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Circuit Board patents

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Steam hairdressing appliance equipped with a remote control circuit board

Dicing-tape-integrated adhesive sheet, semiconductor device, multilayered circuit board and electronic component

Display apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Circuit Board-related patents
 System and method for designing via of printed circuit board patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for designing via of printed circuit board
A via design method includes doing a simulation according to input data to obtain the impedance of the via of the reference printed circuit board (pcb). An optimal via model is determined according to a group of input data.
 Real-time display of electronic device design changes between schematic and/or physical representation and simplified physical representation of design patent thumbnailnew patent Real-time display of electronic device design changes between schematic and/or physical representation and simplified physical representation of design
A logical design component permits an electronic device design to be modified from a logical perspective on a schematic of the device showing device components in logical form, and displays a logical window of the schematic. A physical design component permits the design to be modified from a circuit board perspective on a circuit board representation of the device the showing the components in physical form, and displays a physical window of the circuit board representation.
 Zero sum signaling in a digital system environment patent thumbnailnew patent Zero sum signaling in a digital system environment
Zero sum signaling schemes utilize coding across data words to allow the use of single-ended buffers while mitigating simultaneous switching noise (ssn) in digital systems. Zero sum signaling may include balanced zero sum coding (target disparity=0) and nearly balanced zero sum coding (target disparity=±d).
 Electronic apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic apparatus
According to one embodiment, first monitor controller of electronic circuit board recognizes free slot into which the electronic circuit board has been hot-inserted, notifies host control device of start together with slot information causes first parameter setting module to change reception parameter of first t/r circuit module. The host control device instructs switch processing board to change transmission parameter, in response to slot information and start notification.
 Near-surface object sensing device and sensing method patent thumbnailnew patent Near-surface object sensing device and sensing method
Disclosed is a near-surface object sensing device, including a printed circuit board, a plurality of magnetic sensors arrayed on the printed circuit board to sense the magnetic field of an external magnetic object and generate a magnetic sensing signal, a multiplexer connected to the magnetic sensors for selecting and outputting the magnetic sensing signal, and a microprocessor connected to the multiplexer for receiving the magnetic sensing signal, wherein the microprocessor includes a sampling algorithm module for converting the magnetic sensing signal into a magnetic field distribution image, and a six-dimensional coordinate-calculating module for calculating six-dimensional coordinates of the external magnetic object. The sensing device of the invention is compact, low energy consuming and can accurately provide users with a convenient and intuitive user interface with three dimensional locations and position information in a near-surface space..
 Intelligent adapter assembly for use with an electromechanical surgical system patent thumbnailnew patent Intelligent adapter assembly for use with an electromechanical surgical system
An adapter assembly is provided and includes a housing for connection with a surgical device and for operative communication with at least one rotatable drive shaft of the surgical device; an outer tube having a proximal end supported by the housing and a distal end for connection with a selected end effector, wherein the distal end of the outer tube is in operative communication with each of the at least one force receiving drive member of the end effector; at least one drive transmitting/converting assembly for interconnecting a respective one of the at least one rotatable drive shaft of the surgical device and one of the at least one force receiving drive member of the end effector; and a circuit board supported in the housing and storing at least one of operating parameters and life cycle information which are unique to the adapter assembly.. .
 Moxibustion therapy device and method of using thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Moxibustion therapy device and method of using thereof
This invention is directed to a moxibustion therapy device and its use. The moxibustion therapy device comprises a housing, an integrated electric circuit board inside the housing, a power supply module, and a heating module.
 Vibration apparatus for stimulating paranasal sinuses patent thumbnailnew patent Vibration apparatus for stimulating paranasal sinuses
A vibration device includes a vibrating element positioned to stimulate the paranasal sinuses of a user when the user is wearing the device. The device includes a control assembly for powering the vibrating element, the control assembly including at least one battery, a control switch for varying the voltage supplied to the vibrating element, electrical wiring extending from the at least one battery to the control switch, and a printed circuit board including timing circuitry for controlling the vibration of the vibrating element and charging circuitry for charging a rechargeable battery, wherein the at least one battery, the electrical wiring, and the printed circuit board are mounted within a strap attached to the vibration device.
