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 Method for re-determining the numbering of radio-television programs, and apparatus thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Method for re-determining the numbering of radio-television programs, and apparatus thereof
A method is described for re-determining, in a television apparatus, a program table including associations between alphanumeric labels and radio-television programs, each one of the alphanumeric labels indicating a string of characters that must be selected by the user in order to activate the reproduction of one of the radio-television programs associated therewith, the method including the steps of biunivocally associating with each radio-television program in the table an alphanumeric label comprising a numeric part; allowing at least a first list and a second list to be simultaneously displayed on a screen, both including identification data of the radio-television programs obtained from the program table, the radio-television programs being sorted in the lists according to sorting criteria; selecting a first program from the first list of programs sorted according to a first sorting criterion, the first program being associated with a first alphanumeric label; selecting a second program from the second list of programs sorted according to a second sorting criterion, the second program being associated with a second alphanumeric label; and modifying the value of the first alphanumeric label of the first program with an alphanumeric label value comprised in the range delimited by the value of the second alphanumeric label, extreme included, and by the value of the alphanumeric label, extreme excluded, which immediately precedes the second alphanumeric label in the second list.. .
Sisvel Technology S.r.l.

 Systems and methods for message collection patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for message collection
The invention provides systems and methods for processing communication content from a user device. The method performed by a computer and comprising inputting an electronic communication that includes communication content and a routing character string.

 Encryption using biometric image-based key patent thumbnailnew patent Encryption using biometric image-based key
Methods and systems according to the present disclosure improve upon known biometric security systems by not permanently storing (e.g., for later comparison as in known systems) the actual image of the biometric characteristic. Instead, an image of a biometric identifier (e.g., retina, fingerprint, etc.) may be used to form a key which may be used to secure and provide access to data.

 Dynamically variable error correcting code (ecc) system with hybrid rateless reed-solomon eccs patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamically variable error correcting code (ecc) system with hybrid rateless reed-solomon eccs
Example apparatus and methods control whether and when hybrid rateless reed solomon (rs) error correcting codes (ecc) for a message are produced, stored, and distributed. The control may be based on a property (e.g., reliability, error state, speed) of a message recipient.
Quantum Corporation

 Finger reading  based on visual gestures patent thumbnailnew patent Finger reading based on visual gestures
A finger reading method and device based on visual gestures. A user makes a circle on a required finger reading region on a book by using a finger; a camera captures the circle making action of the finger, and an image processing module acquires the position a fingertip according to a profile analysis algorithm, acquires the endpoints of the track edge in upper, lower, left and right directions, and fits a rectangle according to the upper, lower, left and right end points in order to identify content such as characters or graphs of rectangular region content.
South China University Of Technology

 Translation device patent thumbnailnew patent Translation device
A device including: a source string orientation deciding section (23) for deciding a source string orientation, the source string orientation being an orientation of a character string to be translated; a source string orientation display control section (24) for controlling a display section to display source string orientation information indicating the source string orientation; and a translation section (26) for translating characters as a character string having the source string orientation.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Visualizations for electronic narrative analytics patent thumbnailnew patent Visualizations for electronic narrative analytics
The results of electronic narrative analytics can be visualized. For example, an electronic communication that includes multiple narratives can be received.
North Carolina State University

 Determining edit operations for normalizing electronic communications using a neural network patent thumbnailnew patent Determining edit operations for normalizing electronic communications using a neural network
A neural network can be used to determine edit operations for normalizing an electronic communication. For example, an electronic representation of multiple characters that form a noncanonical communication can be received.
Sas Institute Inc.

 Automatically constructing training sets for electronic sentiment analysis patent thumbnailnew patent Automatically constructing training sets for electronic sentiment analysis
Training data for training a neural network usable for electronic sentiment analysis can be automatically constructed. For example, an electronic communication usable for training the neural network and including multiple characters can be received.
Sas Institute Inc.

 Normalizing electronic communications using a neural network patent thumbnailnew patent Normalizing electronic communications using a neural network
Electronic communications can be normalized using a neural network. For example, a noncanonical communication that includes multiple terms can be received.
Sas Institute Inc.

new patent

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes an image generating unit and a printing device. The image generating unit is configured to generate a document image based on document data of a user.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

new patent

Electronic device with reconfigurable keypad

An electronic device with a primary display having a first power consumption and a keypad display separate from the primary display, and having a second power consumption less than the first power consumption is presented. The keypad display is coupled to a touch sensor and displays a standard keypad interface when the electronic device is powered on.
Qualcomm Incorporated

new patent

Spawning new timelines during game session replay

A game system in which game sessions involving one or more players may be recorded and saved as game records. A previously recorded game session may be selected and replayed.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Media production application

Some embodiments provide a media production application. The application receives a script of a media project and parses the script to identify (i) story sections of the media project and (ii) characters in the media project.
Apple Inc.

