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Colloid patents

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Antimicrobial colloidal silver and gold products and method of making same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Colloid-related patents
 Glass ceramic material and method patent thumbnailnew patent Glass ceramic material and method
The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing of a glass ceramic material for dental applications. The method comprises: providing a first precursor comprising silicon(iv); providing a second precursor comprising zirconium(iv); hydrolyzing said first precursor and second precursor in solution; polymerizing of the hydrolysed first precursor and second precursor in a solvent, wherein polymers are formed; formation of colloids comprising said polymers; formation of a gel from said colloids; aging the gel; drying the gel; and sintering the gel under formation of a glass ceramic material..
 Coated food product and method of preparation patent thumbnailnew patent Coated food product and method of preparation
Coated snack products are provided whose coating are reminiscent of high fat compound fat coating, resistant to rub-off of a powdery or fat based topping as well as methods for preparing such coated snack products. The present invention provides methods for preparing such coated food product including providing a hot (about 60-85° c.), oil-in-water emulsion coating slurry containing a hydrated film forming hydrophilic colloid.
 Antimicrobial colloidal silver and gold products and method of making same patent thumbnailnew patent Antimicrobial colloidal silver and gold products and method of making same
Gelatinous foam, coated paper, fabric, and polymer materials combined with the colloidal silver or gold additive to formulate products with antimicrobial surfaces. Some embodiments of the present invention can include gelatinous materials selected from a group consisting of thermosetting polymer, styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene polymer (sebs), thermoplastic elastomer (tpe), and polyurethane (pu) gelatin with and without a raised geometry on an outer surface and in any shape.
 Micro-colloidal silicic acid / boric acid composition and a method of preparing a bioenhancing solution and powder patent thumbnailMicro-colloidal silicic acid / boric acid composition and a method of preparing a bioenhancing solution and powder
The present invention provides a composition comprising an acidified aqueous solution of (1) micro colloidal silicic acid, (2) boric acid, and (3) a water absorbing additive, having a ph value of equal to or less than 1, wherein the micro colloidal silicic acid has particle sizes in the range of 1-8 nm, especially in the range of 1.5-6 nm. The invention also provides a particulate product obtainable by the method according to claim 18, wherein the particles comprise (1) silicic acid, (2) boric acid, and (3) the water absorbing additive, and wherein at least 90% of the particles in the particulate product have particle sizes in the range of 0.3-5 μm..
 Method for detecting cancer cells metastasizing into sentinel lymph node patent thumbnailMethod for detecting cancer cells metastasizing into sentinel lymph node
A method for detecting a sentinel lymph node generating a microenvironment suitable for micrometastasis within the sentinel lymph node of carcinoma cells from a primary tumor or for detecting micrometastasis within the sentinel lymph node. A detecting agent is injected into the primary tumor, or tissue or a lymph node nearby the tumor, which allows the detecting agent to reach the sentinel lymph node by lymphatic circulation.
 Metal oxide particles containing titanium oxide coated with silicon dioxide-stannic oxide complex oxide patent thumbnailMetal oxide particles containing titanium oxide coated with silicon dioxide-stannic oxide complex oxide
A metal oxide particle containing titanium oxide coated with silicon dioxide-stannic oxide complex oxide including: a titanium oxide-containing core particle (a); and a coating layer with which the titanium oxide-containing core particle (a) is coated and that is made of silicon dioxide-stannic oxide complex oxide colloidal particles (b) having a mass ratio of silicon dioxide/stannic oxide of 0.1 to 5.0, wherein one or more intermediate thin film layers that are made of any one of an oxide; a complex oxide of at least one element selected from the group consisting of si, al, sn, zr, zn, sb, nb, ta, and w; and a mixture of the oxide and the complex oxide are interposed between the titanium oxide-containing core particle (a) and the coating layer made of the silicon dioxide-stannic oxide complex oxide colloidal particles (b).. .
 Cement and skinning material for ceramic honeycomb structures patent thumbnailCement and skinning material for ceramic honeycomb structures
Skins and/or adhesive layers are formed on a porous ceramic honeycomb by applying a layer of a cement composition to a surface of the honeycomb and firing the cement composition. The cement composition contains inorganic filler particles, a carrier fluid and a clay material rather than the colloidal alumina and/or silica materials that are conventionally used in such cements.
