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Chromatography patents


This page is updated frequently with new Chromatography-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Chromatography-related patents
 Means for generating cell-disintegrated blood patent thumbnailMeans for generating cell-disintegrated blood
A method for analyzing a whole blood sample can include injecting whole blood into a first zone of a dual zone sample loop, applying sufficient heat or energy to the whole blood to disintegrate the cellular components of the whole blood sample to produce cell disintegrated blood, and injecting a sufficient volume of the buffer into the dual zone sample loop to move the cell disintegrated blood into a second zone of the dual zone sample loop. The method can further include switching a multiport value to an inject position, flowing the cell disintegrated blood from the dual zone sample loop into a solid phase extraction column, and eluting components of the cell disintegrated blood from the solid phase extraction column into a liquid chromatography column..

 Fluid composition and reservoir analysis using gas chromatography patent thumbnailFluid composition and reservoir analysis using gas chromatography
Methods are provided for reservoir analysis. In some embodiments, a reservoir may be analyzed by obtaining abundance ratios at a first measurement station and a second measurement station and determining an abundance ratio trend.

 Fluid composition using optical analysis and gas chromatography patent thumbnailFluid composition using optical analysis and gas chromatography
Methods and systems are provided for determining a gas/oil ratio using gas chromatography and optical analysis of a fluid sample obtained using a fluid sampling tool. In some embodiments, a gas/oil ratio may be determined from the mass fraction of each light component of the fluid, the mass fraction of each intermediate component of the fluid, a molecular weight of each light component of the fluid, a molecular weight of each intermediate component of the fluid, the density of stock tank oil, the vapor mass fraction of the intermediate components of the fluid, and the mass fraction of the plus fraction of the fluid.

 Devices and methods for controlling reversible chemical reactions at solid-liquid interfaces by rapid preconcentration and phase replacement patent thumbnailDevices and methods for controlling reversible chemical reactions at solid-liquid interfaces by rapid preconcentration and phase replacement
Devices and methods for controlling reversible chemical reactions at solid-liquid interfaces are disclosed. In particular, the invention relates to a method of increasing reaction rates by concentrating a target molecule in a liquid phase in the region of a reactant or ligand immobilized on a solid followed by removal of the liquid phase and replacement with an immiscible phase, such as an immiscible gas or liquid to impede the reverse reaction.

 Filter element and filtration assembly for biopharmaceutical applications patent thumbnailFilter element and filtration assembly for biopharmaceutical applications
Provided are filter elements or cells and filtration assemblies or capsules for purifying and/or clarifying fluids used during various biopharmaceutical applications, for example, chromatography or depth filtration, and processes for making and using the same. A filter element comprises a media pack comprising two sides and a separator element located between the two sides, at least one side comprising a filtration media, wherein an inner edge periphery and/or an outer edge periphery of the filtration media comprise a bond directly to a portion of the separator element..

 Aluminum chlorohydrate salts exhibiting high sec peak 3 patent thumbnailAluminum chlorohydrate salts exhibiting high sec peak 3
An aluminum chlorohydrate salt having a peak 3:peak 4 ratio of at least 10:1 and an amount of peak 3 material relative based on a total of peaks 2, 3, 4, and 5 is at least 80% as measured by size exclusion chromatography, together with water treatment compositions, antiperspirant compositions, and oral care compositions, comprising the same, and methods for making and using the same.. .

 Techniques for determination of haloacetic acid (Techniques for determination of haloacetic acid ("haa") presence in aqueous solution
A real-time method and analytical system for determining haloacetic acids in water which operate by: (1) extracting samples on ion-exchange absorbent medium; (2) concentrating haloacetic acids on hyper-crosslinked medium; (3) eluting the analytes from the concentration medium for injection into an hplc system; (4) separating individual haloacetic acid in reverse-phase chromatography performed by the hplc system; and (5) measuring optical characteristics (uv-absorbance) of haloacetic acids, to determine concentration. The entire process can be performed using a completely self-contained, in-situ mechanism that sits at a water distribution point for 24/7 testing, with automated control, monitoring, reporting, and employment of remedial measures (e.g., automated adjustment of the water treatment process)..

