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Clamping Device patents


This page is updated frequently with new Clamping Device-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Clamping Device-related patents
 Tension clamp devices patent thumbnailTension clamp devices
A mechanical clamping device can include at least two contact faces, a first of the contact faces configured to travel in response to an applied force, each contact face configured to contact a sample when loaded into the mechanical clamping device. The device can further include a load element configured to cause the two contact faces to apply a clamping force to the sample when loaded into the mechanical clamping device..
Ta Instruments-waters L.l.c.

 Plant holder for attachment to a rod or a tube patent thumbnailPlant holder for attachment to a rod or a tube
A plant holder having an elongated base body several passages extending transversely to the base body for receiving wire-shaped fasteners for plants, and a clamping device disposed on one end of the base body for affixing the plant holder on a holder to be fastened in the floor or on a wall. The base body has latching protrusions associated with the passages for detachably fastening an end of the wire-shaped fastening means that is bent away and extends substantially parallel to the base body.

 Centric clamping device patent thumbnailCentric clamping device
A centric clamping device, which contains a main body, two clamping jaws, guided so they can be displaced on the main body, and an adjusting spindle, supported by a spindle bearing so that it can rotate on the main body for the opposing adjustment of the two clamping jaws. A high-precision spindle bearing, optimally protected against soiling, is attained in that the spindle bearing is located in a bearing block and two bearing sleeves, which can be adjusted axially within the bearing block..
Gressel Ag

 Systems and methods for identifying noises with wireless transducer patent thumbnailSystems and methods for identifying noises with wireless transducer
A noise or vibration detection system includes a clamping device with an audio transducer and a wireless transmitter. The transmitter transmits the audio signal, or a modified version of the audio signal, from the transducer.
Js Products, Inc.

 Drafting arrangement for a knitting machine patent thumbnailDrafting arrangement for a knitting machine
A drafting arrangement for a knitting machine for the production of a fiber structure includes a roving with double aprons guided over apron rollers and an output roller pair. The apron rollers and the output roller pair respectively have a press roller and an electric motor-driven drive roller and the rollers and the electric motors are arranged on the front side of a base plate.
Sipra Patentwicklungs- Und Beteiligungsgesellschaft Mbh

 Reel for winding metal strip patent thumbnailReel for winding metal strip
A reel for winding metal strip, in particular rolled hot strip, having a mandrel shaft (2), which has a first shaft end piece (18), which is rotably mounted by means of at least one bearing (4) provided in the machine frame (3) of the reel, a clamping device (5) arranged between the at least one bearing (4) and the mandrel shaft (2), such that, in a clamped operating state, a frictional connection can be produced between the at least one bearing (4) and the mandrel shaft (2).. .
Primetals Technologies Austria Gmbh

 Solid-state power converters patent thumbnailSolid-state power converters
A phase leg for a multilevel inverter includes a first direct current lead, an outer solid-state switch, an inner solid-state switch, and a midpoint-clamping device. The outer solid-state switch device is connected to the first direct current lead.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

 Measuring head clamp-on device for ultrasonic flow-measuring heads patent thumbnailMeasuring head clamp-on device for ultrasonic flow-measuring heads
A measuring head clamp-on device for ultrasonic flow measuring heads includes a guide element for receiving at least one measuring head protective housing for at least one measuring head and includes at least one clamping unit connected to the guide element, and thereto connected clamping device for detachably fastening the guide element to the measuring tube, wherein the guide element is non-positively or positively connected to at least one apparatus for centring and clamping the same on the measuring tube, so that the guide element is oriented and fastened parallel and with a defined distance to the apex of the measuring tube irrespective of the tube diameter.. .
Flexim Flexible Industriemesstechnik Gmbh

 Clamping device for a bicycle saddle patent thumbnailClamping device for a bicycle saddle
A clamping device for a bicycle saddle has a seat post and a clamping assembly. The seat post has a post head having a head hole.
Lee Chi Enterprises Co., Ltd.

 Endoscope patent thumbnailEndoscope
An endoscope including: a flexible portion having an elastic hose; at least one rigid portion having at least at one end adjoined to the flexible portion at an end area, the at least one end being enclosed by the elastic hose; and a clamping device disposed over the elastic hose at the end area to sealingly clamp the flexible portion to the at least one rigid portion by applying a radial force to the end area, the clamping device including a loop member which is made of metal and which winds around the hose with at least two windings, and in which at least the two windings are welded to one another.. .
Olympus Winter & Ibe Gmbh


Method and device for producing green tires

A method and a device for the production of a green tire, in which at least two materials in strip form are positioned on a tire building drum. At least two cores are set in place.
Harburg-freudenberger Maschinenbau Gmbh


Drive assembly for use with the handle grip of a clamping device

A clamp assembly a fixed end support, a movable end support and a handle disposed in one end support or the other. The handle is rotated using an electric tool, such as a drill.
Rhea Brothers Llc


Molding apparatus

A die casting machine has a clamping device and an injection device. The clamping device has a fixed die plate which holds a fixed die, a movable die plate which holds a moving die, an electrically operated die opening and closing-use driving device which moves the movable die plate in a die opening and closing direction, and a clamping cylinder which generates a clamping force.
Toshiba Kikai Kabushiki Kaisha


Needle driver

A needle driver includes a first elongated body that defines an interior chamber. A second elongated body defines an interior space, and is slideable within the interior chamber defined by the first elongated body between a retracted position and an extended position.
Novasurg Innovations, Llc


