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Chromatography patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Chromatography-related patents
 Functionalized lipid modification of solid phase surfaces for use in chromatography patent thumbnailFunctionalized lipid modification of solid phase surfaces for use in chromatography
A solid phase for use in separation has been modified using an aqueous phase adsorption of a headgroup-modified lipid to generate analyte specific surfaces for use as a stationary phase in separations such as high performance liquid chromatography (hplc) or solid phase extraction (spe). The aliphatic moiety of the lipid adsorbs strongly to a hydrophobic solid surface, with the hydrophilic and active headgroups orienting themselves toward the more polar mobile phase, thus allowing for interactions with the desired solutes.
Clemson University
 Performing chemical reactions and/or ionization during gas chromatography-mass spectrometry runs patent thumbnailPerforming chemical reactions and/or ionization during gas chromatography-mass spectrometry runs
A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) method that includes performing a first gc-ms run on a sample using a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry system. Performing the first gc-ms nm includes i) passing a first flow of a carrier gas carrying a first portion of the sample through a gas chromatograph to provide a first effluent; ii) generating first ions under protonation conditions by passing the first effluent through an atmospheric pressure ionization source; iii) passing the first ions through a mass spectrometer; and iv) recording first gc-ms data for the first ions.
Waters Technologies Corporation
 Method of analyzing hemoglobins patent thumbnailMethod of analyzing hemoglobins
The present invention provides a method for analyzing hemoglobins by liquid chromatography which includes pre-treating a sample with an oxidant and a binder for trivalent heme iron.. .
 Chromatographic isolation of cells and other complex biological materials patent thumbnailChromatographic isolation of cells and other complex biological materials
The present invention relates to the chromatographic isolation of a target cell or another complex biological material, in particular by column chromatography such as affinity chromatography or gel permeation chromatography. The invention employs a receptor binding reagent that binds to a receptor molecule that is located on the surface of a target cell.
Stage Cell Therapeutics Gmbh
 Toners for electrostatic-image development patent thumbnailToners for electrostatic-image development
An emulsion polymerized agglomerated toner characterized in that the odor index of aliphatic aldehydes measured by gas chromatography is at most 300, and an emulsion polymerized agglomerated toner which is an emulsion polymerized agglomerated toner obtainable via a polymerization step, a flocculation step and an aging step, characterized in that an emulsion polymerized latex before the flocculation step is a latex having a peroxide value of at most 30.. .
 Metal components with inert vapor phase coating on internal surfaces patent thumbnailMetal components with inert vapor phase coating on internal surfaces
The invention provides metal liquid chromatography components with uniformly coated internal surfaces and methods for achieving the same. The invention addresses the problem of corrosion or interference of metal components in the flow path for lc analyses in which the sample interacts with metal ions or surfaces.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
 Antibodies against e7 protein of human papilloma virus (hpv) patent thumbnailAntibodies against e7 protein of human papilloma virus (hpv)
The invention discloses a method for preparing human papilloma virus protein e7 antigen (hpv e7 antigen) comprising the following steps: —providing a purified preparation of hpv protein e7; —phosphorylating the hpv protein e7 in the preparation; —purifying the phosphorylated e7 protein with an anion exchange chromatography, wherein the phosphorylated e7 protein is separated from the non-phosphorylated e7 protein by a step wherein the non-phosphorylated e7 protein stays bound to an anion exchanger during the anion exchange chromatography whereas the phosphorylated e7 protein is obtained in the eluate of the anion exchange chromatography, thereby—obtaining a purified preparation of a phosphorylated hpv protein e7 antigen. The invention further discloses antibodies specific to this antigen, a kit and method for using such antibodies in clinical diagnostics and methods for generation of such antibodies..
Valdospan Gmbh
 Flow splitting in supercritical fluid chromatography systems patent thumbnailFlow splitting in supercritical fluid chromatography systems
A method includes passing a mobile phase fluid flow comprising liquefied co2 through a separation column; then introducing a makeup fluid flow into the mobile phase fluid flow to form a mixed fluid flow; and then splitting the mixed fluid flow.. .
Waters Technologies Corporation
 System for analyzing a gas mixture including at least one chromatography column patent thumbnailSystem for analyzing a gas mixture including at least one chromatography column
A system for analyzing a gas mixture, including at least one chromatography column, a mechanism injecting the mixture into the column, and a mechanism detecting compound(s) forming the gas mixture, the detection mechanism including at least one detector of nanosensor type of an outlet of the column and a detector of nanosensor type in the column, capable of detecting passage of the compounds. It is then possible to determine the velocity of each of the compounds within the system..
California Institute Of Technology
 Fc-receptor based affinity chromatography patent thumbnailFc-receptor based affinity chromatography
Herein is reported the use of an immobilized non-covalent complex of a neonatal fc receptor (fcrn) and beta-2-microglobulin (b2m) as affinity chromatography ligand in general and, for example, for the determination of the in vivo half-live of an antibody by determining the ratio of the retention times of the antibody and a reference antibody.. .
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

