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Collision patents


This page is updated frequently with new Collision-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Collision-related patents
 Method and  generating high-power terahertz wave patent thumbnailMethod and generating high-power terahertz wave
A method and apparatus for generating terahertz waves using laser plasma are disclosed herein. The method of generating high-power terahertz waves includes generating plasma by focusing a laser beam on a gas within a vacuum chamber, radiating laser beams into the magnetized plasma from opposite directions so that the laser beams collide with each other at a preset location, and generating terahertz waves of a predetermined frequency through the oscillation of the plasma generated by the collision of the laser beams..
Unist Academy-industry Research Corporation

 System and methods for intersection positioning patent thumbnailSystem and methods for intersection positioning
A system and methods are provided for providing intersection positioning data. In one embodiment, a method includes detecting one or more objects by a device, wherein the one or more objects are detected relative to at least a portion of a roadway by an integrated radar sensor of the device, and tracking one or more detected objects by the device to determine tracking data, wherein tracking includes determining a number of detected objects, determining speed of the one or more detected objects and determining position of the one or more detected objects.
Trimble Navigation Limited

 Systems and methods for blood glucose and other analyte detection and measurement using collision computing patent thumbnailSystems and methods for blood glucose and other analyte detection and measurement using collision computing
In a noninvasive system for detection/measurement of glucose and other analytes in a medium such as tissue, spectra from the medium are deconstructed into features. Conditioned features, which contain frequency components specific to glucose or the other analytes, are derived from one or more features by modulating a carrier kernel with the feature.
Zyomed Corp.

 V-aware end of train device patent thumbnailV-aware end of train device
The present disclosure teaches inter-vehicle communications for avoiding rear collision of rail vehicles on a railroad. For example, a collision avoidance system may comprise an end-of-train device and a v-aware unit located on different vehicles.
Harsco Technologies Llc

 Rail vehicle with a deformation zone patent thumbnailRail vehicle with a deformation zone
A rail vehicle including at least one deformation zone arranged at each end side, where the deformation zone has a collision frame, a multiplicity of deformation elements and two a pillars, where the deformation elements are oriented radially about the front structure of the wagon body and are respectively connected at one of their ends to the wagon body, and where the collision frame connects the ends, facing away from the wagon body, of the deformation elements and is arranged about the front structure of the wagon body in an arcuate manner, and where the two a pillars each extend between the wagon body and the collision frame and are permanently connected to the collision frame.. .
Siemens Ag Österreich

 Differential lateral stiffness armrest patent thumbnailDifferential lateral stiffness armrest
An automobile armrest is described. The armrest allows lateral movement in an outboard direction while resisting inboard movement.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Vehicle seat patent thumbnailVehicle seat
Provided is a vehicle seat which has a simple structure, prevents the lower back region of an occupant from sinking into the seat back, induces backward rotation of the entire upper body when a rear-end collision occurs, and reduces the degree to which the neck region of the occupant independently tilts backward, and is therefore able to effectively reduce the load on the neck region and so on of the occupant. A vehicle seat is provided with a neck-burden reduction element that, during a rear-end collision, causes a greater amount of backward movement of a connection point between the neck region and a torso region of the occupant than the amount of backward movement of a lower torso region of the occupant, and causes an upper torso region of the occupant to sink into the seat back..
Ts Tech Co., Ltd.

 Louvered screen baffle for reduction of fuel slosh noise patent thumbnailLouvered screen baffle for reduction of fuel slosh noise
A system for reducing fuel slosh noise in a storage tank is described. In one particular example, the system comprises a slatted baffle with angularly arranged louvers extending therefrom to reduce sloshing noise in the tank by redirecting fuel waves while preventing surface wave collisions in the tank.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Powder processing apparatus patent thumbnailPowder processing apparatus
A powder processing apparatus includes a rotor 5, multiple impact pins, and a collision ring 8. The rotor rotates around a horizontal shaft.
Nara Machinery Co., Ltd.

 Method and  preventing message collision patent thumbnailMethod and preventing message collision
In one embodiment, the method includes performing symbol to resource element mapping such that mapping for a first message configured to use a first amount of transmission resource differs from mapping for a second message configured to use a second amount of transmission resource by a mapping offset of a number of resource units, and the first amount being different than the second amount.. .
Alcatel Lucent


Control channel collision resolution

Devices and methods are configured for resolving control channel transmission collision in a mobile device having first and second subscriptions (subs) when the first sub is in an active voice call and the second sub is in a held voice call. The devices and methods involve determining whether a control channel transmission of the first sub would collide with a control channel transmission of the second sub.
Qualcomm Incorporated


System and handling uplink transmission collision for enhanced coverage mode ues

An enodeb (enb), user equipment (ue) and method for operating in enhanced coverage (ec) modes are generally described. The ue may determine whether or not a physical uplink control channel (pucch) signal and an uplink signal allocated to different resources in a particular subframe overlap.