 Pre-assembled separation columns patent thumbnailPre-assembled separation columns
There is provided an integrated system for liquid separation, such as lc, ce, affinity chromatography, and ion exchange chromatography, comprising a column and end-fittings embedded in a plastic material, such as a thermoplastic polymer. The system may further comprise an electrospray emitter directly connected with the outlet of the column, wherein a substantial part of the emitter is covered with the polymer material.
Proxeon Biosystems A/s

 Method for manufacturing a gas phase chromatography column and column obtained using such a method patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing a gas phase chromatography column and column obtained using such a method
The present invention also relates to a capillary column as well as to a microcolumn which may be manufactured according to this method.. .

 Pressure sensing and flow control in diffusion-bonded planar devices for fluid chromatography patent thumbnailPressure sensing and flow control in diffusion-bonded planar devices for fluid chromatography
Flow through pressure sensors for use in fluid chromatography systems include a planar device formed from diffusion bonding of a plurality of metallic sheets and at least one sensing element. The planar device has a top surface, a bottom surface and a flow through channel.
Waters Technologies Corporation


Purification virus-like particles

The present invention aims at establishing a novel means for purifying norovirus vlps. There is provided a purification method of norovirus virus-like particles, comprising: contacting solution containing norovirus virus-like particles with support for hydroxyapatite chromatography, binding the virus-like particles to the support, subsequently washing the support with buffer, and then eluting the virus-like particles from the support with buffer containing phosphate, wherein the phosphate concentration of the buffer used for elution is less than 10 mm..
Umn Pharma Inc.


Affinity chromatography matrix

The invention relates to an affinity chromatography matrix, as a gel, comprising polymeric particles on which at least one oligosaccharide corresponding to a blood group a epitope and/or blood group b is grafted, via a spacer, characterized in that the density of oligosaccharides is comprised between 0.2 and 0.7 mg/ml of matrix. The invention also relates to the uses of this matrix for preparing concentrates of immunoglobulins for therapeutic use..
Laboratoire Francais Du Fractionnement Et Des Biotechnologies


Chromatography matrices including novel staphylococcus aureus protein a based ligands

The present invention relates to chromatography matrices including ligands based on one or more domains of immunoglobulin-binding proteins such as, staphylococcus aureus protein a (spa), as well as methods of using the same.. .
Emd Millipore Corporation


Process for the preparation of high purity miglustat

A process for the preparation and isolation of crystalline miglustat without the use of a column chromatography or ion exchange purification. The crystalline miglustat has a high purity and a melting point of 128° c.


Preparative chromatography column and methods

A chromatography column that captures components in a process liquid in a free flow state and allows elution in steps is described.. .
Therapeutic Proteins International, Llc


Ev71 virus-like particles and preparation method and application thereof

The present invention provides ev71 virus-like particles and a preparation method and application thereof. The method comprises: connecting a p1 protein gene and a 3cd protease gene of an ev71 virus with a pmv plasmid to construct a pmv-p1-3cd recombinant expression plasmid; then transforming a hansenula polymorpha au-0501 expression strain with the pmv-p1-3cd recombinant expression plasmid to obtain an au-pmv-p1-3cd recombinant expression strain; fermenting and culturing the recombinant expression strain, and inducing the recombinant expression strain to express the ev71 virus-like particle protein with methanol; centrifuging and collecting mycelia for homogeneous breakage at a high pressure; and purifying the supernatant through ion-exchange chromatography, hydrophobic chromatography, and molecular sieve chromatography, so as to obtain ev71 virus-like particles..
Beijing Minhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd


Antibody-mediated anti-tumor activity induced by reishi mushroom polysaccharides

Immunogenic compositions, cancer vaccines and methods for treating cancer comprising fms, the fucose-enriched polysaccharide fraction from reishi f3, are provided. Compositions comprise fucose-enriched reishi polysaccharide fraction (fms) mw=˜35 kda, wherein the fms is isolated by size-exclusion chromatography from reishi f3, and the fms comprises polysaccharides having primarily a backbone selected from 1,4-mannan and 1,6-α-galactan, wherein the backbone is linked to a terminal fucose-containing side-chain immunogenic compositions comprising glycolipid adjuvants are provided.
Academia Sinica


Elucidation of ion exchange chromatography input optimization

The present invention provides methods for determining chromatography separation conditions; for example, separation of a polypeptide and its charge variants. The invention also provides methods to determine a buffer condition for chromatography separation conditions.
Genentech, Inc.


