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Characters patents


This page is updated frequently with new Characters-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Characters-related patents
 Enhancing the legibility of images using monochromatic light sources patent thumbnailnew patent Enhancing the legibility of images using monochromatic light sources
A system and method are described for enhancing readability of document images by operating on each document individually. Monochromatic light sources operating at different wavelengths of light can be used to obtain greyscale images.
Georgetown University

 Authentication information encryption server apparatuses, computer readable mediums and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Authentication information encryption server apparatuses, computer readable mediums and methods
There is provided an authentication server apparatus connected with a terminal device through a network including a storage device configured to store pattern descriptions, wherein characters used for an authentication password for authenticating a user are divided into groups, and the divided characters are associated with ids of the respective groups in one of the pattern descriptions, a password processing unit configured to generate an authentication code composed of a string of the ids of the groups and to store it, wherein the authentication code is generated on a pattern description—by —pattern description basis, a screen transmitting unit configured to transmit data of an authentication screen including one of the pattern descriptions to the terminal device, and an authentication unit configured to authenticate the user based on the string of the ids corresponding to the authentication password and the authentication code corresponding to the pattern description.. .
Line Corporation

 Converting device and converting method patent thumbnailnew patent Converting device and converting method
An information processing apparatus receives a compressed file in which character string data with a first character code is compressed by a unit of character string including a single character or a plurality of characters. The information processing apparatus converts compression information included in the compressed file into converted compression information, the compression information mapping each of compressed character string data in the compressed file to each of corresponding unit of character string with the first character code, thereby the converted compression information mapping each of the compressed character string data in the compressed file to each of the corresponding unit of character string with a second character code.
Fujitsu Limited

 Method and system to perform text-to-image queries with wildcards patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system to perform text-to-image queries with wildcards
A system and method for comparing a text image with or without a wildcard character and a character string are provided. The method includes embedding a character string into a vectorial space by extracting a set of features from the character string and generating a character string representation based on the extracted features, such as a spatial pyramid bag of characters (spboc) representation.
Xerox Corporation

 Multi-gesture security code entry patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-gesture security code entry
A processor-implemented method for collecting a sequence of security code characters includes: detecting a trajectory through a region proximate the device followed by an instrument; responsive to the trajectory, identifying one of a collection of defined gestures; and interpreting the identified gesture as the portion of the security code.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Hybrid keyboard for mobile device patent thumbnailnew patent Hybrid keyboard for mobile device
A mobile device has a user interface comprising a plurality of keys arranged in a plurality of groups. A processor is operatively coupled to the user input device to receive user input from the user input device and to identify which group of keys has received the user input.
Blackberry Limited

 Work vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Work vehicle
Regarding a work vehicle that includes an engine mounted on a travelling machine body and an exhaust gas purification device arranged in an exhaust gas path of the engine, it is an object to prevent the regeneration control of the exhaust gas purification device from being executed against operators' will. The work vehicle of the present invention includes a regeneration switch 329 for executing the regeneration control of an exhaust gas purification device 50, a meter panel 246 for displaying the situation of driving operations of a travelling machine body 2, and a work device 15.
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

 Content-triggered highlight recording patent thumbnailContent-triggered highlight recording
Systems and methods for selectively recording and bookmarking a portion of broadcast media content include receiving a video stream containing the broadcast media content, determining a video segment of the video stream to be output to a display device, and performing ocr on characters present within the video segment. The systems and methods may further include detecting a trigger event in the ocr of the video segment and creating a digital bookmark corresponding to the detected trigger event.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

 Method and system for resizing digital page content patent thumbnailMethod and system for resizing digital page content
A method and system for resizing a digitally rendered page content for rendering on a display screen. The method comprises displaying a current page content of the e-book, the current page content bounded by at least one margin within the display screen, receiving a touch gesture enacted on the current page content, identifying the touch gesture as a command to modify the at least one margin, in response to the margin modify command, reconstructing the current page content by incorporating an adjacent page content portion of text characters while preserving a plurality of text attributes of the text characters, and within the display screen, rendering the reconstructed current page partially outside of the at least one margin..
Kobo Incorporated

 Alphabet teaching aid patent thumbnailAlphabet teaching aid
A teaching aid for children learning the alphabet of any language utilizing a combination of alpha characters each in a cluster with a word starting with the alpha character and a drawing that are drawn in a child's hand. A preferred configuration is an alphabet strip with irregular child drawn borders appearing on a substrate.


