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Clamping Device patents

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Sensing amplifier utilizing bit line clamping devices and sensing method thereof


Sensing amplifier utilizing bit line clamping devices and sensing method thereof

Mold-clamping device, injection-molding device, and method for opening and closing mold

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology

Mold-clamping device, injection-molding device, and method for opening and closing mold

Mold-clamping device, injection-molding device, and method for opening and closing mold


Method and clamping apparatus for external fixation and stabilization

Date/App# patent app List of recent Clamping Device-related patents
 Clasp for tethering patent thumbnailClasp for tethering
A clasp or clamp secures a string or rope, such as made from stretch wrap, to an object such as in securing an object to a pallet for shipping. The clasp or clamping device readily secures one end of the string and allows for tightening of the string through pulling a second end of the string through a second portion of the clasp or clamping device.
Encore Packaging Llc

 Sensing amplifier utilizing bit line clamping devices and sensing method thereof patent thumbnailSensing amplifier utilizing bit line clamping devices and sensing method thereof
A non-pneumatic tire includes an attachment body (11) attached to an axle, a ring member (14) including an inner rim (12) fitted onto the attachment body (11) and an outer rim (13) configured to surround the inner rim (12) from the outside in a tire radial direction, and a plurality of connecting members (15) disposed between the inner rim (12) and the outer rim (13) in a tire circumferential direction and configured to connect the rims (12) and (13) to each other, wherein at least a portion of the ring member (14) and the plurality of connecting members (15) are integrally formed of a synthetic resin material having a bending modulus of elasticity obtained through a 3-point bending test pursuant to iso 178 of 300 mpa or more and a charpy impact value obtained at 23° c. Through a charpy impact test pursuant to iso 179-1 of 5 kj/m2 or more..
Bridgestone Corporation

 Mold-clamping device, injection-molding device, and  opening and closing mold patent thumbnailMold-clamping device, injection-molding device, and opening and closing mold
A mold-clamping device includes a fixed mold plate including a fixed mold; a movable mold plate including a movable mold; a hydraulic cylinder allowing the movable mold plate to approach or be separated from the fixed mold plate; a hydraulic pressure supply source supplying a hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic cylinder; and a control unit performing driving control on the hydraulic pressure supply source. The control unit includes a flow rate decrease control unit for deceleration for decreasing a flow rate of the hydraulic fluid according to a deceleration gradient set in advance when a movement of the movable mold plate is decelerated according to the deceleration gradient, and a flow rate increase control unit for controlling the flow rate of the hydraulic fluid to increase when the flow rate of the hydraulic fluid is decreased according to the deceleration gradient by the flow rate decrease control unit..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co.

 Method and clamping  external fixation and stabilization patent thumbnailMethod and clamping external fixation and stabilization
Clamping devices and methods for external fixation systems include a post component having a yaw axis and a clamping system secured to the post component and rotatable about the yaw axis. The clamping system includes a outer jaw and a inner jaw having an inner surface facing the outer jaw.
Zimmer, Inc.

 Over-voltage suppression circuit patent thumbnailOver-voltage suppression circuit
An overvoltage-suppression circuit includes voltage-suppression elements in series, each voltage-suppression element having at least one voltage-clamping device in parallel with at least one capacitor. An overvoltage-suppression module for protecting multiple lines includes a passive circuit element connected between a load line for each load and floating node common to all load lines.
Parker-hannifin Corporation

 Balancing or measuring adapter patent thumbnailBalancing or measuring adapter
A balancing or measuring adapter, which includes a main body having a holder for the component to be balanced or measured and a clamping device assigned to the main body having a movable clamping element for clamping the component to the main body and releasing it therefrom. A braking device for generating a constant advance speed of the clamping element as it moves is arranged on the movable clamping element for precisely positioned clamping and jerk-free release of the component..
Franz Haimer Maschinenbau Kg

 Clamping device for clamping a workpiece, and installation comprising such a clamping device patent thumbnailClamping device for clamping a workpiece, and installation comprising such a clamping device
A clamping device for clamping a workpiece having a constant section includes a base; a head; jaws including a jaw fixed to the base and a jaw facing the other jaw and fixed to the head to clamp the workpiece; a guide to link the head to the base and to allow the displacement of the head in an action direction between a clamping position and an opening position. The guide includes at least two plates parallel one with the other with each plate being linked at a first end to a heel of the base and to the head at a second end opposed to the first end, the first ends and second ends being flexible to allow the plates to pivot in relation to the heel and the head, respectively; the clamping device being in one block of monolithic material such as metal..

 Size-adjustable stereo imaging clamping device patent thumbnailSize-adjustable stereo imaging clamping device
A stereo imaging device is disclosed. The stereo imaging device includes a pair of holders, an imaging element, an association pillar and a pair of isometric beams.
Wistron Corporation

 Off-vehicle trailer hitch coupler lock and assembly patent thumbnailOff-vehicle trailer hitch coupler lock and assembly
The device and assembly provides a structure having two ball-shaped ends that are integrally formed as a single structure. With one of the balls inserted into a trailer coupler, the clamping device of the coupler can be locked as it would be when connected to a trailer hitch ball.

 Socket wrench patent thumbnailSocket wrench
A socket wrench contains: a body including a first face, a second face, and an accommodating cavity having a stop ring arranged on the first face. A ratchet holder is accommodated in the accommodating cavity and has a polygonal groove, a first peripheral segment, a second peripheral segment, and a toothed portion.


