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Cell Phone patents


This page is updated frequently with new Cell Phone-related patent applications.

 Wireless communications device having enhanced silent notification mode patent thumbnailWireless communications device having enhanced silent notification mode
A cell phone having a normal notification mode and an enhanced silent notification mode. The phone includes a memory, a speaker, a touch screen and a processor.

 Portable tilted table for use with cell phones, tablets, pads, electronic books or similar electronic devices patent thumbnailPortable tilted table for use with cell phones, tablets, pads, electronic books or similar electronic devices
A portable tilted table for cell phones, tablets, pads, electronic books or similar electronic devices is shown. The portable tilted table rests on a flat surface with the electronic device resting on the tilted surface with a footrest preventing the electric device from sliding off the tilted surface.

 Gesture-based data exchange between electronic devices patent thumbnailGesture-based data exchange between electronic devices
A digital data transfer between two users' electronic devices such as cell phones, smartphones, tablet pcs, laptops, etc., is initiated by detecting both that the users' wrist-worn electronic data exchange units have been brought into proximity, and also that their on-board accelerometers sense movement consistent with a gesture, especially that two equipped users are shaking hands. The electronic data exchange units can communicate over a limited distance and can use bluetooth.
Limited Liability Company "myco"

 Method and system for information presentation patent thumbnailMethod and system for information presentation
The current document is directed to flow-presentation methods, and systems that incorporate these methods that address needs of many elderly users for a simpler, more intuitive computer-system interface that continuously presents user-interface features to users that allow users to access and use programs, rather than waiting for a user to actively search for, and select, program entries. The currently described flow-presentation methods are incorporated into computer systems to create platforms that provide a continuous flow of news, entertainment, weather, scheduled events, and other information, referred to as “content,” to a user's computer, such as a mobile computing device, including cell phones, tablets, and laptops, a desktop computer, or an interactive television.
Connect Living, Inc.

 Collapsible device stand patent thumbnailCollapsible device stand
A collapsible device stand with a large folding arm and a variable position spring loaded sliding rail carrier with a small folding arm. Primarily used for holding an object at an angle or vertically.

 Cell phone emergency mode for location in rubble patent thumbnailCell phone emergency mode for location in rubble
Mobile phones, phone systems, and emergency location systems are described with features that assist rescue teams in locating survivors in a disaster situation where a phone user and their mobile phone are buried under rubble. To enable the phone's battery charge to last longer, an emergency power conservation mode (e-mode) is activated by either receiving a command from an external source via rf transmission, or by noticing a rapid reduction in signal strength from a tower without changing the phone's physical location.

 Novel protective cell phone case patent thumbnailNovel protective cell phone case
A cell phone case cover having four layer system screen protector including a first polyethylene terephthalate (pet) layer, an optically clear adhesive (oca) layer, a second polyethylene terephthalate (pet) layer and a silicon adhesive layer in combination with a protective case body constructed to protect the phone and allow to activate touch screen capabilities on side positioned curved screen displays.. .

 Liquid crystal display device patent thumbnailLiquid crystal display device
Since the liquid crystal display device according to the present invention does not suffer from a decrease in the voltage holding ratio (vhr) of the liquid crystal layer or display defects such as alignment unevenness and image-sticking, the liquid crystal display device is particularly useful as an active-matrix-driven liquid crystal display device such as a va, psva, ips, or ffs liquid crystal display device and can be used as a liquid crystal display device for products such as liquid crystal display televisions, monitors, cell phones, and smartphones.. .

 911 services and vital sign measurement utilizing mobile phone sensors and applications patent thumbnail911 services and vital sign measurement utilizing mobile phone sensors and applications
Improved methods for utilizing 911 services, for implementing 911 dispatch protocols, and for measuring vital signs of a human, all by accessing mobile phone sensors and applications, are disclosed. Vital signs such as heart rate, breathing rate, breathing distress, and blood pressure can be measured using mobile phone sensors and applications.

 Voip analog telephone system patent thumbnailVoip analog telephone system
A multi-port voip telecommunications system that allows the user to gain access to telephone connectivity through the internet by connecting directly to the internet or by connecting to the internet through the existing internet connection of a computer or cell phone device. The present system includes an ethernet port, a wi-fi receiver to facilitate the transmission and receipt of internet protocol signals wirelessly, a usb plug connectable to the ata, connectivity to a home monitoring network and connectivity to bluetooth devices.., Inc.

