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Date/App# patent app List of recent Chemist-related patents
 Z-selective olefin metathesis catalysts and their synthetic procedure patent thumbnailnew patent Z-selective olefin metathesis catalysts and their synthetic procedure
The invention relates to c—h activated olefin metathesis catalyst compounds, the preparation of such compounds, and the use of such catalysts in the metathesis of olefins and olefin compounds, more particularly, the use of such catalysts in z selective olefin metathesis reactions. In general, the catalyst compounds of the invention comprise a group 8 metal (m), an alkylidene moiety (═cr1r2), or more generally (═(c)mcr1r2), an anionic ligand (x1), two or three neutral ligands (l1, l2, and l3) and a 2-electron anionic donor bridging moiety (q*) that forms a chelate ring structure in conjunction with l1 and m.
 Method and apparatus for analyzing alkalinity conditions in aqueous liquids patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for analyzing alkalinity conditions in aqueous liquids
Method for analyzing the alkalinity conditions in aqueous liquids, comprising: sampling a known amount of the aqueous liquid and placing it in a container of known volume, measuring ph in the sampled liquid and pressure in the container, adding a known amount of co2 to the sampled liquid, and measuring ph in the sampled liquid and the pressure in the container, and finally calculating the total alkalinity based on the values from the performed measurements. An apparatus for conducting the method is also described as well as a method for controlling chemistry of a glycol containing liquid in a system for recovery of glycol..
  patent thumbnailnew patent
Water soluble catalysts, (m)meso-tetra(n-methyl-4-pyridyl)porphinepentachloride (m=fe, co, mn & cu), have been incorporated into the polymer binder of oxygen reduction cathodes in membrane electrode assemblies used in pem fuel cells and found to support encouragingly high current densities. The voltages achieved are low compared to commercial platinum catalysts but entirely consistent with the behavior observed in electroanalytical measurements of the homogeneous catalysts.
 In vivo copper-free click chemistry for delivery of therapeutic and/or diagnostic agents patent thumbnailnew patent In vivo copper-free click chemistry for delivery of therapeutic and/or diagnostic agents
The present application discloses compositions and methods of synthesis and use involving click chemistry reactions for in vivo or in vitro formation of therapeutic and/or diagnostic complexes. Preferably, the diagnostic complex is of use for 18f imaging, while the therapeutic complex is of use for targeted delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs or toxins.
 Battery management system patent thumbnailnew patent Battery management system
A battery management system that monitors and controls the charging and discharging a battery pack in the most versatile way at the block level with virtually no parasitic or dissipative loss is disclosed. The system has capability of using blocks of cells using different chemistry in the same battery pack.
 Electrochemical deposition on a workpiece having high sheet resistance patent thumbnailnew patent Electrochemical deposition on a workpiece having high sheet resistance
A method for at least partially filling a feature on a workpiece generally includes obtaining a workpiece including a feature, depositing a first conductive layer in the feature, wherein the sheet resistance of the first conductive layer is greater than 10 ohm/square, depositing a second conductive layer in the feature by electrochemical deposition, wherein the electrical contacts are at least partially immersed in the deposition chemistry.. .
 Method of plasma preparation of metallic contacts to enhance mechanical and electrical integrity of subsequent interconnect bonds patent thumbnailnew patent Method of plasma preparation of metallic contacts to enhance mechanical and electrical integrity of subsequent interconnect bonds
A method of removing oxidation from certain metallic contact surfaces utilizing a combination of relatively simple and inexpensive off-the-shelf equipment and specific chemistry. The method being a very rapid dry process which does not require a vacuum or containment chamber, or toxic gasses/chemicals, and does not damage sensitive electronic circuits or components.
 Method and system for improving performance and preventing corrosion in multi-module cleaning chamber patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for improving performance and preventing corrosion in multi-module cleaning chamber
A method and system for cleaning a substrate in a multi-module cleaning assembly is provided. The method begins by receiving the substrate into the cleaning module.
