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 Methods of listen-before-talk mechanism for opportunistic spectrum access patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of listen-before-talk mechanism for opportunistic spectrum access
A method of determining and configuring a maximal clear channel assessment (cca) duration based on channel loading information for frame-based equipment (fbe) listen before talk (lbt) channel access mechanism is proposed. The cca period is a random cca duration generated out of the maximal cca duration, which is configurable and is carried in the radio resource control (rrc) signaling or the beacon signal of laa.
Mediatek Inc.

 Methods and apparatuses for preventing collision among uplink control messages for lc-mtc devices patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and apparatuses for preventing collision among uplink control messages for lc-mtc devices
In one example embodiment, the machine type communication device includes a processor configured to determine whether a first uplink control channel and a second uplink control channel will collide during a transmission from the machine type communication device to the communication network, and adjust the transmission of the second uplink control channel relative to the first uplink control channel if the processor determines that the first and second control channels will collide.. .

 Controlled ofdma random access patent thumbnailnew patent Controlled ofdma random access
Embodiments include a method, computer program product, and system for grouping electronic devices into contention groups to reduce uplink orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ofdma) random access (ofdma-ra) collisions. An access point may explicitly assign an electronic device to a contention group, or the electronic device may implicitly determine an assignment to the contention group.
Apple Inc.

 System and  reducing collisions in wireless networks patent thumbnailnew patent System and reducing collisions in wireless networks
In one example, a system and method includes transmitting a first type of information from a transmitter at a first set of transmission parameters, wherein the first set of transmission parameters includes a first phy data rate and a first transmission power, transmitting a second type of information at a second set of transmission parameters, wherein the second set of transmission parameters includes a second phy data rate and a second transmission power, and switching between the first set of transmission parameters and the second set of transmission parameters as a function of the type of information to be transmitted. One or more of the first phy data rate and the first transmission power are different than the second phy data rate and the second transmission power, respectively..
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Beacon protection in a wireless network patent thumbnailnew patent Beacon protection in a wireless network
A wireless station implements a technique to reduce the occurrence of collisions between messages in a wireless network by dynamically modify a message interval during a communication session, based on received information indicative of beacon timing. The technique can be implemented by an access point on a wireless local area network to reduce collisions of beacon transmissions.
Netgear, Inc.

 Pre-allocated random access identifiers patent thumbnailnew patent Pre-allocated random access identifiers
Systems and methods of pre-allocating identifiers to wireless devices for use in requesting resources over a random access channel are described. A wireless communication system includes a random access channel over which wireless devices can anonymously send requests for resources.
Wi-lan Inc.

 Enhanced carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols patent thumbnailnew patent Enhanced carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols
Power line communications (plc) device for enhanced carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols are described. The plc device includes a modem, an ac interface and a plc engine.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

 Fuel injection valve patent thumbnailnew patent Fuel injection valve
One passage for swirling is formed in an orifice plate fixed on a nozzle body. Two swirl chambers in which fuel is caused to swirl so that the fuel has swirling force are provided at an end of the one passage for swirling on the downstream side of the flow direction of fuel.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

 Vehicle, a hybrid power system thereof and a control method therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle, a hybrid power system thereof and a control method therefor
A detachable steering mechanism, comprising a steering wheel (1), an upper steering column (2), a worm (10), and a drive system and control system (20); said steering wheel (1) being fixedly connected to said upper steering column (2); said upper steering column (2) being provided with a thread (11), and a first drive gear (3) being provided on said worm (10); the thread (11) of the upper steering column (2) meshing and rotating with said first drive gear (3); upon said control system (20) detecting the ejection of the steering wheel airbag, controlling said drive system to drive said worm (10), said first drive gear (3) is driven to move away from the thread (11) of the upper steering column (2), allowing said upper steering column (2) to move along its own axis. When the steering wheel airbag deploys, said detachable steering mechanism allows the steering wheel (1) to move in the axial direction, thereby increasing the buffer travel in a collision between the driver's head and the steering wheel airbag, reducing the impact of the airbag on the driver's head and improving safety performance of the vehicle..
Beijing Zhi Ke Investment And Management Co., Ltd

 Active glove box door with ventilated reaction plate patent thumbnailnew patent Active glove box door with ventilated reaction plate
An active glove box door includes a bladder member joined along an outer perimeter with a front wall by a hot weld seam to form an inflatable bladder. The bladder member includes a circumferential pleat for unfolding in response to an inflation gas during a crash event.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

new patent

Bumper moment inducer

A bumper for a vehicle is provided where the bumper adapted to induce torque of the bumper during a collision, the bumper having a crush box. The bumper includes a bumper beam having an outer surface, a moment inducer extending away from the outer surface of the bumper beam, the moment inducer positioned adjacent to the distal end of the bumper beam.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

new patent

Method and robot path teaching

A dummy tool is used to teach a robot the path the robot will follow to perform work on a workpiece to eliminate the possibility of damaging an actual tool during the training. The dummy tool provides the robot programmer an indication of potential collisions between the tool and the workpiece and other objects in the work cell when path is being taught.
Abb Technology Ltd.