 Analytic device patent thumbnailnew patent Analytic device
An analytic device comprising a device housing, a dock to receive a camera enabled mobile electronic device, such as a smartphone and other smart devices, and a processing device to communicate with the mobile electronic device and to control a condition of the assay tube, such as temperature. In another example, the analytic device comprises a device housing and a circuit board.
 Electrical connector patent thumbnailnew patent Electrical connector
An electrical connector is provided in the present invention, including an insulating housing, multiple power terminals and multiple signal terminals. The insulating housing has at least one upright power receptacle body and at least one upright signal plug body parallel to the power receptacle body.
new patent Communications connectors having printed circuit boards that include floating image planes
Communications connectors include a housing and a printed circuit board that is at least partially mounted in the housing that has a plurality of conductive paths that are arranged in pairs to form a plurality of differential transmission lines. These connectors further include a plurality of contacts, each of which is electrically connected to a respective one of the conductive paths of the printed circuit board.
new patent Paddle card assembly for high speed applications
A paddle card assembly is disclosed for use in providing a high speed transmission line for connecting electronic devices together. The paddle card takes the form of a circuit board that has two distinct portions, a base portion to which wires of a cable are terminated, and an extension portion that extends rearwardly toward the cable wire in order to extend between sets of wires.
new patent Daughtercard and backplane connectors
An electrical connector system includes a backplane connector and a daughtercard connector coupled to the backplane connector. The backplane connector includes a housing holding a plurality of backplane contact assemblies that are movable relative to the housing and each have a center contact and an outer shell surrounding the center contact configured to be terminated to coaxial cables.
new patent Electrical connector and electrical connector assembly
Disclosed is an electrical connector comprising: at least one flexible electrically connecting element having a plurality of terminals at each end thereof; a first insulation element and a second insulation element configured to position said terminals for electrically connecting with a socket located on a printed circuit board, wherein said first insulation element has a first sidewall and said second insulation element has a second sidewall; and a supporting element having at least one sidewall, configured to engage with said first insulation element and second insulation element. Wherein a displacement space is defined between said at least one sidewall of said supporting element and at least one of said first sidewall and second sidewall to allow said first and second insulation elements to move relative to said supporting element.
new patent Stack connector component in which high-speed signal pins are routed to different side than low-speed signal pins, and circuit board therefor
A stacked connector component includes a housing, connectors at a front opening of the housing and arranged in a stacked formation within one or more columns, and a for and exposed at the connectors. The pins include high-speed pins routed within the housing to a bottom side thereof and low-speed pins routed within the housing to a back side or a top side thereof.
new patent Single layer bga substrate process
The present disclosure provides semiconductor packaging techniques that form a substrate using metal and insulating materials. The substrate includes a first surface that is bonded to a semiconductor device and a second surface that is bonded to a printed circuit board.
new patent Method for producing a semiconductor module arrangement
A method for producing a semiconductor module arrangement includes providing a semiconductor module and a printed circuit board. The semiconductor module has a circuit mount populated with a semiconductor chip, an adjustment device in a first relative position with respect to the circuit mount, and a plurality of electrical connections each of which has a free end.
new patent Circuit board material
A circuit board material includes an electrical resistance material layer having a preselected resistivity adhered to the support layer, and a barrier layer adhered to the electrical resistive layer, and a conductive layer adhered to the barrier layer, wherein the barrier layer is plated on the conductive material such that the resistance of the subsequently applied resistive layer does not vary substantially during exposure to printed circuit board processing chemistries. The process for making the material is directed to adjusting the electro deposition of the barrier layer by using the time for etching the resistive layer of the circuit board material in a standard etching bath..
new patent Dicing-tape-integrated adhesive sheet, semiconductor device, multilayered circuit board and electronic component
According to the present invention, a dicing-tape-integrated adhesive sheet is provided in which connection between terminals of opposing members and encapsulating of voids between the members can be simultaneously performed and thus excellent workability is achieved. The dicing-tape-integrated adhesive sheet of the present invention has a laminated structure including an adhesive film which has a first terminal of a support body and a second terminal of an adherend that are electrically connected using solder and by which the support body and the adherend are adhered to each other and a dicing tape.
