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Cloud monitoring system

Amaryllo International

Cloud monitoring system

Card authentication for oauth supported cloud services on a multi-function device


Card authentication for oauth supported cloud services on a multi-function device

Card authentication for oauth supported cloud services on a multi-function device

Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt.

System and method for hosting mobile devices for testing in a cloud computing environment

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cloud-related patents
 Ubiquitous in-cloud microsite generator for high speed data customer intake and activation patent thumbnailUbiquitous in-cloud microsite generator for high speed data customer intake and activation
Novel tools and techniques for implementing a ubiquitous in-cloud microsite solution includes transmitting one or more site parameter from a network device to an in-cloud microsite generator, the network device communicatively coupled to a user device, wherein the network device is configured to allow the user device to communicate over a communications network, generating a microsite based on one or more site parameter from the network device, displaying the microsite generated by the ubiquitous in-cloud microsite generator to the user device, authenticating the user device via the microsite, wherein the microsite performs handshakes between the network device and an at least one second device to authenticate the user device, and allowing the user device to access the communications network once authenticated.. .
Centurylink Intellectual Property Llc
 Cloud monitoring system patent thumbnailCloud monitoring system
A cloud monitoring system includes at least one webcam device, at least one monitoring controlling module, at least one operation executing device, and an authorizing module. The webcam device is provided for monitoring a scene of environment and sending the scene via a network.
Amaryllo International, Inc.
 Card authentication for oauth supported cloud services on a multi-function device patent thumbnailCard authentication for oauth supported cloud services on a multi-function device
Techniques are described for providing an mfp device with access to external web services. According to embodiments, an mfp web application receives a registration request to register a particular user of an mfp with the mfp web application.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.
 System and  hosting mobile devices for testing in a cloud computing environment patent thumbnailSystem and hosting mobile devices for testing in a cloud computing environment
A system and method for hosting one or more mobile devices on one or more servers in a cloud computing environment for testing mobile applications is provided. The system comprises client virtualization managers to collect and send information related to the mobile devices to the servers and mobile devices virtualization managers to receive and use the information to establish a connection with the client virtualization managers for accessing and hosting the mobile devices.
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
 Method and  synchronizing webpage information patent thumbnailMethod and synchronizing webpage information
According to an example, a cloud server receives an upload request transmitted by the first terminal, wherein the upload request comprises an account and webpage information of a webpage displayed on a first browser of the first terminal. The cloud server transmits the webpage information of the webpage to the second terminal according to the account, such that a second browser of the second terminal opens the webpage according to the webpage information..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited
 Hybrid cloud environment patent thumbnailHybrid cloud environment
A hybrid cloud environment, comprising a processing resource to deploy and manage an application over a number of cloud environments, a storage resource to store cloud middleware, the cloud middleware comprising a service and deployment manager to, with the processing resource, deploy an application on a hybrid cloud infrastructure, in which the application is deployed on the hybrid cloud infrastructure by matching available hybrid cloud infrastructure capabilities to an application model describing resource requirements, properties, and characteristics of the application, and a lifecycle management module to manage a lifecycle of the application and the associated hybrid cloud infrastructure.. .
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.
 United cloud disk client, server, system and united cloud disk serving method patent thumbnailUnited cloud disk client, server, system and united cloud disk serving method
Disclosed are a united cloud disk client, server, system and a united cloud disk serving method capable of implementing united cloud disk services. The united cloud disk system includes: a principal service provider and a third party service provider, wherein the principal service provider includes a united cloud disk server and storage resources.
Zte Corporation
 Cloud scene sharing system patent thumbnailCloud scene sharing system
A cloud scene sharing system includes a first network device, a webcam device, and a second network device. The webcam device is provided for monitoring a scene of environment, wherein the first network device owns the initiative access privilege of the webcam device by means of a share master module.
 Cloud based billing, credential, and data sharing management system patent thumbnailCloud based billing, credential, and data sharing management system
A novel solution is provided that utilizes the two-credential characteristics of accessing cloud-hosted data in a portal-oriented enterprise-specific solution. Cloud computing resources may be accessed through a separate, enterprise-specific portal clients used to manage a set of cloud service accounts.
Accenture Global Services Limited
 Cloud-based scalable authentication for electronic devices patent thumbnailCloud-based scalable authentication for electronic devices
A method registers one or more electronic devices for a client account for a relying party with an authenticator. A request for access to one or more services for the client account is sent by a particular electronic device to the relying party.
Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.

