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Cassette patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Cassette-related patents
 Substrate transfer system, substrate processing system, and substrate transfer robot patent thumbnailnew patent Substrate transfer system, substrate processing system, and substrate transfer robot
A substrate transfer system includes a substrate transfer robot disposed in a robot installment area defined between a first apparatus and a second apparatus. The first apparatus includes a first cassette, a second cassette and a first wall.
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

 Substrate transfer system, substrate processing system, and substrate transfer robot patent thumbnailnew patent Substrate transfer system, substrate processing system, and substrate transfer robot
A substrate transfer system includes a substrate transfer robot disposed in a robot installment area defined between a first apparatus and a second apparatus. The first apparatus includes cassettes.
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

 Method and  cleaning semiconductor wafer patent thumbnailnew patent Method and cleaning semiconductor wafer
A method and apparatus (100) for cleaning semiconductor wafer are provided, combining batch cleaning and single wafer cleaning together. The method includes the following steps: tacking at least two wafers from a cassette in a load port (110) and putting said wafers into a first tank (137) filled with chemical solution; after said wafers have been processed in the first tank (137), taking said wafers out of the first tank (137) and keeping said wafers in wet status; putting said wafers into a second tank (138) filled with liquid; after said wafers have been processed in the second tank (138), taking said wafers out of the second tank (138) and keeping said wafers in wet status; putting one of said wafers on a chuck inside a single wafer cleaning module (150); rotating the chuck while applying chemical solution on said wafer; applying deionized water on said wafer; drying said wafer; taking said wafer out of the single wafer cleaning module (150) and then putting said wafer back to the cassette in the load port (110)..
Acm Reasearch (shanghai) Inc.

 Exhaust-gas heat exchanger made of duplex steel patent thumbnailnew patent Exhaust-gas heat exchanger made of duplex steel
The present invention relates to an exhaust-gas heat exchanger for a motor vehicle, having an outer casing and plates arranged therein lying one above another in layers, wherein a fin plate made of austenitic steel material is arranged in an inner cassette made of ferritic steel material or made of duplex steel and at least two inner cassettes are arranged one above another like plates and the outer casing is formed from duplex steel and engages around the inner cassettes.. .
Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh

 Movable fixture for milling rail heads and procedure for replacing cutting plates for such a fixture patent thumbnailnew patent Movable fixture for milling rail heads and procedure for replacing cutting plates for such a fixture
A movable fixture for milling rail heads of slide rails arranged in a track bed includes: a rotating milling head mounted in a milling head drive mechanism supported by a chassis. The milling head has at least one cutting tooth comprising several cutting plates for milling the rail heads and a disc-shaped tool carrier connected to the milling head drive mechanism.
Schweerbau Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Identification of a 5-gene expression signature predicting clinical outcome of patients with brain tumors patent thumbnailnew patent Identification of a 5-gene expression signature predicting clinical outcome of patients with brain tumors
High-grade gliomas are the most common brain tumors in humans and are essentially incurable. The defining hallmark of these high-grade gliomas is the presence within the tumor mass of highly tumorigenic cellular subpopulations that fuel tumor aggressiveness.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

 Expression cassette patent thumbnailnew patent Expression cassette
The present invention provides an expression cassette comprising (1) an expression regulatory region having a sequence corresponding to a transcriptional activator-binding region and (2) a nucleic acid encoding a transcriptional activator which is capable of binding to the expression regulatory region, wherein the nucleic acid is operably linked to the expression regulatory region; a method for expressing a target product in a mammalian cell, a method for producing a cell expressing a target product, and a method for producing a target product in a mammalian cell using the expression cassette; and a kit comprising the expression cassette.. .
Takara Bio Inc.

 Synthetic promoter construct for transgene expression patent thumbnailnew patent Synthetic promoter construct for transgene expression
The invention is directed to synthetic promoter constructs for enhanced transgene expression in plants and to expression cassettes comprising the synthetic promoter constructs. The expression cassettes may include various elements for improved expression, stability of the expressed protein or efficient purification of the expressed protein, including signal sequences, protease cleavage sites for release of the target protein, trafficking peptides for trafficking of the expressed protein to various plant compartments, and/or various tags.
Azargen Biotechnologies (pty) Ltd.

