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 Communication apparatus and communication method, communication system, and computer program patent thumbnailCommunication apparatus and communication method, communication system, and computer program
A communication system includes a plurality of communication stations arranged to respectively transmit a beacon on which beacon time information related to a beacon received from a peripheral communication station is placed at a predetermined transmission interval and control a beacon transmission timing of its own station while a collision with the beacon transmitted from the peripheral communication station is avoided on the basis of beacon information placed on the received beacon, in which at least a part of the communication stations includes means configured to decide a priority with respect to beacons received from at least one peripheral communication station and means configured to place beacon time information of a beacon having a high priority among the received beacons on a beacon of its own station, and transmits the beacon at a predetermined transmission interval.. .
Sony Corporation

 Handover in high speed scenario patent thumbnailHandover in high speed scenario
A handover procedure is described where a user equipment, ue, is pre-configured by a network node of a source cell with one or more target cells and associated conditions to be fulfilled for the ue to autonomously decide when to execute the handover. The ue may be pre-configured while in good radio conditions, being connected to the source cell, and hence the ue does not risk going out of source cell coverage before being handed over to a target cell..
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Inertial electroacoustic transducer unit patent thumbnailInertial electroacoustic transducer unit
Inertial electroacoustic transducer unit (300; 400) comprising a first exciter (100) and a second exciter (200), the second exciter (200) is disposed in overturned position on the first exciter (100), that is to say in a first configuration the bases (41) of the two cups (40) face each other, or in a second configuration the cavities of the two cups face each other; the two exciters (100, 200) are fixed together or to a plane intended to be put into vibration in such manner that the axes (a) of the cylindrical supports (10) of the coils coincide, the ends of the coils (1) of the two exciters being connected in counter-phase in such manner to obtain a consistent movement in the same direction as the magnetic units (4) of the two exciters.. .
Ask Industries Societa' Per Azioni

 Multi-directional, multi-spectral star tracker with a common aperture and common camera patent thumbnailMulti-directional, multi-spectral star tracker with a common aperture and common camera
An optical star tracker system including a single common aperture, a single light-redirecting element, a single imaging sensor and an image processor, wherein the light-redirecting element receives incident light rays from a plurality of objects and forms images of the objects distorted at angles indicative of the multiple directions of the incident light rays from the objects depending on an orientation at which the incident light rays originated from the objects.. .
The Boeing Company

 Camera module patent thumbnailCamera module
A camera module according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises: a housing which comprises a supporting part and in which the inside space therein is divided by the supporting part into a first space and a second space; an image sensor housed in the first space; a lens unit arranged on the image sensor; a light-outputting unit arranged between the lens unit and the housing; and a light source unit arranged in the second space so as to correspond to the light-outputting unit, wherein the light-outputting unit outputs light incident from the light source unit to the outside.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

 Global clustering of incidents based on malware similarity and online trustfulness patent thumbnailGlobal clustering of incidents based on malware similarity and online trustfulness
In an embodiment, a method, performed by processors of a computing device for creating and storing clusters of incident data records based on behavioral characteristic values in the records and origin characteristic values in the records, the method comprising: receiving a plurality of input incident data records comprising sets of attribute values; identifying two or more first incident data records that have a particular behavioral characteristic value; using a malicious incident behavioral data table that maps sets of behavioral characteristic values to identifiers of malicious acts in the network, and a plurality of comparison operations using the malicious incident behavioral data table and the two or more first incident data records, determining whether any of the two or more first incident data records are malicious; and if so, creating a similarity behavioral cluster record that includes the two or more first incident data records.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Terminal robot security system and operating method thereof patent thumbnailTerminal robot security system and operating method thereof
The present invention provides a terminal robot security system and an operation method thereof. The security system comprises a terminal robot (3), a background server (4) and a verification cloud (5) in which initial id information of the terminal robot (3) and initial id information of the background server (4) that are correlated with each other are stored, wherein the terminal robot (3) and the background server (4) establish a connection for information interaction after the verification cloud verifies that input self-carried real-time id information (1) of the terminal robot (3) and input real-time id information (2) of the background server (4) match the initial id information of the terminal robot (3) and the initial id information of the background server (4) that are stored in the verification cloud (5).
Ecovacs Robotics Co., Ltd.

