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 A child resistant medical package patent thumbnailnew patent A child resistant medical package
The present invention relates to a medical package for enclosing pharmaceutical composition or medical devices, with at least three degrees of child protection means. The package cannot be crushed or perforated by a child, and is provided with opening means which physically hinder children from opening the package.
Medcomb Holding Aps

 Harness for pulling a trailer patent thumbnailnew patent Harness for pulling a trailer
A harness for a trailer is described, in particular a trailer for transporting loads or children. The harness includes a hip belt and a linkage of drawbars attached thereto, with a right drawbar and a left drawbar which are connected to the hip belt in the region of their front ends in the pulling direction and which can be connected to a trailer at their rear ends in the pulling direction.
Croozer Gmbh

 (macss system) medina alert child safety system patent thumbnailnew patent (macss system) medina alert child safety system
The present invention is to save lives of children, and seniors that might be left in a hot car. The present invention will be activated, when temperatures reach dangerous levels.

 A building block system and building block units thereof patent thumbnailnew patent A building block system and building block units thereof
A building block, comprises a plurality of basic units and a plurality of connectors. Each connector is used to connect each two basic units.
Xiamen Sunnypet Products Co., Ltd

 Fishing game patent thumbnailnew patent Fishing game
A kit including a game table, a game piece removably mountable to the game table, and a fishing rod is described. The game piece includes a game piece body defining two opposite sidewalls and a v-shaped notch.

 Novel use of a bamboo promoting bone growth patent thumbnailnew patent Novel use of a bamboo promoting bone growth
The present invention is directed to a novel use of bamboo on the promotion of bone length growth. More specifically, it is directed to a pharmaceutical composition, a food composition and/or an animal feed composition for promoting bone growth, comprising a bamboo as an effective ingredient.
Korea Medicine Research Institute, Inc.

 Methods of using inhaled nitric oxide gas for treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome in children patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of using inhaled nitric oxide gas for treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome in children
The present invention provides a treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ards) in children using dosing of nitric oxide at low concentrations, such as less than 10 ppm.. .
Mallinckrodt Hospital Products Ip Limited

 Child support unit for a play yard patent thumbnailnew patent Child support unit for a play yard
A play yard system for infants or small children. They play yard includes a frame, and the system includes at least one child support unit for mounting to the frame of the play yard.
Kids Ii, Inc.

 A yoyo capable to be electrically accelerated when held by hands patent thumbnailA yoyo capable to be electrically accelerated when held by hands
A yoyo capable to be electrically accelerated when held by hands, characterized in that, it comprises two spinning bodies (1), a connector (2) connecting the two spinning bodies (1) as a whole, side shaft sleeves (3) provided at center positions of outer sides of the spinning bodies (1), an electrical acceleration mechanism provided inside the spinning bodies (1), and a bearing (4) disposed between the two spinning bodies (1) for winding a yoyo string. The electrical acceleration mechanism is connected to the spinning bodies (1).
Guangzhou Alpha Culture Communicaitons Co., Ltd.

 Foldable and portable children's bed patent thumbnailFoldable and portable children's bed
A portable and foldable children's bed which converts from a closed rectangular traveling structure with wheels, a travel handle and feet, into a child retaining structure that functions as children's bed, bassinet or alternatively a playard or a playpen for small children. The bed contains a hinged compartment, a flip top, which is used for storage of children's equipment..

Bottle for upright and inverted use

A liquid dispensing container is provided having a cap assembly preventing dispensing of fluid therefrom prior to both an alignment of markers and a pivoting of a nozzle which helps prevent use by children lacking dexterity and knowledge for achieving concurrent positioning of the nozzle and markers. A tamper alarm prior to purchase is provided by a pillar and tab preventing dispensing until removed, which if removed, provide a visually discernable alarm to tampering with the container.