 Targeted therapeutic nanoparticles patent thumbnailTargeted therapeutic nanoparticles
Disclosure of methods and compositions related to chemical conjugations to nanoparticles of polysaccharides cross-linked to poloxamers as well as nano-sized colloids comprised of polysaccharides and poloxamers. The nanoparticles may be produced by various methods including inverse miniemulsion polymerization processes which create nanogels of desired size, shape, and stability for controlled therapeutic drug delivery, imaging, and theragnostic applications..
 Silicone absorbent adhesive layer patent thumbnailSilicone absorbent adhesive layer
An adhesive composition comprising silicone adhesives and one or more absorbent fillers such as hydrocolloids is disclosed. The adhesive composition is particularly well suited for use in negative pressure wound therapies..
 Colloidal collagen burn wound dressing produced from jellyfish patent thumbnailColloidal collagen burn wound dressing produced from jellyfish
The present invention relates to methods of forming wound dressings from jellyfish collagen. A jellyfish tissue is provided, after which an acid is added to produce a collagen-salt solution.
Use of foam with in situ combustion process
The present invention relates to a novel method of maintaining a steady and/or proper water-gas ratio for the wet in situ combustion process for oil recovery. In particular, the method comprises mixing water with a foaming agent, or some other colloid capable of generating foam, in addition to gas.
Methods for improving the flowability of asphalt particles
The flowability of asphalt particles may be improved by mixing the particles with comprises further compound comprises portland cement, calcium aluminate cement, fly ash, blast furnace slag, lime/silica blends, silica, ground limestone, cement kiln dust, chemically bonded phosphate ceramics, zeolites, geopolymers, cellulose, starch, calcium carbonate, colloidal silica, aluminosilicates, and combinations thereof. Treating the asphalt particles with at least one of these compounds inhibits caking during storage and enhances transportability..
Transdermal dosage form for low-melting point active agent
The hydrophobic reservoir layer may serve as a skin-contacting adhesive layer. Alternatively, a release-controlling adhesive layer may serve as the skin-contacting adhesive layer.
Oxide ferrimagnetics with spinel structure nanoparticles and iron oxide nanoparticles, biocompatible aqueous colloidal systems comprising nanoparticles, ferriliposomes, and uses thereof
The present invention relates to methods for producing oxide ferrimagnetics with spinel structure and iron oxide nanoparticles by soft mechanochemical synthesis using inorganic salt hydrates, oxide ferrimagnetics with spinel structure and iron oxide nanoparticles of ultra-small size and high specific surface area obtainable by the methods, biocompatible aqueous colloidal systems comprising oxide ferrimagnetics with spinel structure and iron oxide nanoparticles, carriers comprising oxide ferrimagnetics with spinel structure and iron oxide nanoparticles, and uses thereof in medicine.. .
Photocatalyst for the production of hydrogen
A method and composition for making photocatalytic capped colloidal nanocrystals include semiconductor nanocrystals and inorganic capping agents as photocatalysts. The photocatalytic capped colloidal nanocrystals may be deposited on a substrate and treated to form a photoactive material that may be used in a plurality of photocatalytic energy conversion applications such as water splitting.
Materials and methods for converting biomass to biofuel
This disclosure provides for materials and methods for converting biomass to biofuels. The materials include a colloid mill with or without cellulase enzymes, and the methods include the use of a colloid mill and optionally cellulose enzymes to pretreat biomass for use in a biomass to biofuel production process..
Edible composition comprising cellulose ether and its use as fat substitute in dairy products
An edible composition comprising (a) a cellulose ether selected from (a1) methylcellulose, (a2) hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, and mixtures thereof; (b) a polysaccharide hydrocolloid selected from (b1) alginic acid, alginates and mixtures thereof, and mixtures of (b1) with (b2) a non-ionic and non-acidic polysaccharide hydrocolloid different from cellulose ethers, wherein the total amount of cellulose ether (a) and polysaccharide hydrocolloid (b) ranges from 0.01 to 9% by weight, based on the total weight of the composition, and the weight ratio of cellulose ether (a) to polysaccharide hydrocolloid (b) is within the range of from 1:8 to 8:1, and (c) water. The use of the edible composition to at least partially substitute fat in an edible product such as a dairy product is also described..
Photocatalytic system for the reduction of carbon dioxide
A system and method employing sunlight energy for the reduction of carbon dioxide into methane and water are disclosed. Methane gas may then be stored for later use as fuel.
