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Cognition patents


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new patent Audio signal emulation method and apparatus
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide techniques and configurations for an apparatus for audio signal emulation, based on a vibration signal generated in response to a user's voice. In some embodiments, the apparatus may include at least one sensor disposed on the apparatus to generate a sensor signal indicative of vibration induced by a user's voice in a portion of a user's head.
Intel Corporation

new patent Image stabilization techniques for video surveillance systems
A behavioral recognition system may include both a computer vision engine and a machine learning engine configured to observe and learn patterns of behavior in video data. Certain embodiments may provide image stabilization of a video stream obtained from a camera.
Omni Ai, Inc.

new patent Image capturing method and monitoring apparatus with supplemental lighting modulation
An image capturing method with supplemental lighting modulation is applied to a monitoring apparatus having a lighting unit and an image detecting unit. The image capturing method includes dividing a working period of the lighting unit into at least one first sub-period and at least one second sub-period, driving the lighting unit to respectively output supplemental light with different intensity during the first sub-period and the second sub-period, driving the image detecting unit to respectively capture a set of monitoring images with a predetermined amount during the first sub-period and the second sub-period, comparing the monitoring image captured in the first sub-period with ones captured in the second sub-period, analyzing definition of the set of monitoring images, and selecting a corresponding monitoring image having the definition greater than a threshold to execute image recognition..
Vivotek Inc.

new patent Speaker-dependent voice-activated camera system
A voice-activated camera system for a computing device. The voice-activated camera system includes a processor, a camera module, a speech recognition module and a microphone for accepting user voice input.

new patent Methods and systems for automatically generating a name for an electronic document
A system of automatically naming an electronic document may include a scanning device. The system may receive a physical document that is to be converted into an electronic document, perform optical character recognition on at least a portion of the physical document to identify one or more terms that are present in the physical document, and store the identified terms in the data store associated with the scanning device.
Xerox Corporation

new patent Image forming apparatus performing wireless communication and setting and starting a job thereof
An image forming apparatus including a wireless communication circuitry configured to make a wireless communication with a portable information processing device including a display unit; and a computer and a memory storing a program causing the computer to execute: a recognition step recognizing a portable information processing device that is within a communicable range through communication via the wireless communication circuitry; a job setting step receiving a job setting, and a job control step receiving a start instruction and executing a job in response to the start instruction, wherein the wireless communication circuitry comprises a near field communication means; after the wireless communication is established, the job setting step receives the job setting, which is made in the portable information processing device, and the job control step receives print data as the start instruction of the job, and the job control step starts a print job after the reception of the print data.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent Conditional delivery of content over a communication network including social sharing and video conference applications using facial recognition
A system and method are provided for conditional delivery of electronic content such as images or video stream content over a communication network. In some embodiments, a condition for receiving such content is determined, for example a verification of a biometric fact as a face recognition or a finger print.
Fyfo Llc

new patent Reliable transfer of numerous geographically distributed large files to a centralized store
Techniques to manage the transfer of a large number of large files, such as image files, to a centralized location in a reliable fashion, sufficient to enable an object recognition based horticultural feedback loop are disclosed. An image capture device is generally assigned to each plant, where images of each plant are captured frequently and periodically.
Iunu, Llc

new patent Apparatus for personal voice assistant, location services, multi-media capture, transmission, speech to text conversion, photo/video image/object recognition, creation of searchable metatag(s)/ contextual tag(s), storage and search retrieval
This invention relates to a network interface device. A first capture device interfaces with a first external information source to capture first external information.
Myport Technologies, Inc.

new patent Suitability score based on attribute scores
A plurality of attribute scores are calculated for data including audio based on a plurality of acoustic attributes. Each of the attribute scores relate to a detection of one of the acoustic attributes in the data including audio.
Longsand Limited

new patent

Distributed environmental microphones to minimize noise during speech recognition

A device, system, and method whereby a speech-driven system used in an industrial environment distinguishes speech obtained from users of the system from other background sounds. In one aspect, the present system and method provides for a first audio stream from a user microphone collocated with a source of human speech (that is, a user) and a second audio stream from a environmental microphone which is proximate to the source of human speech but more remote than the user microphone.
Vocollect, Inc.

new patent

Information providing system, information providing method, and computer-readable recording medium

An information providing system (1) has a sound receiver (22) that receives a guidance voice and generates a sound signal (sg); a text identifier (114) that identifies, from among registered texts representing contents of utterances of different guidance voices, a registered text that is similar to an uttered text (l) that represents a content of an utterance of one of the guidance voices (v), the uttered text having been obtained by analyzing the sound signal (sg) by use of speech recognition, and a sound outputter (26) that transmits distribution information (d) that indicates the registered text identified by the text identifier (114) to a terminal device capable of presenting to a user (u) guidance information (g) corresponding to the distribution information (d) from among pieces of guidance information (g) that correspond to the respective guidance voices.. .
Yamaha Corporation

new patent

Channel-compensated low-level features for speaker recognition

A system for generating channel-compensated features of a speech signal includes a channel noise simulator that degrades the speech signal, a feed forward convolutional neural network (cnn) that generates channel-compensated features of the degraded speech signal, and a loss function that computes a difference between the channel-compensated features and handcrafted features for the same raw speech signal. Each loss result may be used to update connection weights of the cnn until a predetermined threshold loss is satisfied, and the cnn may be used as a front-end for a deep neural network (dnn) for speaker recognition/verification.
Pindrop Security, Inc.

new patent

Dimensionality reduction of baum-welch statistics for speaker recognition

In a speaker recognition apparatus, audio features are extracted from a received recognition speech signal, and first order gaussian mixture model (gmm) statistics are generated therefrom based on a universal background model that includes a plurality of speaker models. The first order gmm statistics are normalized with regard to a duration of the received speech signal.
Pindrop Security, Inc.

new patent

Speaker recognition in the call center

Utterances of at least two speakers in a speech signal may be distinguished and the associated speaker identified by use of diarization together with automatic speech recognition of identifying words and phrases commonly in the speech signal. The diarization process clusters turns of the conversation while recognized special form phrases and entity names identify the speakers.
Pindrop Security, Inc.

new patent

Speech recognition method and speech recognition apparatus

A speech recognition method in a system is provided that controls one or more devices by using speech recognition. The method includes obtaining speech information representing speech spoken by a user, and determining whether the speech is spoken to the one or more devices.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

new patent

Networked audible and visual alarm light system and method with voice command control and base station having alarm for smoke, carbon monoxide and gas

A networked visual and audible alarm light system and method with voice command control and base station having alarm for smoke, carbon monoxide, and gas provides illuminating leds, audible alerts, a base control, and a voice command control. The system detects and alerts to smoke, carbon monoxide, and gas.

new patent

Syntactic re-ranking of potential transcriptions during automatic speech recognition

A system and method for syntactic re-ranking of possible transcriptions generated by automatic speech recognition are disclosed. A computer system accesses acoustic data for a recorded spoken language and generates a plurality of potential transcriptions for the acoustic data.
Intel Corporation

new patent

Centered, left- and right-shifted deep neural networks and their combinations

Deep neural networks (dnn) are time shifted relative to one another and trained. The time-shifted networks may then be combined to improve recognition accuracy.
Apptek, Inc.

new patent

Detecting customers with low speech recognition accuracy by investigating consistency of conversation in call-center

Methods and a system are provided for estimating automatic speech recognition (asr) accuracy. A method includes obtaining transcriptions of utterances in a conversation over two channels.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Text to braille converter

A text-to-braille service is disclosed herein that includes an imaging module. The imaging module includes multiple cameras arranged to image part of a page of text.

new patent

System and neuromuscular rehabilitation comprising predicting aggregated motions

The present invention relates to a system (100, 200) for neuromuscular rehabilitation of a patient (102, 202) having an affected limb (104, 204) comprising: a feedback member arranged to give real-time visual feedback; a plurality of electrodes (110, 210) arranged to acquire an electric signal corresponding to an intent to move said affected limb (104, 204); a control unit (108, 208) configured to: perform pattern recognition of said electric signals, wherein at least one feature in said electric signal is used to predict motion intent of said affected limb (104, 204) adjacent to at least one joint, such aggregated motions of said affected limb (104, 204) are predicted; based on output signals from said performed pattern recognition, control said feedback member to perform actions corresponding to said motions, whereby said actions of said feedback member are individually and simultaneously controlled by said patient (102, 202) via said intended motions.. .
Integrum Ab

new patent

Method for camera-based tolling

Methods for tolling locations of a vehicle having a license plate number are performed by means of a tolling system. The tolling system has a camera at each location to be tolled, a server, a user terminal, linked by a network, and a database the method includes: generating one or more tolling records, each including a picture of the vehicle taken by one of the cameras, the location of the camera, and a license plate number read by optical character recognition from the picture, and storing the tolling records in the database; sending a confirmation request to the user terminal including the read license plate number and location information dependent on the locations in the tolling records; and receiving a response from the user terminal and, if the response confirms the request, deleting the pictures from the tolling records in the database.
Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

new patent

Hi-fidelity computer object recognition based horticultural feedback loop

Infrastructure and methods to implement a feedback loop for a horticultural operation are disclosed. Image capture devices are deployed on a per plant or near per plant basis, and upload images to image analysis server.
Iunu, Llc

new patent

Plant provenance and data products from computer object recognition driven tracking

