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 Fuel markers and methods of producing and using same patent thumbnailFuel markers and methods of producing and using same
Wherein x can be carbon (c), oxygen (o), or sulfur (s); r1 and r2 can each independently be hydrogen, a c1 to c20 alkyl group, or a c6 to c10 aryl group; r3 and r3′ can each independently be hydrogen or a c1 to c4 alkyl group; r4 and r4′ can each independently be hydrogen, a c1 to c4 alkyl group, a c4 to c10 cycloalkyl group, or a c6 to c10 aryl group; r5 and r5′ can each independently be a c4 to c10 alkyl group; r6 and r6′ can each independently be hydrogen or a c1 to c6 alkyl group; and r7 and r7′ can each independently be hydrogen or a c1 to c4 alkyl group; and wherein the compound characterized by formula i when subjected to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) using electron ionization produces at least one ion having a mass-to-charge ratio of greater than about 300 at an ionization energy of equal to or greater than about 70 ev.. .

 Methods of successive elution of components of hydrocarbons patent thumbnailMethods of successive elution of components of hydrocarbons
The inventive technology may involve, in particular embodiments, novel use of a non-porous, high surface energy stationary phase to adsorb, in reversible fashion, the most polar component of a resins fraction of an input hydrocarbon when a mobile phase is passed over the stationary phase. Such reversible adsorption prevents irreversibly adsorption of such components on active stationary phase(s) downflow of the non-porous, high surface energy stationary phase, thereby conserving stationary phase costs and increasing resolution of resins elutions, and accuracy of hydrocarbon component results.
University Of Wyoming Research Corporation D/b/a Western Research Institute

 Olefin-based polymer patent thumbnailOlefin-based polymer
The present invention relates to an olefin-based polymer including an elution temperature 1 (te1) and an elution temperature 2 (te2), which are elution temperatures of the olefin-based polymer in a temperature range from −20° c. To 130° c.
Lg Chem, Ltd.

 Isolation and purification of antibodies patent thumbnailIsolation and purification of antibodies
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to high throughput flow through purification of antibodies using mixed mode chromatography.. .
Abbvie Inc.

 Chromatography columns and processes patent thumbnailChromatography columns and processes
A separation column for expanded bed adsorption comprises a column tube (2), a base (15) carrying an inlet rotor structure (6) for pumping in process liquid, and a top cap (3). The top cap (3) is conical in form, and has a peripheral flange 31 by which it is rigidly fixed to the top edge flange (22) of the column tube (2).
Biotechflow Ltd

 Crosslinked polymer stationary phase for chromatography patent thumbnailCrosslinked polymer stationary phase for chromatography
Separation technologies and a support/separation phases for use therein. A surface of a support phase can be modified to include a crosslinked polymer network as stationary phase to perform separation of one or more species from a liquid in highly efficient separations based on chemical interactions, i.e., chromatography.
Clemson University

 Liquid mixing device, and liquid chromatography apparatus patent thumbnailLiquid mixing device, and liquid chromatography apparatus
A liquid-mixing device that minimizes solvent leakage and reduces creep of or damage to the component parts of said liquid-mixing device even at ultrahigh pressures of 100 mpa and up. Also, a liquid chromatography device using said quid-mixing device.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

 Static spatial thermal gradients for chromatography at the analytical scale patent thumbnailStatic spatial thermal gradients for chromatography at the analytical scale
Analytical-scale separation column assemblies include a tube with a bore packed with a stationary phase through which a mobile phase flows. In one embodiment, thermal elements are disposed remotely from and unattached to the tube.
Waters Technologies Corporation

 Multicomponent quantitative analysis method using chromatography patent thumbnailMulticomponent quantitative analysis method using chromatography
A number of analytes are divided into groups based on at least either the elution position determined by silica gel column chromatography under the same condition or the partition ratio in a hexane-acetonitrile partition method. To each group, a compound obtained by labeling one of the compounds in the group by deuterium and/or carbon is assigned as the surrogate.
Aichi Prefectural Government

 Wavy micro gas chromatography column patent thumbnailWavy micro gas chromatography column
A wavy micro gas chromatography column includes a silicon substrate and a bonded glass cover. A micro channel having a rectangular cross section is etched on the silicon substrate and coated with a stationary phase film.
University Of Electronic Science And Technology Of China

Efficient chiller for a supercritical fluid chromatography pump

Methods and systems for pumping compressible fluids in high pressure applications such as high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc) or supercritical fluid chromatography (sfc) applications are disclosed. An improved cooling device for a pump head for use in a supercritical fluid chromatography (sfc) system is described.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Separation and purification vancomycin hydrochloride of high purity

Provided is a separation and purification method for vancomycin hydrochloride of high purity. The method comprises the following steps: (1) obtaining a vancomycin hydrochloride solution from a crude vancomycin product by ion exchange chromatography and obtaining a concentrate by nanofiltration desalination and concentration; (2) adjusting the concentrate with a hydrochloric acid solution and then performing a column chromatography using a reverse chromatography column for the adjusted concentrate; (3) collecting the chromatographic solution of vancomycin to obtain a mixed chromatographic solution; (4) adjusting the mixed chromatographic solution, and separating the solution and the salts by nanofiltration desalination and concentration to obtain a concentrate; and (5) obtaining a vancomycin dry powder with a chromatographic purity of up to 99% and a pure white appearance by dehydrating and drying the concentrate of step (4), or by solvent crystallization or salting-out crystallization..
Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. Xinchang Pharmaceutica Factory

Method for separating antibody isoforms using cation exchange chromatography

The present invention relates to a method for separating antibody isoforms using cation exchange chromatography and, more specifically, to a method for separating and purifying several isoforms, which are generated during an antibody production procedure, using a washing buffer for cation exchange chromatography.. .
Celltrion Inc.

