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Circuit Board patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Circuit Board-related patents
 Mobile wireless communications device with shunt component and related methods patent thumbnailMobile wireless communications device with shunt component and related methods
A mobile wireless communications device may include a portable housing including at least one electrically conductive housing portion configured to function as an antenna. The mobile wireless communications device may also include a printed circuit board (pcb) carried by the portable housing, and wireless transceiver circuitry carried by the pcb and including at least one circuit element carried by the pcb.
 Communication device comprising an external control with an embedded antenna assembly patent thumbnailCommunication device comprising an external control with an embedded antenna assembly
Systems (300) and methods (900) for packaging an antenna (702) in a communication device (300). The methods involve coupling the antenna to a printed circuit board (“pcb”) such that the antenna is mechanically supported thereby.
 Remote-control flying copter and method patent thumbnailRemote-control flying copter and method
A hovering remote-control flying craft having a molded frame assembly includes a plurality of arms extending from a center body with an electric motor and corresponding propeller on each arm. In various embodiments, the motor and propeller are mounted downward-facing at a distal portion of each arm with a motor cover over the motor.
 Header assembly patent thumbnailHeader assembly
A header assembly includes a center contact, a dielectric body surrounding the center contact and an outer housing holding the center contact and the dielectric body. The outer housing has a rear shell mounted to a circuit board and positioned interior of the casing.
 Connector patent thumbnailConnector
A connector is mountable on a circuit board and mateable with a mating connector along a mating direction. The connector comprises a contact, a housing, an enclosing portion and a coupling portion.
 Registration system for phototools patent thumbnailRegistration system for phototools
There is herein described a method and apparatus for positioning a phototool. More particularly, there is described a method and apparatus for accurately positioning a phototool capable of photoimaging a substrate (e.g.
 Basket jig for electroless plating apparatus and electroless plating method patent thumbnailBasket jig for electroless plating apparatus and electroless plating method
The present invention relates to a basket jig for an electroless plating apparatus and an electroless plating method. A basket jig for an electroless plating apparatus in accordance with the present invention includes a basket loaded thereon a plurality of printed circuit boards, a rotating structure coupled to top portions of both sides of the basket and a tube in a shape of a rectangular plate coupled to bottom portions of the basket..
 Fabrication method for flexible circuit board patent thumbnailFabrication method for flexible circuit board
A fabrication method for a flexible circuit board is provided. The fabrication method includes the following steps.
 Fuel pump assembly and method of making same patent thumbnailFuel pump assembly and method of making same
A fuel pump assembly and method of making the same is disclosed. The fuel pump assembly includes a brushless direct current (bldc) motor and a circuit board formed as a discrete component from the bldc motor.
 Flexible printed circuit board and optical communication module including the same patent thumbnailFlexible printed circuit board and optical communication module including the same
A flexible printed circuit board (fpcb) includes at least one signal pad part disposed at each of a top and bottom of a flexible substrate base and configured to include an upper signal pad and a lower signal pad and a through hole formed at a portion corresponding to a signal via, a signal line disposed at the top of the substrate base, and extending from the upper signal pad along a length direction of the substrate base, an upper ground pad disposed at the top of the substrate base to be separated from the upper signal pad and the signal line near the upper signal pad, and a lower ground pad disposed at the bottom of the substrate base to be separated from the lower signal pad near the lower signal pad, and connected to the upper ground pad through a ground via.. .
Radio-frequency transceiver device in wireless communication system
A radio-frequency transceiver device, used in a wireless communication system, includes a housing; a first printed circuit board, disposed on a first surface of the housing; a second printed circuit board, disposed on a second surface of the housing, for cooperating with the first printed circuit board to process a receive signal; and a waveguide, connected to the housing, having an orthomode transducer, having a common port, for conveying a transmit signal and the receive signal; a first low-pass filter, coupled to a co-polar port of the orthomode transducer; and a diplexer, coupled to a cross-polar port of the orthomode transducer, for cooperating with the first low-pass filter to separate the transmit signal and the receive signal; wherein connection of the housing and the waveguide substantially conforms to an l shape.. .
Switched-mode power supply
Consistent with example embodiments disclosed, there are switched-mode power supplies (smps) in which a signaling capacitor transmits information across a transformer of the power supply. Such embodiments can avoid drawing power from the output capacitor in order to provide communication signals and so do not cause a drop in the output voltage when signaling to the primary side.
