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Antenna installations

Mobile dispensing system for medical articles

Date/App# patent app List of recent Closures-related patents
 Indexing and searching content behind links presented in a communication patent thumbnailIndexing and searching content behind links presented in a communication
Among other disclosures, a method may include identifying content in an electronic communication, the content including a link. The method may include characterizing content associated with the link and storing the characterization.
 Antenna installations patent thumbnailAntenna installations
An antenna installation comprises a plurality of antenna assemblies (10) mounted in respective enclosures (12). The enclosures are interconnected by flow connections (14) allowing passage of dry air supplied from a dry air panel (16).
 Mobile dispensing system for medical articles patent thumbnailMobile dispensing system for medical articles
A mobile dispensing cart having a plurality of locked drawers has medical articles stored therein for particular patients. The storage drawers have sizes wherein the resonant frequency of the sizes does not match the frequency of operation of the rfid system of the cart.
 Mixtures for producing chlorine dioxide gas in enclosures and methods of making the same patent thumbnailMixtures for producing chlorine dioxide gas in enclosures and methods of making the same
The present disclosure relates to a mixture for producing chlorine dioxide gas provided in an enclosure comprising an impregnate comprising a chlorine dioxide precursor impregnated in a porous carrier and a proton-generating species, wherein the impregnate and proton-generating species are intermixed to produce a stable mixture and the mixture is provided in an enclosure. The present disclosure also relates to methods for producing chlorine dioxide gas..
 Protective diffusive coating for led lamp patent thumbnailProtective diffusive coating for led lamp
The present disclosure discloses led lamps and enclosures comprising light transparent polymer coatings comprising light diffusing particles as well as methods for providing improved luminous intensity distribution. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to enclosures comprising light-transparent polymer coatings comprising a light diffusing particles on at least one surfaces of the enclosure of an led lamp..
 Electronic device enclosure patent thumbnailElectronic device enclosure
An enclosure for an electronic device includes a device opening and a device window. The enclosure typically includes a door that may be rotated about an axis to provide access to the device opening while remaining connected to the enclosure.
 System of containers having interchangeable components and method of manufacturing the same patent thumbnailSystem of containers having interchangeable components and method of manufacturing the same
The present invention, in one aspect, is directed to a system of containers having interchangeable container bodies (110, 210) and closures (150, 250). The system comprises at least two container bodies having different three-dimensional geometries and at least two closures having different three-dimensional geometries.
 Vessel closures and methods for using and manufacturing same patent thumbnailVessel closures and methods for using and manufacturing same
Vessel closures having a variety of inserts for aseptically sealing vessels. The vessel closures have a body with one or more apertures, one or more inserts extending axially through the one or more apertures, and a cast seal surrounding the inserts.
 Vegetation growth bag and method of use patent thumbnailVegetation growth bag and method of use
A vegetation growth bag comprising a casing, where the casing is made from a biodegradable material; a mixture of organic matter within the casing; where the mixture of organic matter includes a plurality of plant seeds, where as the plant seeds grow they erupt through the casing; and a pair of closures at each end of the casing; where the pair of closures prevent the mixture of organic matter from spilling from the casing. During use the vegetation growth bags are arranged along a barren land area, and left to allow rain and sunlight to promote growth of the seeds within the casing.
 Hospital day gown patent thumbnailHospital day gown
A hospital gown closes along the side and across the rear of the shoulder of the person wearing the gown. The side closure combined with different arm closures allows the gown to be used by the patient and the medical staff in different ways.
Method and system for indicating and documenting associations, disclosures and instructions using visually identifiable description
Methods and system for a unique coding framework used to create, manage and track instructions for documentation and dissemination of instructions, indicate a particular association or activate a given process. In one example, the present disclosure relates to the online publishing of documentation to demonstrate relationships of parties and compliance with regulatory and other requirements.
Apparatus and method for controlling visibility and access to central venous access devices
A device for controlling visibility and access to central venous access devices is comprised of a two-sided body fitted around the torso of a patient. The device has an interior surface and an exterior surface.
Pyrethroid formulations
The present disclosure provides formulations of pyrethroid compounds comprising nanoparticles of polymer-associated pyrethroid compounds along with various formulating agents. The present disclosure also provides methods for producing and using these formulations.
Self closing flow control device with adjustable actuator element for container closures
The invention relates to a spill proof self-closing flow control device (scfcd) with adjustable actuator element for flexible or rigid containers with fluids. The scfcd comprises a spout (2), a flexible valve-retaining element and a container closure element (12).
