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Characters patents

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Rotary-type keyboard for inputting multiple languages

Rotary-type keyboard for inputting multiple languages

Printing system and printing control program


Printing system and printing control program

Printing system and printing control program

Method for providing tactile keys for touch-sensitive keyboards

Date/App# patent app List of recent Characters-related patents
 Digital image coin discrimination for use with consumer-operated kiosks and the like patent thumbnailnew patent Digital image coin discrimination for use with consumer-operated kiosks and the like
Systems and associated methods for coin discrimination are disclosed herein. Disclosed methods for discriminating coins include recognizing strings of alphanumerical characters of the coin using optical character recognition (ocr).
Outerwall Inc.

 Printing system and printing control program patent thumbnailnew patent Printing system and printing control program
A host computer (100), wherein the computer is equipped with a font availability determination unit (6) for determining whether or not the font and glyph image specified for characters to be printed are available in a printer (200) and an outline image transmission unit (9) for transmitting an outline image of the specified font to the printer (200) in cases in which it is determined that the font and the like are not available in the printer, and by transmitting the outline image to the printer (200) to print, it is possible to print using a character format which is infinitely close to the font specified by the host computer (100) even in cases in which the specified font and the like are not available in the printer (200).. .
Wingarc1st Inc.

 Systems and methods for character string auto-suggestion based on degree of difficulty patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for character string auto-suggestion based on degree of difficulty
In one embodiment, the method includes a computing device receiving one or more characters as a user enters the characters into a graphical user interface (gui) of the computing device. The method also includes the computing device determining one or more auto-suggestions, where each of the auto-suggestions presents a character string determined based at least in part on the entered characters.
Facebook, Inc.

 Methods, systems, and  auto-complete suggestion lists patent thumbnailnew patent Methods, systems, and auto-complete suggestion lists
Methods, systems, and computer program products for generating an auto-complete list are described. A scope of a query and one or more characters of a search term may be obtained.
Sap Ag

 Font process method and font process system patent thumbnailnew patent Font process method and font process system
When opening a document, the character codes of all characters in the document are uploaded to a font server, then all possible glyphs corresponding to the uploaded character codes of characters tagged with a font are selected from a font file which stores a plurality of glyphs of the font to form a glyph subset. And the glyph subset is then downloaded..
Arphic Technology Co., Ltd.

 Method for providing tactile keys for touch-sensitive keyboards patent thumbnailnew patent Method for providing tactile keys for touch-sensitive keyboards
Depressible home keys built into an overlay for a touch-sensitive keyboard offer rest positions for the fingers of a typist, and recesses in the overlay allow engagement of the touch sensor while providing tactile feedback to the typist when engaging non-home keys. The significant difference in elevation between the recesses and the rest of the overlay prevents accidental engagement of spaces between the keys or of multiple keys at one time.

 Rotary-type keyboard for inputting multiple languages patent thumbnailnew patent Rotary-type keyboard for inputting multiple languages
The present invention relates to a keyboard for inputting multiple languages using a detachable keypad, and more particularly, to a rotary-type keyboard for inputting multiple languages that includes a baseboard, rows of a plurality of key caps placed on the baseboard, and a plurality of moving mechanism members connecting the key caps to the baseboard and enabling the key caps to move upward and downward with respect to the baseboard. The key caps are divided into an opaque portion and a transparent portion, and have a plurality of rotatable members which are provided between the baseboard and the transparent portion in the direction in which the rows of key caps extend, and which have characters printed on the outer surfaces thereof.

 Character recognition apparatus and method patent thumbnailCharacter recognition apparatus and method
According to one embodiment, a character recognition apparatus includes a first generation unit, an estimation unit, a second generation unit and a search unit. The first generation unit generates a user dictionary that a preferred character is registered.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Method of searching for integrated multilingual consonant pattern,  creating character input unit for inputting consonants, and  the same patent thumbnailMethod of searching for integrated multilingual consonant pattern, creating character input unit for inputting consonants, and the same
Provided are an integrated multilingual consonant pattern search method and apparatus for extracting original strings, in correspondence with a number that is small compared to that of a conventional technology, as a search result and displaying the search result, by inputting a consonant pattern which is formed of a plurality of consonants, with respect to an original string list that is pre-stored in a database in a language written with a phonogram in which an initial consonant and a final consonant are distinguished from each other. Provided are also a method and apparatus for generating a character input unit for inputting consonant characters to be searched fast with a low typing error rate, by using the integrated multilingual consonant pattern search method..
Touchup Apps Inc.

