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Characters patents


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new patent Communication system, server device, client device, and non-transitory computer readable medium
A communication system includes a server device and a client device. The server device includes an encoding unit that encodes information about characters contained in a first image to generate an encoded image, a generation unit that generates a second image in which the generated encoded image is embedded at a position specified from a position of the characters on the first image in place of the characters, and a transmission unit that transmits the second image to the client device in response to a request for the first image from the client device.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

new patent Character segmenting apparatus, character recognition apparatus, and character segmenting method
A character segmenting apparatus may include a character segmenting position detecting unit to detect a segmenting position of characters. The character segmenting position detecting unit may include an area setting unit to set up an area for detecting the segmenting position; a projection creating unit configured to create a projection of pixel values, with respect to pixels arranged in a character placement direction, at least in a specified area set up by the area setting unit; a binarizing threshold value obtaining unit to calculate a moving average on the basis of minimum pixel values of the projection, in order to specify the moving average as a binarizing threshold value for the specified area; and a position detecting unit to calculate a character segmenting position on the basis of the binarizing threshold value..
Nidec Sankyo Corporation

new patent Multi-script handwriting recognition using a universal recognizer
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media related to a technique for providing handwriting input functionality on a user device. A handwriting recognition module is trained to have a repertoire comprising multiple non-overlapping scripts and capable of recognizing tens of thousands of characters using a single handwriting recognition model.
Apple Inc.

new patent Sequence data analyzer, dna analysis system and sequence data analysis method
A sequence data analyzer comprising: a read dictionary preparation unit creating a read sequence dictionary based on a concatenation string, the concatenation string constituted of a pair of a left sequence and a right sequence, which are obtained by sequencing a sample dna fragment respectively from the left and right ends, and connecting characters connecting these sequences together; and a sample reconstruction unit extracting, as a sample sequence, a string up to a terminal character positioned in the string of a hit position of a query sequence in the read sequence dictionary, and extracting, as a mate sequence, the left sequence or right sequence until the appearance of a terminal character on the side where the hit position doesn't exist in the sample sequence.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

new patent Communication terminal and providing unified interface to the same
A communication terminal and a method of providing a unified natural language interface to the same are disclosed. The method includes: determining, when text information containing many characters is created, whether the text information conforms to one of preset grammatical constraints; extracting, when the text information conforms to one of the grammatical constraints, tokens of one or more of characters from the text information, and extracting, when the text information does not conform to one of the grammatical constraints, one or more characters having an attribute probability higher than a reference probability as a token; and analyzing the extracted tokens to determine a function to handle the extracted tokens, and executing the determined function based on the extracted tokens..
Sogang University Research & Commercialization Foundation

new patent Shaped abrasive particle and forming same
A method of forming a mixture including a ceramic material into a sheet, sectioning at least a portion of the sheet using a mechanical object and forming at least one shaped abrasive particle from the sheet, such that the at least one shaped abrasive particle can have a two-dimensional shape as viewed in a plane defined by a length and a width of the shaped abrasive particle selected from the group consisting of polygons, ellipsoids, numerals, greek alphabet characters, latin alphabet characters, russian alphabet characters, complex shapes having a combination of polygonal shapes, and a combination thereof.. .
Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

Technologies for enhancing computer security
A method includes providing a plurality of variables and a variable. The variables differ from each other.

Exhibitor identifier display system
An equestrian identification system including a series of character presentation panels attached to a panel receiving patch. A dense hook interface is provided upon an interface surface of the character presentation panels.

Nearsighted camera object detection
A system and process of nearsighted (myopia) camera object detection involves detecting the objects through edge detection and outlining or thickening them with a heavy border. Thickening may include making the object bold in the case of text characters.
Sage Software, Inc.

