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Clamping Device patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Clamping Device-related patents
 Propeller of a pulsed airflow generator, in particular for a portable blower patent thumbnailnew patent Propeller of a pulsed airflow generator, in particular for a portable blower
A propeller of a pulsed airflow generator, in particular for a standalone portable blower, of the type made up of the assembly of two parts coaxially adjoining one another, i.e.: a first front part made as a single piece and comprising a plurality of twisted blades connected to a central ring, and a second rear part with a generally conical shape also made as a single piece, the central portion of said assembly having a conical shape and making up the rear portion of an air-inlet cone, said propeller being characterised in that said first and second rear parts are secured by a clamping device made up of a hub including two parts assembled coaxially and between which said two parts that make up the propeller are clamped, said hub being rotatably secured to the latter and maintaining said front and rear parts in the assembled position thereof.. .
 Electronic module with heat spreading enclosure patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic module with heat spreading enclosure
An electronic module comprises: a multilayer circuit board having a bifurcated area along one edge and a plurality of electronic components mounted on at least one surface; a plurality of electrode pads functionally connected to the electronic components and positioned on the inner surfaces of the bifurcated area so that when the two legs of the bifurcated area are spread apart by about 180° the electrode pads align with respective contacts on a motherboard, and are connectable thereto, so that a secure connection may be created between the circuit board and the motherboard; and, two metal, heat spreading covers lockably enclosing the circuit board, one on either side, the covers further providing mating surfaces upon which a mechanical clamping device can engage and secure the module to a motherboard.. .
 Facet mirror device patent thumbnailnew patent Facet mirror device
A facet mirror device includes a facet element, a support device and a clamping device. The facet element includes a first support section, while the support device comprises a second support section contacting the first support section to support the facet element.
 Apparatus and method for moving logs within cutting-off machines patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and method for moving logs within cutting-off machines
Apparatus for moving logs (2) within cutting-off machines. The apparatus includes a platform (1) with one or more longitudinal channels (10) inside which the logs to be cut are disposed, and a pusher device (3) acting in correspondence of the platform (1) and intended for acting on the back of the logs (2) to push them, along respective guide channels (10), toward a cutting device (4) disposed downstream.
 Light emitting diode luminance system having clamping device patent thumbnailLight emitting diode luminance system having clamping device
A light emitting diode luminance system includes a first power source, a voltage divider, a first switch, a clamping device, a plurality of current sources and a feedback circuit. The voltage divider is coupled to the first voltage source.
 Device for centering and clamping tubular parts patent thumbnailDevice for centering and clamping tubular parts
A device for centering and clamping tubular parts such as conduits designed to form pipeline pipes of the type consisting of an elongated cylinder comprising in particular a clamping device, such as at least clamping shoes arranged over its entire periphery and adapted to be radially mobile projecting from said cylinder to be urged to press against the walls of the conduits to be clamped as well as means for moving each of the series of clamping shoes between a position projecting from the cylinder and a position wherein they are retracted into the cylinder. .
 Portable canister holder with a collapsible body patent thumbnailPortable canister holder with a collapsible body
A portable canister holder is disclosed. The portable canister system comprises a collapsible substantially cylindrical, non-rigid body assembly comprising a plurality of vertical support rods configured to support a plurality of horizontal support restraints.
 Book coil binding machine patent thumbnailBook coil binding machine
A book coil binding machine includes a housing, a coil guiding block, a conveying device, a clamping device, a supporting apparatus and a cutting apparatus. The coil guiding block is removably disposed on the housing.
 Clamping device patent thumbnailClamping device
A clip is provided for a compressive restraining engagement of two sides with material such as money placed therebetween. The clip employs a serpentine configuration of a wire-like member to form a pair of diagonal crossing members communicating between two parallel sidewalls formed by distal ends of the member.