Push-based trust model for public cloud applications

In accordance with the exemplary embodiments of the invention there is at least a method and apparatus to perform operations including deploying, with a device of a private network, an application instance with an application web service in a cloud network; and based on the deploying, communicating with the application web service in the cloud network to establish a trust relationship with the application web service for the application instance.. .
Nokia Corporation

Cloud-based transactions methods and systems

Techniques for enhancing the security of a communication device when conducting a transaction using the communication device may include using a limited-use key (luk) to generate a transaction cryptogram, and sending a token instead of a real account identifier and the transaction cryptogram to an access device to conduct the transaction. The luk may be associated with a set of one or more limited-use thresholds that limits usage of the luk, and the transaction can be authorized based on at least whether usage of the luk has exceeded the set of one or more limited-use thresholds..

System and verifying integrity of cloud data using unconnected trusted device

The present invention provides a method and system for verifying integrity of cloud data using unconnected trusted device. The method involves requesting encrypted data though a terminal from a metadata offsite location on a cloud storage then entering encrypted data into an unconnected trusted device thereafter obtaining sentinel data from one or more predefined sentinel locations in encrypted data then requesting original data from the cloud storage through the terminal from the unconnected trusted device thereafter comparing sentinel data and original data for integrity and finally displaying the results..
Infosys Limited

Bigoted ipv6 filtering apparatus

An apparatus accesses many locations of a store for information about a specific internet protocol address. A filter concentrates and condenses a diffuse population widely dispersed in a ginormous address range into a smaller storage space with controllable error rate.
Barracuda Networks, Inc.

Network resource management for parallel computing

An illustrative example computing system includes a parallel computing controller configured to communicate control information with a plurality of computing nodes over a virtual private network. A cloud computing controller is configured to receive a communication from the parallel computing controller.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Managing a cloud service

A technique includes providing at least one service blueprint to orchestrate application programming interfaces to manage the lifecycle of at least one cloud service.. .

Event notification in interconnected content-addressable storage systems

Some of the embodiments herein provide a seamless cloud of storage. This storage may be content-addressable storage.
Datcard Systems, Inc.

System and sharing real-time recording

This invention provides a system for sharing real-time recording and the method thereof. The system in this invention transmits the traffic image from the traffic recording device to the cloud server database for storage by the hand-held communication device.
Sanjet Technology Corp.

Composite public cloud, method and system

A composite public cloud enables an automated marketplace system for, selling and trading of computational resources by aggregating available compute resources so that buyers are automatically matched with sellers. A listing of compute resources available on a prospective seller's system and bids by prospective buyers for resources offered is maintained.
Metacloud Inc.

Method and preparing, storing and recording compliant records for motor carriers, registrants, and governmental organizations

A vehicle-centric cloud-based records management platform remains accessible through a web-based management portal and a mobile application, which can be integrated with vehicle devices for in-vehicle use. Regardless of the method of collection, the computerized method and system of the present invention are able to summarize the data into actionable documents for vehicle registration, fuel tax calculation/filing, and federal forms completion..
Legatus Solutions Corporation

