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Chromatography patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Chromatography-related patents
 Purification of chlorosilanes using chromatography patent thumbnailnew patent Purification of chlorosilanes using chromatography
The present invention relates to a method for separating organohalosilanes. The method includes introducing a mixture including at least a first organohalosilane and a second organohalosilane onto a chromatographic bed including a stationary phase.
Dow Corning Corporation
 Protein purification methods to reduce acidic species patent thumbnailnew patent Protein purification methods to reduce acidic species
The instant invention relates to the field of protein production and purification, and in particular to compositions and processes for controlling the amount of charge variants, aggregates, and fragments of a protein of interest, as well as host cell proteins, present in purified preparations by applying particular chromatography conditions during such protein purification.. .
Abbvie, Inc.
 Mass spectrometry quantitation of p450 isoforms in hepatocytes patent thumbnailnew patent Mass spectrometry quantitation of p450 isoforms in hepatocytes
A method for screening a drug for cytochrome p450 (cyp) induction is provided and can include incubating the drug with a microsome-containing biological sample and then quantitating at least one cytochrome p450 isoform. The isoforms can be selected from 2b6, 3a4, 1a2, and 3a5 isoforms.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.
 Retention index standards for liquid chromatography patent thumbnailnew patent Retention index standards for liquid chromatography
A homologous series of neutrally charged compounds having at least one functional group bearing a positive charge and at least one functional group bearing a negative charge are advantageous retention index standards for liquid chromatography, especially for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (lc-ms) methods, more especially for lc-ms methods employing electrospray (esi) or atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (apci) ionization systems.. .
National Research Council Of Canada
 Biaxially stretched polypropylene film for capacitors patent thumbnailnew patent Biaxially stretched polypropylene film for capacitors
A biaxially stretched polypropylene film for a capacitor containing an isotactic polypropylene. The weight average molecular weight (mw) of the isotactic polypropylene as measured by gel permeation chromatography (gpc) is 250,000 to 450,000, the molecular weight distribution mw/mn is 7 to 12 and mz/mn is 20 to 40, and the value of a difference obtained by subtracting a differential distribution value when the logarithmic molecular weight log(m)=6 from a differential distribution value when log(m)=4.5 on a molecular weight distribution curve thereof is 8% to 20%.
Oji Holdings Corporation
 Separatone-based protein expression and purification platform patent thumbnailnew patent Separatone-based protein expression and purification platform
Provided is a separatome-based recombinant peptide, polypeptide, and protein expression and purification platform based on the juxtaposition of the binding properties of host cell genomic peptides, polypeptides, and proteins with the characteristics and location of the corresponding genes on the host cell chromosome, such as that of e. Coli, yeast, bacillus subtilis or other prokaryotes, insect cells, mammalian cells, etc.
Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas
 Chromatographic materials patent thumbnailnew patent Chromatographic materials
The present invention provides a chromatographic stationary phase material various different types of chromatography. One example chromatographic stationary phase is represented by formula 1 [x](w)a(q)b(t)c (formula 1).
Waters Technologies Corporation
 Pre-column heating of mobile phase solvent in chromatography systems patent thumbnailnew patent Pre-column heating of mobile phase solvent in chromatography systems
An apparatus for heating a flowing fluid includes a tubing assembly, a heater block made of thermally conductive material, and a heater cartridge in thermal communication with the heater block. The heater cartridge is configured to provide heat to the heater block for transfer to fluid flowing through the tubing assembly.
Waters Technologies Corporation
 Chromatographic materials patent thumbnailChromatographic materials
In one aspect, the present invention provides a chromatographic stationary phase material for various different modes of chromatography represented by formula 1: [x](w)a(q)b(t)c (formula 1). X can be a high purity chromatographic core composition having a surface comprising a silica core material, metal oxide core material, an inorganic-organic hybrid material or a group of block copolymers thereof.
 Multiplexed chromatography-immunoassay  the characterization of circulating immune complexes patent thumbnailMultiplexed chromatography-immunoassay the characterization of circulating immune complexes
Thus, herein is reported a method for analyzing/characterizing circulating immune complexes (cics) formed in vivo comprising a size-exclusion chromatography of a sample obtained from a mammal to which the drug had been administered at least once for determining the weight/size of the immune complexes, optionally a second non-sec chromatography, and at least one immunoassay, whereby the immune complex is characterized by the correlation of the immune complex size and the immunoassay result/read-out. Also reported herein is the use of a method as reported herein for determining a correlation to altered pharmacokinetics, for determining loss or reduction of efficacy, for determining neutralization of natural counterparts of the drug, for determining immune and hypersensitivity reactions, including serum sickness/type iii hypersensitivity reaction/immune complex-mediated disease..

