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Children patents

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Earring hearing aid

Earring hearing aid

Earring hearing aid

Reusable labels for infant's bottles or children's cups

Date/App# patent app List of recent Children-related patents
 Desktop application for accessing a cloud collaboration platform patent thumbnailnew patent Desktop application for accessing a cloud collaboration platform
Embodiments of the present disclosure include systems and methods of a desktop application for accessing a cloud collaboration platform. The disclosed application utilizes a native desktop environment to provide a better cloud collaboration experience by making the cloud-based platform accessible for file editing, file opening/closing/previewing, moving files between the local desktop environment and a web application (e.g., native to the cloud-based platform), syncing folders or marking any folders or parents/children of any folders to sync and/or utilizing any of the collaborative features (e.g., emailing links or inviting collaborators to collaborate on a file directly via the desktop environment using native contacts or contacts in the web app environment)..
Box, Inc.
 Earring hearing aid patent thumbnailnew patent Earring hearing aid
The advantage of the present invention over prior know hearing aid devices are that it is a complete hearing aid which is worn as jewelry, thus not giving any indication that it is a hearing aid. The earring hearing aid offers women, men and children a hearing aid that is aesthetically beautiful as jewelry that functions with the latest technology.
 Child monitoring system patent thumbnailnew patent Child monitoring system
A child monitoring system for helping parents to monitor their children. The system includes a parental unit that preferably includes a band with a housing thereon so as to resemble a watch.
 Collapsible two seat perambulator patent thumbnailnew patent Collapsible two seat perambulator
A buggy for transporting children has a frame and wheels that are rotably mounted relative to the frame to support the frame above a ground surface. A primary seat is operatively supported by the frame for supporting a first child.
Phil And Teds Most Excellent Buggy Company Limited
 Ball & jacks playing cards game patent thumbnailnew patent Ball & jacks playing cards game
The present invention is a ball & jacks playing card game that simulate the ball and metal jacks floor game using a deck measuring 2¼ inch by 3½ inch or standard size deck totaling 108 cards in which 80 cards are called jack cards and divided into 10 suits being 8 one's, 8 two's, 8 three's, 8 four's, 8 five's, 8 six's, 8 seven's, 8 eight's, 8 nine's, and 8 ten's with 28 special cards being 8 ball cards, 8 throw 2 cards, 6 wild cards, 6 skip cards and using only pairs and straights causing the card game to be manipulative, challenging, strategic and fun for all adults and responsible age children played by 1 to 4 players.. .
 Reusable labels for infant's bottles or children's cups patent thumbnailnew patent Reusable labels for infant's bottles or children's cups
An exemplary apparatus includes a container configured to hold and dispense a liquid, and a reusable label configured for use with the container. The reusable label includes a flexible band section and a flexible label section.
 Multi-material ripping snips patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-material ripping snips
Snips and scissors that have traditional cutting blades in conjunction with cutter wheels attached and used for cutting sheet materials to be faster and more efficient than conventional snips and scissors, a tool with no conventional scissor blades but uses arms to attach the cutter wheels still using the scissors action to cut and also make gliding cuts in sheet materials with a safety cutter wheel assembly and embodied in children's type safety scissors, a tool that allows interchangeable wheels to be replaced for a new set or removable for sharpening of either the blade or the cutter wheels also a set of plinking. .
 Drowning detection and response system patent thumbnailnew patent Drowning detection and response system
A system for detecting and responding to potential drowning situations in particularly adapted to shallow pools and bathing tubs for infants and small children. One or more motion sensors detect potential drowning patterns based on intervals of above-water movements followed by cessation of such movements.
 Method and  constructing a neuroscience-inspired artificial neural network patent thumbnailMethod and constructing a neuroscience-inspired artificial neural network
A method and apparatus for constructing a neuroscience-inspired dynamic architecture (nida) for an artificial neural network is disclosed. The method comprises constructing, in one embodiment, an artificial neural network embodiment in a multi-dimensional space in memory such that a neuron is connected by a synapse to another neuron.
University Of Tennessee Research Foundation
 Simplified cell phone patent thumbnailSimplified cell phone
A simplified cell phone is provided. The present simplified cell phone is able to call only a single pre-programmed phone number and automatically calls that number when the phone is opened, without any additional actuation by the user.

Construction toy set for toddlers and young children

A construction toy set that stimulates young children to plan and construct objects with which they can play or interact when finished. The set includes pieces with joints that allow the child to build an object having parts that turn or rotate, allowing him or her to play actively with the object when fully assembled.

