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Colloid patents

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Carbon coated anode materials

Cornell University

Carbon coated anode materials

Application of macroporous silica synthesized by a salt-templated aerosol method for chromatography

Indiana University Research And Technology

Application of macroporous silica synthesized by a salt-templated aerosol method for chromatography

Date/App# patent app List of recent Colloid-related patents
 Novel bioactive lipid derivatives, and methods of making and using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Novel bioactive lipid derivatives, and methods of making and using the same
Compositions and methods for producing monoclonal antibodies and their derivatives reactive against bioactive lipid targets are described. These compositions include derivatized lipids, each of which comprises a bioactive lipid that having a polar head group and at least one hydrocarbon chain (e.g., a lysolipid such as lysophosphatidic acid or sphingosine-1-phosphate) in which a carbon atom has been derivatized with a pendant reactive group; immunogens made by linking a derivatized lipid to a carrier moiety (e.g., a carrier protein, polyethylene glycol, colloidal gold, alginate, or a silicone bead); monoclonal antibodies and derivatives produced by immunizing an animal with such an immunogen; and therapeutic and diagnostic compositions containing such antibodies and antibody derivatives.
Lpath, Inc.
 Carbon coated anode materials patent thumbnailnew patent Carbon coated anode materials
Nano-colloids of near monodisperse, carbon-coated sno2 nano-colloids. There are also carbon-coated sno2 nanoparticles.
Cornell University
 Process for preparing an optically clear superhydrophobic coating solution patent thumbnailnew patent Process for preparing an optically clear superhydrophobic coating solution
Optically clear hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings and solutions and methods for preparing them. Branched polysilicate structures having surface hydroxyl groups are formed by at least partially hydrolyzing an alkoxy silane precursor via water and an acid catalyst in a solvent, and catalyzing the hydrolysis product with a base to form a gel.
Lotus Leaf Coatings, Inc.
 Green biocidal application  the perfect silver bullet exterminators patent thumbnailnew patent Green biocidal application the perfect silver bullet exterminators
These formulations are comprised of ultra-fine extremely minute mini-nano-sized (nearly atom-sized low-voltage produced silver particles from 0.04 to 0.99 mnm mini-nanometers in diameter) that are clear color-less colloidal silver particles and ions in ultra-pure distilled water resulting in stable suspended preparations. The formulations can be used as medical devices suitable for replacing dangerous and toxic biocidal and antimicrobial chemicals, compounds and solutions, embalming agents, disinfectants and preservatives.
 Liquid suspensions and powders of cerium oxide particles and preparation and polishing applications thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Liquid suspensions and powders of cerium oxide particles and preparation and polishing applications thereof
The invention relates to a suspension of cerium oxide particles, of which the particles (secondary particles) have an average size of at most 200 nm, these secondary particles consisting of primary particles whose average size measured by tem is of at most 150 nm with a standard deviation of at most 30% of the value of said average size, and for which the ratio of the average size measured by tem to the average size measured by bet is at least 1.5. This suspension is prepared from a solution of a cerium iii salt, comprising a colloidal dispersion of cerium iv, which is brought into contact, in the presence of nitrate ions and under an inert atmosphere, with a base; the medium obtained is subjected to a thermal treatment under an inert atmosphere and then acidified and washed.
Rhodia Operations
 Application of macroporous silica synthesized by a salt-templated aerosol  chromatography patent thumbnailnew patent Application of macroporous silica synthesized by a salt-templated aerosol chromatography
The present invention discloses a silica particle having a diameter less than or equal to 2 μη, wherein the particle is spherical and comprises interconnected pores having a diameter in the range from 50 nm to 300 nm. The silica particle is preferably produced by spray pyrolysis (=spray drying) of a silica colloid.
Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation
 Pickering emulsion treatment fluid patent thumbnailnew patent Pickering emulsion treatment fluid
A well treatment fluid comprising a pickering particle emulsion comprising particles of a first liquid phase dispersed in a continuous second liquid phase, and comprising a plurality of colloidal particles adsorbed to a liquid-liquid interface between the first liquid phase and the second liquid phase. Methods, equipment and/or systems for treating a subterranean formation utilizing such treatment fluids are also disclosed..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation
 Suspended nutrition composition patent thumbnailnew patent Suspended nutrition composition
A suspended nutrition composition includes a foamed material, a colloid layer and a nutrient. The foamed material having a plurality of pores includes a starch, a biodegradable polyester and a plasticizer.
Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.
 Container sealant composition patent thumbnailnew patent Container sealant composition
Disclosed is a container sealant composition with improved tensile strength and reduced squeeze-out during seaming. The composition comprises a latex of a carboxylated styrene-butadiene rubber, a colloidal silica filler, wherein the colloidal silica is pretreated with an organosilane, and a tackifier.
 Aptamer bioconjugate drug delivery device patent thumbnailAptamer bioconjugate drug delivery device
A delivery device for a active agent comprises nanoparticles based on a biopolymer such as starch. The delivery device may also be in the form of an aptamer-biopolymer-active agent conjugate wherein the aptamer targets the device for the treatment of specific disorders, such as cancer.
Ecosynthetix Ltd.

