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Cells patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Cells-related patents
 Plant regulatory elements and uses thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Plant regulatory elements and uses thereof
The present invention provides novel regulatory elements for use in plants. The present invention also provides dna constructs containing these novel regulatory elements; transgenic cells, plants, and seeds containing these novel regulatory elements; and methods for preparing and using the same..
 Guard cell promoters and uses thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Guard cell promoters and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for regulating expression of heterologous nucleotide sequences in a plant are provided. Compositions include nucleotide sequences encompassing a guard-cell-preferred promoter which drives preferential expression of gene products in guard cells.
 Transgenic maize event mon 87427 and the relative development scale patent thumbnailnew patent Transgenic maize event mon 87427 and the relative development scale
The invention provides transgenic maize event mon 87427 and plants, plant cells, seeds, plant parts, and commodity products derived from event mon 87427. The invention also provides nucleotides specific for transgenic maize event mon 87427 and plants, plant cells, seeds, plant parts, and commodity products comprising nucleotides specific for transgenic maize event mon 87427.
 Rat embryonic stem cell patent thumbnailnew patent Rat embryonic stem cell
The present invention provides a rat embryonic stem cell characterized by having the following properties of (a) expressing oct3/4 gene and nanog gene, (b) positive for alkaline phosphatase activity, (c) having an embryoid body forming ability, (d) expressing ssea (stage-specific embryonic antigen)-1 and ssea-4, (e) having the same number of chromosomes as does a normal rat cell, (f) capable of being subcultured and holding the undifferentiated state, (g) having in vitro pluripotency, (h) having a potential to differentiate for cells of three embryonic germ lineages, (i) having teratoma formation ability, and (j) having an ability to produce a chimeric rat, a method of establishing the aforementioned rat embryonic stem cell and the like.. .
 Methods of generating xenochimaeric mice with tumor and hematopoietic system from the same heterologous species patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of generating xenochimaeric mice with tumor and hematopoietic system from the same heterologous species
The present invention provides methods for the generation of xenochimaeric animals; for example, xenochimaeric mice, comprising bone marrow progenitor cells and tumors from a heterologous animal. In some aspects, the invention provides xenochimaeric mice bearing humanized bone marrow and human tumors.
 Prostate cancer cell lines, gene signatures and uses thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Prostate cancer cell lines, gene signatures and uses thereof
The present disclosure, in part, is directed to a mammalian prostate cancer cell line comprising at least one or a set of primary mammalian epithelial cells which have been infected with a retroviral vector carrying an oncogene selected from the group consisting of c-myc, ha-ras, neut, c-src and combinations thereof and in which said gene is expressed. Applications of the pro-state cell lines, including immune competent animal models of prostate cancer, a method for the in vitro production of immortalized primary mammalian epithelial cells, a method of determining whether a human subject having prostate cancer is suffering from or at risk for developing metastasis, a method of preventing cancer or inhibiting metastasis of cancer susceptible to treatment in a subject at risk for developing cancer or metastasis of cancer, and method of identifying a candidate compound that selectively interferes with proliferation or viability of a cancer cell that has elevated levels of ccr5 and/or of at least one of its ligands..
 Mmtv-sv40-spy1a and spy1a-ptre transgenic mouse models patent thumbnailnew patent Mmtv-sv40-spy1a and spy1a-ptre transgenic mouse models
In one aspect, the invention provides a transgenic non-human animal model havings germ cells and somatic cells containing an endogenous mmtv-sv40-spy1a gene sequence introduced into said animal model, or an ancestor of said animal model at an embryonic stage, wherein said gene sequence comprises a mouse mammary tumor virus gene (mmtv), a functionally disrupted sv40 gene (sv40) and a human spy1a gene. In another aspect, the present invention provides a transgenic non-human animal model whose germ cells and somatic cells contain an endogenous spy1a-ptre-tight gene sequence introduced into said animal model or an ancestor of said animal model at an embryonic stage.
 Timing closure methodology including placement with initial delay values patent thumbnailnew patent Timing closure methodology including placement with initial delay values
An automated method for designing an integrated circuit layout using a computer based upon an electronic circuit description and based upon cells which are selected from a cell library, each of the cells having an associated area, comprising the steps of: (a) placing each of the cells in the integrated circuit layout so that the cells can be coupled together by wires to form a circuit path having an associated predetermined delay constraint wherein the cells are coupled together based upon the electronic circuit description input to the computer; (b) connecting the cells together with the wires to form the circuit path; and (c) adjusting an area of at least one of the cells to satisfy the associated predetermined delay constraint of the circuit path.. .