 Energy storage apparatus patent thumbnailEnergy storage apparatus
The invention relates to an energy storage device comprising a plurality of storage cells, a clamping device for clamping the storage cells together, and a temperature control device for controlling the temperature of the storage cells or a cell assembly formed by the storage cells. Said clamping device is configured and designed as a functional component of the temperature control device.
Child safety seat
A child safety seat includes a seat base and a safety-belt clamping device disposed on the seat base, and is disposed to a car seat by a safety belt. The safety-belt clamping device includes a bottom seat, a rotatable clamping arm connected pivotally to an end of the bottom seat, and a retainer mounted to an opposite end of the bottom seat and retaining releasably a free end of the rotatable clamping arm thereon.
Clamping device for a hand-held power tool
A clamping device for a hand-held power tool includes at least one clamping unit configured to clamp a processing tool in an axial direction and at least one operating unit configured to actuate the at least one clamping unit. The at least one operating unit has at least one jaw coupling element configured to couple the at least one operating unit to the at least one clamping unit in a rotationally fixed manner.
Clamping device for a machine for duplicating keys
Clamping device for a machine duplicating keys, with a body (1) lodging two jaws (2,3) apt to transversely tighten a key (4,4a), wherein said two jaws (2,3) can be approached and/or spaced by the activation of only one operation means (10,15), and a bridge (20) is arranged apt to tighten the key (4) against said body (1) through a movement (y) orthogonal to the reciprocal motion (x) of said jaws (2,3); these ones are provided with respective inclined planes with a symmetrical inclination, and said bridge is provided with two inclined planes (20a,20b) each having the same inclination of a respective of the inclined planes (2a,3a) of said two jaws. Elastic means (35,36) are arranged which are able of pushing said bridge (20) against said two jaws (2,3) along a direction (y) orthogonal to the direction (y) of reciprocal tightening of the two jaws (2,3), and the bridge (20) is provided in its outer portion with a relief (23) capable of tightening the key against said body..
Backlight module
A backlight module includes a back bezel, a light guide plate, a plurality of optical films, and a clamping device. The light guide plate is disposed in an area enclosed by a periphery structure of the back bezel, and the optical films are disposed on the light guide plate.
Test and connection apparatus arrangement, and connection apparatus
A testing arrangement is provided for testing the electrical circuits of an assembly of terminal blocks arranged in side-to-side relation, each of the terminal blocks including two mutually-insulated collinearly-arranged horizontal bus bar sections that are normally electrically connected by first and second pairs of leaf spring contacts arranged above and below the bus bar sections, respectively. During the testing operation, the testing device may be arranged either above or below the assembly, and an insulating test plug on the testing device is inserted either vertically downwardly from above, or upwardly from below, the terminal block, thereby to disengage one pair of contacts.
Switching circuit for antenna
A switching circuit for an antenna includes a first switching unit, a second switching unit, a third switching unit, a fourth switching unit, a first clamping unit and a second clamping unit. The first clamping unit is coupled to the first switching unit and the fourth switching unit.
Surgical clamping devices and tools for use therewith
Embodiments of the present invention relate to surgical clamping devices and applicators for use therewith. Embodiments of the surgical clamping device comprise a body and a pair of clamping members extending from the body.
Tool clamping device
A tool clamping device, in particular an oscillating tool clamping device, includes a clamping unit that has at least one clamping element configured to securely clamp a working tool in an axial direction and at least one clamping head arranged on the clamping element and configured to clamp the working tool at a free end of the clamping unit. The clamping unit further includes a guiding unit configured to guide at least one movement of the working tool along at least one direction of movement that deviates significantly from the axial direction in at least one operating state..
Clamping device
A clamping device for magnetically clamping non-magnetic material objects. The clamping device comprises first and second clamp members each having at least one straight edge surface and each having at least one magnet disposed therein.
Clamping device of spindle motor
The clamping device of spindle motor is disclosed, wherein a case portion contacted by the other distal end of the arms is inclined due to depression of a distal end of the arms by the disk, such that the arms linearly moves into the case to allow the other distal end to further rotate upwards, whereby the disk can be easily inserted into the case regardless of size of the inner diameter of the disk.. .