Photo-catalytic systems for the production of hydrogen
A system and method for splitting water to produce hydrogen and oxygen employing sunlight energy are disclosed. Hydrogen and oxygen may then be stored for later use as fuels.
Using colloidal silica as isolator, diverter and blocking agent for subsurface geological applications
A system for blocking fast flow paths in geological formations includes preparing a solution of colloidal silica having a nonviscous phase and a solid gel phase. The solution of colloidal silica is injected into the geological formations while the solution of colloidal silica is in the nonviscous phase.
Oximetry sensor adjunct for routine diagnostic screening and monitoring
Provided herein is an invention of a disposable adjunct developed to address limitations associated with oximetry sensor use: patient skin irritation and breakdown; compromised or interrupted display of data resulting from ambient light interference; costs incurred from replacing sensors with failed adhesion; and use of extra sensors for acute monitoring of multiple patient sites. This adjunct may be manufactured at a fraction of the cost of traditional oximetry sensors and can be retrofit to any existing sensor.
Highly functional cellulose composite
A cellulose composite which contains a cellulose and a polysaccharide and which is characterized in that the median diameter of colloidal cellulose composites contained in the cellulose composite is 0.85 μm or more as measured by a dynamic light scattering method.. .
Nanorod thin-film transistors
A method for forming an electronic switching device on a substrate, wherein the method comprises depositing the active semiconducting layer of the electronic switching device onto the substrate from a liquid dispersion of ligand-modified colloidal nanorods, and subsequently immersing the substrate into a growth solution to increase the diameter and/or length of the nanorods on the substrate, and wherein the as-deposited nanorods are aligned such that their long-axis is aligned preferentially in the plane of current flow in the electronic switching device.. .
Ordered superstructures of octapod-shaped nanocrystals, their process of fabrication and use thereof
This invention relates to the controlled realization of ordered superstructures of octapod-shaped colloidal nanocrystals, formed either in the liquid phase or on a solid substrate. These structures can be applied in many fields of technology..
Colloidal lithography methods for fabricating microscopic and nanoscopic particle patterns on substrate surfaces
A method of surface patterning by transferring particles interfacially trapped at an air-water interface to a substrate includes the steps of: (a) interfacially trapping a plurality of particles at an air-water interface; (b) providing a substrate having a polymer adhesive thereon, the polymer adhesive having a glass transition temperature that is less than 25° c. And an advancing water contact angle greater than 50; and (c) transferring the particles of step (a) to the substrate of (b) by the langmuir-schaefer technique..
Stable colloidal gold nanoparticles with controllable surface modification and functionalization
In the present invention, a method of producing stable bare colloidal gold nanoparticles is disclosed. The nanoparticles can subsequently be subjected to partial or full surface modification.
Osteosynthesis with nano-silver
An antibacterial coating that is composed of silver is disclosed, as well as medical tools and implants comprising such a coating, and a method and an apparatus for the production of such a coating. The medical tools or the dental or orthopaedic implant comprises a metal or metal alloy having a treated surface wherein the treated surface is at least partially converted to an oxide film by plasma electrolytic oxidation using a colloid-dispersed system and wherein the converted surface is partially covered by islands formed by colloid-dispersed silver-particles of the colloid-dispersed system.
Coating compositions for resins
A coating composition comprising (a) a uv-absorbing functionality-bearing alkoxysilane, (b) colloidal silica, (c) a multifunctional alkoxysilane and/or a partial hydrolytic condensate thereof, and (d) phosphoric acid is applicable and curable to resin substrates, typically polycarbonate substrates without a need for primer, heat or uv. On curing, it forms a film having transparency, mar resistance, and uv screening properties..
Carpet products and methods for making same
Disclosed are carpet products made using a first copolymer precoat adhesive to secure carpet fibers to a carpet backing or substrates in combination with a second copolymer skipcoat adhesive for securing a carpet scrim or other layer to a carpet backing. The first copolymer is a copolymer of a vinyl ester and ethylene and a cross-linking comonomer, and the second copolymer is a copolymer of styrene and butadiene.
Meat substitute product
A meat substitute product is disclosed. A meal substitute, such as vegetable protein, is blended with a starch, hydrocolloid, and an oil from a vegetable source..