Current sensor apparatus comprising an integrated clamping device and a grounding element

A current sensor device for measuring a current, in particular for measuring a battery current in motor vehicles. The device includes a clamping device for fixing the current sensor device to a maintaining body, an electric resistance element on which the current can be measured by means of a voltage, and an electric mass element by means of which the current sensor device can be electrically coupled to a zero potential.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Holding device having at least one clamping jaw for a robotic surgical system

The invention relates to a holding device (1) for a robotic surgical system, said holding device having a clamping device (11′) for removably holding a surgical object (12), said clamping device comprising at least two clamping jaws (14, 15) and a bearing part (8) on which at least one of the clamping jaws (10, 15) is movably mounted, and having at least one actuation element (18, 19) for actuating at least one of the clamping jaws (14, 15). The holding device (11) can be provided with a sterile encasement (13) in an intended use.
Gomtec Gmbh


Plastic tube sealing and test system

A tube sealing positioning apparatus has a tube holder slidable on a vertical guide from a lower to an upper portion of a sealing chamber for positioning adjacent a heating apparatus and a clamping apparatus. The heating apparatus may have a nozzle to direct heated air on an open end of a plastic tube.
Anc Precision Machining Inc.


Apparatus for closing and sealing the open end of a pipe

The tool comprises a front plate for closing the open end of a pipe. A pair of clamping devices are positioned around the pipe and frictionally engage its outer surface.
Car-ber Investments Inc.


Clamping device for a longitudinally adjustable and/or height-adjustable steering column of a vehicle

A clamping device for a longitudinally adjustable and/or height-adjustable steering column of a vehicle, having a device part and an actuating part which is movable relative to the device part between a release position, in which the steering column is longitudinally adjustable and/or height-adjustable, and a fixing position, in which the steering column is neither longitudinally adjustable nor height-adjustable, a damping unit being provided for damping a relative movement between the device part and the actuating part.. .
Trw Automotive Gmbh


Clamping device

A clamping device has a pair of first and second clamping arms rotatably supported with respect to a body, and a cam member having a cam surface is removably provided at one end of each of the first and second clamping arms. A pair of rollers pivotally supported by a block body constituting a drive unit are each in contact with the cam member.
Smc Corporation


Multi-locking external fixation clamp

A clamping device for attaching to an external fixation element of an external fixation system includes a first jaw having an inner surface and an outer surface and includes a second jaw having an inner surface and an outer surface, with the inner surface of the first jaw and the inner surface of the second jaw together forming a passage configured to receive the external fixation element of the external fixation system. A locking system is engageable with the first and the second jaws.
Zimmer, Inc.


Gripping or clamping device

A gripping or tensioning device (10) for gripping or tensioning articles, has an electric drive (2), the drive driving a pinion (28) mounted on an output shaft (26) and jaws (12,14) which are coupled for movement with the pinion (28) and can be displaced along a base (18) by means of a jaw guide (80). The jaw guide (80) has bearing rollers (42) in the region between the jaws (12, 14) in such a manner that the rotational axes of the bearing rollers run parallel to the pinion rotational axis (84)..
Schunk Gmbh & Co. Kg Spann - Und Greiftechnik


Inter-ureter signaling device

An inter-ureter signaling device intended to provide a surgeon with a signal to identify when a ureter is grasped by a surgical clamping device, such as a pair of forceps, the device being comprised of a catheter, a signal generator, and wiring, such that when the catheter component of the device, having been inserted into a ureter, is compressed by the surgical clamping device an electrical circuit is closed and the signal generator generates a human perceptible signal, indicating that the clamp has been placed on the ureter.. .


Tool for assembling components and same

A tool for assembling first and second components includes a tool body having a first roller element rotatably mounted to the tool body and rotatable about a first axis of rotation. A second roller element is rotatably mounted to the tool body and is rotatable about a second axis of rotation nonparallel with the first axis of rotation.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Imager module and manufacturing an imager module

An imager module for a camera system includes a sensor carrier, an image sensor accommodated on the sensor carrier, and an objective lens. An elastically deformable clamping device is tensioned between the objective lens and the sensor carrier.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Clamping device for a wire element

A clamping device has a body, at least one clamping member and an operating cover. The clamping member blocks at least one of the wire elements.


Method and device for manufacturing three-dimensional fiber fabrics and component preforms made of fibres in two steps

Methods for manufacturing three-dimensional fiber fabrics and three-dimensional component preforms include clamping at least two edge regions of an overall convex body made a fiber fabric and then reshaping at least one to-be-reshaped region of the overall convex body into a concave region. Devices for manufacturing three-dimensional fiber fabrics and three-dimensional component preforms include a workpiece carrier for supporting the overall convex body, a clamping device that clamps the at least two edge regions of the overall convex body and a re-molding tool that re-shapes the at least one to-be-reshaped region of the overall convex body into the concave region..
Compositence Gmbh


Circular saw machine for sawing workpieces of various lengths

A circular saw machine contains a first clamping device, a second clamping device, a first holding plate, a second holding plate, a feeding means, and a sawing device. The first clamping device includes a first clamp mount, a movable clamp block, and a first upper clamp block, the first clamp mount has a first fixing arm, a first holder, a placing portion and a first fixed clamp block.
Kentai Machinery Co., Ltd.


