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Circulation patents

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Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Circulation-related patents
 Patient monitor for determining microcirculation state patent thumbnailPatient monitor for determining microcirculation state
As placement of a physiological monitoring sensor is typically at a sensor site located at an extremity of the body, the state of microcirculation, such as whether vessels are blocked or open, can have a significant effect on the readings at the sensor site. It is therefore desirable to provide a patient monitor and/or physiological monitoring sensor capable of distinguishing the microcirculation state of blood vessels.
 Method for treating oncological diseases patent thumbnailMethod for treating oncological diseases
A method to treat cancer and other malignant diseases, said method comprising parenterally administering an agent which destroys blood extracellular dna into the systemic circulation of a cancer patient to slow down cancer growth. The agent is embodied in the form of a dnase enzyme and, more particularly, as a dnase i enzyme.
 Derivatives of recombinant proteins, homo-multimers of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and method of preparation thereof patent thumbnailDerivatives of recombinant proteins, homo-multimers of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and method of preparation thereof
The invention relates to derivatives of recombinant proteins, comprising homo-multimers of genetically fused recombinant biologically active protein monomer units, connected via selected peptide linker moiety; and the method of preparation thereof. Derivative of recombinant protein is preferably dimer of human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, characterised by increased circulation time in vivo..
 Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus patent thumbnailLiquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
Provided is a liquid ejection head, including a pressure chamber in which a liquid flows, at least a part of a wall surface of the pressure chamber being formed of a piezoelectric member; an ejection orifice for ejecting the liquid in the pressure chamber pressurized by deformation of the piezoelectric member; a temperature control liquid flow path in which a temperature control liquid flows, the temperature control liquid flow path being provided independently from the pressure chamber and formed so as to be adjacent to the pressure chamber via the wall surface of the pressure chamber, at least a part of a wall surface of the temperature control liquid flow path being formed of the piezoelectric member; and a circulation liquid flow path communicating with the temperature control liquid flow path, for circulating the temperature control liquid.. .
 Continuous circulation sand filter and continuous circulation sand filtering method patent thumbnailContinuous circulation sand filter and continuous circulation sand filtering method
Provided is a continuous circulation sand filter including a filtering barrel filled with a sand filtering layer, an inflow tube for introducing raw water into the filtering barrel, a treated water discharge part for discharging treated water purified by passing the raw water through the sand filtering layer from a lower end of the sand filtering layer to an upper end thereof, an air lift tube for transferring contaminated sand, located in the lower end of the sand filtering layer, from a lower part of the filtering barrel to an upper part thereof, a transfer water discharge filter contacting the air lift tube to discharge transfer water moved upward together with sand through the air lift tube and trap the sand and a foreign substance, a descent guide tube downwardly moving the sand and the foreign substance moved to the upper part of the filtering barrel through the air lift tube, and a foreign substance separation tube suctioning the downwardly moving foreign substance to remove the foreign substance from the downwardly moving sand, and discharging the foreign substance.. .
 Recirculating dialysate fluid circuit for blood measurement patent thumbnailRecirculating dialysate fluid circuit for blood measurement
A blood based solute monitoring system for measuring at least one blood solute species that has a first recirculation flow path in fluid communication with a dialyzer. The first recirculation flow path is configured to allow a fluid to recirculate through a dialyzer such that the concentration of at least one solute species in the fluid becomes equilibrated to the solute species concentration of the blood in a blood compartment of the dialyzer.
 Circulation transport system patent thumbnailCirculation transport system
An elevator system includes two or more hoistways. One or more elevator cars are located in a first of the two or more hoistways and movable to a second hoistway of the two or more hoistways.
 Lost circulation treatment fluids comprising pumice and associated methods patent thumbnailLost circulation treatment fluids comprising pumice and associated methods
Disclosed are lost circulation treatment fluids and methods of sealing lost circulation zones. Embodiments include a method of sealing a lost circulation zone.
