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Date/App# patent app List of recent Circulation-related patents
 Tip configurations for multi-lumen catheter patent thumbnailnew patent Tip configurations for multi-lumen catheter
Multi-lumen catheters with improved tip configurations, including a triple-lumen catheter which may be useful for apheresis. In one variation, the catheter has three lumens with distal openings angularly spaced apart and staggered axially with respect to one another.
 Method and system for destroying adipose tissue non-invasively and accelerating lipid metabolism patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for destroying adipose tissue non-invasively and accelerating lipid metabolism
The present disclosure is to destroy adipose tissue non-invasively by using focused ultrasound (fus) and to increase the treatment efficiency by the synergy of the novel fus and electrical stimulation. Lipid can be released from the destroyed adipocytes and stay in the interstitial fluid of undestroyed adipocytes.
 Assist assembly for propulsion of endoscope patent thumbnailnew patent Assist assembly for propulsion of endoscope
An assist assembly for propulsion of a tip device of an endoscope in a body cavity includes an attachment sleeve and a support sleeve. A deformable circulation device is disposed to extend over inner and outer surfaces of the support sleeve, for endlessly moving in an axial direction of the tip device.
 Method for enhanced uptake of viral vectors in the myocardium patent thumbnailnew patent Method for enhanced uptake of viral vectors in the myocardium
The present invention relates to improved therapies for the treatment of heart disease, particularly the improved delivery of therapeutic agents to heart tissue by direct infusion into the coronary circulation. A preferred embodiment of the invention is a method of treating or preventing a cardiovascular disease by transfecting cardiac cells of a large mammal, the method comprising, identifying a mammal in need of treatment or prevention of heart disease, supplying no to the coronary circulation prior to, and/or during the infusion of a therapeutic polynucleotide into a blood vessel of the coronary circulation in vivo, where the therapeutic polynucleotide is infused into the blood vessel over a period of at least about three minutes, where the coronary circulation is not isolated or substantially isolated from the systemic circulation of the mammal; and where the therapeutic polynucleotide transfects cardiac cells of the animal resulting in the treatment or prevention of the heart disease..
 Process for deaerating and heating vegetable product and plant therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Process for deaerating and heating vegetable product and plant therefor
A plant (1) for de-aerating and heating a vegetable product (100) comprises an extraction section (80) in which a vegetable starting product (5) is treated, in order to obtain an extracted vegetable product (100), in particular a puree, or a vegetable juice. The extracted vegetable product (100) is fed to a cold de-aeration section (10) obtaining an extracted vegetable product and de-aerated cold (105).
 Galectin-3 plasmapheresis therapy patent thumbnailnew patent Galectin-3 plasmapheresis therapy
The invention is directed to the removal of serum gal-3 from circulation by plasmapheresis, comprising at least in part donor apheresis, using gal-3 binding agents in either a fixed bed, or in a form easily removed, such as by being complexed with magnetic particles. This method, on its own, brings a sharp reduction and relief from the inflammation and fibroses that can be induced by circulating gal-3.
 Subsea compressor directly driven by a permanent magnet motor with stator and rotor submerged in liquid patent thumbnailnew patent Subsea compressor directly driven by a permanent magnet motor with stator and rotor submerged in liquid
The present invention regards a compressor system comprising a compressor unit (1) and a motor unit (2) arranged on bearings (4, 5, 6), where motor and bearings are submerged in a cooling, lubricating and barrier liquid enclosed in a housing (7) having a cooling arrangement and a circulation arrangement, wherein the motor unit (2) is a permanent magnet motor unit.. .
 Gas turbine diffuser blowing method and corresponding diffuser patent thumbnailnew patent Gas turbine diffuser blowing method and corresponding diffuser
A diffuser of a compressor of centrifugal or mixed type includes two end plates which enclose a plurality of regularly distributed circumferential blades, and at least one transverse upstream passage produced in lower or upper surfaces of the blades. An injection/withdrawal coupling is achieved by a recirculation of a stream in an air passage of the diffuser on the basis of injection of air from at least one point in a leading edge zone of an upstream side of the diffuser.
 Gas laser oscillator apparatus and laser gas replacement method patent thumbnailnew patent Gas laser oscillator apparatus and laser gas replacement method
The gas laser oscillator apparatus of the present invention has laser gas sealed in a vacuum chamber under a decompressed condition lower than atmospheric pressure; a discharge means for exciting the laser gas; a blower means for blowing the laser gas; a laser-gas flow passage as a circulation passage of the laser gas between the discharge means and the blower means; and a gas compression means for discharging a predetermined amount of the laser gas from the laser-gas flow passage. The gas decompression means is structured on the application of bernoulli's principle.