 Pressure-sensitive adhesive for pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, tape cassette, and tape printer patent thumbnailnew patent Pressure-sensitive adhesive for pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, tape cassette, and tape printer
There is provided a double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape which includes a first pressure-sensitive adhesive layer formed by using any of different types of adhesive samples. Thereby the first pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is adjusted so as to satisfy conditions that, slow peel strength when a printing tape made of a pet film is peeled off from the substrate film of the double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape by 5 mm at peel rate of 0.5 mm/minute is 0.45 n/20 mm or higher and storage modulus of the adhesive layer is in a range from 90.7 kpa to 435 kpa.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
A sheet feeding apparatus includes an apparatus body, a storage cassette having a cassette body and a regulation member regulating a position of a sheet, and a size detection portion detecting a size of the sheet. The size detection portion has a plurality of size detection levers which are swung around pivotal shaft, a plurality of non-contact type detection elements which are radially arranged around an imaginary axis on the apparatus body and are turned on/off by the plurality of size detection levers in a case where the storage cassette is mounted, and a positioning unit.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Technique for setting paper size for image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus indicates on a display a message prompting placement of paper, which is to be placed in a cassette, on a reading device and issuance of an instruction to start reading, in order to set a size of paper placed in the cassette. When touch of a button is detected after the message is indicated and a user operation giving an instruction to start reading is accepted, the image forming apparatus detects the size of placed paper using the reading device.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Transgenic silkworms capable of producing chimeric spider silk polypeptides and fibers

Transgenic silkworms comprising at least one nucleic acid encoding a chimeric silk polypeptide comprising one or more spider silk elasticity and strength motifs are disclosed. Expression cassettes comprising nucleic acids encoding a variety of chimeric spider silk polypeptides (spider 2, spider 4, spider 6, spider 8) are also disclosed.
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc.


Chimeric spider silk polypeptides and fibers and uses thereof

Transgenic silkworms comprising at least one nucleic acid encoding a chimeric silk polypeptide comprising one or more spider silk elasticity and strength motifs are disclosed. Expression cassettes comprising nucleic acids encoding a variety of chimeric spider silk polypeptides (spider 2, spider 4, spider 6, spider 8) are also disclosed.
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc.


Image forming apparatus

When one or more reused sheets each having a printed side and an unprinted side on which duplex printing has been performed are ejected onto an exit tray and then loaded onto a manual feed tray, an operation control section controls a sheet feed section to feed sheets alternately from a sheet feed cassette and the manual feed tray. At times at which the sheets in the sheet feed cassette are fed, the operation control section controls an image forming section to form, on the sheets fed from the sheet feed cassette, images that have been formed over the printed sides of the reused sheets in the duplex printing.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Seating for a portable digital radiological cassette

A portable radiological cassette is designed to equip a digital radiological system. The cassette comprises a digital ionizing radiation detector in the form of a flat panel which makes it possible to provide an image which depends on the radiation received, with an electronic board ensuring the control of the digital detector, and a casing ensuring the mechanical protection of the detector and the electronic board.


Handheld medical instrument and system for analyzing a body fluid

The application concerns a handheld medical instrument for analyzing a body fluid, comprising a housing having a cassette compartment for receiving an exchangeable tape cassette, a transport mechanism comprising a manual drive which can be actuated by a user for rotating a tape spool of the tape cassette, such that a test tape of the tape cassette is wound forwards and functional elements stored thereon are provided for successive use, a stop device acting on the transport mechanism for a targeted stop of the test tape in a functional position of a functional element.. .
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


Transgenic animals with cutomizable traits

Disclosed are materials and methods for creating customizable traits in animals. In the demonstration of the principle of the subject invention, a keratin-14 specific promoter is used with red fluorescent protein in the loxp cassette, dominant black (Δg23) beta defensin 103 in the pigment cassette, and an sv40 (with intron) polyadenylation sequence.
Mice With Horns, Llc


Method of operating automated teller machine in multi-sheet withdrawals

A method of operating a device (10) for handling banknotes detects multi-sheet withdrawals using a multi-sheet withdrawal sensor (30). If a multi-sheet withdrawal has been detected, at least the banknotes of the multi-sheet withdrawal are supplied to an input and/or output tray (22).
Wincor Nixdorf International Gmbh


Attachable and detachable fiber optic cable radius controller

A radius controller for maintaining and routing fiber optic cables is disclosed. The radius controller has a base with first and second walls extending from the base and defining a space adapted to receive, maintain and route fiber optic cables.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Fiber optic cable holder for a cassette

Embodiments of fiber optic cable holders will now be described with reference to the figures. Embodiments relate to a fiber optic cable holder having a cable receiver at a first end, an attachment feature at a second end and an arm between the cable receiver and the attachment feature.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Cassette latching assembly with multiple independent latches

A latching assembly having a frame and a plurality of latches pivotably attached to the frame, and an attachment feature is disclosed. The attachment feature adapted to toollessly and removably attach the frame of the latching assembly to at least one of a housing and a chassis.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Freewheel hub

The present disclosure provides a bicycle hub that provides improved drive line efficiency and bike-to-rider torque feedback. The drive line efficiencies are due to lower rolling resistance resulting from a novel bearing and sprag clutch configuration, a lightweight design, and immediate torque transfer from the cassette drive to the hub body.
Christianson Systems, Inc.