Hydrophilic nanoparticles surface-modified with monosaccharide phosphate or monosaccharide phosphate derivatives, its colloidal solution and use thereof
Disclosed are a composition including hydrophilic nanoparticles that have a monosaccharide-phosphate or a derivative thereof adhered to the surface thereof, a colloidal solution of the composition dispersed in water, and a magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent including the colloidal solution. According to the present invention, nanoparticles having biocompatibility and excellent water-dispersibility can be prepared by modifying the surface of inorganic nanoparticles.
Colloid electrolyte composition
The invention relates to a colloidal electrolyte composition comprising a polyelectrolyte selected from one or more cationic polymers, a particulate phase forming a colloidal dispersion, and a binder system able to form a cross-linked network upon curing the electrolyte composition. Also, the invention relates to a method of preparation the colloidal electrolyte composition, to an electrochemical cell and to a method of preparation the electrochemical cell..
Antireflection substrate structure and manufacturing method thereof
A manufacturing method of antireflection substrate structure includes: providing a silicon wafer having a first rough surface; forming an antireflection optical film on the silicon wafer, wherein the antireflection optical film conformally overlays the first rough surface; performing a surface treatment on the antireflection optical film so that the antireflection optical film has a hydrophilic surface, and the hydrophilic surface is relatively far away from the silicon wafer; dropping a colloidal solution on the hydrophilic surface of the antireflection optical film, wherein the colloidal solution includes a solution and multiple nano-balls and the nano-balls are adhered onto the hydrophilic surface; and performing an etching process on the hydrophilic surface of the antireflection optical film by taking the nano-balls as an etching mask so as to form a second rough surface, wherein the roughness of the second rough surface is different from the roughness of the first rough surface.. .
Light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
A light emitting device includes a light source module and a secondary optical element. The optical element includes a light incident surface and a light radiating surface opposite to the light incident surface.
Portable pathogen deactivation method and apparatus
A portable, non-filtering, microorganism deactivation device for treating water contaminated with harmful bacteria such as e. Coli and fecal coliform, includes a housing, said housing containing a high porosity media saturated with an ionically charged material such as colloidal silver..
Watering device for plant irrigation
A plant watering device comprises a pair of water absorbent shells made from natural coconut husks. Cotton pads are placed between the shells for further water storage and slow persistent release.
Biosensors and porous particle reagent compositions
A reagent composition for a biosensor sensor strip is disclosed that provides for rapid rehydration after drying. The composition includes porous particles and is preferably formed as a colloidal suspension.
Graphene membrane with size-tunable nanoscale pores
Technologies are generally described for a graphene membrane with uniformly-sized nanoscale pores that may be prepared at a desired size using colloidal lithography. A graphene monolayer may be coated with colloidal nanoparticles using self-assembly, followed by off-axis metal layer deposition, for example.
Aerated sauce and methods for manufacturing and dispensing the same
An aerated sauce and method for making and dispensing the same is provided in this disclosure. In one particular embodiment, the aerated sauce comprises pureed fruit, a stabilizer, and entrained gas.
Foam etchant and methods for etching glass
A foam acid glass etching media including a solvent; a source of fluorine; and a nonionic surfactant. The foam acid is in the form of a colloidal dispersion with a gas dispersed in a continuous liquid phase.
Water treatment process for high salinity produced water
Processes and systems for treating high salinity aqueous liquids containing dissolved minerals, suspended solids, colloidal solids, free oil and grease, dissolved organics, and dissolved hydrocarbons. The liquid is passed into an electrocoagulation system in fluid communication with a solids removal clarifier, pressurized ultrafiltration system, the draw side of forward osmosis, and a dilute draw water reverse osmosis system.
Secondary treatment of films of colloidal quantum dots for optoelectronics and devices produced thereby
A method of forming an optoelectronic device. The method includes providing a deposition surface and contacting the deposition surface with a ligand exchange chemical and contacting the deposition surface with a quantum dot (qd) colloid.
Porous particles and methods of making them
Porous particles can be prepared using an evaporative limited coalescence process in which one or more discrete cavities are stabilized within the continuous polymeric solid phase of the porous particles. The one or more discrete cavities have inner walls and are dispersed within the continuous polymeric solid phase.
