The quaternized polymeric microgel is comprised of one or more of: chitosan oligomers or chitosan polymers.
The University Of Toledo


Photosensitive resin composition and antireflection film

[problem] to provide: a photosensitive resin composition which is cured by radiation and exhibits excellent wear resistance, antifouling properties, marker pen ink wiping-off properties, fingerprint wiping-off properties and low refractive index, and which provides low reflectance in cases where the photosensitive resin composition is used for an antireflection film; and an antireflection film which has a cured coating film of this photosensitive resin composition. [solution] a photosensitive resin composition for an antireflection film that is characterized in that a low refractive index layer contains an acrylate, a colloidal silica, and an organic modified dimethyl polysiloxane having an acryloyl group and an acrylate-modified perfluoropolyether that serve as surface modification agents; and an antireflection film which is obtained by curing the photosensitive resin composition..
Polatechno Co., Ltd.


Protective internal coatings for porous substrates

A material contains open pores in which the channels and pores that are internally coated with at least one layer of phosphorus-containing alumina. Such material is formed by infiltrating a porous material one or more times with a non-colloidal, low-viscosity liquid coating precursor, drying, and curing the coating precursor to form a phosphorus-containing alumina layer within pores of the material..
Applied Thin Films Inc.


Higher strength, mullite-based iron foundry filter

A ceramic foam filter and method of making the filter is described. The filter comprises: a sintered reaction product of: 35-75 wt % aluminosilicate; 10-30 wt % colloidal silica; 0-2 wt % bentonite; and 0-35 wt % fused silica; wherein the ceramic foam filter has less than 0.15 wt % alkali metals measured as the oxide and a flexural strength of at least 60 psi measured at 4 minutes at 1428° c..
Porvair Plc A Corporation


Paint dispersion

The invention relates to a method of providing an aqueous paint dispersion comprising silanized colloidal silica particles and an acrylate-based binder wherein the weight ratio of sio2 to acrylate-based binder on a dry basis ranges from 0.02 to 0.2, and wherein the content of sio2, measured by xrf, in said dispersion ranges from 1.05 to 7.5 wt %, wherein silane groups present in the silanized colloidal silica particles are derived from silanes containing an epoxy group, glycidoxy group, glycidoxypropyl group, ureido-based silanes, methacrylamido silanes, mercapto silanes, and combinations thereof. The invention also relates to the use thereof..
Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.


Screen printing led module with phosphor

A screen printing method of led module with phosphor includes: board preparation providing an led module board with a substrate and a plurality of led sources fixed on the substrate. The led sources are flip chip structural and the metal electrodes thereof are fixed to the bonding pads of the substrate.
Xiamen Friendly Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.


Refinish coating system and repairing automotive resin glazing

A refinish coating system comprising (i) an intermediate coating composition and (ii) a topcoat coating composition is useful for repairing a damage area of a silicone hard coat layer on an automotive resin glazing substrate. The intermediate coating composition (i) comprises (a) a reactive siloxane compound and (b) silica.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


System and cold cracking

Method to enhance the recovery of oil from an oil field, comprising: applying heat to a colloidal hydrocarbonic medium that comprises hydrocarbon chains; and applying pressure waves having a predetermined frequency and intensity to hydrocarbon chains, in order to crack hydrocarbon chains into relatively shorter hydrocarbon chains. Optionally: applying heat may comprise applying steam; the pressure waves may be applied directly or indirectly to hydrocarbon chains to be cracked; applying pressure waves may be performed within the oil field, by use of an activator within or outside of the oil field; applying pressure waves may be performed within the oil field; applying pressure waves may be performed by use of a rotor situated in a housing pervaded by the colloidal hydrocarbonic medium..
Innovative Crude Technologies Inc. D/b/a Ict


Trivalent chromium-conversion processing solution containing aluminum-modified colloidal silica

The present invention provides a trivalent chromium-conversion processing solution characterized by containing aluminum-modified colloidal silica.. .
Dipsol Chemicals Co., Ltd.


