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Collision patents


This page is updated frequently with new Collision-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Collision-related patents
 Methods and  device to device communication patent thumbnailMethods and device to device communication
Systems and techniques for managing collisions in discovery of device to device communication capable devices. Depending on whether collision probability is high or low, collision avoidance, or collision detection, may be performed.
Nokia Technoloies Oy

 Method and system for carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (csma/ca) with directional transmission patent thumbnailMethod and system for carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (csma/ca) with directional transmission
Aspects of a method and system for carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (csma/ca) with directional transmission are presented. Aspects of the system may include a communicating device (dev), which transmits a portion of a pdu utilizing omnidirectionally transmitted signals and a subsequent portion of the pdu utilizing directionally transmitted signals.
Broadcom Corporation

 Peer to peer vehicle ad hoc network with bandwidth bonding, seamless mobility and flow-based routing patent thumbnailPeer to peer vehicle ad hoc network with bandwidth bonding, seamless mobility and flow-based routing
Peer to peer vehicle ad hoc network is implemented with a distributed p2p model for means of a decentralized model to house data/applications and bonding technologies to reduce collisions, which is extremely high for the accepted vanet standard of 802.11p. The inventive technology provides virtualization of various heterogeneous networks into a single abstract layer of data network, fast soft and hard handoff among various data networks with different link layer characteristics within half rtt plus hardware switching time, a complete load balance of data traffics within and among data networks, optimization of data network resource such as available bandwidths (optimal distributions available resources among the users of networks) with the ability of multi-path unicast for each internet session, utilization of shortest path algorithm for the adhoc access network routing..
Ist International, Inc.

 Adaptive cca and tx power level adjustment for dense deployment of wireless networks patent thumbnailAdaptive cca and tx power level adjustment for dense deployment of wireless networks
A method of spatial re-use with tpc and adaptive cca is proposed. A spatial re-use station detects spatial re-use information associated with other peer obss stations.
Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

 System and  full-duplex mac timing modifications patent thumbnailSystem and full-duplex mac timing modifications
A system, method, and computer-readable storage media for reducing monopolization of a frequency channel during full-duplex communications. The mac layer of governing communications can be modified to reduce likelihood of monopolization by (1) in networks which are exclusively filled with full-duplex devices, configuring non-communicating devices to ignore data collisions of communicating devices, requiring the communicating devices to wait for an standard backoff time after the data transmission is complete; and/or (2) in mixed half-duplex/full-duplex networks, requiring a half-duplex nodes and/or a full-duplex node to wait an extended duration after the data transmission is complete, while the non-communicating devices do not wait an extended duration..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 Ccn routing using hardware-assisted hash tables patent thumbnailCcn routing using hardware-assisted hash tables
One embodiment provides a system that facilitates forwarding of packets with variable length names. During operation, the system receives a packet with a hierarchically structured variable length identifier (hsvli) which comprises contiguous name components ordered from a most general level to a most specific level.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

 Systems and methods of suppressing unwanted ions patent thumbnailSystems and methods of suppressing unwanted ions
Certain embodiments described herein are directed to systems including a cell downstream of a mass analyzer. In some instances, the cell is configured as a reaction cell, a collision cell or a reaction/collision cell.

 Collision detection system patent thumbnailCollision detection system
An aircraft ground collision detection system comprising: an object detection device for mounting on an aircraft and arranged to detect objects and output the location of each detected object; and a processor arranged to: receive the ground speed of the aircraft and the heading of the aircraft and the detected location of each detected object; predict the aircraft's path based on the ground speed and the heading; compare the predicted aircraft path with the object locations; and output an alert based on the overlap and/or proximity of the predicted aircraft path with the object locations. By predicting the path of the aircraft based on detected ground speed and heading, the system can accurately assess which detected objects pose a collision threat.
Atlantic Inertial Systems Limited (hsc)

 Portable collision warning apparatus patent thumbnailPortable collision warning apparatus
A collision warning apparatus, mountable in a vehicle to detect collision threat levels between the host vehicle and an object or target detected forward of the host vehicle. All processing and signal generation takes place in a controller in the housing without reliance on external signals, except for input power, from the host vehicle.