 System and  recognizing characters in multimedia content patent thumbnailSystem and recognizing characters in multimedia content
A system and method for recognizing characters embedded in multimedia content are provided. The method includes extracting at least one image of at least one character from a received multimedia content item; identifying a natural language character corresponding to the at least one image of the at least one character, wherein the identification is performed by a deep content classification (dcc) system; and storing the identified natural language character in a data warehouse..
Cortica, Ltd.


Method for water-marking digital books

A method for water-marking digital books with parameters involves developing, for each parameter, a new typeface on the basis of a pre-existing typeface, by creating at least one new code/glyph pair. The method also includes developing a new coded text on the basis of the pre-existing coded text by replacing, in the pre-existing coded text, at least one code or group of codes from the pre-existing typeface.


Method, apparatus, and system for processing numerical value in sending message using sound waves

It is provided a method, an apparatus, and a system for processing a numerical value in sending information using sound waves. The method mainly includes: generating intermediate values from the numerical value which is to be converted into a short link, wherein a number of the intermediate values is equal to a number of characters included in the short link, the numerical value and the short link have a relationship as 10.̂(m−1)<x.̂n; obtaining characters each corresponding to a respective one of the intermediate values from a preset mapping table between the intermediate values and the characters; joining together the characters to obtain the short link; and transmitting the obtained short link using sound waves.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Portable virtual characters

Described herein are methods, systems, apparatuses and products for portable virtual characters such as virtual characters. One embodiment provides a method for providing a virtual character, including: storing, in device memory, a listing of at least one mobile device having at least one device component selected from the group consisting of an accelerometer, a camera, and a microphone; and transferring, using a processor, to a mobile device information to permit an instantiation of a mobile device version of a virtual character on the mobile device, the instantiation of the virtual character on the mobile device including at least one virtual character attribute matching the at least one device component selected from the group consisting of an accelerometer, a camera, and a microphone.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Processing text images with shadows

Embodiments disclosed facilitate robust, accurate, and reliable recovery of words and/or characters in the presence of non-uniform lighting and/or shadows. In some embodiments, a method to recover text from image may comprise: expanding a maximally stable extremal region (mser) in an image, the neighborhood comprising a plurality of sub-blocks; thresholding a subset of the plurality of sub-blocks in the neighborhood, the subset comprising sub-blocks with text, wherein each sub-block in the subset is thresholded using a corresponding threshold associated with the sub-block; and obtaining a thresholded neighborhood..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Automatic pin creation using password

A pin is automatically generated based on at least one rule when the user enters a password through a user device. In one example, the pin is a truncated version of the password where each character in the truncated version is mapped onto a number.
Ebay Inc.


User authentication

A method and system for authenticating a user is provided. The method includes receiving keyboard entries from a user while a cursor of a computer screen is positioned in a password field of the user.
International Business Machines Corporation


Predictive algorithm for search box auto-complete

In various exemplary embodiments, a system and associated method to predict search results in an electronic environment is disclosed. The system architecture comprises a communications module to receive a query from a remote end-user where the query includes one or more characters contained within a first single communications packet.
Ebay Inc.


Dynamic display of web content

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for connecting to a first server to retrieve a first web page; presenting the retrieved first web page in a graphical user interface; and after receiving one or more characters in a string of characters entered into an input field of the graphical user interface, and before a submission action is received: identifying a different second web page for the string of characters; connecting to a second server to retrieve a second web page; replacing the presentation of the first web page with the second web page; after replacing the presentation, receiving one or more backspace characters entered into the input field; and in response to receiving the one or more backspace characters, replacing the presentation of the second web page with the presentation of the first web page.. .


Word processor data organization

A computer-implemented word processing presentation method is disclosed. The method includes obtaining an unformatted data structure containing a series of characters representing content for a word processing document, accessing a series of first records in a file associated with the unformatted data structure, wherein each first record contains data correlating a location of one or more characters in the unformatted data structure to a location for the one or more characters in the word processing document, and generating a display of the word processing document by applying the correlating data from the series of records to the series of characters in the unformatted data structure..
Google Inc.


Systems and methods for fast keyboard entry using a remote control in video conferencing and other applications

Systems and methods for performing data entry in videoconferencing and other systems that use remote controls and other non keyboard-based user interface devices. In some embodiments, the keys of a numeric keypad are associated with letters and symbols, such that when a number key is pressed the system displays a selection of choices in a spatial configuration, including the number pressed as well as additional character choices.
Vidyo, Inc.


