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 Floating type humidifier patent thumbnailFloating type humidifier
Provided is a floating type humidifier, and particularly, a floating type humidifier which can prevent, when a floating type humidifier discharging water particles or vapor while floating on water in a water tank loses a balance thereof and falls, the water stored in the water tank from flushing abruptly and even though a water tank falls due to external force such as an earthquake or carelessness of a user, water stored in the water tank is prevented from being abruptly discharged to minimize a cleaning operation which occurs as much water is discharged, the floating type humidifier can prevent foreign materials from being input in the water stored in the water tank, and the floating type humidifier can be stably used even at places including a hospital, a kindergarten, and a home where a lot of children move.. .
Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.

 Method for the early detection of autism spectrum disorder by use of metabolic biomarkers patent thumbnailMethod for the early detection of autism spectrum disorder by use of metabolic biomarkers
Methods for the identification of autism spectrum disorder in children about 10 years or less of age are described. Methods include testing a sample from a subject for the level of specific biomarker metabolites that have been shown to be different in children with autism spectrum disorder and children that are developing typically.
Greenwood Genetic Center

 Global constant temperature and pulley conduit transportation network with intelligent control system patent thumbnailGlobal constant temperature and pulley conduit transportation network with intelligent control system
A global constant temperature and pulley conduit transportation network with intelligent control system includes some air inlets, some temperature detectors, some fans, some pressure detectors, some covers for air inlets, some filters, some personal door conduits, some sub-conduits, a main conduit, some seat-associated control computers, and some recumbent seats attached to bottom rollers, so that the personal door conduit connects to a plurality of residential buildings via the main conduit, and the recumbent seat is transported from a residential building entrance through the personal door conduit and main conduit to a destination under the automatic control of the seat-associated control computer. This permits a comfortable and individualized seat to be connected to a number of vehicles, to enable travel with children or with goods starting from their own doorstep and ending at the designation without leaving the seat through computer controlled route selection and speed control to minimize the need for braking, avoid the traffic congestion problems, and save energy and time..

 Plush travel pillow with elongated arms patent thumbnailPlush travel pillow with elongated arms
A plush travel pillow with elongated arms provides a plush backing with the upper ends of a pair of arms affixed to the lower front corners thereof. The overall size of the pillow may be reduced for use by children of various ages, or in the context of airline seats or other coach travel seats.

 Convertible children's walker patent thumbnailConvertible children's walker
A convertible children's walker device includes a seated walker portion and a standing walker portion. The standing walker portion is detachably mounted to the seated walker portion in a first seated-support mode wherein the standing walker portion is used in combination with the seated walker portion, and the standing walker portion is detached from the seated walker portion in a standing-support mode of use independent of the seated walker portion..
Kids Ii, Inc.

 Nutrition education game for children patent thumbnailNutrition education game for children
The disclosed board game is designed to teach children basic nutrition principles in a fun-filled way. The game is designed to be played by a minimum of five players and/or teams.

 Method and system for sizing of demographic markets patent thumbnailMethod and system for sizing of demographic markets
A method for the generation of demographic market sectors includes: storing transaction data entries, each related to a payment transaction and including a geographic location and transaction amount; receiving census data from governmental agencies, the census data including data related to merchant and geographic location correspondences; receiving demographic data from third party data sources, the data including at least age, gender, income, presence of children, and geographic location data for a plurality of individuals; identifying demographic market sectors based on the census and demographic data, wherein each sector includes a subset of individuals having common age, gender, income, presence of children, and geographic location and includes at least a predetermined number of individuals; and identifying market spending for each demographic market sector based on a combination of the merchant and geographic location correspondences and a subset of the plurality of transaction data entries located in the respective demographic market sector.. .
Mastercard International Incorporated

 Multi-functional holster for children's scissors patent thumbnailMulti-functional holster for children's scissors
A multi-functional holster is especially adapted for receiving a pair of child's scissors. The holster is preferably in the form of a rigid or semi-rigid housing having a front and a flange-like periphery defining a scissor opening.
Acme United Corporation

 Walking animal toy apparatus and methods of making and using the same patent thumbnailWalking animal toy apparatus and methods of making and using the same
Mechanical toy animals include internal mechanisms that allow the toy animals to simulate live animals. The present invention allows children to physically “walk” the toy animal on a leash.

 Safety guard to a prevent children from climbing the exterior of a stair railing patent thumbnailSafety guard to a prevent children from climbing the exterior of a stair railing
A screen or shield is used to discourage children from climbing the outside of a staircase. The screen is fastened to staircase structure.