 Managing non-volatile media patent thumbnailnew patent Managing non-volatile media
Apparatuses, systems, and methods are disclosed to manage non-volatile media. A method includes determining a configuration parameter for a set of storage cells of a non-volatile recording medium.
 Error tolerant or streaming storage device patent thumbnailnew patent Error tolerant or streaming storage device
A method of storing data includes receiving general purpose (gp) data and special error tolerant or streaming (ets) data, storing the gp data using a data storage method, and storing the ets data using a different data storage method which affects the access rate, resilience to errors, data integrity, storage density, or storage capacity. The storage medium, which can include a disk drive, flash memory, or holographic memory, is utilized differently depending on the required quality of service in aspects including block size, storage of error correction codes, utilization of error correction codes, storage area density, physical format pattern, storage verification, or reaction to failed storage verification.
new patent Specifying and applying rules to data
Validation rules are specified for validating data included in fields of elements of a dataset. Cells are rendered in a two-dimensional grid that includes: one or more subsets of the cells extending in a direction along a first axis, each associated with a respective field, and multiple subsets of the cells extending in a direction along a second axis, one or more of the subsets associated with a respective validation rule.
new patent Structural to functional synaptic conversion
Computer-implemented methods, software, and systems for determining functional synapses from given structural touches between cells in a neuronal circuit are described. One computer-implemented method for determining functional synapses from predetermined synapses of connections between two cells in a neuronal circuit, includes determining, from the predetermined synapses, the functional synapses by leaving a portion of the connections unused, e.g.
new patent System and method for displaying risk data in an electronic trading environment
An example graphical interface and method for displaying risk related data are described. One example graphical interface includes a data structure comprising a plurality of data nodes and at least one risk data point associated with each node, and further comprises a display grid.
new patent Distributor of neurons in a neocortical column
Computer-implemented methods, software, and systems for determining a distribution of neuronal cells across a portion of a brain are described. One computer-implemented method for determining a target distribution of one or more neuronal cells across a portion of a brain, comprising: constraining, by one or more computers, a start distribution of the one or more neuronal cells by expression of one or more marker genes and by protein stain of the one or more marker genes across the portion of the brain to obtain the target distribution..
new patent Circuits and methods for artifact elimination
Disclosed are apparatus and methods that provide the ability to electrical stimulate a physical system, and actively eliminate interference with signal acquisition (artifacts) that arises from the stimulation. The technique implemented in the circuits and methods for eliminating interference connects a discharge path to a physical interface to the system to remove charge that is built-up during stimulation.
new patent Transcutaneous prosthesis
A transcutaneous prosthesis which includes a first component shaped for implantation into a bone, a second component intended for location between the bone and the skin, the second component having a surface treatment for stimulation of fibroblastic cell proliferation and attachment of epithelial cells, and a third component intended for location exterior to the skin surface having a low surface energy which deters bacterial adhesion.. .
new patent Stent
A tubular stent (1) has first and second ends (2,3) and a longitudinal axis (4) therebetween. The tubular stent (1) is formed from a network of struts which defines a cylindrical surface about the longitudinal axis (4), the struts delineating a plurality of cells {23, 30, 31, 32, 33) within the network, there being rows of cells parallel to the longitudinal axis (4).
new patent Systems and methods for repairing soft tissues using nanofiber material
An anchoring system is a combination of a nanofiber scaffold material and an arthroscopically deployable suture anchor. The anchor is deployed into a bone tunnel using common techniques.
new patent Method for relaxing muscle tension on a tubular anatomical structure
An apparatus and method for treatment of muscle tension on a tubular anatomical structure is disclosed. The method includes using an electrical signal to destroy elongated cells causing tension on the tubular anatomical structure.
new patent Cell spraying device, method and sprayed cell suspension
The invention provides a device and methods suitable for producing a cellular spray of cells. The sprayed cells are of interest for covering and growing on a surface, including a skin wound.
new patent Nozzle for the supply of biological material, in particular cells, medical device with such a nozzle, use of a nozzle, method for mixing fluids and apparatus
A nozzle for the supply of biological material, in particular tissue cells, having a mixing chamber (11) which is delimited by a proximal end surface (21) and a distal end surface (22) spaced apart from the proximal end surface (21), at least one nozzle opening (23) which is formed in the distal end surface (22), and at least two supply ducts (30, 40, 50) which discharge into the mixing chamber (11). A first supply duct (30) is arranged in the proximal end surface (21) and discharges into the mixing chamber (11) coaxially to the nozzle opening (23) and a second supply duct (40) has an inlet opening (42) which discharges into the mixing chamber (11) laterally, in particular tangentially at the distal end surface (22)..
