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Children patents


This page is updated frequently with new Children-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Children-related patents
 Suction cup teether toy patent thumbnailnew patent Suction cup teether toy
The present invention relates to a new type of suction cup toy for children and associated methods of use thereof, and, more particularly, to a teether, a play toy, a construction toy, and/or a combination teether and toy.. .

 Swimming goggles patent thumbnailnew patent Swimming goggles
Swimming goggles comprise a lens frame having an inner circumference surface and an outer circumference surface; a decorative frame assembled with the lens frame and located on a side of the outer circumference surface; and head strap devices at least comprising a head strap being of the buoyancy in water, and brackets made for perforation and orientation of the head strap, and further, the head strap having a first linking element and a second linking element capable of being connected or separated each other; wherein the swimming goggles have no sharp corners on their contour causing the injury, could not be disassembled again after assembled to prevent children from mistakenly swallowing their fallen components, provide the buoyancy in water when accidentally fell into water for ease of pickup for children's safety, and have the decorative frame that could simulate images of cartoon characters to bring out nifty and happy feelings.. .
Global Esprit Inc.

 Trampoline patent thumbnailnew patent Trampoline
The present invention is a trampoline with a unique frame structure to improve strength, stability and safety. The safety poles of the trampoline are organized in a lattice type of formation with multiple joints.

 Toothbrush training game for children patent thumbnailToothbrush training game for children
A tooth brushing training system that appears to be a game to children captures video of a user during tooth brushing and displays the captured video alongside an animated or recorded video illustrating the desired tooth brushing motion. An animated character with exaggerated teeth and a head that flips open may aid in illustrating the desired tooth brush position and motion, guides the user through a desired brushing routine.

 Life safety device having high acoustic efficiency patent thumbnailLife safety device having high acoustic efficiency
Low frequency alarm tones emitted by life safety devices are more like to notify sleeping children and the elderly. Disclosed herein is a life safety device equipped with a novel, compact, quarter-wave, folded resonant cavity which significantly increases the low frequency (400-700 hz square wave) acoustic efficiency of an audio output transducer when the folded resonant cavity is acoustically coupled to the transducer forming an audio output apparatus.
Google Inc.

 Object creation using body gestures patent thumbnailObject creation using body gestures
An intuitive interface may allow users of a computing device (e.g., children, etc.) to create imaginary three dimensional (3d) objects of any shape using body gestures performed by the users as a primary or only input. A user may make motions while in front of an imaging device that senses movement of the user.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Sparkly childrens products patent thumbnailSparkly childrens products
children's products comprising display elements.. .

 Child safety seat with safety belt adjustment mechanism patent thumbnailChild safety seat with safety belt adjustment mechanism
A child safety seat assembly includes a seat shell that is secured to a vehicle seat by way of a standard safety belt system, and a belt adjustment mechanism that facilitates adjusting the horizontal belt path taken by the standard safety belt through the safety seat assembly such that the horizontal belt path aligns with a child's center of gravity (cg). In a first fixed state, the belt adjustment mechanism generates a lower horizontal belt path that is a relatively short distance from the seat base portion, thereby optimizing the seat assembly for securing shorter children or infants having lower cgs.
Inspired Products Group, Llc

 Nutritional supplement for growth enhancement patent thumbnailNutritional supplement for growth enhancement
Provided are nutritional supplements designed for enhancing the growth, particularly the linear growth, of pre-pubertal children with a stature measure short compared to the norm. The nutritional composition includes an energy source, arginine and a combination of micronutrients..
Ng Solutions Ltd.

 Ridable toilet training device patent thumbnailRidable toilet training device
A ridable toilet training device teaches young children to use a toilet. The device includes a frame having a top wall, a bottom wall, a front wall, a rear wall and a pair of lateral walls.


Electric egg beater

An electric egg beater, comprising a housing, a motor, a circuit board and a holding device; wherein the holding device comprise one or more clamps for holding an egg with eggshell; wherein the holding device is configured to be connected to a motor; wherein the circuit board is configured to control the motor to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise; wherein the motor is configured to drive the holding device to rotate the egg held therein clockwise and counterclockwise in alternation. The electric egg beater enables the egg white and egg yolk to be mixed uniformly and rapidly without breaking the egg shell.