 Sheet conductance/resistance measurement system patent thumbnailnew patent Sheet conductance/resistance measurement system
An apparatus for testing of electrical or physical properties of a material include a single coil sensor mounted adjacent to a sample of the material. Sheet conductance of a wide variety of materials may be measured using the single coil to determine if the material conforms to generally accepted standards for the use to which the material will be put.
new patent Portable controller with integral power source for mechanical circulation support systems
A portable external device for a mechanical circulation support system includes first and second power sources, e.g. Batteries and control electronics for redundant uninterrupted operation of an implantable blood pump.
new patent Cup holder integrated with heating system in a motor vehicle
A cup holder/heater plate integrated with heating system in a motor vehicle using exhaust gas heat for heating food/drink items. The heating system has a cup holder/heater plate provided in the console of the vehicle with a heater coil tube at bottom of said cup holder/heater plate.
new patent Device for cooling a component of an electrical machine using cooling coils
A device for cooling a component includes first and second cooling cons for circulation of a coolant. The first and second cooling coils have serpentine sections and distance sections connecting neighboring ones of the serpentine sections to each other for cooling individual non-neighboring component areas.
new patent Heat regenerator
A heat regenerator comprising at least one matrix made of a refractory material, to ensure the storage and recovery of heat. The matrix includes at least one through-channel capable of enabling the circulation of a fluid, said channel comprising at least two projections projecting into the space defined by said channel, said projections being positioned on two opposite surfaces of the channel..
new patent Condensate accumulation model for an engine heat exchanger
Embodiments for controlling condensate in an engine heat exchanger are disclosed. In one example, a method for an engine comprises increasing exhaust gas recirculation (egr) flow responsive to condensation in an egr cooler.
new patent Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
A twin entry type turbo supercharger (18) is provided. A first exhaust passage (14a) through which first exhaust gas exhausted from a first cylinder group (#2 and #3) and a second exhaust passage (14b) through which second exhaust gas exhausted from a second cylinder group (#1 and #4) are provided.
new patent Fluid turbine flow meter
The invention concerns a fluid turbine flow meter including a rotatable longitudinal body of a turbine equipped with longitudinal blades and regularly distributed support arms of the blades connecting the blades to the rotatable body of the turbine, where each blade has on the support arm a plurality of separate longitudinal thrust members the cross sections of which are adapted to receive the thrust of the fluid jet when the blade is active and to allow circulation of fluid between the thrust members when the blade is inactive.. .
new patent Apparatus and method for measuring the stretch of a chain which circulates endlessly in the apparatus
An apparatus (2) with a chain (1) that is arranged endlessly circulateable in the apparatus (2) includes a measuring apparatus (3) for measuring the stretching or elongation of the chain (1), with a first signal pick-up (4) and with a second signal pick-up (5), which are arranged at a spacing distance (d) relative to one another, which extends in the running direction over several chain links (6) of the chain (1). A first element for signal generation (7) is arranged on a first chain link (6.1) in such a manner so that with a circulating chain (1) a signal is produced upon running past the first signal pick-up (4).
new patent Method and apparatus for testing lost circulation materials within a permeability plugging apparatus
According to aspects of the present disclosure, an apparatus for testing lost circulation materials (lcms) within a permeability plugging apparatus (ppa) is described. The apparatus may include a ppa cell cap and an elongated lcm receiver.
new patent Filter device for washing machine
A filter device for a washing machine includes a circulation flow path frame on an inner wall of a washing tub, having a first overflow path between the circulation flow path frame and the inner wall of the washing tub; and a filter unit in the circulation flow frame, having a second overflow path between the filter unit and the circulation flow path frame to communicate with the first overflow path. Wash water entering the first overflow path is discharged into the washing tub through a discharge port of the first overflow path and a discharge port of the second overflow path, and the discharge port of the second overflow path is under the discharge port of the first overflow path..
new patent Hybrid heating system
Hybrid heating system including: a heat pump water heating system; sensors, for measuring a system parameter; an input arrangement providing cost data pertaining to a first power cost for supplying power to the heat pump system, and to cost information pertaining to a second power cost for operating a conventional heating system; a processor storing criteria specifying when to operate the heat pump and conventional systems, the processor receiving and processing: cost data; cost information; system parameter data; flow information on a heat exchange system circulation arrangement, and heat pump system power consumption information; and concurrently operating, upon demand, the heat pump system and a chiller system in opposite heating modes; wherein, when the chiller system operates in a cooling mode, the processor processes the cost data and information, system parameter data, and flow and power consumption information, and controls the systems based on the criteria.. .