Bisphenol a and aromatic glycidyl ether-free coatings
Disclosed are bisphenol a (bpa), bisphenol f, bisphenol a diglycidyl ether (badge), and bisphenol f diglycidyl ether (bfdge)-free coating compositions for metal substrates including an under-coat composition containing a polyester (co)polymer, and an under-coat cross-linker; and an over-coat composition containing a poly(vinyl chloride) (co)polymer dispersed in a substantially nonaqueous carrier liquid, an over-coat cross-linker, and a functional (meth)acrylic (co)polymer. Also provided is a method of coating a metal substrate using the bpa, bpf, badge and bfdge-free coating system to produce a hardened protective coating useful in fabricating metal storage containers.
Safes & related locking enclosures
In some embodiments, the locking enclosures may comprise a crank shaft that may be coupled with a handle. A crank plate may also be coupled with the crank shaft.
Novel enclosures for automatic bathroom flushers
A bathroom flusher includes a flusher body, a valve assembly, an electronic control system, and a flusher cover. The flusher body includes an inlet and an outlet, and is designed to accommodate the valve assembly that controls water flow between the inlet and the outlet.
Method and apparatus for providing behavioral pattern generation for mixed reality objects
An approach is provided for behavioral pattern generation for mixed reality objects. A mixed reality platform determines one or more computation closures for describing one or more user behavioral patterns associated with one or more digital objects of at least one augmented reality information space.
Total angle 360-angled loudspeaker cabinet enclosure designing technology
The present invention provides angled loudspeaker cabinet enclosures utilized for sound reproduction. The invention mainly comprises a setup of loudspeaker cabinet enclosures which include front, centre and rear loudspeaker cabinet enclosure in various embodiments wherein the font surfaces of the speaker units are inclined to wherein the sound waves emanating from the speaker units directly reach the listener present at the direction of inclination of the front surface to provide clear, immersive and 360 degree angle coverage to the listener irrespective of the location of the listener with respect to the sound source by distributing sound waves uniformly across the listening area..
Resonator enclosure
Described herein are improved configurations for a wireless power transfer and mechanical enclosures. The described structure holds and secures the components of a resonator while providing adequate structural integrity, thermal control, and protection against environmental elements.
In-wall extension apparatus
Various embodiments of the apparatus and/or methods are described for routing power to a wall-mounted appliance, particularly for routing electrical wiring and audio/video cabling up through a wall to power and communicate with a wall-mounted presentation device. The apparatus and systems include input and output enclosures with wiring therebetween and mechanisms for mounting the input and output enclosures adjacent to pre-cut wall openings.
Heat exchanger and gas-fired furnace comprising the same
A heat exchanger and a gas-fired furnace including the same are provided. The heat exchanger includes at least two heat exchange shell enclosures; and at least three rows of heat exchange tubes arranged along a furnace air flow path.
Computing enclosure backplane with flexible network support
Computing unit enclosures are often configured to connect units (e.g., server racks or trays) with a wired network. Because the network type may vary (e.g., ethernet, infiniband, and fibre channel), such enclosures often provide network resources connecting each unit with each supported network type.
Polyethylene compositions having high dimensional stability and excellent processability for caps and closures
A dual reactor solution polymerization process gives high density polyethylene compositions containing a first ethylene copolymer and a second ethylene copolymer and which have high dimensional stability, excellent processability as well as good organoleptic properties and reasonable stress cracking resistance. The polyethylene compositions are suitable for compression molding or injection molding applications and are useful, for example, in the manufacture of caps and closures for bottles, and for example, in bottles containing non-pressurized liquids..
Sealed magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance probe and process for spectroscopy of hazardous samples
A magic-angle-spinning (mas) nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) probe is described that includes double containment enclosures configured to seal and contain hazardous samples for analysis. The probe is of a modular design that ensures containment of hazardous samples during sample analysis while preserving spin speeds for superior nmr performance and convenience of operation..
Biofilm carriers and biological filtration systems including the same
A biological filtration system includes a reservoir configured to receive an aqueous liquid, a multiplicity of polymeric container closures in the reservoir, a fluid inlet fluidically coupled with the reservoir, and a fluid outlet fluidically coupled with the reservoir. The fluid inlet is configured such that an aqueous liquid provided to the reservoir via the fluid inlet contacts the multiplicity of polymeric container closures.
Mucking device
Apparatus and methods for mucking livestock enclosures and separating bedding material from animal waste are disclosed. Various embodiments are directed toward a mucking device having a scoop portion with a basket connected to a handle and a sliding lid that can be opened and closed by sliding a rotating sleeve along an inner shaft of the handle.
