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Application providing system, portable terminal devices, server device, application providing method and computer…

Felica Networks

Application providing system, portable terminal devices, server device, application providing method and computer…

Gan based led epitaxial structure and method for manufacturing the same

Fujian Institute Of Research On Structure Of MatterChinese Academy Of Sciences

Gan based led epitaxial structure and method for manufacturing the same

Gan based led epitaxial structure and method for manufacturing the same

White light emitting led device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Chip-related patents
 Marker sequences for multiple sclerosis and use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Marker sequences for multiple sclerosis and use thereof
The present invention relates to new marker sequences for multiple sclerosis and the diagnostic use thereof together with a method for screening of potential active substances for multiple sclerosis by means of these marker sequences. Furthermore, the invention relates to a diagnostic device containing such marker sequences for multiple sclerosis, in particular a protein biochip and the use thereof..
Protagen Ag
 Application providing system, portable terminal devices, server device, application providing method and computer programs patent thumbnailnew patent Application providing system, portable terminal devices, server device, application providing method and computer programs
An application providing system is provided. The application providing system includes a portable terminal device having an ic chip configured to perform radio communications; and a server device; the application providing system connecting the portable terminal device and the server device through a communication network, wherein the portable terminal device includes a transmitted message receiver section, an application determination section, an application transmission request generation section, and an application storage section, wherein the server device includes a transmitted message generation section, a transmitted message sender section, an application transmission request receiver section, an application storage section, and an application sender section..
Felica Networks, Inc.
 On-chip rf shields with backside redistribution lines patent thumbnailnew patent On-chip rf shields with backside redistribution lines
Structures of a system on chip and methods of forming a system on chip are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of fabricating the system on chip includes forming a through substrate opening from a back surface of a substrate, the through substrate opening disposed between a first and a second region, the first region comprising devices for rf circuitry and the second region comprising devices for other circuitry.
Infineon Technologies Ag
 Method for assembling a microelectronic chip element on a wire element, and installation enabling assembly to be performed patent thumbnailnew patent Method for assembling a microelectronic chip element on a wire element, and installation enabling assembly to be performed
Method for assembling includes: providing a system to transfer wire element from wire element supply device to wire element storage device; stretching wire element between supply and storage devices by tensioning; providing an individualized reservoir and separated chip elements, each including a connection terminal including a top with free access facing in which chip element is not present; transporting the chip element from reservoir to an assembly area between supply and storage devices in which wire element is tightly stretched in assembly area; fixing electrically conducting wire element to chip element connection terminal in assembly area; and adding electrically insulating material on chip element after latter has been fixed to wire element forming a cover, the addition of material being performed on surface of chip element including connection terminal fixed to wire element to cover at least the connection terminal and portion of wire element at fixing point of latter.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Aux Energies Alternatives
 Methods for manufacturing isolated deep trench and high-voltage led chip patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for manufacturing isolated deep trench and high-voltage led chip
A method for manufacturing a deep isolation trench (221) and a method for manufacturing a high-voltage led chip. Steps of the method for manufacturing a deep isolation trench (221) are as follows: forming a mask layer (202) on a substrate (200), and forming, in the mask layer, through etching, multiple windows (204) isolated from each other, the bottom of each window exposing the substrate; with epitaxial lateral overgrowth, forming an epitaxial structure (212) inside each window and a part of the mask layer around the window, respectively, each epitaxial structure having a trapezoidal cross section with a long bottom and a short top, and a gap between adjacent epitaxial structures forming a first deep trench (214); etching each epitaxial structure, forming a first shoulder (218) and a second shoulder (221) at both sides of each epitaxial structure, respectively, and forming a deep isolation trench above the mask layer between the adjacent epitaxial structures.
Enraytek Optoelectronics Co., Ltd
 Microfluidic chip patent thumbnailnew patent Microfluidic chip
A microfluidic chip orients and isolates components in a sample fluid mixture by two-step focusing, where sheath fluids compress the sample fluid mixture in a sample input channel in one direction, such that the sample fluid mixture becomes a narrower stream bounded by the sheath fluids, and by having the sheath fluids compress the sample fluid mixture in a second direction further downstream, such that the components are compressed and oriented in a selected direction to pass through an interrogation chamber in single file formation for identification and separation by various methods. The isolation mechanism utilizes external, stacked piezoelectric actuator assemblies disposed on a microfluidic chip holder, or piezoelectric actuator assemblies on-chip, so that the actuator assemblies are triggered by an electronic signal to actuate jet chambers on either side of the sample input channel, to jet selected components in the sample input channel into one of the output channels..
Premium Genetics (uk) Ltd.
 Novel process of preparing nano metal and the products thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Novel process of preparing nano metal and the products thereof
The present invention relates a process of preparing a nanopowder by using a natural source starting material wherein the nano powder is a nano metal or nano alloy or nano metal oxide or nano metal carbide or nano compound or nano composite or nanofluid. The nano product produced by the process has novel properties such as enhanced hardness, antibacterial properties, thermal properties, electrical properties, abrasive resistant, wear resistant, superior frictional properties, sliding wear resistance, enhanced tensile strength, compression strengths, enhanced load bearing capacity and corrosion properties.
 Led lighting apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Led lighting apparatus
An led lighting apparatus includes an led substrate, a led chip, a sealing resin member, and a reflecting face. The led substrate has a main surface.
Rohm Co., Ltd.
 Lighting system and method to control a lighting system patent thumbnailnew patent Lighting system and method to control a lighting system
An led lighting system is disclosed, which generally consists of an enclosure, one or more led modules, one or more transformers, and one or more drivers. A lamp assembly is disclosed, which generally consists of one or more vertically oriented led chips, thermally conductive shells, and a thermally dissipating means positioned at the back of the led chips.
J2 Light Inc.
 Multi-chip package patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-chip package
A multi-chip package may include a package substrate, a plurality of semiconductor chips stacked stepwise on the package substrate, a logic chip and a first conductive wire. The logic chip may include a conductive bump electrically connected to the package substrate.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor ic chip and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor wafer includes circuit integration regions each incorporating an integrated circuit and guard rings disposed to surround the circuit integration regions, respectively. A scribe region disposed between every adjacent two of the guard rings.
Renesas Sp Drivers Inc.
new patent