Wireless satellite digital audio radio service (sdars) head unit with portable subscription and cell phone abilities

A system and method for automated activation of a radio, or content receiver, used to receive subscription radio services such as xm or sirius radio. A wireless communications device with a short range data link wirelessly communicates with the content receiver to control the content receiver and receive a unique identification code from the content receiver.
Sirius Xm Radio Inc.

Storage case for electronic equipment

A storage case for electronic devices such as cell phones or laptop computers that is fully insulated to protect the electronic device contained within the storage device from long term (several hours) exposure to heat or cold.. .

Desk organizer

A one-piece, unitary desk organizer with one or more relatively deep cups that are constructed and arranged to hold relatively long and thin items such as pens, pencils and scissors, and a cell phone/smartphone-receiving receptacle that has an opening that provides for access to a connector or jack on the bottom of the phone so that one or more cords can be run to the phone.. .
United Comb & Novelty Corporation

Patent for app, function, software, and/or utility that utilize cell phones and its cameras for on-the-road, (driving) recording, home security recording, and phone protection and safety recording

To include black box function into cell phones with an application, function, software widget, and utility that utilize cell phones which will provide continuous recording. The cell phones will utilize its front and rear camera to provide on-the-road recording that can be utilized for road accidents and vehicle theft-prevention, served as a security camera at home to monitor and record any suspicious or dangerous activities, and continuous recording which can be used to monitor and prevent any information leak from occurring to other users..

Smart dc grid and smart power outlet

The disclosed smart receptacle allows use of high voltage dc power, typically between 100 and 120 volts, for regular appliances such as computers and cell phone power adapters, coffee pots, heaters and some motorized devices. The receptacle prevents use of the dc power by ac appliances by monitoring for amount and or quality of inductance of a plugged in appliance.

Gas detectors safety compliance advertisement via low-power wireless radio

Embodiments relate generally to systems and methods for indicating when a gas detector is out of compliance. A bluetooth low energy (ble) enabled wireless gas-detector may allow for an advertisement packet to be transmitted from the gas detector.
Honeywell International Inc.

Timestamp-free synchronization for wireless body area networks

Systems and methods for collecting biosignals can include a master node and a plurality of biosensor slave nodes wirelessly connected to the master node. The biosensor can be implanted in the body, or external to the body.
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Preventing dropped calls through behavior prediction

Described herein are techniques related to preventing dropped cellular phone calls through predicting the behavior of cell phones along a route traveled by a mobile device. This abstract is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope and meaning of the claims..
Intel Corporation

Multimedia communicator

A multimedia communicator is disclosed. The multimedia communicator comprises a processing unit; and a storage device coupled to the processing unit.
1st Communications Inc.

Frequency domain noise attenuation utilizing two transducers

Embodiments may find applications to ambient noise attenuation in cell phones, for example, where a second microphone is placed at a distance from the voice microphone so that ambient noise is present at both the voice microphone and the second microphone, but where the user's voice is primarily picked up at the voice microphone. Frequency domain filtering is employed on the voice signal, so that those frequency components representing mainly ambient noise are de-emphasized relative to the other frequency components.
Creative Technology Ltd

Object information derived from object images

Search terms are derived automatically from images captured by a camera equipped cell phone, pda, or other image capturing de ice submitted to a search engine to obtain information of interest, and at least a portion of the resulting information is transmitted back locally to, or nearby, the device that captured the image.. .
Nant Holdings Ip, Llc

Method and system for validating a connection between devices

The present disclosure validates pairs of electronic devices such as cell phones or smart watches which wish to exchange information. Its purpose is to provide a technique for transferring information from one electronic device to the other in a quick, safe and reliable way.

Sequential delivery of advertising content across media devices

The technology relates to sequential or tailored delivery of advertising content across a plurality of media conduits. The invention achieves sequential story telling for advertising campaigns in place of single-series advertising, by delivering over a period of several sessions on a variety of devices.
Videoamp, Inc.

Cell phone disabling container

A method of controlling cellular phone usage includes the steps of: supplying a cellphone container for an interior of a motor vehicle; integrating the cellphone container with circuitry related to the operation of the motor vehicle; disabling the operation of the motor vehicle through the cellphone container; enabling the operation of the motor vehicle after insertion of a cellular phone into a cavity of the cellphone container; and disabling the motor vehicle after removal of the cellular phone from the cavity. The step of integrating the cell phone container controls the motor vehicle's ignition and motor operation.

