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Date/App# patent app List of recent Cells-related patents
 Alfalfa plant and seed corresponding to transgenic event kk 179-2 and methods for detection thereof patent thumbnailAlfalfa plant and seed corresponding to transgenic event kk 179-2 and methods for detection thereof
The present invention provides a transgenic alfalfa event kk 179-2. The invention also provides cells, plant parts, seeds, plants, commodity products related to the event, and dna molecules that are unique to the event and were created by the insertion of transgenic dna into the genome of a alfalfa plant.
 Manipulation of serine/threonine protein phosphatases for crop improvement patent thumbnailManipulation of serine/threonine protein phosphatases for crop improvement
Methods and compositions relating to altering nitrogen utilization and/or uptake or yield in plants. Recombinant expression cassettes, host cells and transgenic plants are described.
 Transgenic plants with enhanced traits and methods of producing thereof patent thumbnailTransgenic plants with enhanced traits and methods of producing thereof
The present disclosure provides methods of producing a plant that exhibits an enhanced trait selected from the group consisting of altered hexose sugar level, altered starch level, altered sucrose phosphate synthase activity, altered ureide level and delayed senescence, as compared to a control plant. The present disclosure also provides transgenic cells, plants, plant parts, seeds, progeny plants, products or commodity products produced by this method..
 Methods for producing cinnamolide and/or drimendiol patent thumbnailMethods for producing cinnamolide and/or drimendiol
Described is a nucleic acid sequence isolated from persicaria hydropiper and encoding a drimenol oxidase protein, expression vectors comprising such nucleic acid sequence, chimeric genes comprising such nucleic acid sequence, host cells or host organisms altered to harbour the drimenol oxidase nucleic acid sequence, and the drimenol oxidase protein itself. Methods for producing cinnamolide and/or drimendiol and/or enhanced levels of cinnamolide and/or drimendiol, in a cell or organism harbouring such nucleic acid sequence are provided.
 Hppd variants and methods of use patent thumbnailHppd variants and methods of use
The present invention relates to an isolated nucleic acid comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding a mutated hppd protein, wherein said mutated hppd protein has hppd activity, wherein in said mutated hppd protein at least one amino acid has been replaced so that the resulting amino acid sequence comprises at least one amino acid selected from certain amino acids at specific positions important for conferring an increased hppd inhibitor tolerance. The present invention also relates to proteins encoded by the nucleic acid of the invention, to chimeric genes, plant cells comprising the nucleic acid of the invention operably linked to a plant-expressible promoter and optionally a transcription termination and polyadenylation region, plants essentially consisting of the plant cells of the invention and methods of obtaining transgenic plants..
 Process for the production of fine chemicals patent thumbnailProcess for the production of fine chemicals
The present invention relates to a process for the production of a fine chemical in a non-human organism, like a microorganism, a plant cell, a plant, a plant tissue or in one or more parts thereof. The invention furthermore relates to nucleic acid molecules, polypeptides, nucleic acid constructs, expression cassettes, vectors, antibodies, host cells, plant tissue, propagation material, harvested material, plants, microorganisms as well as agricultural compositions and to their use..
 Reverse breeding patent thumbnailReverse breeding
A method for efficiently producing homozygous organisms from a heterozygous non-human starting organism, comprising providing of a heterozygous starting organism; allowing the starting organism to produce haploid cells; creating homozygous organisms from the haploid cells thus obtained; and selecting the organisms having the desired set of chromosomes; wherein during production of the haploid cells no recombination occurs in order to obtain a limited number of genetically different haploid cells. Recombination can also be prevented or suppressed..
 Transgenic animal comprising a deletion or functional deletion of the 3'utr of an endogenous gene patent thumbnailTransgenic animal comprising a deletion or functional deletion of the 3'utr of an endogenous gene
The present invention relates to the fields of knockout (ko) animal production. The invention is directed to a transgenic ko animal comprising a heterozygous or homozygous deletion or functional deletion of the gene's native 3′ untranslated region (3′utr) at least in one of its endogenous gene loci, wherein the disrupted endogenous gene is transcribed into an m rna without its native 3′utr.