Protective coatings for inorganic substrates and coated inorganic substrates
A composition for protecting a surface of an inorganic substrate, such as concrete, terrazzo, or ceramic tile, includes a silicate (i.e., an alkali metal polysilicate or a colloidal silica), a siliconate (e.g., a metal siliconate, such as an alkali metal methyl siliconate, etc.), acrylic latex, a silane coupling agent, and a solvent, such as ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. Inorganic substrates, such as concrete, stone, and ceramic materials, with such a composition on their surfaces are also disclosed, as are methods for polishing and protecting inorganic substrates..
Method for producing alumina-crystal-particle-dispersed alumina sol, alumina-crystal-particle-dispersed alumina sol obtained by the method, and aluminum coated member produced using the sol
An aluminum salt is dissolved into water as a solvent to prepare an aqueous solution of the aluminum salt. Urea is added to the aqueous solution of the aluminum salt to be dissolved into the solution.
Porous organic polymeric films and preparation
Porous organic polymeric films having multiple discrete cavities can be prepared using an water-in-oil emulsion that includes a cavity stabilizing hydrocolloid on the inner walls of the multiple discrete cavities. The multiple discrete cavities can also include organic catalytic materials for various catalytic reactions, markers materials for security applications, or the multiple discrete cavities can be used to increase opacity, hydrophobicity, or other desirable properties compared to nonporous organic polymeric films composed of the composition and dry thickness..
Method for preparing cha-type molecular sieves using colloidal aluminosilicate
The present invention is directed to a process for preparing cha-type molecular sieves using a colloidal aluminosilicate composition containing at least one cyclic nitrogen-containing cation suitable as directing agents for synthesizing cha-type molecular sieves.. .
Adhesive or hydrocolloid containing vegetable oil
Various compositions including vegetable oil are described. The compositions also include either or both of an adhesive component and a hydrocolloid component.
Platinum oxide colloidal solution, manufacturing method therefor, manufacture apparatus thereof, and method of injection noble metal of boiling water nuclear power plant
An aqueous solution of alkali hexahydroxo platinate is produced. As a alkali hexahydroxo platinate, sodium hexahydroxoplatinate or potassium hexahydroxoplatinate is used.
Polymerizate comprising a macromonomer
The present invention relates to a polymerizate in the form of an aqueous polymer dispersion, the polymerizate being obtainable by radical polymerization of monomers in an aqueous medium in the presence of a free radical initiator and a protective colloid, wherein the monomers comprise a) 50-99.99 wt. % of at least one vinyl monomer chosen from the group of vinyl esters, (meth)acrylic esters, vinyl aromatic compounds, vinyl halides, and olefins, and b) 0.01-30 wt.
Assay device and method
An assay method is described, which comprises the steps of immobilizing a binding partner (e.g., an antigen or antibody) for an analyte to be detected (e.g., an antibody or antigen) on a portion of a surface of a microfluidic chamber; passing a fluid sample over the surface and allowing the analyte to bind to the binding partner; allowing a metal colloid, e.g., a gold-conjugated antibody, to associate with the bound analyte; flowing a metal solution, e.g., a silver solution, over the surface such as to form an opaque metallic layer; and detecting the presence of said metallic layer, e.g., by visual inspection or by measuring light transmission through the layer, conductivity or resistance of the layer, or metal concentration in the metal solution after flowing the metal solution over the surface.. .
Processed meat product without added phosphate, and method of producing same
The present invention relates to a processed meat product (sausage and ham) having no added phosphate, which is a harmful ingredient to humans and is used in processes for producing processed meat products, and to a method for producing same. According to the present invention, the ph of ground raw meat is raised to increase the water retention thereof, and a basic ph control agent, alone or combined with a hydrocolloid, is used as a substituting means for phosphate in order to improve syneresis and texture.
Apparatuses, methods, and compositions for the treatment and prophylaxis of chronic wounds
According to an illustrative embodiment a method to promote healing of a wound is provided comprising contacting the wound with a biologically active composition comprising a lipoic acid derivative and gelatin. In another embodiment a topical composition is provided, which can be formulated as a homogenous mixture, such as a spray, mist, aerosol, lotion, cream, solution, oil, gel, ointment, paste, emulsion or suspension or applied on a carrier material, such as a bandage, gauze, foam, sponge, hydrogel, hydrocolloid, hydrofiber, occlusive dressing, adhesive composition or scaffold.
Connection structure for a substrate and a method of fabricating the connection structure
A connection structure for a substrate is provided. The substrate has a plurality of connection pads and an insulation protection layer with the connection pads being exposed therefrom.