Surgical clamping device and methods thereof

A surgical device has first and second clamp jaws, at least one of which is pivotable relative to the other. The surgical device also has first and second locking suture guides configured to receive at least one locking suture for knotting to hold the first and second clamp jaws in a clamped position..
Lsi Solutions, Inc.


Overhead travelling crane system

An overhead travelling crane system includes a conveyor device, and two clamping devices connected with the conveyor device. The conveyor device includes two lifting units and a traversing unit connected with the lifting units.
Falcon Machine Tools Co., Ltd.


Torque-limiting return stop device

A return stop device with a freewheel having an internal ring, an external ring, and retaining elements arranged in an annular gap therebetween. A flange is provided at the attachment side and a housing part, between which the external ring is clamped, and a clamping device by which the external ring is pressed with its face between the flange and the housing part against a friction area, in order to generate a friction-fitting connection between the flange and the external ring.
Ringspann Gmbh


Dynamics of vertical axis wind turbine

The present invention includes a vertical axis wind turbine with isolator mechanism for eliminating dynamic instability caused by uneven forces. The isolating mechanism includes of a plurality of rotating isolators/vertical support, plurality of tethering devices, plurality of pair of horizontal members, plurality of pair of clamping devices.


Clamping device having hub centring

What is shown and described is a clamping device (1) with hub centering for attachment of an automobile wheel to the shaft of a balancing machine, with a contact flange (2) with several centering elements (3) guided in a radially moveable manner on the contact flange (2) for centering engagement in a centering hole of the rim, and with a clamping sleeve (4) guided in a moveable manner axially to the contact flange (2), wherein the clamping sleeve (4) and the centering elements (3) are kinematically coupled such that an axial movement of the clamping sleeve (4) leads to a radial movement of the centering elements (3). According to the invention, a provision is made that at least one tension lever (16) connected in an articulated manner to the clamping sleeve (4) and a centering element (3) is provided for the kinematic coupling of clamping sleeve (4) and centering element (3)..
Haweka Ag


Device for shortening the spring path of a suspension fork

A device for shortening the spring path of a suspension fork for bicycles includes a cable; a fixing device for fixing the cable to the suspension fork tubes, which can be moved relative to the bicycle frame; and a cable clamping device, which can be secured in the region of the handlebar, preferably on the front-end section, for detachably fixing the cable, wherein the spring path is shortened in an infinitely variable manner. Thus, an infinitely variable lowering device is produced which is independent of a suspension fork..


Turn-up device for tyre side walls

A device is disclosed for turning up the side walls of tyres on a shaping drum for shaping a tyre carcase, the spindle arrangement of which has a central spindle and at least two side spindles running in parallel, between which the central spindle extends, wherein the central spindle and the side spindles are drivable in a mutually independent manner and the core clamping devices are allocated to the central spindle and the turn-over devices are allocated to the side spindles or the turn-over devices are allocated to the central spindle and the core clamping devices are allocated to the side spindles.. .
Harburg-freudenberger Maschinenbau Gmbh


Tool holder and attachment head having said tool holder

There is shown a tool holder for a hob, which is embodied as a bore having a clamping device provided between a spindle and a counterholder, the clamping device having a centring clamping piece that is engageable in the hob and a receiving mandrel that is engageable in the hob, the receiving mandrel being braced with the centring clamping piece in order to mount the hob, wherein the centring clamping piece has a flange. In order to ensure the best concentric running properties in a stable manner, it is proposed that the centring clamping piece and the receiving mandrel each have a flange, which each mount a radial adjusting drive with at least one adjusting member that is adjustable with respect to the spindle and/or the counterholder in order to centre the clamping device..
Wfl Millturn Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg


Hydrostatic head tester arrangement

A hydrostatic head tester arrangement has a frame, a test pressure generating device, a clamping device having first clamping ring and a second clamping ring and wherein a power gain element is connected to the first clamping ring. Further, the power gain element is connected to an actuation lever via a resilient member..
Textest Ag


Encapsulation mold

An encapsulation mold is provided, which may include an upper mold, a lower mold and a clamping device. The clamping device includes a rubber anti-slip block fixed to a joint surface of the upper mold, and a rubber anti-slip block fixed to a joint surface of the lower mold, wherein both of the rubber anti-slip blocks can fix the glass tightly.
Saint-gobain Glass France


Adaptive critical-duty-cycle clamp for power converters

Devices and methods provide a duty cycle clamping device for preventing an output voltage of a power converter from decreasing as the duty cycle of a pulse width modulation (pwm) signal driving the power converter increases, the clamping device including duty cycle clamping circuitry configured to determine a critical duty cycle for the pwm signal based on an input voltage, a top voltage of a flying capacitor and a bottom voltage of the flying capacitor, and configured to clamp an actual duty cycle of the pwm signal at the critical duty cycle if a desired duty cycle exceeds the critical duty cycle.. .
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation


Integration of an auxiliary device with a clamping device in a transient voltage suppressor

Monolithic integration of low-capacitance p-n junctions and low-resistance p-n junctions (when conducting in reverse bias) is provided. Three epitaxial layers are used.
Bourns, Inc.