Limited durability fastening for a garment
A limited durability fastening for a garment. The garment is provided with fastening members which engage to close the fastening and the fastening members are provided with means for controlling the degradation of the closure strength of the fastening as it is opened and closed and thus the number of permissible closures of the fastening having a pre-determined closure strength.
Optical systems
Various embodiments of the disclosure relate to an optical system that includes a base unit and one or more cartridges that are removably attachable to the base unit. The one or more cartridges can include optical components configured to output a beam of light (e.g., a laser).
Systems and methods for electrically connecting circuit devices for power distribution enclosures
A system is provided for a power distribution enclosure that includes an electronic circuit component. The system includes a conductive adapter having a head, and a circuit breaker base adapted for mounting to the power distribution enclosure.
Moisture retention seal
Various moisture retention seals are disclosed, in the contexts of canisters and corresponding closures forming packages for avoiding moisture evaporation and in retaining liquid or moisture contained in the packages.. .
Non-tangible assets valuation tool
An analytical tool for valuating non-tangible assets, including, but not limited to, patents, patent applications, invention disclosures, etc., based on an analysis of attributes of, and logical connections between, said non-tangible assets.. .
Stationary closure device & package
A flexible package is disclosed. The flexible package includes at least one shape memory closure provided at an access opening of the package.
Custom bin interface
A refrigerator may include a refrigerator cabinet in at least one enclosure that can be mounted in different locations within the cabinet. The enclosure also can have targeted, independently controlled temperature provided to it.
Method for cooling a plant for superconductive cables
A method for cooling a plant for superconductive cables is provided, where the plant includes two thermally insulated end closures (1, 2) and at least one thermally insulated, tubular cryostat (3) arranged between the end closures, in which at least one superconductive cable is arranged. Liquid nitrogen contained in a cooling agent supply is pumped by means of a pump (9) through a first end closure and the cryostat to a second end closure.
Weather-resistant sleeve and mitt
A protective sleeve for use with a firearm which protects a user's hands from the elements, especially at very cold temperatures. The sleeve fits over a firearm or other operable object and provides access to the controls, such as a firearm trigger, through a branch sleeve or mitt protrusion.
Fiber optic component holders and enclosures and methods including same
A method for securing a fiber optic component includes: providing a holding medium having a tack and mounted on a substrate; and placing the fiber optic component in intimate contact with the holding medium to thereby secure the fiber optic component to the substrate. The tack of the holding medium releasably bonds the fiber optic component to the holding medium and the holding medium retains its tack upon removal of the fiber optic component to permit re-placement of the fiber optic component or placement of a further fiber optic component on the holding medium to secure said fiber optic component or further fiber optic component to the substrate..
Device and method to facilitate safe, adhesion-free surgical closures
Surgical devices and methods are provided for preventing the formation of post-operative adhesions. In one device, an envelope of bioabsorbable material defines at least one opening, and a layer of bioabsorbable adhesion-preventing material is disposed on an exterior surface of the envelope.
Backflow preventer training software program
It is a software program; the technical disclosures of the invention are set forth in the software program attached to this non-provisional patent application and titled. .
Medical devices including connector enclosures with an integrated conductor feed-through
Medical devices provide a connector enclosure that includes a feedthrough integrated into the base of the connector enclosure. The feedthrough may include feedthrough passageways that align longitudinally with lead connectors of the connector enclosure where feedthrough pins extend from the lead connectors through the feedthrough passageways.
Communication with two or more storage devices via one sas communication port
One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for enabling communication between a sas communication port of a sas communication component and multiple storage devices. In a first example, a first sas to sata bridge chip and a second sas to sata bridge chip may be configured to route data from a sas communication component to multiple storage devices.
Splay control closure for open bone anchor
Open implant closure structures include a helically wound guide and advancement flange form having splay control surfaces. Multi-start closures and closures with inner set screws have splay control contours for interlocking with cooperating flange forms of bone anchor receivers.
Piston closures for drug delivery capsules
A drug capsule and a method for making a drug capsule for a drug delivery device, such as an auto injector or needle-free injector, with improved stability and container closure integrity. The injector comprises a drug capsule sealed by a piston fabricated from ptfe modified by the inclusion of a co-polymer of ppve, preferably in an amount less than 1% by weight, resulting in better performance while the device is stored and subjected to temperature cycling..
