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Date/App# patent app List of recent Caster-related patents
 Distributed forecasting and pricing system patent thumbnailnew patent Distributed forecasting and pricing system
A method, system and computer program product for distributed forecasting and pricing for a commodity supplied by a provider to a user. In one embodiment, the provider announces a pricing plan, and the provider receives a forecast of an estimated amount of the commodity from the provider that the user will use over a given period of time.
 In-vehicle entertainment system for providing program source data to a portable electronic device patent thumbnailnew patent In-vehicle entertainment system for providing program source data to a portable electronic device
An in-vehicle entertainment system that includes a receiver and a server. The receiver receives one or more data streams from one or more broadcasters.
 Broadcast advertisement volume control system and method therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Broadcast advertisement volume control system and method therefor
A system for controlling a volume of a broadcast advertisement including an advertisement agency server, a broadcaster server, a monitoring apparatus, and an advertisement company server, which are connected through a wire or wireless communication network is provided. The advertisement agency server includes an advertisement material storage unit, an advertisement material conversion unit, an advertisement watermark generation unit, a format conversion unit, and a cost calculation unit.
 Inverter apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Inverter apparatus
An inverter apparatus includes an inverter stack having casters at bottom and a switchboard for entering the inverter stack from a front side to store. The switchboard has an output relay terminal, at a storage bottom portion to store the inverter stack, extending along an entering direction of the inverter stack.
 Six-wheeled stretcher patent thumbnailnew patent Six-wheeled stretcher
A stretcher including an upper frame for mounting a lifter thereon, a front leg pivotably attached to the upper frame, a rear leg pivotably attached to the upper frame, a fixed caster attached to one end of the front leg, a swivel caster attached to one end of the rear leg, and an auxiliary swivel caster attached to the front leg, wherein the upper frame is vertically adjustable by folding the front and rear legs relative to the upper frame, and wherein the auxiliary swivel caster is positioned relative to the fixed caster such that the auxiliary swivel caster is in contact with the ground when the upper frame is fully lowered and the front leg is folded away from the rear leg, and the auxiliary swivel caster is out of contact with the ground when the upper frame is fully lowered and the front leg is folded toward the rear leg.. .
 Dk3d dolly patent thumbnailDk3d dolly
A load bearing dolly securely attached, via lashing straps, to opposite ends of any moveable object such as: household furniture items, appliances, or various manufacturing/industrial equipment. Each rectangular dolly frame being carpeted on all contact surfaces creating friction and containing two 360 degree swivel casters of various sizes and optional locking brakes.
 Method of and apparatus for casting metal slab patent thumbnailMethod of and apparatus for casting metal slab
Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for continuously casting a metal slab. The method involves continuously introducing molten metal into an inlet of a casting cavity defined between advancing casting surfaces, cooling the metal in the cavity to form a metal slab, and discharging the slab from the cavity through an outlet.
 System and method of interacting with a broadcaster via an application patent thumbnailSystem and method of interacting with a broadcaster via an application
Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for facilitating audio access to radio stations via a call-to-listen application on a device. A server can provide a listing of radio stations via an application on a user device, such as a smartphone, receive a selection of a radio station by a user and obtain a phone number associated with the selection.
 Nozzle for horizontal continuous caster patent thumbnailNozzle for horizontal continuous caster
A horizontal continuous caster includes a tundish supporting a quantity of molten metal together with a cooled mold and conventional casting movement apparatus. The interface between the cooled mold and the tundish is provided by an improved tundish nozzle having a fabrication which locates the contact area between the nozzle and the cooled mold surfaces to the nozzle periphery thereby locating heat transfer between the mold and the molten metal within the tundish nozzle at the outer portion of the nozzle.
 Central control braking system patent thumbnailCentral control braking system
A central control braking system includes: a pedestal; at least one caster mounted at a bottom portion of the pedestal; a brake transmission shaft for controlling the caster; a plate girder movably connected to the pedestal; a pedal fixed to the plate girder; and a reversing rotary assembly connecting the plate girder and the brake transmission shaft, wherein the reversing rotary assembly enables the brake transmission shaft to rotate in reverse under the control of the pedal.. .
