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Certification patents


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 Method for certification by a control unit of a vehicle patent thumbnailMethod for certification by a control unit of a vehicle
A method for performing certification by a control device of a vehicle including generating a first signed certificate, which has at least one public key, and generating an associated private key; single-time introduction of the first signed certificate and of the associated private key into the control device; producing a second certificate; signing a further public key in the control device, using the private key and the second certificate; and making available the signed further public key together with the first signed certificate.. .
Volkswagen Ag

 Securing connections to unsecure internet resources patent thumbnailSecuring connections to unsecure internet resources
There is provided a method for automatically intercepting two or more data packets transported over a computer network, where the data packets originated from client terminal(s), and each data packet comprising transport layer security protocol message(s). The data packets are automatically analyzed to identify secure connection request(s) to an unsecure domain hosted on web server(s), where the secure connection request(s) was received from one or more of the client terminal(s).

 Method for protected communication of a vehicle patent thumbnailMethod for protected communication of a vehicle
A method for protected communication by a vehicle which includes generating a key pair consisting of a private key and a public key and/or of one or more symmetric keys for the vehicle or for a controller of the vehicle in the area of influence of the vehicle manufacturer, generating a first certificate using the key pair, introducing the key pair and the first certificate and/or the symmetric key into the vehicle or the controller, authenticating the vehicle or the controller to a new communication partner by generation of a new key pair for this communication path and sending a signed message together with the certificate, and authenticating a new communication partner to the vehicle or the controller using a signed message and a public key, which are produced by the new communication partner on the basis of a certification by the vehicle manufacturer.. .
Volkswagen Ag

 Supervised supply network with computed integrity ratings and certifications patent thumbnailSupervised supply network with computed integrity ratings and certifications
Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to constructing an object analytic record (oar) that may be used to store data from one or more sequential chains. Analytics may be performed on data in the oar to generate ratings for one or more components of a supply chain or the supply chain itself.
Scr Technologies, Inc.

 Certification device and method using image sensor patent thumbnailCertification device and method using image sensor
A mobile device method for certifying a mobile device includes: generating first fixed pattern noise (fpn) information based on column fpn of an image sensor included in the mobile device; and controlling the mobile device to perform a certification by using the first fpn information.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Methods, systems, and media for managing wind speed data patent thumbnailMethods, systems, and media for managing wind speed data
A system for collecting and managing wind speed data via an external communications network comprises one or more wind stations, each including an anemometer producing wind speed signals, a station computing device converting the signals to wind speed data, a station memory securely storing the wind speed data on site and a station communication interface transmitting the wind speed data onto an external network. The system further comprises one or more data servers, each including a server computing device, a server communication interface receiving the wind speed data from the wind stations and a server memory storing the received wind speed data.

 Digital certification analyzer temporary external secured storage system tools patent thumbnailDigital certification analyzer temporary external secured storage system tools
A temporary external secured storage (or “tess”) system utilizes a group of system tools to aid in the management of digital content. An artificial or virtual chain tool, manager tool and enhanced backup and restoration function tool help the tess system to efficiently control digital content being managed through the system..

 Apparatus and  exchanging encryption key patent thumbnailApparatus and exchanging encryption key
Disclosed herein are an apparatus and method for exchanging an encryption key. According to an embodiment of the present disclosure, an encryption key exchange apparatus includes an encryption unit to generate a first diffie-hellman value and a first secret key using a first random integer and a public key of a second communication device and to encrypt certification data by a symmetric key cryptography using the first secret key, a transmitter to transmit the first diffie-hellman value and the encrypted certification data to the second communication device, a receiver to receive, from the second communication device, a second diffie-hellman value generated using a second random integer selected by the second communication device, and an acknowledgement message encrypted by the symmetric key cryptography using a second secret key generated from the second random integer and the first diffie-hellman value, and a decryption unit to generate the second secret key using the first random integer and the second diffie-hellman value and to decrypt the encrypted acknowledgement message using the generated second secret key..
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

 Graphical user interface and smart card reader for facilitating crowdsourced credentialing and accreditation patent thumbnailGraphical user interface and smart card reader for facilitating crowdsourced credentialing and accreditation
A graphical user interface and smart card reader system for facilitating crowdsourced credentialing over a network includes a federated profile manager to maintain profile related information for a plurality of professionals obtained from a plurality of federated sources distributed across the crowdsourced network. The system further includes a profile segmenting engine to segment and classify the profile-related information for each of the professionals into a plurality of federated profiles.
Netspective Communications Llc

 Method and  providing pre-certification for chip card mobile merchant payments patent thumbnailMethod and providing pre-certification for chip card mobile merchant payments
A method and apparatus for pre-certifying a chip card transaction, includes receiving, by a server, a request for processing the chip card transaction from a first device. The server authenticates the first device and one or more devices involved in the transaction for processing the transaction.

