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Radio transceiver on a chip

Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Radio transceiver on a chip

Nanochannel arrays and their preparation and use for high throughput macromolecular analysis

Trustees Of Princeton University

Nanochannel arrays and their preparation and use for high throughput macromolecular analysis

Nanochannel arrays and their preparation and use for high throughput macromolecular analysis

Johnson Electric S.a.

Sunroof controller

Date/App# patent app List of recent Chip-related patents
 Ic chip, information processing apparatus, system, method, and program patent thumbnailnew patent Ic chip, information processing apparatus, system, method, and program
An ic chip, an information processing apparatus, system, method, and program are provided. An ic chip includes an authentication control unit configured to authenticate a request using authentication information.
Felica Networks, Inc.
 Data storage apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Data storage apparatus
A data storage apparatus includes a controller including a controller input/output unit suitable for receiving a ready/busy delay signal and generating a ready/busy output signal in response to a first control signal, and a memory chip including a memory input/output unit suitable for receiving a chip enable delay signal and generating a chip enable output signal in response to a second control signal. The ready/busy delay signal and the chip enable delay signal are transmitted through a substantially same transmission line..
Sk Hynix Inc.
 Sunroof controller patent thumbnailnew patent Sunroof controller
A panorama sunroof controller has a user interface, a sunroof glass, a sunshade, a first motor for driving the sunroof glass, a second motor for driving the sunshade and a driving module including a single chip microcomputer, a second relay driver and a sensor module. The single chip microcomputer and a first sensor are disposed on a circuit board.
Johnson Electric S.a.
 Method for manufacturing light emitting diode package patent thumbnailnew patent Method for manufacturing light emitting diode package
A method for manufacturing an led (light emitting diodes) package includes providing a substrate having electrodes; providing an led chip, the led chip arranged on the substrate and electrically contacting the electrodes; providing an uv-curing adhesive layer, the uv-curing adhesive layer arranged on the substrate and entirely packaging the led chip and the electrodes therein, and then the uv-curing adhesive layer being solidified.. .
Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc.
 Biochip with biosensors and fluidic devices patent thumbnailnew patent Biochip with biosensors and fluidic devices
A biochip includes a substrate, where the substrate includes at least one hole extending from a first surface of the substrate to a second surface of the substrate opposite the first surface, and where the substrate comprises a microfluidic channel pattern. The biochip further includes a surface modification layer over the substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
 Radio transceiver on a chip patent thumbnailnew patent Radio transceiver on a chip
An entire radio transceiver can be easily integrated into one ic chip. In order to integrate the if filters on the chip, a heterodyne architecture with a low if is used.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)
 Light source unit and backlight assembly having the same patent thumbnailnew patent Light source unit and backlight assembly having the same
A method of protecting an led chip from damage by esd and emi when the led chip is housed in a light-emitting diode(s) housing package (led package) and the led package is mounted on a printed circuit board is provided. The method comprises a step of not including an esd and emi suppressing zener diode within the combination of the printed circuit board and the led package and of providing within the combination of the printed circuit board and the led package a first conductive member and a spaced apart second conductive member which are electrically connected to the led chip and which have defined between them at least one insulative esd and/or emi suppressing region which breaks down in its insulative properties when subjected to voltages of absolute magnitudes greater than a predetermined threshold voltage..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
 Lighting device and light source device patent thumbnailnew patent Lighting device and light source device
An led bulb (100) including a light source device (105) provided on a mounting plate (102) and covered by a globe (104) in a shape of a spherical shell is configured such that the light source device (105) includes: a reflecting member (108) in a truncated cone shape; and a plurality of led chips (15) provided on a top surface of the substrate (11), at least a side face of the reflecting member (108) has a light reflecting function, and the light source device (105) is provided on the mounting plate (102) in such a way that a bottom surface of the substrate (11) faces the mounting plate (102).. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha
 Lighting device patent thumbnailnew patent Lighting device
A lighting device includes a substrate and a planar light source portion including a plurality of led chips arrayed on the substrate. The planar light source portion faces an illumination space (space to be illuminated) by a predetermined opening area.
Rohm Co., Ltd.
 Wavelength-converting light emitting diode (led) chip and led device equipped with chip patent thumbnailnew patent Wavelength-converting light emitting diode (led) chip and led device equipped with chip
A wavelength-converted light emitting diode (led) chip is provided. The wavelength-converted led chip includes an led chip and a wavelength-converted layer.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Led cap containing quantum dot phosphors

