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Clamping Device patents

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Clamping fixture

Erowa Ag

Clamping fixture

Date/App# patent app List of recent Clamping Device-related patents
 Quick release patent thumbnailnew patent Quick release
A quick release mechanism for at least partially muscle-powered two-wheeled vehicles such as bicycles having a through axle extending in the axial direction, a clamping device at a first end of the through axle and a fastener at the second end of the through axle and with a clamping mechanism for clamping the clamping device. The clamping device includes an engaging section for applying a clamping force from the clamping mechanism to the clamping device and a clamping section with an annular pressure area for clamping.
Dt Swiss Inc.
 Clamping fixture patent thumbnailnew patent Clamping fixture
A clamping fixture comprises a clamping base member (1) and a workpiece pallet (2) for fixedly clamping thereto. The clamping base member (1) features a number of clamping spigots (43) corresponding in number to that of the clamping devices (5) for fixedly clamping in place in each clamping device (5).
Erowa Ag
 Structure for reducing locking distance in ratcheting devices patent thumbnailStructure for reducing locking distance in ratcheting devices
The present invention relates to ratcheting thread clamping devices and the use of multiple interleaved thread structures on one or more of the segments of the ratcheting device. It is shown how the use of such multiple threads reduces locking distance when the ratcheting device is moved in the ratcheting direction along a single-threaded rod, that is, reduced locking distance is achieved with an improved thread clamping device without the necessity of any changes to the threaded rod to which the device clamps.
 Device for fixing a rail patent thumbnailDevice for fixing a rail
A device for affixing a rail comprising a fastening flange, the device including a retaining plate comprising a notch and a clamping device. The notch comprises a front opening, a first edge portion, a second edge portion, and a third edge portion.
Schletter Gmbh
 Electric wall feedthrough for solar installations patent thumbnailElectric wall feedthrough for solar installations
A wall feedthrough is provided, which is pluggable on one side, for connecting a voltage-carrying conductor of a solar generator to a combiner box housing. A two-part connector housing having a front housing part and an insert part which can be moved together with an electric terminal element as one unit relative to the front housing part, wherein the terminal element is pluggable on one side and has a spring-force clamp on the other side, and wherein in the closed state, the spring-force clamp is surrounded by a body sleeve of the front housing part, and in the open state the clamping device is pulled out of the body sleeve so as to be openable and closable, and wherein, for this purpose, the insert part has an exposed handle portion for the user..
Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg
 Method for balancing and assembling a turbine rotor patent thumbnailMethod for balancing and assembling a turbine rotor
A method for balancing and assembling a turbine rotor 2 including at least one turbine disk 3 and a compressor rotor 15 of a gas turbine. A front cover disk 6 is fastened by connections 10 to the turbine disk 3, and the turbine disk 3 is balanced together with the cover disk 6.
Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg
 Mold clamping device and injection molding machine patent thumbnailMold clamping device and injection molding machine
A mold clamping device includes a fixed platen on which a fixed mold is disposed, a movable platen on which a movable mold that defines a cavity along with the fixed mold is disposed, a tie bar configured to resist a mold clamping force that is generated between the fixed platen and the movable platen, and a half nut opening and closing device configured to grip the tie bar, thereby locking the movable platen and the tie bar, in which the half nut opening and closing device includes half nuts configured to grip the tie bars, an actuator which is disposed on the movable platen and configured to move the half nuts back and forth with respect to the tie bars, and a clevis configured to connect the actuator to the half nuts so as to allow the actuator to swing with respect to the gripping member.. .
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
 Method for determining the orientation of two shafts connected via two universal joints and a third shaft with a pivot joint patent thumbnailMethod for determining the orientation of two shafts connected via two universal joints and a third shaft with a pivot joint
A method for measuring and optionally correcting the angular offset of two shafts which are connected to one another by way of two universal joints and a third shaft calls for the measurement heads of an optoelectronic alignment device to be adjustably arranged on the shafts by means of at least one pivot joint on one of the clamping devices, with an adjustment capacity involves matching of the orientation of the measurement heads of the optoelectronic alignment device on the shafts in at least two measurement positions by adjusting the pivot joint.. .
Prüftechnik Ag
 Clamping device patent thumbnailClamping device
The present invention relates to a clamping device. According to the present invention, a clamping unit fixing a target object can be operated by the foot or knee using an operation unit, the clamping unit can be redirected to the left and right and upward and downward and can be rotated horizontally, and a support unit supporting the clamping unit can be easily folded and unfolded.
 Ceiling construction patent thumbnailCeiling construction
A thermally expandable covering construction (1) for furnaces (2), in particular kilns or melting furnaces includes a preferably segmented cover (7) and, for the expansion-tolerant reception thereof on the edge side, a bracket (15) having a movable mounting (16) and having a clamping device (17) acting on the bracket (15). The clamping device (17) has a horizontally arranged clamping rod (31) which is loaded by a spring (33), is axially displaceably mounted on a fixed frame (29) and is pivotably connected to the bracket (15) at the front end by means of a bearing (26)..
Hans Lingl Anlagenbau Und Verfahrenstechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