Multimodal polyolefin resin and molded product prepared therefrom

Multimodal polyolefin resin having excellent characteristics such as moldability, mechanical strength, external appearance and a polyolefin resin molded product are disclosed. The polyolefin resin satisfies all requirements of following (1) to (5), (1) density (d): 0.934 to 0.963 g/cm3, (2) melt flow index (mie, 190° c., 2.16 kg load condition): 0.01 to 1.0 g/10 minutes, (3) ratio of weight-average molecular weight (mw) and number-average molecular weight (mn) measured by gel permeation chromatography (gpc) (mw/mn, molecular weight distribution (mwd)): 12 to 60, (4) at least two peaks appear when the molecular weight of the polyolefin resin is measured with gpc, and (5) amount of polyolefin having mw of 10,000 or less exceeds 15 weight % and amount of polyolefin having mw of 1,000,000 or more exceeds 1.5 weight %, when the molecular weight of the polyolefin resin is measured with gpc..
Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.

Chromatography systems and methods using them

Certain embodiments described herein are directed to chromatography systems that include a microfluidic device. The microfluidic device can be fluidically coupled to a switching valve to provide for selective control of fluid flow in the chromatography system.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

Analytical detecting sulfated oligosaccharides

The present invention describes an analytical method for detecting and quantitating poly-sulfated oligosaccharides, including fondaparinux sodium, using hydrophilic interaction ultra-performance liquid chromatography (hilic-uplc) coupled with a charged aerosol detector (cad) or a mass spectrometer (ms). This analytical method provides in-process control in a total synthesis of highly sulfated oligosaccharides by separation, quantification and mass identification.
Scinopharm Taiwan, Ltd.

Polymer and producing same, rubber composition containing polymer, and tire having rubber composition

The polymer of the present invention is a synthesized polyisoprene or an isoprene copolymer. The polymer has a number average molecular weight (mn) of 1.5 million or more when measured by using gel permeation chromatography (gpc)..
Bridgestone Corporation

Pneumatically/hydraulically actuated fluoropolymer-hplc chromatographic system for use with harsh reagents

The invention provides a high-performance liquid chromatography system, said system is controlled in temperature by running a fluid in sleeves that surround the different parts of the system. All parts in contact with the fluid are made in fluoropolymer, carbon-filled fluoropolymer, or carbon-fiber fluoropolymer.
Orlab Chromatography, Llc

Novel oragnosilica compounds

The present invention relates to novel silica materials, precursors thereof and the preparation thereof. The compounds may be used for a variety of applications, including chromatography and catalysis..
Universiteit Gent

Sulfur amino acid-containing composition

Provision of a composition stably comprising a high concentration of sulfur amino acid derived from a plant belonging to the genus allium. A method for producing a sulfur amino acid-comprising composition comprising: heating a plant belonging to the genus allium; treating the plant belonging to the genus allium thus heated with a γ-glutamyl bond cleaving enzyme; and subjecting the resulting enzyme-treated product to ion exchange chromatography..
Nisshin Pharma Inc.

