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Cells patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Cells-related patents
 Polypeptides having beta-xylosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same patent thumbnailnew patent Polypeptides having beta-xylosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Provided are isolated polypeptides having beta-xylosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. Also provided are nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides..
 Plant genes involved in nitrate uptake and metabolism patent thumbnailnew patent Plant genes involved in nitrate uptake and metabolism
The present invention relates nucleic acid molecules that are modulated (e.g., upregulated) by nitrogen in corn, to proteins or polypeptides encoded by these nucleic acid molecules, and promoters of these nucleic acid molecules. The present invention relates to a nucleic acid construct having a nucleic acid molecule that is modulated by nitrogen in corn, as well as to expression systems, host cells, plants, and plant seeds having the nucleic acid construct.
 Axmi345 delta-endotoxin gene and methods for its use patent thumbnailnew patent Axmi345 delta-endotoxin gene and methods for its use
Compositions and methods for conferring pesticidal activity to bacteria, plants, plant cells, tissues and seeds are provided. Compositions comprising a coding sequence for a toxin polypeptide are provided.
 Soybean transgenic event mon87751 and methods for detection and use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Soybean transgenic event mon87751 and methods for detection and use thereof
The invention provides a transgenic glycine max event mon87751, plants, plant cells, seeds, plant parts, progeny plants, and commodity products comprising event mon87751. The invention also provides polynucleotides specific for event mon87751, plants, plant cells, seeds, plant parts, and commodity products comprising polynucleotides for event mon87751.
 Transgenic brassica event mon 88302 and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Transgenic brassica event mon 88302 and methods of use thereof
The invention provides plants comprising transgenic event mon 88302 that exhibit tolerance to glyphosate herbicide. The invention also provides seeds, plant parts, cells, commodity products, and methods related to the event.
 Machine-learning based datapath extraction patent thumbnailnew patent Machine-learning based datapath extraction
A datapath extraction tool uses machine-learning models to selectively classify clusters of cells in an integrated circuit design as either datapath logic or non-datapath logic based on cluster features. A support vector machine and a neural network can be used to build compact and run-time efficient models.
 Analytical model for predicting current mismatch in metal oxide semiconductor arrays patent thumbnailnew patent Analytical model for predicting current mismatch in metal oxide semiconductor arrays
A system and method for designing integrated circuits and predicting current mismatch in a metal oxide semiconductor (mos) array. A first subset of cells in the mos array is selected and current measured for each of these cells.
 Showing presence of multiple authors in a spreadsheet patent thumbnailnew patent Showing presence of multiple authors in a spreadsheet
Dynamic collaborative presence information is provided. A plurality of users may access a document concurrently.
 Scan chain stitching for test-per-clock patent thumbnailnew patent Scan chain stitching for test-per-clock
Various aspects of the present invention relate to scan chain stitching techniques for test-per-clock. With various implementations of the invention, a plurality of scan cell partitions are generated based on combinational paths between scan cells.
 Method for healing reset errors in a magnetic memory patent thumbnailnew patent Method for healing reset errors in a magnetic memory
A method is provided for healing reset errors for a magnetic memory using destructive read with selective write-back, including for example, a self-referenced read of spin-torque bits in an mram. Memory cells are prepared for write back by one of identifying memory cells determined in error using an error correcting code and inverting the inversion bit for those memory cells determined in error; identifying memory cells determined in error using an error correcting code and resetting a portion of the memory cells to the first state; and resetting one or more memory cells to the first state..
new patent Mapping data to non-volatile memory
An apparatus includes, in at least one aspect, a memory interface configured to connect with a plurality of multi-level memory cells and a circuitry coupled with the memory interface. The plurality of multi-level memory cells include a first page and a second page.
new patent Memory controller, operating method, and memory system including same
A method of operating a memory controller includes determining an access property for a target address region and controlling a threshold voltage distribution of memory cells included in the target address region according to the determined access property.. .
new patent Semiconductor memory device and memory system
A semiconductor memory device and a memory system are disclosed. The semiconductor memory device includes: a memory bank configured to include a first section and a second section, each of which is comprised of a plurality of memory cells; an lio line switching circuit configured to generate first and second selection signals on the basis of page-size information; and an input/output (i/o) circuit configured to access the first section, the second section, or the first and second sections on the basis of the first and second selection signals, wherein the page-size information includes first and second information.
new patent Grid calculation for fluid flow modeling
A method of estimating flow properties of an earth formation includes: selecting a grid block representing a region of the earth formation, the region including at least one of an area and a volume of the earth formation, the grid block including a plurality of grid cells and having an orientation defined by grid axes; and calculating a fluid flow model of the region. Calculating the model includes: estimating a principal flow direction for each grid cell; adjusting the orientation of the grid block based on the principal flow direction; and calculating fluid flow parameters in each grid cell to generate the fluid flow model..
new patent Techniques for estimating battery pack parameters
A method for a battery pack controller of an electrified vehicle, the battery pack controller including one or more processors, includes identifying n battery cells of a battery pack that includes m battery cells, the n battery cells being weakest battery cells of the battery pack, wherein n is an integer greater than zero and less than m. The method includes determining one or more first parameters for each of the n battery cells, each of the one or more first parameters indicating a parameter for a specific battery cell.
new patent Battery pack air cooling structure provided with thermoelectric element and control method thereof
A battery pack air cooling structure and method having a thermoelectric element are provided. The structure includes a housing having a cooling passageway through which a refrigerant passes and a plurality of cell module assemblies that are disposed inside the housing and each include a pair of unit cells stacked parallel to each other.