Method and manufacturing interlocking pipe

The present invention provides a method and an apparatus for manufacturing an interlocking pipe obtained by easily and precisely shaping a pipe with a circular cross section or with the edges of the cross section nearly forming a circle in a non-loose manner, so as to provide excellent machining performance when the interlocking pipe is cut off and provide excellent operation efficiency for the apparatus itself. A metal band plate is helically wound onto a core member with a circular cross section or with the edges of the cross section nearly forming a circle.
Showa Rasenkan Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Powered hand tool having a clamping device for a tool

The invention relates to a powered hand tool comprising a housing that comprises a spindle head having a tool spindle that can be driven about its longitudinal axis, in particular can be driven in an oscillatory rotary manner, the tool spindle having a tool-side end comprising a holding portion for a tool to be driven, and comprising a clamping device that comprises a fastening element, the clamping device having a clamping configuration, in which the tool can be fixed to the tool spindle by means of the fastening element, and having a release configuration, in which the tool is releasable, and the clamping device is able to be switched over between the clamping configuration and the release configuration by means of a unidirectional positioning movement.. .
C. & E. Fein Gmbh

Machining ends of elongate profile sections and a position-determining device therefor

The invention relates to a processing device (i) for elongate profile sections (2) comprising a clamping device (4) by means of which the elongate profile section (2) can be secured in a positionally stable manner, and a processing tool (6) by means of which the secured elongate profile (2) can be processed, a central component (5) being provided that has at least one first integrated guide (7) for the processing tool (6) and at least one second integrated guide (10, 11) for the clamping device (4).. .
Rattunde & Co. Gmbh

Spindle unit for a machining device with a spindle lock

Spindle units are provided for machining devices, in particular for a lathing spindle unit, center drive assembly or milling spindle unit. The spindle unit comprises: a spindle shaft rotatably supported in a housing, a chucking device disposed at the spindle shaft for clamping a workpiece or a tool, a motor drive connected to the spindle shaft for driving the spindle shaft around a drive axis, a clamping device for clamping the spindle shaft at a freely selectable angular position around the drive axis, wherein the clamping device is disposed between the spindle shaft and a stationary part of the spindle unit, and an actuating device for actuating and/or releasing the clamping device.
Schuster Maschinenbau Gmbh

Hydraulic hinge buffer assembly for a door

A hydraulic hinge buffer assembly for a door has a fastening device, a buffering device and a clamping device. The fastening device has a holding mount and a pivot block.
Door & Window Hardware Co.

New energy vehicle and battery locking device thereof

A battery locking device for a new energy vehicle including: a battery compartment fit for a battery, the battery compartment being provided with a battery inlet; and a battery clamping device provided on the battery compartment and controlled by a linkage mechanism. Since the battery clamping device is controlled by the linkage mechanism, during the mounting or removing of the battery, the battery can be integrally clamped or released by merely operating an operating end of the linkage mechanism.
Hangzhou Da You Science Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Solenoid actuator, use of a solenoid actuator and braking or clamping device for linearly moving and/or axially rotating components

The invention relates to a solenoid actuator, consisting of a magnet body (1), a magnet armature, a cover (3) closing the space in which the magnet armature travels back and forth, at least one electric coil (4), which is arranged in the magnet body (1) concentrically around the axis of travel of the magnet armature, and means (5) for power transmission, which are in operative connection with the magnet armature and protrude out of the solenoid actuator. According to the invention, the magnet armature of the solenoid actuator is an axially guided annular magnet armature (2), and the means (5) for power transmission are arranged coaxially around the axis of travel of the annular magnet armature (2).
Bischoff Technologie-management Gmbh