Tool for machining workpieces

A reamer or similar tool comprising a cutting device having a cutting edge, a clamping device, whereby the cutting device can be clamped to the main body of the tool, an adjusting device that interacts with the cutting device, for adjusting the machining diameter of the tool, and a guiding device comprising an elongated guiding element, which interacts with an elongated guiding receptacle such that the cutting device can be guided in a sliding manner perpendicularly to the center axis during a displacement when the adjusting device is activated. The guiding element and the guiding receptacle extend perpendicularly to the center axis of the main body of the tool.
Mapal Fabrik Für Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress Kg


Clamping and locking devices and support structures for cutting tubes

Systems and devices for cutting annular objects comprising a structure built from t-slot profiles and clamping devices where an vertically adjustable t-slot profile is connected with a cutting assembly comprising a worm gear that turns a cutting blade that cuts into an annular object, and drive wheels that turn the annular object at a much slower rate than the spinning rate of the cutting blade.. .


Telescopic mast

A telescopic mast has a plurality of telescopic sections with longitudinally extending walls, a transverse dimension of the innermost telescopic section being smaller than the outermost telescopic section of two adjacent telescopic sections, so that the innermost telescopic section can slide longitudinally in and out of the outermost of two adjacent telescopic sections. A restrictor is provided between the two adjacent telescopic sections, the restrictor having a longitudinally extending linear guide provided on one of two adjacent telescopic sections and a clamping device provided on the other one of two adjacent telescopic sections, wherein the clamping device is configured for providing a clamping force to the guide during relative movement of said two adjacent telescopic sections, wherein the clamping force has two oppositely directed rotational force components in a plane normal to the longitudinal direction of the mast and perpendicular to the radius of the mast through the guide..
Falck Schmidt Defence Systems A/s


Rotation table

A rotation table that includes therein a rotation axis, a work placement table connected to one end of the rotation axis, a clamping device configured to hold the work placement table at a stop position, and a switching valve configured to switch the clamping device. The rotation table includes a member, to connect the clamping device and the switching valve to each other, having a pressure fluid supply flow passageway formed therein, so that the clamping device and a flow passageway of the switching valve communicate with each other..
Fanuc Corporation


Control method and control device for injection molding machine

A molding injection pressure pi with which a parting opening lm is formed between a movable mold 2m and a fixed mold 2c during injection-filling and which allows formation of a good molded article is obtained and set in advance. A molding clamping force pc that allows formation of a good molded article is obtained and set in advance.
Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.


Workpiece clamping apparatus, machine tool and working a workpiece

A workpiece clamping apparatus for a machine tool is proposed, including at least one receptacle for a workpiece, wherein the at least one receptacle includes a wall and an opening via which the workpiece is insertable into the receptacle in a linear direction and removable therefrom in a counter-direction, a clamping device for fixing the workpiece at the at least one receptacle, a first access area via which a first tool engages the workpiece for a first working operation, a counter-bearing for the first tool, and a second access area via which a second tool engages the workpiece for a second working operation, wherein the first working operation and the second working operation are performed at different locations on the workpiece using different tools and wherein the workpiece clamping apparatus is free of a counter-bearing for the second tool.. .
Mag Ias Gmbh


Clamping device

A receiver unit (2) having a receiving opening (9) for the coupling shaft of the toolholder and a collet (10), in which the shaft (20) of an actuator (18) for actuation of the collet (10) is slidably guided in a centrally located bore (19) of the receiver unit (2). The shaft (20) has at its one end a load-applying body (22) upon which a plurality of compression springs (30, 31) take support to enable the collet (10) to be tightened.


Clamping device for clamping cylindrical objects

A clamping device for clamping different sizes of cylindrical objects includes a body having a path defined centrally therethrough. The body has a polygonal section which has multiple corners at equal intervals.
Vertex Machinery Works Co., Ltd.


Cutting machine for window covering

A cutting machine for cutting window coverings includes a machine base, on which a cutting device and a clamping device are mounted. The cutting device has a cutter.
Nien Made Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Saw blade clamping device and the operation method thereof

A saw blade clamping device has a first clamping device for clamping a first working element and a second clamping device for clamping a second clamping element, wherein the first clamping device and the second clamping device are parallel to each other and mounted to a transmission controlling mechanism. The two clamping devices can be controlled by the transmission control mechanism to can not only clamp a single saw blade but to allow for replacement of the single saw blade by double saw blades without changing the clamping system, which enables the replacement of the saw blade to be more convenient and quick..
Chervon (hk) Limited


Clamping device for flow module plates, reactor plates or heat exchanger plates

A clamping device includes two end plates, disc springs, a grid of pistons, and tension rods. Each of the two end plates defines a plate area located within a perimeter thereof.
Alfa Laval Corporate Ab


Clip applicator

An occlusion assembly comprising: (a) a tissue occlusion device comprising a first linear clamping portion and a second linear clamping portion, the first and second linear clamping portions oriented to overlap and be parallel to one another in a clamped position, the tissue occlusion device further including a spring concurrently coupled to and interposed by the first and second linear clamping portions to bias the first and second linear clamping portions toward the clamped position; and, (b) an endoscopic rein coupled to the tissue occlusion device and configured to facilitate repositioning of the tissue occlusion device toward an occlusion position where the first and second linear clamping portions are interposed by tissue, where the endoscopic rein includes a flexible wire coupled to the clamping device and configured to facilitate repositioning of the tissue occlusion device toward the occlusion position.. .
Atricure, Inc.


