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Date/App# patent app List of recent Characters-related patents
 Interactive voice response system patent thumbnailInteractive voice response system
An interactive voice response system, comprising: a processor configured to control the output of voice prompts for transmission to a user; an alphanumeric string generator controllable by the processor to generate a random or pseudo-random alphanumeric string for outputting by the processor to a user in natural language form; an input module for receiving a user response and configured to recognize alphanumeric characters in the user response and to output a recognized string of one or more alphanumeric characters recognized in the user response; and a validation module. The validation module is configured to receive the generated alphanumeric string from the alphanumeric string generator and the recognized string corresponding to the generated alphanumeric string from the input module, to compare the generated alphanumeric string with the recognized string, to determine whether the recognized string matches the generated alphanumeric string, and to output validation data in response to determining that the recognized string matches the generated alphanumeric string..
 Automated language detection for domain names patent thumbnailAutomated language detection for domain names
Methods and systems for automated language detection for domain names are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method for detecting a language of an internationalized domain name (idn) comprises receiving, by an i/o interface, a string of characters for the idn; receiving training data, including a plurality of multi-gram analyses for a set of languages; analyzing, by a processor, the string of characters based on the training data, wherein the analyzing includes extracting a set of multi-grams from the string of characters and comparing the extracted set of multi-grams with the training data; detecting the language of the idn based on results of the analyzing.
 System and method of writing the chinese written language patent thumbnailSystem and method of writing the chinese written language
A method for writing the chinese language is disclosed. The method includes selecting and translating at least one character from the chinese language into a different language.
 Method and apparatus for building and asset management patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for building and asset management
A global spatial modeling system and architecture are provided. Each of a plurality of georeferenced boxels provides a whole number georeferenced representation of a location on earth.
 Game control device and storage medium patent thumbnailGame control device and storage medium
An event starting unit starts an event which associates characters of first and second players. An event managing unit repeatedly executes alternately a first interaction including transmission of first question information to a communication terminal and reception of first answer information from the communication terminal, and a second interaction including transmission of second question information to the communication terminal and reception of second answer information from the communication terminal.
 System and method for simulating group play within asynchronous videogame content patent thumbnailSystem and method for simulating group play within asynchronous videogame content
To simulate group play, player-controlled characters may be grouped prior to entry into a set of asynchronous videogame content. Then separate instances of the set of asynchronous videogame content may be provided to players associated with individual ones of the grouped player-controlled characters.
 Automated vision inspection of a side curtain airbag assembly patent thumbnailAutomated vision inspection of a side curtain airbag assembly
An automated vision inspection system detects whether a cushion of a side curtain airbag assembly system is twisted. The cushion is provided a plurality of markings arrayed along a longitudinal extent of the cushion.
 Automated vision inspection of a side curtain airbag assembly patent thumbnailAutomated vision inspection of a side curtain airbag assembly
An automated vision inspection system detects whether a cushion of a side curtain airbag assembly system is twisted. The cushion is provided a plurality of markings arrayed along a longitudinal extent of the cushion.
 Shifting position display apparatus of a vehicle patent thumbnailShifting position display apparatus of a vehicle
A shifting position display apparatus of a vehicle including: a light-transmissive lens including a plurality of characters or symbols; a light guide panel arranged on a lower side of the lens to be overlapped therewith; a side light emitting body for illuminating light from a side of the light guide panel toward the light guide panel; and a plurality of lower light emitting bodies provided at the positions corresponding to the characters or symbols on a lower side of the light guide panel. Various colors are illuminated on a character portion for displaying the respective shifting ranges to implement luxurious feeling of a vehicle greater than same level vehicle while relatively smaller number of the light-emitting bodies are used and as a result a complexity of the electric circuit for driving the light-emitting bodies is reduced to save cost and reduce manufacturing processes..
 Text entry using shapewriting on a touch-sensitive input panel patent thumbnailText entry using shapewriting on a touch-sensitive input panel
Described herein are various technologies pertaining to shapewriting. A touch-sensitive input panel comprises a plurality of keys, where each key in the plurality of keys is representative of a respective plurality of characters.
