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Circulation patents

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Cold start up auxiliary system for alcohol and flex engines with air-inlet and alcohol warm up

Systems and methods for providing override control for a feedwater pump recirculation valve

Systems and methods for dedicated exhaust gas recirculation and control

Date/App# patent app List of recent Circulation-related patents
 Disposable absorbent lift device patent thumbnailnew patent Disposable absorbent lift device
The present invention relates to a disposable absorbent pad comprising multiple layers. In particular, the absorbent pad of the present invention maintains skin dryness by absorbing moisture while preventing leakage to the skin or the bed linens, allowing air circulation at the surface of the patient's skin to prevent heat buildup, and is strong enough to allow the patient to be repositioned, even when the pad is wet.
 Localized therapy delivery and local organ protection patent thumbnailnew patent Localized therapy delivery and local organ protection
A system for perfusing a localized site within a body includes a catheter assembly having a venous access line that is adapted to deliver perfusate to the localized site, a venous or arterial drainage line adapted to drain perfusate from the localized site, and an occlusion device adapted to prevent some or substantially all physiological blood flow between the localized site and the systemic circulation of the body during and in the course of perfusing and draining perfusate to and from the localized site. The system may include a blood circuit associated with the catheter assembly to facilitate blood conditioning for use as the perfusate, in the course of a controlled perfusion and/or drainage of untreated, treated, or inactivated treated blood to and from the localized site.
 Led induced tattoo removal system and method of use patent thumbnailnew patent Led induced tattoo removal system and method of use
An led induced tattoo removal system and method of use that utilizes an ultra bright led having a principal peak with a peak at 640 nm-700 nm for tattoo removal without causing collateral skin damage and without causing pain to a subject is disclosed. The tattoo removal method includes an led, which generates light in a specific range of wavelengths proven to be effective for this purpose.
 System and method for real-time three dimensional modeling of cardiovascular dynamics and the heart using electrocardiogram signals patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for real-time three dimensional modeling of cardiovascular dynamics and the heart using electrocardiogram signals
There is taught herein a real-time, lumped parameter cardiovascular dynamics model that uses features extracted from online electrocardiogram (ecg) signal recordings to generate certain surrogate hemodynamic signals. The derived signals can be used to real time animate a 3-d heart model.
 Prostaglandin compositions and methods for the treatment of vasospasm patent thumbnailnew patent Prostaglandin compositions and methods for the treatment of vasospasm
Compositions and methods for the treatment of vasospasm are provided comprising applying an amount of a semi-solid vasoactive prostaglandin composition to the affected tissue. Also provided are methods of improving microcirculation in a replanted body part..
 Controller configured to receive blower volumes for different operating modes per zones, an hvac system including the controller and a method of operating the controller patent thumbnailnew patent Controller configured to receive blower volumes for different operating modes per zones, an hvac system including the controller and a method of operating the controller
Provided herein is an hvac controller that receives blower volumes for different operating modes per hvac zones, a hvac system including the same and a method of operating the controller. In one embodiment, the controller includes: (1) an interface configured to receive blower volumes for each zone of the hvac system that correspond to operating modes thereof of the hvac system, wherein the blower volumes are received via a single graphical user interface and (2) a processor configured to direct operation of a circulation fan of the hvac system based on at least one of the blower volumes..
 Battery case patent thumbnailnew patent Battery case
A battery case for mounting under a floor of a vehicle comprises a case body containing a battery module and a cover for closing over an opening of the case body. A reinforcement member for reinforcing the case body is attached to an outer surface of the case body.
 Rack oven with direct fire heating system patent thumbnailnew patent Rack oven with direct fire heating system
A rack oven includes a cooking chamber accessible via a door and a rack rotating mechanism within the cooking chamber. A combustion chamber is separated from the cooking chamber by at least one wall, the combustion chamber including a burner.
 Gas component extraction from gas mixture patent thumbnailnew patent Gas component extraction from gas mixture
A process for extracting a target gas component from a gas mixture in an apparatus having a pair of capture and release sections is provided. The pair of capture and release sections includes a sorbent capture section and a sorbent release section, each of the sorbent capture section and sorbent release section having a high surface area medium and a sorbent contained therein.
