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Children patents

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Outerwear garment with semi-removable front panels

Outerwear garment with semi-removable front panels

Metal detecting shoe

Metal detecting shoe

Date/App# patent app List of recent Children-related patents
 Real-time rewards and monitoring  children patent thumbnailnew patent Real-time rewards and monitoring children
A system for monitoring in real-time a student's progress and achievements allows parents to set criteria and provide rewards to the student. Teachers, coaches, leaders, relatives and other adults log onto the system and provide input on how well the student is doing.
 Metal detecting shoe patent thumbnailnew patent Metal detecting shoe
A metal detecting system is designed and packaged into footwear such that it can be worn on one or both legs in lieu of carrying a hand held metal detecting device. The metal detecting hardware can be installed in its entirety inside the sole and on the shoe.
 System and  promoting physical activity and recruiting individuals to participate patent thumbnailnew patent System and promoting physical activity and recruiting individuals to participate
A system and method for promoting physical activity in children and recruiting individuals to participate in the program for physical activity. Promotion of physical activity is centered around an entertainment event such as a movie release.
 Outerwear garment with semi-removable front panels patent thumbnailnew patent Outerwear garment with semi-removable front panels
This outerwear garment makes traveling while clothed in outerwear and restrained in a car seat restraint device safer for children and adults. By allowing the partial removal and repositioning of the front of the garment, proper security of car seat restraints can be achieved while keeping the wearer warm, and without necessitating full removal of the garment..
 Array of complementary infant/young child nutritional compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Array of complementary infant/young child nutritional compositions
The present invention relates to infant/young child nutrition. A set of nutritional compositions having beneficial effects to infants/young children is disclosed.
 Devices and methods for improving web safety and deterrence of cyberbullying patent thumbnailDevices and methods for improving web safety and deterrence of cyberbullying
Devices, systems, and methods for allowing parents to view and track smart phone activities of their children can include one or more child software modules. The module can be installed on each child's smart phone.
Websafety, Inc.
 Multivalent meningococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccine patent thumbnailMultivalent meningococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccine
The present invention describes a combined vaccine that offers broad protection against meningococcal disease caused by the pathogenic bacteria neisseria meningitidis. The vaccine is comprised of four distinct polysaccharide-protein conjugates that are formulated as a single dose of vaccine.
Sanofi Pasteur Inc.
 Stable liquid medication containing diphenhydramine patent thumbnailStable liquid medication containing diphenhydramine
A chemically stable liquid medication that contains diphenhydramine hydrochloride and has a ph of greater than about 4.5. The liquid medication contains less than about 1.5% of bzh based on parent dph after 14 days at 75° c.
The Procter & Gamble Company
 Support product patent thumbnailSupport product
A support product (10) usable particularly for supporting disabled children. The product (10) in plan view has a generally u shape, and the inclination of the side limbs (20) relative to the base of the u can be varied.
Specialised Orthotic Services Limited
 Electronic cigarette patent thumbnailElectronic cigarette
Disclosed is an electronic cigarette, comprising a suction stem (10) and a power supply rod (20), wherein the suction stem (10) comprises a suction cylinder (11), and an end of the suction stem (10) is provided with a suction nozzle cover (13). The electronic cigarette further comprises a gas valve (16).
Kimree Hi-tech Inc.

Extruded and dehydrated products for baby food

The present invention describes dehydrated crispy products containing cereal flour and products of vegetable origin (fruits and/or vegetables) and which, once rehydrated, have specific textural features. Said products can be advantageously incorporated into dehydrated food intended for persons with problems chewing, for example young children and babies.
Diana Naturals

Learning management, communication, and reward system and method

A mobile and web-based personal goal system for families that rewards children or other family members for completing tasks in the areas of academics, health, finances and money, family, and community. The system offers families a consistent way to interact offline and online regarding children's choices and a way to reward them for those choices.

