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Characters patents


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 Facilitating personal assistance for curation of multimedia and generation of stories at computing devices patent thumbnailFacilitating personal assistance for curation of multimedia and generation of stories at computing devices
A mechanism is described for facilitating personal assistance for curation of multimedia and generation of stories at computing devices according to one embodiment. A method of embodiments, as described herein, includes receiving, by one or more capturing/sensing components at a computing device, one or more media items relating to an event, and capturing a theme from the one or more media items, where the theme is captured based on at least one of activities, textual content, and scenes associated with the event.
Intel Corporation

 Path encoding and decoding patent thumbnailPath encoding and decoding
This invention relates to a system, method and computer program product for encoding an input string of binary characters including: a cellular data structure definition including a starting empty cell; one or more path definitions defining paths through the data structure; a character reading and writing engine for writing a binary character to an empty cell with a predefined initial position; a next cell determination engine for determining a next empty cell by methodically checking cells along one of the paths in the data structure until an empty cell is located; a loop facilitator for looping back to the writing next character step and the determining next cell step until there are no more data characters or a next empty cell is not determined; and a serialization deserialization engine for methodically serializing the data structure into a one dimensional binary string of characters representing an encoded string of alphanumeric characters.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

 Categorizing concept terms for game-based training in cognitive computing systems patent thumbnailCategorizing concept terms for game-based training in cognitive computing systems
A first list that includes a first set of one or more concept terms may be obtained. The first set of one or more concept terms may be candidates for being conceptually related to a seed concept term.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Game-based training for cognitive computing systems patent thumbnailGame-based training for cognitive computing systems
A first seed concept term may be identified. The first seed concept term may be to train a cognitive computing system.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Printer device patent thumbnailPrinter device
The present invention is to provide a printer device capable of obtaining a print result having a good balance between characters in a predetermined print area and thus having good appearance. When the print length of an input character string is to be corrected, a comparison is first made in terms of the length of blank in each character and/or clearance between characters.
Nisca Corporation

 Method and system for masking of cheque image based on user access privileges patent thumbnailMethod and system for masking of cheque image based on user access privileges
A method and system masks sensitive fields on a cheque image based one or more access privileges assigned to a user. The method involves receiving a cheque image at a cheque masking engine.
Infosys Limited

 Search method patent thumbnailSearch method
This string search method for a computer that searches documents for a specified string includes the following steps: a first step in which the specified string is divided into a plurality of characters or strings, including a first character or string and a second character or string; a second step in which a plurality of sets are created by grouping a plurality of documents in units; a third step in which a determination is made as to whether or not the first character or string appears in that set; a fourth step in which a determination is made as to whether or not the second character or string appears in that set; and a sixth step in which, if first appearance information and second appearance information were both added to one of the plurality of sets, namely a first set, a detailed search is performed on said first set.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.

 Emoji and canned responses patent thumbnailEmoji and canned responses
At an electronic device, detect a first input on the touch-sensitive surface that represents selection of a first ideogram. Identify at least one attribute of the first ideogram.
Apple Inc.

 Customizable software keyboard layouts and accessory view patent thumbnailCustomizable software keyboard layouts and accessory view
Virtual input devices open new opportunities for rapid text input. The keyboard layouts and accessory views defined here learn and become more customized literally after each tap of a key.

 Portable electronic device patent thumbnailPortable electronic device
When image data is displayed on the display portion of a conventional mobile telephone, characters cannot be displayed thereon, and thus the image data and the characters cannot be simultaneously displayed. In a portable electronic device according to the present invention, a cover member having a first display device (101) for displaying an image (digital still image or the like) and a second display device (102) having a touch input operational portion (for displaying characters, symbols, or the like) are attached to each other so as to allow opening and closing..
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Call panel and manufacturing a call panel

A call panel of an elevator system includes at least one touch-sensitive display. On the surface of the touch-sensitive display are embossed marks, e.g.
Kone Corporation

Applying a partial captcha

A method for receiving a first access request from a client computer is described. The method comprises, in response to receiving the first access request, generating a query string comprising a predetermined number of characters, designating, via a unique indicator, a first randomized subset of the predetermined number of characters, wherein the first randomized subset comprises a plurality of the predetermined number of characters, and requesting a first predefined response comprising the first randomized subset of the predetermined number of characters.
Ca, Inc.

