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Center Frequency patents


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new patent Glass antenna for vehicle and rear window glass with glass antenna for vehicle
There is provided a glass antenna for a vehicle including a feeding point; and a first antenna element extending from the feeding point approximately in a horizontal direction, wherein, if a wavelength at a center frequency of a received frequency band in air is λ, a glass wavelength shortening coefficient is k, and a wavelength on the rear window glass is λg=λ·k, a conductor length of the first antenna element is less than or equal to (⅙)·λg, and wherein a distance between the first antenna element and a first heater line that is disposed at an outer-most position and that is closest to the first antenna element among a plurality of heater lines is less than or equal to ( 1/40)·λg.. .
Asahi Glass Company, Limited

Method and detecting a gas pocket using ultrasound
Existing gas pocket detection approaches are based on visual observations of b-mode ultrasound images showing comparisons between normal soft tissue and gas pockets, which are time-consuming and dependent on operator experience. The present invention proposes an ultrasound system and a method of detecting a gas pocket.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Ultrasonic test ultrasonic testing
An ultrasonic test apparatus including a test head for emitting an emission frequency spectrum having an emission center frequency and receiving a reception frequency spectrum having a reception center frequency, a unit being provided in which a fourier transform on the received reception frequency spectrum can be carried out, and the reception center frequency of the fourier-transformed reception frequency spectrum being subsequently determined, and subsequently a defined add-on amplification being applied to the reception frequency spectrum. Also, a method for ultrasonic testing is disclosed..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Integrated circuit, base station, terminal, band allocation method, and downlink data communication method
A base station, a terminal, a band allocation method, and a downlink data communication method are disclosed, with which bands can be efficiently allocated. In a base station in which a plurality of unit bands can be allocated to a single communication, when a data receiver acquires terminal capability information transmitted by a terminal in the initial access unit band and the bandwidth available for communication indicated by the terminal capability information can accommodate a plurality of unit bands, a unit band group which includes the initial access unit band as well as the unit bands adjacent thereto is allocated to the terminal, and a communication band movement indication, which indicates the movement of the center frequency in the communication band of the terminal toward the center frequency in the unit band group, is transmitted to the terminal using the initial access unit band..
Sun Patent Trust

One quarter wavelength transmission line based electrostatic discharge (esd) protection for integrated circuits
Device and a method of forming an integrated circuit (ic) that offers protection against esd in re applications is disclosed. The device includes a transmission line (tl) coupled to a signal pad.
Globalfoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Tunable filter devices and methods
Analog interference filter devices and methods for isolation of desirable portions of a radio frequency signal. Signal compensation is used to provide desirable center frequency, passband width, ripple, rolloff, stopband and distortion performance.
Physical Devices, Llc

Method for detecting synchronization signal for device-to-device (d2d) communication in wireless communication system and apapratus therefor
The present invention relates to a method in which a user equipment transmits and receives a synchronization signal of the user equipment for device-to-device (d2d) communication in a wireless communication system. Specifically, the method comprises a step of monitoring the synchronization signal for the d2d communication (d2dss), wherein the d2dss is assigned in an interval of a multiple raster unit from a center frequency..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Multipath feedforward band pass amplifier
An exemplary multipath feedforward amplifier includes a plurality of amplification stages configured to form at least partially distinct amplification paths extending from an input terminal to an output terminal, each amplification path defined by a respective subset of the plurality of amplification stages, wherein at least one amplification stage is a band pass resonator. In various implementations, multipath feedforward amplifier can maximize gain at a frequency of interest by having an amplification path that cascades band pass resonators.
Analog Devices, Inc.

Method for performing a cooperative operation between heterogeneous networks and device for same
The present invention relates to a method for performing a cooperative operation between heterogeneous networks and a device for same. A method for a first type base station to perform a cooperative operation between heterogeneous networks in a wireless communication system includes receiving a downlink synchronization channel from at least one second type base station; obtaining an identifier (id) of the second type base station by using the received downlink synchronization channel; and transmitting at least one of a channel number and a bandwidth of a center frequency of the first type base station and the cell id of the second type base station to a server.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Mixed resonator monolithic band-pass filter with enhanced rejection
A narrowband filter tuned at a center frequency. The filter comprises an input terminal, an output terminal, and a plurality of resonators coupled in cascade between the input terminal and the output terminal.
Resonant Inc.