Sheet-laminating device and sheet-laminating method

This sheet-laminating device is provided with first and second clamping devices, a first conveyance handler capable of holding a sheet with at least a portion of a periphery thereof protruding, and a control unit. The control unit causes: the first clamping device to move to a first upper position while the sheet laminate is being pressed with the second clamping device; the first conveyance handler, which is holding a first sheet, to move to a standby position above the stage from the direction opposite to the first clamping device with the stage therebetween; the first conveyance handler to be descended toward the stage to laminate the first sheet on the sheet laminate, which is being pressed by the second clamping device; and the first clamping device to be descended toward the stage to press the periphery of the first sheet, which is protruding from the first conveyance handler, toward the stage..
Nec Corporation

Method for manufacturing an assembled camshaft

A method for manufacturing an assembled camshaft for valve-controlled internal combustion engines, in which at least one cam disc with a base circle region and cam region is machined on the running surface and has a cam-disc recess, includes shrinking the cam disc onto a corresponding shaft designed with a defined dimensional overlap by cooling the shaft and heating the cam disc. Temporally before being shrunk onto the shaft, the at least one cam disc is clamped by a clamping device such that a tension force acts on the recess wall region, which defines the cam-disc recess, the tension force corresponding to a predetermined extent to the state of stresses and/or deformation state of the recess wall region after the operation of shrinking the cam disc onto the corresponding shaft.
Man Truck & Bus Ag

Gripping or clamping device

A gripping or clamping device for gripping or clamping objects has at least one actuator that can be driven by a drive, at least one jaw, and a transmission provided between the actuator and the jaw, wherein the force produced by the drive is transmitted to the object at least by means of a force transmission element provided on or formed by the transmission and/or the clamping means, wherein the force transmission element has a force conducting section. A clamping element that permits an elastic flexibility in the force transmission direction is provided between the force conducting section and the force transmission element..
Schunk Gbmh & Co. Kg Spann- Und Greiftechnik

Apparatus for releasably holding a pipe, rod or the like

For holding a pipe, rod or the like, such as a section of a pipe string of an offshore oil drilling rig, an apparatus includes a clamping device insertable into a support body. The clamping device includes a device body with a central opening bounded by an inner circumferential surface that conically tapers at a cone angle.
Blohm + Voss Oil Tools Gmbh

Clamping device

A clamping device for clamping a work piece includes a chuck, a collet positioned inside the chuck, and a bayonet fastener operatively arranged so that the collet is fastenable in the chuck and is removable from the chuck solely by manual operation of the bayonet fastener without the use of auxiliary tools.. .
Narr Beteiligungs Gmbh

Beam-supported joining machine, in particular laser transmission welding device

A beam-supported joining machine, in particular laser transmission welding device, including a beam head for providing a joining beam producing a joining seam between two components, a receiver for mounting the first component, and a clamping mechanism for clamping the components, in particular to clamp components with a joining seam running three-dimensionally. The clamping mechanism has a clamping device adapted to the course of the joining seam to produce a clamping force between the two components at least in the region of the respective joining zone acted upon by the joining beam, wherein a magnetic or magnetisable strip adapted to the course of the joining seam is provided as the clamping device, which strip, at least in the region of the respective joining zone acted upon by the joining beam, applies a clamping force to the components by a control magnet guided with the joining beam due to the magnetic forces acting between the strip and control magnet..
Lpkf Laser & Electronics Ag

Welding method having a magnetic welding clamping device

A method is provided in which two parts (2, 3) are connected to each other by a weld. The two parts (2, 3) are fixed by a magnet (4) during welding.
Johnson Controls Gmbh

Positioning workpieces by clamping devices

Methods, devices, and systems for positioning workpieces for processing. In one aspect, a clamping device includes two clamping elements and a servo drive provided for the clamping elements.
Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh + Co. Kg

System and methods for retrieval of golf discs

Disclosed herein are systems, devices, and methods for retrieving objects, and in particular, golf discs, at a distance beyond arm's reach. The retrieval systems and devices described herein are easily and quickly assembled and disassembled, and then readily fit into or on a disc golf bag or other sack or back pack.

