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Collision patents


This page is updated frequently with new Collision-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Collision-related patents
 Enhanced rach design for machine-type communications patent thumbnailEnhanced rach design for machine-type communications
An adaptive rach operation is proposed for machine-type communications (mtc) in a 3gpp wireless network. The adaptive rach operation is based on context information to reduce rach collision probability, to control network overload, and to enhance system performance.
National Taiwan University

 Method and network node for managing collisions patent thumbnailMethod and network node for managing collisions
It is presented a method for managing collisions in a cell of a cellular communication network comprising a radio access network shared by a plurality of core network operators, each core network operator being associated with a priority. The method is performed in a network node and comprises the steps of: estimating a random access load in the cell by considering successful and failed random access attempts by wireless devices during an estimation period in the cell; determining a set of restrictions for wireless devices of a lower priority operator of the multiple core network operators based on the estimated random access load; and restricting random access in the cell according to the set of restrictions.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Enhanced carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols patent thumbnailEnhanced carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols
Power line communications (plc) device for enhanced carrier sense multiple access (csma) protocols are described. The plc device includes a modem, an ac interface and a plc engine.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

 Collision cell patent thumbnailCollision cell
A method of operating a gas-filled collision cell in a mass spectrometer is provided. The collision cell has a longitudinal axis.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

 Method and device for determining a collision characteristic of a vehicle collision patent thumbnailMethod and device for determining a collision characteristic of a vehicle collision
A method is provided for determining a collision characteristic of a vehicle collision for triggering safety means of the vehicle. The method has a step of an ascertainment of at least one determination-relevant time segment of a sensor signal representing the vehicle collision before a triggering time for a safety means.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Systems and methods for noninvasive blood glucose and other analyte detection and measurement using collision computing patent thumbnailSystems and methods for noninvasive blood glucose and other analyte detection and measurement using collision computing
In a noninvasive system for detection/measurement of glucose and other analytes in a medium such as tissue, spectra from the medium are deconstructed into features. Conditioned features, which contain frequency components specific to glucose or the other analytes, are derived from one or more features by modulating a carrier kernel with the feature.
Zyomed Corp.

 Systems and methods for synthesis of zyotons for use in collision computing for noninvasive blood glucose and other measurements patent thumbnailSystems and methods for synthesis of zyotons for use in collision computing for noninvasive blood glucose and other measurements
A synthesizer synthesizes zyotons, waveforms that without a collision can travel substantially unperturbed in a propagation medium over a specified distance, for extracting via collision computing properties of interest of signals, such as the occurrence/absence of events and presence or concentrations of substances such as blood glucose, toxic chemicals, etc., obtained from high noise/clutter environments. The zyotons are synthesized using base waveform families/generator functions unrelated to the signal environment.
Zyomed Corp.

 Systems and methods for collision computing for detection and noninvasive measurement of blood glucose and other substances and events patent thumbnailSystems and methods for collision computing for detection and noninvasive measurement of blood glucose and other substances and events
A collision-computing system detects and amplifies the energy associated with a feature signal to determine occurrences or absence of events, such as ultrasonic and/or geophysical events, or to determine presence and/or concentrations of substances such as blood glucose, toxic chemicals, etc., in a noisy, high-clutter environment or sample. To this end, a conditioned feature, obtained by modulating a carrier kernel with a feature signal, is collided with a zyoton—a waveform that without a collision can travel substantially unperturbed in a propagation medium over a specified distance.
Zyomed Corp.

 Vehicle door outer handle structure patent thumbnailVehicle door outer handle structure
A door opening prevention mechanism includes a lever member rotatable relative to a base member and swingable in a vehicle inside-and-outside direction, and an urging member to bias the lever member toward a set position. The lever member is held in the set position when an outer handle is located in a door closing position when a given inertial force does not act in a vehicle outside direction during a vehicle collision, and swings in the vehicle outside direction from the set position to be moved to a locked position against an urging force of the urging member when the inertial force acts.
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

 A glazing patent thumbnailA glazing
The invention provides a glazing for minimising or preventing bird collisions with windows or other glazings. The glazing comprises at least one substrate, an antireflection coating, and a uv reflectance coating.
Pilkington Group Limited


Enclosed drone use thereof

An unmanned aerial vehicle apparatus (100) that includes an air vehicle assembly (150) that is at least partially enclosed within a protective enclosure assembly (120) the protective enclosure assembly (120) is typically at least partially elastic, to protect the air vehicle assembly (150) from bumps, collisions, and other similar occurrences. The enclosure assembly (120) can also facilitate the ability of the apparatus (100) to operate in a ground movement mode (114), such as a rolling mode (116), in addition to a flying mode (112)..


