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Collision patents

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Collision avoidance system and method for vehicles

Collision avoidance system and method for vehicles

Ion optical system for mass spectrometer

Ion optical system for mass spectrometer

Ion optical system for mass spectrometer

Method and system for reconfigurable parallel lookups using multiple shared memories

Date/App# patent app List of recent Collision-related patents
 Neutron generator patent thumbnailnew patent Neutron generator
A neutron generator includes an ion source disposed in a pressurized environment containing an ionizable gas. The ion source includes a substrate with a bundle of carbon nanotubes extending therefrom.
 System and  handling of an uplink transmission collision with an ack/nack signal patent thumbnailnew patent System and handling of an uplink transmission collision with an ack/nack signal
Systems and methods for handling of an uplink transmission collision with an ack/nack signal are provided. An ack/nack may be configured for a repetition sequence.
 Apparatus and  access point selection patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and access point selection
An apparatus for access point selection are disclosed. The disclosed access point selection apparatus includes: a sniffing unit configured to sniff packets transmitted to each of a multiple number of access points during a preset duration of time; a calculation unit configured to calculate a retransmission rate for each of the access points, calculate a collision probability of packets transmitted to each of the access points and a number of terminals transmitting packets to each of the access points by using the retransmission rate, and calculate an uplink packet processing rate of each of the access points by using the collision probability and the number of terminals transmitting packets; and a selection unit configured to select the access point having the highest value of the uplink packet processing rate from among the access points as the access point to which a target terminal is to be wirelessly connected..
 One  delegate-based group channel access patent thumbnailnew patent One delegate-based group channel access
A delegate-based group channel access method is disclosed for machine-to-machine (m2m) communication. The delegate-based group channel access method groups m2m devices having common characteristics together, assigns a single delegate or multiple delegates from the group according to some criteria, and uses the assigned delegate to perform channel access.
 Method to generate data acquisition  mass spectrometry patent thumbnailnew patent Method to generate data acquisition mass spectrometry
A process for automatically creating a measurement method suitable for plasma ion source mass spectrometry, including: semi-quantitatively measuring all elements in the sample that affect the measurement; determining a plasma condition based on the total concentration of the semi-quantitatively measured elements; for each of the semi-quantitatively measured elements, estimating signal strengths of the element and an interference component in the sample to be measured and based on the resultant estimates, estimating the concentration of the element; and, based on the estimated signal strengths of the elements and the interference components and the estimated concentrations of the elements, creating at least one mass spectrometry method including at least one of: (1) a plasma condition; (2) an internal standard to be added to the sample; (3) a tuning condition for the collision/reaction cell; (4) a mass-to-charge ratio used in the mass spectrometer; and (5) an integration time used in the mass spectrometer.. .
 Ion optical system for mass spectrometer patent thumbnailnew patent Ion optical system for mass spectrometer
A mass spectrometer includes: a plasma generation device for generating plasma for ionizing an introduced sample; an interface device for drawing the plasma into vacuum; an ion lens device for extracting and inducing ions as an ion beam from the plasma; a collision/reaction cell for removing an interference ion from the ion beam; a mass analyzer or filter for allowing a predetermined ion in the ion beam from the collision/reaction cell to pass along a first axis based on a mass-to-charge ratio; an ion detector for detecting the ion; an ion deflection device before the mass analyzer, and also an ion deflection device between the mass analyzer and the ion detector. The mass spectrometer reduces background noises in a mass analyzer by removing neutral particles from the ion beam without reducing the measurement sensitivity on ions to be analyzed as much as possible..
 Method and system for reconfigurable parallel lookups using multiple shared memories patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for reconfigurable parallel lookups using multiple shared memories
Embodiments of the present invention relate to multiple parallel lookups using a pool of shared memories by proper configuration of interconnection networks. The number of shared memories reserved for each lookup is reconfigurable based on the memory capacity needed by that lookup.
 Pulse mechanism for memory circuit interruption patent thumbnailnew patent Pulse mechanism for memory circuit interruption
In a memory system where multiple memory chips communicate their ready/busy status on a shared bus line, a pulse mechanism is used for the individual memory chips to indicate their ready/busy status to the controller. In one example, the controller assigns pulse durations of differing lengths to the memory dies to allow the controller to distinguish between them.
 Resolving label collisions on a digital map patent thumbnailnew patent Resolving label collisions on a digital map
A technique for displaying labels on a digital map comprise displaying the digital map via a user interface at a first zoom level, including displaying non-overlapping labels. The method also comprises receiving, via the user interface, a request to zoom out from the digital map to a second zoom level, where the second zoom level corresponds to smaller magnification than the first zoom level, and where the plurality of labels have the same size at the first zoom level and the second zoom level.
 Collision avoidance  vehicles patent thumbnailnew patent Collision avoidance vehicles
A collision avoidance system is configured to be installed in a vehicle, and includes a speed sensing unit to sense a speed of the vehicle, a distance sensing unit to sense a distance between the vehicle and a nearby object, an epb unit to decelerate the vehicle, and a control unit to compute a length of collision time after which the vehicle is predicted to collide with the object according to the speed of the vehicle and the distance between the vehicle and the object, and to control the epb unit to decelerate the vehicle when the collision time is not longer than a brake time length.. .
new patent