Purification of nanocrystals by gel permeation chromatography and the effect of excess ligands on shell growth and ligand exchange

Methods for purifying nanocrystals via gel permeation chromatography are provided. The method can include: loading a sample solution into a chromatography column, wherein the sample solution comprises nanocrystals coated with a layer of organic ligands; using an eluent, passing the nanocrystals coated with the layer of organic ligands through a stationary phase of the chromatography column, wherein the eluent is an organic solvent in which the nanocrystals coated with the layer of organic ligands remain miscible to form a mobile phase; and collecting the mobile phase passed through the stationary phase of the chromatography column.

Purification of herpes virus

The present disclosure provides a method to prepare purified enveloped viral particle preparations employing ion ex change chromatography and tangential flow filtration.. .
Sanofi Pasteur Biologics, Llc

Method for conducting maintenance on a chromatography column

The present invention relates to methods for conducting maintenance on chromatography columns used in industrial-scale chromatography. In particular, the invention is concerned with safer methods for performing maintenance on such columns, such as cleaning and replacing bed supports, distributors, nozzles, o-rings and other column components, by the use of a handling device to support, lift, carry and manipulate such column components..
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

Quantification of impurities for release testing of peptide products

The present invention relates to a method for the quantitative determination of an impurity present in a peptide product, wherein the impurity cannot be separated from other impurities or the main product. The method particularly involves the use of high resolution mass spectrometry (ms) detection with or without high performance liquid chromatography (hplc).
Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

Vial rack for liquid chromatography having draining means

The present invention provides a rack for holding sample vials comprising: (i) a solid base; (ii) an upwardly extending wall around the perimeter of said base; (iii) a plurality of means for supporting a plurality of vials, each means for supporting one vial; and (iv) a means for draining liquid from said rack.. .
Euro-celtique S.a.

Chromatography pipette tip

Chromatography pipette tip having a first vessel and a second vessel which is open at two opposite ends and which, in each instance, has a bottom orifice via which a sample liquid can either be sucked in or expelled. The two vessels are fluidically and sealably connected to one another.
Cybio Ag

Compression connection

A chromatography and fluidic device with connections capable of automated component changing, diagnostic leak and current sensing. The chromatography-electrospray device contains a chromatography column, a pre-column, a spray emitter, or other fluidic component imbedded within one or more inserts.
Corsolutions Llc

Use of stationary phase comprising fibril cellulose in separation methods

Separation methods based on electrophoresis or chromatography that use a stationary phase including fibril cellulose.. .
Upm-kymmene Corporation

Industrial process for preparation of 1,2-dihydroquinoline derivative or a salt thereof, and intermediate for preparation thereof

Or a salt thereof in the presence of a base. The method is a method for producing a 1,2-dihydroquinoline derivative having glucocorticoid receptor binding activity or a salt thereof.

High purity lipopeptides

The invention discloses highly purified daptomycin and to pharmaceutical compositions comprising this compound. The invention discloses a method of purifying daptomycin comprising the sequential steps of anion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography and anion exchange chromatography.
Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

System for separating a cell sample by centrifugation and column chromatography while maintaining sterility

The invention relates to a system, comprising: a) a sample processing unit, comprising an input port and an output port coupled to a rotating container having at least one sample chamber, the sample processing unit configured provide a first processing step to a sample or to rotate the container so as to apply a centrifugal force to a sample deposited in the chamber and separate at least a first component and a second component of the deposited sample; and b) a sample separation unit coupled to the output port of the sample processing unit, the cell separation unit comprising separation column holder (42), a pump (64) and a plurality of valves (1-11) configured to at least partially control fluid flow through a fluid circuitry and a separation column (40) positioned in the holder, the separation column configured to separate labeled and unlabeled components of sample flowed through the column.. .
Miltenyi Biotech Gmbh