A yoyo capable to be manually accelerated when held by hands

A yoyo capable to be manually accelerated when held by hands comprising two spinning bodies (1), a button (2) and a side cap (3) mounted at center positions of outer sides of the two spinning bodies (1) respectively, a manual acceleration mechanism provided inside the two spinning bodies (1) and connecting the two spinning bodies (1) as a whole, and a bearing (4) disposed between the two spinning bodies (1) for winding a yoyo string; two ends of the manual acceleration mechanism are connected with the spinning bodies (1); by pressing the button (2), the manual acceleration mechanism drives the spinning bodies (10) to spin. The yoyo has a wider range of utility satisfying the playing needs of kids and children and at the same time increasing the ways of playing the yoyo and thus the fun in playing the yoyo.
Guangzhou Alpha Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Automobile seat divider - the backseat buddy

A divider, possibly made of soft but strong, sturdy foam, with the pending trademark name of the backseat buddy, to be secured in seats of automobiles, forming a physical barrier between passengers. This barrier can be used for children, pets, or adults.


A pacifier includes a nipple portion, a body portion, and one or more clamps coupled to the body portion configured to attach to a nasal cannula through a friction fit. Each of the clamps is coupled to the body portion of variable lengths to accommodate variable distances between the position of the nasal cannula when inserted at nares and the mouth among different infants and small children.

Non-replicating probiotic micro-organisms protect against upper respiratory tract infections

The present invention relates to non-replicating probiotic micro-organisms and their health benefits. For example, the present invention relates to compositions comprising non-replicating probiotic micro-organisms for use in the treatment of prevention of upper respiratory tract infections and/or their symptoms.
Nestec S.a.

Alternative act with natural botanical active gras ingredients for treatment and prevention of the zika virus

An all-natural active ingredient herbal compositions and methods of preparing the same are provided. The novel artemisinin combination therapy (act) consists of artemisinin, derivatives of artemisinin, berberine, capsaicin and tinospora cordifolia.
U.s. Phytotherapy, Inc.

Paper chain template

Paper chains have been used by children to make paper jewelry for a century. Decorative patches have been worn throughout history, offering feelings of pride and belonging.

Fortified food composition

The present invention relates generally to supporting the optimal growth and development of children through nutrition. In particular, the present invention relates to a composition containing a specific vitamin and mineral mix that—in combination with milk—is ideally suited to complement the goodness of milk, for example at breakfast.
Nestec S.a.

Identifying content appropriate for children algorithmically without human intervention

Implementations disclose identifying content appropriate for children algorithmically without human intervention. A method includes identifying, by a processing device, entities corresponding to topics relevant to children, determining, by the processing device, a children's affinity score for each of the identified entities, and selecting, by the processing device, content based on the children's affinity score for the identified entities corresponding to the content..
Google Inc.

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Method for evaluating the harmful effects of uv on children's skin

The invention relates to in vitro methods for testing formulations or active ingredients for preventing the harmful effects of uv on children's skin, in particular children aged three or less. The inventors have developed methods for evaluating the in vitro efficacy of formulations in preventing the harmful effects of uv on the skin of children aged three or less, using a skin model specifically capable of reproducing the characteristics of the skin of children of this age..
Laboratoires Expanscience

Drive system for a cordless blind

A drive system for a window treatment blind provides cordless operation of the blind in that the blind may be moved between a retracted position and an extended position without the typical user activation of a lift cord. The drive system includes an actuator with a spring tensioned spool that winds the lift cord as the blind is retracted and unwinds the lift cord as the blind is extended.

Bag for toy organization

Disclosed is a device for storing, organizing, and transporting toys. The disclosed device is a bag having characteristics making it suitable for use by children and for use in conjunction with storage and transport of children's items such as toys..

Topical antifungal compositions and methods of use thereof

Described herein are topical anti-fungal pastes and methods that treat fungal infections of the skin, reduce the severity and duration of symptoms of fungal infections of the skin, and prevent recurrence of fungal infections. The topical pastes described herein are composed of an admixture of one or more antifungal agents, excipient inert powder, and a pharmaceutically acceptable topical carrier.
Revolution Pharma Llc

Play yard with liner

A children's play yard including a structural support frame and a liner for attachment to the structural support frame. The structural support frame includes corner posts and cross-members extending between the corner posts to define a periphery of the frame.
Kids Ii, Inc.