new patent Production of tissue engineered digits and limbs
The invention pertains to methods of producing artificial composite tissue constructs that permit coordinated motion. Biocompatable structural matrices having sufficient rigidity to provide structural support for cartilage-forming cells and bone-forming cells are used.
new patent Orthopedic infra-red laser medical device and methods of use
An orthopedic infra-red laser medical device and methods of use for applying infra-red energy to an anatomic region of interest located within the body of a patient. The device includes a hollow needle and a housing on which the needle is releasably mounted.
new patent Method for low-voltage termination of cardiac arrhythmias by effectively unpinning anatomical reentries
A method for extinguishing a cardiac arrhythmia utilizes destructive interference of the passing of the reentry wave tip of an anatomical reentry through a depolarized region created by a relatively low voltage electric field in such a way as to effectively unpin the anatomical reentry. Preferably, the relatively low voltage electric field is defined by at least one unpinning shock(s) that are lower than an expected lower limit of vulnerability as established, for example, by a defibrillation threshold test.
new patent Fracture treatment device
Provided is a fracture treatment device enabling efficient bone regeneration. The fracture treatment device (10) for connecting a bone on one side of a fracture site and a bone on the other side of the fracture site, the device including a fixation member (11) having a stick shape, a tissue regeneration structure (15) disposed in a manner to cover at least a part of the fixation member, wherein the tissue regeneration structure includes a support body made of a bioabsorbable material and cells retained in the support body, which cells regenerate bone..
new patent Air gap for supporting cells
Apparatus is provided, including a housing configured for insertion into a body of a subject; at least one oxygen reservoir disposed within the housing; and at least one layer of transplanted cells, disposed within the housing; and gaseous oxygen disposed within the at least one oxygen reservoir. Other embodiments are also described..
new patent Production of dihydrosterculic acid and derivatives thereof
The present invention relates to recombinant cells, particularly recombinant plant cells, which are capable of producing dihydrosterculic acid and/or derivatives thereof. The present invention also relates to methods of producing oil comprising dihydrosterculic acid and/or derivatives thereof..
new patent Benzodithiophene derivatives and their use as photoluminescent compounds
Compound comprising a benzoetherodiazole group of formula (i) and at least one benzodithiophene group or a mixture of compounds comprising a benzoetherodiazole group and at least one benzodithiophene group of formulae (ii) and (iii). Both said compound and said mixture of compounds can be advantageously used as spectrum converters in luminescent solar concentrators (lscs), capable, in their turn, of enhancing the performances of solar devices (i.e.
new patent Novel oligonucleotide conjugates and use thereof
The present invention provides a double-stranded rna structure, which comprises a polymer compound covalently bonded to a double-helix oligo rna useful for the treatment of diseases, particularly cancer, in order to enhance the delivery of the double-helix oligo rna, and further comprises a target-specific ligand bonded thereto, a preparation method thereof, and a technique of delivering the double-helix oligo rna in a target-specific manner using the rna structure. A nanoparticle composed of the ligand-bonded double-helix oligo rna structures can efficiently deliver the double-helix oligo rna to a target, and thus can exhibit the activity of the double-helix oligo rna even when the double-helix oligo rna is administered at a relatively low concentration.
new patent Method for suppressing tumorigenicity of stem cells
A method for suppressing tumorigenicity of stem cells in a mammalian subject, which comprises administering an effective amount of a fatty acid derivative and a method for suppressing tumorigenicity of stem cells of a mammalian subject, which comprises contacting said stem cell with an effective amount of a fatty acid derivative, are provided.. .
new patent Modified mrnas encoding cell-penetrating polypeptides
This invention relates to modified nucleic acid compositions encoding cell-penetrating polypeptides to provoke an innate immune response in a cell and methods of delivering protein-binding partners to target cells.. .
new patent Pharmaceutical composition for treating cancer
The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition for treating cancer, comprising at least one selected from deoxyribonucleic acids (dna) for encoding small interfering rna (sirna) which complementarily binds to the base sequence of the transcript (mrna transcript) of the flj25416 gene, represented by sequence number 3, sequence number 5, and sequence number 7 to inhibit the intracellular expression of the flj25416 gene, antisense rna which inhibits expression of the flj25416 gene, and short hairpin rna (shrna) which inhibits expression of the flj25416 gene. As the sirna, which is complementary to the base sequence of the transcript (mrna transcript) of the flj25416 gene, the antisense rna, and the shrna, according to the present invention, inhibit expression of the flj25416 gene which is known to be expressed in cancer cells, and thus kill cancer cells, the composition of the present invention can be used as a novel anti-cancer agent..
new patent Method for the controlled intracellular delivery of nucleic acids
The present invention relates to a method for the controlled intracellular delivery of nucleic acid molecules into one or more target cells, in particular tumor cells, the method comprising: providing a polymeric complex formed between one or more nucleic acid molecules to be delivered and one or more cationic carrier molecules, wherein at least a part of the one or more carrier molecules in the polymeric complex are covalently attached to hydroxyalkyl starch, and wherein the hydroxyalkyl starch is shielding the polymeric complex; allowing the shielded polymeric complex to get into contact with the one or more target cells; deshielding the polymeric complex by removing the hydroxyalkyl starch; and allowing the deshielded polymeric complex to internalize into the one or more target cells. Removal of the hydroxyalkyl starch can be accomplished enzymatically by exposing the polymeric complex to amylase.