Parking system and customer tracking in a parking facility

A parking system and method of tracking parking vehicles at a parking facility includes providing a first control panel and a camera adjacent an entrance of the parking facility, entering a customer number into the first control panel, recognizing characters on a license plate by the camera at the entrance, allowing the vehicle to enter the parking facility, entering the customer number upon an exit from the parking facility, and allowing exit from the parking facility if the customer number matches the customer number entered at the entrance. The exit is allowed from the parking facility if the customer number and the characters of the license plate at the entrance match the characters of the license plate and the customer number at the exit..


String search device, string search method, and string search program

A prefix set identification unit 81 identifies a set of prefixes ending with an input string from a set of prefixes each of which is a string of one or more continuous characters extracted from a beginning of each search candidate string. A prefix identification unit 82 identifies a prefix with the highest prefix score from the set of prefixes ending with the input string, the prefix score being defined for each prefix by the highest string score among string scores associated with search candidate strings beginning with the prefix.
Nec Solution Innovators, Ltd.


Mobile terminal and controlling mobile terminal

A mobile terminal and a method for controlling the mobile terminal are disclosed. The mobile terminal, according to one embodiment, can display images including characters on a touch screen, receive consecutive touch inputs through the touch screen, display lines on regions of images corresponding to the consecutive touch inputs, extract the characters of which parts intersect with the lines when a particular input is received through the touch screen, and display the characters on a pop-up window..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Optical fiber cable with print protective outer surface profile

An optical cable includes a cable body having an outer surface and an inner surface defining a lumen. The cable body has a profile feature formed on the outer surface, wherein the profile feature includes a trough that extends longitudinally between a first buttress and a second buttress, the first buttress and the second buttress having a radial height.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Information storage medium and terminal

A terminal receives a shape input that sequentially designates a predetermined number of player characters to form a predetermined shape, and forms the predetermined shape based on the shape input. When an enemy character is present within an area defined by the formed shape, the terminal performs a process that causes the designated player characters to attack the enemy character..
Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.


Captcha challenge incorporating obfuscated characters

A method for determining if a user of a computer system is a human. A processor receives an indication that a computer security program is needed and acquires at least one image depicting a first string of characters including at least a first and second set of one or more characters.


System and determining building numbers

A system and method is provided for automatically recognizing building numbers in street level images. In one aspect, a processor selects a street level image that is likely to be near an address of interest.


Method and system for recognizing characters

The present disclosure relates to a method and a system for recognizing characters. In one embodiment, the input image comprising one or more characters to be recognized is received and processed to extract one or more nodes and edges of each character in the input image.


Three-dimensional printing modeling hand-written characters and method thereof

A three-dimensional printing modeling apparatus for hand-written characters and a method thereof are disclosed. Based on the fact that hand-written characters can be finished in one stroke, the present disclosure includes identifying linking feature information of strokes inside or between the hand-written characters, forming a curve linked between the strokes inside or between the hand-written characters according to the linking feature information, and performing three-dimensional modeling of the hand-written characters to obtain a three-dimensional printing object..


Computer-readable recording medium, method, and character recognition

A character recognition apparatus includes a storage and a processor that executes a method including generating input stroke data from input coordinate data corresponding to an input operation, generating stroke combination candidates and evaluation data corresponding to the stroke combination candidates from the input stroke data, the stroke candidates including target verification strokes combined to constitute target verification characters, identifying a first stroke combination from the stroke combination candidates based on appearance probability of the target verification strokes, appearance probability data of each stroke stored in the storage, and the evaluation data, and outputting a character corresponding to the input operation based on the first stroke combination. The appearance probability indicates a probability in which the target verification strokes appear in each of the target verification characters.


Incremental query refinement

A method of incrementally refining queries and updating query result lists without requiring a user to provide an explicit indicator of query submission. In the method, one or more query related character patterns are defined.


Method and apparatus of building intermediate character library

A method and an apparatus of building an intermediate character library are provided. The method comprises: acquiring an original character library which stores contour information of characters therein; dividing the characters in the original character library into character components, so as to acquire contour information of character components after division; and storing the contour information of the character components into the original character library so as to build an intermediate character library on the original character library.


Method and system for e-book expression randomizer and interface therefor

A method and system for providing an expression randomizer for selected portions of e-book content rendered on a device display screen, with an interface therefore. The method, executed in a processor of the device, comprises receiving, at the touch screen display, a selection of an expression within the content of e-book, the expression comprising a plurality of characters; generating a randomized version of plurality of characters of the expression; receiving an action, at the touch screen display, to create a re-arranged version from the randomized version by re-arranging a sequence at least one character within the randomized version; and presenting the selected expression and the re-arranged version within a digitally repaginated content page of the e-book at the touch screen display..


