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 Format-preserving cipher patent thumbnailFormat-preserving cipher
A format-preserving cipher including encryption and decryption schemes supporting non-linear access to input data by allowing the selection of portions of data from a potentially larger dataset to be encrypted. The cipher first defines a forward mapping from the allowable ciphertext values to an integer set of the number of such allowable ciphertext values, and a corresponding reverse mapping.
Zettaset, Inc.

 Authentication code entry system and method patent thumbnailAuthentication code entry system and method
An example method includes displaying, by a first computing device (110) comprising a display (114), each of one or more characters at a location of one or more locations within the display (114); receiving, by the first computing device (110) from a second computing device (150), data indicating at least one selected location of the one or more locations within the display (114); making a determination, by the first computing device (110), that at least one character of the one or more characters matches a predetermined authentication code, wherein each character of the at least one character is displayed at a location of the at least one selected location within the display (114); and after making the determination, sending, by the first computing device (110), a message authorizing a financial transaction. Corresponding operations of the second computing device (150) are disclosed herein..
Thumbzup Uk Limited

 Hmi system based on a 3d toto word card patent thumbnailHmi system based on a 3d toto word card
The utility model relates to a hmi system based on a 3d toto word card, comprising a verification activation module, a scanning module, a identification module, a matching module, a display module, a camera module, a help module, a interaction module, a storage module, a sharing module and a cpu. The scanning module comprises a single-card scanning module, a combined scanning module and an experience scanning module.

 Server system, communication system, communication terminal device, program, recording medium, and communication method patent thumbnailServer system, communication system, communication terminal device, program, recording medium, and communication method
Provided is a network system which improves a security and prevents illegal use when providing services such as internet banking services. A random graphic table (rmt) is issued to a user, and having text characters which a user inputs and figures which corresponds to the text characters, respectively, and which is unrelated to the text characters such as a photograph.
Bankguard, Inc.

 Information processing device, information processing method, program, and storage medium patent thumbnailInformation processing device, information processing method, program, and storage medium
The present invention aims to provide a more generally applicable programming environment for visual programming languages than conventional programming environments and to reduce data size of programs. With programming language data (a text vpl), which is a text based programming language data combining functions and connection characters composed of character data and defines relationships between the functions based on positional relations of the functions with reference to the connection characters in a display space of a text editor, the functions and the connection characters in character strings of the programming language data are distinguished and relationships between the functions are interpreted based on the positional relations in the display space.
Rakuten, Inc.

 Text entry using rollover character row patent thumbnailText entry using rollover character row
A system and method for text entry in a user interface in a large display is provided. The improved on-screen keyboard is displayed and provides a rotating character row on the large display when a text entry window is presented.
Espial Group Inc.

 Generating content based on shot aggregation patent thumbnailGenerating content based on shot aggregation
This disclosure provides an approach for aggregating elements that are common across shots in the rendering of image frames. In one embodiment, common elements are aggregated via a scene editor which stores the common elements in a scene layer, which is an asset that is a container for elements such as characters, locations, and the like that are common across shots.

 Contextual searching patent thumbnailContextual searching
Contextual searches may be performed to identify subsets of search results from an organized dataset. Contextual searching may return search results based on a relevance of the results to a query or search terms.
Trading Technologies International, Inc.

 Deduplication by phrase substitution within chunks of substantially similar content patent thumbnailDeduplication by phrase substitution within chunks of substantially similar content
A method, system and computer program product for phrase substitution within chunks of substantially similar content. The method includes: retrieving from content files a first and a second content chunk which are identical above a predetermined threshold; identifying a candidate for substitution, wherein the candidate for substitution is a string of characters in the second content chunk that is not identical to a corresponding string of characters in the first content chunk; comparing the candidate for substitution with a synonym database to find a match, wherein the synonym database provides a plurality of synonym suggestions to convert the candidate for substitution in the first content chunk and the second content chuck to an identical string of characters; replacing the candidate for substitution with a reference to the identical string of characters; and storing a single copy of the identical string of characters in a common repository..
International Business Machines Corporation