Protective coating compositions for photocatalytic layers on substrates

A coated substrate including a substrate including a treated layer, a photocatalytic layer, and a protective layer for impeding photocatalyst derived degradation of the treated layer, the protective layer being provided between the photocatalytic layer and the treated layer, the protective layer comprising colloidal particles distributed in a matrix comprised at least partly of an organosilicon phase which is oxidisable by the reactive oxygen species to form a non-volatile inorganic phase, wherein the organosilicon phase includes a surfactant incorporating an organosilicon component.. .
Bluescope Steel Limited

Formulation of colloidal titanium-oxide solutions composition for coating and printing methods, and improvement of the output and lifespan of organic p-i-n/n-i-p photovoltaic cells

The invention also relates to a colloidal titanium-oxide nanoparticle solution containing a dispersion of titanium-oxide nanoparticles in a solvent or system of solvents, the viscosity of which is between 4 and 54 cp, said solution being particularly obtainable according to the method of the invention, as well as to the uses thereof, in particular for preparing photovoltaic cells. The invention also relates to a method for generating power using a semiconductor prepared from said solution..

Hard coating composition

Provided is a hard coating composition with which optical interference and a blue discoloration due to ultraviolet rays do not occur when applied to an ultrahigh refractive index organic glass with a refractive index exceeding 1.67. The hard coating composition is applied to an optical component body formed of an organic glass.
Itoh Optical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Method of fabricating single crystal colloidal monolayer on substrate and display device comprising the substrate

Disclosed is a method of fabricating a single crystal colloidal monolayer on a substrate. The method includes preparing a pair of adhesive substrates, arranging powder particles between the substrates, and uniaxially rubbing one of the substrates in any one direction to allow the particles to be close-packed between the substrates, thereby forming a single crystal monolayer..
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

Graphene ink and manufacturing graphene pattern using the same

A graphene ink includes a dispersion solution with a surface tension between 35 and 55 mj/m2, a polymer binder dissolved in the dispersion solution to form a colloidal solution, and a plurality of graphene sheets dispersed in the colloidal solution with a suspension concentration of 0.1˜5 wt %. The graphene ink has a viscosity less than 100 cp and a surface potential greater than 30 mv or less than −30 mv.
Enerage Inc.

Composition and dressing with nitric oxide

A dressing composition for use as a skin dressing comprises an elastomeric-adhesive composition, and a zeolite comprising releasably adsorbed nitric oxide. The zeolite may comprise a transition metal cation such as co, fe, mn, ni, cu, zn, ag or a mixture thereof as an extra-framework metal cation, preferably zn.
Pq Silicas Uk Limited

Method of and device for controlling reflective color of polymeric colloidal photonic crystal display using mixed dispersion medium

A method of and device for controlling a reflective color of a photonic crystal display device, capable of precisely controlling the distance between particles to display rgb full colors covering desired wavelength ranges. The method and device include using a mixed dispersion medium containing two or more kinds of solvents having different dielectric constants as a dispersion medium for a photonic crystal in a composition for a photonic crystal display device of which colors are controlled through the application of an electric field..
Industry-academia Cooperation Group Of Sejong Univ

