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Date/App# patent app List of recent Chemist-related patents
 Method of preparing silicon nanocrystals patent thumbnailMethod of preparing silicon nanocrystals
The present application includes a method of preparing silicon nanocrystals (si-ncs) comprising combining silica particles with magnesium and heating said combination under conditions to form si-ncs, wherein the silica particles are obtained using sol gel chemistry.. .
 Method for the synthesis of 18f-labelled biomolecules patent thumbnailMethod for the synthesis of 18f-labelled biomolecules
The present invention provides a method for the synthesis of 18f-labelled biomolecules, which is amenable to automation. The present invention also provides a cassette for automating the method of the invention.
 Small molecule inhibitors of mcl-1 and the uses of thereof patent thumbnailSmall molecule inhibitors of mcl-1 and the uses of thereof
This invention is in the field of medicinal chemistry. In particular, the invention relates to a new class of small-molecules having sulfonamido-1-hydroxynaphthalene structure which function as inhibitors of mcl-1 protein, and their use as therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and other diseases..
 Microfluidic interface for highly parallel addressing of sensing arrays patent thumbnailMicrofluidic interface for highly parallel addressing of sensing arrays
Disclosed is a spotter device and methods for the formation of microassays, biochips, biosensors, and cell cultures. The spotter may be used to deposit highly concentrated spots of protein or other materials on a microarray slide, wafer, or other surface.
 2-hydroxyhippuric acid analogs, and methods for their synthesis and use patent thumbnail2-hydroxyhippuric acid analogs, and methods for their synthesis and use
The present invention relates to novel 2-hydroxyhippuric acid analogs, and methods for their synthesis and use. Such analogs are designed to provide a protected or functional moiety such as a free thiol (—sh) group or a protected thiol group, thereby providing a convenient linkage chemistry for coupling under mild conditions to a suitable group on a target protein, polypeptide, solid phase or detectable label..
 Method and apparatus for variation of flow to erode solid chemistry patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for variation of flow to erode solid chemistry
A method and apparatus for obtaining a product chemistry from a product and a fluid is provided. A product is housed within a dispenser.
 Global backflow prevention assembly patent thumbnailGlobal backflow prevention assembly
A backflow prevention assembly for global use with dispensers requiring a variety of backflow prevention devices based on regulatory standards is provided. The assembly includes a housing comprising first and second housing members and including quick connector attachments extending therefrom.
 Diene copolymer including at least two blocks, method for synthesizing same and rubber composition containing same patent thumbnailDiene copolymer including at least two blocks, method for synthesizing same and rubber composition containing same
This process of synthesis can be adjusted, whatever the nature of the monomers necessary to form each of the blocks of the copolymer. Each block can be synthesized with an appropriate chemistry, independently of the other block..
 Methods of forming a semiconductor device by performing a wet acid etching process while preventing or reducing loss of active area and/or isolation regions patent thumbnailMethods of forming a semiconductor device by performing a wet acid etching process while preventing or reducing loss of active area and/or isolation regions
One method disclosed includes forming a sidewall spacer proximate a gate structure, forming a sacrificial layer of material above a protective cap layer, the sidewall spacer and a substrate, forming a sacrificial protection layer above the sacrificial layer, reducing a thickness of the sacrificial protection layer such that its upper surface is positioned at a level that is below the upper surface of the protective cap layer, performing a first etching process to remove a portion of the sacrificial layer and thereby expose the protective cap layer for further processing, performing a wet acid etching process that includes diluted hf acid in the etch chemistry to remove the protective cap layer and performing at least one process operation to remove at least one of the reduced-thickness sacrificial protection layer or the sacrificial layer from above the surface of the substrate.. .
 Devices and methods for the collection and detection of substances patent thumbnailDevices and methods for the collection and detection of substances
The present invention provides a single self-contained device for collecting, extracting, on-site testing, and transferring for forensic confirmatory analysis, a wide variety of substances including, but not limited to, drugs of abuse, explosives, weapons of mass destruction, food toxins and industrial wastes. Samples can be obtained from a surface by swabbing a suspect area or the testing of solid materials (pills, capsules, powders), air samples and biological and non-biological fluids by placing the substance in the device.