 Method and  traffic safety patent thumbnailMethod and traffic safety
A method and apparatus for traffic safety are provided using vehicle driving-related information obtained on the basis of a transmission/reception beam pair of a road side unit (rsu) and a vehicle on-board unit (obu), thereby reducing a probability that vehicle collisions occur where visual fields may be obscured. The method includes setting a path from a current location of the electronic device to a destination, and transmitting a message indicating an emergency situation to other devices located on the path while moving to the destination.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Steering device

There is provided a steering device having a configuration in which a movable bracket can move relatively to a fixed bracket along with a steering member toward the downstream side in a movement direction, at the time of the second collision. A sliding member that is assembled to the movable bracket includes a main body section and a bent section.
Jtekt Corporation


Steering system

A steering system includes a column jacket that can extend and contract in an axial direction as a result of relative movement between an inner jacket and an outer jacket that houses the inner jacket, a regulation member fixed to the outer jacket and passing through an insertion hole in the inner jacket, and an elastic member fixed to the outer jacket. At the time of vehicular collision, when the regulation member is sheared by a peripheral portion of the insertion hole in the inner jacket in conjunction with the relative movement between the inner jacket and the outer jacket, a tip portion of the elastic member is fitted in the insertion hole..
Jtekt Corporation


Railcar head structure

A railcar head structure includes: a roof bodyshell positioned above a driver's cab window; and an underframe. The underframe includes: a pair of side sills; and a center sill located between the side sills and extending in a car longitudinal direction.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Vehicle collision management responsive to traction conditions in an avoidance path

Described embodiments include a system and a method. A system includes a surface evaluation circuit configured to determine a surface fraction characteristic of at least a portion of a driving surface of a possible collision avoidance path of a vehicle.
Elwha Llc


Motor vehicle with multi-collision brake

A method for triggering self-braking in a motor vehicle, in which following a first collision during an accident a self-braking request signal is transmitted to a brake controller by a collision sensor unit by a communications device of the motor vehicle. The multi-collision braking requested should be initiated in the event of damage to the brake controller that is caused by the first collision.
Volkswagen Ag


Dual stage hybrid inflator and triggering the same

A dual-stage hybrid inflator and triggering a method thereof are provided. The dual-stage hybrid inflator includes a main casing, a central pipe, and a disc set, a first propellant chamber assembly, a second propellant chamber assembly, a pressurized gas, a first igniter assembly, a second igniter assembly and an exhaust hood.
Mosa Industrial Corporation


Apparatus and avoiding collision

The present disclosure relates to an apparatus and a method for avoiding a collision including: a communication module receiving location information from another vehicle; a sensor module obtaining a location of a user's vehicle; and a control module checking a central node of an intersection that exists in a road on which the user's vehicle and the other vehicle drive, determining whether a collision between the user's vehicle and the other vehicle at the intersection is possible, based on pre-stored map data and locations of the user's vehicle and the other vehicle, and outputting an alarm when it is determined that the collision is possible.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Warning method and system therefor

A warning method and a system are provided. The warning system includes a wireless communication unit that is connected to a wearable device via short range communication.
Hyundai Motor Company


Height-adjustable warning lamp with emergency light indicating means

Disclosed herein is a height-adjustable warning lamp with an emergency light indicating means. The warning lamp includes a main body and a sub body such that the main body and the sub body are separated from each other in a vertical direction in order to extend the height of the warning lamp based on the situations on a road.
Sung-hwa Technology Industry Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods of adaptive regenerative braking and collision avoidance for electrically powered vehicles

Electrically powered vehicles may be equipped with both mechanical braking systems and regenerative braking systems. Regenerative braking systems improve vehicle efficiency by returning a portion of the energy lost in deceleration to the battery of the electrically powered vehicle.
Gogoro Inc.


Predictive collision avoidance for radiotherapy

Disclosed are various embodiments for predicting and avoiding collisions during radiotherapy. A depth map produced by at least one three-dimensional camera is obtained by a computing device.
The Uab Research Foundation


Medical examination and/or treatment device

A medical examination, treatment, or examination and treatment device is provided. The medical examination, treatment, or examination and treatment device includes a cover panel.


Automotive imaging system

Various implementations include an automotive imaging system that includes at least three cameras disposed on a vehicle and an electronic control unit (ecu) in electronic communication with the cameras. The three cameras have overlapping fields of view, and a processor of the ecu may be configured for generating at least three stereoscopic images from images captured by each pair of cameras and blending these stereoscopic images into one high quality panoramic image.
Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama


Method for avoiding signal collision in wireless power transfer

A wireless power transmitter is provided that includes a power conversion unit configured to form a wireless power signal for power transmission, and a power transmission control unit. The power transmission control unit is configured to control the power conversion unit to receive a first packet from a first wireless power receiver and a second packet from a second wireless power receiver in the same time slot, detect a collision between the first packet and the second packet, and control the power conversion unit to receive at least one of the first packet from the first wireless power receiver and the second packet from the second wireless power receiver in at least one time slot if the collision is detected at the same time slot..
Lg Electronics Inc.


