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Clinical Trial patents


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 System and  clinical trial candidate matching patent thumbnailSystem and clinical trial candidate matching
A computer-implemented system and method for identifying potential clinical trial participants from one or more databases of patient electronic health information includes analyzing the clinical trial requirements and mapping those requirements to an interface terminology, where concepts of the interface terminology include a key concept and a group of one or more additional concepts that are related in the context of the clinical trial. The method further includes mapping the patient electronic health information to the interface terminology, building a query of one or more interface terminology elements; analyzing the patient health information for matches to the one or more interface terminology elements and, if necessary, iterating the process by adding additional interface terminology elements to the query..
Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc.

 System and  evaluating risks of clinical trial conducting sites patent thumbnailSystem and evaluating risks of clinical trial conducting sites
A computer implemented method for evaluating risks of clinical trial conducting sites is provided. The method includes steps of (i) obtaining a first data that corresponds to a first duration from the clinical trial conducting sites; (ii) performing a regression analysis on the first data to obtain a number of monitoring visit findings at a site in accordance with an equation (y)=b1x1+b2x2+ .
Algorithm Inc

 Solution for drug discovery patent thumbnailSolution for drug discovery
A drug discovery system may include a data platform and a drug discovery module. The data platform may be scalable to include a plurality of data sources.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

 Cell line-based redirected t-cell cytotoxicity assay patent thumbnailCell line-based redirected t-cell cytotoxicity assay
This disclosure provides a cell-based assay for testing the potency of multispecific binding molecules which specifically bind a t-cell antigen and a target antigen for redirected t-cell-mediated cellular cytotoxicity. The assay uses the tall-104 t-cell line as effector cells, and provides a sensitive, specific, and reproducible method for ensuring that purity, activity, and stability of multispecific binding molecule batches can be measured for development, clinical trials, and commercial marketing..
Aptevo Research And Development Llc

 Methods of determining patient response by measurement of her-2 expression patent thumbnailMethods of determining patient response by measurement of her-2 expression
Methods are provided for determining or otherwise assessing the response of a patient to treatment, in particular, to cancer treatment. The methods include the analysis of samples for the presence or the absence of her2 markers alone or in conjunction with other biomarkers, such as her3 markers.
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings

 Systems and methods for recording a collection of a sample of a patient patent thumbnailSystems and methods for recording a collection of a sample of a patient
The systems and methods described herein provide a smarttube collection and logging technique of a patient's (or clinical trial participant/subject) action of self-collection of a biologic sample during a sample collection event. The system for recording the sample collection event may include a shipping container comprising a sensor area, a switch and a microcontroller and sample collector positioned on the sensor area of the shipping container.
Sanis Biomedical Llc

 System for operating a clinical trial patent thumbnailSystem for operating a clinical trial
There is provided a system for operating a clinical trial, and a method for conducting a clinical trial using said system, wherein the system is capable of uniting all stakeholders in a single instance model. More particularly there is provided a paperless system for operating and management of data for a clinical trial which is capable of operating across different user levels, and is adapted to provide data to organisations in a variable hierarchical tiered environment, and which provides built-in privacy protection..
Eclinicalhealth Limited

 System and  assessing data quality during clinical trials patent thumbnailSystem and assessing data quality during clinical trials
The present invention relates to a system and methods for facilitating the improvement of data quality generated during drug and medical device clinical trials. In one embodiment, the invention includes a system and method for generating an ideal subject suitability score for one or more interaction points of a clinical trial.

 Method or  wrinkle treatment patent thumbnailMethod or wrinkle treatment
A method and apparatus are disclosed for skin wrinkle removal. After applying a tube encircling a relatively small skin area along the wrinkled line, a set of laser beams will be activated.

 Biomedical research database development and uses patent thumbnailBiomedical research database development and uses
Provided are methods and systems for extracting, integrating, organizing, navigating and querying a large-scale database constructed from biomedical research studies. The database provides a highly efficient and comprehensive infrastructure for performing systematic and meta-analytic queries across a large number of studies and clinical trials from different areas of biomedical research, as well as systems and methods to build and add to such a database.
Medaware Systems, Inc.

Training methods for improved assaying of clinical symptoms in clinical trial subjects

Provided are methods for training subjects to report clinical symptoms (e.g., pain), and methods for identifying accurate clinical symptom (e.g., pain) reporting subjects prior to or subsequent to training.. .
Analgesic Solutions

Functional imaging of photoreceptors in the retina by rhodopsin mapping

The subject invention provides novel apparatuses and methods for assessing the structure and function of photoreceptors in retina. In a specific embodiment, the assessment is accomplished by imaging rhodopsin, pigmented protein responsible for initiating vision acquisition of the eye, in living subjects.
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

System and obtaining electronic remote informed consent

Systems and methods for obtaining an electronic informed consent from a patient/trial subject for a medical procedure/clinical trial recruitment. A search query may be received from the patient/trial subject.