An led device has a cap containing one or more quantum dot (qd) phosphors. The cap may be sized and configured to be integrated with standard led packages.
Nanoco Technologies Ltd.
new patent

High power leds

Led chips and packages are disclosed having lenses made of materials that resist degradation at higher operation temperatures and humidity, and methods of fabricating the same. The lenses can be made of certain materials that can withstand high temperatures and high humidity, with the lenses mounted to the led prior to certain critical metallization steps.
Cree, Inc.
new patent

Led module and preparing the led module, lighting device

An led module includes a submount having a face in a thickness direction thereof, an led chip bonded to the face of the submount with a first bond, and a patterned wiring circuit electrically connected to the led chip. The first bond transmits light emitted from the led chip.
Panasonic Corporation
new patent

Universal sample preparation system and use in an integrated analysis system

The invention provides a system that can process a raw biological sample, perform a biochemical reaction and provide an analysis readout. For example, the system can extract dna from a swab, amplify str loci from the dna, and analyze the amplified loci and str markers in the sample.
Integenx Inc.
new patent

Nanochannel arrays and their preparation and use for high throughput macromolecular analysis

Nanochannel arrays that enable high-throughput macromolecular analysis are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of preparing nanochannel arrays and nanofluidic chips.
The Trustees Of Princeton University

System and reducing memory i/o power via data masking

Systems and methods are disclosed for reducing memory i/o power. One embodiment is a system comprising a system on chip (soc), a dram memory device, and a data masking power reduction module.

Constructing virtual motherboards and virtual storage devices

Described herein are various technologies pertaining to a computing system architecture that facilitates construction of virtual motherboards and virtual storage devices. A computing system includes a plurality of computing nodes and a plurality of storage nodes, where the computing nodes are disaggregated from the storage nodes.

Chemical mechanical polishing slurry compositions and method using the same for copper and through-silicon via applications

Provided are novel chemical mechanical polishing (cmp) slurry compositions for polishing copper substrates and method of using the cmp compositions. The cmp slurry compositions deliver superior planarization with high and tunable removal rates and low defects when polishing bulk copper layers of the nanostructures of ic chips.

Memory system and assembling memory system

According to one embodiment, each memory chip included in a memory package includes a first storage unit that stores therein first information that is n-bit information and is a comparison target of a chip address, and is used for identifying its own memory chip, a second storage unit that stores therein second information for determining an effective bit of the n-bit first information, and a control unit that determines an effective bit of the n-bit first information and an effective bit of the chip address based on the second information.. .

Electrically conductive frame on substrate for accommodating electronic chips

A method which comprises arranging a plurality of electronic chips in a plurality of chip accommodation cavities each defined by a respective surface portion of a substrate and a wall delimited by a respective one of a plurality of holes in an electrically conductive frame arranged on the substrate, at least partially encapsulating the electronic chips in the chip accommodation cavities by an encapsulant, and forming electrically conductive contacts for electrically contacting the at least partially encapsulated electronic chips.. .

Defense against counterfeiting using antifuses

A locking system for an integrated circuit (ic) chip can include an arrangement of one or more antifuse devices in a signal path of the ic chip. The antifuse devices can be configured to operate in a first state, corresponding to a normally open switch, to inhibit normal operation of the ic chip, and to transition from the first state to a permanent second state, corresponding to a closed switch, in response to a program signal applied to at least one terminal of the ic chip to enable the normal operation of the ic chip..

Inspection apparatus

An inspection apparatus capable of reducing the effect of noises is provided. An inspection apparatus according to the present invention includes a work table 26 on which an object, a fixed body 28 disposed above the work table 26, a probe assembly that holds a probe stylus 38a, a support base member 40 supported on the fixed body 28, a suspension mechanism 46 that supports the probe assembly 38 above the work table 26, and a signal circuit substrate 54 including therein an ic chip 54a that generates an inspection signal supplied to the probe stylus 38a, the signal circuit substrate 54 being supported by the suspension mechanism 46 below the suspension mechanism 46, in which the probe assembly 38 and the support base member 40 are electrically isolated from each other..