System and distance learning with efficient retrieval

A computer-implemented method can include receiving training data that includes a set of non-matching pairs and a set of matching pairs. The method can further include calculating a non-matching collision probability for each non-matching pair of the set of non-matching pairs and a matching collision probability for each matching pair of the set of matching pairs.
new patent

Systems and methods for reducing input device noise

Stabilizing systems are disclosed herein that can reduce the amount of noise produced by an input device and can contribute to a stable feeling in operation even with a short pushing stroke. In some embodiments, a stabilizer bar is coupled to a base plate by hooks with semi-circular cut-outs that allow the stabilizer bar to slide and tilt relative to the base plate.
new patent

Displacement sensor for a robotic vehicle detecting a lift event and a collision event

A robotic vehicle may include control circuitry configured to execute stored instructions to direct operation of the robotic vehicle on a defined area, and an electrical resistance sensor in communication with the control circuitry. The electrical resistance sensor may be configured to detect motion indicative of a lift event and a collision event using a single sensor..
new patent

Method and apparatus to prevent diver injury from hitting the diving platform after commencement of the dive

The invention's innovation in the field of safety of aquatic sport of platform diving is a method and apparatus to diminish the risk of the athlete's injury caused by an accidental collision with the platform after the take-off by timely activating a device that places a protective padding covering the top of the platform.. .
new patent

Process for manufacturing coated filler particles

The invention pertains to a process for manufacturing filler modified with functional particles in a high energy blending process through collisions of sufficient energy to bound, adhere, or otherwise associate the pigment particles to the filler.. .
new patent

Collision prediction apparatus

A collision prediction apparatus includes a sensor that obtains positional information representing a position of a target object with respect to a host vehicle and a processing device wherein the processing device calculates a movement trajectory of the target object with respect to a vehicle, based on the positional information obtained at time points by the sensor, and the processing device predicts a probability of a collision between the target object and the vehicle, based on the calculated movement trajectory and at least one of three parameters which includes a number of obtainment time points of the positional information used to calculate the movement trajectory, a change manner of a lateral width of the target object related to the positional information between time points, and a change manner of the positional information of the target object with respect to the vehicle in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle.. .
new patent

Adaptive anti-collision vehicle

An adaptive anti-collision method for vehicles has steps of creating multiple driving patterns with each driving pattern corresponding to a vehicle speed, a safe distance and a braking distance parameter, such as longer safe distance configured for faster vehicle speed, and higher vehicle speed or shorter safe distance for different road condition, acquiring dynamic information, such as vehicle speed or acceleration, of the vehicle using sensors on the vehicle, combining the dynamic information and drivers' driving behavior to determine a driving pattern through a statistical analysis and a neural network, adjusting control parameters of the vehicle according to the driving pattern for an electronic control unit of the vehicle to issue an alert or activate a braking action according to the driving pattern. Accordingly, the anti-collision method can be adapted to different vehicle speed, road condition and drivers' driving habits for adjusting the safe distance and the braking system..
new patent

Active knee protection system

An active leg engagement system for a vehicle includes a selectively deployable leg-engaging member containing an airbag or expandable energy absorber for protecting a pedestrian from collision with the vehicle. An alternative embodiment may include an expandable energy absorber within or behind a vehicle bumper..
new patent

Nozzle for dissolved air flotation system

A nozzle for a dissolved air flotation system includes a housing, a nozzle connector, and a nozzle body. The housing is has an inlet formed at one side and an outlet formed at another side.
new patent

Player avatar movement assistance in a virtual environment

Systems and methods are provided to implement a predictive avoidance algorithm, or “locomotion assist”, to help players maneuver player avatars to avoid collisions, as well as to occupy cover positions. A level of partial system control is exerted to subtly guide player avatars so as to navigate virtual environments, such as towards points of interest or away from obstacles.