Overarching membrane garment

Personal-size instantly-facile light-weight apparatus, configured without umbrella-typical eye-and-face injuring protrusions, the apparatus includes quasi-equatorial membrane structure capable of resting on a person's shoulders, when an attached-thereto arching tensile-supported membrane structure is over the person's head and torso. For use, apparatus unfolds from metastable-flat storage configuration to extended tensile-arched configuration, and user passes his/her head through quasi-equatorial membrane's opening; thereby covering user by overarching membrane structure.

Preverbal elemental music: multimodal intervention to stimulate auditory perception and receptive language acquisition

A multimodal intervention method provides instructional media that connects elements of music with non-phonemic components of spoken language to enhance receptive language acquisition and literacy learning in children with various disorders affecting language, particularly children with autism, developmental language disorders, and cochlear implant recipients. The intervention enables children with limited or no language to become meaningfully engaged in multimodal activities that encourage development of auditory cognition and cognition generally without the need for preexisting language.

Hmi system based on a 3d toto word card

The utility model relates to a hmi system based on a 3d toto word card, comprising a verification activation module, a scanning module, a identification module, a matching module, a display module, a camera module, a help module, a interaction module, a storage module, a sharing module and a cpu. The scanning module comprises a single-card scanning module, a combined scanning module and an experience scanning module.

Ergonomic twin baby carrier

A child carrier for carrying two children of the same or different sizes, the carrying being by only a first person in a first configuration and the carrying being by the first person and a second person in a second configuration, has first and second child carrier portions including first and second carrier pouches, respectively, each pouch attached at its bottom to a waist support, shoulder straps, and second shoulder straps independent of any child carrier portions in the first configuration and independent of any waist support such that the second shoulder straps are not directly connected to any waist support in either the first or second configuration. The first and second child carrier portions are configured to be secured to the shoulder straps in the first configuration.

Versioning for configurations of reusable artifacts

From a present version of a first artifact which is mutable, an artifact baseline corresponding to the present version of the first artifact can be created. Responsive to creating the artifact baseline, the present version of the first artifact can be made immutable.
International Business Machines Corporation

System to prevent harm to children, pets or others left in unattended vehicles in hot weather

A system is presented to prevent harm to occupants of unattended vehicles in warm weather due to the greenhouse effect by circulating ambient air through the vehicle using the blower from the vehicle's air conditioning system powered by a solar cell array and rechargeable batteries, with a thermometer controller to engage and shut off the system at preset high and low temperatures, situated in a recessed area on the roof to minimize drag when the vehicle is moving and avoid detracting from the appearance of the vehicle.. .

Block assembly

The present disclosure provides a block assembly applied not only to an educational purpose for children but also to a model architecture and a simple real building, etc. In one aspect, there is provided a block assembly comprising: a plurality of first-rods, each first-rod having a first cross sectional area, wherein each first-rod is solid or hollow; a plurality of second-rods, each second-rod having a second cross sectional area larger than the first cross sectional area, wherein each second-rod is solid or hollow; a plurality of h shaped beams, each having a h shaped cross section; and at least one of first to fourth unit blocks..

Play and learning platform and connector system

The present invention relates to a play and learning platform and, more particularly, to a collection of multi-use cardboard box structures that can be connected to form a variety of play or room configurations that, in conjunction with various content, technology applications and, interactive communities, provide a multi-use play and learning platform for children. Also described is a grommet and connector system for connecting a plurality of play structures with one another..
Bigboxplay, Inc.

Formulations that provide support during vaccinations and adaptive immune system response

The present invention provides formulations that support an individuals body during routine vaccination and adaptive immune response. The individuals who can benefit front these formulations are infants, children and adults.

Absorbent articles and arrays of absorbent articles comprising different forms designed to aid in physiological and psychological development of infants, toddlers, and children

The present disclosure is directed to disposable absorbent articles and arrays of disposable absorbent articles which are designed to fit a range of wearers having different physiological, psychological and cognitive needs which can be impacted by product form and level of engagement required during application as well as by the final appearance fit and function of the article.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company

System and methods for monitoring defecation, urination, near-body temperature, body posture and body movements in young children, patients and elderlies

Remotely detecting the presence of urine or feces in a diaper of an infant or adult using a disposable sensor placed inside the diaper, in conjunction with a permanent device that is capable of wirelessly transmitting data to a mobile device or base station is disclosed. The permanent device can also be capable of measuring temperature and body movements.
Mavin Wear Inc.

Compositions and methods for combination pharmacological treatments to induce a prolonged, mild decrease in core body temperature

The present invention is directed to combination pharmacological treatments that induce a prolonged, modest decrease in core body temperature, to the range of ˜95° f. To ˜98.5° f.