Wheel assembly
A caster wheel device for a domestic appliance is in the form of a wheel mounting carriage, a dial having an underside forming a cam, a cam follower that contacts the cam, a wheel bracket and a wheel. The wheel bracket retains the wheel within it so that the wheel and bracket pivot about the follower independently of the carriage.
One piece flexible skateboard
A flexible skateboard may include a pair of direction casters mounted for steering rotation on a flexible skateboard, twistable for propulsion. One or more vertical wall supports may be provided to resist bowing.
Hospital bed with bed leaving alarm function
A hospital bed with bed leaving alarm function includes a bed frame unit, a plurality of support pads mounted on the bed frame unit to together form a bed surface, on which a patient lies, sits or leans; and a plurality of casters. At least one bed leaving sensing unit is provided on a middle section of the bed surface and connected to an external monitoring device.
Low profile rolling support assembly
Disclosed is a low profile rolling support assembly useful for supporting loads above a supporting surface where at least one end of the rolling support assembly is positionable beneath a structure having minimal clearance above the supporting surface. The rolling support assembly includes a load bearing member and a caster assembly containing a wheel where the load bearing member extends laterally away from the caster assembly at substantially the same height or less as the caster assembly..
Systems, methods and articles to provide content in networked environment
Content delivery system may include a metadata tunnel system component which is responsive to defined subaudible tones in programming, for instance programming provided for a broadcast. An action may be based on a characteristic or aspect of the subaudible tone, for instance frequency and/or duration.
Aircraft engine stand
This mobile, aircraft engine stand provides mobility and ease of operation by one person. The stand includes a frame, a pair of vertical jack screws vertically mounted on the frame and a precision rail system configured to allow for stable and efficient linear motion.
Riding lawn mower
A riding lawnmower includes left and right wheels, at least one caster wheel, a lawnmower blade or reel, and a control section. The left and right wheels are independently driven by electric rotary machines to travel.
Offset inclined suspension
An independent suspension for a steerable wheel has a support member that is inclined so that the movement of the wheel as it travels over an obstacle includes a rearward vector. The steering spindle is positioned in such a way that it is not perpendicular to the support member, but is angled to provide the desired caster angle, which may vary between embodiments..
Moving cart mechanism for burner, with positioning adjustment system in industrial oven
“moving cart mechanism for burner, with positioning adjustment system in industrial oven”, comprised by a cart (1) for the burner (q) to be used along the platforms (p) of industrial ovens (f), which base (2) with casters (3) accommodates exhaustion equipment (e) and gas feeding equipment controlled by panel (pa) and, also, a vertical fuse (4) attaching in its helicoids a wheel (5) threaded between superior (6) and inferior (7) sliding gloves, with flat back sides, which are connected by a clamp (8) to a perpendicular arm (9) containing a moving trail (10), forming a burner (q) fixation support. Through its fuse set (4), wheel (5), gloves (6) and (7) and arm (9) with trail (10), the mechanism allows a easier displacement of the cart (1) when, through the burner (q) spin adjustment it can be perfectly loaded in parallel to the platform (p) and together with the oven (f), being able to go up and down, being twisted and, kept away or close to the hatch (po)..
Rotatable platform having a straddleable seat to facilitate tranfer to a person having limited mobility
A transitioning device incorporating a rotatable platform supported on a base and having an elongated straddleable seat supported above the rotatable platform. A mechanism, either manual or powered, is provided to selectively rotate the rotatable base to facilitate moving a user to allow the user to transition from a first location to a second location angularly displaced from the first location.
Broadcaster mode and broadcasting features for gaming environments
A system and method for providing a broadcaster mode within a gaming environment is provided. The method includes receiving, via a networked gaming system, a request from a broadcaster for a display enhancement within the gaming environment.
Video recorder having user extended and automatically extended time slots
The present invention is directed to a video recorder having user extended and automatically extended time slots. An embodiment of the present invention includes a set top box having an internal storage device, such as a hard drive where broadcasts are transferred from a broadcast input source to the storage device.
Transforming structure with tower shuttle
A transportable, transformable structure utilizing a tower shuttle apparatus for converting the structure from a closed, transportable unit to an open, stationary unit. The tower shuttle includes a connection post, including a socket joint, connected to a shuttle cart on casters.