Led light assembly and system

An led based light assembly and lighting system is disclosed. The lighting system includes at least one light assembly comprising a plurality of led chips, a controller and a power supply module.

Led module

An led (light emitting diode) module includes an led unit having one or more led chips and a case. The case includes: a body including a base plate made of ceramic, the base plate having a main surface and a bottom surface opposite to the main surface; a through conductor penetrating through the base plate; and one or more pads formed on the main surface and making conductive connection with the through conductor, the pads mounting thereon the led unit.

Pneumatic chip collector

A pneumatic chip collector includes a free-floating head with a connector configured to be coupled to a pneumatic system. The head has a bottom with at least one slot disposed on the bottom of the head, the at least one slot parallel to the longitudinal axis of the head.

Led module sealing technology

A sealing process of led modules includes a waterproof wire put through a wire-through hole of a heat sink to be connected with a positive-negative solder joints on a pcb board, which are subjected to glue sealing treatment. A waterproof sealing process is operated between the waterproof wire and wire-through hole.

Semiconductor memory device, memory system and operating the same

A memory system including a plurality of memory chips is provided. The memory system includes a first memory chip and a second memory chip that share a data bus and become active by a chip enable signal, and a controller transmitting multi chip select commands to the first and second memory chips.
Sk Hynix Inc.

Ic chip for preventing identification key leak and authorization method thereof

Disclosed are an ic chip for preventing identification key leak and an authorization method thereof. An ic chip capable of performing a financial function includes: a pin supply unit for supplying a pin used for authorization when performing a financial function using the ic chip; and a blocking unit for physically blocking the gap between the pin supply unit and an input-output interface when the pin is supplied to the outside through the input-output interface at an initial access of the ic chip..
Ictk Co., Ltd.

Arrays of microparticles and methods of preparation thereof

This invention provides high unit density arrays of microparticles and methods of assembling such arrays. The microparticles in the arrays may be functionalized with chemical or biological entities specific to a given target analyte.
Bioarray Solutions, Ltd.

Biomarker-based methods and biochips for aiding the diagnosis of stroke

The present invention provides biomarker-based methods for diagnosing stroke in a patient suspected of having suffered a stroke, and also for discriminating between ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack. Substrates comprising probes for specific combinations of biomarkers useful in the methods of the invention are also described..
Randox Laboratories Ltd.

Entry sheet for drilling and drilling method

Provided is an entry sheet for drilling that, compared with a conventional entry sheet for drilling, has better hole position accuracy, can suppress drill bit breakage, and exhibits less processing chips wrapping around the drill bit. This entry sheet for drilling includes a metallic support foil and a layer comprising a resin composition that is formed on at least one surface of the metallic support foil, wherein the resin composition contains a cellulose derivative (a) and a water-soluble resin (b), the cellulose derivative (a) includes a hydroxyalkyl cellulose and/or a carboxyalkyl cellulose having a weight average molecular weight of 20,000 to 350,000, and based on 100 parts by mass of the resin composition, the content of the cellulose derivative (a) is 5 to 40 parts by mass and the content of the water-soluble resin (b) is 60 to 95 parts by mass..
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc.

Mounting structure of transmission module

To efficiently cool an ic chip and a transmission module disposed on the same substrate, amounting structure of transmission module of the present invention includes a motherboard, a package substrate mounted on the motherboard, an ic chip and a plurality of connectors disposed on amounting surface of the package substrate, a plurality of transmission modules connected to the plurality of connectors, and module cooling members having a plurality of slits provided along an connector array direction. The connectors are disposed inside the slits of module cooling members, and the transmission modules can be connected to and disconnected from the connectors disposed through the slits.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Led package with red-emitting phosphors

The first population of particles has a lower manganese concentration than the second population of particles, and the manganese concentration in the polymer composite layer ranges from a minimum value in a region of the polymer composite layer proximate to the led chip to a maximum value in a region opposite to the led chip.. .