Composite materials containing nanoparticles and their use in chromatography

Novel porous materials comprising nanoparticles, use in chromatographic separations, processes for its preparation, and separations devices containing the chromatographic material are described by the instant invention. In particular, the disclosure describes porous inorganic/organic hybrid particles embedded with nanoparticles selected from oxides or nitrides of the following: silicon carbide, aluminum, diamond, cerium, carbon black, carbon nanotubes, zirconium, barium, cerium, cobalt, copper, europium, gadolinium, iron, nickel, samarium, silicon, silver, titanium, zinc, boron, and mixtures thereof..
Waters Technologies Corporation

Method of producing a substance with antimicrobial, antiviral, and immunostimulatory activities, a substance and a composition

A method of producing a substance with antimicrobial, antiviral, and immunostimulatory activities, particularly towards dendritic cells is proposed, provides for using the chopped potato sprouts as plant raw materials are extracted with water, then the aqueous extract is centrifuged, a salt agent is added, and the obtained saline solution is then concentrated using ultrafiltration through a 300-kd filter, then the solution is frozen for 24 hours, thawed, and filtered, and the pellet thus obtained is removed, and the raw peptidoglycan is precipitated from the solution by using an acidic salt agent and is further re-solubilized with alkali, then the alkaline solution is dialyzed against distilled water on a 12 kd filter, and the peptidoglycan having a molecular weight of 500 kd to 17000 kd is purified from the resulting solution using gel permeation chromatography.. .
Silezia Group Pte. Ltd

Methods and systems for measuring serotonin in a sample

Disclosed are methods and systems for measuring serotonin in a sample using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.. .
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings

Far-ultraviolet absorbance detection device for liquid chromatography

In order to achieve high sensitivity without an increase in device complexity or cost, a far-ultraviolet absorbance detection device for liquid chromatography is provided with: an optical system including a light source that emits light including far-ultraviolet light, a diffraction grating for dispersing the light emitted from the light source, a flow cell through which a liquid is passed, a slit for selecting a predetermined wavelength of +1 order light diffracted by the diffraction grating and causing the light to enter the flow cell, a first photodetector for detecting the light transmitted by the flow cell, and a second photodetector for detecting light other than the +1 order light diffracted by the diffraction grating; a mechanism for evacuating or substituting the optical system with nitrogen gas; and a computation unit that calculates absorbance from an output signal from the first photodetector and an output signal from the second photodetector. The second photodetector is fixedly disposed..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Compounds and methods for peg metabolite and peg breakdown product assays

Disclosed herein are compounds and methods for identifying and quantifying a metabolite or breakdown product of peg. A sample may be assayed for peg metabolites or breakdown products using liquid chromatography combined with mass spectrometry.
Colonaryconcepts Llc

Flow control in high performance liquid chromatography

A method for controlling the flow of liquid in a high performance liquid chromatography apparatus. The method includes operating a pump, measuring the liquid pressure downstream of the pump, measuring the liquid flow rate downstream of the pump, and controlling the operation of the pump.
Proxeon Biosystems A/s

Standard analyte generator

The invention describes the process by which a standard mixture of organic compounds are spiked and retained onto a composite sorbent matrix for the controlled generation of a standard in fluid above the spiked matrix either in gas (headspace) or aqueous phase which is contained in portable vials. The novelty of the aforementioned composite matrix stems from the combination of an immobilizing liquid phase such as silicone oil or a polyacrylonitrile solution, and solid, porous particles such as polystyrene-co-divinylbenzene (ps-dvb) or hydrophilic/lipophilic balance (hlb) particles to strongly retain the spiked standards facilitating high capacity which translates into prolonged use as a source of calibrant.

Adhesive including ethylene ·α-olefin copolymer

An adhesive with improved heat stability is provided. The adhesive includes an ethylene.α-olefin copolymer (a) having a number-average molecular weight of 5000 to 100000 in terms of polystyrene as measured by gel permeation chromatography and a density of 860 to 970 kg/m3, wherein in the ethylene.α-olefin copolymer (a), the total number of vinyl-type double bond, vinylidene-type double bond, 2-substituted olefin-type double bond and 3-substituted olefin-type double bond is less than 0.5 per 1000 carbon atoms as measured by 1h-nmr..
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

System and modified gas chromatographic data analysis

A method that employs self-reliant gas chromatography for determining a measure of match between acquired gas chromatographic data representative of a sample and reference gas chromatographic data, the acquired gas chromatographic data includes at least one observed chromatographic peak, the reference gas chromatographic data includes at least one reference chromatographic peak, the at least one observed chromatographic peak and the at least one reference chromatographic peak are characterized by at least one temporal attribute and at least one shape attribute, the method includes at least the procedure of: estimating respectively, for said at least one observed chromatographic peak, said measure of match according to a degree of fitness between an observed value and respective a reference value of said at least one shape attribute.. .
Spectrosense Ltd.

Protein purification methods to reduce acidic species

The instant invention relates to the field of protein production and purification, and in particular to compositions and processes for controlling the amount of charge variants, aggregates, and fragments of a protein of interest, as well as host cell proteins, present in purified preparations by applying particular chromatography conditions during such protein purification.. .
Abbvie Inc.

Chromatography column

A chromatography column and method of packing and maintaining a stable chromatography bed has been set forth where chromatography column is made from a cylindrical tube and an axially inserted plunger. The chromatography bed has a fixed column height.