new patent De novo synthesis of bacteriochlorins
To produce the bacteriochlorin, wherein r is an acetal or aldehyde group. The condensing may be carried out in an organic solvent, preferably in the presence of an acid.
new patent Novel piperine derivatives and uses thereof
The present invention provides novel piperine derivatives. The present pharmaceutical or food composition containing a piperine derivative as an active ingredient is very effective in preventing or treating metabolic diseases including obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, fatty liver and insulin resistance syndrome.
new patent Method of inhibiting dyrk1b
The present invention relates to a dyrk1b inhibitor for use in the treatment of cancer, wherein in said cancer and/or in cells of said cancer the hedgehog signaling pathway is activated, and in particular the activation of the hedgehog signaling pathway is independent of signaling by the g protein-coupled receptor smoothened.. .
new patent Method for treating prostate cancer by use of pharmaceutical composition containing a3 adenosine receptor agonist
The present invention relates to a method by use of a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating inflammatory disease, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer, which contains an a3 adenosine receptor agonist, 2-chloro-n6-(3-iodobenzyl)-4′-thioadenosine-5′-n-methyluronamide (thio-cl-ib-meca), n6-(3-iodobenzyl)-4′-thioadenosine-5′-n-methyluronamide (thio-ib-meca), or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. The pharmaceutical composition of the invention is significantly less toxic than conventional a3 adenosine agonists, and thus is useful for prevention or treatment of inflammatory disease.
new patent P19arf, hmga2 and mdm2 for use in the diagnosis and treatment of aberrant cell growth
Provided are novel methods and compositions for the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of leiomyomas, in particular uterine leiomyoma (ul). In addition, methods of identifying anti-tumor agents are described.
new patent New therapeutic approaches for treating parkinson's disease
The present invention relates to compositions and methods for the treatment of parkinson's disease and related disorders. More specifically, the present invention relates to novel combinatorial therapies of parkinson's disease and related disorders targeting the alpha-synuclein aggregation network.
new patent Indazole compounds as kinase inhibitors and method of treating cancer with same
The present teaching provide indazole compounds represented by structural formulae (i) or (i′) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. Also described are pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use thereof as protein kinase inhibitors, such as ttk protein kinase, polo-like kinase 4 (plk4) and aurora kinases having anticancer activity against breast cancer cells, colon cancer cells, and ovarian cancer cells..
new patent Novel alpha-1 antitrypsin variant, preparation method thereof and use thereof
A novel alpha-1 antitrypsin variant, a method of preparing the same, and use thereof are provided. The alpha-1 antitrypsin variant has excellent stability in the body and maintains an inhibitory effect on elastase activities because the blood half-life (t1/2) and the area under blood drug concentration vs.
new patent In vitro method for modifying the depletion profile of treg cells present in a total splenocyte population of a biological sample by means of the isolation, culturing and exposure thereof to an atp and polymixin b medium
In vitro method to modify the deplexion profile of treg cells present in a total splenocyte population of a biological sample comprising isolating, cultivating and submitting the splenocyte at a atp medium and polymyx b, where the splenocytes at concentrations of polymyxin b in the range 0.1 μg/ml to 100 μg/ml, and combined use of polymyxin b and atp to prepare a medicament useful in the treatment tumor or cancer mammals, where cancer is melamine.. .
new patent Beauvericin compositions and methods thereof for inhibiting the hsp90 chaperone pathway
Methods of inhibiting the hsp90 chaperone pathway including contacting one or more target cells with an effective amount of a naturally occurring beauvericin, a synthetic beauvericin, or a derivative, analog or prodrug, or a pharmacologically active salt thereof to reduce, decrease, or inhibit the hsp90 chaperone pathway in the cells compared to a control are disclosed. The methods can reduce the viability of the target cells, for example, by increasing apoptosis or pro-apoptotic pathways.
new patent Membrane resident peptide in anti-cancer peptides causes tumor cell necrosis rather than apoptosis of cancer cells
An aspect of the invention provides a method of selectively necrosing cells, comprising: providing a plurality cells, including at least one cancer cell and at least one non-cancerous cell; and administering to the cells a compound, including an hdm-2 targeting component and a cytotoxic component attached to the hdm-2 targeting component, wherein said compound comprises a membrane-active form.. .
new patent Growth hormone polypeptides and methods of making and using same
The present invention relates to compositions comprising growth hormone linked to extended recombinant polypeptide (xten), isolated nucleic acids encoding the compositions and vectors and host cells containing the same, and methods of making and using such compositions in treatment of growth hormone-related diseases, disorders, and conditions.. .
new patent Codon signature for neuromyelitis optica
The present invention provides for the diagnosis and prediction of neuromyelitis optica (nmo) in subject utilizing a unique a codon signature in b cells that has now been associated with nmo and not with any other autoimmune disease. More particularly, the method may comprise the steps of (a) providing a 10 b-cell containing sample from a subject, or dna or rna isolated therefrom; (b) determining the vh1 and/or vh4 structure of vh1nh4-expressing b-cells from said subject, (c) determining the mutational frequency vh1 and/or vh4 genes; (d) identifying the presence or absence of a codon signature associated with nmo or risk of nmo; and (e) selecting patients exhibiting said codon signature..
new patent Method and apparatus for holding cells
The present invention pertains to an apparatus for holding cells. The apparatus comprises a mechanism for incubating cells having a dynamically controlled environment in which the cells are grown, which are maintained in a desired condition and in which cells can be examined while the environment is dynamically controlled and maintained in the desired condition.