System and collision avoidance

A method implemented using at least one processor includes receiving a plurality of images acquired from a plurality of image sensors disposed on a vehicle configured to engage an aircraft for ground operations. The method further includes determining at least one parameter about a potential obstacle based on the plurality of images and a machine vision algorithm.
General Electric Company


Vehicle vision system with collision mitigation

A method for determining potential collision includes capturing image data of an exterior environment ahead of a subject vehicle via a camera disposed at the subject vehicle. The presence of a leading vehicle ahead of the equipped vehicle is determined via image processing of captured image data.
Magna Electronics Inc.


Near miss system

Systems, methods, and apparatuses are described for communicating the occurrence of incident near misses between vehicles. In one embodiment, for example, a controller receives sensor data related to an operation of a vehicle.
Here Global B.v.


Survey administration system and methods

A system for determining preference, including a client device with feedback controls, a server and addressable uris; the device and server in communication over an electronic network and the uris' content retrievable over the network; the server automatically receiving and storing ratings, tracking uris, using ratings to create a preference model for uris, and using the preference model to suggest uris; the stored ratings include a record having a rated item uri, a rater having a unique identification, a rating value provided by the rater, and at least one metadatum for creating subsets of ratings. Also, a method for automatically creating a chimeric preference vector, the method steps including identifying a multiplicity of datasets of rated items; automatically combining the datasets to form a combined dataset; automatically identifying ratings collisions; treating ratings collisions to form a data subset; and generating a chimeric preference vector based on the data subset..


Subscriber station for a bus improving the error tolerance of a subscriber station of a bus system

A subscriber station for a bus system, and a method for improving the error tolerance of a subscriber station of a bus system, are presented. The subscriber station encompasses a transmission/reception device for transmitting a signal via the bus system to a further subscriber station and for receiving a signal via the bus system, in which exclusive, collision-free access by a subscriber station to a bus line of the bus system is guaranteed at least at times; and a modification device for modifying the transmission properties of a transmission path of the transmission/reception device and/or the reception properties of a reception path of the transmission/reception device..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Method for logically positioning multiple display screens

Disclosed is a method for logically positioning a second display screen relative to a first display screen including detecting a collision event of a cursor with an edge the first display screen, logically positioning the second display screen at the edge of the first display screen, calculating a projected path of the cursor, displaying the cursor on the second display screen, detecting a mouse event, calculating an offset between the mouse event and the projected path, and logically repositioning the second display screen consistent with the offset.. .
Henge Docks Llc


Assessing machine trajectories for collision avoidance

Disclosed are various embodiments for assessing machine trajectories for collision avoidance. A three-dimensional model of a patient based at least in part on data received from a three-dimensional imaging device is generated.
The Uab Research Foundation


High pressure fuel supply pump with electromagnetic suction valve

To reduce collision noise created by the operation of an electromagnetic suction valve provided on a high pressure fuel supply pump. In the present invention, in order to achieve the above object, the mass of a member which collides by magnetic attractive force is reduced to reduce the noise to be generated.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Rear vehicle-body structure of automotive vehicle

A pair of rear side frames respectively comprise front bending-promotion portions, middle bending-promotion portions and rear bending-promotion portions which cause the rear side frames to bend inward, in a vehicle width direction, in a trough-folding shape in a rear collision of a vehicle, and a longitudinal distance l2 between the front bending-promotion portions and the middle bending-promotion portions is set to be longer than a longitudinal direction l1 between the middle bending-promotion portions and the rear bending-promotion portions. Thereby, there is provided a rear vehicle-body structure of an automotive vehicle which can properly absorb a collision load at a vehicle-body rear portion, even if a rear side frame is made from material which may not cause smooth bucking of the rear side frame..
Mazda Motor Corporation


Automobile body structure and setting strength of front side frame

Since a front side frame, whose rear end is fixed to a front face of a dashboard lower panel of a vehicle body formed into a bathtub shape, includes a fixed portion, an inclined portion, a bent portion and a horizontal portion, when the collision load of a frontal collision is input into the front end of the front side frame, the fixed portion and the bent portion buckle so as to bend back, and the upper face of the inclined part abuts against the front face of the dashboard lower panel, thus not only making it possible to absorb the collision energy by deformation of the front side frame itself, and to increase the area over which the load is transmitted from the front side frame to the dashboard lower panel to thus disperse the load, thereby reducing the reaction force required for the dashboard lower panel.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Seat belt for vehicle

