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Codes-related patent applications - as published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Image encoding apparatus and control method therefor
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
December 07, 2017 - N°20170353724

An image encoding apparatus includes a plane conversion unit which generates, from image data of one frame of the moving image data, a plurality of planes each formed from a single component, a frequency conversion unit which generates a plurality of subbands for each plane by performing frequency conversion for each plane, a quantization unit which quantizes coefficients in each ...
Encoding apparatus, encoding method, and storage medium
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
December 07, 2017 - N°20170353681

There is provided an encoding apparatus. An acquiring unit acquires an index value of a noise amount by analyzing at least a part of an optical black area that is included in raw data. A quantizing unit quantizes the raw data based on the index value. An encoding unit encodes the quantized raw data. If the index value is a ...
Enhanced polar code constructions by strategic placement of crc bits
Qualcomm Incorporated
December 07, 2017 - N°20170353271

Certain aspects of the present disclosure relate to techniques and apparatus for improving decoding latency and performance of polar codes. An exemplary method generally includes generating a codeword by encoding information bits, using a multi-dimensional interpretation of a polar code of length n, determining, based on one or more criteria, a plurality of locations within the codeword to insert error ...
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Codes Patent Applications
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Electronic brand authentication method using scannable codes
Qualcomm Incorporated
December 07, 2017 - N°20170352053

A “scannable logo” image contains encoded identity data for the logo brand owner, encoded visual identification characteristics for the logo brand, an encoded gps data corresponding to manufacturing location for a manufactured item or assembled item, plus additional embodiment dependent data. The image is scanned with the image scanning function of a mobile communication device and ...
Counterfeit prevention and detection of university and academic institutions documents using unique codes
Qualcomm Incorporated
December 07, 2017 - N°20170352039

Besides authentication, verification, and counterfeit prevention and detection, the invention is also a method for tracing the verified documents based on identity, and location of the verifier.
Systems for secure tracking code generation, application, and verification
Huru Systems Ltd.
December 07, 2017 - N°20170351997

Embodiments include a computer-implemented management platform for securely generating tracking codes, and for verifiably imprinting those tracking codes onto physical articles. In an embodiment, one or more hardware processors generate tracking code(s) and send the tracking code(s) towards an automated computer-controlled production line, and which physically imprint each tracking codes onto a corresponding article, and physically verify the ...
Codes Patent Pack
Download 1163+ patent application PDFs
Codes Patent Applications
Download 1163+ Codes-related PDFs
For professional research & prior art discovery
  • 1163+ full patent PDF documents of Codes-related inventions.
  • Exact USPTO filing data with full-text, images, drawings & claims.
  • Index pages: Table View and Image-Grid View layouts. All images in each PDF.
Reading-threshold setting based on data encoded with a multi-component code
Apple Inc.
December 07, 2017 - N°20170351569

A storage device includes a memory that includes storage circuitry and a memory including multiple memory cells. The storage circuitry is configured to store in a group of the memory cells data that was encoded using an error correcting code (ecc) consisting of multiple component codes, to define multiple threshold settings, each specifying positions of one or more reading-thresholds, to ...
Architecture and algorithms for data compression
Nvidia Corporation
December 07, 2017 - N°20170351429

A system architecture conserves memory bandwidth by including compression utility to process data transfers from the cache into external memory. The cache decompresses transfers from external memory and transfers full format data to naive clients that lack decompression capability and directly transfers compressed data to savvy clients that include decompression capability. An improved compression algorithm includes software that computes the ...
Device for determining the movement of a rotary element, particularly for readings of water and/...
Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas
December 07, 2017 - N°20170350730

A rotary element is equipped with a pattern representing a reflected binary code on at least three bits. A detection circuit is configured to sense the pattern and deliver an incident signal encoded in reflected binary code on at least three bits. The incident signal is converted by a transcoding circuit into an intermediate signal encoded in reflected binary code ...
Methods and compositions for treating brain diseases
University Of Iowa Research Foundation
December 07, 2017 - N°20170348386

The present disclosure provides targeting peptides and vectors containing a sequence that encodes targeting peptides that deliver agents to the brain.
Support of transmission mode and impact on pdcch blind decodes of ptm (point-to-multipoint) transmission
Qualcomm Incorporated
November 30, 2017 - N°20170347341

