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Clamping Device patents

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Needle driver

Fully automatic coil binding machine

Crimp ring removal tool

Date/App# patent app List of recent Clamping Device-related patents
 Clamping device patent thumbnailClamping device
Clamping device for clamping a workpiece defining at least three protection holes, includes a supporting seat, a pressing plate, a clamping assembly, and an operation assembly. The supporting seat can define a sliding groove, a first receiving groove, a second receiving groove, and a receiving hole, and includes a protrusion portion.
 Needle driver patent thumbnailNeedle driver
A needle driver, comprising a first elongated body having a substantially hollow interior portion and a first and second end, a second elongated body having a substantially hollow interior portion slideably disposed in the first elongated body, a clamping device having a clamping end and a connected end, the clamping device at least partially disposed in the first elongated body and in the second elongated body, wherein the connected end is affixed to the first elongated body, and a slideable actuator affixed to the second elongated body.. .
 Fully automatic coil binding machine patent thumbnailFully automatic coil binding machine
A fully automatic coil binding machine includes a main body, a width adjusting device, a paper clamping device, a resting device, a coil driving device, a cutting device and a driving device. The main body has a coil guiding slot and a guiding row of teeth.
 Crimp ring removal tool patent thumbnailCrimp ring removal tool
A crimp ring removal tool for removing crimp rings from flexible tubing such as pex. The tool is made from material of suitable hardness and comprises a collar block having at least one bore and ring slot pair to accommodate the dimensions of a flexible plumbing connection and a guide path to direct the operative portion of a common auxiliary cutting tool.
 Clamping device for an electrochemical cell stack patent thumbnailClamping device for an electrochemical cell stack
A clamping device for an electrochemical cell stack is provided. The clamping device can include a first plate and a second plate.
 Clamping device for a golf club head patent thumbnailClamping device for a golf club head
A clamping device for use with a golf club head. The clamping device may include a base and a holding device which is rotatably coupled to the base.
 Pallet patent thumbnailPallet
The present disclosure provides a pallet. The pallet includes a main body, a clamping device configured on the main body and having a clamping groove, and a clamping plate mounted in the clamping groove.
 Secure cannula clamping device patent thumbnailSecure cannula clamping device
A device which helps secure the gas supply lines which deliver a supply of a specialized gas, such as oxygen, to a cannula. The device is a holding structure which includes a cannula tubing retainer attached to a clamping device.
 Locking hinge and clamping device patent thumbnailLocking hinge and clamping device
In various exemplary embodiments, a hinge or clamp comprising a first leaf and a second leaf comprising complimentary knuckles that move rotationally relative to each other about a longitudinal axis of a bore formed by the complimentary knuckles. A locking mechanism located on or within one of the knuckles can move axially along the longitudinal axis of the bore, the locking mechanism comprising a first engagement structure and configured to move rotationally with the leaf comprising the knuckle it is located on or within, the first engagement structure configured to engage a complimentary second engagement structure located on or within an adjacent knuckle, a biasing mechanism that urges the locking mechanism axially along the longitudinal axis of the bore in a direction to engage the first and second engagement structures, and a release post that can be pressed to urge the locking mechanism axially along the longitudinal axis of the bore in a direction to disengage the first and second engagement structures..
 Clamping chuck with integrated drawbar patent thumbnailClamping chuck with integrated drawbar
A clamping device for machine tools, comprising a chuck (1.1) and a drawbar (1.2) for clamping separate pallets (1.3), with a bayonet-connection via rotational motion of that drawbar (1.2). Rotational motion of the drawbar (1.2) is guided and determined by means (2.5, 2.7, 2.6, 2.4, 2.12, 3) provided in the chuck housing (2.3) interacting with the drawbar (1.2, 2.13).
Trimmer head for a trimmer
A trimmer head for a trimmer has a base member having a trimmer line opening. A clamping device arranged in the base member clamps a trimmer line that defines a cutting plane when rotated.
Tool head for a machine tool
The invention relates to a tool head having a main body (2) that is rotatable about a tool head axis (5), a slide (6) for holding a cutting tool, said slide (6) being guided on the main body (2) in a slide guide (8) in a linearly moveable manner transversely to the tool head axis (5), and a clamping device (48) for clamping the slide (6) on the main body (2). According to the invention, it is proposed that the clamping device (48) has a clamping body (50) that is adjustable parallel to the tool head axis (5), said clamping body (50), in a clamping position, pressing a sliding face (46) of the slide (6) against a guiding surface (44) of the slide guide (8) with a clamping force (fn) being introduced..