K-ary tree to binary tree conversion through complete height balanced technique

Technologies are generally provided for converting a k-ary tree to an equivalent height balanced binary tree. A k-ary tree root may be first set as the binary tree root.
University Of Calcutta

Therapeutic vaccine for treatment of diabetes type 1 in children, application of the cell sorter and the multiplying treg cells to produce therapeutic vaccine for treatment of diabetes type 1

Treg cells cd3(+)cd4(+)cd25(high)cd127(−). Claimed too is the cell sorter used to produce the vaccine and the method of multiplying treg cells in vitro..

Seven-star tea without excipient and preparing the same

The present invention relates to a seven-star tea without excipient comprising coicis semen, oryzae fructus germinatus, triticum aestivum, herba lophatheri, fructus crataegi, ramulus uncariae cum uncis, periostracum cicadae and radix et rhizoma glycyrrhizae, wherein the triticum aestivum is used as a forming agent in the seven-star tea, and methods for the preparation thereof. The seven-star tea of the present invention is specially suitable for children, since it has the effects of promoting appetite and removing food stagnation, clearing heat and arresting convulsion, and long-term intake of sucrose or other excipients which are not beneficial for their health is avoided..
Eu Yan Sang International Ltd

Maturative guiding pacifier for baby

The present invention relates to pacifiers for new born children, and more particularly to a maturative guiding pacifier for baby comprising an intra-oral part comprising a nipple; a shield for preventing the baby from swallowing said maturative guiding pacifier; and a connecting part connecting the nipple to the shield. The maturative guiding pacifier is configured to guide, stimulate and facilitate the neuromuscular maturation process of the jaws, the dentition and the face of the baby in its earliest steps after birth.
Orthoglobal SÀrl

One-button information interactive method and system

The present invention refers to a one-button information interactive method and system. The method includes steps as follow: based on a multimedia-file uploading interface activated by the children, the client adds a corresponding multimedia classification marker to a file header of a multimedia file selected by the children; the server saves the multimedia file in the specified storage space based on the username of the client and the multimedia classification marker, and marks a reading states of the multimedia file; the server retrieves an unread marker, and transmits an information reminding instruction to the net-media player corresponding to the username of the client; a remote controller receives a key signal outputted by the elderly; the net-media player reads the multimedia file with the unread marker from the specified storage space based on the first control signal, and plays the multimedia file with the unread marker via a television in descending order of uploading time.
Guangzhou Dingyi Electronics Co., Ltd.

Preventing display of age inappropriate advertising

Advertisements are screened for age-appropriateness prior to inclusion and display within an application. An advertisement that is available for display within an application is analyzed to determine if either the advertisement itself or if a landing page for the advertisement contains content that is inappropriate for a target age of users such as children.
Microsoft Corporation

Safety retainer for double-track curtain control device

A safety retainer for double-track curtain cords is revealed. The safety retainer includes an outer base, an inner base, elastic members, a fixing base, and threaded parts.
Uni-soleil Ent. Co., Ltd.

Bowling score calculation device, bowling score calculation method, and computer readable medium

The bowling score calculation device, from the result of a game adopted as a calculation source, receives selection of which throw of which frame of which game is to be used for each throw of each frame of a new score, and then calculates a new score by treating as a throw result a knocked-down pin count at the selected throw number of the selected frame in the selected game. Since a result not according to the ability is obtained, children, young people, adult people, and elderly people are allowed to enjoy together.

Lactoferrin supplementation and diarrhea

The invention provides a composition comprising lactoferrin for use in the prevention, amelioration, or treatment of diarrhea, in particular non-infectious weaning diarrhea of infants or children.. .
Nestec S.a.

Children's utensil kit

A children's utensil kit is disclosed. The children's utensil kit includes a plurality of utensils that include a child-sized knife, a child-sized fork, a child-sized spoon, a pair of child-sized scissors and a pair of child-sized chopsticks.