Method and system of providing financial transaction card related mobile apps

An application providing method including: storing, at a memory of a cloud-based computing resource, at least two web-based applications; allowing a computing device of a user, after the user has gained access to a website of a financial institution of which the user has an account, to access the application offering page identifying the at least two web-based applications that are stored on the cloud-based computing resource; receiving, in the cloud-based computing resource, a selection of an application from the application offering page; transmitting, from the cloud-based computing resource to the computing device, data that allows the selected application to be displayed on the computing device, the selected application being stored on the cloud-based computing resource; and transmitting, from the cloud-based computing resource to the computing device, data that allows data pertaining to the user that was previously stored by the financial institution to be displayed on the computing device.. .
Mastercard International Incorporated

Method for creating a payment system

Provided are methods of search, retrieval and processing of digital data, identification and location of network resources, electronic commerce, and distribution of physical and virtual goods and services, in particular the distribution of internet domain name system (dns) names, as well as to creation of payment instruments, payment systems, addressing and execution of payments. Specifically, a method of creating of a payment system by leasing cloud services of an oem payment system via the internet, where the hardware and software of the oem payment system (the payment system cloud) is also on the internet, using network identifiers as financial account identifiers.

Caching item information in a cloud-based point of sale system

Mechanisms are provided, in a data processing system, for retrieving and utilizing item information to perform a transaction. The mechanisms receive an identification of an item present in a detection field of the item identification system.
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Holdings Corporation

Point cloud simplification

Some embodiments are directed to a computer implemented method for simplification of a point cloud including a set of points. The method comprises implementing recursive spatial partitioning of the set of points into a hierarchy of clusters, identifying representative points within each cluster in the hierarchy and, for each representative point, defining a point-pair that consists of or includes the representative point and a representative point of an immediate parent cluster.
Visual Technology Services Limited

System and managing software licenses

A method for managing software licenses in a cloud environment includes receiving, by a license services system associated with the cloud environment, a request to use a first application from a first user associated with a first subscribing entity, and receiving, by the license services system, a request to use a second application from a second user associated with a second subscribing entity. The method also includes permitting, by the license services system, the first user to execute the first application if a license for the first application is available to the first subscribing entity, and permitting, by the license service system, the second user to execute the second application if a license for the second application is available to the second subscribing entity..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Method and system for replicating data in a cloud storage system

A method for replicating data in a cloud storage system supporting multiple clients, wherein the cloud storage system comprises a plurality of object storing entities (a, b, c) for storing data objects, includes requesting, by a client, values and associated timestamps for a first data object from a first quorum of the object storing entities (a, b, c). The method further includes determining, by the client, a most recent value of the first data object based on the associated timestamps.
Nec Europe Ltd.

Intelligently provisioning cloud information services

A computer-implemented method, computer program product, and computer system for intelligently provisioning cloud information services. The computer system determines a target computing zone based on location constraints defined in service processing rules, in response to receiving service request.
International Business Machines Corporation

Selecting cloud computing resource based on fault tolerance and network efficiency

The disclosure is related to selecting and allocating one of resources in a cloud computing system to create a virtual machine. A control server may determine a resource selection reference by selecting one of fault-tolerance and network efficiency upon receipt of a request message for creating a target virtual machine.
Kt Corporation

Elastic compute fabric using virtual machine templates

Embodiments include an infrastructure shared among cloud services that supports fast provisioning of virtual machines (vms). A set of powered-on parent vm templates and a set of powered-off child vms are maintained by the infrastructure in a hierarchy.
Vmware, Inc.

Dynamic delivery and integration of static content into cloud

A documentation application periodically checks content of a documentation repository to determine whether the documentation repository includes documentation content for update. A documentation archive for update is retrieved from the documentation repository and parsed to read meta information specified in the documentation archive.

Customer tailored release master plan generation for hybrid networked solutions

A business software customer deploying both on-premises and cloud-based applications can be provided with an automatically-generated, customer-tailored release master plan for a hybrid networked business solution that can include specific information and instructions tailored to the business software customer's customer-specific system landscape.. .