This disclosure sets forth systems and techniques that trace plant provenance and determine a likelihood of plant spoilage within a plant growth operation. Particularly, a plant health monitoring system may monitor and record plant growth data of one or more individual plants during a plant life cycle from germination through to harvest.
Iunu, Llc

new patent

Travel assistance device, travel assistance server, and travel assistance system

An uttered speech of a user is acquired and recognized, and the recognition result is output. Evaluation information is generated from the recognition result.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

new patent

Vehicle settlement system and method

Disclosed herein are a vehicle settlement system and method, and more particularly, a vehicle settlement system and method that utilize object recognition information as settlement authentication information. The vehicle settlement system according to an embodiment includes a vehicle control system, a financial settlement server, and a store system.
Hyundai Motor Company

new patent

Image recognition-based payment requests

The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer implemented methods for sending payment requests to one or more persons or entities based on images in which the persons or entities appear. In one example, the process may include identifying an image associated with a payment request, the identified image containing at least one recipient associated with the payment request, and wherein the payment request includes a value, analyzing the identified image to identify the at least one potential recipient of the payment request, identifying contact information associated with the at least one identified recipient of the payment request, and sending the payment request to the at least one identified recipient of the payment request via a destination associated with the identified contact information..
The Toronto-dominion Bank

new patent

Verification of optical character recognition results

A method of verifying optical character recognition (ocr) results may involve: performing ocr on one or more initial images of a document and displaying initial ocr results of the document to a user; receiving a feedback from the user regarding an error location in the initial ocr results, the error location being a location of a misspelled character sequence; receiving an additional image of the document, which corresponds to the error location, and performing ocr of the additional image to produce additional ocr results; identifying a cluster of character sequences, which correspond to the error location, using the initial ocr results and the additional ocr results; identifying an order of character sequences in the cluster of character sequences based on their respective probability values; and displaying to the user modified optical character recognition results, which contain in the error location a corrected character sequence, but otherwise are identical to the initial optical character recognition results, wherein the corrected character sequence is a character sequence, which has the highest probability value among the character sequences of the cluster, while being different from the misspelled character sequence.. .
Abbyy Development Llc

new patent

Efficiently building nutrition intake history from images of receipts

This invention provides an efficient and feasible method, system and computer program for retrieving total nutrition facts from purchase transaction information including receipt images and other complementary data. The said facts are used to build up the nutrition intake history, provide nutrition intake reports and customized nutrition suggestions based on the users' personal health related information and nutrition intake data.
Whatubuy Llc

new patent

Traffic direction gesture recognition

Traffic direction gesture recognition may be implemented for a vehicle in response to traffic diversion signals in the vehicles vicinity. Sensors implemented as part of a vehicle may collect data about pedestrians and other obstacles in the vicinity of the vehicle or along the vehicle's route of travel.
Apple Inc.

new patent

Apparatus and gait recognition

Described herein is an apparatus and method for gait recognition. The apparatus includes circuitry that is configured to receive a gait sequence including a predetermined number of image frames of a subject.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

new patent

Time-in-store estimation using facial recognition

A method of monitoring the amount of time spent in a specified area by an individual comprises employing a first camera to automatically create one or more entrance images, each entrance image containing a face of an entering individual that passes a first location, and storing each entrance image in a database along with a corresponding entrance time that the entering individual passed the entrance location. An exit image is compared to the entrance images in the database to identify a matching entrance image containing the same face as the exit image.
Verint Systems Ltd.

new patent

Image classification and information retrieval over wireless digital networks and the internet

A method and system for matching an unknown facial image of an individual with an image of a celebrity using facial recognition techniques and human perception is disclosed herein. The invention provides a internet hosted system to find, compare, contrast and identify similar characteristics among two or more individuals using a digital camera, cellular telephone camera, wireless device for the purpose of returning information regarding similar faces to the user the system features classification of unknown facial images from a variety of internet accessible sources, including mobile phones, wireless camera-enabled devices, images obtained from digital cameras or scanners that are uploaded from pcs, third-party applications and databases.
Avigilon Patent Holding 1 Corporation

new patent

Low-cost face recognition using gaussian receptive field features

Methods and systems may provide for facial recognition of at least one input image utilizing hierarchical feature learning and pair-wise classification. Receptive field theory may be used on the input image to generate a pre-processed multi-channel image.
Intel Corporation

new patent

Information processing apparatus, object recognition apparatus, controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium

An information processing apparatus comprises an image generation unit configured to generate, based on a first image in which a transparent object having transparency is captured and a second image in which a target object is captured, a reproduced image in which the target object which is at least partially covered by the transparent object is reproduced; and a creation unit configured to create, based on the reproduced image, a model for recognizing the target object which is at least partially covered by the transparent object.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Methods and systems for biometric identification of dairy animals using vein pattern recognition

A method for identifying a dairy animal, the method comprising the steps of: providing an identification system comprising an imaging device and a database of stored vein patterns; obtaining at least one image of at least a portion of an udder of the dairy animal; extracting a vein pattern from the at least one image; comparing the extracted vein pattern to the database of stored vein patterns; and identifying, based on said comparison, the dairy animal in the database of stored vein patterns.. .
Src, Inc.

new patent

Method and system for product recognition

A method of product recognition, comprising decomposing a product image of into a set of frequency components; performing a frequency analysis for each frequency component in the set of frequency components; detecting a plurality of edge pixels of the image based on the frequency analysis; selecting a set of interested pixels in the region of each of the plurality of edge pixels; creating a quantized product image; and creating a normalized histogram of the quantized image using the sets of interested pixels selected for each of the plurality of edge pixels, wherein product recognition is based on similarities between the normalized histogram of the quantized image and images of similar products in a database of products.. .
Channelsight Limited

new patent

Actively adapted knowledge base, content calibration, and content recognition

Systems for automatic document generation automatic content recognition may comprise a storage medium and a processor coupled to the storage medium. The processor may generate and/or process a document template and receive client data.
Kim Technologies Limited

new patent

Vehicle and operation system for transport vehicle for mine

A vehicle that enables information on climb-over/touch on an obstacle to be utilized in lengthening the lives of tires and a vehicle body and maintenance such as replacement/repair is provided. The vehicle includes: a vehicle body 1a running on tires; an environmental recognition device 2 detecting any obstacle ahead of the vehicle body 1a; a touch determination section 4 determining touch on a tire; and a storage section 4a recording information on an obstacle touched/climbed over.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

new patent

Real-time analysis of events for microphone delivery

A computer-implemented method includes identifying one or more recognition signals from a live video stream of an assembly of people, wherein each recognition signal indicates a request by one or more members of the assembly of people to speak and is identified based, at least in part, on a cognitive system. The computer-implemented method further includes entering each of the one or more members into a recognition queue based on a priority level assigned to each of the one or more members.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Navigation based on vehicle dimensions

A system for vehicle navigation may include a recognition circuit and a navigation circuit. The recognition circuit may determine a vehicle type based on received vehicle data.
Intel Ip Corporation

new patent

Non-visual precision spatial awareness device.

This invention described a spatial recognition device (srd) based on a mounted high precision measurement sensor that enables the user to detect and navigate around objects and obstacles like traditional white cane would, but without contact, and also allow the user to identify the location and shape of objects to enable identifying such obstacles and objects. The device can also provide route guidance through a gps and collision avoidance through onboard and/or cloud based or hybrid computational systems, accelerometers and other sensors.