Alarm system and method

An alarm system includes a detector positioned to detect when an object experiences an unauthorized removal and which produces an alarm signal when the object experiences an unauthorized removal. The alarm system includes a cell phone with global positioning system (gps) in communication with the detector which transmits wirelessly an alarm alert signal with coordinates of the cell phones location when the cell phone receives the alarm signal.

Monetary information processing server and monetary information processing method

When remitting money for charging up a monetary terminal to a center account 31, the user inputs to a banking system 3 remitter information containing a name (in katakana characters) and a monetary terminal id of the monetary terminal that is to be charged up. In response to this, the banking system 3 transmits a remittance amount and the remitter information to an electronic money server 2.

Histogram methods and systems for object recognition

A multidimensional histogram is used to characterize an image (or object), and is used to identify candidate matches with one or more reference images (or objects). An exemplary implementation employs hue information for two of the dimensions, and a second derivative function based on luminance for a third dimension.
Digimarc Corporation

Wifi remote displays

A wireless peripheral mode is provided by a host system that communicates to a wifi infrastructure and, utilizing the same wifi rf subsystem, also communicates to peripherals. The host system may employ additional rf channels for communicating with high bandwidth peripherals, such as display devices, where high levels of qos may be managed locally.
Iii Holdings 1, Llc

Medical monitoring with location and activity tracking

A method, system, and/or apparatus for automatically monitoring for possible mental or physical health concerns. The method or implementing software application uses or relies upon location information available on the mobile device from any source, such as cell phone usage and/or other device applications.
Pushd, Inc.

Garment attachable cell phone holder

Can be repositioned vertically in relation to the strap of the garment for comfort.. .

Second screen methods and arrangements

Cell phones and other devices are used to complement enjoyment of television or other video media, through use of corresponding software applications. A great variety of related features and arrangements are particularly detailed..
Digimarc Corporation

Stabilizing camera phone extension

A device to enhance the ability of impromptu cell phone filmmakers to make high-quality, watchable videos without sacrificing the flexibility of the cell phone camera video medium. Embodiments of the device stabilize a camera phone while the user records video, using only the shape of the device to enable a natural, steady grip..

Data access based on content of image recorded by a mobile device

Embodiments of the invention are directed to using image data and contextual data to determine information about a scene, based on one or more previously obtained images. Contextual data, such location of image capture, can be used to determine previously obtained images related to the contextual data and other location-related information, such as billboard locations.
Yahoo! Inc.

Touch alphabet and communication system

A touch alphabet and communication system is provided. The communication system uses a predetermined set of touch gestures, such as fingertip touch patterns performable on keyless touch-sensitive surfaces, to express the user's desired communication.

Standard time synchronization electronic device

A method of time synchronization between a timepiece-equipped electronic device and a cell phone or an ipad, which includes the steps of: (a) utilizing the universal standard time of the cell phone or ipad by a time synchronization app to obtain a synchronization time information; (b) modulating an audio frequency carrier signal or time signal from the digital signal of the cell phone or ipad based on the encoding rules of audio phase-shifting; (c) transmitting the time information in the audio frequency carrier signal to the timepiece-equipped electronic device through audio or data signal transmission channel by utilizing the bluetooth module or wifi of the cell phone or ipad; and (d) receiving and pairing the audio frequency carrier signal, decoding the time information and displaying the time information, which is the synchronized time with the cell phone or ipad, onto the display of the timepiece-equipped electronic device.. .
Shenzhen Sikao Software Corporation Limited

Adaptive positioning system

An adaptive positioning system provides a method for directing and tracking position, motion and orientation of mobile vehicles, people and other entities using multiple complementary positioning components to provide seamless positioning and behavior across a spectrum of indoor and outdoor environments. The adaptive positioning system (aps) provides for complementary use of peer to peer ranging together with map matching to alleviate the need for active tags throughout an environment.
5d Robotics, Inc.


Il-scale is capable of measuring all axle loads of semi-tractor trailers and other heavy duty vehicles. The electronic data is formatted into a certified electronic document that may be transmitted by wire or wireless to email, cell phone text message, and other telecommunication devices, facsimile, or printer for hard copy.

Double-chamber sports cup

The present invention relates to a double-chamber sports cup where an outer chamber can be opened from the upper end and an inner chamber can be opened from the lower end; the lower lid provides an inward-oriented insertion column having a stabilizing rod, generally made of soft and flexible material, to provide a securing function to objects, such as cell phones, that are placed in the inner chamber. Not only is the present double-chamber sports cup more versatile in the ability to hold two different drinks, it is also useful for storing electronic devices while holding liquid at the same time..

