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Children patents

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Opiorphin for use as a psychostimulant agent

Institut Pasteur

Opiorphin for use as a psychostimulant agent

Wireless toy systems and methods for interactive entertainment

Mq Gaming

Wireless toy systems and methods for interactive entertainment

Wireless toy systems and methods for interactive entertainment

Umm Al-qura University

System and method for detecting and visualizing live kinetic and kinematic data for the musculoskeletal system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Children-related patents
 Systems and methods for detection and management of viewing conditions patent thumbnailSystems and methods for detection and management of viewing conditions
Implementations relate to systems and methods for detection and management of viewing conditions. One or more sensor devices can be provided for a user to monitor, manage, and adjust viewing conditions to promote the health and the user's health and vision.

 Opiorphin for use as a psychostimulant agent patent thumbnailOpiorphin for use as a psychostimulant agent
The present invention relates to peptides derived from human basic proline-rich lacrimal protein (bplp), notably opiorphin, for use as psychostimulants. These peptides are useful in the treatment or prevention of diseases such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd), narcolepsy, hypersomnia, vigilance drop, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (adhd), attention deficit and/or hyperactivity in adults and in children, depression, bipolar disease, dysthymic disorder and cyclothymic disorder..
Institut Pasteur

 Wireless toy  interactive entertainment patent thumbnailWireless toy interactive entertainment
A playmate toy or similar children's toy is provided having associated wireless, batteryless id tag that can be read from and/or written to using a radio-frequency communication protocol. The tag is mounted internally within a cavity of the toy and thereby provides wireless communication of stored information without requiring removal and reinsertion of the tag.
Mq Gaming, Llc

 System and  detecting and visualizing live kinetic and kinematic data for the musculoskeletal system patent thumbnailSystem and detecting and visualizing live kinetic and kinematic data for the musculoskeletal system
A system and method using a single 3d motion sensing microsoft kinect for windows augmented with computer vision algorithms for detecting, recognizing and tracking the movement of different joints of the body of a subject and deducing kinetic and kinematic data from those movements. The method requires only a single motion sensing device and is non-invasive as the subject does not need to wear any external devices on the body.
Umm Al-qura University

 Building entity relationship networks from n-ary relative neighborhood trees patent thumbnailBuilding entity relationship networks from n-ary relative neighborhood trees
Entities are objects with feature values that can be thought of as vectors in n-space, where n is the number of features. Similarity between any two entities can be calculated as a distance between the two entity vectors.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Toy storage box patent thumbnailToy storage box
A storage box configured to operate in tandem with at least one other storage box of substantially the same construction and features, as part of a storage box system. The storage box system may be employed to reinforce neatness in children by limiting the number of puzzles, games, or other toys that a child can access at once.

 Children's storage solution patent thumbnailChildren's storage solution
A storage solution for children's toys is described. A storage and transportation device for children's items (e.g., toys, puzzles, craft supplies, etc.) is specially designed to be used by children, including children under three years old.
Lucky Cat Inc. Llc

 Tossing game system with hand puppets and ball patent thumbnailTossing game system with hand puppets and ball
A tossing game system includes hand puppets and a ball whose outer surface is covered in loop type material. A tennis or similar type ball is covered with loop type material.

 Device for children's footwear including wireless sensor and control for games and applications patent thumbnailDevice for children's footwear including wireless sensor and control for games and applications
A wireless sensor and control for games and applications to be applied to children's footwear, including a microchip, a 20/32 battery (a), a pvc protective capsule (b), a cover (c), screws (d) and orifices (f) for the shoestring, to be used as a wireless sensor and control for games and applications to be applied to children footwear and clothes.. .
Kidy Birigui Calçados Indústria E Comércio Ltda.

 System and  complimentary day/night children's skin cream compositions patent thumbnailSystem and complimentary day/night children's skin cream compositions
A new skin care system includes day and night skin cream compositions comprising nutrients and antioxidants for use by children between six months and eighteen years of age. The day skin cream composition provides protection from uv radiation and the night skin cream composition contains no sun protection ingredients and elevated levels of nutrients and antioxidants.


Sporting helmet backpack, lunchbox and travel luggage

The present invention provides a backpack/bag in different shapes/designs. It provides a backpack, lunchbox for children, travelling luggage which comprises back in the shape of different sporting helmets or masks such as hockey mask, football helmet, baseball helmet etc.