Mosquito and safety garment

A protective sleeve-like garment for the legs made of a mesh fabric in a tubular shape with an adjustable elastic band at groin level and another non-rolling elastic band at the ankle, both encased in a woven fabric for comfort. Its dual core purpose is to create a chemical-free barrier between the skin of the wearer's legs and mosquitoes and provide a safety feature of added visibility of the wearer when outdoors, dusk to dark, with the use of light-reflective safety ribbon down the full length of the outer seam of the garment making the wearer more visible to oncoming cars and those searching with flashlights for the wearer.


Alphabet teaching and learning method, system and software product

A method, system and software product is used to teach the english alphabet to young children. The method uses physical positioning by the teacher followed by physical movements and audible sounds that can be mimicked by the children which will assist them in learning the english alphabet.


Gene signatures to identify molecular subgroups in medulloblastoma tumors

Described herein are methods for determining the subgroup of medulloblastoma in a subject in need thereof. The subgroups of medulloblastoma include group 3, group 4, wnt and shh.
Children's Hospital Los Angeles


Parental control of content viewing by children using a remote smart phone

A method and apparatus for providing remote control of content rendered by a set top box is described including transmitting a state request message by a user to the set top box via a server, receiving a state reply message by the user from the set top box via the server, determining by the user if the user needs to control the set top box responsive to information in the state reply message and transmitting a remote control command to the set top box via the server. Also described are a method and apparatus including recording information of events by the set top box, receiving a state request message via a server, generating a state reply message including the recorded information, transmitting the state reply message via the server, receiving a remote control command via the server and performing an action specified by the remote control command..
Thomson Licensing


Alert system for children within proximity of a pool or water

An alarm system surrounds a pool, or other body of water, to alert a parent or other personnel of a potential drowning situation for a child. A pad borders the pool and is separated into sections.


Systems and methods for presenting content and representations of content according to developmental stage

Increasingly, children are consuming digital content on computers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. The sheer volume of content available to children can be daunting for parents to manage and filter for their children.
Netflix, Inc.


Secondary handrail for stairs

A secondary handrail for mounting below a conventional handrail to enable smaller individuals, such as children to use it while ascending or descending stairs. The secondary handrail comprises a mounting bracket defined by a rigid bracket body, a rail attachment member, a plurality of fastener docks, and a spindle depression as well as a rail member, and extension sleeves.


Automatic notification of potential emergency condition during travel

Systems and methods are disclosed for tracking the progress of a trip where a person or persons wish to have a third party automatically informed of a delayed return. For long duration trips and/or trips to distant destinations, people typically make provision for having their pets and/or children watched over.


Data sharing system

Individual communication terminals are connected to a communication network in which one communication terminal functions as a parent that has a relay function, the other communication terminals function as children, and transmitting and receiving of communication messages between child communication terminals are performed via the parent. Each communication terminal transmits a holding list that lists information about data that the own communication terminal holds, to other communication terminals.
Nec Corporation


Geographic utilization of artificial intelligence in real-time for disease identification and alert notification

Systems and methods for generating a diagnosis are provided. In some aspects, a computing device receives medical information for a patient, wherein each medical information item in the medical information comprises a date, a source, and a medical state.
Rush University Medical Center


Device comprising protective netting, suitable for use as a barrier for any type of opening located at a height

The invention relates to a device comprising protective netting suitable for use as a barrier for any type of opening located at a height. The device uses a set of specially designed aluminum sections that can be produced in series and are easy to handle, as well as comprising mobile anchoring elements that engage with guides provided on the section in order to mount the mesh-type safety net that can be used as a containment barrier, preferably for balconies, windows and staircase, which reduces the risk of falls by children and/or careless people, in a secure, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing manner..


A bicycle for children

This invention relates to a bicycle (1,51,61,81,91) for children that can “grow” with the child. The bicycle comprises a frame (3,53,63,83,93) having a seat-tube (5).