Lithium metal doped electrodes for lithium-ion rechargeable chemistry
An embodiment of the invention combines the superior performance of a polyvinylidene difluoride (pvdf) or polyethyleneoxide (poe) binder, the strong binding force of a styrene-butadiene (sbr) binder, and a source of lithium ions in the form of solid lithium metal powder (slmp) to form an electrode system that has improved performance as compared to pvdf/sbr binder based electrodes. This invention will provide a new way to achieve improved results at a much reduced cost..
Quantum dot-fullerene junction based photodetectors
A photodetector includes one or more photodiodes and a signal processing circuit. Each photodiode includes a transparent first electrode, a second electrode, and a heterojunction interposed between the first electrode and the second electrode.
Sulfur modified asphalt for warm mix applications
Disclosed herein are an asphalt concrete mixture, an asphalt binder composition, and methods of preparing the related compositions. The asphalt binder compositions include a polyphosphoric acid, a macromolecular polymer having a saturated backbone with macromolecular modifications, sulfur, and non-surfactant additives based on wax chemistry.
Silicon dioxide-polysilicon multi-layered stack etching with plasma etch chamber employing non-corrosive etchants
Multilayered stacks having layers of silicon interleaved with layers of a dielectric, such as silicon dioxide, are plasma etched with non-corrosive process gas chemistries. Etching plasmas of fluorine source gases, such as sf6 and/or nf3 typically only suitable for dielectric layers, are energized by pulsed rf to achieve high aspect ratio etching of silicon/silicon dioxide bi-layers stacks without the addition of corrosive gases, such as hbr or cl2.
Pattern selection for lithographic model calibration
The present invention relates generally to methods and apparatuses for test pattern selection for computational lithography model calibration. According to some aspects, the pattern selection algorithms of the present invention can be applied to any existing pool of candidate test patterns.
Device and method for the plasma treatment of surfaces and use of a device
The invention relates to a device for the plasma treatment of surfaces (47), in particular of skin, having a housing (3), a plasma source (5) allocated to the housing (3), and at least one spacer (21) that is provided on the housing (3) and/or the plasma source (5) in such a manner that a distance (d) between the plasma source (5) and a surface (47) to be treated can be maintained at least in some regions. The device is characterized in that the spacer (21) is designed to be adjustable in order to vary the distance (d) and that the distance (d) can be varied in such a manner that a preferred plasma chemistry can be selected at the location of the surface (47) to be treated..
Aminated derivative of homoharringtonine, preparation method therefor, and application thereof
The present invention belongs to the field of natural medicine and pharmaceutical chemistry and specifically relates to novel aminated homoharringtonine derivatives of formula (i) and a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, to a process for the preparation of these compounds, compositions containing such compounds and their use in preparing antineoplastic medicaments.. .
Bipartite inhibitors of bacterial rna polymerase
The invention provides bipartite inhibitors of bacterial rna polymerase having the general structural formula (i): x-α-y (i) wherein x is an moiety that binds to the rifamycin binding site of a bacterial rna polymerase, y is a moiety that binds to the ge23077 binding site of a bacterial rna polymerase, and is a linker. The invention also provides compositions comprising such compounds, methods of making such compounds, and methods of using said compounds.
Circuit board material
A circuit board material includes an electrical resistance material layer having a preselected resistivity adhered to the support layer, and a barrier layer adhered to the electrical resistive layer, and a conductive layer adhered to the barrier layer, wherein the barrier layer is plated on the conductive material such that the resistance of the subsequently applied resistive layer does not vary substantially during exposure to printed circuit board processing chemistries. The process for making the material is directed to adjusting the electro deposition of the barrier layer by using the time for etching the resistive layer of the circuit board material in a standard etching bath..
Real time process control of the polymer dispersion index
Techniques disclosed herein include apparatus and processes for real time process control of the polymer dispersion index (pdi) during polymerization processes. By tuning this chain length distribution in real time, a resulting polymer can have predetermined physical properties such as thickness, physical yield strength, decomposition time, thermal stability, etc.