 Transfer case utilizing an on-demand centrifugally governed hydraulic power supply to perform both range shift and on-demand four wheel drive patent thumbnailnew patent Transfer case utilizing an on-demand centrifugally governed hydraulic power supply to perform both range shift and on-demand four wheel drive
A control system (100) for an all-wheel-drive torque transfer case (102) coupling of a motor vehicle (104) including a power unit (130) having a centrifugally governed fluid pump (132) and a flow valve (134) movable between recirculation and diverter positions (134a, 134b). A control valve (136) located between the fluid pump (132), the all-wheel-drive clutch assembly (112), and the range shift assembly (120).
new patent Hub and spindle assembly
A rotating hub and fixed spindle assembly with first and second fluid dynamic journal bearings and first and second fluid dynamic thrust bearings for a disc drive memory system has a pump seal and a radial ring seal at a first axial terminus for lubricant containment, and a capillary seal and a labyrinth seal at a second axial terminus for lubricant containment and storage. Lubricant fluid pressure differences between first and second seals are minimized through one or more lubricant fluid communicating channels in the hub assembly, in order to minimize lubricant fluid loss through a seal.
new patent Systems and methods for providing override control for a feedwater pump recirculation valve
Systems and methods for providing override control for a feedwater pump recirculation valve are provided. According to one embodiment, a system may include a controller and a processor communicatively coupled to the controller.
new patent Cooling device for sub-mri units and mri apparatus
A cooling device for sub-mri units of an embodiment includes a tank in which cooling water for cooling a heat generating unit that an mri apparatus has is stored, a pump which circulates the cooling water stored in the tank through a circulation path starting from the tank and traveling around the heat generating unit, a heat exchanger which cools the cooling water, and a controller which decides that a water leakage has occurred on the circulation path when a decreasing rate of the cooling water in the tank is greater than a given reference value.. .
new patent Transport system for packages and apparatus for handling packages using such a transport system
An apparatus for transporting packages from an inlet to an outlet includes a closed transport path having a package transport route and a puck return transport route, an inlet, an outlet, transport elements that are rotatable in a circulation direction and that are adjacent to each other in the transport direction of the packages, and pucks for carrying a package from the inlet to the outlet. After release of the packages at the outlet, the pucks return to the inlet via the puck return transport route.
new patent Wet clutch arrangement
A wet clutch arrangement, particularly starting clutch for a vehicle, including a housing arrangement which is filled or fillable with fluid, a friction coupling region having a first friction surface formation rotating with the housing arrangement around an axis of rotation and a second friction surface formation that rotates with a driven element around the axis of rotation and which can be brought into frictional engagement with the first friction surface formation, a fluid coupling region with an impeller rotating with the housing arrangement around the axis of rotation and with a turbine that rotates with the driven element around the axis of rotation and which, along with the impeller, defines a toroidal fluid circulation space. The fluid coupling region is arranged radially outside the friction coupling region..
new patent Drilling a well with predicting sagged fluid composition and mud weight
Methods of drilling or treating a well including the steps of: designing a fluid with high-gravity solids (e.g., barite); calculating the sagged fluid mud weight after allowing for sag according to formulas; forming a fluid according to the sagged fluid mud weight; and introducing the fluid into the well. The methods can be used to help control the well or to avoid excessive drilling torque or pressure, kick, or lost circulation due to sag of high-gravity solids such as barite..
new patent Contingent continuous circulation drilling system
A method for deploying a tubular string into a wellbore includes: injecting fluid through a top drive and flow sub into a top of the tubular string and lowering the tubular string into the wellbore. The flow sub: connects the tubular string top to a quill of the top drive, is in a top injection mode, and has a closed port and an open bore.
new patent Engine ventilation apparatus
A ventilation apparatus for an engine is provided with a recirculation passage for causing blow-by gas in a crank case to flow back into an intake passage of an engine. The ventilation apparatus is also provided with an oil return passage for returning oil to an oil pan.
new patent Low-pressure egr control during compressor bypass valve operation
A turbocharged engine system including a low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation (egr) system and an intake oxygen sensor is described, along with methods for its operation. The system includes a compressor bypass valve arranged in a passage bypassing a turbocharger compressor, and an egr valve arranged in an egr system which may be adjusted to adjust an amount of exhaust gas recirculated to the engine intake.
new patent Systems and methods for dedicated exhaust gas recirculation and control
Systems and methods for exhaust gas recirculation are provided. The system includes a dedicated exhaust gas recirculation loop for recirculating exhaust gas flow from at least one dedicated cylinder of an engine into an intake system prior to combustion.