Interactive educational system

An interactive educational system for elementary school age children is provided. There is a base module having a housing that has an outer configuration and may take a variety of shapes.
Dynepic, Llc

Window covering

A window covering comprises an upper rail, a window shade located below the upper rail, a lower rail located below the window shade, a first press assembly and a second press assembly located at two sides of the lower rail and spaced from each other, and a cord winding assembly located in the lower rail to connect to the first press assembly and second press assembly. A first cord and a second cord run through two opposite sides of the window shade to fasten to the cord winding assembly.

Children's garment and blanket system

A children's garment and blanket system includes, in one embodiment, pajamas having a series of snaps (or other means of attachment) attached at various locations thereon, together with a blanket, quilt, or other covering having a series of corresponding snaps (or other corresponding means of attachment), so that the blanket may be affixed to the pajamas in order to hold it in place while the child is sleeping, and prevent the child from kicking the blanket off during the night. Multiple blankets may be removably attached together, and may further be removably attached to the pajamas.

Operator free system for self-propelled small cars for children

An operator free system permitting use by children of self-propelled vehicles has a track delimited by a fence. An input door device allows access into the track by only one child a time, an access detector signaling each child's entry.
Eurogames S.r.l.

Dairy beverage and preparation thereof

A shelf-stable beverage adapted for consumption by infants and young children is disclosed, as well as its manufacturing process. The beverage comprises milk, hydrolysed cereals, and fermented milk, in particular yogurt, and pectin.
Nestec S.a.

Table with inner row seating

A table having inner row seating comprising a table top having a central opening, outer seating, a center mounting assembly and inner seat positioned on center mounting assembly. The inner seat provides inner row seating for children.

Children's online personal info privacy protection service

A children's online personal information privacy protection service is disclosed, implemented in one embodiment within a home subscriber server (hss) of an ims communication network. The hss maintains service profiles including child user flags identifying which users are child users; and the service profiles for child users includes items of child user personal information content and access authorization data.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Parental control system for controlling access to online store contents

A parental control system for controlling child access to objectionable or age-inappropriate online content is disclosed, implemented in one embodiment within a service platform associated with an online media store. The service platform maintains a parental control menu, accessible by responsible authorities (e.g., parents/guardians and store administrators) to identify child users, to specify allowed or objectionable content items or categories and to specify allowed or blocked transactions relating to those items or categories for certain ages of children or for individual children.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Modular toy car apparatus

A family of toy cars includes a plurality of external body components, which may be removably assembled into a street car, track car or dirt car by children or adult user. The toy car system includes a chassis with fastener receiving holes and each of the body components include a pair of spaced apart attachment holes, such that the corresponding holes of the body components line with each other and with the fastener receiving holes of the chassis when the body components are positioned in an overlapped configuration.
Thoughtfull Toys, Inc.

Natural orientation induction tool apparatus and method

An apparatus for training learning disabled subjects, such as autistic children, induces sound waves into a body of a user through two paths, one heard by the ears through air and the other through a liquid or solid in contact with tissues, such as skin and skeleton on the back of a user, below the collar and centered across the vertical axis of the spine. Two transducers produce waves in the audible sound spectrum, repeat persistently, and provide a tone about a location on which the subject may focus attention.

Examination room table paper system and method

A system and method for displaying information on mobile computing devices based on links encoded and printed on examination room table paper is presented. A mobile computing device can be configured to scan quick response codes and other codes on the paper and access servers across a network based on the decoded links.

Safe container

Novel lockable safe containers for dispensing valuable, dangerous and potentially dangerous goods via a main opening that is easy for adults to open and difficult for children to open, using a finger pressure on a sliding closure with a deflectable extension operable by finger pressure to enable. The novel safe containers have many additional advantages including human factors, ergonomics, manufacturing, supply chain and distribution, warehousing, retail, tamper resistance advantages, and labeling.


Pouchkin is a device used for enabling a user to house prepackaged foodstuff pouches, such as applesauce or other relatively soft food product. The pouchkin device includes a housing having an internal compartment for the insertion of the prepackaged foodstuff pouch.

First electronic tablet high chair

A utility multi-function tray attachment for children's high chairs that provides an integrated insert retainment and display area for electronic entertainment computer based devices of tablet configurations. The tray has a perimeter lip formed thereon with a tray top surface having a transparent waterproof viewing and activation surface window for display and activation of a computer tablet selectively inserted into and retained in the tray.

Method and custodial monitoring, filtering, and approving of content

The system provides a method and apparatus for a parent or other custodian or guardian to monitor, filter, and approve of content to be accessed by a child or children on a network. In one embodiment, the system logs all activity on a network by a child and sends regular historical reports to the parent for review.
Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc.