 Methods of rapid preparation of silver nanowires with high aspect ratio patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of rapid preparation of silver nanowires with high aspect ratio
Disclosed is a method suitable for efficiently producing silver nanowires with high aspect ratio. In this method, silver nanowires with aspect ratio of more than 300 and purity of more than 80% are produced through an acid compound mediated microwave-assisted wet chemistry method.
 Battery management system and method patent thumbnailBattery management system and method
A battery management system/method implementing optimal dynamic battery charge/discharge cycling is disclosed. The system utilizes a power source control unit (pscu) to selectively switch a power supply source to a battery charger that charges a battery servicing a portable computing device.
Stimulators of incretin hormones secretion, method for preparation and use thereof
The invention relates to the area of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and medicine and includes description of pharmaceutical compositions and combined medicaments on the base of secretion stimulators and protectors of incretin hormones for treatment of metabolic diseases (among them, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and the like). The invention consists in that that pharmaceutical composition or combined medicament comprises a derivative of tetrahydrobenzo[f][1,4]oxazepine—either nonsteroidal agonist of bile aids receptor tgr5, or one of endogenous bile acids which stimulate incretin hormones secretion, and also one of the known inhibitors of dpp-iv proteinase.
Radical chemistry modulation and control using multiple flow pathways
Systems and methods are described relating to semiconductor processing chambers. An exemplary chamber may include a first remote plasma system fluidly coupled with a first access of the chamber, and a second remote plasma system fluidly coupled with a second access of the chamber.
Transformerless on-site generation
Methods and apparatuses for electrolysis that does not require the use of a transformer to operate. The apparatus comprises one or more electrolytic cells which comprise the number of intermediate electrodes sufficient to enable the cell or cells to operate at the rectified line voltage without any need for voltage regulation, or near the rectified line voltage with only some voltage regulation, such as less than 20% of the rectified line voltage.
Distillation device and method
A click chemistry process to be performed with an automated synthesis device using a synthesis cassette includes the steps of performing a chemical reaction in a first vessel at a first elevated temperature, heating the first vessel to a second elevated temperature to cause distillation, delivering a distilled reaction product from the first vessel to a second vessel, performing a click chemistry reaction with the distilled reaction product in the second vessel, purifying the click chemistry product, and formulating a final product from the purified click chemistry product. A cassette and a kit of parts for performing the process are also provided..
Method of indicating operational information for a bulk dispensing system
A method of determining the number of doses and the types of a treating chemistry available in the bulk dispensing system, and providing an indication of the determination on a user interface.. .
Fluidic channel coated with metal catalysts and devices and methods relating thereto
The invention provides a method for coating fluidic channels, particularly millifluidic channels, with a catalyst coating having controlled dimensions and morphology, and methods for preparing such channels, and devices that can be used in combination with the channels. The invention further provides portable, hand-held millifluidic devices applicable for a wide variety of uses including molecular reduction reactions, in situ material characterization, in situ reaction catalysis characterization, in situ reaction mechanism characterization, nanomaterial synthesis, nanostructured metal and metal oxide growth and coating of channels, continuous flow cell culturing, enzymatic catalysis, biomolecular catalysis, combinatorial chemistry, reactions involving homogeneous catalysts bound to channel walls, peptide synthesis, nucleic acid synthesis, synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, biofunctionalization of nanomaterials or a combination thereof..
Pretargeting kit for imaging or therapy comprising a trans-cyclooctene dienophile and a diene
Described is a pretargeting method, and related kits, for targeted medical imaging and/or therapeutics, wherein use is made of abiotic reactive chemical groups that exhibit bio-orthogonal reactivity towards each other. The invention involves the use of [4+2] inverse electron demand (retro) diels-alder chemistry in providing the coupling between a pre-targeting probe and an effector probe.