Antiperspirant active compositions having sec chromatogram exhibiting high sec peak 4 intensity

An aluminum salt composition comprising (a) an aluminum salt having an aluminum to chloride molar ratio of about 0.3:1 to about 3:1, an oh:al molar ratio of about 2:1 to about 2.6:1, exhibiting a size exclusion chromatography (sec) chromatogram having a sec peak 4 to peak 3 intensity ratio of at least 7, and a peak 4 intensity greater than a peak 5 intensity in aqueous solution, and (b) at least one buffer chosen from an amino acid, glycine, and betaine, wherein a molar ratio of buffer to aluminum is about 0.1:1 to about 3:1.. .

Flash chromatography column apparatus

A flash chromatography apparatus which provides an improved apparatus for large and medium commercial scale flash chromatography columns. More particularly, the invention relates to a flash chromatography column and cartridge system for positioning and ease of loading and unloading of stationary phase agent in the flash chromatography column.

Techniques for thermally insulating a liquid chromatographic column

An apparatus for performing liquid chromatography includes a chromatography column, and an insulating member surrounding the chromatography column wherein the insulating member is formed from a vacuum chamber surrounding the chromatography column. Another apparatus for performing liquid chromatography includes a chromatography column, and an insulating member surrounding the chromatography column, wherein the insulating member includes aerogel.

Sampling device

The invention relates to a sampler for providing a sample for high-performance liquid chromatography, in which a volume of liquid to be taken up into a cylinder can be aspirated by means of a first drive and can be compressed to a high pressure level by means of a second drive independent of the first drive or can be decompressed from this level in a controlled manner.. .

Method for the purification of prostaglandins

The present invention provides a method for the purification of a prostaglandin by supercritical fluid chromatography, said method comprising the use of a stationary phase and a mobile phase comprising carbon dioxide, provided that when the stationary phase is unmodified silica gel, the prostaglandin is not luprostiol. The invention also provides prostaglandins obtainable by the method..
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

Highly unsaturated fatty acid or highly unsaturated fatty acid ethyl ester with reduced environmental pollutants, and producing same

A highly unsaturated fatty acid or a highly unsaturated fatty acid ethyl ester that has been produced using as a feedstock oil a fat or oil that contains highly unsaturated fatty acids as constituent fatty acids and which has been reduced in the contents of environmental pollutants, wherein among the dioxins contained, polychlorinated dibenzoparadioxins (pcdds) and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (pcdfs) are contained in amounts of less than 0.05 pg-teq/g and coplanar pcbs (co-pcbs) in amounts of less than 0.03 pg-teq/g. Also disclosed is a method for producing the highly unsaturated fatty acid or highly unsaturated fatty acid ethyl ester by the steps of removing free fatty acids and environmental pollutants by thin-film distillation from a feedstock oil, ethyl esterifying the resulting fat or oil, and refining the same by rectification and column chromatography..
Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.

Highly glycosylated long-acting human growth hormone protein and production same

The present invention relates to a long-acting human growth hormone nexp-hgh protein and its production method. More specifically, it relates to a specific isoform of long-acting human growth hormone nexp-hgh protein in which human growth hormone is fused with a highly glycosylated alpha-1 antitrypsin mutant whereby long-acting properties in vivo are increased.
Alteogen, Inc.