Method for preparing a small-diameter chromatography column

Packing a column with a chromatography medium at prescribed compression factor, and then passing a mobile phase through the column packed with the chromatography medium while switching the mobile phase flow direction two or more times. According to the present invention, a small-diameter chromatography column packed uniformly and densely as well as a large-diameter column can be reproducibly prepared.
Kaneka Corportion

Autosampler and gas chromatography system and method including same

A gas chromatography system includes at least one gas chromatography subsystem including at least one injector port, and an autosampler. The autosampler includes a carousel tray mounted for rotation about a rotation axis and including arcuately extending first and second rows of sample reservoirs, a first sample transfer tower to extract samples from the first row, a second sample transfer tower to extract samples from the second row, and a control system operative to: selectively position the carousel tray relative to the first and second sample transfer towers to align the first and second sample transfer towers with a selected pair of the sample reservoirs of the first and second rows, respectively; draw samples from the selected pair using the first and second sample transfer towers; inject the sample drawn from the first row into the at least one injector port using the first sample transfer tower; and inject the sample drawn from the second row into the at least one injector port using the second sample transfer tower..
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

Method for purifying and quantifying thrombin and its degradation polypeptides

Provided is a method for purifying α-thrombin and for quantifying α-thrombin and its degradation polypeptides in a liquid proteinatious solution. The method employs a one-step anion exchange chromatography method.
Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.

Chromatography membranes formed by thiol-ene or thiol-yne click polymerization reactions

Disclosed are composite materials and methods of making them. The composite materials comprise a support member and a cross-linked gel, wherein the cross-linked gel is a polymer synthesized by thiol-ene or thiol-yne polymerization and cross-linking.
Natrix Separations Inc.

Method for production of a chromatography material

The present invention relates to a method for production of a chromatography material. More closely, the invention relates to a method for production of a reverse phase chromatography (rpc) material comprising the following steps: introduction of unsaturated groups onto porous carbohydrate particles and grafting of styrenic monomers on said particles comprising an unsaturated group..
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

Systems and methods for characterization of molecules

The present invention generally provides systems and methods for the detection, identification, or characterization of differences between properties or behavior of corresponding species in two or more mixtures comprised of molecules, including biomolecules and/or molecules able to interact with biomolecules, using techniques such as partitioning. The experimental conditions established as distinguishing between the mixtures of the molecules using the systems and methods of the invention can also be used, in some cases, for further fractionation and/or characterization of the biomolecules and/or other molecules, using techniques such as single-step or multiple-step extraction, and/or by liquid-liquid partition chromatography.
Analiza, Inc.

Systems and methods for two-dimensional chromatography

Provided are two-dimensional chromatography systems and methods for separating and/or analyzing complex mixtures of organic compounds. In particularly, a two-dimensional reversed-phase liquid chromatography (rplc)-supercritical fluid chromatography (sfc) system is described including a trapping column at the interface which collects the analytes eluted from the first dimension chromatography while letting the rplc mobile phase pass through.
Genentech, Inc.

Method for detecting and quantifying galacto-oligosaccharide

A method for detecting and quantifying galacto-oligosaccharide in a sample containing galacto-oligosaccharide and dextrin is characterized in that the sample is caused to react with a derivatizing reagent to derivatize the dextrin and galacto-oligosaccharide in the sample, after which the galacto-oligosaccharide component in the sample is separated by high-performance liquid chromatography using a c30 reverse-phase chromatography column, thereby accurately detecting and quantifying galacto-oligosaccharide with ease and at low cost.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Yakult Honsha

Cation and anion exchange chromatography method

Herein is reported a method for purifying a polypeptide comprising the steps of i) applying a solution comprising the polypeptide to an ion exchange chromatography material, and ii) recovering the polypeptide with a solution comprising a denaturant and thereby purifying the polypeptide, whereby the ion exchange chromatography material comprises a matrix of cross-linked poly (styrene-divinylbenzene) to which ionic ligands have been attached, and wherein the solution comprising the polypeptide applied to the ion exchange chromatography material is free of the denaturant and the polypeptide adsorbed to the ion exchange chromatography material is recovered with a solution comprising a denaturant at a constant conductivity.. .
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

Alternative nucleic acid molecules containing reduced uracil content and uses thereof

The present disclosure provides alternative nucleosides, nucleotides, and nucleic acids, and methods of using them. In some aspects, the disclosure provides mrna wherein the uracil content has been modified and which may be particularly effective for use in therapeutic compositions, because they may benefit from both high expression levels and limited induction of the innate immune response.
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.

Kind of mutated proteins a with high alkali resistance feature and application thereof

A series of protein a mutants having high alkali resistance, and methods of using the protein a mutants are provided. The protein a mutants have a high binding affinity for regions of immunoglobulin proteins other than the complementarity determining regions.
Nanjing Genscript Co., Ltd.

Purification of organic compounds by surfactant mediated preparative hplc

A sample is provided that can be purified by preparative reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography (prep-rp-hplc) in a single run in spite of recent advances in the production of reversed phase derivatized silica stationary supports: (1) the traditional approach is to use a bigger column (greater amount of stationary phase); and (2) use displacement chromatography which (while labor intensive to develop) uses the stationary phase more effectively. This disclosure describes a unique prep-rp-hplc technique that uses a c-18/c-8 derivatized silica coated with a surfactant such as triton x-100 to result in 7 to 10 fold increase in sample loading (of the crude mixture of organic compounds including synthetic crude peptides) in contrast to the conventional prep-rp-hplc technique.
Davuluri, Ramamohan Rao