new patent System and method for heating combustor fuel
A system for heating combustor fuel includes a turbine exhaust plenum and a heat exchanger downstream from the turbine exhaust plenum. The heat exchanger has an exhaust inlet, an exhaust outlet, a fuel inlet, and a fuel outlet.
new patent Methods and systems for ammonia slip detection
Various systems and methods are described for detecting ammonia slip. In one example method, an amount of exhaust gas recirculation is reduced when output from an exhaust gas sensor indicates an increase in nitrogen oxide above a threshold amount.
Approach for controlling exhaust gas recirculation
Various embodiments related to controlling egr in an engine are disclosed. In one embodiment, a first egr amount is supplied to a cylinder at a first temperature and a first engine speed and load.
Oven with recirculation of combustion exhaust gases
An oven includes a cooking chamber, a gas-fired heat exchanger external of the cooking chamber and a flow path for circulating air from the cooking chamber past the heat exchanger to pick-up heat and then back to the cooking chamber under operation of a blower. A first combustion path gas flow path runs from the heat exchanger to an exhaust system for delivering combustion path gases away from the oven, and a second combustion path gas flow path runs from the heat exchanger to the cooking chamber for delivering combustion path gases into the cooking chamber.
Burner arrangement and burner assembly
The invention relates to a burner arrangement comprising a fluid cooled copper block. Further, the invention relates to a burner assembly, a duct element, a gas circulating duct, and a metallurgical furnace comprising said burner arrangement.
Apparatus and methods for producing ozone
The invention relates to improvements in apparatus and methods for producing ozone. The apparatus comprises: a differential pressure injector, a means for circulating aqueous fluid through the differential pressure injector and programmable control means.
Use of spironolactone-based composition that exhibits an inhibitory action on t-lymphocyte activation which is useful for preventing and/or treating multiple sclerosis
The present invention relates to the use of spironolactone for the preparation of a pharmaceutical composition intended for preventing and/or treating multiple sclerosis. Alternatively, the invention relates to the use of spironolactone directly in t-lymphocytes or dendritic cells obtained from a blood sample taken from a patient and then injected back into the circulation.
The invention provides a pump comprising a pump inlet, a pump outlet, at least two threaded rotors and a pressure controlled valve, the pressure controlled valve being capable of controlling re-circulation of fluid from the pump outlet to the pump inlet. The pressure controlled valve can be a control valve.
Supporting, retaining, and protective apparatus for extracorporeal heart and/or lung support systems
The invention relates to a supporting apparatus for devices for maintaining blood circulation, in particular for a heart-lung machine, comprising a plurality of retaining units arranged on the device side for retaining blood-conducting and/or blood-treating devices and control units, and comprising at least one fastening unit arranged on the patient side for detachably and quickly fastening the supporting apparatus to a patient or an object arranged near the patient, wherein at least one screen-like wall element is arranged between the device-side retaining units and the patient-side fastening unit as a protective element for the devices.. .
Membrane bioreactor system using reciprocating membrane
The present invention relates to membrane bioreactor (“mbr”) system that includes a mechanical membrane reciprocation system to reduce or eliminate membrane fouling. The disclosed mbr system can be operated with higher flux and lower fouling than mbr systems using air scouring.
Electrofill vacuum plating cell
The disclosed embodiments relate to methods and apparatus for immersing a substrate in electrolyte in an electroplating cell under sub-atmospheric conditions to reduce or eliminate the formation/trapping of bubbles as the substrate is immersed. Various electrolyte recirculation loops are disclosed to provide electrolyte to the plating cell.
Brazable component and heat exchanger comprising same
The brazable component for the circulation of a fluid in a heat exchanger, in particular for a motor vehicle, according to the invention, comprises an aluminum alloy core 4. It further comprises a pure aluminum protective layer 8 placed against the core 4..
Biomass conversion systems and methods for use thereof
Digestion of cellulosic biomass solids to form a hydrolysate may be accompanied by decomposition if the soluble carbohydrates produced from the biomass under hydrothermal digestion conditions are not transformed into a more stable reaction product. Biomass conversion systems may be configured to address this issue and others.