Pattern code recognition multimedia playback apparatus, and driving same

The present disclosure describes a sensing technology. A pattern code recognition multimedia playback apparatus and driving method therefor according to some embodiments recognize pattern code by using pattern code recognition pen, extract multimedia data corresponding to the recognized pattern code from pattern code recognition set-top box, and control playback of the multimedia data, thus easily calling multimedia data stored in memory pack attached to the pattern code recognition set-top box with the pattern code recognition pen for recognizing pattern code printed on pattern code-printed material and promptly and easily watching the multimedia data played through display unit.


Spill-proof coloring container

The spill-proof coloring container is an invention that because of its unique geometry and design, will when oriented in any position prevent spillage of liquid contents when filled to predetermined amount. Because of the use of vacuum formed sheet in the construction of the container, the container pieces are compactly stackable and are of substantially low manufacturing cost.


Life safety device with compact circumferential acoustic resonator

Low frequency alarm tones emitted by life safety devices are more likely to notify sleeping children and the elderly. Disclosed herein is a life safety device equipped with a novel, compact, circumferential resonant cavity which increases the low frequency (400-600 hz square wave) acoustic efficiency of an audio output apparatus formed by acoustically coupling an audio output transducer to the resonant cavity.


Vaccine composition for naive subjects

The invention relates to nasally-administered vaccine compositions effective in naive subjects such as children. Further, the vaccine composition is suitable for vaccinating the general population during a pandemic.
Eurocine Vaccines Ab


Vaccine composition for use in immuno-compromised populations

The invention relates to nasally-administered vaccine compositions effective against infection in immuno-compromised populations. One aspect of the invention is directed to the pediatric use of the vaccine of the invention including a vaccine effective in children against seasonal influenza virus strains.
Eurocine Vaccines Ab


Introducer catheter with a rotating needle to obtain vascular access

An introducer catheter for obtaining access to a blood vessel includes a hollow needle with a beveled tip extending from a needle hub as well as a flexible sheath slidingly positioned over the needle. The needle hub includes an actuator configured to rotate the needle tip by about ½ of a turn upon reaching the target vessel.


Shoe lace protector

The purpose of this device is to secure, contain, and protect the tied shoelaces found on the majority of shoes in today's world. Especially in the case of children, elderly, or athletes, the shoelaces frequently come undone.


Nutritional composition with non digestible oligosaccharides

The present invention relates to the use of non digestible oligosaccharides above a certain threshold for improving health of the small intestine, in particular in infants and small children, by increasing the luminal fluid volume and reducing the protease activity or density.. .
N.v. Nutricia


Application of the invoke facility service to restrict invocation of compound wireless mobile communication services: division 2 - vehicular safety measures

This invention provides a mechanism for restricting invocation of wireless mobile terminal (smartphone) apps whose execution creates a vehicular driving hazard. Events that cause such hazards are included.


Interactive culinary game applications

A culinary application enables consumers, such as a parent and a child, to engage in discovering cooking recipes in a fun interactive way while also learning about various topics, including math, science, geography and social responsibility. The culinary application can be focused towards children of various age groups.
Chef Koochooloo, Inc.


Influenza vaccination

Influenza viruses have traditionally been administered by intramuscular injection. The invention is based on the idea of using alternative routes of delivery for influenza vaccines, more specifically routes that do not require as large a dose of antigen.
Novartis Vaccines And Diagnostics, Inc.


Magnetic block toy

Disclosed herein is a magnetic toy block having various shapes that allow preschool toddlers and children to play and build different shapes of structures similar to legos, and improve their creativity, space perception and understanding of different geometric shapes. The magnetic block toy includes a plurality of cylindrical protective members (100), wherein each of the plurality of cylindrical protective members (100) include a first insertion hole defined in an upper portion and a second insertion hole defined in a lower portion(111,112), wherein each of the first and second insertion holes (111,112) are configured to receive and hold a magnet (10).
Click-block Corporation


Constraction kit element (variants) and constraction kit

The invention relates to construction kit elements for use in children's building sets and in puzzles. A construction element according to a first variant comprises a flat rectangular base and a connecting unit.


Compositions, uses and methods for treating or preventing dental caries

The present invention provides compositions, uses and methods thereof, for inhibiting the growth of caries-causing bacteria. The composition comprises xylitol, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, anionic polymers and acceptable carrier materials.
Apollonia Health Inc.