Bandstop filters with minimum through-line length

Systems and methods are provided for creating higher order microwave bandstop filters with total through-line length of significantly less than one-quarter wavelength at the filter center frequency. The mixed electric and magnetic field coupling bandstop filter topologies provided by embodiments of the present disclosure can be used to reduce the size, weight, and throughline insertion loss of microwave bandstop filters.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Method and hearing aid for frequency-dependent reduction of noise in an input signal

A method performs frequency-dependent reduction of noise in an input signal, wherein the input signal is allocated to a main signal path and to an auxiliary signal path. A filter bank separates the input signal into a plurality of frequency bands each having a certain bandwidth and center frequency.
Sivantos Pte. Ltd.

Communications carrier search

A communications device and method for a carrier search are provided. The communication apparatus includes an rf signal processing device, a processor, and a memory device.
Mediatek Inc.

Methods, devices and systems for receiving and decoding a signal in the presence of noise using slices and warping

A method may comprise receiving and sampling a signal. The signal may encode a data packet.
Proteus Digital Health, Inc.

Method and preventing transmitter leakage

Method and transceiver arrangements for reducing a leakage signal's impact on a receiver part 320 of the transceiver arrangement 300. The leakage signal originates from a transmitter part 310 of the transceiver arrangement 300.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Resonance detection and filtering circuitry

A circuit and method to filter a signal is provided. The circuit includes a notch filter circuit to receive an input signal and first and second tuning signals and to provide an output signal.
Analog Devices Global

Two-stage digital down-conversion of rf pulses

A two-stage digital down-conversion device for optimal detection of varying rf pulses incorporates a front end analog to digital converter (adc), which samples an input rf signal and performs a first stage digital down conversion in wide bandwidth by means of two digital local oscillator multipliers, low pass filters and decimators. A stream of first stage quadrature i and q samples is analyzed by a first stage i/q processor.
Guzik Technical Enterprises

Power amplifier for amplification of an input signal into an output signal

A power amplifier comprising a first, second and third sub-amplifier for amplification of an input signal into an output signal is disclosed. The sub-amplifiers are connected to an input network and an output network.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

High efficiency transmitter architectures for a localized single-carrier frequency division multiple access transceiver

This disclosure relates to a system and method for generating single-carrier frequency division multiple access (sc-fdma) transmissions using a high efficiency architecture. According to some embodiments, frequency resources allocated for a transmission may be determined.
Apple Inc.

Method & synthesis of wideband low phase noise radio frequency signals

An apparatus for synthesizing wideband radio frequency signals in the microwave region has mostly digital components. The apparatus processes and converts a signal from a stable single-frequency electrical oscillator into a lower or higher frequency electrical signal without using analog multiplier or mixer circuits.
Star Dynamics Corporation

High-frequency semiconductor amplifier

According to one embodiment, a high-frequency semiconductor amplifier includes an input terminal, an input matching circuit, a high-frequency semiconductor amplifying element, an output matching circuit and an output terminal. The input terminal is inputted with a fundamental signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

High-frequency semiconductor amplifier

According to one embodiment, a high-frequency semiconductor amplifier includes an input terminal, an input matching circuit, a high-frequency semiconductor amplifying element, an output matching circuit and an output terminal. The input terminal is inputted with a fundamental signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

High-frequency semiconductor amplifier

According to one embodiment, a high-frequency semiconductor amplifier includes an input terminal, an input matching circuit, a high-frequency semiconductor amplifying element, an output matching circuit and an output terminal. The input terminal is inputted with a fundamental signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Communication control method, user terminal, and communication apparatus

A communication method comprises: broadcasting, from a communication apparatus to a user terminal, system information for device to device (d2d) proximity service, by use of a frequency of a serving cell of the user terminal, the communication apparatus managing the serving cell. The system information includes first information and second information.
Kyocera Corporation

Frequency-division multiplexing (fdm) using soft clipping (sc)

A method comprising mapping data onto odd frequency subcarriers of a plurality of non-overlapping frequency subcarriers, wherein each of the non-overlapping frequency subcarriers comprises a center frequency that is an odd integer multiple of a lowest center frequency, producing a time signal based on the mapping, applying soft clipping (sc) to signal amplitudes of the time signal according to a polynomial function, and producing a positive-amplitude signal based on the applying.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Wireless surveillance system having obviated the need for battery replacement and controlling wireless device

Disclosed is a wireless surveillance system comprising a probe (200) and a control center, obviating the need for battery replacement, and completely powered by solar energy. During disarmed periods, the probe (200) ceases to probe the external thereof, and ceases to transmit data to the control center.