Child safety seat

A child safety seat with a seat region, a backrest and, if required, a headrest bordered laterally by side walls, in particular a child safety seat for babies or children up to 14 years, having a sitting/reclining shell with a head end and a foot end, which has raised side walls in side regions, wherein at least in the region of the side walls, at least one energy-absorbing measure is provided. The energy-absorbing measure is configured in the form of at least one energy-absorption unit arranged on a side wall of the seat region and/or the backrest and/or the headrest having deformation elements, in particular, deformation projections and/or recesses extending approximately perpendicularly and/or parallel to the extent of the side wall..
Cybex Gmbh


Accurate step counting pedometer for children, adults and elderly

The present invention related to the area of lifestyle devices, particularly to pedometers used for exercise tracking. This invention aims at accurate recording of steps, speeds, distances, type of motion (walk and run) and calories expenditure, independently of the personal characteristics (age, gender, weight and height).


Multivalent meningococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccine

The present invention describes a combined vaccine that offers broad protection against meningococcal disease caused by the pathogenic bacteria neisseria meningitidis. The vaccine is comprised of four distinct polysaccharide-protein conjugates that are formulated as a single dose of vaccine.
Sanofi Pasteur Inc.


Reusable, eco-friendly container for storing and dispensing food and beverage

The present invention provides a container for storing food and/or beverage, specifically designed for use with infants and young children to adults, constructed of a reusable, ecofriendly fabric and materials.. .


Vehicle occupant support

An arrangement in a passenger vehicle, that provides a mechanism for reducing the peak inertial loading on the occupant including children during acceleration relative to the vehicle under impact.. .


Use of selected anticholinergic zwitterions

Selected anticholinergic zwitterions are administered to slow the progression of myopia in children and to treat myopia generally.. .
Bodor Laboratories, Inc.


Device and respiratory exercise

It allows respiratory exercise to be carried out in a simple manner, even for children.. .


Method and system of encouraging nutritious eating

An interactive and motivational game is disclosed to inspire children to eat well. The method and system are implemented through an application comprising an interactive story of an animated character who also eats photographed real-world food items in real-time along with the user.


Non-drawstring type curtain retractor

This invention relates to a curtain retractor without drawstring, which has a retractor major body comprising a mounting seat and a side cover. A transmission rod for coupling with a curtain retracting unit is provided within an accommodation space of the mounting seat.
J&j Stamina Enterprises Co., Ltd.


Soft block for game playing and educating toddlers or children, and manufacturing same

The present invention relates to a soft block for play or education of children. The soft block includes a block body formed from expandable polypropylene (epp), and a coating substance formed from silicone rubber material, which covers the entire surface of the block body.
Bubble Block Co., Ltd.


Respiratory syncytial virus f protien epitopes

Respiratory syncytial virus is a common cold virus belonging to the family of paramyxovirus. Rsv is virulent, easily transmissible and the most common cause of lower respiratory tract disease in children of less than 2 years of age.
Medlmmune, Llc


Illuminating baby bottle with removable container

An illuminating baby bottle with a removable container includes a first container, a second container, a release mechanism, a connecting member, a liquid-flowing system, a bottle cap, and a lighting device. The first container and the second container are axially attached to each other through the connecting member while the release mechanism is concentrically positioned in between the first container and the connecting member.


Convertible high chair

Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to a convertible children's high chair. According to various embodiments, the convertible high chair generally comprises a first child seat supported above a floor by a high chair frame, and a second child seat configured for being removably coupled to first child seat.
Kids Ii, Inc.


Non-toxic ant-repelling gel

A natural non-toxic ant-repelling gel is created by combining certain fatty acids with a thickening agent. The gel has the surprising ability to be used safely around food, children and pets, because it is derived from an edible source.