new patent Cold start up auxiliary system for alcohol and flex engines with air-inlet and alcohol warm up
A warm-up air system to aid cold start up is provided. The system includes a turbine with electrical heaters linked to a throttle body or to an air sending tube to the throttle body forming a warmed up air circulation circuit.
new patent Systems and method for air destratification and circulation
A system for air destratification, circulation, and/or purification including an intake positioned proximate a ceiling of a space formed by a floor, a plurality of walls and the ceiling; an exhaust, positioned proximate the ceiling and separate from the intake; a fan structure comprising a motor mechanically coupled with fan blades; a first duct for coupling the intake to the fan structure; a second duct for coupling the exhaust to the fan structure; and at least one attachment for supporting the fan structure such that no additional stress is applied to the ceiling from the fan structure; wherein the fan structure moves air from the intake to the exhaust via the first and second ducts. The system may be capable of fitting within a single ceiling tile of a t-bar ceiling..
new patent Combustor and rotating machine
A combustor includes: a combustor basket configured to surround a fuel nozzle from an outer circumferential side, and a plurality of connecting members formed in a circumferential direction at intervals to connect a rear end of the combustor basket and a casing and configured to define a flow path through which compressed air introduced into the combustor basket flows. A circulation direction of the compressed air flowing through the flow path is configured to be reversed at a rear end of the combustor basket and the compressed air is introduced into the fuel nozzle.
new patent Cold state engine for utilising air thermal energy to output work, refrigeration and water
A cold state engine utilising air heat energy to output work, refrigeration and water, includes a first cycle and a second cycle. The first cycle comprises of vaporiser, expander, and working fluid pump.
new patent Reciprocating exhaust mechanism for energy recuperation and gas recirculation
The reciprocating piston of an exhaust pressure wave charger for a combustion engine has an integrated hydraulic piston and an air piston transferring exhaust gas energy into mechanical power and provides exhaust gas for the combustion chamber. The fluid communication between hydraulic piston and hydraulic circuit is controlled by valves to extract the exhaust energy during the expansion stroke and advance the charger piston back into top end position.
new patent Waste heat recovery system for controlling egr outlet temperature
An engine system and various methods for controlling the outlet temperature of an egr stream before entering an engine intake system are disclosed. In a system and the various methods, an exhaust gas recirculation (egr) valve is positioned within an egr passage fluidly connecting an engine exhaust stream and an engine intake stream, while a waste heat recovery (whr) system is used to recover heat from the egr stream.
new patent Method for controlling a heat recovery device in an internal combustion engine
A method for controlling a heat recovery device in an internal combustion engine, in particular, for a motor vehicle. The heat recovery device is provided with a circuit for a working medium having an evaporator of an expansion machine that is arranged in an exhaust gas flow path of the internal combustion engine, a condensor, an expansion tank, and a feed pump.
Method and apparatus for monitoring and optimizing blood circulation generated by a pump
In a device for the automatic control of blood pumps, an optimization of the blood flow is achieved by periodic speed interventions and flow changes thereby occurring, using a formed differential variable and a control algorithm. In addition, the location of possible flow resistances on the venous or arterial side can be ascertained..
Method for detecting cancer cells metastasizing into sentinel lymph node
A method for detecting a sentinel lymph node generating a microenvironment suitable for micrometastasis within the sentinel lymph node of carcinoma cells from a primary tumor or for detecting micrometastasis within the sentinel lymph node. A detecting agent is injected into the primary tumor, or tissue or a lymph node nearby the tumor, which allows the detecting agent to reach the sentinel lymph node by lymphatic circulation.
Combined removal of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in a refuge chamber with a single air circulation system
A combination of an oxidizing catalyst entity to convert carbon monoxide and other oxidizable contaminants to carbon dioxide, followed by a carbon dioxide removing entity, both suitable for, and arranged within a single air system functioning at the ambient temperature and humidity of the space, to remove toxic oxidizable constituents and carbon dioxide to produce a cleaned breathable atmosphere in an enclosed space.. .
