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Collision patents


This page is updated frequently with new Collision-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Collision-related patents
 Transmission opportunity scheduling patent thumbnailnew patent Transmission opportunity scheduling
Scheduling of transmission opportunities to prevent collisions is contemplated. The transmission opportunities may be scheduled for terminal units where transmissions of one terminal unit may collide or otherwise interfere with transmissions of another terminal unit.
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

 Efficient physical cell identifier collision and confusion avoidance using lte-direct patent thumbnailnew patent Efficient physical cell identifier collision and confusion avoidance using lte-direct
The disclosure generally relates to avoiding physical cell identifier (pci) collision and confusion using lte-direct expressions. In particular, a small cell may discover lte-direct expressions that include pcis associated with neighbor small cells and select (or reselect) a local pci to ensure that the local pci differs from the pcis associated with each neighbor small cell.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Collision avoidance in a distributed tokenization environment patent thumbnailnew patent Collision avoidance in a distributed tokenization environment
A client receives sensitive data to be tokenized. The client queries a token table with a portion of the sensitive data to determine if the token table includes a token mapped to the value of the portion of the sensitive data.
Protegrity Corporation

 Channel state information for enhanced carrier aggregation patent thumbnailnew patent Channel state information for enhanced carrier aggregation
Methods, systems, and devices are described for wireless communication in a system that supports enhanced carrier aggregation (eca). An eca configuration with a large number of component carriers (ccs) may include ccs grouped into channel state information (csi) reporting groups.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Connector patent thumbnailnew patent Connector
A connector assembly has a first connector (10) fit into a receptacle (44a) of a second connector (40). An erroneous connection preventing rib (22) and two fitting ribs (21) are provided on an outer surface of a housing (12) of the first connector (10).
Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

 Adaptive material point method patent thumbnailnew patent Adaptive material point method
The disclosure provides an adaptive material point method for simulating and rendering of solid materials. During each time step, a simulation application splits and/or merges particles according to a resolution of a grid and assigns properties to the split/merged particles.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

 Device and  collision risk management for vehicles patent thumbnailnew patent Device and collision risk management for vehicles
A device, a motor vehicle equipped with the device, a method, and a computer program product including program code to implement the method, for collision risk management pertaining to a vehicle including portions projecting outside a basic configuration of the vehicle, including determining a surrounding configuration as basis for collision risk determination, determining presence of portions projecting outside the basic configuration, determining if collision risk is present at the thus determined surrounding configuration and the thus determined total vehicle configuration, and for an operator of the vehicle indicating the thus determined collision risk.. .
Bae Systems Hägglunds Aktiebolag

 Fuel supply controller patent thumbnailnew patent Fuel supply controller
A fuel supply controller includes a receiver unit that receives a collision signal, which indicates that a vehicle has a collision, transmitted from an external device, an engine stop detecting unit that detects a stop of an engine mounted on the vehicle, and a fuel supply stopping unit that stops a supply of a fuel to the engine when the collision signal is received by the receiver unit and the stop of the engine is detected by the engine stop detecting unit.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Lock body with adjustable strike plate for sliding doors patent thumbnailnew patent Lock body with adjustable strike plate for sliding doors
A dead bolt is provided in a lock shell to be drive-jointed with a drive mechanism. Two hooks are symmetrically set along an access direction of dead bolt in the shell.

 Inflatable electric vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Inflatable electric vehicle
An electric vehicle for personal transportation includes an inflatable body that is airtight and a chassis. The chassis is made of two box-like structures connected together with a hinge so that when rotated together around the hinge the two box-like structures form an enclosure configured to hold the inflatable body when the inflatable body is deflated.

new patent

Chassis and automotive using same

A chassis includes a chassis body and a protective device. The chassis body has a sliding rail.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

new patent

Lower vehicle-body structure of vehicle

There are provided a pair of diagonally-extending inclination members which are formed in a substantially x shape in a plan view and provided above or below a floor panel. Each of the pair of inclination members is configured to interconnect a connection portion of one of right-and-left side sills and a hinge pillar and a connection portion of the other of the right-and-left side sills and a center pillar.
Mazda Motor Corporation

new patent

Collision avoidance control system and control method

A collision avoidance control system includes an ecu, and the ecu calculates an own vehicle course as a course along which an own vehicle is expected to proceed during a first transfer prediction time, and time-dependent own vehicle positions on the own vehicle course, and calculates an oncoming vehicle course as a course along which an oncoming vehicle is expected to proceed during a second transfer prediction time, and time-depending oncoming vehicle positions on the oncoming vehicle course. When it is determined that the own vehicle or oncoming vehicle is traveling on a curve, the ecu sets the first transfer prediction time and the second transfer prediction time such that at least one of the first transfer prediction time or the second transfer prediction time is set to a shorter time, as compared with the case where neither of the own vehicle and the oncoming vehicle is traveling on a curve, determines whether one of the own vehicle positions overlaps a corresponding one of the oncoming vehicle positions, and performs avoidance control according to the result of determination..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

In-vehicle control device

An in-vehicle control device includes a first sensor that acquires obstacle information in a first detection range, a second sensor that acquires obstacle information in a second detection range, the second detection range is nearer to a host vehicle than the first detection range, and a processor configured to perform predetermined control for preventing collision with an obstacle or for reducing damage at collision time based on the obstacle information received from the first sensor and the second sensor and, when the obstacle is not detected by the first sensor and the second sensor after starting the predetermined control based on the obstacle information received from the first sensor, uses positional relation information to determine whether the predetermined control is to be continued wherein the positional relation information indicates a height-direction positional relation between a predetermined part of the obstacle and the first detection range or the second detection range.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Collison avoidance support device and collision avoidance support method