 Placement and routing on a  circuit patent thumbnailPlacement and routing on a circuit
Methods and apparatuses to place and route cells on integrated circuit chips along paths is described. In one embodiment, the method to layout an integrated circuit, the method comprises routing a wire to connect a first cell of the integrated circuit and a second cell of the integrated circuit, and placing a third cell of the integrated circuit after said routing the wire to connect the first cell and the second cell..
 Parasitic capacitance extraction for finfets patent thumbnailParasitic capacitance extraction for finfets
A method includes generating a three-dimensional table. The table cells of the three-dimensional table comprise normalized parasitic capacitance values selected from the group consisting essentially of normalized poly-to-fin parasitic capacitance values and normalized poly-to-metal-contact parasitic capacitance values of fin field-effect transistors (finfets).
Stretch dummy cell insertion in finfet process
A method embodiment includes identifying an empty region in an integrated circuit (ic) layout, wherein the empty region is a region not including any active fins and outside a minimum spacing boundary, applying a grid map over the empty region, wherein the grid map comprises a plurality of grids inside the empty region, and filling the empty region with a plurality of dummy fin cells by placing a dummy fin cell in each of the plurality of grids, wherein applying the grid map and filling the empty region is performed using a computer.. .
Support technique
A present design support method includes: arranging capacitance cells in an entire area of a cell arrangement area of a semiconductor integrated circuit , before arranging logic cells; upon detecting that a position at which a certain logic cell will be arranged is designated, calculating a total sum of capacitance for a first capacitance check area that includes the position among plural capacitance check areas that are included in the cell arrangement area, while assuming that a capacitance cell at the position is removed; calculating a total sum of necessary capacitance for the first capacitance check area, while assuming that the certain logic cell is arranged at the position and outputting information that represents a relationship between the total sum of capacitance and the total sum of necessary capacitance for the first capacitance check area.. .
Storage scheme for built-in ecc operations
A device includes a memory array storing data and error correcting codes eccs corresponding to the data, and a multi-level buffer structure between the memory array and an input/output data path. The memory array includes a plurality of data lines for page mode operations.
Determination of optimum threshold voltage to read data values in memory cells
An adaptive search scheme leads to threshold voltages that have lower bit error rates over initial values. An initial reference voltage is used and data is measured for set steps in voltage about the initial value sufficient to fit a polynomial curve.
Semiconductor memory device
A semiconductor memory device includes a memory cell array having a plurality of memory cells, each memory cell configured to store plural bits of data, and a controller. The controller is configured to execute a write operation on the memory cells such that user data are written in at least one of the plural bits of data and prescribed data are written in the remaining bits of the plural bits of data.
Enhanced dynamic read process with single-level cell segmentation
A dynamic read case designation is determined for each of multiple wordline regions, respectively, of each of a number of single-level cell logic groups within a computer memory. The dynamic read case designation for any given one of the multiple wordline regions specifies a wordline read voltage to be used in reading memory cells of each wordline within the given one of the multiple wordline regions.
Viewer pattern analysis
A microprocessor executable analytic module is provided that determines, for each of a plurality of selected contact center objects, a visually perceptible parameter based on contact center information and/or a performance parameter and provides a display incorporating the determined visually perceptible parameters, wherein the display comprises an array of pixels and/or cells, each pixel and/or cell corresponding to a respective contact center object and a plurality of the pixels and/or cells having different visually perceptible parameters.. .
Parallel algorithm for molecular dynamics simulation
Systems and methods for md simulation with significantly increased multithreaded parallelism. A substance body is divided into a plurality of cells.
Multi-functional hybrid devices/structures using 3d printing
A bioelectronic device and method of making is disclosed. The device includes a scaffold formed via 3d printing.
