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Clamping Device patents


This page is updated frequently with new Clamping Device-related patent applications.

 Connection system for a ring terminal with a clamping means and holding means for holding the ring terminal prior to clamping patent thumbnailConnection system for a ring terminal with a clamping means and holding means for holding the ring terminal prior to clamping
A connecting system for a ring terminal for a baseplate of a terminal block. The connecting system includes a holding device for the terminal, and a clamping device configured to clamp the ring terminal once the ring terminal is held.
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

 System and  deployment and retreival of seismic nodes along a carrier rope patent thumbnailSystem and deployment and retreival of seismic nodes along a carrier rope
A system (1) for attaching a plurality of seismic nodes (110, 110a) along a main carrier rope (101). The main carrier rope is made of steel or synthetic fibre, and comprises no power or communication lines.
Seafloor Geophysical Solutions As

 Bicycle carrier  vehicle patent thumbnailBicycle carrier vehicle
A bicycle carrier apparatus for a vehicle may include a slide carrier configured to slide in a front-rear direction of a rear bumper beam to be drawn out and stowed, extension supports laterally extending on the slide carrier to load a bicycle, a retainer rotatably disposed on the slide carrier and configured to be coupled to a bicycle loaded on the extension supports by a clamping device to retain the bicycle, and locking devices fixed to the slide carrier, holding the retainer to be rotatable, and fixing a rotational position of the retainer when a push lever is operated.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

 Clamping device for use with an anatomic external fixation device patent thumbnailClamping device for use with an anatomic external fixation device
A clamping device includes a clamp body and a locking assembly. The clamp body includes a first jaw defining a first opening and a second jaw defining a second opening.
Quikfix, Llc

 Single lock external fixation clamp arrangement and method patent thumbnailSingle lock external fixation clamp arrangement and method
A clamping device for an external fixation system includes a post component having a yaw axis, a first clamp secured to the post component and rotatable about the yaw axis, and a second clamp secured to the post component and rotatable about the yaw axis relative to the first clamp. The device includes a tightening component configured in a manner that an action of tightening the tightening component simultaneously locks both the first and second clamps in a gripping arrangement and substantially eliminates their relative rotation about the yaw axis.
Zimmer, Inc.

 Connector assembly with a blade connector patent thumbnailConnector assembly with a blade connector
A connector assembly for electrically contacting a blade connector to a second connector the connector assembly includes a blade connector which has a contact surface plane that is electrically connected to the second connector in the mated state. In order to improve mechanical and electrical properties of the overall connector assembly and, in particular, of the blade connector, the assembly further includes a mounting cage in which the blade connector is captively held and which has at least one clamping device that presses the second connector onto the contact surface plane of the blade connector in the mated state..
Te Connectivity Germany Gmbh

 Clamping system for positioning a first component and a second component relative to each other as well as a  producing a dimensional compensation between two components patent thumbnailClamping system for positioning a first component and a second component relative to each other as well as a producing a dimensional compensation between two components
A clamping system for positioning a first component and a second component relatively to each other includes a clamping device, a separating foil and an electrical contacting device. The clamping device is adapted to fix the first and second components in a desired joining position under creation of a gap therebetween with a characteristic measure of tolerance relative to each other in a first position of the clamping device and to release this fixation in a second position of the clamping device.
Airbus Operations Gmbh

 Clamping instrument patent thumbnailClamping instrument
Embodiments of a clamping instrument are disclosed. In some embodiments, a clamping device with calibrated parameters and a calibration process for the clamping device is presented.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

 Hair clamping device patent thumbnailHair clamping device
A hair clamping device includes a clamping member and a stretching member. The clamping member is a flexible arcuate member including first and second engaging ends releasably engaged with each other.

 Tubular product clamp patent thumbnailTubular product clamp
The invention relates to a tubular product clamp for clamping a tubular product, such as a drilling pipe, and to thus support for example a string of drilling pipes. The product clamp has a ring frame and three or more clamping devices mounted along the inside of that ring frame and around a central product passage.
Itrec B.v.