Automatic semantic rating and abstraction of literature

Deep semantic analysis is performed on an electronic literary work in order to detect plot elements and optional other storyline elements such as characters within the work. Multiple levels of abstract are generated into a model representing the literary work, wherein each element in each abstraction level may be independently rated for preference by a user.
International Business Machines Corporation

Maintaining synchronization of encryption process across devices by sending frame numbers

Maintaining synchronization of encryption processes at devices during transmission of encrypted data over a communication link is provided. Cipher link maintenance characters are sent from a source device to a sink device.
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

Image processing apparatus, electronic file generating method, and recording medium

An image processing apparatus includes: a text area extractor that extracts multiple text areas from image data including texts; a font size calculator that calculates the font sizes of characters in each text area; a complexity calculator that calculates the complexities of characters in each text; a necessary resolution calculator that calculates a necessary resolution for the each text area with reference to the font sizes and the complexities; a resolution determination portion that merges text areas into a layer if a difference in the necessary resolution between the text areas is equal to or less than a specified value and that determines a necessary resolution for the layer with reference to the necessary resolutions for the text areas constituting the layer; and a resolution adjustment portion that adjusts the necessary resolutions for the text areas constituting the layer to a value identical to the necessary resolution for the layer.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Delivering cpri and ethernet signals over optical networks

A method for communication includes, receiving in a first communication interface input frames, which include data symbols derived by encoding respective characters, and one or more synchronization symbols distinguishable from the data symbols. The characters are recovered from the data symbols, and transmitted to a second communication interface by mapping the characters into communication frames and discarding the synchronization symbols, wherein a protocol for delivering the characters supports a mapping scheme for delivering the characters at a first data rate, and mapping the characters includes mapping the characters so as to deliver the characters at a second data rate lower than the first data rate.
Iplight Ltd.

Apparatus and cryptographic operations using enhanced knowledge factor credentials

Provided is a process that includes: obtaining a multi-byte character set specifying a plurality of characters; receiving a knowledge factor credential encoded with a plurality of characters of the multi-byte character set, wherein the knowledge factor credential has a longer effective length than an apparent length, and wherein the knowledge factor credential has at least one character outside of a block of characters designated for a locale of the computing device; and providing the knowledge factor credential to authenticate a user.. .
Univaultage Llc

Database retrieval system

A method for database retrieval is provided. The method may include receiving a history datastore.
Bank Of America Corporation

Temporal based word segmentation

A computing device is described that receives first input, at an initial time, of a first textual character and a second input, at a subsequent time, of a second textual character. The computing device determines, based on the first and second textual characters, a first character sequence that does not include a space character between the first and second textual characters and a second character sequence that includes the space character between the first and second textual characters.
Google Inc.

Card and corresponding manufacture

A card has: a substrate of id-1 format according to the iso 7810 standard; and at least one electronic component arranged on the substrate, all or part of said at least one electronic component being disposed in at least one of the two embossing regions defined in the iso 7811-1 standard as regions in which embossed characters can be formed on the substrate; an encapsulation of the unit comprising the substrate and said at least one electronic component; such that the thickness of the card at the level of said embossing regions does not exceed 1.32 mm.. .
Ingenico Group

System and superimposed handwriting recognition technology

A system and method is able to recognize a user's natural superimposed handwriting without any explicit separation between characters. The system and method is able to process single-stroke and multi-stroke characters.

Unicode-based image generation and testing

Systems and methods for testing to tell computers and humans apart and generating said tests are described. An interface is generated that includes a challenge and a response is provided, and a plurality of user selections of locations in the interface are received., Inc.

Unicode-based image generation and testing

Systems and methods for testing to tell computers and humans apart and generating said tests are described. An interface is generated that includes a challenge and a response., Inc.

Unicode-based image generation and testing

Systems and methods for testing to tell computers and humans apart and generating said tests are described. To generate a test, a selection of a range of characters at least including the 8-bit ascii character range is received., Inc.

Mobile device having human language translation capability with positional feedback

A mobile electronic device has a touch sensitive screen and an accelerometer. A translator is to translate a word or phrase that is in a first human language and that is entered via a first virtual keyboard displayed on the touch sensitive screen, into a second human language.
Apple Inc.