new patent Optical transmitter/receiver apparatus and method of manufacturing same
The purpose of the present invention is to improve the heat dissipation propert(ies) of the circuit board and/or an optical module while securing a sufficient mounting area of a circuit board. An optical transmitter/receiver apparatus includes a case including a base and a cover, a circuit board and an optical module.
new patent Optical connections having magnetic coupling
Optical connections for optical communication having in-line optical paths and magnetic coupling portions are disclosed. In one embodiment, an optical connection includes a lens block having an optical interface portion that defines an in-line optical path without an optical turn for optical signals propagating through the lens block, and a magnetic coupling portion disposed about at least a portion of the lens block.
new patent Implementing embedded hybrid electrical-optical pcb construct
Methods and structures are provided for implementing embedded hybrid electrical-optical printed circuit board (pcb) constructs. The embedded hybrid electrical-optical pcb construct includes electrical channels and optical channels within a single physical pcb layer.
new patent Apparatus for planar lighting
An apparatus for planar lighting configurable with light emitting devices is disclosed. The apparatus for planar lighting includes a plurality of light sources arranged on a circuit board; a reflective layer disposed on the circuit board; a transmission regulation layer disposed on the reflective layer and provided with a hole pattern allowing light to be transmitted therethrough, wherein a size of the hole disposed proximate to the light source is smaller than a size of the hole disposed between adjacent two light sources; a spacer disposed between the reflective layer and the transmission regulation layer such that the spacer maintains a distance between the reflective layer and the transmission regulation layer, wherein the spacer comprises at least one protrusion formed by bending a plate member; and an optical sheet disposed on the transmission regulation layer..
new patent Display apparatus
A display apparatus includes a display panel, a backlight, a pair of inverter circuit boards that are respectively arranged in vicinities of end portions in a longitudinal direction of a hack side of the display panel, and an expansion slot unit having an expansion slot, a case that includes a slit serving as an opening through which a expansion board to be inserted into the expansion slot is inserted and can guide and house the expansion hoard, and an expansion slot board, the expansion slot unit being arranged on the back side of the display panel to be adjacent to a side of one of the pair of the inverter circuit boards and the slit being provided in an open state at a position separated from the side edge of the display panel by more than a length in an insertion direction of the expansion board that is inserted.. .
new patent Illumination light source and lighting apparatus
An led unit which serves as an illumination light source that is attached to lighting equipment includes: a light-emitting element; a circuit board provided in a drive circuit which drives the light-emitting element; a case inside of which the circuit board is disposed; and a connecting component at least a portion of which is disposed inside the case, for electrically connecting the lighting equipment and the drive circuit. The case includes a positioning portion which determines a position of the circuit board, and the circuit board includes an opening into which the connecting component is inserted, and which determines the position of the circuit board by way of the rim of the opening abutting the positioning portion..
new patent Illumination light source and lighting apparatus
An led unit which serves as an illumination light source includes: a light-emitting element; a circuit board provided in a drive circuit which drives the light-emitting element; a lead wire electrically connecting the light-emitting element and the drive circuit; and a case including a first opening which is an elongated opening into which the lead wire is inserted. The circuit board includes a second opening which is an elongated opening into which the lead wire is inserted, and the first opening and the second opening are disposed so that a straight line extending in a lengthwise direction of the first opening and a straight line extending in a lengthwise direction of the second opening three-dimensionally cross each other..
new patent Back light structure and keyboard with back light
A back light structure for a keyboard with back light includes a supporting plate, a light guiding plate, a flexible circuit board, and a light-emitting component. Keyswitch structures of the keyboard are disposed on the supporting plate.
new patent Electronic device with electromagnetic interference protection
An electronic device with electromagnetic interface protection including a first printed circuit board, a second printed circuit board, a shielding member, and a first fixing member is provided. The shielding member is located between the first printed circuit board and the second printed circuit board.