Continuous handwriting ui

Some embodiments provide a touch-sensitive device that includes a handwriting area for receiving a handwritten input and a text area for displaying text characters that have been recognized for the handwritten input. As the device receives a subsequent handwritten input, it continuously removes portions of previously handwritten input from the handwriting area in order to allow the user to continue to provide handwritten input without having to clear the handwriting area.
Apple Inc.


Systems and methods of crowd sourced virtual character evolution

A computer-implemented method is provided for providing virtual gameplay. Access is provided to a video game in which players are able to interact via characters and each character behaves according to a series of scripts in a script set.
2343127 Ontario Inc.


Configuration for nonlinear gameplay

An improved computer implemented process for providing an interactive game event for two or more users. A game event is configured to comprise one or more independently progressing sub-processes (sp1-sp6) into which groups of game characters (c1-c3) are selected.
Tribe Studios Oy


Luminescent planar sheet

A luminescent planar sheet is constructed to provide illuminated alphanumeric characters particularly suitable for mounting upon the planar surfaces of a vehicle. Preferably the luminescent planar sheet can produce visible light, infrared light, or both.


Method and apparatus and computer readable medium for computing string similarity metric

A string similarity apparatus, method, and computer readable medium which manages caching of resources. The method includes storing a plurality of software instructions, executing the plurality of software instructions, such as, determining a first number of characters contained by a first string, determining a second number of characters contained by a second string, determining a larger number from among the first number and the second number, setting the larger number to a string length value, determining a maximum number of subsequent characters from the first strings which match subsequent characters from the second string and setting the value, setting the maximum number to a maximum group size value, calculating a resulting value by subtracting the maximum group size value from the string length value, and outputting the resulting value which represents a computational cost of converting the first string into the second string..
Neustar, Inc.


Recognition recognizing handwriting for electronic device

A recognition system and method for recognizing handwriting on an electronic device are provided. The recognition system includes a processor configured to execute instructions stored in a memory for: creating handwriting in response to a handwriting input; displaying the created handwriting on a user interface of the electronic device; defining a first planar coordinate system on the user interface; determining the electronic device is rotated if a rotation angle is larger than a predetermined value; defining a second planar coordinate system on the user interface; identifying a coordinate of each touched point of the handwriting in the second planar coordinate system; recognizing the handwriting according to the coordinate and retrieving one or more first characters or words matching the handwriting; and displaying the retrieved one or more first characters or words on the user interface..
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Information input method, account information input method and terminal

An electronic device for receiving an account identifier is described. The device includes display; one or more processors; and memory storing one or more programs.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Electronic device and key input prompt method

The present invention provides an electronic device and a key input prompt method. The electronic device includes: a touch panel; multiple transparent deformation units arranged above the touch panel, each deformation unit corresponding to an area on the touch panel and having an initial shape; a first detection unit detecting whether a virtual keyboard is displayed on the touch panel and acquiring a first determination result; a first specifying unit selecting at least one target character from multiple characters included in the virtual keyboard and specifying a display area of the target character when the first detection result indicates that the virtual keyboard is displayed on the touch panel, a second specifying unit specifying a target deformation unit that corresponds to the display area from the deformation units, and a generation unit generating an excitation source for exciting the target deformation unit, the target deformation unit deforms from the initial shape to a target shape under the control of the excitation source.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Brahmi phonemics based keyboard for providing textual inputs in indian languages

A brahmi phonemics based keyboard that enables user to provide textual inputs in any of the indian languages has been envisaged. The keyboard can be incorporated into any computer based system capable of handling unicode compliant inputs.


Phonetic symbol based chinese input computer by using word prediction and apparatus thereof

A phonetic symbol based chinese input method for computer and apparatus thereof is provided. The method includes pressing keys to enter a numeric string corresponding to a set of phonetic symbols wherein each key represents one of 0 to 9; activating a piece of software to assign the set of phonetic symbols to a corresponding numeric string wherein the piece of software divides the string into a symbol zone and a tone zone; wherein the symbol zone includes one or two consonants, zero, one or two rhymes or zero, one or two compound rhymes; activating a chinese characters output module to receive the string by using word prediction based on frequently used chinese characters wherein the numeric string has numerals corresponding to the set of phonetic symbols; searching a chinese characters database to find matched chinese character(s); outputting the matched chinese character(s); and returning to beginning..