A vehicle (100) includes a support control unit (111) that supports avoidance of a. collision with an object and a support suppressing unit (112) that suppresses the support of the support control unit (111) when a steering angle of the vehicle (100) is equal to or greater than a predetermined angle.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Rear collision avoidance and mitigation system

Data is collected from vehicle sensors to generate a virtual map of objects proximate to the vehicle. Based on the virtual map, an in-vehicle computer determines a traffic condition in front of and behind a host vehicle.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

new patent

Airbag device for a front passenger seat

An airbag includes on the rear plane a passenger protection portion for protecting a front seat passenger. The passenger protection portion includes a front-collision arresting plane for protecting a head of the passenger as he moves forward in the event of a frontal collision of the vehicle and an oblique-collision arresting plane that is disposed at least either on the left or on the right of the front-collision arresting plane in such a manner as to protrude rearward out of the front-collision arresting plane for protecting the head of the passenger as he moves diagonally forward in the event of an oblique or offset collision of the vehicle.
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

new patent

Telescoping side under-ride guard for sliding axle trailer

A side under-ride collision guard is described configured to be mounted on a large trailer equipped with a sliding rear axle, comprising at least two linear fixed energy absorbing beam structures mounted axially with the trailer and attached to a plurality of support members connecting the beam structures to opposing ends of the trailer's floor beams, and at least two linear telescoping beam structures axially adjustable for position with respect to the fixed beam structures. The guard diminishes the impact hazard to other roadway users that is presented by the lower axial edge(s) of the cargo compartment in the two outboard regions that exist between the trailer's protected regions, which are typically the landing legs or prime mover rear tires to the front and the trailer's sliding axle assembly to the rear of the trailer..

new patent

Vehicle dent guard

A vehicle dent guard for protecting the sides or doors of a vehicle from dents and scratches. The vehicle dent guard is telescopic and includes an outer tubular member having one or more inner tubular members adjustably positioned therein.

new patent

Vehicle seat having improved performance of reducing whiplash injury

A vehicle seat may include a protrusion member installed to a lower portion of a back frame inside a seatback to protrude forward and to absorb an impact on the hips of an occupant upon a vehicle collision, wherein a lower portion of the seatback, which has a protrusion shape due to the protrusion member, induces a sitting posture of the occupant to be modified when the occupant sits down on the vehicle seat, thereby reducing a gap between a head of the occupant and a headrest in a state that the hips of the occupant moves forward.. .
Kia Motors Corporation

new patent

Energy and shock absorbing device for a child car seat

An energy and shock absorbing device for a child car seat comprises a seat (1), and a base (2) positioned below the seat (1) and used for supporting the seat (1), the seat (1) being slidably arranged on the base (2). A limit block (22) is formed on the base (2) and located in front of the seat (1) in a path along which the seat (1) slides relative to the base (2).
Goodbaby Child Products Co., Lt.d

new patent

Seatback frame structure

A seatback frame structure includes a reclining mechanism, a joining member that is joined to the reclining mechanism, a fastening member, a seatback frame, and a restricting member. The seatback frame forms a frame of a seatback that can support a back of a seated occupant.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Device for feeding a stream of hot gas

It is also possible to move the central support transversely with respect to the direction of transport of the circuit boards in the soldering installation without the printed circuit board having to be positioned at an increased distance from the nozzle plate, since, thanks to the invention, collisions between the nozzles and the central support or some other disruptive contour do not cause damage.. .


Method and transmitting information

A method for transmitting information from a first security module to a second security module involves a system comprising the first and the second security modules. An anti-collision phase comprises a sequence of anti-collision queries, and a communication phase follows the anti-collision phase.
Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh


System and collision avoidance in unmanned aerial vehicles

A collision avoidance system includes an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a uav controller, and a safety data aggregator. The uav includes a positional sensor, and is coupled to communicate positional data to the uav controller, and receive commands from the uav controller.


System and coordinated motion among heterogeneous devices

A system and method of coordinated motion among heterogeneous devices includes a medical device with one or more movable elements and one or more processors. Any of the processors uses a shared interface to access services.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Replica identification and collision avoidance in file system replication

A unique file-system node identification (id) is created for each newly created node in a file system repository by combining a grid identification (id), a repository identification (id), and a node identification (id) to form the unique file-system node id. The unique file-system node id is associated with a unique association identification (id) thereby linking the node from a source repository to a target repository to form an association when performing a replication operation between the source repository and the target repository.
International Business Machines Corporation


Systems and methods for storage collision management

A storage layer of a non-volatile storage device may be configured to provide key-value storage services. Key conflicts may be resolved by modifying the logical interface of data stored on the non-volatile storage device.
Sandisk Technologies, Inc.


