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This page is updated frequently with new Cells-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cells-related patents
 Method, network device, and system for transmit power control during device-to-device communication patent thumbnailMethod, network device, and system for transmit power control during device-to-device communication
Disclosed are a method, network device, and system for transmit power control during d2d communication. The method comprises: a network device determines the maximum allowed transmit power of a first terminal on the basis of the maximum level of interference that a cellular network can handle and/or the maximum level of interference that the first terminal is allowed to cause to a receiving terminal, and sends said maximum allowed transmit power of the first terminal to the first terminal, said first terminal being the sending device of d2d communication; and the first terminal determines transmit power on the basis of said maximum allowed transmit power.
China Academy Of Telecommunications Technology

 Interference-aware frequency selection for small cells in wireless networks patent thumbnailInterference-aware frequency selection for small cells in wireless networks
Methods and apparatuses are provided for selecting an operating frequency from available frequencies/channels for a small cell. A set of candidate operating frequencies is determined from a plurality of available operating frequencies as having an interference cost less than a first threshold and a coupling cost less than a second threshold.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Discovery reference signal occasion configuration patent thumbnailDiscovery reference signal occasion configuration
This disclosure generally relates to a discovery reference signal occasion configuration. In one embodiment, a time period for transmission of a discovery reference signal may be obtained, which comprises a plurality of consecutive subframes.
Microsoft Corporation

 Method for accessing a service unavailable through a network cell patent thumbnailMethod for accessing a service unavailable through a network cell
A method performed by user equipment (ue) includes receiving a request to access a service unavailable through a first network cell associated with the ue, and receiving a message from an access device associated with the first network cell, wherein the message identifies a plurality of second network cells providing the service.. .
Blackberry Limited

 Radio network node, a base station and methods therein patent thumbnailRadio network node, a base station and methods therein
A method in a radio network node (140) for handling hand over of a user equipment (150) to a target cell. The target cells hares a physical cell identity(pci) with at least a second cell in a cellular communications network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Handover request indicating split of a radio bearer between cells patent thumbnailHandover request indicating split of a radio bearer between cells
A method in a first network node for splitting of a dl part and an ul part of a radio bearer between a first cell and a second cell in a wireless communications network. The radio bearer is associated to dl and ul transmissions between the first network node and a user equipment in the first cell.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Method and system for controlling radio parameter, network operation management apparatus, and radio station patent thumbnailMethod and system for controlling radio parameter, network operation management apparatus, and radio station
A method and a radio parameter control system, as well as a network operation management apparatus and a radio station, are provided that enable optimization control for problems varying with sites of occurrence. Using location information at the time of measurement included in a measurement report from a radio terminal (30) located in a radio cell (c10), quality indicators based on measurement information acquired by the radio terminals or the radio station are compiled in association with areas (ai), each of which is smaller than the radio cell (c10), and control of a radio parameter is performed in the radio cell or across a plurality of radio cells, based on a result of compilation of the quality indicators for each area..
Nec Corporation

 Mobile station apparatus, base station apparatus, and mobile communication system patent thumbnailMobile station apparatus, base station apparatus, and mobile communication system
A mobile station apparatus, in a case where a radio link failure is detected upon a connection for an emergency call, performs a cell selection initiated by the mobile station apparatus, to reestablish the connection and selects a cell as an appropriate cell by the cell selection, whereby the cell is not permitted to access from unsubscribed users and is not included in a list of cells that subscribers are allowed to access.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Place of relevance determination in a cellular network patent thumbnailPlace of relevance determination in a cellular network
A method includes receiving cellular network signals at a mobile device from several cells of a cellular network. The method then includes generating a place model representative of a characteristic of the place where the mobile device is located in response to the received cellular network signals.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Selection device patent thumbnailSelection device
Provided is a selection device including an acquisition section for acquiring digital selection signals, and an output section for outputting selection signals to respective unit cells, each unit cell capable of being commanded to output the value zero. The selection device is characterized in that: each selection signal is for commanding the unit cell to output a value corresponding to that selection signal; the sum of the values to be output as commanded by the respective selection signals, which are output to the respective unit cells, is a value determined in association with the digital selection signal; and if the output corresponding to the digital selection signal is the value zero, then selection signals each commanding to output a non-zero value (n) are output to some of the unit cells..
Trigence Semiconductor, Inc.