Steering spindle arrangement
A steering spindle has a steering spindle connection connected to a fork crown of a steering coupling via an intermediate piece. The steering spindle connection and the intermediate piece are formed as plug partners at ends facing each other, by means of at least one tongue and groove guide element pair, which provides a torque-transmitting priority control.
Clamping device to hold containers and other objects to fixtures
A device composed of two novel apparatuses to hold cups, containers, tools and other objects in a stable position alongside tables, airline trays, doors, boards or other structures (“fixture”) so that (1) the objects or their contents are prevented from falling over or spilling; (2) the fixture's usable surface area is increased; (3) the objects are kept proximate to their users; and (4) the objects (e.g., a flashlight) can be oriented for best use.. .
Remotely actuated clamping devices for borehole seismic sensing systems and methods of operating the same
A remotely actuated clamping device for a borehole seismic sensing system. The remotely actuated clamping device includes a clamping mechanism configured to engage a surface of a borehole by actuation of the clamping mechanism.
Clamping device of injection molding machine
An adaptor plate is provided between a platen and a mold to measure a temperature of each of divided regions obtained by dividing the adaptor plate into a plurality of regions and adjust a temperature for each of the regions. By doing so, it is possible to adjust the temperature at points closer to the center of the mold than tie bars.
Steering arrangement
A steering arrangement includes a steering spindle and a steering coupling provided with a fork crown bearing a connecting element that connects an end of the steering spindle to the steering coupling in the form of a plug connection. To enable the combined steering spindle and steering coupling ends to be connected to each other in the correct relative position and thus to be able to prevent a defective assembly, the steering spindle end and the connecting element are coaxial plug partners on ends facing each other, by means of at least one tongue and groove guide element pair that provides a torque-transmitting priority control.
Method for controlling the magnetic clamping of a part and magnetic clamping device using such a method
The magnetic clamping device, comprises means intended to implement a method such as described hereinabove and a clamping plate that comprises at least two measuring circuits arranged one on top of the other, in relation to a plan perpendicular to the weight of the part to be clamped.. .
Blow molding process and apparatus
In at least some implementations, a blow molding process provides that portions of the parison are engaged by one or more clamping devices disposed on or adjacent to the blow mold parts, and that the blow mold is opened whereby the parison is torn apart between the clamping devices, into two or more pieces of the parison. In other implementations, the clamping devices may be moved relative to the blow mold to tear the parison, or the parison may be torn by a combined movement of the blow mold parts and clamping devices..
Tube clamping device and hydraulic pressure tester technical field
The present invention provides a compact tube clamping device 50 with a simple structure and used suitably for a hydraulic pressure tester for inspecting quality of an electric resistance welded tube. To achieve this object, a lifting/lowering base 52 including a tube support body 55 on itself is provided onto a fixed base 51 to be able to lift and lower.
A chuck for a power tool has a central receptacle, arranged in the body of the chuck, having a locating opening for axially inserting a shank-type tool. A reducing sleeve is arranged at least partly in the central receptacle, and a clamping device is provided for at least locally reducing the cross section of the central receptacle.
Clamping device
In a clamping device, a detection mechanism detects a state of clamping/unclamping and includes: a detected body that moves together with a piston and a piston rod; a circuit board disposed to face the detected body and capable of detecting the position of the detected body; and an indicator lamp that is connected to the circuit board and is lit/extinguished depending on the state of clamping/unclamping. By pressing a setting button provided on the detection mechanism when the rotation angle of the arm is changed, the second detection position of the circuit board for detecting the unclamped state is changed, making it possible to detect the detected body at a newly set detection position..
Multi-functional clamp
A multi-directional clamping device having a clamp body, a mounting block and a mounting slide is described herein. The clamp body has a first and second arm forming the c-shaped clamp body.
Clamping device for clamping a plurality of columns for sample preparation
According to the invention, this object is achieved by a clamping device for clamping a plurality of columns for sample preparation which provides for a plurality of clamping blocks and a displacement mechanism for displacing at least one clamping block relative to an opposing clamping block between an open position and a clamping position. In this instance, in the open position, a column can be inserted between two opposing clamping blocks and, in the clamping position, the inserted column is clamped between the opposing clamping blocks in order to produce a fluid connection between the column and at least one of the opposing clamping blocks.