new patent Compositions for solubilizing cells and/or tissue
Solubilizing compositions are provided. The compositions comprise at least one zwitterionic surfactant and at least one nonionic surfactant.
new patent Dbs and heart electrical stimulation and measurements with multiple electrodes
A picafina device for electrical stimulation and electrical measurements of neural and muscular cells, which is capable of electrical measurements of cells in the neighborhood of the picafina device and also of electrical stimulation at different voltages and current levels.. .
new patent Series of drugs using photofrin to catalyze decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
The present invention relates to a series of new drugs which refer to chemical series capable of catalyzing the decomposition of h2o2 to generate singlet oxygen (1o2). The drugs relate to therapeutic mechanisms, different from traditional photodynamic therapy, in which the specific affinity of photofrin to focus, such as tumors, vascular plaques and skin diseases is utilized.
new patent Selective targeting agents for mitochondria
The present invention provides a composition and related methods for delivering cargo to a mitochondria which includes (a) a membrane active peptidyl fragment having a high affinity with the mitochondria and (b) cargo. The cargo may be selected from a wide variety of desired cargoes which are to be delivered to the mitochondria for a specific purpose.
new patent Cation-strung side chain polymers useful in hydroxide/anion exchange membranes
This invention provides a family of cation-strung polymers capable of forming membranes having exceptional hydroxide ionic conductivity as well as low water uptake and methods of making the same. The invention also provides for using these cation-strung polymers to manufacture membranes useful in hemfc fuel cells and other devices such as electrolysis, solar hydrogen generation, redox flow battery, dialysis, reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, pervaporation, ion exchange, sensor, and gas separation..
new patent Anti-cancer lead molecule
Derivatives of plumbagin can be selectively cytotoxic to breast cancer cells. Derivative ‘a’ (acetyl plumbagin) has emerged as a lead molecule for testing against estrogen positive breast cancer and has shown low hepatotoxicity as well as overall lower toxicity in nude mice model.
new patent Method for enhanced uptake of viral vectors in the myocardium
The present invention relates to improved therapies for the treatment of heart disease, particularly the improved delivery of therapeutic agents to heart tissue by direct infusion into the coronary circulation. A preferred embodiment of the invention is a method of treating or preventing a cardiovascular disease by transfecting cardiac cells of a large mammal, the method comprising, identifying a mammal in need of treatment or prevention of heart disease, supplying no to the coronary circulation prior to, and/or during the infusion of a therapeutic polynucleotide into a blood vessel of the coronary circulation in vivo, where the therapeutic polynucleotide is infused into the blood vessel over a period of at least about three minutes, where the coronary circulation is not isolated or substantially isolated from the systemic circulation of the mammal; and where the therapeutic polynucleotide transfects cardiac cells of the animal resulting in the treatment or prevention of the heart disease..
new patent Highly inducible dual-promoter lentiviral tet-on system
The invention relates to expression systems useful for regulated expression of a gene of interest based on the constitutive expression of the original tetr repressor and the expression of the polynucleotide driven by a constitutive promoter operably linked to an operator sequence for a tetracycline operator sequence. The system can be provided as two different polynucleotides or as an all-in-one vector.
new patent Use of hgma-targeted phosphorothioate dna aptamers to suppress carcinogenic activity and increase sensitivity to chemotherapy agents in human cancer cells
Elevated high mobility group a (hmga) protein expression in human cancer cells, and especially human pancreatic cancer cells, is correlated with resistance to the chemotherapy agent gemcitabine. The present invention uses hmga-targeted at-rich phosphorothioate dna (at-sdna) aptamers to suppress hmga carcinogenic activity.
new patent Hydrazonopyrazole derivatives and their use as therapeutics
Pharmaceutical compositions and compounds are provided. The compounds of the invention demonstrate anti-proliferative activity, and may promote apoptosis in cells lacking normal regulation of cell cycle and death.