 Communication apparatus, communication method, and computer readable medium patent thumbnailCommunication apparatus, communication method, and computer readable medium
A synchronous frame reception unit receives a synchronous frame describing a reference value for time synchronization with a management apparatus which is transmitted repeatedly from the management apparatus. A propagation delay computation unit computes, each time when the synchronous frame is received, a propagation delay of the synchronous frame.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Method for testing a concentrated photovoltaic module patent thumbnailMethod for testing a concentrated photovoltaic module
The invention relates to a method for testing a concentrated photovoltaic module comprising a plurality of sub-modules, each containing a plurality of assemblies of a photovoltaic cell and of a concentrator arranged relative to the cell in order to concentrate on the cell radiation arriving at normal incidence, in which: a plurality of almost collimated light beams are transmitted toward the module by means of a plurality of light sources coupled to respective parabolic mirrors, each light source comprising a lamp suitable for emitting a light pulse and a supply device suitable for electrically supplying the lamp, there being a turn-on delay between the triggering of the supply device and the emission of the pulse, and the supply device of each lamp is triggered at a respective instant set depending on the turn-on delay of the lamp so that the pulses of all the lamps are emitted simultaneously and received simultaneously by the sub-modules.. .
Soitec Solar Gmbh

 Polar solvent based device for storage and thermal capture of electrical energy patent thumbnailPolar solvent based device for storage and thermal capture of electrical energy
A circuit for use with an external power source and at least one load. The circuit includes a hydro-pyroelectrodynamic (“h-ped”) storage/capture device (“scd”), a plurality of contacts, and a recharging device.
Green-on-green Energy, Inc.

Salicide formation on replacement metal gate finfet devices

A fin field effect transistor (finfet) device and a method of fabricating a finfet are described. The method includes forming a replacement gate stack on a substrate between inside walls of sidewall spacers, epitaxially growing a raised source drain (rsd) on the substrate adjacent to outside walls of the sidewall spacers, and forming a silicide above the rsd and along the outside walls of the sidewall spacers.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method for fabricating semiconductor device having a silicide layer

A method for fabricating a semiconductor device is provided. The method includes forming a gate electrode and a source or drain disposed at opposite sides of the gate electrode, forming an interlayer insulating layer covering the gate electrode and the source or drain, forming a contact hole exposing the source or drain in the interlayer insulating layer, forming a silicide layer on a bottom surface of the contact hole, and forming a spacer on sidewalls of the contact hole and an upper surface of the silicide layer..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact structure for thin film semiconductor

A method is described for forming a circuit that comprises forming a layer of semiconductor material on the substrate and an interlayer conductor contacting the layer. The layer can be a thin film layer.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.

Display panel and electronic device

A display panel includes a flexible substrate, a first display region, a second display region, and a third display region. The first display region has a quadrangle outline and includes a first side and a second side forming a first corner portion of the outline.
Semiconductor Energy Laboraory Co., Ltd.

Solid state image pickup device and producing solid state image pickup device

Forming a back-illuminated type cmos image sensor, includes process for formation of a registration mark on the wiring side of a silicon substrate during formation of an active region or a gate electrode. A silicide film using an active region may also be used for the registration mark.
Sony Corporation

Method for producing one-time-programmable memory cells and corresponding integrated circuit

An integrated circuit includes a silicon on insulator substrate having a semiconductor film located above a buried insulating layer. At least one memory cell of the one-time-programmable type includes an mos capacitor having a first electrode region including a gate region at least partially silicided and flanked by an insulating lateral region, a dielectric layer located between the gate region and the semiconductor film, and a second electrode region including a silicided zone of the semiconductor film, located alongside the insulating lateral region and extending at least partially under the dielectric layer..
Stmicroelectronics Sa

Enhanced integration of dmos and cmos semiconductor devices

A method of fabricating a power semiconductor device includes: forming at least one lateral diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor (ldmos) structure having a first fully silicided gate including a first metal silicide material; and forming at least one complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) structure integrated with the ldmos structure on a same substrate, the cmos structure having a second fully silicided gate including a second metal silicide material. The first metal silicide material preferably includes tungsten silicide and the second metal silicide material includes a material other than tungsten silicide..
Coolstar Technology, Inc.

E-fuse in soi configuration

A method of forming a semiconductor device comprising a fuse is provided including providing a semiconductor-on-insulator (soi) structure comprising an insulating layer and a semiconductor layer formed on the insulating layer, forming raised semiconductor regions on the semiconductor layer adjacent to a central portion of the semiconductor layer and performing a silicidation process of the central portion of the semiconductor layer and the raised semiconductor regions to form a silicided semiconductor layer and silicided raised semiconductor regions.. .
Globalfoundries Inc.

Semiconductor devices comprising getter layers and methods of making and using the same

Semiconductor devices comprising a getter material are described. The getter material can be located in or over the active region of the device and/or in or over a termination region of the device.
Monolith Semiconductor Inc.