Automatic vehicle crash detection using onboard devices

Vehicle collisions may be automatically detected and reported based to a call center. The collisions may be automatically detected based on a collision detection model that receives sensor data, or other data, as input, and outputs an indication of whether there is a collision.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Wireless communication method

A wireless communication method between a plurality of end-points by a plurality of base stations, based on frames that have a css-modulated preamble followed by a data body modulated at a narrower bandwidth, either by css or by a unb modulation. The system permit to avoid or mitigate collision between packets and to increase the network capacity, maintaining the simplicity of detection inherent of css modulation..
Semtech Corporation


Collision detection method

collision detection may include identifying a planned trajectory of a planned well, selecting offset wells based on the planned trajectory, filtering the offset wells once selected to obtain filtered wells. The filtering includes generating first three dimensional bounding boxes along the planned trajectory.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation



A hinge includes a connecting member, a first shaft member, a pivoting member, at least one shock absorber and a restoring unit. The first shaft member extends rotatably through the connecting member.


Carrier for motor vehicle

Provided is a carrier for a vehicle of which a replacement cost is minimized at the time of collision of the vehicle at a low speed by configuring head lamp mounting parts of the carrier in which head lamps are to be mounted in a separable form and allowing the head lamp mounting parts to be coupled through both ends of a bumper beam coupled to the carrier.. .
Hanon Systems


Vehicle body reinforcing structure for coping with front collision

A vehicle body reinforcing structure for coping with a front collision may include a cowl panel extended in a width direction of a vehicle, cowl side upper members coupled to front end portions of both sides of the cowl panel in the width direction of the vehicle and extended in a length direction of the vehicle, fender apron upper members extended in the length direction of the vehicle and coupled to front end portions of a front of the cowl side upper members in the length direction of the vehicle, and side outer panels extended in a height direction of the vehicle and connected to the front end portions of both sides of the cowl panel in the width direction of the vehicle and the cowl side upper members.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Drive assist apparatus of vehicle and onboard computer

A system ecu (9) executes a collision avoidance operation in the following manner when a moving object that has suddenly appeared from a shadow of a predetermined object present around a vehicle moves toward a determination area set around the vehicle. That is, the system ecu (9) executes the collision avoidance operation at an early timing that is after a camera (6) detects the moving object, but before a radar (5) detects the moving object and the predetermined object, or more specifically, when an object expanding toward the determination area is detected by the radar (5).
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Occupant protection vehicle

An occupant protection apparatus for a vehicle includes a door sensor that detects a defamation of a side door in a side collision and an occupant position detection sensor that detects a lumbar position of the occupant. A pretensioner is activated when it is determined from detection by the door sensor and the occupant position detection sensor that an intruding-object collision rear-end position in the side door is located in front of the lumbar position, and the pretensioner is prohibited from activation when it is determined that the intruding-object collision rear-end position is not located in front of the lumbar position.
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Active hood device for vehicle

An active hood device for a vehicle may include a hood panel which is provided in the front of a vehicle body to cover an engine room, and rotatably mounted by a hood hinge coupled to a rear end of the hood panel, a hinge actuator which has a first side connected to the hood hinge, and a second side coupled to a bracket coupled to the vehicle body, and has a rod movable, and an operating unit which connects the bracket and the hood hinge, and allows the rod to be moved when the rod is raised, wherein at a time of a vehicle-pedestrian collision accident, the hood actuator is operated by a signal from a detecting sensor installed at a front portion of the vehicle, to raise the rod, and the rod allows the hood panel to pop up while being raised by the operating unit.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Adjustable, energy-absorbing headrest supports for motor vehicles or the like

A headrest support structure formed from multiple twisted energy-absorbing strands and strand bundles that greatly reduce the amount of energy rebounded into a vehicle occupant, especially when the vehicle in which the occupant is riding is hit from the rear (i.e., a rear end collision). In addition, headrest supports formed from twisted strand bundles, are ridged enough to completely support the headrest, but may be deformable enough to allow positional adjustment of the head rests in three dimensions.


Vehicular control device

A vehicular control device includes a rotation angle sensor sensing a rotation angle of a rotor of a motor, and a control device controlling the motor. When the control device controls the motor and detects that the vehicle has a collision, the control device determines a switching pattern, based on the rotation angle obtained from the rotation angle sensor, to switch a switching device of an inverter that drives the motor to zero a q axis current and also pass a d axis current, and once the switching pattern has been determined, then, whatever rotation angle may be sensed by the rotation angle sensor, the determined switching pattern is applied to discharge the electric charge of a smoothing capacitor connected to the inverter of the motor.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Tumbler with a bi-layer structure

A tumbler with a bi-layer structure has a collision-resistant outer tumbler body, a glass inner container and a lid. The collision-resistant outer tumbler body is made of plastic.


