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System, method, and apparatus for assisting in the development of good oral hygiene habits among young children

Date/App# patent app List of recent Children-related patents
 Asthma patent thumbnailnew patent Asthma
The invention provides methods of providing a prognosis of asthma severity in children and young adults. More specifically, the invention relates to novel single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps), and the cumulative genetic association of these and other snps in various genes, with the prognosis of asthma severity.
 System, method, and apparatus for assisting in the development of good oral hygiene habits among young children patent thumbnailnew patent System, method, and apparatus for assisting in the development of good oral hygiene habits among young children
Brushing systems include a base configured to assist in keeping the system in an upright position. The base is coupled to a stand being sized, shaped, and positioned so as to couple the base and a support structure.
 Composition for use in increasing insulin sensitivity and/or reducing insulin resistance patent thumbnailnew patent Composition for use in increasing insulin sensitivity and/or reducing insulin resistance
The invention discloses a composition comprising at least one long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid, at least one probiotic and a mixture of oligosaccharides, said mixture containing at least one of lacto-n-neotetraose (lnnt) and lacto-n-tetraose (lnt), at least one n-acetylated oligosaccharide different from lnnt and lnt, at least one sialylated oligosaccharide and at least one neutral oligosaccharide, for use in increasing insulin sensitivity and/or reducing insulin resistance. This composition optionally further comprises 2′-fucosyllactose (fl).
 Computer network attribute bilateral inheritance patent thumbnailComputer network attribute bilateral inheritance
Current approaches to managing security intelligence data often address both threat and malicious behavior at the individual computer level, tracked by the internet protocol (ip) address. For example, important facts, observed behavior, and other indications that are tracked by security organizations are only tracked with respect to individual ip addresses.
 Versioning for configurations of reusable artifacts patent thumbnailVersioning for configurations of reusable artifacts
Arrangements described herein relate to versioning configurations of reusable artifacts. An artifact baseline corresponding to the present version of a first artifact can be created.
 Implants for facet fusion patent thumbnailImplants for facet fusion
Assemblies of one or more implant structures make possible the achievement of diverse interventions involving the fusion and/or stabilization of lumbar and sacral vertebra in a non-invasive manner, with minimal incision, and without the necessitating the removing the intervertebral disc. The representative lumbar spine interventions, which can be performed on adults or children, include, but are not limited to, translaminar lumbar fusion and lumbar facet fusion involving a curved implant structure..
 Nontoxic ink patent thumbnailNontoxic ink
“nontoxic ink suitable for artistic or didactic expression” of this invention patent application relates to an ink comprising a water-based, cosmetic-type emulsion, a vinyl resin emulsion, pigments, mineral load, aromatic essences, an emulsifying agent, preservative agents, water and optionally varied particle size distribution elements (texturizers), all of them in an aqueous phase. The ink object of this invention patent application is suitable for artists in general, especially to visually impaired people, children in pre-school age and to every user requiring preferably chemically harmless inks, both in contact with skin and mucous membranes, as the possible inadvertent ingestion..
 Projecting light effects for children patent thumbnailProjecting light effects for children
Among other things, there is a stationary light source, a stationary aperture between the light source and a projection surface, and a device to modulate light from the light source that passes through the aperture and strikes the projection surface to cause a light effect on the projection surface. In some cases, projected motion and/or twinkling effects are produced in a simple, low-cost and durable manner..
 Method and apparatus for teaching spanish patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for teaching spanish
A method and system comprising an educational game board for teaching children and adults the following spanish language skills features (vocabulary, phonetics, reading skills and orthography) in an entertaining way. The educational game consists of a game board with multiple word cards with printed words, at least two types of markers, each marker representing a pronunciation rule and made of any appropriate material.