Dialyzer clamp
A clamping device for a dialyzer includes a holding member having a supply port and a discharge port for permitting a liquid to be treated to flow through the desalination chambers and the concentration chambers; a clamping member for clamping the holding member by a certain clamping pressure; a lattice structure having a contact portion configured to be brought into contact with an electrode frame or be brought into contact with an electrode frame through a certain plate-shaped member such that the clamping member clamps the electrode frame, the chamber frames and the exchange membranes through the contact portion by tightening the clamping members; and the lattice structure having a pitch width of at least 10 mm and at most 50 mm.. .
Device to remove binding materials from packaged bulk goods
The invention relates to a device 1 to remove binding materials 2 from packaged bulk goods 3, particularly binding wire or binding cord from compressed cuboid bales as packaged bulk goods. In order to have an automated process during removal of binding materials, a transport unit 4 is provided to transport the packaged bulk goods 3 into a gripping and cutting station 6 at which the package of bulk goods 3 is affixed on the one side by a clamping device 8 and on the other side of the package of bulk goods by a cutting device 7, and binding materials 2 are gripped by the clamping device 8 and cut by the cutting device 7..
Clamping device with removable handles
A clamping device has a removable handle to move a clamp between an opened and clamped position. A receiving member is on the clamp to receive the handle.
Automated cell patch clamping method and apparatus
In an automated method for in vivo multiple cell patch clamping, cell patch clamping devices are automatically moved into position and targeted to multiple corresponding cells. Cell contact is determined by analyzing the temporal series of measured resistance levels at the clamping devices as they are moved.
Gripping or clamping device and method for handling articles
The present invention relates to a gripping device for holding articles in place, including a base that has a receiving surface that faces an article for holding it in place, the base having at least one passage guide that leads to a passage opening in the receiving surface, and the receiving surface has at least one nanostructure portion on which a plurality of nanostructure elements are arranged.. .
Cable retaining apparatus
A cable retaining apparatus for holding high voltage cables is disclosed. The apparatus has a pair of cable retaining members that are hingedly connected to each other and engage around one or more cables.
Components and uses for robust thread clamping device
The present invention relates to a thread clamping device including a plurality of movable nut segments around a threaded rod, and spring members flexibly holding the segments against the rod. The thread clamping device has a structure adapted to accommodate substantially planar outer surfaces of the nut segments engaging planar surfaces of the end housing of the device, leading to a more robust device and improved performance.
Slip device for suspending a drill or casing string
An apparatus for gripping a cylindrical member is provided. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a clamping device having clamping dies that enable the clamping device to grip a tubular string.
Connecting device with a clamping device for connecting to an arrangement for closing flow paths and monitoring the status of the clamping device and method for same
The present invention relates to a connecting device for connecting an external function device to an arrangement and for cutting off flow paths by accommodating a clamping device, wherein a pressure-measuring unit and/or a length-measuring unit is adjusted for detecting a clamping force and/or a distance such that it is possible to monitor the status of the clamping device.. .
Paring tool, method for producing a cylinder unit and lathe
Method for producing a cylinder unit, with the steps: clamping the cylinder (44) to the workpiece clamping device (42) of a lathe (34), skiving the cylinder inner surface (62) of the cylinder (44) by means of a skiving tool (10), in particular by rotating the workpiece clamping device (42) such that a skived cylinder inner surface (62) is formed, smooth rolling the skived cylinder inner surface (62) by means of a smooth rolling tool (60), in particular by rotating the workpiece clamping device (42), and processing at least the front surface (64) of the cylinder unit, wherein the skiving, the smooth roiling and the processing at least of the front surface (64) are carried out in one setting.. .
Clamping device and washing device using same
A clamping device is capable of clamping different types of workpieces. The clamping device includes a bracket, two rails, and two pairs of holding assemblies.
Power drill
The invention relates to a power drill, having a tool-clamping device that is coupled to a drive motor via a drive shaft and a torque clutch equipped with a transmission element. The torque clutch has a clutch-adjusting ring that cooperates at least indirectly with at least one clamping element that exerts a prestressing force on the transmission element.
