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Chip patents


This page is updated frequently with new Chip-related patent applications.

new patent Led display and manufacturing method thereof
A manufacturing method of a led display is provided. A temporary substrate is provided, wherein the temporary substrate has a first adhesive layer and a plurality of first, second and third led chips mounted on the first adhesive layer.
Lextar Electronics Corporation

new patent System and ambient/pervasive user/healthcare experience
A system and method of ambient/pervasive user experience (including healthcare) is described, utilizing (a) super system on chip(s), (b) intelligent/machine learning algorithm(s), (c) high resolution holographic display(s), (d) augmented reality devices and/or (f) point of care diagnostics system(s).. .

new patent Integrated circuit chip fabrication leadframe
One example includes a conductive leadframe configured to couple to an integrated circuit (ic) chip die on a contact surface of the ic chip die. The conductive leadframe includes a plurality of chip-pin connections configured to facilitate conductive coupling to bond pads of the ic chip die via conductive lead wires.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

new patent Semiconductor integrated circuit device having groung wiring portions connected to at least two memories that store identical data
On an ic chip, a first ground wiring line and a second ground wiring line that extends from a connection site with the first ground wiring line are disposed in a doubled manner. Among eproms storing identical data, the source of a first eprom is connected to the second ground wiring line and the source of a second eprom is connected to the first ground wiring line.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

new patent System and data warehouse and fine granularity scheduling for system on chip (soc)
A data warehouse includes a memory and a controller disposed on a substrate that is associated with a system on chip (soc). The controller is operatively coupled to the memory.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

new patent Optical interconnector, optoelectronic chip system, and optical signal sharing method
An optical interconnector (915) includes: a first vertical coupled cavity (100), a first optical waveguide (102), and a second optical waveguide (103). The first vertical coupled cavity (100) includes n identical micro-resonant cavities that are equidistantly stacked, where a center of each micro-resonant cavity is located on a first straight line that is perpendicular to a plane on which the micro-resonant cavity is located, the first optical waveguide (102) and a first micro-resonant cavity (11) are in a same plane, the second optical waveguide (103) and a second micro-resonant cavity (13) are in a same plane, the first optical waveguide (102) is an input optical waveguide, the second optical waveguide (103) is a first output optical waveguide, and an optical signal having a first resonant wavelength in the first optical waveguide (102) enters the second optical waveguide (103) through the first vertical coupled cavity (100)..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

new patent Fluorescense-detected assays on microfluidic chips
An assay unit for carrying-out fluorescence-detected assays on physiological samples comprises a microfluidic chip with a microfluidic system to convey a physiological sample or analyte solution through one or more microfluidic channels arranged on the chip, and a photonic system with two or more rectangular waveguide structures arranged on the chip to guide excitation light in the near ir, visible, or near uv range. The microfluidic channels and the waveguide structures cross each other at a detection site.
One Drop Diagnostics SÀrl

new patent Led filament and led bulb with led filament
The present disclosure relates to a led filament and a led bulb with the led filament. The led filament includes a carrier, led chips disposed on the carrier, the carrier includes a first lateral section and a second lateral section opposite to the first lateral section, the led chips are formed on the first lateral section, hardness of the first lateral section is less than that of the second lateral section.
Interlight Optotech Corporation

new patent Led filament and filament-type led bulb
A led filament and a led filament bulb using the same are disclosed. The led filament includes a carrier, a led chip disposed on the carrier and a conductive lead connected to the carrier.
Interlight Optotech Corporation

new patent Apparatus and platform for detection of allergen
Provided is an allergen detecting apparatus that can combine with an allergen microarray chip, and the apparatus comprises a microfluidic chip and a clamping unit. The allergen microarray chip can be any commercial chip and a reaction region of the microfluidic chip is configured to fit tightly with a microarray region of the allergen microarray chip allowing a sample or a reagent to contact with a protein allergen disposed on the microarray region.
National Tsing Hua University

new patent

Multi-index detection microfluidic chip and methods of use

A multi-index detection microfluidic chip is provided. A bottom plate (1) and a cover plate (2) that matches the bottom plate (1) and seals it are provided in the microfluidic chip.
Tsinghua University