Circuits and methods for limiting open circuit voltage of photovoltaic strings

A photovoltaic string may include an open circuit voltage limiter that conducts current in one direction to provide a limiter voltage less than an open circuit voltage of the photovoltaic string, and that conducts current in the other direction. One or more open circuit voltage limiters may be connected across the photovoltaic string or across selected groups of solar cells of the photovoltaic string.
Sunpower Corporation


Hybrid photovoltatic and photo-thermal solar panel

A hybrid photovoltaic/photo-thermal panel has at least one photovoltaic cell mounted on and in thermally conductive communication with an evaporator, the evaporator being a single piece of thermally conductive material having a first outer surface configured for mounting photovoltaic cells thereon, an uninsulated second outer surface exposed to ambient air and the single piece of thermally conductive material having fluid flow channels formed therein configured to permit flow of refrigerant from at least one fluid inlet to at least one fluid outlet in the evaporator. Heat generated by the at least one photovoltaic cell or from the ambient energy of the surrounding air or other source of heat is absorbed by the refrigerant.


Transportable hybrid power system

A transportable, deployable power system comprising a hybrid power box containing solar panels, wind turbine(s), fuel cells, fuel reformers, and other energy sources. The system could also include waste water and potable water inlet and outlet ports for water treatment.


Quick low-voltage rechargeable battery

A quick low-voltage rechargeable battery is switched between a charging mode and a discharging mode. The battery includes plural battery cells and a power management circuit.
Giga-byte Technology Co., Ltd.


Series-parallel conversion power device

A series-parallel conversion device includes n cell series connection units and a plurality of inter-unit connection switches. Each connection unit has n−1 cells and one intra-unit switch.
Samsung Sdi Co. Ltd.


Anisotropic metamaterials for electromagnetic compatibility

Embodiments of the invention are directed to a device having one or more electromagnetic components embedded in an anisotropic metamaterial (am) comprising an array of asymmetric unit cells comprising a substrate forming a plurality of channels or spaces having at least one material with different electromagnetic properties included in the channels or spaces in the first material forming an anisotropic metamaterial.. .
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Lithium-air battery

Disclosed is a lithium-air battery or particularly, a high voltage lithium-air battery of a laminated type with a high density. The lithium-air battery may be constructed by laminating a plurality of cells, each of which may comprises a cathode that uses oxygen in air as an active material, a lithium metal anode, a separation film interposed between the cathode and the anode and an electrolyte for ion transmission.
Hyundai Motor Company


Design and operation of electrochemical energy systems

Electrochemical cells that include resistor switch assemblies that can operate according to temperature and batteries and power systems including such cells are disclosed.. .
Ec Power, Llc


Recycling electrochemical cells and batteries

Methods for separating and recycling battery and electrochemical cell materials are disclosed.. .
Rsr Technologies, Inc.


Battery pack, electrical device, and control method therefor

Provided is a battery pack capable of more reliably preventing adverse effects from being externally exerted. Mcu (26) measures, as index values pertaining to the deterioration state of battery unit (1), at least two or more from among: a capacity reduction rate that is the reduction rate of the full-charge capacity of battery unit (1) from an initial value; a cycle count representing the number of times that a cycle, in which battery unit (1) is charged until the cumulative value of charge quantities charged to battery unit (1) reaches a prescribed charge quantity, has been performed; the number of times that battery unit (1) has been charged; time elapsed from the manufacturing of battery unit (1); cell voltages that are the voltages of secondary battery cells 11; and determines whether battery unit (1) has reached its end of life by using the measured index values.
Nec Energy Devices, Ltd.


Fuel cell stack

Disclosed herein is a fuel cell stack. The fuel cell stack includes: at least one unit stack comprising an assembly of unit cells and an enclosure protecting the unit stack.
Kia Motors Corporation


Electroactive cultures and apparatuses therefor

Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and devices for generating electricity from an effluent source. In the presence of electrogenic bacteria and substrate electrodes, an electroactive biofilm is produced which possesses bioconductive capacity for efficiently producing an electric current while treating an effluent source such as, e.g., wastewater.