Lexicon-free, matching-based word-image recognition
Methods and systems recognize alphanumeric characters in an image by computing individual representations of every character of an alphabet at every character position within a certain word transcription length. These methods and systems embed the individual representations of each alphabet character in a common vectorial subspace (using a matrix) and embed a received image of an alphanumeric word into the common vectorial subspace (using the matrix).
Xerox Corporation

Realtime object measurement

A system and process of nearsighted (myopia) camera object detection involves detecting the objects through edge detection and outlining or thickening them with a heavy border. Thickening may include making the object bold in the case of text characters.
Sage Software, Inc.

Systems and methods for automatically creating and shortening traditional street and postal addresses

Systems and methods are disclosed for creating and using a shortcode for any street or postal address, including an imbedded shortcode (isc) that differentiates and visually distinguishes the alpha-numeric characters constituting the shortcode within the visual display of the full street address. A shortcode may be automatically created and uniquely associated with a full street or postal address for anywhere in the world, including a street number, street name and/or type, city, state, country, or any street or unit prefix or suffix designation.
Wgrs Licensing Company, Llc

Character input method and electronic device

Embodiments provide a character input method and an electronic device. The method includes acquiring a character input instruction, and displaying candidate characters generated by the character input instruction.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

Managing real-time handwriting recognition

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media related to a technique for providing handwriting input functionality on a user device. A handwriting recognition module is trained to have a repertoire comprising multiple non-overlapping scripts and capable of recognizing tens of thousands of characters using a single handwriting recognition model.
Apple Inc.

Device, system, and methods for entering commands or characters using a touch screen

Disclosed is a method, device, and system for entry of command using a touch sensitive surface. Instead of the device providing predefined locations for entering different commands, the device identifies the locations of three or more of the user's fingers or other objects.
Inpris Innovative Products Ltd

Information processing apparatus, non-transitory computer readable storage medium, and information display method

An information processing apparatus according to the present application includes a cursor control unit, a display position change unit, and a range selection unit. When switching operation for switching to a selection mode for selecting characters included in a display region displayed in a display unit is detected, the cursor control unit displays another cursor different from a cursor displayed in the display region in the display region.
Yahoo Japan Corporation

Portable electronic device including keyboard and controlling same

A portable electronic device includes a touch-sensitive display including a display and display touch-sensors to detect touches, and a keyboard including mechanical keys associated with characters, the mechanical keys including depressible keycaps to output the characters and keyboard touch sensors to detect touches on the mechanical keys. A processor is coupled to the keyboard and to the touch-sensitive display to detect a touch at a location associated with a signature entry field displayed on the touch-sensitive display, in response to detecting the touch, enter a keyboard signature process, detect a moving touch on the mechanical keys of the keyboard, along a path of contact of the touch on the mechanical keys, and, in response to detecting completion of the moving touch, enter a signature defined by the path of contact of the touch on the mechanical keys into the signature entry field..
Blackberry Limited

Tape cassette

A tape cassette that includes a tape cassette that includes a housing having a top surface, a bottom surface, a rear wall, a front wall, and a tape feed exit located on the front wall, a tape included at least partially within the housing and configured to be fed along a tape feed path extending to the tape feed exit, and a first indicator aperture positioned on the front wall and a second indicator aperture position on a rear portion of the bottom surface. A position of the first indicator aperture on the front wall indicates a type of the tape included within the housing.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

A driving power supply oled

The present invention discloses a driving power supply apparatus for oled. Wherein it comprises a power board connecting to a motherboard and a oled screen, the motherboard comprises a standby circuit, a timing control module, a first and second transformer modules and a pfc circuit, the standby circuit connects to the timing control module and the motherboard, the timing control module connects to the pfc circuit, the motherboard and the first and second transformer modules, which connect to the motherboard and the pfc circuit.
Shenzhen Skyworth-rgb Electronic Co., Ltd

Extracting card identification data

Extracting card information comprises a server at an optical character recognition (“ocr”) system that interprets data from a card. The ocr system performs an optical character recognition algorithm an image of a card and performs a data recognition algorithm on a machine-readable code on the image of the card.
Google Inc.