Automated term extraction

A device may obtain a document. The device may identify a skip value for the document.
Accenture Global Services Limited

Method for estimating format of log message and computer and computer program therefor

A technique for estimating a format of a log message (lm) according to the present invention includes creating a first directed graph structure by dividing a first lm by predetermined characters to define divided portions as nodes and arranging the nodes in order from the beginning of the first lm; creating a second directed graph structure by performing on a second lm the same processing as that performed on the first lm; comparing nodes in the first directed graph structure with nodes in the second directed graph structure to detect nodes other than nodes including a corresponding character string; adding to the first directed graph structure the node detected in the second directed graph structure among the detected nodes as a first branch node; and estimating the format, based on the first directed graph structure including the first branch node added thereto.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods, apparatus, systems, devices and computer program products for facilitating entry of user input into computing devices

Methods, apparatus, systems, devices, and computer program products for facilitating entry of user input into computing devices are provided herein. Among these may be a method for facilitating data entry, via a user interface, using a virtual keyboard adapted to present an alphabet partitioned into sub-alphabets and/or in a qwerty keyboard layout.
Drnc Holdings, Inc.

Coding schemes including alternative codings for a single code construct

A coding scheme for coding “code constructs” (for example, alphanumeric characters) into “bit sequences,” where at least one of the code constructs is assigned at least two different bit sequences (that is, a first bit sequence and a second bit sequence). This is sometimes referred to herein as “alternative codings for a single code construct.” in some embodiments, at least one of the alternative codings includes bits that can be used for error detection and/or correction.
International Business Machines Corporation

Auto-complete methods for spoken complete value entries

An auto-complete method for a spoken complete value entry is provided. A processor receives a possible complete value entry having a unique subset, prompts a user to speak the spoken complete value entry, receives a spoken subset of the spoken complete value entry, compares the spoken subset with the unique subset of the possible complete value entry, and automatically completes the spoken complete value entry to match the possible complete value entry if the unique subset matches the spoken subset.
Hand Held Products, Inc.

Haptic handrail cover and vehicle having the cover

A cover for a handrail of a public transportation vehicle is constructed to be releasably connected to the handrail. The cover includes characters in blind script for conveying information to visually impaired passengers.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Method and system for associating text and segments within multi-tagged literature by application of metadata

A method and system are presented whereby the metadata describing segments of digitized text and the descriptors thereof may be inserted into the digitized text and edited by a human editor. The metadata may optionally describe the relationships between human-generated segments of a source text and the tags used to describe aspects of the segments, wherein the tags may describe narrative themes, places, characters, etc., and/or the relationships between the segments of text, the tags describing the segments of text, and data structures used to compare relationships between the tags on various segments of text (“nodes”).

Virtual keyboard text entry method optimized for thumb typing, using partial word completion key entry values

Virtual keyboards become efficient and ergonomic by typing with small, incremental partial word completions, using fewest but largest possible keys, presented in highly condensed layouts, retaining familiar structural patterns of standard keyboards like qwerty, and utilizing curved thumb typing formats. The keyboard continuously adjusts numbers of keys, key sizes, predictive values and layouts, to minimize keystrokes, reduce errors, and maximize potential words entered, while providing the most ergonomic, minimalist interface possible at any moment, scaling to any size device.

Location-based games and augmented reality systems

Augmented reality (ar) systems are provided in which video game indicia are overlaid onto a user's physical environment. A landscape detector is provided that may obtain information about the user's landscape, in addition to the user's location, in order to provide overlaying information to an ar head-mounted display and control information to non-user controlled video game characters..

Format-preserving cipher

A format-preserving cipher including encryption and decryption schemes supporting non-linear access to input data by allowing the selection of portions of data from a potentially larger dataset to be encrypted. The cipher first defines a forward mapping from the allowable ciphertext values to an integer set of the number of such allowable ciphertext values, and a corresponding reverse mapping.
Zettaset, Inc.