Chromatography media and devices

Chromatography devices contain chromatography media and methods of making and methods of using chromatography devices. Chromatography devices enable a more efficient, productive and/or environmentally friendly chromatographic operation due to one or more of the following advantages over conventional chromatographic operations: elimination of a device packing step by the user; elimination of clean-in-place (cip) steps; elimination of clean-in-place (cip) steps utilizing sodium hydroxide solution; elimination of any validation steps by the user; and use of a chromatography device comprising biodegradable material.
W.r. Grace & Co. Conn.

Hybrid gradient delivery system and operation

A liquid chromatography system includes a gradient proportioning valve in fluidic communication with sources of solvent. From the solvent sources, the gradient proportioning valve produces a low-pressure gradient stream.
Waters Technologies Corporation

Tagatose production from deproteinized whey and purification by continuous chromatography

Disclosed is a process for the production of d-tagatose from deproteinized whey or whey permeate containing lactose after acid hydrolysis to provide a hydrolysate comprising 1 equivalent of d-glucose and 1 equivalent of d-galactose for each unit of lactose converted. More particularly, the invention relates to a process for the isomerization of d-galactose to d-tagatose and the use of a simplified separation scheme based on simulated moving bed (smb) separation.
Orochem Technologies, Inc.

Process for refining glyceride oil and purifying triglyceride oil obtained by such process

The present invention relates to a process for refining glyceride oil by size exclusion chromatography to obtain a triglyceride enriched fraction. The process comprises passing a glyceride oil through a size exclusion column packed with porous particles having a mass weighted mean particle size of 20 to 1,000 μm and an average pore size of 10 to 150 a without using any solvent and collecting an eluate fraction enriched in triglyceride.

Method for obtaining a dialyzable leukocyte extract

The present invention relates to a method for producing a transfer factor. The method comprises the following steps: freezing and thawing of peripheral-blood leukocytes, dialysis, tangential ultrafiltration, identification and quantification using high-resolution, molecular-exclusion liquid chromatography, and in vitro biological validation.

Method and system for analyzing protein or peptide

A peptide is cleaved at various bonding sites into oligopeptides or similar fragments by digestion using proteinase k (s3). The obtained fragments are separated according to their kinds by reversed-phase chromatography and fractionated (s4), and each fragment is subjected to mass spectrometry to determine its mass (s6).

Porous composite particulate materials, methods of making and using same, and related apparatuses

In an embodiment, a porous composite particulate material includes a plurality of composite particles. Each composite particle includes an acid-base-resistant core particle at least partially surrounded by one or more layers of acid-base-resistant shell particles.

Colorant compounds derived from genipin or genipin containing materials

The present disclosure provides colorant compounds and methods of isolation of the colorant compounds derived from a reaction of genipin and an amine. The colorant compositions comprise purified compounds (e.g., a purified polymer or a purified dimer) obtained from multiple fractioning by chromatography of the reaction resulting material.

Methods of producing competitive aptamer fret reagents and assays

Methods are described for the production and use of fluorescence resonance energy transfer (fret)-based competitive displacement aptamer assay formats. The assay schemes involve fret in which the analyte (target) is quencher (q)-labeled and previously bound by a fluorophore (f)-labeled aptamer such that when unlabeled analyte is added to the system and excited by specific wavelengths of light, the fluorescence intensity of the system changes in proportion to the amount of unlabeled analyte added.

Micro-sampling for aquatic chemical analysis

The current invention describes in vivo and vitro (cultured) sampling technologies that allow direct temporal and spatial sampling from living ecosystems such as those associated with marine ecology. The optional use of parallel sampling methods, observatory design, provides for the ability to measure the response of individual organisms to a variety of both biotic and abiotic stresses.