new patent Methods and reagents for evaluating autoimmune disease and determining antibody repertoire
The invention provides methods and kits for determining an antibody or t-cell receptor repertoire in a sample containing b-cells and/or t-cells, and provides a method for evaluating a patient for the presence of an autoimmune disorder.. .
new patent Method and kit for determining- antibody sensitivity and clone cell strain
A method and kit for determining antibody sensitivity and quality of a clone cell stain. The method comprises: obtaining a solid-phase carrier, cells and an antibody; adsorbing the antibody on the solid-phase carrier; incubating the cells and the antibody; preserving cells bound with the antibody; and dyeing and counting the cells bound with the antibody, so as to determine the antibody sensitivity or the quality of the clone cell stain based on the cell count.
new patent Cathode catalysts for fuel cells
A method of preparation of metal-chalcogen-nitrogen-carbon (m-ch-n—c) catalytic material utilizing a sacrificial support approach and using inexpensive and readily available precursors is described. Furthermore, the catalytic materials synthesized using the disclosed methods include multiple types of active sites..
new patent Battery control system, battery pack, electronic device and charger
A plurality of battery cells (100) are connected in series to each other. A temperature measurement unit (300) measures temperatures of two or more battery cells (100).
new patent Mobile communication system, power control method, and base station device of small cell
A mobile communication system of an overlay configuration includes small cells that are arranged in a macro cell, in which a base station of each small cell executes shifting to a standby state in which transmission power is turned off when a mobile terminal is not in the small cell, and measuring a quality of radio waves received from the mobile terminal that is present in the macro cell, and reporting a measurement result to a base station control device, and the base station control device executes selecting one of the small cells in which the mobile terminal is to be contained, based on the measurement results reported from the base stations of the small cells, and instructing the base station of the selected small cell to shift to a communication state in which the transmission power is turned on.. .
new patent Systems and methods for generating and employing an index associating geographic locations with geographic objects
A computer-implemented method that includes for each geographic object of a geo-object set, identifying, using a computer, one or more geographic cells of a geographic mapping that each correspond to a geographic area proximate to at least a portion of a geometry of the geographic object and assigning a weighting value to each of the one or more geographic cells identified as corresponding to a geographic area proximate to at least a portion of a geometry of the geographic object such that the one or more geographic cells are associated with the geo-object. The method also including, for each geographic cell assigned one or more weighting values, aggregating the one or more weighting values assigned to the geographic cell to generate an aggregated weighting value for the geographic cell, identifying a set of dense geographic cells (each geographic cell of the set of dense geographic cells having an aggregated weighting value that satisfies a weighting threshold criteria) and generating an index associating each of the one or more geographic cells of the set of dense geographic cells with one or more geographic objects associated with the geographic cell..
new patent Method for reducing inter-cell interference in cooperative multi-cell wireless communication system, and apparatus for same
The present invention relates to a method for reducing inter-cell interference in a wireless communication system and to an apparatus for same. More specifically, a method for reducing the inter-cell interference between serving cells in the cooperative multi-cell wireless communication system comprises the steps of: receiving from an adjacent cell interference information on a specific wireless resource region; and reducing interference with respect to the specific wireless resource region based on the interference information, wherein the specific wireless resource region is a wireless resource region that the serving cell uses by changing the purpose of a wireless resource..
new patent Method and apparatus for controlling interference coordination between cells
A method and a base station serving a first cell of a cellular network, for controlling interference coordination with at least one neighbouring cell. The base station obtains transaction related information pertaining to a forthcoming data transaction involving at least one wireless terminal in the first cell, and estimates a transaction magnitude (tm) for said data transaction, based on the obtained transaction related information.
new patent Method for deploying a cellular communication network
Methods and systems are provided for deploying cellular communication networks. In a cellular communication network comprising a plurality of cells, with each cell comprising at least a base station and one or more antennas arranged to cover the cell, one or more non-adjacent cells may be selected use as central cells.
new patent Method and apparatus for indicating handover in wireless communication system including mobile relay node
A method and apparatus for indicating a handover in a wireless communication system is provided. A mobile relay node (rn) receives an indication which indicates that there is no enb supporting relay within neighbor cells from a donor enodeb (cnb) serving the mobile relay node, and transmits a handover command message to user equipments (ues)..
new patent Apiculture
An artificial honeycomb for use in a beehive and which enables honey to be removed from the honeycomb without removing the honeycomb from the hive, the honeycomb comprising cells and being formed of at least two parts which are moveable relative to each other between a cell formed position where the cells comprise side walls and an end wall to enable bees to fill the cell with honey, and a cell open position where at least some of the said walls have moved apart, whereby honey in the cells can be removed from the honeycomb by movement of the at least two parts to the cell open position.. .
new patent Method of forming fine patterns of a semiconductor device
A method of forming fine patterns in a semiconductor device includes forming narrow-width patterns in a first region and wide-width patterns in a second region, where the widths of the narrow-width patterns are smaller than the resolution limitations in a photolithography process used to make the semiconductor device. The first and second regions may comprise cell array regions, with memory cells in the first region and peripheral circuits for operating the memory cells in the second region.
new patent Monolithically isled back contact back junction solar cells using bulk wafers
According to one aspect of the disclosed subject matter, a method for forming a monolithically isled back contact back junction solar cell using bulk wafers is provided. Emitter and base contact regions are formed on a backside of a semiconductor wafer having a light receiving frontside and a backside opposite said frontside.