Release device for releasing a medical implant from a catheter and catheter comprising a release device
A release device for releasing a medical implant from an insertion device, having an indirect or direct clamping body for clamping the implant in the insertion device, the clamping device having a proximal end, and having a distal end, wherein the clamping body has at least one web, at least one extension and at least two clamping surface regions, wherein the extension is oriented substantially in the radial direction of the clamping body, and wherein the at least two clamping surface regions are substantially pointing toward one another and are aligned substantially parallel to one another, wherein the at least one web or the at least one extension has at least one of the two clamping surface regions, and wherein the at least two clamping surface regions and/or the at least one extension connect/connects to at least one region of the implant in the clamped state.. .
Bone anchoring device
A bone anchoring device including a clamping device and a flexible band configured to be secured a vertebra. The clamping device includes a base member and an upper member configured to be secured together with a fastener.
Vertical clamp device
A vertical clamping device is provided that supports a flow cell component in a vertical configuration in which the flow cell is on an opposite side of the vertical support from the electronic interface. The clamp includes a vertical setting to receive the flow cell component and provides an electronic interface on a vertical surface of the vertical setting.
Bicycle mounting arrangement
Wherein the connection means have a conical portion (214) on the stand device (200) and a hollow space on the clamping device (100), or wherein the connection means have a conical portion on the clamping device (100) and a hollow space on the stand device (200), wherein the conical portion is able to be inserted into the hollow space in order to connect the clamping device to the stand device.. .
Bolt and clamping system using bolts
A bolt for the detachable connection of two component parts provided with at least one through-hole and a clamping system serving for detachably, rapidly and reliably interconnecting objects provided with through-holes. A plug-in pin includes a bolt housing having through-openings; a clip means supported in the through-openings; and a clamping device arranged in the housing's interior and provided with an external thread, which meshes with an internal thread of the housing and during clamping, forces the clip means out of the housing such that an outer portion of the clip means protrudes from the through-openings.
Voltage surge and overvoltage protection using prestored voltage-time profiles
Disclosed are various embodiments of voltage protectors that include a first voltage clamping device configured to clamp a voltage of an input power applied to an electrical load, and a second voltage clamping device configured to clamp the voltage applied to the electrical load. A series inductance separates the first and second voltage clamping devices.
Sample holder for receiving a sample
A sample holder for receiving a sample includes a sample receiving device for clamping the sample, which is assigned a holding means which has at least two prongs protruding from the sample receiving device for a gripping means. Also disclosed are a receiving device, a sample holder magazine, a sample feeding system, a clamping device and an examining device..
Circuit interrupter with improved surge suppression
A circuit interrupter, such as a gfci or afci product, is provided having a suppression and protection circuit and circuit interrupter circuitry. In one configuration, a semiconductor device and a voltage clamping device or surge protector, such as a metal oxide varistor (mov), are utilized in the circuit interrupter for handling transient surges and overvoltage conditions.
Multiple drum handling apparatus
An apparatus is disclosed that serves as an attachment for a forklift truck or the like for handling multiple drums simultaneously. The drums to be transported are arranged symmetrically in a cluster about a central vertical axis.
Clamping device
A clamping device includes a driving mechanism and a pair of clamping mechanisms. Each clamping mechanism includes a clipping member, an installing plate, a positioning member, a resisting plate, and an elastic member.
Hinge/taper clamp rod holder insert
A metering rod assembly including a body for accommodating a metering rod insert and configured to clamp the metering rod and/or metering rod insert without the use of an auxiliary clamping device, such as a pressure tube or the like. A rod bed insert is supported in a tapered channel of a body whereby a clamping action is created during use.