Structured silicon particles

A composite particle is provided. The particle comprises a first particle component and a second particle component in which: (a) the first particle component comprises a body portion and a surface portion, the surface portion comprising one or more structural features and one or more voids, whereby the surface portion and body portion define together a structured particle; and (b) the second component comprises a removable filler; characterised in that (i) one or both of the body portion and the surface portion comprise an active material; and (ii) the filler is contained within one or more voids comprised within the surface portion of the first component.

Ion exchange membrane chromatography

Methods of enhancing efficiency of downstream chromatography steps for purification of proteins comprising: (a) passing a composition comprising a polypeptide of interest and various contaminants through an ion exchange membrane, wherein the polypeptide and the membrane have opposite charge, at operating conditions comprised of a buffer having a ph sufficiently distinct from the pi of the polypeptide to enhance the charge of the polypeptide and a low ionic strength effective to prevent the shielding of charges by buffer ions, which cause the membrane to bind the polypeptide and at least one contaminant, (b) overloading the ion exchange membrane such that at least one contaminant remains bound to the membrane while the polypeptide of interest is primarily in the effluent; (c) collecting the effluent from the ion exchange membrane comprising the polypeptide of interest; (d) subjecting the membrane effluent comprising the polypeptide of interest to a purification step of similar charge as the previous membrane, and (e) recovering the purified polypeptide from the effluent of the charged ion exchange chromatography purification step.. .

Photo ionization detector for gas chromatography having at least two separately ionizing sources

A detector for gas chromatography using two or more ionization sources within a single body to separately provide ionization energy to a column gas eluent to provide electrical discharge to two or more collecting electrodes provides improved selectivity and may be so used. Use is made of combined bias/collecting electrodes or of sets of separated bias and collecting electrodes.

Laterally perfused chromatography element

A microfluidic chromatography element in which all components are situated in one plane and the mobile phase perfuses the stationary phase laterally.. .

Managing fluidic connections to microfluidic devices

A system (e.g., a chromatography system) includes a rotor, a microfluidic device, a rotor driver, a clamping mechanism, and control electronics. The rotor defines a plurality of first fluid-conveying features.

Sample injector for liquid chromatography, particularly for high performance liquid chromatography

A sample injector for liquid chromatography includes an injection valve having a waste port, two sample loop ports, and two high-pressure ports. One high-pressure port can be connected to a pump and the other high-pressure port can be connected to a chromatography column.

Stackable planar adsorptive devices

Adsorptive bed devices include a scaffold in housing having a stress absorbing rigid structure and open cells filled with adsorptive beads. The scaffold restricts movement of the plurality of adsorptive beads, absorbs compressive stress induced by a hydraulic pressure gradient along a direction of liquid flow and transfers a portion of the induced compressive stress to the housing.

Methods for injecting samples in liquid chromatography, particularly in high performance liquid chromatography

A sample injection method for liquid chromatography is performed with an injection valve having a waste port, two sample loop ports, and two high-pressure ports. One high-pressure port can be connected to a pump and the other high-pressure port can be connected to a chromatography column.

Automated system for handling components of a chromatographic system

An automated system for handling components of a chromatographic system, comprising: one or more trap columns each having sorbent material therein; a robotic system for moving a trap column from a storage position to an operating position where the trap column is connected in a liquid pathway along which solvent is flowed in operation to a liquid chromatography (lc) column; and an optical sensor for sensing one or more parameters of the trap column. Sensed parameters can include: a presence or absence of a trap column in the operating position, a position or orientation of the trap column, a fluid level in the trap column, the presence and position of a sorbent material in the trap column, the condition of the trap column and/or whether the trap column is new or used..

Modified heat shock protein-antigenic peptide complex

The present invention relates to methods for purifying immunogenic, prophylactically and therapeutically effective complexes of modified heat shock proteins noncovalently associated with antigenic peptides of cancer or infected cells. The claimed methods comprise the constructing of a nucleotide sequence encoding a secretable modified heat shock protein, expressing the sequence in an appropriate host cell, recovering the immunogenic complexes from the cell culture and the cells, and purifying the immunogenic complexes by affinity chromatography.