Combustion chamber structure for engine

A combustion chamber structure for an engine is provided. The combustion chamber structure includes a piston formed with a downward dented cavity at a central part of an upper surface thereof, and a fuel injector provided above the piston and on an extended line of a central axis of the piston, the fuel injector changing an injection timing of fuel on a compression stroke according to an operating state of the engine.
Mazda Motor Corporation


Elevator system

An elevator system is a one-shaft double-car elevator system and includes a floor-recognition abnormality detector to detect, with respect to one of the cars, a floor recognition abnormality that at least one of a car position and floor information cannot be normally recognized, a terminal-floor driving mechanism to make, on the basis of a notification of floor-recognition abnormality information detected by the floor-recognition abnormality detector, the other one of the cars travel to a terminal floor in a direction opposite to a direction toward the one of the cars, and a floor-recognition-abnormality correcting-operation mechanism to perform, on the basis of terminal-floor traveling information from the terminal-floor driving mechanism, a floor-recognition-abnormality correcting-operation to correct the floor recognition abnormality of the one of the cars; therefore, an operation to recover from the abnormality can be safely performed without collision of the cars.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Clean fuel electric multirotor aircraft for personal air transportation and manned or unmanned operation

Methods and systems for a full-scale vertical takeoff and landing manned or unmanned aircraft, having an all-electric, low-emission or zero-emission lift and propulsion system, an integrated ‘highway in the sky’ avionics system for navigation and guidance, a tablet-based motion command, or mission planning system to provide the operator with ‘drive by wire’ style direction control, and automatic on-board-capability to provide traffic awareness, weather display and collision avoidance. Automatic computer monitoring by a programmed triple-redundant digital autopilot computer controls each motor-controller and motor to produce pitch, bank, yaw and elevation, while simultaneously restricting the flight regime that the pilot can command, to protect the pilot from inadvertent potentially harmful acts that might lead to loss of control, or loss of vehicle stability.
Alakai Technologies Corporation


Collision avoidance control integrated with electric power steering controller and rear steer

A method of providing automatic collision avoidance in a vehicle with a front wheel electric power steering (eps) system and rear wheel active rear steering (ars) system and an automatic collision avoidance system are described. The method includes generating a vehicle math model including the control variables, designing a steering control goal as a criterion to determine the control variables, and implementing a model predictive control to solve the steering control goal and determine the control variables.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Modifying adaptive cruise control to mitigate rear-end collisions

Methods and systems for controlling a host vehicle to mitigate rear-end collisions. One method includes automatically maintaining the host vehicle at least a predetermined following distance from a front vehicle traveling ahead of the host vehicle.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Airbag apparatus and vehicle equipped with same

An airbag apparatus includes a first airbag (10) that deploys rearward from a position in front of an occupant (d) upon an oblique collision and a second airbag (20) that deploys so as to cover a cabin side wall upon an oblique collision. The second airbag (20) includes a wraparound portion (23) which deploys so as to protrude towards the inside of the cabin at a position further on the front side from an outer edge portion (10a) that is a portion, opposing the cabin side wall, of a peripheral edge of the deployed first airbag (10) to restrict the outer edge portion (10a) from being displaced forward..
Mazda Motor Corporation


Method for activating a personal protection device for a motorcycle and personal protection system

In a method for activating a personal protection device for a motorcycle, which personal protection device has at least one airbag that is capable of being deployed in a region facing away from a driver of the motorcycle, in front of a front fork and/or in front of a front windshield and/or in front of a front headlight of the motorcycle, a collision signal is read in that represents a collision or an impending collision of the motorcycle, and subsequently an activation signal is provided, using the collision signal, in order to activate the personal protection device and deploy the at least one airbag.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Vehicle lower section structure

A vehicle lower section structure comprising a floor tunnel that extends along a vehicle front-rear direction at substantially a vehicle width direction center of a floor panel; protruding sections that are attached to the floor panel, that extend along the vehicle front-rear direction or the vehicle width direction, and that project out toward the vehicle lower side; a tank band fastened to the protruding sections; a tank that is retained by a tank band in a state in which an upper portion of the tank is housed inside the floor tunnel; and first shock absorbing sections that are provided between the respective protruding sections and a lower portion of the tank, and each of that is configured to alleviate impact force acting on the tank from any one of the protruding sections that is displaced in the vehicle width direction due to collision load from a vehicle side direction.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


System and adaptive back-off time determination

In accordance with an embodiment a method for performing carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (csma-ca) by a station in a wireless communications network includes determining, in accordance with transmission information related to previous transmission attempts, a rate of success for each window section of a plurality of window sections, selecting a window section in accordance with at least the rate of success for each of the window sections and at least one predetermined threshold, and transmitting data after a back-off delay selected from within the selected window section.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Method and communicating with extended range in a wireless network

Techniques for supporting communication over an extended range in a wireless network are disclosed. In one aspect, a station sends multiple messages of a given type for different operating modes.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Techniques for intelligent balloon/airship launch and recovery window location

Devices, methods and systems for minimizing the probability of a collision between an aircraft and a floating platform are described. The device may include a processor in communication with a memory.
Space Data Corporation


Airport surface monitoring system with wireless network interface to aircraft surface navigation system

This disclosure is directed to methods, computer program products, and systems for providing airport surface vehicle tracking data, including indications of potential collision hazards, to an airport map display system onboard an aircraft. In one example, a method includes receiving data from one or more airport ground surface sensors configured to detect transient surface objects on an airport ground surface.
Honeywell International Inc.


