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Children patents


This page is updated frequently with new Children-related patent applications.

new patent Water window
The water window allows for the viewing of objects that are 1 to 4 feet deep, at the bottom of beaches, lakes and streams, by placing the device on top of the water and giving a clear magnification of objects that are available to be viewed and picked up by children and adults alike and treasured forever.. .

new patent Kendyll's watching
The unique features of this invention will provide the following benefits to infants and their parents and caregivers. children will no longer be forgotten or left behind to suffer needless deaths from excessive heat or cold when forgotten in unattended vehicles.

new patent Treatment of multidrug-resistant nephrotic syndrome (mdr-ns) in children
The present disclosure provides compositions and methods for treating multidrug-resistant nephrotic syndrome (mdr-ns) in pediatric subjects comprising atrasentan. Methods of reducing protenuria in a pediatric patient having mdr-ns are also provided..
Abbvie, Inc.

new patent Eye alignment monitor and method
An eye alignment monitor and method are described for the detection of variability of the relative alignment of the two eyes with each other, thereby detecting deficits of binocular function, for use as a screening device for these abnormalities especially in infants and young children. Each embodiment includes means for tracking of the positions of a subject's two eyes simultaneously, and furthermore includes repetitive calculation of the relative positions of the two eyes with respect to each other.
The Johns Hopkins University

new patent Touch-control flashing toothbrush
A touch-control flashing toothbrush comprises a hollow brush handle and a control circuit board. The hollow brush handle has a brush head at one end and a light-permeable handle member at another end.
Shummi Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Data replication in a tree based server architecture
The disclosure is directed to data replication in a distributed computing system. The data, e.g., received from a client, is replicated to a first set of servers (“sync replica set”) synchronously and to a second set of servers asynchronously (“async tree”).
Facebook, Inc.

Body heat powered wireless transmitter
A body heat powered portable wireless transmitter contains a thermo electric generator, an energy harvesting system, a control system and a wireless transmitter. The wireless transmission medium could include but not exhaustively, rf, ultrasonic or infrared.

System for promoting a secure parent/child attachment bond
A system with a transitional object to promote the bond between children and adults by exchanging that object when in the absence or presence of the adult. Preferably the system is used between children and parents.
Simms/mann Institute For Education And Community Developement

Dynamic weight accumulation for fair allocation of resources in a scheduler hierarchy
Methods and systems are presented for allocating resources based on dynamic weight accumulation performed in a bottom-up fashion in a scheduler hierarchy of a storage system. One method includes assigning weights to leaf schedulers at a bottom level of schedulers in a scheduler hierarchy comprising a plurality of levels of schedulers.
Nimble Storage, Inc.

Portable bus shelter
A portable school bus shelter used in rural areas to protect school children from the weather elements. In one particular embodiment, the portable bus shelter may measure 8½ to 9 feet in height with windows measuring 2 feet by 2 feet.

Use of cannabinoids in the treatment of epilepsy

The present invention relates to the use of cannabidiol (cbd) in the treatment of focal seizures. In one embodiment the patients suffering from focal seizures are children and young adults.
Gw Research Limited

Abuse and misuse deterrent transdermal systems

An abuse deterrent and misuse deterrent transdermal patch comprising aversive agents incorporated in the backing layer of the patch. The aversive agents can exhibit biphasic or sustained kinetics of release with an immediate portion released rapidly and an extended portion released in a prolonged manner when exposed to a dissolution medium.
4p Therapeutics

Algorithm teaching apparatus using blocks

The present invention relates to an algorithm teaching apparatus. More specifically, the present invention relates to an algorithm teaching apparatus that uses blocks that can be played with like toys by children and facilitates easy teaching of an algorithm.

Biomarkers for the prediction of treatment outcomes in adhd

The present invention relates to the field of biomarkers and in particular to their utilisation in treatment. Embodiments of the invention have been particularly developed as biomarkers enabling optimisation of treatment regimes and as uses of the biomarkers in tests for the prediction of optimised treatments and treatment outcomes in the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (adhd) in children and adolescents.
Brc Operations Pty Limited

System and coordinating the activities of locomotory creatures

A system and method are provided to facilitate pet owners meeting other pet owners having similar pets, and allowing the pets and their owners to mingle and socialize with one another. The system and method may be adapted for use with any species of pet.