Heat exchange type cooling apparatus for a transformer
Disclosed herein is a heat exchange type cooling apparatus for a transformer, including: an insulating oil circulation pipe configured in a closed circuit form so that an insulating oil filled in the transformer is discharged to the outside and then returns again to the transformer; an insulating oil pump configured to transfer the insulating oil; and an insulating oil cooling system configured to cool the insulating oil, wherein the insulating oil cooling system includes: a liquid refrigerant maintained in a liquid state during the entire circulation cycle; a refrigerant circulation pipe configured to circulate the liquid refrigerant; a refrigerant pump configured to transfer the liquid refrigerant; and a heat exchanging part configured to heat-exchange the liquid refrigerant and the insulating oil with each other to cool the insulating oil.. .
Systems and methods for facilitating oil flow in relation to rotor bearings
Systems and methods for rotor bearings that enable improved oil circulation, wherein axial grooves are formed in the outer periphery of each bearing to form channels that allow axial flow of oil through the channels. Each bearing includes a collar, a sleeve and an interference ring.
Apparatus for preserving cooked food palatability
An encapsulated environment is an air-circulation-restricted volume, preferably just large enough to hold a single serving of a cooked, protein containing food product. Restricting the air circulation reduces the evaporation of gases and liquids that are normally lost over time.
Process and plant for decontaminating phosphoric acid solution
The invention relates to a method for recycling of phosphoric acid solution from a decontamination bath, which solution is contaminated with radioactive components, wherein the used phosphoric acid solution is diluted with aqueous oxalic acid solution, in order to separate off iron oxalate in this connection, and the phosphoric acid solution is used for decontamination of further system parts, wherein the iron ion content in the phosphoric acid in the decontamination bath is continuously measured, and phosphoric acid is continuously withdrawn from the decontamination bath and concentrated and purified phosphoric acid is replaced, so that a specific concentration of dissolved iron in the contamination bath is not exceeded, and to a system for implementation of the method. The solution has the advantage that only small amounts of phosphoric acid are in circulation in a system for recycling of a phosphoric acid solution from a decontamination bath, whereby the required work volume in the system tanks is significantly reduced.
Evaporative recirculation cooling water system, method of operating an evaporative recirculation cooling water system and a method of operating a water deionizing system
An evaporative recirculation cooling water system, the system having a recirculation loop to recirculate water through the system, a construction with a space to cool the water in the recirculation loop by evaporation, and a water entry point to allow water into the recirculation loop. The system has a charge barrier flow through capacitor constructed and arranged to remove ions from the water and a dosing system whereby a scale inhibitor is continuously dosed into the inlet flow into the flow through capacitor..
Apparatus and method for controlling a greenhouse environment
Apparatus for controlling an environment in a green-house, the apparatus comprising: first and second heat exchangers, each comprising a radiator and a fan system for driving air through the radiator; a first refrigerant circulation system that circulates a refrigerant fluid between and through the radiators; a heater controllable to heat the refrigerant; a controller that controls the apparatus to operate selectively in a maintenance mode or a flush mode, wherein in the maintenance mode the heater heats the refrigerant and the first and second fan systems drive air from outside to inside the greenhouse and through the radiators to acquire heat from the refrigerant, and in the flush mode the first fan system vents air from inside to outside the greenhouse through its respective radiator to deposit heat in the refrigerant and the second fan system drives air from outside to inside the greenhouse and through its respective radiator to acquire the heat deposited in the refrigerant.. .
Return air ducts for vehicles
A vehicle includes an air inlet passage, a cargo compartment, a passenger compartment, a battery, and a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (hvac) unit. The battery is disposed in the cargo compartment.
Heat exchanger
An apparatus for storing and releasing heat for boilers. The apparatus is preferably provided in a cylindrical form having at least one open end.
Dishwasher wherein ozone wash is applied
By means of the present invention, in dishwashers (1), by means of connecting the ozone generator (6) to the suction line (4) prior to the circulation pump (3), the ozone gas generated by the ozone generator (6) is provided to be sucked through the connection hose (7) with the vacuum effect created by the circulation pump (3), the dissolvability of ozone gas in the washing liquid is increased with the vortex effect of the motor (11) since the washing water-ozone gas mixture flows through the circulation pump (3).. .
Devices and methods for exhaust gas recirculation operation of an engine
An engine is provided that includes an exhaust gas recirculation (egr) conduit in fluidic communication with a first exhaust valve in a cylinder and an intake system, an exhaust conduit in fluidic communication with a second exhaust valve in the cylinder and an emission control device. During operation with the first valve active and the second valve deactivated, a fixed egr level can be provided.