Automated un-manned air traffic control system

A low flying unmanned vehicle is disclosed that may be able to determine whether a collision is possible and may take evasive action in response to the possible collision. The vehicle may wirelessly communicate and may use a standard protocol such that a variety of additional objects may be taken into account when determining the possible collision risk..
Precisionhawk Usa Inc.


Graphical simulation of objects in a virtual environment

A method for simulating a graphical object. The method comprises monitoring approximate distance between a first graphical object and a second graphical object, the first graphical object having at least a first particle and the second graphical object having at least a second particle; detecting a collision (p220) between the first particle and the second particle; computing (p230) a first set of forces associated with the first and second particles due to the collision, wherein the first set of forces are computed within a first context in which x particle attributes associated with the first and second particles are considered; computing (p240) a second set of forces associated with the first and second particles due to the collision, wherein the second set of forces are computed within a second context in which y friction particle attributes associated with the first and second particles are considered, wherein x<y..
Intel Corporation


Systems and methods for insurance based upon characteristics of a collision detection system

A property of an insurance policy may be determined, at least in part, upon characteristics of a vehicle collision detection system. The characteristics may pertain to any capability, configuration, and/or operating state of the collision detection system (and/or vehicle).
Elwha Llc


Object detecting apparatus and vehicle collision avoidance control apparatus

An object detecting apparatus includes an emission unit that emits measurement light to a monitoring area in a travelling direction a vehicle, the monitoring area being widened radially in a vehicle width direction; a photoreceptor unit that receives reflected light of the measurement light from a plurality of directions in the monitoring area; a detection unit that detects a distance to an object in each direction in the monitoring area, based on a time difference from emission of the measurement light to reception of the reflected light; and a determination unit that identifies the object detected by the detection unit. The determination unit determines whether there is a probability of the detected object being a hill, based on a change of the detected distance in the vehicle width direction among the directions in the monitoring area..
Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.


Vehicle body front portion structure

At a vehicle, rockers and torque boxes are connected, from a front side, to first connecting portions of spacers. Joined portions of the rockers and the torque boxes are reinforced, and a front wheel directly hitting the joined portion at a time of a collision is suppressed.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Vehicle control method and vehicle control system

A vehicle control method of performing automatic braking for automatically braking a vehicle or alarm output, depending on a possibility of a collision between the vehicle and an obstacle, includes: cancelling the automatic braking or the alarm output, when an accelerator operation amount is equal to or larger than a predetermined threshold value, during the automatic braking or the alarm output, and cancelling the automatic braking or the alarm output, when a given cancellation condition is satisfied under a situation where the accelerator operation amount of the vehicle is smaller than the predetermined threshold value, during the automatic braking or the alarm output.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Vehicle travel safety device, vehicle travel safety method, and vehicle travel safety program

Disclosed is a vehicle travel safety device including: an object information detection unit that detects information regarding an object; a vehicle status information detection unit that detects information regarding the status of a vehicle; a collision probability determination unit that determines whether or not the vehicle may collide with the object, regarding which information is detected by the object information detection unit; and a collision avoidance assistance unit that performs collision avoidance assistance when the collision probability determination unit determines that the vehicle may collide with the object, and restricts collision avoidance assistance according to the status of steering performed by a driver of the vehicle.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


System for controlling the doors of a powered split tailgate

A power, split door system for a vehicle includes a first vehicle door and a second vehicle door arranged to be articulated between closed and open positions. A controller controls movement of the first and second doors between the open and closed positions.
Jaguar Land Rover Limited


Robotic medical apparatus with collision detection and collision detection in a robotic medical apparatus

A robotic medical apparatus includes a kinematic chain including a stand unit, an articulation device, a positioning device, and a positionable end effector. The apparatus further includes a controller to control the positioning device.


Main spindle mechanism

Provided is a main spindle mechanism for a machine tool such that even in the case of a small-diameter spindle, it is possible to increase the torque transmitted to a large cutter and it is possible to prevent contact to and collisions with the workpiece. The main spindle mechanism, which is provided to a machine tool that cuts a workpiece by means of a cutter, is characterized by having: a spindle that transmits torque from the drive power source of the machine tool and is formed with outer teeth at the outer periphery of the tip thereof; a large cutter arbor provided with a shaft for attaching the large cutter and a base at which outer teeth are formed having the same diameter as the outer teeth of the spindle; and a gear-coupling-shaped sleeve that is provided in a manner so as to cover the base of the large cutter arbor and the tip of the spindle, and at which are formed inner teeth that mesh with both the outer teeth of the spindle and the outer teeth of the large cutter arbor..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd.


Injection-molded case for electronic communication products

The present utility model provides a twice injection-molded frame structure for electronic communication products, which comprises a metal housing connected by injection-molding and an inner frame made of soft plastics. The metal housing is divided into three sections and has metal keys molded individually.


Systems and methods to avoid collisions in establishing real-time communication connections

A computing apparatus configured in the communication system to store data about advisers, including availability status of the advisers for real time communications with customers, ratings of the advisers by prior customers, compensate rates of the advisers, probability of being connected within a period of time for real time communication with customers, etc. The computing apparatus customizes the selection of lists of advisers for presentation to customers and/or the sequences of the lists to reduce collisions in concurrent requests for connections to same advisers for real time communication connections.