Curable resin composition and cured product thereof, encapsulating agent, and optical semiconductor device

The curable resin composition includes a compound (u) containing an aliphatic carbon-carbon unsaturated bond and a compound (h) containing a hydrosilyl group and includes at least one of a ladder-type silsesquioxane [a1] and a ladder-type silsesquioxane [a2], where the ladder-type silsesquioxane [a1] contains an aliphatic carbon-carbon unsaturated bond and has a number-average molecular weight of 500-1500 and a molecular weight dispersity (mw/mn) of 1.00-1.40 as determined by gel permeation chromatography and calibrated with a polystyrene standard, and the ladder-type silsesquioxane [a2] contains a hydrosilyl group and has a number-average molecular weight of 500-1500 and a molecular weight dispersity (mw/mn) of 1.00-1.40 as determined by gel permeation chromatography and calibrated with a polystyrene standard.. .

Method of identifying proteins in human serum indicative of pathologies of human lung tissues

A method of identifying proteins present in human serum which are differentially expressed between normal individuals and patients known to have non-small cell lung cancers and asthma, as diagnosed by a physician. Human serum specimens from each population are digested with trypsin or any other suitable endoproteinase and analyzed using a liquid chromatography electrospray ionization mass spectrometer.
Cancer Prevention And Cure, Ltd

Weak affinity chromatography

The present invention provides methods for analyzing a target compound from a biological sample. In one aspect, a method for analyzing a target compound in a biological sample can comprise delivering a biological sample through an affinity column, the affinity column having a binding ligand coupled to a stationary structural support, wherein the affinity column has a high density of the binding ligand per the stationary structural support and wherein the binding ligand has been preselected to cause weak affinity separation zonal retardation of the target compound from the biological sample forming a target compound fraction and a biological sample fraction and detecting the target compound by mass spectrometry..

Nucleic acid chromatography method, composition for nucleic acid chromatography and kit containing same

Provided is a nucleic acid chromatography method ensuring a stable detection state, and a composition and kit for use in nucleic acid chromatography. For this purpose, the nucleic acid chromatography method is provided with a step of performing chromatography by supplying a chromatography liquid containing a target nucleic acid to a solid-phase carrier on which is fixed a detection probe capable of capturing the nucleic acid, wherein the chromatography liquid contains one or two or more kinds of water-soluble polymers..
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

High pressure fitting with self-releasing ferrule

A fitting assembly is provided having a nut and a self-releasing ferrule, which in certain embodiments may be assembled by an operator. The fitting assembly includes a nut with a first end, and a second end that defines a slot, and a ferrule with a first end that defines one or more slots, and a second end, with the second end of the nut adapted to receive the first end of the ferrule, the second end of the ferrule adapted to be received in a component or fitting of a liquid chromatography system.
Idex Health & Science Llc

Chromatography apparatus and methods using multiple microfluidic substrates

An apparatus for chemical separations includes a first substantially rigid microfluidic substrate defining a first fluidic port; a second substantially rigid microfluidic substrate defining second fluidic port; and a coupler disposed between the first and second substrates, the coupler defining a fluidic path in fluidic alignment with the ports of the first and second substrates. The coupler includes a material that is deformable relative to a material of the first substrate and a material of the second substrate.
Waters Technologies Corporation

Components with an atomic layer deposition coating and methods of producing the same

Liquid chromatography and gas chromatography components with a conformal protective coating on internal surfaces thereof and methods for producing the same are provided. The conformal protective coating is formed via an atomic layer deposition (ald) process.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Automated sample injection apparatus, multiport valve, and methods of making and using the same

Automated sample injection apparatus, multiport valves, and chromatography systems containing an automated sample injection apparatus and/or a multiport valve are disclosed. Methods of making and using automated sample injection apparatus and multiport valves within chromatography systems are also disclosed..
Alltech Associates, Inc.

Process for the preparation of pillar[5]quinone

The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of pillar[5]quinone and further relates to an easy-to-operate and chromatography-free process for the preparation of crystalline pillar [5] quinone by the oxone/iodobenzene-mediated oxidative de-aromatization of readily available 1,4-dimethoxypillar[5] arenes in good. .
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Immunochromatography detection method

The present invention provides an immunochromatography detection method capable of suppressing non-specific reactions. The present invention relates to an immunochromatography detection method including: a step of adding an analyte dilution solution containing an analyte to a chromatography medium; a step of recognizing a detection target by a labeling substance modified with gold nanoparticles, which is dry-retained at a labeling substance retaining part; a step of developing a composite of the labeling substance and the detection target as a mobile phase; and a step of detecting the detection target in the developed mobile phase at a judgment part, wherein the labeling substance is protected with a polyalkylene glycol having one or more mercapto groups and/or a derivative thereof and then dry-retained together with arginine and casein at the labeling substance retaining part..
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.k.