Neutron generator

A neutron generator includes a sealed envelope providing a low pressure environment for a gas of hydrogen isotope(s). One end of the envelope defines an ion source chamber.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Magnetic force generating device and collision prevention system including the same

A magnetic force generating device is provided for application to a first object that is movable relative to a second object providing a first magnetic force, and includes a coil disposed on the first object, a sensing module disposed on the first object adjacent to the coil for sensing a distance between the first and second objects, and a processor. When the sensed distance is shorter than a threshold value, the processor enables provision to the coil of a driving current having a magnitude negatively correlated to the sensed distance, so that the coil generates a second magnetic force, which is repulsive to the first magnetic force, in response to the driving current..
National Taiwan Normal University

Ion optical element

An ion optical element that may be used as an ion guide in a mass spectrometer, as a reflectron in a time-of-flight mass spectrometer, as an ion mobility drift tube in an ion mobility spectrometer, or as a collision cell or reaction cell in a mass spectrometer. The ion optical element has an inner tube made of a first ceramic material within an outer ceramic tube made of a second ceramic material.
Waters Technologies Corporation

Computation of radiating particle and wave distributions using a generalized discrete field constructed from representative ray sets

The present system and method for simulating particles and waves is useful for calculations involving nuclear and full spectrum radiation transport, quantum particle transport, plasma transport and charged particle transport. The invention provides a mechanism for creating accurate invariants for embedding in general three-dimensional problems and describes means by which a series of simple single collision interaction finite elements can be extended to formulate a complex multi-collision finite element..
Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

Methods and devices for rendering interactions between virtual and physical objects on a substantially transparent display

Disclosed are methods and devices for rendering interactions between virtual and physical objects on a substantially transparent display are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method includes displaying a user-interface on a substantially transparent display of a wearable computing device.
Google Inc.

Autonomous driver assistance system and autonomous driving method thereof

An autonomous driver assistance system is integrated with a vehicular control system to constantly detect ambient road environment of the vehicle, identify a vehicle ahead with same driving route to a destination, and follow the vehicle ahead by autonomous driving to the destination. Signals of direction indicators of the vehicle ahead can be recognized to determine a driving direction and driving state of the vehicle ahead beforehand, thereby reducing the chances of emergency brake and collision and increasing driving efficiency.
Automotive Research & Testing Center

Mixing valve for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle

In a mixing valve for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle, the distance between pivot axes of two flaps is smaller than the diameter of the largest flap. The flaps are also connected to a single drive device.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Manufacturing polishing agent, polishing method, and manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device

There are provided a manufacturing method of a polishing agent capable of suppressing occurrence of a polishing defect to a surface to be polished and of performing cmp at a high polishing speed, and a polishing method. The manufacturing method of the polishing agent is a manufacturing method including injecting a slurry containing cerium oxide particles and water at a predetermined injecting pressure and colliding the injected slurry against the slurry each other or against a rigid body with a modified mohs hardness of 8 or more so that a rate of change of an average primary particle diameter of the cerium oxide particles before and after collision may become within 20%..
Asahi Glass Company, Limited

Inter-vehicle control apparatus

In an inter-vehicle control apparatus, a controller performs acceleration control of an own vehicle, based on an actual inter-vehicle physical quantity and a target inter-vehicle physical quantity. A limiter sets a limit value for a target jerk during the acceleration control.
Denso Corporation

Method and device for avoiding or mitigating a collision of a vehicle with an obstacle

A method is described for avoiding or mitigating a collision of a vehicle with an obstacle in a traffic lane of the vehicle, if the obstacle is at least partially blocking a planned travel envelope of the vehicle, the method including a step of detecting and a step of adapting. In the step of detecting, a position and/or trajectory of the obstacle is detected.