 Orally disintegrable tablets patent thumbnailOrally disintegrable tablets
An orally disintegrable tablet, of the present invention, which comprises (i) fine granules having an average particle diameter of 400 μm or less, which fine granules comprise a composition coated by an enteric coating layer, said composition having 10 weight % or more of an acid-labile physiologically active substance and (ii) an additive, has superior disintegrability or dissolution in the oral cavity so that it can be used for treatment or prevention of various diseases, as an orally disintegrable tablet capable of being administered to the aged or children and easily administered without water. Also, because the tablet of the present invention contains fine granules having the average particle diameter such that it will not impart roughness in mouth, it can be administered easily without discomfort at the administration..
Stereo infrared detector
Existing passive infrared (pir) sensors rely on motion of an object to detect presence and do not provide information about the number of objects or other characteristics of objects in a field of view such as distance or size. Disclosed herein are apparatuses and corresponding methods for detecting a source of infrared emission.
Body temperature warning system
Methods and systems for avoiding undesired body temperatures in children, the elderly/infirm, and/or animals by transmitting one or more warning messages to one or more predetermined recipients so that corrective action can be taken. Using a child as an example, a wearable monitoring device is used to sense the presence of the child and to sense the body temperature of the child.
Apparatus for seating two or more children in a backseat of a vehicle
The subject matter discloses a vehicle seat for children, including a bench on which a first child and a second child sit while in the vehicle seat; a back support to provide back support to the child sitting in the children vehicle sit; a partition unit in the center of the children vehicle sit, wherein the partition unit protrudes from the bench and defines a first seat and a second seat, wherein the first seat and the second seat are two separate seats; two safety belt units to secure two children sitting in the children car seat, wherein one safety belt unit is positioned in the first seat of the vehicle seat and another safety belt unit is positioned in the second seat of the vehicle seat; the bench is securely affixed to the back support; the partition unit is affixed to the bench.. .
Latch assemblies and children's products that include latch assemblies
Latch assemblies and children's products that include the latch assemblies are disclosed herein. The children's products may include a children's ride-on vehicle.
Assembly kit for three dimensional works
Kits designed to stimulate creativity, to provide exercise for fine motor skills, and to improve spatial perception. The kits may be useful as a stimulating “toy” for children to develop creativity, spatial perception and motor skills, as a therapeutic kit for the elderly or those requiring rehabilitation of fine motor skills; as a diversion to relieve stress, to create unique works for the home or office, to display photos and memorabilia, and for a host of other purposes, limited by the imagination.
Equipment cradle for motor vehicles
An equipment cradle for motor vehicles that is capable of securing equipment during transit in the passenger compartment of motor vehicles, and rests on the motor vehicles seats and is securely coupled to the motor vehicle using the standard lower anchors and tethers for children (latch) restraint system.. .
Weapon safety device
Disclosed is a safety device that maintains a weapon inside a holster in a locked state without requiring the gun to be removed from the holster beforehand. In the embodiments, a single safety device can be used on a variety of holsters to lock the gun inside the holster, without requiring removal of the gun from the holster, therefore preventing children or other unauthorized individuals from accessing the gun and the gun's trigger..
Constructible eating utensil with scoop from foldable blank
A single, thin piece of folded material attaches to a single serving container to provide a strong, sanitary spoon, folding score lines on the handle portion of the spoon give the utensil strength and provide a simplicity of use suitable for children. The disclosed utensil may be attached to existing containers or may be built into containers during the manufacture of the underlying container, or may be available as a stand-alone product.
Tub assembly
The present invention relates to a tub for bathing infants or children. The tub includes a receptacle for containing water and for receiving an infant.
Potty with liquid management system
A potty for use by young children includes a waste collector and a seat adapted to rest on the waste collector. The potty can be placed in an aperture formed in a base..
Tiara with interchangeable display elements
The invention relates to a head covering such as a tiara having a display element attached thereon which may be easily interchanged by the user to increase the versatility of the head covering and allow the user to switch in display elements having varying shapes and sizes. The head coverings may be used by adults at sporting events and/or by children playing dress-up, for example..