Collision detection using a multiple symbol noncoherent soft output detector

Systems and methods for detecting collisions in radio frequency tags in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment, a receiver system includes a receiver configured to receive and sample a phase modulated input signal, and a multiple symbol noncoherent soft output detector configured to receive the sampled input signal and to generate a soft metric indicative of the reliability of a detected symbol based upon observations over multiple symbols, a collision detector configured to calculate a decision metric from a set of soft metrics generated by the multiple symbol noncoherent soft output detector and detect a collision when the decision metric satisfies a predetermined criterion..


Triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

The present triple quadrupole mass spectrometer determines the relationship between a parameter, such as the mass-to-charge ratio of a precursor ion or that of a product ion, and the optimal collision-gas pressure giving the highest signal intensity in an mrm measurement, derives an approximate equation expressing that relationship, and stores the information representing the equation in an optimum collision-gas pressure calculation information storage section. When a measurement is to be performed, an analysis operator enters the mass-to-charge ratio of a precursor ion or product ion of a target compound.


Formation of a field reversed configuration for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma

A system and method for containing plasma and forming a field reversed configuration (frc) magnetic topology are described in which plasma ions are contained magnetically in stable, non-adiabatic orbits in the frc. Further, the electrons are contained electrostatically in a deep energy well, created by tuning an externally applied magnetic field.


Temperature coupling algorithm for hybrid thermal lattice boltzmann method

A method includes simulating, in a lattice velocity set, transport of particles in a volume of fluid, with the transport causing collision among the particles; and generating a distribution function for transport of the particles, wherein the distribution function comprises a thermodynamic step and a particle collision step, and wherein the thermodynamic step is substantially independent of and separate from the particle collision step.. .


Driving control system and dynamic decision control method thereof

A driving control system mounted in a vehicle receives multiple pieces of information through a status detection module and a vehicle safety determination module thereof, performs a safety and collision analysis to predict whether a driving danger exists, when a driving danger exists, instructs an emergency control module to calculate an optimal barrier-avoiding path and send a corresponding control signal to a vehicle control module, and when no driving danger exists, instructs a normal control module to perform an adaptive algorithm according to different road conditions and driver's behavior information and send a control signal to the vehicle control module. Accordingly, the driving control system can instantly plan a barrier-avoiding path according the degree of emergency and collision danger to achieve the goal of enhancing safety and stability of the vehicle and driver in driving..


Roller unit and image forming apparatus

A roller unit for reducing collision noise includes: a roller having a rotation shaft extending in a first direction; a facing member disposed as to face the roller via a recording medium; a holding member holding the roller movable between a separating position and a contacting position; an urging member applying first urging force to the roller in a second direction as to make the roller separated from the facing member; and a drive force applying member applying second urging force urging the roller in a third direction opposition to the second direction and rotational force rotating the roller in rendering the rotation shaft as a rotary center. The second urging force is provided to the roller via the holding member when the roller moves from the separating position to the contacting position as well as moves from the contacting position to the separating position..


Front pop-up ratch safety hook structure for active hood of vehicle

A front pop-up ratch safety hook structure for an active hood of a vehicle having a front end module (fem) including a front end carrier is provided. The structure includes a plate-shaped frame and a striker mounted on a front surface of the plate-shaped frame and fixed to a bottom of the hood.


Support steering column and manufacturing method thereof

Construction is achieved that makes it possible to stably and sufficiently increase support rigidity of a column-side bracket with respect to a vehicle-side bracket. The vehicle-side bracket and a locking capsule that is fastened to the column-side bracket are connected with synthetic resin locking pins so as to be able to break away during a secondary collision.


Vehicle collision avoidance supporting apparatus and vehicle collision avoidance supporting method

After determination of from which side, right or left, a second vehicle is approaching, a position of a collision point is determined, a position of a stop point is set from the determined collision point, and a warning is given at a position and timing of a warning point which is set to allow a first vehicle to stop before the set stop point.. .


Method for assessing the risk of collision at an intersection

The invention relates to a method for assessing the risk of collision between a first vehicle approaching an intersection and at least one second vehicle driving through said intersection, said first vehicle being provided with a measurement means and a computing means. The method according to the invention is mainly characterised in that same includes the following steps: a step of determining the respective positions of said first vehicle and each second vehicle, a step of estimating the intentions of the driver of said first vehicle and of each second vehicle, a step of estimating the need for the first vehicle and for each second vehicle to stop in accordance with the results provided by the two preceding steps and the traffic rules applicable to said intersection, and a step of estimating the risk of collision between the first vehicle and each second vehicle..


Collision avoidance support device

A classification determining unit determines classification of a stationary object that is detected by a stationary object detecting unit. In a case where it is determined that the stationary object is another vehicle, a judgment condition easing unit enlarges a margin area that is used when determining the need for collision avoidance support.


Brake control device

A brake control device includes: a brake force generator of each wheel configured to generate a brake force according to a brake fluid pressure supplied from a fluid pressure channel; a pressurizer configured to pressurize a brake fluid and send the pressurized brake fluid to the fluid pressure channel; and a brake controller configured to reduce a pressurizing amount of the brake fluid pressure supplied to the fluid pressure channel or reduce the pressurizing amount to 0 before the collision of the own vehicle in a state where the possibility of collision of the own vehicle has been detected or after the collision, when the pressurizer has pressurized the brake fluid by the detection of the possibility of the collision and the pressurized brake fluid pressure has been supplied to the fluid pressure channel.. .