Method and system for ordering goods and/or services using the emoji character set via communication network

An order for a product or service can be processed over a global network using emoji characters. A system server establishes a platform for a user to place a request order for the product or service, and the user is enabled to place the request order for delivery of the product or service by depositing an emoji character.
Fooji Llc

Ranking algorithm for search queries

In various exemplary embodiments, a system and associated method for prioritizing search results in an electronic environment is disclosed. In one embodiment, a plurality of characters is received from an end-user as a query.
Ebay Inc.

System for unlocking portable electronic device and method thereof

A portable electronic device can be switched between locked and unlocked states by handheld motion. The portable electronic device includes a display screen, a storage device stored unlocking information, a control unit, an inputting unit, and a comparison unit.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

System and simulating group play within asynchronous videogame content

To simulate group play, player-controlled characters may be grouped prior to entry into a set of asynchronous videogame content. Then separate instances of the set of asynchronous videogame content may be provided to players associated with individual ones of the grouped player-controlled characters.
Maslow Six Entertainment, Inc.

System and low light document capture and binarization with multiple flash images

The embodiments include systems and methods for guiding a user to capture two flash images of a document page, and selectively fuse the images to produce a binary image of high quality and without loss of any content. Each individual image may have an fsr where the content is degraded/lost due to the flash light.
Xerox Corporation

Hardware data compressor using dynamic hash algorithm based on input block type

A hardware data compressor that compresses an input block of characters by replacing strings of characters in the input block with back pointers to matching strings earlier in the input block. A hash table is used in searching for the matching strings in the input block.
Via Alliance Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Hardware data compressor with multiple string match search hash tables each based on different hash size

A hardware data compressor. A hardware engine maintains first and second hash tables while it scans an input block of characters to be compressed.
Via Alliance Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Hardware data compressor that directly huffman encodes output tokens from lz77 engine

A hardware data compressor. An lz77 compression engine scans an input block of characters and produces tokens, the tokens are either literal characters of the input block or a back pointer to replaced strings of characters of the input block.
Via Alliance Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Hardware data compressor that constructs and uses dynamic-prime huffman code tables

A hardware data compressor for compressing an input block of characters. A first hardware engine that, for an initial fraction of the input block of characters produces character string replacement back pointers and indicates characters not replaced by the back pointers, and generates occurrence frequencies of symbols associated with the produced back pointers and the non-replaced characters.
Via Alliance Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Hardware data compressor that maintains sorted symbol list concurrently with input block scanning

A hardware data compressor includes a first hardware engine that scans an input block of characters to produce a stream of tokens, the stream of tokens comprising replacement back pointers to matched strings of characters of the input block and non-replaced characters of the input block. The hardware data compressor also includes a second hardware engine that receives the stream of tokens and maintains a sorted list of symbols associated with the tokens.
Via Alliance Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Gaming device with personality

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to gaming devices that provide audio-visual animated characters in response to game play. The character has a personality that may be encouraging, taunting or another quality.
Patent Investment & Licensing Company

Incentivizing users to collect real-world items and provide item ratings

Systems and methods for incentivizing users to collect real-world items and provide item ratings are described. Theses examples are applicable to a wide variety of different collection scenarios, including the collection of candies by trick-or-treaters during halloween, the collection of girl scout cookies during the local cookie season, toys (e.g., action figures and legos characters), and the collection of rare items (e.g., out-of-circulation baseball cards, stamps, and coins).
Trackertreat, Inc.

Method and multithreading extraction of data from a database

A method of multithreading extraction of data from a database is provided. The method comprises: acquiring a set of primary key character strings, the primary key character strings being uniquely associated with the data to be extracted from the database; extracting, from the primary key character strings, a first character string and a second character string; generating a first integer and a second integer based on: a preset base number, positions of characters included in the first and second character strings; determining a node segment based on the first and second integers, the node segment being associated with a node segment integer; converting the node segment integer to a node segment character; and generating an extraction statement associated with a thread for the node segment character converted from the node segment integer.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

System and organizing data

Various implementations of the invention treat a character string comprising a plurality of ascii characters collectively as a single integer. In other words, various implementations of the invention simply treat the plurality of ascii characters in the character string as an integer data type (e.g., integer, long integer, double integer, bigint, word, double word, quadword, etc.) based in part on the number of characters in the ascii string and a number of bits of registers and/or data buses of a relevant computing processor.