Part holding assembly, an assembly system and a locating and securing a part

An assembly system and a part holding assembly are configured to locate and secure a part defining holes. The part holding assembly further includes a first clamping device movable along a first track for positioning the first clamping device relative to the part.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Clamping device

Device and methods comprising a clamping device or vise which applies stabilizing force to a workpiece for a machining, operation using an adjustable stock engagement point, the stock engagement point being adjustable by inserting shims or spacers between the stock engagement surface (e.g., a gripper wall and the body of the device).. .
Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

Protection device for an electrical power system

A protection device for connection to a power bus of an electrical power system includes a bidirectional clamping apparatus configured to conduct current when a voltage across the bidirectional clamping apparatus is more positive than a positive voltage standoff and when the voltage across the bidirectional clamping apparatus is more negative than a negative voltage standoff; and a control element in series with the bidirectional clamping apparatus, the control element and the bidirectional clamping apparatus providing a current path across the power bus when a magnitude of a voltage on the power bus exceeds a positive voltage threshold or a negative voltage threshold, the positive voltage threshold being greater than the positive voltage standoff of the bidirectional clamping apparatus and the negative voltage threshold being more negative than the negative voltage standoff of the bidirectional clamping device.. .
Cooper Technologies Company

Clasp for tethering

A clasp or clamp secures a string or rope, such as made from stretch wrap, to an object such as in securing an object to a pallet for shipping. The clasp or clamping device readily secures one end of the string and allows for tightening of the string through pulling a second end of the string through a second portion of the clasp or clamping device.
Encore Packaging Llc

Multi-functional clamping device

A multi-functional clamping device is disclosed. The multi-functional clamping device includes a handle portion having a vice grip handle, and a clamping portion coupled to the handle portion.
Westek Electronics, Inc.

Electrical wiring clamping device being applied in all electrical metering bases on insulator between base and clamp

A one-piece electrical wiring clamping device is described, suitable for use in all electricity meter bases, said device comprising: a single metal piece having at least two borings for passing through of a clamping screw; a power cord's clamping area; a rectangular nut having at least two borings for passing through of a clamping screw; a rectangular washer having at least two borings for passing through of a clamping screw; at least two clamping screws for securing the power cord; at least two edging-shaped folds adjacent to the clamping area; a securing clip; and at least two borings for securing a single metal piece to the insulating bakelite base.. .

Posterior spinal stabilization plate device

A device for connecting two spinal rods is provided. In one form, the device includes two clamping devices for receiving and locking to spinal rods and a central bridge or plate member that couples the clamping devices.
Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc.

Improved disc-shaped thyristor for a plurality of plated-through semiconductor components

A disk cell for pressure contacting a plurality of semiconductor components via a clamping device to generate a clamping force. The disk cell includes a housing comprising at least one metallic pressure plate, a first semiconductor component arranged in the housing, and a second semiconductor component arranged in the housing.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Cable clamping device for widening of braided shields of cables

A cable clamping device for widening a braided shield of a cable includes at least three clamping bodies that are arranged to form an equilateral polygonal passage for clamping the cable therein. The clamping bodies are slidable against each other to change the opening size of the passage..
Komax Sle Gmbh & Co. Kg

Centrifugal pendulum with clamping device

A centrifugal pendulum supportable for rotation about an axis of rotation, including a pendulum flange, a pendulum mass, and a cam guide. The pendulum mass includes a first pendulum mass part and a second pendulum mass part.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

Banding device

A device for applying a non-elastic plastic band securely around an article of commerce and its associated packaging includes a substantially automated feed mechanism for extracting the band from a continuous film at a modifiable length and tension. The feed mechanism includes a pair of arcuate guides that assist in directing the band through a first hole in the packaging, across the article, and through a second hole in the packaging so the ends of the band are disposed on the same side of the packaging.
Avery Dennison Retail Information Services Llc

Power tool

A power tool for driving a screwdriver bit and a drill bit. The power tool may include a tool device and a clamping device.
Chervon (hk) Limited

A clamp assembly for a fuel cell stack and a assembling a fuel cell stack

A clamp assembly for securing a fuel cell stack arrangement in a compressed condition. The stack includes an electrode assembly interposed between upper and lower current collectors, supportable between upper and lower endpiate structures.
University Of Cape Town