Audio demonstration kit

An audio demonstration kit encourages understanding of audio concepts by enabling children to construct and study speaker performance. In a particular example, the audio demonstration kit includes a paper speaker and instructions.
Bose Corporation

Audio demonstration kit

An audio demonstration kit encourages understanding of audio concepts by enabling children to construct and study speaker performance. In a particular example, the audio demonstration kit includes a paper speaker and instructions.
Bose Corporation

Audio demonstration kit

An audio demonstration kit encourages understanding of audio concepts by enabling children to construct and study speaker performance. In a particular example, the audio demonstration kit includes a paper speaker and instructions.
Bose Corporation

Audio demonstration kit

An audio demonstration kit encourages understanding of audio concepts by enabling children to construct and study speaker performance. In a particular embodiment, the audio demonstration kit includes a paper speaker and instructions.
Bose Corporation

Audio demonstration kit

An audio demonstration kit encourages understanding of audio concepts by enabling children to construct and study speaker performance. In a particular embodiment, the audio demonstration kit includes a paper speaker and instructions.
Bose Corporation

Audio demonstration kit

An audio demonstration kit encourages understanding of audio concepts by enabling children to construct and study speaker performance. In a particular example, the audio demonstration kit includes a paper speaker and instructions.
Bose Corporation

Toilet seat cover and portable dispenser for same

A toilet seat cover includes a panel having a surface configuration generally conforming to the shape of a toilet seat to cover the top surface of the toilet seat. The panel has a central opening corresponding to the opening formed by an inner edge of the toilet seat.

Swimming pool divider

Described is a swimming pool divider that can be used to create a separated, shallow pool within a larger in-ground pool that is constructed for use by children. The swimming pool divider includes a first panel disposed vertically within a pool and secured about the pool's entryway, such as the pool's stairs.

Padded glove device for children and methods of making and using same

Protective gear for infants and young children such as passed anti-scratching hand coverings are described. The gloves can alleviate harmful scratching of the child's hands on his or her face or other vulnerable areas.

Gesture-based system enabling children to control some vehicle functions in a vehicle

A system for a vehicle is configured to enable young children to control certain vehicle functions such as audiovisual, entertainment or temperature control functions. In different variations, the system can detect the presence of a child in a rear vehicle seat, determine whether the child a specific child known to the system and then accordingly grant vehicle function control permissions.
Toyota Motor Sales, U.s.a., Inc.

Deuterium-enriched pyridinonecarboxamides and derivatives

Are partial or full agonists of serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine or 5-ht) receptor subtype 4 (5-ht4), and are useful compounds for the prevention and treatment of alzheimer's disease, cognitive and memory dysfunction, mild cognition impairment, memory decline, cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia, cognitive impairment associated with age-related dementia or alzheimer's disease, cognitive impairment associated with post-coronary bypass surgery, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, speech improvement in autistic children, sleep apnea in alzheimer's patients, age-related macular degeneration (amd), irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, crohn's disease, emesis, nausea, vomiting, prokinesia, non-ulcer dyspepcia, anxiety, depression, pain, migraine, urinary incontinence, arterial fibrillation, arrhythmia, ischemic stroke, gastric emptying disorders, gastritis, gastrointestinal disorders, feeding disorders, obesity, anorexia, constipation, respiratory depression, and erectile dysfunction.. .

Formulation for iron supplements

An iron supplement nutritional formulation for infants and adults is provided using a non-nutritive sweetener including an extract from monk fruit (siraitia grosvenorii) in combination with a polysaccharide iron complex. The formulation improves the taste and palatability of the supplement, thereby increasing the dosage accuracy within children and infants who tend to spit out or regurgitate other forms of polysaccharide iron complexes..

Process for preparing infant formula

The present invention relates to a process for preparing a spray-dried lipid and protein component-containing composition comprising large lipid globules, preferably coated with polar lipids, and to the compositions obtained thereby. The obtained compositions are preferably for feeding infants and young children..
N. V. Nutricia

Accessory and spill-proof cap for bottled beverage

A replacement bottle cap with a straw attached is described that is designed to fit standard water, soda, juice, smoothie and commercial drink cap sizes and turn them into sip-able bottles for both children and adults. The children's caps can come with special or customizable design for either boys or girls, while the adult version can come in a variety of stylish cap colors.