Steering column for a motor vehicle with a support part

The invention relates to a steering column for a motor vehicle, with a support part for directly or indirectly mounting the steering column on a body of the motor vehicle and with at least one carriage displaceably mounted in a displacement direction on the support part, at least in the event of a crash, wherein a steering spindle of the steering column is rotatably mounted directly or indirectly on the carriage, wherein the carriage is clamped onto the support part by means of at least one clamping of the steering column, wherein the carriage is further braced on the support part by at least two contact points arranged on opposite sides of the clamping device and spaced away from the clamping device, wherein at least one free space between the carriage and the support part is arranged in regions between the clamping device and each of the contact points.. .
Thyssenkrupp Presta Aktiengesellschaft

Clamping device comprising a collar and a sleeve

The clamping device comprises a clamping collar (10) having a belt (12) that is suitable for being tightened. The device further comprises an outer sleeve (16) carried by the collar (10) while being disposed around the belt, the sleeve extending axially on either side of the belt..
Etablissements Caillau

Tank container for transport and storage of cryogenic liquefied gases

The invention relates to a tank container (100; 100′) for the transport and storage of cryogenic liquefied gas, comprising a framework (120) and a cylindrical vessel (110) connected to the framework (120), wherein the vessel (110) is covered by a superinsulation arrangement (130) based on an aerogel composition, and the vessel (110) is connected to the framework (120) by a clamping device (30) which is adapted to allow for a relative movement between the framework (120) and the vessel (110) due to thermal expansion or contraction of the vessel (110).. .
Aspen Aerogels, Inc.

Clamping ring with force limitation

A clamping ring (11) for the connection of two flanges includes an open ring section (17) which is designed for receiving the flanges (9, 10) to be connected. The flanges (9, 10) have ends connected by way of a clamping device (21-27) which is attached on the ring section (17).
Grundfos Holding A/s

Tool clamping device

According to a tool clamping device for a machine tool, when a draw bar is moved in the axial direction of the main shaft of the tool clamping device, a steel ball moves in the radial direction of the main shaft so as to press the inner wall of the main shaft, forming an impression on the inner wall of the main shaft. This forms an inclined surface for generating a magnification effect for magnifying a spring force..
Fanuc Corporation

Method for estimating pcb radiated emissions

A method for estimating pcb radiated emissions includes providing a bci probe and a vector network analyzer; performing a calibration step; performing a measurement step; and performing an estimation step. A transfer impedance of the bci probe is measured via a clamping device in the procedure of performing a calibration step.
National Sun Yat-sen University

Omnidirectional gripping surface for sheet materials

A clamping device for attaching or holding a sheet material has an upper clamping surface on an upper jaw with a series of protuberances formed with at least a curved shape about a center of a sheet material clamp, and a lower clamping surface on a lower jaw member having a series of protuberances which mate with the upper clamping surface protuberances in a nesting manner, such that closing of the sheet material clamp brings the upper clamping surface and the lower clamping surfaces into a nesting juxtapositioned position, thereby capturing a sheet material between the surfaces using compression or crimping. The pattern of protuberances may be concentric circular protuberances, other closed geometric protuberances, or semi-circular with rounded or tapered ends to avoid presentation of a sharp edge to a clamped sheet material..

Clamping devices

A clamping device comprises a clamping base and a cam mechanism. The clamping base has an opening for receiving at least a part of an object to be clamped and a cavity for receiving the cam mechanism.
Foshan Ideal Co., Ltd.

Apparatus for cutting corrugated pipes to length

An apparatus for cutting corrugated pipes to length includes a clamping device configured to act radially with respect to an axis so as to fix a corrugated pipe in a machining position. The apparatus also includes a cutting tool movable into an active position against the corrugated pipe in the machining position and configured to bring about a separation by moving the cutting tool and corrugated pipe relative to one another.
Rothenberger Ag

Method and device for joining two metal strip ends

A method and a device are provided for joining the ends of strips with two or more surfaces arranged flat on top of each other, more particularly metal sheets that can be coiled, in order to draw these successively through a treatment or machining system. It is provided that the strip ends are joined by means of a plurality of eyelets arranged essentially transversally to the strip direction, wherein initially all holes are simultaneously punched in a first stroke and then all eyelets are pressed in a second stroke.
Otto Junker Gmbh

Single lock external fixation clamp arrangement and method

A clamping device for an external fixation system includes a post component having a yaw axis, a first clamp secured to the post component and rotatable about the yaw axis, and a second clamp secured to the post component and rotatable about the yaw axis relative to the first clamp. The device includes a tightening component configured in a manner that an action of tightening the tightening component simultaneously locks both the first and second clamps in a gripping arrangement and substantially eliminates their relative rotation about the yaw axis.