Wafer level packaging techniques

In a wafer level chip scale packaging technique for mems devices, a deep trench is etched on a scribe line area between two cmos devices of a cmos substrate at first. After bonding of the cmos substrate with a mems substrate, the deep trench is opened by thin-down process so that cmos substrate is singulated while mems substrate is not (partial singulation).
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Rare earth ions doped silicate luminescent glass and preparation method thereof

A rare earth ions doped luminescent silicate glass is provided having the general formula of: 45sio2-ali2o-bmo-5al2o3-3k2o-2p2o5:ceu2o3, wherein a is molar ratio of li2o, b is molar ratio of mo and c is molar ratio of eu2o3, wherein a+b=45, 25≦a≦35 and 0.025≦c≦0.50, and wherein mo is one or more of alkaline earth metal oxides. The luminescent glass can be prepared by simple progress, without pollution and at low cost.
Sun Yat-sen University

Wireless ic device

A wireless ic device includes a wireless ic chip arranged to process a radio signal, a power-supply circuit board that is connected to the wireless ic chip and that includes a power supply circuit including at least one coil pattern, and a radiation plate arranged to radiate a transmission signal supplied from the power-supply circuit board and/or receiving a reception signal to supply the reception signal to the power-supply circuit board. The radiation plate includes an opening provided in a portion thereof and a slit connected to the opening.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Ic tag

The disclosure prevents, with improved reliability, an ic tag from being broken, while ensuring overall flexibility of the ic tag. The ic tag 100 is provided with a covering 140 made of an elastic material, which covers at least the side of the ic tag 100 on which an ic chip 130 is mounted and has a thickness that is larger in its portion 140a that covers a region about the ic chip 130 than in its portion 140b that covers a region outside the region about the ic chip 130.
Nok Corporation

Method and device for scheduling multiprocessor of system on chip (soc)

Provided are a method and apparatus for scheduling multiple processors of a system on chip (soc). The method includes: after receiving a task which is required to be executed, a main central processing unit (cpu) of a system on chip (soc) obtaining a dynamic execution parameter of the task (s502); according to one or more currently available subsidiary cpus in the soc, the main cpu determining a task allocation solution which meets the dynamic execution parameter (s504); and in accordance with the task allocation solution, the main cpu scheduling one or more subsidiary cpus to execute the task (s506).

System and conserving power consumption in a memory system

Systems and methods are disclosed for conserving power consumption in a memory system. One such system comprises a system on chip (soc) and an encoder.
Qualcomm Incorporated

High density memory structure

A semiconductor memory comprises a plurality of sub banks each including one or more rows of memory bit cells connected to a set of local bit lines, wherein the sub banks share a same set of global bit lines for reading/writing data from/to the memory bit cells of the sub banks. The semiconductor memory chip further comprises a plurality of switch elements for each of the sub banks, wherein each of the switch elements connects the local bit line and the global bit line of a corresponding one of the memory bit cells in the sub bank for data transmission between the local bit line and the global bit line.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Microfluidic chip features for optical and thermal isolation

A microfluidic chip includes microfluidic channels, elements for thermally and optically isolating the microfluidic channels, and elements for enhancing the detection of optical signal emitted from the microfluidic channels. The thermal and optical isolation elements may comprise barrier channels interposed between adjacently-arranged pairs of microfluidic channels for preventing thermal and optical cross-talk between the adjacent microfluidic channels.
Canon U.s. Life Sciences, Inc.

Device and the examination of a sample fluid

A device for the examination of a sample fluid in a bioanalytical detection method comprises at least one receiving space for the sample fluid and a wall confining the receiving space. The wall is provided with at least one microstructured portion that faces the receiving space and has a multitude of regularly arranged structural elements.
Buerkert Werke Gmbh

Microfluidic device unit

A microfluidic device unit has a control device which includes at least one actuating unit and with a carrier for a microfluidic chip. The carrier is designed as module separate from the control device, but is connected with the same by at least one connecting line such that the actuating unit can actuate at least one function at the carrier.
Buerkert Werke Gmbh