Absorbent pad for children with encopresis and enuresis

A securing portion on the lower surface of the pad, for releasably securing the absorbent sections to the inside of the child's underpants; and one or more tabs that can be gripped by the child, located at the edge of the absorbent first section, wherein the tabs are provided with releasable securing means, such that the tabs can be folded over the edge of the underpants when the pad is located in the underpants, with the securing means contacting the outside of the underpants and releasably securing thereto.. .


Bathtub enclosure

A bathtub enclosure is configured to install within a bathtub area. The bathtub enclosure includes an intermediate support rod and an upper support rod configured to span between a first wall and a second wall, and a canopy configured to be positioned atop of and attached to the intermediate support rod and the upper support rod.


Method of diagnosing galactosemia in neonatal screening

A method of diagnosing galactosemia in blood samples from neonates by determining gal-1-p concentrations before 5-7 days of life is disclosed. The removal of interfering compounds allows a more specific and therefore more accurate determination of gal-ip levels in newborn screening for galactosermia using mass spectrometry.


Leaning tricycle

The present invention was conceived based on observations of children learning to balance a bicycle and the turning versus leaning of the bicycle. The result is a tricycle which leans when it is steered and provides the additional feature of limiting the lean so the tricycle will not fall over.


Interconnecting dolls and related methods of use

Disclosed are preferred embodiments of the invented subject matter, which is teaching tools or play objects and related methods for entertaining children while promoting cognitive or motor skill development. In one preferred embodiment, the disclosed teaching tools or play objects are dolls with a system that enables interconnection of multiple dolls, e.g., by connecting devices attached to the dolls' appendages.


Methods of use for probiotics and prebiotics

The present disclosure relates to method(s) for reducing the risk of visceral pain hypersensitivity, modulating the gut-brain axis, or reducing the local inflammatory response in a subject. The method(s) include providing a nutritional composition that includes lactobacillus rhamnosus gg (lgg), galacto-oligosaccharide(s) (gos) and polydextrose (pdx) to the subject.


Methods of use for probiotics and prebiotics

The present disclosure relates to method(s) for reducing the risk of visceral pain hypersensitivity, modulating the gut-brain axis, or reducing the local inflammatory response in a subject. The method(s) include providing a nutritional composition that includes lactobacillus rhamnosus gg (lgg), galacto-oligosaccharide(s) (gos) and polydextrose (pdx) to the subject.


Materials and methods for prevention and treatment of diarrhea and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract

The present invention pertains to the use of the calcium-sensing receptor (casr)-activating nutrients (designated as “casr-based nutrients”) for the prevention and/or treatment of diarrheal diseases and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. In one embodiment, the current invention is formulated for oral administration.


Method of therapy and haptic gaming system for sensory agnosia

A method for treating patients with sensor agnosia is described that uses a gaming system with a specialised two handed game controller that can provide isolated haptic feedback to the patient's hand that has the greatest sensory agnosia. The controller is designed to be easy to use for patients with limited dexterity and requires the user to use both hands to control the controller.


Iqraa front backpack

The iqraa front backpack is better than the present backpack in the world because it balances the books and computers on both sides of the body. Making iqraa better for the spinal cord and backs of children/adults.


Modular system for instruction of learning disabled students

Also contemplated within the scope of the invention are educational kits for use in the instruction of a plurality of children having one or more learning disabilities. Such kits may include the teaching system described above and may further include instructor-targeted materials communicating use of the system to the instructor.


Method for identifying molecular markers of children's skin

The present invention relates to a method for identifying biological markers for characterizing children's skin. The method of the invention thus makes it possible to identify molecular markers that are expressed differently in children's skin than in the skin of adults.


Method of detecting active tuberculosis in children in the presence of a co-morbidity

The present disclosure relates to a method of distinguishing active paediatric tb in the presence of a complicating factor, for example, latent tb and/or co-morbidities, such as those that present similar symptoms to tb in a child. The method employs a 42 gene signature and/or a 51 gene signature.


Pharmaceutical intervention and treating an apraxia of speech in children

A pharmaceutical intervention and therapeutic method for treating an apraxia of speech in children. The child can also be diagnosed with gait abnormalities or impairment autism, mental retardation and dyslexia.


Beverage container system

A beverage container system for babies through small children has a thermally insulated outer container which is sized to receive a standard baby bottle and hold it therein with a retainer securable to hold a standard baby bottle. A cap may be positioned over the baby bottle nipple system to protect the nipple.