Clamping device

An apparatus for clamping a work piece is provided. The apparatus includes a base plate to support the work piece; at least one clamp body fixed to the base plate, each clamp body having a hole that receives a corresponding screw, wherein the hole passes through the clamp body such that as the clamp screw is inserted through the clamp body an end of a body of the screw moves horizontally towards the work piece supported by the base plate at a downward angle; fastener fixing the at least one clamp body to the base plate; and the at least one corresponding screw, each screw having a hollow point tip where outer and inner lateral surfaces of the hollow point tip join to define a sharp circular edge at an end of a body of the screw..

Pipe connector

A pipe connector comprises a sealing ring which has a conical outer surface at one end, and a convex spherical outer surface at the other end, or with spherical outer surfaces at both seal ends, a first pipe section interfacing with the conical or spherical outer surface of said sealing ring, a second pipe section interfacing with the convex spherical outer surface of said sealing ring, and a clamping device which can be adjusted radially and axially to interface with external surfaces of a first and second outer hubs on the first and second pipe sections.. .

Saw blade clamping device

A saw blade clamping device for a linearly reciprocating type sawing machine is able to clamp at least two types of saw blades, comprising a clamping seat having a connecting portion and a loading portion with a loading slot; an operating member comprising an operating portion and assembling and loading ends formed on opposite ends of the operating portion respectively, the operating portion being assembled around the loading portion by the help of the assembling end, and the loading end being provided with a loading port; and an abutting element disposed between the operating member and the clamping seat and having an abutting end which can extend into the loading slot, wherein the operating member is able to be rotated with respect to the loading portion, an inner wall of the operating member is provided with a driving surface formed in the form of a curved surface, the abutting element is provided with a driving end which abuts against the driving surface, and the abutting end of the abutting element is driven by the driving surface during the rotation of the operating member to move into the loading slot.. .

Electromagnetic clamping method

An apparatus may comprise a permanent magnet unit, an end effector, and an electromagnetic clamping device. The end effector may be capable of performing workpiece operations.

Din rail clamp

A clamping device for mounting a base module on a din rail is disclosed. The clamping device includes a clamp base, actuator screws, push plates, clamping hooks, and springs.

Fuel cell stack

A fuel cell stack includes a plurality of stacked fuel cell units and at least one stack end element that are clamped a clamping device. The clamped fuel cell units are surrounded by a housing.

Battery clamping device, battery heating device, battery drying device, battery cooling device and manufacturing battery

A battery clamping device includes: interposition member configured to be interposed between rectangular parallelepiped batteries such that interposition member is stacked with a plurality of the batteries alternately; clamping portion configured to clamp by pressing the stacked batteries and interposition member in a stacking direction of the batteries and the interposition member from outside in the stacking direction.. .

Apparatus and clamping a component on a rotating machine part

An apparatus for clamping a component on a rotating machine part, in particular a balancing machine, having a basic body, having a clamping mandrel, which is arranged in an axially displaceable manner within the basic body, and having a plurality of clamping devices, which can be moved between a release position and a clamping position by axial displacement of the clamping mandrel. In order to make it possible for components to be clamped centrally with repeated accuracy, the clamping devices are designed as clamping segments which can be displaced radially in relation to the centre axis of the basic body above the latter..

Clamping device, particularly a clamping module

A clamping device includes a base part, a clamping element arranged such that it can be displaced relative to the base part in order to transmit a clamping force onto a part to be clamped, and a drive unit that displaceably impinges upon the clamping element. The drive unit has a threaded spindle or a threaded sleeve that can be driven rotationally by a motor to directly or indirectly cooperate with a corresponding part of the clamping element in such a manner that rotationally driving the threaded spindle or threaded sleeve effects a displacement of the clamping element and/or a generation of a clamping force..

Clamping device for a coiled metal web cutter

A cutter for cutting an end section of a coiled web. The cutter includes roller elements for rotating the coiled web and a carriage assembly that is moveable in a first direction relative to a frame.

Direct pinion mount rzeppa joint

One embodiment of a constant velocity joint has an inner race with a first set of splines. A sleeve is provided and it is engaged with the inner race.