Vertical clamp device

A vertical clamping device is provided that supports a flow cell component in a vertical configuration in which the flow cell is on an opposite side of the vertical support from the electronic interface. The clamp includes a vertical setting to receive the flow cell component and provides an electronic interface on a vertical surface of the vertical setting.
Life Technologies Corporation


Method of forming termination end on cable

A method of forming a terminating end of a cable, comprising the steps of: providing a cable; cutting a circumferential slit through an outer insulation layer; clamping a first section of the outer insulation layer with a first clamping device, and clamping a second section of the outer insulation layer with a second clamping device; displacing the first clamping device, separating the first section from the second section and exposing a section of a metal braid; displacing the first clamping device; pushing and pressing the exposed section to fold the exposed section into a braid protrusion portion; loosening the first and second clamping devices, and removing the cable from the first and second clamping devices; cutting the braid protrusion portion with a cutting device to form a protruding braid portion, the protruding braid portion; and removing the first section of the outer insulation layer and a first protruding braid portion.. .
Tyco Electronics (dongguan) Ltd.


Anchor for underpinning and retaining walls

The present invention refers to an anchorage for underpinning and bearing walls. The anchorage includes at least one head module and a brace tube which are joined coaxially together.


Tool for tightening strapping

A clamping device is mounted to the pusher tensioner to clamp a portion of strapping to be applied to a load during tensioning of an opposite end of the strapping. In one example, the clamping device includes a clamping plate mounted to define a clamping space between the clamping plate and a portion of the pusher tensioner.
Encore Packaging Llc


Device and parting off a pipe

A method for parting off and planing a pipe and a processing machine for parting off a pipe and for planing its end faces includes a first clamping device for a pipe to be machined, a second clamping device for the pipe to be machined, a tool holder for receiving a parting off tool, and a tool holder for receiving a planing tool, wherein the first and the second tool holders can rotate driven by a motor about an axis of rotation. At least the first or the second clamping device can be driven by a motor in a direction parallel to the axis of rotation of the first and of the second tool holder, wherein at least the first tool holder can be advanced/driven by a motor in a direction perpendicular to the axis of rotation..
Sandvik Materials Technology Deutschland Gmbh


Device for testing loading performance of wheelchair motor

A device for testing loading performance of a wheelchair motor, comprising a pedestal. A torque-speed transducer is fixed on the pedestal, one end being connected to a wheelchair motor to be tested while the other end thereof being connected to an adjustable magnetic powder brake.
Zhejiang Linix Motor Co., Ltd.


Rod handler improvements

A handler for drill rods, a drill rod support thereof, a method of operation for the handler, and a drill rig employing the handler and the drill rod support is provided. The drill rod support includes a socket configured to receive a portion of a length of a drill rod, and a clamping device disposed within the socket and movable between clamping and release positions with respect to the drill rod..
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


Cable locking system

A cable locking system comprises a housing, a cable whose one end is fastened or fastenable to the housing and whose other end can be introduced into a cable passage formed in the housing, a clamping device for clamping the cable in the cable passage and an actuation element which is adjustable between a closed position, in which the actuation element is fastenable to the housing by means of locking elements, in particular padlocks, and an open position in order selectively to adjust at least one clamp jaw of the clamping device between a holding position clamping the cable in the cable passage and a release position releasing the cable. The adjustment of the clamp jaw between the holding position and the release position comprises a pivot movement..
Abus August Bremicker Sohne Kg


Processing machine and working the end of a pipe

A processing machine and method for planing an end surface of a finished pipe with a clamping device for the pipe to be processed via a tool holder with a planing tool, whereby the tool holder is driven by a motor and can rotate about an axis of rotation. The tool holder is driven by a motor so that it can rotate about an axis of rotation, whereby the clamping device and the tool holder are driven by a motor and can move toward one another in a direction parallel to the axis of rotation of the tool holder.
Sandvik Materials Technology Deutschland Gmbh


Wire clamping device

The present invention provides a wire clamping device that has a simple configuration and is operated in a simple manner so as to improve convenience of use and product productivity and durability. The present invention includes: a housing part provided with a ratchet-type gear on the inner circumference thereof and having a cylindrical inner surface; a reel part axially coupled to the inside of the housing part and arranged in a rotatable manner such that a wire is wound, and having a ratchet-type protrusion is formed in the upper portion thereof; an elevating cam part having a slide protrusion, which is coupled in a selectively elevating manner along the ratchet-type protrusion, formed in the lower portion thereof, an outer circumferential cam groove part formed on the outer circumference thereof, and an inner circumferential cam groove part formed on the inner circumference thereof; a cam driving unit in which a cam protruding part, which is coupled to the inner circumferential cam groove part so as to lift the elevating cam part during the unidirectional rotation, is formed; a cam base part having a guide cam part, which is inserted into the outer circumferential cam groove part so as to guide the elevation of the elevating cam part, formed on the inner circumference thereof and having a ratchet coupling part, the unidirectional rotation of which is restricted by the ratchet-type gear, provided on the outer circumference thereof; and a rotating cover coupled to the upper part of the cam driving unit so as to be rotated in an integral manner..
Shinkyung Inc