Disposable pad for children's outfit
A disposable protection pad is proposed for adhering to infant's clothing for guarding the clothing from soiling due to waste leakage from a diaper worn by the infant. The protection pad has a fluid-pervious front sheet, a fluid-impervious back sheet, and a fluid-absorbent core between the front and the back sheets.
Nutritional formulations including human milk oligosaccharides and antioxidants and uses thereof
Disclosed are nutritional compositions including human milk oligosaccharides in combination with long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and/or carotenoids that can be administered to preterm infants, term infants, toddlers, and children for reducing inflammation and the incidence of inflammatory diseases.. .
Whey protein micelles to enhance muscle mass and performance
The present invention relates to a non-therapeutic use of whey protein micelles to enhance muscle protein synthesis in a subject. Further aspects of the invention are food compositions comprising whey protein micelles to be administered to children, athletes or elderly persons..
Ball, particularly for basketball practice, and corresponding manufacture method
The invention relates to a ball, particularly for basketball practice, and to the method for manufacturing same. The ball includes an inflatable bladder (1) covered with one or more flexible elongate elements (2) wound around the surface of the bladder.
Plush toy for mounting on a vertical surface
A plush toy is provided for use decorating a wall, ceiling or other receiving surface. The plush toy includes a body having a top surface, a bottom surface, a front end, and a back end.
System and method for expressive language, developmental disorder, and emotion assessment
In one embodiment, a method for detecting autism in a natural language environment using a microphone, sound recorder, and a computer programmed with software for the specialized purpose of processing recordings captured by the microphone and sound recorder combination, the computer programmed to execute the method, includes segmenting an audio signal captured by the microphone and sound recorder combination using the computer programmed for the specialized purpose into a plurality recording segments. The method further includes determining which of the plurality of recording segments correspond to a key child.
Smart home defense chamber (shdc)
The smart home defense chamber (shdc) is a wall chamber that is installed within a wall for the purpose of storing, hiding, securing and protecting firearms and valuables so as to provide an invisible storage chamber that can be equipped with or without a means to alarm to prevent tampering, unauthorized entry and security away from children and thieves. The wall chamber also provides the owner/user an advantageous means of access in the event of an emergency.
Drinking cup with valved cap for fluid retention
A drinking appliance for young children is provided. The appliance includes a cap having an upper side with a protrusion extending upwardly from the upper side defining a spout which terminates in a fluid outlet and a lower side having a retainer sleeve extending downwardly from the spout and adapted to retain a valve housing.
Lids for spillproof container assemblies
A spillproof container assembly includes a container body and a lid body that is adapted to be fastened onto the container body by screwing. Both the container body and the lid body are advantageously provided with outwardly extending wing portions for enhancing the grippability of and properly orienting the container assembly for small children.
Children's socks
A child's sock includes a sock body having an upper portion, a heel portion, a sole portion and a toe portion. At least one connector is secured to the sock body and is adapted to connect with a complementary connector of a complementary sock..
Methods for improving tolerance, digestion, and lipid soluble nutrient absorption in an infant, toddler, or child
Disclosed are nutritional formulations including predigested fats that can be administered to preterm infants, infants, toddlers, and children for improving tolerance, digestion, and absorption of nutrients and for reducing the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis, colic, and short bowel syndrome. The predigested fats include fatty acid-containing monoglycerides and/or a fatty acid component..
Human milk oligosaccharides to promote growth of beneficial bacteria
Disclosed are nutritional compositions including human milk oligosaccharides that can be administered to individuals including preterm infants, infants, toddlers, and children for improving gastrointestinal function and tolerance, as well as the growth of beneficial bacteria. Additional suitable methods of using the nutritional compositions including the human milk oligosaccharides are also disclosed..