Collapsible restaurant and public eating area high chair

A restaurant and public eating area high chair is a high chair intended for use by infants and small children in restaurants and public eating areas. A restaurant and public eating area high chair consists of two front legs, two back legs, a seat, a backrest, a front bar, and side rails that are high enough to keep the child from falling off of the seat.

Children's luggage device

A children's luggage device stores and carries items in a device that is appealing to children and can be used for amusement while traveling. The device includes a container having a bottom wall and a perimeter wall coupled to and extending upwardly from the bottom wall to define an interior space.

Permeable material

Rubber crumb from recycled automotive or truck tires or other rubber products is used to produce a material which is water and gas permeable. This material may be used for erosion control structures in place of, or in addition to, standard rock socks, straw wattle, or other erosion control configurations.

Method and system for improving aiming during optical coherence tomography on young children by synchronization with retinal bifringence scanning

The present invention is directed to a method and system for improved aiming during optical coherence tomography (oct) on young children and those unable to cooperate with oct imaging by synchronization with retinal birefringence scanning (rbs). Oct is performed without knowing whether or not the subject is looking at the intended target.
Duke University

Stage 1 and stage 2 food products for infants

The present invention relates to a food range for infants and children that optimizes food learning and food appreciation, and in particular learning to recognize, accept and like vegetables and fruits. The invention pertains to a product presentation or product range comprising at least 6 nutritional compositions, suitable for weaning infants, said product presentation or range comprising stage i weaning compositions (1)(a), (1)(b) and (1)(c) intended for weaning infants at the start of weaning (up to about 2 months after the start of weaning), wherein said compositions comprise a food ingredient (a), (b) and (c), respectively; stage ii weaning compositions (2)(a), (2)(b) and (2)(c) intended for weaning infants subsequent to the initial two-month or stage i weaning period, wherein said compositions comprise said food ingredient (a), (b) and (c), respectively, and optionally: stage iii weaning compositions (3)(a), (3)(b) and (3)(c) intended for weaning infants subsequent to the stage ii weaning period, wherein said compositions comprise said food ingredients (a), (b) and (c), respectively, wherein said food ingredients (a), (b) and (c) in each of the corresponding stage i and ii (and optionally stage iii) nutritional compositions are present in a recognizable form..
N.v. Nutricia

Life safety device with compact circumferential acoustic resonator

Low frequency alarm tones emitted by life safety devices are more likely to notify sleeping children and the elderly. Disclosed herein is a life safety device equipped with a novel, compact, circumferential resonant cavity which increases the low frequency (400-600 hz square wave) acoustic efficiency of an audio output apparatus formed by acoustically coupling an audio output transducer to the resonant cavity..
Google Inc.

Otitis media prevention system

In an embodiment, the present invention provides a computer system for use by caregivers in the prevention and treatment of acute otitis media (aom) with the use of the galbreath technique in children from shortly after birth to about six years of age. The computer system assists caregivers in the monitoring of children who may be at risk for aom or who may be experiencing an active episode of aom.

Safe package of micro battery with used battery recycling function

A safe package of micro battery with used battery recycling function, which can prevent the children from taking the micro battery easily and swallowed by mistake, comprising a lower cover plate, a folding portion, and an upper cover plate, the same side edge of said lower cover plate and said upper cover plate respectively connected with corresponding side of folding portion; said folding portion configure to fold the upper cover plate in the lower cover plate for fixing integrally and matched mutually; the lower cover plate including a concave part, a insertion slot, an exit slot, and two projecting parts; the upper cover plate including a insertion slit, two sides slits, and an exit slit thereby taking the new micro battery and recycled the used battery via double hands.. .
Poni Greentek Co., Ltd.