Ion mobility spectrometer

A method and apparatus are disclosed for improving ion mobility spectrometry by using a fast and spatially wide ion gate based on local rf field barrier opposed to a switching dc field. The improvement accelerates the ion mobility analysis and improves charge throughput and dynamic range of the ims.
Leco Corporation

Plus-fraction corrections for heavy hydrocarbon liquids

A method of determining the plus-fraction correction for a heavy oil sample including analyzing the heavy oil sample using gas chromatography, selecting an elution ratio based on the percentage of plus-fraction elution, applying the elution ratio to provide a maximum carbon number and a plus-fraction correction to compensate for the non-elution of the plus-fraction. An elution ratio as a function of the percentage of c60+ elution is provided.
Weatherford Canada Partnership

Polyphenol composition

A polyphenol composition derived from camellia sinensis and contains flavonol aglycones and flavonol glycosides, in a weight ratio [(b)/(a)] of the following total contents (b) to (a) is from 0.01 to 18, wherein (a) total content of the flavonol aglycones contained in solids of the polyphenol composition after hydrolysis as measured by high-performance liquid chromatography, and (b) total content of the polyphenols contained in solids of the polyphenol composition as measured by the ferrous tartrate method.. .
Kao Corporation

Organic colored microparticles, diagnostic reagent kit containing the same, and in vitro diagnosis method

Provided are an immunochromatography kit that is highly sensitive and capable of multicoloration, and organic colored microparticles that are ideal as an element of the immunochromatography kit. Organic colored microparticles having an average grain size between 10 and 1,000 nm and a color intensity between 1.0 and 5.0 are prepared using cellulose as the starting material.
Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation

Multielectrode electrolytic device and method

An electrolytic device comprising: a central sample flow channel, first and second regenerant flow channels, first and second charged barriers disposed between said sample flow channel and first and second regenerant flow channels, and pairs of oppositely charged, spaced electrodes disposed in the regenerant flow channels. Also, electrolytic devices with a different electrode configuration are described.
Dionex Corporation

Dispersion liquid of carbon nanotube-containing composition and conductive molded body

The present invention relates to a dispersion liquid of a carbon nanotube-containing composition which contains a carbon nanotube-containing composition, a dispersant with a weight-average molecular weight of 5,000 to 60,000 as determined by gel permeation chromatography, and an aqueous solvent. The present invention provides a dispersion liquid of a carbon nanotube-containing composition which shows high dispersibility on a base while maintaining high dispersibility for the carbon nanotube-containing composition..
Toray Industries, Inc.

In-situ heated deposition of parylene to enhance pore penetration into silicone

Coating porous material, such as pdms, with parylene n, c, d, and af-4 by vapor deposition polymerization is described in which a temperature of the porous material's surface being coated is heated to between 60° c. And 120° c., or 80° c.
California Institute Of Technology

Sweet gum fruit extract as a therapeutic agent

Sweet gum (liquidambar styraciflua l., family hamamelidaceae) fruit extract was discovered to possess potent activities against multiple targets of the pi3k (phosphatidylinositide 3-kinase) pathway, especially the pi3k/akt and mtor pathways. At a very low concentration of 1.85 μg/ml (ic50), sweet gun extract showed the ability of simultaneously blocking the pathways of pi3k/akt (upstream), mtor (mammalian target of rapamycin) (downstream), as well as its downstream protein products s6k and s6.
Board Of Regents

Low acidic species compositions and methods for producing and using the same using displacement chromatography

The present invention relates to low acidic species (ar) compositions comprising a protein, e.g., an antibody, or antigen-binding portion thereof, and methods for producing such low ar compositions using displacement chromatography. Methods for using such compositions to treat a disorder, e.g., a disorder in which tnfα is detrimental, are also provided..
Abbvie, Inc.