Device for mutual positioning of longitudinal building components

A clamping device for positioning longitudinal fixation elements includes (a) a first clamp having a substantially s-shape and including three clamping arms defining first and second clamp openings for receiving longitudinal fixation elements therein, the first and second clamping openings extending along channel axes corresponding to longitudinal axes of the longitudinal fixation elements to be received therein and being open to an exterior of the clamp body via insertion slots through which the longitudinal bone fixation elements are insertable into the first and second clamp openings laterally relative to the channel axes; (b) a second clamp including first and second clamping arms defining a third clamp opening therebetween for receiving a longitudinal fixation element; (c) a first borehole extending through the three arms of the first clamp and the first and second arms of the second clamp along a first axis; (d) a shaft extending through the first borehole; and (e) a locking member engagable with the shaft to lock the locking elements within the first and second clamps and prevent rotation of the first and second clamps relative to one another about the first axis.. .
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Intrinsically safe voltage clamping device

An intrinsically safe voltage clamping device includes a regulated rail, a ground rail, and a shunt regulator assembly. The shunt regulator assembly is coupled to both the regulated rail and the ground rail and includes one or more regulating components.
Fisher Controls International Llc


Elevator system for a building under construction

The invention relates to an elevator system (10) for a building under construction, comprising a vertical shaft (12), in which a temporary machine compartment (14) is retained, a driving device (18), which is arranged in the temporary machine compartment (14) and which is coupled by means of a supporting cable (21) to a car (23) that can be moved vertically up and down in the shaft (12), and a speed limiter (30), which interacts with a speed limiter cable (34) arranged in the shaft (12). According to the invention, in order to develop the elevator system in such a way that the speed limiter cable (34) can be extended in a simple manner when the temporary machine compartment (14) is moved without said action leading to permanently increased energy consumption of the elevator system (10), the speed limiter (30) is arranged on the car (23) or on a counterweight (25) connected to the car (23) by means of the supporting cable (21), and that the speed limiter cable (34) has a first and second cable section (32, 52), wherein the first cable section (32) is clamped in a stationary manner between a cable retainer (46) connected to the temporary machine compartment (14) in a stationary manner and a releasable clamping device (50) arranged in a lower shaft region (48) and the second cable section (52) is connected to the first cable section (32) in the lower shaft region (48) and is stored in a storage region..
Thyssenkrupp Elevator Ag


Friction drive for force transmission, in particular for a transport conveying device

The invention relates to a friction drive for force transmission, in particular for a transport conveying device, comprising a drive element (31) and an output element (34) and comprising a torque-limiting device (33), which acts therebetween and transmits a drive torque introduced by said drive element (31) up to a transmission torque, which can be set by means of the torque-limiting device (33), to the output element (34), and allows free running when a drive torque exceeds the set transmission torque, and which comprises at least one rolling bearing (41) having an inner race (42) and an outer race (46) and rolling bodies (45) arranged therebetween, and a clamping device (51), by means of which the inner race and the outer race of the at least one rolling bearing (41) of the torque-limiting device (33) can be displaced towards each other in an axial direction or can be clamped against each other in a radial direction and a transmission torque can be set.. .
Kiener Maschinenbau Gmbh


Mold attaching method to mold clamping device

When a plurality of sets of molds, spaced a predetermined distance along a circumferential direction of a rotary platen, are attached through predetermined clamp portions to a mold attachment surface of the rotary platen supported by a movable platen included in a mold clamping device and a mold attachment surface of a fixed platen opposite this mold attachment surface, at least a mold clamping force, when the mold is attached, is previously limited to a limited mold clamping force lower than a mold clamping force at the time of molding. A mold attaching mode is set that has an interlock function of preventing the limitation from being cancelled until a condition under which all the clamp portions are turned on is satisfied.
Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.


Pressure welding device with a measuring device, measuring in a contactless manner, for detecting the surface quality, the true running and/or the axial runout in a front welding area

A pressure welding device (1), especially a friction welding device, holds workpiece parts (2, 4) in clamping devices (6, 7) and axially moves the workpieces towards each other by means of a feed device (21). The pressure welding device (1) has a measuring device (8, 13), measuring in a contactless manner.
Kuka Systems Gmbh


Clamping device with coolant channel, producing the clamping device and tool holding plate for a lathe with such a clamping device

In the case of a clamping device (11) of a tool holding plate for an automatic lathe, by means of which a tool holder can be detachably fastened in a receiving slot in the tool holding plate so as to be secured in place and rotationally fixed, wherein the clamping device (11) can be detachably fastened to the tool holding plate by fastening means (112), it is intended to provide optimized cooling of tools during operation, wherein a coolant jet is introduced into the direct vicinity of the tool. This is achieved by a coolant channel (113) being arranged in or on the clamping device (11), running at least partially across the clamping device (11), from an inlet (1131), via an intermediate channel (1132) to an outlet (1133)..
Utilis Ag


Acoustic antenna element for emitting and/or receiving waves under water and associated acoustic antenna

An acoustic antenna element for receiving and/or emitting low-frequency underwater waves comprises an acoustic panel formed by at least one acoustic pick-up enclosed in a flexible jacket, the acoustic panel being generally rectangular and being mounted against a curved support by a mounting device including a clamping device comprising at least two flanges the ends of which are mounted on the support, the respective flanges comprising at least one tie between the two ends thereof, and the clamping device capable of adjusting the tension in the ties between the two respective ends thereof, the flanges being arranged so that the support is bent between the two respective ends of the ties and so that the panel is clamped against the support by the ties when they are under tension.. .