Method for determining the presence or absence of a biomarker
A method of determining the presence or absence in a sample of a biomarker, the method comprising: (a) linking an antigen to colloidal gold to provide a gold-antigen species; (b) contacting the gold-antigen species with the sample; (c) adding a diagnosis agent to the sample; and (d) observing the colour of the sample.. .
Method for producing zirconia colloids
It also pertains to the transparent colloidal suspension obtainable by this method, and to an optical article, such as an ophthalmic lens, comprising a transparent polymer substrate and at least one coating prepared from a composition comprising said colloidal suspension.. .
Preparation of metal colloids
A method for producing a silver colloid solution of highly stable resulting colloids includes adding an aqueous solution of a hydroxylamine salt to an aqueous solution of an alkali, and then dispersing into the mixture an aqueous solution of the metal ions, the hydroxylamine salt being selected such that the anion, when combined with the said metal ions, would form a metal salt having a very low solubility in water, wherein the metal ion solution is introduced into the mixture in such a manner that the metal ions are substantially dispersed throughout the mixture within one second. A maturing period, preferably at elevated temperatures, leads to a stable state..
Methods of fabricating photonic crystal
Provided are a method of fabricating a photonic crystal having a desired photonic bandgap, and a method of fabricating a color filter, including providing a photonic crystal solution in which a plurality of colloidal particles that are electrically charged are dispersed, mixing a photopolymerizable monomer mixture in the photonic crystal solution to form a photopolymerizable monomer-crystal mixture, applying an electric field to the photopolymerizable monomer-crystal mixture to electrically control intervals between the plurality of colloidal particles, and irradiating ultraviolet light to the photopolymerizable monomer-crystal mixture to photopolymerize the monomer mixture to form the photonic crystal or the color filter.. .
Oral energy supplement and related methods
The present invention relates to oral dosage formulations consisting of at least one active ingredient contained in a plurality of hydrophobic carriers dispersed in an aqueous medium comprising a hydrocolloid. The active ingredients include various energy supplements, such as caffeine and vitamins.
Biodegradable non-reactive oil-well stimulation fluid and method of use
Formulation for a natural product as a replacement for the use of traditional acidic chemical stimulation methods for the emulsification, removal and release of paraffin and asphaltenes from low producing or pumped off wells and reservoirs with the use of traditional methodologies. Also a method of use of formulation for stimulating an oil well consisting of introducing into the wellbore a biodegradable, non-reactive fluid system containing a water-miscible fatty acid solvent, a solution of fatty acids, an amino alcohol, and at least one non-ionic surfactant.
Situ mixing and application of hydrocolloid systems for pre- and post harvest use on agricultural crops
In-situ methods of applying ethylene response manipulation formulations are disclosed. The formulations comprise at least one ethylene response manipulation agent which is at least partially encapsulated, a polyol liquid medium, or a hydrogel medium, or a combination of polyol and hydrogel medium.
Biocides and apparatus
A biocide is formed by mixing at least one of ammonium sulfamate and ammonium carbamate with an aqueous solution of a hypochlorite oxidant at a molar ratio of ammonium to hypochlorite of at least 1:1. The biocide is useful in treating microbial or biofilm growth, pulp and paper process water, cooling tower water, waste water, reclaimed waste water, sludge, colloidal suspensions, irrigation water or a medium having a reducing capacity..
Multi-component encapsulated reactive formulations
The present invention provides a multi-component encapsulated reactive formulation comprising a mixture of two or more dry powder components, where each dry powder component is formed from a phase inversion process involving vigorous mixing. The dry powder is stabilized by hydrophobic colloidal particles, which assist in generating stable “dry water” microdroplets.
Oxygenated water and uses thereof
The invention relates to solutions carrying high levels of oxygen, e.g. To aqueous solutions having an oxygen concentration of at least 30 mg/l, especially at least 70 mg/l, and to uses thereof.
Multifunctional chemo- and mechanical therapeutics
Methods of treating diseases through the intracellular enhancement and synergy of chemo- and radiation-therapies by employing cancer cell-specific on-demand mechanical intracellular impact. The methods, quadrapeutics, combines four clinically validated modalities: encapsulated drugs, colloidal gold nanoparticles (gnps), near-infrared short laser pulses, and x-rays..

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