Graphene-based proton exchange membrane for direct methanol fuel cells

A proton exchange membrane (pem) for use in a direct methanol fuel cell (dmfc) is a laminate of graphene oxide (go) or sulfonated graphene oxide (sgo) platelets. The mean size of the platelets is at least 10 μm in diameter and the platelets are combined as a laminate.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Dynamically controlled heat exchange for cascading startup of fuel cell grids

A “cascading startup controller” provides various techniques for quickly and efficiently initializing grids of interconnected fuel cells. In general, the cascading startup controller dynamically controls heat exchange between fuel cells in the grid to produce a cascading startup of the fuel cell grid via an expanding pattern of excess thermal energy routing from hotter fuel cell stacks to cooler fuel cell stacks.
Microsoft Corporation


Treatment solid oxide fuel cells and apparatus thereof

A treatment method for solid oxide fuel cells includes: measuring a radius of curvature of a cell; measuring a surface resistance of cathode current collecting layer of a cell; performing an alcohol permeating test of a cell; performing simultaneously several stages of compression and heating or cooling to a cell; an apparatus for completing above stages is also disclosed.. .
Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan


Printed multi-function seals for fuel cells

A method for forming seals in a fuel cell stack includes a step of screen printing a first sealing layer on a first flow field plate. The first sealing layer defines a first pattern and has a first predetermined sealing layer thickness.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Core-shell structured electrocatalysts for fuel cells and production method thereof

Disclosed is a method for producing a core-shell structured electrocatalyst for a fuel cell. The method includes uniformly supporting nano-sized core particles on a support to obtain a core support, and selectively forming a shell layer only on the surface of the core particles of the core support.
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


Cost-effective solid state reactive sintering protonic ceramic fuel cells

The present invention relates to a protonic ceramic fuel cell and a method of making the same. More specifically, the method relates to a cost-effective route which utilizes a single moderate-temperature (less than or equal to about 1400° c.) sintering step to achieve the sandwich structure of a pcfc single cell (dense electrolyte, porous anode, and porous cathode bone).


Tethering of cofactors on graphene-like materials

A family of customizable tethering molecules for tethering cofactors such as, but not necessarily limited to, nicotinamine adenine dinucleotide (nad+/nadh, nad(p)+/nad(p)h) to substrates or structures formed from or including graphene-like materials is described. The tethered cofactor can then be used, for example, as biosensors employed for clinical diagnostic, food industry, medical drug development and environmental and military applications, as well as in reagentless biofuel cells for power generation..


Compositions, layerings, electrodes and methods for making

There is a composition comprising 1 to 17.5 wt. % ionomer composition comprising halogen ionomer and 50 to 99 wt.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Overcharge protection assembly for a battery module

The present disclosure includes a lithium-ion battery module that has a housing and a plurality of lithium-ion battery cells disposed in the housing. Each of the plurality of lithium-ion battery cells includes a first terminal with a first polarity, a second terminal with a second polarity opposite to the first polarity, an overcharge protection assembly, and a casing electrically coupled to the first terminal such that the casing has the first polarity, where the casing has an electrically conductive material.
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Overcharge protection device for a battery module

The present disclosure includes a battery module having a plurality of battery cells disposed in a housing. Each of the plurality of battery cells has a positive terminal, a negative terminal, an overcharge protection assembly, and a casing having an electrically conductive material.
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Battery cell and battery pack using the same

A battery cell includes a first electrode terminal, a second electrode terminal spaced from the first electrode terminal, and at least one sub terminal coupled to one of the first electrode terminal or the second electrode terminal. The at least one sub terminal includes at least one convex area and at least two concave areas.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Modular battery system and components

A battery cell connector for a battery module includes a pair of cantilevered arms and base portions that are linked at the base portion by a bridge. An interconnect board for connecting a plurality of battery cells includes a circuit board and a plurality of battery cell connectors.
Boston-power, Inc.


Organic light emitting device

An organic light emitting device (oled) is provided, may comprise a first organic electroluminescent cell, a second organic electroluminescent cell, a charge generation layer, disposed between the first and second organic electroluminescent cells, a first electrode and a second electrode formed at the first and second organic electroluminescent cells. The first organic electroluminescent cell comprises a fluorescent light emitting layer having a fluorescent emitting element and a phosphorescent light emitting layer having a phosphorescent emitting element.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Memory cells and methods of forming memory cells

Some embodiments include a memory cell having a first electrode, and an intermediate material over and directly against the first electrode. The intermediate material includes stabilizing species corresponding to one or both of carbon and boron.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Grain growth for solar cells

A solar cell can include a silicon layer formed over a silicon substrate. The silicon layer can have a p-type doped region and an n-type doped region.