Compound membrane and manufacturing same

A compound membrane includes a silicon-based layer and a polyetheretherketone layer heat compressed with the silicon-based layer. A method for manufacturing the compound membrane includes a the steps of providing a silicon-based layer, applying plasma treatment to the silicon-based layer, activating the upper surface of the silicon-based layer, providing a peek layer, and compounding the silicon-based layer and the peek layer by heat compression.
Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.


Efficient mapping of cpri signals for sending over optical networks

A method for communication includes receiving in a first communication interface input frames, which include data symbols that were derived by encoding respective characters, and further include one or more synchronization symbols having no corresponding characters. The characters from the data symbols are recovered, and the recovered characters are transmitted to a second communication interface by mapping the characters into communication frames and discarding the synchronization symbols.
Iplight Ltd.


Interactive method and game for learning characters and spelling of a foreign language

The present invention is directed to a method for learning a foreign language using a computer game and to an interactive spelling and speech learning system comprising the game and computer system on which the game is run.. .


Banking system controlled responsive to data bearing records

An apparatus that operates to cause financial transfers responsive to data read from data bearing records includes at least one processor that is in operative connection with a card reader, a check acceptor, a cash dispenser and a touch screen display. The processor causes the machine to operate to read card data from a user card, and to cause a determination to be made that the read card data corresponds to an authorized financial account.
Diebold Self-service Systems Division Of Diebold, Incorporated


Information processing method, apparatus and payment system

A portable electronic device for presenting a recommendation message is described. The device includes display; one or more processors; and memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Chinese, japanese, or korean language detection

Disclosed are systems, computer-readable mediums, and methods for determining a text contains chinese, japanese, or korean characters. A document image is received and binarized.
Abbyy Development Llc


Entity-based summarization for electronic books

An entity-based summary of an electronic book (e-book) is presented to a user of a client device. The e-book to be summarized is identified and multiple entities, e.g., characters, events and dates, referenced in the identified e-book are also identified.
Google Inc.


Digital map based 3d-character virtual interaction system for social networking

A digital map based 3d-character geospatial virtual interaction system for social networking proposes a visual and audio presentation and virtual interaction system and methods for presenting 3d-characters which can be extended to other 3d objects (e.g. Cars, buses, bikes, ships, planes, etc.) and presenting their animations and sounds for interactions on a digital map mimicking the actual persons' and/or objects' physical appearances, looks, shapes, voices, sounds, locations, movements, behaviours and interactions, some or all of which can be mimicked, the visual and audio presentation and virtual interaction system and methods being combined with a geographic information system (gis) supported social networking platform which can store, manage and distribute geospatial and virtual interaction information along with other social networking information for use on the actual persons' computing devices (e.g., any type of computers, smartphones, tablets, microcontrollers, etc.)..


Input precision minimizing erroneous entries stemming from instability of a mobile device using an accelerometer and apparatus to detect a shake and apparatus and computer program thereof

A method of correcting an error in user input is described. The method includes monitoring for an occurrence of a shake in a user equipment, detecting a shake, comparing the detected shake with a threshold value, evaluating characters within a pre-determined distance of a character entered by the user during the shake, selecting a replacement character from the evaluated characters and replacing the entered character with the replacement character..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Communication game system, communication game apparatus, and program

A communication game system which enables a host player to progress a game in collaboration with guest players is provided. Each player using a video game apparatus connected to a server apparatus progresses the game while moving a party including a plurality of player characters on a field.
Square Enix Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and displaying player character showing special movement state in network game

In a network game, player characters manipulated by individual players of video game apparatuses belong to the same party to battle with an opponent character. When a player character making a special move is not present in the party, the display screen of each video game apparatus becomes a screen focusing on the player character of the player who uses this video game apparatus.
Kabushiki Kaisha Square Enix (also Trading As Square Enix Co., Ltd.)


Short message service (sms) message segmentation

Disclosed herein is a technique for preventing words from spanning across message blocks of a short message service (sms) message. An sms message is generated at a source wireless device, and an sms manager, executing on the source wireless device, determines whether any words in the sms message span across two or more message blocks of the sms message.
Apple Inc.


Secure information handling system matrix bar code

An information handling system analyzes secondary information captured with an image of a two-dimensional barcode to perform a function. For example, a mobile phone camera captures an image of a qr code at a product plus characters printed next to the qr code, uses optical code recognition to determine the characters, and applies information from the qr code and the characters to register the product.
Dell Products L.p.