new patent Heterojunction subcells in inverted metamorphic multijunction solar cells
Inverted metamorphic multijunction solar cells having a heterojunction middle subcell and a graded interlayer, and methods of making same, are disclosed herein. The present disclosure provides a method of manufacturing a solar cell using an mocvd process, wherein the graded interlayer is composed of (inxga1-x)y al1-yas, and is formed in the mocvd reactor so that it is compositionally graded to lattice match the middle second subcell on one side and the lower third subcell on the other side, with the values for x and y computed and the composition of the graded interlayer determined so that as the layer is grown in the mocvd reactor, the band gap of the graded interlayer remains constant at 1.5 ev throughout the thickness of the graded interlayer..
new patent Method for examining reaction layer for fuel cell
The purpose of the present invention is to grasp the state in which hydrophilic groups of an electrolyte are distributed in a reaction layer for fuel cells. Nitric acid groups are bonded to hydrophilic groups (sulfonic acid groups) contained in a reaction layer for fuel cells, and metal ions capable of forming a nitrosyl complex with the nitric acid groups, e.g., ruthenium ions, are introduced into the reaction layer to dye the nitric acid groups bonded to the hydrophilic groups contained in the reaction layer.
new patent Transgenic cells with increased plastoquinone levels and methods of use
Disclosed herein are transgenic cells expressing a heterologous nucleic acid encoding a prephenate dehydrogenase (pdh) protein, a heterologous nucleic acid encoding a homogentisate solanesyl transferase (hst) protein, a heterologous nucleic acid encoding a deoxyxylulose phosphate synthase (dxs) protein, or a combination of two or more thereof. In particular examples, the disclosed transgenic cells have increased plastoquinone levels.
new patent Trophectodermal cell-specific gene transfer methods
The present inventors discovered that genes could be introduced specifically into trophectodermal cells with high efficiency, by infecting blastocysts with viral vectors carrying an arbitrary polynucleotide, or by using a nucleic acid transfection reagent in blastocysts, from which zona pellucida (extracellular matrix covering preimplantation early embryos to protect them from infection of viruses and the like) is removed. This method has no risk of infecting cells of the inner cell mass, which develops into a fetus in the future, with the introduced polynucleotide because the trophectoderm serves as a barrier.
new patent Compositions and methods for enhancing the pluripotency of stem cells
Described herein is the finding that increasing the frequency of zscan4 activation in mouse es cells not only enhances, but also maintains their developmental potency in long-term cell culture. Particularly disclosed herein is the finding that the constitutive presence of zscan4-ert2, even in the absence of its usual activator tamoxifen, can increase the frequency of endogenous zscan4 activation in es cells, resulting in the increase of developmental potency of the es cells.
new patent Method of preparing mesenchymal stem cell basic culturing medium, making of cellular therapy product with mesenchymal stem cell basic culturing medium, and the differentiated one by using the medium
Disclosed is a basic culture medium for mesenchymal stem cells, and a cell therapeutic agent cultured and differentiated using same. The basic culture medium reduces the time taken from collection to mass culturing by increasing the proliferation rate of undifferentiated mesenchymal stem cells derived from an adult tissue such as human marrow and adipose tissue, and also is capable of various differentiations into treating agents for bone-forming cells, for cartilage cells, or for fat cells..
new patent Articles and methods for stem cell differentiation
Articles and methods for stem cell differentiation are generally described. In some embodiments, an article for stem cell differentiation may comprise an oxygen permeable substrate having at least a portion of a surface coated with a matrix.
new patent Neural stem cells
A homogenous, symmetrically dividing population of adherent neural stem cells is obtained from es cells or foetal or adult brain isolates, using an activator of a signalling pathway downstream of a receptor of the egf receptor family, optionally in combination with an activator of a signalling pathway downstream of an fgf receptor. The neural stem cell population is highly pure and retains the ability to differentiate into neurons after in excess of 100 passages..
new patent Use of synthetic scaffolds for the production of biosynthetic pathway products
The present invention provides methods of producing a product or product precursor of a biosynthetic pathway in a genetically modified host cell. The present invention also provides genetically modified host cells comprising nucleic acids encoding a scaffold polypeptide and nucleic acids comprising nucleotide sequences encoding two or more enzymes in a biosynthetic pathway.
new patent Flow chamber assembly and methods of using the same
A flow chamber assembly for subjecting cells or other biological reagents to laminar flow conditions and methods of using the flow chamber assembly are provided herein. The flow chamber assembly includes a bottom plate having at least one well with a bottom surface adapted to receive the cells or biological reagents, a top plate having at least one flow protrusion positioned and shaped to fit into the well of the bottom plate and a sealing element positioned between the top plate and the bottom plate when the top plate and the bottom plate are attached.
new patent Purification of nucleic acids
The present invention solves the problem of isolating nucleic acids from cells in the presence of the growth medium. The invention is particularly useful for isolating extrachromosomal replicons such as plasmids.
new patent Means and methods of increasing viability of rod-shaped bacteria
This invention relates to use of peptone for controlling the volume and/or the length-to-diameter ratio of cells in culture, wherein said cells are cells of rod-shaped probiotic bacteria or rod-shaped fermentation bacteria.. .
new patent Versatile extremely thermophilic bacteria for the conversion of biomass
The present technology pertains to novel isolated xylanolytic, amylolytic and saccharolytic thermophilic bacterial cells belonging to the genus thermoanaerobacter, isolated strains, microbial cultures, compositions comprising said cells and their use in the conversion of lignocelluslosic biomass.. .