Light emitting module and lighting device using the same
A light emitting module includes a circuit board having a plurality of reflective portions arranged in one direction and connection portions connecting the plurality of reflective portions, light emitting devices mounted on the plurality of reflective portions, and lens units disposed to cover the light emitting devices within boundaries of surfaces, of the plurality of reflective portions, on which the light emitting devices are mounted. A width of each of the connection portions in the other direction, perpendicular to the one direction thereof, is smaller than a diameter of each of the lens units, thus reducing a generation of a dark portion..
Segmented led lighting system
The present invention is a segmented led lighting system. In particular, the present invention is directed to a set of channel segments connected by a flexible lens sleeve that can be positioned in a variety of ways.
Multiple diode led flameless candle
A battery powered device simulating a traditional wick burning candle through the combined use of a multiple diodes in one led, electronic circuit board and integrated chip to control the flicker pattern of the said led. The battery compartment and electronic circuits are contained within an internal housing which is placed within the body of a simulated candle shell.
Light source device and display device
A light source device includes a circuit board having a light-emitting element mounted on a one surface; a support body positioned on the other surface side of the circuit board for supporting the circuit board; a rivet having a head portion, which is positioned on a side of the one surface of the circuit board and cannot be inserted into a first through hole provided on the circuit board and the support body, and a shaft portion having a tip side stopped and held on the support body in a penetration via the first through hole; and a reflection sheet arranged on the one surface of the circuit board for reflecting light. The light source device provides a second through hole having a diameter larger or smaller than the diameter of the head portion at the position corresponding to the head portion on the reflection sheet..
Lightweight electronic device for automotive applications and method
A lightweight radio/cd player for vehicular application is virtually “fastenerless” and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as well as the circuit boards required for electrical control and display. The case and frontal interface are of composite structure, including an insert molded electrically conductive wire mesh screen that has been pre-formed to contour with the molding operation.
Printed circuit board, semiconductor package using the same, and method for manufacturing the printed circuit board and the semiconductor package
The present invention relates to a printed circuit board, a semiconductor package using the same, and a method for manufacturing the printed circuit board and the semiconductor package. The method for manufacturing a semiconductor package in accordance with the present invention includes: forming a circuit of a predetermined pattern on a pcb substrate; applying a first insulating material on the substrate; removing the first insulating material in the remaining portion except a predetermined portion by exposing and developing the substrate; forming a solder bump in the circuit portion exposed; molding a certain region of an upper surface portion of the pcb substrate including the solder bump by filling a second insulating material on the pcb substrate including the circuit portion; mounting a semiconductor chip on the pcb substrate; and completing one package in which the semiconductor chip and the pcb substrate are integrated..
Electroplating method for printed circuit board
Disclosed is an electroplating method for printed circuit board. The method includes: providing a printed circuit board including a circuit pattern, a pad part on which components are mounted, a terminal part for electrical connection to an external device, and a connector part; masking the portion of the printed circuit board other than the terminal part and the connector part; dipping the printed circuit board in a nickel-tungsten alloy plating solution including a water-soluble nickel compound, a water-soluble tungsten compound, a complexing agent, and a ductility improver; forming a nickel-tungsten alloy plated layer on each of the exposed portions of the terminal part and the connector part by direct-current (dc) electroplating; and forming a gold-containing plated layer on the nickel-tungsten alloy plated layer by dc electroplating..
Electronic device
An electronic device includes a casing, a circuit board, an electronic component and a plurality of conductive elements. The circuit board is disposed in the casing.
Shield frame, shield frame mounting structure, and electronic portable device
A shield frame includes a side plate part that extends so as to be arranged vertically from a circuit board, on which electronic components are mounted, and to surround lateral sides of the electronic components. The side plate part has a base end part that faces the circuit board, and the base end part has a flangeless structure and functions as an end part fixed to the circuit board by soldering.
Heat dissipation system for communication device with box type chassis, box type chassis, and communication device
A heat dissipation system in a box type chassis of a communication device includes an upper heat dissipation channel and a lower heat dissipation channel, which both have an air exhaust vent and an air intake vent, the air intake vent and the air exhaust vent of the upper heat dissipation channel and the lower heat dissipation channel are defined on sidewalls of the box type chassis, and the air intake vent of the upper heat dissipation channel is located above the air exhaust vent of the lower heat dissipation channel. An air baffle is arranged in the box type chassis to generate a circulative airflow in the box type chassis, and therefore, heat dissipated by a circuit board is circulated in the box type chassis through the airflow, the temperature in the box type chassis reaches an extent that prevents vapor from condensing or even becoming a water film..