Vehicles having a cross-vehicle stabilizing structure

Vehicle structures for dissipating energy associated with a collision are described herein. In one embodiment, a vehicle includes a first side support extending in a vehicle longitudinal direction, a second side support extending in the vehicle longitudinal direction and spaced apart from the first side support in a vehicle lateral direction that is transverse to the vehicle longitudinal direction, and a cross-vehicle stabilizing structure extending between the first side support and the second side support, the cross-vehicle stabilizing structure including a first joint portion coupled to the first side support, the first joint portion including a stiffness-reducing portion positioned within a perimeter of the first joint portion, a second joint portion coupled to the second side support, and a cross-vehicle stabilizer portion coupled to the first joint portion and the second joint portion..
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Method for operating a motor vehicle when changing lanes, and motor vehicle

The invention relates to a method for operating a motor vehicle when changing lanes on a roadway consisting of at least three lanes, with the steps: detection by a monitoring system in the vehicle of an impending lane change of the motor vehicle from a first lane to an adjoining second lane; detection of an impending lane change by another vehicle from a third lane that adjoins the second lane, to the second lane; the monitoring system determining whether a collision with the other vehicle threatens if the vehicle changes lanes; as soon as a threatened collision is determined, a warning signal is issued by a warning device and/or the motor vehicle is influenced in its lateral motion by a driver assistance system of the vehicle. In addition, it relates to a motor vehicle with a monitoring system..
Audi Ag


Method and device for avoiding a possible subsequent collision and for reducing the accident consequences of a collision

A method and a device for avoiding a possible subsequent collision and for reducing the accident consequences of a collision, in which after a first collision of the vehicle with a further road user has taken place, an automatic braking intervention by a vehicle safety system is released according to a braking model by ascertaining vehicle data from the handling of the host vehicle, buffering the vehicle data ascertained in a memory, inferring the category of the road being traveled on at the moment from the buffered vehicle data, determining an initial distance as a function of the road category determined, and ascertaining the condition for releasing the brake using this initial distance.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Airbag deployment method

An airbag deployment method for a vehicle including a dual-stage inflator, the method including sensing a vehicle collision; sensing whether a passenger seated in a seat of the vehicle is a child or an adult; and deploying an airbag using the inflator depending on the sensed type of passenger. The inflator includes a low-pressure first chamber and a high-pressure second chamber.
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and protecting vehicle passenger

The present specification relates to an apparatus for protecting a vehicle passenger, and the apparatus for protecting a vehicle passenger according to an exemplary embodiment of the present specification includes: a front two-axis sensor; a first side two-axis sensor; a second side two-axis sensor; a control unit which determines whether the vehicle passenger is in a front collision situation, by calculating an average value of acceleration values , or determines whether the vehicle passenger is in a broadside collision situation, by calculating speed and a speed change of the first side two-axis sensor using the acceleration value obtained by the sensor unit and by calculating speed of the second side two-axis sensor; and a protection unit which protects the vehicle passenger based on the determination of the control unit.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Personalized stroke recognition algorithm

In a method, system, detection apparatus and computer program for recognizing a collision of a golf club with a golf ball, the recognition procedure is configured to be executed partly in a motion sensor of a detection device, partly in the processor unit of the detection device and a mobile information processing device. The most complex processing and computation steps are executed in the processor unit of the mobile information processing device.
Caddieon Inc.


Adjustment of vuv emission of a plasma via collisional resonant energy transfer to an energy absorber gas

Disclosed are methods of adjusting the emission of vacuum ultraviolet (vuv) radiation from a plasma in a semiconductor processing chamber. The methods may include generating a plasma in the processing chamber which includes a vuv-emitter gas and a collisional energy absorber gas, and adjusting the emission of vuv radiation from the plasma by altering the concentration ratio of the vuv-emitter gas to collisional energy absorber gas in the plasma.
Lam Research Corporation


Transmit node detection by a receiver in a shared access lte environment

Presented herein are mechanisms to reduce collisions in deployments with wi-fi and shared access lte (sac-lte) equipment as well sac-lte equipment from multiple operators. The mechanisms enhance the baseline energy detection mechanism by incorporating methods to decode cross-technology physical layer elements and media access control (mac) layer elements in the wi-fi system to elements in the sac-lte system.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Light-sound warning system for participants in road traffic

Light-sound warning system of all participants in road traffic is disclosed which solves the problem of safe and reliable signaling of a pedestrian on the road. A driver who saw a pedestrian on the road activates the switch which transmits the information to other vehicles via radio signals, and signals to pedestrians with light and audio signals that there is a vehicle approaching.