Shock absorbing vehicle

A shock absorbing apparatus for a vehicle may include a first coil provided in a bumper of the vehicle, a second coil provided on a vehicle body and facing the first coil, and a control unit applying voltage to generate a repulsive force between the first and second coils when a change in voltage may be detected by a movement of the first coil in an event of a vehicle collision, wherein an electric current flows between the control unit and the first and second coils.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Battery power cut off system for vehicle and method thereof

A battery power cut off system for a vehicle is provided that improves safety of the vehicle by separately detecting an overcurrent, an abnormal current, and a short current generated due to various causes while a vehicle is driven and cutting off power output from a battery. The system includes a collision sensing unit that detects an impact quantity due to a collision while the vehicle is driven and a battery sensor that detects an output current quantity of the battery.
Kia Motors Corporation

Device for adjusting the height of a vehicle

The present invention is a system for adjusting the height of vehicles. The vehicle is supported by a hollow cylinder and a piston having an undersized piston skirt is mounted on the suspension system's coil spring, and sealingly slidable within the cylinder bore.

Apparatus and collision avoidance between hybrid automatic repeat request transmission and device to device transmission in communication system supporting device to device scheme

A method for avoiding a collision between a hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) transmission and a device to device (d2d) transmission by a base station (bs) in a communication system supporting a d2d scheme is provided. The method includes determining whether a user equipment (ue) is a legacy ue or a non-legacy ue, determining non-d2d sub-frames which will collide with d2d sub-frames if the ue is the non-legacy ue, determining whether the non-d2d sub-frames are available, and scheduling a new harq packet for the ue in the determined non-d2d sub-frames if the determined non-d2d sub-frames are available..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and avoiding message collision between v2v communication

An apparatus for avoiding a message collision between vehicle to vehicle (v2v) communications may include a channel busy percentage (cbp) determiner configured to determine a cbp and a controller configured to establish a data rate based on the determined cbp. When the cbp exceeds a preset reference value, the controller may adapt the data rate to an upper data rate.
Korea University Research And Business Foundation

Transmission of segmented frames in power line communication

Segmented frames of data may be transmitted from a transmitting device using conflict free slots (cfs) within a carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (csma/ca) protocol on a noisy media. At a receiver, a segmented frame of data is received.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Collision cell

A method of operating a gas-filled collision cell in a mass spectrometer is provided. The collision cell has a longitudinal axis.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

Method of detecting and displaying a collision hazard for an aircraft, by generating a consolidated warning relating to avoiding an obstacle by a vertically upward maneuver

A method of generating and displaying a consolidated warning making use of collision avoidance warnings as generated by various collision avoidance systems (tcas, htaws, ows, fms, n) fitted to an aircraft. The consolidated warning is generated in application of a selection criterion for selecting collision avoidance warnings that relate to the aircraft performing an obstacle avoidance maneuver vertically upwards.
Airbus Helicopters

Ground obstacle collision alert deactivation

In some examples, a processor is configured to control a ground obstacle collision alerting system of an aircraft to deactivate delivery of ground obstacle collision alerts in response to determining the aircraft is in a designated ground area. In some examples, the processor is configured to determine the aircraft is in the designated ground area based on user input, based on a geographic location of the aircraft, or both.
Honeywell International Inc.

Collision avoidance among vehicles

collision avoidance among vehicles that each include a management module coupled to other management modules and a central database manager, includes: establishing, by management modules of a set of traveling vehicles having a location within a predefined area, a collision zone including a network of the management modules of the traveling vehicles; and sharing, within the collision zone, dynamic information describing the traveling vehicles; retrieving, from the central database manager, static information describing the traveling vehicles; detecting, by a management module of a first vehicle in the collision zone, a potential collision with a second vehicle in the collision zone in dependence upon the dynamic and static information; and controlling, by the management module of the first traveling vehicle, the first traveling vehicle to take evasive action in dependence upon the dynamic and static information describing the first and second traveling vehicle.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Crash barrier

A crash barrier for implementing a collision with a vehicle has a front to be moved toward the vehicle when the collision is implemented. The front side has a predetermined width and a predetermined height.
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

Component catch for crash robustness

Systems are disclosed to restrain movement of engine components in the event of a collision. A system may comprise an upper intake manifold; a cam cover; a shear catch located between the upper intake manifold and the cam cover; an upper component of the shear catch is arranged on the upper intake manifold; a lower component of the shear catch is arranged on the cam cover; and the upper component and the lower component are arranged opposite each other such that they engage when the upper intake manifold is subjected to shear forces.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Door latch vehicle