 Heat exchanger, particularly for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailHeat exchanger, particularly for a motor vehicle
The invention relates to a heat exchanger between a first fluid and a second fluid, comprising: a heat exchange core (3) comprising first circulation channels of the first fluid and second circulation channels of the second fluid, an inlet collector box (5) for the first fluid and an outlet collector box (7) for the first fluid, into which the ends of said first channels open out, and an inlet connection piece (9) for the second fluid and an outlet connection piece (11) for the second fluid. Said inlet (5) and outlet (7) collector boxes for the first fluid are separated by a deflector (13) and said exchanger moreover comprises an intermediate collector box (21) communicating with said first channels to create a u-circulation of the first fluid in said first channels.
 Valve including a device for immobilizing a journal, energy conversion installation/fluid distribution network including such a valve and method of demounting such a valve patent thumbnailValve including a device for immobilizing a journal, energy conversion installation/fluid distribution network including such a valve and method of demounting such a valve
This valve is integrated into a fluid distribution network and enables selective interruption or authorization of the circulation of a fluid. The valve includes a fluid blocking member driven in rotation by an actuator device of the valve and at least one journal, a hollow body inside which the blocking member is mobile and which defines at least one bore for receiving the journal, and a bearing disposed around each journal and inside the bore of the body enabling support of the journal and guidance thereof in rotation relative to the bore, thereby centering the journal.
Silverware basket with integral spray jets for a dishwasher
Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and apparatuses for providing dedicated spray coverage for silverware and dishware positioned within a silverware basket. In an example embodiment, the dishwasher includes a tub configured to receive dishware and a circulation system configured to circulate fluid within the tub.
Anti-freezing device for egr device
In an anti-freezing device for an egr device 14 with an egr cooler 12 being provided midway of an egr pipe 11 for extraction and recirculation of a part of exhaust gas from an exhaust side to an intake side, a downstream egr pipe 11b downstream of the egr cooler 12 being connected through a flange section 15 to an egr valve 13, the flange section 15 is provided with a warm-water passage 16 to and from which engine warm water 22 is guided through warm-water conduits 23 and 24.. .
Egr rate control for internal combustion engine with dual exhaust-ported cylinders
A method of using exhaust gas recirculation (egr) in an internal combustion engine. At least two of the cylinders are “dual exhaust-ported cylinders” having two exhaust ports.
Intake apparatus
An intake apparatus includes an intake pipe, a resonator and a blowby gas recirculation pipe. The resonator includes a volume portion having a volume chamber therein and a connecting pipe connecting the volume portion and the intake pipe and having a connecting passage connecting the volume chambera and the intake passage.
Gear device and vehicle having same mounted thereon
A gear device in which lubricating oil for cooling and lubricating gears to be driven therein is adjusted to a temperature and an amount suitable for the speed of a vehicle, and a vehicle having the gear device mounted thereon. A transmission adjusts the temperature of lubricating oil by supplying the lubricating oil from a lower part of a housing of the transmission into a heat exchanger by a circulation pump and causing the lubricating oil and engine cooling water to exchange heat with each other in the heat exchanger.
Flatware item for thermally melting food product
A flatware item for thermally melting a food product includes a metal body (10), a low-temperature-evaporable circulation fluid (20), and a reflux medium (30). The metal body (10) has a vacuum chamber (100), a hand holding portion (11), and a food contacting portion (12).
Method for liquefying natural gas with a triple closed circuit of coolant gas
A process for liquefying natural gas by; a) causing it to flow through three series connected heat exchangers, where gas is cooled to t3; t3 is less/equal to the liquefaction temperature of natural gas at atmospheric pressure; and b) causing the closed circuit circulation of a first stream of refrigerant gas at a pressure p1 lower than p3 entering the third exchanger and leaving the first exchanger, the first stream obtained using a first expander to expand a first portion of a second stream at p3 higher than p2, the second stream flowing relative to the natural gas stream entering the first exchanger and leaving the second exchanger; and a third stream at a pressure p2 higher than p1 and lower than p3 flowing relative to the first stream, entering the second exchanger and leaving the first exchanger; c) the second stream at the pressure p3 obtained by compression.. .
Power generation system and method of stopping power generation system
A gas turbine including a compressor and a combustor, an sofc including an air electrode (cathode) and a fuel electrode (anode), a first compressed air supply line adapted to supply a compressed air compressed by the compressor to the combustor, a second compressed air gas supply line adapted to supply a part of a compressed air compressed by the compressor to the air electrode (cathode), a first fuel gas supply line adapted to supply a fuel gas to the combustor, a second fuel gas supply line adapted to supply a fuel gas to the fuel electrode (anode), a fuel gas recirculation line adapted to return an exhausted fuel gas discharged from the fuel electrode (anode) to the fuel electrode (anode), a cooler provided in the fuel gas recirculation line are provided.. .