Ancestral-specific reference genomes and uses in identifying a candidate for a clinical trial

Ancestry has a significant impact on the major and minor alleles found in each nucleotide position within the genome. Due to mechanisms of inheritance, ancestral-specific information contained within the genome is conserved within members of an ancestry.
Inova Health System

Event based managing clinical trial data

A system and method for integrating clinical trial data housed in disparate systems. The integration system listens for a clinical trial event broadcasted by any one of the disparate systems.
Inc Research, Llc

System and verifying viewing of multimedia rendering of investigator meeting prefatory to clinical trial participation

A system and method providing passive verification of participant—typically a physician—exposure to material equivalent to attendance at an investigator meeting prefatory to clinical trial is taught. The invention provides for rendering media capture of investigator meeting education into computer deliverable sessions, and further into segments, where segments are the product of randomly generated visual requests to which participant need provide response in some prescribed time interval to confirm visual attention to material.

Method and virtual clinical trial self-recruitment marketplace for patients based on behavioral stratification, patient engagement and patient management during clinical trials using behavioral analytics, gamification and cognitive techniques

Method, apparatus and non-transitory computer readable media that enhance patient-recruitment and participation in clinical trials preferably includes structure and/or steps whereby one or more apis are used to interface at least one cognitive analytics value inference and intelligence—healthcare (cavii-h) server with the patient(s), pharma participant(s), contract research organization(s), trial investigator(s), and healthcare providers (such as a physician). The at least one cavii-h server preferably use at least one of stored trial data, user medical data, user behavioral date, user application collected data user registration data, healthcare professional data to guide patient participation.

Persevere-ii: redefining the pediatric sepsis biomarker risk model with septic shock phenotype

The methods disclosed herein relate to an improved tool incorporating platelet count into a multi-biomarker based outcome risk stratification model for evaluating mortality risk in pediatric patients having sepsis. The methods described here are useful for treating sepsis, for point of care clinical decision support, for stratifying septic shock patients based on baseline mortality risk, and for clinical trial design, among other uses..
Children's Hospital Medical Center

Device and clinical data sampling and specimen banking

A system and method are described that allow the autonomous collection of relevant data and samples from a patient during a clinical trial or during routine care. Sampling is accomplished by drawing multiple samples into tubing, such as microfluidic tubing, and using a pump to move the samples through the tubing.
Carnegie Mellon University, A Pennsylvania Non-pro Fit Corporation

Remote monitoring and dynamic document management systems and methods

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are disclosed for remote monitoring and dynamic document management. Example methods may include receiving a first document from a device driver associated with a hardware device, identifying a clinical trial identifier associated with the first document based at least in part on metadata associated with the first document, and determining a first document type of the first document by analyzing contents of the first document.
Florence Healthcare, Inc.

Computer-assisted adaptive, risk-based monitoring of clinical studies

A method and system are described for continuously assessing the quality of field data in a clinical study, identifying clinical sites with weaker performance than other sites, and flexibly allocating resources to address the problems, including the need to send field monitors to a site. The sites are compared with respect to the number of database entries requiring verification, and a higher priority (for allocation of management resources) is given to sites that have generated higher numbers of unverified database entries.

Risk assessment for therapeutic drugs

Methods to estimate safety and/or efficacy of therapeutic drugs, which include portable devices for anti-drug antibody (ada) testing and databases containing anonymized data from human and/or animal models and related analyses, are provided. These methods and compositions can be used in various applications, including but not restricted to the following: uniform testing of patients for ada; selection of therapeutic drug for patient treatment; evaluation of the need to change therapeutic drug or to apply tolerance regimens; selection of patients for clinical trials; comparison of therapeutic drugs marketed for a given disease and also gene therapy; scientific guidance for discovering and/or developing therapeutic drugs; postmarketing surveillance of therapeutic drugs..

Apparatus, systems, and methods for measuring environmental exposure and physiological response thereto

Systems and methods for monitoring various physiological and environmental factors, as well as systems and methods for using this information for a plurality of useful purposes, are provided. Real-time, noninvasive health and environmental monitors include a plurality of compact sensors integrated within small, low-profile devices.
Valencell, Inc.

Identification of candidates for clinical trials

A system, a method, and a computer program product for identifying candidates for a clinical study are disclosed. A subject matter query for a study is received.
Trinetx, Inc.