Adjuvanted influenza b virus vaccines for pediatric priming
The influenza b strain is epidemiologically relevant in the pediatric population. Immunogenic priming of children with influenza b vaccine adjuvanted with an oil-in-water emulsion primes an immune response to a booster vaccine comprising influenza b virus antigen from a different strain or lineage, irrespective of whether the booster comprises an adjuvant..
Door handle structure for an entrance/exit door
According to the present disclosure, a door handle structure for an entrance/exit door is configured such that a door handle does not protrude from the entrance/exit door to thereby prevent injuries to children or adults caused by collisions against it, prevent clothing from becoming caught in and torn by it, and lengthen the service life of the product by preventing collisions. Further, the door handle structure uses a reduced number of parts, thereby reducing manufacturing costs and improving durability.
Botanical antimicrobial compositions
Disclosed are compositions comprising antimicrobially effective low concentrations of benzyl alcohol, one or more essential oil and one or more botanical extract. The compositions of the application may be used in personal care products including wound care products or in veterinary use.
Nutritional composition comprising probiotics and improving sleep patterns
This invention relates to the use of a probiotic bacterial strain in the manufacture of a medicament or therapeutic nutritional composition for improving the maturation of sleep patterns in infants, young children or young animals and/or for reducing sleep disturbances and/or improving sleep patterns in humans or animals at any age.. .
Vehicle auxiliary horn apparatus
A vehicle auxiliary horn apparatus provides a sound through a horn to alert pedestrians that a vehicle, such as an electric vehicle or a new vehicle that makes virtually no noise, is moving; and provides set sound information during parking when a human body is detected. The vehicle auxiliary horn apparatus of the present invention comprises: a sound storage unit for storing and managing music information, announcement information, and repeating sound information; a display panel unit for displaying information for setting one type of sound information stored in the sound storage unit; a sound extracting unit for extracting the sound information, selected from the display panel, from the sound storage unit; a sound output processing unit for outputting the sound extracted from the sound extracting unit through a speaker; a manual control unit disposed on the front portion of the vehicle, for transmitting a manual control signal to a central control, unit when manipulated; an automatic control unit disposed on the front portion of the vehicle, for transmitting an automatic control signal to the central control unit, when manipulated; a sound-providing, speed-setting unit for setting a speed for automatically outputting a sound, under automatic control; a moving speed checking unit for checking the moving speed of the vehicle; and the central control unit for receiving a control signal transmitted by the manual control unit or the automatic control unit, distinguishing the type of the control signal, and when the control signal is an automatic control signal, acquiring the speed information set by the sound-providing, speed-setting unit, checking the current speed, and determining whether to output a sound.
Multipurpose household appliance for complete cleaning and organizing to help improve the hygiene of baby bottles and also more distinct washable items used for babies and toddlers
Its configuration, components, characteristics and method of use will provide higher support providing the basis for a much safer, faster, and more efficient way to take care of the cleaning, and organization of many different baby and young children items simultaneously.. .
System and method of complimentary day/night children's skin cream compositions
A new skin care system includes day and night skin cream compositions comprising nutrients and antioxidants for use by children between six months and eighteen years of age. The day skin cream composition provides protection from uv radiation and the night skin cream composition contains no sun protection ingredients and elevated levels of nutrients and antioxidants.
Love glow key
This invention relates to a key that will illuminate in the dark. Why is it needed? the concept serves as a niche for the market and has the potential for making keys.
Collapsible two seat perambulator
A buggy for transporting children has a frame (3a, 3b, 5) and wheels (9) that are rotatably mounted relative to the frame to support the frame above a ground surface. A primary seat (8) is operatively supported by the frame for supporting a first child.
Pinch-relief hinged assemblies and children's products including pinch-relief hinged assemblies
Hinged assemblies, and children's products including at least one hinged assembly, include a base member and a hinged member operatively and pivotally coupled to the base member to define a hinge. The hinge is configured to release if an obstruction is positioned between the hinged member and the base member while the hinged member is being closed and if a closing torque is greater than or equal to a release torque.