Connective-tissue-based or dermal-tissue-based grafts/implants
The present invention is directed to a composition comprising a matrix suitable for implantation in humans, comprising defatted, shredded, allogeneic human muscle tissue that has been combined with an aqueous carrier and dried in a predetermined shape. Also disclosed is a tissue graft or implant comprising a matrix suitable for implantation in humans, comprising defatted, shredded, allogeneic human muscle tissue that has been combined with an aqueous carrier and dried in a predetermined shape.
3-dimensional large capacity cell encapsulation device assembly
Disclosed herein are implantable 3-dimensional large capacity device assemblies, specifically, large capacity device assemblies for encapsulating pancreatic progenitor cells for treatment of diabetes.. .
Resilient knee implant and methods
This disclosure is directed to a resilient interpositional arthroplasty implant for application into a knee joint to pad cartilage defects, cushion a joint, and replace or restore the articular surface, which may preserve joint integrity, reduce pain and improve function. The implant may endure variable joint compressive and shear forces and cyclic loads.
Method and device for cervical bone marrow aspiration for use in an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion procedure
Applicant provides a surgical method related to acdf and a device for practicing the surgical method. The device comprises an aspiration needle assembly having an aspiration needle, the aspiration needle assembly adapted for receipt into a bony body at a preselected depth.
Accommodating fluidic intraocular lens with flexible interior membrane
An accommodating (re-focusable) intraocular lens (iol), a body of which includes two optical portions sequentially disposed, in optical contact with one another, along an optical axis and separated by interior surface the curvature of which is changing in response to pressure applied to posterior surface of iol. The two optical portions may be formed with fluids having different refractive indices and housed in flexible cells that share an interior wall having such interior surface.
Device, system and method of removing heat from subcutaneous lipid-rich cells
Devices, systems and methods for removing heat from subcutaneously disposed lipid-rich cells are disclosed. In selected embodiments, suction and/or heat removal sources are coupled to an applicator.
Systems and methods for track coagulation
Devices, and methods of use thereof, are disclosed for preventing tumor seeding when withdrawing the device along an entry-exit path. Some embodiments of the present invention comprise a method of withdrawing a probe through a tissue via a path that traverses at least some bone tissue, the method including withdrawing the probe through the path, and at least partially concurrently delivering energy in a bipolar manner from the probe to heat a layer of tissue surrounding the probe to a temperature sufficient for thermal coagulation necrosis of cells.
Smoke evacuation attachment device for laser resurfacing handpiece
A smoke evacuation attachment device for attachment to a laser resurfacing handpiece that includes a channel for evacuating smoke, dead skin cells, and other debris from the application site of the laser and which has a low profile to preclude encumbering the use of the laser handpiece.. .
Use of photosensitizer in preparation of virus-inactivating medicaments for treating diseases
The invention relates to the field of medicament use, in particular to the clinical use of photosensitizers for inactivating viruses in the treatment of blood vessel plaque, leukemia, aids, hepatitis and the like. The invention is based on the affinity of photosensitizer to blood vessel plaque focus, leukemia cells, tumor, and/or virus, which is several times higher than that to normal tissues, to destroy focus cells or virus by generating singlet oxygen (1o2) under the effect of a method using laser, x-ray, ultrasound and medicament.
Low intensity ultrasound therapy
Methods of treating a subject suffering from a disease or a disorder associated with hyperproliferating cells. The method includes non-invasively administering to the subject ultrasound at a low intensity in a dose effective to selectively prevent the growth of the hyperproliferating cells or to eliminate the hyperproliferating cells in the subject, while substantially not affecting the cell viability of normal cells of the subject.
Rapid pulse electrohydraulic (eh) shockwave generator apparatus and methods for medical and cosmetic treatments
Apparatuses and methods for electrohydraulic generation of shockwaves at a rate of between 10 hz and 5 mhz, and/or that permit a user to view a region of a patient comprising target cells during application of generated shockwaves to the region. Methods of applying electro-hydraulically generated shockwaves to target tissues (e.g., for reducing the appearance of tattoos, treatment or reduction of certain conditions and/or maladies)..
