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Configurable coding system and method of multiple eccs

Motion-compensated prediction of inter-layer residuals

Proxy file pointer method for redirecting access for incompatible file formats

Date/App# patent app List of recent Codec-related patents
 Flexible quantization patent thumbnailFlexible quantization
A digital media encoder/decoder uses a flexible quantization technique that provides the ability to vary quantization along various dimensions of the encoded digital media data, including spatial, frequency sub bands and color channels. The codec utilizes a signaling scheme to signal various permutations of flexible quantization combinations efficiently for primary usage scenarios.
 Configurable coding system and method of multiple eccs patent thumbnailConfigurable coding system and method of multiple eccs
A configurable coding system and method of multiple error correcting codes (eccs) for a memory device or devices are disclosed. The system includes a first ecc codec that selectively performs different error corrections with different parameters; means for providing a selected parameter to the ecc codec for initializing the ecc codec; and a second ecc codec that corrects the selected error-prone parameter in order to provide an error-free parameter to the first ecc codec..
 Motion-compensated prediction of inter-layer residuals patent thumbnailMotion-compensated prediction of inter-layer residuals
Techniques and tools are described for scalable video encoding and decoding. In some embodiments, an encoding tool encodes base layer video and outputs encoded base layer video in a base layer bit stream.
 Proxy file pointer method for redirecting access for incompatible file formats patent thumbnailProxy file pointer method for redirecting access for incompatible file formats
A system, method and computer readable medium which provides for the playback of a media file (e.g., audio files, video files, etc.) through a separate media organizer (e.g., apple's itunes®, windows® media player, etc.) when the target media file is in a format that is incompatible with the media organizer (e.g., the free audio lossless codec files or flac format). The media file playback system generates a “proxy” pointer file that is compatible with the media organizer and prompts the system to play the incompatible media file.
 Block error compensating apparatus of image frame and method thereof patent thumbnailBlock error compensating apparatus of image frame and method thereof
An apparatus and method are provided for compensating a block tutor in an image frame. This may include a video codec decoder for decoding an inputted image frame, and outputting a decoded image frame.
 Inter-layer syntax prediction control patent thumbnailInter-layer syntax prediction control
An apparatus for coding video information according to certain aspects includes a memory unit and a processor in communication with the memory unit. The memory unit is configured to store video information associated with a base layer, an enhancement layer, or both.
 Adaptive filtering for scalable video coding patent thumbnailAdaptive filtering for scalable video coding
In a scalable video codec, an adaptive wiener filter with offset aims to minimize the differences between two input pictures or picture regions, and the filter coefficients need to be transmitted to decoder site.. .
 Electronic device powered through earphone interface and earphone power line patent thumbnailElectronic device powered through earphone interface and earphone power line
An electronic device receives power through an earphone interface, and includes the earphone interface, a processing unit, an audio codec chip, a first switch and a second switch. The earphone interface includes a left channel pin, a right channel pin, a ground pin and a microphone pin.
 Rearrangement and rate allocation for compressing multichannel audio patent thumbnailRearrangement and rate allocation for compressing multichannel audio
Provided are methods and systems for rearranging a multichannel audio signal into sub-signals and allocating bit rates among them, such that compressing the sub-signals with a set of audio codecs at the allocated bit rates yields an optimal fidelity with respect to the original multichannel audio signal. Rearranging the multichannel audio signal into sub-signals and assigning each sub-signal a bit rate may be optimized according to a criterion.
 Storage area and temporal based optimized run length codec for classic jpeg image compression (sat-borl codec) patent thumbnailStorage area and temporal based optimized run length codec for classic jpeg image compression (sat-borl codec)
This invention optimizes the entropy encoding part of jpeg (joint photographic experts group) image compression by modifying the run length encoding method that performs the actual compression by removing the redundancy from transformed and quantized image data. Using the fact that the preceding processes of run length coding, in jpeg compression algorithm, produces a large number of zeros, the original run length coding uses an ordered pair (a,b), where ‘a’ is the length of consecutive zeros preceding the ascii character ‘b’.
Surface codec using reprojection onto depth maps
A surface reprojection codec and method for surface compression using non-redundant surface projection onto depth maps. A multiple depth map encoder takes a two-dimensional (2d) surface that is a representation of a three-dimensional (3d) object and divides it into a plurality of surface patches.
Bus signal encoded with data and clock signals
A codec includes a transmission path between an encoder and a decoder. The encoder receives bits of data in a first form in which each bit of the data is represented by switching between first and second logic states and no voltage change between consecutive bits of the same logic state and serially transmits the bits in a second form in which the first logic state is maintained at a high voltage, the second logic state is maintained at a low voltage, and an intermediate voltage is maintained between consecutive bits.
Chroma frame conversion for the video codec
Converting a first format frame to one or more second format frames. In one embodiment, a method includes accessing a first format frame using n coefficients, where n is the total number of coefficients used for the y, u and v planes of the first format frame.
Volume control method and system
In a volume control method applied to an audio processing system, firstly, a digital audio stream including a plurality of digital audio packets is received from a transmitter. It is determined whether an excitation signal is detected.
Method and system for multi-layer rate control for a multi-codec system
A video transmitter comprising a plurality of encoders may be operable to determine, for a transport stream, a constant overall number of bits per time interval corresponding to a frame in the transport stream. For each time interval corresponding to a start and an end of encoding of each of frames using each of the encoders, the video transmitter may allocate a target number of bits to each of the frames to achieve the constant overall number of bits.
Modulation coding of parity bits generated using an error-correction code
A communication system, such as a magnetic recording channel, configured to apply modulation coding to parity bits of a block error-correction code. An embodiment of the communication system may have a transmitter having two different modulation encoders, one configured to apply a first modulation code to information bits and the other configured to apply a second modulation code to the parity bits that have been generated from the information bits using a block error-correction code.
Apparatus and methods for content transfer protection