Supercharger control device for internal combustion engine
A turbocharging system of an internal combustion engine includes compressor of a turbocharger disposed on an intake passage of an internal combustion engine and a turbine disposed on an exhaust passage of the internal combustion engine. A bypass passage connects an upstream side and a downstream side of the turbine in the exhaust passage together.
Method and system for exhaust gas recirculation
Methods and systems are provided for an engine including a first turbocharger having a first compressor and a second turbocharger having a second compressor. An egr differential between the first compressor and the second compressor may be increased under a condensation condition, and decreased under a surge condition.
Methods for nox reduction using exhaust-gas condensate
The system and methods described allow for reduce emissions by using a recirculation device within an engine that connects an air feed line to an exhaust line while cooling the exhaust-gas to form a condensate for further cooling the engine system. In one particular example, a cooling unit is described that cools the exhaust-gas stream flowing there through and collects a condensate out of the exhaust-gas stream for injection back into the air feed line via an injecting device.
Thermotherapy needling instrument with tissue injection
The disclosure provides a thermotherapy needling instrument with tissue injection, including: a casing, an outer needle, an inner needle and a working needle. The casing has an inlet, an outlet and an inner channel.
Devices, systems, and methods for peripheral arteriovenous fistula creation
Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for the formation of an arteriovenous fistula in the limb of the patient. Embodiments include an apparatus for the creation, modification and maintenance of a fistula, including the modification of an existing dialysis fistula; and a method of supplying oxygenated blood to the venous circulation of a patient.
Methods and systems for gas filtering and carbon dioxide capture
Conventionally air filters are particulate filters composed of fibrous materials in order to remove solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air. Accordingly, it would be beneficial to provide absorbent filters within such systems in order to address the removal of gaseous impurity components from the circulating air in addition to conventional particulate tillers.
A device for feeding fluid to a hydraulic actuator for controlling the pitch of the fan blades of a two-propeller turboprop
A device for feeding fluid to a hydraulic actuator for controlling a pitch of fan blades of a two-propeller turboprop, the device including: a fluid manifold secured to a rotor of the turboprop and including a cylindrical portion including at least two fluid-circulation grooves, each presenting an outlet orifice; a fluid-admission support secured to a stationary portion of the turboprop and including a cylindrical portion including at least two distinct fluid passages opening to fluid-admission tubes and each leading radially into one of the fluid-circulation grooves of the manifold; and a tub constrained to rotate with the fluid manifold and including a cylindrical portion including at least two fluid-flow channels, each fed with fluid by a respective one of the outlet orifices of the fluid dispenser, each fluid-flow channel leading to a respective chamber of a control actuator.. .
Heat dissipating device
A heat dissipating device comprises a first body, a second body, and a working fluid, the first body having a first plate and a second plate combining with each other to together define a first chamber, the second body connecting the first body and having a second chamber communicating with the first chamber correspondingly, the working fluid filled in the first chamber and the second chamber. By means of the design of the structure of the present invention and through the circulation of the working fluid between the first chamber and the second chamber, the heat dissipating device of the present invention can achieve the effect of remote heat dissipation..
Dishwasher and method of controlling the same
The present invention relates to a dishwasher that can save wash water for cleaning and a method of controlling the dishwasher. A method of controlling a dishwasher according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention is a method of controlling a dishwasher having a circulation channel through which wash water is supplied to wash a plurality of arms by a wash pump after collecting the wash water, sprayed in to a tub from the plurality of wash arms, in a sump, and the method includes: performing a first water-supplying for supplying a predetermined amount of wash water into the dishwasher by opening a water supply valve; performing a first washing where the plurality of wash arms spray the wash water into the tub to be circulated by operating the wash pump; performing a first draining for saving recycling wash water as much as the volume of the circulation channel and draining the rest of the wash water to the outside of the dishwasher by operating the wash pump and the drain pump; and performing a second water-supplying for supplying the amount of wash water except the amount of the recycling wash water from a predetermined amount of wash water into the dishwasher by opening the water supply valve..