Caster device with a directional mechanism
The present invention discloses a caster device comprising a column, a wheel module and a directional mechanism. The wheel module is pivoted on the column.
Customized program insertion system
A customized consumer advertisement module and process are provided for inserting a user selected object into a user selected category of program. The user stores model objects locally at the user site, or communicates the model objects to a remotely located broadcaster for storage at a broadcaster site.
Systems and methods for buying, selling, and managing advertising space in a television broadcast
Systems and methods for managing commercial advertising in a television broadcast, as well as the management of the sale and/or purchase of time slots for the insertion of audiovisual media, such as a commercial advertisement, are provided. The management includes providing a web-based television advertising marketplace for the sale and purchase of time slots for commercial advertisements in a television broadcast.
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
A sheet feeding apparatus of the present invention includes a feeding apparatus body, a storage case body, a storage case caster which movably supports the storage case body in a pull-out direction, and a drop-out preventing units having a pull-out stopper which regulates a pull-out position of the storage case body from the feeding apparatus body, a storage case stopper which is provided at a rear end in the pull-out direction of the storage case body, an upper-face rail portion which is formed in the feeding apparatus body to guide the storage case stopper into the pull-out direction, and a drop-out stopper which is engaged with the storage case stopper at the rear end in the pull-out direction compared to the pull-out stopper to regulate a movement of the storage case body toward the pull-out direction, if the storage case body is rotated with a predetermined angle or more.. .
Receiving device, receiving method, program, and broadcasting system
Disclosed herein is a receiving device for receiving av contents, the receiving device including: an obtaining section configured to obtain a description document described in a program language for displaying contents from a server present on a network connected with the receiving device; a determining section configured to determine whether the obtained the description document is obtained from a first server managed on a broadcaster side broadcasting the av contents; and a controlling section configured to control execution of the obtained the description document according to a result of determination by the determining section.. .
Method and apparatus for controlling time-scale modification during multi-media broadcasts
One embodiment of the present invention is a method for broadcasting information to one or more client devices from a broadcaster that is not a client device, which one or more client devices utilize presentation rates to present audio in broadcast information at various presentation rates using time-scale modification, and which method includes: (a) the broadcaster broadcasting the information; and (b) the broadcaster broadcasting guidance information used to determine presentation rates for use by the one or more client devices in presentation of audio in the broadcast information using time-scale modification; wherein the guidance information is transmitted at or not at a time of broadcast of the broadcast information.. .
Peripheral device control and usage in a broadcaster mode for gaming environments
A method for operating a broadcaster mode within a gaming environment of a video game is provided. The method includes receiving, via a networked gaming system, a request from a broadcaster for a video signal for a peripheral display, the broadcaster being a non-participant in the video game occurring within the gaming environment.
Protected caster assembly
An apparatus includes a wheel having an axle, and a round disk connected to the axle. The round disk has a disk middle connected to the axle and a disk circumferential surface surrounding the disk middle.
System and method for managing multiple live video broadcasts via a public data network on a single viewing channel
A system and method for managing multiple live video broadcasts via a public data network on a single viewing channel is disclosed. An example embodiment includes receiving requests from a plurality of broadcasters wishing to broadcast at the same time on a channel of a public data network: queuing and prioritizing the requests in a broadcast queue: broadcasting content corresponding to a request of a first broadcaster on the channel; notifying a second broadcaster corresponding to one of a plurality of pending requests in the broadcast queue that the second broadcaster's opportunity for broadcast on the channel is imminent; discontinuing the broadcast of the content of the first broadcaster based on multiple factors; broadcasting content corresponding to a request of the second broadcaster on the channel; and using a coordinated real-time rendezvous to enable an audience of the channel to automatically transition from receiving the broadcast of the content of the first broadcaster to receiving the broadcast of the content of the second broadcaster on the same channel over the public data network..
A dolly has a frame with a pair of risers connected thereto. Connecting bolts extend partially through the risers and through the frame to connect the risers and casters to the frame.