A door latch apparatus for a vehicle may include a lever weight coupled to a pole lift lever and providing an inertia force for the pole lift lever to turn in a direction opposite to a shock energy transmission direction in a side collision, and a lever holding mechanism disposed at the pole lift lever and a latch bracket and holding the pole lift lever that has been turned by the inertia force of the lever weight.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Door opening prevention device in broadside collision of vehicle

A door opening prevention device in a broadside collision of a vehicle, having a latch assembly which locks and unlocks a door side striker in conjunction with an operation of an outside handle when the outside handle may be operated, may include a balance weight which may be rotatably coupled to a side surface of a claw disposed in the latch assembly, wherein the balance weight may be pivotable downward by inertia in the broadside collision of the vehicle, and a striker locking lever slidably engaged to the side surface of the claw and elastically biased upwards, wherein the striker locking lever may be fitted between the side surface of the claw and the door side striker to jam the claw and the door side striker while being moved in a down direction by contact with the balance weight by the inertia in the broadside collision of the vehicle.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Process for manufactuing a filled polymeric materials with modified filler particles

The invention pertains to filler modified with functional particles in a dry-blending process through collisions of sufficient energy to bound, adhere, or otherwise associate the pigment particles to the filler, and a filled polymeric material manufactured with the modified filler.. .
E.i. Dupont De Nemours And Company

Method and the granulation of a liquid, in particular for the granulation of urea

Process and apparatus for granulation of a liquid phase, wherein a polydispersed flow of droplets of said liquid phase is generated, with descending motion in contact with solidification air along a substantially vertical granulation path, and wherein inside said polydispersed flow, small-sized droplets solidify producing solid particles, and said solid particles grow by collision with other droplets of liquid; in some embodiments the product obtained with this new granulation method can be grown with the conventional method.. .
Casale Sa

Transport and packaging container for accommodating a plurality of containers for medical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic applications as well as methods and uses thereof

Disclosed is a transport and packaging container for accommodating a plurality of cylindrical containers (2) for substances, comprising at least two segments (320, 330) of which each can be handled separately and which can be assembled or stuck together to jointly form the transport and packaging container (1), wherein a first segment (330; 320) of the at least two segments has a bottom (333; 323) for supporting the plurality of containers (2), and positioning devices (324; 25) are provided for positioning the plurality of containers (2) in the interior of the transport and packaging container (1) in a regular arrangement in such a manner that a collision of the directly adjacent containers (2) is prevented, and wherein at least one of the segments (320, 330) comprises sealing means (327, 328, 334, 335, 130).. .
Schott Ag

Front vehicle body reinforcing structure

A front vehicle body reinforcing structure may include front side members which are disposed at both left and right sides of the vehicle, each of which includes a front tip portion that is positioned at a front side of the vehicle, and each of which has a first closed cross section and front fender apron members which are disposed at both left and right sides of the vehicle, each of which includes a front tip portion that is positioned at the front side in the length direction of the vehicle and coupled to the front tip portion of the front side member, and each of which has a second closed cross section, thereby improving performance for coping with a frontal collision of the vehicle.. .
Kia Motors Corporation

Automotive wheel separation mechanism

An automotive wheel separation mechanism may include a hitting member that hits and breaks a lateral arm connecting a wheel to a vehicle body by being pushed back in the longitudinal direction of a vehicle due to a shock force from the outside in a front collision, and an anti-sliding protrusion that is disposed on the lateral arm to prevent the hitting member hitting the lateral arm from sliding on the lateral arm.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Vehicle body reinforcing structure

Disclosed is a vehicle body reinforcing structure. The vehicle body reinforcing structure includes: a front pillar which is formed to be extended upward and downward in a height direction of a vehicle; a side inner reinforcing member which is formed to be extended in a length direction of the vehicle; a floor compliance; a first reinforcing member which is coupled to a lower portion of the front pillar in the height direction of the vehicle, and has one end that is coupled to the side inner reinforcing member; and a second reinforcing member which is integrally coupled to the other end of the first reinforcing member, and has one end that is coupled to the floor compliance, and the other end that is coupled to the side inner reinforcing member, thereby improving performance for coping with a frontal collision and a broadside collision of the vehicle..
Hyundai Motor Company

Vehicle body structure

An object of the present invention is to provide a vehicle body structure in which it is possible to improve a side collision performance of a vehicle. For this reason, a vehicle body structure 1 includes a roof side rail 10 that is disposed at an upper side position of a vehicle, and extends in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle; and a center pillar 14 which extends in a vertical direction of the vehicle, and an upper end portion of which is joined at a position in the way in which the roof side rail 10 extends.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Autonomous vehicle driving support system and autonomous driving method performed by the same