White light emitting led device

A white light emitting led device comprises: base, blue light led chips, light reflector and transparent substrate covered with a phosphor coating; two ends of the light reflector connect the base and the transparent substrate, respectively, the inner surface of the light reflector is covered with a light-reflecting coating; blue light led chips are set on the surface of the base pointing to the transparent substrate, and the electrode leads of blue light led chips pass through the base; blue light led chip is a single chip, or a group of chips connected in series, or in parallel, or in a mixed manner; the transparent substrate has the shape of a plane, or a convex, or a semi-cylinder. The present invention gets the white light by utilizing the blue lights emitted by the blue light led chips to irradiate the transparent substrate which is covered with a phosphor coating..
new patent

Light-emitting diode package and light-emitting device

An led package is disclosed, which includes a heat dissipation plate, a composite structure, an led chip, and an encapsulant. The heat dissipation plate has a chip bonding area, a circuit area, and a first dam disposed at the boundary between the chip bonding area and the circuit area, wherein the first dam is formed by punching or bending the heat dissipation plate.
Lextar Electronics Corporation
new patent

Gan based led epitaxial structure and manufacturing the same

A gan based led epitaxial structure and a method for manufacturing the same. The gan based led epitaxial structure may include: a substrate; and a gan based led epitaxial structure grown on the substrate, wherein the substrate is a substrate containing a photoluminescence fluorescent material.
Fujian Institute Of Research On The Structure Of Matter, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Portable device for data encryption/decryption and/or compression/decompression

Portable integrated device (100) for data encryption/decryption and/or compression/decompression including: an outer casing (2); at least one authentication support cryptographic chip (4); at least one first data input/output port (5) adapted to be interfaced with external devices; at least one second data input/output port (6) adapted to be interfaced with external devices; at least one main chip including at least one cpu (3); the cpu (3) including: at least one microprocessor or microcontroller; and at least one cryptographic engine.. .
Quantec Sa

Methods for providing and delivering an environmentally sealed chip

The invention provides methods relating methods for environmentally sealing, protecting, and providing analysis chips for processing and analysis. The analysis chips are bonded directly or indirectly to chip carriers which are held within the chambers of an environmental packaging strip.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.