Identification of unique gene expression profiles in children with regressive autism spectrum disorder (asd) and ileocolitis

The invention provides compositions and methods for identifying autism and autism spectrum disorders in humans. The invention also includes compositions and methods for identifying unique gene expression profiles in children with regressive autism spectrum disorder (asd) and ileocolitis..
Wake Forest University Health Sciences


Child push chair frame and child push chair

A child push chair frame, in particular a child push chair sports frame, buggy frame or similar vehicle frame for children, having two rear wheels and at least one front wheel, and a pusher for pushing the child push chair frame, and having fastening means for fastening a child push chair upper part, wherein the rear wheels and the at least one front wheel and/or the rotary axles thereof are each connected to one another by means of one or more rear and front stabilizing struts in articulated manner about a central axle which extends approximately parallel to the common rotary axle of the rear wheels such that said stabilizing struts are foldable from a spread-apart travelling position into a fully folded-together transportation position and vice versa, and are latchable between these two positions in at least one further position, in particular a parking position, and also a child push chair having a child push chair frame of this type.. .
Cybex Gmbh


Interactive cloud-based toy

An interactive cloud-based toy for children having a communicator located in the housing of the toy is provided. The communicator has electronic circuitry operatively coupled to a cloud database for transmitting and receiving data through a bluetooth connection with a smart device.


Bathtub for children

The bathtub for children (1) includes a plastic basin (2), provided to contain water to bathe a young child therein, including a newborn or an infant. In order to keep the bathwater warm effectively, while providing that the bathtub for children is easy to manufacture and use, the novel bathtub provides that a wall, in particular the bottom (4), of the basin is provided with heat release elements (10), suitable for returning the previously-accumulated heat to the water contained in the basin..
A L T Partners


Hidden universal necktie retaining device

A necktie retaining device that is inserted through the loop on the back of a necktie and then is secured by fitting the device's two ends behind two buttons on a shirt by inserting the thread connecting each button to the shirt into a slot. By the device's placement between the shirt and the necktie, the device is hidden from view.


Soap dispenser

A soap dispenser that is engaged to the aerator threads on a faucet. When the faucet is switched on, water flows through a first pathway in the dispenser and exits the dispenser through an opening on the lower front of the device.
Wet Heads Inc.


The baby sitter infant support cushion

This invention is an infant and child round support cushion comprised of natural or synthetic firm filler material ranging in size between 22″ to 36″ in diameter, with a preferred diameter of 24″, with a center cut-out well ranging in size between 11″ to 18″ in diameter, with a preferred diameter of 12″, 2′ to 7″ in height, with a preferred height of 5″, with three 1.5″ cushion inserts for the center well designed to provide a surface for laying, to help the child learn to sit up unsupported at rest or play, and to learn how to support self on knees while learning to crawl. This invention offers the new concept of offering a firmer more durable cushion that supports children on all surrounding sides ranging in height between 2″ to 7″ high, comprising sides with flat edges that do not allow the child to fall over and that teach the child how to support self in a seated position and a crawling position by providing a firm resistance against which feet can brace, in a compact aesthetic circle-design making the most use of material and space..


Multivalent pneumococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugate composition

Provided is an immunogenic composition comprising 13 different polysaccharide-protein conjugates. Each of the conjugates comprises a capsular polysaccharide prepared from a different serotype streptococcus pneumoniae conjugated to a carrier protein, that is, 12 serotypes selected from the group consisting of 1, 3, 4, 5, 6a, 6b, 7f, 9v, 14, 18c, 19a, 19f and 23f and serotype 22f or 33f.
Sk Chemicals Co., Ltd.


Child sleeping apparatus with folding frame

A bassinet for infants and children includes a child receiving receptacle and a collapsible frame assembly attached to and supporting the child receiving receptacle. A lock is selectively operable for locking the collapsible frame assembly in its extended configuration and for unlocking the same to allow the collapsible frame assembly to be collapsed.
Kids Ii, Inc.


Child sleeping apparatus

A children's sleeping apparatus includes a structural support frame and a child receiving receptacle supported by the structural support frame. The child receiving receptacle is preferably movably coupled to the structural support frame to provide pivotal motion of the child receiving receptacle relative to the structural support frame..
Kids Ii, Inc.


Voice sticker structure

A voice sticker structure comprises a sticker body and a control unit disposed inside the sticker body. The sticker body may be in various forms, with its back covered with a glue material.