Adult tricycles having pivoting frames, suspension systems and enhanced stability

An adult tricycle has a front frame and a rear frame that are pivotally connected together and a suspension for minimizing shock as the tricycle is driven over a surface. The suspension includes a shock absorbing element having a leading end that is pivotally connected with the front frame and a trailing end that is pivotally connected with the rear frame.

Football with blanket inside

A toy product comprising a soft, plush football having a removable blanket contained therein such that the football, when stuffed with a blanket, is approximately the same size, shape, and weight as a real football, and is therefore, capable of being used as a typical football, but safer for children. At a picnic, or “tailgate,” the football can be unzipped to reveal the blanket, which can be used to keep the user warm and protected from the elements, the football of the present invention has been designed so that the blanket functions, in part, much as air would function in an actual football—to occupy the interior space of the football so that it is aerodynamic and can be used to play the game or toss the ball back and forth.

Human milk oligosaccharides for modulating inflammation

Disclosed are nutritional compositions including human milk oligosaccharides that can be administered to preterm infants, term infants, toddlers, and children for reducing inflammation and the incidence of inflammatory diseases.. .
Abbott Laboratories

Flexible article of footwear and related manufacture

An improved article of footwear and a related method of manufacture are provided. The article of footwear can include a sole construction including a midsole and an outsole that are configured to promote the natural motion of the wearer's foot and conformance to the ground.
Wolverine World Wide, Inc.

Improved process for preparing infant formula using a rotary atomizer

The present invention relates to a process for preparing a spray-dried lipid and protein component-containing composition using a rotary atomizer, which composition comprises large lipid globules, preferably coated with polar lipids, and to the compositions obtained thereby. The obtained compositions are preferably for feeding infants and young children..
N. V. Nutricia

Bacterial vaccine and methods for manufacture thereof

Disclosed are stable conjugate vaccine formulations for protection against salmonella typhi, and methods of conjugation between vi-polysaccharide of s. Typhi to tetanus toxoid as the carrier protein, responsible for producing improved t-dependent immune response against typhoid fever caused by salmonella typhi.
Bharat Botech International Limited

Method and system for remote management of access to devices

Embodiments described herein include methods and systems for remotely managing appliances, including enabling communication between a user of the appliance and third party systems. The third party systems can be any entity that has a relationship with the user of the appliance, such as a payment infrastructure handling incremental payments tier the appliance, or as content management entity (for example, helping parents to control access to digital content available to children).
Payjoy Inc.

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Method of transmitting data structures from one computer to another computer

A data structure is transmitted from a first computer to a second computer by transmitting a plurality of messages from the first computer to the second computer. Each message contains data of a node of the structure and one or more references to child pointer locations in previously transmitted nodes.
Deep-secure Limited

System for promoting a secure parent/child attachment bond

A system with a transitional object to promote the bond between children and adults by exchanging that object when in the absence or presence of the adult. Preferably the system is used between children and parents.
Simms/mann Institute For Education And Community Developement

Method and apparatus of surveillance system

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus of electronic surveillance, which employs data gathering devices that continuously collect and relay data (such as images and sounds) to a processor, which analyzes and compares the analyzed data to data samples stored in a catalog, interpreting the data in real time, and if a closely correlated data sample is identified by the program, and if that correlation has a feedback command associated with it in the feedback command catalog, then the program will issue a feedback command to at least one of a specific combination of data feedback devices, and/or may inform users using electronic methods. The present invention is used to track and provide feedback with various quality and safety measures for various activities in diverse environments, such as prisoner management, elder or children's care, or compliance in health care or in the food industry including hand washing behavior..
Yyesit, Llc

Cabinet door and drawer retaining device and securing cabinet doors and drawers

A tension rod assembly that secures doors and drawers of cabinets and chests and the contents thereof from young very small children without altering the cabinet or chest and without the need for hardware or tools. The assembly fits between the underside of countertops lips and the floor, and is held in place by a tensioning means.