Crusher feed hopper wear protection cassette

A crusher feed hopper wear protection cassette to mount at a wall of a crusher hopper. The cassette includes a mount member to contact and releasably mount the cassette at a region of the feed hopper and a support face to mount at least one wear liner orientated to be facing the interior region of the hopper chamber..
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


Adaptive tubing cassettes for use in connection with interventional catheter assemblies

Peristaltic pump assemblies in which the closing and opening of a pivoting or sliding door is coordinated with movement of the occlusion bed toward and away from the rotor assembly to engage and disengage tubing within the occlusion pathway are disclosed. Linkage mechanisms provided by the interaction of cam surfaces with rollers, as well as bar linkage mechanisms, are disclosed.
Boston Scientific Limited


Operation switch for use on x-ray system, and x-ray system including same

The present invention relates to an operation switch for use on an x-ray system and to an x-ray system including same. The operation switch, which includes a button part for operating a generator for driving an x-ray tube, includes: a switch body part; a link part which is formed so as to extend integrally with the button part and which is slid along the outer side surface of the switch body part when the button part is under a pressing operation; a switching means for being switched when the link part slides; and a transmission means for generating and transmitting a signal based on the switching operation of the switching means.


Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with same

A sheet conveying apparatus includes an apparatus main body, a sheet cassette, a mounting portion and a conveying unit. The sheet cassette is mounted into the apparatus main body.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Wafer mapping apparatus and load port including same

The left-right span between a light projection section 5a and a light receiving section 5b of a mapping sensor 5 having an optical axis l1 extending in a left-right horizontal direction is arranged to be narrower than the span of a front opening of a open cassette 12 which is a smaller one of differently-sized containers conveyed to a load port, and the mapping sensor is attached to a mapping device 4. A first protrusion sensor 6 having an optical axis l2 extending in the left-right horizontal direction is attached to the mapping device 4 to be separated from the mapping sensor 5 in a moving direction of the mapping sensor 5.
Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.


Baculovirus system for expressing proteins forming virus-like particles

The present invention may be included in the field of biotechnology and it covers the improved production of recombinant proteins in insect cells or insect larvae as biofactories by a novel expression cassette. This expression cassette comprises nucleic acid sequences such as promoters, homologous regions (hr) as enhancers, and sequences encoding transcriptional regulators, for example, the baculovirus ac-ie-01 cdna, or any combination thereof, which are able to increase the quality and production efficiency of the recombinant proteins.
Alternative Gene Expression S.l.


Stress inducible derivative promoter

The present invention relates to abiotic stress-inducible derivative promoters from xerophyta viscosa, nucleotide cassettes, recombinant vectors, cells and transgenic plants containing the promoter in operable linkage with a heterologous transcribable dna sequence.. .
University Of Cape Town


Sheet conveying device, and image forming apparatus including the same

An image forming apparatus includes first and second sheet feed cassettes and the like. When a lift plate and sheets thereon are raised in the first sheet feed cassette, causing a pick-up roller to move upward, an arm member is inclined upward from a holder side toward a lever member side.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Tape cassette

A cassette case includes a bottom case and a top case. A tape is housed in the cassette case.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Leveler equipment and sheet material flattening method

Leveler equipment includes a leveler body, a first roll cassette for a roller leveler, and a second roll cassette for a tension leveler. The roller leveler is formed when the first roll cassette is attached to the leveler body, and the tension leveler is formed when the second roll cassette is attached to the leveler body..
Jp Steel Plantech Co.


Cassette for pumping a treatment solution through a dialyzer

A cassette is provided for installation in a dialysis monitor to pump a treatment solution through a dialyzer. The cassette is a unitary component with a hydraulic manifold (53) and a pneumatic manifold (54) integrated into a body (52).
Gambro Lundia Ab


Dish rack

A dish rack including a cassette intended to be attached to the underside of a cabinet or a shelf the cassette is arranged, in a first position, to house a folded wire shelf that can be pulled out of and folded down from the cassette and that is arranged in at least two sections. In a second, folded-down position of the wire shelf, the cassette supports the rear edge of a first section of the wire shelf so that the first section hangs down at a first predetermined angle relative to the underside of the cabinet/shelf, and a second section of the wire shelf rotatably connected to the first section at the front edge thereof and capable of being folded outwards from the first section so that the second section, in a folded-out state, forms an angle with the upper side of said first section by a second predetermined angle..
J Gruppen Ab


Assay detector device compatible with any digital camera/portable computing device

Devices and methods for performing a point of care diagnostic test. In one embodiment, such a device may be adaptable to essentially any handheld digital imaging device.
I-calq, Llc


Modular vertical furnace processing system

A vertical furnace processing system for processing semiconductor substrates, comprising the following modules:—a processing module including a vertical furnace; an i/o-station module including at least one load port to which a substrate cassette is dockable; a wafer handling module configured to transfer semiconductor substrates between the processing module and a substrate cassette docked to the load port of the i/o-station module; and a gas supply module including at least one gas supply or gas supply connection for providing the vertical furnace of the processing module with process gas, wherein at least two of the said modules are mutually decouplably coupled, such that said at least two modules are decouplable from one another to facilitate servicing of the system, and in particular the vertical furnace thereof.. .
Asm Ip Holding B.v.