Network traffic prioritization

Management of throughput, link rate, airtime, access, collision probability and other factors influencing performance of a wireless access point configured to wirelessly support two or more networks over the same radio channel and/or antenna is contemplated. The management may be suitable for use with access points operating according to a distributed coordination function (dcf) based on carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (csma/ca) whereby each device desiring airtime executes a random binary backoff procedure or other suitable contention based process before attempting to access the channel..
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.


Virtual busy-tone for full-duplex wireless networks

System and method embodiments are provided for a virtual busy-tone for full-duplex wireless networks. Embodiments provide a mechanism for efficiently eliminating the hidden node problem.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus, radio communication method, and computer program

An autonomously dispersed type wireless network is suitably formed with communication stations avoiding collision of beacons transmitted one to another. In the event that the range of reach of airwaves change and a receivable state is created and beacons collide, a communication station changes the beacon transmission position of itself in response to receiving a beacon from another station at a timing immediately prior to transmission to its own beacon.
Sony Corporation


Cell identification collision detection in wireless communications

Detecting local cell identifier collision by a base station may be achieved by receiving, at a first base station from a user device, a dedicated identifier associated with a second base station. The dedicated identifier may include or otherwise map to a user device identifier associated with the second base station and a local cell identifier associated with the second base station.
Qualcomm Incorporated


System and avoiding object identifier collisions in a peered cluster environment

A system and method for avoiding object identifier collisions in a cluster environment is provided. Upon creation of the cluster, volume location databases negotiate ranges for data set identifiers (dsids) between a first site and a second site of the cluster.
Netapp, Inc.


Hash collision recovery in a deduplication vault

Hash collision recovery in a deduplication vault. In one example embodiment, a method for hash collision recovery in a deduplication vault includes creating first parity data for all unique blocks of a source storage at a point in time.
Storagecraft Technology Corporation


Acoustic user interface recognizing touch and rubbing

An acoustic user interface apparatus and method can provide a sense of physical touch depending on the press or restoration and improve the accuracy of direction recognition of a touch or rubbing without any complicated algorithm by detecting and analyzing the sound wave, which is generated by the collision of a bump formed in a top plate or bottom plate when touching or rubbing, using one microphone.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Apparatus and methods for ion mobility spectrometry

A method of ion mobility spectrometry wherein ions undergo multiple stages of ion mobility separation and multiple stages of inertial ion motion wherein the mean free path between ion collisions with gas is significantly longer than in the stages of ion mobility separation, wherein each stage of inertial ion motion lies between successive stages of ion mobility separation.. .
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Methods and systems for avoiding a collision between an aircraft and an obstacle using a three dimensional visual indication of an aircraft wingtip path

The disclosed embodiments relate to methods and systems for avoiding a collision between an aircraft on the ground and an obstacle using a three-dimensional visual indication of the area or plane of winglets on the wingtips of the aircraft. The method includes receiving a video image from a camera positioned in one of the winglets, the video image representing a field of view through which the winglet of the aircraft will pass along a present heading of the aircraft.
Securaplane Technologies, Inc.


Side vehicle-body structure of vehicle

There are provided a hinge pillar comprising an outer panel and an inner panel which form a closed cross section extending vertically, a hinge pillar reinforcement provided in the closed cross section, a front door attached to the hinge pillar via a pair of upper-and-lower door hinges, and a hinge bracket attaching the lower door hinge to the hinge pillar reinforcement, the hinge bracket being provided to face a front wheel in a longitudinal direction. Herein, the hinge bracket has a lower strength than a portion of the hinge pillar reinforcement where the hinge bracket is provided.
Mazda Motor Corporation


Vehicle body front section structure

There is provided a vehicle body front section structure including: a dash panel; and a front side member comprising a side member front section, and a side member rear section, wherein the side member front section includes: a front side; a rear side; and a weakened portion that is formed to a side wall of the side member front section at a vehicle body up-down direction upper side of a boundary between the front side location and the rear side location, and that is set such that a crush amount at an upper side of the weakened portion is greater than a crush amount at a lower side of the weakened portion when collision load is input from the vehicle body front side.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Automobile anti-collision and anti-misoperation throttle system with reply for controlling positive-negative rotation of motor

An automobile anti-collision and anti-misoperation throttle system with a relay for controlling positive-negative rotation of a motor relates to a system which directly transforms automobile anti-collision signals and throttle-misoperation signals into brake operating signals. The sensor switch (k0) is connected to and controls the relay reversed power controller (2), the relay reversed power controller (2) controls and supplies electric power to the limit-switch-integrated motor assembly (3), the limit-switch-integrated motor assembly (3) drives the sleeved stretching rope (4), the limit-switch-integrated motor assembly (3) also cuts off a reversed power circuit of the relay reversed power controller (2), and the sleeved stretching rope (4) transmits a motor rotation drift of the limit-switch-integrated motor assembly (3) to the automobile brake pedal (5); the sensor switch k0 is connected to the anti-collision controller (11) in parallel, for respectively controlling the automobile brake pedal (5)..
Zhejiang Xianan Automobile Breaking System Co., Ltd.