Electric vehicle driven with interaction with rider
An electric vehicle including: an operating shaft inserted into the center of the upper portion of a motor housing and having steering handles mounted on the front end thereof to change the drive direction of the vehicle; motors mounted onto the interiors of both sides of the motor housing and having front wheels coupled correspondingly thereto; a foot board mounted on the rear side of the operating shaft; a battery and a controller mounted on the underside of the foot board; a rear connection member protruded backwardly from the board and having a caster mounted on the underside thereof; and a front connection member protruded forwardly from the foot board, coupled by a connection shaft to foot board shaft holes formed on the lower ends of both sides of the motor housing, in a state of being isolated downwardly.. .
Side dam with insert
A composite side dam for a continuous twin roll caster includes a substrate made of a refractory material capable of withstanding casting temperature and having edge portions adapted to engage casting rolls and having a nip portion adjacent a nip between casting rolls and upper portions extending across the side dam to form a lateral restraint for a casting pool, an insert of at least 10 mm in thickness positioned in a pocket in the substrate and extending to engage the molten metal and extending from the upper portions of the substrate and positioned in the pocket to within 30 mm from the nip portion by insertion adjacent the upper portions of the substrate, and the insert adapted to fit into the pocket of the substrate to form a side dam formed of a refractory material having consumption rate less than 10 mm per hour. The material forming the insert may be between 40 and 60% sialon material and the remainder hbn material, or mullite material as described by fig.
Unifying conflicting media identifiers
A unified system of unique identifiers is used to match enrichment content with primary content being delivered by subscribers, e.g. Broadcasters, in different markets, market segments, etc.
Method and system for targeted broadcast advertising
A system and a method for using the system for targeted broadcast advertising includes a broadcasting medium are provided. The system includes a broadcaster configured to provide a multimedia stream to a viewing device through the broadcasting medium; the multimedia stream including a close captioning string; wherein: the broadcaster is further configured to provide advertisements in the multimedia stream according to a correlation between the close captioning string and a plurality of vendor keywords..
Modular dolly kit
A modular kit for constructing a dolly comprising of at least one strut having a first and second end, and a first, second, and third through hole; at least one first connector; at least one second connector, each first connector removably attaches to each second connector, hereinafter referred to as a connector assembly, after at least two struts have been modularly assembled, each connector assembly is threaded through either the first, second, or third through holes of each respective strut; and at least one caster assembly, each caster assembly removably attaches to each connector assembly.. .
Mobile operating table and storage device
A mobile operating table or surgical cart providing one or more storage areas for medical supplies and waste containers and providing a drainable top surface suitable for performing a surgical or medical procedure. The storage areas are contained within a cavity inside the mobile operating table's base or within storage trays contained within the base.
Dynamic item highlighting system
A method and apparatus for highlighting a program listing in a set of program listings based on selection criteria. The selection criteria may indicate that the a broadcaster has agreed to pay a service provider in return for the service provider ensuring that a program listing, corresponding to the program of the broadcaster, is highlighted in a program page that displays a set of program listings, such as television program listings.
Suspension for wheeled vehicles
A wheelchair suspension comprises a frame, at least one pivot arm, at least one front caster, at least one rear caster, a stabilizing system, and a sensor. The pivot arm is coupled to the frame.
Method and system of content distribution and broadcast
Methods and systems allowing content owners to make their content available to broadcasters over a network or communications medium such as via the internet.. .
Durable, quiet hubless caster technology
Embodiments of the present invention provide a hubless caster that is at least as aesthetically pleasing as prior art hubless casters but that is significantly more durable. In one aspect, a hubless caster is provided that includes a frame member having two opposed sides.
Digital radio producing, broadcasting and receiving songs with lyrics
A system and means for the proprietary data stream format encoding of songs with lyrics in a digital radio broadcasts in a produced data stream that can be individually distributed to terrestrial and satellite digital radio broadcasters. The proprietary pre-encoding of song information with possible pad data (program associated data), song and lyrics (eisl) where the proprietary encoding allows the bit rate to be sized by the producer to fit the fixed bit rate of the channel's data service, while sound and video quality is still maximized.