Innovative text encodation in quick response code

An approach includes a method implemented in a computer infrastructure having computer executable code tangibly embodied in a computer readable storage medium having programming instructions. The approach further includes the programming instructions configured to receive a bilingual text which comprises a first set of characters in a latin-based language and a second set of characters in a non latin-based language.
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

Analytic driven markup for rapid handling of forms

Embodiments of the disclosure relate to automatic analytic driven markup for rapid handling of forms. Aspects include receiving a form, identifying one or more characters on the form by performing optical character recognition on the form, and identifying one or more phrases of interest from the one or more characters using automated analytics.
International Business Machines Corporation

Display device and providing recommended characters from same

An example display device and an example method for providing recommended characters on the display device involve displaying a character input ui including a plurality of character items, and, when one of the plurality of character items is selected, providing a recommended character item with respect to a selected character item, according to different methods depending on a character input mode.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Keyboard with input-sensitive display device

An input/output device is disclosed that includes an input-sensitive display screen and alphanumeric keys for entering characters. The input-sensitive display screen may be positioned proximate the alphanumeric keys and be capable of displaying graphical information and sensing user selection of the graphical information.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Barcode sequences, and related systems and methods

Methods, system, and kits are provided for sample identification, and, more specifically, for designing, and/or making, and/or using sample discriminating codes or barcodes for identifying sample nucleic acids or other biomolecules or polymers. For example, a plurality of flowspace codewords may be generated, the codewords comprising a string of characters.
Life Technologies Corporation

System and simulating gameplay of nonplayer characters distributed across networked end user devices

A system and method is provided that simulates gameplay of non-player characters (npcs) distributed across networked end user devices. The system may identify end user devices that are connected to the system through a network and are available to participate in a simulation in which each participating end user device is provided with one or more npcs to be executed.
Activision Publishing, Inc.

Fused imidazole compounds

The present invention provides compounds represented by formula (i), pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, n-oxides thereof, solvates thereof or prodrugs thereof (wherein the characters are as defined in the description). The compounds represented by formula (i) have affinity and selectivity for the gamma-aminobutyric acid a receptor subunit alpha 5 (gabaa α5) and act as gabaa α5 negative allosteric modulators (gabaa α5 nam), so that they are useful in the prevention and/or treatment of diseases which are related to the gabaa α5 such as alzheimer's disease..
Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Techniques for configurable part generation

Certain example embodiments relate to techniques generating a database of virtual families for real-time generation of part numbers for configurable products. For instance, certain example embodiments may include receiving a search request for part numbers and determining virtual families including entities matching the search request.
Partfiniti Inc.

Systems and associated methods for arabic handwriting using synthetic extension concatenation and synthesis

Systems and associated methodology are presented for arabic handwriting synthesis including accessing character shape images of an alphabet, determining a connection point location between two or more character shapes based on a calculated right edge position and a calculated left edge position of the character shape images, extracting character features that describe language attributes and width attributes of characters of the character shape images, the language attributes including character kashida attributes, and generating images of cursive text based on the character kashida attribues and the width attribues.. .
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Systems and associated methods for arabic handwriting synthesis and dataset design

Systems and associated methodology are presented for arabic handwriting synthesis including partitioning a dataset of sentences associated with the alphabet into a legative partition including isolated bigram representation and classified words that contain ligature representations of the collected dataset, an unlegative partion including single character shape representation of the collected data set, an isolated characters partition, and a passages and repeated phrases partition, generating a pangram, the pangram including the occurrence of every character shape in the collected dataset and further including a special lipogram condition set based on a desired digital output of the collected dataset, and outputing a digitial representation of the pangram including synthesized text.. .
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Role playing game notebook application

A method and system of collecting and storing information relating to a players participation in a role playing game wherein a server is used to transform the information into an electronic notebook. The method and system includes a game client configured as an application on an electronic device of a player.