Real time single-sweep detection of key words and content analysis
A system and method are provided for real-time analysis of text. During a single sweep through the text, a detection tree is used to identify a sequence of characters in the text from a large dictionary of keywords.
System and method for enhancing search experience of a user of a communication device
Embodiments of the present invention may enable a communication device to search for multiple results from a database by using a single search query. The communication device may include a display screen, a processor, and a memory coupled to the processor.
Dermatological drug injecting device
The present invention relates to a dermatological drug injecting device, and more particularly, to a dermatological drug injecting device that can use a needle to treat wrinkles, dry skin, scars, freckles, hair loss, etc. On human skin, or to use ink to inscribe images or characters.
Shared scene mosaic generation
A method of joint generation of a mosaic of scenes. The method comprises selecting by each of a plurality of users one of a plurality of characters which are imaged in a plurality of media content items, alternately selecting by the plurality of users a plurality of expression indications, each the expression indication is selected during another of a plurality of user interactions which are held alternately with the plurality of users using a plurality of client terminals, sequentially selecting a plurality of scenes which are extracted from the plurality of media content items, each the scene is selected in another of the plurality of user interactions according to a respective the expression indication and images a respective character from the plurality of characters, and automatically generating a scene mosaic which comprises the plurality of scenes..
Classifying a string formed from hand-written characters
A method of classifying a character string formed from a known number of hand-written characters is disclosed. The method starts by determining character probabilities for each hand-written character in the character string.
Handwriting recognition server
A gesture input application adapted for translating gesture input into font characters. A web application, such as a webpage, embedded with the gesture application is served over a network to one or more computing devices for local execution of the gesture put application by a web browsing software on the computing device.
Emoticon input method for mobile terminal
An emoticon input method and mobile terminal are provided. A message writing display is provided for a user.
Method and apparatus for url address search in url list
A url search apparatus is configured to perform a method for url address search in a url list. The url search apparatus maintains a url list, and the method for uniform resource locator (url) address search includes receiving a connection request containing url address information from a user; identifying tables that are generated according to characters constituting url address information in the url list and lengths of character strings serving as url address information in the url list; and performing a url search by checking whether the url address information contained in the connection request is present in the url list on the basis of the identified tables..
Method and system for autocompletion for languages having ideographs and phonetic characters
A set of ordered predicted completion strings including strings of ideographs are presented to a user as the user enters text in a text entry box (e.g., a browser or a toolbar). The user entered text may include zero or more ideographs followed by one or more phonetic characters, or the entered text may be one or more.
Soft prosthetic implant manufacturing process
A soft prosthetic implant, for example, a breast implant, having a shell filled with a fluid. One or more components of the soft prosthetic implant receive a unique identifier for traceability during the manufacturing process.
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
An image processing apparatus includes a display control unit that causes a content view which displays statistic information of characters appearing in video content and a relationship view which displays character-relation information of the characters appearing in the video content, to be displayed on a predetermined display unit.. .
Display module of a timepiece
The invention concerns a timepiece display module intended to display a series of alphanumerical characters and/or pictures at different moments. The display module includes a platform (3) arranged to be actuated in rotation about an axis and several wheel sets (5) arranged on the platform (3) so that each wheel set (5) turns on itself while orbiting about the axis of rotation of said platform (3) when the latter is actuated in rotation.
Image processing apparatus that generates hyperlink structure data
An image processing apparatus includes an image reading unit configured to read information as image data, a character recognition unit configured to recognize individual characters included in the image data, a grouping unit configured to group the individual characters recognized into one or more character string based on character information indicating a format of the character, a character extraction unit configured to extract a character string for which a link is to be created based on an importance of the character string obtained by the grouping, a character search unit configured to search the image data in which the characters have been recognized for the character string having the same character base among the character strings extracted, and a link setting unit configured to link the character strings having the same character base that are retrieved to each other based on the importance.. .
A printer is configured to print on a tape-type print medium. The printer includes a processor and a memory.
Systems and methods for animating non-humanoid characters with human motion data
Systems, methods and products for animating non-humanoid characters with human motion are described. One aspect includes selecting key poses included in initial motion data at a computing system; obtaining non-humanoid character key poses which provide a one to one correspondence to selected key poses in said initial motion data; and statically mapping poses of said initial motion data to non-humanoid character poses using a model built based on said one to one correspondence from said key poses of said initial motion data to said non-humanoid character key poses.
