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Chromatography patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Chromatography-related patents
 Methods for the analysis of glycoproteins or glycopeptides by mass spectrometry patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for the analysis of glycoproteins or glycopeptides by mass spectrometry
A method for the analysis of samples including one or more glycopeptides including the steps of separating one or more glycopeptides using a chromatography system to produce a chromatographic eluent, adding a supercharging reagent to the chromatographic eluent, providing the chromatographic eluent and supercharging reagent to a mass spectrometer, ionizing said chromatographic eluent and supercharging reagent in an ion source to produce glycopeptide ions, performing at least one ion ion reaction on at least some of the glycopeptide ions to produce fragment ions, mass analyzing the fragment ions to produce ion ion reaction mass spectral data, and interpreting the ion ion reaction data mass spectral data to provide structural information relating to the glycopeptide.. .
 Method for preparing polymeric protein composed of monomeric protein produced by fusing protein having immunoglobulin fold structure to protein capable of serving as subunit structure patent thumbnailnew patent Method for preparing polymeric protein composed of monomeric protein produced by fusing protein having immunoglobulin fold structure to protein capable of serving as subunit structure
(d) replacing a solvent of a solution obtained in step (c) with a buffer using gel filtration chromatography or the like.. .
 Porous materials for solid phase extraction and chromatography and processes for preparation and use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Porous materials for solid phase extraction and chromatography and processes for preparation and use thereof
The invention provides novel porous materials that are useful in chromatographic processes, e.g., solid phase extraction, and that provide a number of advantages. Such advantages include superior wetting characteristics, selective capture of analytes of interest, and non-retention of interfering analytes.
 Purification method for proteins, in particular antibodies, utilizing a wash solution comprising arginine at high ph for the affinity chromatography step patent thumbnailPurification method for proteins, in particular antibodies, utilizing a wash solution comprising arginine at high ph for the affinity chromatography step
The invention provides a washing method for affinity chromatography in which a wash solution comprising arginine, or an arginine derivative, at ph greater than 8.0, is effective in removing impurities without the presence of a nonbuffering salt, while simultaneously increasing product concentration in the eluate and maintaining a high percent yield of recovered product.. .
 Highly pure plasmid dna preparations patent thumbnailHighly pure plasmid dna preparations
The present disclosure generally relates to highly pure plasmid compositions having low, or undetectable, levels of colanic acid and other contaminants made by a process that includes the steps of obtaining a crude lysate of a plasmid dna from a bacteria that makes colanic acid; treating the partially purified or purified plasmid dna with a polypeptide that digests colanic acid under conditions that digest the colanic acid; and purifying the plasmid dna from the digested colanic acid and the colanic acid degrading enzyme by one or more chromatography steps.. .
 Chromatography method patent thumbnailChromatography method
A chromatographic kit is provided including a labeling substance holding area having a labeling substance modified with a first binding substance of a test substance, and a labeling substance capturing area having a second binding substance of the test substance or a binding substance of the first binding substance in this order from upstream to downstream of a development direction of a test sample including the test substance, and further including an area having a color developing reagent in order to detect a first amplification reagent of two types of amplification reagents used to amplify the signal of the labeling substance when detecting the labeling substance.. .
 Part for a component for high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc), in particular pump head for an hplc pump, and also hplc pump patent thumbnailPart for a component for high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc), in particular pump head for an hplc pump, and also hplc pump
The invention relates to a part for a component for high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc), in particular a pump head for an hplc pump, in which the strength has been increased by autofrettage and which consists of a material which is essentially chemically inert to the fluids used in hplc. The invention further relates to an hplc pump having a pump head which is configured as such a part..
 Countercurrent chromatography rotor patent thumbnailCountercurrent chromatography rotor
A method for constructing a spiral tube support apparatus used in countercurrent chromatography, improvements to countercurrent chromatography tube support design, and methods of using the improved countercurrent chromatography apparatus are described. The spiral tube support apparatus may be constructed by a shape forming process such as a three dimensional printing process that in turn uses a laser sintering technique, and can be made out of any easily formed material.
 Chromatography of polymers patent thumbnailChromatography of polymers
The invention provides an apparatus for polymer chromatography, comprising at least one column that comprises a first stationary phase comprising one of the following: a) a material comprising at least one non-carbon atom, excluding glass or a metal, selected from molybdenum sulfide mos2, tungsten sulfide ws2, silicon carbide sic, boron nitride bn, or combinations thereof, or b) glass, or a metal, or combinations thereof, and a material comprising at least one non-carbon atom selected from molybdenum sulfide mos2, tungsten sulfide ws2, silicon carbide sic, boron nitride bn, or combinations thereof. The invention also provides a method for polymer chromatography, comprising introducing a solution, comprising a polymer, into a liquid flowing through a first stationary phase, and wherein the first stationary phase comprises one of foregoing materials (a) or (b)..