Clamping device and laser welding apparatus using the same
A clamping device and a laser welding apparatus using the same are disclosed. The clamping device may include: an upper clamping link mounted rotatably upwardly or downwardly by a hinge shaft; a lower clamping link mounted rotatably in an opposite direction of the upper clamping link by the hinge shaft and corresponding to the upper clamping link; at least two upper rollers rotatably mounted at the upper clamping link; at least two lower rollers rotatably mounted at the lower clamping link, corresponding to the upper roller, and fixing a welding object together with the upper rollers; and an operating cylinder configured to rotate the upper clamping link and the lower clamping link in opposite directions to each other..
Wheel-clamping device for a wheel-service-machine and method for reversibly clamping a wheel on a wheel-clamping device for a wheel-service-machine
The wheel-clamping device comprises a frame 20 having a through-opening 22, and a spindle 30 being rotatably supported in the through-opening 22, the spindle 30 has an external thread 34 on an external circumferential portion. The wheel-clamping device comprises a sleeve 50 with a turntable 58 for the wheel to be clamped, wherein the sleeve 50 has an internal thread portion 52 which is in threaded engagement with the external thread-portion 34 of the spindle 30.
Composite coded lock for a bag
The invention relates a composite coded lock for a bag, said lock comprises a central lock hook in the middle, at least one side lock hook, a bottom shell, a locking device, a clamping device and a linkage, wherein the locking device is fixed on a casing and has a key lock and a coded lock; the coded lock has a controlled lock blade which has a limiting portion; the limiting portion is controlled by the key lock and the coded lock to move between an unlocking position and a locking position; the clamping device has a clamping pedestal fixed on one side of the bottom shell; the clamping pedestal is provided with a locking piece clamped with the side lock hook and a push and control block used for controlling the movement of the locking piece; the linkage is arranged on the bottom shell.. .
Clamping device, in particular for hoses
The clamping device has a clamping element (9) which can be moved from a starting position into a clamping position. The clamping element (9) is located in a housing (6) and bounds a pressure space in which a pressure medium is accommodated.
Portable message panel system
A portable message panel system is provided, comprising at least one message panel, wherein each panel includes a coilable frame member having a folded and an unfolded orientation. A fabric material covers selected portions of the frame member to form the panel, the fabric material held taut within the frame member when assuming the unfolded orientation of the frame member, so that the fabric material extends in a flat planar configuration when the frame member is in its unfolded orientation.
Clamping device of a flexible rod for a minimally invasive surgery
A clamping device of a flexible rod for a minimally invasive surgery contains a retaining set and a flexible rod. The retaining set includes a locking member and a clamping seat.
Machine for machining and/or measuring a workpiece, comprising two pivotable transverse members
The invention relates to a machine (10) for machining and/or measuring a workpiece (49). Machine (10) has a machine frame (18), a first transverse member (24) which is rotatably mounted by means of a first round guide (25) about a first rotational axis (d1) on the machine frame (18) and on which a tool unit (11) with a tool (13, 14) is arranged, where the tool (13, 14) is arranged at a distance from the first rotational axis (d1).
Clamping device for the releasable connection of two profile sections
A clamping device for the releasable connection of a first profile section with a second profile section, wherein the clamping device can be introduced into a recess provided in the first profile section, and is provided with at least one hook element for purposes of engaging with the first profile section and with a clamping element. Thus, the at least one hook element can be brought into a releasable retentive engagement with at least one locking element of the first profile section that is complementary to the former.
Pim holder with clamping device
A pim holder for attaching a pim device having a cable to a rail in a medical environment includes a holster and a clamping device. The holster includes an open end sized to receive a pim device and includes a cable opening extending from the open end on a side adjacent the open end to a side opposite the open end.
Handleless clamping device
The present invention relates to surgical clamps and clamp devices that provide a handle-free surgical field. The clamp jaws may be opened or closed by a rotationally or translationally moveable drive element that may be actuated from a position proximal or distal to the jaws.
Quick clamping device
This invention relates to a type of quick clamping device, including a semi-circular base and a screw penetrating bottom part of said base. One end of said screw extends out of said base and is connected to an eccentric wheel via a conical shaft pin.