new patent Therapeutic methods for type i diabetes
The invention relates to the treatment and prevention of type i diabetes. More specifically, the invention relates to compounds that treat or prevent the body's immune system from destroying β-cells (i.e., insulin-producing cells in the pancreatic islets of langerhans) by inhibition of jnk2, selective inhibition of jnk2, or inhibition of the expression of the mapk9 gene or gene product.
new patent Treatment and prevention of mastitis
Treating and preventing mastitis employing cationic steroidal antimicrobials (csas). Treating or preventing clinical mastitis in a mammal includes administering a cationic steroidal anti-microbial compound (csa) formulation to the intra-mammary organ of a mammal (e.g., a dairy cow), such as by injection into the mammary organ (e.g., through the teat of the mammary organ), and/or topical application.
new patent Methods and apparatus for creating particle derivatives of hdl with reduced lipid content
The present invention is directed to systems, apparatus and methods for creating derivatives of at least one form of hdl without substantially affecting ldl. These derivatives of hdl are particles with reduced lipid content, particularly reduced cholesterol content.
new patent Fibronectin based scaffold domain proteins that bind to myostatin
The present invention relates to fibronectin-based scaffold domain proteins that bind to myostatin. The invention also relates to the use of these proteins in therapeutic applications to treat muscular dystrophy, cachexia, sarcopenia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, copd, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, and fibrosis.
new patent Fetal aneuploidy detection by sequencing
The present invention provides apparatus and methods for enriching components or cells from a sample and conducting genetic analysis, such as snp genotyping to provide diagnostic results for fetal disorders or conditions.. .
new patent Paging optimization in small cell networks using gateways
A method includes receiving from a core network entity a paging message including a permanent user identity of a user for a specific user equipment, and determining, using the permanent user identity, a set of small cells to which the paging message should be sent based on a small cell last visited by the specific user equipment and small cells that are neighbors to the last-visited small cell. The paging message, without the permanent user identity, is sent to the determined set of small cells.
new patent Method for scheduling users in a cellular environment for applying pareto optimal power control, scheduler and wireless communication network
An approach for scheduling users in a cellular environment such that a pareto optimal power control can be applied, wherein in each cell of the cellular environment there are a plurality of user, includes scheduling users such that a number of groups of interfering users from different cells which fulfill a feasibility condition for the pareto optimal power control is maximized.. .
new patent Cellular wide-area radio communication system with relay-enhanced cells
In a cellular wide-area radio communications system, comprising a plurality of base stations, a plurality of relay stations, and a plurality of mobile stations, wherein each of the relay stations is associated with at least one of the base stations, each of the mobile stations is associated with at least one of the base stations or one of the relay stations, wireless data transmissions between mobile stations and base stations take place either as single-hop data transmissions between the mobile stations and their associated base stations, or as multi-hop data transmissions between the mobile stations and their associated relay stations and a data transmission between the relay stations and the base stations associated with the relay stations, wherein an average number of multi-hop data transmissions in the radio communications system equals at least an average number of single-hop data transmissions.. .
new patent Inter-rat reselection in mobile communication systems
A method includes, in a mobile communication terminal that is camped on a serving cell, evaluating signals of one or more neighbor cells, and permitting the terminal to switch to a neighbor cell when a signal of the neighbor cell meets a reselection criterion for at least a predefined reselection interval. Acquisition of one or more configuration parameters of the neighbor cell is initiated at least partly in parallel with the reselection interval of the neighbor cell.
new patent Network attach method for relay node and related apparatus
A method is disclosed for a relay node (rn) attaching a network. The rn accesses a first cell.
new patent Inter-rat coverage determination for energy saving management
Embodiments of systems and techniques are described for determining inter-radio access technology (inter-rat) coverage for energy saving management (esm). In some embodiments, a network management (nm) apparatus may determine that a source cell of a network of a first rat is triggered to activate an energy saving state and that the source cell is partially overlapped by each of a plurality of cells of one or more networks of one or more rats different from the first rat.
new patent Mobile station apparatus, base station apparatus, and mobile communication system
A mobile station (ms) includes a first circuitry configured to: select a cell by a cell selection procedure started by the ms, in a case where a radio link failure is detected, wherein said selecting based is on: a criteria of the cell selection procedure; information, used for indicating access restrictions of the ms, the information broadcasted on each cells; and an access class of the ms, wherein the access class being either: a first access class applied for an emergency call, or other access classes applied for other calls; and treat, in a case where the radio link failure is detected upon communication of the first access class, the selected cell as an appropriate cell even in a case where the selected cell is a cell belonging to a first base station not registered in the list; and a second circuitry configured to access the appropriate cell.. .