Electrode clamping device

The invention relates to an electrode clamping device suitable for use in an electrical arc furnace. The clamping device is used releasably to clamp an electrode of an electric arc furnace, and includes at least one elongate tension element configured in use to extend at least partially about a periphery of the electrode of the arc furnace in order for the tension element to define a tensionable loop about the electrode that is adapted to exert a clamping force on the electrode when tensioned.


Transmission bandwidth extender/category 6 surge protector

A surge protector for protecting telecommunications related equipment and other associated sensitive electrical components from over-voltage transient occurring on tip/ring conductors of telecommunication lines coupled thereto includes a printed circuit board and a plurality of surge protection circuits being mounted on the printed circuit board. Each of the plurality of surge protection circuits includes a first set of steering diodes and a second set of steering diodes.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Self-centering mechanism, a clamping device for an electronic device and means for their integration

This invention comprises a self-centering mechanism for retaining an object, a clamping device for retaining an electronic device or an electronic device in a case, and means to integrate the devices in an adapter form. The structure of the self-centering mechanism allows for a compact device that is capable of fitting a wide range of differently sized and shaped objects.
Carson Optical, Inc.


Clip device for holding a textile piece for a washing process and/or drying process

A device for holding a textile area of a textile piece is provided, for a process of washing and/or drying the textile piece. The device includes at least two opposing clamping surface elements which can be closed by means of a pre-clamping device.


Motorcycle cruise control system

A motorcycle cruise control system intended for cooperation with a rotary throttle grip of a motorcycle, comprises a clamping device with a stationary clamping part and a movable clamping part which is movable between a clamping position for clamping the throttle grip and maintaining it in a desired rotary position, and a release position allowing a rotation of the throttle grip, an operating mechanism for moving the movable clamping part between its clamping and release positions and a holding arrangement for holding the clamping device substantially stationary with respect to the motorcycle. The operating mechanism comprises an eccentric mechanism with a first arm and a second arm of which respective first ends are pivotably connected to the stationary clamping part and movable clamping part, respectively, and of which the second ends are pivotably connected to each other..


Clamping device for expanding a threaded bolt

A clamping device for expanding a threaded bolt is provided with a support pipe supported against an underlay surrounding the threaded bolt. A cylindrical housing arranged in extension of the support pipe has a piston movable in longitudinal direction and connectable to a hydraulic supply.


Clamping device

A clamping device includes a base, a driver coupled to the base, a movable clamping jaw coupled to the driver and the sliding rail. The base includes a sliding rail, and a fixed clamping jaw coupled to the sliding rail.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Filter device

An apparatus having stackable members configured to contain at least one filter device. The apparatus includes a clamping device having a first end wall, a second end wall, and clamping members configured to draw the end walls toward one another.
3m Innovative Properties Company


System on a chip, voltage ripple reduction on a power supply line of an integrated circuit device operable in at least two modes

An apparatus for voltage ripple reduction on a power supply line of an integrated circuit device is provided to be operable in at least two modes. The apparatus includes: one or more clamping devices connectable to the power supply line; a clamp control unit; and a mode change detection unit arranged to monitor an interface of the integrated circuit device for one or more information indicating an upcoming mode change of the integrated circuit device and to provide a mode change signal to the clamp control unit when the one or more information is detected.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Centering machine for workpieces, particularly optical lenses

A centering machine for, in particular, optical lenses has two centering spindles. The rotationally drivable centering spindle shafts are axially aligned with respect to a centering axis and constructed at the ends for the mounting of clamping bells.
Satisloh Ag


Spindle unit for turning and milling machines

A spindle unit for machine tools that includes a working spindle rotationally bearing-mounted in axially spaced spindle bearings in a spindle case, and an electric driving motor. The working spindle includes at its head side a clamping device for a tool and at its rear side a non-rotating ring cylinder for activating said clamping device via a rotating tie rod, and rotational bushing for supplying said tool with cooling and/or lubricating agents through a hydraulic conduit extending longitudinally through said working spindle.
Gildemeister Drehmaschinen Gmbh


Power plug clamping device

A clamp for securing a power plug in a socket including a pair of identical clamping plates separate from each other that are drawn together to capture the socket therebetween and secure the power plug engaged in the socket, each of the clamping plates including a plate having spaced posts and a plug retaining member extending therefrom, the plug retaining member defining an arcuate portion arranged such that the arcuate portions of the plug retaining members oppose one another in use to radially compress the power plug therebetween.. .


Intrinsically safe voltage clamping device

An intrinsically safe voltage clamping device includes a regulated rail, a ground rail, and a shunt regulator assembly. The shunt regulator assembly is coupled to both the regulated rail and the ground rail and includes one or more regulating components.
Fisher Controls International Llc


Part fixturing sysems having expanding clamping devices

A part fixturing system for securing a workpiece includes an expanding clamping device and a work holding device. The expanding clamping device comprises a clamp base portion, a first and a second traversing wedge blocks, and a clamp plate portion.


Clamping device

A clamping device has an actuator that moves linearly and is actuated by a drive. A pivoting clamping element is operatively connected, via a toggle lever mechanism, with the actuator.
De-sta-co Europe Gmbh


Wheel clamping device

The invention relates to a clamping device (0) for a wheel and includes a base configured such that first and second brake pads (13) can be arranged in opposition. The invention includes a connecting member which is configured to be displaced relative to the base such that a force is applied to the first brake pad (13) relatively toward the second brake pad (13).