Bluetooth low energy (btle) smart car seat alert system

A smart car system maintains a bluetooth paired heartbeat between a modified car seat and a smart phone. The system automatically alerts a responsible person when children are unsafely left inside of vehicles, as detected by a loss of the bluetooth paired heartbeat..

Magnetic panel system and method to fabricate

A magnetic panel system for the construction of structures is disclosed that includes sets of polygonal connector bodies, constructed of plastic or other suitable material, that have corners, edges, and endpoints of rods that are substantially rounded. Hollow, spherical sockets are defined in the corners of the connector bodies with spherical magnets contained therein.

Toy incorporating rfid tag

A playmate toy or similar children's toy is provided having associated wireless, batteryless id tag that can be read from and/or written to using a radio-frequency communication protocol. The tag is mounted internally within a cavity of the toy and thereby provides wireless communication of stored information without requiring removal and reinsertion of the tag.
Mq Gaming, Llc

Oral rehydration solution

Provided herein are oral rehydration compositions useful for treating a dehydrated subject. Exemplary compositions provided herein are oral rehydration compositions customized for use with children, athletes, and subjects having short bowel syndrome.
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Infant nutrition with lipid globules to increase energy expenditure and metabolic flexibility later in life

The present invention relates to nutrition for infants and young children with particular lipid globules, resulting in programming the metabolism to an increased energy expenditure and improved mitochondrial functioning later in life when exposed to a high fat, high energy diet.. .
N.v. Nutricia

Bottle teat

A bottle teat, in particular for infants and small children, having a suction part with at least one drinking slit, and a teat flange connected to the bottom end of the suction part for fastening to the front edge of a mouth of a container, wherein the drinking slit is cut by a laser beam in the suction part, and is opened a small gap when the bottle teat is in an unstressed state.. .
Mapa Gmbh

Button cover for protection of skin and body

Disclosed is a button cover that may be used to cover a button that is provided on the inside of articles of clothing, such as buttons utilized in adjustable children's pants. The button cover is used to protect the wearer's skin from irritation and injury as the button rubs against the wearer's skin.

Puzzle shoes

A toddler and children's shoe with attachable puzzle like pieces. The top front half of the shoe will have an attachment feature such as velcro and or snaps (fig.

Alphabet teaching aid

A teaching aid for children learning the alphabet of any language utilizing a combination of alpha characters each in a cluster with a word starting with the alpha character and a drawing that are drawn in a child's hand. A preferred configuration is an alphabet strip with irregular child drawn borders appearing on a substrate.

Assay for nitrated and total hemopexin in fluid samples

A method of detecting and measuring the level of total hemopexin and nitrated hemopexin in a sample of a patient in need thereof, wherein increased levels of nitrated hemopexin, relative to total hemopexin in samples, are indicative of inactivated hemopexin leading to heme toxicity and oxidative stress. In particular, the method uses an elisa for total and nitrated hemopexin.

Lactoferrin and memory and learning speed in children

The present invention generally relates to the development of cognitive function in infants. More particularly, the present invention provides the use of lactoferrin for improving memory and/or learning speed, and/or for promoting brain maturation in infants under physiological, i.e.
Nestec S.a.

Enhanced electronic cigarette assembly with modular disposable elements including tanks

Radically improved devices, systems, and methods make it convenient to exchange flavoring or active species with ease and without mixing of previously loaded mixtures. Devices, systems, and methods for introducing any species desired for consumption into e-cigarette vapors without heating them, thus avoiding excessive pyrolysis or degradation to those ingredients.

Program guide system with combination category search

An interactive television program guide system is provided in which the program guide may provide the user with a selectable list of combination categories. Combination categories are composed of multiple simple categories such as sports, news, comedy, movies, children, etc.