Polishing agent for synthetic quartz glass substrate

Disclosed is a polishing agent for synthetic quartz glass substrates, which is characterized by containing a colloidal solution of a colloidal silica or the like having a colloid concentration of 20-50% by mass, and a polycarboxylic acid polymer, an acidic amino acid, a phenol or a glycosaminoglycan.. .
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Nanotherapeutic colloidal metal compositions and methods

The present invention comprises compositions and methods for delivery systems of agents, including therapeutic compounds, pharmaceutical agents, drugs, detection agents, nucleic acid sequences and biological factors. In general, the nanotherapeutic compositions of the present invention comprise a platform comprising a colloidal metal, a targeting ligand such a tumor necrosis factor, a stealth agent such as polyethylene glycol, and one or more diagnostic or therapeutic agents for delivery.
Cytlmmune Sciences, Inc.

Food product and baking

Provide an oven and optional cooking accessories having a high emissivity thermal protective layer on a substrate surface which comprises a metal or ceramic. The layer comprises from about 5% to 30% of an inorganic adhesive, from about 45% to 92% of at least one filler, and from about 1% to 25% of one or more emissivity agents; or from about 5% to 35% of colloidal silica, colloidal alumina, or combinations thereof, from about 23% to 79% of at least one filler, and from about 1% to 25% of one or more emissivity agents..
Amf Automation Technologies Llc

Process for the manufacture of cheese

The present invention relates to an improved process for the manufacture of cheese, in particular hard and semi-hard cheese types. There is provided a process for the manufacture of a natural cheese comprising the steps of inoculating milk with a bacterial starter culture, adding rennet to form a curd, and subjecting the curd to a salting step by the addition of salt wherein a hydrocolloid or mixture thereof is added to the curd during the salting step and the hydrocolloid or mixture thereof replaces at least part of the salt or is in addition to the salt used during the salting step.
Fusion Speciality Ingredients Limited

Method for the evaluation of the colloidal stability of liquid biopolymer solutions

The invention concerns the field of biomolecule formulation screening and stability testing. It concerns a method for the evaluation of the colloidal stability of liquid biopolymer solutions.
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

Method for reducing sulfide in oilfield waste water and making treated water

A process for treating oilfield waste water includes contacting the oilfield waste water with hydrogen peroxide, the oilfield waste water comprising sulfide; oxidizing the sulfide to sulfur; and precipitating the sulfur to form treated water from the oilfield waste water. A process for recycling oilfield waste water includes combining the oilfield waste water and hydrogen peroxide, the oilfield waste water comprising sulfide; oxidizing the sulfide to sulfur; forming a precipitate comprising a colloidal sulfur precipitate, a bulk sulfur precipitate, or a combination comprising at least one of the foregoing; removing the precipitate from the oilfield waste water to form treated water; introducing an additive to the treated water; and disposing the treated water in a subterranean environment..
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Chitin nanowhisker composites and methods

A composite includes particles of thermoplastic polymer coated with a chitin nanowhisker gel and melt-blended. The thermoplastic polymer may be polystyrene, polyethylene, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polycarbonate, or another thermoplastic polymer.

Flow system preparing substantially pure nanoparticles, nanoparticles obtained by this method and use thereof

The invention relates to a method of synthesis of substantially pure nanoparticles in a continuous-flow system, in which a precursor substance solution undergoes reduction reaction using a reducing agent solution and nanoparticles are produced, wherein the reduction reaction is terminated by adding an agent neutralizing the reducing agent and a stable nanoparticle colloid is produced. In the method of the invention a need for using surfactants or other organic molecules for nanoparticle stabilization has been eliminated..
Uniwersytet Warszawski

Compositions comprising lecithin oils and nsaids for protecting the gastrointestinal tract and providing enhanced therapeutic activity

A novel pharmaceutical composition is provided by which nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids) are added directly to phospholipid-containing oil such as lecithin oils or to a bio-compatible oil to which an phospholipid has been added to make a nsaid-containing formulation that possess low gastrointestinal (gi) toxicity and enhanced therapeutic activity to treat or prevent inflammation, pain, fever, platelet aggregation, tissue ulcerations and/or other tissue disorders. The composition of the invention are in the form of a non-aqueous solution, paste, suspension, dispersion, colloidal suspension or in the form of an aqueous emulsion or microemulsion for internal, oral, direct or topical administration..
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

Method of manufacturing and applications of biofunctionalized amorphous metal colloidal suspensions

Disclosed is a process for enhancing the sensitivity of magnetic detection of molecules of interest. The process comprises creating amorphous magnetic metal nanoparticles from a bulk target material comprising at least one magnetic transition metal selected from the group consisting of ni, co, and fe and at least one glass former selected from the group consisting of p, b and si through the use of a pulsed laser ablation method.