Method for removing dielectric layers from semiconductor components by using a laser beam

A method for removing dielectric layers from semiconductor components by way of a laser beam. The dielectric layer is irradiated with a laser beam which has, upon incidence on the dielectric layer, a substantially homogeneous power density over the laser beam cross-section..
Rofin-baasel Lasertech Gmbh & Co. Kg

Oxadiazole based photosensitizers for use in dye-sensitive solar cells and photodynamic therapy

An oxadiazole dye for use as an organic photosensitizer. The oxadiazole dye comprising donor-π-spacer-acceptor type portions in which at least one of an oxadiazole isomer acts as a π-conjugated bridge (spacer), a biphenyl unit acts as an electron-donating unit, a carboxyl group act as an electron acceptor group, and a cyano group acts as an anchor group.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Organic dyes incorporating the oxadiazole moiety for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells

An oxadiazole dye for use as an organic photosensitizer. The oxadiazole dye comprising donor-π-spacer-acceptor type molecules in which at least one of an oxadiazole group acts as a π-conjugated bridge (spacer), a naphthyl unit acts as an electron-donating unit, a carboxyl group act as an electron acceptor group, and a cyano group acts as an anchor group.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Single source dual energy having two filters for x-ray spectrum differentiation in the case of radiator screens having slotted plates

A slotted plate is for limiting an incident x-ray radiation. The slotted plate includes at least one slotted opening and two different x-ray filter regions for x-ray spectrum differentiation of the incident x-ray radiation.
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

Localised energy concentration

There is provided a method of producing a localized concentration of energy. The method includes creating at least one shockwave propagating through a non-gaseous medium so as to be incident upon a pocket of gas suspended within the medium.
Isis Innovation Limited

Two-factor authentication method

Effecting the transaction if the request made by the transaction point coincides with the information provided by the user.. .

Safe food ordering by voice while driving

Techniques for safe food ordering by voice while driving are described. A customer driving a vehicle decides to order food from a restaurant.
U.s. Group Corporation

Therapeutic product delivery system and pairing

A method of pairing a therapeutic product delivery device to a handset is described. The handset is restricted to controlling only delivery devices which it is paired with.
Cellnovo Limited

Incident prevention system

A system monitor real-time conditions to assess pre-event variations from the norm in order to alert appropriate care-givers to provide timely care for the individual in order to avoid costly and life-changing events, with minimal disruption of life, which may be supported by an integrated system of devices to monitor a patient, including data storage and transfer devices, and a data management engine for assessing and handling the data according to instructions, so as to provide continual, real-time assessment of the individual's condition to provide optimally timed care with minimal disruption of life, including a microphone and camera array to detect incidents and capture varied degrees of visual data, depending on the perceived circumstances, including the capacity to obscure the identity of individuals detected in the video feed.. .

Sensors and systems for the capture of scenes and events in space and time

Various embodiments comprise apparatuses and methods including a light sensor. The light sensor includes a first electrode, a second electrode, a third electrode, and a light-absorbing semiconductor in electrical communication with each of the first electrode, the second electrode, and the third electrode.
Invisage Technologies, Inc.

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus, including: an image forming control portion; a stacking portion; a sheet feeding unit; a change unit configured to change a state of the sheet feeding unit between a first state in which the sheet feeding unit is in abutment with the recording medium stacked on the stacking portion and a second state in which the sheet feeding unit is separated away from the recording medium; a decision unit configured to decide a size of the recording medium stacked on the stacking portion; and a control unit configured to control the change unit so that, when the size of the recording medium is changed from an undecided state to a decided state by the decision unit, the state of the sheet feeding unit is changed from the second state to the first state even without an instruction to start image formation from the image forming control portion.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Liquid crystal display panel

The present invention provides a liquid crystal display panel including a gate line (g1) and a data line (s1) that are respectively inclined with respect to a first direction (d1) and a second direction (d2) and also including a pixel electrode (40) having trunks (401) parallel with the gate lines (g1). The pixel electrode (40) has branches (402) parallel with a slope section (s11) of the data line (s1).
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Holographic panel, manufacture method thereof and full color coherent backlight device

The present invention discloses a holographic panel, a manufacture method thereof and a full color coherent backlight device. The holographic panel comprises a first substrate, a second substrate and a polymer dispersed liquid crystal between the first substrate and the second substrate, the polymer dispersed liquid crystal is formed corresponding to a holographic fringe of a predetermined wavelength range, and electrode is manufactured on at least one of the first substrate and the second substrate, wherein the polymer dispersed liquid crystal converts an incident light into a collimating coherent light and exits the collimating coherent light when the electrode is not applied with a voltage, and the polymer dispersed liquid crystal is transparentized to the incident light of the predetermined wavelength range when the electrode is applied with a voltage.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Display device, optical film and manufacturing equipment thereof

A display device, an optical film and a manufacturing equipment thereof are provided. The optical film includes an optical layer.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Laser light source device and image projection device