Virtual push-to-talk button

A method and apparatus for providing a virtual push-to-talk (ptt) button is provided herein. During operation, an augmented reality and object recognition circuitry will detect user's fingers and a free surface near the fingers by analyzing image captured by camera.
Motorola Solutions, Inc

Timeslot management method, a related network terminator, a related line terminator and an upstream signal frame structure for a time division multiple access system

A time slot management method for use in a time division multiple access system that couples a line terminator via a tree-like network to a plurality of network terminations is provided. At least one grant is transmitted by the line terminator towards a network terminator in order to allocate at least one adjacent subsequent corresponding upstream time-slot to the network terminator.
Alcatel Lucent

Secure nonscheduled video visitation system

Described are methods and systems in which the censorship and supervision tasks normally performed by secured facility personnel are augmented or automated entirely by a secure nonscheduled video visitation system. In embodiments, the secure nonscheduled video visitation system performs voice biometrics, speech recognition, non-verbal audio classification, fingerprint and other biometric authentication, image object classification, facial recognition, body joint location determination analysis, and/or optical character recognition on the video visitation data.
Global Tel*link Corporation

Vehicular visual recognition device

There is provided a vehicular visual recognition device including: an imaging section that images vehicle surroundings through a region that a wiper blade passes through; a display section that displays an imaging result of the imaging section; a detection section that detects a position of the wiper blade; and a controller that performs display control to display an image of vehicle surroundings captured by the imaging section and, at a timing at which the wiper blade passes through the imaging section, to hold an imaging result of prior to the wiper blade passing the imaging section for display on the display section.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai-rika-denki-seisakusho

Automatic pattern recognition in conversations

The disclosure is directed to automatically determining conversation patterns that distinguish a first set of participants from a second set of participants. For example, a first set of participants can be top-performing representatives and the second set of participants can be low-performing representatives.
Affectlayer, Inc.

Speech recognition and system for determining the status of an answered telephone during the course of an outbound telephone call

A system for determining the status of an answered telephone during the course of an outbound telephone call includes an automated telephone calling device for placing a telephone call to a location having a telephone number at which a target person is listed, upon the telephone call being answered, initiating a prerecorded greeting which asks for the target person and receiving a spoken response from an answering person and a speech recognition device for performing a speech recognition analysis on the spoken response to determine a status of the spoken response. If the speech recognition device determines that the answering person is the target person, the speech recognition device initiates a speech recognition application with the target person..
Eliza Corporation

Smart phone with a text recognition module

A portable device can transmit information through one of a mobile phone network and an internet, wherein the portable device includes a text-based communication module to allow a user may synchronously transmit or receive data through a local area network, wherein the data is text, audio, video or the combination thereof. The text-based communication module of the portable device includes a text-to-speech recognition module used to convert a text data for outputting the text data by vocal, and a read determination module for determining read target terminals and unread target terminals when a user of the portable phone device activates the read determination module..

Display panel and display device

This application provides a display panel and a display device. The display panel includes an array substrate, an encapsulation layer and a fingerprint recognition module.
Shanghai Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device and memory controller receiving differential signal

A semiconductor device receiving a differential data strobe signal and a method of operating the same are provided. The semiconductor device includes a differential signal phase detector receiving a differential signal including a first signal and a second signal, detecting a phase of the differential signal, and generating a mode control signal; and a receiver receiving the differential signal and a reference voltage and performing a processing operation using the differential signal in a differential mode or using the first signal and the reference voltage in a single mode according to the mode control signal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Speech recognition

An optical microphone arrangement comprises: an array of optical microphones (4) on a substrate (8), each of said optical microphones (4) providing a signal indicative of displacement of a respective membrane (24) as a result of an incoming audible sound; at first processor (12) arranged to receive said signals from said optical microphones (4) and to perform a first processing step on said signals to produce a first output; and a second processor (14) arranged to receive at least one of said signals or said first output; wherein at least said second processor (14) determines presence of at least one element of human speech from said audible sound.. .
Sintef Tto As

Method for microphone selection and multi-talker segmentation with ambient automated speech recognition (asr)

Disclosed methods and systems are directed to determining a best microphone pair and segmenting sound signals. The methods and systems may include receiving a collection of sound signals comprising speech from one or more audio sources (e.g., meeting participants) and/or background noise.
Nuance Communications, Inc.

Voice recognition device, voice recognition method, and voice recognition program

A voice recognition device includes a memory and a processor. The processor is configured to store in the memory, digital voice data corresponding to a voice signal input from a voice input unit, recognize a spoken voice utterance from the voice data after a voice input start instruction is received, determine whether to correct the recognition result of the spoken voice utterance based on a time interval from a time when the voice input start instruction is received to a time when the voice signal is input via the voice input unit, and correct the recognition result of the voice utterance based on the time interval..
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

End-to-end speaker recognition using deep neural network

The present invention is directed to a deep neural network (dnn) having a triplet network architecture, which is suitable to perform speaker recognition. In particular, the dnn includes three feed-forward neural networks, which are trained according to a batch process utilizing a cohort set of negative training samples.
Pindrop Security, Inc.

Speech recognition system and method

A speech recognition method capable of automatic generation of phones according to the present invention includes: unsupervisedly learning a feature vector of speech data; generating a phone set by clustering acoustic features selected based on an unsupervised learning result; allocating a sequence of phones to the speech data on the basis of the generated phone set; and generating an acoustic model on the basis of the sequence of phones and the speech data to which the sequence of phones is allocated.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Voice recognition device and voice recognition method

A voice recognition device extracts, from a first voice signal of a user, a first string of phonemes included in the first voice signal, extracts, from a second voice signal of the user, a second string of phonemes included in the second voice signal, extracts a string of common phonemes from the first string and the second string, calculates, for each of a plurality of registered keywords, a degree of similarity between a string of phonemes corresponding to the keyword and the string of common phonemes, and selects, among the plurality of keywords, a prescribed number of keywords based on the degree of similarity for each keyword.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Remote speech recognition at a vehicle

A system and method of using remote speech recognition at a vehicle includes: receiving speech at the vehicle from a vehicle occupant; determining a wireless quality of service between the vehicle and a speech processing remote facility; transmitting the received speech to the remote speech processing facility when the wireless quality of service is above a threshold; and processing the received speech at the vehicle when the wireless quality of service is below the threshold.. .
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Technologies for end-of-sentence detection using syntactic coherence

Technologies for detecting an end of a sentence in automatic speech recognition are disclosed. An automatic speech recognition device may acquire speech data, and identify phonemes and words of the speech data.
Intel Corporation

Correction system, correction, and computer program product

A correction system of the embodiment includes an interface system, a calculator, a generator, and a display controller. The interface system receives correction information for correcting a voice recognition result.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Food recognition using visual analysis and speech recognition

A method and system for analyzing at least one food item on a food plate is disclosed. A plurality of images of the food plate is received by an image capturing device.
Sri International

Pedestrian recognition apparatus and method

The present invention relates to a pedestrian recognition apparatus. A pedestrian recognition apparatus may comprises: an image receiving unit configured to sequentially receive a plurality of images from a camera; and a pedestrian determination unit configured to perform a pedestrian candidate object detection process of detecting a pedestrian candidate object from one or more objects in the images, a mobility determination process of determining whether the pedestrian candidate object is moving, using the plurality of images, and setting the pedestrian candidate object to a moving pedestrian candidate object, and a pedestrian possibility determination process of performing a predefined operation on the moving pedestrian candidate object, and setting the moving pedestrian candidate object to a pedestrian when a value calculated through the predefined operation is equal to or more than a threshold value..
Plk Technologies Co., Ltd.

Ear based contextual environment and biometric pattern recognition system and method

A method includes providing ear-based contextual environment and biometric pattern recognition using an earpiece including an earpiece housing, an intelligent control disposed within the earpiece housing, a speaker operatively connected to the intelligent control, a microphone operatively connected to the processor. The method includes sensing at least one physiological parameter of a user of the earpiece with at least one biometric sensor operatively connected to the intelligent control, sensing at least one environmental parameter with at least one environmental sensor operatively connected to the intelligent control, performing pattern recognition analysis at the intelligent control of the earpiece using the at least one environmental parameter and the at least one physiological parameter as input to identify an alert condition, and generating an audible alert to the user using the speaker when the pattern recognition analysis indicates presence of the alert condition..
Bragi Gmbh

Visually-impaired-accessible building safety system

Building safety systems, methods, and mediums are provided. A method includes receiving a voice input by the building safety system.
Siemens Industry, Inc.

