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Date/App# patent app List of recent Chalk-related patents
 Oral care composition patent thumbnailOral care composition
The present invention relates to an oral care composition comprising catechins. We have found that the catechins tend to darken the colour of the chalk based toothpaste due to its oxidation which happens at the high ph of the toothpaste.
 Automatic classification and color enhancement of a markable surface patent thumbnailAutomatic classification and color enhancement of a markable surface
Architecture that automatically computes if a quadrangular object captured in a given image is or is not a markable board (e.g., a whiteboard, green board, chalkboard, etc.). The markable board has a surface on which marks can be applied using chalk, ink, dry ink, or any other suitable marking instrument or tool for the given surface.
 Wraps for improving grip on exercise equipment patent thumbnailWraps for improving grip on exercise equipment
Weight lifters have traditionally used chalk to improve their grip when performing heavier lifts. However, the use of chalk has been increasingly disallowed at gyms and fitness centers around the country because the residue from the chalk can create a mess.
 Chalkboard painted glassware production process, product made thereby, and method of using the product patent thumbnailChalkboard painted glassware production process, product made thereby, and method of using the product
The base of glassware is hand painted with chalkboard paint. The purpose of the chalkboard painted glass is for the person using the glass to be able to identify her or his glass, or its contents.
 Tape measure multi-tool patent thumbnailTape measure multi-tool
A tape measure has multiple functions, including the ability to draw arcs or circles having a specific radius, the ability to draw a straight line a certain distance away from an edge, and the ability to score an item, such as sheet metal. The size of the arcs or circles or the distance from the edge to the straight line is only limited to the length of the tape measure.
 Ergonomic space-saving customizable workstation patent thumbnailErgonomic space-saving customizable workstation
An ergonomic portable space saving workstation includes at least one rail, at least one support arm connected to the rail for supporting different types of components, and a mounting interface connected to the rail for connecting the rail to a wall, desktop, or wheel mount. The workstation can be used by individuals in lying, sitting, or standing positions and used with objects of various sizes and shapes, such as computer keyboards, monitors, notebooks, desktop computers, footrests, printers, fax machines, projectors, televisions, canvases, desktop surfaces, whiteboards, or chalkboards.
 Delivery system patent thumbnailDelivery system
A delivery system for delivering a powder, such as chalk. The chalk is retained within a permeable, porous container.
 Electronic chalkboard system and control method thereof and display apparatus patent thumbnailElectronic chalkboard system and control method thereof and display apparatus
An electronic chalkboard system including a plurality of display panels, a pointing device which touches the plurality of panels, an image processor which processes an image to be displayed on one of the plurality of panels that is drawn by the pointing device, a controller which selects one of the plurality of panels based on a first panel of the plurality of panels if the first panel is touched by the pointing device, and controls the image processor to display on the selected panel a menu related to the image displayed on the first panel, and, if a second panel of the plurality of panels is touched by the pointing device while the menu is displayed on the selected panel, the controller newly selects one of the plurality of panels based on the second panel and transfers the displayed menu to the newly-selected panel.. .
 Digital chalkboard menu patent thumbnailDigital chalkboard menu
A digital chalkboard menu may be configured and utilized to provide active and/or interactive information to customers and potential customers of a restaurant, café, or other food service area. The digital chalkboard menu may be configured to display a menu of food or related items that are available for sale at the merchant.
 Fast dissolving tablet patent thumbnailFast dissolving tablet
The present invention relates to processes for the preparation of tablets which dissolve rapidly in the mouth and provide an excellent mouthfeel. The tablets of the invention comprise a compound which melts at about 37° c.
Structural element for generating thermoelectric power and method for the production thereof
The invention relates to a thermoelectric structural element (9) for generating thermoelectric power that is formed by at least two layers (1, 2) and two metallic electrical contacts (4, 5). The layers (1, 2) contain mixtures primarily of chalk and quartz sand, with the layers (1, 2) comprising different mixtures.