A seat belt for a vehicle comprises a first tongue coupled to a first webbing, the first webbing configured to cover portions of a shoulder, a chest, and an abdomen of a passenger; a first buckle coupled to the first tongue; a second tongue coupled to a second webbing, the second webbing configured to cover portions of the abdomen of the passenger; a second buckle coupled to the second tongue; and an actuator configured to upwardly pull the first tongue and the first buckle, wherein the first buckle is coupled to the second buckle; and upon a collision of the vehicle, the actuator operates to separate the first buckle from the second buckle, and the first webbing moves upward, restricting a movement of an upper body of the passenger.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Airbag device for front passenger seat

An airbag for an airbag device for a front passenger seat is housed in a housing in the shape of a folded-up body in front of a front passenger seat. The airbag includes a main bag section that includes at the rear plane as deployed a front-collision arresting plane for catching a passenger as moves forward and an auxiliary bag section that protrudes rearward out of the front-collision arresting plane.
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.


Collision avoidance method, control device, and program

A collision avoidance method according to the present invention avoids collision of a robot arm 120 including an upper arm part 122 and a forearm part 124 connected to each other via an elbow part 134 with an obstacle. Movable areas of the upper arm part 122 and the forearm part 124 in a state in which positions of both ends of the robot arm 120 have been fixed are calculated.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Bat with multiple hitting profiles

A ball bat includes one or more stiffeners configured to provide an attenuating surface that limits the bat barrel's elastic deformation as the barrel deflects radially inwardly as a result of a particularly violent bat to ball collision. The stiffener is spaced apart from the inner surface of the barrel a predetermined distance to form a gap, wherein the gap extends only partially around the inner circumference of the barrel.
Baden Sports, Inc.


Channel state information feedback scheme for cooperative multi point transmission and carrier aggregation scenario

Embodiments of a system and method for reporting uplink control information (uci) are generally described herein. In some embodiments, a first and second component carrier (cc) is provided for a user equipment (ue).
Intel Corporation


Rotating high-density fusion reactor for aneutronic and neutronic fusion

A fusion device produces fusion of neutral atoms and ions in an “aneutronic fusion” manner without neutrons as products utilizes strong ion-neutral coupling at high neutral densities. Ions and neutrals rotate together in a cylindrical chamber due to frequent collisions.


Collision avoidance in traffic crossings using radar sensors

A system and method for avoiding collisions in a traffic intersection using radar sensors is disclosed. The system detects the location, speed, size, and direction of travel of objects, including vehicles and vulnerable road users, in and approaching a traffic intersection.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Test method and system using a highly agile ground vehicle for intelligent vehicle testing

A system and method for testing a test vehicle or a system on the test vehicle for warning the presence of an object proximate the test vehicle or a system to avoid a collision includes a self-powered, independently movable target configured to be positioned proximate the test vehicle, the target comprising a support frame having wheels, a motor operably coupled to one or more wheels, brakes operably coupled to each wheel and a control system coupled to the motor, brakes and wheels and configured to control acceleration, braking and steering of the wheels, and a collision avoidance system operable with the control system and configured to control the target to avoid a collision with the test vehicle.. .
Mts Systems Corporation


Apparatus for testing side collisions with a vehicle body

An apparatus for testing a side collision with a vehicle body connects between a side carriage for testing a side collision and a side structure which includes a roof rail part configured to be connected to an upper portion of the side carriage, a side sill part configured to be connected to a side lower part of the side carriage, and a pillar part configured to connect between the roof rail part and the side sill part and be connected to a pillar of the side carriage. The side carriage is connected to the side structure while forming a space between the side carriage and the side structure..
Hyundai Motor Company


Intake engine

Disclosed is an intake apparatus for an engine transversely mounted within an engine compartment at a front of a vehicle. The intake apparatus comprises: an intake manifold made of a synthetic resin and disposed on a front side of the engine, the engine front side being a front side of the vehicle; and a fuel distribution pipe disposed between the engine and the intake manifold to extend in the cylinder row direction and capable of delivering fuel to respective cylinders of the engine; wherein the intake manifold has a protruding portion provided on a front surface thereof to protrude from the front surface in a vehicle forward direction, wherein the protruding portion is provided at a position capable of allowing a member disposed in front of the intake manifold to come into collision therewith in the event of a vehicle frontal collision..
Mazda Motor Corporation


System and air cart operation

Aspects of the invention provide vehicle-to-vehicle control (v2v) operation to keep an air cart or other storage element full and in operation during agricultural operations. When an air cart system and a supply vehicle come into an “active zone,” v2v can give control to the air cart system (or the air cart system could give control to the supply vehicle) to dictate at least one of a forward speed, a vehicle alignment and a direction of travel of the supply vehicle (or the air cart system).
Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.