High resolution analyte recovery system and method

Analyte separation systems for use in conjunction with chromatography separation devices and techniques are described. Disclosed systems include modular components that can provide for individualized design of separation schemes to better fit the needs of the user.
Clemson University


Stackable planar adsorptive devices

Adsorptive bed devices include a scaffold in housing having a stress absorbing rigid structure and open cells filled with adsorptive beads. The scaffold restricts movement of the plurality of adsorptive beads, absorbs stress induced by a hydraulic pressure gradient along a direction of liquid flow and transfers a portion of the induced compressive stress to the housing.
Spf Technologies Llc


Backflush methods and devices for chromatography

Certain embodiments described herein are directed to chromatography systems that include a microfluidic device and that implement one or more methods to direct sample to a desired fluid flow path. The methods can be used to backflush a sample to a desired fluid flow path to select certain analytes within a sample..


Purification of long chain diacids

The present disclosure relates to methods for separating and purifying a long chain diacid from other long chain diacids, monocarboxylic acids, hydroxyl acids or alkanes by simulated or actual moving bed chromatography.. .
Invista North America S.á.r.l.


Modified diamond particles

Modified diamond particles for use in chromatography with a desired functional group at the diamond surface, formed from reaction of hydroxyl groups at diamond surfaces with a reactive molecule.. .
Brigham Young University


Ring shaped counter electrode to improve beam stability and compound sensitivity on a ceramic tile type microfluidic device

An interface for a mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a microfluidic substrate, tile or cartridge 1 comprising a liquid chromatography separation column and an electrospray emitter 2. A counter electrode 4 is arranged downstream of a tip of the electrospray emitter 2 and is arranged and adapted to direct ions towards an atmospheric pressure interface or ion inlet aperture 5 of a mass spectrometer..
Micromass Uk Limited


Monolithic column chromatography

Provided herein are methods of liquid column chromatography in which preparative chromatography is performed in-line with analytical chromatography. In particular aspects a monolithic preparative column is used to purify an analyte of interest from a mixture of other substances by applying the mixture to the column, reversing the flow through the column to elute the analyte, which is applied to an analytical column provided in-line with the preparative column.
Quest Diagnostics Investments Incorporated


Gradient liquid feed device for sample analyzer

A gradient liquid feed device allows reduction in size of a high performance liquid chromatography type sample analyzer. The gradient liquid feed device includes a plurality of carrier liquid reservoir tanks configured to store carrier liquids of mutually different compositions, a plurality of single plunger pumps capable of drawing and discharging the carrier liquid from the plurality of carrier liquid reservoir tanks, a mixer configured to mix the carrier liquids discharged from the plurality of liquid feed pumps and feed the mixed carrier liquid, and a pulse damper in communication with the mixer and configured to absorb pulsation that may occur during liquid feeding.
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.


Liquid chromatography fast measuring

Provided is a liquid chromatography apparatus for fast measuring, and more particularly, a liquid chromatography apparatus which includes a first column and a second column having different component separations for an interest component within a sample and makes components primarily separated in the first column be secondarily separated in the second column of a first channel unit before a switching valve is switched, makes the components primarily separated in the first column be continuously discharged through a second channel unit after the switching valve is switched, thereby improving the component separation and achieving the fast measuring.. .
Whitech Inc.