A solution for generating and issuing security codes with guaranteed issuer authenticity and origin

A method of generating, emitting and validating a security code, in qr code or data matrix formats, which may be printed in physical media, displayed in electronic display or stored in electronic chips through technologies of radio-frequency identification (rfid) or near field communication (nfc). This code is generated using encryption, authenticated cryptography and digital identities or certificates emitted in the standard of public key infrastructure (pki) by a reliable certification authority, providing to validate the code, with (online) or without connectivity (offline) to a data network, by one application installed, by a reading process, cryptographic validation and decryption, allowing to open the security code content.
Rd2buzz Brasil Consultoria E Internet Ltda.

Light emitting diode package

A light emitting diode (led) package includes an led chip, a first lead frame and a second lead frame electrically connected to the led chip and separated by a space, and a housing disposed on the first lead frame and the second lead frame. The housing includes an external housing surrounding a cavity, the cavity exposing a first portion of the first lead frame and a first portion of the second lead frame, and an internal housing disposed in the space, the internal housing covering a top portion of the first lead frame and a top portion of the second lead frame..
Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Fabricating process for redistribution layer

A metal sputtering or metal evaporating process is adopted in an initial fabricating step to fabricate a plurality of metal pads without having substantial dimensional change during fabrication. So that a bottom side of the plurality of metal pads is adapted to electrically couple to a nanochip in a later process.

Medical data card system

A system for maintaining and updating patient data that includes: a magnetic card reader; a magnetic card; a memory chip on the magnetic card, where the memory chip stores patient data; and a biometric reader attached to the magnetic card reader. Preferably, the card reader updates patient data stored in the memory chip when the magnetic card is swiped through the magnetic card reader.

Systems and methods facilitating reduced latency via stashing in system on chips

Systems and methods that facilitate reduced latency via stashing in multi-level cache memory architectures of systems on chips (socs) are provided. One method involves stashing, by a device includes a plurality of multi-processor central processing unit cores, first data into a first cache memory of a plurality of cache memories, the plurality of cache memories being associated with a multi-level cache memory architecture.
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation

Storage apparatus

A storage apparatus includes: a plurality of flash memory devices each including: a plurality of flash memory chips each including a plurality of physical blocks being data erasure units; and a flash controller configured to provide logical storage areas by associating at least one of the plurality of physical blocks with the logical storage areas; and a raid controller configured to: manage a plurality of virtual drives each including a part of the logical storage areas provided by each of the plurality of flash memory devices; and control the plurality of virtual drives as a raid group.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.

Biochip image-forming system

The present invention provides a biochip image-forming system including a case having a cavity, an optical assembly, a chip-holding assembly and an electricity storage assembly. The cavity communicates with a chip inlet for a biochip to be inserted into the cavity through the chip inlet and an image outlet for an image of the biochip to be outputted from the cavity via the image outlet.
National Pingtung University Of Science & Technology

Adaptive test time reduction

A method and apparatus for adaptive test time reduction is provided. The method begins with running a predetermined number of structural tests on wafers or electronic chips.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Modular light emitting diode lamp fixture

A modular light emitting diode (led) lamp fixture comprising a weighted lamp base, a vertical lamp post, and a light pipe assembly is disclosed. A light pipe in the light pipe assembly converts spot light emitted from led chips into a linear light source.
Pixon Technologies Corp.