Toxin decontaminant food product and treating disorders of the gastrointestinal tract

The invention encompasses antidotal food products containing activated charcoal for ingestion into the gastrointestinal tract of a user for treating various gastrointestinal disorders. The antidotal food product is orally administered having the visual appearance and physical properties which enables the desire on the part of young children to chew and ingest the food product..

Hypothermia control device for infants

The present invention is directed to articles for decreasing heat loss from a human body, particularly a small child or an infant. In some embodiments, the articles are infant headwraps consisting essentially of one sheet of a non-woven, polymeric material containing a biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate material, with a plurality of flaps and fastening devices.

Article of clothing for storing and deploying a scarf

A clothing article surrounds a wearer's upper torso. The article includes connected front portion, a collar.

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Systems and methods implementing an autonomous network architecture and protocol

A network having a nodal architecture consisting of a child/parent familial structure formed by a parenting process which creates a structure relative to each node, with descendants below, siblings beside, and a parent above. In this network, a one-to-many relationship exists from the perspective of an entity that is an ancestor to multiple descendants.

Systems and methods for detection and management of viewing conditions using multi-device network

Implementations relate to systems and methods for detection and management of viewing conditions. One or more sensor devices can be provided for a user to monitor, manage, and adjust viewing conditions to promote the health and the user's health and vision.

Mobile recreational structure to simultaneously transport and secure several children up to thirty six months, in the custody of one adult, in case of fire or earthquake

Recreational mobile structure for letting children play and for transporting and securing them while protecting them from falling objects, smoke and flames. The structure is also suitable to simultaneously fill the need of containing and entertaining children, as in a playpen, ensuring that they do not exit, and to store and transport toys..

Apparatus for retaining and storing a pacifier

An apparatus for storing a children's toy comprising a front face, a back face, and at least one connector configured to couple the front face and the back face, wherein the connected front face and back face are configured to form a pocket for storing a children's toy.. .

User defined rules for assigning destinations of content

A media guidance application is provided by which users can define rules for assigning user equipment devices as destinations for media content. For example, a user may define a rule by which selected media content having attributes that satisfy a user-defined condition are downloaded, recorded, or streamed to a particular, user-specified user equipment device.
Rovi Guides, Inc.

Dispense event verification for dispensers

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for dispense event verification. For example, a user verification component may be associated with a dispenser that is configured to dispense material, such as a sanitizer dispenser configured to dispense sanitizer.
Gojo Industries, Inc.,

Examination room table paper system and method

A system and method for displaying information on mobile computing devices based on links encoded and printed on examination room table paper is presented. A mobile computing device can be configured to scan quick response codes and other codes on the paper and access servers across a network based on the decoded links.

Use of vegf antagonist in treating chorioretinal neovascular and permeability disorders in paediatric patients

The present invention relates to the use of a vegf antagonist in the treatment of chorioretinal neovascular or permeability disorders in children. In particular, the invention provides a vegf antagonist for use in a method for treating a child having cnv or me, wherein said method comprises administering to the eye of a child a vegf antagonist that either does not enter or is rapidly cleared from the systemic circulation.

Manipulatable construction toy set for toddlers, young children and others

A construction toy set includes a number of pieces of different shapes and colors which are configured to allow a user to construct a desired object or model by connecting selected pieces to one another. One of the pieces is a first joint piece constructed to connect two other pieces of the set for relative rotational movement about an axis of the piece.

Magnetic resonance imaging tool to detect clinical difference in brain anatomy

The present invention provides a system providing a suite of functions for automatically analyzing mri images of brains to quantitatively assess brain development in children and adolescents. The system compares mri images of a subject's brain to a database of normal brains, identifies regions showing abnormal growth, structure, and/or morphology, and notifies the health care provider of such abnormalities.
Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Children's crawling aid that rocks

A children's crawling aid that rocks may include a base having a top side, bottom side, a forward section, and a rear section. The top side may have an arcuate surface.

Modular seat and shelving system

A modular seating and shelving system including two or more blocks. Each block includes six sides defining an open interior.