Vehicle body front structure of a vehicle

In a vehicle body front structure, a collision load is input to an outside protruding portion of a gusset when a portion farther to a vehicle width direction outside than a front side member of a vehicle collides in a frontal collision with a colliding object (here, barrier (b)) such as an oncoming vehicle (i.e., when a so-called small overlap collision occurs). This gusset is fixed in a cross section of a front portion of the front side member, so the collision load is able to be better transmitted to a vehicle width direction inside portion of the front side member.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushika Kaisha


Method for operating a driver assistance system, and driver assistance system

A method is provided for operating a driver assistance system, and a driver assistance system. The method includes the steps: determination of a current position of an object in an environment surrounding the vehicle; determination of a first current state of motion of the object; determination of a second current state of motion of the vehicle; calculation of a sojourn probability distribution of the object, the sojourn probability distribution being a function of time and of space and being based on an object motion model in connection with the determined current position of the object and the determined current state of motion of the object; calculation of a trajectory, based on the calculated sojourn probability distribution of the object and on the second current state of motion of the vehicle, having a minimum collision probability for the vehicle and the object; and operation of the driver assistance system of the vehicle based on the calculated trajectory..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Railcar collision energy absorbing device and railcar

A railcar collision energy absorbing device includes: an energy absorbing element crushed in collision; and a casing extending in a car longitudinal direction so as to accommodate the energy absorbing element. One end of the casing is supported by a main structure of a railcar.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Integrative controlling blind spot detection system and lane keeping assist system

An integrative control system and a method for controlling a blind spot detection system (bsds) and a lane keeping assist system (lkas) for stable driving of a vehicle are provided, in which, when the vehicle is deviated from its lane and another vehicle is positioned in a blind spot, an estimated lateral distance is calculated using time-to-collision, and side brake control by the absd system and steering angle control by the lkas are performed based on the estimated lateral distance.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


System and responding to driver behavior

Methods of assessing driver behavior include monitoring vehicle systems and driver monitoring systems to accommodate for a driver's slow reaction time, attention lapse and/or alertness. When it is determined that a driver is drowsy, for example, the response system may modify the operation of one or more vehicle systems.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Method and device for operating a pedestrian-protection device of a vehicle, pedestrian-protection device

The disclosure relates to a method for operating a pedestrian-protection device of a vehicle, in particular a motor vehicle, which has a surroundings sensor system and a contact sensor system, and is configured to trigger at least one pedestrian-protection measure. The method comprises monitoring the surroundings of the vehicle to detect a collision object using the surroundings sensor system, and determining the type of detected collision object before an impact with the vehicle.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Path planning and collision avoidance for movement of instruments in a radiation therapy environment

Apparatus and methods for therapy delivery are disclosed. In one embodiment, a therapy delivery system includes a plurality of movable components including a radiation therapy nozzle and a patient pod for holding a patient, a patient registration module for determining a desired position of at least one of the plurality of movable components, and a motion control module for coordinating the movement of the least one of the plurality of movable components from a current position to the desired position.
Vision Rt Limited


Low latency physical layer design for contention-based uplink channels

Certain aspects relate to methods and apparatus for latency reduction for ues in a rrc connected mode. During contention-based uplink access by groups of ues within a subframe, an enb may decode the received uplink transmission based, at least in part, on the assigned group of resources assigned to the ue and used for transmission.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Car emergency system and emergency measures using the car emergency system

A vehicle emergency system includes an accident detection unit for detecting a collision strength to generate an accident signal, a telematics unit for generating a flag signal in response to the accident signal and for storing the flag signal, and a call center server for recognizing an emergency situation when the flag signal is delivered, and for executing an emergency procedure after emergency call, wherein the telematics unit, even when reset by the accident signal, checks the flag signal stored before reset, and automatically transmits at least one of the flag signal and an accident message generated based on the flag signal into the call center server.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Dynamic channel bonding in multicarrier wireless networks

To address the inefficiency and unfairness issues in channel bonding, a dynamic channel bonding protocol is presented in which a node is allowed to start a transmission as long as a narrow channel is available and gradually increase channel width during transmission whenever a new narrow channel becomes available. The protocol aggregates all available narrow channels as one wide channel, removing the need of setting guard bands between contiguous narrow channels.
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University


Apparatus and discharging residual electric energy of fuel cell

An apparatus and a method for discharging a residual electric energy of a fuel cell can rapidly discharge and remove a residual electric energy of a fuel cell for safety after the fuel cell is operated or when a collision is detected. The apparatus for discharging the residual electric energy of the fuel cell includes: a discharge relay connected with a fuel cell and turned on when starting or stopping a vehicle or a collision detecting sensor detects a collision; and a non-linear protecting element connected with the discharge relay in order to discharge a residual electric energy from the fuel cell..
Kia Motors Corporation