Merchandise registration device and merchandise registration program

A merchandise registration device according to an embodiment includes an image capturing unit that captures an image of a merchandise item. A memory stores a merchandise recognition dictionary.
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

Method and processing point cloud data

The present application discloses a method and an apparatus for processing point cloud data. The method of an embodiment comprises: recognizing an object in a to-be-labeled point cloud frame by using an obstacle recognition algorithm, to obtain a recognition result; presenting the recognition result as an initial labeling result of the point cloud frame; and updating the labeling result in response to a correction operation by a user on the labeling result.
Beijing Baidu Netcom Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

Automated tattoo recognition techniques

In some implementations, a computer-implemented method is capable of automatically segmenting and detecting a tattoo within an image. An image may be initially obtained.
Morphotrak, Llc

Object image recognition and instant active response with enhanced application and utility

A device for detecting and marking differences between two substrates, such as images or written text. The device has an image capturing device that is in communication with image recognition software.

Method and system for automated location-dependent recognition of storm risks and exposure-based parametric risk-transfer

Proposed is a system and a method for a parametric risk transfer system based on automated location-dependent probabilistic tropical storm risk and storm impact forecast, wherein weather measuring parameters of weather events are measured by means of a plurality of delocalized distributed weather flow stations and transmitted to a central system, and wherein the measured weather measuring parameters at least comprise measuring parameters of wind speed and/or maximum wind speed within a predefined time frame. A spatial high-resolution grid comprising grid cells is generated over a geographical area of interest, and a wind field profile is dynamically generated, wherein by triggering an indexed wind field parameter of the wind field profile exceeding a predefined trigger, an output activation signal is generated based on the wind field parameter and transmitted to an associated activation device, wherein the operation of the activation device is steered by the transmitted output activation signal..
Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd.

Image recognizing preventing recognition results from confusion

An image recognizing method adopted by a platform is disclosed. The method first receives multiple targets to be recognized at the platform, and inquiries a pre-established semantic tree by reference to the targets for determining if the recognition results of the multiple targets will cause confusion or not.
Viscovery (cayman) Holding Company Limited

Person centric trait specific photo match ranking engine

In a face recognition system, a face classifier is configured to receive an input image, and analyze the input image to determine at least one specific trait. A feature extractor is configured to receive a plurality of data sets based on the determined specific trait, and generate a plurality of feature sets corresponding to the plurality of data sets, wherein respective ones of the feature sets include corresponding features extracted from respective ones of the data sets.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Object recognition method, program, and optical system

An optical system according to an embodiment includes: an irradiation device including a light source configured to emit light to an object; an imaging device including an imaging element, and configured to receive reflected light from the object, and obtain an image with respect to a first wavelength and an image with respect to a second wavelength that is different from the first wavelength; and a processing circuit configured to compare the image with respect to the first wavelength and the image with respect to the second wavelength to extract and separate a fresnel reflection component and a scattering component included in the reflected light, and obtain at least one of a surface shape or a surface profile of the object based on the fresnel reflection component and the scattering component.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Method of recognizing characters, character recognition apparatus

A method of recognizing characters is disclosed, which includes displaying, on a screen on which a handwriting input can be accepted, an image that suggests a first input area and a second input area, the first input area and the second input area being partly overlapped; and recognizing a handwritten input in the first input area and a handwritten input in the second input area as different characters.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Emotion recognition in video conferencing

Methods and systems for videoconferencing include recognition of emotions related to one videoconference participant such as a customer. This ultimately enables another videoconference participant, such as a service provider or supervisor, to handle angry, annoyed, or distressed customers.
Snap Inc.

Object detection based on joint feature extraction

In implementations of the subject matter described herein, a solution for object detection is proposed. First, a feature(s) is extracted from an image and used to identify a candidate object region in the image.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Identification using depth-based head-detection data

A candidate human head is found in depth video using a head detector. A head region of light intensity video is spatially resolved with a three-dimensional location of the candidate human head in the depth video.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Histology recognition to automatically score and quantify cancer grades and individual user digital whole histological imaging device

Digital pathology is the concept of capturing digital images from glass microscope slides in order to record, visualize, analyze, manage, report, share and diagnose pathology specimens. The present disclosure is directed to a desktop slide scanner, which enables pathologists to scan slides at a touch of a button.
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center And Research Institute, Inc.

Display screen having fingerprint acquisition function

A display screen having a fingerprint acquisition function includes a display screen cover plate (1), several display image elements (2) arranged below the display screen cover plate (1) and several photosensitive image elements (3). The several photosensitive image elements (3) are arranged below the display screen cover plate (1) and evenly distributed in gaps between the several display image elements (2).
Vkansee (beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Contactless fingerprint recognition method using smartphone

The present invention relates to a contactless fingerprint recognition method using a smartphone and, more particularly, to a contactless fingerprint recognition method using a smartphone, which can generate an optimal fingerprint image without distortion regardless of various standards of built-in camera lenses of smartphones, has compatibility with a fingerprint image of a conventional optical fingerprint recognition device that has been widely popularized, and enables the fingerprint image to be converted into an image that meets the requirements of the international standard (iso19794-4) and into optimal recognized fingerprint data (iso19794-2), so that the utilization of contactless fingerprint recognition is further improved.. .
Winningi Co., Ltd.

Optical signal modulation circuit and modulation method thereof, array substrate, display substrate and display device

An optical signal modulation circuit is configured to provide an optical signal for a fingerprint recognition process. The optical signal modulation circuit includes a first modulation unit and a first control unit.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Message sender security in messaging system

Some embodiments include a method of providing security and privacy for a message sender. The method can include a messaging application determining that a messaging interface of the computing device is active and is revealing or about to reveal the electronic message.
Facetoface Biometrics, Inc.

Methods and devices for saving and/or restoring a state of a pattern-recognition processor

Systems and methods are disclosed for saving and restoring the search state of a pattern-recognition processor. Embodiments include a pattern-recognition processor having a state variable array and a state variable storage array stored in on-chip memory (on-silicon memory with the processor).
Micron Technology Inc.

Computer-implemented systems utilizing sensor networks for sensing temperature and motion environmental parameters; and methods of use thereof

Computer-implemented systems utilizing sensor networks for sensing temperature and motion environmental parameters, and performing at least operations of electronically establishing, based on pattern recognition criteria, correspondence of a plurality of representative features a plurality of characteristics of an occurrence, where a first instance of the occurrence occurred within a first time period of a plurality of time periods; electronically discovering, based on the correspondence, a second instance of the occurrence in an environment during a second time period of the plurality of time periods; and electronically causing, based on the discovery of the second instance of the occurrence, a change in the environment via an electronically-controlled device.. .
Triplay, Inc.

Device and simultaneous interpretation based on real-time extraction of interpretation unit

The present invention relates to a device of simultaneous interpretation based on real-time extraction of an interpretation unit, the device including a voice recognition module configured to recognize voice units as sentence units or translation units from vocalized speech that is input in real time, a real-time interpretation unit extraction module configured to form one or more of the voice units into an interpretation unit, and a real-time interpretation module configured to perform an interpretation task for each interpretation unit formed by the real-time interpretation unit extraction module.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Method and system for automating training of named entity recognition in natural language processing

A method and system automates training named entity recognition in natural language processing to build configurable entity definitions includes receiving input documents or entities through an administration module and defining a domain for each entity. Further, one or more entities corresponding to the domain specific entity in the received documents are determined and a training file to one of pick a right parser, extract content and label the entity ambiguity is generated.
Infosys Limited

Information processing device, control method, and program

There is provided an information processing device, control method, and program that can improve convenience of a speech recognition system by outputting appropriate responses to respective users when the plurality of users are talking, the information processing device including: a response generation unit configured to generate responses to speeches from a plurality of users; a decision unit configured to decide methods of outputting the responses to the respective users on the basis of priorities according to order of the speeches from the plurality of users; and an output control unit configured to perform control such that the generated responses are output by using the decided methods of outputting the responses.. .
Sony Corporation

Display system shared among computers

The display system is shared among a number of computers. The display system includes a display device, at least a gesture recognition device, a number of connection ports, a circuit board, a processing unit, and a switch unit.
Evga Corporation

Gesture recognition and control based on finger differentiation

An embodiment of a computer implemented method of performing a processing action includes detecting an input from a user via an input device of a processing device, the input including a touch by at least one finger of a plurality of fingers of the user, estimating a gesture performed by the at least one finger based on the touch, measuring at least part of a fingerprint of the at least one finger, and identifying the at least one finger used to apply the input by the user based on stored fingerprint data that differentiates between individual fingers of the user. The method also includes identifying an action to be performed based on the estimated gesture and based on the identified at least one finger, and performing the action by the processing device..
International Business Machines Corporation

Input device using gaze tracking

An input device includes a display unit for displaying, on a screen, at least one key having a display region and a recognition region, a gaze tracking unit for calculating a gaze position of a user on the screen, and an input unit for determining, when the gaze position exists inside a recognition region of a particular key from among the at least one key, that a corresponding character in a display region of the particular key has been inputted.. .
Visualcamp Co., Ltd.