Remote electromigration monitoring of electronic chips

A method of remotely monitoring electromigration in an electronic chip includes sensing, at a first location, at least one temperature value of the electronic chip, sending the at least one temperature value to a remote monitoring system, accumulating a plurality of temperature values of the electronic chip at the monitoring system during a reporting period, calculating an electromigration life consumed (emlc) value of the electronic chip for the reporting period based on the plurality of temperature values, determining whether the emlc of the electronic chip is above a predetermined threshold, and providing a signal when the emlc of the electronic chip is above the predetermined threshold.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Rom chip manufacturing structures

An integrated circuit (ic) chip embodiment includes first and second rom cells arranged in a same row of a rom array. The first and second rom cells include first portions of first and second gate structures, respectively.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Wide-angle light emitting diode bulb

A wide-angle light emitting diode bulb comprises a led chip module, a led driver component for provide power, and a lamp cup for housing the led chip module and the led driver component. Main portion of light emitted from the led chip is through the lamp cover out but a portion of led light is scatted by the diffused powder on the lamp cover and through the apertures at the lamp cup out to light the ceiling when the led bulb lit.
Kenner Material & System Co., Ltd.

Flexible led light bar and manufacturing method thereof

The present invention discloses a flexible led light bar, which includes a flexible circuit board, a light cup, an led chip, and an led encapsulation material. The light cup is formed on the flexible circuit board.
Xiamen Changelight Co., Ltd.

Led module having a highly reflective carrier

An led module, including a carrier having high reflectivity, wherein a metal layer, preferably a silver layer or a layer of high-purity aluminum, is applied to the carrier. Also disclosed is an led module, including a carrier having high reflectivity, wherein a metal layer is applied to the carrier, at least one led chip, and a dam, wherein the metal layer partially covers the surface of the carrier lying under the dam..
Tridonic Jennersdorf Gmbh

Memory module

A memory module that includes: a printed circuit board having a connecting terminal; memory chips arranged on the printed circuit board; data buffers disposed on a first surface of the printed circuit board and corresponding to the memory chips; and resistance units disposed on a second surface of the printed circuit board and corresponding to the data buffers.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ina cabled memory appliance

According to one general aspect, an apparatus may include an expansion memory device, a connection printed circuit board, and a connection cable. The expansion memory device may include a plurality of memory chips.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Light emitting diode package structure

A led package structure including a carrier and a light emitting diode (led) chip is provided. The led chip includes a substrate, a patterned structure, a first semiconductor layer, an active layer and a second semiconductor layer.
Lextar Electronics Corporation

White light led module structure including ultraviolet light

A white light led module structure including ultraviolet light comprises a white light led module radiating a white light. An ultraviolet light led chip is disposed in a packaging structure of the white light led module.
Prolight Opto Technology Corporation

Electronic money server, electronic money processing method, electronic money processing program product, and storage medium on which electronic money processing program product is stored

The purpose of the present invention is to provide an electronic money server that supports regular periodic payments using electronic money. On the electronic money server, a payment debt is created in association with an electronic money function section id (s105).
Rakuten, Inc.

Information-gathering device

[solution to problem] an information-gathering device 1 has a plurality of selection buttons 6a to 6e and 7a to 7c, a communication module 10, and a cancel button 4. The communication module 10 has an ic chip 12 and a button cell 14.

Method for forming biochips and biochips with non-organic landings for improved thermal budget

The present disclosure provides biochips and methods of fabricating biochips. The method includes combining three portions: a transparent substrate, a first substrate with microfluidic channels therein, and a second substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Dram sub-array level refresh

A memory controller coupled to a memory chip having a number of sub-arrays of memory cells is configured to determine a configuration of the memory chip. The memory controller is configured to read the sub-array configuration of the memory chip and to detect sub-array level conflicts between external commands and refresh operations.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Led strip lamp holder and light bulb

A lamp holder includes an insulating lamp base, a pair of lead frames and an led strip assembly. The insulating lamp base has two spaced apart through holes.
Lediamond Opto Corporation

Color-temperature-tunable device

A method of operating a color-temperature-tunable device is described. The method drives a first light emitting diode (led) chip with a first driving current from a first power source.
Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.