Using multiple traffic profiles to design a network on chip

The present application is directed to designing an efficient network on chip (noc) interconnect architecture that is adaptable to varied interface protocols of different soc components/hosts and is compliant to handle different types and models of traffic profiles. Aspects of the present application include a method, which may involve utilizing multiple traffic profiles described in a specification to generate a noc that satisfies all the traffic profiles.
Netspeed Systems

Multi-chip package and memory system

A multi-chip package includes a first group of memory chips that includes a first memory chip and a second memory chip, a second group of memory chips that includes at least one memory chip, a first internal wiring system that couples the first memory chip and the second memory chip to a first terminal configured to receive a chip-enable signal, a second internal wiring system that couples the at least one memory chip to a second terminal configured to receive the chip-enable signal. The first memory chip and the second memory chip each include a chip address memory region configured to store an address associated with the memory chip, and an address rewrite module configured to rewrite the address associated with the memory chip and stored in the chip address memory region in response to an external operation..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Substrate gap mounted led

A substrate gap mounted led light includes an led chip having an led chip first terminal and an led chip second terminal. A plurality of substrates have a metal construction, and the plurality of substrates includes a first substrate and a second substrate.

Light source device and illumination device

The light source device has a substrate 2, a board-like first reflector 3 erected vertically to traverse a center section on the substrate 2 while both side surfaces face outward, and a plurality of led chips 4 positioned on the substrate 2 as a plurality of light emitting elements so as to surround the first reflector 3. At least both side surfaces of the first reflector 3 have a light reflecting function.

Light emitting diode device and light emitting diode lamp

A light emitting diode (led) device includes a transparent substrate, a first reflection layer, a led chip, a positive electrode, a negative electrode and a wavelength-converting layer. The led chip is disposed on a surface of the transparent substrate, and the first reflection layer is disposed between the led chip and the transparent substrate.
Lextar Electronics Corporation

Led lead frame and lamp thereof

An led lead frame mounted on a platform of a lightbulb includes a metal polarity substrate, a metal retaining substrate and a casing for partially covering the metal polarity substrate and the metal retaining substrate. The metal retaining substrate is a sheet bent into a disposing portion and a carrying portion, and an included angle θ1 is defined between the portions, and an abutting surface of the disposing portion abuts the platform, and a portion of the carrying portion not covered by the casing is provided for installing at least one led chip.
Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd.

Inductor protection device

An inductor protection device includes a single chip microcomputer (scm) and an input unit. The protection device is used for protecting an inductor in a circuit, the circuit includes a controller configured for triggering on or cutting off the circuit.
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor package and method therefor

In one embodiment, an electronic package structure includes a lead having a first width. An electronic chip having a conductive bump on a major surface, the conductive bump has a second width greater than the first width.
Amkor Technology, Inc.

Led module with circuit board

The present invention relates to an led module 10, a circuit board 1, and a method for coating the circuit board 1 that is used in an led module 10. The circuit board 1 is used particularly for reflecting light emitted by at least one led chip of the led module 10.
At&s Austria Techmologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellchaft

Contactless information medium, bobbin member for contactless information medium, body member for contactless information medium, and producing contactless information medium

A contactless information medium includes: a body forming an outer shape of the contactless information medium; an ic chip housed in the body; a coil antenna which is formed of a string of conductive wire, both ends of the conductive wire being connected to the ic chip, and which includes a main arrangement pattern provided along a closed curve and a plurality of sub-arrangement patterns, each of which has a smaller diameter than the main arrangement pattern; and a plurality of bobbins provided in the body and arranged along the closed curve, the string of conductive wire being wound around the plurality of bobbins along the closed curve to form the main arrangement pattern, the string of conductive wire being wound around each of the bobbins to form the sub-arrangement patterns.. .
Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

Microfluidic system and method with focused energy apparatus

An apparatus and method of identifying objects includes: a microfluidic chip in which are disposed a plurality of channels, the microfluidic chip including: a main fluid channel into which a sample fluid mixture of objects to be identified is introduced; a plurality of sheath fluid channels into which sheath fluids are introduced, the sheath fluids which orient the objects in the main fluid channel in a predetermined direction while still maintaining laminar flow in the main fluid channel; an interrogation apparatus which detects and interrogates the oriented objects in the main fluid channel; and a focused energy apparatus which performs an action on the objects.. .
Premium Genetics (uk) Ltd.