Clamping device for film rolls

A clamping device (1) for receiving and clamping a film roll (2) is described, comprising a winding core (21) and a film reel (22) arranged on the winding core (21), wherein the clamping device (1) can be moved from an open position, in which the film roll (2) can be inserted into the clamping device (1) or removed from the clamping device (1), into a clamping position, in which the film roll (2) is clamped in the clamping device (1). The clamping device (1) comprises a grooved shaft (11) with receiving grooves (11n) arranged in the longitudinal direction offset at the same angular distance, a screw gear formed from a ring nut (12) and a lock nut (14), and clamping levers (16) arranged radially offset at the same angular distance.


Device for fastening an anti-skid chain

The invention relates to a fastening device for an anti-skid chain (3), said device comprising a washer (23) having a clamping device (25) arranged thereon. The clamping device (25) is designed to draw a tension element (27) through a bore (31) lying at radial distance from the centre of the washer (23).


Device and separating a longitudinally-extended cylindrical workpiece

In a device for separating a longitudinally-extended cylindrical workpiece, which has a diameter in the sub-millimeter range, into individual segments, the workpiece is guided in a clamping device. The clamping device includes a first and a second clamping jaw and a feed opening for the workpiece.


Injection molding machine

An injection molding machine is provided with an injection device, a mold clamping device, an electric storage device configured to supply electric power to the injection device and/or the mold clamping device, and a machine base. The machine base is provided with an upper frame, a lower frame, and support means supporting the upper frame on the lower frame, the injection device and the mold clamping device are disposed on the upper frame of the machine base, and the electric storage device is disposed on the lower frame.


Shoe toe shaping clamping device

A shoe toe shaping clamping device has a mold base and multiple clamping units. The mold base has a mold body.


Clasp for tethering

A clasp or clamp secures a string or rope, such as made from stretch wrap, to an object such as in securing an object to a pallet for shipping. The clasp or clamping device readily secures one end of the string and allows for tightening of the string through pulling a second end of the string through a second portion of the clasp or clamping device.
Encore Packaging Llc


Sensing amplifier utilizing bit line clamping devices and sensing method thereof

A non-pneumatic tire includes an attachment body (11) attached to an axle, a ring member (14) including an inner rim (12) fitted onto the attachment body (11) and an outer rim (13) configured to surround the inner rim (12) from the outside in a tire radial direction, and a plurality of connecting members (15) disposed between the inner rim (12) and the outer rim (13) in a tire circumferential direction and configured to connect the rims (12) and (13) to each other, wherein at least a portion of the ring member (14) and the plurality of connecting members (15) are integrally formed of a synthetic resin material having a bending modulus of elasticity obtained through a 3-point bending test pursuant to iso 178 of 300 mpa or more and a charpy impact value obtained at 23° c. Through a charpy impact test pursuant to iso 179-1 of 5 kj/m2 or more..
Bridgestone Corporation


Mold-clamping device, injection-molding device, and opening and closing mold

A mold-clamping device includes a fixed mold plate including a fixed mold; a movable mold plate including a movable mold; a hydraulic cylinder allowing the movable mold plate to approach or be separated from the fixed mold plate; a hydraulic pressure supply source supplying a hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic cylinder; and a control unit performing driving control on the hydraulic pressure supply source. The control unit includes a flow rate decrease control unit for deceleration for decreasing a flow rate of the hydraulic fluid according to a deceleration gradient set in advance when a movement of the movable mold plate is decelerated according to the deceleration gradient, and a flow rate increase control unit for controlling the flow rate of the hydraulic fluid to increase when the flow rate of the hydraulic fluid is decreased according to the deceleration gradient by the flow rate decrease control unit..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co.


Method and clamping external fixation and stabilization

Clamping devices and methods for external fixation systems include a post component having a yaw axis and a clamping system secured to the post component and rotatable about the yaw axis. The clamping system includes a outer jaw and a inner jaw having an inner surface facing the outer jaw.
Zimmer, Inc.


Over-voltage suppression circuit

An overvoltage-suppression circuit includes voltage-suppression elements in series, each voltage-suppression element having at least one voltage-clamping device in parallel with at least one capacitor. An overvoltage-suppression module for protecting multiple lines includes a passive circuit element connected between a load line for each load and floating node common to all load lines.
Parker-hannifin Corporation


Balancing or measuring adapter

A balancing or measuring adapter, which includes a main body having a holder for the component to be balanced or measured and a clamping device assigned to the main body having a movable clamping element for clamping the component to the main body and releasing it therefrom. A braking device for generating a constant advance speed of the clamping element as it moves is arranged on the movable clamping element for precisely positioned clamping and jerk-free release of the component..
Franz Haimer Maschinenbau Kg


Clamping device for clamping a workpiece, and installation comprising such a clamping device

A clamping device for clamping a workpiece having a constant section includes a base; a head; jaws including a jaw fixed to the base and a jaw facing the other jaw and fixed to the head to clamp the workpiece; a guide to link the head to the base and to allow the displacement of the head in an action direction between a clamping position and an opening position. The guide includes at least two plates parallel one with the other with each plate being linked at a first end to a heel of the base and to the head at a second end opposed to the first end, the first ends and second ends being flexible to allow the plates to pivot in relation to the heel and the head, respectively; the clamping device being in one block of monolithic material such as metal..