An image projection device is provided with at least one laser light source device and uses a light beam exited from the laser light source device as projection light. A laser light source device is provided with a plurality of light source units from which laser beams exit, the plurality of light source units are divided into a plurality of laser light source groups based on magnitudes of angles at which optical axes of the laser beams are incident on the incident surface.
Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

Beam propagation camera and light beam analysis

A beam propagation camera has at least one beam-splitting optical arrangement (240) configured to split a beam, which is incident on the beam-splitting optical arrangement along an optical axis (oa) of the beam propagation camera, into a multiplicity of sub-beams, and a sensor arrangement (250) configured to detect the sub-beams. The beam-splitting optical arrangement has a diffractive structure (241) configured such that at least two of the sub-beams are spatially separated from one another on the sensor arrangement and have respective foci longitudinally offset from one another along the optical axis..
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Display apparatus

The present disclosure provides a display apparatus, in which a shift of a transmission or reflection wavelength characteristic due to an incident angle of light is suppressed, and observation of external light necessary for display and image light necessary for display is possible. The display apparatus of the present disclosure includes an image light generator that generates image light by use of light in each of at least a first wavelength band, a second wavelength band, and a third wavelength band, and a light synthesizing part that transmits external light and reflects the image light.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Image acquisition device, image forming system, and image forming method

An image acquisition device according to the present disclosure includes a lighting system and an irradiation direction decision section. In a module, a subject and an imaging element are integrally formed.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co.,ltd

Three-dimensional focusing device and a microscope

The invention relates to a device (ii) for three-dimensional focusing in a microscope (i) with a given resolution, comprising:—a detector (119) making it possible to determine, in a given measuring plane, a phase and intensity image of an electromagnetic field resulting from the interaction of an incident light wave with a reference object (105) situated in a reference medium with a given index and having a complex refractive index, the real part and/or the imaginary part of which differs from the real part and/or the imaginary part, respectively, of the refractive index of the reference medium;—computation means (121) making it possible to determine a three-dimensional position variation of the reference object (105) from at least one phase and intensity image.. .
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

Light guiding plate, backlight module and display

The disclosure provides a light guiding plate, used in a backlight module. The light guiding plate comprises a main board body and a sub board body.
Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Backlight moudle and lcd device with the backlight module

A backlight module is disclosed, which comprises a light guide plate having at least one incident light side; a light bar, adjacent to the incident light side; a plurality of quantum dot films, the quantum dot films are arranged between the light bar and the incident light side; wherein the light from the light bar goes through the quantum dot film and irradiates on the incident light side. A lcd device with the backlight module is further disclosed.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Backlight module and liquid crystal display including same

A backlight module includes a back plate having a side wall, a light guide plate disposed on the back plate and having a light incident surface, a light source disposed on the sidewall and adjacent to the light incident surface, a middle frame overlying the light guide plate and the light source, a first latching member disposed on a side of the middle frame facing toward the back plate and having a first groove, a second latching member disposed on a side of the back plate facing toward the middle frame and having a second groove, and a quantum bar, one end of which is latched in the first groove and the other end is latched in the second groove. The present invention also provides a lcd including the backlight module.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectr0nics Technology Co., Ltd.

Light guide plate, back light module and liquid crystal display device

A light guide plate including a plate body and a light coupling device connected to one end of the plate body; the light coupling device includes a light incident surface, a connection surface parallelly opposing the light incident surface, and a top surface and a bottom surface connected to the light incident surface and the connection surface respectively. Wherein, the connection surface is connected with the plate body, a width of the light incident surface is larger than a width of the connection surface, the top surface is a wedge-shaped inclined surface protruding upwardly, and the bottom surface is a wedge-shaped inclined surface protruding downwardly.
Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Light guide plate, backlight module and narrow-border display device

The invention provides a light guide plate (lgp), and a light output surface near a light incident end of the lgp has an elongated groove extending along the widthwise direction of the lgp and for installing a light source assembly. The invention further provides a backlight module including the lgp, an optical film assembly, a reflective sheet and a light source assembly; the light source assembly is t-shaped and includes a horizontal portion and a vertical portion installed with multiple leds, the vertical portion is disposed in the elongated groove, the horizontal portion is disposed covering the elongated groove and contacting with a top surface of the lgp.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Backlight module, display module and display device

A backlight module, a display module and a display device are disclosed. The backlight module includes a light guide plate (lgp); a light source disposed on a light incidence side of the lgp; and a photoluminescent layer disposed on a light-emitting surface of the lgp, the photoluminescent layer is made from phosphor materials, wherein a plurality of lens structures are disposed on one side of the photoluminescent layer facing away from the lgp.
Beijing Boe Chatani Electronics Co., Ltd.

