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Cellular patents

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System, method, and apparatus for communicating data

Methods and systems for determining user location

Computational design of ideotypically modulated pharmacoeffectors for selective cell treatment

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cellular-related patents
 Customizing haptic effects on an end user device patent thumbnailCustomizing haptic effects on an end user device
Systems, methods, and associated software are described herein for enabling a regular user of an end user device, such as a cellular telephone, to customize parameters associated with haptic effects applied to the user by the end user device. In one implementation, among several, a method described herein includes enabling a user of an end user device to access software adapted to design or modify haptic effects of the end user device.
 System, method, and apparatus for communicating data patent thumbnailSystem, method, and apparatus for communicating data
A system includes first and second hubs. The first hub is configured to communicate data with a medical device through a local area network and package the data into at least one application-layer packet.
 Methods and systems for determining user location patent thumbnailMethods and systems for determining user location
Methods and systems of determining the approximate location of a terminal are described herein. In one embodiment, a computer system receives from a first mobile computer terminal and/or from a communication system in communication with the first mobile computer terminal, global positioning satellite and/or cellular network location data, wherein the location data corresponds to the approximate location of the first mobile computer terminal.
 Computational design of ideotypically modulated pharmacoeffectors for selective cell treatment patent thumbnailComputational design of ideotypically modulated pharmacoeffectors for selective cell treatment
In system and method embodiments, an embodiment includes the collection, input, and organization of target nucleotide source or sources; the identification of potential target sequences for ideotypically modulated pharmacoeffectors (imp); the exclusion, prioritization, or deprioritization of target sequences on the basis of undesirable binding for ideotypically modulated pharmacoeffectors (imp); and/or the design of targeting sequences on the basis of reverse complementarity or sequence complementarity. Imps are designed for optimal use in respective applications, including cancers, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, cellular diseases, and other applications..
 Positioning and mapping based on virtual landmarks patent thumbnailPositioning and mapping based on virtual landmarks
This disclosure is directed to positioning and mapping based on virtual landmarks. A space may include a plurality of signal sources (e.g., wireless access points (aps), cellular base stations, etc.).
 Vehicle communications via wireless access vehicle environment patent thumbnailVehicle communications via wireless access vehicle environment
Vehicle communications using ieee 802.11p wave functionality includes structure and method whereby a smart phone (sp) linked to an on board unit (obu) having wave functionality, and incorporating automotive telemetry protocol (atp), has at least one processor to configure the sp as a gui for the obu, and to enable wave authentication of the sp through a networked road side unit. Preferably, the obu opens, after a command from an atp client, a virtual connection for streaming data between the vehicle data bus and a remote server providing an automotive scan tool.
 Methods and systems for treating heart instability patent thumbnailMethods and systems for treating heart instability
Systems and methods define an index of risk for cardiac disease by detecting cellular derangements that may lead to cardiomyopathy, heart rhythm disorders or ischemic heart disease. The markers include fluctuations or abnormal rate-behavior of electrical, mechanical or other measurable biosignals.
 Modified chimeric polypeptides with improved pharmacokinetic properties patent thumbnailModified chimeric polypeptides with improved pharmacokinetic properties
The present invention provides vegf antagonists with improved pharmacokinetic properties. According to certain embodiments, a fusion polypeptide capable of antagonizing vegf activity is provided comprising a modified extracellular ligand binding domain of a vegf receptor fused to a multimerizing component..
 Catalytic process for the conversion of a synthesis gas to hydrocarbons patent thumbnailCatalytic process for the conversion of a synthesis gas to hydrocarbons
Catalytic process for the partial conversion of a gaseous mixture containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen into a mixture of hydrocarbons, including bringing the said gaseous mixture into contact with a solid catalyst, the solid catalyst having a porous support with a composite material including sic and a titanium carbide and/or a titanium oxide, and an active phase. The support is prepared in the form of grains, beads, or extrudates, or in the form of cylinders or sheets of cellular foam..
 Sequence-specific inhibition of small rna function patent thumbnailSequence-specific inhibition of small rna function
The present invention relates to the discovery of a method for inhibiting rna silencing in a target sequence-specific manner. Rna silencing requires a set of conserved cellular factors to suppress expression of gene-encoded polypeptide.