Inspection tool for nucleic acid chromatography

An inspection tool for nucleic acid chromatography includes an elongated porous sheet and a backing member. The porous sheet has a surface including a detection surface that has a strip-shaped indication portion where a nucleic acid probe for capturing the target nucleic acid is fixed.
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Process for increased yield of immunoglobulin from human plasma

The present invention discloses a preparation method for large scale production of human immunoglobulins (igg) with high yields by an improved all-chromatography process scheme that eliminates ethanol precipitation. The process of extracting immunoglobulins is such that the other therapeutic proteins in plasma are left unaffected and are available for extraction separately from the same plasma sample.
Hemarus Therapeutics Limited


Methods for the detection of spoilage of oils

Methods for the detection of spoilage of oils containing unsaturated fatty acids is disclosed. Specific methods include the determination of p-anisidine in oils containing unsaturated fatty acids using high performance liquid chromatography after p-an-isidine is added to the oil containing unsaturated fatty acids, and allowed to react with oxidation products..
Nordic Naturals, Inc.


Method of detecting and quantifying perchlorate contamination

A method of detecting and quantifying perchlorate contamination in samples, especially samples with complex background matrices such as food and produce with trace levels of perchlorate. A simple microwave assisted-electromembrane extraction provides simultaneous reduced extraction time, sample clean-up, high recovery and enrichment of perchlorate ions for detection and quantification by ion chromatography.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


Process for equilibrium-limited reactions

A process for conducting equilibrium-limited chemical reactions that produce water as a reaction product. Specifically, a process that uses a reactive chromatography unit (rcu) to improve the efficiency of equilibrium-limited reactions, such as a process for reacting glycol ether (ge) and carboxylic acid (ca) to form water and glycol ether ester (gee).
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Reactive chromatography process for equilibrium-limited reactions

The present disclosure provides for a process for an equilibrium limited reaction using reactive chromatography unit (rcu) in which a first organic donor reactant (fodr) and a second organic acceptor reactant (soar) react to form a product mixture of a first acceptor product (fap) and a second donor co-product (sdcp). The equilibrium-limited reaction does not produce water.
Dow Global Technologies, Llc


Dynamic lab on a chip based point-of-care device for analysis of pluripotent stem cells, tumor cells, drug metabolites, immunological response, glucose monitoring, hospital based infectious diseases, and drone delivery point-of-care systems

The invention provides for a novel dynamically configurable point-of-care device for clinical diagnostics and research for analysis of activity associated with pluripotent stem cells, tumor cells, drug metabolites, immunological response, glucose monitoring, cardiovascular diseases, liver cell therapy, cell-cell signaling, epidemic outbreaks, hospital based infectious diseases, pathogens, germ cells, pharmacological compounds, oxidation reduction, microscopy, tomography, flow cytometry, clinical lab testing, and for providing immunoassays, elisa, electrophoresis, pcr, chromatography, and other laboratory functions. The device comprises a biochemical processing module further comprising a processor and at least one controller, receiving microfluidic elements, sensors, software scripts, an electrically operated interface, flow ports, a user interface, memory, and a communications link, configurable based on analysis of patient data.


Chromatography column distribution system

A chromatography column distribution system includes a set of first bed support ribs extending radially from an inner, first radial position near the centre of the plate to an outer radial position nearer to the periphery of the plate and at least one set of intermediate bed support ribs starting at an intermediate radial position and extending to an outer radial position nearer to the periphery of the plate. Channels are formed between adjacent bed support ribs.
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab


Formulations of bendamustine

Long term storage stable bendamustine-containing compositions are disclosed. The compositions can include bendamustine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable fluid which can include in some embodiments peg, pg or mixtures thereof and an antioxidant or chloride ion source.
Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Formulations of bendamustine

Long term storage stable bendamustine-containing compositions are disclosed. The compositions can include bendamustine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable fluid which can include in some embodiments peg, pg or mixtures thereof and an antioxidant or chloride ion source.
Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Method for time-alignment of chromatography-mass spectrometry data sets