System, device and the certification of transactions, access control, and the like

A system for certifying a transaction includes a physical medium adapted to store an electronic code, a device for reading a biometric parameter of the user, and a device adapted to generate a code. The code is obtained from the pairing of the electronic code contained on the physical medium and of the biometric parameter detected by the reading device.

Reducing risks associated with recertification of dormant accounts

An identity management system is augmented to provide for automated suspension of all dormant accounts before launching a re-certification campaign (pass). In one implementation, prior to receiving a recertification notice from the system, the affected user's account is already suspended and thus cannot be accessed.
International Business Machines Corporation

Quantitatively measuring recertification campaign effectiveness

An identity management system is augmented to provide a methodology to generate an objective measure of administrative effectiveness with respect to account certification. In the approach, erroneous account information is intentionally inserted into a recertification campaign.
International Business Machines Corporation

Automatic electronic certification trading system

An automatic electronic certification trading system, comprising: a trading device, a wireless mobile device, an electronic certification import device, an electronic certification server; wherein, the electronic certification server stores a multigroup electronic certification collection, and the electronic certification collection is imported to the trading device through the electronic certification import device or to the trading device by the electronic certification server through wireless network. Next, it is detected if the distance between the wireless mobile device and the trading device entering a set distance or not.
Linctronix Ltd.

Customized chest response finite element model for crash test dummy and method

A customized chest response finite element model for a crash test dummy is disclosed. A method of creating the customized chest response finite element model for the crash test dummy includes the steps of identifying two borderline sets that match with certification test data profiles for a chest of the crash test dummy, varying material properties of components of the chest for the crash test dummy, defining a mapping function and allowing intermediate sets to be interpolated from the certification test data profiles, and creating a single chest response finite element model for the crash test dummy with a user-defined input parameter for the customized chest response finite element model that defines the customized response..
Humanetics Innovative Solutions, Inc.

Secure document repository

Embodiments for secure data storage that include systems and methods that receive, from a second system maintained by a second entity, a data payload to be stored by the system; secure the data payload at a first time; store the secured data payload; receive a request for access to the data payload; and provide certification, corresponding to a second time subsequent to the first time, that the data payload has not been altered since the first time.. .
Bank Of America Corporation

Systems and methods for device compatibility testing and reporting

Systems and methods for device compatibility testing and reporting are disclosed. An exemplary method includes outputting, by a testing computer station, instructions for executing a plurality of certification tests on a device under test.
Google Inc.

Chronometric testing a timepiece

A chronometric testing or chronometric certification method for a timepiece (1), comprising at least two status reports of the timepiece before and after at least a first static storage cycle in one or multiple predefined positions of the timepiece, said first static storage cycle comprising at least a first inclined position (γ) of the timepiece.. .
Rolex Sa

Autonomous driving certification generalizer

Methods, devices and apparatuses pertaining to identifying the candidate road segments for autonomous operations are described. A method may involve obtaining data of a first plurality of road segments that are permitted for one or more autonomous operations.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Certificate acquiring

A certificate acquiring method and device, where the method includes receiving a certificate application representation message sent by a newly installed virtualized network function component (vnfc) instance, sending a certificate request message to a certification authority, and acquiring a certificate issued by the certification authority. In this way, the newly installed vnfc instance does not need to use a current manner for a virtualized network function (vnf) to acquire a certificate, which effectively avoids a problem of a cumbersome and more complex process caused when the newly installed vnfc instance acquires a certificate..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Carrier and band assembly for identifying and managing a component of a system associated with a wellhead

According to one aspect, an apparatus adapted to be connected to a component that is part of a pump system or a manifold trailer includes a block defining opposing first and second exterior surfaces. In one aspect, the block includes a recess formed in the first exterior surface and extending towards the second exterior surface, and an opening formed in the second exterior surface.
S.p.m. Flow Control, Inc.