Rosuvastatin enantiomer compounds
The invention discloses a method for the treatment of diseases, particularly those diseases characterized by diminished or aberrant cellular function, including aids, cancer, and alzheimer's disease. The method comprises administering a therapeutically effective amount of rosuvastatin enantiomer compounds in their (3r, 5r), (3s, 5r), or (3s, 5s) configurations, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof.
Ferroelectric random access memory with optimized hardmask
Device structures, fabrication methods, and design structures for a capacitor of a memory cell of ferroelectric random access memory device. The capacitor may include a first electrode comprised of a first conductor, a ferroelectric layer on the first electrode, a second electrode on the ferroelectric layer, and a cap layer on an upper surface of the second electrode.
Systems, methods, and apparatus for facilitating chemical analyses
A knowledge management platform eliminates the trial and error process for analytical chemists in, for example, identifying appropriate methodologies for separating mixtures of chemical compounds. The platform allows the analytical chemists to perform a variety of searches on data existing from previous experiments, procedures, and/or processes.
Combinatorial optimization of interlayer parameters
The embodiments describe methods and apparatuses for combinatorial optimization of interlayer parameters for capacitor stacks. The capacitor stacks may include a substrate, an insulating layer disposed on the substrate, a ruthenium disposed electrode on the insulating layer, and an interlayer disposed on the ruthenium electrode, where the interlayer is configured to prevent etching of the electrode when growing a high-k dielectric using an ozone-based precursor.
Antifouling by adhesion suppression
The disclosure described herein includes antifouling compositions, methods of antifouling by adhesion suppression and methods of selecting an antifouling composition which suppresses marine animal adhesion or reduces the strength of marine animal adhesion by reducing or quenching the oxidative adhesion chemistry of the marine animal.. .
Proteasome chymotrypsin-like inhibition using pi-1833 analogs
Focused library synthesis and medicinal chemistry on an oxadiazole-isopropylamide core proteasome inhibitor provided the lead compound that strongly inhibits ct-l activity. Structure activity relationship studies indicate the amide moiety and two phenyl rings are sensitive toward synthetic modifications.
Glycidol functionalized anion exchange stationary phases
Treatment of anion exchange materials containing hydroxyl containing moieties in the beta position relative to the quaternary center in the hydroxide form with glycidol substantially alters the selectivity of the anion exchange material. Furthermore, sequential treatments of first a hydroxide containing solution to put the anion exchange material in the hydroxide form followed by treatment with glycidol in an alternating sequence progressively changes selectivity in a predictable manner allowing facile manipulation of selectivity.
Copper-catalysed ligation of azides and acetylenes
A copper catalyzed click chemistry ligation process is employed to bind azides and terminal acetylenes to provide 1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazole triazoles. The process comprises contacting an organic azide and a terminal alkyne with a source of reactive cu(i) ion in human blood plasma to form by cycloaddition a 1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazole.
Method of separating carbon nanotubes
Provided is a method of separating carbon nanotubes, the method comprising: forming first carbon nanotubes having a first functional group, forming a substrate having a second functional group, and causing the first carbon nanotubes to adhere to the substrate by a click chemistry reaction between the first functional group and the second functional group.. .
Chemical modification motifs for mirna inhibitors and mimetics
The present invention provides polynucleotides having chemistry patterns that provide for improved stability, potency, and/or toxicity relative to their use as mirna inhibitors or mirna mimetics. The invention further provides pharmaceutical compositions and formulations comprising the polynucleotides, and methods for treating patients having a condition associated with mirna or mrna expression..
Method of separating amorphous iron oxides
A method for separating amorphous iron oxides is provided. The method includes steps of sampling, filtering, dissolving and separating, analyzing the solution containing amorphous radioactive iron oxides and analyzing granules containing crystalline radioactive iron oxides.