Spin-on compositions of soluble metal oxide carboxylates and methods of their use

The present disclosure relates to spin-on compositions containing at least one metal oxide dicarboxylate and an organic solvent into which the metal oxide dicarboxylate is soluble or colloidally stable. The dicarboxylate is capable of decomposing during heat treatment to give a cured metal oxide film.
Az Electronic Materials (luxembourg) S.a.r.l.

Porous organic polymeric films and preparation

Porous organic polymeric films having multiple discrete cavities can be prepared using a water-in-oil emulsion that includes a cavity stabilizing hydrocolloid on the inner walls of the multiple discrete cavities. The multiple discrete cavities can also include organic catalytic materials for various catalytic reactions, markers materials for security applications, or the multiple discrete cavities can be used to increase opacity, hydrophobicity, or other desirable properties compared to nonporous organic polymeric films composed of the composition and dry thickness..

Led light bulb

An improved led light bulb apparatus mounted within existing incandescent bulb socket including at least two led strip elements located inside an outer bulb shell and connected to a pcb made of glass fiber located inside an optional connecting piece. Each led strip element extend upward and into the interior space formed in the outer bulb shell.

Crystallization of nanocrystals that were formed using colloidal chemistry

Disclosed herein is a method of crystallizing a semiconductor nanocrystal population including suspending the semiconductor nanocrystal population in a high boiling point solvent to form a solution and heating the solution to a temperature of approximately 100° c. To approximately 400° c.
Evident Technologies

Valve devices, systems, and methods for controlling the distribution of materials

The various embodiments of the present invention are directed to valve devices, systems, and methods for controlling the distribution of materials to multiple locations. The improved valve devices, materials distribution systems, and materials distribution methods disclosed herein are particularly suitable for use in applications where the materials being distributed are, for example but not limited to, non-gaseous fluid materials (e.g., raw liquids, solutions, slurries, colloids, suspensions, and the like) and solid materials having some level of tackiness, moisture content, or like property.
Gala Industries, Inc.

Device and carrying out haematological and biochemical measurements from a biological sample

The present invention concerns a device for analyzing biological parameters from a sample (6) comprising (i) first transferring means (5, 20, 25), (ii) first preparing means (7), (iii) means for measuring cellular components (8), (iv) second preparing means (10, 11, 22, 23, 24) capable of carrying out, on a sample from the first preparing means (7), at least one dilution with an assay reagent (r3) comprising particles functionalized at the surface with at least one ligand specific to at least one analyte of interest, (v) immunodetection measurement means (30, 31) capable of assaying at least one analyte of interest by measuring the aggregation of functionalized particles, said device further comprising (i) second transferring means (4, 21, 22, 26) at least partially separate from the first transferring means (5, 20, 25) and (ii) means for applying a magnetic field (28) capable of causing, by magnetic interaction, an acceleration of the aggregation of said functionalized particles, which comprise magnetic colloidal particles. The invention also concerns a method implemented in said device..
Horiba Abx Sas

Toothpaste compositions with reduced abrasivity

Toothpaste compositions are disclosed. The toothpaste composition comprises a binder; a surface active agent; an abrasive; a humectant; and water; in which: (1) the abrasive is silica, the composition additionally comprises a silica thickener, and the composition comprises 1 to 7 wt % of the silica thickener, less than 15 wt % of the silica abrasive, 45 to 70 wt % water, 0.8 to 3.0 wt % of a surface active agent; 0.05 to 3.0 wt % the binder; or (2) the abrasive is silica, the composition additionally comprises a silica thickener, the composition comprises 2 to 22 wt % total silica, 0.8 to 3.0 wt % of a surface active agent; 0.05 to 3.0 wt % the binder, and the composition additionally comprises about 0.1 to 8.0 wt % of non-colloidal microcrystalline cellulose, colloidal microcrystalline cellulose, or a mixture thereof; or (3) the binder is a calcium based abrasive, the binder is a cellulose gum, and the composition comprises 25 to 55 wt % of the calcium based abrasive, 35 to 60 wt % water, 0.8 to 3.0 wt % of the surface active agent, and 1.0 to 3.0 wt % of the binder..
Fmc Corporation