Vehicle safety seat

A vehicle safety seat for protecting a vehicle occupant from airborne debris and serious injury in the event of an accident. The vehicle safety seat includes a seat having a seat bottom, a backrest, and a headrest, wherein the seat is pivotally secured to a frame.


Airbag deployment control apparatus and method

An airbag deployment control apparatus and method utilizes an output of a pre-collision sensor mounted on the vehicle as a first airbag safing signal, and an output of a vehicle mounted impact sensor, when the impact sensor output exceeds a predetermined level corresponding to an actual vehicle collision, as a second airbag safing signal. A control, after determining the occurrence of the two consecutive safing signals, checks airbag arming and deployment criteria for deployment of the airbag.


Portable collision warning apparatus

A collision warning apparatus in the form of a controller mountable in a host vehicle to detect collision threat levels between the host vehicle and an object or target detected forward of the host vehicle. All processing and signal generation takes place in the controller without reliance on external signals from the host vehicle, except for input power from the host vehicle.


Device for adjusting the height of a vehicle

The present invention is a system for adjusting the height of vehicles. The vehicle is supported by a hollow cylinder and a piston having an undersized piston skirt is mounted on the suspension system's coil spring, and sealingly slidable within the cylinder bore.
Stealth Innovative Systems, Llc


Nanotube particle device and using the same

A nanotube particle device for two dimensional and three dimensional printing or additive/subtractive manufacturing. The nanotube particle device comprising a nanotube, a particle shooter, a positioning mechanism, and a detection sensor.
The Boeing Company


High voltage crash prevention device for machine tools

A crash prevention device for a machine tool for preventing the collision of a moving part of the machine tool with other machine tool parts or with a workpiece in a working area of the machine tool includes an isolation mechanism that electrically isolates the moving part from the other machine tool parts or the workpiece. The device includes a detection system with a high voltage generator having a first positive connector electrically connected to the moving part and a negative connector electrically connected to the workpiece or to the other machine tool parts.
Mikron Agie Charmilles Sa


Playback device for aircraft

A playback device for an aircraft has a casing; a circuit board; a power unit placed away from the circuit board in a first direction; a heat sink attached to the circuit board; a cooling fan that is placed on an opposite side of the power unit with reference to the circuit board and spaced from a periphery of the casing and that sends an exhaust stream to the heat sink; a partition interposed between the circuit board and the power unit; and first outlets for letting out exhaust streams into which an exhaust stream has diverged upon collision against the partition after passing through the heat sink.. .
Teac Corporation


Channel access very high throughput (vht) wireless local access network system

A channel access method for a very high throughput (vht) system using a bonding channel having a plurality of subchannels is provided. The method includes receiving training information comprising a training offset value through a subchannel, performing channel estimation on a full channel bandwidth comprising all subchannels when a time corresponding to the training offset value is elapsed after the training information is received, transmitting a request to send (rts) frame to a destination station through some subchannels selected from the plurality of subchannels by one or a plurality of source stations according to a result of the channel estimation, and transmitting a clear to send (cts) frame to one source station selected from the plurality of source stations by the destination station in response to the received rts frame.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Network intrusion diversion using a software defined network

Methods, devices, and systems are described for diverting a computer hacker from a physical or other targeted production computer to a decoy software-based host emulator that emulates the physical computer. The decoy has the exact same ip address as the physical computer.
Shadow Networks, Inc.


Efficient fairness allocation in powerline csma/ca protocols

Transmission over a communication channel using carrier sense multiple access collision avoidance (csma/ca) may be performed by determining for each frame if the communication channel is busy after a backoff time proportional to a randomly generated number within a contention window (cw). When the channel is not busy, a frame of data may be transmitted.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Proximity detection system with approach zone

collision avoidance systems and methods. In some embodiments the collision avoidance systems may include a magnetic field generator for generating a low frequency oscillating magnetic field, and a magnetic field detector, wherein the system is configured to determine a relative speed between the magnetic field generator and the detector using magnetic speed pings generated by the magnetic field generator.
Strata Safety Products, Llc


Managing resource collisions in a storage compute device

A storage compute device includes a data storage section that facilitates persistently storing host data as data objects. The storage compute device also includes two or more compute sections that perform computations on the data objects.
Seagate Technology Llc


Receiver receiver testing

A receiver system which may be implemented in an integrated circuit device and suitable for use in automotive radar systems such as collision avoidance systems, includes self test circuitry whereby a local oscillator test signal is generated by an on-board frequency multiplier and mixed in a down-conversion mixer with an rf test signal. The rf test signal is generated on the device by up-conversion of an externally generated low-frequency test signal with the local oscillator test signal.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Vehicle collision avoidance system with enhanced pedestrian avoidance

A collision avoidance system of a vehicle includes a sensor configured to be disposed at a vehicle for sensing exterior and forwardly of the vehicle. A processor is operable to process sensor data captured by the sensor to determine the presence of a pedestrian ahead of the vehicle and at or moving towards a path of travel of the vehicle.
Magna Electronics Inc.