Vehicle control device

An automatic driving control unit initiates automatic driving under a condition in which, after a manual driving recognition unit has recognized execution of manual driving, and a right/left turn recognition unit has recognized completion of a right or left turn of the vehicle, a state of being capable of generating a target travel trajectory by a trajectory generating unit is brought about, and in addition, the manual driving recognition unit no longer recognizes execution of manual driving.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd

Robust intuitive operating method by touching a manipulator

A method for controlling a manipulator includes releasing the manipulator in reaction to a release request by an operator, wherein the recognition of the release request involves monitoring the variation over time of a measured value that is characteristic of a state of the manipulator. Increased robustness of the recognition of the release request results..
Kuka Roboter Gmbh

Optical sensor using high contrast gratings coupled with surface plasmon polariton

An optical sensing platform with an array of sensors, a laser or broadband light source and an optical detector that utilizes surface plasmon resonance based transduction and optical detection is provided. The sensor structure of the platform has a low index support layer, a high contrast grating, a low index spacer and a thin metal film with a target recognition element.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Apparatus and providing guidance information using crosswalk recognition result

An apparatus of providing guidance information provides guidance information about the result of recognizing a crosswalk around a vehicle as information for inducing safe driving. The guidance information about a crosswalk is differently provided in accordance with a surrounding situation concerned with forward traveling of the vehicle..
Thinkware Corporation

Ang-2 binding modular recognition domain complexes and pharmaceutical compositions thereof

Complexes containing one or more modular recognition domains (mrds) and mrds attached to scaffolds including antibodies are described. The manufacture of these complexes are the use of these complexes to treat and diagnose diseases and disorders are also described..
Zyngenia, Inc

Location identification and location recovery of elevator

The present invention relates to location recognition and recovery of an elevator system, and belongs to the technical field of elevators. The elevator system of the present invention has a location recovery/recognition system comprising: a landing floor information component or a calling component, a sensing component arranged corresponding to each landing floor information component or calling component and coupled to the landing floor information component or calling component, and a trigger component mounted on the elevator car..
Otis Elevator Company

Vehicular visual recognition device

There is provided a vehicular visual recognition device including: an imaging section that is provided at a rear of a vehicle and that captures images rearward of a vehicle; a display section that displays an image captured by the imaging section; an optical mirror that is provided at a display face side of the display section, that transmits the captured image being displayed when the display section is in a display state, and that reflects light from rearward of the vehicle when the display section is in a non-display state; and a controller that controls the display section so as to switch the display state of the display section in accordance with a predetermined signal.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai-rika-denki-seisakusho

Systems and methods for use in a vehicle for detecting external events

There is provided a vehicle having a first microphone positioned to receive sounds originating from outside of the vehicle, a first analog-to-digital converter configured to covert the sounds received by the first microphone to digital audio signals, a first key to be carried by a first driver of the vehicle, a memory having a first plurality of voice commands stored therein, and a hardware processor. The hardware processor is configured to detect proximity of the first key to the vehicle, enable a voice recognition, in response to detecting the proximity of the first key to the vehicle, process the digital audio signals received by the first microphone, after enabling the voice recognition, to detect a first voice command of the first plurality of voice commands from the first driver, and altering a first setting of the vehicle, in response to detecting the first voice command from the first driver..
Karma Automotive, Llc

Systems and methods for shear and warp detection and correction

The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for warp and shear detection and correction and, more particularly, to systems and methods for detecting and correcting shear and warp in an address block of a mailpiece. The method is implemented in a computing device and includes: locating a barcode which is spatially consistent with a block of text; obtaining barcode bar data from the barcode which correlates to a difference in spatial orientation of one or more bars of the barcode with respect to a best fit line through the barcode; and replacing the block of text with a non-distorted block of text which can be read by optical character recognition processes, based on the barcode bar data..
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Wearable augmented reality device for golf play

A wearable augmented reality device for golf play assists a golfer who plays golf with a ball and a club, and includes a camera, a memory, a processor and a display. The camera captures an image of the ball and the club so as to obtain a captured image.
Jetstron Technologies Co., Ltd.

Uv-c based skin sterilization device

Disclosed is a uv-c based skin sterilizer that includes a main console connected to a delivery system and a display screen, the delivery system including a dosing system and a uv-c light source, wherein the uv-c light source can be an led array or mercury or xenon lamps. The dosing system includes an image recognition module that is in communication with a camera, a light absorption sensor, a distance sensor, and an accelerometer/speed sensor.
One Health Labs, Inc.

Neurotherapeutic video game for improving spatiotemporal cognition

The disclosed embodiments relate to a system that uses a video game to improve spatial and/or temporal information-processing capabilities of a user. During operation, the system enables the user to play the video game.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Microangiography method and system based on full-space modulation spectrum splitting and angle compounding

A microangiography method and system based on full-space modulation spectrum splitting and angle compounding is disclosed. Label-free three-dimensional optical coherence tomography angiography is realized by combining the three-dimensional space resolution capability of an optical coherence tomography and the motion recognition capability of a dynamic scattering technology.
Zhejiang University

System and recognition of items in media data and delivery of information related thereto

The system and method disclosed herein relate to the establishment of both the location and identity of individual items in pictures or videos and delivering of related information thereto. Initially, images in video source content are scanned and individual elements in the images are dynamically compared with digital images stored in a database to identify individual items in the image that match the digital images stored in the database.
Hsni, Llc

In-car digital video system with integrated alpr

A video surveillance system for law enforcement and related applications with an integrated in-car video system and automatic license plate recognition system. A hit from the alpr system triggers the icv system to begin recording and to associate the recorded av data with the alpr data..
Kustom Signals, Inc.

Techniques for using lip movement detection for speaker recognition in multi-person video calls

Certain aspects of the present disclosure generally relate to using lip movement detection for speaker recognition in multi-person video calls. In some aspects, a device may determine a parameter associated with lip movement of a participant included in a plurality of participants on a same end of a video call.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Distinguishing human-generated input from programmatically-generated input

Provided is a process, including: sending, via a first channel, to a client computing device, a challenge of a test to determine whether a human or a computer is generating input; receiving, via a second channel, a response to the challenge, wherein the second channel and the first channel are not both accessible to a client-application in which the response is input, and wherein the test includes an image recognition task by which the response is determined from the challenge; and determining whether a human or computer generated the response based on performance in the image recognition task indicated by the response.. .
Ca, Inc.

Method for provisioning of room automation components of a building automation

A method for provisioning and configuring room automation components of a building automation system during an installation and configuration phase, wherein a configuration unit is used for the provisioning and configuring the room automation components, each room automation component is assigned a unique during the installation, a temporary address and a unique recognition code is defined for each room automation component and for an associated, temporary address, which is transferred to the respective room automation component, where a configuration mode is activated, during which the respective recognition code is issued by the respective room automation component. After successful identification and association with the respective associated, temporary address, each identified room automation component is indicated optically on the mobile unit and is selectable in a simple manner for further configuration, whereby the outlay in time is reduced and the flexibility during the installation is increased..
Siemens Schweiz Ag

Enhanced multi-channel acoustic models

This specification describes computer-implemented methods and systems. One method includes receiving, by a neural network of a speech recognition system, first data representing a first raw audio signal and second data representing a second raw audio signal.
Google Inc.

Systems and methods for adaptive proper name entity recognition and understanding

Various embodiments contemplate systems and methods for performing automatic speech recognition (asr) and natural language understanding (nlu) that enable high accuracy recognition and understanding of freely spoken utterances which may contain proper names and similar entities. The proper name entities may contain or be comprised wholly of words that are not present in the vocabularies of these systems as normally constituted.
Promptu Systems Corporation

Voice recognition device and voice recognition method

A voice recognition device comprises a voice acquisition unit that acquires voice given by a user; a voice recognition unit that recognizes the acquired voice to acquire a voice recognition result; a category classification unit that classifies a speech content of the user into a category, based on the voice recognition result; an information acquisition unit that acquires a category dictionary including words corresponding to the classified category; and a correction unit that corrects the voice recognition result, based on the category dictionary.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Method and system of automatic speech recognition using posterior confidence scores

A system, article, and method include techniques of automatic speech recognition using posterior confidence scores.. .
Intel Ip Corporation

Apparatus and training a neural network language model, speech recognition apparatus and method

According to one embodiment, an apparatus trains a neural network language model. The apparatus includes a calculating unit and a training unit.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

System and automated evaluation of transcription quality

Systems and methods automatedly evaluate a transcription quality. Audio data is obtained.
Verint Systems Ltd.