Exhaust gas recirculation valve device for vehicle
An exhaust gas recirculation valve device for a vehicle includes a valve housing having an exhaust gas inlet port and an exhaust gas outlet port, a flap valve rotatably mounted on the valve housing to open and close the exhaust gas outlet port, and a valve shaft fitted to penetrate the flap valve and coupled to the flap valve by electron beam welding to rotate integrally with the flap valve.. .
Slot tester
A method for using a drilling fluid test device including a test cell including a perforated plate disposed proximate a first end of the test cell, a piston disposed within the cell, a first chamber formed between the perforated plate and the piston, the first chamber configured to receive lost circulation material (lcm), a second chamber formed between the piston and a second end of the test cell, the piston providing a seal between the first and second chambers, a fluid inlet disposed proximate the second end of the test cell configured to introduce fluid into a second chamber of the test cell, a filtrate outlet disposed proximate the first end of the test cell to discharge filtrate, and a pump in communication with the fluid inlet.. .
Air-conditioning apparatus
An air-conditioning apparatus includes: an outdoor unit including a compressor, a first refrigerant flow path switching device, and a heat-source-side heat exchanger; a heat medium relay unit including an intermediate heat exchanger, an expansion device, a second refrigerant flow path switching device, and a pump; and at least one indoor unit including a use-side heat exchanger. The compressor, the first refrigerant flow path switching device, the expansion device, the second refrigerant flow path switching device, and the intermediate heat exchanger are connected using a refrigerant pipe, thereby making up a refrigeration cycle.
System and method for reheat in gas turbine with exhaust gas recirculation
A system includes a turbine having an exhaust flow path through a plurality of turbine stages, wherein the plurality of turbine stages is driven by combustion products flowing through the exhaust flow path, at least one main combustor disposed upstream from the turbine, wherein the at least one main combustor is configured to combust a fuel with a first oxidant and an exhaust gas to generate the combustion products, at least one reheat combustor disposed in or between turbine stages of the turbine, wherein the at least one reheat combustor is configured to reheat the combustion products by adding a second oxidant to react with unburnt fuel in the combustion products, and an exhaust gas compressor, wherein the exhaust gas compressor is configured to compress and route the exhaust gas from the turbine to the at least one main combustor along an exhaust recirculation path.. .
Stoichiometric combustion control for gas turbine system with exhaust gas recirculation
In one embodiment, a system includes at least one sensor configured to communicate a signal representative of a gas turbine operations. The system further includes a controller communicatively coupled to the sensor.
Solar dryer with enhanced efficiency of drying
The present invention provides an improved solar dryer with improved. The dryer consists of a solar absorber/collector (9) and a drying chamber (6).
Washing machine and controlling method thereof
Provided is a washing machine. The washing machine includes an outer tub holding wash water, an inner tub rotatably provided in the outer tub and receiving laundry, a pulsator rotatably provided in the inner tub, a power transmission shaft rotating the pulsator, a buoyancy clutch that that moves up and down by buoyancy created by the wash water and transfers, when the buoyancy clutch is in a lower position, rotational force from the power transmission shaft to the inner tub to allow the pulsator and the inner tub to rotate integrally with each other, a circulation passage that is provided on an outer portion of the outer tub to allow the wash water drained out of the outer tub to be returned into the outer tub, a pump provided on the circulation passage and a drain guide unit that directs the wash water under the buoyancy clutch to a drain hole of the outer tub so that the buoyancy clutch moves downward..
Plunger and evaporative base
A plunger with evaporative base is disclosed where the evaporative base has a standoff joined to a drainage bottom and a stump and stump channel arrangement for keeping the plunger suspended slightly above the drainage bottom. A plunger is disclosed that mates with the evaporative base and has a plunger bell standoff that mates with the evaporative base standoff to further keep the plunger suspended slightly above the drainage bottom.
System and method for quantification and display of collateral circulation in organs
A system and a process for representing collateral circulation in voxels of an organ. Arterial tissue delay is estimated from perfusion data by evaluating, according to a bayesian method, a posterior marginal probability distribution for the arterial tissue delay.