Light guide plate and backlight module

The present invention provides a light guide plate and a backlight module. The light guide plate has a light incident surface that has an arc configuration.
Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

A light guide plate and a backlight module

The present invention discloses a light guide plate, comprises a light inducing portion closed to the light incident side and a main body portion away from the light incident side, the top surface on the main body portion is the light exiting surface, the light inducing portion is thicker than the main body portion, and the first angle between the light exiting surface and the connecting surface of the light inducing portion and the main body portion is an obtuse angle. In the light guide plate of the present invention, the light guide portion close to the light incident side is thicker than the main body portion, the light source utilization is increased, the light guide effect is enhanced, the light guide efficiency and the optical taste of the backlight module which contains the ultra-thin light guide plate are all improved..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Light guide plate and backlight module with the same

A light guide plate includes an incident edge and a plurality of v-shaped grooves. The incident edge includes a tilted surface, a vertical surface, a top surface and a bottom surface.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Tag with a non-metallic metasurface that converts incident light into elliptically or circularly polarized light regardless of polarization state of the incident light

An optical device for generating narrow-band circularly and elliptically polarized radiation, either by conversion from externally incident light or through thermal emission of heated objects. The optical device includes a metasurface comprised of unit cells, where each unit cell contains structural elements or features that break two mirror inversion symmetries of the unit cell and couple bright and dark resonances.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Distributed acoustic sensing systems and methods employing under-filled multi-mode optical fiber

An illustrative distributed acoustic sensing system includes a multi-mode optical fiber cable for distributed sensing and a distributed acoustic sensing interrogator coupled to the multi-mode optical fiber cable via a single mode optical fiber. The interrogator derives distributed acoustic measurements from rayleigh backscattering light that is initiated with a substantially under-filled launch configuration that is designed to excite only the lowest-order modes of the multi-mode optical fiber.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Optical modules that reduce speckle contrast and diffraction artifacts

An optical module, for use in a depth camera, includes a plurality of laser emitting elements, each of which emits a corresponding laser beam, and a micro-lens array (mla) that includes a plurality of lenslets. Laser beams emitted by adjacent laser emitting elements at least partially overlap one another prior to being incident on the mla for each lenslet of at least a majority of the lenslets of the mla, the lenslet is at least partially filled by light corresponding to laser beams emitted by at least two of the laser emitting elements.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Device for determining the topography of the burden surface in a shaft furnace

The invention relates to a device for determining the topography of the burden surface in a shaft furnace (10), the device comprising a radar device (20) that scans the burden surface (18) and has an antenna device (22) arranged in the area of a furnace cover (13), the antenna device being arranged on an axis of rotation (24) that is inclined in relation to a vertical axis (15) of the shaft furnace at an angle of inclination a and being rotatable about the axis of rotation by means of a drive device in such a manner that a radar fan beam (28) formed by the emitted radar radiation of the antenna device is incident upon the burden surface along a profile line p and sweeps across the burden surface as the antenna device rotates.. .
Tmt Tapping-measuring-technology SÀrl

Ionizing radiation detection apparatus

An ionizing radiation detection apparatus of the present disclosure includes a first drift electrode disposed inside a chamber and a first detection unit disposed inside the chamber so as to oppose the first drift electrode, wherein the first detection unit is configured to detect a first ionization electron produced through compton scattering caused by an incident γ-ray inside the scattering gas, and a second drift electrode configured to emit a reference x-ray upon being excited by the incident γ-ray with a second detection unit disposed so as to oppose the second drift electrode and configured to detect a second ionization electron produced as the reference x-ray is photoelectrically absorbed by the scattering gas, and a control unit configured to compensate for a change in an amplification factor of a signal output from each of the first detection unit and the second detection unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

X-ray reflectometry samples with a miniscule measurement area and a thickness in nanometers and method thereof

This application relates to an apparatus and methods for enhancing the performance of x-ray reflectometry (xrr) when used in characterizing thin films and nanostructures supported on a flat substrate. In particular, this application is targeted for addressing the difficulties encountered when xrr is applied to samples with very limited sampling volume, i.e.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Spectrometer and gas analyzer

A spectrometer has an entry aperture for coupling in electromagnetic radiation to be spectroscope, a refractive or diffractive optical element arranged such that electromagnetic radiation which is coupled in through the entry aperture is incident on the refractive or diffractive optical element to be spectrally split there, and at least two individual detectors which, for the detection of different spectral ranges of the split electromagnetic radiation, are arranged next to one another in the direction of the spectral splitting of the electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation from a predetermined ultraviolet wavelength range is directed onto one of the individual detectors by the optical element and electromagnetic radiation from a predetermined blue wavelength range is directed onto another of the detectors by the optical element.
Sick Ag

Multi-characteristic integrated computational element using light incidence angle manipulation

Multi-characteristic detection is achieved by altering the light incidence angle of a single integrated computational element (“ice”) used in an optical computing device.. .
Halliburton Energy Services Inc.