Microbiome markers and therapies for autism spectrum disorders

The present disclosure provides for characterization of normal flora and identifying biomarkers in the gut of healthy, neruotypical subjects. Aspect of the disclosure provide for the characterization of the gut microbiome in ads subjects, characterized by reduced richness and significant loss of the ‘prevotella-like enterotype’ compared to neurotypical subjects.
Arizona Board Of Regents

Artemisinin with berberine compositions and methods of making

An all-natural herbal composition and methods of preparing the same are provided. The novel artemisinin combination therapy (act) consists of artemisinin and its derivatives and berberine, the two active substances mixed with various selected excipient compounds to form a single pill, tablet or capsule for treatment and prevention of malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, dysentery, lyme disease, babesiosis, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, helicobacter pylori, and colitis, in adults and children.
U.s. Phytotherapy, Inc.

Pile manipulation game

A system and method is provided that enables children to learn and practice number sense and basic numerical operations. In one embodiment, children are invited to move objects that represent units, as well as objects that represent tens, in order to visualize the process of solving basic numerical operations.

Fructus ligustri lucidi for growth in children

The present invention relates to a non-therapeutic and therapeutic use of fructus ligustri lucidi for increasing the body growth and in particular body length of young subjects. A further aspect of the invention pertains to food products comprising an alcohol extract of said fructus as well as pet food products comprising said fructus..
Nestec S.a.

Callpath finder

Techniques and systems for creating a function call graph for a codebase are disclosed. Graph creation includes identifying functions in the codebase by a function signature and representing a function as a first node in the call graph.
Google Inc.

Challenge course for children

A challenge course for having a height from the platform to the track that allows a child or person about 3 feet or 4 feet tall to grab a lanyard and control a tracking member being displaced in a track. The obstacle having sizes and distances that prevent children's feet from falling in between boards of the obstacle..

System and optimizing sports performance and an improved means for coaching children in recreational sports

Method and a system for providing a skill training and reward program is provided. The method comprises steps for registering a player for particular sport or skill, associating a coach or other sponsor with that user, permitting the creation of one or more challenges that are intended to improve the skill, importing information regarding the user's completion of the challenge, enabling a coach or other user to confirm completion of the challenge and initiate a badge or reward for appropriate completion.
Soccersphere Llc

Kit for instructing the proper use of sporting goods

The present invention relates to providing direct assistance and instruction to hand placement on balls and other sporting good equipment to improve the skills for those trying to learn the sport, including but not limited to young children where early habits are formed. Without proper assistance and instruction, bad habits for hand placement are formed and limit the ability for anyone to truly excel or just enjoy the sport..

Shopping assisting apparatus

An apparatus comprises a bag used for individuals with special needs (children and adults) and for typically developing children. The bag is used as a shopping list and schedules for what may happen on other community events to help with an easier transition on these activities for anyone that may need assistance.

Methods of improving tolerance related to feeding in an infant, toddler, or child

Disclosed are nutritional formulations including predigested fats that can be administered to preterm infants, infants, toddlers, and children for improving tolerance, digestion, and absorption of nutrients and for reducing the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis, colic, and short bowel syndrome. The predigested fats include fatty acid-containing monoglycerides and/or a fatty acid component..
Abbott Laboratories

Oriental medicine compositions marked as sec 22 and sec 33 for improving children's underweight, low growth and depressed respiratory organ

The present invention relates to oriental medicine compositions marked as sec 22 and sec 33 for improving digestive functions and respiratory functions for improving children's underweight, low growth and depressed respiratory organ, an oriental medicine derived therefrom, and methods of preparing them. According to an example of the present invention, the oriental medicine composition containing broiled fruit of crataegus pinnatifida, broiled root of atractylodes japonica, dried peel of citrus unshiu, broiled sprout of hordeum vulgare, broiled fruit of amomum xanthioides, root of zingiber officinale, dried fruit of zizyphi, and horn of cervus elaphus..