Target analyte detection and quantification in sample gases with complex background compositions

Background composition concentration data representative of an actual background composition of a sample gas can be used to model absorption spectroscopy measurement data obtained for a gas sample and to correct an analysis of the absorption spectroscopy data (e.g. For structural interference and collisional broadening) based on the modeling..
Spectrasensors, Inc.


Organizational chart exporting with layout preview and customization

Techniques are described for exporting organizational charts being presented inside a browser window. The system can present an export canvas that identifies the portion of the organizational chart that is to be exported.


Method and device for emergency assistance

A method and a device for transitioning a vehicle traveling with transverse guidance assistance into a driving state with a reduced collision risk in the event of a driver emergency, wherein the speed of the vehicle is greater than a predetermined threshold speed. The method includes detecting a hands-off situation of the driver in a hands-off phase, outputting a hands-off warning, performing a warning escalation in an escalation phase if there is no response to the hands-off warning, and reducing the vehicle speed in an intervention phase to a speed which is less than or equal to a threshold speed, the vehicle being kept in the current travel lane if there is no response to the warning escalation..
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft


Outside handle device for vehicle

An outside handle device for a vehicle includes: an outside handle housing mounted at an outer side of a door outer panel of the vehicle; a handle base mounted at an inner side of the door outer panel and coupled to the outside handle housing; a handle lever positioned at the inner side of the door outer panel to thereby be rotatably provided in the handle base and connected to the outside handle housing; and a backup lever positioned at the inner side of the door outer panel to thereby be rotatably provided in the handle base and selectively limiting rotation of the handle lever. Therefore, it is possible to prevent a door from being opened at the time of occurrence of a side collision to improve collision performance, thereby improving safety and salability..
Hyundai Motor Company


Steering-bracket supporting apparatus and steering apparatus

A supporting apparatus for a steering bracket includes a capsule support portion of a steering bracket supporting a steering column, a separation capsule to fix a vehicle body-side member to the steering bracket, a resin member, a shear pin, and an inertial action body including a weight portion moving to a front side of a vehicle by inertia due to a primary collision and pulling out the shear pin from a second bracket-side hole with the movement.. .
Nsk Ltd.


Driving path planning autonomous vehicle

A driving path planning apparatus for an autonomous vehicle includes a driving information obtainer to obtain crossroad information, current velocity, and velocity setting of the vehicle. A global path planner plans a base frame, and an environment recognizer recognizes obstacle on a path and lane information of the vehicle.
Hyundai Motor Company


Automatic trackig collision avoidance system and method thereof

An automatic tracking collision avoidance method has following steps: taking images in front of an origin vehicle by at least two photograph units; the images delivering to a calculation assembly, to transform the images from three primary colors images to grey images; having a relative vehicle speed of the front vehicle corresponded to the original vehicle according to the grey images; and according to the grey images the calculation assembly having a relative vehicle speed that the front vehicle corresponded to the original vehicle; the calculation assembly having a safe distance according to the relative vehicle speed, if the safe distance is great than a distance that between the original vehicle and the front vehicle, an alarm module generating an alert signal.. .
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Tire sensor-based vehicle control system optimization and method

A system and method of adjusting a vehicle anti-lock brake or collision mitigation system includes multiple tire-based sensors mounted to a vehicle tire to generate tire-derivative information. An adaptive tire model processes the tire-derivative information to continuously generate in real-time revisions to multiple tire-specific performance parameters affecting the performance of a vehicle control system.
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


Method for controlling a time of activation of a reversible restraint system in a vehicle

D) activating the reversible restraint system a selectable time period (Δ1) before the time (t0) when the collision is predicted to affect the user of the seat belt, wherein a length of the selectable time period (Δ1) is a function of the determined current length (l) of pulled out seat belt. The disclosure further relates to a safety arrangement of a vehicle..