Method and system for providing animated font for character and command input to a computer
A method includes receiving from a user a gesture input and correlating the gesture input with a first animated font character in an animated font character library. As the gesture input continues, the first animated font character morphs into a second animated font character to give a visual appearance to the user of a character forming on the display device.
Font generating system of display
A font generating system of a display includes a variable converting module, a database and a font generator. The variable converting module is used to receive a first set of font parameters and environmental parameters of the display and to generate a second set of font parameters according to the first set of font parameters and the environmental parameters of the display.
Techniques to provide depth-based typeface in digital documents
An apparatus may include a processor circuit and a three-dimensional (3-d) typeface module that is operative on the processor circuit to provide a choice of one or more 3-d typefaces in a graphical user interface displayed on a digital display. The 3-d typeface component may be operable to determine that a selection of the 3-d typeface selection has been received and to apply the 3-d typeface to a selected set of characters in a digital document that includes editable text..
Progress display of handwriting input
A computer-implemented method includes: receiving, at a user device, user input corresponding to handwritten text to be recognized using a recognition engine; and receiving, at the user device, a representation of the handwritten text. The representation includes the handwritten text parsed into individual handwritten characters.
Lettered balls for use in word games
A word game has a plurality of tennis balls bearing alpha-numeric characters, spaced apart uniformly on the spherical surface of the tennis balls, a support structure having a thickness, parallel upper and lower surfaces, and an arrangement of indentions configured to support individual tennis balls in a manner to primarily display one alphanumeric character on each ball placed, a mechanism enabling selection of one or more categories for words in a specific game, and a rule set for the specific game, in which athletic activities with the tennis balls may be a part of the rules, wherein the athletic activities may server to acquire balls by players or teams, or to define specific used of balls and characters on the balls in the game.. .
Optical information reading device, optical information reading method, computer-readable program and recording medium
To prevent misreading of barcodes and to allow accurate outputting of bar data even when an element is damaged or blurred, an optical information reading device containing a computation means 23a for adding widths of 6 elements containing a bar and a space that are adjacent within one character to derive respective patterns of 2- through n-element added widths and for converting each of the patterns of 2- through n-element added widths into the module number for one character to obtain the module numbers of the patterns of the 2- through n-element added widths; an extraction means 23b for narrowing down the target characters to extract a candidate character wherein the target character is that each module number of the 2- through n-element widths is an integer with an error equal to or less than 1; and a search means 23d for comparing the extracted candidate character, having the module numbers of the patterns of the 2- through n-element added widths with the expected value character for evaluating the candidate character to search for an expected value character with the strongest correlation to the candidate character.. .
Security system and methods for portable devices
A portable communications or computing device includes one or more sensors for detecting motion in the x, y, and z axes, and/or pitch, yaw, and roll, and/or magnetic direction, and includes hardware and software programmed to allow a user to use one or more motions of the portable device as a security feature such that such motions are needed in order to gain access to the functionality of the device or data stored in memory of the device. A display provides prompts allowing the user to choose to include one or motions of the device as security, and allows the user to include such one or more motions of the device alone or in combination with one or more alphanumeric characters as a password to restrict access to the functionality of the device and/or data stored in memory on the device.
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
A mobile terminal including a touchscreen configured to display a keypad including a plurality of key buttons having assigned first alphabet characters, respectively; and a controller configured to receive a first key input of a first key button of the plurality of key buttons, to display a first alphabet character corresponding to the first key input on a display portion of the mobile terminal, to predict a word that starts with the first alphabet character, to receive a second key input of the first key button after the first key input, and to display a second alphabet character included in the predicted word on the display portion based on the second key input.. .
Computer product, analysis support apparatus, and analysis support method
A computer-readable recording medium stores a program causing a computer to execute a process that includes acquiring first scenario information that formalizes and indicates a character set of characters appearing in a first scene, a knowledge set of knowledge items retained by the characters, and an action set of actions taken by the characters; receiving into the action set, an input of speech contents of a speech action from a first character to a second character who appear in the first scene; producing second scenario information that inherits the character set and the knowledge set of the first scenario information and, formalizes and indicates for a second scene, a character set, a knowledge set, and an action set; and registering into the knowledge set of the second character indicated in the second scenario information, the speech contents of the speech action for which the input is received.. .