new patent Polishing pad and manufacturing method therefor
Provided are a polishing pad which remedies the problem of scratches occurring when a conventional hard (dry) polishing pad is used, which is excellent in polishing rate and polishing uniformity, and which can be used for not only primary polishing but also finish polishing, and a manufacturing method therefor. The polishing pad is a polishing pad for polishing a semiconductor device, comprising a polishing layer having a polyurethane-polyurea resin foam containing substantially spherical cells, wherein the polyurethane-polyurea resin foam has a young's modulus e in a range from 450 to 30000 kpa, and a density d in a range from 0.30 to 0.60 g/cm3..
new patent Back contact solar cells with effective and efficient designs and corresponding patterning processes
Laser based processes are used alone or in combination to effectively process doped domains for semiconductors and/or current harvesting structures. For example, dopants can be driven into a silicon/germanium semiconductor layer from a bare silicon/germanium surface using a laser beam.
new patent Memory cells and methods of forming memory cells
Some embodiments include memory cells having programmable material between a pair of electrodes. The programmable material includes a material selected from the group consisting of a metal silicate with a ratio of metal to silicon within a range of from about 2 to about 6, and metal aluminate with a ratio of metal to aluminum within a range of from about 2 to about 6.
new patent Solar cell module with sealing members
Disclosed is a solar cell module that reduces entering of moisture into a solar cell module from a side surface sf thereof, and has high moisture-resistant properties. The disclosed solar cell module is a solar cell module in which solar cells 13a to 13d are sealed by a sealing member 21 between a transparent front surface protective member 11 and a back surface protective member 12, wherein the sealing member 21 includes at least a first sealing member 14 and a second sealing member 15, the first sealing member and the second sealing member are different in type, and the sealing member 21 exposed to a side surface sf of the solar cell module is the first sealing member 14..
new patent Apparatus for introducing biological material, method of introducing biological material and magnetic support for introducing biological material
The invention comprises: one or more packing units in which a mixture solution containing a large number of magnetic supports carrying a biological material to be introduced into a host such as cells upon using, together with a large number of the hosts in a liquid is pooled; and an introduction treatment unit in which a magnetic force affecting the inside of the packing unit is controlled so as to move the magnetic supports relatively with respect to the host so that the biological material can be introduced into the host.. .
new patent Method for producing three-dimensional monolithic microfluidic devices
A method is described for producing a microfluidic device (19), which comprises the phases of producing a three-dimensional template (15) of geometry equal to the channelings that is desired to obtain in the device; inserting the template in the desired position into a mould (16), keeping it suspended by at least one of its end; coating said template by immersion in (or deposition of) a material in the liquid phase (or dissolved or dispersed in a solvent) capable of solidifying by means of a chemical reaction or physical transformation, forming a material constituting the body of the final device; and selectively removing the three-dimensional template. In a variant of the method, useful for the production of scaffolds to be inserted into the human body, a porogenic material is added to the liquid precursor or to the precursor solution, such that the material of the solid matrix is characterised by a continuous structure of pores into which it is possible to insert live cells..
new patent Use of chimeric antigen receptor-modified t cells to treat cancer
The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating cancer in a human. The invention includes relates to administering a genetically modified t cell to express a car wherein the car comprises an antigen binding domain, a transmembrane domain, a costimulatory signaling region, and a cd3 zeta signaling domain..
new patent Methods of isolating cells
Provided herein are methods of isolating and expanding a plurality of multipotent cells (e.g., mscs and ascs) using a first culture in a suitable 2-dimensional substrate and a second culture in a suitable 3-dimensional substrate containing the basement membrane component and rock inhibitors. Also described are multipotent cell cultures made by the methods.
new patent Compositions and methods for recruiting stem cells
Described herein are compositions and methods of using modified placental tissue grafts composed of at least one membrane, capable of recruiting stem cells in vivo and in vitro.. .
new patent Methods and compositions for long term hematopoietic repopulation
Methods for isolating a cd133+/cd45neg/glyaneg subpopulation of umbilical cord blood cells are disclosed. In some embodiments, the methods include providing an initial population of umbilical cord blood cells; contacting the initial population of cells with a first antibody that is specific for cd133, a second antibody that is specific for cd45, and a third antibody that is specific for glycophorin a (glya) under conditions sufficient to allow binding of each antibody to its target, if present, on each cell of the initial population of cells; and isolating a subpopulation of cells that are cd133+, cd45neg, and glyaneg.