Pelvic implant and treatment method
A unitary or homogeneous patterned implant is provided. The implant is constructed of patterned cells formed by way of a molding, die casting, laser etching, laser cutting, extruding, and the like.
Soybean plant and seed corresponding to transgenic event mon87769 and methods for detection thereof
The present invention provides transgenic soybean event mon87769, and cells, seeds, and plants comprising dna diagnostic for the soybean event. The invention also provides compositions comprising nucleotide sequences that are diagnostic for said soybean event in a sample, methods for detecting the presence of said soybean event nucleotide sequences in a sample, probes and primers for use in detecting nucleotide sequences that are diagnostic for the presence of said soybean event in a sample, growing the seeds of such soybean event into soybean plants, and breeding to produce soybean plants comprising dna diagnostic for the soybean event..
Gene expression cassette and a transformant, and a method for manufacturing 2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose and a method for purifying 2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose using said transformant
A transformant is prepared to insert at least a gene expression cassette comprising a gene involved in the synthesis of 2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose into e. Coli as host cells.
Extraction buffer and method for isolating high-quality rna from cells exposed to metal chloride solutions and clay mineral suspensions
An rna extraction buffer, an rna extraction method, and an rna extraction kit are described which enable functional, rapid, efficient, and high-quality rna isolation from samples containing high concentrations of aqueous metal cations, clays, silica, or silicate minerals. .
Compositions and methods for osteogenic gene therapy
The present disclosure provides compositions and methods for increasing bone growth and/or enhancing wound healing, for example, fracture repair. The disclosure provides recombinant nucleic acids useful for promoting bone growth.
Difluoro benzotriazolyl organic semiconductor material, preparation method and use thereof
Wherein both r1 and r2 are c1 to c20 alkyl, and n is an integer from 10 to 50. In the difluoro benzotriazolyl organic semiconductor material, since the 1,2,3-benzotriazole organic semiconductor material contains two fluorine atoms, the homo energy level is reduced by 0.11 ev, while the fluorine-substituted 1,2,3-benzotriazole has two imido groups with electron-withdrawing ability; the fluorine-substituted 1,2,3-benzotriazole is a heterocyclic compound with strong electron-withdrawing ability, and an alkyl chain can be easily introduced to the n-position of the n—h bond of the benzotriazole.
Dual-aav vector-based systems and methods for delivering oversized genes to mammalian cells
Disclosed are materials and methods for treating diseases of the mammalian eye, and in particular, usher syndrome 1b (ush1b). The invention provides aav-based, dual-vector systems that facilitate the expression of full-length proteins whose coding sequences exceed that of the polynucleotide packaging capacity of an individual aav vector.
Fev mini-promoters
Isolated polynucleotides comprising a fev mini-promoters are provided. The mini-promoter may be operably linked to an expressible sequence, e.g.
Talen-based gene correction
The invention is directed to transcription activator-like effector nuclease (talen)-mediated dna editing of disease-causing mutations in the context of the human genome and human cells to treat patients with compromised genetic disorders.. .
Flavonoid compounds
The present invention relates to compounds, compositions, and methods for treatment of conditions related to mitochondrial function. In various aspects, the present invention comprises administering one or more epicatechin derivatives in an amount effective to stimulate mitochondrial function in cells.
Azidothymidine quinoline conjugated compound, preparation method therefor and application thereof in anti-hepatoma therapy
The invention provides zidovudine conjugated quinoline compound n-((1-(2-(hydroxy-methyl)-5-(5-methyl-2,4-dioxo-3,4-dihydropyrimidin-1(2h)-yl)-tetrahydrofuran-3-yl)-1h-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)methyl)-6-(4b,8,8-trimethyl-4b,5,6,7,8,8a-hexahydrodibenzo[a,c]phenazin-2-yloxy)hexanamide. The compound can selectively kills the hepatoma cells especially the hepatoma cells with hepatitis b, and inhibit the growth of subcutaneous tumors in mice, but has no significant toxicity to normal liver cells.