Fuel tank

An automotive fuel tank is described and includes an upper covering including a flexible, protruding bottom edge; and a lower covering including a flexible, protruding top edge secured to the bottom edge. The automotive fuel tank is structurally strong and can withstand collision without causing cracks after a long period of time of use..


Automotive fuel tank

An automotive fuel tank is described and includes an upper shell including an opening and a flexible, protruding bottom edge; a filling pipe secured to the opening; and a lower shell including a flexible, protruding top edge secured to the bottom edge. The automotive fuel tank can withstand collision without causing cracks..


Vision system for a vehicle

A vision system for a vehicle includes an attachment element adhered to the in-cabin surface of a vehicle windshield at a windshield first location and an attachment member adhered to the in-cabin surface of the vehicle windshield at a windshield second location. The attachment element is configured for mounting thereto an interior rearview mirror assembly.
Magna Electronics Inc.


Robot motion replanning based on user motion

The disclosure includes a system and method for determining a robot path based on user motion by determining a current position of a robot with a processor-based computing device programmed to perform the determining, receiving sensor readings on positions, directions, and velocities of a visually-impaired user and other users, generating a model of the motions of the visually-impaired user and the other users, the model including a user path for the visually-impaired user and a robot path for the robot, generating a collision prediction map to predict collisions between at least one of the robot, the visually-impaired user, and the other users, determining whether there is a risk of collision for either the visually-impaired user or the robot, and responsive to the risk of collision, updating at least one of the user path and the robot path.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Patient positioner system

A computer controlled robot system for positioning a patient for radiation therapy or other medical procedures and the like. The robot is mounted at the top of a vertical shaft extending from the treatment room floor and includes horizontal arms arranged to maximize the available work envelope and eliminate “dead spots” in the envelope that the robot cannot reach.


Systems and methods for fractional carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (csma/ca) for wlans

Systems, methods, and instrumentalities are described to implement an interference management method in a wlan. An access point (ap) or an inter-bss coordinator (ibc) may identify a station (sta) associated with a first basic service set (bss) as an edge sta or a non-edge sta.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Drx method with tdm limitation and user equipment using the same

The disclosure relates to a drx method with trm limitation. In one embodiment, the drx method comprises steps of detecting a drx wake sub-frame to be set for a first bs at least partially overlaps with a sub-frame allocated to a second bs, and removing a collision of the drx wake sub-frame to the sub-frame allocated to the second bs without change to the sub-frame allocated to the second bs.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Interference detection and avoidance in a telecommunication network

Presented herein are techniques for detection and avoidance of interference in a telecommunications network. In one example, a cable modem termination system (cmts) is configured to receive upstream traffic from a plurality of cable modems.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Fuel cell stack assembly - datum design for fuel cell stacking and collision protection

A system and method for aligning and reducing the relative movement between adjacent fuel cells within a fuel cell stack. The inter-cell cooperation between fuel cells along a stacking dimension is enhanced by one or more datum placed along the edge of a bipolar plate that makes up a part of a cell-containing assembly.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Method of smoothing solid surface with gas cluster ion beam and solid surface smoothing apparatus

A solid surface smoothing apparatus for smoothing a solid surface with a gas cluster ion beam includes a plurality of gas cluster ion beam emitters, each emitter having an irradiation axis and emitting a respective gas cluster ion beam along its irradiation axis onto the solid surface, wherein irradiation axes of the plurality of the gas cluster ion beam emitters are not parallel to each other so as to expose substances in the solid surface transferred laterally by collisions with gas clusters to collisions with other gas clusters so that the substances do not remain on the solid surface.. .
Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited


Planar geomertry inertial electrostatic confinement fusion device

The systems and methods described herein relate to the use of electrostatic elements to confine and circulate ions in trapped orbits so as to facilitate ion-ion and ion-neutral collisions resulting in nuclear fusion reactions. The systems employ a disc shaped cloud of ions wherein the turning region for the recirculating ions are located in a circular space around the periphery of the disc-shaped ion cloud, thereby maximizing the turning space region to increase the number of ions trapped in the device compared to discrete beam devices, which in turn enables higher fusion yield compared to prior art devices..