Exhaust gas recirculation cooler for vehicle
An egr (exhaust gas recirculation) cooler apparatus for a vehicle may include a main cooling unit that may be disposed on an egr line recirculating exhaust gas from an exhaust manifold to an intake manifold to cool the exhaust gas through coolant, a valve assembly that may be connected to the main cooling unit to control exhaust gas flowing rate supplied to the main cooling unit, and a sub cooling unit that may be integrally formed on the main cooling unit and cools down the exhaust gas that may be to be supplied to the valve assembly.. .
Protective liner
A multilayer protective liner in the form of a cot bumper is provided to protect infants when sleeping or resting in a bedding arrangement such as a cot or crib. In one form, the cot bumper has two outer surfaces of a quilted padded mesh material which not only provides protection against accidental or inadvertent contact with exposed hard surfaces of the cot or crib, but also provides for air circulation around and through the protective layer so as to produce a healthier environment for the sleeping or resting infant.
Reduction of galectin-3 levels by plasmapheresis
The invention is directed to the removal of serum gal-3 from circulation by plasmapheresis using gal-3 binding agents in either a fixed bed, or in a form easily removed, such as by being complexed with magnetic particles. This method, on its own, brings a sharp reduction and relief from the inflammation and fibroses that can be induced by circulating gal-3.
Apparatus for determining possibility of return of spontaneous circulation
An apparatus for determining a possibility of return of spontaneous circulation, includes: an electrocardiogram acquiring unit acquiring electrocardiogram waveform data from a subject in a cardiac arrest condition during chest compression applied to the subject; a bandpass filter unit allowing only a frequency component in a vicinity of a frequency of a p wave of the electrocardiogram waveform to pass through the bandpass filter unit; a resuscitation possibility determining unit determining whether an output of the bandpass filter unit exceeds a predetermined value or not, and determining that there is the possibility of return of spontaneous circulation when the output exceeds the predetermined value; and an outputting unit outputting a result of determination related to the possibility of return of spontaneous circulation.. .
Concurrent treatment of oral and systemic maladies in animals using electrical current
A method and apparatus for the concurrent treatment of multiple oral diseases and defects while promoting general oral hygiene utilizing electricity are provided for non-human animals. Electrodes are used to deliver an electrical current to the gingival tissues of a mouth in order to achieve a number of therapeutic, prophylactic, and regenerative benefits.
Recirculation unit for a fuel cell system
A recirculation device for a fuel cell system includes a recirculation line connecting the outlet and inlet of the anode region of the fuel cell. The recirculation device includes a liquid separator situated in the area of the recirculation line and a discharge line having a discharge valve for liquid and/or gases.
Control device for electric water pump
In an electric water pump for circulating cooling water of an engine mounted on a vehicle or similar, a time interval to switch energized phase of a pump motor is set to longer than a time interval during a normal flow rate control (during a flow rate control at a flow rate equal to or more than a flow rate where an electromotive force generated at a non-energized phase is detectable). In the case where a pump discharge pressure (or a water temperature of the cooling water) repeatedly increases and decreases in this extremely low flow rate state, it is determined that the electric water pump normally rotates as required.
Compressor of an exhaust-gas turbocharger
A compressor (1) of an exhaust-gas turbocharger (atl), having a compressor wheel (2) and a compressor housing (3) which has a housing longitudinal axis (a). The compressor wheel (2) is arranged in the housing.
Circulating fluidized bed-type gasification furnace and fluid medium flow rate control method
A flow rate adjuster (106) distributes the fluid medium heated in the combustion furnace to the gasification furnace and a buffer section (112). In this manner, irrespective of the flow rate of the fluid medium in the entire circulation fluidized bed-type gasification furnace (100), the buffer section (112) enables the fluid medium to bypass to the combustion furnace.
Media-agitation type pulverizer
A media-agitation type pulverizer of the present invention includes: a guide ring installed to radially divide a lower region of a pulverization chamber into an inner section and an annular outer section. A flow of a mixture of a raw material slurry and pulverizing media is formed as a helicoidal flow comprising a secondary flow flowing through a circulation flow path which has an upward flow path and a downward flow path created, respectively, in the outer section and the inner section of the lower region of the pulverization chamber, with respect to the guide ring.
Combustible fuel and apparatus and process for creating the same
Features for an aqueous reactor include a field generator. The field generator includes a series of parallel conductive plates including a series of intermediate neutral plates.