Clamping device for clamping a fastener
A clamping device for clamping a fastener, includes a clamping jaw, a first biasing member for biasing the clamping jaw, a clamping body having a central axis, a driving assembly for driving the clamping jaw to clamp the fastener, and a second member which can be driven by the first member to move axially relative to the clamping body so as to push the clamping jaw to clamp the fastener. The clamping body is formed with a notch for receiving the clamping jaw and the driving assembly is supported on the clamping body and includes a first member which can rotate and move axially relative to the clamping body.
Floating clamping device for injection head of continuous oil pipe
A floating clamping device for an injection head of a continuous oil pipe, including a drive sprocket, a transmission chain, a supporting plate, a pushing plate, clamping oil cylinders and a clamping assembly. At least two clamping oil cylinders are installed on the supporting plate fixedly.
Mold clamping device
A mould clamping device for an injection-molding machine includes a fixed platen, a movable platen, pressure pads for generating a clamping force, and a spindle drive for moving the movable platen. The spindle drive has a non-rotating spindle shaft and a spindle nut which can be rotationally driven by a motor.
Clamping device
A clamping device having a first clamping part and a second clamping part, between which is formed a space for receiving an object to be clamped, and having at least one clamping screw operable to displace the first and second clamping parts relative to one another. The at least one clamping screw is guided in a through bore in the first clamping part and a thread corresponding to the clamping screw is provided in the second clamping part.
Clamping device for a two-platen injection molding machine and a two-platen injection molding machine
A clamping device for a two-platen injection molding machine, includes a movable mold platen, a stationary mold platen, and a tie bar connected therebetween, with the movable mold platen being movable along the tie bar. The clamping device further includes a connecting structure that is used to detachably connect an elongating tie bar to an end of the tie bar.
Self-centering clamping device and measuring device for a blade
A self-centering clamping device for a blade includes a mount having a root reception orifice which has a contour adapted to a root of the blade. The root reception orifice extends in the vertical direction and has a vertically running groove for receiving at least part of the root of the blade.
Floating collar clamping device for auto-aligning nut and screw in linear motion leadscrew and nut assembly and methods thereof
An auto-aligning linear motion apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a leadscrew.
Image modifying assembly for smart devices
An image modifying assembly for connection to a smart device, such as a smartphone or smartpad, is disclosed. The assembly includes an adapter case for receiving the smart device, a connector attached to the adapter case, a locking collar operably associated with the connector for removable attachment thereto, and a clamping device having a first clamping portion for connection to the locking collar, a second clamping portion spaced from the first clamping portion, and a bore extending between the first and second clamping portions.
Clamping device
A clamping device is adjustable and capable of transmitting high torques, with little material and cost outlay. A clamping sleeve has an outer contour which can be adjusted, with an elastic change in shape, by radially adjustable rolling bodies disposed in the interior of the clamping sleeve.
Seat pillar
In order to provide a seat pillar which, in particular in the case of sports bikes, reduces the high loadings in the genitals/perineum region of the cyclist and restricts the maximum pivoting angle of the clamping device from a starting position, it is proposed that the seat pillar head has a pivot axis which runs perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis of the seat pillar tube, and the clamping device is arranged pivotably about a defined pivot axis counter to the force of a spring element, wherein the pivoting angle is restricted by stop means integrated in the seat pillar head.. .
Surgical clamping device with ratcheting grip lock
At least on aspect of the present disclosure relates to a surgical clamping device, comprising first and second shaft members each having a jaw member disposed at a distal end thereof, a gripping member disposed on the first shaft member, and a gear system disposed on the second shaft member and configured to receive the gripping member and incrementally lock the gripping member in at least one predefined position.. .
Power drill
The invention relates to a power drill, having a tool-clamping device that is fastened to a spindle shaft, having a torque clutch that includes an axially movable clutch plate on which an axial force is exerted by a plurality of compression springs that cooperate at least indirectly with an adjusting nut situated on a housing component. The compression springs are accommodated in first recesses embodied in the longitudinal direction of the housing component.