new patent Printed circuit board having a molded part and method for the production thereof
A printed circuit board and a method for the production thereof. The printed circuit board can include a shaped part made of an electrically conducting material and can be used to manage the currents and heat volumes that occur in the field of power electronics..
new patent Circuit board assembly
A circuit board assembly with a printed circuit board, which has an smd mounting location for attaching a first integrated circuit having an electrical circuit. A replacement circuit board having the electrical circuit is soldered at the smd mounting location using smd technology..
new patent Pcb stackup having high- and low-frequency conductive layers and having insulating layers of different material types
A printed circuit board (pcb) stackup includes conductive layers and insulating layers interleaved among the conductive layers. The conductive layers include one or more power layers, one or more ground layers, one or more high-frequency layers, and one or more low-frequency layers.
new patent Tamper protection device and data transaction apparatus
A data transaction apparatus includes a housing, a system circuit board comprising a tamper detection circuit disposed in the housing, and a tamper protection device configured to seal the system circuit board within the housing in a detachable manner. The tamper protection device includes a tamper resistant board and a resin layer covering the tamper resistant board, wherein the tamper resistant board includes a flexible substrate and a plurality of fence-like lead wires disposed on the flexible substrate.
new patent Motor control device, and optical scanning device, image forming device and printed circuit board including the same
A cpu determines that a motor is undergoing a forward rotation when a time difference between a detection timing of a light beam deflected by a rotating polygonal mirror and an output timing of a detection signal from a magnetic detector element falls within a predetermined range, and that the motor is undergoing a reverse rotation when the time difference does not fall within the predetermined range. With this configuration, a detection circuit for detecting voltage induced in three phases is unnecessary, and therefore the cost can be reduced.
new patent Projector with heat sinks and single fan module
An image projector in a case, having a light engine, a circuit board, a heat sink assembly, and a fan assembly, has one or more heat sinks and heat pipes shaped to gather heat from all heat-generating components within the projector and a single air passage to receive the heated air combined from all components, allowing the employment of a single fan module in sucking cool air from the exterior and exhausting heated air through the single air passage.. .
new patent Touch display device
A touch display device includes a case, a liquid crystal display unit and a frame body. The case has a receiving space.
new patent Method of capturing real-life colors
A method of capturing real-life colors is adapted for being achieved by a pen camera including a camera module which has a circuit board, a camera lens built in on the tip of a pen body, a shutter button and a power button. The method includes the steps of: actuating the power button to power on the camera module; pointing to an item directly with the camera lens, the item has the desired real-life color; actuating the shutter button to make the camera lens capture the item and be saved as a photo; transmitting the photo into a target console; utilizing an application processing software in the target console to extract the desired real-life color in the photo and then define the extracted color; renaming the defined color and being saved in the target console to make the defined color capable of being used in other painting or sketching operations..
new patent Inkjet printhead
An inkjet printhead includes multiple sets each of which includes a nozzle, pressure chamber, and actuator; a circuit board; and a connection member. The circuit board includes a wire, through hole via, and ink channel.
new patent Flat panel display device
A flat panel display device includes a printed circuit board (pcb) configured to receive power and a first image signal from outside the pcb, a film substrate configured to receive the power and the first image signal from the pcb and a second image signal from outside the film substrate, and a display panel configured to display an image according to a driving signal from the film substrate.. .
new patent High frequency (hf)/ultra high frequency (uhf) radio frequency identification (rfid) dual-band tag antenna
Provided is a high frequency (hf)/ultra high frequency (uhf) radio frequency identification (rfid) multiband tag antenna that may form a circular hf tag pattern on one surface of a single printed circuit board (pcb) and may form a uhf tag pattern having a diameter greater than a diameter of the hf tag pattern on another surface of the single pcb.. .
new patent Integrated antennas for near field coupling integration
Described herein are techniques related to near field coupling and wireless power transfers. In an implementation, a portable device may include full metallic chassis devices.
new patent Antenna and portable device having the same
An antenna apparatus and a portable device having the same are provided. The antenna apparatus includes a main antenna having a first radiator pattern, and an auxiliary antenna separated from the main antenna by a metal surface adjacent to the main antenna.