Child support unit for a play yard

A play yard system for infants or small children. They play yard includes a frame, and the system includes at least one child support unit for mounting to the frame of the play yard.


Ergonomic twin baby carrier

A child carrier for carrying two children of the same or different sizes has a first and second child carrier portions including first and second carrier pouches, respectively, each pouch attached at its bottom to a waist support, and shoulder straps. The first and second child carrier portions are configured to be secured between the shoulder straps and directly opposite one another.


Device for clamping thick, textured or coily hair

A device for clamping thick, textured, coiled or kinky hair includes first and second curved components, each with an outer edge and an inner concave curved edge between first and second ends. The inner concave edges include a plurality of inwardly directed, spaced-apart teeth.


Scalable tdd calibration for large-scale antenna systems and the like

In one embodiment, an lsas base station has a tree architecture including a central controller at the tree root, one or more intermediate levels of hubs forming tree branches, and an antenna module for each service antenna at a tree leaf. To calibrate an overall ratio characterizing differences between downlink and uplink channels between the central controller and each antenna module, neighbor-calibration procedures are calibrate neighbor ratios between parent nodes and their child nodes.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Method for preventing children being left in car by using obd2 socket and smartphone

A method for preventing children from being left in a car. The method comprises find an obd2 socket in a car; insert an obd2 adapter with bluetooth in the obd2 socket; equip a driver with a smartphone having a reminder program; use the bluetooth to establish communication between the obd2 adapter and the smartphone; when the obd2 adapter obtains car moving information from the obd2 socket, the moving information is sent to the smartphone by the bluetooth; and the reminder program issues order to operate the smartphone to make a reminder to the driver, let the driver take necessary response to prevent children being let in car..


Augmented reality appearance enhancement

Systems, methods, and devices are provided for altering an appearance of acquaintances when viewed through smart glasses, which may be altered using augmented reality technology. In particular, an embodiment of the invention is directed to allowing users to specify their appearances to others when viewed by others wearing smart glasses.
Hallmark Cards, Incorporated


Dynamic display of hierarchal data

Systems and methods for dynamic display of hierarchical data (e.g., a tree) are provided. Dynamic display enables a user to navigate the hierarchical data by dragging, without having to select expand/contract icons.
Brigham Young University


Portable toilet seat for children

A portable toilet set having a base, a foldable stand and a pivoting lid is provided. The base includes a top surface, a bottom surface, an outer edge, and an inner edge.


Baby garment

Embodiments of the present invention relate to garments that can provide a garment for babies and other children that better accommodate their growing bodies. In one embodiment, a baby garment includes a front panel and a back panel.
7933657 Canada, Inc.


Educational puzzle and writing device

An educational teaching device for children to learn and write the letters of the alphabet, numbers, or other elements in proper sequence. The device comprises an inner board surface with plurality of cavities and a separate plurality of puzzle pieces of elements corresponding to the configuration.


Infant nutrition with lipid globules to increase energy expenditure and metabolic flexibility later in life

The present invention relates to nutrition for infants and young children with particular lipid globules, resulting in programming the metabolism to an increased energy expenditure and improved mitochondrial functioning later in life when exposed to a high fat, high energy diet.. .
N.v. Nutricia


Selection, segmentation and analysis of exhaled breath for airway disorders assessment

Methods and systems are described to automatically obtain and analyze a lung airway gas sample from the breath of a person for compositional analysis. These techniques may provide an improved method for example for accurately and reliably measuring nitric oxide for asthma assessment in young children and non-cognizant patients..
Capnia, Inc.


Combination pet restraint and vehicle travel system

The invention relates to a novel combination pet restraint and vehicle travel system wherein a unique travel system has been created around utilizing the latch (lower anchors and tethers for children) mechanism and includes proprietary pet restraints, adapters, vehicle seat covers, and multiple accessories which affix thereto.. .


Program guide system with combination category search

An interactive television program guide system is provided in which the program guide may provide the user with a selectable list of combination categories. Combination categories are composed of multiple simple categories such as sports, news, comedy, movies, children, etc.
Rovi Guides, Inc.


Nasal pinwheel for assisting children in nose blowing

Provided herein is a device (and associated method of using the device) to aid and educate a child in blowing their nose. The device comprises a pinwheel assembly, which is positioned under the child's nostrils such that air expelled from the nostrils will turn the blades of the pinwheel.