Systems and methods for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease

Systems and methods for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd) includes minimally invasively implanting a stimulating device in a patient's esophagus in the region proximate the lower esophageal sphincter (les). The patient is provided with a questionnaire related to his disease via an online service.
Endostim, Inc.

Multifunctional phone case

Multifunctional case for cell phones or tablet devices with flip, sliding, and adjustable lenses for viewing a screen and consumer needs is disclosed. It gives the consumer various ways of being able to solve the copious daily need for reading glasses..

Computerized, personal-color analysis sytem

A method and apparatus to automatically generate a customized color palette receives data corresponding to several physical attributes of a living subject, such as hair, skin and eyes and conducts an analysis uniquely corresponding to each attribute, and may associate each attribute with at least one property such as a color family, a technical identifier, an intensifier, a temperature, a power color, and a saturation designation. Software may identify the color linked to each attribute by, for example, an lab value, an rgb value, an html value, an xyz value or a cmy value, while an intensifier may be a contrasting color, and saturation may indicate whether the color linked to the attribute is a tone, tint, shade or hue.

Smart gun technology

Systems and methods to use, monitor, and control a firearm technology including smart components embedded into a portion of the firearm and communicatively coupled to the firearm, are disclosed. Use of such smart components may permit the firearm to display and/or send alerts regarding status updates (such as power levels of a battery, indication of need of maintenance, or status of enablement or disablement).
Safearms Llc

Systems and methods for stroke detection

A stroke detection device includes a cell phone having a sensor adapted to sense a characteristic of the user of the cell phone. An app executed by the cell phone passively monitors the characteristic to determine if the user has experienced a stroke.
Stryker Corporation

Mattress cover with storage pocket

A mattress cover with storage pocket includes a mattress cover, which includes a top cover and a surrounding side cover. The top side of the surrounding side cover is connected with the top cover.

Front enclosed in-ear earbuds

When an in-ear earbud is inserted into the ear canal, a front side sealed enclosure is created. The enclosure volume is sealed at the near end by the in-ear earbud and at the far end by the eardrum.

System and anti texting in cell phones during vehicle driving

The embodiments herein provide a system and method for enabling anti-texting feature in a cell phone when the cell phone is operated by a driver in a dangerous manner such as text messaging or holding the cell phone to the driver's ear while driving a vehicle. The system creates a green zone or life zone around a driver's seat that controls the driver not to participate in distracting activities while driving a vehicle.

System and providing recommendations with a location-based service

A mobile application is provided that provides intelligent recommendations based on the knowledge of where the user has been, and what venues the user would like to visit. Further, such an application may be capable of determining where people in a user's social network have been and what venue locations these related users would like to visit.
Foursquare Labs, Inc.

Stackable lid system with side latch closure for collapsible cart

Whereby during use of a folding rolling cart user can place the embodiment of the lid system which consists of 2 separate parts, a lid and desk top insert so that you can increase the amount that you carry by stacking additional items onto the recessed lid surface. Additionally place and safeguard items such as lap tops and cell phones onto the desk top insert for use while working remotely.

Motor vehicle component to utilize a font or character resource of a separate electronic device

In an example, a system includes a vehicle component (e.g., an automotive head unit) that is installed in a motor vehicle and a portable device (e.g., a cell phone) in the motor vehicle that is coupled with the motor vehicle. The vehicle component may include a screen and an image renderer, and the portable device may include a text renderer.
Airbiquity Inc.

Diagnostic radio frequency identification sensors and applications thereof

An integrated passive wireless chip diagnostic sensor system is described that can be interrogated remotely with a wireless device such as a modified cell phone incorporating multi-protocol rfid reader capabilities (such as the emerging gen-2 standard) or bluetooth, providing universal easy to use, low cost and immediate quantitative analyses, geolocation and sensor networking capabilities to users of the technology. The present invention can be integrated into various diagnostic platforms and is applicable for use with low power sensors such as thin films, mems, electrochemical, thermal, resistive, nano or microfluidic sensor technologies.
Altivera, Llc

Mobile dialogue system and mobile content delivery solutions

This invention relates to a method, system and products for the transmission, delivery, playback, and content management of audio and visual files for wireless and non-wireless devices, and a new internet-less protocol for such transmission to portable electronic devices, such as cell phones and the like.. .
Skky, Llc

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