Parallel axle mounting rail clamp
An improved clamping device and method for a weapon accessory rail of a type having an elongate mounting structure of generally t-shaped cross-sectional shape, such as a picatinny mounting rail, is provided.. .
Centering machine for workpieces, particularly optical lenses
A centering machine for, in particular, optical lenses has two centering spindles. The rotationally drivable centering spindle shafts are axially aligned with respect to a centering axis and constructed at the ends for the mounting of clamping bells.
Removable carrier for a hard disk drive
The present invention provides an improved removable carrier for a hard disk drive, comprising an outer supporting frame having at least one removable stand; characterized in that: two lateral sides of the removable stand comprise at least one integrally formed clamping device having at least one attachment portion extended therefrom and for the securement of the removable stand thereon; the clamping device comprises an upper clamping portion having a connecting portion arched downward on one side thereof and extended therefrom; the connecting portion comprises a lower clamping portion arched and extended corresponding to the upper clamping portion; the clamping device comprises at least one upper and lower securement portions having an elastic clamp at a location of the upper and lower clamping portions. The integrally formed clamping device can advantageously clamp onto the outer supporting frame and merits of having a secured structure with reduced labor and costs are achieved..
Advanced standing seam roof panel bracket
A roofing bracket is configured to securely and removeably attach to a standing seam of a roofing panel. The roofing bracket has a first section and a plurality of second sections, each section having a base that defines a top and bottom face.
Welding device, use thereof as a control valve, and metering device
A welding device for the sealing welding of thermopolastic hoses (184), includes a clamping device (12) with at least two clamping jaws (122, 124), of which at least one is movable and between which a hose (184) which is to be welded can be clamped, wherein the clamping device (12) has a heating devices (38; 40; 64) which is coupled to a control unit (30) and is configured to heat the hose clamped between the clamping jaws (122, 124). The invention is distinguished in that the at least one movable clamping jaw (122) is actuable with a controllable, bidirectional actuator (32, 34; 42-52; 54, 56, 58) which is coupled to the control unit (30) in such a manner that the clamping pressure acting on the hose (184) can be adjusted independently of the heating device..
Sport footwear such as a ski boot or suchlike
A sport footwear comprises a lower part or shell to contain the foot, and an upper part or cuff to contain and surround the joint of the ankle and the lower part of the leg. The cuff and shell are pivoted with respect to each other.
Clamping device
Disclosed is a clamping device for clamping a tubular member, like a thin walled tube or a pile, having a tube wall and provided with a flange at a tube end, and for hoisting the tubular member while being clamped only at its flange with the clamping device, wherein the clamping device includes: at least two clamping elements for engaging the internal flange and clamping the flange; and a clamping device frame that fixedly joins the at least two clamping elements for maintaining mutual position of the at least two clamping elements while hoisting the tubular member.. .
Mold clamping device and molded product ejecting method
Provided is a mold clamping device that saves a space, has a light machine weight and requires low manufacturing cost in an injection molding machine, a diecast machine, and the like. The mold clamping device includes: a stationary platen having a stationary mold; a movable platen having a movable mold; a plurality of tie bars supported by the stationary platen; end blocks provided in the same number as the tie bars, which is penetrated by the tie bars and coupled with the movable platen with toggle link mechanisms; split nuts supported by the end blocks and capable of being engaged with and disengaged from the tie bars; a mold opening-closing drive unit for opening and closing the movable platen, the end blocks, and the toggle link mechanisms; and a cross head for operating the toggle link mechanisms to generate a mold clamping force..
Self-reconfigurable mobile manipulator
A manipulator including a mobile plate for carrying an end-effector, connected to a plurality of legs, each of which has a distal end connected to the mobile plate and a proximal end connected to a supporting object by a clamping device, a plurality of distal links, a plurality of intermediate links and a plurality of proximal links, an actuator connected between each pair of longitudinally adjacent intermediate links, the distal links, connecting the intermediate links with the mobile plate by a system of distal revolute joints including a distal lockable joint, and the proximal links, connecting the intermediate links with a system of proximal joints having lockable proximal joints, where the manipulator is able to achieve manipulation, self-reconfiguration and locomotion movements without needing actuators directly acting on each joint.. .