 Chromatography of metal complexes patent thumbnailChromatography of metal complexes
A high performance liquid chromatography method to routinely and reproducibly detect and quantitate metal complexes is provided. The metal complexes used in the method of the invention can be different metal complexes, or they can be stereoisomers of the same metal complexes.
Method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for identifying metabolites from liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry measurements
The present invention relates to a method for identifying metabolites present in a set of samples. The method may include: (a) forming a plurality of peak-groups, wherein each peak-group comprises mass peaks representative of a specific ion in each chromatographic run; (b) forming a plurality of clusters, wherein each cluster comprises at least one peak-group of (a) each having similar chromatographic profiles; and (c) generating a list of metabolite predictions, wherein each metabolite prediction is selected from the plurality of clusters of (b)..
Methods of source attribution for chemical compounds
Methods of determining the source of an unknown sample are disclosed. Mass spectra from possible sources are obtained using two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled with time-of-flight mass spectrometry.
New boranophosphate analogues of cyclic nucleotides
The present invention relates to novel boranophosphate analogues of cyclic nucleotides. The invention further relates to the use of such compounds as reagents for signal transduction research or as modulators of cyclic nucleotide-regulated binding proteins and isoenzymes thereof, and/or as hydrolysis- and oxidation-resistant ligands for affinity chromatography, for antibody production or for diagnostic applications e.g.
Chromatography method and chromatographic kit
The chromatography method includes a step of forming a composite with a test substance and a labeling substance containing a metal modified by a first binding substance of the test substance and then developing the composite on an insoluble carrier; a step of capturing the test substance and the labeling substance in a detection site on the insoluble carrier including a second binding substance of the test substance or a substance having a binding property to the first binding substance of the test substance; and a step of amplifying the captured labeling substance using a first amplification reagent and a second amplification reagent to detect the test substance.. .
Hydrolytically stable ion-exchange stationary phases and uses thereof
The invention provides novel ion-exchange media and related methods for their preparation and use. Ion-exchange stationary phases according to the invention are suitable for chromatographic separation of a variety of biomolecules.
Electrolytic eluent recycle device, apparatus and method of use
Electrolytic eluent recycle systems for ion chromatography using a multi-channel electrolytic ion exchange device which integrates suppression, eluent generation, and eluent recycle. The systems recycle the eluent into the analytical system without passing the eluent through the electrode chambers.
Scalable process for protein purification
The invention provides a process for the purification recombinantly expressed, self-assembled vlp from the homogenate of a bacterial host, wherein the process can be scaled up to a commercial production scale in a cost effective manner. The process comprises a first chromatography using an anion exchange matrix, a second chromatography using hydroxyapatite and, optionally, a size exclusion chromatography.
Ion exchange chromatography with improved selectivity for the separation of polypeptide monomers, aggregates and fragments by modulation of the mobile phase
Herein is reported a method for producing a polypeptide in monomeric form comprising the following step: recovering the polypeptide in monomeric form from an ion exchange chromatography material by applying a solution comprising a non-ionic polymer and an additive.. .
Lubricating oil composition
The present invention provides a lubricating oil composition for an internal combustion engine used mainly to drive a generator and to improve the fuel economy thereof. The composition comprises (a) a base oil being a hydrocarbon base oil having a ratio (ca/cb) of the proportion of the component of 24 or fewer carbon atoms (ca) and the proportion of the component of 25 or more carbon atoms (cb) in the carbon number distribution obtained by gas chromatography distillation of 2.0 or higher, the composition having a ratio (vs/vk) of the 80° c.
Sample tray with magnetically closing drawer
A sample manager of a liquid chromatography system uses a sample tray having a base with side walls separated by a cross wall that divides the base into two compartments. The side walls and cross wall bound each compartment on three sides.
System and method for the automation of column and media packing
This invention provides for the fully automated, hands free, packing of chromatography columns by means of delivering a pre-calculated volume of slurry and using two different packing modalities to stop the packing when either 1) this volume has been delivered in the column, or 2) when the adapter is moved to reach a bed height corresponding to the pre-calculated volume. Thus, a chromatography column can be packed in a fully automated fashion and such a column is 1)stable and 2) has the desired performance characteristic..