Importance sampling of sparse voxel octrees

Techniques are disclosed for generating quality renderings of volumes by sampling a volume light by generating and analyzing a sparse voxel octree. In one embodiment, a volumetric light source may be divided into voxels and importance information stored in an octree.


Can connector for beverage and food cans

Some empty beverage aluminum cans (such as for beer, coke, pepsi and v8 vegetable juice) and empty food cans are recycled and some are thrown away, causing an environmental hazard. The can connector for beverage and food cans can connect empty beverage aluminum cans or food cans together to make things, such as children chairs, foot stools, little dog houses, toys, etc.


Graphical top-down planning system

A system is provided that visually represents a planning structure. The system displays a node that represents an element of the planning structure and a value associated with the element within a user interface.
Oracle International Corporation


Arid1b and neuroblastoma

Neuroblastomas are tumors of peripheral sympathetic neurons and are the most common solid tumor in children. We performed whole-genome sequencing (6 cases), exome sequencing (16 cases), genome-wide rearrangement analyses (32 cases), and targeted analyses of specific genomic loci (40 cases) using massively parallel sequencing to determine the genetic basis for neuroblastoma.
The Johns Hopkins University


Infant or follow-on formula

The formula of the invention, intended both for infants and young children, comprises modified sweet whey proteins free or almost free of cgmp, and at least one probiotic. The invention also pertains to methods for promoting physical development, improving gastro intestinal comfort and developing a healthy gut microflora in infants or young children by fully or partly feeding them with the said formula..
Nestec S.a.


Electrical outlet cover

An electrical outlet cover that is safe, accessible/removable, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable and configurable in design is provided. The electrical outlet cover can be used to cover outlets in older homes that may not be up to today's electrical codes, thus improving the safety of the home.


Composition of nutrients and bioactive substances which promote growth and reduce intolerance and side effects in premature infants

The present disclosure is related to the obtaining of a nutritional formula for the feeding of preterm born infants. The formula comprises a mixture of casein; whey milk protein; alphalactalbumin; beta casein a2 protein, lactose; palmitic acid in beta position; non digestible oligosaccharides; long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (lc pufas); nucleotides; vitamins and minerals; inositol, choline, taurine and carnitine in concentrations sufficient enough to satisfy nutritional requirements of premature children, besides being better-tolerated..
Nucitec, S.a. De C.v.


Parental controls

A web service platform to improve end-user engagement in a captive audience environment. Mobile and web-based clients allow application users to authorize and approve usage of entitlements of other users, including their children, based upon preconfigured rules and the proximity between the user requesting and the user approving authorization to use the entitlement..
Blazer And Flip Flops, Inc.. Dba The Experience Experiience Engine,


Comprehensive traffic control system

The present invention provides a system that utilizes radio signals, cellular network and gps technologies to provide a multi task system that deals with a variety of traffic related aspects such as intersection design systems, in-car traffic light systems, in-car traffic light system app for both drivers and pedestrians, roadside assistance and safety alert systems, high speed chase systems, roadway radar systems, law enforcement safety systems, emergency vehicles preemption systems, vehicle location logging systems, security and crime-fighting systems, missing person search systems and children in vehicles safety systems. The system consists of a number of electronic units, each one of these units perform a number of programmed functions.


Dispenser container comprising safety button structure

The present invention relates to a dispenser container comprising safety button structure. The dispenser container comprising safety button structure according to the present invention is designed such that a button member goes up and down, thereby allowing the contents to be discharged by pumping of a pumping member only when a rotating body is rotated, and thus it is possible to fundamentally prevent a button member from being pressed by children with poor cognition.
Yonwoo Co., Ltd.


Treatment of disease using inter-alpha inhibitor proteins

The invention relates to methods of treatment of medical conditions (e.g., diseases and injuries) in a mammal (e.g., a human), such as hypoxia/ischemia, burns, and viral infections (e.g., influenza, west nile virus, and dengue fever), in adults and in children (e.g., neonates) by administering a composition that includes an iaip.. .
Women & Infants Hospital Of Rhode Island


Weapon safety device

Disclosed is a safety device that maintains a weapon inside a holster in a locked state without requiring the gun to be removed from the holster beforehand. In the embodiments, a single safety device can be used on a variety of holsters to lock the gun inside the holster, without requiring removal of the gun from the holster, therefore preventing children or other unauthorized individuals from accessing the gun and the gun's trigger..
Relativity Engineering, Llc


Multivalent pneumococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugate composition