Inter-vehicle collision avoidance system

In one embodiment, a controller of a local vehicle receives data from a remote vehicle that indicates a location and direction of travel of a remote vehicle. The controller determines a roadway path of travel of the remote vehicle using map data and the data received from the remote vehicle.
Kia Motors Corporation


Loading map label

The present invention provides a loading method and apparatus for a map label. The loading method comprises: in response to an instruction to scale up a map, searching for a newly added point of interest in a current visible area of the map after it has been scaled up with respect to the map before it has been scaled up; inheriting a label of an original point of interest of the map before it has been scaled up in the current visible area; and performing collision detection and loading on a label of the newly added point of interest.
Baidu Online Network Technology (beijing) Co., Ltd


Method and device for automatic protection of an aircraft against a risk of collision with the ground

A protection device including a unit for implementing a protection function that prevents the aircraft from flying under a given height with respect to the ground. The device includes a unit for determining the current values of parameters, and at least the current position of the aircraft and a current heading deviation of the aircraft with respect to a landing strip.
Airbus Operations (sas)


Automated flight control system for unmanned aerial vehicles

An automated flight control system for an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), comprising a flight computer for managing functions related to a flight of the uav, an application processor for managing functions on the uav not related to flight, a flight data recorder to record data related to a flight of the uav, an attitude and heading reference system, a global navigation satellite system receiver, a self-separation module for communicating with another aircraft for the purpose of avoiding a collision, and a wireless communications module for communicating with the remote system, wherein the automated flight control system is capable of receiving operational instructions via the wireless communications module from the remote system.. .
Appareo Systems, Llc


Sense-and-avoid unmanned aerial vehicles

A sense-and-avoid system, for an unmanned air vehicle (uav), configured to detect and estimate the relative position and velocity of a nearby object and to enable determination whether the nearby object poses a collision threat to the uav. In one embodiment, the sense-and-avoid system is provided with a frequency modulated continuous wave (fmcw) synthesizer adapted to generate at least one swept-frequency waveform.
University Of Kansas


Method of smoothing solid surface with gas cluster ion beam and solid surface smoothing apparatus

A method of smoothing a solid surface with a gas cluster ion beam includes irradiating the solid surface with the gas cluster ion beam. The irradiating includes, when scratches which can be likened to a line-and-space pattern structure with widths and heights on the order of a submicrometer to micrometer are present on the solid surface, a process of emitting the gas cluster ion beam so as to expose substances, which remain on side-walls of the scratches due to lateral transferal caused by collisions with gas clusters, to other gas clusters, and the gas cluster ion beam diverges non-concentrically and/or non-uniformly..
Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited


Vehicle front structure

A vehicle front structure that is structured with a headlight covered above that can suppress a collision reaction force in the event of a collision body from above the structure is obtained. A headlight is arranged below a front end portion of a hood.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Vehicles including targeted energy absorption structures

Vehicle structures for dissipating energy associated with a collision are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a vehicle includes a side support that extends between a front suspension mount and a rear suspension mount of the vehicle.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Vehicle bumper protection device

A vehicle bumper protection device reduces the force of impact in the event of collision. The device includes a chamber having a top wall, a bottom wall, a first side wall, a second side wall, a front wall and a rear wall.


Carrier with shock absorbing material

The disclosed invention is a safety device designed to be used as a shock absorbing carrier component as an exclusive part of a safety system to deflect the force 90° from its intended course so the deflected force is lessened and will not pass through the carrier at full force, and will specifically and purposefully reduce the force from accidental impact from a rear end collision protecting the passenger(s) from the “rear-to-front”; or any horizontal plane impact force and will lessen the chances of injury when used as a supplemental safety device designed to work in combination with existing safety features found in vehicles and other methods of transport today such as but not limited to smart headrests, seat belts, air bags, crunch zone cells, dashboard and side panel padding which can utilize more mats, sheets or striations of materials composed of differing visco elastic materials in a layer, multiple layers or having proprietary designed patterns and composites; the disclosed invention can be covered with durable fabrics which can be colored or printed with proprietary designs, can be produced with a fire retardant that meets the underwriters laboratory 94 v2 standard and manufactured with antimicrobial or antibacterial properties. The disclosed invention can be crafted in different fabrics, colors or can be branded for logo or team identity, while making the world a safer place..


Adjusting object adaptive modification or game level difficulty and physical gestures through level definition files

A system, a non-transitory machine-readable storage medium storing instructions, and a computer-implemented method to adjust twitch response and collision determination to a player's skill level is provided. Gameplay information of a computer-implemented game is accessed.


Absorbent-article sheet member manufacturing apparatus

An absorbent sheet manufacturing apparatus has a particle collision surface (224) that extends downward from a cylinder outer surface (211) in between the lowermost part of a supply cylinder (21) and a second sheet conveying roller (41). Some of the particles emitted forward in the rotation direction of the supply cylinder (21) from recessed supply portions (212) that have passed a first cover part (221) collide with the particle collision surface (224), and the colliding particles are guided by the particle collision surface (224) onto a first sheet member (91).
Livedo Corporation


Augmented reality motorcycle helmet

An augmented-reality helmet comprises a full-face motorcycle helmet with a look-down micro-display that projects a virtual image in-line with the helmet's chin bar. In order to accommodate the power requirements, the helmet includes a battery pack mounted at the base of the motorcyclist's skull.
Skully Inc.


Apparatus and using uv light to reduce collisions with animals

The ability to see in the uv spectrum sets deer and animal vision apart from humans. Because of the absence of red cones, the drop off in sensitivity at the long-wavelength end of the spectrum occurs at shorter wavelengths for deer.