Mass storage virtualization for cloud computing

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to systems and methods for virtualizing mass storage using an interface card, or other special hardware unit, operatively coupled to a host system. In various implementations, the interface device and host system may collectively emulate a mass storage device for another “terminal” computing system in a manner that is transparent to the terminal system.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc

Method and system for integrated cloud storage management

A system and method for storing and retrieving files across multiple cloud storages, including the steps of splitting a file into a plurality of chunks, sending a first chunk to a first storage with a first instruction particular to the first storage and sending a second chunk to a second storage with a second instruction particular to the second storage, where the first and second instructions are different from each other.. .
Cloudifyd, Inc.

Providing access to a cloud based content management system on a mobile device

A user device has a processing module and a ui module. The processing module may have a permanent connection to the ui module, and an intermittent connection to a content management system over a data network.
Dropbox, Inc.

Apparatus for displaying images and driving method thereof, processing information related to cloud infrastructure, setting relation between cloud infrastructure resources and computer-readable recording medium

An apparatus for displaying images, a driving method thereof, a method for processing information related to cloud infrastructure, a method for setting correlation between cloud infrastructure resources, and a computer-readable recording medium are provided. An image displaying apparatus includes a user interface configured to receive from a user topology information to build an infrastructure required for a cloud service on a resource which is composed or part of the infrastructure, an infrastructure organization determination unit configured to, using a correlation among resources which compose a preset infrastructure, determine whether the received topology information is suitable for the correlation, and a communication interface configured to transmit the information to a cloud service providing apparatus to build the infrastructure using topology information determined according to the result of determination..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Managing access to data on a client device during low-power state

Disclosed is a novel system and method for maintaining computing functionality when a client device must be used in a low-power state. More particularly, when a client device is placed in a low-power state, sleep mode, or even shut-down, this method transfers aspects of the machine state onto a virtual machine in the cloud.
International Business Machines Corporation

Release aids with adjustable cloud points for creping processes

Methods for making cellulosic fiber webs using release aids containing one or more polyethers and one or more hydrophilic polymers. In at least one specific embodiment, a release aid having a first temperature can be applied to a drying surface having a second temperature.
Georgia-pacific Chemicals Llc

Cloud mixer of minimizing agglomeration of particulates

An apparatus and a method for dispersing particulate materials prone to agglomeration, in a liquid. Particulate materials are exposed to a liquid and put into that liquid to form a suspension or a dispersion in a controlled method thereby minimizing agglomerates.

Method and network assisted data transfer scheduling

A method, apparatus, computer program product and system are provided for scheduling support for cloud services. From the perspective of a client device, a method is provided that includes causing a support request to be transmitted and receiving an indication message.
Nokia Corporation

Method, system and relevant device for realizing virtual sim card

Provided are a method, system and relevant device for realizing a virtual sim card. The method includes steps of: when a mobile terminal requests to access a communication network, connecting to a cloud service terminal through a wireless network; after the mobile terminal receives an authentication request sent by the communication network, requesting the cloud service terminal to perform authentication calculation and feeding an authentication result obtained by the authentication calculation back to the mobile terminal; and the mobile terminal sending the received authentication result to the communication network.
Zte Corporation

Cloud based emergency wireless link

Embodiments relate to an emergency wireless link in a data center comprising a plurality of servers. An aspect includes an emergency wireless link system in a data center comprising a plurality of servers.
International Business Machines Corporation

Cloud based emergency wireless link

A method of providing an emergency wireless link in a data center comprising a plurality of servers includes receiving, at an input interface of an emergency wireless link system at the data center, an input from a sensor coupled to one of the plurality of servers or to an auxiliary system among a plurality of auxiliary systems, the plurality of auxiliary systems including a power supply system. The method also includes comparing, using a processor of the emergency wireless link system, the input with a plurality of conditions, declaring an emergency, using the processor, based on the input matching one of the plurality of conditions, outputting, using the processor, one or more messages corresponding with the one of the plurality of conditions based on declaring the emergency, and transmitting the one or more messages wirelessly..
International Business Machines Corporation