 Suggested terms for ambiguous search queries patent thumbnailSuggested terms for ambiguous search queries
In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, from a client system, a character string having n characters entered by the first user into a query field, wherein a term comprising the nth character of the character string is an ambiguous term, identifying one or more objects corresponding to the ambiguous term based on a calculated probability that the ambiguous term corresponds to the identified objects, sending instructions for presenting a set of suggested queries to the first user, each suggested query from the set of suggested queries corresponding to one of the identified objects and comprising a reference to the corresponding identified object, receiving a selection of a suggested query corresponding to a first object of the identified objects, and sending, responsive to receiving the selection of the suggested query, instructions for modifying the ambiguous term in the query field to include a reference to the first object.. .
Facebook, Inc.

System and bundling digitized electronic records

A system and method for organizing batches or groups of hard-copy documents into related sets of electronic documents is disclosed. An automatic digitizing unit can accept multiple physical documents and digitize those documents to generate electronic documents that includes electronic copies of the physical document.
Edco Health Information Soultions, Inc.

Display apparatus and display displaying main data and data related to that main data, and a memory medium

A display apparatus including a display that displays main data and related data that is related to the main data; and a cpu that, when the main data is displayed on a screen of the display, keeps a substitution area, in which other display content is substituted for displayed content, in a part of a display area displaying the main data, and displays the related data substituted for the main data in the substitution area, wherein the cpu changes a position or size of the substitution area kept by the cpu in response to an instruction from a user; wherein the related data is text data; and wherein the cpu changes, according to the position or size of the substitution area that changes in response to the instruction from the user, a size of characters or a number of characters of the related data and displays the related data substituted for the main data, so as not to split apart a word included in the related data.. .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Water-based ink for inkjet printing

The present invention provides a water-based ink for ink-jet printing which is excellent in ejection stability and storage stability, in particular, excellent in quick-drying fixing properties and image uniformity when printing characters or images on a low-water absorbing recording medium, and an image forming method using the water-based ink. The present invention relates to [1] a water-based ink for ink-jet printing, including a pigment, a water-insoluble polymer, an organic solvent (c) and water, in which the organic solvent (c) includes diethylene glycol isopropyl ether (degpe) and an organic solvent (c2) having a 1-octanol/water partition coefficient that is smaller than that of degpe; a total content of the pigment, the water-insoluble polymer and degpe in the water-based ink is not less than 5.0% by mass; and a value obtained by multiplying a total content of the pigment and the water-insoluble polymer in the water-based ink by a content of degpe in the water-based ink is from 10 and 300; and [2] an image forming method including the steps of mounting a container filled with the water-based ink to an ink-jet printing apparatus equipped with an ink ejecting means; and ejecting the ink onto a recording medium having a water absorption of from 0 to 10 g/m2 as measured by contacting with pure water for 100 ms to print characters or images thereon..
Kao Corporation

Captcha challenge incorporating obfuscated characters

A method for determining if a user of a computer system is a human. A processor receives an indication that a computer security program is needed and acquires at least one image depicting a first string of characters including at least a first and second set of one or more characters.
International Business Machines Corporation

Distinguish valid users from bots, ocrs and third party solvers when presenting captcha

A method and system of administering a captcha challenge comprising: providing a captcha challenge to the client computer, the captcha challenge comprising an image and browser code for displaying the image, the image comprising a character string in which a first sub string smaller than said character string corresponds to a solution to the captcha challenge and a second substring smaller than said character string corresponds to extra characters not part of the solution, displaying the image on the client computer wherein only the first substring is visible in the browser, receiving a response from the client computer, comparing the response with the second substring, and determining, if the response includes the second substring, that the client computer used a captcha bot or relay.. .
Fireblade Holdings, Llc

Authentication and/or identification method in a communication network

The invention relates to a method for authenticating and/or identifying a device, a service, a person and/or money in a communication network, consisting of a first communication device and an additional communication device, for example a central database, between which an authentication query is carried out. Initially, a first key is provided in the communication device, which comprises at least one character sequence consisting of individual or several locally modifiable characters which can be dynamically modified in accordance with a measurable variable or an algorithm which is dependent on the measurable variable, rules and/or instructions in the communication device, between two authentication time points.