The present invention relates to a highchair for babies or small children, comprising a lower base part (11) and an approximately bowl-shaped seat (12), which is attached in the upper area of the base part and which comprises an outer seat bowl (20) that is somewhat larger in holding volume and an inner seat bowl (21) that is somewhat smaller in holding volume and that can be fit into the outer seat bowl. The inner seat bowl can be fastened to the outer seat bowl so that also larger children can sit in the highchair after the inner seat bowl has been removed.
Mima International Holdings Limited

Children's ride-on vehicles and play systems incorporating wheel and track assemblies

Play systems of the present disclosure comprise a children's ride-on vehicle and a companion track. The companion vehicle and track each include a guide surface that is complementary to the companion apparatus and configured to guide the vehicle along a path of travel defined by the track.
Mattel, Inc.

Track assemblies and track assembly kits for children's ride-on vehicles

Track assemblies and track assembly kits for children's ride-on vehicles, as well as children's ride-on vehicle systems, according to the present disclosure are configured for assembly and disassembly of a track assembly. Track assemblies may include elongate rail members, couplers that are configured to couple together two elongate rail members, and optionally tie members that include one or more couplers.
Mattel, Inc.

Children's ride-on vehicles and play systems incorporating wheel and track assemblies

Play systems of the present disclosure comprise a children's ride-on vehicle and a companion track. The companion vehicle and track each include a guide surface that is complementary to the companion apparatus and configured to guide the vehicle along a path of travel defined by the track.
Mattel, Inc.

Leg warmer

The invention is a product that is an improved leg warmer that is easy to wear and remove, including for young children.. .

Nutritional products including a novel fat system including fatty acids

Disclosed are nutritional formulations including predigested fats that can be administered to preterm infants, infants, toddlers, and children for improving tolerance, digestion, and absorption of nutrients and for reducing the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis, colic, and short bowel syndrome. The predigested fats include fatty acid-containing monoglycerides and/or a fatty acid component..

Special blended compositions containing corn flour and potato flakes

This invention is a blended composition of 76-80% corn flour and 20-24% potato flakes; for the preparation of fufu a popular africa meal, and for making infant and children food formula.. .

Ready to eat cold vegetable cakes with ingredients

Cold and ready to eat vegetable cakes, and with a variety of ingredient combinations are suitable for healthy consumption. The vegetable cakes are soft in texture and high in nutrition.

Ready to eat cold beverage cakes with ingredients

Cold and ready to eat beverage cakes, and with a variety of ingredient combinations are suitable for healthy consumption. The beverage cakes are soft in texture and high in nutrition.

Smart water heater with improved temperature control

A system is disclosed that allows a user to set a temperature of a water heater by remote control where the water heater controls temperature based on waster use as measured by a water flow meter. The temperature can be an override temperature that is applied temporarily.

Children balancing vehicle

A children balancing vehicle comprises a front vehicle rack, a handle set, a rear fork, a seat tube and a fastening component. The front vehicle rack has a front fork.

Stringless curtain structure

A stringless curtain structure has a curtain body, a string rolling mechanism and two breaking units, wherein weight of a spring in the string rolling mechanism and a weighted lower beam is balanced, the user can push/pull the weighted lower beam to control a curtain of the curtain body to eliminate the exposure of the string, so little children would not play with the string to lead to dangerous situation. Furthermore, the breaking unit is disposed at each sides of the string rolling mechanism, so when the curtain needs to be positioned, the friction between the string and the breaking units can be used to enhance the precision of the positioning of the curtain body..

Pediatric application of bioabsorbable polymer stents in infants and children with congenital heart defects

Methods of treating congenital heart defects in infants and children with bioabsorbable polymer stents are described. The treatments reduce or eliminate the adverse affects of congenital heart defects or may be palliative..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Novel therapeutic uses of mu-opiate receptor peptides

The present invention pertains to novel uses of endomorphine-1 peptide, analogs, and salts thereof for therapy of children, patients currently suffering from drug addiction, patients prone to opioid addiction, and patients with chemo-induced pain.. .
Cytogel Pharma, Llc.