Ignition and knock tolerance in internal combustion engine by controlling egr composition
A method for improving ignition of a spark ignited internal combustion engine by controlling the composition of recirculated exhaust gas. It is assumed that the engine has a spark ignition system and an exhaust gas recirculation (egr) loop such that at least one of the combustion cylinders is an egr cylinder that generates an egr stream carried by the egr loop.
Method for operating an exhaust gas recirculation system
A method is provided for operating an exhaust gas recirculation (egr) system of a thermal energy source, the egr system includes, but is not limited to an egr circuit and an egr cooler, the egr cooler connected in a heat exchanging relationship with an egr coolant circuit equipped with an egr coolant pump. The method includes, but is not limited to monitoring a parameter (tegrcool) representative of a temperature of the coolant in the egr coolant circuit, operating the egr coolant pump on the basis of the parameter (tegrcool) and of a target value thereof (tegrtgt)..
Heat exchange in fluid degassing
In one variation, a temperature-maintenance device includes a heater (1016) and is placeable in a circulation loop of an ultrasound transducer coupling bolus (1076), for degassing circulating liquid of the loop and for operating the heater for performing temperature control of the liquid. A temperature setpoint, such as a normal body temperature, for the liquid at the bolus may be entered.
Method for diagnosing a low pressure exhaust gas recirculation system of an internal combustion engine and device for carrying out the method
A method and device for diagnosing a low pressure exhaust gas recirculation system (lpegrs) of an internal combustion engine having an intake area for supplying fresh air which includes in succession in the flow direction a first section having a low pressure in which an air mass flow sensor is situated, a compressor and a second section having a high pressure, the engine exhaust area including a second section having a low exhaust gas pressure, and the lpegrs which has an adjustable lpegr valve recirculating at least a portion of the exhaust gas in the second section of the exhaust area to the first section of the intake area. The fresh air mass flow taken in is measured by the air mass flow sensor, the total mass flow flowing through the compressor being ascertained, the lpegr mass flow being ascertained from the difference between the total mass flow and the fresh air mass flow taken in, an estimated value being calculated for the lpegr mass flow, the difference between the ascertained lpegr mass flow and the estimated value being formed, and an error signal being output for a deviation.
System and method for protecting components in a gas turbine engine with exhaust gas recirculation
A system includes a gas turbine engine that includes a turbine section having one or more turbine stages between an upstream end and a downstream end, an exhaust section disposed downstream from the downstream end of the turbine section, and a fluid supply system coupled to the exhaust section. The fluid supply system is configured to route an inert gas to the exhaust section..
Patient monitor for determining microcirculation state
As placement of a physiological monitoring sensor is typically at a sensor site located at an extremity of the body, the state of microcirculation, such as whether vessels are blocked or open, can have a significant effect on the readings at the sensor site. It is therefore desirable to provide a patient monitor and/or physiological monitoring sensor capable of distinguishing the microcirculation state of blood vessels.
Method for treating oncological diseases
A method to treat cancer and other malignant diseases, said method comprising parenterally administering an agent which destroys blood extracellular dna into the systemic circulation of a cancer patient to slow down cancer growth. The agent is embodied in the form of a dnase enzyme and, more particularly, as a dnase i enzyme.
Derivatives of recombinant proteins, homo-multimers of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and method of preparation thereof
The invention relates to derivatives of recombinant proteins, comprising homo-multimers of genetically fused recombinant biologically active protein monomer units, connected via selected peptide linker moiety; and the method of preparation thereof. Derivative of recombinant protein is preferably dimer of human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, characterised by increased circulation time in vivo..
Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
Provided is a liquid ejection head, including a pressure chamber in which a liquid flows, at least a part of a wall surface of the pressure chamber being formed of a piezoelectric member; an ejection orifice for ejecting the liquid in the pressure chamber pressurized by deformation of the piezoelectric member; a temperature control liquid flow path in which a temperature control liquid flows, the temperature control liquid flow path being provided independently from the pressure chamber and formed so as to be adjacent to the pressure chamber via the wall surface of the pressure chamber, at least a part of a wall surface of the temperature control liquid flow path being formed of the piezoelectric member; and a circulation liquid flow path communicating with the temperature control liquid flow path, for circulating the temperature control liquid.. .