Tube-profile cutting machine and cutting a contour

Tube-profile cutting machine having a cutting device and having a damping device by means of which a tube is clampable in a centered manner along a horizontally extending longitudinal axis and is rotatable about the longitudinal axis (5), having a chassis by means of which the tube and/or the cutting device are movable with respect to one another parallel to the longitudinal axis, having a vertical drive by means of which the cutting device is movable along a vertically extending vertical axis, having a rotary drive by means of which the cutting device is rotatable about the vertical axis, having a cutting head on the cutting device and having a pivot drive by means of which the cutting head is pivotable about a horizontal pivot axis, and having a feed drive by means of which the cutting head is feedable in a beam direction, wherein, by rotation of the clamping device and by means of the chassis, the vertical drive, the rotary drive, the pivot drive and the feed drive, the cutting head is movable with respect to the tube such that a cutting beam exiting the cutting head in the beam direction cuts a contour on the tube. Also disclosed is a method for cutting a contour by means of such a tube-profile cutting machine..
Mueller Opladen Gmbh

Meter box grounding clamp

An adjustable clamping device for mechanical and electrical connection to sides of a conductor includes a first clamping member having a first base and a first arm, a second clamping member having a second base and a second arm, and a coupling member configured to adjustably couple the first clamping member with the second clamping member such that the first arm is spaced from the second arm by a desired distance. The coupling member is also configured to prevent decoupling of the first clamping member from the second clamping member..
Ppc Broadband, Inc.

Tensioning device and tensioning steel wire rope of cage guide of ultra-deep vertical shaft

A tensioning device and a tensioning method for a steel wire rope of a cage guide of an ultra-deep vertical shaft. The tensioning device comprises an upper rope clamping device, a rope adjustment guide frame, a lower hydraulic rope locking device, and a lower hydraulic rope adjustment device.
China University Of Mining And Technology

Mold clamping device for an automatic mold opening and closing machine

A mold clamping device for an automatic mold opening and closing machine is used to clamp or release an upper mold which has a pair of wings. The mold clamping device is provided with two pressure cylinder units located at two lateral surfaces of the mold mounting unit, two pivot units pivoted to the two pressure cylinder units, respectively, and two clamping members pivotally disposed between the pressure cylinder units and the pivot units.
Tien Kang Co., Ltd.

Umbilical cord clamp

A clamping device for an umbilical cord includes a first member having a first clamping surface and a second member having a second clamping surface. The second member is flexibly coupled to the first member.
Uwm Research Foundation, Inc.

Analog limit on digitally set pulse widths

A power switching device (e.g., a power mosfet) drives relatively large surges of pulsed power through a laser emitter of a time of flight (tof) determining system where both the power switching device and laser emitter are closely packed on a printed circuit board having further closely packed and temperature sensitive other components. Waveforms of pulse trains that control the power switching device are programmably defined and thus may include pulse durations that are unduly large or spacing between pulses that are unduly small such that overheating may occur.

Tunable negative bitline write assist and boost attenuation circuit

An apparatus and method are provided for implementing write assist with boost attenuation for static random access memory (sram) arrays. The apparatus includes a memory array comprising a plurality of sram cells.
International Business Machines Corporation

Mounting system for row unit options for a planter

An agricultural implement including a tool bar and a row unit coupled to the tool bar. The row unit includes a frame member and at least one clamping device coupled to the frame member.
Cnh Industrial America Llc

Self-centering mechanism, a clamping device for an electronic device and means for their integration

This invention comprises a self-centering mechanism for retaining an object, a clamping device for retaining an electronic device or an electronic device in a case, and means to integrate the devices in an adapter form. The structure of the self-centering mechanism allows for a compact device that is capable of fitting a wide range of differently sized and shaped objects.
Carson Optical, Inc.

Yarn take-up system for weaving and a weaving a reinforcing fiber structure for composite material parts

A warp yarn take-up system includes a clamping device for holding a plurality of layers of warp yarns, the clamping device being movable at least in a direction corresponding to the advance direction of the warp yarns. The clamping device includes a bottom clamp, a top clamp, and at least one intermediate clamping element present between the bottom clamp and the top clamp.