Continuous measurement chromatography and continuous stochastic perturbation chromatography

A method and system for continuous measurement chromatograph involves stochastically modulating a system variable. The sample can be introduced into a chromatography column.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Microfluidic contaminant trap for trapping contaminants in gas chromatography

Microfluidic contaminant traps of certain representative embodiments illustratively comprise: an inlet configured to connect directly or indirectly to a sample inlet of a gas chromatography (gc) system; an outlet configured to connect directly to an inlet of a gc column or indirectly to the gc column via another fluidic component; an interlayer comprising a channel; an upper layer disposed over and bonded to the interlayer; and a coating disposed over the channel. The coating reduces interactions of analytes from a sample provided at the inlet of the microfluidic contaminant trap with the microfluidic contaminant trap..
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Integrated hydrocarbon analysis

Petroleum or other hydrocarbon samples can be analyzed in parallel by 1) gc-field ionization time of flight mass spectrometer (gc-fi-tof ms) and 2) two dimensional gas chromatography (2d-gc) equipped with a flame ionization detector (fid). The combined techniques allow for improved quantitative characterization of the compounds within a hydrocarbon sample.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

Method of characterizing crude oil by high pressure liquid chromatography

A system and a method are provided for calculating the cetane number, octane number, pour point, cloud point and aniline point of a crude oil fractions from the density and high pressure liquid chromatography (hplc) of a sample of the crude oil.. .

Methods of purifying recombinant adamts13 and other proteins and compositions thereof

Provided herein are methods for purifying recombinant a disintegrin-like and metallopeptidase with thrombospondin type 1 motif 13 (adamts13) protein from a sample. The method comprises enriching for adamts13 protein by chromatographically contacting the sample with hydroxyapatite under conditions that allow adamts13 protein to appear in the eluate or supernatant from the hydroxylapatite.
Baxter International Inc.

Novel protein having b-glucosidase activity and uses thereof

By combination of hydrophobic chromatography and strongly basic anion-exchange chromatography, a novel, highly hydrophobic β-glucosidase was successfully identified from acremonium cellulolyticus. Further, a gene corresponding to the identified β-glucosidase was isolated.
Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.

Phase detection in multi-phase fluids

The present disclosure relates to phase detection in multi-phase fluids where two fluid phases can be present in the fluid. Phase detection apparatus and methods are disclosed for determining the phase(s) (e.g., supercritical, liquid, and/or gas) of a fluid in a multi-phase fluid system, such as carbon dioxide based separation and chromatography system..
Waters Technologies Corporation

Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water using nanoporous material prepared from waste avian egg shell

Nanoporous polymorphic crystals of caco3 were used as sorbent and were applied in the dispersive micro-solid-phase extraction of selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as target analytes. After separation of the analytes on gas chromatography, they were successfully quantified with external calibration using flame ionization detection.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Buoyant protein harvesting device

A buoyant device containing chromatography media performs the function of protein harvesting replacing the steps of cell separation and volume reduction; the device can be loaded into columns for further purification.. .
Therapeutic Proteins International, Llc

Optimize analyte dynamic range in gas chromatography

A non-specific gas analyzer with a wide dynamic range of concentration is used to assess the gas sample for total load of volatile organic constituents, and then control either a dilution with neutral gas or the quantity of sample aspirated in order to consistently deliver an appropriate total load of volatile analyte to a high-sensitivity analyzer. Such high-sensitivity analyzers may be gas chromatography combined with mass spectrometry or related mass spectrometry configurations, such as selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry, gas chromatography combined with ion mobility spectrometry, or related ion mobility configurations such as differential mobility spectrometry..
Pen Inc.

Polythiol composition, polymerizable composition for optical material and use thereof

A polythiol composition according to the present invention includes a polythiol compound (a) having three or more mercapto groups and a nitrogen-containing compound (b) in which one of a mercapto group of the polythiol compound (a) is replaced with a group represented by the following formula (a) and other one of a mercapto group of the polythiol compound (a) is replaced with a hydroxyl group, in which the peak area of the nitrogen-containing compound (b) is equal to or less than 3.0 with respect to the peak area of 100 of the polythiol compound (a) in a high performance liquid chromatography measurement.. .
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Method for chromatography reuse

The present invention provides methods for cleaning or regenerating a chromatography materiel for reuse. The methods of the invention can be used for cleaning or regenerating chromatography columns for reuse in the large-scale manufacture of multiple polypeptide products..
Genentech, Inc.