Material modification by neutral beam source with selected collision angle

A neutral beam is scanned across a workpiece surface and the beam angle is controlled in a manner that avoids variation in the beam source-to-workpiece distance during scanning.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method for the computation of voronoi diagrams

Two methods are provided for the automated derivation of voronoi diagrams in 3d. The invention, implementable via various means such as a processing system, method, or data structure in a recording medium such as memory or as a self-contained electronic circuit, has wide ranging applicability to numerous fields such as big data analysis, computer graphics and animation, route planning, collision avoidance, computer vision, robotic vision, and etc.


Low collision damage bit

A low collision damage bit may include one or more roller cones including a first material and a second material. The bit may have a bit axis and a bit body, and the second material of the one or more roller cones may be positioned farther from the bit axis than the bit body.
Smith International, Inc.


Ballasted clarification system

In general, the present invention is directed to systems and methods of providing improved ballasted clarification systems for the treatment of water or wastewater. In accordance with some embodiments, a method may include introducing an influent including the water or wastewater and a coagulant; agitating or mixing the influent causing flocs to develop; introducing polymer and ballast wherein the ballast has an aspect ratio of less than 1.15; agitating or mixing the influent causing the ballast to move through the influent and penetrate the flocs; agitation or mixing the flocs to cause larger flocs to form through collision of smaller flocs among the flocs; providing the influent into a clarifying tank having a bottom and a top, wherein the ballast particles in flocs cause the flocs to settle to the bottom of the clarifier; and outputting an effluent from the top of the clarifying tank..


Vehicle control system

Provided is a vehicle control system capable of securing stability even in the event of a collision with a travel-path defining line such as a guardrail. The invention recognizes the travel-path defining line of a travel path from information about an area in a traveling direction of an ego vehicle, recognizes a traveling-direction virtual line extending from the ego vehicle in the traveling direction, and imparts a yaw moment control amount so that a formed angle between the traveling-direction virtual line and the travel-path defining line decreases after the ego vehicle collides with the travel-path defining line..
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Vehicle wheel twist system for small overlap frontal collisions

In one embodiment, a system is disclosed that includes a telescopic linkage coupled to a wheel of a vehicle. The system also includes a sensor that detects a small overlap frontal collision of the vehicle.
Kia Motors Corporation


Steering device

A first plate of a stationary bracket has long holes which extend parallel to a column movement direction, and through which large-diameter portions of suspension bolts are passed. The inner circumferences of the long holes include: recessed curved surface portions of end portions in a direction opposite to the column movement direction; first inner edge portions which are on the side of a middle position between the long holes; and second inner edge portions.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


System and autonomous navigation of vehicle

A system and method for performing autonomous navigation of a vehicle are disclosed, which recognize a possibility of collision risk through path estimation of a target vehicle, and generate an autonomous navigation path. The autonomous navigation system for a vehicle includes: a target-vehicle information detection unit configured to detect traveling information of a target vehicle; and a path generation unit configured to estimate movement of the target vehicle on the basis of the information received from the target-vehicle information detection unit, calculate a collision risk value by recognizing a possibility of collision risk between an ego-vehicle and the target vehicle, and generate an autonomous navigation path of the ego-vehicle..
Hyundai Motor Company


Method and device for carrying out collision-avoiding measures

In addition, the invention relates to a device for carrying out the method.. .


Vehicular child restraint and child protection system

A forward-facing child restraint and a child restraint system providing superior collision protection. The restraint and the system are for use in a vehicle having a lap belt and a shoulder belt.


Rupturable type hood hinge device

A rupturable type hood hinge device is provided on a vehicle body for opening or closing an engine room and reduces injury to a walker by reducing impact caused from collision with a hood. The hinge device includes a hinge bracket disposed on the engine room and fixed to the vehicle body and a hinge arm fixed to the hood to be rotatable with respect to the hinge bracket.
Kia Motors Corporation


Child safety seat

The child safety seat (1) for use in a vehicle in accordance with the invention comprises a seat member (3) configured to hold a child (2), a base member (4) adapted to be attached to a seat (15) of the vehicle, and a deformable energy absorbing element (20), wherein the seat member (3) is slidably mounted to the base member (4) in such a way that the seat member (3) is displaceable from an initial position to a shifted position by sliding the seat member (3) relative to the base member (4) and in such a way that crash-induced inertial forces acting on the child safety seat (1) during a frontal collision of the vehicle tend to slide the seat member (3) from the initial position to the shifted position, wherein the deformable energy absorbing element (20) is arranged to be deformed when the seat member (3) is slid from the initial position to the shifted position.. .
Britax RÖmer Kindersicherheit Gmbh


Arrangement with a collision detection device, medical imaging apparatus with a collision detection device, and operating a collision detection device

An arrangement with a movable apparatus part is provided. The arrangement includes a mat-like, removable collision detection device arranged on the apparatus part and a plurality of first fasteners of the collision detection device.