Method for preparing abiraterone acetate

A method for preparing abiraterone acetate. The steps are: dehydroepiandrosterone acetate and trifluoromethanesulphonic anhydride undergo a sulfonylation reaction under the catalysis of an organic base to obtain a compound as represented by formula ii; the compound is reacted with a 3-pyridine organoboron compound or a 3-pyridine organosilicone compound under the catalysis of bis(triphenylphosphine) palladium(ii) dichloride to obtain a crude abiraterone acetate product; the crude product is recrystallized in a protic or aprotic solvent to obtain an abiraterone acetate crystal; the crystal is further put into a solvent which easily dissolves the crystal and dissolved under heating, and the solution is dropwise added into a solvent which does not easily dissolve the crystal until a solid is precipitated under stirring, such that a micro powder abiraterone acetate is obtained; and the solvent which easily dissolves the crystal is a mixture of any two or more of acetone, ethanol and water, and the solvent which does not easily dissolve the crystal is water.
Wuhan Biocause Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Process for purification of neutral human milk oligosaccharide using simulated moving bed chromatography

The present application discloses a process for the purification of a neutral human milk oligosaccharide (neutral hmo). The process uses simulated moving bed (smb) chromatography which allows the continuous purification of large quantities of hmos with high purity.
Jennewein Biotechnologie Gmbh

System for liquid chromatograph with compressibility and viscosity monitoring to identify fluids

A system for providing a solvent or reagent to a liquid chromatography system comprises: a valve comprising a common port and a plurality of other ports, configurable such that the common port may be fluidically coupled to any one of the other ports; a pump fluidically coupled to the common port of the valve; a plugged first one of the other ports; a container containing the solvent or reagent, said container fluidically coupled to a second one of the other ports; a fluid tubing line having a known resistance to fluid flow fluidically coupled to a third one of the other ports; and a pressure gauge configured to measure fluid pressure within the pump, wherein the solvent or reagent is provided to the liquid chromatography system by a fourth one of the other ports.. .
Thermo Finnigan Llc

Automated adjustment of capillary voltage based on the elution conditions to retain optimal ionization conditions

A method of electrospray ionisation is disclosed comprising passing a sample liquid through a liquid chromatography column, monitoring a liquid chromatography back pressure and varying a voltage applied to an electrospray ionisation source electrode in dependence upon said monitored liquid chromatography back pressure.. .
Micromass Uk Limited

Multidrug analysis in urine by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

A fast and reliable method for the determination of multiple drugs and their metabolites belonging to different chemical and toxicological class from a biological sample is provided. The method involves mixing of biological sample with internal standards which does not require sample extraction or derivatization prior to analysis.
Castle Medical, Llc

Device and methods of using device for detection of hyperammonemia

The present disclosure relates to a bio-sensor capable of measuring the total concentration of one or a plurality of ammonia or ammonium ions with the use of indophenol reagents in the presence of an ionomer. In some embodiments, the biosensor comprises a perflurinated membrane that comprises an ionomer in contact with an alkaline buffer in a vessel configured to receive a sample, such as whole blood.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept., Of Health And Human Services

Base station for liquid chromatography analysis unit

A base station for separating a fluidic sample by liquid chromatography in cooperation with a liquid chromatography analysis unit configured for executing a predefined liquid chromatography analysis task, wherein the base station comprises an analysis unit coupling section configured for removably coupling the liquid chromatography analysis unit to the base station, and an analysis task identification unit configured for identifying the predefined liquid chromatography analysis task of the liquid chromatography analysis unit coupled to the analysis unit coupling section, so that the fluidic sample is separable by executing the identified predefined liquid chromatography analysis task in cooperation between the base station and the liquid chromatography analysis unit.. .
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Liquid chromatography analysis unit

A liquid chromatography analysis unit configured for executing a predefined liquid chromatography analysis task, wherein the liquid chromatography analysis unit comprises a sample insertion compartment configured for inserting a fluidic sample to be separated, wherein the fluidic sample is to be separated when executing the liquid chromatography analysis task, a solvent accommodation section accommodating a predefined volume of at least one predefined solvent required for executing the liquid chromatography analysis task, and a sample separation unit configured for separating the fluidic sample inserted into the sample insertion compartment upon applying a solvent and sample drive force for driving the solvent and the fluidic sample through the sample separation unit.. .
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Liquid chromatography columns with structured walls

A liquid chromatography (lc) column includes a wall having a length along a central axis from the inlet end to the outlet end, the wall enclosing a column interior and having a column radius relative to the central axis, the wall comprising a structured portion configured such that the column radius varies along the length; and a plurality of particles packed in the column interior, wherein at least some of the particles are in contact with the structured portion.. .
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Portable fluidic platform for rapid cell-free production of protein biologics

A portable fluidic platform for rapid and flexible end-to-end production of recombinant protein biologics includes a bioreactor system hosting stable and robust cell-free translation systems that is fluidically integrated with modular protein separation functionalities (e.g., size exclusion, ion exchange or affinity chromatography systems) for purification of the cell-free expressed product and which are configurable for process-specific isolation of different proteins, as well as for formulation. The bioreactor utilizes lysates from engineered eukaryotic (e.g., yeast) or prokaryotic (e.g., bacterial) strains that contain factors for protein folding and posttranslational modifications.
Leidos, Inc.

