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Ciliary Body
Retinal Detachment
Retinal Pigment Epithelium
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Ciliary Body patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Ciliary Body-related patents
 Refocusable intraocular lens with flexible aspherical surface patent thumbnailRefocusable intraocular lens with flexible aspherical surface
An intraocular lens (iol) having a posterior prolate aspheric surface structured to bend or flex in response to force applied to such surface due to flexing of ciliary body muscle. The flexible and bendable haptic portions of the iol, integrated with the central optical portion along its perimeter, as sized to have the distal sides of the haptic portions installed in the capsular membrane of a natural lens of an eye or in a space between the root of the iris and ciliary muscle.

 Accommodating fluidic intraocular lens with flexible interior membrane patent thumbnailAccommodating fluidic intraocular lens with flexible interior membrane
An accommodating (re-focusable) intraocular lens (iol), a body of which includes two optical portions sequentially disposed, in optical contact with one another, along an optical axis and separated by interior surface the curvature of which is changing in response to pressure applied to posterior surface of iol. The two optical portions may be formed with fluids having different refractive indices and housed in flexible cells that share an interior wall having such interior surface.

 Accommodating intraocular lens patent thumbnailAccommodating intraocular lens
A dynamic accommodative intraocular lens is provided in which a central lens portion of the intraocular lens undergoes dynamic change in curvature to adjust focus from distant objects to those nearby in response to natural accommodative actions of the patient's eye. The intraocular lens utilizes fluid movement from flexible fluid reservoirs defined along or adjacent haptic elements of the intraocular lens, which are engaged and compressed by the accommodating movements of the ciliary body of the patient's eye to cause expansion and flattening of the intraocular lens to adjust the optic power of the lens..

Accommodating intraocular lens with ciliary body activation
An accommodative lens assembly includes a lens body defining an optic lens, a haptic system, and a wing. The lens body is formed and implanted into an eye in a disaccommodative configuration.

 Use of cell-permeable peptide inhibitors of the jnk signal transduction pathway for the treatment of chronic or non-chronic inflammatory eye diseases patent thumbnailUse of cell-permeable peptide inhibitors of the jnk signal transduction pathway for the treatment of chronic or non-chronic inflammatory eye diseases
The present invention refers to the use of protein kinase inhibitors and more specifically to the use of inhibitors of the protein kinase c-jun amino terminal kinase, jnk inhibitor (poly-)peptides, chimeric peptides, or of nucleic acids encoding same as well as pharmaceutical compositions containing same, for the treatment of non-chronic or chronic inflammatory eye diseases, such as inflammatory diseases of the blephara, conjunctiva, cornea, sclera, the vitreous body, uvea, ciliary body, choroid, orbital bone, lacrimal gland, or iris, in particular wherein the inflammatory disease is selected from hordeolum, chalazion, conjunktivitis, keratitis, scleritis, episcleritis, endophthalmitis, panophtalmitis, irititis, uveitis, cyclitis, chorioiditis, orbital phlegmon, and myositis of the eye muscle etc.. .

 Device and  treatment of retinal detachment and other maladies of the eye patent thumbnailDevice and treatment of retinal detachment and other maladies of the eye
The present invention relates generally to a device and method for the treatment of retinal detachment, ocular hypertension and glaucoma, and increasing the amplitude of accommodation. In an illustrative embodiment, the device includes a tapered, mesh tube.

 Detection and measurement of tissue images patent thumbnailDetection and measurement of tissue images
A system and method of measuring a tissue structure is provided. The method includes obtaining image data of the tissue structure.

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