new patent Multilayered cell culture apparatus
A multilayered cell culture apparatus for the culturing of cells is disclosed. The cell culture apparatus is defined as an integral structure having a plurality of cell culture chambers in combination with tracheal space(s).
new patent Cell mass capable of serving as a primitive organ-like structure comprised of a plurality of cell types of somatic origin
The present invention provides a method of producing a cell mass capable of serving as a primitive organ-like structure comprised of a plurality of somatic cell types of somatic origin, comprising: preparing cultures containing the plurality of types of somatic cells; mixing the plurality of types of somatic cell cultures followed by adding a wnt signal activator to the mixed cell culture; subjecting the culture containing the wnt signal activator to non-plate contact culturing over a predetermined time period; and replacing the medium of the culture cultured by the non-plate contact culturing with medium not containing wnt signal activator and further culturing for a predetermined time period; wherein, at least one type of the plurality of somatic cells is maintained in an undifferentiated state.. .
new patent High fidelity thermostable ligase and uses thereof
The present invention is directed to a mutant thermostable ligase having substantially higher fidelity than either t4 ligase or thermus thermophilus ligase. The ligase of the present invention is a mutant of a wild-type thermostable ligase having a histidine adjacent a kxdg motif, where the mutant thermostable ligase has a mutation in its amino sequence where the histidine adjacent the kxdg motif in the wild-type thermostable ligase is replaced with an arginine, and wherein x is any amino acid.
new patent Methods and compositions for high efficiency transfection of sirna
Described herein are methods and compositions for high efficiency transfection of sirna into a cell population. Such methods and compositions utilize a low voltage pre-conditioning pulse to modulate the efficiency of sirna transfection.
new patent Dgat genes and methods of use for triglyceride production in recombinant microorganisms
The present invention provides novel diacylglycerol acyltransferase (dgat) genes, including novel genes encoding localization peptides. The present invention also provides recombinant cells, such as algae, transformed with dgat genes and methods of using such recombinant cells to produce triglyceride..
new patent Polypeptides having xylanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
The present invention relates to isolated polypeptides having xylanase activity and isolated polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. The invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides..
new patent Mammalian cell culture processes for protein production
The present invention describes methods and processes for the production of proteins by animal cell or mammalian cell culture. In one aspect, the methods comprise the growth of cells in a growth factor/protein/peptide free medium.
new patent Drain down and re-feed of microcarrier bioreactor
The invention provides a method of increasing product yield per culture in a population of product-secreting cells bound to a scaffold, for example, a microcarrier, at least partially immersed in a culture medium in a bioreactor. The method comprising: semi-harvesting product by removing a volume of the culture medium with a first-secreted product concentration while leaving the scaffold with the bound cells in the bioreactor; re-feeding the cells by adding a fresh culture medium to increase the culture medium in the bioreactor to approximately the original volume; agitating the culture medium to allow the cells to grow and release a second-secreted product concentration; harvesting product by removing the culture medium with the second-secreted product concentration while leaving the scaffold with the bound cells behind.
new patent Protein production in microorganisms of the phylum labyrinthulomycota
The present invention relates to recombinant cells and microorganisms of the phylum labyrinthulomycota and their use in heterologous protein production. Novel promoter, terminator, and signal sequences for efficient production and, optionally, secretion of polypeptides from recombinant host cells and microorganisms are also encompassed by the present invention..
new patent Selection of host cells expressing protein at high levels
Described is a dna molecule comprising an open reading frame sequence encoding a selectable marker polypeptide, wherein the dna molecule in the coding strand comprises a translation start sequence for the selectable marker polypeptide having a gtg or ttg start codon, and wherein the orf sequence that encodes the selectable marker protein has been mutated to replace at least half of its cpg dinucleotides as compared to the native orf sequence that encodes the selectable marker protein. Further provided are such dna molecules wherein the orf sequence that encodes a selectable marker polypeptide is part of a multicistronic transcription unit that further comprises an open reading frame sequence encoding a polypeptide of interest.
new patent Polypeptides having carboxypeptidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
The present invention relates to isolated polypeptides having carboxypeptidase activity and isolated polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. The invention also relates to nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides..
new patent Apparatus, method, and system for the automated imaging and evaluation of embryos, oocytes and stem cells
Apparatuses, methods, and systems for the automated imaging and evaluation of human embryos, oocytes, or pluripotent cells are described. An apparatus and method for automated dish detection and well occupancy determination are described.