Information display control apparatus, information display control method, information display control system, and recording medium on which information display control program is recorded
An information display control apparatus includes a display section, a four-tone combination list display control section which displays four-tone combinations of kanji characters representing a word on the display section as a four-tone combination list, a four-tone combination selecting section which selects a four-tone combination from the four-tone combination list displayed by the four-tone combination list display control section in accordance with a user operation, and a word list display control section which displays on the display section a list of words corresponding to the four-tone combination selected by the four-tone combination selecting section.. .
Game machine with touch panel display
A game machine with a display which serves as a touch panel type input is provided. The game machine includes a character display for displaying at least two characters on a screen of the display.
Prism code
Coding and decoding words formed of alphanumeric characters, in which a listing of symbols are provided, each symbol being associated with a different alphanumeric character, converted and transmitted to another who has the listing of symbols, (the symbols may be different colors icons, or sounds), each associated with a different alphanumeric character.. .
Direct character display control
A display device may be, operable to display one or more characters. Each of the characters may comprise an upper portion and a lower portion.
Method and apparatus for defining and responding to help request in virtual environment service
A method includes providing a virtual environment service, wherein a plurality of characters interacting with each other; providing a first user, with a first user account associated with a first user level of the virtual environment service; providing a second user, with a second user account associated with a second user level of the virtual environment service, the second user level being higher than the first user level. The method further includes defining a help request relating to the virtual environment service, by the first user; allocating the help request to the second user; responding to the help request by the second user; generating feedback by the first user in response to the responding; and modifying the second user level based on the feedback..
Associating an online publication with a print publication
This document discusses, among other things, a system and methods for associating an online publication with a print publication. Example embodiments may include receiving a request from a publisher that may identify first data that is to be published over a network, in an online publication.
Enhanced chat functionality and searching
Methods and systems for providing new functionality in chat applications are provided. In one embodiment, the new methods and systems associate commands with particular characters appearing in a chat message which instruct the chat application to perform certain protocols.
Systems and methods for cataloging consumer preferences in creative content
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are provided for consumers to better understand their preferences for attributes in entertainment content and enable smarter search and discovery of content. Embodiments support a mapping system showing a consumer's preference mix for specific attributes of entertainment content (e.g.
Hand-held combination key apparatus and method for inputting information by hand-held combination key apparatus
A hand-held combination key apparatus configured to input information to an intelligent electronic apparatus is provided. Three to five key groups, which correspond to each corresponding finger of a single hand respectively, are set on one of left side and right side of a shell, each key group having two combination keys, and each combination key being the key with compound functions of touch conduction and press conduction.
Authentication device, authentication method, and recording medium
An authentication device includes an authentication unit configured to determine whether an input password input to a input unit matches a registered password registered in advance in a storage unit, count the number of times it is determined that the input password does not match the registered password, and stops authentication using a password if the number of times a mismatch is determined reaches a specified number, and a management unit configured to create an input error list supporting each of characters, digits, or other elements included in the registered password, on the basis of a history of errors of input to the input unit, and configured to cancel counting in a case where it is determined by the authentication unit that the input password does not match the registered password and a cause of the mismatch lies in an input error included in the input error list.. .
Systems and methods for challenge-response animation and randomization testing
Systems and methods are provided for challenge/response animation. In one implementation, a request for protected content may be received from a client, and the protected content may comprise data.
Password generation and recall
The invention provides the ability to produce long, complex passwords from simple, easy to recall, pictorial selections. The invention features a picture based interface unit, linked to a series of individual process modules.
Display device for displaying screen including scrollable list
An mfp as a display device includes a first display unit for displaying a screen including a list on an operation panel and a second display unit for displaying the screen on the operation panel in a format different from the first display unit. When flick operation is accepted to scroll the list in a predetermined direction, the mfp decides a scroll speed to scroll-display the list, based on which of the first and second display units displays the screen.