A method is disclosed for adjusting the time scale of chromatography-mass spectrometry data sets, wherein a time scale of a first data set is used as a reference time scale and wherein a time scale of at least one second data set is adapted to the reference time scale comprising the. The steps of the method include identifying feature groups in the first data set by evaluating intensities of consecutive points of the first data set; identifying feature groups in the second data set by evaluating intensities of consecutive points of the second data set; matching feature groups of the first data set to feature groups of the second data set, and determining a corrected time scale for the second data set based on time differences between feature groups in the first data set and matching feature groups in the second data set..
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh


Immunochromatography device for detecting rsv

The present invention provides an easy-to-use and higher-sensitivity immunochromatography device for an rsv, the device using an antibody that binds specifically to f protein of the rsv in a determination region of a chromatography medium, a test kit by an immunochromatography method, and a method for detecting an rsv using these device and kit. The present invention relates to an immunochromatography device in which not only an antibody that binds specifically to f protein of an rsv but also an antibody that binds specifically to n protein of the rsv is solid-phased in a determination region of a chromatography medium.
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.k.


Systems and methods of compensation for chromatography column volume variations

Provided are systems and methods for adapting to volume variations in microfluidic chromatography columns. A column is calibrated by comparing a parameter of the column with a same parameter of a reference column and generating, by a processor, an adjustment factor in response to the comparison between the parameter of the column with a same parameter of the reference column.
Waters Technologies Corporation


Carbon dioxide liquid phase forming using high volume head displacement

Systems and methods for pumping carbon dioxide in a chromatography system include an actuator that receives and compresses carbon dioxide at or above room temperature at a given pressure to put the carbon dioxide in or near supercritical form. This actuator can be a pre-pump disposed on the intake side of a pumping system.
Waters Technologies Corporation


Traps for use with chromatography systems

Certain configurations are provided herein of a trap that can be used with chromatography systems. In certain instances, the trap may be designed to remove substantially all oil in a sample comprising the oil and an analyte of interest.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.


Nanometer size chemical modified materials and uses

Ligand compositions and stationary phases comprising polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane moieties are incorporated in to chromatographic stationary phases, and these phases are incorporated into chromatography devices, such as columns. The compositions and devices are of use to separate molecular mixtures..
Dionex Corporation


Method for detecting methylated dna

Provided is a rapid and simple method of detecting methylated dna. The method of detecting methylated dna includes the following steps of: (1) treating sample dna with a hydrogen sulfite; (2) amplifying the sample dna treated with the hydrogen sulfite by pcr; and (3) subjecting the resultant pcr amplification product to ion-exchange chromatography..
Mie University


Method for producing tricyclic heterocyclic compound

It is an object of the present invention to provide a method for producing a high-purity tricyclic heterocyclic compound represented by formula (i), which is useful as a production intermediate for a pharmaceutical agent, wherein the method is an efficient production method with short steps and with a high yield, which does not use, as raw materials, expensive bromopyruvate and highly harmful copper chromite, and does not need silica gel column chromatography that generates, as by-products, large quantities of waste. The present invention relates to production of compound (i) by the following method..
Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited


Purification of intermediates used in the preparation of heterobifunctional linkers

The present invention is directed to a method of separating a monocarboxylic represented by the following stmctural formula: (i) from a dicarboxylic acid represented by the following structural fonnula: (ii) using silica chromatography.. .
Immunogen, Inc.


Ion exchange based volatile component removal device for ion chromatography

A method, device, and system for removing a volatile component from a liquid solution for a chromatographic separation are described. The method includes the flowing of a liquid solution through a first chamber of the device.
Dionex Corporation


Methodology for scaling methods between supercritical fluid chromatography systems

A methodology scales supercritical fluid chromatography (sfc) and/or carbon dioxide based chromatography methods between different system and/or column configurations. The methodology includes measuring an average mobile phase density during a first separation utilizing co2 as a mo bile phase component and substantially duplicating the average density profile for a second separation.
Waters Technologies Corporation


Superficially porous particles with precisely controlled particle density, and methods of preparation and use thereof