Low organic extractable depth filter media processed with solvent extraction method

Provided is a primary clarification depth filtration process of cell-culture feeds, including chemically treated flocculated feeds, containing target biomolecules of interest such as mabs, mammalian cell cultures, or bacterial cell cultures, utilizing a primary clarification depth filtration device containing a media with significantly lower flushing requirements, resulting in lower levels of organic extractables released after media flushing, and increased throughput for the pre-treated feed streams, without the use of a primary clarification centrifugation step or primary clarification tangential flow microfiltration step. The primary clarification depth filtration device used in the primary clarification of fluid cell culture feeds, including chemically treated flocculated feeds containing flocculated cellular debris and/or colloidal particulates having a particle size distribution of about 0.5 μm to 200 um, contains a porous depth filter media having porous layers of varying pore ratings, and achieves the desired level, of total organic extractables (1-3 ppm) measured in the feed filtered through the media with, significantly lower flushing requirements.


Polishing composition, polishing method using same, and producing substrate

A polishing composition of the present invention contains a water-soluble polymer and abrasive grains. The water-soluble polymer is an anionic compound having an acid dissociation constant pka of 3 or less.


Hybrid organic-inorganic nano-particles

The invention relates to a method of making hybrid organic-inorganic core-shell nano-particles, comprising the steps of a) providing colloidal organic particles comprising a synthetic polyampholyte as a template; b) adding at least one inorganic oxide precursor; and c) forming a shell layer from the precursor on the template to result in core-shell nano-particles. With this method it is possible to make colloidal organic template particles having an average particle size in the range of 10 to 300 nm; which size can be controlled by the comonomer composition of the polyampholyte, and/or by selecting dispersion conditions.


Ready to drink beverages and methods of making thereof

Ready to drink beverages are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a ready to drink high-protein chocolate beverage including a protein component, a cocoa component, and a stabilizing system.


Method for preparing cha-type molecular sieves using colloidal aluminosilicate and a novel octahydroindolium-based structure directing agent

The present invention is directed to a process for preparing cha-type molecular sieves using a colloidal aluminosilicate in the presence of a octahydroindolium-based cationic structure directing agent.. .


Led tube

An led tube comprises a glass tube, a pcb disposed in the glass tube, a heat-dissipating colloid disposed in the glass tube, a plurality of led lights disposed on the pcb, and two electrode caps respectively connected to both ends of the glass tube. By densely filling a room between a peripheral wall of the glass tube and a top surface of the pcb with the heat-dissipating colloid, an exhaust heat caused by illuminating the led lights and a high temperature generated from the pcb are absorbed and dissipated out of the tube, thereby constructing a connective dissipating concatenation of heat conduction.


Bare quantum dots superlattice photonic devices

Manipulation of the passivation ligands of colloidal quantum dots and use in qd electronics. A multi-step electrostatic process is described which creates bare qds, followed by the formation of qd superlattice via electric and thermal stimulus.


Block copolymer comprising a block with glass transition temperature higher than 100°c and preparing the same

The present invention discloses a block copolymer comprising a block with glass transition temperature higher than 100° c. And a method for preparing the same.
Zhejiang University


Liquid catalyst for methanation of carbon dioxide

A liquid catalyst for methanation of carbon dioxide, including an amphiphilic ionic liquid and a metal active component dispersed in the amphiphilic ionic liquid. The metal active component is dispersed in the amphiphilic ionic liquid in the form of stable colloid.
Wuhan Kaidi Engineering Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.