Resolving colliding signals

Systems and methods are disclosed herein that relate to transmitting and receiving a transmission when there is a collision between the transmission and reserved resource elements. In some embodiments, a radio access node for a cellular communications network is disclosed, wherein the radio access node comprises a transceiver, a processor, and memory storing instructions executable by the processor whereby the radio access node is operable to transmit, via the transceiver, a downlink transmission to a wireless device using one or more physical resource blocks (prbs) that comprise reserved resource elements (res) by puncturing the downlink transmission at positions of the reserved res.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Mobile robot system

The present invention provides a mobile robot system which predicts, in an environment in which mobile objects such as people come and go, a place at which the possibility that a mobile object may appear is high and a potential mobile object and can efficiently avoid collision with a mobile object. The mobile robot system includes an outside world sensor that measures a position of an object in a surrounding environment, a traveling unit that displaces an own position, and a control unit that controls the traveling unit.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Active radar activated anti-collision apparatus

The apparatus of the present invention provides onboard detection systems such as automotive radars the ability to react to difficult aspect ratio targets at an off angle to the road greatly increasing the ability of the operator of a vehicle to avoid a collision. The apparatus of the present invention is co-located with the difficult aspect ratio target, either as a mounted device or as an item worn by a person.

Range switching device for automatic transmission and switching method therefor

The present invention relates to a range switching device for performing range switching of an automatic transmission by using an actuator that is electrically controlled to be driven, and to a switching method thereof. A range switching device of an automatic transmission that can reduce collision noise occurring from a detent mechanism and a switching method thereof are provided.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Locking actuator with a collision detection system for a lift

A locking actuator with a collision detection system for a lift is arranged to detect misalignment relative to a locking receptacle and to stop activation of the locking actuator when misalignment is detected.. .
Advance Lifts, Inc.

Collision avoidance based on front wheel off tracking during reverse operation

A method of avoiding a collision while operating a vehicle in reverse comprises detecting an object proximate to a vehicle with at least one sensor including detecting objects located along side of a vehicle and determining a predicted vehicle path, including a tracking path for front wheels of the vehicle. A probability is determined with a controller located within the vehicle of collision of one of the front corner and a side of the vehicle with the object while the vehicle is travelling in reverse and at least one collision avoidance response is determined with the controller based on the probability of collision..
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

Collision avoidance system

The present invention relates to a collision system in a vehicle that uses a three dimensional imaging device to map a three dimensional object external to the vehicle. A positioning module will superimpose the position of the body of the vehicle onto the mapped object in dependence of the potential impact location.
Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Virtual moving safety limits for vehicles transporting objects

Example systems and methods are disclosed for implementing vehicle operation limits to prevent vehicle load failure during vehicle teleoperation. The method may include receiving sensor data from sensors on a vehicle that carries a load.
Google Inc.

Method for controlling advanced emergency braking system depending on load change of vehicle

A method for controlling an automatic emergency braking system is able to optimize a control of the automatic emergency braking system depending on a load of a vehicle by classifying the load of the vehicle into load groups depending on the load of the vehicle and by controlling control factors including a braking command point in time corresponding to a time to collision (ttc) and a deceleration depending on the load groups. The method for controlling an advanced emergency braking system depending on a load change of a vehicle includes: calculating a load of the vehicle by receiving braking information from an engine controller; classifying the calculated load of the vehicle into a load group among a plurality of load groups; and controlling a control factor of the advanced emergency braking system depending on the classified load group..
Hyundai Motor Company

Airbag assemblies for vehicles with generous leg room

Protection systems for vehicle occupants, such as airbag assemblies, can be deployed from within a vehicle. Such airbag assemblies can include a frontal airbag cushion and a knee restraint to absorb an occupant's impact energy during a collision event.
Autoliv Asp, Inc.

Driver assistance system for a vehicle

A driver assistance system suitable for use in a vehicle includes a forward-viewing camera mounted at a front windshield of the vehicle, and an event recorder having an image processor and memory. Based at least in part on processing by the image processor of image data captured by the camera, a lane departure warning is generated if, when a turn signal of the vehicle is not activated, at least one of (i) the vehicle is heading towards a lane marking and (ii) the vehicle is within a certain distance of an edge of a lane marking for a certain time.
Magna Electronics Inc.