The invention provides superficially porous metal oxide particles with precisely controlled particle density and to methods for their preparation and use, as well as to separation devices (e.g., high pressure liquid chromatography) having superficially porous particles.. .
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Method for detection of protein comprising histidine-tag using immunochromatography

The present invention relates to a method for the detection of a protein including a histidine-tag using immunochromatography. The detection method of the present invention uses immunochromatography using the polymer particle fixed with the histidine-tag, wherein a histidine-tag specific antibody alone is used to detect a histidine-tag conjugated protein (recombinant protein) quickly without using a target protein specific antibody.
Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute Of Science And Technology


Enhanced sensitivity of detection in electrospray ionization mass spectrometry using a post-column modifier and a microfluidic device

A microfluidic liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization (lc-esi) device is provided for enhancing the sensitivity of mass spectrometric detection of an analyte in a sample. The device is designed to drive effective intermixing of an analytical flow stream exiting a chromatographic stationary phase and a post-column modifier reagent.
Waters Technologies Corporation


Liquid flow rate measurement device

Apparatus and method measure the flow rate of fluid for use in calibrating fraction collection in a chromatography system. An injector inserts a detectable substance into a flow of fluid.
Waters Technologies Corporation


Compositional analysis of a gas or gas stream in a chemical reactor and preparing chlorosilanes in a fluidized bed reactor

The composition of a gas or gas stream containing alcl3 in a chemical reactor is measured by removing alcl3 from the gas and analyzing the gas by gas chromatography or spectroscopy. Chlorosilanes may be prepared in a fluidized bed reactor having a reactor height h0, in which supplied hcl reacts with silicon, wherein a temperature profile in the fluidized bed reactor is greater than s1(h/h0)=(a1−b1)*(1/(1+exp(−c1((h/h0)−d1))))+b1 and less than s2(h/h0)=(a2−b2)*(1/(1+exp(−c2((h/h0)−d2))))+b2, where a1=100° c., a2=300° c., b1=300° c., b2=400° c., c1=50, c2=20, d1=0.2, and d2=0.8..
Wacker Chemie Ag


Isolation and purification of anti-il-13 antibodies using protein a affinity chromatography

Disclosed herein are methods for the isolation and purification of anti-il-13 antibodies wherein the use of an affinity chromatographic step results in an antibody composition sufficiently pure for pharmaceutical uses. The methods described herein comprise ph viral reduction/inactivation, ultrafiltration/diafiltration, affinity chromatography (e.g., protein a affinity chromatography), ion exchange chromatography, and hydrophobic chromatography.
Abbvie Inc.


Preparation chromatography medium

A method for preparing a chromatography medium having the properties of high virus adsorption and high fluidity, and a method for producing a virus vaccine using the chromatography medium are provided. The chromatography medium is obtained by forming a sulfated polysaccharide bound with porous particles having an exclusion limit molecular weight of 6000 da or less when pure water is used as mobile phase and standard polyethylene glycol is used and an average particle size in the range of 30-200 μm..
Jnc Corporation


Organic light emitting device

An oled comprising a hole-transporting layer and light-emitting layer wherein the hole-transporting layer comprises a hole-transporting polymer wherein no more than 5% of the polystyrene equivalent polymer weight measured by gel permeation chromatography consists of chains with weight of less than 50,000.. .
Cambridge Display Technology Limited


Mass spectrometry measuring vitamin b6 in body fluids

Provided are methods of detecting the presence or amount of the active form of vitamin b6, pyridoxal 5′-phosphate, in a body fluid sample using tandem mass spectrometry coupled with liquid chromatography.. .
Quest Diagnostics Investments Incorporated


Versatile ambient ionization-based interface for lc/ms

An apparatus (10) for coupling liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry and for splitting and analyzing a liquid sample includes a fluid conduit (16), which defines a flow passage (18) and is configured to supply the liquid sample. The fluid conduit (16) has an outer surface and a micro-hole (30) through the outer surface into the flow passage (18).
Ohio University


Methods of increasing protein purity using protein a based chromatography

The present invention provides methods for increasing purity of an fc-containing protein by removing protein aggregates during the protein a chromatography step used during the purification of the fc-containing protein.. .
Emd Millipore Corporation


Method for purifying antibody

The present invention relates to a method of purifying an antibody with high purity and high quality by removing impurities by sequential use of a cation-exchange column, a culture supernatant multilayer filter and an anion-exchange column without using a protein-a column that is an affinity chromatography column which is generally used for antibody purification.. .
Prestige Biopharma Pte. Ltd.