Cdc42 inhibitor and uses thereof
Compounds which inhibit the small g protein rho gtpase cell division cycle protein cdc42 are provided. Morphological analyses of filopodia, western blots of ccd42 phosphorylation, and effects on cellular wound healing and on growth cone formation all demonstrate that the described compounds are able to inhibit all tested cdc42-mediated processes.
3-(benzoimidazol-2-yl)-indazole inhibitors of the wnt signaling pathway and therapeutic uses thereof
Indazole compounds for treating various diseases and pathologies are disclosed. More particularly, the present disclosure concerns the use of an indazole compound or analogs thereof, in the treatment of disorders characterized by the activation of wnt pathway signaling (e.g., cancer, abnormal cellular proliferation, angiogenesis, alzheimer's disease, lung disease and osteoarthritis), the modulation of cellular events mediated by wnt pathway signaling, as well as genetic diseases and neurological conditions/disorders/diseases due to mutations or dysregulation of the wnt pathway and/or of one or more of wnt signaling components.
Amidopyrazole inhibitors of interleukin receptor-associated kinases
This invention relates to amidopyrazole compounds that are inhibitors of interleukin receptor-associated kinases, in particular irak-4, and are useful in the treatment of cellular proliferative diseases, for example, cancer, hyperplasia, restenosis, cardiac hypertrophy, immune disorders and inflammation.. .
Methods for reducing cellular proliferation and treating certain diseases
Disclosed herein are methods of treating cancer and/or reducing cellular proliferation in a patient, comprising identifying a patient in need of treatment and administering a therapeutically effective amount of at least one cationic steroid antimicrobial (csa), or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. Kits comprising such compositions and instructions on such methods are also contemplated herein..
Silk-elastin like protein polymers for embolization and chemoembolization to treat cancer
A chemoembolic agent is disclosed that includes an injectable, recombinantly synthesized silk-elastin like protein copolymer and one or more chemotherapeutic agents. Upon injection, the chemoembolic agent blocks the tumor vasculature, including the capillary bed, and may optionally release chemotherapeutic agents.
Recognition of cellular target binding by a bioactive agent using intracellular bioluminescence resonance energy transfer
The present invention provides compositions and methods for detection and analysis of intracellular binding of a bioactive agent to a cellular target. In particular, provided herein are bioactive agents tethered to fluorophores, cellular targets fused to bioluminescent reporters, and methods of detecting and analyzing the interaction of bioactive agents with cellular targets therewith..
Cell-based method to detect skin sensitizers
A method of predicting whether a compound is a skin sensitizer using an in vitro approach. The method includes a step of imaging immune effector cells positioned within a plurality of containers to obtain imaged cellular targets, each container being treated with a different concentration of a compound.
Recognition of cellular target binding by a bioactive agent using intracellular bioluminescence resonance energy transfer
The present invention provides compositions and methods for detection and analysis of intracellular binding of a bioactive agent to a cellular target. In particular, provided herein are bioactive agents tethered to fluorophores, cellular targets fused to bioluminescent reporters, or portions, components, or subunits of bioluminescent reporters, and methods of detecting and analyzing the interaction of bioactive agents with cellular targets therewith..
Single transceiver for use with multiple cellular networks
A system and method for wirelessly communicating over two wireless networks having different communication protocols using a single transceiver of a vehicle telematics unit. The method includes monitoring a first network for an incoming page using a transceiver and a first network access device (nad); the transceiver and the first nad may be components of a cellular device, such as a vehicle telematics unit.
System and method for calibration of a distributed amplifier system
A system and method in a distributed amplifier system for correcting for rf losses between head end and coverage nodes by measuring rf losses in both directions; generating gains for amplifiers in both the head ends and coverage nodes; generating maximum output power limits; and adjusting the generated gains and output power limits based on downlink signal strength of cellular signals at a donor antenna.. .
Communication during thermal mitigation
In order to facilitate communication in a wireless network, an accessibility issue in the wireless network may be detected. For example, if an electronic device is near the boundary between two adjacent cells in the cellular-telephone network, the signal power of signals from a current cell or connection may decrease.
Staggered cells for wireless coverage
A relay and distribution apparatus is provided for a cellular communication system. The relay and distribution apparatus includes an antenna system configured to lay down beams in overlapping first and m second n-cell frequency reuse patterns.