Universal ground fault interrupter (gfci) device and printed circuit board package
A ground fault circuit interrupter (gfci) printed circuit board (pcb) for interrupting the flow of current through a pair of lines extending between a source of power and a load. The gfci pcb is easily adaptable to fit into a plurality of enclosure types having a plurality of load inputs operating off a single gfci pcb.
Lens actuator
There is provided a lens actuator, including: a lens barrel in which at least one lens is provided on an optical axis; a magnetic part provided on one surface of the lens barrel; and a printed circuit board in which a coil pattern part generating electromagnetic force is provided, the printed circuit board having one surface facing the magnetic part, wherein magnetic material is provided on the other surface of the printed circuit board.. .
Shutter glasses
Provided are shutter eyeglasses that can have simplified internal wiring. The shutter glasses include: a circuit board to which a drive circuit adapted to drive a left eye shutter and a right eye shutter is mounted; a battery adapted to supply power to the circuit board; and a reception element adapted to receive a synchronizing signal transmitted from an image display device.
Liquid crystal display device
A liquid crystal display device includes a light source, a light source circuit board on which the light source is mounted, and which electrically controls the light source, a light guide plate optical system including a light guide plate having an incidence plane from which a light emitted from the light source is input, and outputting the light as a planar light, and a frame that holds the light guide plate optical system and the light source circuit board, and has a hole at a position of a light source arrangement plane which faces the incidence plane in which the light source is arranged. The light source circuit board is located at the frame so that the light source is arranged inside the hole from a rear surface side of the light source arrangement plane..
Display device
A display device includes a first substrate, a display section that is on the first substrate and that displays an image, first pad portions at a first directional edge of the first substrate and connected to the display section and to a driver integrated circuit (driver ic) that supplies a driving voltage, a second substrate on the first substrate with the display section interposed therebetween, and which exposes the first pad portions, a touch section that is on the second substrate and that corresponds to the display section, second pad portions on the second substrate and connected to edges of the touch section, a main flexible printed circuit board (main fpcb) connected to the first pad portions, and a touch flexible printed circuit board (touch fpcb) connected to the second pad portions and overlapping the main fpcb.. .
Touch panel
A touch panel includes a first substrate, an electronic circuit board, a second substrate, and a number of touch-sensing members arranged on the electronic circuit board. Each of the touch-sensing members comprises a metal dome, an insulating layer covering the metal dome, and a sensing layer formed on the insulating layer.
Antenna module
An antenna module includes a printed circuit board, multiple conductive clamps bonded to the printed circuit board, each conductive clamp having elastic clamping arms at two opposite lateral sides thereof, and an antenna inserted in between the clamping arms of each conductive clamp and secured and electrically conducted to the printed circuit board by the conductive clamps for signal feed-in and grounding.. .
Printed circuit board having dc blocking dielectric waveguide vias
A printed circuit board is disclosed. The printed circuit board includes a first signal transmission layer, a via and a second signal transmission layer.
Circuit board having bypass pad
An electronic device having a printed circuit board is provided. In one embodiment, the printed circuit board includes a plurality of external pads to be coupled with an external device and a plurality of bypass pads for testing an electric circuit.
Wireless motor control system
A wireless motor control system includes a connection device and a remote control device. The connection device has a pair of motor connection terminals and a pair of power connection terminals for connecting a motor and an electric power source.
Touch and proximity sensing device
A touch and proximity sensing device includes a circuit board and a sensed signal processing unit including only one sensed signal conversion engine. The circuit board includes a capacitor sensing electrode and a grounding conductor foil disposed on opposite surfaces of the circuit board, and has a proximity sensing electrode formed thereon.
Circuit boards, methods of fabricating the same, and semiconductor packages including the circuit boards
Provided is a circuit board, which may include a base layer, an adhesive film, a conductive circuit, and a through via. The adhesive film and the conductive circuit may be provided in plurality to be alternately stacked on the base layer.
Keyboard and method for assembling keyboard and portable electronic device
A keyboard applicable to a portable electronic device includes a flexible circuit board, a plurality of keys, a flexible frame, a first support plate, and a second support plate. The flexible circuit board has a first and a second surface.