Product registration apparatus, program, and control method

A product registration apparatus (2000) includes a recognition unit (2020), an imaging unit (2040), a detection unit (2060), and a determination unit (2080). The recognition unit (2020) recognizes a product.
Nec Corporation

Multi-level security mechanism for accessing a panel

A panel associated with maintaining security of mobile devices. The devices such as mobile phones may be registered with user codes at the panel.
Honeywell International Inc.

Image processing apparatus, display control method and program

Aspects of the present invention include an apparatus comprising a recognition unit configured to recognize real object in an image. The apparatus may further comprise a determining unit configured to determine a stability indicator indicating a stability of the recognition, and a display control unit configured to modify a display of a virtual object according to the stability indicator..
Sony Corporation

Liquid level detecting system and method thereof

A liquid level detecting system and method thereof are provided in present application. Aforementioned system acquires an image containing transparent container and labeling element, analyzes the image portion of the labeling element which effected by the tested liquid in the transparent container so as to determine the liquid level of the tested liquid.
Taiwan Intelligent Robotic Company, Ltd.

Article reading device

An article reading device according to an embodiment includes a display device and an image capturing device that generates an image of an article. A processor extracts, from the image, first feature data for recognizing the article and second feature data for determining whether to recognize the article based on the first feature data.
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

System and document processing

The disclosure relates to processing of information and documents, e.g., in analyzing financial plans such as retirement plans, presenting relevant information relating to a user, e.g., in 408(b)(2) data, and tools for enhancing user understanding and decision making with respect to the same. Machine (e.g., optical recognition) of content of such forms and information is used in some aspects. Llc

Neural network based recognition apparatus and training neural network

A neural network recognition method includes obtaining a first neural network that includes layers and a second neural network that includes a layer connected to the first neural network, actuating a processor to compute a first feature map from input data based on a layer of the first neural network, compute a second feature map from the input data based on the layer connected to the first neural network in the second neural network, and generate a recognition result based on the first neural network from an intermediate feature map computed by applying an element-wise operation to the first feature map and the second feature map.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Object recognition and classification using multiple sensor modalities

Object recognition and classification based on data from multiple sensor modalities is disclosed. A computing system can detect an event in a monitored portion of an environment coordinate field associated with a vehicle.
Mentor Graphics Corporation

Method for the recognition of raised characters, corresponding computer program and device

A method of character recognition is implemented by an electronic device to recognize, in an image representing an object comprising at least one raised character, called a basic image, at least one raised character of the basic image. The method includes: a phase of processing at least one image, the phase including at least one implementation of a phong reflection module and delivering at least one identification image; and a phase of identifying characters as a function of the basic image and the at least one identification image..
Ingenico Group

Reducing the search space for recognition of objects in an image based on wireless signals

Provided is a process including: determining that a mobile computing device has crossed a geofence associated with a merchant store; sending, to a remote classifier server, a request for object-recognition classifiers for objects in the merchant store; receiving a set of object-recognition classifiers; receiving with the mobile computing device from user a request to search for offers; capturing an image with a camera of the mobile computing device; receiving one or more wireless beacon identifiers with the mobile computing device; based on the wireless beacon identifiers, selecting a subset of the object-recognition classifiers in the set of object-recognition classifiers; and recognizing an object in the captured image based on the selected subset of the object-recognition classifiers; and requesting, from a remote offer publisher server, offers corresponding to the recognized object; and receiving offers from the remote offer publisher server; and displaying the received offers to the user.. .
Retailmenot, Inc.

Identity verification via validated facial recognition and graph database

Technologies are provided herein for verifying identities of individuals via facial recognition and a graph database. Images of individuals to be identified can be can be captured with multiple mobile devices, such as by crowdsourcing, and transmitted to an identity verification server for identification.
Verihelp, Inc.

Method of surveillance using a multi-sensor system

A method for the surveillance of a place using a network of image sensors connected to a biometric recognition device so arranged as to retrieve biometric features of persons from images supplied by the sensors and to compare the biometric features retrieved from images provided by distinct sensors in order to detect therefrom the presence of the same person according to a score of proximity between the biometric features, with the method comprising the steps of determining positional information and temporal information representing a split time between the two images and checking consistency between the newly determined positional and temporal information and the previously stored positional and temporal information.. .
Safran Identity & Security

Commodity registration apparatus configured to perform object recognition

A commodity registration apparatus configured to perform object recognition includes an interface connected to receive captured images, a storage unit storing a dictionary for the object recognition, and a processor. The processor is configured to designate a learning target article for learning processing, extract, from each captured image, feature value indicating feature of an article contained in the captured image, compare each of the extracted feature values with stored feature values of the learning target article registered in the dictionary and calculate a similarity degree therebetween, generate relationship information indicating a relationship between the captured images based on the calculated similarity degrees, exclude captured images that meet a predetermined condition based on the relationship information, and execute the learning processing by adding, to the dictionary with respect to the learning target article, the feature values indicating features of the article contained in the non-excluded captured images..
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

Array substrate, display panel and display device

An array substrate, a display panel and a display device are provided. The array substrate includes a substrate; a plurality of light-emitting units, which are in the display area of the substrate and include emission colors: a first color, a second color and a third color, where a light transmittance of the first color and a light transmittance of the second color are both greater than a light transmittance of the third color; and a plurality of first fingerprint recognition units and a plurality of second fingerprint recognition units, which are in the display area of the substrate.
Shanghai Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.

Touch panel and display device including the same

A touch panel includes: a substrate having a touch recognition area and a fingerprint recognition area; a plurality of first sensing electrodes in the touch recognition area on the substrate; and a first connection electrode connecting adjacent ones of the first sensing electrodes in a first direction. A portion of the first connection electrode adjacent to the fingerprint recognition area is bent along an edge of the fingerprint recognition area..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Ultrasonic transducer, manufacturing ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic finger recognition sensor and electronic device

The present disclosure discloses an ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer includes a piezoelectric layer.
Nanchang O-film Bio-identification Technology Co., Ltd.

Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and fingerprint recognition module

The present disclosure discloses an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor includes a piezoelectric layer, a number of emitters, and a number of receiving electrode lines.
Nanchang O-film Bio-identification Technology Co., Ltd.

Ultrasonic probe and manufacturing the same and ultrasonic fingerprint recognition device

The present disclosure provides an ultrasonic probe. The ultrasonic probe includes a piezoelectric layer, including a number of piezoelectric posts arranged in a number of rows along a first direction and arranged in a number of columns along a second direction, and an angle between the first direction and the second direction being an acute angle, a distance between the two adjacent piezoelectric posts along the first direction being greater than a distance between the two adjacent rows of the piezoelectric posts.
Nanchang O-film Bio-identification Technology Co., Ltd.

Method, apparatus and system of generating electronic medical record information

An embodiment of the present disclosure provides a method and apparatus of generating electronic medical record information, which relates to the field of digital medical technology. The method includes: retrieving a corpus of a target object from a pre-stored database; acquiring voice information of a conversation during a consultation of a user, the voice information comprising at least one of real-time voice information and recorded voice information; performing voice recognition on the voice information according to the corpus, to obtain a voice recognition result; and performing semantic analysis on the voice recognition result, and generating object state information of the target object in an electronic medical record..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Information presentation method, non-transitory recording medium storing thereon computer program, and information presentation system

Provided are an information presentation method, a non-transitory recording medium storing thereon a computer program, and an information presentation system. A speech recognition unit performs speech recognition on speech pertaining to a dialogue and thereby generates dialogue text, a translation unit translates the dialogue text and thereby generates translated dialogue text, and a speech waveform synthesis unit performs speech synthesis on the translated dialogue text and thereby generates translated dialogue speech.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Generalized phrases in automatic speech recognition systems

A method for generating a suggested phrase having a similar meaning to a supplied phrase in an analytics system includes: receiving, on a computer system comprising a processor and memory storing instructions, the supplied phrase, the supplied phrase including one or more terms; identifying, on the computer system, a term of the phrase belonging to a semantic group; generating the suggested phrase using the supplied phrase and the semantic group; and returning the suggested phrase.. .
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

Dictionary updating apparatus, dictionary updating method and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a dictionary updating apparatus includes a candidate extraction unit, a selection control unit, and a word registration unit. The candidate extraction unit extracts, based on a recognition result text obtained by a voice recognition engine performing a voice recognition processing using a word dictionary and a correction result text obtained by correcting at least a part of the recognition result text, candidates of words to be additionally registered in the word dictionary.
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

Textual content speed player

A computer program that plays a user's textual content in an animated format to increase reading speed via reconditioning reading behavior. The computer program: highlights a word being read and positions a copy in the center of the page so a reader can eliminate repositioning their eyes and still satisfy the common scanning strategy's need to have a word projected on the center of the retina while the reader is reconditioned by the highlighting progressing through the text to use the faster scanning strategy of changing the position on the retina being read with eyes fixed; presents a picture representing the word's meaning to recondition users to utilize the faster cognitive strategy of triggering recognition of meaning with a picture; highlights the word for a time calculated using syllables to create a presentation in sync with the natural timing of speech; can play/record a voice speaking the word for creating audible textual presentations enabling the non-reader to enjoy their textual content while learning printed language through context alone..