Systems and methods for secure password entry

Systems and methods for secure password entry are provided. When a user wishes to log in or otherwise authenticate as an authorized user of a system using a password, the system can provide an apparently random sequence of characters to the user.
Ebay Inc.


User interface for overlapping handwritten text input

A “stroke untangler” composes handwritten messages from handwritten strokes representing overlapping letters or partial letter segments are drawn on a touchscreen device or touch-sensitive surface. These overlapping strokes are automatically untangled and then segmented and combined into one or more letters, words, or phrases.
Microsoft Corporation


Incomplete patterns

A method for recognizing characters in an image includes receiving the image containing characters to be recognized and analyzing the received image. A first portion of the received image is compared to a set of patterns to determine a first coincidence value for each pattern in the set of patterns and a first series of hypotheses is generated based at least on the determined first coincidence values.
Abbyy Development Llc


Character data generation based on transformed imaged data to identify nutrition-related data or other types of data

Embodiments relate generally to wearable/mobile computing devices and computer software configured to perform image processing, including transformation of images of characters into data representing characters. More specifically, disclosed are wearable systems, platforms and methods directed to, for example, health and wellness, for identifying character data, such as text, from captured image data, including but not limited to the identification of nutrition-related information captured as an image.


Character recognition using search results

This disclosure is related to techniques for character recognition. Disclosed techniques include obtaining an electronic image containing depictions of characters, obtaining an initial optical character recognition output for the electronic image, identifying as potentially accurate a set of subsections of the initial optical character recognition output to generate a query, obtaining a search result corresponding to a document and responsive to the query, verifying text in the search result matches the depictions of characters, and outputting computer readable text from the document..


Segmentation of devanagari-script handwriting for recognition

Methods and systems for recognizing devanagari script handwriting are provided. A method may include receiving a handwritten input and determining that the handwritten input comprises a shirorekha stroke based on one or more shirorekha detection criteria.
Google Inc.


Techniques for predictive input method editors

A computer-implemented technique is presented. The technique can include receiving, at a computing device comprising one or more processors, a first input from a user, the first input including one or more first characters in a first language.
Google Inc.


Obfuscating page-description language output to thwart conversion to an editable format

A method for managing an electronic document (ed), including: receiving a request to generate an obfuscated page-description language (pdl) file for the ed; identifying, within the ed, a first text flow comprising a plurality of characters; calculating a plurality of positions on a page for the plurality of characters; generating, in response to the request, a modified text flow by applying an obfuscation technique to the first text flow; and generating the obfuscated pdl file comprising the plurality of positions and the modified text flow.. .
Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.


Character recognition using a hybrid text display

A character recognition application is disclosed for receiving touch gesture input and displaying scaled representations of the input. A user is given the ability to input textual content using a touch sensor.
Google Inc.


Text correction processing

Text correction processing is disclosed. An initial score is assigned to each of a plurality of candidate sequences of one or more characters, based at least in part on a keyboard geometry-based value associated with the received user input with respect to the candidate key.
Apple Inc.


Method for coding a data stream

The invention relates to a method for coding a data stream (ds), wherein the data stream (ds) comprises a multiplicity of characters which are symbols (s) from an alphabet, wherein the characters of the data stream (ds) are combined to form a plurality of blocks (b), and the blocks (b) are entropy-coded on the basis of a code table (ct) valid for the respective block (b). The method according to the invention is characterized by the fact that the blocks (b), by means of iteration (it), are associated with a plurality of clusters (cl) on the basis of a clearance (d) which is defined such that the clearance (d) between a block (b) and a cluster (cl) is smaller the less pronounced the change in the entropy (et) of the cluster (cl) when adding the block (b) to the cluster (cl).
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Techniques for discriminative dependency parsing

A computer-implemented method can include receiving a speech input representing a question, converting the speech input to a string of characters, and obtaining tokens each representing a potential word. The method can include determining one or more part-of-speech (pos) tags for each token and determining sequences of the pos tags for the tokens, each sequence of the pos tags including one pos tag per token.
Google Inc.