Apparatuses, efficient solubilization of carbon dioxide in water using high energy impact

A method for the efficient solubilization of carbon dioxide in water through the use of high energy impacts is disclosed. The method can optionally includes mixing the carbon dioxide and water to form an annular dispersed flow, accelerating the carbon dioxide and water prior to the collision; providing a retention network to collect the carbonated water flow.
Apiqe Holdings, Llc

Stand device having collision monitoring and collision monitoring

The invention relates to a stand apparatus (1) for arrangement in an operation room and for local displacement of a medical facility (20) in the operation room comprising the medical facility (20) and a supporting system (10) comprising an assembly facility (11), and at least one support arm (13, 14) that is mounted to it in a movable manner, particularly in a pivoted manner via a swivel joint (12.1, 12.2, 12.3), whereby the medical facility is fastened to the support arm and can thus be displaced inside an activity radius according to the degree of freedom of the carrying system, and whereby the stand apparatus (1) is equipped in such a way as to detect at least one obstacle inside the radius of the stand apparatus and to display and/or to prevent a possible collision with the obstacle. Furthermore, the invention relates to a method for monitoring the stand apparatus (1)..
Ondal Medical Systems Gmbh

Device-to-device communication collision resolution

A first terminal device (100a) transmits scheduling assignments to announce its scheduled data transmissions. A second terminal device (100b), after receiving the scheduling assignment, determines the timing information of the scheduled data transmission from the first terminal device (100a).
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Method and system for adaptive channel access in unlicensed spectrum

A method and a device for adaptive channel access are disclosed. In an embodiment includes adaptively adjusting, by a small base station (sbs), access parameters for small cells to ensure quality of service (qos) to cellular users while minimizing collision probability for wifi users..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and selection of enhanced distributed channel access parameters for ofdma

One embodiment is directed to a method comprising selecting a group of packets for at least one access category, determining a set of contention parameters based on the at least one access category, transmitting the selected group of packets by using the determined set of contention parameters, obtaining information about collision of the transmitted group of packets, and determining an updated set of contention parameters based on the obtained collision information and a predefined condition.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy

Driving training and assessment system and method

The present disclosure can allow existing and aspiring drivers to be exposed to a plurality of salient driving items, i.e., objects or activities that may require cognitive awareness from the driver, so as to keep these items from becoming a hazard, e.g., something that has the potential of causing vehicle collision/damage, property damage, or personal injury. The user is repetitively and, in some embodiments, simultaneously, exposed to salient items and other non-salient items (i.e., objects or activities that do not require cognitive awareness but are in the driver's field-of-view) in a virtual environment, facilitating the inducement of a recognition response when these same salient items are encountered while driving a vehicle.
Hotpaths, Inc.

Method and device for an aircraft for handling potential collisions in air traffic

A method for an aircraft for handling potential collisions in air traffic includes providing by a collision avoidance system a collision avoidance maneuver to avoid a collision with one or more intruders. The collision avoidance system is configured to obtain information about these intruders.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

Collision-avoidance support device

In a case where a relative velocity vr decreases, a timing calculation unit of a collision-avoidance support ecu calculates a time t1 shorter than a time t2, as a time to a collision, using a distance d and the relative velocity vr without using acceleration gr. The timing calculation unit calculates a timing of a start of collision-avoidance support on the basis of the time t1.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

System and estimating collision damage to a car

For determining an estimate of the collision damage to a car, a body part (3) of the car is displayed in a user interface (100). Through the user interface (100), input is received from the user for drawing on the body part (3) one or more damaged areas (4c, 5c).
Audatex Gmbh

Computer vision collision avoidance in drilling operations

A system and method for automatically preventing a collision between objects is described. One or more images of a working space may be collected, and a first object may be identified based on the one or more images.
Transocean Sedco Forex Ventures Limited

Transaction scheduling system for a wireless data communications network

System and method for scheduling and coordinating transmission signals in a wireless data communications network, comprising a master node and at least one tag node. In some embodiments, the network may also include a slave node.
Shottracker, Inc.


A controller enables execution of control programs in parallel using a multi-core processor in shorter cycles without causing communication collisions. The controller executes control programs in multiple cycles.
Omron Corporation

System and mobile platform operation

A system for operating a mobile platform using distance and speed information and methods for making and using same. The system includes a time-of-flight sensor and an ultrasound sensor for measuring a distance between the mobile platform and an obstacle and a processor for integrating the sensed measurements and controlling the mobile platform.
Sz Dji Technology Co., Ltd.