new patent Automated ctc detection
An embodiment relates to a method and to an array for detecting live circulating or disseminated cells in body fluids (for example blood, urine) or tissue samples (for example bone marrow) mixed with liquid. The method includes: a) filtering the liquid sample through a porous membrane that is suitable for retaining cells to be detected, such that cells to be detected come to rest upon at least a part of the surface of the membrane and the sample liquid passes the membrane; b) applying a first process liquid containing a first agent for marking the cells to be detected with a first marker; c) incubating the process liquid on the membrane for a predetermined time period, wherein the cells to be detected are marked; and d) detecting the marked cells to be detected on the surface of the membrane..
new patent Medical device design, manufacture and testing systems
Described are methods and systems for testing lumens of cannulated delivery components or assemblies thereof that may be used to deliver cells to a patient. Test cells are contacted with walls of the lumens and/or liquids that contact walls of the lumens, potentially over an incubation period.
new patent Method for diagnosing glioma and screening for the therapeutics of glioma through identifying protein relocation
The present invention relates to a method for diagnosing glioma by comparing the protein location of an individual to be diagnosed with the normal control nerve cells. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method for diagnosing glioma including determining that an individual has glioma when the expression level of gfrα4 in the endoplasmic reticulum is higher than that in the plasma membrane, and a method for screening a therapeutic agent for glioma.
new patent Molecular markers in prostate cancer
The present invention relates to methods for diagnosing prostate cancer and especially diagnosing lg, i.e., individuals with good prognosis; hg, i.e., individuals with poor prognosis of primary tumour; prca met, i.e., individuals with poor prognosis and metastasis; and crpc, i.e., individuals with poor prognosis suffering from aggressive localized disease. Specifically, the present invention relates to method for establishing the presence, or absence, of prostate cancer in a human individual comprising: a) determining the expression of hoxc4 in a sample originating from said human individual; b) establishing up, or down, regulation of expression of hoxc4 as compared to expression of hoxc4 in a sample originating from said human individual not comprising prostate tumour cells or prostate tumour tissue, or from an individual not suffering from prostate cancer; and c) establishing the presence, or absence, of prostate cancer based on the established up- or down regulation of hoxc4..
new patent Arrangement and process for optical analysis and specific isolation of biological samples
A process is disclosed for detecting cells in a liquid sample, which includes: i) filtration of the liquid sample through a porous membrane which is suitable for retaining detectable cells, where at least one subregion of a support is configured as transparent supporting body and the membrane is arranged over its area on the transparent supporting body in such a way that detectable cells are retained on at least part of the surface of the membrane and that at least part of the sample liquid passes through the membrane, ii) application of a liquid optical medium which has essentially the same refractive index as the supporting body, and iii) optical measurement of at least a subarea of the membrane in order to detect detectable cells.. .
new patent Novel genes causing hereditary kidney disease or malformation of the urinary tract
Isolated nucleotides encoding polypeptides with mutations leading to amino acid substitutions linked to hereditary kidney disease or malformation of the urinary tract are provided herein. Constructs, cells, probes and inhibitory molecules comprising these mutations are also provided and may be used in screening assays for candidate agents to treat or reverse these diseases or alternatively to provide diagnostic tests.
new patent Culture medium composition and method of culturing cell or tissue using thereof
The present invention provides a culture method of cells and/or tissues including culturing cells and/or tissues in a suspended state by using a medium composition wherein indeterminate structures are formed in a liquid medium, the structures are uniformly dispersed in the solution and substantially retain the cells and/or tissues without substantially increasing the viscosity of the solution, thus affording an effect of preventing sedimentation thereof, and the like.. .
new patent Protocols for making hepatocytes from embryonic stem cells
This disclosure provides a newly developed strategy and particular options for differentiating pluripotent stem cells into cells of the hepatocyte lineage. Many of the protocols are based on a strategy in which the cells are first differentiated into early germ layer cells, then into hepatocyte precursors, and then into mature cells.
new patent Monitoring and inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus infection by modulating hmgb1 dependent triggering of hiv-1 replication and persistence
Compositions and methods for modulating human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infection involving substances that inhibit the ability of high mobility box 1 (hmgb1) protein to interact with natural killer (nk) cells. Therapeutic compositions comprising antibodies and drugs, such as glycyrrhizin, which bind to hmgb1.