Gaming machine adapts game based on attributes of player's voice

At least one microphone is incorporated in a gaming machine along with voice recognition/analysis software that analyzes the quality of the player's voice to determine the player's age, gender, emotions, and other attributes. Such voice attributes are not direct voice commands by the player, but are voice characteristics that provide information about the player herself.
Spielo International Canada Ulc


Token used in lieu of account identifier

A card transaction is processed at a merchant with a token in lieu of a card number (pan) placed in an authorization message sent to a transaction processing system. The token is obtained from a tokenization service with alphanumeric characters that are not usable as the pan in the event the merchant's system is breached.
Alliance Messaging Limited


Input processing

An input processing method and device are provided. The method includes: detecting that at least one input character is deleted; obtaining a group of candidate characters corresponding to a last input character in one or more input characters that are not deleted; and displaying the group of candidate characters.
Zte Corporation


Techniques for a gender weighted pinyin input method editor

A computer-implemented technique can receive a first input from a user including one or more characters of a first language, which is a transliteration of a second language. The technique can determine a coefficient indicative of a gender of the recipient.
Google Inc.


Techniques for analyzing web pages to determine font subsets

A computer-implemented method technique can intercept, at a server including one or more processors, a first request for a source document representing a web page, the first request being transmitted from a computing device to a web server. The first request can include web browser information indicating web browser software executing on the computing device.
Google Inc.


Techniques for server-side determination of font subsets

A computer-implemented technique is presented. The technique can include receiving, at a server comprising one or more processors, a first request from a computing device, the first request being for a source document associated with a web page, the source document specifying a font in which to display text in the source document.
Google Inc.


Mobile terminal and controlling the same

The present invention relates to a mobile terminal and a method of controlling therefor. The mobile terminal includes a touch screen configured to display information on a screen of a circle form and a controller configured to control two or more touch keys to which at least one or more characters different from each other are respectively assigned to be arranged along with a border of the screen and when a first touch input is received on at least one or more keys among the touch keys, the controller configured to control an operation relevant to the at least one or more characters assigned to the at least one or more keys.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Information processing apparatus, controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium

An information processing apparatus having a touch panel display includes a detection unit configured to detect a touch operation performed by a user on the touch panel display, and a display control unit configured to, when the detection unit detects that an object has touched a predetermined region and further detects that the object touching the predetermined region has separated therefrom, control a display to shift to a screen associated with the predetermined region. Further, the display control unit is configured to, during a period from when the object has touched the predetermined region until when the object has separated therefrom, display a text string on the predetermined region of the touch panel display, and scroll-display a text string on the predetermined region if the text string exceeds a number of characters displayable at a time on the predetermined region..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and text input via remote control

There is provided a method for text input using a device having at least a first set of keys and a second set of keys. The method comprises receiving an activation of a first key, the first key belonging to one of the first and second sets of keys.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Beverage glass and beverage vessel for mixing beverages

Beverage glass and a beverage vessel for mixing beverages, preferably designed to dose different amounts of wine, as well as liquors, juices, among other possible beverages to be mixed in accordance with a desired predetermined proportion choice. The bowl (1)0 has a scale measures (2) extending vertically along the bowl (1).


Game apparatus, recording medium having game program recorded thereon, and game system

A game system is composed of a tv, a hand-held game machine, and a game apparatus, for example. A hand-held game machine and a plurality of controllers are connected to the game apparatus, for example.
Nintendo Co. Ltd.


Video game with improved social networking features

The present invention provides methods and system relating to video games with improved social networking features. In some aspects of the invention, the improved social networking features include allowing players to associate their virtual items and/or characters with one or more sponsor players.
Activision Publishing, Inc.


Preventing url confusion attacks

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for detecting illegitimate or spoofed links on a web page. Illegitimate links can be detected by receiving a web link that includes link text and a link address, generating normalized link text based upon the link text, wherein characters in the link text that are visually similar are represented by a single normalized character identifier in the normalized text, determining whether the normalized link text is in the format of a link address, and determining that the text is safe when the normalized link text is not in the format of a link address.
Apple Inc.


Sensitive data discrimination method and data loss prevention system using the sensitive data discrimination method

An exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure illustrates a sensitive data discrimination method executed in a data loss prevention system to determine whether a file has the least one sensitive data during a file generation proceeding. Steps of the sensitive data discrimination method are illustrated as follows.
Institute For Information Industry


Producing visualizations of elements in works of literature

A visualization of literary elements of a work of literature, such as a novel or short story, is generated from meta-data records representing a digital work of literature including literary elements (humor, drama, adventure, etc.), characters, and plot devices related to a position within the work of literature where each appears. A significance level is determined for each of the elements, characters and plot devices at each position within the work of literature, and these are plotted into a sequential graph having position (e.g.
International Business Machines Corporation