Asymmetric porous adsorptive bead
The present invention relates to an asymmetric chromatography media suitable for separations applications, particularly as packed bed, fluidized bed or magnetized bed chromatography media. In certain embodiments, the asymmetric chromatography media comprises asymmetric particles, preferably beads, having at least two distinct, controlled pore size distributions.
Method for identifying gambiered guangdong silk
A method for identifying gambiered guangdong silk includes the steps of: detecting the surface state of fiber by microscope; detecting the pyrolysis fragments of fabrics by pyrolysis gas chromatography; determining the crude protein content in the fiber by kjeldahl determination; and detecting the dye component of the fabrics by high performance liquid chromatography. The method of the present invention can accurately identify the true and fake, good and bad of the gambiered guangdong silk, and then make an accurate evaluation on the gambiered guangdong silk; and the present invention is simple, useful, environmental and has low cost..
Novel purification of antibodies using hydrophobic interaction chromatography
Disclosed herein are compositions and methods for purifying antibody products from a sample matrix. In particular, the present invention relates to compositions and methods for purifying antibody products employing hydrophobic interaction chromatography media.
Correctly folded etanercept in high purity and excellent yield
A mixed mode chromatography method for separating correctly folded from incorrectly folded conformations of a given protein is provided. The method is highly effective in separating correctly folded etanercept from incorrectly folded etanercept and aggregates in commercially attractive yields capable of affording etanercept preparations having very high purity in terms of correctly folded etanercept versus incorrectly folded etanercept.
Production and purification of recombinant arylsulftase
The present invention pertains to a process for production of recombinant arylsulfatase a in a cell culture system, the process comprising culturing a mammalian cell capable of producing rasa in liquid medium in a system comprising one or more bio-reactors; and concentrating, purifying and formulating the rasa by a purification process comprising one or more steps of chromatography. Other aspects of the invention provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising rasa, which is efficiently endocytosed via the mannose-6-phosphate receptor pathway in vivo as well as a rhasa a medicament and use of a rhasa for the manufacture of a medicament for reducing the galactosyl sulphatide levels within target cells in the peripheral nervous system and/or within the central nervous system in a subject.
Fluidic plug unit and connecting device for liquid conducting components
The invention relates to a fluidic plug unit for liquid-conducting components, in particular for high-performance liquid chromatography, with a plug housing that has a plug region with a front plug region and a rear plug region which is adjoined thereto in an axial direction. The rear plug region has a larger cross section than the front plug region.
Automated system and method for monitoring chromatography column performance, and applications thereof
The present invention provides automated systems and methods for monitoring column performance in process chromatography, and applications thereof. In an embodiment, column performance is monitored by generating a plurality of process values such as, for example, conductivity values or ph values with a detector during a chromatography step transition between a first mobile phase liquid and a second mobile phase liquid.
Synthesis method of glyco-drug radiotracer precursor
A novel synthesis method of glyco-drug radiotracer precursor is revealed. After completing synthesis of z-gly-ah (main structure), galactosamine galnac(oac)4 is added to have coupling reaction.
Purification of biological conjugates by size exclusion chromatography
(h) recovering the biological conjugate from the column.. .
Multi-dimensional chromatographic methods for separating n-glycans
A multi-dimensional chromatographic method for the separation of n-glycans. The method comprises providing a glycan preparation that includes at least one negatively charged n-glycan.
Separatome-based protein expression and purification platform
Provided is a separatome-based recombinant peptide, polypeptide, and protein expression and purification platform based on the juxtaposition of the binding properties of host cell genomic peptides, polypeptides, and proteins with the characteristics and location of the corresponding genes on the host cell chromosome, such as that of e. Coli, yeast, bacillus subtilis or other prokaryotes, insect cells, mammalian cells, etc.
Systems and methods for characterization of molecules
The present invention generally provides systems and methods for the detection, identification, or characterization of differences between properties or behavior of corresponding species in two or more mixtures comprised of molecules, including biomolecules and/or molecules able to interact with biomolecules, using techniques such as partitioning. The experimental conditions established as distinguishing between the mixtures of the molecules using the systems and methods of the invention can also be used, in some cases, for further fractionation and/or characterization of the biomolecules and/or other molecules, using techniques such as single-step or multiple-step extraction, and/or by liquid-liquid partition chromatography.