Device packaging with substrates having embedded lines and metal defined pads

Package substrates enabling reduced bump pitches and package assemblies thereof. Surface-level metal features are embedded in a surface-level dielectric layer with surface finish protruding from a top surface of the surface-level dielectric for assembly, without solder resist, to an ic chip having soldered connection points.
Intel Corporation

Flip-chip phosphor coating s fabricated utilizing method

Methods for fabricating light emitting diode (led) chips one of which comprises flip-chip mounting a plurality of leds on a surface of a submount wafer and forming a coating over said leds. The coating comprising a conversion material at least partially covering the leds.
Cree, Inc.

Double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory module and configuring method thereof

Disclosed are a double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory module and a configuring method thereof. The ddr sdram module in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: a plurality of memory chips; and a serial transceiver portion configured to serially receive first serial data including a control signal and data transferred from outside for the plurality of memory chips and to provide the control signal and the data included in the serially received first serial data to the plurality of memory chips..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Hybrid multi-level memory architecture

Hybrid multi-level memory architecture technologies are described. A system on chip (soc) includes multiple functional units and a multi-level memory controller (mlmc) coupled to the functional units.

Chemical mechanical polishing slurry compositions and method using the same for copper and through-silicon via applications

Provided are novel chemical mechanical polishing (cmp) slurry compositions for polishing copper substrates and method of using the cmp compositions. The cmp slurry compositions deliver superior planarization with high and tunable removal rates and low defects when polishing bulk copper layers of the nanostructures of ic chips.
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

Led device manufacturing method and fluorescent material-dispersed solution used in same

The present invention addresses the problem of providing an led device having no color unevenness in light emission. In order to solve the problem, this led device manufacturing method includes: a step of providing an led chip-mounted package; a step of film-forming a fluorescent material layer by applying a fluorescent material-dispersed solution to a emission surface of the led chip, said fluorescent material-dispersed solution containing a solvent, a fluorescent material, clay minerals and porous inorganic particles, and by drying the fluorescent material-dispersed solution; and a step of film-forming a wavelength conversion section by applying, to the fluorescent material layer, a precursor solution having a precursor of a light transmissive ceramic dispersed in a solvent, and by firing the layer, said wavelength conversion section being composed of a light transmissive ceramic layer having the fluorescent material, the clay minerals and the porous inorganic particles dispersed therein..
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Methods for manufacturing light emitting diode and light emitting device

The present invention provides manufacturing methods of an led and a light emitting device. The manufacturing method of the led includes: providing a substrate; forming on the substrate an led chip and a second electrode successively; forming a lens structure covering the second electrode; coating the lens structure with fluorescent powder; forming a plurality of evenly distributed contact holes on a backface of the substrate, the contact holes extending through the substrate and to the led chip; and filling the contact holes with conducting material till the backface of the substrate is covered by the conducting material.
Enraytek Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Electronic device with large back volume for electromechanical transducer

An electronic device comprising a substrate, a cover delimiting at least a part of a main surface of the substrate to thereby form a cover-substrate arrangement enclosing a hollow space and having a through hole, an electroacoustic transducer configured for converting between an electric signal and an acoustic signal and being mounted on the substrate acoustically coupled with the hollow space in such a way that the hollow space constitutes a back volume of the electroacoustic transducer, wherein the electroacoustic transducer provides an acoustical coupling between the hollow space and an exterior of the cover-substrate arrangement via the through hole, an electronic chip mounted within the cover-substrate arrangement and electrically coupled with the electroacoustic transducer for communicating electric signals between the electronic chip and the electroacoustic transducer, and at least one electronic member mounted on the substrate within the cover-substrate arrangement and configured for providing an electronic function.. .
Infineon Technologies Ag

Memory module including buffer chip controlling refresh operation of memory devices

Provided is a memory module including a buffer chip controlling refresh operations. The buffer chip issues a hidden refresh command controlling refresh operations for the memory chips, and outputs a wait signal indicating that the memory chips are in refresh..