Compositions and methods for reducing fluid loss
The current application discloses compositions and methods for reducing fluid loss during subterranean operations. Co2 activated swellable elastomers can be used in subterranean operations to reduce fluid loss.
Control device for internal combustion engine
This invention relates to a control device for internal combustion engine for performing an exhaust recirculation control for controlling an operation condition of an exhaust recirculation device (50,52) according to a target exhaust gas recirculation amount (tregr) set such that a detected air-fuel ratio (afd) corresponds to an estimated air-fuel ratio (afe). When the sign of the ratio (rtregr) of the change amount of the actual target exhaust gas recirculation amount relative to the change amount of the base exhaust gas recirculation amount setting parameter (q) used for the setting of the base exhaust gas recirculation amount (regrb) is different from that of the ratio of the change amount of the referential target exhaust gas recirculation amount relative to the change amount of the base exhaust gas recirculation amount setting parameter, the performance of the learning function to calculate the learned correction value (kgn) on the basis of the instant correction value (kt) for correcting the current target exhaust gas recirculation amount such that the air-fuel ratio deviation (raf) becomes zero is forbidden..
Heat pump system and air-conditioner
A heat pump system, including a main heat pump system and a directly expanded strong cool-heat radiation plate provided on the building surface and serving as the terminal of the main heat pump system. The directly expanded strong cool-heat radiation plate enables refrigerant in the main heat pump system to circulate therein.
Intermittent pneumatic compression device
Intermittent pneumatic compression (ipc) devices for facilitating fluid circulation in a body are disclosed. The disclosed devices provide compression by alternating between a higher pressure and a lower or no pressure in an associated inflatable cuff.
Method and apparatus for pre-heating recirculated flue gas to a dry scrubber during periods of low temperature
A method and system for preventing exclusions in an air quality control system (aqcs) of a type having a scrubber, either a circulating fluidized bed (cfb), transport reactor (tr) or spray-dryer absorber sda, and in all three cases with a flue gas recirculation fgr system. The invention automatically pre-heats flue gas recirculated to the input of the cfb/tr/sda scrubber during periods of low temperature operation.
Method and system for determining time-based index for blood circulation from angiographic imaging data
A predetermined time-based index ratio such as time-based fractional flow reserve (ffr) is determined for evaluating a level of blood circulation between at least two locations such as a proximal location and a distal location in a selected blood vessel in the region of interest. One time-based ffr is obtained by normalizing a risk artery ratio by a reference artery ratio..
Heat dissipation device for flashlight
The present invention provides a heat dissipation device for a flashlight, comprising a lighting portion and a handheld portion; said lighting portion is provided inside an outer housing and comprises a lighting source adjacent to a front light cover and a light reflector; an end of said lighting source is connected to a power supply end via power wires, and one side of said handheld portion is attached with an elastic clip; characterized in that: a heat dissipating fin is attached to a back portion of said lighting source inside said outer housing; air vents are formed on a rear side circumference of said outer housing; whereby heated air generated by said lighting source is exhausted rearward from a side of said heat dissipating fin and along said air vents on said rear side circumference of said flashlight to maintain good air circulation between said flashlight and the user's garment.. .
Apparatus for treating waste water
An apparatus for treating waste water including a tank having at least one waste water inlet for passing waste water into an inlet region of the tank, at least one waste water outlet for draining waste water from an outlet region of the tank, at least one first baffle between said inlet region and a settlement region of the tank, wherein contaminants having a specific gravity less than one are able to settle out from the waste water for subsequent removal, at least one second baffle between the settlement region and the outlet region of the tank. A recirculation system is adapted to recirculate waste water from the outlet region to the inlet region of the tank.
Reducing soluble urokinase receptor in the circulation
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (fsgs) is a common cause of proteinuric kidney disease, which comprises both native and transplanted kidneys. Treatment was limited in the past due to the complicated pathogenesis of fsgs, including previously unidentified serum factors.
Weight-controlled sorbent system for hemodialysis
A hemodialysis system including (i) a dialyzer, (ii) a blood circuit including a blood pump in fluid communication with the dialyzer, (iii) a dialysate circuit including a dialysate circulation pump in fluid communication with the dialyzer, the dialysate circuit further including a sorbent cartridge for cleaning used dialysate, (iv) a dialysate reservoir, (v) a reservoir pump in fluid communication with the dialysate circuit and the dialysate reservoir, (vi) a supply of concentrate for reconstituting dialysate in the dialysate circuit, and (vii) wherein the hemodialysis system is configured to electronically weigh the dialysate reservoir and the supply of concentrate.. .