An autonomous vehicle driving support system is mounted on a vehicle, is electrically connected to an electronic control unit (ecu) of the vehicle, and has a dangerous driving state determination device and a driving assistance device. The dangerous driving state determination device detects a driving condition of the driver and a collision possibility of the vehicle.
Automotive Research & Testing Center

Side collision detection device for vehicle

A side collision detection device for a vehicle includes a hollow detection tube member, a pressure sensor, and a control device. The detection tube member is arranged in a door of the vehicle.
Denso Corporation

Vehicle seat

Provided is a vehicle seat capable of efficiently absorbing impact energy generated upon a rear end collision in a manner such that the vehicle seat is stably deformed at a specific position with respect to a complex input load generated upon a rear end collision. A vehicle seat includes: frame side portions that are located at the right and left sides of a seat back frame and extend in the up to down direction; and frame extension portions that extend from the frame side portions toward the inside in the right and left direction.
Ts Tech Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and vehicle occupant protection in large animal collisions

An apparatus and method are disclosed for vehicle occupant protection in large animal collisions. Objects forward of the host vehicle are monitored using at least one forward looking remote sensor and object signals output.
Volvo Car Corporation

High voltage battery system for electric vehicle

A high-voltage battery system is provided that ensures fail safety against a room-temperature short circuit and a high-temperature short circuit in a high-voltage battery in an electric vehicle. The battery system prevents secondary injury due to fire in a vehicle collision or in maintenance while ensuring fail safety against a room-temperature short circuit and a high-temperature short circuit by implementing a type of safety element that ensures fail safety by improving the structure of a cell tap, that is, by partially reducing the cross-sectional area of a current path such that a conductive portion is rapidly melted by substantially high heat when a short circuit occurs in a battery..
Kia Motors Corporation

Apparatus and paging for mutli-standby devices

An apparatus and methods for improving paging performance for multi-standby devices having multiple subscriber identity module (sim) cards are disclosed. For example, one method includes determining, by a user equipment (ue), a paging collision between a first paging channel associated with a first subscriber identity module (sim) card and a second paging channel associated with a second sim card.
Broadcom Corporation

Uplink control information feedback method, base station, and user equipment

Embodiments of the present invention provide an uplink control information feedback method, a base station, and a user equipment. The method includes: receiving uplink scheduling information of a non-independent small base station; and sending uplink control information (uci) over a physical uplink shared channel (pusch) of the non-independent small base station according to the uplink scheduling information.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Emulation of multiple devices in an nfc device

A method in a signal generating unit (422) for generating a signal to be used in a near-field communication, nfc, reader (200) is provided. The signal generating unit (422) is comprised in an nfc device (400) and configured to communicate with an nfc controller unit (421) and an nfc-wired interface unit (300), the nfc controller unit (421) is comprised in the nfc device (400).
St-ericsson Sa

Systems and methods for reporting characteristics of automatic-driving software

A vehicle may include a monitoring unit configured to determine a characteristic of an automatic-driving software program operating on the vehicle. The characteristic may include an identification of the automatic-driving software program, adjustable parameters, internal variables/dynamic decisions of the automatic-driving software program, performance of one or more sensors, whether an automatic collision avoidance maneuver has been triggered, and/or the like.
Elwha Llc

Micro unmanned aerial vehicle and control therefor

A micro unmanned aerial vehicle or drone (“uav”) 10 is remotely controlled through an hmi, although this remote control is supplemented by and selectively suppressed by an on-board controller. The controller operates to control the generation of a sonar bubble that generally encapsulates the uav.
Torquing Group Ltd.

Apparatus for supporting flat liquid-crystal display of audio video navigation system

An apparatus for supporting a flat liquid-crystal display (lcd) of an audio video navigation (avn) system of a vehicle includes a module frame including a first through hole formed at a central portion such that an lcd assembly is disposed therein and second through holes formed on both rim portions to expose avn system manipulation buttons of an avn system manipulation panel. The lcd assembly is installed within the first through hole of the module frame to be held therein when a front collision impact is applied.
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

Bird anti-collision window film

A bird anti-collision film prevents birds from flying into windows by disrupting visible habitat reflections that might appear on the outside of the windows. Instead of simply blocking or absorbing light, the anti-collision film actively refracts and scatters light generating an active light disturbance.
Artscape Inc.