new patent Expression vector organization, novel production cell generation methods and their use for the recombinant production of polypeptides
Herein is reported an expression vector comprising—an antibody light chain expression cassette,—an antibody heavy chain expression cassette, and—a selection marker expression cassette, wherein the expression cassettes are arranged unidirectional, and wherein the expression cassettes are arranged in the 5′ to 3′ sequence of antibody heavy chain expression cassette, antibody light chain expression cassette and selection marker expression cassette. Further are reported herein methods for the generation of antibody producing cells and the use of these cells for the recombinant production of antibodies..
new patent Protease deficient filamentous fungal cells and methods of use thereof
The present disclosure relates to compositions and methods useful for the production of heterologous proteins in filamentous fungal cells.. .
new patent Cell culture liquid/gas-phase chamber devices and related methods, and exemplary use for measuring accumulation of gas-phase nitric oxide in differentiated cultures of normal and cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cells
Embodiments disclosed herein include cell culture liquid/gas-phase chamber devices and related methods that allow measurement of gas-phase components and their production rate as well as substances/mediators released into media by cultured cells in response to various stimuli. In embodiments disclosed herein, these chamber devices are cell culture liquid/gas-phase chamber devices.
new patent Method of inducing differentiation from pluripotent stem cells to skeletal muscle cells
The present invention provides a method of producing a skeletal muscle cell from a pluripotent stem cell, which includes a step of expressing one or more exogenous factors selected from myod, myf5 and nucleic acids encoding them on a pluripotent stem cell.. .
new patent Assemblies and methods for reducing optical crosstalk in particle processing systems
The present disclosure relates to optical crosstalk reduction in particle processing (e.g., cytometry including flow cytometry using microfluidic based sorters, drop formation based sorters, and/or cell purification) systems and methods in order to improve performance. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to assemblies, systems and methods for minimizing optical crosstalk during the analyzing, sorting, and/or processing (e.g., purifying, measuring, isolating, detecting, monitoring and/or enriching) of particles (e.g., cells, microscopic particles, etc.).
new patent Alpha-hemoglobin stabilizing protein antibodies and methods of use thereof
Methods for detecting and/or imaging erythrocyte precursor cells are provided.. .
new patent Method of co-culturing human endometrial stem cells and rat embryonic tooth bud cells to obtain ameloblast cells
The various embodiments herein provide a method of co-culturing human endometrial stem cells and rat embryonic tooth bud cells to obtain ameloblast cells. The human endometrial stem cells are isolated from human females between the ages of 18-40 and cultured.
new patent Saliva-derived measures of telomere abundance and sample collection device
This invention provides devices and methods for sample collection. Devices can include (a) a container having an opening and adapted to receive a liquid sample through the opening; (b) a cover configured to reversibly seal the opening; and (c) a capture device configured to be introduced into the container, wherein the capture device is configured to selectively bind cells of a first type and not to substantially bind cells of a second cell type.
new patent Nonviral targeted nanoparticle system for gene transfer and drug delivery
The embodiments herein provide a nanoparticle system for targeted gene delivery or a drug delivery and a method of synthesising the same. The nanoparticle composition for targeted gene transfer and drug delivery comprises a protein, a chitosan and a lipid.
new patent Method for monitoring and controlling cellular growth
The present disclosure is drawn to a device for monitoring and controlling live cells and associated methods. In an example, the device can include a plurality of elongated nanostructures affixed to a substrate.
new patent Methods for treating a suspension of mononuclear cells to faciiltate extracorporeal photopheresis
A method for performing a photopheresis procedure is provided comprising collecting mncs in a suspension comprising rbcs and plasma and lysing the red blood cells in the solution, preferably by combining the suspension with a solution to cause lysis. In one example, the solution for causing lysis of the red blood cells comprises ammonium chloride, and the suspension including the ammonium chloride is incubated to cause lysing.
new patent Stainless separator for fuel cell and method of manufacturing the same
A stainless steel separator for fuel cells and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The method includes preparing a stainless steel sheet as a matrix, performing surface modification on a surface of the stainless steel sheet to form a cr-rich passive film having a comparatively increased amount of cr in a superficial layer of the stainless steel sheet by decreasing an amount of fe in the superficial layer of the stainless steel sheet, and forming a coating layer on the surface of the surface-modified stainless steel sheet.
new patent Fuel cell using synthetic jet array
A fuel cell using a synthetic jet array has a structure in which a plurality of cells are superposed in series and share a manifold for inflow and outflow of air, hydrogen, and coolant. The fuel cell includes an air inflow manifold formed passing through the plurality of cells, a synthetic jet array made up of a plurality of jet generators that are disposed on the air inflow manifold at regular intervals and generate a synthetic jet toward a cathode, and a controller configured to selectively operate the jet generators of the synthetic jet array..
new patent Structure of battery unit
A battery unit is provided which includes a battery made of a stack of a plurality of cells each of which is equipped with electrode tabs serving as a positive terminal and a negative terminal. The electrode tabs each have a bent portion which lies between a body of the cell and a joint of the electrode tab to a bus bar.
new patent Structure of battery unit
A battery unit is provided which includes a battery made of a stack of a plurality of cells each of which is equipped with electrode tabs serving as a positive terminal and a negative terminal. The electrode tabs are broken down into first electrode tabs and second electrode tabs.
new patent Battery and method for producing the same
A battery includes a supporting substrate, resin layers, and a plurality of cells. Each resin layer includes a first resin and has 0.5 mpa to 10 mpa in tensile strength.