Wheel detection and its application in object tracking and sensor registration

A method and system are disclosed for tracking a remote vehicle which is driving in a lateral position relative to a host vehicle. Target data from two radar sensors are provided to an object detection fusion system.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Test sample support, and collision test apparatus and collision test structural member using the support

A test sample support for use in a collision test using a center pillar assembly of an automobile body as a test sample, includes a linear main body, a first attachment part, and a second attachment part. A cross section of the main body of the test sample support is an open section of cross-shaped.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Meatal Corporation

Twin-clutch transmission

A twin-clutch transmission that can always effectively reduce gear shift shock and a collision sound even under the existence of variation attributed to component tolerance and change over the ages attributed to wear. A twin-clutch transmission calculates a rotational speed difference (.

Side collision load transmission structure

A side collision load transmission structure including a floor tunnel, a vehicle compartment side wall, a vehicle seat, side frames, a first transmission member that couples together lower end portions of the pair of side frames along the vehicle width direction, a load receiving member, and a second transmission member that couples together a portion further to a seatback up-down direction upper side than a join portion with the first transmission member on the side frame, out of the pair of side frames, on the vehicle compartment side wall side and a portion of the first transmission member that is further to a vehicle width direction outside than the length direction center of the first transmission member so as to he coupled at an incline as viewed from the front of the vehicle.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Vehicle body structure for automobile

Upon a rear-end collision of a vehicle, an arm section(s) of a cross member of a rear suspension member on the rear side of the vehicle, which is(are) positioned in a low-strength region in a vehicle-body strength distribution, undergoes crush deformation together with a corresponding rear side member(s). Deformation of the part of the rear suspension member other than the arm sections, which is positioned in a high-strength region in the vehicle-body strength distribution, is suppressed, so that a high voltage component mounted in the high-strength region is protected..
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Motor vehicle body with a deformation element and a side member

A body for a motor vehicle includes a side member, which is made from a fiber-reinforced plastic composite, and a deformation element. The deformation element is designed such that it can absorb collision energy in a low relative speed range of the motor vehicle through fracture.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Sensor abnormality detection device

A sensor abnormality detection device includes a first sensor that detects a situation of a first region at a periphery of an own vehicle; a second sensor that detects a situation of a second region, which is a region different from the first region and includes an overlapping region that overlaps a part of the first region; a sensor abnormality determination means that determines abnormality of the first sensor and the second sensor; and a collision detection means that detects collision of the own vehicle to an object; wherein the sensor abnormality determination means determines that at least one of the first sensor and the second sensor has abnormality when the first region and the second region do not overlap in the overlapping region after the collision is detected.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Floor mat with integral heel blocker

A floor mat is provided for a motor vehicle. The floor mat includes a debris pan and a debris retaining wall encompassing the debris pan.

Wireless communication base station equipment, wireless communication terminal device and search space setting method

Disclosed is wireless communication base station equipment in which cce allocation can be flexibly performed without collision of ack/nack signals between a plurality of unit bands, even when wideband transmission is performed exclusively on a downlink circuit. In this equipment, an allocation unit (105) sets up mutually different search spaces for each of a plurality of downlink unit bands, with respect to wireless communication terminal devices that communicate using a plurality of downlink unit bands, and allocates resource allocation information of downlink circuit data destined for the wireless communication terminal devices to cces in mutually different search spaces for each of the plurality of downlink unit bands, and an ack/nack reception unit (119); extracts a response signal in respect of the downlink circuit data from the uplink control channel associated with the cce to which the resource allocation information of this downlink circuit data was allocated..
Sun Patent Trust

Fuel cell stack assembly - datum design for fuel cell stacking and collision protection

A system and method for aligning and reducing the relative movement between adjacent fuel cells within a fuel cell stack. The inter-cell cooperation between fuel cells along a stacking dimension is enhanced by one or more datum placed along the edge of a bipolar plate that makes up a part of a cell-containing assembly.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Collision sensor assembly for a stationary structure

A collision sensor assembly is attachable to a stationary structure such as a pallet rack, a door frame, the corner of a wall, or the like. The collision sensor is configured to sense when a collision occurs with the stationary structure such as when a piece of movable machinery contacts the stationary structure.
Sentry Protection Products

X-band avian radar detection and warning system

The disclosed embodiments relate to an aircraft having an x-band avian radar detection and warning system. The system can include an x-band radar system and a processor.
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Combustion apparatus and water heater having same

A combustion apparatus includes a burner and a heat shield plate. The heat shield plate includes a main plate portion located on a lateral side of a flame formation region above the burner to erect, a stepped portion protruding from a lower end of the main plate portion toward the burner and set at approximately the same height as that of a flame hole surface of the burner, and air passage holes provided in the stepped portion.
Noritz Corporation