Particle of modified silica

The present invention relates to a particle of modified silica which comprises a particle of silica which is covalently linked to at least one halohydrin moiety. Furthermore, the present invention relates to a method of preparing the particle of modified silica, a particle of modified silica obtained by such method, use of the particle of modified silica as a stationary phase for chromatography, as well as a separation column for chromatography comprising the particle of modified silica..
Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.


Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device

A long-life light-emitting element is provided by reducing a specific kind of impurity in the light-emitting element, particularly an impurity originating in an iridium complex. The light-emitting element includes an iridium complex.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Gas chromatography (gc) column heater

An apparatus includes a first column heating apparatus, which includes: a first substrate; a second substrate including silicon; and a first heating element disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate. The apparatus also includes a second column heating apparatus, which includes: a third substrate; a fourth substrate including silicon; and a second heating element disposed between the third substrate and the fourth substrate..
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Face-sealing fluidic connection system

A tubing or fitting assembly has an inner tube layer, an outer tube layer, a sleeve, a tip portion, and can have a nut. Each of the nut, sleeve, inner and outer tubing layers, and tip portion have a passageway therethrough, with at least the passageways in the sleeve, tip portion, outer tube layer, and nut adapted to allow the inner tube layer to pass therethrough or extend over the inner layer.
Idex Health & Science Llc


Methods of separating components using multi-scale simulated moving bed chromatography

Described is a method of separating a product from a feed stream. The method comprises introducing a feed stream comprising a product and at least one other component to a simulated moving bed system.
Amalgamated Research Llc


Purification process for monoclonal antibodies

The present invention provides an improved method for the purification of monoclonal antibody from cell culture. Process of purification of the desired monoclonal antibody comprises affinity, hydrophobic interaction and optionally ion exchange column chromatography.
Cadila Healthcare Limited


Novel purification of antibodies using hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Disclosed herein are compositions and methods for purifying antibody products from a sample matrix. In particular, the present invention relates to compositions and methods for purifying antibody products employing hydrophobic interaction chromatography media.
Abbvie, Inc.


Web-based interactive process facilities and systems management

Web-based interactive process facilities and systems management apparatus and methods are described, which have general applicability to industrial facilities and equipment utilized to carry out unit or sequential operations in the specific processing application. The apparatus and methods of the present disclosure have particular applicability to the management and operation of commercial high pressure liquid chromatography installations, and enable a substantial simplification of chromatography instruments to be employed in networked arrangements..


Protein purification

The present invention relates to a process for the purification of an antibody fragment from a periplasmic cell extract comprising a first cation exchange chromatography step and a second anion exchange chromatography step.. .


Purification of recombinantly produced polypeptides

Described herein is a method for separating a recombinantly produced polypeptide from host cell protein. The method includes a step of loading a clarified cell culture supernatant that includes the recombinantly produced polypeptide and the hcp onto a protein a chromatography column and washing the protein a chromatography column with a wash buffer comprising a fatty acid having a chain length of at least about 6 carbon atoms, or a fatty acid salt thereof to remove hcp and then recovering the recombinantly produced polypeptide..


Process for producing a particulate composition comprising crystalline trehalose dihydrate

A process for enabling the production of a particulate composition containing crystalline trehalose dihydrate is provided. Including allowing an α-glycosyltrehalose-forming enzyme to act on liquefied starch derived from a microorganism of the genus arthrobacter and a trehalose-releasing enzyme derived from a microorganism of the genus arthrobacter along with a starch debranching enzyme and a cyclomaltodextrin glucanotransferase; allowing glucoamylase to act on the resulting mixture to obtain a saccharide solution containing α,α-trehalose; precipitating crystalline α,α-trehalose dihydrate from the above saccharide solution; collecting the precipitated crystalline α,α-trehalose dihydrate by a centrifuge; and ageing and drying the collected crystals.