Mobile terminal
A mobile terminal is provided. The mobile terminal has a case, a top button located in a surface of the case, the top button including a light blocking part and a light transmitting part formed at a circumferential portion of the light blocking part, the top button having a front side exposed through the surface of the case and back side opposite the front side, a metal dome arranged at the back side of the top button, the metal dome having a projected center, an actuator configured to press the projected center of the metal dome to deform the metal dome when the top button is pressed, a circuit board having the metal dome seated on a side thereof, a light source mounted at the circuit board and a light guide layer configured to direct the light of the light source toward the surface of the case..
Circuit board transportation device, circuit board working apparatus, and conveyor belt
The circuit board transportation device has: a guide member that is provided in such a manner as to extend in the transport direction and has a guide surface that comes into abutment with a circuit board from the outside of the circuit board in a perpendicular direction that is a direction perpendicular to the transport direction; a conveyor belt that extends in the transport direction to support an end of the circuit board; and a drive unit that moves the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt has: a belt base portion that is located under the guide member and extends both ways of the perpendicular direction from the position of the guide surface; and a projection that extends upward from the belt base portion up to a position between upper and lower ends of the guide surface.
Pressure transducer using ceramic diaphragm
A pressure transducer using a ceramic diaphragm which is not easily damaged so that there is no risk of leakage of a target medium to be measured, having a superior mass-production capability and a reduced volume and enabling low-price by simplifying a flexible cable and a printed circuit board (pcb) to connect the transducer and a signal processing chip. The pressure transducer includes the ceramic diaphragm formed as a rectangular planar ceramic diaphragm and having a surface having formed thereon a pattern made of an electrically conductive material and strain gages; a base plate configured to face the surface of the ceramic diaphragm having formed thereon the pattern; and an adhesive layer configured to be formed along edges of a contacting surface of the ceramic diaphragm and the base plate so as to bond the ceramic diaphragm and the base plate and form a space for the strain gages..
Ultrasonic sensor device and method for assembling the same
An ultrasonic sensor device includes a housing, a transducer, a securing unit, a circuit board and a sealing cap. The housing includes an enclosing portion.
Security device
A security device for securing an item, the security device comprising a housing configured to house a circuit board comprising electronics configured to send a telecommunication signal to a receiver when the electronics is activated; a cable configured to establish a conductive path with the circuit board when the housing is closed, thereby activating the electronics; a lock assembly configured to be activated when the housing is closed; and a cover configured to close the housing, the cover having a first pin configured to engage a first end of the cable to prevent removal of a first end of the cable from the housing when housing is closed, and the cover having a second pin configured to activate the lock assembly to prevent removal of a second end of the cable from the housing when the housing is closed.. .
Rigid-flexible printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
A method of manufacturing a rigid-flexible printed circuit board includes providing a base substrate in which coverlays are respectively formed on two sides of a flexible copper foil laminate on both sides of which inner circuit patterns and a first window are respectively formed; layering insulation layers and copper foil layers on portions of coverlays which are to be a rigid region of the base substrate; forming a via hole in the rigid region, and, simultaneously, forming a via hole to correspond to the first window in a flexible region; forming outer circuit patterns including areas adjacent to the first window; and applying solder resists in the rigid region to expose portions of external circuit patterns. The region adjacent to the via holes in the flexible region includes additional plating portions for covering the coverlays..
Method of making a light-emitting-diode lamp tube
An automatic production method of making a light-emitting-diode lamp tube is disclosed. The method includes providing a circuit board in a shape of a long strip, printing a bonding layer, mounting electronic inserts, heating up the circuit board, assembling a heat dissipation seat, assembling a translucent cover and assembling an end cap, thereby accomplishing the lamp tube.
Method of manufacturing rigid-flexible printed circuit board
A method of manufacturing a rigid-flexible printed circuit board in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: providing a pair of rigid boards and a flexible substrate inserted in between the pair of rigid boards and having one end thereof extended outside the pair of rigid boards; mounting a cover film on an extended area of the flexible substrate; providing a pair of pressing jigs disposed, respectively, above and below the rigid boards and the flexible substrate, having a protruded part formed on each thereof corresponding to a step difference between the rigid boards and the flexible substrate, and configured to press the pair of rigid boards and the flexible substrate and press the flexible substrate and the cover film mounted thereon; and pressing the rigid boards, the flexible substrate and the cover film with the pressing jigs.. .
High-speed data transmission interface circuit and design method of the same
A high-speed data transmission interface circuit used in a network switch device is provided. The high-speed data transmission interface circuit comprises a main circuit hoard, a connector and a daughter circuit board.