Ionization at intermediate pressure for atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometers

An ion source able to ionize liquid and gaseous effluents from interfaced liquid or gaseous separation techniques and from direct introduction of the analyte to the entrance of the ionization region. The liquid effluents from sources such as a liquid chromatograph are ionized by inlet ionization methods and the gaseous effluents from sources such as a gas chromatograph are ionized by a corona or townsend electrical discharge, or an alpha or beta emitter, or by inlet ionization, or by photoionization.

Current efficient electrolytic device and method

A sandwich suppressor in an ion chromatography system in which loosely packed ion exchange resin of low density is disposed in the central sample stream flow channel. Also, a method of using the suppressor is described..

Affinity chromatography matrix

The invention discloses a polypeptide capable of binding immunoglobulins or immunoglobulin-containing proteins, which polypeptide comprises six or more domains of protein z or the c domain of protein a or a functional variant thereof. It also discloses separation matrices comprising the polypeptide and methods of using the separation matrices for separation of immunoglobulins or immunoglobulin-containing proteins..

Porous particles for liquid chromatography and processes for the preparation thereof

Superficially porous silica particles are provided as well as a one-pot process for making the superficially porous particles, the process comprising hydrolyzing and condensing a silica precursor comprising a functional group to form superficially porous particles, the superficially porous particles comprising silica microparticles having silica nanoparticles bound to the surface of the microparticles. The nanoparticles provide a porous outer layer on the microparticles.

Methods and time-pulsed chromatography

The present disclosure relates to methods for the chromatographic separation of two or more sample components using a column while applying a time-pulsed pressure differential to the column and to apparatus for use in the same.. .

Select valve for liquid chromatography

A liquid chromatography system includes a pumping system with a selector valve in fluidic communication with a pump inlet. The selector valve switches between a first position, in which the selector valve fluidically couples a solvent reservoir to the pump inlet, and a second position, in which the selector valve fluidically couples a pressurized source of liquefied carbon dioxide (for example) to the pump inlet.

Pump and injector for liquid chromatography

A combined dual pump-injector valve utilizing a single piece of material to house the barrel for each of the two piston-based pumps and to provide the stator of the associated valve, thus eliminating any need for connections between the pumps and the valve, and therefore eliminating the potential for high-pressure leaks or pressure reductions. The combined dual pump-injector valve permits injection of nanoliter-sized samples into a chromatographic column such that complete analyses can be completed with microliters of mobile phase with nanoliters of a sample..

Cleaning equipment of sample bottle for chrimatography analysis and cleaning method thereof

A cleaning equipment of sample bottle for chromatography analysis comprising: a base; a support frame vertically fixed to the base; a horizontal column having two ends, wherein one of the ends is disposed at the support frame through an adjustment knob; a rotary drive device fixed to the other end of the horizontal columns; a rotation disk which can rotate through driving of the rotary drive device, and a side edge of the rotation disk provides with multiple placing holes for receiving and fixing sample bottles; a cleaning agent recycling tank disposed below the rotation disk, wherein a side wall of it provides with an ejector pipe connected with a water pump; and a control unit for controlling on/off and rotation speed of the rotary drive device, and on/off of the water pump. The invention also provides a cleaning method of sample bottle for chromatography analysis..

Chromatography of metal complexes

A high performance liquid chromatography method to routinely and reproducibly detect and quantitate metal complexes is provided. The metal complexes used in the method of the invention can be different metal complexes, or they can be stereoisomers of the same metal complexes.

Protein purification using bis-tris buffer

The invention provides a two-step chromatography process for small and large-scale purification of proteins, specifically monoclonal antibodies, using only four buffer solutions made from a mother solution.. .