Methods and apparatus for ensuring protection of transferred content. In one embodiment, content is transferred while enabling a network operator (e.g., mso) to control and change rights and restrictions at any time, and irrespective of subsequent transfers.
Encoder, decoder and method
A method of encoding source data to generate corresponding encoded data for transmission or storage includes matching one or more portions of the source data to one or more elements in one or more databases, wherein the one or more elements are representative of corresponding one or more data blocks, and recording reference values which relate the one or more portions of the source data to the one or more matched elements; and including the reference values in the encoded data together with the one or more databases and/or information identifying the one or more databases. The methods are implemented in an encoder, a decoder and in a codec.
Method for codec-based recovery of a video using a cluster search
A method for codec-based recovery of a video, which includes recovering an image by combining image decoding information and non-overwritten image frames, is provided. The method includes: a cluster extraction step of extracting a pre-cluster region; a region extraction step of extracting, from the pre-cluster region extracted in the cluster extraction step, an m frame region encoded using an mpeg-4 visual codec and an m decoding region; a combining step of combining the m frame region and the m decoding region extracted in the region extraction step and listing the combination; and a recovering step of decoding the m frame region and the m decoding region, listed in the combining step, to be recovered as an image..
Imaging apparatus, imaging method, recording medium, and program
Disclosed herein are an imaging apparatus, an imaging method, a recording medium, and a program which are capable of processing imaging data in a manner similar to that of a normal frame rate. Image data captured by a solid-state imaging element capable of performing imaging at a high resolution and a high frame rate is supplied to a memory control.
Fm stereo radio receiver by using parametric stereo
The invention relates to an apparatus (1) for improving a stereo audio signal of an fm stereo radio receiver (10). It is suggested to employ components of a standard he-acc v2 decoder (40) in such apparatus (1) to efficiently recover the stereo audio signal (l\r′) while also exhibiting good signal quality.
Video generator - use of database for video, image, graphics and audio
A similar method of decoding encoded data to generate corresponding decoded output data is also provided is also described. The methods are beneficially implemented in an encoder, a decoder and in a codec..
Method and system for video conference and pc user experience integration
Disclosed is a system and method for integrating a user computer with a codec device so that operation of input devices to a computer is transferred to a display associated with the codec.. .
System and method for network based hearing aid compatible mode selection
A system and method for providing a hearing aid compatibility mode of communication service to hearing aid users is disclosed. The described system can store an indication at a communication network that a given account is used by a person who wears hearing aid equipment.
Solid state drive and joint encoding/decoding method thereof
A joint encoding/decoding method for a solid state drive is provided. Firstly, a data-writing process is implemented for encoding a user data by a hard codec and a soft codec respectively, thereby generating a first number of parity bits and a second number of parity bits.
Method and device for storing audio data
A method for storing audio data is disclosed, including: recording basic information of a versatile audio data storage file into the versatile audio data storage file; storing versatile audio codec (vac) frame data into the versatile audio data storage file sequentially; recording payload information of the versatile audio data storage file into the versatile audio data storage file; and recording index information of vac frames stored in the versatile audio data storage file into the versatile audio data storage file. A device for storing the audio data is also disclosed, including: a basic information record module, a vac frame data storage module, a payload information record module and an index information record module.
64b/66b codec for ethernet applications
Aspects of the disclosure provide a codec that transforms input data into a codeword. The codeword includes a header portion and a payload portion.
Logic devices, digital filters and video codecs including logic devices, and methods of controlling logic devices
A logic device includes: a function block and a configuration block. The function block is configurable to perform operations associated with a plurality of operation modes.
Method and system for structural similarity based perceptual video coding
The present invention is a system and method for video coding. The video coding system may involve a structural similarity-based divisive normalization approach, wherein the frame prediction residual of the current frame may be transformed to form a set of coefficients and a divisive normalization mechanism may be utilized to normalize each coefficient.
Systems and methods for communicating a live event to users using the internet
Systems and methods for distributing an audio/visual feed of a live event include mixing ambient audio signals, from ambient microphones monitoring the live event, with sound board feed from the event public address system, thereby forming a mixed audio signal. A video input signal is received at each video input in a plurality of video inputs at a video board from corresponding cameras recording the event.
Adaptive ecc techniques for flash memory based data storage
Adaptive ecc techniques for use with flash memory enable improvements in flash memory lifetime, reliability, performance, and/or storage capacity. The techniques include a set of ecc schemes with various code rates and/or various code lengths (providing different error correcting capabilities), and error statistic collecting/tracking (such as via a dedicated hardware logic block).
System and method for adaptive audio signal generation, coding and rendering
Embodiments are described for an adaptive audio system that processes audio data comprising a number of independent monophonic audio streams. One or more of the streams has associated with it metadata that specifies whether the stream is a channel-based or object-based stream.
Block error compensating apparatus of image frame and method thereof
An apparatus and method are provided for compensating a block error in an image frame. This may include a video codec decoder for decoding an inputted image frame, and outputting a decoded image frame.
Self-configuring media devices and methods
Systems and methods for self-configuring portable electronic devices are provided. In one embodiment, the portable device includes carrier circuitry that receives compressed data streams of information and application circuitry that decompresses the received data stream in accordance with a specific codec.
System and method for web-based real time communication with optimized transcoding
A system and method is provided to allow for real-time communication between a web browser application and a contact center resource, where media codecs supported by the two parties may differ. A processor is configured to bridge the media exchanged between the browser and contact center resource.
Methods and apparatus for video communications
A videoconferencing architecture that connects various external parties and codecs by establishing outgoing connections from a virtual room to designated video endpoints.. .

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