Handover event prioritization
A method, implemented by a communications device, for communicating wireless handover events, the communications device being associated with a serving cell of a cellular communications network, the method comprising: determining, based on at least one or more first measurement results indicative of cell quality parameters of a plurality of cells of the cellular communications network, a first handover event associated with a first one of the cells; initiating communication of a first handover message indicative of the determined first handover event to a network entity of the cellular network; determining, based on at least one or more second measurement results, a plurality of further handover events associated with respective ones of the cells, resulting in a plurality of pending handover events waiting to be communicated to a network entity of the cellular network; determining a priority order for at least a subset of the pending handover events, wherein the subset comprises handover events associated with different cells.. .
Seamless transition of data services in a single-sim multi-active cellular device
Systems, apparatuses and methods are described for seamless transition of data services in a single-sim multi-active (ssma) cellular device operating in a mixed technology cellular network. An ssma device provides multiple virtual terminals capable of simultaneously maintaining multiple active services on different technology networks.
Adaptive network searching in out-of-service scenarios
Adaptive out-of-service search behavior by a wireless user equipment (ue) device. The ue may perform cellular communications according to a radio access technology (rat).
Automated tissue engineering system
The invention provides systems, modules, bioreactor and methods for the automated culture, proliferation, differentiation, production and maintenance of tissue engineered products. In one aspect is an automated tissue engineering system comprising a housing, at least one bioreactor supported by the housing, the bioreactor facilitating physiological cellular functions and/or the generation of one or more tissue constructs from cell and/or tissue sources.
Extracellular aldonolactonase
The present disclosure relates to hydrolysis of hexose-δ-lactones by use of an s. Thermophile extracellular aldonolactonase.
Extracellular polyhydroxyalkanoates produced by genetically engineered microorganisms
The present invention is in the field of biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates (pha). The invention relates to a genetically engineered microorganism having at least one gene involved in the metabolism, preferably in the production, of polyhydroxyalkanoates (pha).
Non-invasive detection of fetal genetic traits
Blood plasma of pregnant women contains fetal and (generally>90%) maternal circulatory extracellular dna. Most of said fetal dna contains 500 base pairs, said maternal dna having a greater size.
Biological specimen collection and transport system and method of use
Disclosed are compositions for isolating populations of nucleic acids from biological, forensic, and environmental samples. Also disclosed are methods for using these compositions as one-step formations for killing pathogens, inactivating nucleases, and releasing polynucleotides from other cellular components within the sample, and stabilizing the nucleic acids prior to further processing or assay.
Topical anti-inflammatory compositions and uses thereof
Disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions and topical formulations thereof that include multiple, phytochemically-active, nutraceutical compounds, and that possess potent anti-inflammatory and extracellular matrix-stabilizing properties both in vitro and in vivo. Also disclosed are prophylactic and therapeutic methods, as well as dosing regimens and medicaments for use in preventing chronic disease, for treating acute or long-term inflammatory-mediated conditions in affected or at-risk subjects, and for stabilizing one or more components of the mammalian extracellular matrix..
Extracellular targeted drug conjugates
Extracellular-targeted drug conjugates (edc) in which a targeting moiety targeting a protein associated with the na,k-atpase is linked to a drug that interacts with the na,k-atpase through a linker a stable linker are useful in the treatment of disease and as tools for the evaluation of biological systems.. .
Multimeric constructs
Multimeric fusion proteins of an ig-like domain of flt-1 are rendered functional by inclusion of a linker moiety. Vectors encoding the fusion proteins and host cells expressing the fusion proteins can be used therapeutically to block neovascularization in individuals with pathological conditions related to neovascularization.
Anti-pdgfr-beta antibodies and uses thereof
The present invention provides antibodies that bind to platelet derived growth factor receptor beta (pdgfr-beta) and methods of using the same. According to certain embodiments of the invention, the antibodies are fully human antibodies that bind to human pdgfr-beta with high affinity.
Method and compositions for improving selective catabolysis and viability in cells of keratin surfaces
A composition for treating keratin surfaces to stimulate selective catabolysis and improve cellular viability comprising at least one autophagy activator and at least one dna repair enzyme, and a method for improving selective catabolysis and cellular viability by treating with the composition.. .
Method for treating oncological diseases
A method to treat cancer and other malignant diseases, said method comprising parenterally administering an agent which destroys blood extracellular dna into the systemic circulation of a cancer patient to slow down cancer growth. The agent is embodied in the form of a dnase enzyme and, more particularly, as a dnase i enzyme.
