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new patent Method of providing image data based on cloud streaming, and apparatus therefor
The present invention relates to a method of providing image data based on cloud streaming. In particular, the method uses memory space of a terminal, prestores image data in the terminal, captures an execution screen regarding execution of a specific application, extracts video content from the prestored image data based on the captured execution screen and information regarding the execution screen, simultaneously encodes individual items of the extracted video content, and provides the encoded video content to a screen.
Entrix Co., Ltd.

new patent Remote industrial monitoring using a cloud infrastructure
A cloud-based infrastructure facilitates gathering, transmitting, and remote storage of control and automation data using an agent-based communication channel. The infrastructure collects the industrial data from an industrial enterprise and intelligently sorts and organizes the acquired data based on selected criteria.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

new patent Data-driven semi-global alignment technique for masquerade detection in stand-alone and cloud computing systems
Systems and methods are provided for intrusion detection, specifically, identifying masquerade attacks in large scale, multiuser systems, which improves the scoring systems over conventional masquerade detection systems by adopting distinct alignment parameters for each user. For example, the use of ddsga may result in a masquerade intrusion detection hit ratio of approximately 88.4% with a small false positive rate of approximately 1.7%.
Qatar University, Office Of Academic Research

new patent Method and managing encryption keys for cloud service
Key management methods and systems are provided, one of methods comprises, encrypting a service key used by an instance of a first user of a cloud service by using a master key, generating two or more key pieces for reconstructing the master key, distributing and storing the key pieces in two or more host servers included in a host group for providing the cloud service, receiving a request for the service key from the instance of the first user, receiving the key pieces from the two or more host servers and reconstructing the master key based on the received key pieces, and decrypting the encrypted service key by using the reconstructed master key.. .
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

new patent Method and system for minimizing the required bandwidth for a cloud based unicast communication with a vehicle
Disclosed herein is a method and system for minimizing the required bandwidth for a cloud based unicast communication with a vehicle operating within a road network, where the cloud comprises a cloud logic and the vehicle comprises a vehicle internal logic. The method comprising the steps of: determining a current position with direction of the vehicle within the road network; setting an interval at which the vehicle is to report an update on its position based on a most probable path of the vehicle and the complexity thereof, where the most probable path is a set of possible paths a predetermined distance ahead of the vehicle that it is most probable to travel along given its current position with direction within the road network; communicating the set interval to the vehicle internal logic; and reporting an updated current position of the vehicle to the cloud with the set reporting interval..
Volvo Car Corporation

new patent Multi-tenant resource coordination method
In a system, such as a cloud, which allows resource allocation to be flexibly changed in a multi-tenant environment, it is necessary to interchange resources between the tenants. Efficient resource coordination for resource allocation cannot be attained by merely adjusting resource allocation amounts or resource usage amounts.
Hitachi ,ltd.

new patent Cloud-based operator interface for industrial automation
A cloud-based operator interface system is provided that runs as a cloud service on a cloud platform. The cloud-based operator interface system collects industrial data from one or more industrial systems via respective cloud gateway devices.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

new patent A generic model to implement a cloud computing service
Example implementations relate to using a generic model to provision a computing resource to implement a cloud computing service. For example, a computing device may include a processor.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

new patent Method for resource and performance matching in virtual pool of mixed graphics workloads
In one embodiment, a method includes, by a cloud services system, determining a baseline actual hardware performance utilization of a plurality of hardware computing devices for a plurality of applications in accordance with an initial mapping that maps a plurality of hardware resource classes to the plurality of applications, where each of the hardware computing devices is associated with one of the plurality of hardware resource classes, determining a lower-cost configuration in which each application is assigned to the hardware class having a lowest equivalent cost for that application, and, when the sum of the lowest equivalent costs for each application assigned to a particular hardware class by the lower-cost configuration is less than a threshold value, moving one or more applications from their initially-assigned hardware classes in the initial mapping to the particular hardware class.. .
Dell Products L.p.

new patent Methods and systems relating to optical networks
Data center interconnections, which encompass wscs as well as traditional data centers, have become both a bottleneck and a cost/power issue for cloud computing providers, cloud service providers and the users of the cloud generally. Fiber optic technologies already play critical roles in data center operations and will increasingly in the future.
Aeponyx Inc.

new patent

Cloud controlled common access entry point locking system and method

A cloud-based locking system and method, comprising a network-connected server comprising at least a memory and a processor and further comprising programmable instructions stored in the memory and operating on the processor, the instructions adapted to a system for locking and unlocking a common access entry point comprising, at least, a lock control interface, a relay, and a communication manager, is disclosed. The lock control interface is operably connected to a relay wherein the relay is electrically connected to a locking system of a common access entry point and able to lock and unlock a locking device thereon.