Image forming system, controlling image forming apparatus by using messenger application of mobile device, and the mobile device for performing the method

An image forming system to control an image forming apparatus by using a messenger application, a mobile device, and a method are provided. The image forming system includes a mobile device to activate a chat user interface to interface with an account of the image forming apparatus on the messenger application, and sending user messages to control a printing function of the image forming apparatus, a cloud server to receive the user messages from a messenger server, providing response messages of the account of the image forming apparatus in response to the user messages, and communicating with the mobile device in a conversational manner, thus controlling the printing of the image forming apparatus, and an image forming apparatus whose printing is controlled by the cloud server based on the user messages or providing monitoring information of a current status..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Communication system, management server, communication relay apparatus, and recording medium

A communication system includes a plurality of devices, a plurality of communication relay apparatuses, and a management server. If the management server that has received from a cloud server a request to access a specific device has no communication session with a specific communication relay apparatus that has control over the specific device, the management server transmits a tunnel connection request to a substitute apparatus (another communication relay apparatus different from the specific communication relay apparatus) via a communication session between the substitute apparatus and the management server.
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Download redirection method and system

The download redirection method and system directs the transfer of data from an online source, such as files available on the internet, files attached to email messages and the like, to authenticated cloud storage instead of to the device being used by the user. This redirection involves the download process on the device, such as a dedicated download manager, or function of a browser, email or other such applications, relinquishing control to the present invention, and the transfer of the requested data to the cloud storage provider without the requested file being transferred through the user device to the user's cloud storage provider..
Shuteit, Llc

Synchronized collaborative user interface

A cloud based collaborative work environment enables users to work collaboratively within a shared workspace. An application server on a host device is accessible to client devices via a communication network and maintains the shared workspace for collaboration between users.
Afinos, Inc.

Mobile content transfer (mct) solution

A mobile content transfer (mct) system requires no special equipment or a physical connection to any hardware. The mct system has no hardware limitation with regard to the number of simultaneous transfers.
Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.

Customer initiated tenant operations in a multitenant cloud environment

Customer initiated tenant operations are presented that are provided within a work center of a client cloud application. System supported tenant operations combined with automatic validations and determinations are exposed directly to the customer via the work center.

Systems and methods for cloud security monitoring and threat intelligence

Systems and methods for cloud security monitoring and threat intelligence in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment, a process for monitoring and remediation of security threats includes generating a threat model using a first portion of activity data, identifying, based upon the threat model, a threat using a second portion of activity data, selecting a security policy to implement in response to the identified threat, identifying cloud security controls in a remotely hosted cloud application server system to modify in accordance with the selected security policy, establishing a secure connection to the remotely hosted cloud application server system using login credentials associated with a tenant account with the cloud application, and sending instructions to the remotely hosted cloud application server system to set the identified cloud security controls with respect to the tenant account in accordance with the selected security policy..
Palerra, Inc.

Method and system to identify key logging activities

A method and a system to identify key logging activities is described. The method comprises triggering of at least one cloud computing network by opening of at least one browser of one or more digital device, generating of at least one proof by the cloud computing network and sending the generated proof to the sanitizer, triggering of the sanitizer by opening of the browser of the digital device to generate one or more random sequence of keystrokes, generating at least one malicious list by the sanitizer by capturing the system processes that capture the randomly generated keystrokes, updating the cloud computing network by the sanitizer with the generated malicious list, retrieving of proof by each of the system processes, verifying of the fetched proof of the system process by the proof checker and updating the cloud computing network with the restricted system processes by the proof checker..
Infosys Limited

Secure backup with anti-malware scan

A secure backup application executing on the computing device routinely backs up files on the device to a cloud backup server. Prior to backing up a particular file, the secure backup application performs a malware detection scan on the file to determine whether the files are malware.
Malwarebytes Corporation