Vehicle braking control apparatus

A vehicle braking control apparatus includes an obstacle detection unit to detect an obstacle ahead of a vehicle, and a distance and a relative speed of the obstacle; a time to collision calculation unit to calculate time to collision with the obstacle; an estimated distance calculation unit to calculate an estimated distance to the obstacle when the obstacle has gone out of detection; and a braking control unit to generate a braking force automatically when the time to collision is a predetermined time or less, and when the obstacle has gone out of detection while the braking force is generated, to release the braking force when the estimated distance is a predetermined threshold (<0) or less, wherein the obstacle is classified into a type depending on precision of the distance and relative speed, to set the predetermined threshold less while the precision is worse.. .


Collision alarm assembly

A collision alarm assembly includes a housing coupled to a vehicle. A light emitter is coupled to the housing.


On-vehicle electric compressor

An on-vehicle electric compressor for a vehicle includes a compression mechanism compressing a refrigerant, an electric motor driving the compression mechanism and a housing accommodating therein the compression mechanism and the electric motor. The on-vehicle electric compressor further includes a cover fixed to the housing, a motor driving circuit disposed between the housing and the cover and driving the electric motor, and a protecting member protecting the cover against an external force caused when the vehicle has a collision.


Transfer device

The present invention is to eliminate loosening of a transfer film on a rear end side of a card caused due to collision of a front end of the card against a conveying roller pair provided downstream of a transfer roller to prevent wrinkles from occurring in a transferred image. A rotation amount of a card conveying motor smr and a wind amount of a transfer film 46 (conveying amount of the transfer film) are compared after a front end of a card k rushes into a conveying roller pair 37 during transfer processing for the card k to thereby detect a slip amount of the card k.


Method and performing an imaging procedure of an object of interest

A device and a related mammography method employing the device are described. The device comprises an x-ray source, an x-ray detector placed under a support plate for supporting an object and arranged to detect the x-rays coming from the x-ray source after they have passed through the object, and a positioning assembly with an arm having multiple degrees of freedom which is a collaborative robot for positioning the x-ray source with respect to the support plate.


Method and system for managing cell radio network temporary identifiers, computer program product

A method, in a radio communication system, for managing cell radio network temporary identifiers (“c-rnti”) for use by a user equipment in dual connectivity with a primary node and a secondary node of the system, comprising assigning at least one c-rnti to the user equipment, the or each of the said c-rntis selected from multiple c-rntis to enable collision free communication between the user equipment and respective ones of the primary and secondary nodes.. .


Call collision processing method, terminal and transfer platform

A call collision processing method, a terminal and a repeater are disclosed according to the disclosure. The method includes: sending, by a terminal, an access request to a repeater, where the access request includes a preset number of access request bursts; monitoring, by the terminal, a channel state of the repeater, and determining, by the terminal, whether the repeater transfers the access request burst within a preset period of monitoring time; sending, by the terminal, subsequent bursts to the repeater if the repeater successively transfers the access request bursts of the terminal for at least two times within the preset period of monitoring time; and stopping sending, by the terminal, the subsequent bursts to the repeater if the repeater successively transfers access request bursts of another terminal for at least two times within the period of the preset monitoring time..


Allocation of uplink resources in orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ofdma) wireless networks

A method of improved allocation of uplink resources in an ofdma network is proposed. A wireless communications station (an ap) reserves both dedicated resource and contention resource for uplink ofdma operation for a list of communications devices (stas).


Jitter removal in deterministic networks

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving packets in a flow at a network device in a deterministic network, wherein at least one of the packets is transmitted from a source out of sync due to collision with another flow at the source, analyzing at the network device, the flow to reconstruct a period of the flow, and processing at the network device, the packets according to the period to synchronize the processing of the packets at the network device with the source and remove jitter from the flow. An apparatus and logic are also disclosed herein..


Methods and structures to prevent sidewall defects during selective epitaxy

Trenches (and processes for forming the trenches) are provided that reduce or prevent crystaline defects in selective epitaxial growth of type iii-v or germanium (ge) material (e.g., a “buffer” material) from a top surface of a substrate material. The defects may result from collision of selective epitaxial sidewall growth with oxide trench sidewalls.


Collision-avoidance system and method

A method and apparatus for avoiding collisions of moving vehicles uses a position and motion locating system to track vehicle location and motion within a preconfigured operational zone. Each of a plurality of operational vehicles has a positioning device that communicates with a server to track the location and movement of each vehicle.


Collision calendar tool

A computer-implemented method, system and user interface for visually representing collisions between a plurality of projects within an organization via a graphical user interface (gui) on a display of a user device are described. The method includes storing a plurality of survey questions in a survey database.


Array of very light readers for active rfid and location applications

An example method includes estimating whether a collision occurred between a plurality of wide band response signals, the wide band response signals being responsive to a first interrogation signal transmitted by a first reader; when the collision is estimated to have occurred and the first reader received a first response from a particular tag, transmitting, by the first reader, a second interrogation signal, the second interrogation signal initiating a communication session between the reader and the particular tag; and transmitting, by the first reader, an acknowledgement packet to cause the tag to refrain from responding to a command during the communication session; and a second reader to refrain from interrogating the particular tag during the communication session.. .