Method and apparatus for split-flow-mixing liquid chromatography
A method for chromatographically separating analytes of a liquid sample comprises: (i) providing the sample in a conduit; (ii) providing a solvent for the sample; (iii) causing the solvent to simultaneously flow into the conduit so as to expel the sample from the conduit and flow into and through a second conduit so as to exit said second conduit; (iv) simultaneously providing the expelled sample and the exited solvent to a mixing tee-junction such that the expelled sample and the exited solvent mix thereat; (v) providing the mixture of the expelled sample and the exited solvent to a chromatographic column such that the analytes are transferred to the column and are chromatographically separated therein under the influence of a flow of the solvent, or a different solvent or a mixture of solvents.. .
Mobile phase preparation device for liquid chromatography
A mobile phase delivery device for use with high pressure liquid chromatography includes a manifold having a plurality of inlets, wherein each inlet is fluidly coupled with a solvent source. The manifold further has a mobile phase outlet that outputs a mobile phase, composed of solvent or solvent mixture, onto an analytical line.
Method of producing and purifying an active soluble sialyltransferase
The present invention relates to a method for the production and purification of a sialyltransferase polypeptide, in particular a n-acetylgalactosamine (gal nac)-α-2,6-sialyltransferase i (st6galnaci) polypeptide. The method comprises the steps of producing the sialyltransferase polypeptide in a chinese hamster ovary (cho) cell and purifying the polypeptide with a combination of chromatography steps.
Pulsed discharge helium ionization detector with multiple combined bias/collecting electrodes for gas chromatography and method of use
A pulsed discharge helium ionization detector for gas chromatography with multiple combined bias/collecting electrodes.. .
Method of purification of prostaglandins including fluorine atoms by preparative hplc
The present invention discloses a method of purification of prostaglandins including fluorine atoms by using preparative hplc. Tafluprost and travoprost are prostaglandins including fluorine.
Process and methods for efficient manufacturing of highly pure asymmetric antibodies in mammalian cells
The present invention provides a process and methods for producing asymmetric antibodies in a mammalian expression system. The asymmetric antibodies are transiently or stably expressed and in cells that stably express the asymmetric antibody, following a rapid 2-step process of stable pool to clone, a highly pure asymmetric antibody expressing clone can be identified at a success frequency that permits for screening of tens of clones rather than thousands.
Instrument and method for analysis of mannose 6-phosphate
Disclosed are an apparatus and method for separation analysis of mannose-6-phosphate (m6p) by post-column fluorescence detection method. The apparatus is based on chromatography, and includes a column with a solid phase having affinity for phosphate, a flow path for the eluate, a heater installed on the flow path for m6p and a basic amino acid to react by heating the eluate in the flow path, and a fluorescence detector installed downstream of the heater for continuously irradiating the eluate with excitation light and measuring the intensity of the emission, and may include in the flow path a supply channel for addition of a basic amino acid between the column and the heater.
Integrated chromatography devices and systems for monitoring analytes in real time and methods for manufacturing the same
Systems and methods for monitoring analytes in real time using integrated chromatography systems and devices. Integrated microfluidic liquid chromatography devices and systems include multiple separation columns integrated into a single substrate.
High-throughput multi laser wave mixing methods and apparatus
This invention relates to methods and apparatus of a combination of laser wave mixing technology with diagnostic flow technologies with embodiments describing supercritical fluid chromatography. The combination of these technologies along with minute detection levels have not yet been seen in the field..
Lc-ms configuration for purification and detection of analytes having a broad range of hydrophobicites
Systems, apparatuses, kits, and methods for purification and analysis of analytes having a broad range of hydrophobicities by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (lc-ms). Using one set of liquid chromatography columns, one set of mobile phase buffers, and, optionally, a single ionization method (e.g., electrospray ionization), a wide range of analytes can be purified and analyzed on a liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (lc-ms) system.
Fast gas chromatograph method and device for analyzing a sample
A fast gas chromatograph (gc) method and device for obtaining fast gas chromatography analysis, in which a capillary gas chromatography column is inserted into a resistively heated metal tube located mostly outside a heated oven, which serves as a heated transferline to a flexible column that enters a resistively heated metal tube from a gas chromatograph injector and exits into a gas chromatograph detector. The resistively heated metal tube of the fast gc device has an internal diameter that is over twice the external diameter of the gc column so as to enable the insertion of several capillary gc column loops.
Method of purifying protein
The present invention relates to a method for purifying a protein by separating the protein from impurities in a non-adsorption mode using an activated carbon. In particular, the present invention relates to a method for purifying an antibody using the activated carbon instead of protein a affinity chromatography..