Steering spindle arrangement
A steering arrangement includes a steering spindle having a steering spindle connection connected to a fork crown of a steering coupling via an intermediate piece. The steering spindle connection and the intermediate piece, which is designed as a hub, are formed as plug partners at ends facing each other, by means of at least one tongue and groove guide element pair positioned in the axial longitudinal direction, which provides a torque-transmitting priority control.
Clamping device and method for measuring eccentricity of optical-electric coupling member
A clamping device includes a first plate and a second plate. The first plate includes an upper surface, a lower surface facing away from the upper surface and a first side surface.
Clamping device
A clamping means in the type of an outer clamping means or an inner clamping means for fixed-clamping of work pieces, for the purpose of rotative processing. For achieving a radial displaceability of the clamping segments thereof, an inclined guide surface of a clamping sleeve or of a clamping mandrel with correspondingly inclined slide surfaces on the clamping segments are used.
Mold clamping device
The mold clamping device is provided with a first platen to which a stationary mold is attached. A movable mold unit is capable of approaching and moving away from the stationary mold.
Clamping device
Clamping device and method of connecting clamping device that includes a clamping band having a first end and a second end and an engagement geometry on at least one surface; and a tensioning head having a housing attached to the clamping band in the region of the first end and through which the second end of the clamping band is guidable, and an engagement element in the housing that is engageable with the engagement geometry. The engagement element is connected to the housing by a flexible connection, so that the engagement element is swivelable between a pull-through position, in which the clamping band may be pulled through the housing, and an engagement position, in which the clamping screw may engage with the engagement geometry..
Motor assembly
A motor assembly is presented. A motor assembly can include at least one motor; a memory to store calibrated parameters related to the at least one motor; and electronics coupled to the memory, the at least one motor, the electronics including interfaces to couple with a clamping device and a system to control the operation of the at least one motor.
Clamping instrument
Embodiments of a clamping instrument are disclosed. In some embodiments, a clamping device with calibrated parameters and a calibration process for the clamping device is presented.
Torque compensation
Embodiments of a clamping system are disclosed. In some embodiments, a system used with a motor assembly and a clamping device is presented, the system adjusting torque limits in the motor assembly according to conditions, for example operating temperature of the motor assembly and aging of the clamping device and the motor assembly.
Clamping device with an electric motor
The invention relates to a clamping device (1), for example swing tensioners (1), bracing elements, machine vises or block cylinders, with a movable clamping element (2) for clamping a workpiece with a defined clamping force, and with an electric motor (10) for mechanically driving the clamping element (2), also with a control unit that controls the electric motor (10). The invention provides that the control unit detects an electrical operating parameter of the electric motor (10) as a measure of the clamping force.
Devices to equip vehicles with closed circuit television backup system
A mechanism to secure a closed circuit camera to a vehicle includes a securing mechanism and a locking system, wherein locking the locking system provides power to the camera, allowing it to communicate with a monitor within the vehicle to allow a driver to see the camera's transmissions. The communication includes a synchronization protocol, such as bluetooth® ssp, that ensures the camera and monitor are communicating exclusively with one another, avoiding cross-talk or other interference from nearby systems.
Accessory mounting apparatus for a vehicle
An accessory mounting apparatus is provided for coupling to a vehicle roll bar. The accessory mounting apparatus illustratively includes a driver side clamping device configured to be secured to a driver side upright of the roll bar, and a passenger side clamping device configured to be secured to the passenger side upright of the roll bar.
System for and method of transferring plate-shaped member with interleaving paper thereon
In a system for transferring a plate-shaped member with interleaving paper thereon, a suction adhesion device included in a suction adhesion unit includes suction pads that adhere to a surface of a glass plate by suction with interleaving paper in between the surface and the suction pads; an air blowing device blows air between the adhered glass plate and a glass plate positioned below the adhered glass plate; a robot moves the suction adhesion unit; a clamping device includes a pair of pushing members that are arranged at both sides, respectively, of the glass plates and move toward the glass plates to come close to each other; and at least before the suction adhesion unit lifts the adhered glass plate, a controller causes the pair of pushing members to move to push protruding portions of pieces of interleaving paper, the protruding portions protruding from the sides of the glass plates.. .