new patent Thin film battery module, thin film battery package, thin film battery package manufacturing device, and thin film battery package manufacturing method
Provided is a thin film battery module. The thin film battery module comprises: a battery module which is configured of unit cells stacked against each other; and a shock absorbing portion which surrounds the space between the unit cells and the battery module.
new patent Battery cell, battery unit and battery stack
Rectangular battery cells 30a and 30b are used for the battery stack 10. Each of the battery cells 30a and 30b includes: a batter casing 32 having: a reference surface 32a defined by a first direction and a second direction orthogonal to each other; and a terminal support surface 32b extended from an end of the reference surface 32a toward a third direction orthogonal to both the first direction and the second direction; and a positive electrode terminal 34p and a negative electrode terminal 34n protruded from the terminal support surface 32b and arranged at a predetermined distance from each other in the first direction.
new patent Battery pack having heat dissipating system
A battery pack includes a phase change material, which implements temperature management of the battery pack by virtue of the heat dissipation action of the phase change material. The battery pack includes a plurality of battery cells, at least one of which is partially provided with a phase change material and brackets for supporting the plurality of battery cells.
new patent Electrical energy storage module and method for producing an electrical energy storage module
The invention relates to an electrical energy storage module, comprising at least one storage cell stack (7) that has a plurality of groups of first planar parallel energy storage cells (1), each having first electrode elements (1a), and a plurality of groups of second planar parallel energy storage cells (2) arranged planar parallel to the group of first energy storage cells (1), said second groups each having second electrode elements (2a). The groups of first and second energy storage cells (1; 2) are arranged alternately along a first direction of extension of the storage cell stack (7) and the first electrode elements (1 a) have a polarity on a side face of the storage cell stack (7) that is different from the second electrode elements (2a) on the side face of the storage cell stack (7).
new patent Segmented energy storage assembly
An assembly includes a receiver housing (401) defining a plurality of bays (403,404,405,406,407). Each bay can be separated by a flexible connector section (411,412,413,414).
new patent Flexible printed circuit with bus bars, manufacturing method thereof, and battery system
To be small-sized/light in weight, and to easily cope with the variation of an inter-electrode pitch of battery cells. A flexible printed circuit with bus bars of one embodiment includes a flexible printed wiring board having a flexible insulating base material and a plurality of wiring patterns provided on one main surface of the flexible insulating base material and provided with land parts for bus bar connection at one end, and a plurality of bus bars and fixed to the land parts for the bus bar connection with an adhesive.
new patent Battery wiring module
A battery wiring module configured to be attached to a single cell group, which is a plurality of single cells in which positive and negative electrode terminals are lined up, includes: a connecting member that connects adjacent ones of the electrode terminals; and a resin protector that holds the connecting member. The resin protector is provided with a first wire holding part and a second wire holding part that are respectively capable of holding two types of electric wire groups .
new patent Battery cooling structure
A battery cooling structure in which a heat transfer sheet that can be deformed by pressure is held between a cooling plate and a cooling surface of a battery module in which a plurality of battery cells are stacked, and heat of the battery module is transferred from the cooling surface to the cooling plate via the heat transfer sheet to thus carry out cooling, wherein the cooling plate is a hollow member in which a cooling medium passage is formed for a cooling medium to flow, and the heat transfer sheet is formed so as to have a larger thickness in a middle part than in an outer peripheral part.. .
new patent Battery having a protection from adjacent cells in case of discharge of a battery cell
A battery comprises a housing and a plurality of battery cells arranged in the housing. Each battery cell has at least one discharge valve.
new patent Consist having shared electrolyte tanks
A system for distributing energy among a plurality of power consumers may include a plurality of reaction cells configured to receive electrolytes and provide electric power. The system may also include a first tank configured to contain a supply of fluid including positively charged electrolytes and a second tank configured to contain a supply of fluid including negatively charged electrolytes.
new patent Apparatus and method for long life water cells
An apparatus and method for long life water cells are disclosed. The cells include two electrodes—an anode and a cathode separated by an absorbent material for connectivity such as cloth, sponge and/or absorbent coatings.
new patent Composition and conductor formed therefrom
A composition comprises a metal powder. The composition further comprises a solder powder which has a lower melting temperature than a melting temperature of the metal powder.
new patent Porous material and honeycomb structure
There are disclosed a porous material having a high thermal shock resistance and a honeycomb structure. The porous material contains main aggregates and auxiliary aggregates as aggregates, the main aggregates are silicon carbide particles, the auxiliary aggregates are at least either of mullite particles or alumina particles, the aggregates are bound to one another via a binding phase, so as to form pores, and the binding phase is at least one of an amorphous phase and a cordierite phase, and a porosity is from 40 to 90%.
new patent Pharmaceutical composition for protecting brain neurons comprising plumula nelumbinis extract as active ingredient
The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition and food composition comprising nelumbo nucifera seed extract as an active ingredient for the protection of brain nerve cells. Particularly, the composition is characterized by having an activity of removing reactive oxygen species (ros) or an antioxidant activity.
new patent Protein delivery from stem cell microcarriers
Disclosed are methods and compositions of microbead carriers for delivery of cells and other biologically active substances to diseased or damaged tissue in a subject in need thereof.. .
new patent Artificial antigen presenting cells having a defined and dynamic shape
Compositions and methods comprising asymmetrical artificial antigen presenting cells (aapcs) are disclosed. The non-spherical aapcs more closely mimic endogenous cell-cell interactions and can be used for antigen-specific immunotherapy..