Hierarchical garbage collection in an object relational database system

Techniques of hierarchical garbage collection in an object-relational database system are described. When the object-relational database system receives a request to delete an object, the object-relational database system marks the object for deletion.
Owtware Holdings Limited, Bvi

Block toy for music education

Disclosed is a block toy for music education which recognizes combined melody blocks so as to replay sounds in order having the same pitch as the melody blocks, thereby playing a melody. The corresponding melody block is lit up to display a playing melody block while playing a melody.
Human League Co., Ltd.

Children's furniture

children's furniture for organizing clothing and accessories is described herein. The furniture, a valet system, is shaped in the form of a young boy or young girl.

Systems and methods for social parenting platform and network

A parent social network based on relationship of children, including of activities, needs, interests or combinations thereof, is described. The parent social network can identify at least two minors with a common activity, need, interest or combination thereof, identify an adult responsible for the identified minors; and propose to link the identified adults.
Bloomz, Inc.

Heat therapy device

A heat therapy device, in particular an incubator, for treating newborn children, has a bordered lying surface (4) freely accessible from above for accommodating a newborn child. A hood (18) can be moved between a closed position in which the bordered lying surface (4) is covered and an open exposed bordered lying surface position.
Drager Medical Gmbh

Behavioral organization systems

A motivational system for family organization and methods of using the system are described. The system allows for parents to assist children in fulfilling their responsibilities, setting and achieving goals, and learning values.

Write start

The device helps children maintain a proper grip on a pen or pencil, making it easier to write neatly and legibly. It aids in the development of fine motor skills, is also ideal for use by stroke patients or anyone who has suffered an injury to the hand or fingers.

Nutritional compositions for enhancing immune function

The present disclosure relates to nutritional compositions for pediatric subjects, such as children's nutritional products and infant formulas, comprising a protein source, a fat source, and a source of β-1,3-glucan.. .
Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

Breathable seat cushioning and seating device for children

A breathable seat cushioning device includes a seat body, a plurality of air conduits, an air permeable body, a fan module, and a heater. The seat body has a plurality of receiving grooves longitudinally arranged thereon.

Cloud-based enterprise content management system

According to an exemplary embodiment of the invention, a database system includes a memory storing a computer program; a processor configured to execute the program, and a database. The database comprises a tree graph, where the tree graph is a tree that comprises a plurality of nodes.

Suspension for a bicycle trailer or pram

A wheel suspension is provided for a non-motorized vehicle, in particular a pram or a bicycle trailer designed to transport children, which features a chassis (1) and at least two wheels (8), which are each mounted on a wheel swing arm (11, 15). For each wheel swing arm (11, 15) at least one elastic element (21) is provided, whereby the wheel swing arm (11, 15) supports itself via the chassis (1).
Zwei Plus Zwei Gmbh

Program guide system with combination category search

An interactive television program guide system is provided in which the program guide may provide the user with a selectable list of combination categories. Combination categories are composed of multiple simple categories such as sports, news, comedy, movies, children, etc.
United Video Properties, Inc.

Pediatric application of bioabsorbable polymer stents in infants and children with congenital heart defects

Methods of treating congenital heart defects in infants and children with bioabsorbable polymer stents are described. The treatments reduce or eliminate the adverse affects of congenital heart defects or may be palliative..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Pediatric application of bioabsorbable polymer stents in infants and children with congenital heart defects

Methods of treating congenital heart defects in infants and children with bioabsorbable polymer stents are described. The treatments reduce or eliminate the adverse affects of congenital heart defects or may be palliative..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Childrens inflatable play space

The embodied invention is an enclosed fabric structure that provides a three dimensional play area for a child to play in when it is inflated by a fan. Entry to the play area is by a tunnel connected to the enclosed fabric structure, which in turn, is connected to a horseshoe lift gate.

Crashing game

A children's building block crashing game and a method of conducting the building block crashing game in which building block assembly structures are crashed upon collision. Players assemble personally designed or preconfigured building block sets which meet the game restrictions on size and thickness, and then crash them together by sliding the structures down a low friction mat through a protective plastic shield.

Optical transmitter and controlling the same

Since it is difficult to control correctly and optimally the dc biases of an iq modulator driven with pre-equalized data, a method for controlling an optical transmitter according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes the steps of (a) making direct current biases for driving children mach-zehnder modulators of an iq modulator in the optical transmitter converge to values close to null driving points of the children mach-zehnder modulators, (b) driving the children mach-zehnder modulators with special driving data including a pair of training patterns between which there is a significant correlation, (c) scanning direct current biases for setting quadrature angle of the iq modulator, (d) monitoring output of the iq modulator during step (c), and (e) setting the direct current bias for setting quadrature angle on the basis of the driving data and monitored results in step (d).. .
Nec Corporation

Versioning for configurations of reusable artifacts

Arrangements described herein relate to versioning configurations of reusable artifacts. An artifact baseline corresponding to the present version of a first artifact can be created.
International Business Machines Corporation

Must call

The must call optional universal cell phone application is an application that provides better communication between parent(s) and guardian(s) with teenaged children who use cell phones, along with providing safety, by locking cell phone usage with programmed numbers until voice recognition is established even if the cell phone user is on the phone when programmed numbers call into the cell phone. The user has one minute to contact programmed numbers before cell phone locks them out.