Compositions comprising cyclic purine dinucleotides having defined stereochemistries and methods for their preparation and use
It is an object of the present invention to provide novel and highly active cyclic-di-nucleotide (cdn) immune stimulators that activates dcs via a recently discovered cytoplasmic receptor known as sting (stimulator of interferon genes). In particular, the cdns of the present invention are provided in the form of a composition comprising one or more cyclic purine dinucleotides that induce sting-dependent tbk1 activation, wherein the cyclic purine dinuclotides present in the composition are substantially pure rp,rp or rp,sp stereoisomers, and particularly substantially pure rp,rp, or rpsp cdn thiophosphate diastereomers..
Stratification of cancer patients for susceptibility to therapy with ptk2 inhibitors
The present invention relates to a method for determining whether a cancer patient is susceptible to treatment with a protein tyrosine kinase 2 (ptk2) inhibitor, comprising detecting the expression of the e-cadherin protein in a cancer sample of said cancer patient, wherein an e-cadherin protein immunoreactivity score (irs) of 0-2 indicates that the cancer patient is susceptible to treatment with a ptk2 inhibitor. Said detection of the expression of the e-cadherin protein in a cancer sample of a cancer patient is preferably conducted by way of an immunohistochemistry (ihc) method.
Ferroelectric random access memory with optimized hardmask
Device structures, fabrication methods, and design structures for a capacitor of a memory cell of ferroelectric random access memory device. The capacitor may include a first electrode comprised of a first conductor, a ferroelectric layer on the first electrode, a second electrode on the ferroelectric layer, and a cap layer on an upper surface of the second electrode.
Method for destabilizing bitumen-water and oil-water emulsions using lime
In a process for destabilizing bitumen-water emulsions to facilitate bitumen recovery therefrom, bitumen-water interfacial tension is increased by reducing or eliminating the activity of functional groups acting as surfactants by treating the emulsions with one or more additives of ionic base to increase the hydrophobic characteristics of bitumen droplets in the emulsions and thus increase their attraction to each other and to gas bubbles. Additives effective for this purpose include salts of the periodic table's group ii earth alkali metals cations such as magnesium, calcium, strontium, and barium, and group iii metals cations such as aluminum.
Synthesis of terminal alkenes from internal alkenes and ethylene via olefin metathesis
Wherein the various substituents are as defined herein. The invention has utility, for example, in the fields of catalysis, organic synthesis, and industrial chemistry..
Process for treating lignin
A process for recovery of lignin from black liquor that contains either soluble or dispersed lignin by generating a “liquid lignin” at high yield is disclosed. Soluble lignin at a high ph is precipitated by reducing the ph of the black liquor stream by countercurrent reaction with carbon dioxide, at elevated temperature and pressure, creating a heavy lignin-rich phase and a light lignin-depleted phase.
Apparatus for physics and chemistry and method of processing image
Switching between highlighting and unhighlighting of an object determined as adopted and switching between highlighting and unhighlighting of an object determined as not adopted are performed individually and independently by manipulation of an on/off selectable button. This allows switching to be freely performed between the following states in which: objects are highlighted regardless of whether the objects are adopted or not; only an object determined as adopted is highlighted; only an object determined as not adopted is highlighted; and objects are not highlighted regardless of whether the objects are adopted or not.
Pluripotent therapeutic compositions and uses thereof
Synthetic stem cell-like tissue healing and regeneration medication with anti-inflammatory, protein synthesis, enzyme deficiency activation and genetic therapy, and anti-cancer agent derived from a series of inventions that include these products of biomolecular engineering, drug discovery from a biologic periodic table of applied biochemistry and biophysics. Tissue has a self healing effect promoting tissue healing and tissue regeneration.
Method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive device
A method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive-based device includes a metal hard mask that is inert to a top electrode etch chemistry and that has low sputter yield during a magnetic stack sputter. The metal hard mask is patterned by the photo resist and the photo mask is then stripped and the top electrode (overlying magnetic materials of the magnetoresistive-based device) is patterned by the metal hard mask..