Realtime memorialization firearm attachment

A firearm accessory that includes a body that is demountably attached to a firearm, the body containing: a camera; a microphone; a memory chip; a micro-controller operable to record a user's firearm activity into the memory chip as captured by the camera and the microphone; and, a trigger-switch mechanism demountably attached to a firearm-handle operable by a user's finger to turn the contents of the body on but not off. The body disposed on a firearm further includes a plurality of electronic components operable to: record audio, video, location, time, and date, at the time of usage of a firearm; and transmit the recorded a record audio, video, location, time, and date, outside of the body through a wire, a portable memory card, or wirelessly in realtime..

Systems and methods for preventing data remanence in memory

A system for preventing data remanence in memory is provided. The system includes a computing device, a memory chip coupled to the computing device and including memory, and a heater, the heater configured to prevent data remanence in a memory by providing heat to at least a portion of the memory.
Elwha Llc

System-in-package module with memory

A system-in-package module with memory includes a non-memory chip, a substrate, and a memory chip. The non-memory chip has a first portion and a second portion.
Etron Technology, Inc.

Server system

A server system includes a baseboard management controller and calculation modules. Each calculation module includes a system on chip, slave devices and a switch.
Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

Device and non-invasive glucose monitoring

A device and method for non-invasively measuring analytes and physiological parameters by measuring terahertz radiation emitted though biological tissue. Terahertz pulses are emitted from a miniaturized quantum cascade laser to a fiber optic array into the wrist of the user.
Amerson, Llc

Digital microfluidic chips for automated hydrogen deuterium exchange (hdx) ms analysis

Described herein is a digital microfluidic droplet generator (dmdg) and a microfluidic platform for processing material introduced into the dmdg. The combination is particularly suited for hydrogen/deuterium exchange and mass spectrometer (hdx-ms) processing and analysis of membrane proteins..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Light emitting diode fabrication method

A fabrication method for a light emitting diode (led), including: 1) mounting a led chip on a substrate; 2) mounting a screen printing template on the led chip; 3) coating a silicone gel layer over the surface of the screen printing template; 4) printing the phosphor: printing the phosphor over the chip surface via silk screen printing process and recycling the excess phosphor; and 5) removing the screen printing template and baking the phosphor for curing, and coating the cured phosphor over the chip surface. In the packaging method of the present disclosure, the unused phosphor can be recycled because it is not polluted by the screen printing template material..
Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Hemoglobin a1c-specific aptamer, hemoglobin-specific aptamer, and applications thereof

The present invention provides a hemoglobin a1c-specific aptamer and a hemoglobin-specific aptamer. The aptamers were selected in vitro using selex and a microfluidic chip system.
National Tsing Hua University

Fluid interface cartridge for a microfluidic chip

An interface cartridge for a microfluidic chip, with microfluidic process channels and fluidic connection holes at opposed ends of the process channels, provides ancillary fluid structure, including fluid flow channels and input and/or waste wells, which mix and/or convey reaction fluids to the fluidic connection holes and into the process channels of the microfluidic chip.. .
Canon U.s. Life Sciences, Inc.

Microfluidic chip

A microfluidic chip orients and isolates components in a sample fluid mixture by two-step focusing, where sheath fluids compress the sample fluid mixture in a sample input channel in one direction, such that the sample fluid mixture becomes a narrower stream bounded by the sheath fluids, and by having the sheath fluids compress the sample fluid mixture in a second direction further downstream, such that the components are compressed and oriented in a selected direction to pass through an interrogation chamber in single file formation for identification and separation by various methods. The isolation mechanism utilizes external, stacked piezoelectric actuator assemblies disposed on a microfluidic chip holder, or piezoelectric actuator assemblies on-chip, so that the actuator assemblies are triggered by an electronic signal to actuate jet chambers on either side of the sample input channel, to jet selected components in the sample input channel into one of the output channels..
Premium Genetics (uk) Ltd.

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