Automatic trigger guard for firearms
This safety device, which is intended for the safety of children, private citizen and law enforcement personnel, is a retrofit able trigger guard assembly, which is attached to any existing handgun or firearm under the muzzle in front of the trigger guard, to prevent accidental or unauthorized discharge. The mechanism operates on gravity and levers or certain electro-mechanical mechanism and sensors, extends guard plates on both side of the trigger assembly, thereby making the firearm inoperable.
Wearable personal locator device with removal indicator
Disclosed is a wearable personal locator device that communicates the location of a wearer to an administrator input terminal. The device is a wearable structure comprising either a wristband or adhesive patch, whereby the device registers whether or not the device is actively being worn by the wearer and provides a means to receive alert signals sent from the administrator input terminal.
Fun chess game
This game has modified the rules and simplified classical chess so that friends and family (children, parents and grand parents) can play it. One doesn't have to be great intellect or strategic thinker.
Laundry organizer
A laundry organizer has a plurality of enhanced laundry bags suspended by a plurality of drop bars and a cross bar. The organizer can be hung from doors, walls, seat-backs, chair-backs, etc.
Systems and methods for parents' connection and communication platform
A method implemented by a server in communication with a client for supporting an online communication platform for parents of children enrolled at a school. The method includes receiving a class search request from the client describing class search criteria.
Electromagnetic swing
Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to a powered children's swing. In various embodiments, the swing includes a seat, swing frame, one or more swing arms, a first magnetic component, second magnetic component, swing motion sensor, and swing control circuit.
Guiding a child to perform tasks
The present disclosure describes one or more systems, methods, routines and/or techniques for guiding a child (or other person) to perform tasks. The present disclosure may help children (or other people) perform various tasks (e.g., taking a shower) without a parent having to be present with the child during each task.
Alphabet teaching aid
A teaching aid for children learning the alphabet of any language utilizing a combination of alpha characters each in a cluster with a word starting with the alpha character and a drawing that are drawn in a child's hand. A preferred configuration is an alphabet strip with irregular child drawn borders appearing on a substrate.
Child sleeping apparatus with folding frame
A bassinet for infants and children includes a child receiving receptacle and a collapsible frame assembly attached to and supporting the child receiving receptacle. A lock is selectively operable for locking the collapsible frame assembly in its extended configuration and for unlocking the same to allow the collapsible frame assembly to be collapsed.
Child sleeping apparatus with adjustable sleep angle
A sleeping apparatus for infants and children, such as a bassinet, includes a child-receiving sleep receptacle and a frame assembly attached to and supporting the child-receiving sleep receptacle. The child-receiving sleep receptacle includes sidewalls extending between a head end of the child-receiving sleep receptacle and a foot end of the child-receiving sleep receptacle.
Thermochromic coloring pad
A children's coloring pad may incorporate thermochromic pigments that are specially formulated to develop color and clear color by respective applications of cold and hot temperatures. The pad may be used in a similar manner as with respect to finger painting, but without the residual mess..
Nutritional composition comprising probiotics and improving sleep patterns
This invention relates to the use of a probiotic bacterial strain in the manufacture of a medicament or therapeutic nutritional composition for improving the maturation of sleep patterns in infants, young children or young animals and/or for reducing sleep disturbances and/or improving sleep patterns in humans or animals at any age.. .
Portable toilet seat for children
The toilet seat is in two sections, the sections being joined by a pair of hinges which allows the seat to be folded before and after use.. .
Application of clonidine hydrochloride as an information intervention agent and an information intervention product and the method of making the same
This invention relates to a new application of compound clonidine hydrochloride in a use of preparation of information intervention agent, a new preparation method of information intervention agent, and a product. The clonidine hydrochloride interacts with the human information receptor, therefore realizing the intervention through the clonidine hydrochloride information physical method, and treatment was not a chemical treatment.