Distractor for measuring load and position of load applied by the muscular-skeletal system and method therefor
A distractor suitable for measuring a force, pressure, or load applied by the muscular-skeletal system is disclosed. An insert couples to the distractor.
Mobile communication terminal device equipped with replaceable communication module and back cover thereof
A mobile communication terminal device equipped with a replaceable communication module and a back cover thereof are provided. The mobile communication terminal device includes: a host processor configured to control and operate the mobile communication terminal device; a baseband processing unit configured to process a mobile communication protocol; and a radio frequency (rf) signal processing unit configured to wirelessly communicate with a mobile communication network, wherein the host processor, the baseband processing unit and the rf signal processing unit are further configured to be implemented as modules that are attachable to or detachable from a printed circuit board (pcb) of the mobile communication terminal device..
Low profile faceplate having managed connectivity
A faceplate assembly includes a faceplate member; at least one jack module mounted in an opening of the faceplate member; and a printed circuit board assembly. The printed circuit board assembly includes a printed circuit board; a first set of secondary contacts that are electrically connected to the printed circuit board; and a network connector that is electrically connected to the secondary contacts of the first set via the printed circuit board.
Flexible circuit board connector
A flexible circuit board connector includes a dielectric housing having receiving slots for receiving terminals. Each of the terminals includes first and second contact arms, a biasing arm, a fixing arm, and a linking arm.
Header connector
A header connector includes a housing configured to be mounted to a mounting surface of the circuit board and header contacts held by the housing. The header contacts have mating portions and mounting portions.
Intelligence crawling pad
The invention is a crawling pad for the babies with a replaceable intelligence patch. The characteristic lies in: the crawling pad is divided into several areas based on different colorful design with allocated pockets by suture.
Battery pack including an electric harness and method of manufacturing the same
A battery pack including an electric coupling assembly. The battery pack includes a top housing, a bottom housing, a plurality of battery cells, a harness, and a circuit board.
Thin battery
A thin battery integrating an electric connector and a battery cell is provided, including a battery cell, a circuit board, an electric connector, and an adhesive tape. The battery cell includes a top sealing area, a first electrode bar, and a second electrode bar.
Thin battery
A thin battery having an electric connector is provided. The electric connector can be used for plugging a mating connector along a first direction or a second direction.
Printed circuit board, and method and apparatus for drilling printed circuit board
The present invention relates to a method for drilling a printed circuit board, comprising: drilling down in an initial position, and when contacting a live superficial conductive layer of a pcb, acquiring a first conductive position and acquiring a first height difference between the initial position and the first conductive position; drilling onward after the first drill bit of the driller drills through the superficial conductive layer and when contacting another conductive layer of the pcb, acquiring a second conductive position and acquiring a second height difference between the initial position and the second conductive position; calculating a difference between the second and the first height difference to obtain a third height difference; and performing back-drilling, according to the third height difference, in a position that needs back-drilling. The present invention acquires precise depth information through a test blind via and reduces stub length of back-drilling..
Electrical heating device for evaporating volatile substances with adjustable evaporation rate
The invention refers to an electrical heating evaporator for evaporating active substances such as perfumes and/or insecticides, in which the means for regulating the evaporation rate comprises an electrical heater resistor for which the power supplied is regulated through a potentiometer constructed on a printed circuit board. The evaporation rate can be adjusted for a wide variety of types of chemical substances, without the need of substantially modifying the design of the device..
Recordable led fridge magnet
This invention pertains to a recordable led fridge magnet which can not only emit light and sound but also have the recording function. Designed with a casing cover for the recordable led fridge magnet, there is a permanent magnet pad at the bottom.
Heat dissipation module and modular lighting device with heat dissipation module
A heat dissipation module and a modular lighting device with the heat dissipation module are provided. The modular lighting device includes a transparent lamp cover and a lamp body.
Dimmable, high-efficiency led linear lighting system with interchangeable features and methods for producing same
A light source is provided including a heat sink and a printed circuit board (pcb) with a driver and lamps disposed in the central cavity of the heat sink. Each lamp is a semi-spherical solid state lamp, and multiple optical structures in operable registration with lamps.
Light-emitting device, illuminating apparatus, and display apparatus
The invention provides a light-emitting device a light-emitting device for use in a backlight unit of a display apparatus including a display panel, which is capable of applying light to an illumination object with uniformity in brightness in a planar direction of the illumination object and can be made lower in profile. A backlight unit (1) is provided with: a printed circuit board (12); a plurality of light-emitting portions (111) disposed on the printed circuit board (12) and having a base support (111b), an led chip (111a) and a lens (112); and a first reflective member (118) disposed on a periphery of each light-emitting portion (111) and having a first reflecting portion (1181) and a second reflecting portion (1182)..