Container for precision member and preparing the same

A container for precision members is prepared from a polycarbonate resin, wherein a polycarbonate resin solution prepared by immersing the polycarbonate resin in water and leaving the solution has chloride ions (cl−), fluoride ions (f−) and sulfate ions (so42-) in a concentration of about 2 ppb or less, independently of each other, as detected by ion chromatography (ic). The container for precision members is capable of preserving and transporting the precision members predisposed to damage by minor amounts of impurities or contaminants without damage..
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Method for purifying multi-walled carbon nanotubes

A method comprising adding a multi-walled carbon nanotube synthesized by the vapor phase process to a nitric acid aqueous solution of not lower than 0.2 mol/l so as to dissolve a catalyst metal present in the multi-walled carbon nanotube, performing solid-liquid separation to isolate solid matter, and subjecting the isolated solid matter to heat treatment at a temperature higher than 150° c. Gives a purified multi-walled carbon nanotube in which the amount of a metallic element left in the multi-walled carbon nanotube originating the catalyst metal is not smaller than 1000 ppm and not larger than 8000 ppm determined by icp optical emission spectrometry and the amount of an anion left in the multi-walled carbon nanotube originating in the acid is smaller than 20 ppm determined by ion chromatography analysis..
Showa Denko K.k.

Detector for liquid chromatography

A detector for liquid chromatography has light sources that generate light in an ultraviolet region and in a near-infrared region; a flow cell, through which sample liquid flows; an optical system to let light generated from the light sources become incident on the flow cell concurrently; a detection element that detects light in the ultraviolet region that passes through the flow cell; a detection element that detects light in the near-infrared region that passes through the flow cell; and an arithmetic operation part that performs arithmetic operation of a first signal value obtained from the detection element and of a second signal value obtained from the detection element. The arithmetic operation part combines the first signal value and the second signal value to calculate a signal value with a reduced baseline fluctuation resulting from a mobile phase during a gradient analysis..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Manifolds and methods of using them to control fluid flows

Certain embodiments described herein are directed to devices that can be used to control fluid flow through one or more detectors. In some configurations, the device can be configured as a manifold that can receive a positive pressure to decouple the flow of fluid through a chromatography column from fluid flow through a detector.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

Doped materials for reverse phase chromatography

A material for reverse phase chromatography comprises surface modifying apolar and charged groups bound to a solid support, said charged groups being present in amounts of about 0.25 to about 22% of the surface modifying groups, or in amounts of about 0.01 μmol/m2 to 0.8 μmol/m2 referred to the surface of the solid support for a material with a total amount of surface modifying groups of 3.6 μmol/m2. Such material and suitable purification conditions for active pharmaceutical ingredients (apis) like peptides can be evaluated by (a) determining the isoelectric point (pi) of the api of interest, (b) choosing a ph in a range where the solid phase material is stable, (c) determining the difference pi-ph and (d) if the difference pi-ph is positive, choosing an anion exchange (aiex) material, or if the difference pi-ph is negative, choosing an cation exchange (ciex) material..
Zeochem Ag

Methods for quantifying polypeptides using mass spectrometry

A method for identifying a polypeptide a specimen can include (i) treating a specimen suspected of comprising an insulin with a base; (ii) extracting a first fraction of the treated specimen by solid phase extraction using a mixed mode or polymeric reversed-phase media and a first solvent comprising an acid; (iii) separating a component of the first fraction by liquid chromatography using a chromatographic surface including a hydrophobic surface group and one or more ionizable modifiers, and a second solvent comprising an acid; and (iv) analyzing the component of the first fraction by mass spectroscopy, thereby identifying the polypeptide, if present, using a signal corresponding to a sequence fragment ion from the polypeptide. The signal can correspond to an intact multiply charged precursor fragment selected in a first quadrupole and its corresponding sequence fragment ion selected in a final quadrupole..
Waters Technologies Corporation

Immunochromatographic test strip and detection method using immunochromatography for detecting target in red blood cell-containing sample

A problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide an immunochromatographic test strip and a detection method using immunochromatography avoiding aggregation of colloidal gold conjugates while red blood cells in whole blood are agglutinated and then separated and removed in the case of using polybrene as a blood-agglutinating agent and the colloidal gold conjugates as a detection reagent. To solve the problem, the present inventers reviewed a past reagent configuration itself from a completely different viewpoint rather than selecting type and amount of polyanions and, as a result of extensive study on each element, the inventers surprisingly found that aggregation of colloidal gold can be suppressed by using a certain buffer solution without using neutralization by polyanions..
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

Retardation film, process for producing polarizer, and liquid-crystal display device

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a retardation film which includes cellulose acetate having a low degree of acyl substitution and, despite this, swells very little when immersed in a saponifying solution and which has satisfactory adhesion to polarizing elements. This retardation film comprises: a cellulose ester which has a total degree of substitution with acyl groups of 2.0-2.55 and in which when log [mw(a)] obtained through analyses by gel permeation chromatography (gpc), low angle laser light scattering (lalls), and viscosity measurement, is plotted as abscissa and log [iv(a)], obtained through the analyses is plotted as ordinate, the plot has a slope of 0.65-0.85; and a glass-transition-temperature lowering agent having an sp value of 9.0-11.0.
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Chromatography matrices including novel staphylococcus aureus protein a based ligands

The present invention relates to chromatography matrices including ligands based on one or more domains of immunoglobulin-binding proteins such as, staphylococcus aureus protein a (spa), as well as methods of using the same.. .
Emd Millipore Corporation

Affinity chromatography matrix

The invention discloses an immunoglobulin-binding protein comprising one or more mutated immunoglobulin-binding domains (monomers) of staphylococcal protein a (e, d, a, b, c) or protein z or a functional variant thereof, wherein in at least one of the one or more mutated monomers, the asparagine or histidine at the position corresponding to h18 of the b domain of protein a or of protein z has been deleted or substituted with a first amino acid residue which is not proline or asparagine and wherein, if the amino acid residue at position 57 is proline and the amino acid residue at position 28 is asparagine, then the amino acid residue at the position corresponding to h18 of the b domain of protein a or of protein z is not serine, threonine or lysine.. .
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

Method of determining phenoxy herbicides in water samples by phase transfer microextraction with simultaneous derivatization and gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry analysis

A method for determining the concentration of a phenoxy herbicide in an aqueous sample, by simultaneously phase-transfer catalyst extracting and alkylating an aqueous sample comprising a phenoxy herbicide to form a sample composition, and measuring an amount of the alkylated phenoxy herbicide in the sample composition. The method includes controlling factors such as ph of the aqueous matrix, temperature, extraction duration, type and amount of derivation reagents, and type and amount of phase transfer catalyst..
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Catalytic oxidation of polar modifiers in chromatographic mobile phases

The present disclosure relates to an oxidizer, and related methods, for oxidizing polar modifiers in chromatographic mobile phases. The oxidizer enables the use of flame-based detection in chromatographic separations, such as carbon dioxide based chromatography, which employ polar modifiers, such as methanol.
Waters Technologies Corporation

Method for detecting or quantifying analyte, kit for detecting or quantifying analyte, and test strip for lateral flow type chromatography detecting or quantifying analyte

A method for detecting or quantifying an analyte, using a test strip for lateral flow type chromatography which contains a membrane and a detection part on which a capturing ligand that is to specifically bind to the analyte has been fixed on the membrane, includes: bringing an analyte contained in a sample into contact with a labeled ligand labeled with a phosphor that is to be excited by light having a wavelength from 600 nm to 800 nm to generate fluorescence, bringing a complex containing the analyte and the labeled ligand into contact with a capturing ligand at the detection part, and irradiating on the test strip light having a wavelength from 600 nm to 800 nm as an excitation light for the phosphor contained in the complex to generate fluorescence from the phosphor, and measuring a fluorescence intensity of the fluorescence.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Methods of nucleic acid fractionation and detection

The invention provides methods of detecting a nucleic acid present in a biological sample, comprising combining the biological sample with a lysis buffer to form a lysis mixture comprising nucleic acid released from cells in said biological sample; and subjecting a volume of the lysis mixture to size-exclusion chromatography in a column comprising a volume of size-exclusion medium. In certain embodiments, the lysis buffer separates double-stranded nucleic acid into single-stranded nucleic acid.
Meridian Bioscience, Inc.