C-shaped clamping device

Disclosed herein is a c-shaped clamping device. The clamping device includes: a c-shaped clamp (20) having facing parts (22) on opposite ends thereof; a cylindrical member (30) inserted into a c-ring of the clamp; a coupler (40) installed in the clamp and passing through the facing parts of the clamp, thus providing force of grasping the member; and an interference ring (50) interposed between the facing parts of the clamp.
Korea Pneumatic System Co., Ltd.


Esd protection circuit

The disclosure provides an esd protection circuit. The esd protection circuit comprises: a clamping unit, a driving unit, a resistance unit, a switch unit, and a capacitance unit.
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.


System and utility vehicle accessory mounting

System and apparatus are disclosed for a cargo bed of a utility vehicle including side wall panels and a clamping device for mounting accessories. One exemplary embodiment includes cargo bed side panel having a first protrusion and a second protrusion, a clamping mechanism having a first finger configured to engage the first protrusion and a second finger configured to engage the second protrusion, and an actuator configured to move the first and second fingers effective to secure the clamping device to the side panel..
Club Car, Llc


Vise capable of linear and rotational movement

A multiple-function clamping device includes a rotary base having an annular groove in the top thereof and scale marks are marked along in inclined surface of the rotary base. A positioning unit includes a first positioning member and a second positioning member.
Vertex Machinery Work Co., Ltd.


Transfer center for machining at least one workpiece

A transfer center for machining at least one workpiece is disclosed, having a machine frame, having a plurality of preferably stationary machining spindles arranged in the machine frame—particularly in a machining head, having a workpiece carrier on which at least one workpiece to be machined is arranged by means of a respective clamping device, and having a workpiece manipulator arranged in the machine frame, onto which workpiece manipulator the workpiece carrier is flange-mounted and which is movable by drive means in at least one spatial direction in relation to the machine frame. To achieve a high machining accuracy in parallel machining, according to one proposal, the transfer center—in order to compensate for a deviation between the actual position and the desired position of the workpiece or workpieces—has a position compensation system with at least two pressure elements situated between the workpiece or workpieces and the machine frame, whose operating directions enclose an angle with each other..


Clamping device, locking cylinder arrangement and motor vehicle

A clamping device for a locking cylinder arrangement of a motor vehicle is disclosed which includes a clamping body, a receptacle arranged on the clamping body for fixing a locking cylinder. A first retaining element is arranged on the clamping body.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Clamping device for machine tools

It is thus possible to clamp or unclamp a workpiece. During working procedures, the drive motor is stopped.


Log clamping device

A clamping device is described for clamping a log such as a log of wound material.. .
United Tissue Technology Srl


Screw clamp having movable follower

A screw clamp includes a carrier member having a through hole and a compartment communicating with each other, a clamping device includes a follower slidably engaged in the compartment of the carrier member and an anchoring board disposed below the follower which includes a screw hole aligned with the through hole of the carrier member, and a screw is engaged through the through hole of the carrier member and engaged with the screw hole of the follower for moving the follower up and down relative to the carrier member when the screw is rotated relative to the carrier member and for moving anchoring board up and down to engage with a table surface.. .
Oxti Corporation


Head restrainer for immobilizing the head of patients

Head restrainer for immobilising the head of patients for producing nmr images such as those which are based on the application of electromagnetic beams (x-rays, gamma rays) and/or for carrying out surgical procedures, having a c-bend (1), at each end region of which at least one mandrel (3) is attached, these being substantially diametrically assigned with respect to each other, wherein at least one mandrel (3) is coaxially attached to an axially moveable bolt (2) which can be acted upon in the axial direction via a clamping device (11), and a force indicator (12) assigned to the clamping device, wherein fixing means (14) are provided which serve to temporarily set the bolt (2) and the attachment of the clamping device (11) and force indicator (12) to the head restrainer is releasable while the fixing arrangement is retained.. .


Climbing robot for masts

The invention relates to a climbing robot for masts/towers (1), in particular for wind turbines, comprising at least one first load-bearing device (5) and at least one second load-bearing device (6), wherein the distance between the load-bearing devices (5, 6) can be changed in the vertical direction by means of at least one linear drive (7, 8), and each load-bearing device (5, 6) comprises at least one clamping device (9, 10, 11) by means of which the respective load-bearing device (5, 6) can be clamped firmly on the mast/tower (1) and released from the mast/tower (1), in which at least some of the clamping devices (9, 10, 11), preferably each of the clamping devices (9, 10, 11), comprises at least one band element (9), which extends between two contact or fixing points (10, 11) arranged on the load-bearing device (5, 6) and can be placed in a flexible manner around a mast/tower (1) in the circumferential direction and against the circumferential surface of the latter and comprises at least one clamping drive (10) by means of which the length of the at least one band element (9) between the contactable fixing points (10, 11) can be made larger and smaller. The invention further relates to a mobile maintenance dock having at least one supporting beam (22), which can be fixed to a climbing robot for masts/towers (1), and at least one dock shell (21a, 21b), which can be fixed to the at least one supporting beam (22) such as to be moved in at least one direction, in particular in at least two directions that are preferably at right angles to each other..