Enhanced axial air mover system with matrix
Implementations of an enhanced axial air mover system address various issues such as drying performance, transportability, storage, use, and assembly. Some implementations include ergonomic positioning of a carrying handle relative to positioning of a fan-assembly to make the system easier to carry.
Enhanced axial air mover system with enclosure profile
Implementations of an enhanced axial air mover system address various issues such as drying performance, transportability, storage, use, and assembly. Some implementations include ergonomic positioning of a carrying handle relative to positioning of a fan-assembly to make the system easier to carry.
Multi-sector antenna structure
A multiple sector cell-site antenna includes a first antenna oriented to serve a first sector, the first antenna electrically connected to a first transceiver group; a second antenna oriented to serve a second sector adjacent to the first sector, the second antenna electrically connected to the first transceiver group; and a single enclosure covering both the first antenna and the second antenna. By providing at least two multiple sector cell-site antennas in a system, the total number of enclosures is reduced while providing redundancy and diversity within the cells..
Mixed additives low coke reforming
Optimizing low coke naphtha reforming continues to pose significant challenges for oil refining companies in the operation of continuous catalytic regenerative reforming units for economic production of hydrogen, lpg and reformate. A novel processing scheme is hereby disclosed wherein multiple additives are used to increase spent catalyst coke to ensure operating the regenerators in steady state white burn operations.
Protective cases for mobile devices
This invention relates to protective cases for mobile devices. The case includes a main body covering part of a major surface of the mobile device that is integral and/or secured to sidewall enclosures.
Device for buffering molded parts in a beverage filling plant
A device for buffering molded parts in a beverage filling plant, and in one embodiment, for buffering container closures in a beverage filling plant, is described. The device has an intake and an outlet, between which a buffer surface for buffering the molded parts is disposed.
Method and linear installation for filling containers with a filling material
A method for filling containers with a filling material and subsequently sealing the filled containers with container closures includes, using a linear transporter, moving the containers in a container-transport direction and in a timed manner, toward a sealing device, at the sealing device, sealing the containers with a container closure during a stationary phase of a timed movement, moving the containers onward in a subsequent movement phase of the timed movement, and during the subsequent movement phase, and before applying a container closure on the containers, dosing headspaces of the containers with liquid nitrogen to force air out of the headspace and to achieve an internal pressure in the sealed containers.. .
Device for feeding container closures to a capper
A system for feeding container closures to a capper (which can be part of or separate from the system) in a beverage filling plant comprises a sorter, an elevating conveyor and an inspection device, where the inspection device is disposed before the elevating conveyor, which enables better access to locations where faults can potentially occur.. .
Sleeve alteration device and method of use
A device and method for easily adjusting the fit of a garment by pinching and holding excess material and creating a temporary seam that holds without damaging the garment material. The device is easily aligned and adjusted for length.
Mobile device camera enclosure
Embodiments extend to mobile device enclosures that enhance the image capture abilities of mobile devices and that improve user experience when using a mobile device as a camera. In one case, a mobile device enclosure is configured to attach to a mobile device.
Method and apparatus for liberating gases from drilling fluid
A gas trap includes a sample enclosure, a bubbler enclosure, an agitator, and a brushless, dc motor. The sample enclosure has a liquid inlet, a gas sample outlet, and a sample enclosure wall with a sample enclosure wall portion and a shared wall portion.
Transportable modular system for covered isolation of assets
An easily assembled, transportable, re-deployable, modular, protective, double-roof system is disclosed which is compatible with other modular protective system (mps) components and can be assembled in a variety of configurations to provide soldiers and equipment with protective enclosures.. .
Diaper cover
A diaper cover to prevent access to diaper contents by the wearer. The diaper cover has tight fitting closures around each leg of the user and a rear-access waist adjustment system.
Remote wake using signal characteristics
Disclosures related to waking a sleeping device while minimizing active components needed to receive a remote wakeup request. In one aspect, devices having an rf tuner, may be configured to detect a digital or an analog signal variation or change in rf signal characteristics.
Independent removable computer rack power distribution system for high-density clustered computer system
A high performance computing system includes one or more blade enclosures configured to hold a plurality of computing blades, a connection interface, coupled to the one or more blade enclosures, having one or more connectors and a shared power bus that distributes power to the one or more blade enclosures, and at least one power shelf removably coupled to the one or more connectors and configured to hold one or more power supplies. The system may further include the computing blades and the power supplies.