Automated mobile boom system for crawling robots

A system comprising a multi-functional boom subsystem integrated with a holonomic-motion boom base platform. The boom base platform may comprise: mecanum wheels with independently controlled motors; a pair of sub-platforms coupled by a roll-axis pivot to maintain four-wheel contact with the ground surface; and twist reduction mechanisms to minimize any yaw-axis twisting torque exerted on the roll-axis pivot.
The Boeing Company

Vehicle body comprising an interception device for frontal collisions with a slight overlap

A vehicle body may include a crossmember and a longitudinal member. The vehicle body helps ensure improved load absorption in collision events with small overlap between the crossmember and another vehicle or object.
Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag

Vehicle control system and vehicle control method

A vehicle control system includes a controller configured to, when a collision of a host vehicle with another vehicle traveling in a direction that intersects with a front-rear direction of the host vehicle is predicted (yes in s20), when the collision with the other vehicle is unavoidable (no in s70) and when the other vehicle comes into collision with the host vehicle in the intersecting direction, automatically turn a steered wheel of the host vehicle before the host vehicle collides with the other vehicle. The controller is configured to vary a direction of the steered wheel that is turned by the controller (s100 or s110) in response to whether there is a target, other than the other vehicle, around the host vehicle (yes or no in s90)..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Pre-computed and optionally cached collision mitigation braking system

When mitigating collisions between a host vehicle and a forward vehicle, the forward vehicle is monitored and real-time data regarding distance and relative acceleration between the host and forward vehicles is used to continuously calculate a collision probability. The collision probability is used to calculate a deceleration request value sufficient to slow or stop the host vehicle within the following distance to the forward vehicle.
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems Llc

Vehicle collision avoidance assist apparatus

A vehicle collision avoidance assist apparatus is capable of alerting the driver of a host vehicle that is to enter an intersection to the probability of collision or the like at right timing in order to prevent a crossing accident using information acquired from remote vehicles through inter-vehicle communication. The attention of the driver of the host vehicle to the front side including the intersection is increased when a large number of remote vehicles exist around the intersection which the host vehicle is to enter, compared with a case in which the number of remote vehicles around the intersection is small.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Method and system for providing a collision alert

An approach is provided for generating a collision alert based on the stopping distance associated with a vehicle based on an identifying characteristic. The approach includes detecting an identifying characteristic of a first vehicle traveling in front of a second vehicle.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Collision sensing system for rotary welding torch

A collision sensing system includes an outer housing with a ball roller mounted thereto, a piston, a lower housing, and an electro/mechanical switch assembly having a contact ring. The piston includes a helical groove on its exterior and a tongue extending from a lower end thereof.

Device and method to measure the effectiveness of protective sports equipment

This patent describes devices and methods to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of protective equipment in providing protection to players of contact sports, and to determine if a given protective product (pad) is compliant with a specified performance standard. To simulate the impacts experienced by these players, a pad-protected specially modified and instrumented manikin is impacted with solid loads of various weights at various speeds.

Mac protocol for directive transmissions

The disclosure relates to radio access systems, and more specifically to methods for media access in radio access systems. The disclosure relates to a method, performed in a first node in a wireless communication system, of accessing a shared media for directive signal transmission from the first node, the method comprises three steps.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Method and controller for controlling at least one load

Disclosed are a method and a controller. The method includes in a heterogeneous wireless capillary network which comprises a plurality of wireless capillary subnetworks, detecting by a controller a collision in a communication in one of the plurality subnetworks, and upon detecting such collision, at least one of changing by the controller a mode of operation in a communication in another one of the plurality of subnetworks, changing by the controller a mode of operation in a communication in another communication network controlled by the controller that is unrelated to the wireless capillary network, and changing by the controller a mode of operation of a radio device configured to communicate with the controller outside the capillary network..
Myomega System Technologies Gmbh

Wireless sensor network and association request transmission method

A method of transmitting association requests in a wireless sensor network includes transmitting an association request from a leaf node to an intermediate node. The method further includes transmitting the association request from the intermediate node during one of either a shared time slot or a dedicated time slot in response to at least one of the timing of dedicated time slots and data collision rates during shared time slots..
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Integrated circuit

A cce+ number allocation method reduces the ack/nack (acknowledgment/negative acknowledgment) collision probability in a mixed system containing an lte (long term evolution) system and an lte+ (long term evolution advanced) system. A cce (control channel element)+ number is defined by selecting a number from cce numbers of the cce to contain pdcch (physical downlink control channel) allocated in a resource element region constituting cce+ where pdcch+ is arranged.
Sun Patent Trust