Method and making spiral-bound books

The invention relates to the production of books with wire or spiral bindings or other comparable bindings, wherein sub-layers (2) made of punched sheets are collected one over the other in a successive manner into a book (5) at a collecting station (3), and the book is subsequently bound. According to the invention, a sub-layer (2) is held in a clamped manner by at least one lateral clamping device (12) which moves together with the sub-layer while the sub-layer is transported into the collecting position, while the sub-layers (10) already collected at the collecting station (3) are held in a fixed manner by means of at least one needle (13) which is moved upwards through the punched holes (4) from below.
Bielomatik Leuze Gmbh + Co. Kg


Eos protection circuit with fet-based trigger diodes

An integrated circuit is disclosed, including a circuit with a first type of fet having a first breakdown voltage (vbd), resulting from a first set of design and manufacturing process parameters and having vbd tracking characteristics resulting from a second set of design and manufacturing process parameters. The ic may include a trigger device circuit a having a trigger fet that may generate, in response to the supply voltage exceeding a specified maximum, a signal on a trigger device output, causing a clamping device to couple the supply voltage node to the ground, to reduce the supply voltage.
International Business Machines Corporation


Vertical clamp device

A vertical clamping device is provided that supports a flow cell component in a vertical configuration in which the flow cell is on an opposite side of the vertical support from the electronic interface. The clamp includes a vertical setting to receive the flow cell component and provides an electronic interface on a vertical surface of the vertical setting.
Life Technologies Corporation


Steering column for a motor vehicle

A motor vehicle steering column includes an inner jacket pipe that receives a steering spindle, which is received in a longitudinally adjustable manner in an outer jacket pipe held on a steering console and having a hollow cross-section. The steering column also includes a clamping device, by means of which the inner jacket pipe can be releasably secured in its adjusted longitudinal position relative to the outer jacket pipe.
Daimler Ag


System for securing two components

A system for detachably securing a first component to a metallic surface of a second component is provided. The system includes a magnetic device, a bracket member, and a clamping device.
Caterpillar Inc.


Method for arranging a printing forme on a plate cylinder using tensioning slides

A printing plate is arranged on a plate cylinder having a channel, in which front and rear clamping devices are located. The rear clamping device forms part of a slide positioned inside the channel and which can move towards the front clamping device.
Koenig & Bauer Aktiengesellschaft


Method and device for manufacturing a corrugated metal pipe

A corrugating unit is used which presses a first corrugation into the pipe which is moved in its longitudinal direction through the corrugating device. The spacing between the wave peaks is subsequently reduced, for obtaining a second corrugation, by a clamping unit composed of two separately arranged clamping devices resting against the pipe.


Disc blade clamping device

An agricultural tillage implement, including: a frame tube; and a disc blade hanger mounting assembly. The disc blade hanger mounting assembly includes: a disc blade hanger; at least one l-shaped bolt; and an l-shaped clamp, the l-shaped clamp being connected to the at least one l-shaped bolt and clamping the frame tube and the disc blade hanger together by way of the at least one l-shaped bolt..
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Die casting machine with l-shape frame

The invention discloses die casting machine with l-shape frame, including at least one l-shape frame, fixed die plate, fixed on end of upward extending side of frame, moving die device, disposed on other side of frame and slidable relative to frame, including moving die plate opposite to fixed die plate, lockable to frame by mould clamping device; a notch, formed on bottom of frame, first deformation compensation device, provided in notch, adapted for applying forces in opposite directions on sides of notch, while moving die plate is clamped with fixed die plate. First deformation compensation device of the present invention is adapted to applying forces on sides of the notch in lower position of the frame, to compensate squeeze to central section on the bottom of frame, weakening elastic distortion of the track on the frame, and eliminates effects of die casting or injection molding products due to deformation..
Suzhou Orange Diecasting Co., Ltd.


Power tool clamping device

A power tool clamping device comprises at least one clamping unit having at least one movably mounted force-fit clamping plane element and at least one actuating element configured to move the at least one force-fit clamping plane element to clamp a working tool at least in a clamping position. The at least one actuating element is mounted movably relative to the at least one force-fit clamping plane element along at least two at least substantially mutually transverse movement directions of the at least one actuating element..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Quick release

A quick release mechanism for at least partially muscle-powered two-wheeled vehicles such as bicycles having a through axle extending in the axial direction, a clamping device at a first end of the through axle and a fastener at the second end of the through axle and with a clamping mechanism for clamping the clamping device. The clamping device includes an engaging section for applying a clamping force from the clamping mechanism to the clamping device and a clamping section with an annular pressure area for clamping.
Dt Swiss Inc.


Clamping fixture

A clamping fixture comprises a clamping base member (1) and a workpiece pallet (2) for fixedly clamping thereto. The clamping base member (1) features a number of clamping spigots (43) corresponding in number to that of the clamping devices (5) for fixedly clamping in place in each clamping device (5).
Erowa Ag


Structure for reducing locking distance in ratcheting devices

The present invention relates to ratcheting thread clamping devices and the use of multiple interleaved thread structures on one or more of the segments of the ratcheting device. It is shown how the use of such multiple threads reduces locking distance when the ratcheting device is moved in the ratcheting direction along a single-threaded rod, that is, reduced locking distance is achieved with an improved thread clamping device without the necessity of any changes to the threaded rod to which the device clamps.