Size-adjustable stereo imaging clamping device

A stereo imaging device is disclosed. The stereo imaging device includes a pair of holders, an imaging element, an association pillar and a pair of isometric beams.
Wistron Corporation


Off-vehicle trailer hitch coupler lock and assembly

The device and assembly provides a structure having two ball-shaped ends that are integrally formed as a single structure. With one of the balls inserted into a trailer coupler, the clamping device of the coupler can be locked as it would be when connected to a trailer hitch ball.


Socket wrench

A socket wrench contains: a body including a first face, a second face, and an accommodating cavity having a stop ring arranged on the first face. A ratchet holder is accommodated in the accommodating cavity and has a polygonal groove, a first peripheral segment, a second peripheral segment, and a toothed portion.


Surgical clamping device and methods thereof

A surgical device has first and second clamp jaws, at least one of which is pivotable relative to the other. The surgical device also has first and second locking suture guides configured to receive at least one locking suture for knotting to hold the first and second clamp jaws in a clamped position..
Lsi Solutions, Inc.


Overhead travelling crane system

An overhead travelling crane system includes a conveyor device, and two clamping devices connected with the conveyor device. The conveyor device includes two lifting units and a traversing unit connected with the lifting units.
Falcon Machine Tools Co., Ltd.


Torque-limiting return stop device

A return stop device with a freewheel having an internal ring, an external ring, and retaining elements arranged in an annular gap therebetween. A flange is provided at the attachment side and a housing part, between which the external ring is clamped, and a clamping device by which the external ring is pressed with its face between the flange and the housing part against a friction area, in order to generate a friction-fitting connection between the flange and the external ring.
Ringspann Gmbh


Dynamics of vertical axis wind turbine

The present invention includes a vertical axis wind turbine with isolator mechanism for eliminating dynamic instability caused by uneven forces. The isolating mechanism includes of a plurality of rotating isolators/vertical support, plurality of tethering devices, plurality of pair of horizontal members, plurality of pair of clamping devices.


Clamping device having hub centring

What is shown and described is a clamping device (1) with hub centering for attachment of an automobile wheel to the shaft of a balancing machine, with a contact flange (2) with several centering elements (3) guided in a radially moveable manner on the contact flange (2) for centering engagement in a centering hole of the rim, and with a clamping sleeve (4) guided in a moveable manner axially to the contact flange (2), wherein the clamping sleeve (4) and the centering elements (3) are kinematically coupled such that an axial movement of the clamping sleeve (4) leads to a radial movement of the centering elements (3). According to the invention, a provision is made that at least one tension lever (16) connected in an articulated manner to the clamping sleeve (4) and a centering element (3) is provided for the kinematic coupling of clamping sleeve (4) and centering element (3)..
Haweka Ag


Device for shortening the spring path of a suspension fork

A device for shortening the spring path of a suspension fork for bicycles includes a cable; a fixing device for fixing the cable to the suspension fork tubes, which can be moved relative to the bicycle frame; and a cable clamping device, which can be secured in the region of the handlebar, preferably on the front-end section, for detachably fixing the cable, wherein the spring path is shortened in an infinitely variable manner. Thus, an infinitely variable lowering device is produced which is independent of a suspension fork..


Turn-up device for tyre side walls

A device is disclosed for turning up the side walls of tyres on a shaping drum for shaping a tyre carcase, the spindle arrangement of which has a central spindle and at least two side spindles running in parallel, between which the central spindle extends, wherein the central spindle and the side spindles are drivable in a mutually independent manner and the core clamping devices are allocated to the central spindle and the turn-over devices are allocated to the side spindles or the turn-over devices are allocated to the central spindle and the core clamping devices are allocated to the side spindles.. .
Harburg-freudenberger Maschinenbau Gmbh


Tool holder and attachment head having said tool holder

There is shown a tool holder for a hob, which is embodied as a bore having a clamping device provided between a spindle and a counterholder, the clamping device having a centring clamping piece that is engageable in the hob and a receiving mandrel that is engageable in the hob, the receiving mandrel being braced with the centring clamping piece in order to mount the hob, wherein the centring clamping piece has a flange. In order to ensure the best concentric running properties in a stable manner, it is proposed that the centring clamping piece and the receiving mandrel each have a flange, which each mount a radial adjusting drive with at least one adjusting member that is adjustable with respect to the spindle and/or the counterholder in order to centre the clamping device..
Wfl Millturn Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg


Hydrostatic head tester arrangement

A hydrostatic head tester arrangement has a frame, a test pressure generating device, a clamping device having first clamping ring and a second clamping ring and wherein a power gain element is connected to the first clamping ring. Further, the power gain element is connected to an actuation lever via a resilient member..
Textest Ag


Encapsulation mold

An encapsulation mold is provided, which may include an upper mold, a lower mold and a clamping device. The clamping device includes a rubber anti-slip block fixed to a joint surface of the upper mold, and a rubber anti-slip block fixed to a joint surface of the lower mold, wherein both of the rubber anti-slip blocks can fix the glass tightly.
Saint-gobain Glass France


Adaptive critical-duty-cycle clamp for power converters

Devices and methods provide a duty cycle clamping device for preventing an output voltage of a power converter from decreasing as the duty cycle of a pulse width modulation (pwm) signal driving the power converter increases, the clamping device including duty cycle clamping circuitry configured to determine a critical duty cycle for the pwm signal based on an input voltage, a top voltage of a flying capacitor and a bottom voltage of the flying capacitor, and configured to clamp an actual duty cycle of the pwm signal at the critical duty cycle if a desired duty cycle exceeds the critical duty cycle.. .
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation


Integration of an auxiliary device with a clamping device in a transient voltage suppressor

Monolithic integration of low-capacitance p-n junctions and low-resistance p-n junctions (when conducting in reverse bias) is provided. Three epitaxial layers are used.
Bourns, Inc.