Multivalent pneumococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugate composition

Provided is an immunogenic composition comprising 13 different polysaccharide-protein conjugates. Each of the conjugates comprises a capsular polysaccharide prepared from a different serotype streptococcus pneumoniae conjugated to a carrier protein, that is, 12 serotypes selected from the group consisting of 1, 3, 4, 5, 6a, 6b, 7f, 9v, 14, 18c, 19a, 19f and 23f and serotype 2 or 9n.
Sk Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Newly identified peptides for use in the induction of oral tolerance in young mammals

The invention relates to newly identified peptides of that are capable of inducing tolerance to cow's milk, especially to β-lactoglobulin. The peptides may be administered to mammals, especially to young infants who are at risk of allergy to cow's milk proteins, to induce oral tolerance to cow's milk; they may also be administered to children or adults who are allergic to cow's milk to allow “desensitization” towards the allergenic milk proteins, especially β-lactoglobulin, to occur.
Nestec S.a.

Device for a set of cutlery

A set of cutlery includes an eating part connected to a handle part, increasing the ability of small children to eat by themselves with the cutlery and encouraging them to grasp the cutlery with precision. A device for the set of cutlery includes a spoon piece and/or a fork piece having a handle connected to an eating part of the piece.

Children's table assembly

A children's table assembly includes a table that has a platform and a frame. A chair is rotatably coupled to the table and the chair is positioned on the frame.

Metabolic imprinting

The present invention generally relates to the field of nutrition. In particular the present invention relates to infant nutrition in the post natal period and in early life, more particular during the age period of 6-36 months or during a part thereof.
Nestec S.a.

Methods, systems, and products for detecting online risks

Online activity may be monitored to determine risks to children. For example, internet postings may reveal an actual and/or a potential contact with a child.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Educational software for assessing a child's developmental stage and interests and recommending and delivering educational toys and games based on the specific needs of the child

A software implemented system and method for selecting a developmentally appropriate children's toy and providing a customized online lesson to accompany the toy are described. With this invention, parents can access a website that will assess their child's development level and personal preferences to select a toy that will be appealing to the child while also being developmentally appropriate.

Neurofibromin/dopamine signaling as a biomarker for cognitive and behavioral problems in children with neurofibromatosis type 1 (nf1)

The present disclosure is generally related to neurofibromatosis type 1. More particularly, disclosed herein are methods for detecting behavioral disorders, methods for detecting cognitive impairment, and methods for detecting brain neurofibromin-dependent dopaminergic signaling associated with neurofibromatosis type 1..
Washington University In St. Louis

Elevator capable of monitoring use of child and a control method thereof

The present invention relates to the technical field of elevator control, and provides an elevator system capable of monitoring children use and a control method thereof. The elevator system of the present invention includes: an elevator control system; an rgb-d sensor or an intelligent wearable device; and an information analytic processing apparatus.
Otis Elevator Company

Extended distance bluetooth (r) location device

The invention relating to an extended distance bluetooth® location device designed for children, pets, or persons with mental incapacity is provided herein. More particularly, a location device is disclosed that utilizes amplified bluetooth® signals and gps technology to communicate an exact location the location device to a handheld receiver, all while extending the range of standard bluetooth® radio signal transmissions, optimizing energy usage, and enabling both indoor and outdoor use of the device..
Le Vise Products, Llc

Interactive friend linked cloud-based toy

An interactive cloud-based toy for children having a communicator located in the housing of the toy. The communicator has electronic circuitry operatively coupled to a cloud database for transmitting and receiving data.
Dynepic Inc.

Computer network attribute bilateral inheritance

Current approaches to managing security intelligence data often address both threat and malicious behavior at the individual computer level, tracked by the internet protocol (ip) address. For example, important facts, observed behavior, and other indications that are tracked by security organizations are only tracked with respect to individual ip addresses.
Lookingglass Cyber Solutions, Inc.