Shield can of mobile terminal
A shield can of a mobile terminal is provided. The shield can of the mobile terminal includes: at least one shield can installed in a main circuit board of the mobile terminal, and at least one separation wall formed between electronic elements in which electromagnetic interference occurs within the shield can.
Film interposer for integrated circuit devices
In one embodiment, a stack device comprising a film interposer of a polyimide film material, for example, is assembled. In accordance with one embodiment of the present description, a front side of the film interposer is attached to a first element of the stack device, which may be an integrated circuit package, an integrated circuit die, a substrate such as a printed circuit board, or other structure used to fabricate electronic devices.
Bga structure using ctf balls in high stress regions
A bga structure having larger solder balls in high stress regions of the array is disclosed. The larger solder balls have higher solder joint reliability (sjr) and as such may be designated critical to function (ctf), whereby the larger solder balls in high stress regions carry input/output signals between a circuit board and a package mounted thereon.
Electronic assembly and method of manufacturing same
An electronic assembly comprises a housing, a cover for the housing, a printed circuit board receivable in the housing, and a compliant pin header assembly. The compliant pin header assembly is mountable in the housing by inter-engaging features on the header assembly and the housing.
Display device with height adjustment structure and terminal having the same
A display device and a terminal having the same are disclosed. The terminal includes a base including a circuit board provided therein, and upper and lower housings, a support configured with one side combined with at least a portion of the lower housing and the other side having a head part configured for combination with a main body of a display, a first hole located on the upper housing and configured for combination with the support, and a second hole located on the circuit board and configured for combination with the support.
Insulation and heat radiation structure of power device, circuit board, and power supply apparatus
Embodiments of the present application provide an insulation and heat radiation structure of a power device, a circuit board, and a power supply apparatus. The insulation and heat radiation structure of the power device includes a power device, an insulation ceramic piece, and a heat radiator, where the power device is of a sheet structure, the insulation ceramic piece is an alumina ceramic piece, a heat radiator pin is disposed on the heat radiator, the heat radiator pin is used for being mechanically connected to the circuit board, a heating surface of the power device is adhesively fixed to one surface of the insulation ceramic piece through a first insulating thermal conductive adhesive, and the other surface of the insulation ceramic piece is adhesively fixed to a contact heat radiation surface of the heat radiator through a second insulating thermal conductive adhesive..
Handheld mobile device and back cover for the same
In various embodiments, a handheld mobile device and back cover for the same are provided. The back cover for a handheld mobile device comprises: a back cover body having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface; and a heat dissipating plate fixed to the first surface of the back cover body; wherein a hole is provided in a region of the back cover body corresponding to the heat dissipating plate.
Force and heat spreading pcb for lcd protection and interconnection
The described embodiment relates generally to the manufacture of display assemblies. More particularly the use of alternative back plates for a display assembly is discussed.
Cooling device and electronic apparatus
A cooling device includes: a heat dissipating part disposed at an end of a heat transfer member; a heat-receiving plate disposed at the other end of the heat transfer member, provided opposite to a noise-generating part mounted on a circuit board, and thermally coupled to the noise-generating part; and a shielding unit disposed at the other end of the heat transfer member, the shielding unit covering the noise-generating part.. .
Camera module
The present invention relates to a camera module, the module including a case embedded with a lens, a base supporting the case and formed with a window for passing an optical image emitted by the lens, the window being formed with a staircase unit, and a pcb (printed circuit board) mounted with the base and an image sensor for converting the optical image to an electrical signal.. .
Camera module
The present invention relates to a camera module, the camera module including a pcb (printed circuit board) formed with an image sensor, a holder formed at an upper surface of the pcb and mounted therein with at least one or more lenses, an actuator positioned at the holder, and an electronic circuit pattern layer formed on the holder.. .
Touch panel
A touch panel includes a cover layer including a number of key areas, a circuit board, a touch-sensing layer arranged between the cover layer and the circuit board, and a number of button members corresponding to the key areas one by one. Each button member includes a post and a sensing portion.
Electronic devices with flexible circuit light shields
Electronic devices may include displays. A display may include backlight structures that generate light and display layers that generate images using the generated light.

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