Radio base station, user terminal and radio communication method

The present invention is designed to prevent producing inter-symbol interference against normal uplink communication in collision-type d2d discovery during inter-terminal direct communication. A radio base station can communicate with a user terminal that can execute inter-terminal direct communication, and has a control section that configures a d2d discovery resource area by allocating a type 2 discovery resource area immediately after a type 1 discovery resource area in a row, and a transmission section that transmits allocation information of the d2d discovery resource area..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Communication device and communication control method

A collision detection unit detects whether a first entry that is associated with a value obtained by hashing a first mac address is present in each area in a mac address table and detects whether a second entry that is associated with a value obtained by hashing a second mac address is present in each area in the mac address table. If the first entry is present in each of the areas, a collision avoidance control unit acquires the second mac address stored in the first entry that is present in one of the areas and inputs the second mac address in the collision detection unit.
Fujitsu Limited

Unmanned aircraft detection and targeting of other aircraft for collision avoidance

An exemplary method is implemented by an on-board microcontroller provides collision avoidance information for unmanned vehicle systems (uas). A first uas sensor provides first measurements of the other in-flight aircraft facilitating a determination that the other in-flight aircraft is within a field of collision avoidance.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Method and system of driving assistance for collision avoidance

The invention concerns a method of driving assistance for assisting a human driver in safely driving a vehicle called host vehicle, implemented by a processor on board of said host vehicle. The host vehicle comprises means for obtaining first information relative to the host vehicle and means for obtaining second information relative to at least one other vehicle in a neighborhood of the host vehicle, said first and second information being obtained at regular time instants, comprising triggering an intervention of a collision avoidance system.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Gas-assisted fluid atomizing injector

A liquid injector atomizer for direct injection in to the cylinder of an internal combustion engine is provided, with a supply of pressurized liquid a supply of pressurized gas, a body, and a nozzle with two or more orifices each for the liquid and the gas. Each orifice directs a jet of metered pressurized liquid or gas out of the injector body.
Nostrum Energy Pte. Ltd.

Passive hood hinge for vehicle

A passive hood hinge for a vehicle includes a hinge bracket fixedly mounted to a body of the vehicle, a hinge arm connected to a hood and rotatable when opening or closing the hood, a lowering link pin inserted into a guide slot formed at a rear end of the hinge bracket, a lowering link having a middle portion hinged to the lowering link pin and a rear end hinged to the rear end of the hinge arm, a transfer link having front/rear ends respectively hinged to front end of the hinge bracket and rear end of the hinge arm, and a locking means that restricts the lowering link pin to be located in an upper region of the guide slot during ordinary operations, and allows the lowering link pin to be lowered toward a lower region of the guide slot when a hood panel is deformed by a collision.. .
Kia Motors Corporation

Automatic parking control device, and parking assistance device

An automatic parking control device performs steering control and speed control so that a subject vehicle moves along a target path toward a recognized parking space; when an obstacle that is approaching the subject vehicle has been detected, calculates a collision position at which the subject vehicle will collide with the obstacle; on the basis of a margin distance that is set according to the driving behavior of the subject vehicle and the collision position, calculates a stop position upon the target path that is set before the collision position by the margin distance; and performs speed control so that the subject vehicle stops at the stop position that has been calculated.. .
Clarion Co., Ltd.

Vehicle control device

A vehicle control device includes: a lane departure prevention unit configured to control an execution of a traveling control of preventing a vehicle from departing from a lane; a gripping detection unit configured to detect a state where a steering wheel is gripped; and a collision detection unit configured to detect a state where the vehicle collides an object. In a case where the collision detection unit does not detect a collision during the traveling control, the lane departure prevention unit does not interrupt the traveling control at a time the steering wheel is gripped, and interrupts the traveling control at a time the steering wheel is not gripped.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Autonomous emergency braking system and controlling the same

Disclosed herein are an autonomous emergency braking system and a method of controlling the same. The autonomous emergency braking system includes a vehicle speed detector, a pedestrian position detector, a pedestrian information storage portion and an electronic control unit which, when the position of the pedestrian detected by the pedestrian position detector is located in a warning area or a braking area in front of the vehicle, receives the vehicle speed and information of the position of the pedestrian detected by the pedestrian position detector, calculates a time to collision (ttc), predicts a relative position of the pedestrian compared with the vehicle at a point in time after the calculated ttc passes by tracking a moving trajectory of the pedestrian from a time series change in the position of the pedestrian stored in the pedestrian information storage portion, and performs autonomous emergency braking control depending on the predicted relative position of the pedestrian..
Mando Corporation