Metal protection layer over sin encapsulation for spin-torque mram device applications
A magnetic thin film deposition is patterned and protected from oxidation during subsequent processes, such as bit line formation, by an oxidation-prevention encapsulation layer of sin. The sin layer is then itself protected during the processing by a metal overlayer, preferably of ta, al, tin, tan or w.
Household appliance having a physical alteration element
A household appliance for treating at least one item according to at least one cycle of operation includes a treating chamber for receiving the at least one item for treatment according to the at least one cycle of operation, a treating chemistry dispenser receiving a unit dose container having an electrically conductive element, a physical alteration element located proximate to the treating chemistry dispenser and operable to physically alter at least a portion of the electrically conductive element and a sensor for sensing the physical alteration.. .
Household appliance having a physical alteration element
A household appliance for treating at least one item according to at least one cycle of operation, includes a treating chamber for receiving the at least one item for treatment according to the at least one cycle of operation, a treating chemistry dispenser receiving a unit dose container having an optically sensible element, a physical alteration element located proximate to the treating chemistry dispenser and operable to physically alter at least a portion of the optically sensible element, and a sensor to sense the physical alteration.. .
Household appliances and methods of control
A household appliance having a treating chamber in which is received an article for treatment, a treating chemistry dispenser configured to receive a unit dose container for the treating chemistry, and a controller for executing at least one cycle of operation and a method of operating the household appliance to physically alter a unit dose container in conjunction with a at least one cycle of operation and sensing same.. .
In-situ tco chamber clean
The present invention discloses new chamber clean chemistries for low temperature, gas phase, in-situ removal of fluorine doped tin oxide (fto) films. These new in-situ cleaning chemistries will enable solar glass and low-emissivity glass manufacturers to improve the quality of fto films produced, as well as reduce costs associated manual cleaning of fto deposition systems.
Household appliance having a physical alteration element
A household appliance for treating at least one item according to at least one cycle of operation includes a treating chemistry dispenser receiving a unit dose container and having a door moveable between an opened position and a closed position, a piercing mechanism located proximate to the treating chemistry dispenser and having a piercer that is moveable between a non-piercing position and a piercing position where the piercer is moved to perforate a unit dose container received within the treating chemistry dispenser.. .
5-position modified pyrimidines and their use
The present disclosure relates to the field of nucleic acid chemistry, specifically to 5-position modified uridines as well as phosphoramidite and triphosphate derivatives thereof. The present disclosure also relates to methods of making and using the same..
Monomers and polymers for functional polycarbonates and poly(ester-carbonates) and peg-co-polycarbonate hydrogels
The invention generally relates to functional polymers and hydrogels. More particularly, the invention provides versatile monomers and polymers with well-defined functionalities, e.g., polycarbonates and poly(ester-carbonates), compositions thereof, and methods for making and using the same.
Novel amphiphilic graft copolymers
A novel amphiphilic graft copolymer is described. A process to make amphiphilic graft copolymers via grafting either poly(ethylene oxide) or polylactide side chains onto an eva platform using oxo-anion ring-opening polymerization chemistry is also described.
Anti-angiogenic gene therapy with soluble vegf receptors -1, -2 and -3 together with paclitaxel prolongs survival of mice with human ovarian carcinoma
Anti-angiogenic gene therapy with a combination of soluble vascular endothelial growth factors (svegfr) improves the efficacy of chemotherapy with paclitaxel for reducing ovarian cancer mean tumor volume (in cubic millimetres) as measured using magnetic resonance imaging. The study groups were: adlacz control, combination of adsvegfr-1, -2 and -3, combination of adsvegfr-1, -2, -3 and paclitaxel, bevacizumab monotherapy, paclitaxel monotherapy and carboplatin monotherapy.
Apparatus for control of on site mixing of solid peroxide source and catalyst
An apparatus for controlling on site generation and mixing of a two or more part chemistry, such as a peroxide source and a catalyst. In particular, the invention discloses an apparatus and dispensing method for separating solid surfaces that undergo an uncontrolled, continuous reaction when contacted with water and allows for delivery of solid reactive chemistries at the same time in a standard spray from the bottom dispensing configuration while preventing continued reaction after the dosing is complete..