Orientation variation measurement system, satellite, and orientation variation measurement method

Parallel laser light beams are irradiated from different positions into a telescope. Beams of laser light are incident on a secondary mirror attitude detection mirror from different locations.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Light-emitting device

A light-emitting device includes a substrate; a lens array having a plurality of lens sections in a matrix pattern; and a plurality of semiconductor laser elements disposed on the substrate. Each of the semiconductor laser elements emits a respective laser beam, each laser beam having a beam shape with a greater width in a column direction than in a row direction on a light incident surface of each respective lens section.
Nichia Corporation

Vehicle lighting fixture

A vehicle lighting fixture can be configured to form a predetermined light distribution pattern by two-dimensionally scanning light with resolutions different in part, for example, in which the resolution in the horizontal direction is high at the center area and is gradually lowered toward the outer periphery from the center area. The vehicle lighting unit can include an optical deflector configured to two-dimensionally scan with groups of spots of light having been incident thereon from a light source; a screen member in which the light scanning by the optical deflector forms a luminance distribution corresponding to a predetermined light distribution pattern; an optical system configured to project the luminance distribution forward; and an optical controlling member configured to change a pitch between spots in a group of spots among the groups of spots of light scanned by the optical deflector on the screen member..
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

Optical unit and vehicle lamp

An optical unit includes a light source, a rotary reflector that rotates about an axis of rotation and includes a reflective surface that reflects light emitted by the light source, and a projection lens including an incident surface on which reflected light from the rotary reflector is incident. A shade is provided between the projection lens and the rotary reflector.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Vehicle-mounted headlamp

A vehicle-mounted headlamp using an led includes a projector lens projecting the led light to the vehicle front. A light distribution member forming a low-beam lamp light distribution includes: a first incident surface through which the led light emitted frontward enters; a first reflecting surface disposed on an optical axis such that a projector lens side edge overlaps an led side focus of the projector lens; a second incident surface and a second reflecting surface disposed on an upper side of the optical axis such that the led light emitted upward enters through the second incident surface and is reflected frontward by the second reflecting surface; and a third incident surface and a third reflecting surface disposed on the upper side of the optical axis such that the led light emitted downward enters through the third incident surface and is reflected frontward by the third reflecting surface..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Tank base

A method for the construction of an improved tank base. A tank base is constructed for protection against accidental spills and/or leaks associated with a tank battery.
Falcon Technologies And Services, Inc.

End-point optical system and use

Systems and methods are used to detect spectral and spatial information in a continuous flow pcr system. An incident beam of electromagnetic radiation is emitted using a laser.
Stokes Bio Limited

Functionalised benzopyran compounds and use thereof

The present invention relates broadly to anti-cancer agents. In particular, the present invention relates to selected benzopyran compounds, the preparation thereof, and their use in methods for treating cancer and reducing the incidence or risk of cancer recurrence..
Novogen Limited

Parking-lot-leaving support apparatus and vehicle

A parking-lot-leaving support apparatus, to execute parking-lot-leaving support to support a vehicle leaving a parking lot, based on a positional relationship between the vehicle and an obstacle in a back-and-forth direction of the vehicle, includes a determination unit configured to determine whether an obstacle exists in a side direction of the vehicle, based on a detection result of a detection unit that detects an obstacle in the side direction of the vehicle; and an inhibition unit configured to, when the determination unit has determined that the obstacle exists in the side direction of the vehicle, inhibit the parking-lot-leaving support in a direction that coincides with the side direction.. .
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

System and controlling environmentally-friendly vehicle

A system and method for controlling an environmentally-friendly vehicle perform a safety function by blocking a high voltage output of a high voltage battery at the time of a rear-lateral side collision of the environmentally-friendly vehicle. The high voltage blocking function is smoothly performed at the time of the rear-lateral side collision accident by determining a rear-lateral side collision of the environmentally-friendly vehicle using a blind spot detection sensor, a lane change alert sensor, or a rear cross traffic alert sensor, along with a yaw rate sensor that detects a yaw rate, and turning off a relay of the high voltage battery at a moment when the rear-lateral side collision is determined..
Hyundai Motor Company

Forging tool for the manufacture of a shaped rolled ring, notably for the manufacture of a turbomachine disc

Mandrels for rolling a ring include recesses for receiving the ring, which have rounded parts at the connection between the various faces, so as to avoid the formation of sharp angles on the rolled ring and the accidental formation of cracks.. .