Chromatography configuration interface

Systems and methods that facilitate the setup and visualization of a configurable process, for example a chromatography experiment to be conducted using a configurable chromatography system. A user interface displays category regions representing sections of a process, and displays a plurality of selectable items representing components appropriate for placement in the category regions.


Integrated fluidic system for gas chromatography

A method is presented for fabricating a fluidic system for a gas chromatograph. The method includes: microfabricating a portion of a fluidic system of a gas chromatograph on a substrate using a first mask; microfabricating a portion of the fluidic system of the gas chromatograph using a second mask; and microfabricating a portion of the fluidic system of the gas chromatograph using a third mask, such that the first mask, the second mask and the third mask are different from each other and the microfabricating of the fluidic system of the gas chromatograph is completed using only the first, second and third masks.


Column device for liquid chromatography and liquid chromatography apparatus

A cylindrical column body (101) holds a filler. A pair of end caps (105, 106) covers both ends of the column body (101) and has a flow hole for a carrier liquid (111, 112) arranged in the center thereof.


All-in-one sample preparation device and method

Sample preparation device that allows for a complete bind, wash, elute, buffer-exchange and concentration process to be carried out without sample transfer between multiple devices. The device includes a reservoir, a column for holding chromatography media, a holder region for holding a filtration device, and an outlet.


Process for reducing subvisible particles in a pharmaceutical formulation

The present disclosure provides a stable protein composition containing a surfactant and having less than 400 subvisible particles of 10 microns or greater diameter per container, or less than 10,000 subvisible particles of 2 microns or greater per container. A method of manufacturing such a stable protein composition is disclosed, which includes a unit of operation that removes or decreases an esterase activity that degrades the surfactant.


An assembly capable of capturing and purifying expressed biological products during or at the end of a bioreaction cycle is disclosed wherein a binding resin is kept separated from the contents of the bioreactor allowing capturing, harvesting and purification of biological products in a bioreactor; the invention additionally provides means of removing undesirable metabolic products as well as provides for efficient loading of chromatography columns.. .
Therapeutic Proteins International, Llc


Methods of resolving racemic mixture to obtain (-)-huperzine a

A method of resolving a racemic mixture of (±)-huperzine a to (−)-huperzine a includes: separating the (−)-huperzine a from the racemic mixture of (±)-huperzine a by chiral high performance liquid chromatography (hplc), the chiral hplc being performed utilizing a mobile phase including a solution including an alcohol and one selected from dichloromethane, trichloromethane, and a mixture thereof, and the chiral hplc being performed utilizing a chiral stationary phase including a polysaccharide derivative.. .
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Method for measuring relative content of gram-negative bacteria in active sludge

A method for measuring a relative content of gram-negative bacteria in an active sludge, the method including: 1) breaking zoogloeas in the active sludge; 2) isolating 2-keto-3-deoxyoctonic acid (kdo) from free bacteria and cell debris; 3) performing fluorescence labeling on the isolated kdo to obtain a fluorescent derivative; and 4) isolating the fluorescent derivative by high performance liquid chromatography (hplc) and conducting quantitative measurement by fluorescence to obtain the relative content of the gram-negative bacteria in the active sludge.. .
Nanjing University


Prediction of fuel properties

A system is described that includes a known fuels database of data from gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analyses of a library of fuels with known fuel properties for a multiple known fuel samples. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry equipment can acquire gas chromatography-mass spectrometry data for an unknown fuel sample.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Chromatography topics: Chromatography, Chromatograph, Antibodies, Mass Spectrometry, Spectrometry, Quantitative, High Resolution, Switching Valve, Cross Section, Protein A Affinity Chromatography, Amino Acid, Silica Gel, Carboxylic Acid, Antifungal, Isoleucine

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