Children's tricycle

A children's tricycle comprises a body, a front wheel pivotally assembled to the body, a first pedaling assembly assembled to the front wheel, a second pedaling assembly assembled to the front wheel, a screw for making the first pedaling assembly threaded with the second pedaling assembly. A first inserting rod of the first pedaling assembly and a second inserting rod of the second pedaling assembly are connected to the front wheel separately, such that the first and second pedaling assemblies can be assembled to or detached from the front wheel quickly.


Medical grade cotton and evans osteotomy wedges

A medical grade thermoplastic or polymer material wedge used for various deformity corrections in foot and/or ankle bone surgery of adults and/or children. The medical grade thermoplastic or polymer material wedges can be provided in various predetermined (e.g., prefabricated) sizes for selection therefrom depending on the anatomy and/or desired correction of the deformity when performing an evans or cotton corrective osteotomy procedure..
Neutin Orthopedics, Llc


Hands-free shoulder carrier for children

A child carrier and support apparatus for securing a child in a seated position atop a wearer's shoulders is provided which is adapted to engage with a conventional backpack or strapped carrier. The device features a pair of cuffs engageable with the shoulder straps to removably encircle the ankles of the seated child and a sternum strap engaged between the cuffs to limit the distance of spacing of the shoulder straps.


Convertible child seat

A support device for children includes a base assembly comprising a frame, and a plurality of interchangeable support assemblies configured for removable attachment to the base assembly. The base assembly includes a first coupling element and each of the interchangeable support assemblies include a second coupling element for cooperative engagement with the first coupling element..
Kids Ii, Inc.


Systems and methods for detection and management of viewing conditions

Implementations relate to systems and methods for detection and management of viewing conditions. One or more sensor devices can be provided for a user to monitor, manage, and adjust viewing conditions to promote the health and the user's health and vision.


Opiorphin for use as a psychostimulant agent

The present invention relates to peptides derived from human basic proline-rich lacrimal protein (bplp), notably opiorphin, for use as psychostimulants. These peptides are useful in the treatment or prevention of diseases such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd), narcolepsy, hypersomnia, vigilance drop, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (adhd), attention deficit and/or hyperactivity in adults and in children, depression, bipolar disease, dysthymic disorder and cyclothymic disorder..
Institut Pasteur


Wireless toy interactive entertainment

A playmate toy or similar children's toy is provided having associated wireless, batteryless id tag that can be read from and/or written to using a radio-frequency communication protocol. The tag is mounted internally within a cavity of the toy and thereby provides wireless communication of stored information without requiring removal and reinsertion of the tag.
Mq Gaming, Llc


System and detecting and visualizing live kinetic and kinematic data for the musculoskeletal system

A system and method using a single 3d motion sensing microsoft kinect for windows augmented with computer vision algorithms for detecting, recognizing and tracking the movement of different joints of the body of a subject and deducing kinetic and kinematic data from those movements. The method requires only a single motion sensing device and is non-invasive as the subject does not need to wear any external devices on the body.
Umm Al-qura University


Building entity relationship networks from n-ary relative neighborhood trees

Entities are objects with feature values that can be thought of as vectors in n-space, where n is the number of features. Similarity between any two entities can be calculated as a distance between the two entity vectors.
International Business Machines Corporation


Toy storage box

A storage box configured to operate in tandem with at least one other storage box of substantially the same construction and features, as part of a storage box system. The storage box system may be employed to reinforce neatness in children by limiting the number of puzzles, games, or other toys that a child can access at once.


Children's storage solution

A storage solution for children's toys is described. A storage and transportation device for children's items (e.g., toys, puzzles, craft supplies, etc.) is specially designed to be used by children, including children under three years old.
Lucky Cat Inc. Llc


Tossing game system with hand puppets and ball

A tossing game system includes hand puppets and a ball whose outer surface is covered in loop type material. A tennis or similar type ball is covered with loop type material.


Device for children's footwear including wireless sensor and control for games and applications

A wireless sensor and control for games and applications to be applied to children's footwear, including a microchip, a 20/32 battery (a), a pvc protective capsule (b), a cover (c), screws (d) and orifices (f) for the shoestring, to be used as a wireless sensor and control for games and applications to be applied to children footwear and clothes.. .
Kidy Birigui Calçados Indústria E Comércio Ltda.