Solar cell panel

A solar cell panel is discussed, which includes a plurality of solar cells, each solar cell including a substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface, and a plurality of first electrodes extending in a first direction; an interconnector that is positioned in a second direction crossing the plurality of first electrodes and electrically connects adjacent ones of the plurality of solar cells to one another; and a conductive adhesive film including a resin and a plurality of conductive particles dispersed in the resin, the conductive adhesive film being positioned between the plurality of first electrodes and the interconnector in the second direction crossing the plurality of first electrodes to electrically connect the plurality of first electrodes to the interconnector.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Solar cell module

A solar cell module is discussed. The solar cell module includes a plurality of solar cells, a light transmission protection part positioned at first surfaces of the plurality of solar cells, a front protection part positioned between the light transmission protection part and the plurality of solar cells, a back sheet positioned at second surfaces of the plurality of solar cells, and a back protection part positioned between the back sheet and the plurality of solar cells.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Quantum dot solar cell performance with a metal salt treatment

The performance of lead sulfide quantum dot (qd) photovoltaic cells is improved by exposing a qd layer to a solution containing metal salts after the synthesis of the qds is completed. The halide ions from the salt solution passivate surface lead (pb) sites and alkali metal ions mend pb vacancies.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Solar cell module

A solar cell module includes a plurality of solar cells each including a semiconductor substrate and first and second electrode parts each having a different polarity, a plurality of interconnectors for electrically connecting the plurality of solar cells, a conductive adhesive for electrically connecting each of the plurality of interconnectors to the corresponding electrode part of each of the plurality of solar cells, and at least one insulating adhesive portion for temporarily fixing the plurality of interconnectors to the corresponding electrode part. The at least one insulating adhesive portion includes an adhesive having adhesiveness to attach the interconnector to the corresponding electrode part at the room temperature..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Multiple semiconductor device trenches per cell pitch

A semiconductor device includes a plurality of field plate trenches formed in a semiconductor substrate, a plurality of gate trenches formed in the semiconductor substrate and spaced apart from the field plate trenches, and a plurality of device cells having a cell pitch defined by a distance from one side of a field plate trench to the same side of an adjacent field plate trench. Each device cell includes a first doped region of a first conductivity type and a second doped region of a second conductivity type adjacent the first doped region in a part of the semiconductor substrate disposed between the adjacent field plate trenches that define the cell pitch.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag


Smart semiconductor switch

A semiconductor device comprises a semiconductor substrate doped with dopants of a first type and a vertical transistor composed of one or more transistor cells. Each transistor cell has a first region formed in the substrate and doped with dopants of a second type, and the first regions form first pn-junctions with the surrounding substrate.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device having unequal pitch vertical channel transistors

A semiconductor device comprises a set of selection transistors, such as in a three-dimensional memory structure or stack having resistance change memory cells arranged along vertical bit lines. Each selection transistor has a non-shared control gate and a shared control gate.
Sandisk 3d Llc


Integrated bit-line airgap formation and gate stack post clean

Methods of forming flash memory cells are described which incorporate air gaps for improved performance. The methods are useful for so-called “2-d flat cell” flash architectures.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Superconducting multi-cell trapped mode deflecting cavity

A method and system for beam deflection. The method and system for beam deflection comprises a compact superconducting rf cavity further comprising a waveguide comprising an open ended resonator volume configured to operate as a trapped dipole mode; a plurality of cells configured to provide a high operating gradient; at least two pairs of protrusions configured for lowering surface electric and magnetic fields; and a main power coupler positioned to optimize necessary coupling for an operating mode and damping lower dipole modes simultaneously..
Fermi Research Alliance, Llc


Memory array, memory device, and methods for reading and operating the same

The present disclosure provides a memory. The memory includes an array of memory cells arranged as a plurality of rows by a plurality of columns.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation


Memory array, memory device, and methods for reading and operating the same

The present invention provides a memory. The memory includes a plurality of memory cells arranged as an array with a plurality of rows and a plurality of column.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation


Memory array with ram and embedded rom

A memory array with ram and embedded rom including multiple ram cells, a rom cell, and a rom enable circuit. Each ram cell has a ram cell structure with a first and second power terminals and configured to operate as a ram cell when the memory array is in a ram mode.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Three-dimensional nonvolatile memory and related read method designed to reduce read disturbance

A nonvolatile memory device performs a read operation comprising first and second intervals. In the first interval the device applies a turn-on voltage to string selection lines and ground selection lines connected to the string selection transistors and the ground selection transistors, respectively.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Nonvolatile memory device and driving the same

A method for driving a nonvolatile memory device includes performing an erase operation with respect to a plurality of memory cells, stopping the erase operation by a suspend command, calculating a residual time of the erase operation that has not yet been performed, performing a first operation, comparing a first vacant time between a completion time point of the first operation and a start time point of a second operation with the residual time, performing the erase operation that has not yet been performed if the residual time is equal to or shorter than the first vacant time, and performing the second operation if the residual time is longer than the first vacant time.. .


Data storage device and operation method thereof

A data storage device includes a nonvolatile memory having a plurality of first memory cells connected to a first word line and a plurality of second memory cells connected to a second word line. A memory controller divides first data to be programmed in the first memory cells into first and second data groups and divides second data to be programmed in the second memory cells into third and fourth data groups.


Bias to detect and prevent short circuits in three-dimensional memory device

In a three-dimensional stacked non-volatile memory device, a short circuit in a select gate layer is detected and prevented. A short circuit may occur when charges which are accumulated in select gate lines due to plasma etching, discharge through a remaining portion of the select gate layer in a short circuit path when the select gate lines are driven.
Sandisk Technologies, Inc.


Memory device and programming method thereof

A programming method for a memory device is provided. The memory device includes a first transistor, a memory cell string, and a second transistor which are electrically connected in series.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for trimming control transistors for 3d nand flash

Control transistors and memory cells within 3d nand flash memory arrays may both be created using the same technology, such as charge trapping structures, to simplify the fabrication process. However, the resulting control transistors may initially have higher variability in threshold voltages, when compared to traditional gate-oxide-based control transistors.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Non-volatile memory for high rewrite cycles application

A non-volatile memory has an array of non-volatile memory cells. Each of the non-volatile memory cells includes a coupling device formed on a first well, a read device, a floating gate device formed on a second well and coupled to the coupling device, a program device formed on the second well, and an erase device formed on a third well and coupled to the first floating gate device.
Ememory Technology Inc.


Memory and memory system including the same

A memory includes a first cell array including a plurality of first memory cells connected to a plurality of word lines, a bit line selection unit configured to select one or more bit lines among a plurality of bit lines based on repair information, a second cell array including a plurality of second memory cells connected to the plurality of word lines and the plurality of bit lines, wherein a group of the plurality of second memory cells connected to a corresponding word line stores the number of activations of the corresponding word line when the one or more connected bit lines are selected and an activation number update unit configured to update a value stored in the second memory cells, which are connected to the one or more selected bit lines and the activated word line among the plurality of word lines.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Dynamic random access memory and boosted voltage producer therefor

A dynamic random access memory (dram) is selectively operable in a sleep mode and another mode. The dram has data storage cells that are refreshed in the refresh mode.
Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc.


Magnetic ram array architecture

A magnetic random access memory (mram) array including: a plurality of mram cells arranged in an array configuration, each comprising a first type ntron and a magnetic memory element; a wordline select circuit comprising of a second type ntron to drive a plurality of parallel wordlines; and a plurality of bitline select circuits, each comprising of said second type ntron for writing to and reading from a column of memory cells in the array and each capable of selecting a single mram cell for a memory read or write operation, wherein the second ntron has a higher current drive than the first ntron.. .
Hypres, Inc.


Unit array of a memory device, memory device, and memory system including the same

A memory device includes a memory array including a plurality of sections, each including a plurality of memory cells and at least one reference cell. The memory device may also include a plurality of sense amplifier circuits respectively corresponding to the plurality of sections, and a plurality of switch circuits, each switch circuit connected between a respective section and sense amplifier circuit.