Control of quality of service in overlapping basic service sets in wireless local area networks

Access priority for wireless devices located in an area in which radiofrequency (rf) coverage areas of a first wireless access point and a second wireless access point overlap is controlled by coordinating operation of the first wireless access point and the second wireless access point. The wireless devices access a common rf channel via a collision sense multiple access/collision avoidance mechanism.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Method and apparatus to achieve collision-free random access

A method and apparatus for a collision-free carrier sense multiple access (csma) are provided. The method of a node associated with a beacon enabled carrier sense multiple access (csma)-based wireless communication network through an access point (ap) includes receiving a beacon from the ap, the beacon comprising a back-off prime number and a beacon random number, and generating a back-off interval based on the beacon random number, the back-off prime number, a mapped identification (id) of the node, and a current time slot of a frame of the beacon.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


User apparatus and collision detection method

A user apparatus that transmits and receives a discovery signal, including: collision detection means that detects a collision in a received discovery signal; collision notification means that, when a collision of a received discovery signal is detected by the collision detection means, transmits collision information indicating that a collision occurs in the received discovery signal; collision information reception means that receives collision information; and collision determination means that determines whether a collision occurs in a transmitted discovery signal transmitted by the user apparatus based on the collision information received by the collision information reception means.. .
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Methods and improving peer communications using an active communication mode

Aspects disclosed herein relate to providing peer communications between nfc enabled devices using an active communication mode. In one example, a communications device is equipped to detect a remote nfc device field within an operating volume, establish a peer communication link with the remote nfc device using an active communication mode, determine that the peer communication link is to be deselected, and transmit a deselection request message to the remote nfc device indicating to the remote nfc device that it has been deselected while maintaining the peer communication link.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Discharge control device

A discharge control device controls a discharge bypass circuit for discharging a charge in a capacitor provided in a drive device for a motor that rotates wheels of a vehicle at time of a collision of the vehicle. The discharge control device includes a control circuit that makes the discharge bypass circuit start discharge if an induced voltage by the motor surpasses a predetermined threshold..
Keihin Corporation


Flexible artificial impedance surface antennas for automotive radar sensors

A flexible, printable antenna for automotive radar. The antenna can be printed onto a thin, flexible substrate, and thus can be bent to conform to a vehicle body surface with compound curvature.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Ball collision demonstration device

A ball collision demonstration device includes a base, and first and second support assemblies carried by the base. The first and second support assemblies are spaced-apart and angled away from each other so that a separation distance at adjacent ends is greater then a separation distance at medial portions of the first and second support assemblies.


Transporter vehicle, dump truck, and transporter vehicle control method

Provided is a transporter vehicle including: a vehicle; an object detection device that detects an object at a front side of the vehicle; a collision determination unit that determines a possibility of a collision with the object based on a detection result of the object detection device; a process system that performs a process for reducing damage caused by the collision; a control unit that outputs a signal for reducing the damage caused by the collision to the process system based on a determination result of the collision determination unit; a time point data acquisition unit that acquires time point data in which the signal is output from the control unit; and an output unit that outputs process history data indicating at least a state of the process system. The output unit outputs the time point data and the process history data in association with each other..
Komatsu Ltd.


Methods, systems, and products for discovering electronic devices

Methods, systems, and products self-identify an electronic device to a remote control. The remote control queries the electronic device, and the electronic device sends a response.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Photoelectric hybrid device and manufacturing same

In a photoelectric hybrid device, an optical connector is mounted on a flat optical surface provided on one end of vertical optical waveguides for inputting and outputting an optical signal, and along with making integration of the photoelectric hybrid device into an interposer or the like easy, integration is standardized. The photoelectric hybrid device is provided with: conductive pins (108) that are connected to an electric signal pathway for a photoelectric hybrid substrate; a translucent member (116) that has a flat optical surface and also has a translucent part (118); and a plurality of self organizing optical waveguides (122) that form an optical path between the translucent part (118) and an optical waveguide of the photoelectric hybrid substrate.
Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association


Vehicle, having an internal combustion engine which comprises a flexible drive

A vehicle having an internal combustion engine mounted in the vehicle such that a crankshaft of the internal combustion engine runs in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle is provided with a flexible drive is provided that comprises a wheel, in particular a pulley, which is arranged such as to rotate about a longitudinal axis of the vehicle and which is arranged in front of the internal combustion engine when viewed in the direction of travel of the vehicle. The wheel has at least one weakened section which allows or facilitates a compression of the wheel in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle upon a head-on collision.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Construction machine with offset hopper rear walls

A construction machine according to the disclosure comprises a material hopper for receiving bulk material. The material hopper comprises a first sub-hopper that is pivotable about a first axis and a second sub-hopper that is pivotable about a second axis, wherein the first and second axes extend parallel to each other.
Joseph Voegele Ag


Nanoparticle-stabilized immiscible alloys

Solid immiscible alloys and methods for making the solid immiscible alloys are provided. The microstructure of the immiscible alloys is characterized by a minority phase comprising a plurality of particles of an inorganic material dispersed in a majority phase comprising a continuous matrix of another inorganic material.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Shipboard winch with computer-controlled motor

A winch is employed for deploying a probe to a precise depth within a water column for making and recording physical measurement within such water column. More particularly, the winch rapidly unspools a line from an underway vessel, while maintaining minimal but constant line tension, as a probe, tethered to such line, descends within the water column in a “near” free-fall to a predetermined depth and then stops.
Teledyne Rd Instruments, Inc.