Method for suppressing surgical site infection and column to be used for the method
An object of the present invention is to provide a method for suppressing surgical site infections (ssi) that have occurred at extremely high incidence rates at the time of surgical operations and particularly surgical operations on digestive system organs, and to provide a column to be used for the method. According to the present invention, a method is provided for suppressing surgical site infections, which comprises the steps of: (a) administering a chemotherapeutic drug for treating and/or preventing a surgical site infection; and (b) collecting blood from a surgical subject and removing leukocytes that comprise neutrophils from the blood during or within 24 hours after surgical operation, and then returning the blood from which the leukocytes have been removed to the surgical subject.
Fireproof container improved in circulation of heat and safety of use
This invention relates to a fireproof container with improved circulation of heat and safer use. According to an embodiment of this invention, a fireproof container, to be loaded in an industrial furnace to perform a thermal treatment of a powder or a target, includes a prominent member formed on the outer walls thereof also, according to another embodiment of this invention, a fireproof container for use in thermal treatments has a hexahedral shape with a space having a predetermined volume in which a powder or a target to be thermally treated is placed, and includes a protrusion block having a predetermined shape formed on at least one of the external front surface, rear surface, left side surface, and right side surface of the fireproof container..
Fuel cell system comprising a water separator
A fuel cell system includes a fuel cell with an anode chamber and a cathode chamber. The fuel cell system also includes a recirculation device that recirculates anode exhaust gas to the anode input, which includes a discharge line for discharging liquid and/or gas from the region of the recirculation device, and an air conveying device for supplying the cathode chamber with a supply air flow.
Absorber for capturing co2 in ammoniated solution
A system for capturing co2 from a flue gas stream includes a co2 absorber having first and second absorption stages. A first contacting means is provided for contacting, in the first stage, the flue gas stream (fg) with a mixture of co2-lean ammoniated solution and recirculated co2-enriched ammoniated solution.
Cement clinker production with low emissions
The cement clinker production process is optimized from prior art by taking advantage of the exothermic reactions inside the sintering kiln and isolating them from the combustion process. Replacing traditional ways to burn fuels at the kiln discharge, avoiding combustion gases, dust recirculation and excess air inside the kiln by using alternative sources of heat if needed.
Submersible pump motor cooling through external oil circulation
An electrical submersible pump motor has motor oil flowing through external circulation tubes for cooling the motor. A substantial portion of the exterior of each tube is submerged in and exposed to wellbore fluid.
Multiphase pumping system
A centrifugal pump has a gas accumulation reduction system to reduce the risk of gas locking caused by the accumulation of gas at the inlet of the impeller. The gas accumulation reduction system includes: (i) one or more diffuser ports extending through the hub of a diffuser; and (ii) one or more recirculation passages extending through the hub of an impeller.
Ejector assembly
A recirculation flow collector for a fan includes an arcuate housing; a first face with a first circular opening to receive flow; a second face with a second circular opening to allow flow in a normal fan operating condition; and an outlet in a bottom of the arcuate housing to allow recirculation flow.. .
Mixing device
Inside a driven cylindrical housing 23 that is a cylindrical rotation member 13, a liquid to be mixed 4 is caused to become an inner circulation current f by extruded plate portions 24a-24d. Discharge ports 22a-22d formed in the cylindrical housing 21 discharge a portion of the inner circulation current f outward as outer discharge current d1-d4 by centrifugal force.
Airflow management system for cabinet having field replaceable units
A system for use with a computing rack that prolongs operation of computing devices mounted within the rack by preventing or at least limiting the circulation of airflow (e.g., hot airflow) through empty receiving bays of the rack upon removal of computing devices from the receiving bays. In one arrangement, the system includes a plurality of airflow restriction devices (e.g., baffle plates) movably secured adjacent respective receiving bays of the cabinet.
Rotating electrical machine for vehicles with liquid cooling
An embodiment of a rotating electrical machine has: a shaft rotatably mounted to rotate around a central rotation axis; a rotor carried by the shaft; a stator which supports stator windings and is arranged around the rotor to enclose the rotor therein; a cylindrical casing which encloses the stator therein; and a cooling circuit which is intended for the circulation of a cooling fluid, is obtained at the casing, has a single common inlet opening for the cooling fluid axially arranged in the centre of a lateral wall of the casing, and two helicoidal paths, each of which is a mirror-image twin of the other one, centrally originates from the common inlet opening and extends from the centre of the casing towards a corresponding end of the casing.. .