On-blade cold sink for high-density clustered computer system
A high performance computing system includes one or more blade enclosures having a cooling manifold and configured to hold a plurality of computing blades, and a plurality of computing blades in each blade enclosure with at least one computing blade including two computing boards. The system further includes two or more cooling plates with each cooling plate between two corresponding computing boards within the computing blade, and a fluid connection coupled to the cooling plate(s) and in fluid communication with the fluid cooling manifold..
Container closure sterilising unit
A container closure sterilising unit including at least one closure treatment station and a device for feeding a plurality of container closures to the closure treatment station. The feeding device having a guiding means defining a conveying path that includes at least one linear tract and along which the treatment station is positioned.
Capping chuck
A non powered gripping chuck for closing closures onto a container comprising: a chuck body (16) adapted to be rotated wherein the chuck body (16) is circular and has a circumferential rim, pivoting chuck jaws (22) attached in a spaced apart manner to an annular region proximate the circumferential rim by way of pivot pins (24), where the spaced apart pivoting chuck jaws (22) define a capping zone into which a closure can be introduced. The pivoting chuck jaws have a knurls (32) that are distal to the pivot pin (24), where the knurls (32) come into contact with an introduced closure.
Ultrasonic communication system for communication through rf-impervious enclosures and abutted structures
An ultrasonic communication system comprising an enclosure, a first module and a second module is described. The enclosure has an internal surface, an external surface, and defines at least one metal channel.
Method and apparatus for wellbore fluid treatment
A tubing string assembly for fluid treatment of a wellbore includes substantially pressure holding closures spaced along the tubing string, which each close at least one port through the tubing string wall. The closures are openable by a sleeve drivable through the tubing string inner bore..
Controlled moisture vapor transmission filter assembly for electronic enclosures
An adsorbent construction for use in an electronic enclosure is disclosed. In certain embodiments the adsorbent construction comprises an adsorbent material and a polymeric material substantially surrounding the adsorbent material.
Article of footwear with customizable stiffness
An article of footwear with customizable stiffness is provided. The article of footwear in the form of a snowboard boot is provided with stiffness elements that are inserted within retaining enclosures disposed on either side of an inner liner of the snowboard boot.
Protective garment with magnetic closures
A protective garment including an outer shell made of an abrasion resistant material that resists igniting, burning, melting, dripping, or separation when exposed to a temperature of 500° f. For five minutes.
Enhanced axial air mover system with grill
Implementations of an enhanced axial air mover system address various issues such as drying performance, transportability, storage, use, and assembly. Some implementations include ergonomic positioning of a carrying handle relative to positioning of a fan-assembly to make the system easier to carry.
System and method of providing computer resources
A data center system can include a mobile support structure; one or more enclosures for removable electronic equipment where the enclosures are housed by the support structure; a cooling system in fluid communication with the enclosures for cooling of the electronic equipment where the cooling system is housed by the support structure; and a power system operably connected to the electronic equipment and the cooling system for supplying power thereto where the power system comprises a generator housed by the support system. The mobile data center can be moved to remote locations, and the electronic equipment can be placed in communication with a network when at the remote location.
Universal ground fault interrupter (gfci) device and printed circuit board package
A ground fault circuit interrupter (gfci) printed circuit board (pcb) for interrupting the flow of current through a pair of lines extending between a source of power and a load. The gfci pcb is easily adaptable to fit into a plurality of enclosure types having a plurality of load inputs operating off a single gfci pcb.
Semi-finished wire for a nb3sn superconducting wire
A semi-finished wire (1) for a nb3sn superconducting wire (45) has a multiplicity of elements containing nb packed against each other (6). The elements containing nb (6) each have a rod containing nb (7) and an enclosure containing cu (8) surrounding the latter.
Enclosure clamps and clamp systems
Enclosure clamps and clamp systems are provided for fastening a cover to an enclosure body to provide an explosion-proof container, while minimizing the number of bolts used over conventional systems. The enclosure clamps and clamp systems create a sufficient force so as to provide a flamepath between the cover and the enclosure body.
Enclosure clamps and clamp systems
Enclosure clamps and clamp systems are provided for fastening a cover to an enclosure body to provide an explosion-proof container, while minimizing the number of bolts used over conventional systems. The enclosure clamps and clamp systems create a sufficient force so as to provide a flamepath between the cover and the enclosure body.
Tamper evident plastic dispensing container
Tamper-resistance is provided in spice container closures and containers through use of tamper-evident and/or tamper-resistant elements. A tamper evident closure includes a base, a cover, and a tamper strip, with the tamper strip being joined to the base and cover by a first hinge connecting the tamper strip to the base and a second hinge connecting the tamper strip to the cover.

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