Authentication code entry system and method

An example method includes displaying, by a first computing device (110) comprising a display (114), each of one or more characters at a location of one or more locations within the display (114); receiving, by the first computing device (110) from a second computing device (150), data indicating at least one selected location of the one or more locations within the display (114); making a determination, by the first computing device (110), that at least one character of the one or more characters matches a predetermined authentication code, wherein each character of the at least one character is displayed at a location of the at least one selected location within the display (114); and after making the determination, sending, by the first computing device (110), a message authorizing a financial transaction. Corresponding operations of the second computing device (150) are disclosed herein..
Thumbzup Uk Limited

Hmi system based on a 3d toto word card

The utility model relates to a hmi system based on a 3d toto word card, comprising a verification activation module, a scanning module, a identification module, a matching module, a display module, a camera module, a help module, a interaction module, a storage module, a sharing module and a cpu. The scanning module comprises a single-card scanning module, a combined scanning module and an experience scanning module.

Server system, communication system, communication terminal device, program, recording medium, and communication method

Provided is a network system which improves a security and prevents illegal use when providing services such as internet banking services. A random graphic table (rmt) is issued to a user, and having text characters which a user inputs and figures which corresponds to the text characters, respectively, and which is unrelated to the text characters such as a photograph.
Bankguard, Inc.

Information processing device, information processing method, program, and storage medium

The present invention aims to provide a more generally applicable programming environment for visual programming languages than conventional programming environments and to reduce data size of programs. With programming language data (a text vpl), which is a text based programming language data combining functions and connection characters composed of character data and defines relationships between the functions based on positional relations of the functions with reference to the connection characters in a display space of a text editor, the functions and the connection characters in character strings of the programming language data are distinguished and relationships between the functions are interpreted based on the positional relations in the display space.
Rakuten, Inc.

Text entry using rollover character row

A system and method for text entry in a user interface in a large display is provided. The improved on-screen keyboard is displayed and provides a rotating character row on the large display when a text entry window is presented.
Espial Group Inc.

Generating content based on shot aggregation

This disclosure provides an approach for aggregating elements that are common across shots in the rendering of image frames. In one embodiment, common elements are aggregated via a scene editor which stores the common elements in a scene layer, which is an asset that is a container for elements such as characters, locations, and the like that are common across shots.

Contextual searching

Contextual searches may be performed to identify subsets of search results from an organized dataset. Contextual searching may return search results based on a relevance of the results to a query or search terms.
Trading Technologies International, Inc.

Deduplication by phrase substitution within chunks of substantially similar content

A method, system and computer program product for phrase substitution within chunks of substantially similar content. The method includes: retrieving from content files a first and a second content chunk which are identical above a predetermined threshold; identifying a candidate for substitution, wherein the candidate for substitution is a string of characters in the second content chunk that is not identical to a corresponding string of characters in the first content chunk; comparing the candidate for substitution with a synonym database to find a match, wherein the synonym database provides a plurality of synonym suggestions to convert the candidate for substitution in the first content chunk and the second content chuck to an identical string of characters; replacing the candidate for substitution with a reference to the identical string of characters; and storing a single copy of the identical string of characters in a common repository..
International Business Machines Corporation

Suggested terms for ambiguous search queries

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, from a client system, a character string having n characters entered by the first user into a query field, wherein a term comprising the nth character of the character string is an ambiguous term, identifying one or more objects corresponding to the ambiguous term based on a calculated probability that the ambiguous term corresponds to the identified objects, sending instructions for presenting a set of suggested queries to the first user, each suggested query from the set of suggested queries corresponding to one of the identified objects and comprising a reference to the corresponding identified object, receiving a selection of a suggested query corresponding to a first object of the identified objects, and sending, responsive to receiving the selection of the suggested query, instructions for modifying the ambiguous term in the query field to include a reference to the first object.. .
Facebook, Inc.

System and bundling digitized electronic records

A system and method for organizing batches or groups of hard-copy documents into related sets of electronic documents is disclosed. An automatic digitizing unit can accept multiple physical documents and digitize those documents to generate electronic documents that includes electronic copies of the physical document.
Edco Health Information Soultions, Inc.