Insertion of characters in speech recognition

One embodiment provides a method, including: receiving, from an audio capture device, speech input; converting, using a processor, the speech input to machine text; receiving, from an alternate input source, an input comprising at least one character; identifying, using a processor, a location associated with the machine text to insert the at least one character; and inserting, using a processor, the at least one character at the location identified. Other aspects are described and claimed..
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

System for parametric generation of custom scalable animated characters on the web

A graphic character object temporary storage stores parameters of a character and associated default values in a hierarchical data structure and one or more animation object data represented in a hierarchical data structure, the one or more animation object data having an associated animation, the graphic character object temporary storage and the animation object data being part of a local memory of a computer system. A method includes receiving a vector graphic object having character part objects which are represented as geometric shapes, displaying a two dimensional character, changing the scale of a part of the displayed two dimensional character, and storing an adjusted parameter in the graphic character object temporary storage as a percentage change from the default value, displaying a customized two dimensional character, applying keyframe data in an associated animation object data to the character parts objects, and displaying an animation according to the keyframe data..
Google Inc.

Monetary information processing server and monetary information processing method

When remitting money for charging up a monetary terminal to a center account 31, the user inputs to a banking system 3 remitter information containing a name (in katakana characters) and a monetary terminal id of the monetary terminal that is to be charged up. In response to this, the banking system 3 transmits a remittance amount and the remitter information to an electronic money server 2.

Optical character recognition localization tool

Systems and methods for processing images to recognize characters. Such may include locating background in an image which separate lines of characters, and then locating background which separate characters.
Datalogic Ip Tech, S.r.l.

Audio device and menu display audio device

There is provided an audio device. A connection detecting unit is configured to detect establishment of a connection for communication with a portable audio device having a display unit capable of displaying choices noted in characters.
Fujitsu Ten Limited

Dynamic input device for providing an input and method thereof

The technique relates to a dynamic input device for providing an input and method thereof a character as an input is received. The input character as a central character of a virtual grid is arranged.
Infosys Limited

Magic cube input system

A magic cube input system comprises a control module, a page module, a quick pick module, and a function module; the function module performs selection of a character input mode or a screen keyboard change mode. Under the character input mode, the control module receives voice instructions or motion instructions to control page scrolling of the page module, pick an initial character and subsequent characters successively after the initial character being picked, and the quick pick module presents commonly used characters or vocabularies to be picked up quickly through the control module.

Character input device, and method and program for inputting character

In order to facilitate selection of an intended character from among a plurality of characters, a mobile phone includes a designated-position detecting portion (s01) for detecting a designated position, a moving direction detecting portion (s07) for detecting a moving direction of the detected position. A group selecting portion (s08), when the moving direction is detected, for selecting one of a plurality of character types into which the plurality of characters have been classified, on the basis of the moving direction, and a character selecting portion (s10, s15) for selecting one of at least one character classified in the selected character type..
Kyocera Corporation

Multi-player video game environment for single-player use

A multi-player game environment is created for single-player use. A user may select a single-player game or a multi-player game.
Sony Interactive Entertainment America Llc

Ornamental characters with a light string holding channel and signage formed therefrom

An ornamental character element includes a channel including at least one wall defining an open end configured to form a character shape. An opening is provided in the at least one wall and is dimensioned for passage of a light string into or out of the channel.
Ptc International

Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method

In an information processing system 1, an information processing apparatus 10 recognizes, when a user moves real bodies 120a and 120b arranged on a play field 19, the movement on the basis of, for example, an image taken by a camera 122 taking an image of the movement to interlock objects of corresponding characters 202a and 202b displayed on a display apparatus 16. In addition, when the user moves the characters 202a and 202b through an input apparatus 14, the information processing apparatus 10 transmits a control signal to the corresponding real bodies 120a and 120b to perform interlocking.
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Fuzzy autosuggestion for query processing services

Systems and methods of generating geo-aware fuzzy autosuggestions for a search engine are disclosed. Transmissions received by a server system may be processed, the transmissions indicating characters received via a user interface as user input for a search query to a searching service.
Yp Llc

Data access based on content of image recorded by a mobile device

Embodiments of the invention are directed to using image data and contextual data to determine information about a scene, based on one or more previously obtained images. Contextual data, such location of image capture, can be used to determine previously obtained images related to the contextual data and other location-related information, such as billboard locations.
Yahoo! Inc.

Systems and methods for language detection

Implementations of the present disclosure are directed to a method, a system, and a computer program storage device for identifying a language in a message. Non-language characters are removed from a text message to generate a sanitized text message.
Machine Zone, Inc.

Input methods for device having multi-language environment

Text input is corrected on a touch-sensitive display by presenting a list of candidate words in the interface which can be selected by touch input. The candidate list can include candidate words having two or more character types (e.g., roman, kana, kanji).
Apple Inc.

Communication system, server device, client device, and non-transitory computer readable medium

A communication system includes a server device and a client device. The server device includes an encoding unit that encodes information about characters contained in a first image to generate an encoded image, a generation unit that generates a second image in which the generated encoded image is embedded at a position specified from a position of the characters on the first image in place of the characters, and a transmission unit that transmits the second image to the client device in response to a request for the first image from the client device.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Character segmenting apparatus, character recognition apparatus, and character segmenting method

A character segmenting apparatus may include a character segmenting position detecting unit to detect a segmenting position of characters. The character segmenting position detecting unit may include an area setting unit to set up an area for detecting the segmenting position; a projection creating unit configured to create a projection of pixel values, with respect to pixels arranged in a character placement direction, at least in a specified area set up by the area setting unit; a binarizing threshold value obtaining unit to calculate a moving average on the basis of minimum pixel values of the projection, in order to specify the moving average as a binarizing threshold value for the specified area; and a position detecting unit to calculate a character segmenting position on the basis of the binarizing threshold value..
Nidec Sankyo Corporation

Multi-script handwriting recognition using a universal recognizer

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media related to a technique for providing handwriting input functionality on a user device. A handwriting recognition module is trained to have a repertoire comprising multiple non-overlapping scripts and capable of recognizing tens of thousands of characters using a single handwriting recognition model.
Apple Inc.

Sequence data analyzer, dna analysis system and sequence data analysis method

A sequence data analyzer comprising: a read dictionary preparation unit creating a read sequence dictionary based on a concatenation string, the concatenation string constituted of a pair of a left sequence and a right sequence, which are obtained by sequencing a sample dna fragment respectively from the left and right ends, and connecting characters connecting these sequences together; and a sample reconstruction unit extracting, as a sample sequence, a string up to a terminal character positioned in the string of a hit position of a query sequence in the read sequence dictionary, and extracting, as a mate sequence, the left sequence or right sequence until the appearance of a terminal character on the side where the hit position doesn't exist in the sample sequence.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Communication terminal and providing unified interface to the same

A communication terminal and a method of providing a unified natural language interface to the same are disclosed. The method includes: determining, when text information containing many characters is created, whether the text information conforms to one of preset grammatical constraints; extracting, when the text information conforms to one of the grammatical constraints, tokens of one or more of characters from the text information, and extracting, when the text information does not conform to one of the grammatical constraints, one or more characters having an attribute probability higher than a reference probability as a token; and analyzing the extracted tokens to determine a function to handle the extracted tokens, and executing the determined function based on the extracted tokens..
Sogang University Research & Commercialization Foundation