Led lamp radiating structure

An led lamp radiating structure includes a plastic shell and a metal part to serve as heat dissipation bodies. The metal part having a hollow structure is bonded with the plastic shell after the plastic shell is formed by injection molding.
Mainhouse (xiamen) Electronics Co., Ltd.

Led lighting assembly and an illuminating apparatus having the led lighting assembly

An led lighting assembly may include: a substrate, a metal layer applied on the substrate, and an led chip provided on the metal layer, wherein the metal layer comprises a first region for heat dissipation and two second regions for electric conduction, and the first region and the two second regions are electrically insulated from each other, and wherein the led chip is provided in the first region and is respectively electrically connected with the two second regions via wires.. .
Osram Gmbh

Lighting device

A lighting device may include a circuit board with at least one led chip thereon, sidewalls extending from the circuit board, and a phosphor cover supported on the sidewalls, wherein the circuit board, the phosphor cover, and the sidewalls define a cavity accommodating at least one led chip, wherein the lighting device further comprises at least one optical member arranged in the cavity, and the optical member has an adjustable reflectivity to adjust the spectral power distribution of emitted light through the phosphor cover and/or the cct of the emitted light.. .
Osram Gmbh

Led assembly with omnidirectional light field

Disclosed is an led assembly having an omnidirectional light field. The led assembly has a transparent substrate, led chips, and first and second electrode plates.
Interlight Optotech Corporation

Led assembly with omnidirectional light field

Disclosed is an led assembly having an omnidirectional light field. The led assembly has a transparent substrate with first and second surfaces facing to opposite orientations respectively.
Interlight Optotech Corporation

Multichip module with stiffing frame and associated covers

A multichip module includes a carrier, a stiffening frame, a plurality of semiconductor chips, and a plurality of covers. The carrier has a top surface and a bottom surface configured to be electrically connected to a motherboard.
International Business Machines Corporation

Led module

An led module a1 includes an led chip 1, a lead group 4 including a lead 4a on which the led chip 1 is mounted and a lead 4b spaced apart from the lead 4a, a resin package 2 covering part of the lead group 4 , and mounting terminals 41 and 42 provided by part of the lead group 4 that is exposed from the resin package 2 and spaced apart from each other in direction x. The led module further includes a mounting terminal 43 spaced apart from the mounting terminal 41 in direction y, and a mounting terminal 44 spaced apart from the mounting terminal 42 in direction y.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device and a manufacturing the same

A device featuring a substrate configured to include an upper surface and an opposing lower surface and, in parallel, a first and an opposing second peripheral edge, the first peripheral edge being smaller in length than the second peripheral edge, one or more semiconductor chip mounted over the upper surface of the substrate, a control semiconductor chip mounted over the upper surface of the substrate, a sealing resin covering the memory and control chips, and a plurality of external terminals provided over the lower surface of the substrate, the external terminals being arranged in a line along the first peripheral edge. The external terminals are used to fit the device to an electronic apparatus.
Ps4 Luxco S.a.r.l.

Fluidic chip with displacable patterned layer for detecting fluid pressure

A fluidic chip device configured for processing a fluid, wherein the fluidic chip device comprises a plurality of layers laminated to one another, wherein at least a part of the layers comprises a patterned section of an alternating sequence of bars and fluidic channels for conducting the fluid under pressure, the patterned section being configured for being displaceable in response to the pressure, and a pressure detector responding to the displacement of the patterned section by generating a detector signal being indicative of a value of the pressure.. .
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Semiconductor device, multichip package and semiconductor system using the same

A semiconductor device includes an error detection unit suitable for receiving data and a cyclic redundancy check (crc) code, and for outputting a detection signal by detecting a transmission error of the data, and a signal change unit suitable for generating error information based on the detection signal while changing a signal form of the error information based on a signal transmission environment of the data.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.