Variable-attitude systems for training wheels for bicycles and mini-motorcycles

Variable-attitude systems used with training wheels for children's bicycles and mini-motorcycles are provided, which include a metal arm, mounted on a bicycle or mini-motorcycle frame, by a second metal arm and by a hinge joint, wherein elastic elements are provided, housed around the joint which, through the two arms thereof, imparts a pressure which may be modulated on the second arm which supports the training wheels to adhere to the sliding plane.. .
Montecarlo Look S.r.i.

Collapsible two seat perambulator

A buggy for transporting children has a frame and wheels that are rotably mounted relative to the frame to support the frame above a ground surface. A primary seat is operatively supported by the frame for supporting a first child.
Phil And Teds Most Excellent Buggy Company Limited

Wheeled compartmentalized cart

A cart is provided to carry chairs and a large shade umbrella. The cart, regardless of configuration, will also contain a number of convenience pockets to carry stadium blankets, binders, tablet pcs, sunscreen, etc.

Children's garment having lower body opening

The various embodiments include a children's garment having a selectively re-sealable lower body opening to enable changing of a child's diaper. The lower body opening may have an apex on the lower area of a garment torso portion and may extend continuously downward along the inner regions of a first and second leg portion.

Toilet training doll for children

Disclosed is a toilet training aid for children. The device comprises a doll having a microphone, a sound recognition processing module, a memory, and a speaker imbedded therein.

Footrest for car seat

A footrest for a car seat is disclosed. The footrest includes a coupling plate including at least one first coupling hole formed in a surface of the coupling plate, a supporting plate including at least one second coupling hole formed in a surface of the supporting plate, and at least one guide bar having a column shape and detachably coupled into the first coupling hole and the second coupling hole.

Adapter for an anesthesia face mask

The present invention is directed toward an adapter for use with an anesthesia face mask prior to a medical procedure, such as surgeries on children. The adapter comprises a housing having on its proximal end a cooperatively structured entry port facilitating connection of the housing to an orifice of the anesthesia face mask structured for intake of inhalational anesthetics or other gases.

Portable fire pit cover

A portable safety enclosure for an outdoor fire pit is intended specifically for use when the fire pit or other fire container is in use and an open flame or heat source is present. The safety enclosure would prevent accidental contact with the fire container or fire pit, particularly by children or animals.

Desktop application for accessing a cloud collaboration platform

Embodiments of the present disclosure include systems and methods of a desktop application for accessing a cloud collaboration platform. The disclosed application utilizes a native desktop environment to provide a better cloud collaboration experience by making the cloud-based platform accessible for file editing, file opening/closing/previewing, moving files between the local desktop environment and a web application (e.g., native to the cloud-based platform), syncing folders or marking any folders or parents/children of any folders to sync and/or utilizing any of the collaborative features (e.g., emailing links or inviting collaborators to collaborate on a file directly via the desktop environment using native contacts or contacts in the web app environment)..
Box, Inc.

Earring hearing aid

The advantage of the present invention over prior know hearing aid devices are that it is a complete hearing aid which is worn as jewelry, thus not giving any indication that it is a hearing aid. The earring hearing aid offers women, men and children a hearing aid that is aesthetically beautiful as jewelry that functions with the latest technology.

Child monitoring system

A child monitoring system for helping parents to monitor their children. The system includes a parental unit that preferably includes a band with a housing thereon so as to resemble a watch.