Transmit end, receive end, and coexistence of single carrier system and multicarrier system

The signal transmitting method includes that a transmit end modulates a first frequency band that corresponds to a first signal to be transmitted by the single carrier system onto a second frequency band that corresponds to a second signal to be transmitted by the multicarrier system, to obtain a transmit signal including at least the first signal and/or the second signal. A spacing between a center frequency of a first subchannel and a center frequency of a second subchannel is an integer multiple of a spacing between two adjacent second subchannels.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

User terminal, radio access network, and communication control method

A user terminal according to a first feature performs uplink communication with a radio access network by simultaneously using a plurality of carriers. The plurality of carriers include a first carrier used for mobility control of the user terminal, and a second carrier that provides radio communication in coordination with the first carrier.

Radar false alert reduction

A radar detector suppresses alerts from vehicle guidance systems, by sweeping for a consistent radar signal; the center frequency of the signal is stored and the detector suppresses warnings of radar signals near that frequency. The detector uses an enhanced method for suppression of signals near a known location of a false signal source; in the event the detector detects a radar signal and finds a matching stored false signal, the detector will first compare the strength of the received signal to a threshold strength that is computed based upon the distance of the detector from the stored false signal, and will only suppress signals below threshold.

Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and image processing apparatus

An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment includes transmission circuitry, receiving circuitry and extracting circuitry. The transmission circuitry cause an ultrasonic probe to perform three or more times of ultrasonic wave transmissions, an ultrasonic wave to be transmitted including a center frequency component, a phase of the center frequency component being different in each transmission.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Methods and systems for dynamically adjusting frequency offsets for mitigating interference

Disclosed herein are methods and systems for dynamically adjusting frequency offsets for mitigating interference. One embodiment takes the form of a process carried out by a mobile radio configured to use an adjustable transmit frequency.
Motorola Solutions, Inc

Method and apparatus of an input resistance of a passive mixer to broaden the input matching bandwidth of a common source/gate lna

A cascode amplifier circuit comprises a first spiral inductor coupled to a source of a first transistor; a second spiral inductor coupled to a drain of a second transistor; a third inductor connecting the first transistor to the second transistor; a first capacitor coupled in parallel to the third inductor forming a bandpass filter; and a second capacitor coupled in parallel to the second spiral inductor forming a resonant circuit, wherein the resonant circuit oscillates at a center frequency.. .
Tensorcom, Inc.

Lung tissue identification in anatomically intelligent echocardiography

Issuance of ultrasound pulses to a volume and receiving echo data is followed by estimating, based on the received data, center frequency subvolume-by-subvolume. Distinguishing between heart and lung tissue occurs based on a result of the estimating, and may include automatically identifying a spatial boundary (332) between the heart and lung tissue (324, 328), or a user display of center frequencies that allows for visual distinguishing.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Inverted f-antennas at a wireless communication node

The disclosure relates to a node in a wireless communication arrangement, the node comprising an antenna arrangement that comprises a first and second inverted f antenna. The inverted f antennas comprise a corresponding first and second feed connection, first and second ground connection and a corresponding first and second radiating element mainly extending from the respective ground connection along a corresponding first and second longitudinal extension.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Microstrip antenna structure and microwave imaging system using the same

A microstrip antenna structure is provided, which includes a substrate, a ring microstrip line and a signal transmission port. The substrate has opposite first and second surfaces.
Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

Noise cancellation method

An embodiment of the invention provides a noise cancellation method for an electronic device. The method comprises: receiving an audio signal; applying a fast fourier transform operation on the audio signal to generate a sound spectrum; acquiring a first spectrum corresponding to a noise and a second spectrum corresponding to a human voice signal from the sound spectrum; estimating a center frequency according to the first spectrum and the second spectrum; and applying a high pass filtering operation to the sound spectrum according to the center frequency..
Htc Corporation

Capacitive touch system and frequency selection method thereof

There is provided a capacitive touch system including a touch panel, a plurality of amplification units, a plurality of anti-aliasing filters and a control unit. The touch panel includes a plurality of driving electrodes and a plurality of sensing electrodes configured to form inductive capacitance.
Pixart Imaging (penang) Sdn.bhd.