Media for affinity chromatography

The invention relates generally to solid supports for chromatography. In specific embodiments the invention provides for solid supports suitable for affinity chromatography along with methods, systems and kits which use the same..

Affinity-based analytical purification of biotherapeutics for bioprocess monitoring

The invention as disclosed herein provides a method for purifying a non-antibody protein from solution, comprising a chromatography step wherein the solution is passed over an affinity construct containing an affinity ligand-coupled solid support, wherein the affinity construct is associated with a bioprocess unit operation, and isolating the non-antibody protein from solution.. .

Toner and developer

A toner including a non-crystalline polyester resin and a crystalline polyester resin, wherein a tetrahydrofuran soluble component of the non-crystalline polyester resin has a weight-average molecular weight of 3,000 to 8,000 measured by gel permeation chromatography, and wherein the toner has a glass transition temperature a before an extraction process of the toner with methanol and a glass transition temperature b after the extraction process of the toner with methanol, and a difference between a and b (b−a) is 2.0° c. Or less..

Methods for preparing factor x, activated factor x, inactivated factor x and inactivated factor xa, and pharmaceutical compositions comprising same

Methods for preparing factor x, activated factor x, inactivated factor x and inactivated factor xa, compositions comprising factor x and factor xa, inactivated factor x and inactivated factor xa and methods of medical treatment using factor x, factor xa, activated factor x and inactivated factor xa are disclosed. The preparation methods comprise a chromatography step using an immobilised metal ion affinity chromatography substrate..

Chromatographic materials for the separation of unsaturated molecules

The present disclosure relates to a method of separating a compound of interest, particularly unsaturated compound(s) of interest, from a mixture. The compound is separated using a column having a chromatographic stationary phase material for various different modes of chromatography containing a first substituent and a second substituent.

Method for preparing active form of tnfr-fc fusion protein

The present invention relates to a method for separating and preparing a tnfr-fc fusion protein using hydrophobic interaction chromatography (hic). More particularly, the present invention relates to a method for separating and preparing a highly pure active protein from clipped proteins due to displacement effect by adjusting the conductivity of a protein sample using a high concentration of salt solution and by adjusting a loading amount thereof, and a tnfr-fc fusion protein prepared by the method..

Protein chromatography matrices with hydrophilic copolymer coatings

A coating of a random copolymer of acrylamide and a second monomer, e.g. Glycidoxylmethacrylate, for a silica surface is described.

Method for measuring acetic acid concentration in blood plasma

The present invention relates to providing a simple and highly reproducible method for measuring the concentration of acetic acid in blood plasma by using a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (gc/ms), and more specifically relates to a method for measuring the concentration of acetic acid in blood plasma by using a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (gc/ms), which comprises extracting acetic acid in blood plasma with methyl-tert-butyl ether (mtbe).. .

Analytical methods for analyzing and determining impurities in dianhydrogalactitol

An improved analytical method for analysis of dianhydrogalactitol preparations provides a method for determining the purity of dianhydrogalactitol and detecting impurities in preparations of dianhydrogalactitol, as well as identifying any such impurities. The method employs high performance liquid chromatography (hplc), in particular, hplc with evaporative light scattering detection (elsd); the hplc can be followed by tandem mass spectroscopy.

Quantification of transthyretin and its isoforms

The present invention relates to assays and methods for the detection of transthyretin and its isoforms. Specifically, the assays and methods of the present invention embrace liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Use of organic solvent nanofiltration and liquid-liquid chromatography for the recovery of pharmaceutical products

A process for separating a compound from solution in organic solvent by a chromatographic process, in particular liquid-liquid chromatography, in which prior to the chromatographic process the composition of the solution is changed by means of a process of organic solvent nanofiltration for a solvent exchange. Additionally or alternatively subsequent to the chromatographic process the output from the chromatographic process is subjected to a process of organic solvent nanofiltration to remove residual target compound and/or impurities in the output for solvent recovery..

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