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Coarsening patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Coarsening-related patents
 Method of cloth simulation using constrainable multigrid patent thumbnailMethod of cloth simulation using constrainable multigrid
A method of cloth simulation using a constrainable multigrid is provided. The method includes steps of: calculating a change of geometry of the mesh of nodes at a plurality of time steps using a multigrid method by solving a time-varying partial differential equation at multiple resolutions or levels; providing a hierarchical mesh through restriction or coarsening by down-sampling from level m to m−1 or prolongation or interpolation by up-sampling from level m to m+1; transferring soft constraints between different hierarchical levels using a damper-based constraint method; updating the position vector x and the velocity vector v of the mesh nodes; and displaying an updated state of the mesh of nodes using updated position vector x and velocity vector v on a display..

 Automatic transaction coarsening patent thumbnailAutomatic transaction coarsening
A processing device comprises an instruction execution unit and track and combing logic to combine a plurality of transactions into a single combined transaction. The track and combine logic comprises a transaction monitoring module to monitor an execution of a plurality of transactions by the instruction execution unit, each of the plurality of transactions comprising a transaction begin instruction, at least one operation instruction and a transaction end instruction.

 Magnesium alloy with adjustable degradation rate patent thumbnailMagnesium alloy with adjustable degradation rate
An alloy and an implant having a three-dimensional structure based on such alloy. The alloy comprises a mgznca alloy containing nanosized precipitates being less noble than the mg matrix alloy and having a zn content ranging 0.1 wt.

 Heat exchanger life extension via in-situ reconditioning patent thumbnailHeat exchanger life extension via in-situ reconditioning
A method of in-situ reconditioning a heat exchanger includes the steps of: providing an in-service heat exchanger comprising a precipitate-strengthened alloy wherein at least one mechanical property of the heat exchanger is degraded by coarsening of the precipitate, the in-service heat exchanger containing a molten salt working heat exchange fluid; deactivating the heat exchanger from service in-situ; in a solution-annealing step, in-situ heating the heat exchanger and molten salt working heat exchange fluid contained therein to a temperature and for a time period sufficient to dissolve the coarsened precipitate; in a quenching step, flowing the molten salt working heat-exchange fluid through the heat exchanger in-situ to cool the alloy and retain a supersaturated solid solution while preventing formation of large precipitates; and in an aging step, further varying the temperature of the flowing molten salt working heat-exchange fluid to re-precipitate the dissolved precipitate.. .

 Clustering signifiers in a semantics graph patent thumbnailClustering signifiers in a semantics graph
Clustering signifiers in a semantics graph can comprise coarsening a semantics graph associated with an enterprise communication network containing a plurality of nodes into a number of sub-graphs containing supernodes; partitioning each of the number of sub-graphs into a number of clusters; and iteratively refining the number of clusters to reduce an edge-cut of the semantics graph, based on the number of clusters.. .

 System and  coarsening in reservoir simulation system patent thumbnailSystem and coarsening in reservoir simulation system
System and method for implementing a reservoir simulation system are described. One embodiment is a computer-implemented method of coarsening a fine grid including a plurality of fine gridblocks, the fine grid representing a geological model having at least one discontinuity therein.

 Poppet valve with a formed seat, and  making patent thumbnailPoppet valve with a formed seat, and making
A method of forming a poppet valve having a stem, a valve head and a valve seat while concurrently maintaining compressive residual stress without grain coarsening on both the valve body and the valve seat. The method includes forming a rounded cladded part on the valve head of the poppet valve by welding and forming a valve seat surface at a predetermined aperture angle and cutting the cladded part to form a smooth surface which is subjected to uniform contact pressure at a temperature less than the recrystallization temperature of the base material or cladding material, whichever is lower, to enhance the durability of the valve seat..

 Ultrasonic oscillation probe,  manufacturing ultrasonic oscillation probe, and ultrasonic treatment apparatus patent thumbnailUltrasonic oscillation probe, manufacturing ultrasonic oscillation probe, and ultrasonic treatment apparatus
This ultrasonic oscillation probe is an ultrasonic oscillation probe for transmitting ultrasonic vibration. A first region where the crystal grain size is relatively small and a second region where the crystal grain size is relatively large are respectively formed in at least one place.

 Method for manufacturing a three-dimensional article patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing a three-dimensional article
The disclosure refers to a method for manufacturing a three-dimensional article, the method including successively building up the article from a metallic base material by means of an additive manufacturing process, thereby creating an article with a substantial anisotropy of its properties and heat treating the manufactured article at a sufficiently high temperature to reduce the anisotropy significantly by recrystallization and/or grain coarsening.. .

 Powder metallurgy  making components patent thumbnailPowder metallurgy making components
A powder metallurgy method includes (a) forming a metallic powder into a shape, (b) thermo-mechanically forming the shape into an article having a polycrystalline microstructure, (c) heat treating the article to cause coarsening of the polycrystalline microstructure, and (d) controlling the grain size homogeneity and distribution in the article formed during coarsening in step (c) by selecting the metallic powder in step (a) to include a metallic powder particle size distribution that is truncated on fine and coarse particle size sides, the selected metallic powder particle size distribution reducing abnormal grain growth such that the polycrystalline microstructure coarsens to a predefined target grain size range.. .