Producing visualizations of elements in works of literature

A visualization of literary elements of a work of literature, such as a novel or short story, is generated from meta-data records representing a digital work of literature including literary elements (humor, drama, adventure, etc.), characters, and plot devices related to a position within the work of literature where each appears. A significance level is determined for each of the elements, characters and plot devices at each position within the work of literature, and these are plotted into a sequential graph having position (e.g.
International Business Machines Corporation


Typesetting method, device and system

A typesetting method, device and system is disclosed. The method includes: receiving unique identification information, contents to be typeset and screen information which are uploaded by a mobile terminal; searching for typesetting protocol data corresponding to the mobile terminal according to the unique identification information; typesetting the contents to be typeset according to the screen information and the typesetting protocol data, and feeding back the typeset contents to the mobile terminal.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited



The present invention provides compounds of the general formula (i), their salts and n-oxides, and solvates and prodrugs thereof (wherein the characters are as defined in the description). The compounds of the general formula (i) are inhibitors of factor xia, so that they are useful in the prevention of and/or therapy for thromboembolic diseases..
Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Game program and information processing device

The game program according to the present invention receives selection operation input from a player by allowing the player to select any character from among multiple characters. Then, it is determined whether the received selection operation input is one of a first selection operation input and a second selection operation input.
Dena Co., Ltd.


Lawn molds

The present invention provides a lawn mold and method for creating lawn markings using enclosed portions of uncut grass. The lawn mold includes one or more enclosures having an upper surface, a peripheral edge around the upper surface, one or more sidewalls, and an open lower end.


Device, methods, and user interface for providing optimized entry of alphanumeric text

The present invention includes a device, method, and user interface for providing optimized entry of alphanumeric text. In one form, a method for providing selectable characters within a user interface includes determining an operating mode of a communication device and receiving an input associated with a selected input key.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Recipient-based predictive texting

Technologies for predictive texting on a communication device includes determining an identity of a recipient of a textual communication and determining a suggested textual phrase based on a user selected textual character and the identity of the recipient. The suggested textual phrase may be embodied as a single word or a collection of words.


Methods and systems for storing sequence read data

The present invention generally relates to storing sequence read data. The invention can involve obtaining a plurality of sequence reads from a sample, identifying one or more sets of duplicative sequence reads within the plurality of sequence reads, and storing only one of the sequence reads from each set of duplicative sequence reads in a text file using nucleotide characters..
Good Start Genetics, Inc.


Method of providing an interactive entertainment system

This invention relates generally to an interactive entertainment system that provides at least two discrete, independent stories that are interactively intertwined through a variety of online or other interactive media whereby the user of the interactive entertainment system can participate by commenting, by contributing materials (in visual, photographic, video, audio, tactile or other sensory and cognitive formats), by responding to quizzes and polls, and by otherwise interacting with other users of the interactive entertainment system, or with characters in any story, as if the latter were real persons.. .


System and simulating group play within asynchronous videogame content

To simulate group play, player-controlled characters may be grouped prior to entry into a set of asynchronous videogame content. Then separate instances of the set of asynchronous videogame content may be provided to players associated with individual ones of the grouped player-controlled characters.
Maslow Six Entertainment, Inc.


System and processing banknote and check deposits

Currency bills are transported past an image scanner to one or more output receptacles. Each of the bills is imaged to produce image data from which a visually readable image of each bill can be reproduced.
Cummins-allison Corp.


Instrument panel with shadow pointer

An instrument panel with a shadow pointer includes a fixed pointer disposed at a predetermined position on a character board. A plurality of characters are arranged along a peripheral line of the character board at a predetermined distance from the fixed pointer.
Hyundai Motor Company


Method and recognizing document

A method of recognizing characters in a plurality of documents includes capturing a preview image of a plurality of document, cropping each of the plurality of documents in the captured preview image into respective document images, recognizing characters on each of the plurality of the document images, and generating a document containing the plurality of the document images with the recognized characters. An apparatus for recognizing characters in a document includes a camera configured to capture a preview image of a plurality of document images, a display configured to display the preview image, and a controller configured to crop each of the plurality of documents in the captured preview image into respective document images, recognize characters on each of the plurality of the document images, and generate a document corresponding to the plurality of the document images with the recognized characters..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Image forming apparatus, text data embedding method, and recording medium