Method and system for avoiding a vehicle collision

A vehicle includes a sensor device monitoring at least one collision region that is located in the surroundings of the vehicle for sensing at least one object that enters and/or is present in a possible collision region during motion of the vehicle; an electromechanical brake booster and braking force-regulating components coupled thereto, which are operationally integrated into a vehicle braking system for decelerating the vehicle; and a control device that receives signals from the sensor device and, on the basis of those signals, controls the brake booster and the braking force-regulating components and/or further active chassis components. A method for avoiding a collision between the vehicle and the at least one object includes, upon sensing the at least one object, modifying a driving speed and/or driving direction of the vehicle, with the aid of the control device in combination with the braking system and the braking force-regulating components..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Side airbag device

A side airbag device includes an airbag which includes a first base fabric and a second base fabric constituting an inflatable envelope, and in the event of a lateral collision of a vehicle, the airbag is deployed between an occupant and a door. The airbag further includes a partition fabric between the first base fabric and the second base fabric.
Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Bumper guard

A bumper guard assembly for protecting a vehicle bumper from damage resulting from a low speed collision is provided. The bumper guard assembly includes a flexible elongated body, a rigid terminal brace positioned on each opposing end of the elongated body, and a fender strap mounted on each terminal brace for securing the bumper guard to a fender of the vehicle..

Shock-absorbing mechanism

A shock-absorbing mechanism of the present invention may include a cylindrical member that is configured to axially receive a collision load applied thereto via a load-receiving member and to be axially deformed due to the collision load, and a load absorbing member that is received in the cylindrical member so as to be compressed with the cylindrical member when the collision load is applied thereto and that is capable of expanding from its compressed condition by a certain amount in a restoring direction when the collision load is released, wherein a pressing portion of a frame member has a pressing portion for axially pressing the load absorbing member when the collision load is applied thereto has a space which a portion of the compressed load absorbing member enters.. .
Toyota Shatai Kabushikikaisha

Drone assisted adaptive robot control

A method, a drone device, and an adaptive robot control system (arcs) for adaptively controlling a programmable robot are provided. The arcs receives environmental parameters of a work environment where the drone device operates and geometrical information of a target object to be operated on by the programmable robot.

Playing surface collision detection system

A collision detection system configured to determine when a ball or other object impacts against a playing surface, record the location of the object's impact, and compare the object's impact location against one or more preset virtual target areas to determine whether or not the object was successfully hit into a desired area of the playing surface and immediately reward the player with various types of audible and/or visual responses for hitting the target.. .

Portable container system

A lockable container adapted to fit within a docking area in a vehicle comprising three side panels, a bottom panel, a top panel and fourth side panel comprising a lockable door arranged to define a cavity within which goods may be stored wherein at least one of the panels is constructed of a plastics material and is removable from the other panels. The container is light and may be repaired on-site and thereby remain durable and replacement of at least one side panel enables rapid repair of the container when damaged through collision with fixtures in the vicinity of use.
Wrasp Ltd

Communication access method and user equipment

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a communication access method and user equipment, where the method includes sending, by a first user equipment, a first channel access request message before determining to send first information, detecting, by the first user equipment in a reserved resource, a second channel access request message sent by another user equipment, and then, sending, by the first user equipment, the first information when it is determined that the second channel access request message sent by the other user equipment is not detected in the reserved resource or a second scheduling priority carried in the second channel access request message detected in the reserved resource is lower than the first scheduling priority. Therefore, competition with another user equipment for a channel resource is avoided, and a probability of a collision occurring when information is sent on a channel is reduced..
Huawei Device Co., Ltd

Device-based two-stage random resource selection for small data transmission

Wireless communications systems and methods related to the reduction in a probability of collision for grant-less transmissions from internet of everything (joe) devices while not increasing search complexity at a base station are disclosed. An ioe device randomly selects a first access resource from a common pool, that the base station searches, to initiate a transmission.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Reserved resource pool assisted access resource selection for small data transmission

Wireless communications systems and methods related to the reduction in a probability of collision for grant-less transmissions from internet of everything (ioe) devices while not increasing search complexity at a base station are disclosed. An ioe device randomly selects a first access resource from a common pool that the base station searches to initiate a transmission.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method for checking ip address collision of ethernet communication module of plc

A method for checking an ip address collision is provided. The method includes: transmitting an arp (access resolution protocol) request message by setting an ip address of the plc ethernet communication module as a destination; receiving an arp reply message responding to the arp request message; determining whether an mac (media access control) address included in the arp reply message is identical to an mac address of the plc ethernet communication module; and determining that an ip address collision occurs, when the mac (media access control) address included in the arp reply message is not identical to the mac address of the plc ethernet communication module..
Lsis Co., Ltd.