new patent Communications connectors including transmission lines having impedance discontinuities that improve return loss and/or insertion loss performance and related methods
Communications plugs are provided that include a housing that receives the conductors of the communication cable. A printed circuit board is mounted at least partially within the housing.
new patent Current detector to sense current without being in series with conductor
A current detector senses current flowing through a conductor, such as a conductive trace of a circuit board, without being placed in series with the conductor. A first magnetically conductive partial ring is located above the conductor, and a second magnetically conductive partial ring is located below the conductor.
new patent Dc-dc converter and vehicular lamp
A dc-dc converter includes a plurality of converter portions, each of which includes a switching circuit portion and a control circuit portion, the switching circuit portion being configured to obtain an output voltage by stepping up or stepping down an input voltage with a switching converter circuit including a switch element, a wound element, and a rectifier element, and the control circuit portion being configured to control the output voltage by controlling the switch element of the switching circuit portion. The plurality of converter portions are arranged on a single circuit board such that the switching circuit portion of each of the converter portions is not adjacent to the control circuit portion of each of a rest of the converter portions..
new patent Automatic water draining device for air compressor
The automatic water draining device for an air compressor contains an extension pipe having a first end connected to an outlet of the air compressor's air tank; a flow control valve connected to a second end of the extension pipe for controlling the amount of flow through the extension pipe; an electromagnetic valve connected to the second end of the extension pipe; and a circuit board electrically connected to the electromagnetic valve. The circuit board controls the electromagnetic valve so that, when the air compressor is started, the electromagnetic valve is opened for 3 to 5 seconds and then closed, and as such the water and debris accumulated in the air tank is drained..
new patent Optical i/o system using planar light-wave integrated circuit
Photonic components are placed on the processor package to bring the optical signal close to the processor die. The processor package includes a substrate to which the processor die is coupled, and which allows the processor die to connect to a printed circuit board.
new patent Z-directed delay line components for printed circuit boards
A z-directed signal delay line component for insertion into a printed circuit board while allowing electrical connection to internal conductive planes contained with the pcb. In one embodiment the z-directed delay line component is housed within the thickness of the pcb allowing other components to be mounted over it.
new patent Paddle card with improved performance
A paddle card construction disclosed for use in connecting electronic devices together. The paddle card takes the form of a circuit board that has a plurality of conductive contact pads arranged thereon in pairs.
new patent Printed circuit board having metal bumps
A printed circuit board includes an upper circuit layer including a circuit pattern embedded in an upper part of an insulating layer, the circuit pattern being made of electroconductive metal; and a metal bump formed on the circuit pattern and the insulating layer. .
new patent Circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
A circuit board and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. The manufacturing method includes the following steps.
new patent Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
Disclosed are a printed circuit board and a method for manufacturing the same. The printed circuit board includes a flexible substrate divided into first, second, and third regions, a first rigid substrate in the first region of the flexible substrate, and a second rigid substrate in the third region of the flexible substrate.
new patent Steam hairdressing appliance equipped with a remote control circuit board
Provided is a hairdressing appliance, which comprises a portable treatment unit provided with gripping means and a heat and steam treatment system configured for heating hair and for applying steam to this hair, a base remote from the portable treatment unit, and connection means between the base and the portable treatment unit configured for supplying the portable treatment unit at least with electricity from the base. The hairdressing appliance comprises a circuit board for controlling the treatment system arranged in the base and a system of communication between the control circuit board and the treatment system.
new patent Inhaler component
The invention relates to an inhaler component for forming a vapour/air mixture or/and condensation aerosol by evaporation of a liquid material (18) and, if appropriate, condensation of the formed vapour, comprising: an electric heating element for evaporating a portion of the liquid material (18); a wick with a capillary structure, which wick forms a composite (10) with the heating element and automatically supplies the heating element with the liquid material (18); a carrier plate (11), preferably a printed circuit board, which carries the composite (10) and on which the heating element is electrically contacted; a capillary gap (16) formed at least partially by the carrier plate (11) and automatically supplying the composite (10) with the liquid material (18), by means of an end portion of the wick extending into the capillary gap (16); a liquid container (19) which contains the liquid material (18) and from which the capillary gap (16) draws the liquid material (18). In order to achieve a compact overall arrangement, it is proposed that the capillary gap (16) at least partially covers the liquid container (19) on the outside, in a view perpendicular to the carrier plate (11)..