Parallel multi wafer axial spin clean processing using spin cassette inside movable process chamber

A system and method concurrently processes multiple wafers. A cassette structure includes multiple chucks and a drive spool for supporting and rotating the chucks.
Samsung Austin Semiconductor, L.p.


System, repurposing currency

A method of repurposing coins includes the acts of discharging processed mixed coins into a coin bin, receiving a first request for a number of or value of coins of a first denomination from an authorized person, outputting the mixed coins from the coin bin onto a coin conveyor responsive to the received first request, conveying the mixed coins output from the coin bin, using the coin conveyor, to the coin processing machine for repurposing, and discharging the coins of the first denomination from the coin processing machine to a secure coin cassette and discharging coins of a denomination other than the first denomination back to the coin bin. These acts of outputting, conveying and discharging are continued until the number of or value of coins of the first denomination have been discharged to the secure coin cassette..
Cummins-allison Corp.


Filter holder and sterilizing the filter holder

A filter holder for receiving filter cassettes (19) and a method for sterilizing the filter are provided. The filter holder has first and second parallel plates (3, 4).
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh


Engineering plants for efficient uptake and utilization of urea to improve

The present disclosure provides polynucleotides and related polypeptides related to urea uptake. The disclosure provides genomic sequences for urea transporter, urease and glutamine synthetase genes.
Pioneer Hi-bred International Inc.


Axmi-115, axmi-113, axmi-005, axmi-163 and axmi-184: insecticidal proteins and methods for their use

Compositions and methods for conferring insecticidal activity to host cells are provided. Compositions comprising a coding sequence for a delta-endotoxin polypeptide are provided.
Athenix Corporation


Axmi335 toxin gene and methods for its use

Compositions and methods for conferring pesticidal activity to bacteria, plants, plant cells, tissues and seeds are provided. Compositions comprising a coding sequence for a toxin polypeptide are provided.
Athenix Corp.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes an apparatus main body, a sheet feeding cassette, an image forming section, a delivery member, a conveying member, a lift plate, a driving section, a first switching section, a second switching section, and a driving control section. The conveying member is disposed in the reverse conveying path.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Motorized watercraft system with interchangeable motor module

A personal watercraft body comprises a recess configured to receive similarly shaped cassettes. A first cassette may be motorized to propel the body relative to a body of water.
Boomerboard, Llc


Tape cassette

A tape cassette includes a housing and a tape. An indicator aperture is formed on a front surface of the housing.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Apparatus for replacing welding tip for spot welding

Disclosed is an apparatus for replacing a welding tip for spot welding. In an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, the apparatus for replacing a welding tip for spot welding includes a post installed in a workplace having a spot welding machine with upper, and lower welding guns provided thereto, a base plate mounted on a top of the post, a welding tip removing unit mounted on one side of an upper side of the base plate for clamping and removing a spent welding tip mounted to the upper welding gun or the lower welding gun by operation of a cylinder, a holder unit mounted on the upper side of the base plate spaced from the welding tip removing unit, and a welding tip cassette mounted to the holder unit in a state new welding tips to be mounted to the upper, and lower welding guns are set in an upper side and a lower side thereof..
Sungwoo Hitech Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for injecting and aspirating fluids

Devices and systems for injecting fluids and/or other materials into a targeted anatomical location, in particular, a joint or intra-articular space, include a handpiece assembly having a needle extending from its distal end, a fluid delivery module comprising a cassette and a fluid transfer device. A conduit is generally configured to place the fluid delivery module in fluid communication with the handpiece assembly.
Carticept Medical, Inc.


Renal therapy system having pump reversing fluid control

A renal therapy system includes: a filter; an arterial blood flowpath in fluid communication with the filter; a venous blood flowpath in fluid communication with the filter; a renal therapy fluid flowpath in fluid communication with the filter; first and second renal therapy fluid pumps; a plurality of valve actuators; and a dialysis fluid cassette including a plurality of valve portions configured to operate with the plurality of valve actuators so that (i) the first renal therapy fluid pump pumps renal therapy fluid through the renal therapy fluid flowpath for a number of first pump actuations, and (ii) the second renal therapy fluid pump pumps renal therapy fluid through the renal therapy fluid flowpath for a number of second pump actuations.. .
Baxter Healthcare S.a.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes scanning targets, an optical scanning section, a cassette, a cassette insertion section, and a cassette guide. The optical scanning section scans the scanning targets with light.


Block storage device and automatic thin-cutting device

A block storage device includes: a magazine which accommodates embedding blocks to be inserted into or removed from the magazine in a state where the embedding blocks held in a cassette to which id data is attached are arranged vertically in one row; a magazine holding portion which detachably holds each of the magazines; and a reading portion which reads the id data. The magazine holding portion includes a rotary body which is rotatable around a rotation axis o, a holding mechanism which is multiply provided on a circumferential wall portion in the rotary body and detachably holds the magazines individually, and a rotation drive portion which positions one of the magazines at a block extraction position facing the reading portion by rotating the rotary body, and the magazine positioned at the block extraction position and the reading portion are movable relative to each other along the vertical direction..