Acoustic energy treatment using phase change couplant

Method and apparatus for transmitting acoustic energy to a sample for treatment by employing a phase change couplant at least adjacent a sample vessel. The phase change couplant may be solid before and after treatment, but liquid during treatment to improve acoustic energy transmission charactersitics..


Display and navigation of virtual built environments in computer-implemented games

A method and system provides a multiplayer computer-implemented game in which a game instance defines a virtual world comprising a building displayed to a user in a game display which can be switched between an overview comprising a side on, elevational view of the building in which the interiors of multiple rooms that together define the house are simultaneously visible, and a close-up side on view of a selected room. At least the close-up view may provide a three-dimensional interactive space that is accessible to one or more player characters controlled by users, to allow movement laterally across a screen on which the game display is provided, and into a depth dimension relative to the user's view..


Method of providing service for recommending game video

It is distinguished that, to achieve the purpose above, the game video recommendation service in this invention is provided through the following phases in presenting the service of recommending to a game user another user's' game video: (a) the phase where, based on the object information including 3d shape information of the characters, props and backgrounds constituting game videos, the script information is saved in the video server for form a video list for game play video rendering, which records data on the appearance and disappearance points of time of characters, props and backgrounds included in the above-mentioned object information as well as their movements according to time; (b) the phase where users' in-game failures are detected and sent by the above game device the server; (c) the phase where the video lists saved in the said server are searched and videos (failure videos) including the fore-said failure situations or success videos resolving such situations are extracted; (d) the phase where a message recommending the failure video or success video searched in the previous (c) process (recommendation message) is sent to the game device that has sent the corresponding failure situation; and (e) the phase where the recommendation message of the (d) process is displayed on the device.. .


Network based static font subset management

A system includes a computing device that includes a memory configured to store instructions. The system also includes a processor to execute the instructions to perform operations that include receiving, at an imaging device, one or more files representing a network asset that is presentable on a display of the imaging device.


Method, apparatus and system for client accessing authenticated web address

The invention discloses a method, an apparatus and a system for a client accessing an authenticated web address. The method comprises: automatically querying a server or a database whether there is an authenticated website matching entry corresponding to all keywords that the client already has, when it is detected that a user enters one or more characters to the client each time; obtaining a web address link corresponding to the authenticated website matching entry from the server or the database, and displaying an interface element corresponding to the web address link at a predetermined position of the client, if the corresponding authenticated website matching entry is found out; and when detected that the user triggers the interface element, accessing the authenticated website corresponding to the web address link.


Frame synchronization for data transmission over an optical network

We disclose an interface device configured to inter-convert cpri data frames and optical transport units (otus). The interface device acquires frame synchronization by temporarily storing data in a buffer bank such that translated sync characters are placed at respective predetermined locations within the buffer bank.


Path encoding and decoding

This invention relates to a system, method and computer program product for encoding an input string of binary characters including: a cellular data structure definition including a starting empty cell; one or more path definitions defining paths through the data structure; a character reading and writing engine for writing a binary character to an empty cell with a predefined initial position; a next cell determination engine for determining a next empty cell by methodically checking cells along one of the paths in the data structure until an empty cell is located; a loop facilitator for looping back to the writing next character step and the determining next cell step until there are no more data characters or a next empty cell is not determined; and a serialization deserialization engine for methodically serializing the data structure into a one dimensional binary string of characters representing an encoded string of alphanumeric characters.. .


Method and establishing ultra-large character library and displaying character

A method and apparatus for establishing an ultra-large character library and a method and apparatus for displaying a character are disclosed. The displaying method comprises: intercepting by a font engine middleware a font invoking message sent from a system font engine, the font invoking message comprising a character code and a font name corresponding to a character to be displayed by an application; acquiring outline data corresponding to the character from an ultra-large character library in a non-standard format based on the character code and font name; transmitting the outline data of the character to the system font engine to enable the system font engine to display the character according to the character outline data.


Email address token integration

A system and method to facilitate transactions between a customer and a vendor is disclosed. The system and method include receiving a response email, wherein the response email includes a short lookup token associated with the transaction between a customer and a vendor; determining the long token associated with the short lookup token; decoding the long token; performing a validation of the decoded long token; and processing the transaction, on a condition that validation is approved.