Motor speed control device for rolling mill

A motor speed control device for a rolling mill, which includes a rolling roll that rolls a metal material, a roll rotation shaft directly connected to the rolling roll, a motor rotation shaft that transmits power to the roll rotation shaft, and a motor that drives the motor rotation shaft, includes: a non-contact type speed sensor arranged at a position close to the rolling roll with spacing to a circumferential surface of the roll rotation shaft to detect a roll rotation shaft angular speed of the roll rotation shaft; and a speed controller that controls a speed of the motor based on a comparison value between an actual value and a target angular speed of the rolling roll so that the actual value coincides with the target angular speed. The actual value is the roll rotation shaft angular speed to be fed back to the speed controller..
Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

Clip-on nasal air humidifying and epistaxis-prevention use with supplemental oxygen

A disposable nasal air moisturizing device is removably attached to a nasal cannula to release a moisturizing liquid into a breathing gas and a patient's nasal airway. The intranasal sponges and moisturizing liquid prevents and treats both abrasions from the nasal cannula and excessive drying of the mucosa.

Generation of microbiocide inside a package utilizing a controlled gas composition

An apparatus and method of producing an atmospheric non-equilibrium plasma (anep) in a sealed container having a selected working gas and an object to be treated is described. A variety of working gas mixtures including air, o2, n2, co2, he and ar, in combination with a range of ionization gradients, voltages and anep column lengths was investigated so as to establish effective ranges of the variables using the sterilization of a sample as a measure of effectiveness.
Purdue Research Foundation

Combination product for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections

Disclosed are compositions for inhibiting transmission of a sexually transmitted infection that contain one or more polyanionic microbicides, such as carrageenans, including lambda carrageenan, as well as water-soluble metal salts and specified lectins. Also disclosed are methods for making and using the compositions..
The United States Of America

Toxin binding system

In some embodiments, a composition and/or method may include a toxin binding system formulated for safe and effective mixture into various feed rations which are fed to monogastric and ruminant animals such as poultry, swine, cows, cattle, and fish, among others. The toxin binding system includes novel combinations of one or more of an organoclay, an activated hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate clay, and a synthetic hectorite clay.
Special Nutrients, Inc.

Methods of treating, reducing the incidence of, and/or preventing ischemic events

Methods of treating, reducing the incidence of, and/or preventing an ischemic event in a patient undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (pci), comprising administering to the patient a pharmaceutical composition comprising cangrelor. The method may further comprise administering an additional therapeutic agent to the patient, the additional therapeutic agent comprising a p2y12 inhibitor.
The Medicines Company

Safety mechanism for laser treatment apparatus

A laser treatment unit for performing eye surgery, including a contact glass which can be placed onto the eye and through which a treatment laser beam (2) passes. A safety mechanism displaceably holds the contact glass such that the contact glass retreats when the contact glass is subjected to the action of a force contrary to the direction of incidence of the laser beam.
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

Percutaneous bone screw device

Embodiments of the invention provide a bone screw device including a bone screw with a temporary encasement. In some embodiments, the temporary encasement comprises a biocompatible material that may be an osteoinductive, a hemostatic and or a bacteriocide.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Vehicle steering wheel

The present invention discloses a vehicle steering wheel, relating to the field of auto part technologies, and solving the problems of being prone to occurrent of traffic accidents and reducing traffic safety when the driver is driving in a fatigue state. In embodiments of the present disclosure, the vehicle steering wheel comprises a wheel rim, at least one oximeter is provided within handheld areas of the wheel rim and connected to a control device connected to an alarm device; and the control device is configured to judge whether or not a driver is in a fatigue driving state according to an oxyhemoglobin saturation value in the body of the driver detected by the oximeter, and to control the alarm device to operate if judging the driver is in the fatigue driving state.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Imaging device and endoscope device

An imaging device includes a lens group configured to collect incident light, a prism configured to reflect the light collected by the lens group, and an image sensor having a light receiving unit configured to receive the light reflected by the prism and to perform photoelectric conversion on the received light to generate an electrical signal. The prism is mounted on the light receiving unit, and the lens group is directly mounted on a surface of the image sensor..
Olympus Corporation

Duvet inserts and methods of manufacture thereof

Duvet inserts are provided with at least two chamfered or beveled corners to prevent overhanging of the corners. Additional drag caused by the overhanging corners and frequent handling of duvet inserts by the corners causes migration of fillers contained therein and this is mitigated by the chamfered corners.
Sysco Guest Supply, Llc

Customizable backpack and methods of use

A customizable backpack and method of use is described. Embodiments of the customizable backpack can include a pack body, a pack flap, a first panel, and a second panel.