Method for separating suspension or colloid components and a device for separating suspension or colloid components

By means of a method and a device for separating suspension or colloid components a sample is moved through a conduit system which extends in axial direction at at least one flow rate in at least one flow direction over a time period until reaching axial separation of components which are then separated from each other.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Composition and treating oilfield water

A method for reducing sulfide in oilfield waste water includes contacting oilfield waste water with an oxidizer in the presence of an iron catalyst. The oilfield waste water includes sulfide that is oxidized to sulfate while avoiding formation of a colloidal or bulk sulfur precipitate.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Method for producing milk protein gels, -hydrogels, -hydrocolloides and -superabsorbers (milk protein gels)

The disclosure relates to a milk protein hydrol gel, in which at least one protein which is obtained from milk and which can be thermally plasticized, is plasticized using a plasticizing agent, such as for example, water or glycerol at temperatures between room temperature and preferably up to 140° c. By means of mechanical stress and subsequently retreated according to a continuous or discontinuous process to form hydrogels..
Qmilch Ip Gmbh

Nonviral targeted nanoparticle system for gene transfer and drug delivery

The embodiments herein provide a nanoparticle system for targeted gene delivery or a drug delivery and a method of synthesising the same. The nanoparticle composition for targeted gene transfer and drug delivery comprises a protein, a chitosan and a lipid.

Stabilizer composition of microcrystalline cellulose and carboxymethylcellulose, making, and uses

The subject matter of this invention is a composition and method of making a water-dispersible, stabilizing colloidal microcrystalline cellulose:xarboxymethylcellulose composition. The method of making the composition does not require a salt solution as an anti-slip agent..
Fmc Corporation

Confectionery products and their manufacture

An edible jelly product, being a body formed from a mass of jelly-forming material by a progressive advancement of said mass to a forming station and progressive formation of the body at the forming station, wherein said mass comprises a sugar and a structure-forming agent selected from a hydrocolloid and modified starch, wherein the solids content of the jelly product, when formed into the body, is at least 60 wt %. A method is described of making such an edible jelly product which is transparent and contains air bubbles which are visible by eye; and which may be brought together with other such jelly products to form consolidated bodies such as twists, which can be easily peeled apart by consumers..
Intercontinental Great Brands Llc

Hinged pad with soft edge

The present invention relates to a laminated pad that is used to apply a fluid, liquid or a colloidal substance in a controlled manner onto a surface, wherein the pad comprises a top and bottom layer between which top and bottom layer at least one layer is arranged, a utility layer being arranged on an outside of the bottom layer, the top layer, at least one layer, bottom layer and utility layer being connected to form a closed storage chamber for a substance that is to be contained in the pad, where at least a part of the top and bottom layer outside and around the closed storage chamber is cut off in order to create a soft edge around the periphery of the pad, where a hinged layer, the at least one layer and the utility layer are connected around their outer edges to form a laminated pad.. .
Padtech As

Light-emitting device containing flattened anisotropic colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals and processes for manufacturing such devices

A device that emits light in response to an electrical or optical excitation, such as leds, displays, e-readers, device includes at least one anisotropic flat colloidal semiconductor nanocrystal whose smallest dimension, namely the thickness, is smaller than the other two by a factor of at least 1.5, the emitted light having an intensity and a polarization that vary according to the angle formed by the light emitting direction and the normal to the largest surface of the flat nanocrystal. The device allows to realize a light-emitting device exhibiting simultaneously a high emission spectral finesse and allows proper control of the wavelength, the directivity and/or polarization of the emitted light, and thus increases the brightness and color gamut of displays composed of such a device.