Method for segmenting text words in document images using vertical projections of center zones of characters

A word segmentation method for segmenting a text line into word segments, which is particularly advantageous for processing italic text but can also be used for regular text. A horizontal center zone of the text line, corresponding to the vertical center parts of the characters, is used to generate a center-zone-only vertical projection profile.


Fast search in a music sharing environment

A method, apparatus and system of method and system of directory sharing and management in a group communication environment is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of a fast-search server includes processing a character of a query of music data, referencing the character with a reverse index of a music database, determining that the character matches a data record of the music database using the reverse index and returning the data record of the music database prior to receiving all characters of the query of music data from a user.


Text-based content management method and apparatus of electronic device

A text-based content management method and apparatus of an electronic device are provided. The electronic device includes a communication unit configured to communicate with an external device, a display unit configured to display a message management screen comprising a text input window, and a control unit configured to detect at least one entity text among texts displayed on the text input window in response to characters input therein, control the display unit to display relevant information corresponding to the detected at least one entity text in response to a first input selecting the entity text, the selected at least one entity text being a search keyword for retrieving the relevant information, and generate a text-based content in which the retrieved relevant information is linked to the selected at least one entity text in response to a second input selecting the retrieved relevant information..


Wall encoding and decoding

The encoding of an input string of binary characters includes: a register storing a cellular data structure definition including a starting empty cell; a register storing a group cell structure definition for a valid brick formation; a brick validation engine testing data structure at a current cell beginning with the starting empty cell for an invalid brick formation; a character reading/writing engine writing, if the empty cell is not invalid, a binary character from the input string to the empty cell and writing, if the empty cell is invalid, a dummy value to the empty cell; a loop facilitator looping back through the testing and writing steps with a next data character and a next empty cell until there are no more data characters; and a serialization de-serialization engine methodically serializing the data structure into a one dimensional binary string of characters representing an encoded string of alphanumeric characters.. .


Generating suggested queries based on social graph information

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a request from a first user of an online social network, the request comprising a character string of one or more characters of text entered by the first user, identifying a first set of objects associated with the online social network matching at least in part the character string of the request, calculating a score for each identified object in the first set of objects, wherein the score for each identified object is based at least in part on connections between the first user and the identified object, and sending one or more suggested queries responsive to the request, each suggested query comprising the character string of the request and one or more keywords associated with one or more of the identified objects, wherein the suggested queries are displayed in a ranked list based on the calculated scores of the associated identified objects.. .


System and read-ahead enhancements

A method and system are provided for identifying type-ahead candidates. A method includes determining a context of past non-threaded emails of a user.


Orthographic error correction using phonetic transcription

This illustrative embodiments provide a mechanism for correcting a phonetically sourced spelling mistake. The mechanism receives a language text string comprising at least one spelling mistake word and transcribes the at least one spelling mistake word into a phonetic form of the spelling mistake word using a phonetic dictionary.


Navigational lane guidance

Navigational lane guidance enhances a maneuver display by incorporating full display of available lanes in a freeway, when available in the map data. An otherwise regular turn icon display is replaced with a variable width image that grows to show all available lanes, highlighting lanes usable to complete a navigated maneuver.


Computer-readable recording medium, computer apparatus, and computer processing method

Disclosed are a program, a computer apparatus, a computer processing method, and a system capable of inputting one guidance among one or more guidances which can be given to a character without deteriorating visibility. A program executed in a computer apparatus that includes a display device having a touch-panel display screen causes the computer apparatus to function as: a character selector that selects a character according to a user's initial contact location with respect to the display screen from among a plurality of characters which are displayed on the display screen and can be selected by a user; a guidance information displayer that displays, when the character is selected by the character selector, guidance information indicating one or more guidances which can be given to the character on the display screen; and an inputter that receives an input of the user with respect to the guidance information displayed by the guidance information displayer..


Method, device and system for sharing of game characters

A method for sharing of game characters comprises a game management system is coupled to a first platform server and a second platform server, the game management system generates a uniform identifier, assign the uniform identifier to a username that is used by a user to log in the first platform server and the second platform server, and transmit the uniform identifier to a game server. The game sever creates or retrieves a game character based upon the uniform identifier..