Gesture recognition and control based on finger differentiation

An embodiment of a computer implemented method of performing a processing action includes detecting an input from a user via an input device of a processing device, the input including a touch by at least one finger of a plurality of fingers of the user, estimating a gesture performed by the at least one finger based on the touch, measuring at least part of a fingerprint of the at least one finger, and identifying the at least one finger used to apply the input by the user based on stored fingerprint data that differentiates between individual fingers of the user. The method also includes identifying an action to be performed based on the estimated gesture and based on the identified at least one finger, and performing the action by the processing device..
International Business Machines Corporation

Gesture detection

A supplemental surface area allows gesture recognition on outer surfaces of mobile devices. Inputs may be made without visual observance of display devices.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Electronic device and numerical controller

To provide an electronic device and numerical controller that can achieve reduction in work for changing a display state after start-up of an application. A numerical controller comprises: a display control unit that displays one started application or multiple started applications simultaneously on the display unit; an input unit that accepts input through the operation unit and identifies a position on the display unit; a recognition unit that recognizes a figure drawn with the operation unit based on the identified position; and a start-up unit that starts an application associated with the figure and determines an initial display position for the started application based on the position on the display unit where the figure is drawn..
Fanuc Corporation

Test strip, system and inspection

The invention provides a test strip comprising an identification region coded a screen function of the test strip by a chromaticity coordinates model; a calibration region having a particular color for calibrating an external spectrum analyzer; and a reaction region chemically reacted with a specific specimen for changing its own color. By using the external spectrum analyzer to conduct light splitting of the reflective lights from the recognition and reaction regions of the test strip, automatic recognition and simplified usage can be achieved..

Functionalized nanostructures for detecting nitro-containing compounds

Devices, methods and systems for detecting nitro-containing compounds such as tnt, which utilize semiconductor nanostructures modified by a functional moiety that interacts with the nitro-containing compound, are disclosed. The functional moiety is attached to the nanostructures and is being such that upon contacting a sample that contains the nitro-containing compound, the nanostructure exhibits a detectable change in an electrical property, which is indicative of the presence and/or amount of the nitro-containing compound in the sample.
Tracense Systems Ltd.

Nucleic acid aptamers binding to vascular endothelial growth factor receptors

[solution] a nucleic acid aptamer characterized by comprising a nucleotide sequence represented by any one of seq id nos: 1 to 5, and also characterized by being capable of bonding to a human vegf receptor specifically. In a preferred embodiment of the nucleic acid aptamer, a primer recognition sequence, a fluorescent label, or a biotin molecule, an avidin molecule, a streptavidin molecule or other specific binding tag peptide may be linked to the 5′- or 3′-terminal of the nucleic acid aptamer for the purpose of making it possible to detect the nucleic acid aptamer easily..

Chimeric antigen receptors (cars), targeting hematologic malignancies, compositions and methods of use thereof

The present disclosure provides chimeric antigen receptor polypeptides having antigen recognition domains for cd2, cd3, cd4, cd5, cd7, cd8, and cd52 antigens, and polynucleotides encoding for the same. The present disclosure also provides for engineered cells expressing the polynucleotide or polypeptides.
Icell Gene Therapeutics Llc

Class i mhc phosphopeptides for cancer immunotherapy and diagnosis

A set of phosphorylated peptides are presented by hla a*0101, a*0201, a*0301, b*4402, b*2705, b*1402, and b*0702 on the surface of melanoma cells. They have the potential to (a) stimulate an immune response to the cancer, (b) to function as immunotherapeutics in adoptive t-cell therapy or as a vaccine, (c) to facilitate antibody recognition of the tumor boundaries in surgical pathology samples, and (d) act as biomarkers for early detection of the disease.
Agenus Inc.

Information presentation system

A system for presenting information to an occupant of a vehicle mounted with an autonomous driving system, includes: a display unit configured to display the information; a display control unit configured to cause the display unit to display information in any one of display modes among a setting status display mode in which setting information is displayed, an operation status display mode in which travel information is displayed, and a recognition status display mode in which recognition result information of the autonomous driving system is displayed; and an acquisition unit configured to acquire an occupant's display mode switching instruction for switching the display mode, wherein the display control unit configured to switch the display mode of the display unit when the acquisition unit acquires the occupant's display mode switching instruction.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic finger recognition sensor and electronic device

The present disclosure discloses an ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer includes an active layer.
Nanchang O-film Bio-identification Technology Co., Ltd.

Method and system for providing interactivity based on sensor measurements

There is provided a system for providing interactivity to a guest of an experiential venue, based on sensor measurement of the guest. The system comprises a sensor configured to sense a guest variable of the guest, where the sensor may be a biometric sensor, a facial recognition sensor, a voice stress analysis sensor, a gesture recognition sensor, a motion tracking sensor, or an eye tracking sensor, and may sense heart rate or another guest variable.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Pharmaceutical composition for treating cancer comprising trypsinogen and/or chymotrypsinogen and an active agent selected from a selenium compound, a vanilloid compound and a cytoplasmic glycolysis reduction agent

The present invention generally relates to pharmaceutical compositions containing a protease proenzyme and use thereof for treating cancer. The pharmaceutical compositions are directed to compositions comprising a protease proenzyme and an active agent, the composition being capable of providing a multi-functional approach for treating cancer.
Propanc Pty Ltd

Tunable nanoparticle tags to enhance tissue recognition

A method of locating and ablating a target tissue is described. The method includes providing a catheter that has at least one light guide, where the light guide is adaptable to receive light from a light source.
The Spectranetics Corporation

Logistics rack and application method thereof

The present invention discloses a logistics rack and an application method thereof. The logistics rack comprises a cabinet frame, wherein the cabinet frame is divided into a plurality of storage areas; a plurality of encoded cards a are provided on the top of the cabinet frame, a hanging member is connected below the encoded card a, and an express fixing device is connected to the bottom of the hanging member; a cabinet door with a password recognition device is mounted on the cabinet frame.

Sharing of a puch resource among communication devices using different periodicity patterns

The present disclosure generally relates to radio communication. More particularly, this disclosure relates to a method performed by a network node supporting the use of a single physical uplink control channel, pucch, resource to a plurality of communication devices such that the plurality of communication devices can share the single pucch resource.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Systems for facilitating interactions between consumers and individuals having marketable public recognition

Systems and methods are disclosed for processing transactions and associated dated. In one exemplary implementation, there is provided a method for processing information associated with transactions involving a product, wherein the product may comprise an experience, a physical product, and/or a digital product.
Traina Interactive Corp.

Dynamic deployment of executable recognition resources in distributed camera devices

In one embodiment, a method comprises: identifying a deployment context for execution within one or more distributed camera devices in a distributed camera system, the deployment context including video recognition requirements relative to available capacity in the one or more distributed camera devices; determining an optimized executable recognition resource for the deployment context from available executable recognition resources; and sending, to the one or more distributed camera devices, an instruction for deployment and execution of the optimized executable recognition resource for optimized recognition according to the deployment context.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Electronic device including iris recognition sensor and operating the same

An electronic device comprising a housing, a display, a light emitting module, a camera, and a processor electrically connected with the light emitting module and the camera. The housing includes a first surface that is open in a first direction and a second surface that is disposed in a second direction.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

System and voice recognition

In an embodiment, an apparatus includes: a motor; a master control unit coupled to the motor, the master control unit configured to: receive an indication of an incoming call from a mobile device; enable the motor and provide a haptic notification in response to receiving the indication of the incoming call; receive a first command to answer the incoming call; and forward the first command to the mobile device, the first command instructing the mobile device to answer the incoming call and transfer phone and audio functionality for the incoming call to a headset, the headset paired with the mobile device with a pre-established master/slave connection.. .
Bioworld Merchandising

Systems and methods for processing media content that depict objects

Access to a set of media content items is acquirable. Identified processors can perform, in parallel, object detection for the set.
Facebook, Inc.