Device for extracorporeal blood treatment

The invention relates to a system for treating blood, which includes a single cassette capable of carrying out the various crrt treatments.. .


Mirna-regulated differentiation-dependent self-deleting cassette

Targeting constructs and methods of using them are provided for differentiation-dependent modification of nucleic acid sequences in cells and in non-human animals. Targeting constructs comprising a promoter operably linked to a recombinase are provided, wherein the promoter drives transcription of the recombinase in an differentiated cell but not an undifferentiated cell.


Rna-directed dna cleavage by the cas9-crrna complex

Isolation or in vitro assembly of the cas9-crrna complex of the streptococcus thermophilus crispr3/cas system and use for cleavage of dna bearing a nucleotide sequence complementary to the crrna and a proto-spacer adjacent motif. Methods for site-specific modification of a target dna molecule using an rna-guided dna endonuclease comprising at least one rna sequence and at least one of an ruvc active site motif and an hnh active site motif; for conversion of cas9 polypeptide into a nickase cleaving one strand of double-stranded dna by inactivating one of the active sites (ruvc or hnh) in the polypeptide by at least one pint mutation; for assembly of active polypeptide-polyribonucleotides complex in vivo or in vitro; and for re-programming a cas9-crrna complex specificity in vitro or using a cassette containing a single repeat-spacer-repeat unit..


Wound treatment apparatuses and methods for controlled delivery of fluids to a wound

Pump cassettes, wound-treatment apparatuses and methods. In some embodiments, a pump cassette comprises: a pump body having a pump chamber, an inlet valve in fluid communication with the pump chamber, and an outlet valve in fluid communication with the pump chamber; a diaphragm coupled to the pump body such that the diaphragm is movable to vary a volume in the pump chamber; and an identifier configured to store one or more properties of the pump cassette such that the identifier is readable by an automated reader to determine the one or more properties.


Compositions, methods and microfluidics device for telomerase based in vitro diagnostic assays for detecting circulating tumor cells (ctc)

A repeatable method for detecting circulating tumor cells in vitro is provided. The method involves combining a test sample from a patient suspected of having circulating tumor cells, and a non-lytic adenoviral system, and culture media for the cells.


Modulation of acc synthase improves plant yield under low nitrogen conditions

The invention provides methods for improving plant yield, particularly under nitrogen limiting conditions. According to the invention, applicants have discovered that modulating acc synthase activity in plants improves yield of plants, even when grown under low nitrogen conditions.


Method for obtaining improved strains of yeast

The present invention relates to a novel method for obtaining improved strains of yeast by integrating at least one gene of interest in a region linked to a sex expression locus, followed by cross-breeding. The present invention also relates to gene integration cassettes and to vectors that can be used in the context of said method.


Centrifuge mems stiction detection and screening system and method

A centrifuge screening system and method of testing mems devices using the system. The wafer level centrifuge screening system can include a base centrifuge system and a cassette mounting hub coupled to the base centrifuge system.


Liner sump dispensing system

A liner sump dispensing system (10) is disclosed which is used in conjunction with a liner (11) and an intermediate bulk container (12). The liner sump dispensing system includes a liner cassette (40) and a tilting device (41).


Tray dispenser and use thereof

The invention relates to a tray dispenser (1) for dispensing of trays for packaging where the tray dispenser includes a tray dispenser cassette (2) and a base station (3) which can be placed on a stand (6) and where the tray dispenser cassette (2) can be connected to the base station. The base station (3) contains electronic components and at least one motor (19) which, via a mechanical coupling (18) can operate the tray dispenser cassette containing mechanical components made only of materials that are corrosion resistant.


Cushioning wheel member

A cushioning wheel member has an annular body, an axis and multiple cushioning spokes. The annular body has a through hole defined axially through the annular body.


Ink ribbon cassette, ink ribbon cartridge, printing device and control printing device

An ink ribbon cartridge may include a supply roll; a winding roll; and a power transmission mechanism to transmit power from a drive source to the supply roll and the winding roll. A direction in which an ink ribbon is wound by the winding roll is a ribbon winding direction and a direction in which the ink ribbon is wound by the supply roll is a ribbon rewinding direction.


Positioning drive shaft support for roller leveler

A roller leveler assembly has a first cassette having a first set of work rolls of a first diameter and work roll spacing and a second cassette having a second set of work rolls of a second diameter and work roll spacing. A drive mechanism selectively drives one of the first cassette of the first set of rolls and the second cassette of the second set of rolls.


Vectors for liver-directed gene therapy of hemophilia and methods and use thereof

The present invention relates to vectors containing liver-specific regulatory sequences and codon-optimized factor ix or factor viii genes, methods employing these vectors and uses of these vectors. Expression cassettes and vectors containing these liver-specific regulatory elements and codon-optimized factor ix or factor viii genes are also disclosed.