Device for fixing a rail

A device for affixing a rail comprising a fastening flange, the device including a retaining plate comprising a notch and a clamping device. The notch comprises a front opening, a first edge portion, a second edge portion, and a third edge portion.
Schletter Gmbh


Electric wall feedthrough for solar installations

A wall feedthrough is provided, which is pluggable on one side, for connecting a voltage-carrying conductor of a solar generator to a combiner box housing. A two-part connector housing having a front housing part and an insert part which can be moved together with an electric terminal element as one unit relative to the front housing part, wherein the terminal element is pluggable on one side and has a spring-force clamp on the other side, and wherein in the closed state, the spring-force clamp is surrounded by a body sleeve of the front housing part, and in the open state the clamping device is pulled out of the body sleeve so as to be openable and closable, and wherein, for this purpose, the insert part has an exposed handle portion for the user..
Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method for balancing and assembling a turbine rotor

A method for balancing and assembling a turbine rotor 2 including at least one turbine disk 3 and a compressor rotor 15 of a gas turbine. A front cover disk 6 is fastened by connections 10 to the turbine disk 3, and the turbine disk 3 is balanced together with the cover disk 6.
Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg


Mold clamping device and injection molding machine

A mold clamping device includes a fixed platen on which a fixed mold is disposed, a movable platen on which a movable mold that defines a cavity along with the fixed mold is disposed, a tie bar configured to resist a mold clamping force that is generated between the fixed platen and the movable platen, and a half nut opening and closing device configured to grip the tie bar, thereby locking the movable platen and the tie bar, in which the half nut opening and closing device includes half nuts configured to grip the tie bars, an actuator which is disposed on the movable platen and configured to move the half nuts back and forth with respect to the tie bars, and a clevis configured to connect the actuator to the half nuts so as to allow the actuator to swing with respect to the gripping member.. .
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.


Method for determining the orientation of two shafts connected via two universal joints and a third shaft with a pivot joint

A method for measuring and optionally correcting the angular offset of two shafts which are connected to one another by way of two universal joints and a third shaft calls for the measurement heads of an optoelectronic alignment device to be adjustably arranged on the shafts by means of at least one pivot joint on one of the clamping devices, with an adjustment capacity involves matching of the orientation of the measurement heads of the optoelectronic alignment device on the shafts in at least two measurement positions by adjusting the pivot joint.. .
Prüftechnik Ag


Clamping device

The present invention relates to a clamping device. According to the present invention, a clamping unit fixing a target object can be operated by the foot or knee using an operation unit, the clamping unit can be redirected to the left and right and upward and downward and can be rotated horizontally, and a support unit supporting the clamping unit can be easily folded and unfolded.


Ceiling construction

A thermally expandable covering construction (1) for furnaces (2), in particular kilns or melting furnaces includes a preferably segmented cover (7) and, for the expansion-tolerant reception thereof on the edge side, a bracket (15) having a movable mounting (16) and having a clamping device (17) acting on the bracket (15). The clamping device (17) has a horizontally arranged clamping rod (31) which is loaded by a spring (33), is axially displaceably mounted on a fixed frame (29) and is pivotably connected to the bracket (15) at the front end by means of a bearing (26)..
Hans Lingl Anlagenbau Und Verfahrenstechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method and manufacturing interlocking pipe

The present invention provides a method and an apparatus for manufacturing an interlocking pipe obtained by easily and precisely shaping a pipe with a circular cross section or with the edges of the cross section nearly forming a circle in a non-loose manner, so as to provide excellent machining performance when the interlocking pipe is cut off and provide excellent operation efficiency for the apparatus itself. A metal band plate is helically wound onto a core member with a circular cross section or with the edges of the cross section nearly forming a circle.
Showa Rasenkan Seisakusho Co., Ltd.


Powered hand tool having a clamping device for a tool

The invention relates to a powered hand tool comprising a housing that comprises a spindle head having a tool spindle that can be driven about its longitudinal axis, in particular can be driven in an oscillatory rotary manner, the tool spindle having a tool-side end comprising a holding portion for a tool to be driven, and comprising a clamping device that comprises a fastening element, the clamping device having a clamping configuration, in which the tool can be fixed to the tool spindle by means of the fastening element, and having a release configuration, in which the tool is releasable, and the clamping device is able to be switched over between the clamping configuration and the release configuration by means of a unidirectional positioning movement.. .
C. & E. Fein Gmbh


Machining ends of elongate profile sections and a position-determining device therefor

The invention relates to a processing device (i) for elongate profile sections (2) comprising a clamping device (4) by means of which the elongate profile section (2) can be secured in a positionally stable manner, and a processing tool (6) by means of which the secured elongate profile (2) can be processed, a central component (5) being provided that has at least one first integrated guide (7) for the processing tool (6) and at least one second integrated guide (10, 11) for the clamping device (4).. .
Rattunde & Co. Gmbh


Spindle unit for a machining device with a spindle lock

Spindle units are provided for machining devices, in particular for a lathing spindle unit, center drive assembly or milling spindle unit. The spindle unit comprises: a spindle shaft rotatably supported in a housing, a chucking device disposed at the spindle shaft for clamping a workpiece or a tool, a motor drive connected to the spindle shaft for driving the spindle shaft around a drive axis, a clamping device for clamping the spindle shaft at a freely selectable angular position around the drive axis, wherein the clamping device is disposed between the spindle shaft and a stationary part of the spindle unit, and an actuating device for actuating and/or releasing the clamping device.
Schuster Maschinenbau Gmbh


Hydraulic hinge buffer assembly for a door

A hydraulic hinge buffer assembly for a door has a fastening device, a buffering device and a clamping device. The fastening device has a holding mount and a pivot block.
Door & Window Hardware Co.