Display apparatus and display displaying main data and data related to that main data, and a memory medium

A display apparatus including a display that displays main data and related data that is related to the main data; and a cpu that, when the main data is displayed on a screen of the display, keeps a substitution area, in which other display content is substituted for displayed content, in a part of a display area displaying the main data, and displays the related data substituted for the main data in the substitution area, wherein the cpu changes a position or size of the substitution area kept by the cpu in response to an instruction from a user; wherein the related data is text data; and wherein the cpu changes, according to the position or size of the substitution area that changes in response to the instruction from the user, a size of characters or a number of characters of the related data and displays the related data substituted for the main data, so as not to split apart a word included in the related data.. .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Water-based ink for inkjet printing

The present invention provides a water-based ink for ink-jet printing which is excellent in ejection stability and storage stability, in particular, excellent in quick-drying fixing properties and image uniformity when printing characters or images on a low-water absorbing recording medium, and an image forming method using the water-based ink. The present invention relates to [1] a water-based ink for ink-jet printing, including a pigment, a water-insoluble polymer, an organic solvent (c) and water, in which the organic solvent (c) includes diethylene glycol isopropyl ether (degpe) and an organic solvent (c2) having a 1-octanol/water partition coefficient that is smaller than that of degpe; a total content of the pigment, the water-insoluble polymer and degpe in the water-based ink is not less than 5.0% by mass; and a value obtained by multiplying a total content of the pigment and the water-insoluble polymer in the water-based ink by a content of degpe in the water-based ink is from 10 and 300; and [2] an image forming method including the steps of mounting a container filled with the water-based ink to an ink-jet printing apparatus equipped with an ink ejecting means; and ejecting the ink onto a recording medium having a water absorption of from 0 to 10 g/m2 as measured by contacting with pure water for 100 ms to print characters or images thereon..
Kao Corporation

Captcha challenge incorporating obfuscated characters

A method for determining if a user of a computer system is a human. A processor receives an indication that a computer security program is needed and acquires at least one image depicting a first string of characters including at least a first and second set of one or more characters.
International Business Machines Corporation

Distinguish valid users from bots, ocrs and third party solvers when presenting captcha

A method and system of administering a captcha challenge comprising: providing a captcha challenge to the client computer, the captcha challenge comprising an image and browser code for displaying the image, the image comprising a character string in which a first sub string smaller than said character string corresponds to a solution to the captcha challenge and a second substring smaller than said character string corresponds to extra characters not part of the solution, displaying the image on the client computer wherein only the first substring is visible in the browser, receiving a response from the client computer, comparing the response with the second substring, and determining, if the response includes the second substring, that the client computer used a captcha bot or relay.. .
Fireblade Holdings, Llc

Authentication and/or identification method in a communication network

The invention relates to a method for authenticating and/or identifying a device, a service, a person and/or money in a communication network, consisting of a first communication device and an additional communication device, for example a central database, between which an authentication query is carried out. Initially, a first key is provided in the communication device, which comprises at least one character sequence consisting of individual or several locally modifiable characters which can be dynamically modified in accordance with a measurable variable or an algorithm which is dependent on the measurable variable, rules and/or instructions in the communication device, between two authentication time points.

Insertion of characters in speech recognition

One embodiment provides a method, including: receiving, from an audio capture device, speech input; converting, using a processor, the speech input to machine text; receiving, from an alternate input source, an input comprising at least one character; identifying, using a processor, a location associated with the machine text to insert the at least one character; and inserting, using a processor, the at least one character at the location identified. Other aspects are described and claimed..
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

System for parametric generation of custom scalable animated characters on the web

A graphic character object temporary storage stores parameters of a character and associated default values in a hierarchical data structure and one or more animation object data represented in a hierarchical data structure, the one or more animation object data having an associated animation, the graphic character object temporary storage and the animation object data being part of a local memory of a computer system. A method includes receiving a vector graphic object having character part objects which are represented as geometric shapes, displaying a two dimensional character, changing the scale of a part of the displayed two dimensional character, and storing an adjusted parameter in the graphic character object temporary storage as a percentage change from the default value, displaying a customized two dimensional character, applying keyframe data in an associated animation object data to the character parts objects, and displaying an animation according to the keyframe data..
Google Inc.

Monetary information processing server and monetary information processing method

When remitting money for charging up a monetary terminal to a center account 31, the user inputs to a banking system 3 remitter information containing a name (in katakana characters) and a monetary terminal id of the monetary terminal that is to be charged up. In response to this, the banking system 3 transmits a remittance amount and the remitter information to an electronic money server 2.

Optical character recognition localization tool

Systems and methods for processing images to recognize characters. Such may include locating background in an image which separate lines of characters, and then locating background which separate characters.
Datalogic Ip Tech, S.r.l.

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