An image forming apparatus includes: a scanner that obtains an image file by document scanning; a character recognition processor that obtains a text string from each line of text by performing character recognition; a text string splitter that splits each the text string into a plurality of short text strings in accordance with a predetermined rule; a font size determining portion that determines a uniform font size for each the text string; a position determining portion that determines x-axis positions for the short text strings on the basis of the x-coordinates of the characters at the forefront in the respective short text strings, the short text strings each having its x-axis in the forward and backward reading directions; and an embedding portion that embeds text data of the short text strings in the image file at the respective x-axis positions in the uniform font size for the entire text string.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Automatic generation of 3d character animation from 3d meshes

Systems and methods for animating 3d characters using a non-rigged mesh or a group of non-rigged meshes that define the appearance of the character are illustrated. Certain embodiments disclose a process for the automatic rigging or autorigging of a non-rigged mesh or meshes.
Mixamo, Inc.


Interface for processing of an alternate symbol in a computer device

Described herein is a computer-implemented system and method for processing one or more alternate symbols associated or linked to a base symbol. A base symbol is a symbol to which at least one alternate symbol is linked.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Systems for embedding information in data strings

A data processing system is provided that includes applications, databases, encryption engines, and decryption engines. Encryption and decryption engines may be used to perform format-preserving encryption on data strings stored in a database.
Voltage Security, Inc.


String prediction

In a mobile device, the text entered by users is analyzed to determine a set of responses commonly entered by users into text applications such as sms applications in response to received messages. This set of responses is used to provide suggested responses to a user for a currently received message in a soft input panel based on the text of the currently received message.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Identifying a contact

A method of identifying a contact in a communication system using voice input, the method comprising: receiving an input string of characters, the input string representing a contact and being normally unpronounceable by a human voice when spoken literally; performing at least one transforming step to transform at least one character of the input string to thereby generate a pronounceable name for the contact; and outputting the pronounceable name for use in establishing a communication event with the contact using voice input.. .
Microsoft Corporation


Illustrated story creation system and device

The present invention is directed to a method and device to create an illustrated story or narrative. As user dictates a narrative or story the users voice is recognized by a computer program operated on a computer and translated to text.


Game control device, game control method, game control program, storage medium, and game system

According to the game control device, game control method, game control program, storage medium and game system of this invention, when composite processing on characters is performed, consumption points that are consumed in the composite processing are subtracted from the composition points corresponding to the user's user identifying information, and when the subtraction result is negative, predetermined point addition processing is performed until the subtraction result becomes zero or more. By performing the point addition processing as described above, the game control device, game control method, game control program, storage medium and game system can improve the user's operability without requiring the reselection of other characters to be composited..
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.


System and entering characters on a radio tuner interface

A system and method for entering characters that form a radio station channel and tune in a radio station channel on a radio tuner interface includes a touch screen display which displays a radio tuner interface. The radio tuner interface includes a plurality of character keys on a keypad that can be enabled or disabled to allow a user to touch input an available am, fm, or satellite radio station channel that is in broadcast range of the location in which the vehicle is located..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Data processing system, input support method, and input support program

Guide information according to a hierarchy of a given character string is sequentially acquired in response to an input of character strings for describing a source program, and only the guide information is displayed depending on an input status of the character string. characters input from an input device for software description are coupled with each other to create an input character string.


Cursor-based character input interface

A cursor-based character input interface inputs a character selected by a cursor. A character prediction unit is adapted to predict one or more next characters based on a current input character, wherein the input interface is adapted to present the one or more predicted next characters as a supplementary interface in proximity to the current input character, and wherein the one or more predicted next characters of the supplementary interface are selectable by the cursor..


Assignment of multiple letters, characters, numbers, strokes and symbols to an individual key on a virtual/soft keyboard displayed on a viewing screen of an electronic device

G. Said first software program causes the insertion into said designated data input area of said display screen of the data character that is in focus at the time said continuous touch or press of said individual key is terminated by said user and if said user has not terminated said continuous touch or press of said individual key within the total elapsed time of all said data characters assigned to said individual key, said first software program will act in a rotary fashion and bring into focus on said display screen, said first data character defined in the specified set of data characters assigned to said individual key and will continue to rotor through said assigned data characters until the continuous touch or press of said individual key is terminated by said user, causing the insertion of said data character currently in focus to be inserted into said designated data input area of said display screen..


User-interface for entering alphanumerical characters

An information processing system has a display monitor and a user-interface for text entry. The display monitor presents the set of alphanumerical characters in a spatial configuration of three parallel horizontal rows or three parallel vertical columns.


Electronic apparatus and method

According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a display processor. The display processor is configured to display one or more first strokes on a screen.

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