new patent Cohesive assembly of carbon and its application
Cohesive carbon assemblies are prepared by obtaining a carbon starting material in the form of powder, particles, flakes, or loose agglomerates, dispersing the carbon in a selected organic solvent by mechanical mixing and/or sonication, and substantially removing the organic solvent, typically by evaporation, whereby the cohesive assembly of carbon is formed. The method is suitable for preparing free-standing, monolithic assemblies of carbon nanotubes in the form of films, wafers, or discs, having high carbon packing density and low electrical resistivity.
new patent
Water soluble catalysts, (m)meso-tetra(n-methyl-4-pyridyl)porphinepentachloride (m=fe, co, mn & cu), have been incorporated into the polymer binder of oxygen reduction cathodes in membrane electrode assemblies used in pem fuel cells and found to support encouragingly high current densities. The voltages achieved are low compared to commercial platinum catalysts but entirely consistent with the behavior observed in electroanalytical measurements of the homogeneous catalysts.
new patent Fuel cell with improved thermal management
A fuel cell including at least two stacks of electrochemical cells, a heat management system including a circuit for flowing a coolant into each of the stacks fed in parallel, and an outside circuit for flowing the coolant outside the stacks. The outside circuit includes a first subcircuit including a heat exchanger and a second subcircuit directly connected to an inlet of the inside circuit, and controlling valves for controlling flow of the coolant toward either or both subcircuits as a function of temperature of the coolant at an output of each of the stacks.
new patent Fuel cell device and system
Fuel cell devices and fuel cell systems are provided. The fuel cell devices may include one or more active layers containing active cells that are connected electrically in series.
new patent Oxygen plenum configurations of components in low cost planar rechargeable oxide-ion battery (rob) cells and stacks
An rob stack (10′) contains a plurality of stacked rob cells (10) made from: thin metal bipolar housings (13) having air inlets and exits and horizontal channels for feeding air between the inlets (16) and exits (17), the channel having top ridges and also grooves (25) for containing active material (34); a porous air electrode (21/39) next to the air channels allowing air contact; a metal electrode (36); and an oxygen ion transfer membrane (37) acting as electrolyte; wherein the plurality of all the assemblies form vertical air inlet and outlet plenums.. .
new patent Phase separated silicon-tin composite as negative electrode material for lithium-ion and lithium sulfur batteries
A composite of silicon and tin is prepared as a negative electrode composition with increased lithium insertion capacity and durability for use with a metal current collector in cells of a lithium-ion battery or a lithium-sulfur battery. This negative electrode material is formed such that the silicon is present as a distinct amorphous phase in a matrix phase of crystalline tin.
new patent Layered materials with improved magnesium intercalation for rechargeable magnesium ion cells
Electrochemical devices which incorporate cathode materials that include layered crystalline compounds for which a structural modification has been achieved which increases the diffusion rate of multi-valent ions into and out of the cathode materials. Examples in which the layer spacing of the layered electrode materials is modified to have a specific spacing range such that the spacing is optimal for diffusion of magnesium ions are presented.
new patent Energy storage apparatus having a temperature control device
An energy storage device (1) has at least one energy storage cell (2), preferably a number of energy storage cells (2), and a temperature controlling means, which is designed for controlling the temperature of the energy storage cell (2) or an assembly formed by the energy storage cells (2), and at least one clamping element (8, 20), which is designed as a functional component part of the temperature controlling means and is designed for carrying a heat transfer medium.. .
new patent Pressure-relief mechanism to improve safety in lithium-polymer battery cells
The disclosed embodiments relate to a battery cell which includes a weakness for relieving pressure. This battery cell includes a jelly roll comprising layers which are wound together, including a cathode with an active coating, a separator and an anode with an active coating.
new patent Composite structure core crush prevention
A composite structure includes a first laminate and a second laminate. At least one core assembly is located between the first laminate and the second laminate.
new patent Medical composition for inhibiting the growth of cancer stem cells
A medical composition for inhibiting the growth of cancer stem cells is disclosed. The medical composition is prepared by mixing herbal medicines with water or alcohol, followed by heating and extraction to obtain a filtrate.
new patent Hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier-containing pharmaceutical composition for cancer targeting treatment and prevention of cancer recurrence
The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition containing a hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier for treating cancer, preventing recurrence and metastasis of cancerous tumor. The composition can be used alone or in combination with at least one chemotherapeutic agent such as 5fu, bortezomib, doxorubicin, cisplatin, or any combination thereof.

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