Medical clinical trial site identification

A method and system for identifying clinical trial sites is provided. The method includes receiving clinical trial data associated with a plurality of planned clinical trials.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems and methods of a mobile application and web-interface for tracking complete chain-of-custody of laboratory assets

A mobile application (mobile app) runs on a mobile device to virtually establish, coordinate, and maintain chain of custody of laboratory sample specimens so as to facilitate inventory management, custodianship, notifications, query, resulting, and other duties of sample management. This is also known as virtual accessioning.

Distributed randomization and supply management in clinical trials

A distributed clinical trial system that provides configurability, reusability and integration of randomization and inventory configurations for different clinical trials with various electronic data capture (edc) systems. The distributed clinical trial system includes a method of dispensing medication in a multi-arm clinical trial.
Medidata Solutions, Inc.

Distributed randomization and supply management in clinical trials

A distributed clinical trial system that provides configurability, reusability and integration of randomization for different clinical trials with various electronic data capture (edc) systems. The distributed clinical trial system includes a method of randomizing subjects in a multi-arm clinical trial.
Medidata Solutions, Inc.

Method for creating and using registry of clinical trial participants

A method of screening participants for a clinical trial by obtaining identifying information chosen from a biometric sample, personal information, physical attributes, and combinations thereof from a prospective participant, generating a unique identifier code, populating a database with the unique identifier code and participant information and storing the database on computer readable media, screening the participant for a clinical trial based on the unique identifier code and participant information and searching for a match with another participant, searching for protocol violations, and determining eligibility of the participant for the clinical trial and preventing the protocol violations. A system for screening participants for a clinical trial..

System and matching patients with clinical trials

The current invention discloses improved systems and processes for increasing clinical trial enrollment. Information for a clinical trial is received, such as the disease or condition under investigation and the pharmaceutical, device, or therapy under investigation and stored as a clinical trial record.
Bionews Services, Llc

Biomarkers of alzheimer's disease progression

Provided is a method for measuring the propensity of a patient to suffer progression of alzheimer's disease that comprises, in either order: a) conducting a first immunoassay of a patient sample to determine the content (tau-c′) of a c-terminal epitope present at the terminus of the amino acid sequence -sstgsidmvd (seq id no:1), and b) conducting a second immunoassay of the sample to determine the content (tau-a′) of an n-terminal epitope present at the terminus of the amino acid sequence tprgaappgq- (seq id no:2), and c) calculating an index as a ratio tau-a′/tau-c′ between the second level and the first level. The method may be used to select patients for a clinical trial of an intervention in alzheimer's disease or to evaluate a therapy..
Nordic Bioscience A/s

Methods and compositions to reduce liver damage associated with conditions or therapies that affect the immune system

One side-effect arising from the use of antibodies against tnf receptor family members as therapeutics can be liver damage which precludes the completion of clinical trial. A novel lt-dependent pathway is described that mediates liver cell injury in several disease models..
The University Of Chicago

System and preparation of clinical trial budgets

Medical and other research organizations, sites within those organizations, and physicians practicing at those sites register in an online database. The company providing the database posts a description of a clinical trial opportunity or other research opportunity.

Process for the preparation of n,n-dicyclopropyl-4-(1,5-dimethyl-1h-pyrazol-3-ylamino)-6-ethyl-1-methyl-1,6-dihydroimidazo[4,5-d]pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine-7-carboxamide

The invention relates to an improved process for synthesizing n,n-dicyclopropyl-4-(1,5-dimethyl-1h-pyrazol-3-ylamino)-6-ethyl-1-methyl-1,6-dihydroimidazo[4,5-d]pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine-7-carboxamide of the formula: (i) compound (i) is currently in clinical trials for the treatment of myeloproliferative disorders, such as polycythaemia vera, thrombocythaemia and primary myelofibrosis.. .
Bristol-myers Squibb Company

Method to decrease brain injury following cerebral ischemia

A method to immediately treat cerebral ischemia caused by hemorrhage, thrombosis or spasm is described. The method requires an apparatus comprising a tight fitting non-rebreathing mask with one way expiratory valves and a pressure regulated source of compressed oxygen.

Reverse vaccination therapy of multiple sclerosis

Disclosed are means of inducing antigen-specific tolerance through genetically modifying msc to express antigens of interest in an inducible manner or constitutive manner. Msc have been demonstrated to suppress pathological immunity in an antigen-nonspecific manner in vitro and in vivo, including clinical trials of gvhd, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.
Creative Medical Health, Llc

Therapy for subarachnoid hemorrhage and ischemia

The application provides data from a clinical trial of a psd-95 inhibitor in subjects undergoing endovascular repair of an aneurysm in or otherwise affecting the cns. The subjects were stratified by whether the aneurysm ruptured before performing the endovascular surgery.
Nono Inc.

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