Avoiding nfc communication collisions between accessories and user equipment

An accessory for a user equipment (ue) includes a housing and a near field communication (nfc) circuit. The housing is slid on the ue to become attached in a stored position relative to the ue.
Sony Corporation

Drive control device and fuel pump drive system

A microcomputer of a drive control device for controlling the driving of a brushless motor has a positioning part and a torque acceleration control unit. The positioning unit controls the power to be supplied to the windings, to thereby position the rotor at a drive start position which is a position of the rotor relative to the stator at which the drive control of the brushless motor can start, before starting the drive control of the brushless motor.
Denso Corporation

Automatic auxiliary-power detector for pool systems

Systems and methods for controlling power on a communication network bus connecting an auxiliary device and a control device in a pool or spa system. The control device includes a power source for providing voltage to the device and a power detector.
Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

Hall thruster with magnetic discharge chamber and conductive coating

Hall thrusters with conductive coatings are disclosed. A hall thruster comprises magnetic shielding in order to avoid collisions with the inner walls of its discharge chamber.
California Institute Of Technology

Drilling collision avoidance apparatus, methods, and systems

Apparatus, systems, and methods may include a magnetic dipole transmitter to be located in a ranging well. A voltage measurement device can include a plurality of probes where each probe is to be located on one of a target well, the ranging well or a surface of a geological formation comprising the ranging well and the target well.
Halliburton Energy Services ,inc.

Vehicle body front portion structure

A vehicle body front portion structure includes a front pillar, a dash portion and a load transmission portion. The dash portion includes a dash panel.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Transporter vehicle and transporter vehicle control method

A transporter vehicle includes: a vehicle; a vessel that is provided in the vehicle; a traveling state detection device that detects a traveling state of the vehicle; an object detection device that detects an object in front of the vehicle; and a collision determination unit that determines a possibility of collision with the object based on a loading state of a load of the vessel, a detection result of the traveling state detection device, and a detection result of the object detection device.. .
Komatsu Ltd.

Transporter vehicle, dump truck, and transporter vehicle control method

A transporter vehicle includes: a traveling device changing a traveling direction so that one state of a linear movement state and a non-linear movement state changes to the other state thereof; a setting unit setting a determination value related to a change amount in the traveling direction from the linear movement state; a collision prevention system including an object detection device detecting an object in front of the vehicle and a collision determination unit determining a possibility of a collision with the object based on a detection result of the object detection device, the collision prevention system performing a process for reducing damage caused by the collision with the object; and an invalidation unit invalidating at least a part of a process of the collision prevention system based on the determination value and a detection value of the change amount in the traveling direction from the linear movement state.. .
Komatsu Ltd.

Collision avoidance apparatus

A collision avoidance apparatus for a vehicle includes an object sensor that detects one or more objects around the vehicle; and an electronic control unit that (i) determines a likelihood for the vehicle to collide with the object, based on at least one of a distance between the vehicle and the object, and a relative speed of the object with respect to the vehicle; and (ii) starts executing a drive support to avoid the collision between the vehicle and the object when the likelihood of the collision is greater than or equal to a first level. A value of the first level is reduced in a case where a number of objects detected by the object sensor is less than or equal to a predetermined number than in a case where the number of the objects is greater than the predetermined number..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Method for activating at least one protective element arranged in a vehicle seat

A method is provided for controlling at least one protective element arranged in a vehicle seat for positioning a passenger sitting on the vehicle seat, wherein the at least one protective element is triggered by control of an actuator in the case of a detected imminent collision of the vehicle. After non-detection of an imminent collision of the vehicle and of a subsequently detected occurred collision of the vehicle, the at least one protective element is triggered by control of the irreversibly executed actuator at or after a collision time..
Daimler Ag

Vehicle movement control device, non-transitory computer readable medium, and vehicle

The present disclosure provides a vehicle movement control device including: a projection unit that causes a projecting member, that is capable of projecting to a lower side of a vehicle, to project to a position at which the projecting member touches a road surface; and a control unit that, in a case in which a collision of the vehicle is predicted by a prediction unit that predicts a collision of the vehicle, controls the projection unit such that the projecting member projects to the lower side of the vehicle and a predetermined vehicle attitude is adopted.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

System and warning a driver of a potential rear end collision

A system for indicating braking intensity to a main vehicle has an observational device monitoring positional and speed data of at least one vehicle proximate the main vehicle. A control unit is coupled to the observational device.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Collision detection device, communication device, collision detection method, and program

A transmission part transmits a packet by radio. A power detection part performs, at a given cycle, sampling of power of a spatial radio signal in a packet transmission period during which the transmission part transmits the packet.
Nec Communication Systems, Ltd

Amplify and forward techniques to reduce collisions in wireless communication systems

Techniques are described for wireless communication. In one method, a transmitter may generate a sequence of preambles including an amplify and forward (af) preamble, an indication that the af preamble is present, and an indication of at least one intended receiver for the sequence.
Qualcomm Incorporated

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