System and efficient recognition of handwritten characters in documents

A system and computer-implemented method for efficient recognition of one or more handwritten characters in one or more documents is provided. The system comprises an image input module configured to receive the one or more documents as one or more images.
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Securing a confirmation of a sequence of characters, corresponding method, device and computer program product

The proposed technique relates to a method for securing a confirmation of a sequence of characters (seq) entered by a user on an electronic data entry device comprising an unsecured processor and a secured processor. This method, implemented in the secured processor, comprises determining a processing operation to be applied to said sequence of characters (seq), as a function of a signal (sig_v) representing a confirmation, by the user, of the sequence of characters (seq), the signal (sig_v) representing a confirmation being delivered by a confirmation means belonging to a set comprising at least two distinct confirmation means..
Ingenico Group

Selecting and presenting content relevant to user input

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media are provided. An example method includes receiving user input in a control, for example, one associated with a search engine.
Google Inc.

Vehicle and control the vehicle

A vehicle includes a display unit for displaying a first character input user interface (ui) in which a plurality of characters are arranged to surround a predetermined reference point, a touch input apparatus having a concave area for detecting a touch gesture of selecting one character of the plurality of characters, and a controller for controlling the display unit to display, wherein if the number of pre-stored completed character combinations corresponding to an input character combination configured with at least one character sequentially selected according to the touch gesture detected by the touch input apparatus is smaller than or equal to a threshold value, a second character input ui in which the completed character combinations corresponding to the input character combination are arranged to surround the reference point.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Handwritten character correction apparatus, handwritten character correction method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium

A method that includes correcting at least one of a character image of a target replacement character or stroke information of the target replacement character, in response to a designation of a specific character among recognized characters from handwriting input and an input of the target replacement character that is to replace the specific character, and updating at least one of a character image of the recognized characters or a stroke image of the recognized characters by utilizing at least a corrected one of the character image or the stroke information. The at least one of the character image or the stroke information is corrected based on coordinate information corresponding to the specific character.
Fujitsu Limited

Machine-translation based corrections

Technology is disclosed for building correction models that correct natural language snippets. Correction models can include rules comprising pairs of word sequences identified from viable correction snippet pairs, where a first sequence of words in the pair should be replaced with a second sequence of words in the pair.
Facebook, Inc.

Image processing device and method and non-transitory computer readable medium

An image processing device includes the following elements. An inputted-character identifying unit identifies characters inputted by a user from plural items of image information.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Method for controlling mobile device, recording medium storing program to implement the method, distributing server for distributing application, and mobile device

Provided are a method of controlling a mobile device having an improved user's convenience of inputting, a recording medium storing a program for executing the method, an application distribution server, and a mobile device. The method includes displaying character arrangement window on an edge of a display area, and when a touch has occurred on a portion, on which the character arrangement window is not displayed, in the display area, regarding the touch as an event that a character corresponding to the touch, from among characters included in the character arrangement window, is input..
Realvalue Co., Ltd.

Changing keyboard layout automatically while entering a password

A system and method for automatically reconfiguring a keyboard layout display to facilitate entry of password characters. The system analyzes the password while setting it, and will save a required keyboard layout for each character.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method of hand-gesture input

The present disclosure provides a method for efficiently providing character-based languages (e.g., chinese, japanese, and/or korean) into portable electronic devices (e.g., smartphones, smartwatches, smartglasses, etc.). An example method generally includes receiving a sequence of hand-gesture inputs from an input device, detecting a pattern corresponding to each hand-gesture input in the sequence, determining a sequence of numeric values that correspond to the sequence of hand-gesture inputs based on the detected patterns, and, as each input in the sequence of hand-gesture inputs is received, determining a list of one or more characters to display based, at least in part, on the sequence of numeric values and an index of characters..
International Business Machines Corporation