Pesticide for the extermination of blattodea and a producing thereof

A pesticide for the extermination of an insect of the order blattodea, and particularly of blattella germanica, the pesticide comprising a uniform mixture of: a blattella germanica attractant comprising about 75% cooked mashed potatoes and about 14% cooked eggs yolk; and an active ingredient comprising boric acid in a concentration of about 10%, thereby providing a non-toxic to humans or pets pesticide which attracts the insect, and upon consuming it by the insect, the active ingredient exterminates the insect.. .

A video and lighting control synchronizing system and method

Described is a means for synchronizing the playback of video and lighting data, specifically to a method for conforming the timing of dmx 512 lighting data so as to coincide with video data.. .
Meta Company

Traffic steering method and heterogeneous radio access network system applying the same

A heterogeneous radio access network system includes a mobile device and a first base station operated in a first wireless access network. The mobile device is wireless communicated with the first base station.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Buffer status reporting in a mobile communication system

An invention relates to methods for transmitting a buffer status report (bsr) in a mobile communication system, more particularly to the definition of rules for triggering, generating and transmitting bsrs. The invention also relates to a data transmission method utilizing new rules to decide data of which radio bearers is transmitted within a given transmission time interval.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Light modulation element unit and image projection apparatus

A light modulation element unit includes a light modulation element having a light modulator configured to modulate incident light and a cover glass that covers a light incident surface of the light modulator, a light shielding member, disposed along a surface of the cover glass, which has an opening in which light going to the light modulator passes and a light shield configured to shield light that does not pass the opening, and a heat radiation member provided in a direction different from a direction of the cover glass with respect to the light modulation element. The light shielding member has an extension that extends to outside of the cover glass and faces the heat radiation member.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Solid-state image sensor, and ranging apparatus and imaging apparatus using same

A solid-state image sensor includes first and second ranging pixels that detect an incident light beam in the solid-state image sensor by separating the incident light beam in a first and second direction, respectively. The angle between the second direction and a column direction is smaller than the angle between the first direction and the column direction.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Photographing apparatus, unmanned aerial vehicle having the photographing apparatus, and attitude control the photographing apparatus

A photographing apparatus is provided. The photographing apparatus includes a photographing unit comprising a photographing sensor and a lens unit configured to focus image light onto the photographing sensor, a first driver configured to drive the photographing sensor to perform a first rotation about a first axis that is coincide with an optical axis of the lens unit, and a second driver configured to drive the photographing unit and the first driver to perform a second rotation about a second axis that is perpendicular to the first axis..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method for searching for docking service and peripheral function by using direct communication and same

Disclosed are a method and an apparatus capable of searching for a docking service and a peripheral function incidental to the docking service in a direct communication system. To this end, a method by which a first wireless device searches for a peripheral function provided by a second wireless device can comprise the steps of: transmitting a probe request frame to the second wireless device by the first wireless device; and receiving a probe response frame from the second wireless device as a response to the search request, wherein the probe response frame can include a bitmap for indicating a name of the peripheral function supported by the second wireless device or the peripheral function supported by the second wireless device..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method and processing authentication request message in a social network

A method and an apparatus for processing an authentication request message in a social network are provided. To improve the inefficiency of existing technology in processing user authentication and request to establish social relationship as well as inadequacy of parameters available for said authentication, the disclosed method includes a social network server detecting an authentication request message sent by a first client to a second client requesting to establish a social relationship with the second client.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Method and system for trouble ticketing

A method and system for monitoring and configuring at least one element of an it infrastructure includes the following steps: receiving an incident trouble ticket from an input entity, said trouble ticket relating to at least one element of an it infrastructure; analyzing, to which technology the incident trouble ticket relates; assigning the incident trouble ticket based on the technology to a system supporting the technology; converting the incident trouble ticket to an interoperable format; sending an forwarded trouble ticket in the interoperable format to a system adapted to support the technology; verifying, whether the forwarded trouble ticket was received by the system adapted to support the technology; and verifying, whether the forwarded trouble ticket is processed by the system adapted to support the technology.. .
Vipcon Gmbh & Co. Kg

User terminal, radio base station and radio communication method

The present invention is designed to implement dynamic tdd that does not rely on tdd-fdd ca-based tdd ul-dl configurations. A user terminal executes radio communication with a plurality of cells by employing carrier aggregation, and has a receiving section that, when a connection is established with a secondary cell serving as a dynamic tdd cell, receives control information, which is transmitted from a primary cell and which includes a dynamic command with respect to a subframe configuration of the dynamic tdd cell, and a control section that decides whether or not one or a plurality of subframes in the dynamic tdd cell are uplink subframes or downlink subframes based on the control information, and, furthermore, controls operations pertaining to the dynamic tdd cell..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

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