Memory devices

A method and a system for memory cell programming and erasing with refreshing operation are disclosed. The system includes a selecting module, a processing module and a refresh module.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Driving circuit and related display

A driving circuit for a display includes a logic unit and a memory array coupled to the logic unit for turning on a plurality of memory cells corresponding to the word-line according to a word-line scanning signal to refresh the plurality of memory cells corresponding to the word-line; wherein the memory array has a first number of bit-lines and a second number of word-lines, wherein the driving circuit is used for driving a display panel having a third number of data-lines and a fourth number of scan-lines, and a product of the first number and the second number is equal to a product of the third number and the fourth number.. .
Sitronix Technology Corp.


Volumetric grid generation in a domain with heterogeneous material properties

Method for generating a 3d grid, and for defining a material property model on the grid, to use, for example, in a reservoir simulator. A mapping is defined (61,71) to a design space in which the material property is described as a piecewise smooth implicit or explicit function in three dimensions.


High sensitivity flat panel microbiology detection and enumeration system

A flat panel imaging system for imaging cells provided on a cell medium is disclosed. The system includes a housing having a base portion and a lid that collectively form a closed environment to exclude external sources of light, and a flat panel detector encased in the base portion and having an array of pixels each including a photodiode and transistor.
General Electric Company


Control fingerprint recognition apparatus

An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes: a processor; a fingerprint recognition apparatus comprising a plurality of fingerprint sensing cells and a plurality of touch sensing cells; and a housing, wherein the processor is installed inside the housing.
Egis Technology Inc.


Method of converting between non-volatile memory technologies and system for implementing the method

A method of designing a charge trapping memory array includes designing a memory array layout. The memory array layout includes a first type of transistors; electrical connections between memory cells of the memory array layout; a first input/output (i/o) interface; and a charge pump.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Method and program for designing integrated circuit

A method of designing an integrated circuit includes a processor receiving input data initially-defining the integrated circuit using a plurality of first standard cells designed to optimize a performance or yield characteristic. The processor substitutes at least one second standard cell designed to optimize a different performance or yield characteristic from that for which the first standard cells were optimized for a corresponding one of the first standard cells.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Re-ordered interpolation and convolution for faster staggered-grid processing

Improved finite-difference staggered grid wave propagation systems and methods. One illustrative computer-based wave field simulation method includes: applying at least one signal to a grid of model cells forming a model space, each model cell having stress values associated with stress nodes and velocity values associated with velocity nodes staggered from the stress nodes; and propagating the at least one signal as a wave into the model space by alternately updating the stress values and the velocity values to obtain a time-dependent wave field associated with the at least one signal.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Heterogeneous memory system and data communication method in the same

Provided are a heterogeneous memory system and a data communication method in the same. The heterogeneous memory system includes a plurality of different kinds of memory cells, and a central processing unit (cpu) configured to communicate with each of the plurality of memory cells using a high-speed serial link technique.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Operating memory controller and nonvolatile memory device

A method of operating a nonvolatile memory device including a plurality of memory cells is provided. A default read operation is performed on a page using a default read voltage set to generate default raw data.


Semiconductor memory device having selective ecc function

A semiconductor memory device having a selective error correction code (ecc) function is provided. The semiconductor memory device divides a memory cell array into blocks according to data retention characteristics of memory cells.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method of operating non-volatile memory device

A method of operating a non-volatile memory device including first buffer memory cells and main memory cells, where the first buffer memory cells store first data, the main memory cells store second data, which is read from the first buffer memory cells, or recovered first data, which is recovered from the second data through a correction process, includes reading data, which is stored in sample buffer memory cells included in the first buffer memory cells, as sample data when an accumulated number of read commands, which are executed on the non-volatile memory device, reaches a reference value. The method includes counting the number of errors included in the sample data based an error correction code, and determining whether the main memory cells store the second data or the recovered first data based on the number of the errors relative to the first threshold value..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Isolating cells expressing secreted proteins

A method of detecting and isolating cells that produce a secreted protein of interest (poi), for example, an antibody, comprising: a) providing a eukaryotic cell comprising (i) a nucleic acid encoding the poi, and (ii) a nucleic acid encoding a cell surface capture molecule, which comprises a membrane anchor and is capable of binding the poi; (b) culturing the cell under conditions in which the poi and cell surface capture molecule are expressed, and a poi-cell surface capture molecule complex is formed intracellularly and displayed on the cell surface; c) detecting the surface-displayed poi by contacting the cells with a detection molecule, which binds the poi; and d) isolating cells based on the detection molecule.. .
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Fluorescent compounds

The present invention relates to fluorescent dyes in general. The present invention provides a wide range of fluorescent dyes and kits containing the same, which are applicable for labeling a variety of biomolecules, cells and microorganisms.
Biotium, Inc.