Clamping device for a rope

The invention provides a clamping device for a rope, comprising: a first wall portion (116) and a second wall portion opposite the first wall portion, characterised in that the first wall portion (116) has a surface configuration which is set up to move the rope into a clamping region (114) of the clamping device in the event of movement within the clamping device in a first axial rope movement direction and which is set up to move the rope into the clamping region (114) of the clamping device in the event of movement within the clamping device in a second axial rope movement direction counter to the first axial rope movement direction.. .
Oberalp Spa

Fastening device for a sensor at a fitting

A fastening device for a sensor at a fitting including a quick clamping mechanism (4) which clamps the fitting (14), characterized in that the quick clamping mechanism (4) is supported at a first holding part (2) which is connected to a second holding part (3) which supports the sensor (12), with the first holding part and the second holding part (2, 3) forming a clamping device, wherein the first holding part (2) includes two hoops (5, 6), wherein at least one hoop (5) engages behind a fitting support unit (10) of the second holding part (3) and the quick clamping mechanism (4) is fastened between the two hoops (5, 6) of the first holding part (2), wherein the quick clamping mechanism (4) is led or rotatably supported at an axle (9) which connects the hoops (5, 6).. .
Sick Ag

Quick and easy clamping device

A quick-tying device, preferably, combines objects that are to be tied together, especially, combines hair to form braids, ponytails or the like. The quick-tying device includes a flexible tightening device which can be shaped into a loop, and a stop element which is adjustable along the free ends of the tightening device.

Method for producing a fiber preform for a fiber composite component

A method is provided for producing a fiber preform for a fiber composite component, in which method a fiber arrangement is provided on a support material and the support material is held, during a forming process, by a clamping device. The method provides at least one blank made of a fiber material; orients the blank according to the direction of loading of the blank in the fiber composite component by means of an automated manipulation device; fastens the blank to the support material; and provides the support material having the fastened blank for a subsequent process..
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Thread rolling tool

The invention relates to a thread rolling tool for rolling and/or repairing a thread, comprising a clamping device to be fastened to a pipe end, and at least one profiled roll for rolling a thread into the pipe end or repairing a thread at the pipe end. According to the invention, the at least one profiled roll tapers in a direction in which the profiled roll advances such that a tapered, in particular a conical, thread can be rolled into the pipe end..
Rothenberger Ag

Clamping device for joining flange pieces

The invention relates to a clamping device (10, 10a, 10b, 20, 30) for joining two adjacent-lying flange pieces (110, 210, 310) of components (100, 200, 300). The clamping device forms a frame (11, 21, 31) that is equipped for the purpose of being penetrated by the two adjacent-lying flange pieces.
Mtu Aero Engines Ag

Sink clamp and methods

A clamping device for mounting a sink to a counter includes a clamp having a clamp body and a binding spring, a binding lip for insertion through a first slot in the bottom surface of the countertop adjacent to the sink, the clamp and binding lip connected to the clamp body and extending away therefrom at least partially over an edge of the sink, and a clamp screw for insertion through a first opening in the clamp body and against a solid portion of the binding spring interposed between the clamp screw and the edge of the sink.. .

Folding handlebar

A folding handlebar includes a stem, a pair of handles pivotally connected the stem, an abutting member, and a clamping device. The stem includes a fixing portion having a first abutting face, and an extending portion having a receiving space interconnected to a first bore.
Lekuma Technology Inc.

Method for manufacturing an assembled camshaft

A clamping device for manufacturing an assembled camshaft for valve-controlled internal combustion engines, in which at least one cam disc with a base circle region and cam region is machined on the running surface and has a cam-disc recess, includes shrinking the cam disc onto a corresponding shaft designed with a defined dimensional overlap by cooling the shaft and heating the cam disc. Before being shrunk onto the shaft, the at least one cam disc is clamped by the clamping device such that a tension force acts on the recess wall region, the tension force corresponding to a predetermined extent to the state of stresses and/or deformation state of the recess wall region after the operation of shrinking the cam disc onto the corresponding shaft.
Man Truck & Bus Ag

Pneumatic-type precision annular workpiece inner positioning surface clamping device