Surface modification of cladding material
Provided in one embodiment is a method comprising: disposing atoms of at least one non-metal element over a surface of a cladding material of a nuclear fuel element; and forming at least one product comprising the at least one non-metal element in, over, or both, a surface layer of the cladding material; wherein the at least one non-metal element has an electronegativity that is smaller than or equal to that of oxygen. Also provided is a nuclear fuel element comprising a modified surface layer adapted to mitigate formation of chalk river unidentified deposits (crud) on the cladding material..
Silicone composition with improved mechanical properties
The present invention relates to a silicone composition, including at least one addition or condensation curable polydiorganosiloxane with a viscosity of 10 to 500,000 mpa at a temperature of 23° c., at least one curing agent for the polydiorganosiloxane, at least one organotin compound, at least one complex of an element selected from the groups 4, 10, 12, 13 and 15 of the periodic system of elements, at least one silica acid with a bet surface of 50 to 300 m2/g, as well as at least one chalk with a bet surface of 10 to 25 m2/g and an average particle size d50 of 10 to 1000 nm. Such compositions are particularly suitable as adhesives, sealants, coatings or pouring compounds and are characterized by high tear propagation resistances..
Stable organic-carrier-based microbial inoculants and method for producing the same
The present invention relates to methods for producing microbial preparations for crop production and microbial preparations produced through such methods. The formulations contain microbial inoculants like azospirillum spp.
Surface treating agent containing a film forming resin composition as well as fillers, and use thereof
A surface treating agent (8) containing a film forming resin composition (2) and a filler (3), said filler comprising a particulate material selected from inorganic acids, chalk (caco3), glass, plastics, wood flour or combinations thereof. The filler (3) has a particle size of below 400 hm.
Ultra high strength chalk based composition
Disclosed herein are ultra high strength compositions, such as comprising, in parts by weight: from about 20% to about 30% plastic; from about 55% to about 65% calcium carbonate; and from about 10% to about 20% fiber. Further disclosed is an ultra high strength composition, comprising, in parts by weight: from about 31% to about 39% plastic; from about 40% to about 50% calcium carbonate and from about 15% to about 25% fiber to which a foaming agent is added..
Composite particles, compositions and methods
Composite particulates, topical composition containing composite particulates, methods for improving the appearance of skin depth, dimensionality or undertones; a method for improving the ashy, chalky or mask-like appearance of color cosmetic compositions on the skin; and a method for reducing the number of shades in a color cosmetic shade range by formulating the cosmetic with composite particulates.. .
Drawing tool
The present invention provides a drawing tool for an artist, draughtsman or hobbyist etc., the drawing tool comprising a handle and a retaining means disposed on the handle. The retaining means being adapted to releasably retain an elongate drawing material, such as a graphite lead, in an orientation substantially transverse to the axis of the handle.
Electronic chalkboard system, control method thereof, and pointing device
An electronic chalkboard system, a control method thereof, and a pointing device are provided. The electronic chalkboard system includes a plurality of display panels; a pointing device which calculates coordinate information about a touched position based on a reference signal generated on the display panels when touching a first panel among the display panels; and an image processor which generates a signal differently set with respect to each of the display panels on the display panels to determine the first panel among the display panels and displays an image corresponding to the coordinate information calculated by the pointing device on the first panel..
Ds speed marker
The ds speed marker was developed as a measuring device. The handle is comfortable in size and length and the revolution of the wheel creating a chalk mark upon each revolution is effortless to use.
Micronized copper-containing compositions useful to mitigate residues on wood surfaces
Disclosed is a wood preservative composition comprising micronized copper and copper-amine complex, wherein the copper component of the copper amine complex is from about 5% to about 50% by weight, based upon the total weight of copper in the composition. The copper amine complex serves to avoid wood surface “chalking” that is otherwise attributable to the presence of micronized copper in copper-based slurries used to treat wood products.
Hoop shifter, parachute tent and flop clip
The present invention features a chalk bag, a parachute tent and a flop clip. The chalk bag features a handle located on the interior of the bag and attached to at least one interior wall, which contains chalk.

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