Tool for machining workpieces

A reamer or similar tool comprising a cutting device having a cutting edge, a clamping device, whereby the cutting device can be clamped to the main body of the tool, an adjusting device that interacts with the cutting device, for adjusting the machining diameter of the tool, and a guiding device comprising an elongated guiding element, which interacts with an elongated guiding receptacle such that the cutting device can be guided in a sliding manner perpendicularly to the center axis during a displacement when the adjusting device is activated. The guiding element and the guiding receptacle extend perpendicularly to the center axis of the main body of the tool.
Mapal Fabrik Für Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress Kg


Clamping and locking devices and support structures for cutting tubes

Systems and devices for cutting annular objects comprising a structure built from t-slot profiles and clamping devices where an vertically adjustable t-slot profile is connected with a cutting assembly comprising a worm gear that turns a cutting blade that cuts into an annular object, and drive wheels that turn the annular object at a much slower rate than the spinning rate of the cutting blade.. .


Telescopic mast

A telescopic mast has a plurality of telescopic sections with longitudinally extending walls, a transverse dimension of the innermost telescopic section being smaller than the outermost telescopic section of two adjacent telescopic sections, so that the innermost telescopic section can slide longitudinally in and out of the outermost of two adjacent telescopic sections. A restrictor is provided between the two adjacent telescopic sections, the restrictor having a longitudinally extending linear guide provided on one of two adjacent telescopic sections and a clamping device provided on the other one of two adjacent telescopic sections, wherein the clamping device is configured for providing a clamping force to the guide during relative movement of said two adjacent telescopic sections, wherein the clamping force has two oppositely directed rotational force components in a plane normal to the longitudinal direction of the mast and perpendicular to the radius of the mast through the guide..
Falck Schmidt Defence Systems A/s


Rotation table

A rotation table that includes therein a rotation axis, a work placement table connected to one end of the rotation axis, a clamping device configured to hold the work placement table at a stop position, and a switching valve configured to switch the clamping device. The rotation table includes a member, to connect the clamping device and the switching valve to each other, having a pressure fluid supply flow passageway formed therein, so that the clamping device and a flow passageway of the switching valve communicate with each other..
Fanuc Corporation


Control method and control device for injection molding machine

A molding injection pressure pi with which a parting opening lm is formed between a movable mold 2m and a fixed mold 2c during injection-filling and which allows formation of a good molded article is obtained and set in advance. A molding clamping force pc that allows formation of a good molded article is obtained and set in advance.
Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.


Workpiece clamping apparatus, machine tool and working a workpiece

A workpiece clamping apparatus for a machine tool is proposed, including at least one receptacle for a workpiece, wherein the at least one receptacle includes a wall and an opening via which the workpiece is insertable into the receptacle in a linear direction and removable therefrom in a counter-direction, a clamping device for fixing the workpiece at the at least one receptacle, a first access area via which a first tool engages the workpiece for a first working operation, a counter-bearing for the first tool, and a second access area via which a second tool engages the workpiece for a second working operation, wherein the first working operation and the second working operation are performed at different locations on the workpiece using different tools and wherein the workpiece clamping apparatus is free of a counter-bearing for the second tool.. .
Mag Ias Gmbh


Clamping device

A receiver unit (2) having a receiving opening (9) for the coupling shaft of the toolholder and a collet (10), in which the shaft (20) of an actuator (18) for actuation of the collet (10) is slidably guided in a centrally located bore (19) of the receiver unit (2). The shaft (20) has at its one end a load-applying body (22) upon which a plurality of compression springs (30, 31) take support to enable the collet (10) to be tightened.


Clamping device for clamping cylindrical objects

A clamping device for clamping different sizes of cylindrical objects includes a body having a path defined centrally therethrough. The body has a polygonal section which has multiple corners at equal intervals.
Vertex Machinery Works Co., Ltd.


Cutting machine for window covering

A cutting machine for cutting window coverings includes a machine base, on which a cutting device and a clamping device are mounted. The cutting device has a cutter.
Nien Made Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Saw blade clamping device and the operation method thereof

A saw blade clamping device has a first clamping device for clamping a first working element and a second clamping device for clamping a second clamping element, wherein the first clamping device and the second clamping device are parallel to each other and mounted to a transmission controlling mechanism. The two clamping devices can be controlled by the transmission control mechanism to can not only clamp a single saw blade but to allow for replacement of the single saw blade by double saw blades without changing the clamping system, which enables the replacement of the saw blade to be more convenient and quick..
Chervon (hk) Limited


Clamping device for flow module plates, reactor plates or heat exchanger plates

A clamping device includes two end plates, disc springs, a grid of pistons, and tension rods. Each of the two end plates defines a plate area located within a perimeter thereof.
Alfa Laval Corporate Ab


Clip applicator

An occlusion assembly comprising: (a) a tissue occlusion device comprising a first linear clamping portion and a second linear clamping portion, the first and second linear clamping portions oriented to overlap and be parallel to one another in a clamped position, the tissue occlusion device further including a spring concurrently coupled to and interposed by the first and second linear clamping portions to bias the first and second linear clamping portions toward the clamped position; and, (b) an endoscopic rein coupled to the tissue occlusion device and configured to facilitate repositioning of the tissue occlusion device toward an occlusion position where the first and second linear clamping portions are interposed by tissue, where the endoscopic rein includes a flexible wire coupled to the clamping device and configured to facilitate repositioning of the tissue occlusion device toward the occlusion position.. .
Atricure, Inc.