Annotations in software development

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for self-certification by a developer that the software components used during development are used in a secure manner, through the use of annotations. Input and return conditions are defined in an annotation for the software components of a system.
International Business Machines Corporation

Annotations in software development

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for self-certification by a developer that the software components used during development are used in a secure manner, through the use of annotations. Input and return conditions are defined in an annotation for the software components of a system.
International Business Machines Corporation

User terminal interworking with peripheral device and preventing leakage of information using the same

A user terminal includes a communication circuit, a certification circuit, an execution circuit, and a control circuit. The communication circuit receives a normal code of an application from an application providing server to install the application.
Soongsil University Research Consortium Techno-par

Data provision system

A data provision system includes: a certification issuing unit that transmits business entity certification to a business entity system; a password issuing unit that transmits a password to a user terminal in response to a password issuing request from the user terminal; a validity checking unit that checks validity of the business entity certification and the password transmitted from the business entity system; a personal information requesting unit that requests the user terminal to transmit personal information to the data provision system when the business entity certification and the password are valid; and a personal information transmitting unit that transmits, to the business entity system, the personal information transmitted from the user terminal.. .

Router and establishing a network connection using the router

A method for establishing a new network connection using a router includes receiving notification of switching network modes of the router, and detecting whether a new network connection is established by the router. When the new network connection is disabled, the clients are disconnect from a lan port of the router, a recertification request from the clients is refused, and the recertification request after a first predetermined time duration is received.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Method for providing user authority certification service

Embodiments of a method for providing user authority information management service are provided. In some embodiments, the method includes a client server sending a request for authority information to an authority service server, the client server receiving the authority information from the authority service server and comparing the received authority information with authority information maintained in a client server memory, determining whether or not to download the authority information based on a result of the comparison between the received authority information and the maintained authority information, updating the client server memory according to whether the authority information is downloaded, and the client server performing user authority certification for each process operation to be performed by the client server..
Lsis Co., Ltd.


A method and system for authenticating products, include: one marker attachable to the product offered for sale; a software application installed on a portable personal device equipped with a sensor for detecting the marker and a channel for transmitting the acquired data to a communications network; a certification database accessible from the network, in which data on the marker and on the product are associated. The marker includes one pair of distinct codes uniquely correlated with one another inside the certification database, a freely accessible primary identification code and a secondary unlocking code that is concealed on the marker and is accessible only by a breakable seal that makes it apparent that it has been accessed.
Visottica Industrie S.p.a.

Electronic device, certification agency server, and payment system

An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a communication module configured to communicate with an external device, a biometric authentication module configured to perform biometric authentication, and a processor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Control normalization for unmanned autonomous systems

Methods, systems, and process-readable media include an autonomous vehicle override control system that receives override commands from a pilot qualified on a first type of unmanned autonomous vehicle (uav) and translates the inputs into suitable commands transmitted to a target uav of a second uav type. A pilot's certification for a first uav type may be determined from the pilot's login credentials.
Qualcomm Incorporated

A solution for generating and issuing security codes with guaranteed issuer authenticity and origin

A method of generating, emitting and validating a security code, in qr code or data matrix formats, which may be printed in physical media, displayed in electronic display or stored in electronic chips through technologies of radio-frequency identification (rfid) or near field communication (nfc). This code is generated using encryption, authenticated cryptography and digital identities or certificates emitted in the standard of public key infrastructure (pki) by a reliable certification authority, providing to validate the code, with (online) or without connectivity (offline) to a data network, by one application installed, by a reading process, cryptographic validation and decryption, allowing to open the security code content.
Rd2buzz Brasil Consultoria E Internet Ltda.

Systems and methods for authentication based on physically unclonable functions

Presented are systems, devices, and methods for reliably authenticating asymmetric cryptography-based ics based on physically unclonable functions (pufs) that are immune to reverse engineering. Various embodiments of the invention enhance the level of security in ic architectures without the need to connect to a remote certification authority, thereby, eliminating shortfalls associated with online authentication.
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

On-car-data recording apparatus and in-train-image data managing system

An on-car-data recording apparatus mounted on a train to record image data, which is data of a video or an image photographed by an image pickup apparatus set in the train, including: a secret-key retaining unit that retains a secret key paired with a public key for electronic signature for which certification by a certification authority is completed, a train-specific-information managing unit that manages information specific to the own train capable of specifying a traveling position of the own train, an electronic-signature generating unit that integrates, the image data and the information managed by the train-specific-information managing unit, calculates a hash value of obtained integrated data, and generates an electronic signature on the basis of the calculated hash value and the secret key, and an image data managing unit that retains the generated electronic signature and the image data used in generating the electronic signature in association with each other.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Certification management system