Techniques to accelerate lossless compression

An embodiment may include circuitry that may be capable of performing compression-related operations that may include: (a) indicating, at least in part, in a data structure at least one position of at least one subset of characters that are to be encoded as a symbol, (b) comparing, at least in part, at least one pair of multi-byte data words that are of identical predetermined fixed size, (c) maintaining, at least in part, an array of pointers to potentially matching strings that are to be compared with at least one currently examined string, and/or (d) allocating, at least in part, a first buffer portion to store at least one portion of uncompressed data from an application buffer that is to be input for compression to produce a compressed data stream. Other embodiments are described and claimed..
Intel Corporation


Heirarchy-based character rigging

Animated characters for a computer animated production are rigged via a rigging hierarchy. A character rigging system receives a first selection associated with a template character rig description.


Identifying user marks using patterned lines on pre-printed forms

Methods, devices, and systems replace solid lines of user-fillable areas of a print job with patterned lines and then print the print job with the patterned lines to print user-fillable pre-printed forms, using a printing device. These methods, devices, and systems also scan at least one of the user-fillable pre-printed forms having user markings to produce a scan, using an optical scanner.
Xerox Corporation


Translation station

An interactive electronic translation and communications process is provided for use in a translation station that provides a mobile or stationary fixed interactive facility for interviews or interrogations to be carried out between two persons speaking in different languages. The process can be assisted by animated virtual characters (avatars) realistically created and displayed on a computer screen to represent ethnic looks from around the globe.


Font data streaming

Provided is a method for font data streaming for time-based video/audio presentations where content is transmitted in small increments and transmission continues while a previously transmitted portion is viewed or played. Different subsets of characters of the same font are assembled together on a device and previously sent characters are reused for rendering subsequent text strings.
Monotype Imaging Inc.


Dynamically managing a serial port interface of virtualization software

One or more examples provide techniques to dynamically manage serial port interface(s) of virtualization software executing in a host device. In an example, a method of managing a serial port interface of a virtualization software executing on a host device includes: receiving input characters through the serial port interface to a serial port of the host device; parsing the input characters to detect a character sequence; and connecting the serial port interface to a first service executing in the virtualization software in response to the character sequence and during execution of the virtualization software on the host device..
Vmware, Inc.


Exclusive view keyboard system and method

A secure computer keyboard system utilizes a mobile device in conjunction with a keyboard device to provide secure keyboard entry in a public place. An application on the mobile device produces a mapping of characters to character codings, and displays to the user a key such as a modified keyboard showing the mapping.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Reusable water writing paper, preparation method thereof, and inkless printing device used for same

The present invention relates to a reusable water writing paper, as well as to its production process and an inkless printing device thereof the reusable water writing paper is consisted of a substrate as structure-support material, a color-displaying component supported on the substrate, and an optional performance-enhancing additive, wherein the color-displaying component is an oxazoline-based hydrochromic dye, which can change color obviously to display characters and/or patterns after contacting with water, and revert to the initial color to disappear the displayed characters and/or patterns after the water is removed, thereby the water writing paper is reusable. The paper is not only suitable for the exercise of writing or drawing with a brush pen, but also can be used for daily writing with a pen.
Jilin University


System and transparently styling non-player characters in a multiplayer video game

A system and method are provided for transparently styling non-player characters (“npcs”) in multiplayer video games such that it is difficult to distinguish between human players and computer-controlled npcs. Npcs may be styled to resemble human players in terms of both player profile attributes and gameplay actions such that players may not recognize npcs as non-human, computer-controlled players.
Activision Publishing, Inc.


Hybrid game system

The hybrid game system can include a virtual game software allowing virtual interaction of a plurality of characters with a virtual world in a manner leading to changes relating to said characters, the virtual game software being playable on a computer device operable to display the virtual interaction on a display screen; and a plurality of controllers, each controller having a communicator; an access to a memory adapted to store data concerning the changes relating to at least a character associated to the controller; a controller software allowing controller-to-controller interaction of the associated character directly with at least one character associated to another one of the controllers via direct communication between said controllers, the controller-to-controller interaction also leading to changes relating to said associated character.. .
Frima Studio Inc.


Method and system for ocr-free vehicle identification number localization

Methods and systems for localizing numbers and characters in captured images. A side image of a vehicle captured by one or more cameras can be preprocessed to determine a region of interest.
Xerox Corporation


Method and a device for tracking characters that appear on a plurality of images of a video stream of a text

Evaluating a character match metric for each alignment hypothesis, the metric being evaluated from signatures calculated on the characters of at least one line of the first image and signatures calculated on the characters of at least one line of the second image put into correspondence with the characters of said at least one line of the first image after applying the geometrical transformation associated with the alignment hypothesis.. .