System and complimentary day/night children's skin cream compositions

A new skin care system includes day and night skin cream compositions comprising nutrients and antioxidants for use by children between six months and eighteen years of age. The day skin cream composition provides protection from uv radiation and the night skin cream composition contains no sun protection ingredients and elevated levels of nutrients and antioxidants.


Sporting helmet backpack, lunchbox and travel luggage

The present invention provides a backpack/bag in different shapes/designs. It provides a backpack, lunchbox for children, travelling luggage which comprises back in the shape of different sporting helmets or masks such as hockey mask, football helmet, baseball helmet etc.


Pattern code recognition multimedia playback apparatus, and driving same

The present disclosure describes a sensing technology. A pattern code recognition multimedia playback apparatus and driving method therefor according to some embodiments recognize pattern code by using pattern code recognition pen, extract multimedia data corresponding to the recognized pattern code from pattern code recognition set-top box, and control playback of the multimedia data, thus easily calling multimedia data stored in memory pack attached to the pattern code recognition set-top box with the pattern code recognition pen for recognizing pattern code printed on pattern code-printed material and promptly and easily watching the multimedia data played through display unit.


Spill-proof coloring container

The spill-proof coloring container is an invention that because of its unique geometry and design, will when oriented in any position prevent spillage of liquid contents when filled to predetermined amount. Because of the use of vacuum formed sheet in the construction of the container, the container pieces are compactly stackable and are of substantially low manufacturing cost.


Life safety device with compact circumferential acoustic resonator

Low frequency alarm tones emitted by life safety devices are more likely to notify sleeping children and the elderly. Disclosed herein is a life safety device equipped with a novel, compact, circumferential resonant cavity which increases the low frequency (400-600 hz square wave) acoustic efficiency of an audio output apparatus formed by acoustically coupling an audio output transducer to the resonant cavity.


Vaccine composition for naive subjects

The invention relates to nasally-administered vaccine compositions effective in naive subjects such as children. Further, the vaccine composition is suitable for vaccinating the general population during a pandemic.
Eurocine Vaccines Ab


Vaccine composition for use in immuno-compromised populations

The invention relates to nasally-administered vaccine compositions effective against infection in immuno-compromised populations. One aspect of the invention is directed to the pediatric use of the vaccine of the invention including a vaccine effective in children against seasonal influenza virus strains.
Eurocine Vaccines Ab


Introducer catheter with a rotating needle to obtain vascular access

An introducer catheter for obtaining access to a blood vessel includes a hollow needle with a beveled tip extending from a needle hub as well as a flexible sheath slidingly positioned over the needle. The needle hub includes an actuator configured to rotate the needle tip by about ½ of a turn upon reaching the target vessel.


Shoe lace protector

The purpose of this device is to secure, contain, and protect the tied shoelaces found on the majority of shoes in today's world. Especially in the case of children, elderly, or athletes, the shoelaces frequently come undone.


Nutritional composition with non digestible oligosaccharides

The present invention relates to the use of non digestible oligosaccharides above a certain threshold for improving health of the small intestine, in particular in infants and small children, by increasing the luminal fluid volume and reducing the protease activity or density.. .
N.v. Nutricia


Application of the invoke facility service to restrict invocation of compound wireless mobile communication services: division 2 - vehicular safety measures

This invention provides a mechanism for restricting invocation of wireless mobile terminal (smartphone) apps whose execution creates a vehicular driving hazard. Events that cause such hazards are included.


Interactive culinary game applications

A culinary application enables consumers, such as a parent and a child, to engage in discovering cooking recipes in a fun interactive way while also learning about various topics, including math, science, geography and social responsibility. The culinary application can be focused towards children of various age groups.
Chef Koochooloo, Inc.


Influenza vaccination

Influenza viruses have traditionally been administered by intramuscular injection. The invention is based on the idea of using alternative routes of delivery for influenza vaccines, more specifically routes that do not require as large a dose of antigen.
Novartis Vaccines And Diagnostics, Inc.