Polypeptides involved in immune response
Novel polypeptides which comprise a receptor-ligand pair involved in t-cell activation are disclosed. Nucleic acid molecules encoding said polypeptides, and vectors and host cells for expressing same are also disclosed.
Use of avermectin derivative for increasing bioavailability and efficacy of macrocylic lactones
The present invention relates to the use of avermectin derivative as a drug for the treatment of parasitic infections. The avermectin derivative is represented by the formula (i) wherein: (i) r1 is chosen from the group constituted of —ch(ch3)2, —ch(ch3)ch2ch3, or cyclohexyle, (ii) x represents —ch2ch2—, or —ch═ch—, (iii) r2 is chosen from the group constituted of or —oh group, (iv) r3 is oh or noh, (v) represents a single bond when r3 is oh, or a double bond when r3 is noh, as an inhibitor of a membrane-bound protein which transports exogenous compounds out of target cells..
Microfluidic devices and methods of use in the formation and control of nanoreactors
The present invention provides novel microfluidic devices and methods that are useful for performing high-throughput screening assays and combinatorial chemistry. The invention provides for aqueous based emulsions containing uniquely labeled cells, enzymes, nucleic acids, etc., wherein the emulsions further comprise primers, labels, probes, and other reactants.
Determining responsiveness of autoimmune patients to dmard treatment
The invention is directed to a method of screening patients suffering from an autoimmune disease for responsiveness to treatment with a disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug, or dmard. In some embodiments the method of the invention comprises the steps of (a) measuring an igh clonotype profile from b-cells in a sample of tissue affected by the autoimmune disease, the igh clonotype profile including igh clonotypes, igg clonotypes, and igd clonotypes; and (b) classifying a patient as being more likely to respond to dmard treatment, whenever the patient has, with respect to reference levels characteristic of normal tissue, elevated igh concentration, elevated igg fraction, and reduced igd fraction..
Method of analysing a blood sample of a subject for the presence of a foetal disease or condition marker
The present invention relates to a method of analysing a blood sample of a subject carrying a foetus for the presence of a foetal disease or condition marker, said method comprising the steps of a) extracting nucleic acid from anucleated blood cells, preferably thrombocytes, in said blood sample to provide an anucleated blood cell-extracted nucleic acid fraction, and b) analysing said anucleated blood cell-extracted nucleic acid fraction for the presence of a foetal disease or condition marker, wherein said foetal disease or condition marker is a nucleic acid of a foetus, or wherein said foetal disease or condition marker is a foetal disease or condition-specific expression profile of genes of a cell of said foetus.. .
Indirect antigen-specific t cell recognition assay
The present invention provides a method for analyzing simultaneously multiple human antigen-specific cell populations of a sample, the sample comprising b cells and antigen-specific cells, the method comprising a) separation of b cells from said sample, b) dividing the b cells into n sub-samples, c) differentially labeling the b cells of said sub-samples, wherein at least n-1sub-samples are labeled, d) pulsing of the b cells of each sub-sample with single or multiple peptides, e) pooling of the labeled and peptide-pulsed b cells with cells of said sample comprising said antigen-specific cells, f) co-cultivation of the cells of step e), g) flow cytometry analysis of the b cells with regard to their cell number and cd83 expression, thereby determining the potency of said antigen-specific cells in said sample.. .
Detection of human endogenous retrovirus expression in cancer and normal cells
The invention relates to human endogenous retrovirus env (herv-wl) polypeptides, nucleotide sequences, herv-wl antibodies, methods to detect cancer, and methods to determine the effectiveness of the treatment of cancer.. .
System and method for cleaning noisy genetic data from target individuals using genetic data from genetically related individuals
A system and method for determining the genetic data for one or a small set of cells, or from fragmentary dna, where a limited quantity of genetic data is available, are disclosed. Genetic data for the target individual is acquired and amplified using known methods, and poorly measured base pairs, missing alleles and missing regions are reconstructed using expected similarities between the target genome and the genome of genetically related subjects.