Methods, devices, and materials for metallization
A method of making an electronic device which in one embodiment comprises providing a substrate, electrolessly depositing a barrier metal at least on portions of the substrate, and using wet chemistry such as electroless deposition to deposit a substantially gold-free wetting layer having solder wettability onto the barrier metal. An electronic device which in one embodiment comprises a metallization stack.
Double-masking technique for increasing fabrication yield in superconducting electronics
An improved microfabrication technique for josephson junctions in superconducting integrated circuits, based on the use of a double-layer lithographic mask for partial anodization of the side-walls and base electrode of the junctions. The top layer of the mask is a resist material, and the bottom layer is a dielectric material chosen so to maximize adhesion between the resist and the underlying superconducting layer, be etch-compatible with the underlying superconducting layer, and be insoluble in the resist and anodization processing chemistries.
Method for monitoring and controlling the chemistry of a zld process in power plants
A method for monitoring and controlling the chemistry of a zero liquid discharge (zld) process in power plants is described. The method identifies the principal phenomena of precipitation of calcium sulphate and calcium carbonate which can occur in such system and the principal critical sections affected by such precipitation phenomena.
Megasonic precision cleaning of semiconductor process equipment components and parts
Apparatuses are provided for cleaning a processing component using megasonic energy including megasonic jets in combination with selective chemistries to remove sub-micron particulate contaminants from the surfaces of the processing component that is used in cleaning semiconductor, medical, or any other processing substrates. The apparatus includes a processing chamber having a carrier element that is configured to support the processing component.
Use of ingredient water in cleaning applications
Systems and methods for laundry applications employ ingredient water having a defined specification. The ingredient water specification may include a maximum total dissolved solids (tds) and/or a maximum tds from water hardness ions.
Methode pour mesurer la resistance de films
The present invention relates to a method for measuring the effect of a force on a film. In particular, the present invention relates to a method for measuring the effect of a mechanical, hydrodynamic or physical force, for example, on the integrity of a film, for example a film made of microorganisms, foodstuffs and/or chemical substances.
Method for manufacture and structure of multiple electrochemistries and energy gathering components within a unified structure
A method for using an integrated battery and device structure includes using two or more stacked electrochemical cells integrated with each other formed overlying a surface of a substrate. The two or more stacked electrochemical cells include related two or more different electrochemistries with one or more devices formed using one or more sequential deposition processes.
Improved production of anti-peptide antibodies
Anti-peptide antibodies (apas) are extremely important tools for biomedical research. Many important techniques, such as immunoblots, elisa immunoassays, immunocytochemistry, and protein microarrays are intrinsically linked to apa function and completely dependent on apa quality.
Pre-operative use of metabolic activation therapy
Metabolic activation therapy (mat®) is a procedure which uses intravenous insulin pulses administered with oral glucose to deliver an insulin treatment regimen that improves the biochemistry and physiology of diabetic and non-diabetic individuals. If implemented preoperatively to patients with a history of hyperglycemia who undergo surgical and other stress inducing procedures, including those requiring hospitalization, postoperative glycemic control is improved and the insulin required during and after the operation is decreased with no increase in incidents of hypoglycemia.
Tivozanib response prediction
A diagnostic method for predicting whether a human tumor will be sensitive or resistant to treatment with tivozanib (av-951) is disclosed. The method is based on measurement of macrophage content in a tissue sample from a tumor.
High level production of recombinant proteins
The present technology relates to the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology and medicine. In particular, the present technology relates to methods and compositions for increased expression of recombinant proteins..