Pharmaceutical composition for treating urinary incontinence and enuresis

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for treating urinary incontinence and/or enuresis, which comprises at least 0.5-20 wt % of a mixture of flavonoids, 2-20 wt % of condensed tannins or proantocyanidins and 0.3-60 wt % of gamma aminobutyric acid (gaba), with respect to the total composition. Said composition additionally comprises at least 0% of a humulus lupulus extract.
Laboratec, S.l.

Multivalent pneumococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugate composition

An immunogenic composition having 13 distinct polysaccharide-protein conjugates and optionally, an aluminum-based adjuvant, is described. Each conjugate contains a capsular polysaccharide prepared from a different serotype of streptococcus pneumoniae (1, 3, 4, 5, 6a, 6b, 7f, 9v, 14, 18c, 19a, 19f and 23f) conjugated to a carrier protein.

Repeatedly collapsible retail stand toy

A retail stand toy that provides for an attractive and sturdy structure, but which can be readily broken down into a folded up arrangement and stored or transported. The stand is generally intended to be a toy so that children can have a retail stand that they can decorate and play with, but which parents can readily collapse and store in a compact fashion when they move on to something else.
Do It Yourself Toys, Llc

Methods for reducing childhood obesity and for calculating childhood obesity risk

The present disclosure provides personalized methods for preventing and/or reducing early childhood obesity that are based upon identifying a child's individual risk of obesity and tailoring methods to prevent or reduce obesity. The methods are based on early inception, anticipatory guidance, sequential guidance, and nutritionally and developmentally appropriate dietary and parental feeding behaviors guidance, all specifically targeting factors that have been associated with childhood obesity.
Nestec S.a.

Puzzle game having associated internal and external images

A puzzle game, such as a puzzle game adapted for use by small children, is described. In some example embodiments, the puzzle game may include two or more puzzle pieces, the puzzle pieces each having an image located on a top surface of the puzzle piece that depicts an external portion of an object, and a base having two or more puzzle piece reception areas corresponding to the two or more puzzle pieces, the puzzle piece reception areas each including an image located on an internal surface of the puzzle piece reception area that depicts an internal portion of the object..
Rainstorm Ventures

Method and vending clothes

A nightwear vending machine to be placed in and around the grounds of all hospitals, clinics and health care centres in the uk. The vending machine will sell women's, men's and children's pyjamas, night dresses, night gowns and slippers to all members of the public and be available 24 hours a day..

Methods of using human milk oligosaccharides for improving airway respiratory health

Disclosed are nutritional compositions including human milk oligosaccharides that can be administered to preterm infants, term infants, toddlers, and children for improving airway defense mechanisms.. .
Abbott Laboratories

Multi-use protective cover

A safety device for children, specifically a cover for use with a variety of surfaces that provides a barrier to protect a child from the heat and/or contamination of a surface. In some embodiments, the device can prevent a child from being burned or uncomfortable by the heat of a swing seat or car seat by minimizing thermal transfer between a child's skin and the swing seat for an adequate amount of time.

Device of contrast of gastroesophageal reflux in children

The present invention concerns a device (10) to counteract gastroesophageal reflux in babies, including at least a flat rigid support (12), with a supporting side covered with stuffing or cushion (11), characterized in that it is supplied with mechanisms of assemblage (19) with a frame (30, 30′) supplied with wheels, the supporting side of said rigid support (12) taking an inclination of 70-90° compared to the horizontal and by the fact that includes also a sling (13) coupled with said rigid support (12) and fitted on said supporting side for placing and securing a baby (20) with his abdomen facing said cushion, in the space between said cushion (11) and said sling (13), said sling (13) including a back rest (15) inclined in the same direction of the rigid support (12) and whose upper extremity is higher than the upper extremity of said rigid support (12) and said cushion (11).. .
Dr Albani Limited

Childs modified truck sleeping bed

A bed assembly for providing a place of entertainment and a place to sleep for people of all ages, primarily children. The bed assembly is functional, ornamental, and entertaining.

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