Collapsible two seat perambulator

A buggy for transporting children has a frame and wheels that are rotably mounted relative to the frame to support the frame above a ground surface. A primary seat is operatively supported by the frame for supporting a first child.
Phil And Teds Most Excellent Buggy Company Limited

Ball & jacks playing cards game

The present invention is a ball & jacks playing card game that simulate the ball and metal jacks floor game using a deck measuring 2¼ inch by 3½ inch or standard size deck totaling 108 cards in which 80 cards are called jack cards and divided into 10 suits being 8 one's, 8 two's, 8 three's, 8 four's, 8 five's, 8 six's, 8 seven's, 8 eight's, 8 nine's, and 8 ten's with 28 special cards being 8 ball cards, 8 throw 2 cards, 6 wild cards, 6 skip cards and using only pairs and straights causing the card game to be manipulative, challenging, strategic and fun for all adults and responsible age children played by 1 to 4 players.. .

Reusable labels for infant's bottles or children's cups

An exemplary apparatus includes a container configured to hold and dispense a liquid, and a reusable label configured for use with the container. The reusable label includes a flexible band section and a flexible label section.

Multi-material ripping snips

Snips and scissors that have traditional cutting blades in conjunction with cutter wheels attached and used for cutting sheet materials to be faster and more efficient than conventional snips and scissors, a tool with no conventional scissor blades but uses arms to attach the cutter wheels still using the scissors action to cut and also make gliding cuts in sheet materials with a safety cutter wheel assembly and embodied in children's type safety scissors, a tool that allows interchangeable wheels to be replaced for a new set or removable for sharpening of either the blade or the cutter wheels also a set of plinking. .

Drowning detection and response system

A system for detecting and responding to potential drowning situations in particularly adapted to shallow pools and bathing tubs for infants and small children. One or more motion sensors detect potential drowning patterns based on intervals of above-water movements followed by cessation of such movements.

Method and constructing a neuroscience-inspired artificial neural network

A method and apparatus for constructing a neuroscience-inspired dynamic architecture (nida) for an artificial neural network is disclosed. The method comprises constructing, in one embodiment, an artificial neural network embodiment in a multi-dimensional space in memory such that a neuron is connected by a synapse to another neuron.
University Of Tennessee Research Foundation

Simplified cell phone

A simplified cell phone is provided. The present simplified cell phone is able to call only a single pre-programmed phone number and automatically calls that number when the phone is opened, without any additional actuation by the user.

Construction toy set for toddlers and young children

A construction toy set that stimulates young children to plan and construct objects with which they can play or interact when finished. The set includes pieces with joints that allow the child to build an object having parts that turn or rotate, allowing him or her to play actively with the object when fully assembled.

Interactive educational system

An interactive educational system for elementary school age children is provided. There is a base module having a housing that has an outer configuration and may take a variety of shapes.
Dynepic, Llc

Window covering

A window covering comprises an upper rail, a window shade located below the upper rail, a lower rail located below the window shade, a first press assembly and a second press assembly located at two sides of the lower rail and spaced from each other, and a cord winding assembly located in the lower rail to connect to the first press assembly and second press assembly. A first cord and a second cord run through two opposite sides of the window shade to fasten to the cord winding assembly.

Children's garment and blanket system

A children's garment and blanket system includes, in one embodiment, pajamas having a series of snaps (or other means of attachment) attached at various locations thereon, together with a blanket, quilt, or other covering having a series of corresponding snaps (or other corresponding means of attachment), so that the blanket may be affixed to the pajamas in order to hold it in place while the child is sleeping, and prevent the child from kicking the blanket off during the night. Multiple blankets may be removably attached together, and may further be removably attached to the pajamas.

Operator free system for self-propelled small cars for children

An operator free system permitting use by children of self-propelled vehicles has a track delimited by a fence. An input door device allows access into the track by only one child a time, an access detector signaling each child's entry.
Eurogames S.r.l.

Dairy beverage and preparation thereof

A shelf-stable beverage adapted for consumption by infants and young children is disclosed, as well as its manufacturing process. The beverage comprises milk, hydrolysed cereals, and fermented milk, in particular yogurt, and pectin.
Nestec S.a.

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