Detection kit for influenza a virus

The present invention is a test kit for rapidly diagnosing influenza according to the principles of immunochromatography, and the purpose thereof is to provide a test kit for the influenza a virus in which the sensitivity in detecting the influenza a virus is greater than in conventional test kits, and a determination of “positive” is obtained stably and with high precision at an earlier time during the onset of influenza symptoms. The present invention pertains to a kit for detecting influenza a virus, in which an antibody that is in solid phase in the chromatographic medium enters into an antigen-antibody reaction with native nuclear proteins of the influenza a virus, but in western blots the antibody does not enter into antigen-antibody reactions with full-length nuclear proteins of the influenza a virus that have been separated using sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis..
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.k.

Microfluidic flame ionization detector

The present disclosure relates to a microfluidic flame ionization detector for use in small scale separations, such as, for example, microfluidic gas chromatography and microfluidic carbon dioxide based fluid chromatography. In some arrangements, the microfluidic counter-current flame ionization detector employs a non-parallel arrangement for the introduction of combustion gases into the combustion chamber.
Waters Technologies Corporation

Method and system for introducing make-up flow in an electrospray ion source system

An electrospray ion source method and system is provided for detecting emitter failure comprising a liquid chromatography column suitable for chromatographic separation of a sample. The column can have an inlet for receiving the sample; and an outlet for ejecting the sample.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

Active inlet temperature control for adjustment of retention in a liquid chromatography system

Described are methods in which the retention times of a chromatographic column are adjusted through the control of the temperature of a mobile phase at the inlet to the chromatographic column. The temperature of the mobile phase at the inlet is different from the temperature of the chromatographic column.
Waters Technologies Corporation

Gas chromatography using a thermal gradient that is substantially monotonically non-increasing and has a positive second derivative

A system and method for thermal gradient gas chromatography wherein a front or injection end of a column is heated to a higher temperature than a back or detector end to thereby create a thermal gradient having a profile that is substantially monotonically non-increasing and has a positive second derivative, and then providing a heat source to raise the thermal gradient and cause it to remain stationary or to travel through the column while maintaining a desired profile.. .
Brigham Young University

Methods of detecting glycosaminoglycans

In one aspect, the disclosure provides methods of distinguishing a glycosaminoglycan from one or more other components in a sample by subjecting the sample to size-exclusion chromatography using a mobile phase having a ph of 6.8 or lower. A mobile phase having a ph of 6.8 or lower is found to improve the separation of glycosaminoglycans from proteins during size exclusion chromatography.
Biogen Idec Ma Inc.

Method and improved quantitation by mass spectrometry

A method of quantifying analytes from mass spectral data, comprising: obtaining a first set of mass spectral data from a first set of analytes eluted from a chromatography column; obtaining a second set of mass spectral data from a second set of analytes eluted from a chromatography column; determining apparent abundances of analytes in each data set; selecting a target analyte and determining localised neighboring analytes by their locality to the target analyte with respect to retention time; determining a locally corrected abundance of the target analyte based on differences between the first and second data sets in the apparent abundance of the localised neighboring analytes; and quantifying the target analyte based on its corrected abundance. A majority of the neighboring analytes are typically substantially unchanged in actual abundance between the first and second data sets and can be used for aligning the abundances between the data sets..
Thermo Fisher Scientific (breman) Gmbh

Chromatography ligand

The present invention relates to a chromatography ligand defined by the following formula r1—r2—n(r3)—r4—r5 wherein r1 is a substituted or non-substituted phenyl group; r2 is a hydrocarbon chain comprising 0-4 carbon atoms; r3 is a hydrocarbon chain comprising 1-3 carbon atoms; r4 is a hydrocarbon chain comprising 1-5 carbon atoms; and r5 is oh or h. The invention also comprises a separation matrix, comprising the described ligands coupled to a porous support, such as particles or a membrane.
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

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