Apparatus for measuring and adjusting parameters of the geometry of the wheeled vehicle chassis
The present invention relates to a measuring apparatus, and more particularly to an apparatus used during testing of the steering characteristics of a wheeled motor vehicle and can be used for measuring and adjusting the chassis geometry parameters including toe-in/toe-out, camber, caster, steering angles and plays, and the like. The apparatus designed to be mounted within the interwheel space on the wheel disk and comprising a removable support designed to be mounted on the inner side of the wheel disk..
User interface for power drive system of a patient support apparatus
A patient support apparatus includes a frame, a patient support coupled to the frame, a plurality of casters and a wheel coupled to the frame, a motor coupled to the wheel and operable to rotate the wheel to propel the patient support apparatus along a floor, and an electrical system comprising a controller configured to signal operation of the motor to rotate the wheel to propel the patient support apparatus along the floor. The electrical system further includes user inputs adjacent at least one end of the frame and adjacent at least one side of the frame.
Auxiliary content handling over digital communication systems
A broadcaster prepares primary content session stream data, and auxiliary content files, such as subtitle text. The auxiliary data may be provided using a two-level structure.
Modular customizable cart
A modular cart that includes a main cart, a first modular cart frame, and a second modular cart frame is described. The main cart further includes a handle end with a first base component that is mechanically coupled to at least one caster.
Reel mower
A reel mower has a double a arm suspension that lowers a reel cutting unit into a cutting position in a tail down orientation and that levels the reel cutting unit out as it lifts the reel cutting unit into a transport position. The reel cutting unit yaws during turns about a substantially vertical axis having a negative caster angle.
Advertising methods for advertising time slots and embedded objects
Disclosed is a process for an advertising bidding system in which advertisers can bid on advertising time slots or enhanced ads that can be inserted in either prerecorded or live television programming. A high degree of flexibility is provided by allowing embedded ads to be purchased and displayed in a very short time period.
Detachable chair
A chair includes a base, a seat board, a frame unit, a backrest and two armrests. The base has a cylinder, legs, and casters.
Pickup for an agricultural machine
An agricultural machine having a frame carrying a crop pickup mechanism and supported on the ground by means of two support wheels. Each support wheel is rotatably mounted on a carrier that is connected to the frame of the pickup for rotation about a caster axis.
Hot rolled thin cast strip product and method for making the same
A hot rolled steel strip made by the steps including assembling a twin roll caster, forming a casting pool of molten steel having a free oxygen content between 20 and 75 ppm and having a composition such that the cast strip comprises by weight, greater than 0.1 and not more than 0.5% carbon, between 0.9 and 2.0% manganese, between 0.05 and 0.50% silicon, greater than 0.01% and less than or equal to 0.15% phosphorus, and less than 0.01% aluminum, counter rotating the casting rolls forming the steel strip, hot rolling the strip such that mechanical properties at 10% and 35% reduction are within 10% for yield strength, tensile strength and total elongation, and coiling the strip at a temperature between 300 and 700° c. To provide a majority of the microstructure comprising bainite and acicular ferrite.
Shopping cart, frame, basket and production methods
The present invention includes a shopping cart frame with mounting bracket units connecting caster wheels and having a plate secured underneath the base with a caster pin receiving hole and spaced-apart flanges flanking the hole and abutting on the base; a shopping cart with a support bar between side uprights for forwardly propping up a primary basket and rearwardly hanging a secondary basket; a cart with a plastic basket having rear structural tubes sheathing the frame's side uprights and being secured thereto; a modular method of making different cart models by providing multiple sets of components with cooperating mounting surfaces for interconnection; a modular plastic basket with a hooked-on suspended tray and a channel-shaped overlay detachably snapped over the edge and tray; a one-piece molded plastic basket with independent branching tubular sections with different thicknesses; and an independent gas-assisted injection method for molding a one-piece plastic basket.. .
Synchronizing broadcast content with corresponding network content
This disclosure describes methods and systems for synchronizing broadcast and network content, such as web content. It also describes related technology for facilitating linking from broadcast content to related information and e-commerce on a network.
Caster stop and method
The present invention is directed to a caster stop. Advantageously, the caster stop has a generally circular shape, and includes a concave portion for receiving a caster wheel, and a ramp that spans between a circumferential rim and a generally circular foot.