Teaching and aiding interactive apparel

The demand for earlier independence among children, greater functional independence by the disabled, confident living by the adult aloof, and longer independent living by the elderly is increasing among individuals, family members, and society. Proper apparel use is a key part of independent living.

Vehicle vision system with enhanced functionality

A vision system for a vehicle includes at least one camera disposed at a vehicle so as to have a field of view exterior of the vehicle. Control circuitry includes an image processor for processing image data captured by the camera.
Magna Electronics Inc.

Safety mechanical barrier and system for above-ground pool ladders

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to a safety mechanical barrier for use with a ladder for an above-ground swimming pool that is easy to install and provides safety from children accessing the pool via the ladder. Certain aspects of the present disclosure relate to a safety mechanical barrier that blocks access to the ladder itself, thereby restricting access to an above-ground pool by unsupervised minors..
Polygroup Macau Limited (bvi)

Foldable children's wading pool and use

A foldable, portable fabric children's wading pool for installation in the ground and which has improved stability characteristics is provided. The pool includes a waterproof fabric base, a middle stabilizer section with a foam stiffening strip, and a sand anchor section with sleeves for holding a weighting material such as sand.

Use of a vegf antagonist in treating retinopathy of prematurity

The present invention relates to the use of a vegf antagonist in the treatment of retinal neovascular disorders in infants. In particular, the invention provides a method for treating an infant having retinopathy of prematurity (rop), wherein said method comprises administering to the eye of an infant a vegf antagonist that either does not enter or is rapidly cleared from the systemic circulation.

Medical toy kit and storage device

A medical toy kit and storage device comprising a housing to contain a plurality of medical themed toys, where the housing is shaped as an ellipsoid; a lid atop the housing, where the lid is attached on a hinge; a pair of wheels at a bottom end of the housing; a handle attached to the housing opposite to the pair of wheels; and a set of lights positioned near the handle, where the set of lights flash to resemble an emergency vehicle. With the kit and storage device children are able to learn about medical instruments by being exposed to what they are and how they work..

Process for preparing pneumococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugates

An immunogenic composition having 13 distinct polysaccharide-protein conjugates and optionally, an aluminum-based adjuvant, is described. Each conjugate contains a capsular polysaccharide prepared from a different serotype of streptococcus pneumoniae (1, 3, 4, 5, 6a, 6b, 7f, 9v, 14, 18c, 19a, 19f and 23f) conjugated to a carrier protein.
Wyeth Llc

Pillow design

The present invention is a pillow that will form fit over children's, teenagers, and adults hands. This pillow will provide a cushion between an individual's hand and head and/or face.

Behavior adjustment using speech recognition system

Methods, systems, and apparatus are described for inducing a user of a speech recognition system to adjust their own behavior. For example, in one implementation, a speech recognition system that allows children to control electronic devices can improve the child's speech development, by encouraging the child to speak more clearly.
Google Inc.

Reconfigurable plush toy

Improvements in a reconfigurable plush toy that is filled with material that allows the toy to be crushed, and washed without harm to the user. The plush toy can be used by infants to young children that can reconfigure the reconfigurable plush toy from known to imaginable toys.

Gable vent that blocks fire, rain and water

Improvements in an outside house vent that blocks embers, water and rain that can cause damage to a house of building. The prevention of fire and ember intrusion into a building prevents fires in homes where invalids and children are left alone.

Beverage cartridge containing pharmaceutical actives

A child-resistant cartridge adapted to be used with an automatic brewing machine. The cartridge has a base and a lidding.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Apparatus and providing interaction service for kids, system using the same

Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for providing an interaction service for children, which give a real-time alarm related to notification details about a child, who goes to a children's educational institution such as a kindergarten or a child-care center, to a teacher and a parent and thereby enable the teacher and the parent to share information and comprehensively take care of the child, and a system using the same. When the teacher enters and transmits a notification message after the teacher uses a terminal to tag an nfc card which a child carries, an interaction service providing apparatus receives the notification message, attaches a connection address of each social commerce site associated with a particular word of the notification message to a partial area of the notification message, and transmits the notification message to which the connection address is attached, to the parent..
Sk Planet Co., Ltd.