Human movement research, therapeutic, and diagnostic devices, methods, and systems

Systems for machine-based rehabilitation of movement disorders including gait therapy applications can apply controlled forces to the pelvis and/or other body parts including knee and ankle joints. Cable-driven systems for gait therapy applications can apply controlled forces to, in respective embodiments, the pelvis and the pelvis, knee and ankle joints.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

Automatic optometry analysis system for children

The automatic optometry analysis system for children includes a main control board for obtaining optometry data of a patient, and an upper computer connected with the main control board. The upper machine may carry out processing according to the optometry data obtained from the main control board, generate corresponding preliminary eyeglass prescription data, correct the preliminary eyeglass prescription data based on collected preset patient information, and generate a final eyeglass prescription suitable for the patient; wherein correction of the preliminary eyeglass prescription data based on the collected preset patient information includes the use of age-related correction coefficient to correct the preliminary eyeglass prescription data..
Hong Kong Fortune Technology Limited

Interactive shoe

A shoe for use in motivating and teaching children or adults comprises a sole and an upper connected to the sole. The shoe further comprises a tongue connected at one end to the upper.

Buoyant swimsuit

The present invention relates to a buoyant swimsuit, and more specifically to a swimsuit, for which the top and bottom portions form a single piece, provided with: a zipper on the front top portion of the swimsuit, moving vertically up and down, so as to facilitate putting on the swimsuit; and buoyancy-generating buoyant member on either side of the zipper on the front top portion of the swimsuit, a part of the back top portion of the swimsuit, and parts of the leg portions on front and back bottom portions of the swimsuit, wherein the buoyant member is formed by sewing a first fabric and a second fabric together, foam being interposed therebetween, and the first fabric and second fabric are made of neoprene. The swimsuit according to the present invention is highly buoyant but does not hinder the movement of a swimmer and is easy to put on, and thus has the benefit of facilitating beginning swimmers or young children in learning to swim.

System and consumer screening, selecting, recommending, and/or selling personal sound amplification products (psap)

A system selects a recommended psap from several different available psap by screening a consumer by providing a plurality of questions regarding the consumer's hearing that each require a subjective response and receiving the subjective responses from the consumer. The questions can include questions relating to hearing difficulty during one-on-one conversations, hearing difficulty during conversations with women and/or children, hearing difficulty during conversations in restaurants and/or meetings, and presence of stress and/or agitating sounds.

Safety bead chain for blinds

A safety bead chain for blinds is revealed. An external member and a mounting member are disposed on two ends of the bead chain respectively.
Uni-soleil, Ltd.

Booster belt

Vehicle seatbelts are designed to increase the likelihood of passenger survival in the case of a crash or collision. The optimal positioning of a vehicle seatbelt is over a passenger's shoulder, across their chest and upper thighs.

Methods and devices to hydraulic consumer devices

Many devices with “limbs” or “arms” are susceptible to damage when a user bends or twists a joint of the limb or arm beyond its design point or in a direction other than intended. This is common with children's toys.
Obotics Inc.

Low-bulk, closely-fitting disposable absorbent pant for children

A low-bulk disposable absorbent pant for a child is disclosed. The pant may have a belt structure formed of a stretch laminate of a pre-strained elastic film between two nonwoven layers.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Educational eating plate (edu-plate)

Edu-plate is an innovative product geared toward children who are interested in learning interesting new (to them) ideas and facts designed to inspire them, and to open up their imaginations to new concepts to help expand their learning horizons.. .

Array of age-tailored nutritional formula with probiotics

The present invention relates to nutritional compositions which are specifically designed to address the needs of infants and young children of at least 2 years of age. In particular, the invention provides a set of nutritional compositions for infants and young children, each nutritional composition having varying probiotic content.
Nestec S.a.

Water window

The water window allows for the viewing of objects that are 1 to 4 feet deep, at the bottom of beaches, lakes and streams, by placing the device on top of the water and giving a clear magnification of objects that are available to be viewed and picked up by children and adults alike and treasured forever.. .

Kendyll's watching

The unique features of this invention will provide the following benefits to infants and their parents and caregivers. children will no longer be forgotten or left behind to suffer needless deaths from excessive heat or cold when forgotten in unattended vehicles.

Treatment of multidrug-resistant nephrotic syndrome (mdr-ns) in children

The present disclosure provides compositions and methods for treating multidrug-resistant nephrotic syndrome (mdr-ns) in pediatric subjects comprising atrasentan. Methods of reducing protenuria in a pediatric patient having mdr-ns are also provided..
Abbvie, Inc.