Marker sequences for rheumatoid arthritis and use thereof

The present invention relates to new marker sequences for rheumatoid arthritis and the diagnostic use thereof together with a method for screening of potential active substances for rheumatoid arthritis by means of these marker sequences. Furthermore, the invention relates to a diagnostic device containing such marker sequences for rheumatoid arthritis, in particular a protein biochip and the use thereof..
Protagen Aktiengesellschaft

Lighting apparatus

This lighting apparatus is provided with a blue led s chip having a maximum peak at a wavelength of 420-480 nm and a fluorescent material-containing resin layer disposed on the front of the blue led chip in the light emission direction. The fluorescent material-containing resin layer is obtained by mixing and dispersing a luag fluorescent material, which is represented by the formula lu3al5o12:ce3+ and in which the ce activation rate is 2 mol.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Microchannel, microfluidic chip and processing microparticles in a fluid flow

A microchannel for processing microparticles in a fluid flow comprises a first and second pairs of electrodes. The first pair of electrodes is configured for generating an asymmetric first electric field and for sorting the microparticles to provide sorted microparticles.
International Business Machines Corporation

Integrated control for silicon photonics

In an example, the present invention includes an integrated system on chip device. The device is configured on a single silicon substrate member.
Inphi Corporation

Control of a startup circuit using a feedback pin of a pwm controller integrated circuit chip

A power supply includes a control transistor that controls a primary winding of a transformer to induce current on a secondary winding of the transformer to generate an output voltage. A pulse width modulation (pwm) controller integrated circuit (ic) chip drives the control transistor through a gate pin.
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

Light emitting diode chip

An led chip for use in an led chip array forming a continuous array of leds. The led chip comprises an array of leds on a substrate.
Oculus Vr, Llc

Method for manufacturing semiconductor device

When a memory chip is mounted over a logic chip, a recognition range including a recognition mark formed at a back surface of the logic chip is imaged and a shape of the recognition range is recognized, alignment of a plurality of bumps of the logic chip and a plurality of projection electrodes of the above-described memory chip is performed based on a result of the recognition, and the above-described memory chip is mounted over the logic chip. At this time, the shape of the recognition range is different from any portion of an array shape of the bumps, as a result, the recognition mark in the shape of the recognition range can be reliably recognized, and alignment of the bumps of the logic chip and the projection electrodes of the above-described memory chip is performed with high accuracy..

Flat no-leads package with improved contact pins

According to an embodiment of the present disclosure, a leadframe for an integrated circuit (ic) device may comprise a center support structure for mounting an ic chip, a plurality of pins extending from the center support structure, and a bar connecting the plurality of pins remote from the center support structure. Each pin of the plurality of pins may include a dimple..
Microchip Technology Incorporated

Memory module

A memory module that includes: a printed circuit board having a connecting terminal; memory chips arranged on the printed circuit board; data buffers disposed on a first surface of the printed circuit board and corresponding to the memory chips; and resistance units disposed on a second surface of the printed circuit board and corresponding to the data buffers.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Passive placement of a laser on a photonic chip

Embodiments disclosed herein generally relate to a method for manufacturing a photonic device that facilitates precise alignment of a laser with a waveguide. The method generally includes disposing the laser on a support member on a substrate such that the laser contacts the support member.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Lens array optical coupling to photonic chip

A photonic integrated circuit apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a photonic chip and a lens array coupling element.
International Business Machines Corporation

Interposer beam expander chip

An interposer chip for coupling light between an array of fibers and an array of optical waveguides on a second photonic chip. The interposer chip has an array of v-grooves for aligning the ends of the fibers to corresponding ends of an array of optical waveguides on the interposer chip.
Rockley Photonics Limited

Electro-optic device with semiconductor junction area and related methods

An electro-optic device may include a photonic chip having an optical grating coupler at a surface. The optical grating coupler may include a first semiconductor layer having a first base and first fingers extending outwardly from the first base.
Stmicroelectronics (crolles 2) Sas

Non-invasive monitoring cancer using integrated microfluidic profiling of circulating microvesicles

A microfluidic exosome profiling platform integrating exosome isolation and targeted proteomic analysis is disclosed. This platform is capable of quantitative exosomal biomarker profiling directly from 30 μl plasma samples within approximately 100 minutes with markedly enhanced sensitivity and specificity.