Classes of steels for tubular products
The present disclosure is directed and formulations and methods to provide alloys having relative high strength and ductility. The alloys may be provided in seamless tubular form and characterized by their particular alloy chemistries and identifiable crystalline grain size morphology.
Perfluoroether sealant compositions
Disclosed are perfluoroethers and perfluoroether compositions useful in high temperature aerospace applications. The perfluoroethers can be adapted for use with various curing chemistries..
Dinitroxide-type biradical compounds optimized for dynamic nuclear polarization (dnp)
The present invention relates to the field of organic chemistry and in particular to organic free radicals used as polarizing agents in the technique of dynamic nuclear polarization (dnp), which involves transferring the polarization of electron spins to the nuclei of a compound whose nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) is being observed. It concerns dinitroxide-type biradical polarizing agents characterized by a rigid linkage between the aminoxyl groups of said nitroxide units.
Synthesis of cyclohexane derivatives useful as sensates in consumer products
The present invention provides synthetic routes for preparing various isomers of cyclohexane-based coolants, such as menthyl esters and menthanecarboxamide derivatives, in particular those substituted at the amide nitrogen, for example with an aromatic ring or aryl moiety. Such structures have high cooling potency and long lasting sensory effect, which make them useful in a wide variety of consumer products.
Methods and apparatus for measuring luminescence and absorbance
An automated chemistry analyzer includes a first fiber optic bundle that is used to guide a signal. The automated chemistry analyzer also includes a photomultiplier detector tube (pmt) that receives the guided signal from the first fiber optic bundle and produces an output pmt signal.
High dose implantation strip (hdis) in h2 base chemistry
Plasma is generated using elemental hydrogen, a weak oxidizing agent, and a fluorine containing gas. An inert gas is introduced to the plasma downstream of the plasma source and upstream of a showerhead that directs gas mixture into the reaction chamber where the mixture reacts with the high-dose implant resist.
Synthesis and surface functionalization of particles
Provided are methods of controlling the shape and surface chemistry of nanoparticles, particularly ferrite nanoparticles. Methods for preparing non-spherical ferrite nanoparticles, including nanocubes, nanobars, nanoplates, and nanoflowers, are described.
Compounds, compositions, methods of synthesis, and methods of treatment
The present disclosure relates to organic chemistry and in particular to a series of corticotropin releasing factor type-1 (crf1) receptor ligand compounds and compositions, as well as methods of preparation and treatment.. .
Strengthened glass and methods for making using differential chemistry
Chemically strengthened glass and a method for making utilizing differential chemistry are provided. The method includes providing a substrate having a glass chemical structure.
Methods of promoting adhesion between underfill and conductive bumps and structures formed thereby
Methods of forming a microelectronic packaging structure and associated structures formed thereby are described. Those methods and structures may include modifying an underfill material with one of a thiol adhesion promoter, an azole coupling agent, surface modified filler, and peroxide based cross-linking polymer chemistries to greatly enhance adhesion in package structures utilizing the embodiments herein..
Electrochemical competition sensor
A method for detecting the presence of an analyte in a sample. The method comprises the steps of: adding to the sample an antibody of the analyte; exposing to the sample a binding moiety capable of becoming associated with the antibody of the analyte, the binding moiety being associated with a redox active species that is bound to an electrode and electrochemically accessible to the electrode; and taking amperometric electrochemical measurements which indicate whether the electrochemistry of the redox active species has been modulated by the binding moiety associating with the antibody of the analyte..
Electrochemical affinity sensor
An electrochemical sensor comprising an electrode having a protective layer; conductive nanoparticles bound to the protective layer; a redox active species bound to the conductive nanoparticles; and a binding moiety capable of associating with an analyte, the binding moiety being associated with the redox active species bound to the conductive nanoparticles. Association of a binding moiety with the analyte modulates the electrochemistry of the redox active species..
Methods for achieving metal fill in small features
A method of electroplating on a workpiece having a sub-30 nm feature generally includes applying a chemistry to the workpiece, the chemistry including a halide ion concentration in the range of about 55 ppm to about 250 ppm and a metal cation solute species, and applying an electric waveform for less than about 5 seconds, wherein the electric waveform includes a period of ramping of current and a period of pulse plating.. .