E. coli separatome-based protein expression and purification platform

Provided is a separatome-based peptide, polypeptide, and protein expression and purification platform based on the juxtaposition of the binding properties of host cell genomic peptides, polypeptides, and proteins with the characteristics and location of the corresponding genes on the host cell chromosome of e. Coli.
Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

R type of resveratrol dimer, preparation process therefor and purpose thereof in lowering blood sugar level

The present invention relates to the field of natural pharmaceutical chemistry, and in particular, to a resveratrol dimer (7r,8r)-trans-δ-viniferin (i), a preparation process therefor and a purpose thereof in lowering a blood sugar level. According to the present invention, an r type of resveratrol dimer is separated from the resveratrol dimer by using high-speed countercurrent chromatography.
China Pharmaceutical University

Chromatography column assembly

The invention relates to a chromatography column assembly that offers an affordable self-packed column for performing chromatographic separation. The chromatography column assembly comprises a column tube having a first and a second opening at substantially opposite ends, and an end cap of either a snap fit design or a bolted design.
Ge Healthcare Bio-science Ab

System and assembling a large scale chromatography structure

A container system is disclosed, where the container system includes a housing. A chromatography cartridge is disposed in the housing.
Ge Healthcare Biosciences Corp.

Method for transferring slurry

A method and a slurry tank system for transferring chromatography media slurry from a slurry tank (3) to a chromatography column (9), said method comprising monitoring the content of slurry in the slurry tank (3) during the transferring and controlling the transferring of the slurry to the column (9) in dependence of the content of slurry in the slurry tank (3).. .
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

Column contained in container and column container

Provided is a chromatography column stored in a storage container. The storage container for the column includes: a container body for storing the chromatography column; and a cover threadedly engaging with the container body.
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

Isolation, detection and use of biological cells

This invention relates to devices and methods for purifying, detecting and using biological cells. A variety of cell types including viable tumor, stem, immune and sperm cells can be purified from a complex biological sample using a column, including a pipette tip column.

Low carryover high pressure fluidic fitting

Described is a fitting for coupling fluidic paths which facilitates secure and low leak rate fluid flow through a fluidic path junction such as a junction in a liquid chromatography system or other chemical analysis instrument. Fluid containing various mixtures of chemical samples can pass through the junction at high pressure with little or no trapped residue remaining in a volume at the connection.
Waters Technologies Corporation

Purification embryo - derived infectious bronchitis virus (lbv)

The invention discloses an avian infectious bronchitis virus purification method. The method uses ordinary avian embryo which was affected by avian bronchitis virus.
South China Agricultural University

Compounds for affinity chromatography and for extending the half-life of a therapeutic agent

Compounds useful for affinity chromatography as presented, more particularly for use in affinity chromatography to purify serum albumin, especially human serum albumin (hsa) and fusion proteins thereof. Methods for extending the half-life of therapeutic agents are also presented, particularly therapeutic peptide agents and small molecules, such as by conjugation of compounds described herein to the therapeutic peptide or small molecule, which, upon administration, binds to hsa, thereby providing a prolonged release of the therapeutic agent..
Glaxosmithkline Intellectual Property Development Limited

Probe assembly for attaching a chromatography device to a mass spectrometer

A probe assembly is disclosed comprising an inlet for receiving an eluent from a chromatography device; an outlet (120) for delivering the eluent to an ion source of a mass spectrometer; and an attachment device (122) for attaching the outlet to the mass spectrometer. The outlet comprises an electrically conductive capillary (124) and an electrically conductive member (129) surrounding at least part of the electrically conductive capillary (124).
Micromass Uk Limited

Automated sterile processing of cells by centrifugation and column chromatography

The invention relates to a system, comprising: a) a sample processing unit, comprising an input port and an output port coupled to a rotating container having at least one sample chamber, the sample processing unit configured provide a first processing step to a sample or to rotate the container so as to apply a centrifugal force to a sample deposited in the chamber and separate at least a first component and a second component of the deposited sample; and b) a sample separation unit coupled to the output port of the sample processing unit, the cell separation unit comprising separation column holder (42), a pump (64) and a plurality of valves (1-11) configured to at least partially control fluid flow through a fluid circuitry and a separation column (40) positioned in the holder, the separation column configured to separate labeled and unlabeled components of sample flowed through the column.. .
Miltenyi Biotec Gmbh

Optical pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet

An optical pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for silver nanowire layer use includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. The amount of acrylic acid ions extracted from the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer with pure water at 100° c.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Micro chiral regulation cellulose chromatography stationary phase, preparation method and use thereof

The present invention discloses a cellulose derivative shown as formula (i), which is obtained as follows: the hydroxyl at position 6 of microcrystalline cellulose is protected with triphenylchloromethane, and then reacted with acyl chloride or isocyanate. After the protection of the hydroxyl at positions 2 and 3 of microcrystalline cellulose, triphenylmethyl is removed under acidic conditions to expose the hydroxyl at position 6.
Beijing Dima Outai Development Center Of Science And Technology

Multimeric immunoglobulin-binding domain

A multimeric immunoglobulin-binding protein having improved properties as an affinity ligand for affinity chromatography, and an insoluble support inmmobilizing such a multimer. The immunoglobulin-binding protein is represented by the formula: (r1)n-(r2)m, or (r2)m-(r1)n.
Protenova Co., Ltd.