New energy vehicle and battery locking device thereof

A battery locking device for a new energy vehicle including: a battery compartment fit for a battery, the battery compartment being provided with a battery inlet; and a battery clamping device provided on the battery compartment and controlled by a linkage mechanism. Since the battery clamping device is controlled by the linkage mechanism, during the mounting or removing of the battery, the battery can be integrally clamped or released by merely operating an operating end of the linkage mechanism.
Hangzhou Da You Science Technology Development Co., Ltd.


Solenoid actuator, use of a solenoid actuator and braking or clamping device for linearly moving and/or axially rotating components

The invention relates to a solenoid actuator, consisting of a magnet body (1), a magnet armature, a cover (3) closing the space in which the magnet armature travels back and forth, at least one electric coil (4), which is arranged in the magnet body (1) concentrically around the axis of travel of the magnet armature, and means (5) for power transmission, which are in operative connection with the magnet armature and protrude out of the solenoid actuator. According to the invention, the magnet armature of the solenoid actuator is an axially guided annular magnet armature (2), and the means (5) for power transmission are arranged coaxially around the axis of travel of the annular magnet armature (2).
Bischoff Technologie-management Gmbh


Sheet-laminating device and sheet-laminating method

This sheet-laminating device is provided with first and second clamping devices, a first conveyance handler capable of holding a sheet with at least a portion of a periphery thereof protruding, and a control unit. The control unit causes: the first clamping device to move to a first upper position while the sheet laminate is being pressed with the second clamping device; the first conveyance handler, which is holding a first sheet, to move to a standby position above the stage from the direction opposite to the first clamping device with the stage therebetween; the first conveyance handler to be descended toward the stage to laminate the first sheet on the sheet laminate, which is being pressed by the second clamping device; and the first clamping device to be descended toward the stage to press the periphery of the first sheet, which is protruding from the first conveyance handler, toward the stage..
Nec Corporation


Method for manufacturing an assembled camshaft

A method for manufacturing an assembled camshaft for valve-controlled internal combustion engines, in which at least one cam disc with a base circle region and cam region is machined on the running surface and has a cam-disc recess, includes shrinking the cam disc onto a corresponding shaft designed with a defined dimensional overlap by cooling the shaft and heating the cam disc. Temporally before being shrunk onto the shaft, the at least one cam disc is clamped by a clamping device such that a tension force acts on the recess wall region, which defines the cam-disc recess, the tension force corresponding to a predetermined extent to the state of stresses and/or deformation state of the recess wall region after the operation of shrinking the cam disc onto the corresponding shaft.
Man Truck & Bus Ag


Gripping or clamping device

A gripping or clamping device for gripping or clamping objects has at least one actuator that can be driven by a drive, at least one jaw, and a transmission provided between the actuator and the jaw, wherein the force produced by the drive is transmitted to the object at least by means of a force transmission element provided on or formed by the transmission and/or the clamping means, wherein the force transmission element has a force conducting section. A clamping element that permits an elastic flexibility in the force transmission direction is provided between the force conducting section and the force transmission element..
Schunk Gbmh & Co. Kg Spann- Und Greiftechnik


Apparatus for releasably holding a pipe, rod or the like

For holding a pipe, rod or the like, such as a section of a pipe string of an offshore oil drilling rig, an apparatus includes a clamping device insertable into a support body. The clamping device includes a device body with a central opening bounded by an inner circumferential surface that conically tapers at a cone angle.
Blohm + Voss Oil Tools Gmbh


Clamping device

A clamping device for clamping a work piece includes a chuck, a collet positioned inside the chuck, and a bayonet fastener operatively arranged so that the collet is fastenable in the chuck and is removable from the chuck solely by manual operation of the bayonet fastener without the use of auxiliary tools.. .
Narr Beteiligungs Gmbh


Beam-supported joining machine, in particular laser transmission welding device

A beam-supported joining machine, in particular laser transmission welding device, including a beam head for providing a joining beam producing a joining seam between two components, a receiver for mounting the first component, and a clamping mechanism for clamping the components, in particular to clamp components with a joining seam running three-dimensionally. The clamping mechanism has a clamping device adapted to the course of the joining seam to produce a clamping force between the two components at least in the region of the respective joining zone acted upon by the joining beam, wherein a magnetic or magnetisable strip adapted to the course of the joining seam is provided as the clamping device, which strip, at least in the region of the respective joining zone acted upon by the joining beam, applies a clamping force to the components by a control magnet guided with the joining beam due to the magnetic forces acting between the strip and control magnet..
Lpkf Laser & Electronics Ag


Welding method having a magnetic welding clamping device

A method is provided in which two parts (2, 3) are connected to each other by a weld. The two parts (2, 3) are fixed by a magnet (4) during welding.
Johnson Controls Gmbh


Positioning workpieces by clamping devices

Methods, devices, and systems for positioning workpieces for processing. In one aspect, a clamping device includes two clamping elements and a servo drive provided for the clamping elements.
Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh + Co. Kg

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