Nanotube electrochemistry
The invention relates to electrodes for electrochemical analysis comprising: —an insulating surface; —carbon nanotubes situated on the insulating surface at a density of at least 0.1 μmcnt um−2; and —an electrically conducting material in electrical contact with the carbon nanotubes; wherein the carbon nanotubes cover an area of no more than about 5.0% of the insulating surface. Methods of making such electrodes and assay devices or kits with such electrodes, are also provided..
Ion selective electrode
A five-part internal reference electrode, including a membrane formed in situ, which is useful in automated clinical chemistry analyzers, the method of forming a direct solid state connection to the membrane eliminating the need for the use of an internal reference electrode internal filling solution, and a ganged assembly of said internal reference electrodes with a grounding unit and an external reference electrode.. .
Impact reduction system
A wearable impact reduction device and method are disclosed. The wearable device and method comprise three layers, the middle layer of which comprises a resilient element that displaces as a result of an impact.
Azole heterocyclic compound, preparation method, pharmaceutical composition and use
The present invention relates to the field of pharmaceutical chemistry, and in particular, to a novel class of azole compounds represented by general formula (i), (ii) or (iii) and a preparation method thereof, a pharmaceutical composition with the compounds as active components, and a use of the azole compounds and the pharmaceutical composition in the preparation of a medicament for treatment of diseases associated with lp-pla2 enzyme activities, wherein each substituent is as defined in the specification.. .
Method of low-k dielectric film repair
Methods for repairing a carbon depleted low-k material in a low-k dielectric film layer of a semiconductor wafer include providing a proximity head with a plurality of nozzles disposed on a surface of the proximity head. A repair chemistry having a hydrocarbon group is applied to a portion of the semiconductor wafer that includes carbon depleted low-k material, through the proximity head.
Method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive sensor
A method for manufacturing a magnetic sensor that allows the sensor to be constructed with a very narrow track width and with smooth, well defined side walls. A tri-layer mask structure is deposited over a series of sensor layers.
Immunotherapy for treatment of amyloid-related disorders using encapsulated beta-amyloid peptides
The present invention relates to the field of polymer chemistry and more particularly to encapsulated peptides and uses thereof.. .
Semiconductor devices with germanium-rich active layers & doped transition layers
Semiconductor device stacks and devices made there from having ge-rich device layers. A ge-rich device layer is disposed above a substrate, with a p-type doped ge etch suppression layer (e.g., p-type sige) disposed there between to suppress etch of the ge-rich device layer during removal of a sacrificial semiconductor layer richer in si than the device layer.
Disordered organic electronic materials based on non-benzenoid 1,6-methano[10]annulene rings
Conjugated polymers and small molecules including the nonplanar aromatic 1,6-methano[10]annulene ring structure along with aromatic subunits, such as diketopyrrolopyrrole, and 2,1,3-benzothiadiazole, substituted with alkyl chains in a “tail in,” “tail out,” or “no tail” regiochemistry are disclosed.. .
High temperature and pressure oxidation-reduction potential measuring and monitoring device for hot water systems
A device for measuring oxidation-reduction potential at operating temperature and pressure in hot water systems is disclosed and claimed. The device includes a flow-through cell, a sensor, and a reference electrode.
Method and device for measuring hematocrit
An approach is provided for a method and device for measuring hematocrit (hct) are disclosed that measures current variations from reactions of electrochemistry on the electrodes. The method comprises acts of giving a blood sample on a pair of electrodes, obtaining a response current by providing a voltage on the electrodes, and determining an hct value from the obtained current based on a predetermined rule.
System and method for production reservoir and well management using continuous chemical measurement
A system performs methods for well and reservoir management for optimized production of fluids in a reservoir. The system includes a knowledge engine configured to receive a plurality of field inputs, process and analyze the field inputs, and provide a plurality of outputs for presentation to an operator.