Elimination of n-glycolylneuraminic acid from animal products for human use
The application is in the field of transgenic (non-human) organisms, sialic acid chemistry, metabolism and antigenicity. More particularly, the invention is related to a method to produce neu5gc-free animals and products therefrom comprising disrupting the cmah gene and thereby reducing or eliminating neu5gc from biological material of non-humans..
Colloidal solution of silver nanoparticles and method of it preparation
The invention relates to colloidal solutions of silver nanoparticles and to method of it preparation and can be used in different areas, particularly in medicine, veterinary science, food industry, cosmetology, household chemistry and agrochemistry. Method includes the electrochemical dissolution of silver in the deionized water.
Analytical aid
A process for producing an analytical aid for the detection of at least one analyte in a sample, such as a body fluid. The analytical aid includes at least one housing and at least one test element including at least one test chemistry.
Sensing platform for quantum transduction of chemical information
A system for determining chemistry of a molecule in a high background interfering liquid environment by application of an electronic signal at a biased metal-electrolyte interface is disclosed. One or more of a resonant exchange of energy between one or more electrons exchanged by the metal and the electrolyte and vibrating bonds of a molecular analyte, for example, may be sensed by measuring small signal conductivity of an electrochemical interface..
Battery pack
An electrical combination including a power tool and a battery pack. The power tool includes power tool terminals.
Led epitaxial structure
An led epitaxial structure includes the first layer thin film and the second layer thin film. The first layer thin film and the second layer thin film are polycrystalline aluminum nitride and single crystal aluminum nitride respectively, which have good thermal conductivity, insulation, mechanical intensity, and chemistry stability.
Methods of forming capacitors
A method of forming capacitors includes providing first capacitor electrodes within support material. The first capacitor electrodes contain tin and the support material contains polysilicon.
Sortase-mediated modification of viral surface proteins
The present invention, in some aspects, provides methods, reagents, and kits for the functionalization of proteins on the surface of viral particles, for example, of bacteriophages, using sortase-mediated transpeptidation reactions. Some aspects of this invention provide methods for the conjugation of an agent, for example, a detectable label, a binding agent, a click-chemistry handle, or a small molecule to a surface protein of a viral particle.
Dissymmetric particles (janus particles), and method for synthesizing same by means of bipolar electrochemistry
Dissymmetric particles also called janus particles of micron or submicron size and methods of synthesis of janus particles by bipolar electrochemistry, based on substrates of isotropic or anisotropic shape. The particles include an electrically conductive substrate having at least a chemically and/or physically modified part by deposit of a layer of electrochemically depositable material, and a non-modified part.
Chemistry compatible coating material for advanced device on-wafer particle performance
To manufacture a coating for an article for a semiconductor processing chamber, the article including a body of at least one of al, al2o3, or sic, and a ceramic coating on the body. The ceramic coating includes a compound comprising y2o3 in a range from about 50 mol % to about 75 mol %, zro2 in a range from about 10 mol % to about 30 mol %, and al2o3 in a range from about 10 mol % to about 30 mol %, wherein the number of nodules per inch is in a range from about 30 nodules to about 45 nodules and the porosity is in a range from about 2.5% to about 3.2%..
Money air freshner
A motivational air freshener that is scented, configured, and decorated to provide motivation to a user. The sight and scent of the motivational air freshener serves as an olfactory and visual reminder of monetary incentives.
Sensor array mounted on flexible carrier
A sensor apparatus is disclosed herein. The sensor apparatus includes a flexible carrier that is elongated along a length of the carrier.
Electronic measurements of monolayers following homogeneous reactions of their components
The disclosure relates to novel methods for performing a solution based assay reaction with an electroactive active moiety (eam) that subsequently forms a self-assembled monolayer (sam) utilizing the advantages of faster solution reaction kinetics, sam protected electrode and surface based electrochemistry for electronic measurement.. .
Perfluoroether sealant compositions
Disclosed are perfluoroethers and perfluoroether compositions useful in high temperature aerospace applications. The perfluoroethers can be adapted for use with various curing chemistries..

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