Device and method for detecting the recirculation during an extracorporeal blood treatment
Recirculation is detected based on detection of the pressure change. The device includes a control unit cooperating with a device for conveying blood and a device for supplying substituate.
Preparation apparatus for porous alumina template
Disclosing is a preparation apparatus of a porous alumina plate, including an electrolytic tank, an aluminum substrate, a negative electrode, a thermostatic apparatus, a circulation apparatus, and a power supply. The electrolytic tank includes an accommodating space and connects to a first opening and a second opening of the accommodating space, respectively, and a slot wall of the electrolytic tank is installed with an input tube and an output tube.
Method for initiating fluid circulation using dual drill pipe
A method for operating a dual drill string disposed in a wellbore, the string having a shutoff valve for at least a fluid return drill string therein proximate a bottom end thereof includes pumping fluid into the fluid return string such that a pressure therein is substantially equal to a fluid pressure in the wellbore. Circulation of fluid in the wellbore is initiated by pumping fluid into a fluid supply string of the dual drill string such that the shutoff valve on the fluid return string opens to enable the fluid leaving the wellbore to enter the fluid return string..
Triggerable lost circulation material and method of use
Methods for preventing or alleviating the loss of drilling fluids and other well treatment fluids into a subterranean formation during drilling or construction of boreholes therein include a drilling fluid including a lost circulation material. The lost circulation material includes a suspension of swelled particles of a ph sensitive polymeric material, the swelled particles capable of reversibly attaching to other swelled particles of the polymeric material.
Automatic recirculation control for vehicular hvac system
Recirculation of air within a passenger cabin by a vehicular hvac system is controlled to maximize the use of recirculation without causing discomfort from a large air flow around the legs of a passenger located near the cabin air return vent. An automatic recirculation condition is detected in response to first conditions including a window defrost setting.
Use of photo catalytic material for self-cleaning banknotes
Self-cleaning banknotes are provided using coatings, inks and additives which are photo-active and catalytic to reactions which are effective in breaking up organic contaminants or dirt to allow for the self-cleaning of banknotes by ambient light exposure as well as the cleaning of processed banknotes using equipment with more intense optical excitation, thus increasing their usable life. The invention is usable with all substrates and particularly polymeric substrates such as biaxially-oriented polypropylene (bopp).
Method and apparatus for energy efficient wash appliances
An electronic controller used with a washing appliance, such as a dishwasher, operatively connected to a hot water delivery system having a hot water heater, hot water delivery piping, and a circulation pump that when activated circulates water in the delivery piping back to the hot water heater. The washing appliance structured to perform a cleaning process that includes a pre-wash cycle and a wash cycle that utilizes hot water received from the hot water delivery piping.
Forced flow steam generator having wall heating surface and method for its operation
The invention refers to a forced flow steam generator (10) and to a method for its operation. The forced flow steam generator (10) has a combustion chamber (11) with a burner arrangement (20).
Low temperature continuous circulation reactor for the aqueous synthesis of zno films, nanostructures, and bulk single crystals
A method for synthesizing zno, comprising continuously circulating a growth solution that is saturated with zno between a warmer deposition zone, which contains a substrate or seed, and a cooler dissolution zone, which is contains zno source material.. .
External circulation type ball screw device
The invention provides an external circulation type ball screw device comprising screw shaft and nut having first and second screw grooves. A circulation member comprises first leg, second leg and connection portion.
Washing machine
A washing machine includes a tub (2), a draining circuit (16) fluidly connected to the tub (2) for draining fluid from the tub (2), a recirculation circuit (10) fluidly connected to a lower portion of the tub (2) for recirculating fluid from the lower portion of the tub (2) into the tub, and a filter element (28, 28′, 28″) at an inlet (14) of the recirculation circuit (10) for preventing foreign objects from entering the recirculation circuit. The filter element (28, 28′, 28″) includes at least one filter aperture for letting fluid pass.
Refrigeration apparatus
A refrigeration apparatus includes a high-temperature side circulation circuit, a low-temperature side circulation circuit, a cascade capacitor, and control means. The high-temperature side circulation circuit forms a refrigerant circuit in which a high-temperature side compressor, a high-temperature side condenser, a high-temperature side expansion device, and a high-temperature side evaporator are connected by a pipe.
Flow control tab for turbine section flow cavity
Flow control tabs for turbine sections are provided. The turbine section includes a stator assembly and a rotor assembly.

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