Magnetic block toy

Disclosed herein is a magnetic toy block having various shapes that allow preschool toddlers and children to play and build different shapes of structures similar to legos, and improve their creativity, space perception and understanding of different geometric shapes. The magnetic block toy includes a plurality of cylindrical protective members (100), wherein each of the plurality of cylindrical protective members (100) include a first insertion hole defined in an upper portion and a second insertion hole defined in a lower portion(111,112), wherein each of the first and second insertion holes (111,112) are configured to receive and hold a magnet (10).
Click-block Corporation


Constraction kit element (variants) and constraction kit

The invention relates to construction kit elements for use in children's building sets and in puzzles. A construction element according to a first variant comprises a flat rectangular base and a connecting unit.


Compositions, uses and methods for treating or preventing dental caries

The present invention provides compositions, uses and methods thereof, for inhibiting the growth of caries-causing bacteria. The composition comprises xylitol, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, anionic polymers and acceptable carrier materials.
Apollonia Health Inc.


Absorbent pad for children with encopresis and enuresis

A securing portion on the lower surface of the pad, for releasably securing the absorbent sections to the inside of the child's underpants; and one or more tabs that can be gripped by the child, located at the edge of the absorbent first section, wherein the tabs are provided with releasable securing means, such that the tabs can be folded over the edge of the underpants when the pad is located in the underpants, with the securing means contacting the outside of the underpants and releasably securing thereto.. .


Bathtub enclosure

A bathtub enclosure is configured to install within a bathtub area. The bathtub enclosure includes an intermediate support rod and an upper support rod configured to span between a first wall and a second wall, and a canopy configured to be positioned atop of and attached to the intermediate support rod and the upper support rod.


Method of diagnosing galactosemia in neonatal screening

A method of diagnosing galactosemia in blood samples from neonates by determining gal-1-p concentrations before 5-7 days of life is disclosed. The removal of interfering compounds allows a more specific and therefore more accurate determination of gal-ip levels in newborn screening for galactosermia using mass spectrometry.


Leaning tricycle

The present invention was conceived based on observations of children learning to balance a bicycle and the turning versus leaning of the bicycle. The result is a tricycle which leans when it is steered and provides the additional feature of limiting the lean so the tricycle will not fall over.


Interconnecting dolls and related methods of use

Disclosed are preferred embodiments of the invented subject matter, which is teaching tools or play objects and related methods for entertaining children while promoting cognitive or motor skill development. In one preferred embodiment, the disclosed teaching tools or play objects are dolls with a system that enables interconnection of multiple dolls, e.g., by connecting devices attached to the dolls' appendages.


Methods of use for probiotics and prebiotics

The present disclosure relates to method(s) for reducing the risk of visceral pain hypersensitivity, modulating the gut-brain axis, or reducing the local inflammatory response in a subject. The method(s) include providing a nutritional composition that includes lactobacillus rhamnosus gg (lgg), galacto-oligosaccharide(s) (gos) and polydextrose (pdx) to the subject.


Methods of use for probiotics and prebiotics

The present disclosure relates to method(s) for reducing the risk of visceral pain hypersensitivity, modulating the gut-brain axis, or reducing the local inflammatory response in a subject. The method(s) include providing a nutritional composition that includes lactobacillus rhamnosus gg (lgg), galacto-oligosaccharide(s) (gos) and polydextrose (pdx) to the subject.


Materials and methods for prevention and treatment of diarrhea and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract

The present invention pertains to the use of the calcium-sensing receptor (casr)-activating nutrients (designated as “casr-based nutrients”) for the prevention and/or treatment of diarrheal diseases and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. In one embodiment, the current invention is formulated for oral administration.


Method of therapy and haptic gaming system for sensory agnosia

A method for treating patients with sensor agnosia is described that uses a gaming system with a specialised two handed game controller that can provide isolated haptic feedback to the patient's hand that has the greatest sensory agnosia. The controller is designed to be easy to use for patients with limited dexterity and requires the user to use both hands to control the controller.


Iqraa front backpack

The iqraa front backpack is better than the present backpack in the world because it balances the books and computers on both sides of the body. Making iqraa better for the spinal cord and backs of children/adults.