Analyzing a collision with a vehicle having unknown damage

In an example, a system includes a monte carlo simulation module to calculate a collision force on a first vehicle based at least in part on first information, calculate a crush depth for a second vehicle (having unknown damage) based at least in part on the calculated collision force on the first vehicle and second information, calculate first total energy absorbed by the first vehicle based on the first information, calculate second total energy absorbed by the second vehicle based on the calculated crush depth and the second information; and calculate a first estimated impact severity for the first vehicle using the first total energy and a second estimated impact severity for the second vehicle using the second total energy.. .


Drive device for fuel injection device, and fuel injection system

A drive device capable of detecting individual variations of an injection quantity of a fuel injection device of each cylinder and adjusting a current waveform provided to an injection pulse width and a solenoid such that the individual variations of the fuel injection devices are reduced. The fuel injection device in the present invention includes a valve body that closes a fuel passage by coming into contact with a valve seat and opens the fuel passage by separating from the valve seat and a magnetic circuit constructed of a solenoid, a fixed core, a nozzle holder, a housing, and a needle and when a current is supplied to the solenoid, a magnetic suction force acts on the needle and the needle has a function to open the valve body by colliding against the valve body after performing a free running operation and changes of acceleration of the needle due to collision of the needle against the valve body are detected by a current flowing through the solenoid..


Installation structure for vehicle-mounted device

An installation structure for a vehicle-mounted device is provided with an air conditioning unit disposed on the rear side of a dashboard panel separating an engine room and a vehicle chamber, and internally including an air passage through which conditioned air is allowed to flow; and an emergency call device disposed on the rear side of the air conditioning unit, and configured to perform an emergency call to a service center on the outside of a vehicle at a time of vehicle collision. This is advantageous in protecting the emergency call device at the time of frontal collision of the vehicle..


Device for the enhancement of vehicle safety

A device for the enhancement of vehicle safety of a wheeled vehicle, in particular a passenger vehicle, is disclosed. The device can be connected to a chassis of the wheeled vehicle in such a way that it counteracts screwing in of a wheel in the event of a collision of the wheeled vehicle with an obstacle.


Steering device

A resin pin which is passed through a first resin-pin passing hole of a first plate, and a second resin-pin passing hole of a second plate to couple the second plate to a predetermined position of the first plate is sheared in a secondary collision, and causes the second plate to release from the predetermined position in a column movement direction. A slide plate which extends along the upper surface of the first plate has a resin-pin visual check hole.


Driving assistance device for vehicle and driving assistance vehicle

A driving assistance device for a vehicle includes an object detection section for detecting objects present on the periphery of an own vehicle and determines whether the own vehicle is located within a predetermined region from an intersection. The driving assistance device extracts, from the detected objects, a first moving object which may come into collision with the own vehicle as the own vehicle enters the intersection.


Lighting control device of vehicle headlamp and vehicle headlamp system

In a vehicle headlamp that uses a light source having high output intensity, turn off the light source quickly when an abnormality occurs. A lighting control device of a vehicle headlamp includes a lighting control part that controls an on state of the vehicle headlamp, an obstacle detecting part for detecting an obstacle that exists in front of the vehicle, and a collision prediction processing part that, when the obstacle exists on the basis of detection results from the obstacle detecting part, predicts a possibility of collision between the obstacle and the vehicle on the basis of a distance between the obstacle and the vehicle and a speed of the vehicle and, when it is determined that the possibility of collision exists, instructs the lighting control part to relatively decrease an output light of the vehicle headlamp to below a normal intensity of the vehicle headlamp..


Vehicle power supply system

A vehicle power supply system is provided for an electric vehicle. The vehicle power supply system has a first relay and a second relay, which are two-contact movable relays that connect/disconnect a high voltage circuit.


Methods and device to device communication

Systems and techniques for managing collisions in discovery of device to device communication capable devices. Depending on whether collision probability is high or low, collision avoidance, or collision detection, may be performed.
Nokia Technoloies Oy


Method and system for carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (csma/ca) with directional transmission

Aspects of a method and system for carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (csma/ca) with directional transmission are presented. Aspects of the system may include a communicating device (dev), which transmits a portion of a pdu utilizing omnidirectionally transmitted signals and a subsequent portion of the pdu utilizing directionally transmitted signals.
Broadcom Corporation


Peer to peer vehicle ad hoc network with bandwidth bonding, seamless mobility and flow-based routing

Peer to peer vehicle ad hoc network is implemented with a distributed p2p model for means of a decentralized model to house data/applications and bonding technologies to reduce collisions, which is extremely high for the accepted vanet standard of 802.11p. The inventive technology provides virtualization of various heterogeneous networks into a single abstract layer of data network, fast soft and hard handoff among various data networks with different link layer characteristics within half rtt plus hardware switching time, a complete load balance of data traffics within and among data networks, optimization of data network resource such as available bandwidths (optimal distributions available resources among the users of networks) with the ability of multi-path unicast for each internet session, utilization of shortest path algorithm for the adhoc access network routing..
Ist International, Inc.


Adaptive cca and tx power level adjustment for dense deployment of wireless networks

A method of spatial re-use with tpc and adaptive cca is proposed. A spatial re-use station detects spatial re-use information associated with other peer obss stations.
Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.