Device and receiving character input through the same

An electronic device and a method of receiving, by the electronic device, a character input from a user are provided. The electronic device includes a touch panel configured to receive a touch input generated by a pointing object and a swipe input of moving the pointing object while touching the touch panel with the pointing object, a processor configured to select one of a plurality of character sets based on a property of the touch input and select one of a plurality of characters included in the selected character set based on a property of the swipe input, and a display configured to display the selected character..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Character inputting and intelligent terminal

Disclosed is a character inputting method, device and an intelligent terminal, the method including: when a virtual key in a virtual on-screen keyboard layout is selected, invoking a first probability statistical table matching at least one character having been displayed by at least one virtual key having been selected; displaying a part of the candidate characters with the highest combination probabilities or all of the candidate characters in the invoked first probability statistical table respectively on virtual keys in the virtual on-screen keyboard layout, and resetting focus on a preset virtual key, wherein any candidate character displayed on a virtual key configured with higher level has higher combination probability; and performing operations above periodically until an ideogram or a character sequence to be input is selected, and inputting the selected ideogram or the character sequence selected in an input area.. .
Hisense International Co., Ltd.


Method to indirectly detect a user input

A method of indirectly detecting a user input including running an operating system on a computer device. The operating system receives information directly from an input device.
Acco Brands Corporation


Parent-infant-interactive, sensory-stimulation toy and methods of use

This disclosure is generally directed to a parent-infant-interactive, sensory-stimulation toy and associated methods of use. Such a toy features an interchangeable elongated feather-like tail member used for gently and playfully stroking a baby's body, wherein the material use for the feather-like member can be made from various types of irresistibly touchable and non-toxic (and preferably hypoallergenic), baby-safe materials of various textures and different sensations.
Yoee Baby Llc


Electronic device and adjusting character of page

A method for adjusting characters of a page includes determines a selected page on a display device of an electronic device. Sizes of characters on the selected page are acquired.
Fih (hong Kong) Limited


Multiple key value assignment system

Multiple letters, characters, numbers, strokes and symbols to be assigned to a given physical key on a physical keypad residing on a physical keypad integrated into, or attached to, an electronic device used for electronic financial transactions such as an automated teller machine (atm) or point of sale (pos) terminal, that is used for data entry on the display screen of an electronic device and the methodology of automatically displaying and inserting the characters assigned to that physical key on the display screen of said electronic device. As the user continues to touch/press said physical key on the electronic devices keypad, the first software module will display and bring into focus the characters assigned to the appropriate time duration of the continued touch/press of said physical key in a visual manner on the display screen of said electronic device and will continue rotating thru the assigned characters as long as the physical key touch/press continues.


Methods and systems for storing sequence read data

The present invention generally relates to storing sequence read data. The invention can involve obtaining a plurality of sequence reads from a sample, identifying one or more sets of duplicative sequence reads within the plurality of sequence reads, and storing only one of the sequence reads from each set of duplicative sequence reads in a text file using nucleotide characters..
Good Start Genetics, Inc.


Optimizing generation of a regular expression

A computer receives a query including a plain text word. The computer determines whether at least one performance optimization parameter is configured.
International Business Machines Corporation


Card reader assembly

A card reader assembly includes a housing structured to have a card reader to read data on a card. A processor is coupled to the housing.


Translating language characters in media content

Some implementations disclosed herein provide techniques and arrangements to enable translating language characters in media content. For example, some implementations receive a user selection of a first portion of media content.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Method and device for amending handwritten characters

A method and a device for amending a handwritten character are provided. The device includes a user input unit, a processor, and a display.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


User interface device, user interface method, program, and computer-readable information storage medium

To allow for easy entry of a plurality of characters by handwriting gestures in the air, a user interface device includes template data storage means for storing template data indicating changes in a predetermined writing position when a gesture to write each of a plurality of characters in the air is made, position obtaining means for sequentially obtaining the predetermined writing position when a user makes gestures to sequentially writing characters in the air, similarity evaluation information output means, every time the predetermined writing position is obtained by the position obtaining means, for sequentially outputting similarity evaluation information indicating a similarity between data to be evaluated including a predetermined number of the predetermined writing positions taken in order from newly obtained data and the template data related to each of the plurality of characters, and character string determination means for determining a character string related to the gestures of the user based on the sequentially output similarity evaluation information related to each of the plurality of characters.. .
Rakuten, Inc.