Closed fuel tank system
A fuel tank system includes a tank that stores fuel, a leveling valve that decides a limit liquid surface, a filler pipe that is provided with a fuel filler opening to which a blocking cover is attached at an end portion of the filler pipe, a recirculation pipe that communicates with the filler pipe, a discharge passage that is connected to the leveling valve and branches to a first passage and a second passage, a seal valve, and a release valve that is connected to the tank at a position higher than the limit liquid surface and one of the recirculation pipe and the filer pipe, and is released by a pressure lower than a pressure caused by a head difference between the limit liquid surface and a liquid surface of the fuel at the fuel filler opening.. .
Hydrocarbon conversion apparatus including fluid bed reaction vessel and related processes
Embodiments of a hydrocarbon conversion apparatus are provided, as are embodiments of a hydroprocessing conversion process. In one embodiment, the hydrocarbon conversion apparatus includes a reaction vessel having a reaction chamber and a feed distribution chamber.
Device for a top drive drilling machine for continuous circulation of drilling mud
A device for a top drive drilling machine, in which a drive shaft, which is arranged for releasable connection to a drive and to a first end portion of a drill pipe, is provided with a centre bore extending therethrough and arranged for fluid communication between the drilling mud plant and a fluid bore in the drill pipe. First and second releasable, drive-shaft-surrounding, respectively drill-string-surrounding, pressure seals and a valve which is arranged to provide, in an open position, a passage for the drill pipe or drive shaft, form a first and a second chamber.
Blood purification machine comprising heated fluid circuit
A machine for extracorporeal blood treatment comprising a machine-side fluid circuit is disclosed. The machine comprises a heat exchanger for heating cold purification fluid freshly supplied on its intake side, for which purpose used still warm purification fluid flows past its opposite discharge side for a heat exchange, and a circulation valve for changing over between a blood purification mode in which the used purification fluid is disposed of in an open fluid circuit through the discharge side of the heat exchanger into a drain and a disinfection mode in which hot disinfectant is circulated in a closed circuit.
White smoke reducing system and method of recovering waste heat and water using the same
Disclosed therein are a white smoke reducing system and a method of recovering waste heat and water using the white smoke reducing system. The white smoke reducing system includes a discharge gas inflow pipe, a water recovery part, a sensible heat exchanger, a first latent heat exchanger, a second latent heat exchanger, a steam separator, a discharge part, a circulation duct, and a mixing duct..
Bypass seal for rotary regenerative air preheaters
A rotary seal system is disclosed for an air circulating system. The rotary seal system includes a rotary shell having one or more air circulation chambers.
Fuel filter
Embodiments may provide a fuel filter that may include a plurality of return fuel conduits axially traversing a filter medium. Each conduit may include an inlet in fluidic communication with the fuel recirculation passage.
Fish display and water circulation apparatus with individually removable live fish containers
A fish display apparatus continuously circulating water through a plurality of removable live fish containers, whereby a large number of individual containers containing one or more fish may be easily displayed to customers and whereby any single container may be removed by the customer for purchase of the fish contained therein without stopping or interfering with the flow of water passing through the remaining containers.. .
System for treatment of lice, and corresponding method for treatment of lice
A lice treatment system for marine organisms, such as fish, is described where the system is a closed system comprising: an inlet (1) for fish that shall be treated, a first separator (2) to separate the fish and water and which is arranged after the inlet (1), a pipeline (6) for the transport of the fish, in which, at least, one part of the pipeline (6) constitutes a liquid bath (5) for the fish which is arranged to receive the treatment liquid, a second separator (7) to separate the fish and the treatment liquid, an outlet (8) for the discharge of the treated fish and which is arranged after the second separator (7), and a circulation pump (10) for the circulation of the treatment liquid in the closed system. The part of the pipeline that constitutes the liquid bath (5) is formed in a u-shape so that a liquid bath with respective liquid surfaces (4) is formed..
Method and apparatus for baking clinker
To produce cement clinker by baking of raw meal in a kiln, use is conventionally made of a raw meal preheater in which the heat of the flue gas emerging from the kiln is transferred to the raw meal. In order to remove impurities which accumulate in circulation between the kiln and the raw meal preheater, a part of the flue gas is extracted from the kiln, bypassing the raw meal preheater.