Method for preparing a concentrate of factor xi
The invention concerns a concentrate of human factor xi having high specific activity prepared using a method comprising a filtration-adsorption step and a chromatography step on cation exchange resin. The concentrate obtained is fully adapted for therapeutic use as substitution therapy in cases of factor xi deficiency..
Method for identification and purification of multi-specific polypeptides
The document pertains to a method for the purification of a ternary mixture of dimeric antibodies of the type aa, ab, bb, characterised in that for the separation of the three components and in particular for the isolation of the multi-specific fraction ab multicolumn counter current solvent gradient purification chromatography with a stationary phase load of more than 1 mg antibody mixture per millilitre stationary phase is used. It furthermore relates to a method for the identification of in particular bispecific antibody systems, which are particularly suitable for the application of such a purification method..
Method for preparing a depleted plasma material consisting of one or more thrombogenic factors
The invention concerns a method for preparing a plasma product depleted of one or more thrombogenic factors, comprising the combination of at least two steps chosen from among an ethanol fractionation step, a filtration-adsorption step, a precipitation step with caprylic acid and a chromatography step on ion exchange resin.. .
High pressure pump with reduced seal wear
Described are embodiments of a pump that can be used, for example, in liquid chromatography applications. The pump includes a seal wash housing, pump head and seal assembly.
Switching valve for liquid chromatography
The invention relates to a switching valve for liquid chromatography having a stator in which multiple ports are formed. Each port is formed by in each case one duct which is connected at one end to in each case one connection port and which, at the other end, has a predetermined port opening cross section at a stator face surface of the stator.
Aromatic polycarbonate resin composition for light guide plates, and light guide plate
There is provided an aromatic polycarbonate resin composition exhibiting excellent mechanical strength, transfer property, light transmittance, thermal stability and moldability which is capable of being molded into thin-wall products and large-size products, as well as a light guide plate produced from the resin composition. The present invention relates to an aromatic polycarbonate resin composition for light guide plates, comprising an aromatic polycarbonate resin having a viscosity-average molecular weight of 13,000 to 15,000, and a ratio of a weight-average molecular weight to a number-average molecular weight (mw/mn) of 1.5 to 2.7 in terms of polystyrene as measured by gel permeation chromatography; and a stabilizer and a releasing agent blended in the aromatic polycarbonate resin, as well as a light guide plate produced from the resin composition..
Switching valve for high-performance liquid chromatography
A switching valve is described that has a stator which is arranged in a housing and which has multiple connection ports. The switching valve also has a rotatable rotor which is arranged in the housing and which, in predetermined switching positions defined by associated angular positions, interacts with the stator for the fluidic connection or separation of predetermined connection ports.
Switching valve for liquid chromatography
A switching valve includes a stator and a rotor. The stator includes multiple connection ports.
Switching valve for liquid chromatography
A switching valve includes a stator and a rotor. The stator includes multiple connection ports.
Method for separating and purifying ginkgolide c from root bark of ginkgo
Disclosed is a method for separating and purifying ginkgolide c from root bark of ginkgo. The method comprises: (1) extracting the root bark of ginkgo with ethanol; (2) concentrating the resulting extract under vacuum to remove ethanol; (3) separating the concentrate by macroporous resin column chromatography; (4) after the concentrate being loaded on the column, washing the column with pure water to remove impurities, and then eluting the column with an ethanol solution; (5) concentrating the eluate under vacuum to dryness to obtain a yellow crude extract; (6) heating the crude extract in water to boiling to form a solution, and then refrigerating the solution; (7) concentrating the supernatant solution and filtering under vacuum to obtain a mixed crude crytal of ginkgolides; (8) dissolving the crude crystal in ethanol to form a supersaturated solution, refrigerating and crystallizing the solution to remove ginkgolides a and b; (9) concentrating and recrystallizing the mother liquor to obtain a crystal of ginkgolide c; and (10) recrystallizing the crystal with ethanol several times to obtain a high-purity crystal of ginkgolide c..
Novel process for the preparation of a virus-inactivated fv concentrate starting from human plasma, scalable to industrial level
The present invention provides a process for purifying fv starting from human plasma or a fractionation intermediate thereof, that is simple, scalable to the industrial level and relatively inexpensive compared to the methods described in the literature to date. The invention consists of the use of two anion exchange chromatography steps, the first of which has the purpose of separating the fv from the ptc component factors, while the second has the purpose of isolating the protein of interest from the majority of plasma proteins by means of selective interaction with the weak anion exchange support used.