An immunogenic composition having 13 distinct polysaccharide-protein conjugates and optionally, an aluminum-based adjuvant, is described. Each conjugate contains a capsular polysaccharide prepared from a different serotype of streptococcus pneumoniae (1, 3, 4, 5, 6a, 6b, 7f, 9v, 14, 18c, 19a, 19f and 23f) conjugated to a carrier protein.
Wyeth Llc


Bumper pad device

A bumper pad device is provided that comprises an elongated body portion, a pair of flaps, and fasteners for securing the flaps to one or more wall surfaces. The flaps include an interior surface supporting a first fastener, whereby a separate, elongated surface is first affixed to a wall surface and used to support a complimentary second fastener that secures the flap thereto.


Convertible diaper changing bench

Disclosed is children's furniture capable of functioning both as a bench and a baby changing station by way of conversion through laterally extendable surfaces. It can accommodate both the caretaker and the child.


Screening, diagnosis and prognosis of autism and other developmental disorders

The invention provides a method and system combining functional genomic and genetic, proteomic, anatomic neuroimaging, functional neuroimaging, behavioral and clinical measurements and data analyses for autism pediatric population screening, diagnosis or prognosis. More specifically, the invention provides a weighted gene and feature test for autism which uses a weighted gene signature matrix for comparison to a reference database of healthy and afflicted individuals.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Support apparatus

The present disclosure relates to shelving systems and methods that are adaptable to a number of applications, including building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (“hvac”) systems, shelving units for holding children's games and toys, closet organizers with hangers and shelves, storage systems in a garage or workshop, storage shelves over a garage door, and as a shelving unit for audio and visual equipment. The shelving unit includes a means for attachment to an overhead member, such as a steel beam, wood rafter, wood joist, wood beam, or ceiling, a generally j or l shaped bar, the ability to raise or lower the j or l shaped bar to provide for storage at different heights, an extension member removably coupled to the j or l bar, and wherein the extension member has a length that provides for storage space of different widths.
Quick-sling, Llc


Construction system for creating a customizable adhesive toy playscape using printed adhesive tape and other accessories

A customizable adhesive toy playscape is constructed of a combination of printed adhesive playscape tape and other accessories, such as printed stickers, upstanding signs, toy vehicles, and the tape roll core that can be used by children (or adults) for creating imaginary playscape tape worlds for play, education, or other uses. The playscape tape includes any number of different types of printed indicia, such as road surfaces or natural surfaces (e.g., rocks, dirt, grass), to provide a lifelike play experience.
Inroad Toys, Llc


Math challenger

A math game helps children learn and practice the four basic arithmetic operations. The gaming pieces of the math game include a box container, a supporter, a plurality of pawns, a first set of dice, a second set of dice, a game board and an instruction sheet.
Kidaxis Llc


Tensegrity-based garment for optimising human posture and motion

The discussed matter is comprised of a biomechanical vest designed to optimize body posture and movement. Specifically, the equipment consists of a vest which has areas reinforced by a material that simulates the elastic tension usually provided by body structures.
Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais - Ufmg


Interactive gui for clustered search results

Typical search engines include document snippets. There is no progression from a big picture view of search results to more detailed views.


Stroller with secondary seating

The disclosed stroller is capable of simultaneously carrying multiple children with a cargo area that can be extended or retracted and can carry a heavy load. The stroller is able to easily fold to a stowed state..


System and method to optimize sleep conditions

A system and related method to optimize the process of getting a child to fall asleep. The system is a computer-implemented system comprising a set of functions or algorithms to assist a child develop a routine to fall asleep.
Edia Llc


Protective soft restraint system to secure both adults and children

This invention is a universal, cost effective, disposable, restraint strap system. This invention provides a way for emergency medicine field providers to quickly and effectively secure their patients to a rigid type backboard to immobilize the patient.
Prime Time Products, Llc


Systems and methods for identity-based communication gate for social networks

Systems and methods are disclosed that provide for control of online communication services, including social networks and video games. In some embodiments, parents of children engaging in activities using online communication services can control who their child can engage in communications with, while using online communication services.


Giant children's foam blocks molded around a rigid inner core

A giant foam building block for children includes an inner core, an outer layer and a barrier skin. The inner core is made of foam or expanded polystyrene having a lower density than the outer layer.
Zinus Inc.