Steel for carburizing or carbonitriding use

A steel for carburizing or carbonitriding use consisting of, by mass %, c: 0.1 to 0.3%, si: 0.01 to 0.15%, mn: 0.6 to 1.5%, s: 0.012 to 0.05%, cr: 0.5 to 2.0%, al: 0.030 to 0.050%, ti: 0.0006 to 0.0025%, n: 0.010 to 0.025%, and 0: 0.0006 to 0.0012%, and, optionally, at least one selected from mo≦0.5%, ni≦1.5% and cu≦0.4%, and the balance of fe and impurities. P and nb are p≦0.025% and nb≦0.003% respectively.


Case hardening steel, producing same, and mechanical structural part using case hardening steel

A case hardening steel, which has excellent cold forgeability and excellent crystal grain coarsening prevention characteristics after carburization, contains, in mass %, 0.05-0.20% of c, 0.01-0.1% of si, 0.3-0.6% of mn, 0.03% or less of p (excluding 0%), 0.001-0.02% of s, 1.2-2.0% of cr, 0.01-0.1% of al, 0.010-0.10% of ti, 0.010% or less of n (excluding 0%), and 0.0005-0.005% of b, with the balance consisting of iron and unavoidable impurities. The density of ti-based precipitates having circle-equivalent diameters less than 20 nm in the case hardening steel is 10-100 pieces/μm2; the density of ti-based precipitates having diameters of 20 nm or more in the case hardening steel is 1.5-10 pieces/μm2; and the case hardening steel has a vickers hardness of 130 hv or less..


Electrode catalyst with improved longevity properties and fuel cell using the same

Disclosed is a method for preventing metal catalyst particles supported on a support and formed of a catalytically active metal or metal-containing alloy from coarsening, the method comprising: dispersing an anti-coarsening compound having a coarsening temperature higher than that of the metal catalyst, in at least one region selected from the group consisting of interstitial spaces among the metal catalyst particles and contact sites between the support and the metal catalyst particles. The electrode catalyst is structurally stable while not causing degradation of electrochemical quality, and thus can improve the longevity properties of a fuel cell..


Method for adding sulfur to a fuel cell stack system for improved fuel cell stability

A method is provided for adding sulfur to a solid oxide fuel cell (sofc) stack having a ni—ysz anode to prolong the life of the sofc stack. The method includes the steps of providing a reformate stream essentially free of sulfur compounds, feeding the reformate stream to the sofc stack, and adding a predetermined amount of a sulfur compound into the reformate stream upstream of the sofc stack.


Production rare earth magnet

The method of the present invention produces a rare earth magnet, which is represented by a neodymium magnet (nd2fe14b) and neodymium magnet films with applications in micro-systems, by using a heat treatment method capable of enhancing the magnetic characteristics, particularly the magnetic coercive force. A method for producing a rare earth magnet, comprising: (a) quenching a molten metal having a rare earth magnet composition to form quenched flakes of nanocrystalline structure; sintering the quenched flakes; subjecting the sintered body obtained to an orientation treatment; and applying a heat treatment with pressurization at a temperature sufficiently high to enable diffusion or fluidization of a grain boundary phase and at the same time, low enough to prevent coarsening of the crystal grains.


Simulation model optimization

A method can include providing a finite element grid described with respect to a lateral coordinate axis and a depth coordinate axis to model a multilayer sedimentary basin; coarsening the finite element grid with respect to the lateral coordinate axis to provide a coarsened finite element grid; performing a backstripping and forward simulation cycle using the coarsened finite element grid to provide geometry and porosity results for the model of the multilayer sedimentary basin; refining the finite element grid with respect to the lateral coordinate axis to provide a refined finite element grid; and performing backstripping and forward simulation cycle using the refined finite element grid and at least the porosity results to provide enhanced geometry and porosity results for the model of the multilayer sedimentary basin. Various other apparatuses, systems, methods, etc., are also disclosed..


High-frequency circuit substrate

The invention offers a high-frequency circuit substrate that sufficiently decreases the transmission delay and transmission loss in comparison with the conventional high-frequency circuit substrate. In the offered high-frequency circuit substrate, a dielectric layer made of fluororesin is brought into intimate contact directly with a metal conductor that is used for wiring and that has a surface not subjected to coarsening treatment or primer treatment.


Modified polyvinyl alcohol, modified polyvinyl acetal and ceramic slurry composition

The present invention provides a modified polyvinyl alcohol enabling to produce polyvinyl acetal that is excellent in solubility in a solvent even with a low degree of polymerization while hardly causing reaction inhibition, coloring, and particle coarsening, and a method for producing the modified polyvinyl alcohol. The present invention also provides a modified polyvinyl acetal that is excellent in solubility in a solvent even with a low degree of polymerization, and has high elasticity, mechanical strength, and a film forming property.


Indium target and manufacturing same

Provided are an indium target capable of achieving a high deposition rate while suppressing the occurrence of arcing, and a method for manufacturing the indium target. In the process of solidification at the time of melting and casting an indium ingot, ultrasonic vibration is applied to molten indium liquid which is at least in a state immediately before solidification, and thereby, coarsening of the grain size is suppressed.


Method and system for parallel multilevel simulation

Exemplary embodiments of the present techniques provide methods and systems for coarsening a computational mesh, for example, for use in a reservoir simulation. An exemplary method of performing a reservoir simulation, includes generating a data representation in a storage system, wherein the data representation includes an interconnection weight that represents the magnitude of an interconnection between each of a number of computational cells in a computational mesh.


Aerated food products

An aerated food product is provided which includes hydrophobin. Also provided is the use of a hydrophobin in a method of inhibiting bubble coarsening in aerated food products..

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