Data enrichment using business compendium
Embodiments relate to enrichment of a data warehouse utilizing a business compendium. Embodiments may employ a process comprising data standardization and cleansing, de-duplication of entries, and matching and enrichment, followed by manual review of an enriched record by a user.
String substitution apparatus, string substitution method and storage medium
A method includes: unifying plural types of substitution tables in each of which a substitution source string and a substitution destination string are mapped to each other into a single substitution table; constructing a prefix tree to incorporate the substitution source string registered in the single substitution table, a string in the prefix tree represented by characters of a label assigned to plural branches on route from a root node to a certain node is identical to the substitution source string mapped to the substitution source string; performing addition of a link failure directing from a first node to a second node for all nodes included in the prefix tree under a certain condition; and searching the substitution source string included in the target string by repeating migration between nodes in the prefix tree based on a certain condition to record identification information assigned to a node before migration.. .
Techniques for selecting languages for automatic speech recognition
A computer-implemented technique includes receiving, at a computing device including one or more processors, a touch input from a user. The touch input includes (i) a spot input indicating a request to provide a speech input to the computing device followed by (ii) a slide input indicating a desired language for automatic speech recognition of the speech input.
Server device, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing game program
A server device according to the present invention is connected with a player terminal that displays a game screen through a network, and to execute a battle game played by a player using a plurality of characters. The server device includes: a storage unit configured to store the plurality of characters to be arranged in the character arrangement area; a special area selection unit configured to select a special area to be highlighted on a game screen; a character arrangement unit configured to arrange a character selected from the plurality of characters to be arranged in the character arrangement area in the highlighted special area; and a battle processing unit configured to control attack processing in which the character arranged in the special area performs an attack and attack processing in which a character arranged in an area other than the special area performs an attack to be different..
Method to select word by swiping capacitive keyboard
A method for an electronic device having a keyboard and a display, including, receiving an input reflecting selection of one or more of the keys, displaying, at a location on the display, one or more characters associated with the one or more selected keys, wherein the location corresponds to a region of the keyboard determined based on a subsequent candidate input character that is based on the one or more characters associated with the one or more selected keys, and detecting a swipe input associated with the determined region. An electronic device including a display, a keyboard, a memory, and a processor, the processor being configured to execute the method.
Additional encoding in conventional one-dimensional bar code symbologies
An additional layer of encoding is provided using conventional one-dimensional (“1-d”) bar code symbology. Dark bars of at least 2 heights are used (where the dark bars may be narrow or wide, and may be separated by a space that is narrow or wide) for 2-dimensional (“2-d”) encoding.
Transfer solution for nail printing and nail printing method using the same
Disclosed therein are a transfer solution for nail printing and a nail printing method using the same which can transfer and stick characters, figures, images or photographs printed on printing paper onto nail polish. The transfer solution for nail printing includes: i) an organic solvent for instantaneously separating ink from paper by deteriorating an adhesive force between ink and paper and for transferring the ink onto nail polish while keeping a printed form of the ink; and ii) a viscosity agent for sticking the ink separated from the paper onto the nail polish, thereby providing various nail printing effects because it can transfer various printed matters onto the nail polish while keeping their colors and shapes as they are..
Illuminated vehicular sign
An illuminated vehicular sign is provided including a vehicle and luminescent planar sheet. The luminescent planar sheet is constructed to provide illuminated alpha-numeric characters which are mounted to the horizontal planar surfaces of a vehicle.
Method for producing dynamic data structures for authentication and/or password identification
A method for generating a changing authentication input or password for a user is provided for accessing a computing device such as a smartphone or computer. Using objects displayed in sequential positions on a graphic display, and input strings of text or alphanumeric characters the user has related to each object, a password can be generated by placing the input strings in an order the same as the sequence.
Data conversion device, data conversion method, and program for data conversion
When an information storing area included only in a first data format among the first data format corresponding to a version of processing target data and a second data format corresponding to an output version is present as a difference area, a data conversion device 110 converts information data in the difference area in the processing target data to a post-conversion character string using codes for non-display characters, and generates post-conversion data of the output version in which the post-conversion character string is embedded. When an information storing area included only in the second data format is present as a difference area, the data conversion device 110 inversely converts a character string embedded in the processing target data and uses the codes for the non-display characters, and generates post-inverse conversion data of the output version in which information data restored by the inverse conversion is stored in the difference area..