Flashlight that can be focused
The present invention relates to a flashlight having a casing, a light source and a lamp head with a lens attachment that can be displaced longitudinally axially relative to the light source in order to focus the emitted cone of light. The object of the present invention is to provide a flashlight that, on the one hand, enables the reflector to be displaced smoothly relative to the light source and, on the other hand, prevents involuntary shifting of the focusing that has been set.
Clamping device
A clamping device comprises a driving cylinder, a buffering assembly, a first clamping member, and a second clamping member. The first clamping member and the second clamping member are mounted to the driving cylinder.
Safety and clamping device for an apparatus for fabricating parts
An apparatus of the present invention presents a housing for engaging a mold device that includes a top plate having a top mold and a bottom plate having a bottom mold. The top plate presents side edges presenting a plurality of male elements extending therefrom.
Clamping device for bending press and bending press provided with the same
A clamping device for a bending press includes a clamping die with a space formed therein, a clamping holder rotatably disposed within the space of the clamping die around a rotation shaft formed thereto, an upper cam block and a lower cam block respectively disposed within the clamping holder and slidable along the horizontal direction, and of which a cam slant surface is formed at a front side of the upper cam block and the lower cam block respectively, an upper clamping block and a lower clamping block contacting each cam slant surface of the upper cam block and the lower cam block, and clamping an end of a pipe disposed therebetween by sliding along a slant direction of the clamping holder, and a pressing unit selectively pressing the upper cam block and the lower cam block.. .
Tissue management apparatus for vascular access
Tissue management methods can include inserting a clamping device into a vessel and clamping a vessel wall via the clamping device. Tissue can be dilated about the clamping device and an anastomotic device provided to the vessel..
Apparatus for supporting and holding a bead core-apex subassembly and method of producing and transporting the bead core-apex subassembly
The present invention is directed to an apparatus for supporting an annular bead core-apex subassembly, the apparatus comprising a spacer disc for supporting the annular bead core-apex subassembly, and a clamping device comprising a supporting surface for supporting the spacer disc, as well as a plurality of clamping elements for selectively clamping the spacer disc to the supporting surface. The clamping elements are movable between an expanded position in which the spacer disc is clamped to the supporting surface, and a retracted position in which the spacer disc is released and can be lifted from the supporting surface.
Fast attachment open end direct mount damper and valve actuator
An actuator assembly includes a housing, and a clamp disposed within the housing. The clamp is configured to attach the actuator assembly to a damper jackshaft or valve stem or valve linkage shaft.
Clamping device for electrical cables
A clamping device includes a first clamping member, a second clamping member, and a connecting arrangement providing on the first clamping member and the second clamping member. The connecting arrangement is configured to exert a clamping force between the first clamping member and the second clamping member, in such a manner that when the electrical cable slightly deforms due to thermal expansion and contraction, the first clamping member and the second clamping member are arranged to move with respect to each other so as to allow a slight relative movement between the first clamping member and the second clamping member for preventing unwanted damage to the electrical cable..
Vibration dampening device for the manufacture of a rotor
The invention relates to a vibration dampening device (1) for the manufacture by rotational friction welding of a turbomachine rotor, said rotor comprising at least one first disc (2a) and a second disc (2b) each comprising a hub (3a, 3b) having an internal surface (4a, 4b), with the device (1) comprising at least one first clamping device (10a) configured to be positioned coaxially to the hub (3a) of the first disc (2a), comprising a pair of radially opposite jaws (11a) suited to come into contact with the internal surface (4a) of said hub (3a) of the first disc (2a).. .
Method for arranging a printing plate on a plate cylinder
The invention relates to a method for arranging a printing plate onto a plate cylinder that has a channel in which a front and a rear clamping device are arranged. The rear clamping device is part of a slide that is arranged to be movable towards the front clamping device along a clamping path.
Automatically adjusting patella cutting guide
A patella clamping device has a handle having a first arm and a second arm, the arms each having a first gripping end and a second clamping end. The clamping ends are movable towards the opposite arm by action on the gripping end of each arm.
Clamping device for portable boring machine and portable air-drive-drilling machine with clamping device
A clamping device is attached to a front part of a body of a boring machine for clamping the boring machine and a workpiece together. The clamping device comprises a fixed piston fixed on the front part of the body, a movable piston equipped over the front part of the body movably in the axial direction of a spindle of the boring machine, a first pressure chamber, a second pressure chamber, a pressurized fluid-supply device to supply pressurized air to the first pressure chamber and the second pressure chamber so that the movable cylinder is moved in the axial direction, a connecting mechanism an end portion of which is connected to the movable cylinder, and a clamping unit which is connected to the other end portion of the connecting mechanism, and is fixed to a certain position of the workpiece..