Shaped abrasive particle and forming same

A method of forming a mixture including a ceramic material into a sheet, sectioning at least a portion of the sheet using a mechanical object and forming at least one shaped abrasive particle from the sheet, such that the at least one shaped abrasive particle can have a two-dimensional shape as viewed in a plane defined by a length and a width of the shaped abrasive particle selected from the group consisting of polygons, ellipsoids, numerals, greek alphabet characters, latin alphabet characters, russian alphabet characters, complex shapes having a combination of polygonal shapes, and a combination thereof.. .
Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

Technologies for enhancing computer security

A method includes providing a plurality of variables and a variable. The variables differ from each other.

Exhibitor identifier display system

An equestrian identification system including a series of character presentation panels attached to a panel receiving patch. A dense hook interface is provided upon an interface surface of the character presentation panels.

Nearsighted camera object detection

A system and process of nearsighted (myopia) camera object detection involves detecting the objects through edge detection and outlining or thickening them with a heavy border. Thickening may include making the object bold in the case of text characters.
Sage Software, Inc.

Lexicon-free, matching-based word-image recognition

Methods and systems recognize alphanumeric characters in an image by computing individual representations of every character of an alphabet at every character position within a certain word transcription length. These methods and systems embed the individual representations of each alphabet character in a common vectorial subspace (using a matrix) and embed a received image of an alphanumeric word into the common vectorial subspace (using the matrix).
Xerox Corporation

Realtime object measurement

A system and process of nearsighted (myopia) camera object detection involves detecting the objects through edge detection and outlining or thickening them with a heavy border. Thickening may include making the object bold in the case of text characters.
Sage Software, Inc.

Systems and methods for automatically creating and shortening traditional street and postal addresses

Systems and methods are disclosed for creating and using a shortcode for any street or postal address, including an imbedded shortcode (isc) that differentiates and visually distinguishes the alpha-numeric characters constituting the shortcode within the visual display of the full street address. A shortcode may be automatically created and uniquely associated with a full street or postal address for anywhere in the world, including a street number, street name and/or type, city, state, country, or any street or unit prefix or suffix designation.
Wgrs Licensing Company, Llc

Character input method and electronic device

Embodiments provide a character input method and an electronic device. The method includes acquiring a character input instruction, and displaying candidate characters generated by the character input instruction.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

Managing real-time handwriting recognition

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media related to a technique for providing handwriting input functionality on a user device. A handwriting recognition module is trained to have a repertoire comprising multiple non-overlapping scripts and capable of recognizing tens of thousands of characters using a single handwriting recognition model.
Apple Inc.

Device, system, and methods for entering commands or characters using a touch screen

Disclosed is a method, device, and system for entry of command using a touch sensitive surface. Instead of the device providing predefined locations for entering different commands, the device identifies the locations of three or more of the user's fingers or other objects.
Inpris Innovative Products Ltd

Information processing apparatus, non-transitory computer readable storage medium, and information display method

An information processing apparatus according to the present application includes a cursor control unit, a display position change unit, and a range selection unit. When switching operation for switching to a selection mode for selecting characters included in a display region displayed in a display unit is detected, the cursor control unit displays another cursor different from a cursor displayed in the display region in the display region.
Yahoo Japan Corporation

Portable electronic device including keyboard and controlling same

A portable electronic device includes a touch-sensitive display including a display and display touch-sensors to detect touches, and a keyboard including mechanical keys associated with characters, the mechanical keys including depressible keycaps to output the characters and keyboard touch sensors to detect touches on the mechanical keys. A processor is coupled to the keyboard and to the touch-sensitive display to detect a touch at a location associated with a signature entry field displayed on the touch-sensitive display, in response to detecting the touch, enter a keyboard signature process, detect a moving touch on the mechanical keys of the keyboard, along a path of contact of the touch on the mechanical keys, and, in response to detecting completion of the moving touch, enter a signature defined by the path of contact of the touch on the mechanical keys into the signature entry field..
Blackberry Limited