Modular system for instruction of learning disabled students

Also contemplated within the scope of the invention are educational kits for use in the instruction of a plurality of children having one or more learning disabilities. Such kits may include the teaching system described above and may further include instructor-targeted materials communicating use of the system to the instructor.


Method for identifying molecular markers of children's skin

The present invention relates to a method for identifying biological markers for characterizing children's skin. The method of the invention thus makes it possible to identify molecular markers that are expressed differently in children's skin than in the skin of adults.


Method of detecting active tuberculosis in children in the presence of a co-morbidity

The present disclosure relates to a method of distinguishing active paediatric tb in the presence of a complicating factor, for example, latent tb and/or co-morbidities, such as those that present similar symptoms to tb in a child. The method employs a 42 gene signature and/or a 51 gene signature.


Pharmaceutical intervention and treating an apraxia of speech in children

A pharmaceutical intervention and therapeutic method for treating an apraxia of speech in children. The child can also be diagnosed with gait abnormalities or impairment autism, mental retardation and dyslexia.


Beverage container system

A beverage container system for babies through small children has a thermally insulated outer container which is sized to receive a standard baby bottle and hold it therein with a retainer securable to hold a standard baby bottle. A cap may be positioned over the baby bottle nipple system to protect the nipple.


Child support unit for a play yard

A play yard system for infants or small children. They play yard includes a frame, and the system includes at least one child support unit for mounting to the frame of the play yard.


Ergonomic twin baby carrier

A child carrier for carrying two children of the same or different sizes has a first and second child carrier portions including first and second carrier pouches, respectively, each pouch attached at its bottom to a waist support, and shoulder straps. The first and second child carrier portions are configured to be secured between the shoulder straps and directly opposite one another.


Device for clamping thick, textured or coily hair

A device for clamping thick, textured, coiled or kinky hair includes first and second curved components, each with an outer edge and an inner concave curved edge between first and second ends. The inner concave edges include a plurality of inwardly directed, spaced-apart teeth.


Scalable tdd calibration for large-scale antenna systems and the like

In one embodiment, an lsas base station has a tree architecture including a central controller at the tree root, one or more intermediate levels of hubs forming tree branches, and an antenna module for each service antenna at a tree leaf. To calibrate an overall ratio characterizing differences between downlink and uplink channels between the central controller and each antenna module, neighbor-calibration procedures are calibrate neighbor ratios between parent nodes and their child nodes.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Method for preventing children being left in car by using obd2 socket and smartphone

A method for preventing children from being left in a car. The method comprises find an obd2 socket in a car; insert an obd2 adapter with bluetooth in the obd2 socket; equip a driver with a smartphone having a reminder program; use the bluetooth to establish communication between the obd2 adapter and the smartphone; when the obd2 adapter obtains car moving information from the obd2 socket, the moving information is sent to the smartphone by the bluetooth; and the reminder program issues order to operate the smartphone to make a reminder to the driver, let the driver take necessary response to prevent children being let in car..


Augmented reality appearance enhancement

Systems, methods, and devices are provided for altering an appearance of acquaintances when viewed through smart glasses, which may be altered using augmented reality technology. In particular, an embodiment of the invention is directed to allowing users to specify their appearances to others when viewed by others wearing smart glasses.
Hallmark Cards, Incorporated


Dynamic display of hierarchal data

Systems and methods for dynamic display of hierarchical data (e.g., a tree) are provided. Dynamic display enables a user to navigate the hierarchical data by dragging, without having to select expand/contract icons.
Brigham Young University


Portable toilet seat for children

A portable toilet set having a base, a foldable stand and a pivoting lid is provided. The base includes a top surface, a bottom surface, an outer edge, and an inner edge.


Baby garment

Embodiments of the present invention relate to garments that can provide a garment for babies and other children that better accommodate their growing bodies. In one embodiment, a baby garment includes a front panel and a back panel.
7933657 Canada, Inc.

Children topics: User Interface, Palmitic Acid, Triglycerides, Fatty Acids, Fatty Acid, Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus, Infant Formula, Lumbar Facet Fusion, Bifidobacterium, Facet Fusion, Intervertebral Disc, Spondylolisthesis, Lumbar Spine, Breast Milk

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