Method and system for protecting occupants in vehicle

A system for protecting one or more occupants in a vehicle includes a seat posture sensor configured to detect seat posture data, a collision detector configured to detect collision data of the vehicle, and a controller. The controller is configured to receive the collision data from the collision detector, determine a collision generation direction, and selectively deploy one or more airbags provided around the one or more occupants according to the collision generation direction and the seat posture data detected by the seat posture sensor..
Hyundai Motor Company


Method and vehicle driving assistance

The present invention relates to an apparatus for vehicle driving assistance, including: a camera photographing a front of a vehicle; a traffic sign board sensing unit sensing a traffic sign board in front of the vehicle; a traffic lane sensing unit sensing a traffic lane in front of the vehicle; a vehicle sensing unit sensing a vehicle in front of the vehicle; a collision warning unit raising a collision warning; and a control unit determining a collision risk situation and controlling the collision warning unit to raise the collision warning when determining that there is the collision risk situation.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Machine and the finishing of gears

A machine and method for the finishing of gears with a finishing tool, in particular a grinding wheel; the machine having a plurality of workpiece carrier slides, a plurality of workpiece carrier spindles, each of which is mounted on a respective workpiece carrier slide, and a plurality of loading-unloading stations; each workpiece carrier spindle is rotating and supports a gear; each workpiece carrier slide slides from a respective loading-unloading station to a working station and vice versa; in which the control unit synchronizes the rotation of each gear with the rotation of the finishing tool outside of the working station so that by entering the working station the gear meshes with the finishing tool without collisions.. .
Samp S.p.a. Con Unico Socio


Spinning top and spinning top play device using same

The present invention provides a spinning top employing a gyroscope to enhance the amusement at spinning top play, and a spinning top play device using the same such that, since a rotor of the spinning top is not exposed to the outside, an angular momentum of the rotor can be advantageously maintained for a long period of time even when collision occurs.. .


Planning an implantation of a cardiac implant

The present invention relates to a medical imaging system (10) for planning an implantation of a cardiac implant (42), comprising: a receiving unit (12) for receiving a plurality of three-dimensional (3d) cardiac images (14, 14′) showing different conditions of a heart (32) during a cardiac cycle; a segmentation unit (22) for segmenting within the plurality of 3d cardiac images (14, 14′) a target implant region (38) and a locally adjacent region (40) that could interfere with the cardiac implant (42); a simulation unit (24) for simulating the implantation of the cardiac implant (42) within the target implant region (40) in at least two of the plurality of 3d cardiac images (14, 14′); a collision evaluation unit (26) for evaluating an overlap (46) of the simulated cardiac implant (42) with the segmented locally adjacent region (40) in at least two of the plurality of 3d cardiac images (14, 14′); and a feedback unit (28) for providing feedback information to a user concerning the evaluated overlap (46).. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Device-to-device (d2d) transmit behavior

In embodiments, apparatuses, methods, and storage media may be described for mapping media access control (mac) protocol data units (pdus) that are used to transmit scheduling assignment (sa) discovery, and/or device-to-device (d2d) data. Embodiments herein may describe how one or more mac pdus may be mapped into a time resource pattern for transmissions (t-rpt).
Intel Corporation


System and method to address resource collision for asymmetric region allocation

Embodiments described herein relate generally to a communication between a user equipment (ue) and an evolved node b (enb). An enb may allocated uplink and downlink regions associated with machine-type communication (mtc) to a ue.
Intel Ip Corporation


Dynamic use of rts and/or cts frames

A method is described for intelligently toggling request-to-send/clear-to-send (rts/cts) mechanisms on and off for a channel between an access point and a client device. In particular, the method may determine one or more characteristics related to the transmission of frames and toggle rts/cts based on these characteristics.
Aruba Networks, Inc.


Method for preventing collisions between addresses in device-to-device communications

Methods for preventing address collisions in device-to-device (d2d) communications are disclosed. An operation method of a first terminal in a wireless communication network may comprise configuring an internet protocol (ip) address of the first terminal used for d2d communications; generating an announcement frame based on an address resolution protocol (arp) including the ip address; and transmitting the announcement frame.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Contention based uplink transmission for coverage enhancement

This disclosure generally relates to contention based uplink transmission for coverage enhancement. A plurality of sequence patterns can be defined by a plurality of sequences and the order thereof.
Microsoft Corporation


Dynamic collision-avoidance system and method

An obstacle-avoidance system for a vehicle, the obstacle-avoidance system may comprise: a communication device; a plurality of sensors, the plurality of sensors configured to detect collision threats within a predetermined distance of the vehicle; and a processor. The processor may communicatively couple to the communication device and the plurality of sensors and configured to receive navigation commands being communicated to a control system via said communication device.
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation


Collision avoidance systems and methods

Techniques are disclosed for systems and methods to generate image data based on avoidance areas for mobile targets and/or mobile structures. A collision avoidance system includes a logic device configured to communicate with a ranging sensor and/or a speed, position, and/or orientation sensor (spos) mounted to a mobile structure.
Flir Belgium Bvba


Collision mitigation systems with adjustable trigger width

A vehicle collision mitigation system (2) and method having a detecting device (3) and a control unit (4). The detecting device (3) being arranged to detect a certain field of view (6) defining a trigger area having an adjustable trigger width that is defined by trigger borders (9a, 9b; 10a, 10b) and is adjustable between a minimum trigger width (wmin) and a maximum trigger width (wmax).
Autoliv Development Ab


Memory addressing mechanism using a buffer of a hierarchy of collision free hash tables

Methods and apparatuses for insertion, searching, deletion, and load balancing using a hierarchical series of hash tables are described herein. The techniques disclosed provide nearly collision free or deterministic hash functions using a bitmap as a pre-filter.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Sensory feedback guiding users in virtual reality environments

Sensory feedback (“chaperoning”) systems and methods for guiding users in virtual/augmented reality environments such as walk-around virtual reality environments are described. Exemplary implementations assist with preventing collisions with objects in the physical operating space in which the user acts, among other potential functions and/or uses..
Valve Corporation


System and locating clamping points for a part to be manufactured through computer numerical control (cnc) machining operations with the aid of a digital computer

Automated fixture layout is approached in two distinct stages. First, the spatial locations of clamping points on the work piece are determined to ensure immobility of the fixtured part under any infinitesimal perturbation.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Object boundary detection for automotive radar imaging

An automotive radar system includes a radar camera that captures a sequence of frames of radar images of a field of view of the radar. A boundary detector receives the radar data from the radar camera and detects object boundary data in the radar data.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Method and control system for a mining vehicle and a mining vehicle

A mining vehicle including a movable carrier, at least one boom having a plurality of boom joints, several boom actuators for moving the boom in different positions, at least one mining work device being arranged at a distal portion of the boom, and at least one control unit for controlling the position of at least one of the boom and the mining work device. The mining vehicle further including observing means for obtaining information indicative of a position of at least one of the boom and the mining work device in which collision to an obstacle can be avoided.
Sandvik Mining And Construction Oy


Elevator control device

An elevator controller that enables enhancement in serviceability, avoids a collision between multiple cars that ascend/descend inside a common shaft, and suppresses increase in the number of floors a car cannot reach. The elevator controller includes: multiple cars arranged inside a common shaft such that each car can ascend/descend independently; an occupied area setting mechanism setting, for each of the multiple cars, a maximum area of a travel section necessary for the car to make an emergency stop as an occupied area for the car based on a running speed, a running direction, and a call registration status; and a running speed setting mechanism setting a running speed of a car so a number of floors the car can service is maximized within a range in which the car can make an emergency stop without entering an occupied area set by the occupied area setting mechanism for the other car..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Vehicle-body front structure

A vehicle-body front structure that is able to secure collision performance for a collision with a small overlap amount of a collision object with respect to a bumper frame portion is obtained. A vehicle-body front structure includes: paired frame members elongated in a vehicle front-rear direction and arranged side by side in a vehicle width direction; a bumper frame portion elongated in the vehicle width direction and provided over front ends of the paired frame members in the vehicle front-rear direction; and a load transmission member.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Energy absorption device for a steering column

An energy absorption device for a steering column for a motor vehicle may include a bending bracket for energy absorption in a crash event. The bending bracket may comprise a first fastening element and a second fastening element, with the first fastening element being displaceable relative to the second fastening element if, in a crash event, the bending bracket is deformed along a guide track delimited by a start and an end.
Thyssenkrupp Presta Ag


Apparatus and detecting collision object of vehicle

An apparatus for detecting a collision object of a vehicle senses one or more relative vehicles positioned in front of an own vehicle through sensors provided in the own vehicle and collects relative vehicle information on the sensed relative vehicles, calculates relative positions of the relative vehicles when the own vehicle and the relative vehicles arrive at the same line in consideration of prediction paths of the own vehicle and the relative vehicles, selects a collision type depending on relative velocity relationships and access angles of the relative vehicles, calculates a collision position between the own vehicle and the relative vehicles in the selected collision type, calculates collision information based on the collision position, and selects a collision object among the one or more relative vehicles based on the collision information.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Emergency assistance without activated lateral guidance assistance