Channel mapping for an aggregated touchless wireless fronthaul

A method implemented by a wireless fronthaul unit, the method comprises aggregating a plurality of first wireless channel signals to produce a first aggregated signal via digital frequency-domain mapping (fdm), wherein the first wireless channel signals are positioned in the first aggregated signal in non-overlapping first frequency bands, each non-overlapping first frequency band having a first bandwidth and a center frequency, wherein each respective center frequency is an odd integer multiple of a lowest center frequency, converting the first aggregated signal into a first modulated signal, and transmitting the first modulated signal to a wireless fronthaul link.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Systems and methods for frequency error correction in communication systems

Systems and methods for correcting frequency error in a received signal include: receiving a satellite signal, the satellite signal having a bandwidth and a center frequency; determining the profile of the satellite signal; computing the center frequency of the satellite signal based on the profile of the received signal; and generating a reference signal at the computed center frequency. The systems and methods may further include computing a center frequency of each of a plurality of satellite signals based on the computed center frequency.
Entropic Communications, Inc.

Touch control detection system, delta-sigma modulator and modulating method thereof

A touch control detection system, a delta-sigma modulator and a modulating method thereof are provided. The delta-sigma modulator includes a quantizer and n integrating units.
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

Semiconductor amplifier bias circuit and semiconductor amplifier device

A semiconductor amplifier bias circuit includes a first transmission line, a first grounded capacitor, a second transmission line and a power supply terminal. The first transmission line is connected to an output end part of the output matching circuit and the external load.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Receiver, frequency diversity communications using beacon and methods useful in conjunction therewith

A communication system comprising at least one communication network node having a capacity for communicating with at least one additional communication network node at a given center frequency; and at least one external frequency converter, external to said node, operative to cause at least one communication network node, from outside said node, to communicate with at least one additional communication network node, at least on occasion, according to a given communication protocol, at at least one converted center frequency which differs from the given center frequency, and also comprising beacon functionality.. .
Elta Systems Ltd.

Distortion-compensating power amplifier and compensating for distortion to amplify power

A distortion-compensating power amplifier compensates for nonlinear distortion in a power amplifier. The distortion-compensating power amplifier includes: a predistorter that performs pre-distortion processing, the pre-distortion processing applying an inverse characteristic of a distortion characteristic that is generated in the power amplifier to an input signal; a filter that performs band limitation on the pre-distorted input signal by using a frequency characteristic that is asymmetric with respect to a center frequency of the input signal, the filter having a filter coefficient that is a complex number; a down-sampler that down-samples the band-limited input signal; and a digital-to-analog converter that converts the down-sampled input signal from a digital signal to an analog signal..
Panasonic Corporation

Measuring waveforms with the digital infinite exponential transform

A method is performed of selecting a signal of interest from a compound signal. The method includes generating a matrix and initializing a first row of the matrix to zero.

Add-on synchronization of frequency diversity communications and methods useful in conjunction therewith

Add-on apparatus dynamically enhancing frequency diversity of a main signal sent over an existing communication system, the system using a communication protocol to convey the main signal from a tx end to an rx end, the add-on apparatus comprising a transmission frequency converter (tfc) at the tx end operative while the system is transmitting the main signal, to at least once shift a given center frequency about which the system is transmitting, to at least one corresponding alternative center frequency, wherein the tfc and an reception frequency converter at the rx end share prior knowledge defining how each shift of the given center frequency is to be timed relative to at least one recognizable element within the known communication protocol and wherein the transmission frequency converter is operative to use the prior knowledge to recognize the at least one recognizable element and to shift the center frequency accordingly.. .

Method and apparatus of accessing channel in wireless communication system

A method is provided for accessing a channel in a wireless local area network. A device receives an operation element to set up an operating channel from an access point (ap).

Dc subcarrier handling in narrowband devices

Methods, systems, and devices are described for direct current (dc) subcarrier handling for narrowband user equipment (ue). A ue may identify a narrow bandwidth region allocated for operation within a wide bandwidth carrier, determine that the narrow bandwidth region is centered about a different frequency than a center subcarrier of the wide bandwidth carrier, and, accordingly, select an operating mode.

Guided wave radar level gauge system with reduced end of probe reflection

The present invention relates to a guided wave radar level gauge system comprising a transceiver for generating an electromagnetic transmit signal within a predetermined frequency range having a center frequency, a flexible single conductor probe having a first end connected to the transceiver and extending towards and into the product to a second end of the flexible single conductor probe; and a probe aligning member attached to the second end of the flexible single conductor probe for keeping the flexible single conductor probe substantially vertically extending from the first end to the second end. The probe aligning member exhibits a horizontal extension that increases with increasing distance from the first end of the flexible single conductor probe along a vertical distance greater than one half of a wavelength of the transmit signal at the center frequency.

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