Cloud-based key management

cloud storage of sensitive data is improved by ensuring that all cloud-based data is encrypted at all times, not only when the data is at rest (i.e., stored), but also while data is being processed or communicated. Cryptographic keys can advantageously be managed via cloud based resources without exposing sensitive data.
Sophos Limited

Unified application programming interface for communicating with devices and their clouds

A system and method for translating requests and responses between different types of devices are described. An enterprise service bus generates a first list of one or more devices, receives a selection from a user associated with a first device of a second device in the first list, generates a second list that includes functions associated with the selection from the first user, receives a request from the first device to perform one of the functions in the second list, translates a first communication protocol of the request received from the first device into a second communication protocol used by the second device to create a translated request, translates a first message format of the request into a second message format and transmits the translated request to the second device..

Linking instances within a cloud computing environment

Embodiments of the present invention provide an approach to allow a user to link multiple cloud instances (e.g., virtual machines) together such that an action on one (cloud) instance is triggered when a second instance's state changes thereby invoking a predefined set of rules. Specifically, instances can be linked to one another via a graphical user interface (gui or the like), and associated with a set of rules.
International Business Machines Corporation

Fractional reserve high availability using cloud command interception

An approach is provided to provide a high availability (ha) cloud environment. In the approach, an active cloud environment is established in one cloud computing environment using a primary set of resources and a passive cloud environment is established in another cloud computing environment, with the passive cloud environment using fewer resources than are used by the active cloud environment.
International Business Machines Corporation

Dynamically move heterogeneous cloud resources based on workload analysis

An approach is provided for an information handling system to scale a workload being executed in a cloud computing environment. In the approach, performance of the workload is analyzed by using more than one resource configuration.
International Business Machines Corporation

Dynamically change cloud environment configurations based on moving workloads

An approach is provided for an information handling system to dynamically change a cloud computing environment. In the approach, deployed workloads are identified that are running in each cloud group, wherein the cloud computing environment includes a number of cloud groups.
International Business Machines Corporation

Extensible support system for service offerings

Techniques are disclosed for integration, provisioning and management of entities and processes in a computing system such as, by way of example only, business entities and business processes. In particular, techniques are disclosed for implementing an extensible support system for multiple service offerings.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and system for verifying quality of server

A method and a system for verifying quality of server thereof are provided. The method and the system are used for verifying a plurality of servers constructed in a server cluster.
Wistron Corporation

Mapping virtual network elements to physical resources in a telco cloud environment

Systems and methods for assigning virtualized network elements to physical resources in a cloud computing environment are provided. A resource request is received as input indicating a required number of virtual machines and a set of virtual flows, each of the virtual flows indicating a connection between two virtual machines which need to communicate with one another.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Management and provisioning of cloud connected devices

A method for provisioning of a device or a group of devices discovery and registration service comprises receiving availability messages from unbound devices, receiving a request for the service, correlating the service identifying data to the device identifying data, selecting candidate unbound devices, prompting the user to select an unbound device, or an unbound group of devices, receiving a selected unbound device, or a selected unbound group of devices, from the user, sending a machine generated code to an output device associated with the selected unbound device or group of devices, prompting the user to confirm ownership of the selected unbound device or group of devices, by entering the machine generated code, receiving, from the user, a human entered code, comparing the machine generated code to the human entered code, and based on the comparison, selectively binding the selected device, or the selected group of devices, to the service.. .
Exablox Corporation

Caching and analyzing images for faster and simpler cloud application deployment

Techniques provide include analyzing a first node, associated with a first version of an service, to extract first configuration metadata; analyzing the first node, associated with a second version, subsequent to the first version, of the aservice, to extract second configuration metadata; determining, based upon a comparison of the first configuration metadata and the second configuration metadata, that the first node has not been modified between the first version and the second version; generating a first image of the node for distribution in conjunction with the service in response to the determining that the particular node has not been modified; and caching the first image for use in conjunction with the service.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

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