System and full-duplex mac timing modifications

A system, method, and computer-readable storage media for reducing monopolization of a frequency channel during full-duplex communications. The mac layer of governing communications can be modified to reduce likelihood of monopolization by (1) in networks which are exclusively filled with full-duplex devices, configuring non-communicating devices to ignore data collisions of communicating devices, requiring the communicating devices to wait for an standard backoff time after the data transmission is complete; and/or (2) in mixed half-duplex/full-duplex networks, requiring a half-duplex nodes and/or a full-duplex node to wait an extended duration after the data transmission is complete, while the non-communicating devices do not wait an extended duration..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Ccn routing using hardware-assisted hash tables

One embodiment provides a system that facilitates forwarding of packets with variable length names. During operation, the system receives a packet with a hierarchically structured variable length identifier (hsvli) which comprises contiguous name components ordered from a most general level to a most specific level.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Systems and methods of suppressing unwanted ions

Certain embodiments described herein are directed to systems including a cell downstream of a mass analyzer. In some instances, the cell is configured as a reaction cell, a collision cell or a reaction/collision cell.


Collision detection system

An aircraft ground collision detection system comprising: an object detection device for mounting on an aircraft and arranged to detect objects and output the location of each detected object; and a processor arranged to: receive the ground speed of the aircraft and the heading of the aircraft and the detected location of each detected object; predict the aircraft's path based on the ground speed and the heading; compare the predicted aircraft path with the object locations; and output an alert based on the overlap and/or proximity of the predicted aircraft path with the object locations. By predicting the path of the aircraft based on detected ground speed and heading, the system can accurately assess which detected objects pose a collision threat.
Atlantic Inertial Systems Limited (hsc)


Portable collision warning apparatus

A collision warning apparatus, mountable in a vehicle to detect collision threat levels between the host vehicle and an object or target detected forward of the host vehicle. All processing and signal generation takes place in a controller in the housing without reliance on external signals, except for input power, from the host vehicle.


Method and traffic safety

A method and apparatus for traffic safety are provided using vehicle driving-related information obtained on the basis of a transmission/reception beam pair of a road side unit (rsu) and a vehicle on-board unit (obu), thereby reducing a probability that vehicle collisions occur where visual fields may be obscured. The method includes setting a path from a current location of the electronic device to a destination, and transmitting a message indicating an emergency situation to other devices located on the path while moving to the destination.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Steering device

There is provided a steering device having a configuration in which a movable bracket can move relatively to a fixed bracket along with a steering member toward the downstream side in a movement direction, at the time of the second collision. A sliding member that is assembled to the movable bracket includes a main body section and a bent section.
Jtekt Corporation


Steering system

A steering system includes a column jacket that can extend and contract in an axial direction as a result of relative movement between an inner jacket and an outer jacket that houses the inner jacket, a regulation member fixed to the outer jacket and passing through an insertion hole in the inner jacket, and an elastic member fixed to the outer jacket. At the time of vehicular collision, when the regulation member is sheared by a peripheral portion of the insertion hole in the inner jacket in conjunction with the relative movement between the inner jacket and the outer jacket, a tip portion of the elastic member is fitted in the insertion hole..
Jtekt Corporation


Railcar head structure

A railcar head structure includes: a roof bodyshell positioned above a driver's cab window; and an underframe. The underframe includes: a pair of side sills; and a center sill located between the side sills and extending in a car longitudinal direction.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Vehicle collision management responsive to traction conditions in an avoidance path

Described embodiments include a system and a method. A system includes a surface evaluation circuit configured to determine a surface fraction characteristic of at least a portion of a driving surface of a possible collision avoidance path of a vehicle.
Elwha Llc


Motor vehicle with multi-collision brake

A method for triggering self-braking in a motor vehicle, in which following a first collision during an accident a self-braking request signal is transmitted to a brake controller by a collision sensor unit by a communications device of the motor vehicle. The multi-collision braking requested should be initiated in the event of damage to the brake controller that is caused by the first collision.
Volkswagen Ag


Dual stage hybrid inflator and triggering the same

A dual-stage hybrid inflator and triggering a method thereof are provided. The dual-stage hybrid inflator includes a main casing, a central pipe, and a disc set, a first propellant chamber assembly, a second propellant chamber assembly, a pressurized gas, a first igniter assembly, a second igniter assembly and an exhaust hood.
Mosa Industrial Corporation


Apparatus and avoiding collision

The present disclosure relates to an apparatus and a method for avoiding a collision including: a communication module receiving location information from another vehicle; a sensor module obtaining a location of a user's vehicle; and a control module checking a central node of an intersection that exists in a road on which the user's vehicle and the other vehicle drive, determining whether a collision between the user's vehicle and the other vehicle at the intersection is possible, based on pre-stored map data and locations of the user's vehicle and the other vehicle, and outputting an alarm when it is determined that the collision is possible.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Warning method and system therefor

A warning method and a system are provided. The warning system includes a wireless communication unit that is connected to a wearable device via short range communication.
Hyundai Motor Company


Height-adjustable warning lamp with emergency light indicating means

Disclosed herein is a height-adjustable warning lamp with an emergency light indicating means. The warning lamp includes a main body and a sub body such that the main body and the sub body are separated from each other in a vertical direction in order to extend the height of the warning lamp based on the situations on a road.
Sung-hwa Technology Industry Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods of adaptive regenerative braking and collision avoidance for electrically powered vehicles

Electrically powered vehicles may be equipped with both mechanical braking systems and regenerative braking systems. Regenerative braking systems improve vehicle efficiency by returning a portion of the energy lost in deceleration to the battery of the electrically powered vehicle.
Gogoro Inc.

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