new patent Circuit board structure having embedded electronic element and fabrication method thereof
A method for fabricating a circuit board structure having at least an embedded electronic element is disclosed, which includes the steps of: providing a substrate and embedding at least an electronic element in the substrate with an active surface and a plurality of electrode pads of the electronic element exposed from a surface of the substrate; forming a plurality of conductive bumps on the electrode pads of the electronic element; and covering the surface of the substrate and the active surface of the electronic element with a dielectric layer and a metal layer stacked on the dielectric layer, wherein the conductive bumps penetrate the dielectric layer so as to be in contact with the metal layer, thereby simplifying the fabrication process, reducing the fabrication cost and saving the fabrication time.. .
new patent Manufacturing method of touch display device
A manufacturing method of touch display device includes steps of: providing a liquid crystal display unit and disposing at least one printed circuit layer on a display surface of the liquid crystal display unit; electrically connecting multiple transmitters and multiple receivers onto the printed circuit layer; positioning the liquid crystal display unit in a receiving space of a case; and providing a frame body and mounting the frame body onto the case to cover the printed circuit layer. The printed circuit layer is directly formed on the display surface of the liquid crystal display unit so that the cost for the circuit boards is saved.
Method of manufacturing a sensor insole
A method for manufacturing a sensor insole includes connecting wires of force sensors to a printed circuit board. The printed circuit board and the force sensors are positioned on a felt layer in a predetermined configuration, and placed in the mold.
Hand held electromechanical surgical system including battery compartment diagnostic display
An electromechanical surgical system is provided and includes a hand-held surgical device. The surgical device includes a device housing defining a connecting portion for selectively connecting with an adapter assembly, the housing being configured to removably receive a battery therein; at least one drive motor supported in the device housing and being configured to rotate a drive shaft; and a circuit board disposed within the housing for controlling power delivered from a battery to the motor.
Interface card with multiple subscriber identity modules
An interface card includes a circuit board having an interface unit, a communication operation processing unit mounted on the circuit board, a sim card slot mounted on the circuit board, and a m2m sim mounted on the circuit board. The interface unit is coupled with an interface card slot of an external electronic equipment.
Integrated package insertion and loading mechanism (ipilm)
A holding member and system including a first holding member and a second holding member, wherein each of the first holding member and the second holding member are coupled to opposite sides of a load plate of a socket. A holding member includes a body including a pair of arms extending from a first side of the body and spaced to accommodate a portion of an integrated circuit chip package therebetween and at least one clip extending from a second side opposite the first side.
Compliant pin with improved insertion capabilities
A compliant pin for use with a shielding cage or electrical connector is disclosed that has improved insertion capabilities that increase the resistance of the compliant pin to buckling during mounting of the cage or connector to a circuit board. The pin has a base and tip portion that are interconnected together by a body portion.
Central processing unit socket assembly
A central processing unit socket assembly includes a socket mounted on a circuit board, a locking apparatus, and a cover. The cover includes a main plate, a resilient first locking portion formed on a first end of a first surface of the main plate, a second locking portion formed on a second end of the first surface of the main plate opposite to the first locking portion, and a number of connecting pins protruding out from a second surface of the main plate opposite to the first surface of the main plate.
Rechargeable battery
A rechargeable battery including a case in which an electrode assembly is accommodated; a cap plate coupled with the case; a protection circuit board coupled with the cap plate, the protection circuit board being electrically connected with a first electrode of the electrode assembly; and a protection element coupled with the cap plate, the protection element electrically coupling a second electrode of the electrode assembly with the protection circuit board.. .