Sputtering device with a tubular target
A sputtering device with a tubular target, includes a holding device with a supporting shaft having a shaft flange connected to the target tube detachably and in a water-tight manner by a clamping device. The end of the target tube facing the shaft flange of the supporting shaft is flangeless and a spacer ring is arranged detachably on the outer side of the tube in a predetermined position.
Fixing device for fixing a steering spindle bearing unit
A fixing device has at least one clamping device and at least one locking element which can be acted upon by the clamping device, and at least one counter locking element. In a closed position of the clamping device, the locking element and the counter locking element are arranged in an engagement position, and the fixing device has at least one elastic resetting element for resetting the locking element in an open position of the clamping device.
Jig for fixing cylinder block
The present invention addresses the issue of providing a jig for fixing a cylinder block, said jig being capable of stably fixing a cylinder block and contributing to a reduction of the size of the whole equipment including a processing tool. A jig for fixing a cylinder block of the present invention is used for the purpose of fixing a cylinder block, and is provided with a table having the cylinder block placed thereon such that the crank cases of the cylinder block are positioned on the lower side, and a clamping device, which can project upward from the upper surface of the table, and which clamps a journal wall that separates the crank cases of the cylinder block from each other..
Quick clamping device adapted for worktable
A quick clamp is adapted for a worktable, and includes a slide bar for clamping or loosening a workpiece by the sliding thereof, and a fixing rod fixedly connected to the worktable. The quick clamping device further includes a pushing mechanism for pushing the slide bar towards the worktable, and a locking mechanism for locking the slide bar at a position.
Paint can-clamping device applicable to double-gyroscopic mixer
A paint can-clamping device applicable to a double-gyroscopic mixer is disclosed, including a lower supporting plate, left and right guide rails, an upper pressing plate and a locking mechanism. The locking mechanism includes an upper pressing plate-fixing frame, a locking piece and a locking piece spring.
Skin closure clamping device and procedure
A skin closure clamping device includes: (a) a strip whose outer surface includes a front portion that has a number of cavities therein, (b) an assortment of pegs or male staples fabricated from a biodegradable material, each having distal and proximal ends, and wherein each of the pegs' distal ends is configured to pierce a patient's skin, and each of the pegs' proximal ends is configured to allow it to be detachably fitted into one of the cavities of the strip, and each peg's outer surface proximate its distal end having a ratcheting mechanism, and (c) a female member having an outer surface with a front portion that includes an opening configured to receive the pegs' distal ends in such a manner that the pegs' ratcheting mechanisms interact with the opening to adjustable lock together each of the pegs to the female member so as to apply a compressive force between them that aids in holding a patient's skin together while it heals.. .
Pipe clamping device
A pipe clamping device that clamps a first pipe and a second pipe each other. The pipe clamping device comprises an annular case with central opening into which the first pipe and the second pipe are inserted; a tightening member movable between a tightening location where the tightening member tightens outer circumferential surface of the first pipe and the second pipe and a disengagement location where the tightening member does not impose pressure on the outer circumferential surface of the first pipe and the second pipe; and a stopper restricting radial movement of the tightening member such that diameter of the tightening member at the disengagement location does not extend beyond a predetermined number, the stopper being prepared in the annular case.
Clamping device for a cutting tool assembling and disassembling apparatus
A clamping device for a cutting tool assembling and disassembling apparatus capable of preventing the cutting tool from falling off, comprises: a support seat and a carrying frame rotatably attached to the support seat. A cutting tool carrying seat is fixed on the carrying frame and includes an abutting portion with an abutting surface, a connecting portion to be inserted in the carrying frame, and annular portion.

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