Cabin front structure of automobile

When a front pillar on a driver's seat side is deformed to a vehicle rear side due to short overlap collision on the driver's seat side of an automobile, an instrument panel reinforcement bridged between left and right front pillars is bent at a long hole serving as a starting point and provided on an outer side of a column bracket in a vehicle width direction. Due to this, a steering column, which is mounted on the instrument panel reinforcement through the column bracket, is restrained from being displaced due to a load from the front pillar..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Vehicles having a dash panel reinforcement member

Vehicle structures for dissipating and distributing energy associated with a collision are described herein. In one embodiment, a vehicle includes a side support extending in a vehicle longitudinal direction, a rocker support extending in the vehicle longitudinal direction, where the rocker support is positioned outboard of the side support in a vehicle lateral direction, a torque box extending in the vehicle lateral direction, a dash panel coupled to the torque box, where the dash panel comprises an engine room barrier portion extending upward from the torque box and a floor attachment portion extending downward from the torque box, and a reinforcement member positioned between the side support and the rocker support, where the reinforcement member is spaced apart from the side support and the rocker support, and where the reinforcement member is coupled to the engine room barrier portion and the floor attachment portion of the dash panel..
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Body rail for a motor vehicle

A vehicle body rail for a motor vehicle, which is constructed of fiber-reinforced plastic and is designed as a vehicle body rail which absorbs energy in the event of a collision of the motor vehicle, includes a wall. The wall is provided with indentations and/or elevations such that, in the event of an application of a predetermined collision threshold load in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle body rail, a failure of the wall by fragmentation takes place in the area of the indentations and/or elevations..
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Rear structure of front side member

A rear structure of a front side member includes a front side member to which collision energy is delivered at the time of a head-on collision of a vehicle body, a front side rear lower member configured to extend from the front side member to a center floor panel formed at a rear end of the front side member, and a front side rear upper reinforcement member configured to extend from the front side member to a front pillar lower member and suppress bending of the front side member occurring due to a moment in a pitch direction. Thus, it is possible to prevent the front side member from being deformed upward by delivering the collision energy from the front side member to the front side rear lower member and the front side rear upper reinforcement member at the time of the head-on collision..
Hyundai Motor Company


Method and system for post-collision manoeuvre planning and vehicle equipped with such system

A method predicts trajectories of traffic objects to avoid collisions. The method estimates the probability for at least two traffic objects to collide, and predicts a potential movement of the traffic objects presumably involved in the collision after the collision.
Honda Research Institute Europe Gmbh


Transporter vehicle and transporter vehicle control method

A transporter vehicle includes: a vehicle; an object detection device which includes a detection area at a front side of the vehicle and detects an object at the front side of the vehicle; a process system capable of performing a process for reducing damage caused by a collision; a specific detection area setting unit which sets a specific detection area having a width of a first dimension in a width direction of the vehicle and a length of a second dimension in a traveling direction of the vehicle in the detection area; a collision determination unit which determines whether an object exists in the specific detection area based on a detection result of the object detection device; and a control unit which outputs a signal for reducing damage caused by the collision to the process system based on a determination result of the collision determination unit.. .
Komatsu Ltd.


Frontal airbag systems and uses thereof

An inflatable airbag system can be configured to be mounted to a frontal region of a vehicle. The inflatable airbag system includes an airbag and a positioning member, and is configured to deploy in various configurations in response to frontal and oblique collision events.
Autoliv Asp, Inc.


Discharge control device

A discharge control device controls a discharge bypass circuit for discharging a charge in a capacitor provided in a drive device for a motor that rotates wheels of a vehicle at time of a collision of the vehicle. The discharge control device includes a control circuit that makes the discharge bypass circuit perform discharge for a period set on the basis of a time for which the wheels rotate due to inertia at the time of the collision of the vehicle..
Keihin Corporation


Laser beam machining apparatus with high-speed positioning function

When an operation is performed in a direction (z-axis direction) in which a machining head is brought closer to workpiece, a numerical controller that controls a laser beam machine avoids a collision of the machining head with the workpiece by switching to gap control when a gap sensor detects a gap amount between the machining head and the workpiece. At this point, whether to perform the operation to bring the machining head closer to the workpiece by gap control using a detection value of the gap sensor or by moving the machining head to a position determined by parameters can be selected using a mode switching unit..
Fanuc Corporation

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