Adhesive interface bandage

Said adherent interface dressing comprises a non-adherent cohesive gel formed from a hydrophobic elastomeric matrix consisting of a styrene-(ethylene/butylene)-styrene or styrene-(ethylene/propylene)-styrene triblock elastomer optionally associated with a styrene-(ethylene/butylene) or styrene-(ethylene/propylene) diblock copolymer; said elastomer being highly plasticized by means of a mineral oil, and containing dispersed therein a small quantity of hydrophilic particles of a hydrocolloid; and a flexible open-mesh fabric, said fabric comprising threads coated with the non-adherent cohesive gel in such a way as to leave the meshes substantially unsealed, characterized in that the fabric is a heat-set knit with weft yarns, said yarns being continuous multifilament yarns with non-elastic filaments, whereof the extensibility in the transverse direction measured in accordance with standard en 13726-4 is between 0.01 and 0.5 n/cm.. .

Co-attrited stabilizer composition having superior gel strength

The present invention is directed to a co-attrited stabilizer composition comprising: a) microcrystalline cellulose in an amount of from 20%-90% by weight of the composition; b) a hydrocolloid in an amount of from 5%-50% by weight of the composition, wherein the hydrocolloid is selected from at least one member of the group consisting of carboxymethyl cellulose having a degree of substitution of at least 0.95, pectin, alginate, carrageenan, xanthan gum, agar gum, wellan gum, or gellan gum; and c) a starch in an amount of from 5%-50% by weight of the composition, wherein the stabilizer composition has a gel strength (g′) of at least 25 pa when measured after 24 hours in a 2.6% solids water dispersion at 20° c. The composition is useful as a stabilizer, particularly in food and beverage products..

Scratch and abrasion resistant uv blocking glass coating

A coating composition and method of making a scratch resistant uv blocking glass coating is described. The composition can include an aqueous colloidal silica.

Hydrocolloids coprocessed with cellulosic fibers when being sheared into highly refined cellulose

An improved method refines cellulose to produce a highly refined cellulosic material in combination with a hydrocolloid. The method comprises soaking raw material from primarily parenchymal cell wall structures in an aqueous solution which need not contain an agent to modify the fiber (e.g., a mild alkalizing or alkaline agent and/or solution) using reduced temperatures and pressures, and refining the material with a plate refiner so that a waste water stream is reduced in volume.

Adhesive patch

A method of treating herpes labialis includes assembling a patch having hydrocolloid particles added to a layer of adhesive to so configure the patch to have a limited absorption of moisture into the patch combined with a permeability of moisture through and out of the patch. The method additionally includes providing the patch to the user and having the user apply the patch to the user's face in treating the herpes labialis, and configuring the patch to be less visible when applied to the user's face than a cream is visible when applied to the user's face..

Touch panel assembly structure

A touch panel assembly structure includes a touch sensor substrate, a cover lens, a sealing frame, and a plurality of transparent elastic elements. The cover lens is facing the touch sensor substrate.

Lighting system using dispersed fluorescence

A system for generating light using a blue or ultraviolet light emitter as excitation source for dispersed fluorescent material is disclosed. A light transmissive dispersant, which may colloidally suspend or chemically dissolve a fluorescent material, acts to distribute the fluorescent material over a spatial region.

Superparamagnetic colloids with enhanced charge stability for high quality magnetically tunable photonic structures

A method of stabilizing electromagnetically charged particles, which includes coating electromagnetically charged particles with a protective layer; and etching the protective layer to produce a porous protective layer on the electromagnetically charged.. .

Protective hydrocolloid for active ingredients

(modified) sorghum protein is used as novel protective hydrocolloid for active ingredients, especially fat-soluble active ingredients and/or colorants. Included are compositions comprising (modified) sorghum protein and at least one active ingredient and to their manufacture, as well as to the (modified) sorghum protein itself and its manufacture.

Metal colloidal solution and producing same

The present invention is a metal colloid solution comprising: colloidal particles consisting of metal particles consisting of one or two or more metal(s) and a protective agent bonding to the metal particles; and a solvent as a dispersion medium of the colloidal particles, wherein: a chloride ion concentration per a metal concentration of 1 mass % is 25 ppm or less; and a nitrate ion concentration per a metal concentration of 1 mass % is 7500 ppm or less. In the present invention, adsorption performance can be improved with adjustment of the amount of the protective agent of the colloidal particles.

Edible cup and making the same

The present invention relates to an edible container made of liquid, sugar, and one or more hydrocolloids. The edible container may hold hot or cold liquids for extended periods of time..