Candidate generation for predictive input using input history
A computing device maintains an input history in memory. This input history includes input strings that have been previously entered into the computing device.
Keyboard system with automatic correction
Alternative textual interpretations of each sequence of inputs detected within an auto-correcting keyboard region are determined. Actual keystroke contract locations may occur outside the boundaries of specific keyboard key regions associated with the actual characters of word interpretations proposed for selection.
Method for displaying chat window applied to network game
Players input their messages in their video game apparatuses and the messages are once collected at a server apparatus, thereafter they are distributed to all video game apparatuses from the game server apparatus. In a display screen of each video game apparatus, a chat window is displayed in order to display messages exchanged between the players on a game screen including a field and characters of the game.
Management of payment obligations among players
In a video game different players can enter contracts and engage in various simple or complex financial transactions employing credit systems such as credit cards, other financial instruments and other mechanisms to facilitate the enforcement of such contracts. Default on agreements by players or player characters can result in financial penalties which the video game system can apply..
Mobile communication terminal, display method for the same, and display control program
Characters corresponding to the communication system scheduled to be used for next communication are displayed on a display means.. .
Apparatus and method for recognizing characters using a camera
A method is provided for recognizing characters of an image captured using a camera in a mobile terminal. The camera captures an image of a signboard.
Game character plugin module and method thereof
The present invention provides a game character plugin module and a method thereof for an electronic device having a display with an executable application software, said module comprises: an image capturing unit for displaying a capture frame on the display and controlling the capture frame to bordering a feature portion of an image on the display and to capture said portion to form a feature image; a resolution adjusting unit for automatically scaling a resolution of the feature image to match with a resolution of the background image of the application program; an image retrieving unit for replacing operational characters in the background image with the feature image of scaled resolution read by the application program such that the feature image of scaled resolution in the background image receives operations of controls and such that personal characterization thereof is achieved and the fun of the application is enhanced.. .
Method and device for implemeting original calligraphy of handwriting
Provided are a method and device for implementing the original calligraphy of handwriting. The method comprises: carrying out a real time sampling of a contact to obtain position information about the sampling point and the pen width at the sampling point; determining a central line of the stroke determined by adjacent sampling points; determining position information about a key point of the corresponding stroke according to the central line and the pen width at the sampling point; dividing the key point of the stroke into groups to determine the type thereof; generating a calligraphy outline of the corresponding stroke by drawing an arc and/or a line according to the type of the key point and the position information about the same; and finally filling the outline for displaying.
Illuminated vehicular sign
An illuminated vehicular sign is provided including a vehicle and luminescent planar sheet. The luminescent planar sheet is constructed to provide illuminated alpha-numeric characters which are mounted to the horizontal planar surfaces of a vehicle.
Data displaying method and apparatus
A data displaying method and apparatus is disclosed. The method includes: obtaining a touch action coordinate triggered in a displaying page by a user; intercepting a first region from the displaying page, wherein the center of the first region is the touch action coordinate and the size of the first region is a predefined value that is determined by the size of a magnifier to be drawn; magnifying the first region, and taking the magnified first region as a brush pattern, wherein the magnification of the first region is determined by the magnification of the magnifier; and calculating a second region for drawing the magnifier in the displaying page, and drawing and displaying the magnifier in the second region by using the brush pattern.
Secure text entry methods for portable electronic devices
A method includes displaying information on a display of an electronic device, the information comprising an entry field and a selectable obscuration feature operable to be toggled between a first state and a second state within the entry field. When the selectable obscuration feature in is the first state, characters are displayed as entered in the entry field, and when the selectable obscuration feature is in the second state, obscuration symbols are displayed in place of the characters as entered in the entry field..
System and method for utilizing multiple encodings to identify similar language characters
Described herein are systems and methods for identifying the similarity between language characters. As described herein, a pair of language characters is received at a language character match engine.
Method of manipulating character string in embeded system
A special encoded string is generated according to character codes and attributes and/or colors of a plurality of characters in an original string. An alternate encoded string is generated according to the special encoded string.

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