Method and apparatus for performing retention time matching
A method for matching a precursor ion with one or more related product ions includes providing input data sets obtained from sample injections, each of the data sets including a precursor ion and one or more product ions, normalizing the input data sets in accordance with a single retention time for the precursor ion, determining which product ions are within a predetermined retention time window with respect to the single retention time, and, if a product ion is within the predetermined retention time window for a specified number of the input data sets, determining that the product ion is related to the precursor having the single retention time. An apparatus for analyzing a sample includes a chromatography module, a mass-spectrometry module in communication with the chromatography module, and control unit in communication with the chromatography module and the mass-spectrometry module..
Liquid chromatography component
The present invention aims to provide a liquid chromatography component including a column and a prefilter, which is hard to cause an increase of supplied liquid pressure even when the measurement of a sample is repeated. The present invention is a liquid chromatography component, which includes: a column with filler particles filled therein; and a prefilter, the filler particles having an average particle size in the range of 2 to 20 μm, the prefilter having a filtering particle size in the range of ⅙ to ⅓ of the average particle size of the filler particles..
Narrow bore porous layer open tube capillary column and uses thereof
A polymer-based plot capillary column prepared by in situ copolymerization of a functional monomer and a crosslinking monomer, which enhances the strength of the polymer matrix, is disclosed. Also disclosed is a system comprising the polymer-based plot column coupled to a mass flow or concentration sensitive detector, for carrying out a chemical analysis method on samples separated by liquid chromatography using the column, and a process for using the system.
Chromatographic system quality control reference materials
The invention provides compositions and methods for chromatographic analysis and system quality control. Compositions can include a reference material that comprises a standardized formulation of two or more compounds that can be used for benchmarking and troubleshooting the chromatographic system (e.g., which is not simply a standard solution for a particular analyte of interest).
Novel alkali-resistant variants of protein a and their use in affinity chromatography
The present invention relates to immunoglobulin (ig)-binding proteins with alkali-resistance properties. In one embodiment, the present invention provides for a variant of an ig-binding protein, the variant comprising the ig-binding protein having at least one asparagine residue substituted with a histidine, a serine, an aspartic acid or a threonine residue.
Method of detecting pancreatic disease and pancreas testing kit
A pancreatic disease is tested for with high sensitivity even with simple equipment and a simple procedure. Provided is a method of detecting pancreatic disease including detecting a concentration of s100p in at least one of a pancreatic juice and a body fluid containing pancreatic juice collected from a test subject by immunochromatography.
Filler for ion exchange chromatography and method for separating and detecting nucleic acid strand
The present invention aims to provide a filler for ion exchange chromatography which can sufficiently detect nucleic acid chains that differ in sequence of bases or nucleic acid chains that differ by a single base substitution. The present invention also aims to provide a method for separating and detecting a nucleic acid chain using the filler for ion exchange chromatography.
Connection assembly for ultra high pressure liquid chromatography
A fitting assembly having a nut, a ferrule, and a ferrule tip that may be assembled by an operator. The fitting assembly includes a nut with first and second ends, with the second end adapted to receive the first end of a ferrule, and a ferrule tip with a first end having an externally tapered portion adapted to abut the second end of the ferrule and a second end adapted to be received in a component or fitting of a liquid chromatography system.
Optically heated analyte desorber for gas chromatography analysis
Analytes are rapidly desorbed from a carbonaceous sorbent powder with improved quantitation and reduced analyte re-adsorption, thermal degradation, and rearrangement. The sample is distributed in a thin layer onto a desorption surface within a chamber.
Micro-device for analysis by gas phase chromatography offering great compactness
A thermoelectric module, the hot face heating the chromatography micro-column and the cold face cooling the detection module.. .
Formulations of bendamustine
Long term storage stable bendamustine-containing compositions are disclosed. The compositions can include bendamustine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable fluid which can include in some embodiments peg, pg or mixtures thereof and an antioxidant or chloride ion source.
Chromatographic separation material
The chromatographic separation material is a cyclofructan or a derivative of cyclofructan covalently bonded to a cross-linked, organic polymer. The separation material works well in hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography..
Hplc frit filter assembly
An apparatus and method for creating a high pressure chromatography frit filter assembly is described. The frit is positioned in bondable contact with a polymer ring and then the frit is subject to inductive or targeted heating to cause the frit material to heat the adjacent polymer ring from the inside out.

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