Electrode clamping device

The invention relates to an electrode clamping device suitable for use in an electrical arc furnace. The clamping device is used releasably to clamp an electrode of an electric arc furnace, and includes at least one elongate tension element configured in use to extend at least partially about a periphery of the electrode of the arc furnace in order for the tension element to define a tensionable loop about the electrode that is adapted to exert a clamping force on the electrode when tensioned.


Transmission bandwidth extender/category 6 surge protector

A surge protector for protecting telecommunications related equipment and other associated sensitive electrical components from over-voltage transient occurring on tip/ring conductors of telecommunication lines coupled thereto includes a printed circuit board and a plurality of surge protection circuits being mounted on the printed circuit board. Each of the plurality of surge protection circuits includes a first set of steering diodes and a second set of steering diodes.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Self-centering mechanism, a clamping device for an electronic device and means for their integration

This invention comprises a self-centering mechanism for retaining an object, a clamping device for retaining an electronic device or an electronic device in a case, and means to integrate the devices in an adapter form. The structure of the self-centering mechanism allows for a compact device that is capable of fitting a wide range of differently sized and shaped objects.
Carson Optical, Inc.


Clip device for holding a textile piece for a washing process and/or drying process

A device for holding a textile area of a textile piece is provided, for a process of washing and/or drying the textile piece. The device includes at least two opposing clamping surface elements which can be closed by means of a pre-clamping device.


Motorcycle cruise control system

A motorcycle cruise control system intended for cooperation with a rotary throttle grip of a motorcycle, comprises a clamping device with a stationary clamping part and a movable clamping part which is movable between a clamping position for clamping the throttle grip and maintaining it in a desired rotary position, and a release position allowing a rotation of the throttle grip, an operating mechanism for moving the movable clamping part between its clamping and release positions and a holding arrangement for holding the clamping device substantially stationary with respect to the motorcycle. The operating mechanism comprises an eccentric mechanism with a first arm and a second arm of which respective first ends are pivotably connected to the stationary clamping part and movable clamping part, respectively, and of which the second ends are pivotably connected to each other..


Clamping device for expanding a threaded bolt

A clamping device for expanding a threaded bolt is provided with a support pipe supported against an underlay surrounding the threaded bolt. A cylindrical housing arranged in extension of the support pipe has a piston movable in longitudinal direction and connectable to a hydraulic supply.


Clamping device

A clamping device includes a base, a driver coupled to the base, a movable clamping jaw coupled to the driver and the sliding rail. The base includes a sliding rail, and a fixed clamping jaw coupled to the sliding rail.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Filter device

An apparatus having stackable members configured to contain at least one filter device. The apparatus includes a clamping device having a first end wall, a second end wall, and clamping members configured to draw the end walls toward one another.
3m Innovative Properties Company


System on a chip, voltage ripple reduction on a power supply line of an integrated circuit device operable in at least two modes

An apparatus for voltage ripple reduction on a power supply line of an integrated circuit device is provided to be operable in at least two modes. The apparatus includes: one or more clamping devices connectable to the power supply line; a clamp control unit; and a mode change detection unit arranged to monitor an interface of the integrated circuit device for one or more information indicating an upcoming mode change of the integrated circuit device and to provide a mode change signal to the clamp control unit when the one or more information is detected.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Centering machine for workpieces, particularly optical lenses

A centering machine for, in particular, optical lenses has two centering spindles. The rotationally drivable centering spindle shafts are axially aligned with respect to a centering axis and constructed at the ends for the mounting of clamping bells.
Satisloh Ag


Spindle unit for turning and milling machines

A spindle unit for machine tools that includes a working spindle rotationally bearing-mounted in axially spaced spindle bearings in a spindle case, and an electric driving motor. The working spindle includes at its head side a clamping device for a tool and at its rear side a non-rotating ring cylinder for activating said clamping device via a rotating tie rod, and rotational bushing for supplying said tool with cooling and/or lubricating agents through a hydraulic conduit extending longitudinally through said working spindle.
Gildemeister Drehmaschinen Gmbh


Power plug clamping device

A clamp for securing a power plug in a socket including a pair of identical clamping plates separate from each other that are drawn together to capture the socket therebetween and secure the power plug engaged in the socket, each of the clamping plates including a plate having spaced posts and a plug retaining member extending therefrom, the plug retaining member defining an arcuate portion arranged such that the arcuate portions of the plug retaining members oppose one another in use to radially compress the power plug therebetween.. .


Intrinsically safe voltage clamping device

An intrinsically safe voltage clamping device includes a regulated rail, a ground rail, and a shunt regulator assembly. The shunt regulator assembly is coupled to both the regulated rail and the ground rail and includes one or more regulating components.
Fisher Controls International Llc

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