new patent

Conditionally purchasing cloud services

Conditionally purchasing cloud services can include providing a conditional purchase offer to a cloud service provider and receiving, from the cloud service provider, a response to the conditional purchase offer.. .
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

new patent

Supply chain excellence as a service

A hybrid cloud infrastructure and secure tunnels to connect an enterprise cloud with a partner cloud is disclosed. This can permit an enterprise supply chain system to dynamically access a partner supply chain system without the need to wait for asynchronous status updates..
Cisco Technology, Inc.

new patent

Storing user data in a service provider cloud without exposing user-specific secrets to the service provider

Subscriber (user) data is encrypted and stored in a service provider cloud in a manner such that the service provider is unable to decrypt and, as a consequence, to view, access or copy the data. Only the user knows a user-specific secret (e.g., a password) that is the basis of the encryption.
Logmein, Inc.

new patent

Event-driven generation of watermarked previews of an object in a collaboration environment

Systems for dynamic watermarking within a cloud-based collaboration environment. Storage facilities are managed by servers to provide cloud-based storage services to two or more client entities as a service across a network.
Box, Inc.

new patent

Controlling actions performed on de-identified patient data of a cloud based clinical decision support system (cdss)

A method includes transmitting, by a site (104), a first request and a first session token to a cloud based cdss (102). The first request is for an action to be performed by the cdss on de-identified data stored at the cdss.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

new patent

Candidate services for an application

Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture are disclosed to provide candidate services for an application. An example method includes determining a plurality of candidate services for a cloud application, determining an indication that a first candidate service from the plurality of candidate services is more relevant to the cloud application than a second candidate service based on a first prediction score corresponding to the first candidate service and a second prediction score corresponding to the second candidate service; presenting the first candidate service and the second candidate service to a user based on the first prediction score and the second prediction score; and adjusting a first weight corresponding to the first candidate service and a second weight corresponding to the second candidate service based on whether the first candidate service or the second candidate service is selected for inclusion in the cloud application..
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

new patent

Hybrid data and file conversion across computing devices and platforms

Embodiments disclosed include a computer-automated system including a processing unit coupled to a memory element and having instructions encoded thereon, the instructions cause the system to: via a network, receive a document in a first format, and via an assessment engine, determine the first format of the received document. The assessment engine is also configured to determine if the determined first format can be converted to a second desired format for printing or display, and if the determined first format can be converted to the second desired format, a conversion engine is caused to convert the received document to the second desired format.
Thinxtream Technologies Ptd. Ltd.

new patent

Coordinating file synchronization between a sync engine and another application that supports document collaboration

A synchronization engine detects a notification of a change to a file. It determines whether an application associated with the file has indicated that the file is to be synchronized by the application.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Method and system for intelligent cloud planning and decommissioning

A method for decommissioning an application operating on a computer system or a computer system includes receiving, at a decommissioning system, information that specifies a server to analyze. The decommissioning system determines one or more applications operating on the server, one or more instruction code libraries that are being utilized by the one or more applications, and hardware dependencies of the one or more instruction code libraries.
Accenture Global Solutions Limited

new patent

Managing media content storage for user devices

A user device (e.g., a smart phone) may dynamically manage photographs, videos, and other types of media content. The user device may receive media content by taking photographs, recording videos, and/or recording audio inputs.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

new patent

Systems and methods for determining crop yields with high resolution geo-referenced sensors

Systems, and methods for controlling a modular system for improved real-time yield monitoring and sensor fusion of crops in an orchard are disclosed. According to some embodiments of the invention, a modular system for improved real-time yield monitoring and sensor fusion may include a collection vehicle, a modular processing unit, a volume measurement module, a three-dimensional point-cloud scanning module, an inertial navigation system, and a post-processing server.
Agerpoint, Inc.

new patent

Phase control for dual atom interferometers

A system for controlling a phase measurement in an atom interferometer comprising one or more lasers, a processor, and a memory. The one or more lasers are for providing interrogating beams.
Aosense, Inc.

new patent

2-cyanoacrylate adhesive composition

An adhesive composition is provided which exhibits an excellent adhesion rate on metals and low-polarity thermoplastic elastomers, and is excellent in appearance with no clouding of hardened bodies and is good in storage stability. It is a 2-cyanoacrylate-based adhesive composition which includes (a) a 2-cyanoacrylic acid ester and (b) an onium salt represented by the general formula: c+a−(1) where, in formula (1), c+ represents an onium cation, and a− represents a bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide anion..
Toagosei Co., Ltd.

System for network discovery and synchronization

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for maintaining, by a cloud controller, data representing a topology of a network of nodes; receiving, at the cloud controller from the first group of nodes, one or more requests to connect to the network; selecting, by the cloud controller, a first node in the first group of nodes that sent the request; and generating, by the cloud controller, instructions configured to cause the first node to communicate a timestamp of the first node to each neighboring node of the first node and to cause each neighboring node to communicate the timestamp of the first node to each other neighboring nodes of the neighboring node; and sending the instructions to the first node, thereby synchronizing the nodes in the network to the timestamp of the first node.. .
Google Inc.