Surgical cassette manifold, system, and methods thereof

Eliminating leaks of molded fluid channels by providing a front housing, rear housing, and a gasket, wherein the front housing has one or more molded fluid channels and one or more seal channels, and wherein at least a portion of the gasket is located between the front and rear housing; molding the gasket onto the rear housing to create a single unit, wherein the gasket has one or more seal lips configured and dimensioned to couple with the one or more seal channels; and assembling the front housing to the rear housing having the gasket, wherein the one or more seal lips couple with the seal channels. A surgical cassette manifold having a front and rear housing, and a gasket therebetween.


Metal liftoff tools and methods

In certain embodiments the metal liftoff tool comprises an immersion tank for receiving a wafer cassette with wafers therein, the immersion tank including an inner weir, a lifting and lowering mechanism capable of raising and lowering the wafer cassette while submerged in fluid in the immersion tank, low pressure high velocity primary spray jets for stripping the metal, the primary spray jets positioned at opposing sides of the immersion tank parallel to the wafer surfaces planes, and secondary spray jets for pressure equalization force, positioned at the bottom of the immersion tank. A wafer lift insert is positioned at the bottom of the immersion tank to receive and periodically lift the wafers within the cassette..
Mei, Llc


Electronic cassette management system, operating electronic cassette management system, and electronic cassette management device

A first data taking section takes first detection results from a first wireless tag reader which detects the come and go of an electronic cassette into and out of a first service zone, and also takes second detection results from a second wireless tag reader which detects the come and go of an electronic cassette into and out of a second service zone. A first alert controller drives a first speaker to start an alert when the first alert controller determines on the basis of the first detection results that the electronic cassette has gone out the first service zone.
Fujifilm Corporation


Cassette for facilitating optical sectioning of a retained tissue specimen

A cassette for retaining a specimen of surgically exposed tissue from a patient in an orientation that facilitates optical sectioning of the tissue by a confocal microscopic or other optical imaging microscope. The cassette includes a base member having a rigid optically transparent window upon which a tissue specimen is situated, a pliable membrane locatable over a substantial portion of the base member including the window, and an upper member, having an aperture therethrough, which can cover the base member to provide an enclosed cavity between the membrane and the window sealing the tissue specimen therein.
Caliber Imaging & Diagnostics, Inc.


Electronic cassette

An electronic cassette is provided with a sensor panel, a housing, operation buttons, a head-bottom setting section, lamps and a memory. The sensor panel has a quadrangle imaging area, and detects an x-ray image of a patient.
Fujifilm Corporation


Chimeric promoters and methods of use

Compositions and methods comprising promoters from the 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (hppd) gene and active variants and fragments thereof, as well as chimeric promoters employing regulatory regions of the hppd promoters are provided. Further provided are expression cassettes and plants comprising the various promoters disclosed herein operably linked to a polynucleotide of interest.
Pioneer Hi-bred International, Inc.


Cassette for dispensing pleated tubing

A cassette for use in dispensing a pleated tubing. The cassette includes an annular body having a generally u shaped housing with an open central cylindrical core.
Munchkin, Inc.


Sheet feed cassette, paper sheet conveying device, and image forming apparatus

A sheet feed cassette includes an end cursor, a pair of gears, and a pair of racks. The end cursor regulates a rear end position of stored paper sheets in the sheet feed direction.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Recording apparatus

A recording apparatus includes: a first transporting path which passes through a recording portion that performs recording on a medium fed from a medium accommodation cassette that accommodates the medium, in a straight line shape; a second transporting path which is connected to the first transporting path, and transports and switches back the medium in a reverse direction; a third transporting path which is connected to the second transporting path and allows the medium to bypass an upper side of the recording portion, to be reversed, and to be converged in the first transporting path; a fourth transporting path which is connected to a downstream of the first transporting path, reverses and discharges the medium, along an outer side of the second transporting path; and a medium receiving tray which receives the medium discharged from the fourth transporting path.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Composite material lay-up equipment

There is disclosed composite material lay-up equipment for applying a plurality of individual lengths of elongate fibre reinforcement material to an article, the equipment comprising: a support head; a cutting mechanism carried by the support head for severing a plurality of individual lengths of elongate fibre reinforcement material. The cutting mechanism comprises a plurality of cutting elements coupled to and moveable with respect to the support head and a cassette removably attached to the support head and having a plurality of corresponding counteracting elements statically mounted thereto.
Composite Technology And Applications Limited


Spring-open sheeting for fluid processing cassette

A sheeting is provided for use with a fluid processing cassette having a valve station with a plurality of fluid flow ports. The sheeting has a generally flexible layer and a biasing member associated with the layer.
Fenwal, Inc.


Purification system

The present disclosure relates to modular purification systems using removable purifier cassettes for purifying liquids including, for example, liquids used in semiconductor manufacturing. A purification system may include a removable purifier cassette having a purifier inlet port and a purifier outlet port, and a manifold assembly.
Entegris, Inc.