Household cleaning appliance with a dispensing system operable between a single use dispensing system and a bulk dispensing system
In a household cleaning appliance configured to execute a cleaning cycle on an article, having a non-bulk dispensing system that stores a single dose of treating chemistry that the dispensing system dispenses to the treating chamber in total as part of the execution of the cleaning cycle, the method includes adding bulk dispensing functionality to the non-bulk dispensing system for operating the dispensing system as a bulk dispensing system.. .
System and method for treating connective tissue
A method and system of treating connective tissue to increase flexibility of the connective tissue or decrease tension in the connective tissue includes forming perforations in the connective tissue to at least 90% of the depth or thickness of the connective tissue and maintaining the perforations in the connective tissue. The method alters the tissue to enhance the fundamental mechanisms involved the immunology, biochemistry, and molecular genetics of the metabolism of the connective tissue..
Preparing chloride-free polyethyleneimines
Polyalkyleneimines obtained by such methods and formulations thereof likewise form part of the subject matter of the invention, especially those having a low proportion of chloride-containing compounds. Such polyalkyleneimines have uses in the field of medical technology, printing media, wastewater treatment, surface treatment, cosmetics, laundry detergents, biotechnology, packaging, electronics, paper, building construction chemistry, textiles, chromatography, ion exchangers, oil industry, ceramics, glass, membrane technology, catalysts, electroplating, biocides or wood protection.
Antibacterial agents: salinamide derivatives
And salts thereof, wherein x and y have any of the values defined herein. The compounds inhibit bacterial rna polymerase, inhibit bacterial growth, and have applications in, analysis of rna polymerase structure and function, control of bacterial gene expression, control of bacterial growth, antibacterial chemistry, antibacterial therapy, and drug discovery..
Radionuclide generator and method of sterilization
A column assembly of a radionuclide generator includes a column that retains a parent radionuclide that spontaneously decays to a relatively short-lived daughter radionuclide. A fluid path extends from an inlet port to the column and then to an outlet port and allows daughter radionuclide to be eluted from the radionuclide generator for use.
Heterocycle amines and uses thereof
Compounds and methods in the fields of chemistry and medicine are disclosed. Some of the disclosed embodiments include compounds, compositions and methods of using heterocycle amines.
Use of oligo-quaternary compositions to increase scale inhibitor lifetime in a subterranean formation
A method of inhibiting scale in a subterranean formation comprises pretreating the subterranean formation with a polyquaternary amine that serves as a squeeze life extention (sle) agent, and then introducing a scale inhibitor pill into the subterranean formation, wherein the scale inhibitor pill includes one or more scale inhibitor compositions. For example, the polyquaternary amine may be a polymer having up to 5 quaternary amine centers, but is preferably a nonpolymeric diquaternary amine having a molecular weight of from 250 to 500.
Photoresist employing photodimerization chemistry and method for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display using the same
A highly fluorinated photoresist employing a photodimerization chemistry and a method for manufacturing an organic light emitting diode display using the same. The photoresist includes a copolymer that is made from two different monomers.
Channel allocation control method for multichannel biochemistry analyzer
The invention provides a channel allocation control method for a multichannel biochemistry analyzer, which comprises the following steps: a. Setting the item and the amount of samples to be tested; b.
Processing microtitre plates for covalent immobilization chemistries
Disclosed herein is a method of: treating an organic polymer with an electron beam-generated plasma; exposing the treated polymer to air or an oxygen- and hydrogen-containing gas, generating hydroxyl groups on the surface of the polymer; reacting the surface with an organosilane compound having a chloro, fluoro, or alkoxy group and a functional or reactive group that is less reactive with the surface than the chloro, fluoro, or alkoxy group; and covalently immobilizing a biomolecule to the functional or reactive group or a reaction product thereof.. .
Reactive silicon oxide precursor facilitated anti-corrosion treatment
The present invention solves numerous problems in state-of-the-art industrial anti-corrosion protection by using a reactive silicon oxide precursor solution. Among the problems solved are those of decreased heat transfer over a protected surface, limited protection against high-temperature corrosive fluids and difficulties in protecting complex 3d geometries and surfaces with a high surface roughness.

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