A pneumatic-type precision annular workpiece inner positioning surface clamping device, wherein a rod portion of a piston assembly (5) is inserted into a central hole of the wedge-shaped block (12), and the piston portion of the piston assembly (5) is located in a closed chamber of a cylinder body (15); a disc spring (3) is sleeved on the piston assembly (5); an air intake hole (1-1) is provided in the lower plate (1), an air vent hole (15-1) is provided at the upper portion of the cylinder body (15); and an elastic hinge block (6) is sleeved outside the wedge-shaped block (12). The pneumatic-type precision annular workpiece inner positioning surface clamping device has a simple structure, high reliability and strong adaptability..
Harbin Institute Of Technology

Workpiece clamping device with face driver

This present disclosure relates to a device for rotary entrainment of a workpiece clamped between two tips, which is mounted on a machine table of a machine tool, consisting of a base body with a centrically arranged tip and a plurality of concentrically arranged, axially shiftable driver elements which for the rotary entrainment of the workpiece are pressed against or into an end-face surface, wherein an axial position of the driver elements can be defined by active fixation after a centering operation of the workpiece, and to a receptacle opposite the base body, for example a tip or hollow tip, which serves a guidance of an opposite side of the workpiece.. .
Liebherr-verzahntechnik Gmbh

A precision surgical guidance tool implementing dental implants

A system, apparatus, device, tools, kit and method is provided for the preparation of the jawbone and insertion of dental implants. The apparatus (1) includes a universal and reusable compact clamping device and removable components for the damp which allow for precision surgical preparation and implantation of dental implants into the jawbone.
Gst Ltd.

Led power shell, led power supply and lighting device

The present invention discloses an led power shell, including a shell body integrally formed by a metal material, a power surface cover for sealing and covering the shell, and a terminal surface shell, wherein the power surface shell is provided with a baffle downwards bending into a bottom shell, the baffle divides the shell into a power cavity and a terminal cavity, the other three sides of the power surface shell are respectively provided with a bent edge matched with the shell, the periphery of the terminal surface shell is respectively provided with a bent edge matched with the shell, and the shell is connected with the power surface shell and the terminal surface shell through a clamping device. The led shell according to the present invention has simple structure, is convenient to dismount, has low cost, and satisfies the diversified demands of customers..
Shenzhen Ledfriend Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

An internal combustion engine fastening arrangement, method and component

An internal combustion engine arrangement for fastening a first component to a second component includes the first component, the second component and a clamping device for clamping the first and second components together. One of the first and second component includes a recess and the other of the first and second component includes a projection, wherein the recess and projection are configured for being engaged.
Ab Volvo Penta

Mechanism for twisting off drill rod

A mechanism for twisting off a drill rod includes a front clamping body (j0) and a rear clamping body (j1) both of which are installed at a fixed bracket. Each of the front clamping body (j0) and the rear clamping body (j1) includes a positioning clamping device and a clamping execution device which are respectively installed at two sides of a clamping centerline (jc) and opposite to each other.
Chtc Jove Heavy Industry Company

Clamping method and clamping device

A boot band for fixing a boot that is mounted to a constant velocity universal joint is clamped. The boot band and the constant velocity universal joint are aligned in phase with each other in a circumferential direction.
Ntn Corporation

Mixing vessel

A mixing vessel includes a vessel body, a clamping device and a stirrer. The vessel body includes a bottom panel and a vessel wall upwardly extended from the border of the bottom panel.

Valve for a vacuum handling or clamping device, and vacuum handling device

A valve has suction and vacuum supply sides and a valve housing inbetween, a flexible dividing wall delimiting a control space in the valve housing connected to the vacuum supply side via a vacuum passage, and a valve body arranged on the dividing wall moving between open/closed positions. The valve body has a sealing portion sealing off or opening up the vacuum passage in closed/open positions.
J. Schmalz Gmbh

Clamping device

The invention relates to a clamping device (1) for clamping a workpiece and is comprised of a chuck (2) and a collet (3) situated in the chuck (2). A bayonet closure is provided via which the collet (3) can be secured in the chuck (2) or released from it without a tool; the collet (3) can be moved between a clamped position and a release position against a fixed part of the chuck (2).
Narr Beteiligungs Gmbh

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