Tape cassette

A tape cassette that includes a tape cassette that includes a housing having a top surface, a bottom surface, a rear wall, a front wall, and a tape feed exit located on the front wall, a tape included at least partially within the housing and configured to be fed along a tape feed path extending to the tape feed exit, and a first indicator aperture positioned on the front wall and a second indicator aperture position on a rear portion of the bottom surface. A position of the first indicator aperture on the front wall indicates a type of the tape included within the housing.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

A driving power supply oled

The present invention discloses a driving power supply apparatus for oled. Wherein it comprises a power board connecting to a motherboard and a oled screen, the motherboard comprises a standby circuit, a timing control module, a first and second transformer modules and a pfc circuit, the standby circuit connects to the timing control module and the motherboard, the timing control module connects to the pfc circuit, the motherboard and the first and second transformer modules, which connect to the motherboard and the pfc circuit.
Shenzhen Skyworth-rgb Electronic Co., Ltd

Extracting card identification data

Extracting card information comprises a server at an optical character recognition (“ocr”) system that interprets data from a card. The ocr system performs an optical character recognition algorithm an image of a card and performs a data recognition algorithm on a machine-readable code on the image of the card.
Google Inc.

System and efficient recognition of handwritten characters in documents

A system and computer-implemented method for efficient recognition of one or more handwritten characters in one or more documents is provided. The system comprises an image input module configured to receive the one or more documents as one or more images.
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Securing a confirmation of a sequence of characters, corresponding method, device and computer program product

The proposed technique relates to a method for securing a confirmation of a sequence of characters (seq) entered by a user on an electronic data entry device comprising an unsecured processor and a secured processor. This method, implemented in the secured processor, comprises determining a processing operation to be applied to said sequence of characters (seq), as a function of a signal (sig_v) representing a confirmation, by the user, of the sequence of characters (seq), the signal (sig_v) representing a confirmation being delivered by a confirmation means belonging to a set comprising at least two distinct confirmation means..
Ingenico Group

Selecting and presenting content relevant to user input

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media are provided. An example method includes receiving user input in a control, for example, one associated with a search engine.
Google Inc.

Vehicle and control the vehicle

A vehicle includes a display unit for displaying a first character input user interface (ui) in which a plurality of characters are arranged to surround a predetermined reference point, a touch input apparatus having a concave area for detecting a touch gesture of selecting one character of the plurality of characters, and a controller for controlling the display unit to display, wherein if the number of pre-stored completed character combinations corresponding to an input character combination configured with at least one character sequentially selected according to the touch gesture detected by the touch input apparatus is smaller than or equal to a threshold value, a second character input ui in which the completed character combinations corresponding to the input character combination are arranged to surround the reference point.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Handwritten character correction apparatus, handwritten character correction method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium

A method that includes correcting at least one of a character image of a target replacement character or stroke information of the target replacement character, in response to a designation of a specific character among recognized characters from handwriting input and an input of the target replacement character that is to replace the specific character, and updating at least one of a character image of the recognized characters or a stroke image of the recognized characters by utilizing at least a corrected one of the character image or the stroke information. The at least one of the character image or the stroke information is corrected based on coordinate information corresponding to the specific character.
Fujitsu Limited

Machine-translation based corrections

Technology is disclosed for building correction models that correct natural language snippets. Correction models can include rules comprising pairs of word sequences identified from viable correction snippet pairs, where a first sequence of words in the pair should be replaced with a second sequence of words in the pair.
Facebook, Inc.

Image processing device and method and non-transitory computer readable medium

An image processing device includes the following elements. An inputted-character identifying unit identifies characters inputted by a user from plural items of image information.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

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