Chromatography column

A chromatography column having a longitudinal axis and comprising a column wall with a first end and a second end, a first end plate assembly removably connectable to said first end of the column wall, a second end plate assembly removably connectable to said second end of the column wall, wherein said first end plate assembly, said column wall and said second end plate assembly are arranged along the longitudinal axis of the column wherein the column wall, and/or first end plate assembly and/or second end plate assembly is/are rotatable about an axis of rotation wherein said axis of rotation is parallel to the longitudinal axis of said column and positioned outside the column.. .
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

Moveable chromatography column separator

The current invention is directed to a chromatography column separator which separates the chromatography column in an upper chromatography column chamber and a lower chromatography column chamber, and which has a variable position within the chromatography column, and which is embedded by the chromatography material. The separator allows the replacement of the chromatography material in the upper chromatography column chamber without the need to replace the chromatography column material in the lower chromatography column chamber and it allows also the combination of two different chromatography materials with different chromatographical functional groups in one chromatography column..
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

Test piece for immunochromatography, developing fluid used therefor, and immunochromatography using the same

A test piece for immunochromatography, containing an aggregation inhibiting pad, a conjugate pad, and a membrane, in which the membrane contains a test area for capturing a target substance, the aggregation inhibiting pad contains a desalting agent, and the conjugate pad contains a labeling agent.. .
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

Beverage test apparatus

A beverage test apparatus, including a container, for containing beverage to be tested; an opening disposed on the container, the opening being covered by a one-way valve, for allowing entrance of the beverage into the container, and for disallowing exit therefrom, and a chromatography substance contained in the container, for changing a color of the chromatography substance upon presence of a certain ingredient, thereby a portion of beverage poured into the cup enters the container and is tested by the chromatography substance, and thereby the one-way valve disallows access of the chromatography substance to the beverage being drunk by the user, where the beverage test apparatus may further include a sticker attached to the container, for sticking the container to the drinking cup.. .

Method for the isolation and purification of anhydrogalactose

The present invention discloses a method for isolating and purifying anhydrogalactose. Using the method for isolating and purifying anhydrogalactose including the steps of preparing a sugar mixture containing anhydrogalactose produced through chemical synthesis and hydrolysis; and isolating anhydrogalactose by performing recycling preparative liquid chromatography (recycling-prep-lc) with the sugar mixture, highly pure anhydrogalactose can be efficiently isolated and purified in large amounts..
Biolsystems Co., Ltd.

Polystyrene-containing composite resin particles and producing same, expandable composite resin particles, pre-expanded particles, and expanded molded article

Polystyrene-based composite resin particles includes 100 to 500 parts by weight of a polystyrene-based resin with respect to 100 parts by weight of an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin. The polystyrene-based composite resin particles are impregnated with a volatile blowing agent and are pre-expanded to obtain pre-expanded particles; the obtained pre-expanded particles are immersed in tetrahydrofuran for 24 hours to obtain an extract a; and the pre-expanded particles are divided into two halves through the center to prepare halved particles, and the halved particles are immersed in tetrahydrofuran for 24 hours to obtain an extract b; and the obtained extract a and extract b are subjected to a gpc (gel permeation chromatography) measurement and obtain the following results: the polystyrene-based resin having a weight-average molecular weight (mw) of 100,000 to 500,000 gives a peak obtained from chromatograms for the extract a and for the extract b..
Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.

Purified cardiogenin isomer and related methods

A cardiogenin major isomer is obtained from a methanol extract of geum japonicum and separated from its minor isomer. The separation of the two isomers can be achieved by chiral phase chromatography, e.g., using a chiralpak® ic™ column.
Huya Bioscience International Llc

Preparative chromatography column

A chromatography column design and a packing device, as well as a method for obtaining a column with a very compact and uniform bed are provided. The bed remains compact and uniform during operation of the column and during sanitization, storage and transportation of the column.
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

Supercritical fluid-liquid chromatograph, and analysis method thereof

A back pressure valve configured to switch between a pressurized state and a released state open to an atmosphere is used as a back pressure valve in a supercritical fluid chromatograph. Switching from a state of supercritical fluid chromatography analysis to liquid chromatography is performed by stopping a pump that supplies a supercritical fluid, continuously operating a pump that supplies a solvent used as a modifier, and bringing the back pressure valve into the released state..
Shimadzu Corporation

Chromatography ligand comprising domain c from staphylococcus aureus protein a for antibody isolation

The present invention relates to a chromatography ligand, which comprises domain c from staphylococcus protein a (spa), or a functional fragment or variant thereof. The chromatography ligand presents an advantageous capability of withstanding harsh cleaning in place (cip) conditions, and is capable of binding fab fragments of antibodies.
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

Purification process for pth

The present invention relates to improved method for purification of a recombinant parathyroid hormone (rhpth1-34 or teriparatide), said process for purification of parathyroid hormone comprising following essential steps: (a) enzymatic cleavage; (b) anion exchange chromatography, followed by other suitable purification steps; wherein step (a) and (b) can be carried out in any order.. .
Cadila Healthcare Limited

Buoyant protein harvesting device

A buoyant device containing chromatography media performs the function of protein harvesting replacing the steps of cell separation and volume reduction; the device can be loaded into columns for further purification.. .
Therapeutic Proteins International, Llc

Process for separating a divinyl hydrocarbon from monovinyl hydrocarbons and/or non-vinyl compounds

A process for separating a divinyl hydrocarbon from a composition mixture stream containing at least a divinyl hydrocarbon and other components, the process including (a) passing a composition mixture feed stream containing at least (i) a divinyl hydrocarbon; and (ii) a monovinyl hydrocarbon, and/or (iii) a non-vinyl hydrocarbon through a process-scale chromatography unit; wherein the process scale chromatography unit includes a ligand exchange media comprising a metal adapted to form a ligand with an olefin functionality; wherein the metal of the ligand exchange media is loaded on an adsorbent; and wherein the divinyl hydrocarbon is adsorbed onto the ligand exchange media; (b) passing a weak first elution solvent through the unit to elute the monovinyl hydrocarbon and/or the non-vinyl hydrocarbon from the unit; (c) passing a strong second elution solvent through the unit to elute the divinyl hydrocarbon product stream from the unit; and (d) recovering the divinyl hydrocarbon product stream having been separated from the other components in the composition mixture stream; and an apparatus therefor.. .
Blue Cube Ip Llc