Method for splitting end part of metal plate or metal rod, metal parts manufactured by such end splitting method, and bonding such metal parts

Provided are a method for splitting longitudinally an end part of a metal plate or a metal rod having a rectangular, polygonal, or elliptical shape, in which the length of incision in the split portion can be freely adjusted and smooth split face can be formed; a metal part manufactured by such method; and a method for bonding such metal part. The present invention is characterized by the process comprising the steps of securing a metal plate by pinching both sides thereof with a clamping device, or securing a metal rod by pinching at least two opposite-facing portions on the periphery thereof with a clamping device; splitting longitudinally by slitting or cleaving the metal plate, or the metal rod, by pressing a slitting punch or a cleaving punch against the face of one end of the metal plate, or the metal rod; and advancing the splitting further by repeating the same operation of pressing the same punch stated above against the cleft of the splitting; and is characterized further in that, in each time of the press-splitting operation, the position of the clamping device on at least one side is moved in advance of the next pressing by a stroke corresponding to the distance from one end of the metal plate, or the metal rod, to the distal end of a split-desired portion..

Adjustable clamping device

A device for clamping a collet in a machine tool having a rotatable spindle and a spindle nose thereon includes a mounting portion fastenable to the spindle and a clamping portion extending from the mounting portion. A bore is defined through the clamping portion and the mounting portion.

Method and device for fixing and synchronising rotary pistons in a rotary piston pump

A method and a device for fixing and synchronising rotary pistons in a rotary piston pump are disclosed. The rotary pistons are introduced into the pump space of the rotary piston pump.

Machine for machining crankshafts

The machine for machining crankshafts comprises a support (2) to support at least one crankshaft (100), and at least one actuator (1) to actuate a machining tool for machining the crankshaft. The support (2) is configured to hold the crankshaft with at least two clamping devices (21) configured to secure the crankshaft in correspondence with at least two main journals (103) of the crankshaft.

Clamping device for a belt drive

A clamping device (2) for a starter generator belt drive of an internal combustion engine. The clamping device includes a tensioner housing (8), a tensioning arm (17) mounted movably therein, and two idlers (6, 7), one of which is mounted to the tensioning arm and the other of which is mounted to the tensioner housing (8) in a stationary manner.

Molded article manufacturing apparatus, and manufacturing molded article

A molded article manufacturing apparatus is configured to include a mold clamping device configured to be able to support a die which shapes a sheet-shaped insert member, the die including a fixed die with a gate, and a movable die which is movable relative to the fixed die; an injection device configured to inject a molding material into the die; and boring means configured to form a bore portion, which is continuous with the gate, in the insert member which is inserted into the die that is supported by the mold clamping device.. .

Self-centering clamp

A clamping device is configured to ensure that a workpiece fixed between the jaws of the clamp is self centered by coupling the jaws to a pair of linkages that rotate through the same angle as the application of a first causes the jaws to translate in linear fashion across the surface of the device. In particular, the clamping device utilizes coupled linkage (e.g., a 180° bell crank), in combination with slots for retaining opposing jaws and maintaining only linear movement of the jaws, thus providing a fast and accurate self-centering arrangement.

Machine tool clamping device

A machine tool clamping device for clamping a laminar machining tool to a tool holder that is eccentrically movably mounted includes at least one clamping unit with at least one movably mounted clamping element. The machine tool clamping device also includes at least one slotted link movement unit configured to move the clamping element in at least one operating state so as to generate tensile stress in the laminar machining tool..

Wire stripper clamping device

An insulated wire clamp device as disclosed for a wire stripper machine comprises a first beveled rotary collar on a first side of a shank and a second beveled rotary collar on a second side of the shank having a cutting blade there between. The collars comprise a first clamp and a second clamp of an insulated wire in a complementary v-shaped wire drive wheel.

Traction sheave clamping device

A traction sheave clamping device for detachably fixing ropes to the traction sheave of a koepe hoist, having at least one clamp crossbeam, at least two anchoring elements for engaging in wedge-shaped or hook-shaped grooves in the face sides of the traction sheave/cable chuck rim sheets, and stud bolts for connecting the anchoring elements to the clamp crossbeam, wherein the anchoring elements and the traction sheaves have corresponding torque support surfaces extending substantially in the pull direction of the stud bolts, wherein the extension of the torque support surfaces in the pull direction of the stud bolts is a multiple of the distance between the stud bolt centre axis and the anchoring point.. .

Clamping device for coupling smooth tubes together in leaktight manner

The device comprises a sealing ring (10) that clamps around the facing ends of the two tubes, and that has first and second free ends, each of which is provided with a sealing arrangement (11a, 11′a, 11b, 11′b, 11c, 11′c) suitable for coming into leaktight contact. First and second tightening lugs (12, 112) are fastened to the sealing ring (10) in the vicinities of said first and said second free ends (10a, 10b).