Continuous circulation sand filter and continuous circulation sand filtering method
Provided is a continuous circulation sand filter including a filtering barrel filled with a sand filtering layer, an inflow tube for introducing raw water into the filtering barrel, a treated water discharge part for discharging treated water purified by passing the raw water through the sand filtering layer from a lower end of the sand filtering layer to an upper end thereof, an air lift tube for transferring contaminated sand, located in the lower end of the sand filtering layer, from a lower part of the filtering barrel to an upper part thereof, a transfer water discharge filter contacting the air lift tube to discharge transfer water moved upward together with sand through the air lift tube and trap the sand and a foreign substance, a descent guide tube downwardly moving the sand and the foreign substance moved to the upper part of the filtering barrel through the air lift tube, and a foreign substance separation tube suctioning the downwardly moving foreign substance to remove the foreign substance from the downwardly moving sand, and discharging the foreign substance.. .
Recirculating dialysate fluid circuit for blood measurement
A blood based solute monitoring system for measuring at least one blood solute species that has a first recirculation flow path in fluid communication with a dialyzer. The first recirculation flow path is configured to allow a fluid to recirculate through a dialyzer such that the concentration of at least one solute species in the fluid becomes equilibrated to the solute species concentration of the blood in a blood compartment of the dialyzer.
Circulation transport system
An elevator system includes two or more hoistways. One or more elevator cars are located in a first of the two or more hoistways and movable to a second hoistway of the two or more hoistways.
Lost circulation treatment fluids comprising pumice and associated methods
Disclosed are lost circulation treatment fluids and methods of sealing lost circulation zones. Embodiments include a method of sealing a lost circulation zone.
Heat exchanger, particularly for a motor vehicle
The invention relates to a heat exchanger between a first fluid and a second fluid, comprising: a heat exchange core (3) comprising first circulation channels of the first fluid and second circulation channels of the second fluid, an inlet collector box (5) for the first fluid and an outlet collector box (7) for the first fluid, into which the ends of said first channels open out, and an inlet connection piece (9) for the second fluid and an outlet connection piece (11) for the second fluid. Said inlet (5) and outlet (7) collector boxes for the first fluid are separated by a deflector (13) and said exchanger moreover comprises an intermediate collector box (21) communicating with said first channels to create a u-circulation of the first fluid in said first channels.
Valve including a device for immobilizing a journal, energy conversion installation/fluid distribution network including such a valve and method of demounting such a valve
This valve is integrated into a fluid distribution network and enables selective interruption or authorization of the circulation of a fluid. The valve includes a fluid blocking member driven in rotation by an actuator device of the valve and at least one journal, a hollow body inside which the blocking member is mobile and which defines at least one bore for receiving the journal, and a bearing disposed around each journal and inside the bore of the body enabling support of the journal and guidance thereof in rotation relative to the bore, thereby centering the journal.
Silverware basket with integral spray jets for a dishwasher
Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and apparatuses for providing dedicated spray coverage for silverware and dishware positioned within a silverware basket. In an example embodiment, the dishwasher includes a tub configured to receive dishware and a circulation system configured to circulate fluid within the tub.
Anti-freezing device for egr device
In an anti-freezing device for an egr device 14 with an egr cooler 12 being provided midway of an egr pipe 11 for extraction and recirculation of a part of exhaust gas from an exhaust side to an intake side, a downstream egr pipe 11b downstream of the egr cooler 12 being connected through a flange section 15 to an egr valve 13, the flange section 15 is provided with a warm-water passage 16 to and from which engine warm water 22 is guided through warm-water conduits 23 and 24.. .
Egr rate control for internal combustion engine with dual exhaust-ported cylinders
A method of using exhaust gas recirculation (egr) in an internal combustion engine. At least two of the cylinders are “dual exhaust-ported cylinders” having two exhaust ports.
Intake apparatus
An intake apparatus includes an intake pipe, a resonator and a blowby gas recirculation pipe. The resonator includes a volume portion having a volume chamber therein and a connecting pipe connecting the volume portion and the intake pipe and having a connecting passage connecting the volume chambera and the intake passage.
Gear device and vehicle having same mounted thereon
A gear device in which lubricating oil for cooling and lubricating gears to be driven therein is adjusted to a temperature and an amount suitable for the speed of a vehicle, and a vehicle having the gear device mounted thereon. A transmission adjusts the temperature of lubricating oil by supplying the lubricating oil from a lower part of a housing of the transmission into a heat exchanger by a circulation pump and causing the lubricating oil and engine cooling water to exchange heat with each other in the heat exchanger.