Enhanced rach design for machine-type communications

An adaptive rach operation is proposed for machine-type communications (mtc) in a 3gpp wireless network. The adaptive rach operation is based on context information to reduce rach collision probability, to control network overload, and to enhance system performance.
National Taiwan University


Method and network node for managing collisions

It is presented a method for managing collisions in a cell of a cellular communication network comprising a radio access network shared by a plurality of core network operators, each core network operator being associated with a priority. The method is performed in a network node and comprises the steps of: estimating a random access load in the cell by considering successful and failed random access attempts by wireless devices during an estimation period in the cell; determining a set of restrictions for wireless devices of a lower priority operator of the multiple core network operators based on the estimated random access load; and restricting random access in the cell according to the set of restrictions.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Enhanced carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols

Power line communications (plc) device for enhanced carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols are described. The plc device includes a modem, an ac interface and a plc engine.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Collision cell

A method of operating a gas-filled collision cell in a mass spectrometer is provided. The collision cell has a longitudinal axis.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Method and device for determining a collision characteristic of a vehicle collision

A method is provided for determining a collision characteristic of a vehicle collision for triggering safety means of the vehicle. The method has a step of an ascertainment of at least one determination-relevant time segment of a sensor signal representing the vehicle collision before a triggering time for a safety means.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Systems and methods for noninvasive blood glucose and other analyte detection and measurement using collision computing

In a noninvasive system for detection/measurement of glucose and other analytes in a medium such as tissue, spectra from the medium are deconstructed into features. Conditioned features, which contain frequency components specific to glucose or the other analytes, are derived from one or more features by modulating a carrier kernel with the feature.
Zyomed Corp.


Systems and methods for synthesis of zyotons for use in collision computing for noninvasive blood glucose and other measurements

A synthesizer synthesizes zyotons, waveforms that without a collision can travel substantially unperturbed in a propagation medium over a specified distance, for extracting via collision computing properties of interest of signals, such as the occurrence/absence of events and presence or concentrations of substances such as blood glucose, toxic chemicals, etc., obtained from high noise/clutter environments. The zyotons are synthesized using base waveform families/generator functions unrelated to the signal environment.
Zyomed Corp.


Systems and methods for collision computing for detection and noninvasive measurement of blood glucose and other substances and events

A collision-computing system detects and amplifies the energy associated with a feature signal to determine occurrences or absence of events, such as ultrasonic and/or geophysical events, or to determine presence and/or concentrations of substances such as blood glucose, toxic chemicals, etc., in a noisy, high-clutter environment or sample. To this end, a conditioned feature, obtained by modulating a carrier kernel with a feature signal, is collided with a zyoton—a waveform that without a collision can travel substantially unperturbed in a propagation medium over a specified distance.
Zyomed Corp.


Vehicle door outer handle structure

A door opening prevention mechanism includes a lever member rotatable relative to a base member and swingable in a vehicle inside-and-outside direction, and an urging member to bias the lever member toward a set position. The lever member is held in the set position when an outer handle is located in a door closing position when a given inertial force does not act in a vehicle outside direction during a vehicle collision, and swings in the vehicle outside direction from the set position to be moved to a locked position against an urging force of the urging member when the inertial force acts.
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha


A glazing

The invention provides a glazing for minimising or preventing bird collisions with windows or other glazings. The glazing comprises at least one substrate, an antireflection coating, and a uv reflectance coating.
Pilkington Group Limited


Enclosed drone use thereof

An unmanned aerial vehicle apparatus (100) that includes an air vehicle assembly (150) that is at least partially enclosed within a protective enclosure assembly (120) the protective enclosure assembly (120) is typically at least partially elastic, to protect the air vehicle assembly (150) from bumps, collisions, and other similar occurrences. The enclosure assembly (120) can also facilitate the ability of the apparatus (100) to operate in a ground movement mode (114), such as a rolling mode (116), in addition to a flying mode (112)..