Method of measuring adaptive immunity
A method of measuring immunocompetence is described. This method provides a means for assessing the effects of diseases or conditions that compromise the immune system and of therapies aimed to reconstitute it.
Mirna-based universal screening test (ust)
Described are methods for early noninvasive or minimally invasive detection of pathological changes in organ systems/organs/tissues/cells by quantifying organ system-/organ-/tissue-/cells type-enriched mirna in bodily fluids.. .
Using information on neighbor cells of other network types and/or other operators for mobile terminal positioning
In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, a method performed by an apparatus comprises, causing said apparatus at least to perform one of providing and obtaining information on a serving cell that is, at a point of time, serving a mobile terminal and information related to a neighbor cell that is, at least substantially at said point of time, observed by said mobile terminal, wherein said serving cell is a cell of a first communication network, wherein said neighbor cell is a cell of a second communication network, and wherein said first communication network has a type that is different from a type of said second communication network and/or is operated by an operator that is different from an operator of said second communication network.. .
Interference management and interference alignment in wireless networks
Interference mitigation (e.g., interference suppression and/or interference cancellation) in a wireless communications system may include interference alignment techniques. Interference alignment may be performed to concurrently mitigate the effects of multiple types of interference (e.g., inter-cell interference and intra-cell interference).
Wireless communication system and wireless communication method and base station device
Information is exchanged among multiple base stations by adaptively changing an allocation of radio resource of each base station, and reducing deterioration in a signal quality that is caused by interference of signals transmitted from multiple base stations. Communication with a terminal located in a cell center and communication with a terminal located in a cell edge are performed in different time zones.
Communications methods and apparatus that facilitate handover decisions and related measurements
Methods and apparatus that facilitate handover related measurements and decision making in a communications system including user equipment (ue) devices, a macro base station and femto base stations (femtocells) are described. In some embodiments a ue device transmits pilots along with identification information using ue device selected transmission resources from a set of recurring ue pilot transmission resources dedicated by a macro base station for ue pilot signal and related device information transmission purposes.
Equalizer-based receiver in mobile communication system and method for receiving signal using the same
A method for receiving a signal using an equalizer-based receiver is provided. The method includes compensating for a phase offset of a received signal for each of m cells, and performing channel estimation on the phase offset-compensated received signal for each of the m cells, compensating for an inter-cell timing offset in a channel estimate for each of the m cells, reconstructing an interference component of a reference signal using the compensated channel estimate for each of the m cells, regenerating a phase offset difference between the serving cell and each of the multiple interfering cells for each of the m cells, adding the phase offset difference to the interference component of a reference signal for each of the m cells, cancelling, from the received signal, the interference component of a reference signal with the phase offset for each of the m cells, and equalizing the interference component-cancelled received signal..
Self aligned fin-type programmable memory cell
A fin-type programmable memory cell includes a bottom electrode electrically coupled to an access device, a top electrode, and an l-shaped memory material element electrically coupled to the bottom and top electrodes. A memory array includes an array of such memory cells, electrically coupled to an array of access devices.
Method of converting between non-volatile memory technologies and system for implementing the method
A method of designing a charge trapping memory array including designing a floating gate memory array layout. The floating gate memory layout includes a first type of transistors, electrical connections between memory cells of the floating gate memory array layout, a first input/output (i/o) interface, a first type of charge pump, and an i/o block.
Memories with memory arrays extending in opposite directions from a semiconductor and their formation
Memories and their formation are disclosed. One such memory has a first array of first memory cells extending in a first direction from a first surface of a semiconductor.
Cow rumen xylose isomerases active in yeast cells
Polypeptides were identified among translated coding sequences from a metagenomic cow rumen database, that were shown to provide xylose isomerase activity in yeast cells. The xylose isomerase activity can complete a xylose utilization pathway so that yeast can use xylose in fermentation, such as xylose in biomass hydrolysate..