Efficient audio signature generation using recognition history

Audio information is monitored by a user device that performs audio content recognition of any received audio content. The user device includes a scheduling logic unit, a probe, and an audio signature generator.
Alphonso Inc.

Electronic device and grip recognition method thereof

An electronic device and a grip recognition method for reducing the sar of the electronic device are provided. The electronic device of the present disclosure includes an antenna, a coupler, a processor electrically coupled to the antenna and the coupler, and a memory electrically coupled to the processor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Passive electronic component

There is provided a passive electronic component that achieves proper recognition of a marker portion thereof that indicates a winding start position and a winding direction of a coil conductor as well as a posture and an orientation of the component. The passive electronic component is a laminated type electronic component and has an insulator portion, a terminal electrode electrically connected to a conductor portion provided inside the insulator portion and formed on a surface of the insulator portion, and a marker portion for indicating a winding start position and a winding direction of a conductor or a posture and an orientation of the component.
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor memory system and operating method thereof

A semiconductor memory system comprising: a memory device including a plurality of data cells; a read/write circuit suitable for performing a write operation to a target data cell among the data cells; and a state transition recognition circuit suitable for detecting a state transition of the target data cell, and ending the write operation according to the detection result of the state transition of the target data cell.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.

Hotword detection on multiple devices

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for hotword detection on multiple devices are disclosed. In one aspect, a method includes the actions of receiving audio data that corresponds to an utterance.
Google Inc.

Automated language learning

A method, executed by a computer, includes receiving a personality profile for a user, prompting a user to speak an utterance comprising one or more words, wherein the utterance is selected from a library of utterances based on the personality profile for the user, and converting a recording of a user speaking the utterance to recognition data. The method may also include selecting a next utterance based on the recognition data and the personality profile for the user.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and voice actuated configuration of a controlling device

A speech recognition engine is provided voice data indicative of at least a brand of a target appliance. The speech recognition engine uses the voice data indicative of at least a brand of the target appliance to identify within a library of codesets at least one codeset that is cross-referenced to the brand of the target appliance.
Universal Electronics Inc.

Speech recognition method and apparatus based on speaker recognition

A speech recognition method and an apparatus which recognize speech, based on speaker recognition, and output a result of the speech recognition are provided. The speech recognition method includes activating a session for receiving an input of an audio signal, performing speech recognition on a speech signal detected from the input audio signal while the session is maintained, determining whether a speaker of the speech signal is a registered speaker based on speaker information generated from the speech signal, determining whether to maintain the session based on a result of the determination, and outputting a result of performing the speech recognition..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Automatic speech recognition (asr) utilizing gps and sensor data

An automatic speech recognition (asr) system is disclosed that compensates for different noise environments and types of speech. The asr system may be implemented as part of an action camera that collects status data, such as geographic location data and/or sensor data.
Garmin Switzerland Gmbh

Spoken utterance stop event other than pause or cessation in spoken utterances stream

Speech recognition of a stream of spoken utterances is initiated. Thereafter, a spoken utterance stop event to stop the speech recognition is detected, such as in in relation to the stream.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Voice processing device, voice processing method, and voice processing program

A separation unit separates voice signals of a plurality of channels into an incoming component in each incoming direction, a selection unit selects a statistic corresponding to an incoming direction of the incoming component separated by the separation unit from a storage unit which stores a predetermined statistic and a voice recognition model for each incoming direction, an updating unit updates the voice recognition model on the basis of the statistic selected by the selection unit, and a voice recognition unit recognizes a voice of the incoming component separated using the voice recognition model.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Speech recognition method and apparatus

The present application discloses speech recognition methods and apparatuses. An exemplary method may include extracting, via a first neural network, a vector containing speaker recognition features from speech data.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Apparatus and training a neural network auxiliary model, speech recognition apparatus and method

According to one embodiment, an apparatus trains a neural network auxiliary model used to calculate a normalization factor of a neural network language model. The apparatus includes a calculating unit and a training unit.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Voice recognition apparatus and method

A voice recognition apparatus and corresponding method include a processor configured to calculate a probability distribution corresponding to an intent associated with an utterance of a user by applying pre-stored training data to an input voice signal input based on the utterance. The processor is also configured to select a target feature extractor including either one or both of a training-based feature extractor and a rule-based feature extractor using the calculated probability distribution, and extract a feature associated with the utterance based on the selected target feature extractor..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Methods, apparatuses, and systems to recognize and audibilize objects

Apparatuses, methods, and systems to assist a visually-impaired user. Embodiments include a 3d depth camera to be worn or co-located with the visually-impaired user to collect data to recognize an object in an environment and to collect data to locate the object relative to the visually-impaired user in the environment; and a speech-based interaction device to communicate to the visually-impaired user recognition and location of the object based on the data collected by the 3d depth camera.
Intel Corporation

Positional analysis for prayer recognition

Systems and techniques for assaying conformance to an activity manipulating a beaded-string smart device are herein described. The beaded-string smart device may include an active bead.

Automated language learning

A method, executed by a computer, includes prompting a user to speak an utterance comprising one or more words, recording a user speaking the utterance to produce recorded speech, converting the recorded speech to recognition data, and selecting a next utterance based on the recognition data and personality information for the user. The next utterance may be selected from a library of utterances.
International Business Machines Corporation

Bill softness recognition

A bill softness recognition method and a bill softness recognition device are provided. The method includes: receiving bills; extracting and separating the bills to make the bills enter a bill channel in a separated manner; capturing a single-bill image and a bill background image of each of the extracted bills; rolling the extracted bill to make the bill press a plurality of prearranged force sensors; acquiring effective force signals fed back from the force sensors; acquiring an inclination angle of the bill based on the single-bill image and the bill background image; determining, based on the inclination angle, the force sensor that is pressed by the bill as an effective force sensor; and judging whether the effective force signal of the effective force sensor meets a preset softness condition, and determining the bill as a soft bill if the effective force signal meets the preset softness condition..
Grg Banking Equipment Co., Ltd.

Trusted user identification and management for home automation systems

Various arrangements for determining and setting an authorization level for an unknown person are presented. Facial recognition may be performed on a received video stream.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Information providing system of vehicle

An information providing system of a vehicle includes a portable terminal that captures a picture of an inquiry target of an apparatus and equipment of the vehicle and transmits the captured picture, a recognition unit that recognizes the inquiry target indicated by the picture transmitted from the portable terminal, a processing unit that has a plurality of pieces of explanation information for explanation of the apparatus and the equipment, and selects and transmits the explanation information corresponding to the inquiry target recognized by the recognition unit, and a display unit that is provided in the vehicle to display the explanation information transmitted from the processing unit.. .
Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Virtual reality system

Operations carried out according to a method and operations carried out by a system including at least one processor and memory configured to store instructions include following operations. Those operations include: obtaining real world image data using one or more image data capturing devices positioned at a real world site; obtaining real world non-image data using one or more sensors positioned at the real world site; creating a scene model based on the obtained real world image data; integrating the obtained real world non-image data with the created scene model; carrying out an object recognition process to identify one or more objects included in the scene model; and rendering the scene model to create a vr scene in which one or more users are immersed using one or more vr playback devices..
Factual Vr, Inc.

Image processing device, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium

An image processing device divides a recognition purpose image into a plurality of areas, selects feature points in the recognition purpose image such that a bias of the number of the feature points included in each of the areas is small registers information on the selected feature points in the recognition purpose image in a memory and estimates a position and an orientation of the camera based on the recognition purpose image registered in the memory and based on a captured image captured by a camera.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Electronic camera, image-processing device, and image-processing program

There are provided an imaging section imaging a subject and generating a plurality of images; an evaluating section performing evaluation on the plurality of images generated by the imaging section; a selecting section selecting, based on an evaluation result of the evaluating section, a part of images from among the plurality of images generated by the imaging section; a recognizing section performing scene recognition on a plurality of images selected by the selecting section; and a determining section determining, based on a recognition result of the recognizing section, reproduction order of the plurality of images subjected to the scene recognition.. .
Nikon Corporation

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