Key clamp rotation controller

A key clamping device includes a first key clamp, a second key clamp and a rotational device connected to the first and second key clamps. The rotational device may facilitate rotation of the first and second key clamps..

Sheet stack clamping device

A sheet stack clamping device includes a clamper for clamping a sheet stack composed of plural sheets stacked on a sheet tray along a stacking direction, and a controller that executes a preliminary clamping action for clamping the sheet stack temporarily by the clamper at least once before executing a main clamping action for clamping the sheet stack conclusively by the clamper. According to the sheet stack clamping device, wrinkles of sheets in the sheet stack can be restricted..

Device and producing a guide bevel on a workpiece, in particular on a cutting tool

The invention relates to a method for producing a guide bevel on a workpiece, in particular a cutting tool. The workpiece to be machined is clamped in a clamping device which is rotationally driven about a rotational axis, and at least one laser unit is provided.

Vibration damper with a clamp-shaped attachment part

A vibration damper includes a cylinder to which a clamp-shaped attachment part is fastened, wherein the attachment part has a tubular body which contacts an outer lateral surface of the cylinder and has at both ends thereof radial tabs which are spaced apart in circumferential direction and by which a pre-loading in circumferential direction is introduced in the tubular body by clamping devices, wherein the tubular body has an elongation portion oriented in circumferential direction of the lateral surface of the cylinder.. .

Back-pressure safeguard

The backflow prevention device consists of a funnel-shaped membrane and a clamping device for mounting in a pipe. The clamping device consists of a spread member expanding the membrane to the pipe cross section and pressing it against the pipe wall, and a support member supporting the spread member against the pipe wall..

Strapping apparatus

In order, in the case of a strapping apparatus for strapping articles with a strapping band, having a base plate (4) which is provided for arranging on an article, having a tensioning device (6) with which a band tension can be applied to the strapping band, the tensioning device (6) being provided for this purpose with an actuable tensioning tool which can be brought into and out of contact with the band, having a sealing device with which, by contact with the band, two band layers can be permanently connected to each other by forming a seal between the two band layers, being provided with a clamping device which has at least one clamp with two interacting clamping elements for clamping the band between the clamping elements, and being provided with at least one actuating element with which a magnitude of a tensioning force which can be applied to the strapping band or a magnitude which is dependent on the tensioning force can be set, to improve the strength of friction-welded band strapping seals produced by the strapping apparatus, it is proposed that a cooling time period for the seal, during which the strapping apparatus does not release the strapping band after the end of a welding time, is variable depending on the variably adjustable tensioning force or a magnitude which is dependent thereon.. .

Clamping device

clamping device for clamping a workpiece defining at least three protection holes, includes a supporting seat, a pressing plate, a clamping assembly, and an operation assembly. The supporting seat can define a sliding groove, a first receiving groove, a second receiving groove, and a receiving hole, and includes a protrusion portion.

Needle driver

A needle driver, comprising a first elongated body having a substantially hollow interior portion and a first and second end, a second elongated body having a substantially hollow interior portion slideably disposed in the first elongated body, a clamping device having a clamping end and a connected end, the clamping device at least partially disposed in the first elongated body and in the second elongated body, wherein the connected end is affixed to the first elongated body, and a slideable actuator affixed to the second elongated body.. .

Fully automatic coil binding machine

A fully automatic coil binding machine includes a main body, a width adjusting device, a paper clamping device, a resting device, a coil driving device, a cutting device and a driving device. The main body has a coil guiding slot and a guiding row of teeth.

Crimp ring removal tool

A crimp ring removal tool for removing crimp rings from flexible tubing such as pex. The tool is made from material of suitable hardness and comprises a collar block having at least one bore and ring slot pair to accommodate the dimensions of a flexible plumbing connection and a guide path to direct the operative portion of a common auxiliary cutting tool.

Clamping device for an electrochemical cell stack

A clamping device for an electrochemical cell stack is provided. The clamping device can include a first plate and a second plate.

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Clamping Device topics: Clamping Device, Ratcheting Mechanism, Biodegradable, Water Pipe, Wastewater, Clamping System, Clamping Mechanism, Fastening Device, A Fastening Device, Longitudinal Axis, Longitudinal Direction, Cross Section

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