Use of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies specific for 3-phosphohistidine

Isolated monoclonal antibodies and antigen binding fragments are disclosed herein that specifically bind polypeptides comprising a histidine phosphorylated at n3 (3-phis). Nucleic acids encoding these antibodies, vectors including these nucleic acids, and host cells transformed with these vectors and nucleic acids are also disclosed.
Salk Institute For Biological Studies


Circulating tumor cell diagnostics for prostate cancer biomarkers

The present invention describes a method for detecting castration-resistant prostate cancer (crpc) in a patient afflicted with prostate cancer comprising (a) performing a direct analysis comprising immunofluorescent staining and morphological characterization of nucleated cells in a blood sample obtained from the patient to detect circulating tumor cells (ctc), (b) determining prevalence of a ctc subpopulation associated with crpc comprising detecting a measurable feature of each biomarker in a panel of morphological and protein biomarkers, and (c) comparing the prevalence of said ctc subpopulation to a predetermined threshold value, wherein the prevalence of the ctc subpopulation associated with crpc above said predetermined threshold value is indicative of crpc. In some embodiments, the ctc subpopulation associated with crpc comprises ck− ctcs.
Epic Sciences, Inc.


Protocol for identifying and isolating antigen-specific b cells and producing antibodies to desired antigens

Methods of identifying antigen-specific antibody-secreting and antibody-forming cells, such as antigen-specific b cells, and methods for cloning the antigen-specific antibody sequences of the antibody produced by these cells are provided. In particular, the methods include enriching b cells for antigen-specific b cells, culturing the antigen-specific b cells to generate clonal b cell populations, detecting clonal b cells that produce a single antigen-specific antibody, optionally screening the clonal b cell populations for functional activity, staining and sorting the cells to isolate the antigen-specific b cells, sequencing the nucleic acids encoding the antigen-specific antibody sequences, expressing the sequences to produce an antibody, isolating the antibody and screening the antibody for antigen recognition.
Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.


Compositions and methods for cancer diagnosis

The present disclosure provides compositions comprising a food product, non-pathogenic microorganism, kits, methods of diagnosing a tumor in a subject, methods of quantifying the number of cancer cells in a cell sample, and methods of detecting a cancer cell, cancer tissue, or cell associated with a hyperproliferative disorder. In some embodiments, the method comprises a step of detecting the presence or absence of a modified substrate or portion thereof in urine of an animal without an instrument and solely by visual inspection of the urine..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Serum-based, diagnostic, biological assay to predict pregnancy disorders

The invention provides serum-based, diagnostic, biological assays for predicting disorders of pregnancy resulting from poor trophoblast and/or placental ischemia, including preeclampsia. Serum samples from such subjects exhibit an ability to disrupt the architecture involving fetal trophoblasts and maternal endothelial cells in a three-dimensional, dual cell co-culture system provided herein, in contrast to normal pregnancy serum samples.
Brown University


Rapid real time multipoint procedure for optimizing sperm state for use in assisted reproductive technologies

A method for adjusting the maturation state of mammalian sperm for use in assisted reproductive technologies (art) is disclosed. A mammalian ejaculate is provided and incubated under controlled conditions.


Single cell capture with polymer capture films

The present invention provides methods, systems, assemblies, and articles for capturing single cells with a polymer capture film. In certain embodiments, the polymer capture films comprise a plurality of individual channels with top and bottom openings, where the channels are dimensioned such that a single cell is: i) is captured inside the channel, partially or substantially occluding the channel, when negative pressure is provided to the bottom opening; or ii) is captured by the top opening, but does not enter the channel, when negative pressure is provided to the bottom opening.
Wafergen, Inc.


Methods for processing whole blood samples, and compositions for use in practicing the same

Methods for processing whole blood samples are provided. Aspects of the methods include depleting leukocytes from a whole blood sample to produce a leukocyte depleted sample, and then lysing red blood cells (rbcs) in the resultant leukocyte depleted sample to produce a leukocyte/rbc depleted sample.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Cells for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Cells with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.



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