Efficient management of cloned data

A method and associated systems for efficient management of cloned data. One or more processors create a “child” clone of a “parent” software image.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method for the treatment of dravet syndrome

A method of treating and/or preventing dravet syndrome in a patient such as a patient previously diagnosed with dravet syndrome, by administering an effective dose of fenfluramine or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt to that patient. Dravet syndrome patients are typically children under the age of 18 and are treated at a preferred dose of less than about 0.5 to about 0.01 mg/kg/day..
University Hospital Antwerp

Pharmaceutical composition in the form of granules for the treatment of metabolic disorders in children

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for pediatric use and having controlled release, for treating metabolic disorders involving urea in children, said composition being in the form of granules behaving like a pseudofluid, said granules including a core consisting of sucrose, cellulose or isomalt particles, and of at least one active ingredient, said active ingredient having a water solubility of 200 g/l to 630 g/l of water, and at least one coating agent covering said core, the mean diameter of the microgranules being 0.1 mm to 1.2 mm and the granules having an angle of repose of less than 30.. .
Assistance Publique - Hopitaux De Paris

Temperature and time alarm wristband

This disclosure pertains to a method and apparatus for monitoring exposure to high temperature and to sunlight. It can be worn by children or adults.

Circulatory water flow system

A circulatory water flow sensory system having a water nozzle attached to a basin. A pump sends water from the water reservoir through the nozzle and into the basin.

Protective edge guard

The present invention provides an apparatus for protecting an infant or small child from injury in the event of unintentional impact with a hard edge or corner. The invention is a pliable guard which can bend around an edge, and adhere to a smooth hard surface via suction cups which are included and positioned periodically along the underside of the guard.

Conditioned response toilet training systems and methods

Provided herein are various conditioned response toilet training systems and methods. The various embodiments described herein include components for detecting elimination events reliably and quickly; notifying caregivers of these elimination events; conditioning children such that a specific cue or set of cues becomes associated with the act of elimination; training one or more caregivers to learn the behavioral antecedents and overall elimination patterns of the child; predicting elimination events so that caregivers may be prospectively notified of a likely elimination; and training children to communicate their elimination needs to caregivers..
Transcontinental Industries, Inc.

Multi-functional children's accessories

An improved children's accessory item may act as a children's comfort item (e.g. A doll or stuffed animal), a backpack, and/or a pillow.

Anti-regurgitation composition maintaining gut motility

The present invention relates to nutritional compositions intended to prevent or treat regurgitations in infants and young children without altering, or even improving their gut motility and/or for preventing and/or treating intestinal disorders of the infant or of the child. The invention also concerns the process for manufacturing this composition..
United Pharmaceuticals

Functional learning device, system, and method

A device, system, and method that supplement learning and cognitive skills in individuals, such as children or adults, with neurodevelopmental learning disorders or age-related cognitive decline. More specifically, the disclosed invention relates to a whole body fitness program and bluetooth-enabled glasses to integrate motion, motor-sensory learning, and vision to change the brain's neuronal pathways and make learning and cognitive skills easier..
Activarium, Llc

Server, system, method and recording medium for searching for missing children using mobile crowdsourcing

Disclosed herein are a server, system, method, and recording medium for searching for missing children, using mobile crowdsourcing. According to an embodiment, a server for searching for missing children, using mobile crowdsourcing, comprises a communication unit and a control unit.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Children topics:
  • User Interface
  • Palmitic Acid
  • Triglycerides
  • Fatty Acids
  • Fatty Acid
  • Lactobacillus Paracasei
  • Lactobacillus
  • Infant Formula
  • Lumbar Facet Fusion
  • Bifidobacterium
  • Facet Fusion
  • Intervertebral Disc
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Lumbar Spine
  • Breast Milk

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