Method for reducing the occurrence on infection in young children
The invention pertains to the use of a composition in reducing the number of infections episodes and the occurrence of infections in young children, said composition comprising: (a) long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, wherein the amount of arachidonic acid is less than 0.06 gram per 100 gram fatty acid; and comprising, per 100 g fatty acids: (i) 0.3-0.6 gram docosahexaenoic acid; (ii) 0.2-0.4 gram eicosapentaenoic acid; and (b) between 1.5 and 2.5 gram indigestible oligosaccharides per 100 kcal, comprising: (i) 1.4-2 gram short-chain galactooligosaccharides; and (ii) 0.1-0.5 gram long-chain fructopolysaccharides.. .
Modular multi-element constructions from rearrangeable pieces and kits allowing construction of same
Board-based machines assembled from components including crank and winch attributes which allow for coupling between the components, and which allows the user to position various elements into desired positions. A kit of components including coupling attributes which allow for assembly into a large number of different types of machines and structures of different types and shapes.
Autonomous aggregated search platform and methods using the same
Systems and methods for searching for lost moving objects such as children are disclosed. In some embodiments, the systems and methods initiate an autonomous, expanding electronic search by emitting a search activation signal from a search initiation device.
Cascade impactor
The invention relates to low flow rate cascade impactors for sampling aerosols, notably but not limited to pharmaceutical aerosols. The impactor stages serve as both orifice plate and collecting cup, simplifying collection and analysis.
Reading incentive system
Methods, systems and computer readable media for providing a reading incentive system to encourage reading in children and/or adults are described.. .
Camera system for large vehicles
A vehicle-borne camera-based observation system for monitoring areas adjacent a vehicle or passenger vehicle, such as a bus or schoolbus, is disclosed, to provide safer operation for passersby, including for children, and driver convenience. The system includes several cameras, and several monitors in a driver's area displaying all of the fields of view from the cameras, such that each monitor may be controllable to show either the field of view of a first camera or a the field of view of a second camera, according to a driver selection or according to an automatic selection.
Expandable footwear for children
An expandable bootie is disclosed. The bootie includes a main body composed of fabric, wherein the main body is shaped in the form of a foot having a longitudinal axis, and a zipper that commences at a toe portion of the main body, and extends in a spiral path around the main body such that the spiral path twists at least three hundred and sixty degrees around the main body.
Sweeping device for a children's vehicle, particularly for a pedal vehicle
A sweeping device for a children's vehicle, particularly pedal vehicle, which is detachably connectable to the children's vehicle and is provided underneath a housing with a brush roller which is connected to an axle for rotation therewith, a driver wheel being arranged for driving the axle of the brush roller, the driver wheel lying on the ground in the operative position of the sweeping device and being drivingly connected via a gearing to the axle of the brush roller, is characterized in that the driver wheel has a hollow interior in which the gearing is positioned, and that the interior of the driver wheel is covered at an open side by a separate cover member.. .
Customization of content for different audiences
A first version and a second version of audio visual content are provided via a disc, a web site or a mobile device application to consumers. The second version has audiovisual content removed from the first version that is not appropriate for a type of viewer, such as children.
Systems and methods for create and animate studio
The present disclosure describes an interactive, educational toy for children. In some embodiments, the system is a tablet computer running an interactive software system.
Child cell phone apparatus and method
A child cell telephone for toddlers and preschoolers, providing young children with a safe and simplified introduction to utilizing cellular technology, can comprise a processor, a memory, an input/output, a contact manager, a message manager, and a phone controller. The child cell phone offers young children the ability to make and receive calls only to and from those known to the child.
Kit for constructing a play structure
A kit for constructing a variety of play structures for children includes a plurality of arcuate tubes, a plurality of linear tubes, a plurality of connectors, a plurality of couplers, and a plurality of panels. At least one of the tubes is releasably assembled together with another one of the tubes using one of the couplers and the connectors to form a frame.

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