Vehicles having a cross-vehicle stabilizing structure

Vehicle structures for dissipating energy associated with a collision are described herein. In one embodiment, a vehicle includes a first side support extending in a vehicle longitudinal direction, a second side support extending in the vehicle longitudinal direction and spaced apart from the first side support in a vehicle lateral direction that is transverse to the vehicle longitudinal direction, and a cross-vehicle stabilizing structure extending between the first side support and the second side support, the cross-vehicle stabilizing structure including a first joint portion coupled to the first side support, the first joint portion including a stiffness-reducing portion positioned within a perimeter of the first joint portion, a second joint portion coupled to the second side support, and a cross-vehicle stabilizer portion coupled to the first joint portion and the second joint portion..
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Method for operating a motor vehicle when changing lanes, and motor vehicle

The invention relates to a method for operating a motor vehicle when changing lanes on a roadway consisting of at least three lanes, with the steps: detection by a monitoring system in the vehicle of an impending lane change of the motor vehicle from a first lane to an adjoining second lane; detection of an impending lane change by another vehicle from a third lane that adjoins the second lane, to the second lane; the monitoring system determining whether a collision with the other vehicle threatens if the vehicle changes lanes; as soon as a threatened collision is determined, a warning signal is issued by a warning device and/or the motor vehicle is influenced in its lateral motion by a driver assistance system of the vehicle. In addition, it relates to a motor vehicle with a monitoring system..
Audi Ag


Method and device for avoiding a possible subsequent collision and for reducing the accident consequences of a collision

A method and a device for avoiding a possible subsequent collision and for reducing the accident consequences of a collision, in which after a first collision of the vehicle with a further road user has taken place, an automatic braking intervention by a vehicle safety system is released according to a braking model by ascertaining vehicle data from the handling of the host vehicle, buffering the vehicle data ascertained in a memory, inferring the category of the road being traveled on at the moment from the buffered vehicle data, determining an initial distance as a function of the road category determined, and ascertaining the condition for releasing the brake using this initial distance.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Airbag deployment method

An airbag deployment method for a vehicle including a dual-stage inflator, the method including sensing a vehicle collision; sensing whether a passenger seated in a seat of the vehicle is a child or an adult; and deploying an airbag using the inflator depending on the sensed type of passenger. The inflator includes a low-pressure first chamber and a high-pressure second chamber.
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and protecting vehicle passenger

The present specification relates to an apparatus for protecting a vehicle passenger, and the apparatus for protecting a vehicle passenger according to an exemplary embodiment of the present specification includes: a front two-axis sensor; a first side two-axis sensor; a second side two-axis sensor; a control unit which determines whether the vehicle passenger is in a front collision situation, by calculating an average value of acceleration values , or determines whether the vehicle passenger is in a broadside collision situation, by calculating speed and a speed change of the first side two-axis sensor using the acceleration value obtained by the sensor unit and by calculating speed of the second side two-axis sensor; and a protection unit which protects the vehicle passenger based on the determination of the control unit.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Personalized stroke recognition algorithm

In a method, system, detection apparatus and computer program for recognizing a collision of a golf club with a golf ball, the recognition procedure is configured to be executed partly in a motion sensor of a detection device, partly in the processor unit of the detection device and a mobile information processing device. The most complex processing and computation steps are executed in the processor unit of the mobile information processing device.
Caddieon Inc.


Adjustment of vuv emission of a plasma via collisional resonant energy transfer to an energy absorber gas

Disclosed are methods of adjusting the emission of vacuum ultraviolet (vuv) radiation from a plasma in a semiconductor processing chamber. The methods may include generating a plasma in the processing chamber which includes a vuv-emitter gas and a collisional energy absorber gas, and adjusting the emission of vuv radiation from the plasma by altering the concentration ratio of the vuv-emitter gas to collisional energy absorber gas in the plasma.
Lam Research Corporation


Transmit node detection by a receiver in a shared access lte environment

Presented herein are mechanisms to reduce collisions in deployments with wi-fi and shared access lte (sac-lte) equipment as well sac-lte equipment from multiple operators. The mechanisms enhance the baseline energy detection mechanism by incorporating methods to decode cross-technology physical layer elements and media access control (mac) layer elements in the wi-fi system to elements in the sac-lte system.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Light-sound warning system for participants in road traffic

Light-sound warning system of all participants in road traffic is disclosed which solves the problem of safe and reliable signaling of a pedestrian on the road. A driver who saw a pedestrian on the road activates the switch which transmits the information to other vehicles via radio signals, and signals to pedestrians with light and audio signals that there is a vehicle approaching.

Collision topics: Mass Spectrometer, Spectrometer, Augmented Reality, Consumable, Communications, Coordinates, Downstream, Biomolecule, Ip Address, Simulation, Random Access, Satellite Communications, Load Balancing, Wireless Modem, Networking

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