Personalized menus and media content interface

Methods and apparatus for generating personalized menus and a media content interface are provided. In one example, different device specific media asset lists are generated at different user devices for the same user based on the media consumption history at each device.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Phone number recognition

Method and system for recognising a numeric or alphanumeric sequence of characters in a document, the sequence conforming to predetermined rules and representing user identifiers for identifying users in a communication system include identifying a country of origin of the document, recalling rules relating to the format of the sequence associated with the determined country of origin, searching the document to identify any sequence in the document satisfying the format and returning any such sequence.. .


Authenticating a device based on availability of other authentication methods

An approach for authenticating a device is provided. The approach includes a computer implemented method for receiving a first stage biometric variable verification data for accessing the device.
International Business Machines Corporation


Packet forwarding

Embodiments disclose a packet forwarding method and device. The method includes: obtaining, by a packet forwarding device, a feature character included in a packet to be forwarded.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Regulated games: multi-act games

Creative multi-act games for the younger generation of casino players accustomed to creative simulation games such as “the sims®” and familiar tv characters such as the cast of “friends”. Stories unfold through acts that have been staged by the player by selecting and placing acting objects.


Background ocr during card data entry

Financial transaction card data can be entered by providing a picture of the card to a server programmed with a text recognition algorithm. The server can perform text recognition on the image at the same time that a consumer enters additional required data, such as a zip code.
Square, Inc.


Electronic device and inputting characters using the electronic device

A method for inputting characters into an electronic device by receiving proximity signals from proximity sensors. The proximity sensors include a first proximity sensor and at least one proximity sensor.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


System-initiated help function for operating an apparatus associated with a vehicle-input of spaces

System-initiated help is provided for operating an apparatus associated with a vehicle, in which alphanumeric characters and/or symbols can be selected using an operating device and can be assembled to form a character or function group and can be displayed in an input field on a first display device. A detection operation is carried out, on the basis of which it is detected whether the user inputs or must input a space in a next operating step with a predefinable degree of probability.
Audi Ag


Story development tool

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for a story development tool. In one aspect, a method includes presenting, for selection by a user, one or more settings and one or more characters.
Amplify Education, Inc.


Interactive electronic games

An interactive game in which one or more game characters are controlled by chewing, or other mouth-related movements of one or more players. The game may be used in conjunction with marketing of a chewable product, and the game may include a feature in which data associated with a particular product may be detected by a device associated with the game to affect play of the game.
Intercontinental Great Brands Llc


Voice synthesis device, voice synthesis method, and recording medium having a voice synthesis program recorded thereon

Provided is a voice synthesis device, including: a voice synthesis information acquisition unit configured to acquire voice synthesis information for specifying a sound generating character; a replacement unit configured to replace at least a part of sound generating characters specified by the voice synthesis information with an alternative sound generating character different from the sound generating character; and a voice synthesis unit configured to execute a second synthesis process for generating a voice signal of an utterance sound obtained by the replacing.. .
Yamaha Corporation


Medium dispensing device and medium dispensing system

A medium dispensing device including a storage section that stores a sheet shaped medium, a conveying section that conveys the medium, plural dispensing ports that dispense the medium, an instruction reception section that receives from plural external terminal devices instructions related to dispensing the medium, a controller that, based on the instructions, feeds out the medium from the storage section and conveys the medium to a dispensing port using a conveying section, and a notification section that notifies a correspondence between the terminal device that the instruction is received from and the dispensing port for dispensing the medium. The notification section is equipped with a display section that displays characters, graphics, symbols, images, hue, or brightness, or a combination thereof..
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.


Template matching with data correction

An approach is provided to generate forms with template inclusions. In the approach, optical character recognition (ocr) text is compared to corresponding text in a selected form.
International Business Machines Corporation


System and adaptive spell checking

A system and method for adaptive spell checking and correction. The method includes tracking frequencies of historical replacement strings of characters, and providing a list of “n” number of the historical replacement strings of characters in response to a string of characters which were previously changed or are not recognized..
International Business Machines Corporation


Print path obfuscation document content analytics assessment

Disclosed is a method and system of differential processing a print job including one or more original documents to render an obfuscated version of the print job. According to an exemplary method, the differential process replaces letters of an original document with randomly selected characters of substantially the same size and location as the original document and objects such as images/graphics are replaced with blurred versions of substantially the same size and locations as the objects in the original document.
Xerox Corporation


Preventing url confusion attacks

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for detecting illegitimate or spoofed links on a web page. Illegitimate links can be detected by receiving a web link that includes link text and a link address, generating normalized link text based upon the link text, wherein characters in the link text that are visually similar are represented by a single normalized character identifier in the normalized text, determining whether the normalized link text is in the format of a link address, and determining that the text is safe when the normalized link text is not in the format of a link address.
Apple Inc


Communication apparatus with in-context messaging

A communication apparatus, a system, and a method are provided that allow in-context electronic communication. In particular, communications received by a user is organized with in-context information, such as pictures or profiles of senders or recipients, forwarding history of the communication, relationship among the senders or recipients, subject matter and flow of conversation, and the like.
Ebay Inc.