Auto-injector and drive unit therefor

Provided is a drive unit for an auto-injector having a drive unit housing arranged for docking receipt of a syringe or of a cassette unit comprising a syringe movable from a rest position, in which a needle tip of the syringe is within the drive unit housing to a use position, in which the needle tip protrudes from a needle delivery aperture; and a drive arrangement including one or more electrically powered sources of axial drive; a first drive transfer element for advancing the syringe to said use position; and a second drive transfer element for moving a plunger into the barrel of the syringe to eject liquid contents thereof. The drive unit housing is provided with a skin sensor arrangement having an array of plural skin sensor electrodes located about the needle delivery aperture..
Ucb Pharma Sa


Retroviral vector with mini-promoter cassette

This disclosure provides a retroviral replicating vector for gene delivery comprising a therapeutic cassette containing at least one mini-promoter linked to a gene to be expressed.. .
Tocagen Inc.


Cooling cassette for a refrigerated merchandiser

A cooling cassette for a refrigerated merchandiser and a refrigerated merchandiser is provided. The cassette contains a housing and a cooling section and heating section disposed within the housing.
Frigoglass North America Ltd. Co.


Full resolution color imaging of an object

The invention relates generally to both a method and apparatus for the creation of full resolution color digital images of diagnostic cassettes or objects of interest using a gray-scale digital camera or sensor combined with time sequential illumination using additive primary colors followed by post exposure digital processing. Such procedures and equipment is of significant economic value when employed in situations such as diagnostic clinical analyzers where space is limited and image quality requirements are high..
Ortho-clinical Diagnostics, Inc.


Apparatus for gripping and holding diagnostic cassettes

The invention relates generally to an apparatus for acquiring, holding, and enabling the movement of a cassette-shaped article, such as a reagent or sample cassette, which may be part of an automated diagnostic analyzer, such that the apparatus can tolerate a significant degree of cassette misplacement and/or misalignment during the acquisition maneuver. The invention provides simultaneous two-dimensional movement of the acquiring gripper jaws such that the inter-jaw distance decreases at the same time as movement in an upward vertical direction is provided while the jaw movement is adequately smooth so as not to disturb the physical state of the sample..
Ortho-clinical Diagnostics, Inc.


Multiprotein expression cassettes

Methods for expressing multiple proteins by constructing transformation vectors that include multiprotein expression cassettes and transforming hosts with vectors and by engineering hosts expressing multiprotein units are provided. Multiprotein units that include multiple proteins fused to modified inteins capable of effecting splicing of the multiprotein units are described.
Agrivida, Inc.


Hppd variants and methods of use

Compositions and methods for conferring herbicide tolerance to bacteria, plants, plant cells, tissues and seeds are provided. Compositions include polynucleotides encoding herbicide tolerance polypeptides, vectors comprising those polynucleotides, and host cells comprising the vectors.
Bayer Cropscience Ag


Production of polyketides and other natural products

The present invention relates to production of polyketides and other natural products and to libraries of compounds and individual novel compounds. One important area is the isolation and potential use of novel fkbp-ligand analogues and host cells that produce these compounds.
Biotica Technology Limited


Direct specimen collection cassette for automated processing

The present disclosure relates to a device and method of securing a biological sample collected to permit use of the collected sample with automated specimen analysis devices while maintaining a chain of custody. Further, the present invention relates to an specimen collection device for collecting and tracking a collected biological sample or specimen in a manner suitable for storage and subsequent automated analysis..
The Bode Technology Group, Inc.


Cassette system integrated apparatus

A cassette integrated system. The cassette integrated system includes a mixing cassette, a balancing cassette, a middle cassette fluidly connected to the mixing cassette and the balancing cassette and at least one pod.
Deka Products Limited Partnership


Heteroaryl derivatives as cftr modulators

The present invention relates to modulators of atp-binding cassette (“abc”) transporters or fragments thereof, including cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (“cftc”), compositions thereof, and methods therewith. The present invention also relates to methods of treating abc transporter mediated diseases using such modulators..
Ventex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated


High density telecommunications patching system and cassettes

A telecommunications patching system is provided having a panel and at least one cassette movably received in the panel. The cassette receives a plurality of telecommunication connector jacks.
Optical Cable Corporation


Fiber optic cassette

A fiber optic cassette includes a body defining a front and an opposite rear. A cable entry location is defined on the body for a cable to enter the cassette, wherein a plurality of optical fibers from the cable extend into the cassette and form terminations at non-conventional connectors adjacent the front of the body.
Adc Telecommunications. Inc.