Dermocosmetic compositions based on a synergistic combination of colloidal silver and deoxyribonucleic acid

The present invention relates to dermocosmetic compositions containing, as active ingredients, a synergistic combination of colloidal silver and deoxyribonucleic acid, characterized in that the colloidal silver is more particularly an aqueous solution of electro colloidal silver.. .

Luminous elements with an electroluminescent arrangement and producing a luminous element

The invention relates to a luminous element having a luminous layer which comprises electroluminescent particles and a water-dispersible or water-soluble protective colloid.. .

Blue light-emitting diodes based on zinc selenide quantum dots

The present invention relates to colloidal quantum dots, to a process for producing such colloidal quantum dots, to the use thereof and to optoelectronic components comprising colloidal quantum dots.. .

Hybrid porous structured material, preparing hybrid porous structured material, membrane including hybrid porous structured material, and water treatment device including membrane including hybrid porous structured material

A hybrid porous structured material may include a porous region and a non-porous region. The porous region may include an imaginary stacked structure, wherein a plurality of imaginary spherical bodies/cavities are stacked so as to contact each other in three-dimensional directions.

Selective nickel based hydrogenation catalyst and the preparation thereof

A selective nickel-based hydrogenation catalyst and the preparation thereof, characterized in that: provided that the catalyst is weighed 100%, it comprises nickel oxide 14-20% as active component, lanthanum oxide and/or cerium oxide 2-8%, and vib element oxide 1-8% as aids, 2-8% silica, 1-8% alkaline earth metal oxides, and alumina as the balance. The catalyst specific surface area is 60-150 m2/g, and the pore volume is 0.4-0.6 ml/g.

Method and a nanopipette biosensor

A nanopipette biosensor capable of detecting a small concentration of target molecules within a sample solution using optical detection methods. The biosensor includes a nanopipette that connects a nanocolloid reservoir containing a nanocolloid solution and a sample reservoir containing a sample solution, where the nanopipette is tapered at the end connected to the sample reservoir.

Binder composition for an electrode and methods for producing the same

The presently disclosed and/or claimed inventive process(es), procedure(s), method(s), product(s), result(s), and/or concept(s) (collectively hereinafter referred to as the “presently disclosed and/or claimed inventive concept(s)”) relates generally to the composition of a binder for use in battery electrodes and methods of preparing such. More particularly, but not by way of limitation, the presently disclosed and/or claimed inventive concept(s) relates to a binder composition containing an ionizable water soluble polymer and a redispersible powder containing a latex, a protective colloid, and an anticaking agent for use in the production and manufacture of electrodes of a lithium ion battery.

Carpet coating compositions of improved stability formed from vinyl acetate/ethylene copolymer dispersions

Disclosed are aqueous carpet-coating compositions suitable for use as binders or adhesives in carpet products. Such compositions, prior to being applied to carpet substrates and cured, comprise: a) a selected type of vinyl acetate/ethylene (vae) copolymer dispersion which has been stabilized with emulsifiers and a cellulose ether-based protective colloid, and b) at least one carbon black based filler in the form of a dispersion/slurry with a solids content between 20 and 70%.

Glass ceramics based antioxidants for the oxidation protection of carbon carbon composites

Liquid anti-oxidants made by mixing specific chemical compositions disclosed herein, followed by thorough stirring so that a homogeneous blend of colloidal-like solutions are obtained. Such liquid anti-oxidants are applied to the surface of the carbon-carbon composite that is needed to be protected against oxidation by brushing, dipping, spraying, or other painting techniques, and allowed sufficient time for the anti-oxidants to penetrate into the subsurface region of the composite and to let dry in a dry atmosphere.

Materials and methods for the preparation of nanocomposites

Disclosed herein is an isolable colloidal particle comprising a nanoparticle and an inorganic capping agent bound to the surface of the nanoparticle, a method for making the same in a biphasic solvent mixture, and the formation of structures and solids from the isolable colloidal particle. The process can yield photovoltaic cells, piezoelectric crystals, thermoelectric layers, optoelectronic layers, light emitting diodes, ferroelectric layers, thin film transistors, floating gate memory devices, phase change layers, and sensor devices..

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