System and methods for synchronization of redundant processing elements

System and methods for synchronizing redundant processing elements are provided. In certain embodiments, a self-checking pair of system on chips (socs) includes a first soc configured to execute a first plurality of instructions; and a second soc configured to execute a second plurality of instructions that are approximately identical; wherein the first soc exchanges a first instruction count with the second soc, the first instruction count identifying a number of instructions executed by the first soc; wherein the second soc exchanges a second instruction count with the first soc, the second instruction count identifying a number of instructions executed by the second soc; and wherein the first soc executes a first single step execution utility to synchronize the first instruction count with the second instruction count and the second soc executes a second single step execution utility to synchronize the first instruction count with the second instruction count..
Honeywell International Inc.

Information processing system, mobile terminal, information processing method, information processing program, and computer-readable recording medium containing said program

Provided are a mobile terminal, information processing method, information processing program, and computer-readable recording medium storing the program whereby, when in a locked state, a specific function is unusable but another function is usable, thereby improving user convenience. When this mobile terminal is in a state where lock function is enabled, a function where a terminal function unit accesses an ic chip to perform settlement processing using electronic money is unavailable, but a function where the terminal function unit accesses the ic chip to perform auto-charge process using electronic money is available.
Rakuten, Inc.

Single layer coreless substrate

An electronic chip package comprising at least one chip bonded to a routing layer of an interposer comprising a routing layer and a via post layer that is surrounded by a dielectric material comprising glass fibers in a polymer matrix, wherein the electronic chip package further comprises a second layer of a dielectric material encapsulating the at least one chip, the routing layer and the wires, and methods of fabricating such electronic chip packages.. .
Zhuhai Advanced Chip Carriers & Electronic Substrate Solutions Technologies Co. Ltd.

Battery management unit having a plurality of monitoring ic chips

A battery management unit includes a plurality of monitoring ic chips each configured to detect at least one operating parameter of at least one battery cell or battery module, which has a predetermined number of battery cells and is connected to a first bus. The battery management unit further includes a control unit and a basis monitoring ic chip which is likewise connected to the first bus and is configured to communicate with each of the monitoring ic chips via the first bus.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for self-checking pair

Systems and methods for a self-checking pair are provided. In certain embodiments a system on chip in a self-checking pair includes a system architecture; a plurality of communication channels configured for communicating data with an external system; and an integrated system on chip logic configured to collect the data communicated through the plurality of communication channels and transmit the data to a second system on chip and handle received data from the second system on chip, wherein the integrated system on chip logic determines whether the data communicated through the plurality of communication channels matches the received data from the second system on chip..
Honeywell International Inc.

Light emitting apparatus and automotive lamp

A light emitting apparatus includes led chips and a light condenser condensing the light emitted from the led chips. The light condenser has a first opening functioning as an incident part through which the light emitted from the led chips enters, a side surface function as a reflector that reflects the light having entered through the first opening, and a second opening functioning as an emission part that emits the light reflected by the side surface.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Outdoor luminaire

An outdoor luminaire comprising a blue led chip having a maximum peak at a wavelength of 420-480 nm and a phosphor layer disposed forward of the led chip in its emission direction is provided. The phosphor layer comprises a phosphor of the formula: lu3al5o12:ce3+ which is activated with up to 1 mol % of ce relative to lu, the phosphor being dispersed in a resin.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Light source with led chip and luminophore layer

A light source may include an led chip having a light-emitting surface, on which a luminophore layer is arranged. The luminophore layer may include adjacently arranged regions having different luminophores.
Osram Gmbh

Light-emitting device, illuminating apparatus, and display apparatus

The invention provides a light-emitting device which is capable of applying light to a display panel with uniformity in brightness and can be made lower in profile. A light-emitting device (11) includes an led chip (111a), a base support (111b) which supports the led chip (111a), and a lens (112) disposed in contact with the led chip (111a) so as to cover the led chip (111a) and the base support (111b).
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Lighting unit and image scanner using same

A lighting unit includes led chips positioned in an array form in a main scanning direction on led substrates. Cylindrical parabolic mirrors each form a shape in which a cylindrical paraboloid having curvature with respect to an sub-scanning direction has been clipped by an axial plane that is perpendicular to the vertex of the cylindrical paraboloid in the main scanning direction, and project light emitted from the light source on an illumination area of an illuminated item.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Integrated optical coherence tomography systems and methods

Disclosed herein are optical integration technologies, designs, systems and methods directed toward optical coherence tomography (oct) and other interferometric optical sensor, ranging, and imaging systems wherein such systems, methods and structures employ tunable optical sources, coherent detection and other structures on a single or multichip monolithic integration. In contrast to contemporary, prior-art oct systems and structures that employ simple, miniature optical bench technology using small optical components positioned on a substrate, systems and methods according to the present disclosure employ one or more photonic integrated circuits (pics), use swept-source techniques, and employ a widely tunable optical source(s)..
Acacia Communications Inc.