Methods for reducing childhood obesity and for calculating childhood obesity risk

The present disclosure provides personalized methods for preventing and/or reducing early childhood obesity that are based upon identifying a child's individual risk of obesity and tailoring methods to prevent or reduce obesity. The methods may be based on early inception (e.g., third trimester of pregnancy), anticipatory guidance (e.g., prior to an infant reaching a specific developmental stage), sequential guidance, and nutritionally and developmentally appropriate dietary and parental feeding behaviors guidance, all specifically targeting factors that have been associated with childhood obesity.
Nestec S.a.

Computerized tracking childrens health activities

A computerized system and method to assist young children in tracking and learning about their eating and exercise habits is disclosed. The computerized system and method integrates a pedometer device, a “kid-friendly” website, and a secured server that provides data collection points, a personal health information (phi) secured data repository, and a reporting/analysis component for food and activity metrics.
Humana Inc.

Analysis of amino acids in body fluid by liquid chromotography-mass spectrometry

This disclosure provides methods for quantifying individual amino acids in various bodily fluids obtained from a human patient. Also provided are reference ranges for normal amino acid levels in the various bodily fluids (e.g., blood plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and saliva) and for various age groups (e.g., neonates, infants, children, and adults)..
Quest Diagnostics Investment Inc.

Safe and environmental protection package for tiny battery

A safe and environmental protection package for tiny battery provides the tiny battery recycled and prevents the children from obtaining and eating by mistake, the technical scheme comprising a bottom cover body and a top cover body; the bottom cover body including a bottom piece body and a containing groove; an exit part disposed in one end of the containing groove and an access groove disposed in the other end thereof; two symmetric low positioning blocks and two symmetric high positioning blocks, by which a containing space is formed with the top cover body; said top cover body including a top piece body, a top groove part, and inserting slit; by applied to the above-mentioned structures, the tiny battery dispose inside the package is removed by inserting the used tiny battery.. .

Device for assisting children learning to walk

A device assists infants and toddlers while they learn to walk while preventing posture fatigue for the parent. The device includes a crossbar for the parent or caregiver to hold on to and two rings for the infant or toddler to grasp.

Interactive gaming and dining machine with sound and light

An interactive gaming and dining machine includes a base, a gaming member and a piece of a tableware. The gaming member is connected to the underside of the interactive gaming and dining machine, and the tableware is engaged with the flange of the base.
Tobe3 International Corp.

Nutritional compositions comprising spore-forming probiotics

Disclosed are nutritional compositions for pediatric subjects, such as children's nutritional products and infant formulas, which include a protein or protein equivalent source, a fat, a carbohydrate, and a spore-forming probiotic.. .
Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

Social networking and virtual friends for wearable devices

Techniques described herein may be used to provide wearable devices (e.g., a watch, a clip on device, etc.) for children with virtual friend and social networking services. A virtual friend may include an animal, a cartoon character, or another personality with which the child may interact by talking, asking questions, receiving status updates, etc.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Child car heatstroke alarm and prevention system (charm)

Our invention charm for preventing children from being left behind in a car has the potential to dramatically reduce the number of heat stroke deaths. The invention leverages emerging high technologies (such as sensors for accelerometer and temperature, arduino microcontroller) and a circuit board in connection with car monitor and control system (such as panic alarm and door system) to detect if a child is left behind in a car and send out an alarm..

Gift for children

This invention a weapon system is created to protect watch, and guard the free world. It is designed for development and use by the united states of america for the primary protection of those that prefer the confidence of safety and security.

Animal decoration kit for bicycle, tricycle, scooter or the like

An animal decoration kit for a bicycle or tricycle is provided. The decoration kit is configured to mount to the exterior of a bicycle or tricycle.

Smart transportation safety module

Disclosed is a smart child safety module (ssm) that is either integral to or associated with a child safety device or child transportation device such as a child safety seat for transporting children in a vehicle. The ssm includes sensors for detecting environmental parameters and biological parameters for a body associated with the ssm and generate alerts when a predefined condition is detected..