Cooling device comprising a pipe retainer
The present invention relates to a cooling device (1) comprising a refrigeration volume (3) wherein the foodstuffs to be cooled are placed, at least one cabinet (2) having an inner wall (4) surrounding the refrigeration volume (3) and an outer wall (5) with heat insulating material injected between itself and the inner wall (4), a compressor (6) providing compression of the refrigerant and circulation pipes (7) that extend at least between the inner wall (4) and the outer wall (5), providing the refrigeration volume (3) to be cooled by circulating the refrigerant leaving the compressor (6) therein.. .
Cryogenic tank assembly
A cryogenic tank assembly includes a cryogenic tank having an internal volume that is configured to contain liquefied natural gas (lng). The cryogenic tank includes an inlet and an outlet that are each fluidly connected to the internal volume.
Heat exchanger having thermoelectric element
A heat exchanger having a thermoelectric element. A heat-generating pack defines therein a circulation space, and has a passage in an upper portion of one end and a passage in the lower portion of the opposite end.
Super-turbocharger having a high speed traction drive and a continuously variable transmission
A super-turbocharger utilizing a high speed, fixed ratio traction drive that is coupled to a continuously variable transmission to allow for high speed operation is provided. A high speed traction drive is utilized to provide speed reduction from the high speed turbine shaft.
Apparatus for conducting thermolysis of plastic waste and method of thermolysis in continuous manner
The invention provides an apparatus and method for thermolysis of waste plastic in which reaction residue and carbonization products are continuously removed. The apparatus includes a feeding system, an extruder, a reactor for thermolysis, a dual agitator housed within the reactor, a trigger system in operative connection with the reactor, a flux heater, and a collecting system in operative connection with the reactor.
Methods and compositions for determining heart failure or a risk of heart failure
The present invention is based in part on the discovery of a panel of mirs whose levels are increased or decreased in the circulation of chronic systolic hf patients. Accordingly, an extensive panel of mirs was screened in the sera of stable chronic systolic hf patients and the results were compared to an age, gender and ethnically matched control group..
Optical anaylsis device, optical analysis method and computer program for optical analysis using single light-emitting particle detection
There is provided an optical analysis technique of detecting light of a light-emitting particle in a sample solution in the scanning molecule counting method using the light measurement with a confocal or multiphoton microscope, for suppressing the scattering in detected results of signals of light of light-emitting particles smaller and achieving the improvement of accuracy. The inventive technique comprises moving the position of a light detection region along a predetermined route for multiple circulation times by changing the optical path of the optical system; detecting light from the light detection region and generating time series light intensity data during the moving of the light detection region and detecting individually a signal indicating light from each light-emitting particle existing in the predetermined route using the time series light intensity data obtained in the circulating movements of the light detection region of multiple times..
Concentration measuring device
A concentration measuring device with which the concentration measurement of a test substance can be facilitated as compared to a conventional technique is provided. The concentration measuring device includes: first to third pipes together forming a circulation path through which a gas can circulate; a pump for flowing the gas in a circulating direction in the circulation path; a sample disposed in the circulation path; and a concentration measuring mechanism for measuring a concentration of a target substance from the sample in the circulation path.
Network congestion management by packet circulation
Methods, apparatus, and networks configured to manage network congestion using packet recirculation. The networks employ network elements (e.g., rbridges in layer 2 networks and switches/routers in layer 3 networks) that are configured to support multi-path forwarding under which packets addressed to the same destination may be routed via multiple paths to the destination.
Liquid discharging apparatus and control method thereof
When filling a printing head with ink, ink in a sub-tank is circulated through a forward path port, a forward path, the printing head, a return path, a return path port, and the sub-tank by pumping ink from the forward path port side to the printing head side by a circulation pump in a state where a plurality of nozzles is sealed by bringing a contact member of a capping device into contact with a nozzle formation surface. Thereafter, sealing of the plurality of nozzles by the capping device is released while pressurizing the sub-tank by a pressure adjusting device..