Systems and methods for geo-staging of sensor data through distributed global (cloud) architecture

There is disclosed a method of staging real-time data in proximity to a mobile device. The method includes determining a geographic location associated with the mobile device and identifying a storage device located in proximity to the determined geographic location.
Fedex Corporate Services, Inc.

Systems and methods for providing geolocation services in a mobile-based crowdsourcing platform

The present invention provides systems and methods for providing geolocation services in a mobile-based crowdsourcing platform. More specifically, the system of the present invention includes a plurality of remote mobile devices configured to communicate and exchange data with a cloud-based service, such as a crowdsourcing platform.
Crowdcomfort, Inc.

3d virtual reality model sharing and monetization electronic platform system

A novel electronic system provides fast three-dimensional model generation, social content sharing of dynamic three-dimensional models, and monetization of the dynamic three-dimensional models created by casual consumers. In one embodiment, a casual consumer utilizes a dedicated real-time 3d model reconstruction studio with multiple camera angles, and then rapidly create dynamic 3d models with novel computational methods performed in scalable graphics processing units.
Doubleme, Inc.

Holoportal and holocloud system and operation

A novel electronic system provides fast three-dimensional model generation, social content sharing of dynamic three-dimensional models, and monetization of the dynamic three-dimensional models created by casual consumers. In one embodiment, a casual consumer utilizes a dedicated real-time 3d model reconstruction studio with multiple camera angles, and then rapidly create dynamic 3d models with novel computational methods performed in scalable graphics processing units.
Doubleme, Inc.

Smart vehicle sun visor

A vehicle sun visor system with a touch screen display is configured to display video feed from one or more cameras. A front facing polarized and/or photochromic camera shows the area of view which is normally blocked by the deployed sun visor, allowing the user to view traffic lights, road signs, etc.
Be Topnotch, Llc

Device for supporting cloud print service and providing cloud print service

A device for supporting a cloud print service includes a control unit configured to control so that print data generated in a first area is acquired in a second area, a user interface unit configured to provide a user interface for performing user authentication according to the acquisition of the print data and receive authentication information from a user through the user interface, and a communication unit configured to transmit the acquired print data to a cloud print server if the user authentication succeeds by using the received authentication information.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Cloud storage for image data, image product designs, and image projects

A method for proactively creating a photobook includes identifying a group of images by a computer system and automatically creating a design for a photobook by the computer system without receiving a user's request for designing a photobook if the number of images in the group is determined to be within a predetermined range. Pages of the photobook incorporate a plurality of images in the group.
Shutterfly, Inc.

Secure application zones for cloud burst environments

A cloud infrastructure security assurance service is enhanced to facilitate bursting of cloud applications into other cloud infrastructures. The security assurance service provides a mechanism to enable creation and management of secure application zones within a cloud infrastructure.
International Business Machines Corporation

Threat assessment level determination and remediation for a cloud-based multi-layer security architecture

A device may obtain information regarding a security situation of a set of computing resources associated with a cloud-based platform. The information may be related to an ongoing security threat or a potential security threat.
Accenture Global Services Limited

Wireless charging smart-gem jewelry system & associated cloud server

Wireless charging smart-gem jewelry system and associated cloud server comprising a wearable electronic gemstone capable of sensing the emotional state and bodily vital signs of the user and being wirelessly charged and a mobile device capable of communicating with the electronic gemstone such that a cloud server manages communications between members of a social network wearing the electronically smart gemstone. The disclosed jewelry system provides a custom gemstone with symbol-carved light effects, wireless charging of the stone electronics through universal audio jack of any mobile device, and electrical stimulation of the user along with visual triggers as a specific mode of social interaction..
Waveworks, Inc.

System and evaluating readiness of applications for the cloud

A system and method of evaluating readiness of applications for the cloud. In one embodiment, the method the step of planning a scope of work by assessing which software applications are under consideration for migration to the cloud.
Syntel, Inc.

Predictive diagnosis of sla violations in cloud services by seasonal trending and forecasting with thread intensity analytics

Data can be categorized into facts, information, hypothesis, and directives. Activities that generate certain categories of data based on other categories of data through the application of knowledge which can be categorized into classifications, assessments, resolutions, and enactments.
Oracle International Corporation

System and provisioning cloud services across heterogeneous environments

In accordance with an embodiment, described herein is a system and method for provisioning cloud services across heterogeneous computing environments. A plurality of provisioning instructions stored on a configuration management server can be partitioned into a plurality of ranges.
Oracle International Corporation

System for monitoring temperature and other conditions in water bodies

A monitoring system is disclosed herein. In various aspects, the monitoring system may include a sensor mounted upon a submersible probe to detect sensor data at a depth within a water body, and a mobile device in communication with the sensor to receive the sensor data.
Grayden Outdoor Llc

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