Hand-gesture input

The present disclosure provides an apparatus for efficiently providing character-based languages (e.g., chinese, japanese, and/or korean) into portable electronic devices (e.g., smartphones, smartwatches, smartglasses, etc.). An example apparatus includes an input device configured to receiving a sequence of hand-qesture inputs and a a processor that performs operations for generating input for an electronic device corresponding to characters.
International Business Machines Corporation

3d fonts for automation of design for manufacturing

Customized 3d-printing can provide users with customized products, but need to be verified for quality and durability. In an embodiment, a method for three-dimensional (3d)-printing a customized product includes loading a 3d-font from a database.
Dassault Systemes

Joining games from a spectating system

A game spectating system that leverages game metadata to allow spectators to join or “step into” games being broadcast. Broadcast content may include user interface elements via which spectators can order, purchase, or otherwise obtain demo or full versions of games.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Edible adhesive sprinkle sideliner for cake decoration

An edible adhesive sprinkle sideliner made with cake sprinkles encased between two thin layers of gelatin to be used to decorate the side surfaces of a buttercream frosting covered cake. The cake sprinkles can be arranged in the form of a single complete sheet or in the form of specific characters or designs.

Hardware data compressor using dynamic hash algorithm based on input block type

A hardware data compressor that compresses an input block of characters by replacing strings of characters in the input block with back pointers to matching strings earlier in the input block. A hash table is used in searching for the matching strings in the input block.
Via Alliance Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and wired data communication

The present disclosure describes a wired communication device having media access control (mac) circuitry and physical layer (phy) circuitry. The mac circuitry frames one or more data packets in accordance with a wired communication standard or protocol to provide one or more data frames.
Broadcom Corporation

Dynamic feedback and scoring of transcription of a dictation

An automated system and method for transcription of a dictation presents a transcription exercise to a student that allows continuous student keyboarding of text while providing real time feedback of correct, incorrect, and misplaced characters as well as visually pointing out the location of missing letters and missing words. The real time designation is shown using differences in typeface style or color and using a scoring system that factors in substantially all keystrokes.

Producing visualizations of elements in works of literature

A visualization of literary elements of a work of literature, such as a novel or short story, is generated from meta-data records representing a digital work of literature including literary elements (humor, drama, adventure, etc.), characters, and plot devices related to a position within the work of literature where each appears. A significance level is determined for each of the elements, characters and plot devices at each position within the work of literature, and these are plotted into a sequential graph having position (e.g.
International Business Machines Corporation

Chinese character information recording method

The present invention provides a chinese character information recording method and a chinese character stroke order recognition figure in an information recording method. A chinese character structure is split into several parts step by step according to a simplicity rule in the chinese character information recording method, and the several parts are sequenced, so as to recognize an approximate stroke order of the chinese character structure.

Method of retrieving tagged documents

Documents and in particular pdf documents are made available to people with disabilities using an algorithm which obtains an original tag containing content to be used to identify text, inspecting text containing the tag while ignoring any leading or trailing spaces or special characters, obtaining dominant identifying text, searching the entire document for text using the same identifying text, accumulating text runs until a change in such text is found, and placing accumulated text in a tag similar to that used by the original tag.. .

Text input

A method for inputting text into a text entry box is provided. The method includes: displaying the text entry box and judging whether a preset string quick-input mode is activated for characters to be typed into the text entry box; detecting whether a preset operation with respect to a preset character is received via a character input interface, in response to judging that the preset string quick-input mode is activated; and retrieving a preset string and inputting the preset string into the text entry box, in response to detecting that the preset operation with respect to the preset character is received.
Xiaomi Inc.

Method, device and storage medium for inputting characters

A method, device and storage medium for inputting characters are provided. The method includes: presenting a user interface on the touch screen, the user interface comprising a soft keyboard; identifying a location of a first touch point upon detection of a first touch acted on the soft keyboard; judging, based on the location of the first touch point, whether it is needed to select a plurality of candidate characters from the soft keyboard; when it is needed to select the plurality of candidate characters, presenting the plurality of candidate characters on a currently provided user interface, wherein a first area occupied by each of the candidate characters on the currently provided user interface is larger than a second area occupied by each of the candidate characters on the soft keyboard; and determining a target character from the plurality of candidate characters..
Xiaomi Inc.