A certification management system helps an organization develop and maintain a repository of current certification status of employees. The system may integrate multiple learning management systems and other enterprise level systems across the organization.
Accenture Global Services Limited

Genuine product certification means and system

Disclosed is a genuine product certification system, including: a genuine product certification means, including: an optical material; additional information; and patterns for genuine product certification; a user terminal adapted to perform genuine product certification using the genuine product certification means; a service server including information about the patterns, the spectrum of the optical material, and the additional information as existing data, and adapted to perform genuine product certification using a result of performing genuine product certification using the user terminal and to generate statistical data concerning the occurrence of imitation products; and a manager terminal adapted to receive and output information about performance of the genuine product certification by the service server and the statistical data concerning the occurrence of imitation products transmitted from the service server.. .
Icraft Co., Ltd.

System and payment platform self-certification for processing financial transactions with payment networks

Payment platforms such as point of sale terminals can send test transactions to an acquirer processor certification and analytics system for certification of the payment platform's readiness to perform financial transaction processing with payment networks. A payment platform sends a test transaction to an acquirer processor and receives a unique request identifier.
Vantiv, Llc

Identifying and maintaining secure communications

In one embodiment, a system for managing secure communications includes an interface that may receive communication between a first endpoint and a second endpoint. A processor may identify a security certificate included in the communication and determine whether the identified security certificate has previously been stored in a certificate database.
Bank Of America Corporation

Explosion-proof current diverting device

A bearing isolator and explosion-proof current diverting device may be configured to dissipate an electrical charge from a rotating piece of equipment to ground, such as from a motor shaft to a motor housing. One aspect of an explosion-proof current diverter ring may include a stator that may be mounted to the equipment housing and a rotor that may be mounted to a shaft.
Inpro/seal Llc

Service providing method, and service providing device

A service providing method, the method comprises transmitting, by a first information processing device, a certification token including a first role information on a service provided by the first information processing device to a terminal device when a certification is successful in response to a certification demand from the terminal device, receiving, by the first information processing device, the certification token and a first address information, that identifies a service providing device and indicates the first information processing device, from the terminal device, and transmitting, by the first information processing device, a first token including the first role information indicated by the certification token which is received and a second address information, that identifies the service providing device and indicates a second information processing device, to the second information processing device which is either one of the service providing device or a way device to the service providing device.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Configuration and authentication of wireless devices

An apparatus and method for registering and configuring a wireless device for use within a wireless local area network (wlan) are disclosed. In at least one exemplary embodiment, a registration authority may obtain a public key and connection attributes of the wireless device.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Service providing method, service requesting method, information processing device, and client device

A service providing method, the method includes generating, by an information processing device, data relating to a session and a cookie relating to a certification including the data when the certification is successful in response to a certification request of the session received from a client device, transmitting, by the information processing device, the data and the cookie to the client device, receiving, by the information processing device, a service request which is given the data as a query parameter and the cookie from the client device, and providing, by the information processing device, a service of the service request to the client device when the data included in the cookie matches with the data which is given as the query parameter.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Automatic provisioning of a device to access an account

A system for bootstrap provisioning of a device is provided. A vouching device is provisioned to access a bootstrap account of a bootstrap account provider and a secondary account of a secondary account provider.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

System and certification of physical parameters of communication links

A system for certifying physical parameters of fiber optic cabling may include a test device coupled to an end of a fiber optic cable. The test device injects light into the fiber optic cable and conducts a certification test of physical parameters of the fiber optic cable.
Fluke Corporation

Encryption/decryption in a cloud storage solution

The disclosure generally describes computer-implemented methods, software, and systems, including a method for decryption of data stored in the cloud. A record is received from a cloud storage solution, wherein at least one data field in the received record is encrypted, and wherein each encrypted data field is associated with an encrypted field identifier.

Method and initial certificate enrollment in a wireless communication system

A method and apparatus are provided for initial certification enrollment in a wireless communication system. A first mobile device establishes a first wireless connection with an infrastructure and a second wireless connection with a second mobile device.
Motorola Solutions, Inc

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