Humidity adjustment device
When a humidity adjustment device starts up, an outside air temperature to and an room air temperature tr are compared to determine which air temperature is higher. By mutually changing the flow of the outside air and the flow of the room air by means of an air circulation switching device, the air having the higher temperature of the outside air and the room air is circulated to a heat exchanger that operates as an evaporator..
Extracorporeal removal of microvesicular particles
The invention described herein teaches methods of removing microvesicular particles, which include but are not limited to exosomes, from the systemic circulation of a subject in need thereof with the goal of reversing antigen-specific and antigen-nonspecific immune suppression. Said microvesicular particles could be generated by host cells that have been reprogrammed by neoplastic tissue, or the neoplastic tissue itself.
Three-dimensional filament matrix as biological filtration medium
A microbial attachment means with consistent physical properties and non-degradable material suitable for submerged or free-draining filtration of wastewater is provided in the present invention. The material is used in the construction and landscaping industries and is readily available and cost-effective.
Nitrogen-reducing wastewater treatment system
A wastewater treatment system is provided having a pretreatment tank which receives wastewater from a wastewater source, and an aeration tank which is in fluid communication with the pretreatment tank. A recirculation pump is carried in the aeration tank and returns wastewater from the aeration tank to the pretreatment tank.
Bitumen based indirect steam boiler
Systems and methods generate steam in hydrocarbon recovery operations and may further enable emulsion separation and product upgrading. The methods rely on indirect boiling of water by contact with a thermal transfer liquid heated to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the water.
Bubble and foam solutions using a completely immersed air-free feedback flow control valve
The embodiments disclosed herein relate to methods and apparatus for promoting bubble-free circulation of processing fluids in a recirculation system. Certain disclosed techniques involve passive, mechanical valve designs that promote variable resistance to flow in a drain.
Monitoring and control systems for continuous circulating drilling operations
An apparatus for continuously flowing drilling fluid along a drill string includes a continuous circulation device having at least a first fluid path in fluid communication with a top drive and a second fluid path in communication with a diverter. The diverter is in selective fluid communication with a pipe stand associated with the drills string.
Steam generation
A steam generation device and a method for generating steam using the device are disclosed. The device includes a fluid circulation pipe containing electrically and thermally conductive material, and at least one inductive cable made from an electrically conductive material wound around the pipe.
Liquid indirect steam boiler
Systems and methods generate steam in hydrocarbon recovery operations and may further enable emulsion separation and product upgrading. The methods rely on indirect boiling of water by contact with a thermal transfer liquid heated to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the water.
Brine based indirect steam boiler
Systems and methods generate steam in hydrocarbon recovery operations and may further enable emulsion separation and product upgrading. The methods rely on indirect boiling of water by contact with a thermal transfer liquid heated to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the water.
Spliced endless clothing
A clothing fabric for a paper machine has two or more endless strips, which are each formed by a film-like web spliced along a joint to form a film-like web that is endless in the direction of circulation of the fabric. The endless strips are connected to one another at the side edges with the joints of two endless strips that are connected to each other are arranged to be offset in relation to one another with respect to the direction of circulation of the fabric..
Fluid distribution valve, fluid supply system comprising same, and method for controlling the fluid supply system
A fluid distribution valve which selectively distributes a fluid supplied from a fluid supply source to a plurality of flow channels, includes first and second branch pipes communicated with the fluid supply source; and a valve body selectively closing either one of the two branch pipes, and including a through hole allowing a circulation of the fluid into the second branch pipe from the fluid supply source in a case wherein the first branch pipe is closed. While the valve body closes the first branch pipe in an initial state thereof, the valve body is displaced or deformed according to a pressure difference of the fluid in the a first branch pipe side and the a second branch pipe side when the fluid is supplied from the fluid supply source so as to open the first branch pipe, and to close the through hole..
Method of removal of snow or ice coverage from solar collectors
A system and method for prevention and removal of snowpack from solar panels increases the collection efficiency of solar panels by using one or more techniques, alone or in combination including: vibrating a vibrationally isolated surface of the solar panel; flexing a flexible sheet attached to the solar panel; inducing vibrations via extenial circulation piping for detaching the snowpack from at least one solar thermal collector of a solar array; activating a heat-pipe to transfer heat from an absorber plate to the surface of the collection panel; and using a pzt to generate vibrations for detaching the snowpack from the solar panel.. .

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