new patent Gas transporting rheological medium, end uses and related apparatus-method
A two-phase mixture is provided having a dissolved gas and a suspension of bubbles in a liquid. Methods for making, maintaining, and using the two-phase mixture are also provided.
new patent Inhibitors of sialoadhesin for the treatment of diseases caused by enveloped viruses
The present invention refers to methods and compositions to prevent viral entry into cells expressing the cd169/sialoadhesin surface receptor by inhibiting the coupling of the sialyllactose molecule contained in the viral membrane gangliosides to the cd 169/sialoadhesin receptor. The invention also pertains to vaccine compositions based on dendritic cells loaded with an antigen of interest whereby the vaccine is provided together with a composition capable of preventing viral entry into cells expressing the cd169/sialoadhesin.
new patent Chimeric non-integrating lentiviral genomes as vaccines against hiv-1
Novel nucleic acids include non-integrative chimeric retroviral genomes including the 5′ and 3′ long terminal repeat sequences (ltrs) of the caprine lentivirus: the caprine arthritis encephalitis virus (caev) or of another retrovirus not integrating human cells and at least one viral gene of another retrovirus. A vector including such a nucleic acid, an immunogenic or vaccinal composition including the vector or the nucleic acid, as well as their use for treating and/or preventing an infection by a retrovirus or a disease induced by a pathogenic agent are also described..
new patent Products and methods
The invention relates to fungal cells and spores, as well as extracts of either, for use, in particular, in prevention or treatment of chlamydia, or helicobacter pylori or other infections, inflammation, inflammatory, lysosomal, acidic, sod- or igg or other immunoglobulin—peroxidases or hydrogen peroxide induced or other forms of oxidative damage, atherosclerosis, heart disease, stomach, intestinal and liver inflammatory conditions and their complications, promoting or stimulating regeneration or healing of wounds, burns, ulcers, or other forms of damaged or aged tissues, or in reducing elevated cholesterol and/or triglycerides levels in a preferred instance, the fungal cells or spores are those used in the manufacture of fungal fermented cheeses or other food stuff or beverages, particular fungal blue or white cheeses.. .
new patent Beta-glucan compounds, compositions, and methods
Described herein are beta-glucan compounds, compositions, and methods. Generally, the methods exploit the observation that beta-glucan compounds can bind to b cells.
new patent Use of the cd2 signaling domain in second-generation chimeric antigen receptors
The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating cancer in a human. The invention includes relates to administering a genetically modified t cell expressing a car having an antigen binding domain, a transmembrane domain, a cd2 signaling domain, and a cd3 zeta signaling domain.
new patent Modified epitopes for boosting cd4+ t-cell responses
The present invention relates to immunogenic peptides comprising a t-cell epitope. Said peptides are modified such that cd4+ t-cell responses are obtainable that are much stronger than the cd4+ t-cell responses obtained with the same peptides not comprising said modification.
new patent Cd4+ cd25+ t-cells activated to a specific antigen
The invention relates to a method of assessing whether a subject includes cd4+,cd25+ t cells that have been activated to a specific antigen. The method includes the steps of obtaining from the subject a sample of lymphocytes including cd4+,cd25+ t cells, incubating at least one portion of the sample of lymphocytes so as to promote, distinction of cd4+,cd25+ t cells that have been activated to the specific antigen from those cd4+,cd25+ t cells that have not been activated to the specific antigen, and thereafter determining whether cd4+,cd25+ t cells activated to the specific antigen are present in the sample.
new patent Sdf-1 binding nucleic acids and the use thereof
The present invention is related to a nucleic acid molecule binding to sdf-1, whereby the nucleic acid molecule influences migration of cells.. .
new patent Cytomegalovirus surface protein complex for use in vaccines and as a drug target
Immunogenic compositions and prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines for use in protecting and treating against human cytomegalovirus (cmv) are disclosed. Subunit vaccines comprising a human cmv protein complex comprising pul128 or pul130, and nucleic acid vaccines comprising at least one nucleic acid encoding a cmv protein complex comprising pul128 or pul130 are described.
new patent Antibodies cross-reactive to human and mouse c-met and uses thereof
The antibody of the invention has high specificity to human c-met and is cross-reactive to mouse c-met. The antibody or its antigen-binding fragment of the invention is capable of specifically binding to human c-met as well as mouse c-met, more accurate preclinical results can be confirmed in the efficacy evaluation using mouse tumor models.
new patent Method of directed differentiation producing corneal endothelial cells, compositions thereof, and uses thereof
This disclosure generally relates to cell-based therapies for treatment of visual disorders, including disorders of the cornea. Methods are exemplified for directed differentiation of corneal cells from stem cells.
new patent Method of boosting the immune response in neonates
In an aspect, a method of augmenting an immune response in a subject in need thereof, comprising identifying the subject, and treating the subject to inhibit the immune suppressive effect of cd71+ cells is provided. Further provided is a method of preventing, treating or ameliorating an infection in a subject, comprising administering to the subject an agent that reduces the level of cd71+ cells in the subject..
new patent Ige antibodies for the inhibition of tumor metastasis
The present invention provides novel ige antibodies useful for inhibiting or preventing metastatic cancer. Also provided are methods to inhibit tumor metastasis by modulating the activity of at least one non-tumor cell, treating a patient to inhibit or prevent tumor metastases of a primary solid tumor, treating metastatic carcinoma, reducing metastasis of carcinoma cells, and reducing the growth kinetics of a primary solid tumor or a metastasized cell or tumor..

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