Various improvements are desired for point-to-multipoint (ptm) transmission, where a network sends the ptm transmission to multiple user equipments (ues). The apparatus may be an ue. The ue receives, from a network, a downlink transmission configuration indicating a transmit diversity downlink transmission mode of a plurality of downlink transmission modes, configures downlink communication based on the transmit diversity downlink transmission ...
Scalable point cloud compression with transform, and corresponding decompression
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc
November 30, 2017 - N°20170347122

Innovations in scalable compression and decompression of point cloud data are described. For example, after an encoder uses a transform such as a region-adaptive hierarchical transform (“raht”) on attributes of occupied points in point cloud data, the encoder separates transform coefficients into partitions. The partitions can be associated with different regions of a point cloud frame (...
Encoding device, decoding device, encoding method, and decoding method
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
November 30, 2017 - N°20170347104

According to an embodiment, an encoding device includes an index setting unit and an encoding unit. The index setting unit generates a common index in which reference indices of one or more reference images included in a first index and a second index are sorted in a combination so as not to include a same reference image in accordance with ...
Codes Patent Pack
Download 1163+ patent application PDFs
Codes Patent Applications
Download 1163+ Codes-related PDFs
For professional research & prior art discovery
  • 1163+ full patent PDF documents of Codes-related inventions.
  • Exact USPTO filing data with full-text, images, drawings & claims.
  • Index pages: Table View and Image-Grid View layouts. All images in each PDF.
Playing apparatus, playing method, information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and recording medium
Sony Corporation
November 30, 2017 - N°20170347081

The present technology relates to a playing apparatus, a playing method, an information processing apparatus, an information processing method, a program, and a recording medium that allow playing of appropriate hdr videos. A playing apparatus in an aspect of the present technology has a storage unit that has regions for storing a plurality of units of information indicating the state ...
Signal processing device and signal processing method
Korea University Research And Business Foundation
November 30, 2017 - N°20170346619

The present solution provides a signal processing device, including: an encoder which encodes second transmitting data by referring to first transmitting data which is previously transmitted and the second transmitting data which is a current transmitting target such that at least one bit signal of the second transmitting data has a binary level different from that of a corresponding bit ...
Remote control docking station and system
Remotec Technology Limited
November 30, 2017 - N°20170345290

The system, method and device for enabling remote-control of consumer electronic devices is disclosed. The system may comprise, a first communication device, a second communication device wherein the second communication device is communicatively coupled with the first communication device. The second communication device is capable of receiving one or more input control signals from the first communication device. The system ...
Electronic wagering system employing machine-readable optical codes
November 30, 2017 - N°20170345256

An electronic wagering system may include a wager selection station, a server, and a software application executed by a mobile communication device. At least one processor of the wager selection station may accept user input specifying parameters of an event on which to place a wager, generate a unique reference from which the specified event parameters are derivable, encode the ...
Resolving card malfunctions using card information access control
Bank Of America Corporation
November 30, 2017 - N°20170345234

An apparatus that includes a vision system configured to capture images of two-dimensional barcodes. The apparatus further includes a processor operably coupled to the vision system and a network interface. The processor is configured to process a captured image of a two-dimensional barcode on a card to obtain card processing information, to obtain user information for a user associated with ...
Generating and utilizing user identifying digital visual codes in electronic payment transactions
Facebook, Inc.
November 30, 2017 - N°20170344994

One or more embodiments of the disclosure include systems and methods that generate and utilize digital visual codes in electronic payment transactions. In particular, in one or more embodiments, the disclosed systems and methods generate digital visual codes that embed information regarding a user account of a payor (i. E., a user account of the payor within a social networking ...
Molecular label counting adjustment methods
Cellular Research, Inc.
November 30, 2017 - N°20170344866

Disclosed herein are methods and systems for determining the numbers of targets. In some embodiments, the method comprise: stochastically barcoding targets using stochastic barcodes; obtaining sequencing data; for one or more of the targets: counting the number of molecular labels with distinct sequences associated with the target in the sequencing data; identifying clusters of molecular labels of the target using ...
Per-channel color barcodes for displays
University Of Rochester
November 30, 2017 - N°20170344776

A method of decoding a coherent rgb color barcode captured by a rgb camera includes: displaying a coherent rgb color barcode on the rgb display; capturing an image of the displayed barcode; performing a pilot block rgb color interference cancellation process to estimate a per pixel color interference; applying the per pixel color interference to the image of the displayed ...