Method and system for assessment of cognitive function based on mobile device usage

A system and method that enables a person to unobtrusively assess their cognitive function from mobile device usage. The method records on the mobile device the occurrence and timing of user events comprising the opening and closing of applications resident on the device, the characters inputted, touch-screen gestures made, and voice inputs used on those applications, performs the step of learning a function mapping from the mobile device recordings to measurements of cognitive function that uses a loss function to determine relevant features in the recording, identifies a set of optimal weights that produce a minimum of the loss function, creates a function mapping using the optimal weights, and performs the step of applying the learned function mapping to a new recording on the mobile device to compute new cognitive function values..
Mindstrong, Llc

Hybrid automatic repeat request method and related apparatus

A hybrid automatic repeat request method includes receiving a packet sent by a transmit end; checking n data sub-blocks included in the packet, and generating feedback information according to a check result, where the feedback information includes n check characters corresponding to the n data sub-blocks, and the check character is an acknowledgment character ack or a negative acknowledgment character nack; and returning the feedback information to the transmit end. In technical solutions of the present disclosure, feedback information that includes n check characters corresponding to n data sub-blocks of a packet is used and the feedback information is returned to a transmit end, so that a data sub-block can be selected, according to the negative acknowledgment character nack, to perform retransmission.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Plate for the display of characters

A plate for the display of characters, presenting characters (numbers, letters, figures, etc.) which are blanked, defining punch-holes which delimit the contour thereof, and where the plate has, on the rear part thereof, a group of leds which are preferably attached to, and immobilised on, a support, such that the leds preferably face the blanks defining the characters of the plate.. .

Learn-sets from document images and stored values for extraction engine training

Storage volumes with historic values from document processing are used to create learn-sets for extraction engine training. Text and locations of the text in documents are obtained, such as with ocr routines or by retrieval from storage.
Lexmark International, Inc.

Method and processing text information

The present application relates to a a method for processing text information is provided, the method including: obtaining text information and extracting text characters contained in the text information; extracting, from the text characters, target characters satisfying a predetermined rule; calculating a filtering index of the text information according to the target characters; and when the filtering index meets a predetermined condition, executing an operation corresponding to the predetermined condition on the text information. In addition, an apparatus for processing text information is further provided.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

System and inputting text into electronic devices

Systems for inputting text into an electronic device are provided. The systems are configured to receive a sequence of characters input into the device.
Touchtype Limited

Encoding text units

Disclosed are various embodiments of systems that may identify a series of characters within a text block, wherein the series of characters are a subset of the text block. A system may bind the series of characters to generate a text unit and an encoded text block.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Font delivery system and font delivery method

Provided is a font delivery system suppressing an illegal of use the font without sacrificing the time required to display the characters. The font delivery system includes a web server delivering an html document, a first delivery font file and a second delivery font file; a document browsing device displaying the html document; and a communication line.
Morisawa Inc.

Creation characters/words and the information and communication service method thereby

This invention rotates to a method for entering characters into a small keypad with a limited number of keys or information appliances with a liquid crystal panel such as pda. The object of the present invention is to provide a character entry method to ensure the efficiency of letter entry, the expandability and adaptability of information services, and the information and communication service method thereby, which substantially obviates problems due to limitations and disadvantages of the multi-tap and single-tap method.
Neopad Inc.

Identification of candidate characters for text input

Methods, systems, devices, and apparatus, including computer program products, for identifying candidates for text entry. One or more inputs entering one or more characters are received.
Apple Inc.

Method and system of multi-variable character input

Systems, devices and methods are disclosed for multi-variable character input. A device distinguishes characters by interpreting button presses relative to a short-duration elapsed time period.

Text entry for electronic devices

A method of inputting a series of characters into an electronic device (1) comprising a display (11), the method comprising detecting a first input associated with a first one of a plurality of discrete areas (53) of the display (11) for entering char-deters on the display (11); and recognizing the first input in the first one of the plurality of discrete areas (53) as a character input (59) while a second one of the plurality of discrete are as (53) is operable to detect a second input for recognition as a second character input (59), the. Recognition of the second character input (59) occurring separately to the recognition of the first character input (59)..
Core Wireless Licensing S.a.r.l.

Input processing system for information processing device

New input systems, that is, a paper icon, a paper controller, a paper keyboard, and a mouse pad capable of inputting letters, characters or the like to a computer and performing operations with easy manipulation and replacing hardware devices such as a keyboard, a mouse, and a tablet are provided. By providing an icon formed on a medium for reading a dot pattern formed on a surface of the medium using a scanner connected to an information processing device, for converting the dot pattern into each of or one of a code value and a coordinate value defined by the dot pattern, and for outputting a voice, an image, a moving image, a letter or character or a program corresponding to each of or one of the code value and the coordinate value stored in the information processing device or for outputting information on an access to a website corresponding to each of or one of the code value and the coordinate value stored in the information processing device, it is possible to realize information on the voice, image, moving image or letter or character prepared in advance, start of the program, access to the website or the like..

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