Automatic amino acid sequencing of glycopeptide by y1 ions

Apparatus and methods for automatic amino acid sequencing of a glycopeptide by mass spectrometry. The glycopeptide is fragmented by higher energy collision dissociation fragmentation, and sequentially fragmented by collision induced dissociation fragmentation.
Academia Sinica

Clearance check devices, systems, and methods

Clearance check devices, systems, and methods that can be used to indicate whether a proposed treatment plan will cause a collision between a patient/couch and a medical device, such as a linac, are described herein. Some devices and/or systems include an adjustable clearance member to account for the rotation of the medical device and a rotatable frame segment to account for the rotation of the patient or couch.
Scott & White Healthcare

Process for producing amorphous sprayed coating containing a-fe nanocrystals dispersed therein

The present invention provides a process for producing a sprayed coating which contains α-fe nanocrystals dispersed therein. This process includes a thermal spraying step for subjecting an alloy powder which consists of an amorphous phase having a nano-hetero structure such that α-fe nanocrystals having particle diameter of 0.3 nm or more and a mean particle diameter of less than 10 nm are dispersed and which has a first crystallization temperature (tx1) and a second crystallization temperature (tx2) and further has an fe content of 74 at % or more to collision with the surface of a substrate by a thermal spray method using a plasma jet or a combustion flame, and forms an amorphous sprayed coating which contains α-fe nanocrystals having particle diameters of 0.3 nm or more and a mean particle diameter of 30 nm or less dispersed therein..
Tohoku University

Fiber-reinforced plastic cabin for vehicle

Since an inclined face extending in the fore-and-aft direction is formed in an inner skin on a border between a floor panel and a side sill in a fiber-reinforced plastic cabin for a vehicle, when a bending moment that works so as to collapse the side sill inwardly in the vehicle width direction is applied by the collision load of a side collision, it is possible, without increasing the number of cross members or increasing the height of the cross member, to prevent the side sill from collapsing. Furthermore, since the inclined face of the inner skin and an outer skin are joined to a frame member extending in the fore-and-aft direction, it is possible to suppress deformation of the inclined face and to further reliably prevent the side sill from collapsing by transmitting the bending moment to the outer skin via the frame member..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Collision avoidance control integrated with eps controller

A system and method for generating an overlay torque command for an electric motor in an eps system for use in a collision avoidance system. The method uses model predictive control that employs a six-dimensional vehicle motion model including a combination of a one-track linear bicycle model and a one-degree of freedom steering column model to model the vehicle steering.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Vehicle control apparatus

A vehicle control apparatus includes one or more approach sensors, one or more collision detection sensors, an approach determination portion, a collision determination portion, and a braking determination portion. The approach determination portion determines whether a vehicle and an object are approached based on an output signal of one of the approach sensors, and generates a first information.
Denso Corporation

Automatic braking control device

An automatic braking control device includes a temperature obtaining section for obtaining an index value of a temperature of brake fluid, a collision prediction time calculation section for calculating collision prediction time of a vehicle with an object, a collision determination section for determining whether the collision prediction time is less than or equal to a threshold, and a pressure control section for controlling a start timing of pressurization of the brake fluid when the collision prediction time is less than or equal to the threshold. The pressure control section sets the start timing to a first timing when the index value is a first temperature and to a second timing when the index value is a second temperature higher than the first temperature.
Hino Motors, Ltd.

Advanced engagement small overlap deflector

A deflector is provided for a vehicle having a bumper that is connected to a frame rail through a crush-can. The deflector includes an engagement portion that extends laterally outward and forward of the frame rail.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Robot arrangement and controlling a robot

A method for controlling a robot, which is designed to be operated in a working mode, in which a part of the robot is moved at a speed at which there is a risk of injury to a person. The working mode is deactivated if a safety device detects that the person has entered an action region of the displaceable part.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Method for compacting anodic paints, including the collision of sandblasting jets

A method for compacting anodic paints by sandblasting, the method including directing at least two jets of an abrasive material toward a part covered with the paint, the jets being directed in a convergent manner and meeting at a focal point, and the focal point is located upstream from the part.. .

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Collision topics: Mass Spectrometer, Spectrometer, Augmented Reality, Consumable, Communications, Coordinates, Downstream, Biomolecule, Ip Address, Simulation, Random Access, Satellite Communications, Load Balancing, Wireless Modem, Networking

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