Treatment agent liquid application an inkjet printer

A inkjet printer treatment agent liquid application apparatus includes a supplying pan storing treatment agent liquid; a squeeze roller, partially immersed in the liquid stored in the supplying pan, drawing and transferring the liquid; an application roller applying the liquid transferred by the squeeze roller onto a recording medium surface; a press roller sandwiching and conveying the recording medium between the press roller and the application roller, pressing the recording medium against the application roller, transferring the liquid on the application roller onto the recording medium; a cartridge containing the liquid, to be exchangeably installed in a cartridge installation unit, and having an ic chip; a reader/writer reading/writing information from/to the ic chip; a liquid supply route connecting the installed cartridge and the supplying pan; a supplying pump placed on the liquid supply route; and a drive time measurement unit measuring a drive time of the supplying pump.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Operating conditions compensation circuit

A circuit having a centralized pt compensation circuit to provide compensation signals to localized i/o blocks on the chip. Process variations and temperature variations tend to be approximately uniform across an integrated circuit chip.
Stmicroelectronics Pvt Ltd

Semiconductor package and fabricating the same

A semiconductor package includes memory i/o bumps and power/ground voltage bumps which are disposed at different positions from each other. In the semiconductor package, memory chips are disposed side by side, and a passivation layer is interposed between a conductive pad and a bump..

Electrical shielding in a mems leadframe package

A lead frame packaged electronic chip. The packaged electronic chip includes a mems device, an integrated circuit and a wire bond electrically coupling the mems device and the integrated circuit.
Analog Devices, Inc.

Light emitting device and optical device

A light emitting device is capable of enhancing the radiant intensity on a single direction. The light emitting device includes a substrate and an led chip bonded to the substrate, wherein the substrate has a first cavity formed thereon having a first bottom surface for disposing the led chip and a first lateral connecting to the first bottom surface, and the substrate has a second cavity formed thereon having a second bottom surface for bonding the metal wire and a second lateral connecting to the second bottom surface; and the first lateral has a notch formed thereon, which connects to the second bottom surface and the second lateral, and an area of the second bottom surface of the second cavity is smaller than that of the first bottom surface of the first cavity..
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Multi master arbitration scheme in a system on chip

A multi master system on chip (soc) includes a plurality of masters comprising a first master and a second master, each configured to generate a request. A next state generator in the multi master soc is configured to generate a next state of a round robin pointer in response to the request and a current state of the round robin pointer.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Information processing apparatus, controlling the same and program

An information processing apparatus according to an aspect of the present invention generates temperature distribution information (updated temperature information) that indicates the current temperature distribution in a memory chip, based on predetermined temperature information generated by an analysis executed in advance and temperature information obtained by a temperature sensor. The predetermined temperature information includes information related to the temperature distribution in the memory chip that corresponds to the operating states of an soc die and a wide io memory device.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

W5rs: anlinx & milinx & zilinx - the 23less green technology for fsoc of scalable ipindow of iphome & scalable smart window of smart home with wire/wireless/solar/battery communication, power supplies & conversions

For scalable ipindow of iphome & scalable smart window of smart home, the wireless window 5r system w5rs is constituted of smart multimedia window, smart electrochromic window and smart solar window, etc. The smart solar window harvests solar energy to be electric energy to provide power to smart multimedia window and smart electrochromic window, etc.

Unitary biochip providing sample-in to results-out processing and methods of manufacture

A biochip for the integration of all steps in a complex process from the insertion of a sample to the generation of a result, performed without operator intervention includes microfluidic and macrofluidic features that are acted on by instrument subsystems in a series of scripted processing steps. Methods for fabricating these complex biochips of high feature density by injection molding are also provided..
Netbio, Inc.

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