Mobile phase controller for supercritical fluid chromatography systems

The present disclosure relates to an apparatus for regulating the average mobile phase density or pressure in a carbon dioxide based separation system. The apparatus includes a controller, a set of pressure or density sensors and a set of instructions capable of determining the pressure drop across a column and adjusting at least one system component or parameter to achieve a pre-determined average mobile phase density or pressure in the system..
Waters Technologies Corporation

Automated sampling and reaction system for high pressure liquid chromatography and other types of detection

Automated sampling and reaction systems and methods of using the same are provided. The automated sampling and reaction system has a microreactor in fluidic communication with an external sampling valve.
Waters Technologies Corporation

Methods for determination of total homocysteine

Disclosed herein are simple, rapid and cost effective methods for determination of endogenous sulfhydryl amino acid species from a sample, example a sample in clinical practice. The method can include mixing of a biological sample with an internal standards which does not require pretreatment or derivatization and/or isotopic dilution.
Castle Medical, Llc

Method for chiral separation of methamphetamine and amphatamine enantiomers

Methods for routine high throughput analysis with accurate results to determine the concentration of d- and/or l-isomers of methamphetamine and/or amphetamine in biological samples is provided. In some examples, the method includes mixing of a biological sample with an internal standard and diluting with a mobile phase, followed by eluting on a chiral stationary phase contained in a liquid chromatography column.
Castle Medical, Llc

Modular automated chromatography system

Valves, pumps, detectors, sample loops, fraction collectors and the like are individually incorporated into modules that are mountable in interchangeable manner at individual mounting sites on a base unit which also supports one or more chromatography columns. Each module includes fluid connections to other modules and a microcontroller joining the module to a computed and monitor through an electronic connector at each mounting site.
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

Chromatographic device and method

A chromatographic device for analysing multiple samples comprises a separator for separating the multiple samples, an injector unit for injecting the multiple samples into the separator, the injector unit being provided as regular injector unit for single-sample chromatography, a detector for detecting signals of the multiple samples after they are separated by the separator, a sequence generator for generating a specific binary sequence for each of the multiple samples, a controller that controls the injector unit so that each of the multiple samples is injected into the separator in pulses corresponding to its specific binary sequence, and a decomposer for decomposing the detected signals of the multiple samples by identifying the specific binary sequences in the detected signals.. .
Ruprecht-karts-universitat Heidelberg

Protein a chromatography

The present invention provides methods for cleaning a protein a chromatography column employing a media comprising a protein a ligand derived from the c domain of staphylococcus aureus, such that the column can be cleaned using both acidic and alkaline solutions.. .
Emd Millipore Corporation

Method for separating fat-soluble substance by simulated moving bed chromatography - and device for same

The present invention provides a separation method and device, comprising columns with at least two types of gels selected from the group consisting of silica gel, silver nitrate-impregnated gel and polymer gel filled therein, preferably at least three silver nitrate-impregnated gel columns and at least one silica gel column, by smb chromatography. The present invention also provides a separation method and device, comprising columns with at least two types of columns selected from the group consisting of c18 columns, c8 columns c4 columns and c1 columns, preferably at least three c18 columns and at least one c8 column and/or c4 column and/or c1 column, by smb chromatography..
Bizen Chemical Co., Ltd.

Protein products and methods for making the same

According to one embodiment, a protein product may include a mixture of water and particulate matter comprising protein. The mixture may include medium chain aldehydes and pyrazines.
Kraft Foods Group Brands Llc

Thin-layer chromatography type radiation detector

A thin-layer chromatography type radiation detector includes a plurality of light-emitting members configured to generate visible light due to radiation, each of the light-emitting members including a scintillator having a surface filled with a reflector for reflecting the visible light, and are arranged in parallel to one another in a width direction, light sensors respectively coupled to one end portions of the plurality of light-emitting members and configured to measure a current generated due to the visible light generated by the plurality of light-emitting members, and an output port configured to sequentially output values of the current measured by the light sensors as digital signals.. .

Proteomic biomarkers of sepsis in elderly patients

A proteomic expression platform to identify age-related sepsis risk is disclosed using patients with community-acquired pneumonia. A semi-quantitative plasma proteomics workflow was applied which incorporated tandem immuno affinity depletion, itraq labeling, strong cation exchange fractionation, and nanoflow-liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry.

Method of amplifying detection light using light-reflecting material in immunochromatography

The present invention intends to provide an immunochromatographic test piece that makes it possible to achieve both highly sensitive detection of a substance to be detected and a simple test piece structure, which are usually difficult to be made compatible with each other. The immunochromatographic test piece is an immunochromatographic test piece comprising a membrane on which a capture substance being a ligand that bonds to a substance to be detected is immobilized, wherein insoluble carrier particles to which a ligand that bonds to the substance to be detected is bound are used and accumulated by being captured with the capture substance immobilized on the membrane, the membrane is irradiated with light to detect light emitted from a portion where the insoluble carrier particles are accumulated or light emitted from a portion surrounding and other than the portion where the insoluble carrier particles are accumulated, thereby measuring the substance to be detected, and a light-reflecting material is provided on a side of the membrane opposite to a side irradiated with light..

Method and system for detecting boron ions using ion chromatography for online monitoring of steam generator tube leakage in light water reactor

The present invention relates to an online leakage monitoring technique of a steam generator tube for monitoring leakage of the steam generator tube by analyzing concentration of an extremely small amount of boron ions in the secondary side solution of the steam generator in which a variety of ions are mixed, and the present invention is effective in that concentration of an extremely small amount of boron ions can be accurately detected, maintenance is convenient and durability is improved since analysis time is reduced considerably and operation pressure is lowered greatly by using ion chromatography provided with a boron trapping column optimized for trapping an extremely small amount of boron ions and a deionization water supplier for rising a sample line, instead of general ion chromatography provided with a concentration column and a separation column.. .