Low voltage sensing scheme having reduced active power down standby current
A low voltage sensing scheme reduces active power down standby leakage current in a memory device. A clamping device or diode is used between a psense amplifier control line (e.g.
Distributed clamps for a downhole seismic source
The present disclosure relates to increasing the output power of a clamped seismic or acoustic source disposed in a wellbore without damaging the borehole/casing/cement. One or more sources are provided and carried on a conveyance mechanism.
Engraving machine
An engraving machine includes a machine base, an engraving device and a clamping device assembled on the machine base, and a control unit. The clamping device is able to clamp a work piece and actuate the work piece to rotate.
Method for reprofiling wheelsets on underfloor wheel lathes
The invention relates to a method for reprofiling wheelsets (1) rotatably mounted in axle bearing housings (6) on rail vehicles on underfloor wheelset lathes (12; 14) equipped with machining tools, a machine control for the machining tools, drive rollers (15), axial guide rollers (17), measuring rollers (13) as well as clamping devices (21; 22) to engage the axle bearing housings (6). The method is characterised in that the wheelset (1) is lifted off the rail using the drive rollers (15), weighing it in the process, the axle bearing housings (6) are fixed between the drive rollers (15) and the clamping devices (21; 22), an axial guide roller (17) is adjusted to touch the inner side (16) of each of the two wheels (3; 4) of the wheelset (1) and fixed in this position, an additional force (20) is applied to the drive rollers (15), that the actual diameter (8) and the wear profile of each wheel (3; 4) is determined by means of a measuring roller (13), that the smaller actual diameter is determined based on the measurement results and, it having been modified by a specified machining allowance, entered as the nominal diameter (11) into the machine control for the machining tools..
Trigger circuit and method for improved transient immunity
A trigger circuit detects a transient voltage increase on an integrated circuit. The trigger circuit controls a conductivity state of a clamping device to limit the transient voltage increase.
Track-bearing cabinet fastener
A track-bearing cabinet fastener comprising: a track holder with a baseplate; a clamping device provided with (a) a clamping box which is securely fixed at the baseplate for development of an accommodating space inside and comprises through slots at both top and bottom sides through which the accommodating space is accessed and two ports at its front side, one of which abuts a hook piece, (b) a clamping block which is held in the accommodating space and resisted by springs and comprises two protruded resisting parts located at its front side and corresponding to the ports, and (c) a clamping plug securely fixed behind the clamping box and the clamping block and closely contacting the springs by which the protruded resisting parts extend into the ports. As such, the track holder can be assembled, positioned and operated easily and safely..
Thread clamping device including internal sensing, reporting and external detector
The present device relates to a thread clamping device including a plurality of movable segments with threaded inner surfaces suitable for engaging a threaded rod and including a strain gauge and transmitter therein for measuring the actual strain on the device and for transmitting this information to a receiver external to the thread clamping device, such as a receiver and display integral with a wrench for applying torque to the thread clamping device.. .
Detector with a telescopic carrier/guide rod
A detector with a telescopic carrier/guide rod at which a measuring probe is disposed at one end, wherein the carrier/guide rod features at least two tubes longitudinally movable inside one another, in which respectively two tubes disposed adjacently in radial direction form an outer tube and an inner tube, whereby the respective outer tube at its overlapping tube end facing the measuring probe features a clamping means for engaging the inner tube. In accordance with this invention, the clamping means is formed as a clamping device that features a profile clamp with a quick-locking device.
Stretching and clamping device for anisotropy conductive film and clamping roller and clamping head thereof
A stretching and clamping device for anisotropy conductive film and a clamping roller and a clamping head thereof are provided. The clamping roller and the clamping head cooperate with each other to position and bond the anisotropy conductive film.
Assembling structure of inverter and ground wire
An assembling structure includes a ground wire, an inverter, a first fixing element, and a clamping device. The inverter includes a casing.
Drive circuits and systems for motor controller protection
Protection of a motor controller from a transient voltage and/or an over-voltage condition is described. A drive circuit includes a rectifier portion and at least one inductive device coupled to the rectifier portion.

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