Handheld portable impulse oscillometer

A multitude of clinical research studies have validated the superiority of impulse oscillometry (ios) over spirometry because it is far more sensitive in the detection of pulmonary diseases and since it is effort-independent, it can be successfully used in children as young as six-months old. By miniaturizing the ios to be a hand-held and portable device, the present invention takes ios technology out of the exclusive environments of the research lab and specialty pulmonology office.

Ergonomic twin baby carrier

A child carrier for carrying two children of different sizes has a first and second child carrier portions including first and second carrier pouches, respectively, each pouch attached at its bottom to a waist support, and shoulder straps. The first and second child carrier portions are configured to be secured between the shoulder straps and directly opposite one another.

Charm & link bracelets, necklaces, and back-packs with medical identification features

The invention provides for children with medical issues and allergies an easily identifiable medical information capability for public or emergency medical first responders, and in addition provides for wide range of high technology features in the form of gps, audible/visual alarms, and two dimensional quick response bar-code.. .

Multi-functional chopsticks for children

The multifunctional chopsticks comprise an intelligent control device having a sensor module, a pressure induction module, a timing module, a voice module, a communication module and a power module; the sensor module is arranged at one end of the chopstick body and connected with the timing module, the pressure induction module is arranged on the middle upper portion of the chopstick body and also connected with the timing module; the voice module, the communication module and the power module are arranged at the other end of the chopstick body; the voice module is connected with the sensor module, the timing module and the pressure induction module; and the voice module is connected with the communication module and the power module. The pair of multifunctional chopsticks for children can help the children to use the chopsticks correctly, enables parents to learn about the children's dining habits and obtain specific food information..

Scalable neural network system

A scalable neural network system may include a root processor and a plurality of neural network processors with a tree of synchronizing sub-systems connecting them together. Each synchronization sub-system may connect one parent to a plurality of children. Inc.

Computer architecture and network for customizing the content of publications and multimedia

The invention provides for a computer architecture for managing publication of books and multimedia for plurality of subscribers, which include parents, school administrators and teachers, caregivers, vocational educators, and students. In one embodiment, a subscription service for children's publications in the form of hard copy print-on-demand, ebooks and multimedia, etc., is provided where the content periodically changes as a function of the child's growth, dependent on the child's age, emotional and intellectual status, and optionally subject matter, as determined by a subscriber..

Network audio system

A network audio system includes a housing for the speaker, a radio frequency identification (“rfid”) reader in or attached to said housing for detecting and reading one or more electronic tags in an external chip, a network adapter in or attached to said housing for downloading one or more audio files according to said electronic tags via a network, and an audio play module in or attached to said housing for decoding and playing said one or more audio files. This new type of network audio system controls the play of audio files by using an rfid reader and an external chip such as a rfid card or nfc card.
Sugr Electronics Corp.

Suction cup child restraint lock for sliding doors/windows

A child restraint device for preventing children from opening sliding doors or sliding windows, the device having a suction cup on each end of a handle, the suction cups being adapted to be attached to sliding door or sliding window panes that are disposed in different planes.. .

Educational card game system and use

An educational card game, designed primarily for children. A designated deck of cards are broken into several sets, with the respective sets designated on the backs of the cards.

Therapeutic and diagnostic methods for autism spectrum disorders and other conditions

The present invention relates to the field of autism. More specifically, the present invention provides methods for treating individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
The Johns Hopkins University

Nucleic acid markers for rapid diagnosis of kawasaki disease and kit for detection of the nucleic acid markers

The present invention provides nucleic acid markers for rapid diagnosis of kd and a kit for detection of the nucleic acid markers. The nucleic acid markers are 4 mirnas, and the kit comprises primers for quantitative detection of the 4 mirnas by fluorescent quantitative pcr.
Guangzhou Sagene Biotech Corp.

Multi-height baseball hitting device

A multi-height baseball hitting device includes a base plate assembly, a sleeve and a pipe. The sleeve is disposed on the base plate assembly.
Taiwan Joca Corp.

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