Managing a theme of a virtual space based on characters made accessible responsive to corresponding tokens being detected

Objectives, an environment, and/or a theme associated with a virtual space may be managed based on characters made accessible responsive to corresponding tokens being detected. Tokens, including a first token associated with a first character or a second token associated with a second character, may be detected based on signals received from one or more token readers.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Electronic device and creating comic strip

A method for creating a comic strip includes selecting a background image from a number of background images for a number of comic cells of the comic strip, selecting a character from a number of characters to appear in the comic cells, selecting a character expression from a number of character expressions for the character to make, inputting text speech corresponding to the at least one character, and inputting audio for the character to speak. The comic cells can include different background images and different characters.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Secure passcode entry using mobile device with augmented reality capability

Secure passcode entry using a mobile device having augmented reality capability. The mobile device is registered with an authorization server to register an agreed input display algorithm with an initialization seed, and a user passcode is registered with the authorization server.
International Business Machines Corporation


Background ocr during card data entry

Financial transaction card data can be entered by providing a picture of the card to a server programmed with a text recognition algorithm. The server can perform text recognition on the image at the same time that a consumer enters additional required data, such as a zip code.
Square, Inc.


Background ocr during card data entry

Financial transaction card data can be entered by providing a picture of the card to a server programmed with a text recognition algorithm. The server can perform text recognition on the image at the same time that a consumer enters additional required data, such as a zip code.
Square, Inc.


Money transfer using canonical url

Described is a technology for executing financial transactions, e.g., payment transfers, by enabling a sender to trigger a money transfer by specifying a payment proxy having a particular syntax, the syntax including a monetary indicator preceding one or more alphanumeric characters. The payment proxy having the syntax indicates an intent of the sender to transfer money to a recipient associated with that payment proxy.
Square, Inc.


Money transfer by use of a syntax

Described is a technology for executing financial transactions, e.g., payment transfers, by enabling a sender to trigger a money transfer by specifying, in any communication message, an input having a particular syntax, the syntax including a monetary indicator preceding one or more numeric characters. The input having the syntax indicates an intent of the sender to transfer money to a recipient.
Square, Inc.


Money transfer by use of a payment proxy

Described is a technology for facilitating money transfer between a sender and a recipient by use of a payment proxy associated with the recipient. The technology enables a sender, who desires to send cash to a recipient, using an application (e.g., a payment service application, a messaging application, etc.), to specify the recipient by inputting, in a message being created using the application, one or more alphanumeric characters and a monetary currency indicator prefixing the alphanumeric characters (e.g., $alex).
Square, Inc.


Money transfer in a forum using a payment proxy

Described is a technology for executing financial transactions, e.g., payment transfers, by enabling a sender to trigger a money transfer by specifying, in any communication message, a payment proxy having a particular syntax, the syntax including a currency indicator preceding one or more alphanumeric characters. The payment proxy having the syntax indicates an intent of the sender to transfer money to a recipient associated with that payment proxy.
Square, Inc.


Secure display element

Techniques for securely displaying sensitive information against attempts to capture such information via screenshots are introduced. Similar to the pieces of a puzzle, a plurality of images that collectively represent a keypad (for example) are generated and each image represents a different part of the characters.
Square, Inc.


Evaluation of a password

A method and computer for assessing whether a password can be generated by using characteristics of a physical arrangement of keys of an input device. A received password includes characters corresponding to respective select keys in a sequence of select keys of the input device.
International Business Machines Corporation


Secure display element

Techniques for securely displaying sensitive information against attempts to capture such information via screenshots are introduced. Similar to the pieces of a puzzle, a plurality of images that collectively represent a keypad (for example) are generated and each image represents a different part of the characters.
Square, Inc.


Method and retrieving and organizing physical addresses

A method and apparatus for retrieving and organizing geographical address information. Each physical address is assigned a unique code including symbols and alphanumeric characters.
Umm Al-qura University

Characters topics: Characters, Touchscreen, Virtual Keyboard, Microprocessor, Character String, Readability, Alphanumeric, Electronic Device

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