Bacterial xylose isomerases active in yeast cells
Specific polypeptides were identified as bacterial xylose isomerases that are able to provide xylose isomerase activity in yeast cells. The xylose isomerase activity can complete a xylose utilization pathway so that yeast can use xylose in fermentation, such as xylose in biomass hydrolysate..
Dose and location controlled drug/gene/particle delivery to individual cells by nanoelectroporation
A simple and low cost method of producing sealed arrays of laterally ordered nanochannels interconnected to microchannels of tunable size, over large surface areas, is disclosed. The method incorporates dna combing and subsequent imprinting.
Engineering and optimization of systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation with functional domains
The invention provides for engineering and optimization of systems, methods, and compositions for manipulation of sequences and/or activities of target sequences. Provided are vectors and vector systems, some of which encode one or more components of a crispr complex, as well as methods for the design and use of such vectors with additional functional domains.
Small chemical compound which promotes induction of differentiation of stem cells into insulin-producing cells and method for inducing differentiation of stem cells into insulin-producing cells using said small chemical compound
A purpose of the present invention is to provide a small chemical compound which especially promotes induction of the differentiation of es cells into insulin-producing cells. Another purpose of the present invention is to provide: a method for inducing the differentiation of es cells into insulin-producing cells using the compound; and an agent for promoting induction of the differentiation into insulin-producing cells.
Method of producing erythrocytes without feeder cells
Provided herein are methods of producing erythrocytes from hematopoietic cells, particularly hematopoietic cells from placental perfusate in combination with hematopoietic cells from umbilical cord blood, wherein the method results in accelerated expansion and differentiation of the hematopoietic cells to more efficiently produce administrable erythrocytes. Further provided herein is a bioreactor in which hematopoietic cell expansion and differentiation takes place..
Peptide-bound gold metal nano-clusters as cancer cell killing agents
Peptide-bound gold metal nanocluser complexes are produced to induce cancer cell death by dramatically inhibiting trxr activities of the cancer cells. Specificity is shown by selectively designing peptide sequences..
Culture medium for epithelial stem cells and organoids comprising the stem cells
The invention relates to a method for culturing epithelial stem cells, isolated tissue fragments comprising said epithelial stem cells, or adenoma cells, and culturing the cells or fragments in the presence of a bone morphogenetic protein (bmp) inhibitor, a mitogenic growth factor, and a wnt agonist when culturing epithelial stem cells and isolated tissue fragments. The invention further relates to a cell culture medium comprising a bmp inhibitor, a mitogenic growth factor, and a wnt agonist, to the use of said culture medium, and to crypt-villus organoids, gastric organoids and pancreatic organoids that are formed in said culture medium..
High-density spot seeding for tissue model formation
A model of tissue is produced by steps comprising seeding cells at a selected concentration on a support to form a cell spot, incubating the cells to allow the cells to partially attach, rinsing the cells to remove any cells that have not partially attached, adding culture medium to enable the cells to proliferate at a periphery of the cell spot and to differentiate toward a center of the cell spot, and further incubating the cells to form the tissue. The cells may be c2c12 cells or other subclones of the c2 cell line, h9c2(2-1) cells, l6 cells, l8 cells, qm7 cells, sol8 cells, g-7 cells, g-8 cells, other myoblast cells, cells from other tissues, or stem cells.
A bio-pin is provided. The bio-pin can be used for cell transfer and treatment, cell tracing, and targeting of specific tissues and cells using a peptide-based complex in which a cell-penetrating peptide or a cell-adhesive peptide is bound to one or both ends of a cell membrane protein, and used in a molecular imaging system, a medical appliance, and the like..
Devices for determining cell force properties and methods of manufacturing the devices
A device may be configured to allow individual measuring of at least one property of at least one cell, such as measuring a contraction force of a platelet. The device may include a plurality of wells.
Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and polynucleotides encoding same
The present invention provides isolated polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, catalytic domains, cellulose binding domains and polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, catalytic domains or cellulose binding domains. The invention also provides nucleic acid constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising the polynucleotides as well as methods of producing and using the polypeptides, catalytic domains or cellulose binding domains..

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