Measurement of body fluid volumes
The present invention is related generally to measurement of body fluid volumes in an animal subject. The body fluid volumes of interest include extracellular fluid volume (ecfv), total vascular plasma volume (tvpv) and interstitial fluid volume (ifv).
Method for recycling metals
A method for recycling metals is provided by using extracellular proteins excreted by a specific thermophilic bacteria strain, tepidimonas fonticaldi sp. Nov., in which the extracellular proteins show excellent metal-ion binding ability, being useful in recycling rare earth metal ions and precious metal ions from geothermal fluids, boiler solutions, industrial wastewater or hard water..
Systems and methods for sterilization
Systems for sterilization of tissues, including acellular tissue matrices, comprising a package having a portion permeable to supercritical carbon dioxide and a portion impermeable to moisture are described. Methods of sterilizing acellular tissue matrices from soft tissues or demineralized bone are provided..
One-piece headband for a bluetooth headset
A headset for use with electronic communications devices such as a cellular telephone and which includes a unitary, one-piece headband that includes a hair comb. The one-piece headband also includes a volume control and an on/off switch and an aerial wire intertwined with the teeth of the comb.
Communication system using a multi-antenna transmit precoder codebook
Systems using a transmit precoder codebook designed for a four-transmitter (4tx) antenna configuration are described. The 4tx antenna configuration is an attractive option for base stations in cellular network environments due to site-acquiring advantages and robust performance.
Dm rs based lte downlink physical layer
It is provided an apparatus, including synchronizing means adapted to synchronize with a cell of a cellular communication system based on a synchronization signal and to obtain a cell identification of the cell; receiving means adapted to receive a symbol only on one or more subcarriers and subframes which carry at least one symbol of a physical broadcast channel; first obtaining means adapted to obtain a common demodulation reference symbol based on the cell identification and the received symbol; demodulating means adapted to demodulate a signal received on the physical broadcast channel based on the common demodulation reference symbol; user equipment means adapted to provide a user equipment functionality of the communication system.. .
Methods and apparatus for dual connectivity operation in a wireless communication network
Dual-connectivity for the user equipment (ue) in a cellular network is performed by monitoring a plurality of cells. During dual-connectivity, the ue may be simultaneously connected to one serving cell for the control plane (c-plane) and to another serving cell, controlled by a different enodeb, for the user plane (u-plane).
Configuring relay cell identities in cellular networks
The technology in this application identifies a relay cell serviced by a relay radio node in a radio access network (ran) of a cellular communications system in which there is a radio connection between the relay radio node and a donor radio base station. The donor radio base station is identified by a ran donor radio base station cell identifier.
Mobile device with cellular-wlan offlaod using passive load sensing of wlan
Apparatus and methods are provided for switching between a wireless local area network (lan) and a cellular network for a user equipment's (ue) data communication by passively sensing the load on the wireless lan. A method is disclosed that includes detecting an access point associated with a wireless lan and receiving packets that are transmitted by other devices that are using the wireless lan.
System for managing uplink quality of service (qos) in cellular network
A cellular communication system includes a method for managing uplink (ul) quality-of-service (qos) in a two-hop wireless cellular communication system, including determining a count of ul qos requests received from each user equipment (ue) and determining a served-to-requested ratio that is a ratio of a the number of bytes of ul data served to each ue by a mobile relay to the number bytes of ul data requested by each ue from the mobile relay. A ue subsystem of the mobile relay determines if any ues are experiencing low ul qos based on the number of ul qos requests and the served-to-requested ratio.
Mobile computing device dock station with headset jack heat pipe interface
An improved electronic communications system 100 features a holder assembly 104 such as a mobile computing device dock station 106 and dock heat exchanger providing an external heat sink 162 which when coupled with a user-friendly heat transfer device 164 such as a heat pipe can transfer heat from internal electronic components 146, 148 and 154 and an internal heat sink 157 of an electronic communications device 102, such as a cellular phone or mobile computing device, via a special headset jack-heat pipe interface 167 to help cool the electronic communications device 102. The electronic communications device 102 can also include one or more thermal couplings 158-160 for coupling and providing a thermal pathway(s) from at least one of the internal electronic components 146, 148 and 154 to the internal heat sink 157..
Vision launch
The product developed by vision launch can be placed on a cellular phone, i-pad, kindle, computer screen or any and all electronic devices with a screen. When the product is purchased it will be pre-cut to size or the consumer can cut to size, depending on the electronic product..

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