One-component, dual-cure conformal coating compositions
Disclosed are one-component compositions that include: (1) an isocyanate-functional urethane acrylate and (2) a polyisocyanate containing allophanate and/or uretdione groups, wherein the one-component composition has a viscosity of less than or equal to about 500 mpas and an isocyanate content of greater than about 5% by weight, based on the weight of the one-component composition. Also disclosed are circuit boards and electronic components that are coated with such compositions..
Optical connector with printed circuit board and lens element bonded to each other
An optical connector includes a substrate and a lens element. The lens element includes a first bottom surface contacting with the substrate, and the lens element defines a groove in the bottom surface..
Optical connector with printed circuit board and lens element bonded to each other
An optical connector includes a printed circuit board, a photoelectric element, a lens element, and an adhesive. The photoelectric element is positioned on and electrically connected to the printed circuit board.
Photoelectric conversion device and optical fiber coupling connector
A photoelectric conversion device includes a circuit board, light-emitting modules arranged on the circuit board in a first straight line, light-receiving modules arranged on the circuit board in a second straight line, and an optical coupling module. The optical coupling module includes a first optical surface, a second optical surface perpendicular to the first optical surface, a reflecting surface obliquely relative to the first and second optical surfaces, first converging lenses arranged on the first optical surface in a third straight line, second converging lenses arranged on the first optical surface in a fourth straight line, third converging lenses arranged on the second optical surface in a fifth straight line, and fourth converging lenses arranged on the second optical surface in a sixth straight line.
Optical connector with high light-coupling efficiency
An optical connector includes a printed circuit board, a photoelectric element positioned on and electrically connected to the printed circuit board, a lens element, and an optical fiber. The lens element defines a cutout having a sidewall and a blind hole in the sidewall.
Wireless earphone
A wireless earphone comprises a fixing module including a lower cover and a fixing element disposed at the center thereof; a rotating case having a rotating base and an upper cover fixed to the rotating base, the rotating base includes a cup portion and an annular plate extending therefrom, the fixing element passes through the cup portion, and the rotating case rotates about the fixing element; an electronic module disposed between the upper cover and the rotating base; a tape spring having one end attached to the cup portion and the other end to the fixing element; at least one earphone cable wound around the cup portion having one end connected to the circuit board and the other end passing through the lower cover; and a fastening module disposed between the rotating base and the lower cover, for retaining the relative position there-between.. .
Circuit board and flat panel display including the same
Provided are a circuit board for irradiating light to a light guide plate and a flat panel display having a structure for efficiently fixing the circuit board and the light guide plate, the circuit board, including: a support substrate comprising a first area and a second area, the second area being bent from the first area; a plurality of light emitting device mounting parts disposed in the first area; and a protective member connecting part of an outer side of the plurality of light emitting device mounting parts.. .
Lighting base of the led lamp and its stamping mold
The present invention's technical method is that the top surface of the lighting base is surrounded with several axial-protruding raised pillars, with a circuit board placed on the top of the lighting base. This circuit board is equipped with vents that can fit tightly with the raised pillars, and the raised pillars can fit tightly with the openings after being squeezed from stamping through the mold, preventing the circuit board from loosening from said lighting base..
Connecting system of circuit boards
First and second tapered holes are provided at facing positions of the first and second circuit boards. The elastic spacer including first and second spacers is attached between them to couple the two in parallel and thereby facilitate attachment of the two to a back panel.
Printed circuit board stack
Provided is a printed circuit board stack having a structure that connects between printed wirings of printed circuit boards that are arranged so as to face each other across a gap. A first printed circuit board and a second printed circuit board are arranged so as to face each other across a gap; a first fork terminal soldered to a printed wiring is vertically provided on the first printed circuit board, whereas a second fork terminal soldered to a printed wiring is vertically provided on the second printed circuit board.
Electrical junction box
An electrical junction box is provided in which a printed circuit board is accommodated in a case so as to configure an internal circuit, the electrical junction box achieving downsizing/densification with high space efficiency and simplified routing of electric cables of connectors. As the internal circuit, a printed circuit board stack is used in which a first printed circuit board and a second printed circuit board are arranged so as to face each other.