Microfluidic based integrated sample analysis system

A portable microfluidic system capable of rapid diagnosis is described, which is able to analyze genetic, protein and cell composition of a sample in parallel for specific diseases from a relatively small sample. The method uses a single microfluidic chip integrated into a unique portable microfluidic platform and provides improved diagnostic accuracy, allows for frequent monitoring and is suitable for easy use in clinical settings..

Golf ball with built-in ic chip

A golf ball of the present invention includes a small-size ic tag including an ic chip and a first antenna directly connected to the ic chip and having a size of 5 mm or less; and a conductive second antenna of which a part is disposed near the ic tag. The ic tag and the second antenna do not need to be in physical contact with each other.
Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd.

Mems microphone

A mems microphone is disclosed in the present disclosure. The mems microphone includes a first circuit board; a second circuit board keeping a distance from the first circuit board; a frame located between the first circuit board and the second circuit board for forming a cavity cooperatively with the first circuit board and the second circuit board, the frame including a plated-through-hole; an asic chip located in the cavity; and an mems chip having a back cavity.
Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Traffic management implementation method and apparatus, and network device

A traffic management (tm) implementation method and apparatus, and a network device, where the tm implementation apparatus is located aside a processor or a switching fabric chip, receives a packet management request sent by the processor or the switching fabric chip, where the packet management request includes a queue identifier, and the queue identifier is used to identify a flow queue in which the processor or the switching fabric chip stores a data packet, performs traffic management on the packet management request, and generates a packet management response according to a management result, where the packet management response includes a management indication and the queue identifier, sends the packet management response to the processor or the switching fabric chip such that the processor or the switching fabric chip processes, according to the management indication, the data packet in the flow queue corresponding to the queue identifier.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Temperature stabilization of an on-chip temperature-sensitive element

Disclosed is an integrated circuit (ic) chip incorporating a temperature-sensitive element and temperature stabilization circuitry for ensuring that the temperature of the temperature-sensitive element (tse) remains essentially constant. The ic chip comprises a temperature-sensitive element and, within at least one region adjacent to the temperature-sensitive element, a first circuit that radiates a first heat amount to the tse and a second circuit that radiates a second heat amount to the tse.
International Business Machines Corporation

Led sub-mount and manufacturing light emitting device using the sub-mount

A light emitting device manufacturing method includes the following steps. A sub-mount, which has a plurality of electrical-conductive layers, is provided, and a surface between every adjacent two of the electrical-conductive layers has an adhesive-filling groove.
Lextar Electronics Corporation

Led package structure and chip carrier

An led package structure includes a chip carrier and an led chip. The chip carrier includes a ceramic substrate, a circuit layer, a ceramic reflective plate disposed on the ceramic substrate, and a metal slug.
Lite-on Opto Technology (changzhou) Co., Ltd.

White led, backlight module and liquid crystal display device

A white led, which includes a substrate, at least one monochromatic led chip disposed on the substrate, a reflector cup disposed on the substrate and surrounding the monochromatic led chip, an encapsulating colloid filled in the reflector cup to seal the monochromatic led chip, and a first quantum dot structure and a second quantum dot structure sealed in the encapsulating colloid, and light generated by the monochromatic led chip, light generated by exciting the first quantum dot structure and light generated by exciting the second quantum dot structure are mixed to form a white light. A backlight module having the white led and a liquid crystal display device having the backlight module is also disclosed..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof

A light emitting device includes a substrate; an led chip, disposed on the substrate; and a fluorescent layer. The fluorescent layer is at least partially and conformally coated on the led chip and the substrate..
Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.

Photo sensor module

The present disclosure relates to a photo sensor module. The thickness and size of an ic chip may be reduced by manufacturing a photo sensor based on a semiconductor substrate and improving the structure to place a uv sensor on the upper section of an active device or a passive device.
Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

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