Flatware item for thermally melting food product
A flatware item for thermally melting a food product includes a metal body (10), a low-temperature-evaporable circulation fluid (20), and a reflux medium (30). The metal body (10) has a vacuum chamber (100), a hand holding portion (11), and a food contacting portion (12).
Method for liquefying natural gas with a triple closed circuit of coolant gas
A process for liquefying natural gas by; a) causing it to flow through three series connected heat exchangers, where gas is cooled to t3; t3 is less/equal to the liquefaction temperature of natural gas at atmospheric pressure; and b) causing the closed circuit circulation of a first stream of refrigerant gas at a pressure p1 lower than p3 entering the third exchanger and leaving the first exchanger, the first stream obtained using a first expander to expand a first portion of a second stream at p3 higher than p2, the second stream flowing relative to the natural gas stream entering the first exchanger and leaving the second exchanger; and a third stream at a pressure p2 higher than p1 and lower than p3 flowing relative to the first stream, entering the second exchanger and leaving the first exchanger; c) the second stream at the pressure p3 obtained by compression.. .
Power generation system and method of stopping power generation system
A gas turbine including a compressor and a combustor, an sofc including an air electrode (cathode) and a fuel electrode (anode), a first compressed air supply line adapted to supply a compressed air compressed by the compressor to the combustor, a second compressed air gas supply line adapted to supply a part of a compressed air compressed by the compressor to the air electrode (cathode), a first fuel gas supply line adapted to supply a fuel gas to the combustor, a second fuel gas supply line adapted to supply a fuel gas to the fuel electrode (anode), a fuel gas recirculation line adapted to return an exhausted fuel gas discharged from the fuel electrode (anode) to the fuel electrode (anode), a cooler provided in the fuel gas recirculation line are provided.. .
Supercharger control device for internal combustion engine
A turbocharging system of an internal combustion engine includes compressor of a turbocharger disposed on an intake passage of an internal combustion engine and a turbine disposed on an exhaust passage of the internal combustion engine. A bypass passage connects an upstream side and a downstream side of the turbine in the exhaust passage together.
Method and system for exhaust gas recirculation
Methods and systems are provided for an engine including a first turbocharger having a first compressor and a second turbocharger having a second compressor. An egr differential between the first compressor and the second compressor may be increased under a condensation condition, and decreased under a surge condition.
Methods for nox reduction using exhaust-gas condensate
The system and methods described allow for reduce emissions by using a recirculation device within an engine that connects an air feed line to an exhaust line while cooling the exhaust-gas to form a condensate for further cooling the engine system. In one particular example, a cooling unit is described that cools the exhaust-gas stream flowing there through and collects a condensate out of the exhaust-gas stream for injection back into the air feed line via an injecting device.
Thermotherapy needling instrument with tissue injection
The disclosure provides a thermotherapy needling instrument with tissue injection, including: a casing, an outer needle, an inner needle and a working needle. The casing has an inlet, an outlet and an inner channel.
Devices, systems, and methods for peripheral arteriovenous fistula creation
Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for the formation of an arteriovenous fistula in the limb of the patient. Embodiments include an apparatus for the creation, modification and maintenance of a fistula, including the modification of an existing dialysis fistula; and a method of supplying oxygenated blood to the venous circulation of a patient.
Methods and systems for gas filtering and carbon dioxide capture
Conventionally air filters are particulate filters composed of fibrous materials in order to remove solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air. Accordingly, it would be beneficial to provide absorbent filters within such systems in order to address the removal of gaseous impurity components from the circulating air in addition to conventional particulate tillers.
A device for feeding fluid to a hydraulic actuator for controlling the pitch of the fan blades of a two-propeller turboprop
A device for feeding fluid to a hydraulic actuator for controlling a pitch of fan blades of a two-propeller turboprop, the device including: a fluid manifold secured to a rotor of the turboprop and including a cylindrical portion including at least two fluid-circulation grooves, each presenting an outlet orifice; a fluid-admission support secured to a stationary portion of the turboprop and including a cylindrical portion including at least two distinct fluid passages opening to fluid-admission tubes and each leading radially into one of the fluid-circulation grooves of the manifold; and a tub constrained to rotate with the fluid manifold and including a cylindrical portion including at least two fluid-flow channels, each fed with fluid by a respective one of the outlet orifices of the fluid dispenser, each fluid-flow channel leading to a respective chamber of a control actuator.. .

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