Polymer latex blends and applications thereof

Disclosed are blended latex dispersions which can be used as binders in paper coating compositions. Such latex dispersions comprise a first copolymer of a vinyl ester of an alkanoic acid having from 1 to 13 carbon atoms and ethylene; and a second copolymer of (i) styrene and butadiene, (ii) styrene, butadiene and acrylonitrile, or (iii) styrene and an acrylic monomer, wherein the first and second copolymers are colloidally dispersed in an aqueous medium comprising a surfactant.
Celanese International Corporation


Patterned nanoparticle assembly methodology

Methods for forming a nanoparticle assembly are generally provided. The method can comprise applying a colloidal fluid to a surface of a magnetic media, wherein the colloidal fluid comprises magnetic nanoparticles, a surfactant, a trigger salt, and a carrier medium; and assembling the magnetic nanoparticles into a pattern through a magnetic force arising from the surface of the magnetic media..


Healthy composition for lowering cholesterol for use in foods, beverages, health supplements and medical foods

Disclosed is a composition consisting of beta-glucan (1,3), (1,4) β-d glucan), plant sterols and a hydrocolloid. A natural way to help lower blood serum cholesterol levels to a consumer and or patient with the effective amount of disclosed composition.


Apparatus for producing a composite material

The present invention includes a first injection tube for supplying a colloidal medium, a storage part connected to the first injection tube for receiving the colloidal medium through the first injection tube, a second injection tube connected to the storage part for supplying a colloid, a discharge tube connected to both the storage part and the second injection tube for discharging the colloidal medium coming from the storage part and the colloid coming from the second injection tube, and a free surface inversion part for inverting the free surface of the liquid in the second injection tube so as to mix the colloidal medium and the colloid in the discharge tube.. .
Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology


Method for reducing chemical oxygen demand of waters containing starch, milk, whey, and other similar behaving organic components

A sulfurous acid/lime alkalinization pre-treatment sequential filtration method for industrial wastewaters containing colloids of starch, milk, whey, and other similar acting organic components to condition and remove a number of chemicals/pharmaceuticals and heavy metals before the treated filtrate is land applied or undergoes further biological nitrogen reduction for open stream discharge via anaerobic and aerobic treatment.. .


Electrostatic removal of colloidal, soluble and insoluble materials from a fluid

A filter that contains an adsorbent to remove the soluble portion of the contaminant, and then some form of electrostatic attraction additive. The electrostatic attraction additive would serve to pull the colloidal and particulate portion of the contaminant out of fluid, which could be held indefinitely, or be used to hold while the contaminant is allowed to solubilize and then be removed by the adsorbent.
Kx Techologies Llc


Cleaning implement

The present disclosure relates to a cleaning implement, particularly to a toilet cleaning implement, comprising a handle having a grip portion, and an at least partially flexible cleaning body that is attached to handle at an end thereof facing away from the grip portion, wherein the cleaning body is provided, at least partially on its surface, with a plurality of elevated cleaning elements, wherein at least the handle or the cleaning body is provided with an antimicrobially effective substance. Preferably, the antimicrobially effective substance comprises silver-containing components that particularly comprise colloidal silver and are preferably arranged to emit silver ions..


Synthesis of crystalline molecular sieves having the euo framework type

In a process for the synthesis of a crystalline molecular sieve material having the euo framework type, a synthesis mixture is provided suitable for the formation of an euo framework type molecular sieve and comprising n,n,n,n′,n′,n′-hexamethylhexanediammonium, q, cations and a colloidal suspension of seed crystals of an euo framework type molecular sieve. The synthesis mixture is crystallized and an euo framework type molecular sieve in the form individual crystals and/or aggregates of crystals having an average size, d50, as measured by laser scattering, of less than 15 μm is recovered from the synthesis mixture..
Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.


Biodegradable non-acidic oil-in-water nanoemulsion

Formulation for a natural product as a replacement for the use of traditional acidic chemical stimulation methods for the emulsification, removal and release of paraffin and asphaltenes from low producing or pumped off wells and reservoirs with the use of traditional methodologies. Also a method of use of formulation for stimulating an oil well consisting of introducing into the wellbore a biodegradable, non-reactive fluid system containing a water-miscible fatty acid solvent, a solution of fatty acids, an amino alcohol, and at least one non-ionic surfactant.

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