Eye alignment monitor and method

An eye alignment monitor and method are described for the detection of variability of the relative alignment of the two eyes with each other, thereby detecting deficits of binocular function, for use as a screening device for these abnormalities especially in infants and young children. Each embodiment includes means for tracking of the positions of a subject's two eyes simultaneously, and furthermore includes repetitive calculation of the relative positions of the two eyes with respect to each other.
The Johns Hopkins University

Touch-control flashing toothbrush

A touch-control flashing toothbrush comprises a hollow brush handle and a control circuit board. The hollow brush handle has a brush head at one end and a light-permeable handle member at another end.
Shummi Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Data replication in a tree based server architecture

The disclosure is directed to data replication in a distributed computing system. The data, e.g., received from a client, is replicated to a first set of servers (“sync replica set”) synchronously and to a second set of servers asynchronously (“async tree”).
Facebook, Inc.

Body heat powered wireless transmitter

A body heat powered portable wireless transmitter contains a thermo electric generator, an energy harvesting system, a control system and a wireless transmitter. The wireless transmission medium could include but not exhaustively, rf, ultrasonic or infrared.

System for promoting a secure parent/child attachment bond

A system with a transitional object to promote the bond between children and adults by exchanging that object when in the absence or presence of the adult. Preferably the system is used between children and parents.
Simms/mann Institute For Education And Community Developement

Dynamic weight accumulation for fair allocation of resources in a scheduler hierarchy

Methods and systems are presented for allocating resources based on dynamic weight accumulation performed in a bottom-up fashion in a scheduler hierarchy of a storage system. One method includes assigning weights to leaf schedulers at a bottom level of schedulers in a scheduler hierarchy comprising a plurality of levels of schedulers.
Nimble Storage, Inc.

Portable bus shelter

A portable school bus shelter used in rural areas to protect school children from the weather elements. In one particular embodiment, the portable bus shelter may measure 8½ to 9 feet in height with windows measuring 2 feet by 2 feet.

Use of cannabinoids in the treatment of epilepsy

The present invention relates to the use of cannabidiol (cbd) in the treatment of focal seizures. In one embodiment the patients suffering from focal seizures are children and young adults.
Gw Research Limited

Abuse and misuse deterrent transdermal systems

An abuse deterrent and misuse deterrent transdermal patch comprising aversive agents incorporated in the backing layer of the patch. The aversive agents can exhibit biphasic or sustained kinetics of release with an immediate portion released rapidly and an extended portion released in a prolonged manner when exposed to a dissolution medium.
4p Therapeutics

Algorithm teaching apparatus using blocks

The present invention relates to an algorithm teaching apparatus. More specifically, the present invention relates to an algorithm teaching apparatus that uses blocks that can be played with like toys by children and facilitates easy teaching of an algorithm.

Biomarkers for the prediction of treatment outcomes in adhd

The present invention relates to the field of biomarkers and in particular to their utilisation in treatment. Embodiments of the invention have been particularly developed as biomarkers enabling optimisation of treatment regimes and as uses of the biomarkers in tests for the prediction of optimised treatments and treatment outcomes in the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (adhd) in children and adolescents.
Brc Operations Pty Limited

System and coordinating the activities of locomotory creatures

A system and method are provided to facilitate pet owners meeting other pet owners having similar pets, and allowing the pets and their owners to mingle and socialize with one another. The system and method may be adapted for use with any species of pet.

Multivalent pneumococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugate composition

Provided is an immunogenic composition comprising 13 different polysaccharide-protein conjugates. Each of the conjugates comprises a capsular polysaccharide prepared from a different serotype streptococcus pneumoniae conjugated to a carrier protein, that is, 12 serotypes selected from the group consisting of 1, 3, 4, 5, 6a, 6b, 7f, 9v, 14, 18c, 19a, 19f and 23f and serotype 2 or 9n.
Sk Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Newly identified peptides for use in the induction of oral tolerance in young mammals

The invention relates to newly identified peptides of that are capable of inducing tolerance to cow's milk, especially to β-lactoglobulin. The peptides may be administered to mammals, especially to young infants who are at risk of allergy to cow's milk proteins, to induce oral tolerance to cow's milk; they may also be administered to children or adults who are allergic to cow's milk to allow “desensitization” towards the allergenic milk proteins, especially β-lactoglobulin, to occur.
Nestec S.a.

Device for a set of cutlery

A set of cutlery includes an eating part connected to a handle part, increasing the ability of small children to eat by themselves with the cutlery and encouraging them to grasp the cutlery with precision. A device for the set of cutlery includes a spoon piece and/or a fork piece having a handle connected to an eating part of the piece.

Children's table assembly

A children's table assembly includes a table that has a platform and a frame. A chair is rotatably coupled to the table and the chair is positioned on the frame.

Metabolic imprinting

The present invention generally relates to the field of nutrition. In particular the present invention relates to infant nutrition in the post natal period and in early life, more particular during the age period of 6-36 months or during a part thereof.
Nestec S.a.

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