Printed circuit board and magnetic field or current sensor
A printed circuit has a creep suppressor and a stack of metallization layers separated by electrically insulating layers. A metallization layer arranged above the insulating layer at least partially covers a cavity formed in the latter's top face.
Low profile inductors for high density circuit boards
An inductor includes a core formed of a magnetic material and a foil winding wound at least partially around or through at least a portion of the core. A first end of the winding extends away from the core to form an extended output tongue configured and arranged to supplement or serve as a substitute for a printed circuit board foil trace.
Set top box having snap-in heat sink and smart card reader with a hold down for retaining the heat sink
A hold down for an electronic device is provided that includes a bottom frame, a circuit board mounted above the bottom frame, a thermal pad mounted on the circuit board, and a heat sink associated with the thermal pad. The hold down includes a frame that defines a perimeter having a plurality of retainers that are configured to engage with a plurality of mating locations defined on at least a bottom frame to provide a biasing force that retains the heat sink against a circuit board that is positioned between the bottom frame and the hold down..
Integrated power module packaging structure
An integrated power module packaging structure includes a plastic housing having a cavity; a plurality of step-shaped pins embedded in the plastic housing, a first printed circuit board disposed in the cavity, and a second printed circuit board disposed above the first printed circuit board in the cavity. Each of the step-shaped pins includes a first l-shaped bending portion and a second l-shaped bending portion connected to each other.
Matrix thermal sensing circuit and heat dissipation system
A heat-dissipation system and a matrix thermal sensing circuit are provided. The heat-dissipation is used in an electronic device.
Solder assembly temperature monitoring process
An apparatus according to the invention may include one or more fuses placed on a printed circuit board on which an printed circuit board assembly is formed. Each fuse changes in response to ambient thermal conditions beyond a threshold temperature.
Projector with fan and heat sinks
A projector includes a case, an optical engine, a heat sink, a circuit board, and a fan. The case includes two sidewalls, and each sidewall defines an air hole.
Electronic device having opening-and-closing unit
An electronic device includes a housing, an opening-and-closing unit disposed on a side surface of the housing, and configured to be openable and closable to the housing, a hinge unit configured to have a cam groove formed thereon and to openably and closably couple the opening-and-closing unit with the housing, an electronic circuit board arranged inside the housing and having a switch which outputs a signal corresponding to a state of the switch, and a movable member that moves in conjunction with the cam groove formed in the hinge unit, along with the opening and closing of the opening-and-closing unit, the movable member being movable in a direction parallel to the side surface of the housing to change the state of the switch.. .
Shutter for thermal imaging camera
Various embodiments of shutters for thermal imaging cameras, cameras comprising such shutters, and methods for providing such shutters are disclosed. The shutter may include a substrate with various layers and components thereon, such as a temperature sensor.
Vehicular video-recording module
A flat vehicular video-recording module has a housing being transversely elongated and having a circuit board therein. The housing further has a photo-sensing element thereon to align with the circuit board, a connector extending outwards from the housing and sticking plasters thereon.
Multi-camera sensor for three-dimensional imaging of a circuit board
A system for sensing a three-dimensional topology of a circuit board is provided. An illumination source projects an illumination pattern from a first angle of incidence.
Mobile device with two antennas and antenna switch modules
A mobile device includes a system circuit board, a ground element, a communication module, a first antenna, a second antenna, a first asm (antenna switch module), and a second asm. The first antenna is configured to receive or transmit a first signal in a first frequency band.
Filter antenna
A multi-pole filter antenna may include aperture-coupled non-dominant mode cavity resonators, and an aperture-coupled dominant mode patch antenna. The filter antenna may be implemented in a multilayer printed circuit board or similar structure.
Antenna device
An antenna device is provided and includes a circuit board, a first linear antenna, and a second linear antenna. The circuit board includes a grounding pattern and a feeding point insulated from the grounding pattern.

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Circuit Board topics: Circuit Board, Indentation, Functional Groups, Photoinitiator, Free Radical, Electronic Device, Heat Exchanger, Semiconductor Device, Semiconductor, Ceramic Substrate, Fault Detection, Electromagnetic Interference, Circulation, Ventilation, Mounting Rail

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