A method and a device for transitioning a vehicle driving without activated lateral guidance assistance into a driving state having reduced risk of collision consequences in the event of an emergency of the driver, wherein the speed of the vehicle is greater than a threshold speed. The method includes detecting a hands-off situation of the driver in a hands-off phase and outputting a hands-off warning, performing a warning escalation in an escalation phase if there is no response to the hands-off warning, and reducing the vehicle speed to a speed less than the threshold speed in an intervention phase if there is no response in the escalation phase.
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft


Collision avoidance method including determining height of an object fixed to a vehicle

A method and system of avoiding a collision between an object attached to a rear of a vehicle and an object behind the vehicle during reverse maneuvering of the vehicle includes determining with an electronic control unit of the vehicle an adjusted top height of a first object attached to a rear of the vehicle. The electronic control unit then determines whether the adjusted top height is lower than a clearance height of a second object behind the vehicle and unattached to the vehicle.


Impact mitigation by intelligent vehicle positioning

A method and system for mitigating the impact of a vehicle collision senses location, speed, orientation, and direction of movement data of a host vehicle and an interfering vehicle that has moved or is moving into the path of the host vehicle. A control unit analyzes the data and determines whether a collision is unavoidable.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Airbag apparatus

An airbag apparatus capable of protecting an occupant using a single airbag while corresponding to various positions of a vehicle where a collision occurs. An airbag of the airbag apparatus is installed on a seatback, and deployed from an upper side of the occupant's head to a lower side of the occupant's head to surround the occupant's upper body, together with the seatback..
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Adaptive suppression of vehicle restraint system

A vehicle has a restraint system with at least two restraint devices. A sensor detects a potential collision object and outputs a signal representing a relative position of the potential collision object to the vehicle.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Safety system for a motor vehicle, associated motor vehicle, and controlling a safety system for a motor vehicle

The invention relates to a safety system for a motor vehicle (1), comprising a sensor (2) for predicting an imminent collision, which sensor is coupled to an evaluating unit (3), a control device (10) for triggering a first device (7, 9) at a defined first time before the predicted collision, which first device causes a rearward displacement of at least one vehicle occupant (4), wherein the control device (10) is designed to trigger a second device (8) at a defined second time before the predicted collision which follows the first time, which second device applies a counter force to the at least one vehicle occupant (4).. .
Audi Ag


Automobile bumper beam

An automobile bumper beam to be disposed in a vehicle width direction includes: a small sectional area portion at a center in the vehicle width direction; paired sectional area changing portions continuous to outsides in the vehicle width direction of the small sectional area portion; and paired large sectional area portions continuous to outsides in the vehicle width direction of the sectional area changing portions. The small sectional area portion projects most outward in a front-rear direction at paired impact load input portions.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Vehicle danger notification control apparatus

A pedestrian and a driver of a running vehicle that are in the vicinity of a stopped vehicle are notified of a danger of collision with a vehicle, without requiring the pedestrian to carry a communication terminal. A vehicle danger notification control apparatus includes an outside recognition arrangement for recognizing a running vehicle and/or a pedestrian as a moving object(s), a danger determination arrangement for determining whether there is a danger of collision(s) between the running vehicle and the pedestrian and/or between the running vehicles, and a danger notification arrangement for notifying, in a case in which the danger determination means determines that there is a collision danger, a driver of the running vehicle and/or the pedestrian of the collision danger..
Hitachi Automotive Systems ,ltd.


Droplet collision substance mixing apparatus and droplet collision substance mixing method

[solving means] provided is a substance mixing apparatus including: two or more flow paths (11, 12, 13) in which orifices (111, 121, 131), from which a fluid that flows therethrough is externally discharged, are formed; oscillation devices (112, 122, 132) that form droplets of the fluid discharged from each of the orifices (111, 121, 131) by oscillating at least the orifice (111, 121, 131) part of the flow paths at a predetermined oscillation frequency and discharge the droplets; and means for causing the droplets (a, b, c) discharged from the orifices (111, 121, 131) of the flow paths (11, 12, 13) to collide with one another.. .

Collision topics: Mass Spectrometer, Spectrometer, Augmented Reality, Consumable, Communications, Coordinates, Downstream, Biomolecule, Ip Address, Simulation, Random Access, Satellite Communications, Load Balancing, Wireless Modem, Networking

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