System and method for affinity marketing to mobile devices
A method and system for providing selected content displays to users of mobile electronic devices and more specifically to a method and system for broadcasters to provide a marketing portal presented in the form of displayed customized broadcaster content.. .
System for applying metadata for object recognition and event representation
An object recognition and event representation system includes: a server and a broadcaster, coupled to the server. In response to a request from the broadcaster, the server sends an event metadata and a recognition data.
Suspension for vehicle
A suspension system for a vehicle includes two trailing arms and three lateral links to maintain a wheel in or nearly in a vertical position throughout a relatively large travel distance. The trailing arms can be an upper and a lower trailing arm that form a linkage to limit the caster movement of the wheel throughout the travel distance.
Iso-roll table
An improved medical procedure table has motorized elevation, trendelenburg tilt, floating tabletop with both longitudinal and lateral travel, multi-caster control, and an iso-roll device for the tabletop. The iso-roll device is connected between a roll plate and a cross plate.
Broadcast content via over the top delivery
Systems, methods, and receiver devices enable broadcasters with restricted content license areas (e.g., designated market areas (“dmas”) to distribute content via over the top (“ott”) ip networks. Embodiments enable client reporting and authentication as well as broadcast content encryption.
Broadcast content via over the top delivery
Systems, methods, and receiver devices enable broadcasters with restricted content license areas (e.g., designated market areas (“dmas”) to distribute content via over the top (“ott”) ip networks. Embodiments enable client reporting and authentication as well as broadcast content encryption.
Practical design for a walk-around, hands-free radiation protective shielding garment suspension apparatus
A rollable structure for suspending a heavy radiation protective garment so as to allow easy movement in a clinical environment subject to exposure to x-radiation. The structure comprises a vertically extending frame that is attachable to a user, and that permits the user to move freely around the clinical environment and to perform clinical duties without having to bear the weight of the shielding garment.
Frame cajon
This invention relates to a musical instrument, specifically a frame cajon comprising a cuboid frame with structural surfaces on the top and bottom that completely support the weight of the player allowing multiple playable sides to be attached for the percussionist. Two of the sides are further partitioned to produce a high and low pitched tone.
Multi-functional furniture-accessory system
A central housing in a generally rectilinear configuration. The central housing has a horizontal open top, a horizontal open bottom and side walls.
Methods and systems for centrifugal casting of polymer polish pads and polishing pads made by the methods
A method for making a polishing pad includes rotating a cylinder about a central axis. The cylinder encloses in an interior space a polymer precursor.
Scooter with rear swivel wheel
A personal mobility vehicle or scooter includes a least one swivel caster wheel supported at the rear of the scooter. The scooter has a body that includes a deck and a handlebar assembly.
Powered personal mobility vehicle with rotating wheels
An electric powered personal mobility vehicle that includes at least one front wheel and an electric motor that provides rotational force to a wheel of the vehicle. The electric motor is supported by the vehicle and is powered by a rechargeable battery that is also supported by the vehicle.
Multi-purpose caster and method of using same
A multi-purpose caster and method of using same includes a yoke arrangement having a body supporting a first portion of a spindle. The spindle further comprises a second portion projecting away from the body for insertion into an object during use.
Turn stability systems and methods for lift trucks
A lift truck includes systems and methods for improved stability control while turning, including a rotatable drive unit having a steerable drive tire. A first slide mechanism is coupled to the rotatable drive unit, and a second slide mechanism is mounted to a caster plate.
Methods for separation and immuno-detection of biomolecules, and apparatus related thereto
Disclosed are methods and apparatus for separation of biomolecules via two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, methods and apparatus for immunoblotting separated biomolecules, and methods for the use of biomolecules processed via the methods and apparatus of the present invention, including use in a clinical setting. The methods and apparatus for separation of biomolecules via two-dimensional gel comprises vertical agarose gel electrophoresis in the first dimension, and the electrophoresis of a novel non-denaturing 3-35% concave gradient polyacrylamide gel in the second dimension.
Method of and apparatus for casting metal slab
Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for continuously casting a metal slab. The method involves continuously introducing molten metal into an inlet of a casting cavity defined between advancing casting surfaces, cooling the metal in the cavity to form a metal slab, and discharging the slab from the cavity through an outlet.

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