Apparatus and introducing sample into a separation unit of a chromatography system without disrupting a mobile phase

A method and a system for introducing a sample into a mobile phase of a chromatography system is provided. The method includes initially directing the mobile phase directly into a separation unit of the chromatography system, bypassing a sample loop, the mobile phase including a combined solvent, metered from a pressurized first solvent and a second solvent; loading the sample into the sample loop, while the mobile phase continues to be directed directly into the separation unit; pressurizing the sample in the sample loop with the pressurized first solvent, while the mobile phase continues to be directed directly into the separation unit; and switching the sample loop into the mobile phase, thereby introducing the pressurized sample to the separation unit..

Ethyleneimine polymer and producing the same

An ethyleneimine polymer, in which the number average molecular weight (mn) of the ethyleneimine polymer measured by gel permeation chromatography in terms of pullulan is 13,000 or more and the value obtained by dividing the weight average molecular weight by the number average molecular weight (weight average molecular weight: mw/number average molecular weight: mn=degree of dispersion) of the ethyleneimine polymer is from 1.4 to 3.0.. .

Purification of chimeric fviii molecules

The invention is directed to methods of purifying a chimeric protein comprising subjecting the chimeric protein to a factor viii-specific affinity chromatography, and subjecting the chimeric protein to an aex chromatography; wherein the chimeric protein comprises a factor viii protein or a fragment thereof. The chimeric protein purified by the present methods shows improved factor viii activity..

Solid phase for mixed-mode chromatographic purification of proteins

Proteins are purified by a mixed-mode chromatography system formed by attaching a ligand with cation exchange and hydrophobic functionalities to a large-pore support matrix, the only linkage between the ligand and the support matrix being a chain having a backbone of no more than three atoms between the hydrophobic group and the support matrix.. .

Fluid mixer assembly

Disclosed is an assembly for mixing fluids (i.e., gases or liquids), and more particularly an assembly that accurately mixes two or more high-pressure fluid sources and is adapted for use in applications, such as for example, chromatography. The mixer assembly (100) includes, inter alia, a housing (10), an inlet fitting (40), and a mixer cartridge assembly (60).

Chromatographic columns and separation devices comprising a superficially porous material; and use thereof for supercritical fluid chromatography and other chromatography

The present invention provides novel chromatographic materials, e.g., for chromatographic separations, processes for its preparation and separations devices containing the chromatographic material; separations devices, chromatographic columns and kits comprising the same; and methods for the preparation thereof. The chromatographic materials of the invention are superficially porous chromatographic particulate materials comprising sized less than 2 microns..

Means for generating cell-disintegrated blood

A method for analyzing a whole blood sample can include injecting whole blood into a first zone of a dual zone sample loop, applying sufficient heat or energy to the whole blood to disintegrate the cellular components of the whole blood sample to produce cell disintegrated blood, and injecting a sufficient volume of the buffer into the dual zone sample loop to move the cell disintegrated blood into a second zone of the dual zone sample loop. The method can further include switching a multiport value to an inject position, flowing the cell disintegrated blood from the dual zone sample loop into a solid phase extraction column, and eluting components of the cell disintegrated blood from the solid phase extraction column into a liquid chromatography column..

Fluid composition and reservoir analysis using gas chromatography

Methods are provided for reservoir analysis. In some embodiments, a reservoir may be analyzed by obtaining abundance ratios at a first measurement station and a second measurement station and determining an abundance ratio trend.

Fluid composition using optical analysis and gas chromatography

Methods and systems are provided for determining a gas/oil ratio using gas chromatography and optical analysis of a fluid sample obtained using a fluid sampling tool. In some embodiments, a gas/oil ratio may be determined from the mass fraction of each light component of the fluid, the mass fraction of each intermediate component of the fluid, a molecular weight of each light component of the fluid, a molecular weight of each intermediate component of the fluid, the density of stock tank oil, the vapor mass fraction of the intermediate components of the fluid, and the mass fraction of the plus fraction of the fluid.

Devices and methods for controlling reversible chemical reactions at solid-liquid interfaces by rapid preconcentration and phase replacement

Devices and methods for controlling reversible chemical reactions at solid-liquid interfaces are disclosed. In particular, the invention relates to a method of increasing reaction rates by concentrating a target molecule in a liquid phase in the region of a reactant or ligand immobilized on a solid followed by removal of the liquid phase and replacement with an immiscible phase, such as an immiscible gas or liquid to impede the reverse reaction.

Filter element and filtration assembly for biopharmaceutical applications

Provided are filter elements or cells and filtration assemblies or capsules for purifying and/or clarifying fluids used during various biopharmaceutical applications, for example, chromatography or depth filtration, and processes for making and using the same. A filter element comprises a media pack comprising two sides and a separator element located between the two sides, at least one side comprising a filtration media, wherein an inner edge periphery and/or an outer edge periphery of the filtration media comprise a bond directly to a portion of the separator element..

Aluminum chlorohydrate salts exhibiting high sec peak 3

An aluminum chlorohydrate salt having a peak 3:peak 4 ratio of at least 10:1 and an amount of peak 3 material relative based on a total of peaks 2, 3, 4, and 5 is at least 80% as measured by size exclusion chromatography, together with water treatment compositions, antiperspirant compositions, and oral care compositions, comprising the same, and methods for making and using the same.. .

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