Anti-regurgitation and/or anti-gastrooesophageal reflux composition, preparation and uses

The invention relates to compositions intended for reducing, ideally for eliminating, regurgitation and/or gastro-oesophageal reflux phenomena affecting a subject. Anti-regurgitation and/or anti-reflux infant formulas and milks intended for feeding newborn babies, infants and young children are more particularly described..
United Pharmaceuticals


Children's drawing table

Described is a drawing table having a flat, rectangular surface disposed horizontally and having a pair of parallel elongated support members attached on opposing sides of the surface. Spindles are provided on opposing ends of the rectangular surface, and the spindles connect the pair of parallel elongated support members.


Collapsible toy blocks

A collapsible and expandable children's toy building block is described. The toy blocks may be made in various sizes and shapes.


Methods of using inhaled nitric oxide gas for treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome in children

The present invention provides a treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ards) in children using dosing of nitric oxide at low concentrations, such as less than 10 ppm.. .
Ino Therapeutics Llc


Constructing a logical tree topology in a parallel computer

Constructing a logical tree topology in a parallel computer that includes compute nodes, where each compute node includes a hardware acceleration unit and executes an identical number of tasks and the tasks of each node have a rank, includes: creating hardware acceleration groups, with each hardware acceleration group including one task from each node, where the one task from each node has the same rank; assigning one task of a root compute node as a global root of the logical tree topology; assigning tasks of the root compute node other than the global root as local children of the global root; and assigning each of the global root and local children of the root compute node as a root of a subtree of tasks, wherein each subtree comprises the tasks of a hardware acceleration group.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Constructing a logical tree topology in a parallel computer

Constructing a logical tree topology in a parallel computer that includes compute nodes, where each compute node includes a hardware acceleration unit and executes an identical number of tasks and the tasks of each node have a rank, includes: creating hardware acceleration groups, with each hardware acceleration group including one task from each node, where the one task from each node has the same rank; assigning one task of a root compute node as a global root of the logical tree topology; assigning tasks of the root compute node other than the global root as local children of the global root; and assigning each of the global root and local children of the root compute node as a root of a subtree of tasks, wherein each subtree comprises the tasks of a hardware acceleration group.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Polyvalent pneumococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugate composition

Provided is an immunogenic composition comprising 15 different polysaccharide-protein conjugates. Each of the conjugates comprises a capsular polysaccharide prepared from different serotype streptococcus pneumoniae conjugated to a carrier protein, that is, serotypes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6a, 6b, 7f, 9n, 9v, 14, 18c, 19a, 19f and 23f.
Sk Chemical Co., Ltd.


Childrens hair washing chair

A children's hair washing chair comprising a chair, where the chair includes a seat and a backrest; a base coupled beneath the seat; a pair of armrests extending from the base, on each side of the seat; a pair of hooks attached to a back portion of the armrests, where the pair of hooks attach to a portion of a water basin; wherein the backrests positions between an upright and a reclined position between the pair of hooks. The children's hair washing chair suspends a child next to a water basin to ensure that only their hair gets wet during the wash..


Real-time rewards and monitoring children

A system for monitoring in real-time a student's progress and achievements allows parents to set criteria and provide rewards to the student. Teachers, coaches, leaders, relatives and other adults log onto the system and provide input on how well the student is doing.


Metal detecting shoe

A metal detecting system is designed and packaged into footwear such that it can be worn on one or both legs in lieu of carrying a hand held metal detecting device. The metal detecting hardware can be installed in its entirety inside the sole and on the shoe.


System and promoting physical activity and recruiting individuals to participate

A system and method for promoting physical activity in children and recruiting individuals to participate in the program for physical activity. Promotion of physical activity is centered around an entertainment event such as a movie release.
Humana Inc.


Outerwear garment with semi-removable front panels

This outerwear garment makes traveling while clothed in outerwear and restrained in a car seat restraint device safer for children and adults. By allowing the partial removal and repositioning of the front of the garment, proper security of car seat restraints can be achieved while keeping the wearer warm, and without necessitating full removal of the garment..


Array of complementary infant/young child nutritional compositions

The present invention relates to infant/young child nutrition. A set of nutritional compositions having beneficial effects to infants/young children is disclosed.
Nestec S.a.

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Children topics: User Interface, Palmitic Acid, Triglycerides, Fatty Acids, Fatty Acid, Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus, Infant Formula, Lumbar Facet Fusion, Bifidobacterium, Facet Fusion, Intervertebral Disc, Spondylolisthesis, Lumbar Spine, Breast Milk

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