Silver alloy material and manufacturing the silver alloy material

The present invention provides a silver alloy material and a method for manufacturing the silver alloy material, the silver alloy material comprising essentially by weight of about 65% to 95% ag, about 5% to 35% in. The silver alloy material has a solid-liquid coexistence zone.
Rayshine Photonics Corp.

Determination of a geographical location of a user

A method, a device and a computer program product for determining a geographical location of a user are disclosed. The method comprises: extracting characters or icons in an image taken at a place where the user is located; analyzing the extracted characters or icons to determine a meaning of the characters or the icons; and determining the geographical location of the user based on the meaning of the characters or the icons.
Pinhole (beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Secure display element

Techniques for securely displaying sensitive information against attempts to capture such information via screenshots are introduced. Similar to the pieces of a puzzle, a plurality of images that collectively represent a keypad (for example) are generated and each image represents a different part of the characters.
Square, Inc.

Methods and systems for improved semantic meshing

In at least one embodiment, the present invention provides methods and systems for improved semantic meshing, comprising receiving an input data stream consisting of a plurality of characters; generating a normalized stream having an initial value based on said input data stream; applying a plural character rolling window to a subset of the normalized stream to select at least one stream subset, applying a first uniform hash function to the at least one stream subset to create at least one digest, identifying a cut if the modulus of the digest is zero, such that identifying a cut includes applying a second uniform hash function to the remainder values of the normalized stream, generating at least one shingle, resetting the plural character rolling window with a plurality of zeros and aggregating the at least one shingle into a semantic hash.. .
6899005 Canada Inc.

Touch and slide user interface on touch sensitive screen

A touch and slide user interface (tsui) is provided for entering data into a computer device. A tap and hold gesture from a first finger on a touch sensitive display screen of the device is detected to initiate the tsui.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Set-top box assistant for text input

A text input method applied in a set-top box assistant comprises displaying a virtual keyboard on a tv display device, receiving a first input instruction, from a remote controller, decoding the first input instruction and inputting a first character, and performing a text searching operation in a text library according to the first character. Automatically selected and confirmable candidate characters are displayed on the virtual keyboard according to the search result.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Keyboard interface application

A method for usage of a keyboard interface with less number of keys than characters in a language is provided herein. The method includes the following steps: displaying a keyboard of a given language, wherein, characters of the given language are assigned to keys on the keyboard, wherein for at least one key: (i) a primary character is determined as a carrier character (cc) and one or more predefined characters are determined as accompanied characters (ac); (ii) one or more ac are assigned to the same key with one cc wherein each cc display characteristics is distinctive from the ac display characteristics; receiving a first sequence of keystrokes followed by a second sequence of keystrokes from one or more keys on the keyboard interface which relate to the same word; checking the first sequence of keystrokes from the one or more keys to determine if it was received from keys that were keystroked consecutively more than one time and are assigned with cc and assigned with one or more ac; analyzing the one or more keystrokes in first the sequence that were typed on keys with cc and one or more ac to decode each sequence that was received from the same key to a valid sequence in the given language..

Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

A digital television including a display unit configured to display a keypad including a plurality of key buttons which are assigned with different alphabet characters, respectively, and a text window; and a controller configured to receive a first signal selecting a first key button of the plurality of key buttons, display a first alphabet character assigned with the first key button in the text window, and display a first sub key button assigned with a second alphabet character on a first region adjacent to the first key button of the keypad, in response to the first signal, and receive a second signal selecting the first sub key button, and display the second alphabet character next to the first alphabet character in the text window, and display a second sub key button assigned with a third alphabet character on the first region adjacent to the first key button of the keypad, in response to the second signal. The second alphabet character is predicted as a next character of the first alphabet character, and the third alphabet character is predicted as a next character of the first and second alphabet characters..
Lg Electronics Inc.

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