Compositions and methods for enhanced gene expression in cone cells

The present disclosure provides polynucleotide cassettes, expression vectors and methods for the expression of a gene in cone cells.. .
University Of Washington


Recording apparatus

A recording apparatus includes a body, an operation panel provided on a front surface of the body, a feeding cassette that accommodates sheets, removably mounted with respect to the body from the front surface of the body, and is configured such that a part thereof is protruded from body in a state of being mounted on the body, a recording section that is disposed inside the body and performs printing by ejecting ink onto a sheet transported from the feeding cassette, a discharging tray that is disposed on the feeding cassette and supports the sheet after printing is completed, and a body-side cover section that is provided in the body and covers both side surfaces of the feeding cassette. Then, when viewed from a right and left direction, a first farthest section that is positioned in the farthest position from the body in the feeding cassette in a front direction is separated from the body in the front direction further than a second farthest section that is positioned in the farthest position from the body in the operation panel in the front direction..
Seiko Epson Corporation



Provided is a cassette unit suitable for use with an auto-injector having an electrically powered drive unit. The cassette unit comprises a cassette unit housing defining a cassette unit housing cavity, a rearward entrance to said cavity and a forward needle projection aperture.
Ucb Biopharma Sprl


Cassette module

A cassette module (1), in particular an ophthalmological cassette module (1), serves for receiving material and/or liquids aspirated during an operation and for insertion into a container chamber (8) of a suction module (19). The cassette module (1) comprises a container (4) with a container wall (3) that delimits a receiving space (33) for receiving the liquids, wherein the container (4) can be inserted into the container chamber (8), wherein the container (4) has at least one inlet opening (36) extending through the container wall (3), through which inlet opening (36) the material and/or the liquid can be delivered to the receiving space (33) of the container (4), and wherein the container (4) has at least one vacuum opening (25) which extends through the container wall (3) and by way of which the receiving space (33) can be subjected to an underpressure built up in the container chamber (8)..
Oertli-instrumente Ag


Radiation imaging apparatus

A cassette holder of an imaging stand is provided with first and second catch members for catching and holding an electronic cassette from above and below. The first catch member has a multi connector connected to a multi terminal of the electronic cassette.
Fujifilm Corporation


High density cassette storage system

A cassette conveying system comprising a housing having front, back, left, and right sides, wherein the front side is open; and a cassette holding assembly for holding one or more cassettes, the holding assembly including a bracket to which each cassette is coupled, each cassette including at least one device and receiving one or more cables operatively connected to the device, and a cassette conveying assembly operably coupling the cassette holding assembly to the housing such that the cassette holding assembly is linearly and rotationally movable in relation to the housing and transitionable between a stored state and a retracted state; wherein, in the stored state, the cassette holding mechanism is stored completely within the housing; and wherein, in the retracted state, the cassette holding mechanism is at least partially external the front side of the housing.. .
Go!foton Holdings, Inc.


Manufacture and testing of fiber optic cassette

A double flexible optical circuit includes: a flexible substrate supporting a plurality of optical fibers; a first connector terminating the optical fibers at a first end of the double flexible optical circuit; and a second connector terminating the optical fibers at a second end of the double flexible optical circuit. Each of the optical fibers is positioned in one of a plurality of separate extensions formed by the flexible substrate as the optical fibers extend from the first connector to the second connector.
Adc Tele-communications, Inc.


Imaging stand

An imaging stand includes: a holder configured to hold an installed cassette-type detector; a supporting member configured to support the holder from a back surface side; a circular gear secured to a shaft member protruding from a rotation center of the holder toward the supporting member on the back surface side, the holder being located in a different position from a position corresponding to the center of a radiation incidence surface of the cassette-type detector held in the holder; and a linear gear having concavities and convexities to be engaged with teeth of the circular gear, the linear gear being attached to the supporting member, wherein, when the holder holding the cassette-type detector is rotated relative to the supporting member, the rotation center of the holder linearly moves relative to the supporting member as the holder rotates, and a change is caused in orientation and position of the cassette-type detector.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Methods for producing recombinant proteins

The present disclosure relates to a host cell transfected with a nhej protein or a functional fragment thereof or a polynucleotide encoding the same, wherein said polynucleotide sequence is under the control of a suitable promoter and the host cell is also transfected with an expression cassette comprising a polynucleotide sequence encoding at least one protein of interest, methods of preparing the host cells, plasmids and intermediates employed in the preparation of the same and use of the host cells to express to protein.. .
Ucb Biopharma Sprl


Compositions and methods comprising male fertility sequences

Compositions and methods for modulating male fertility in a plant are provided. Compositions comprise nucleotide sequences, and active fragments and variants thereof, which modulate male fertility.
Pioneer Hi-bred International Inc.


Floral transition genes in maize and uses thereof

The invention provides isolated floral transition nucleic acids and their encoded proteins. The present invention provides methods and compositions relating to altering floral transition in plants.
E.i. Dupont De Nemours And Company


Cash cassette comprising a press-on unit having an elastic snap-in element

The invention relates to a cash cassette (10) having a receiving compartment (20) for receiving a value note stack (60) and a press-on unit (24) for exerting a counterforce directed opposite to the direction of deposit (p1) on the value note stack (60) received in the receiving compartment (20). A bottom unit (22) has at least a first snap-in element (42) and the press-on unit (24) has a second snap-in element (40) via which a snap-fit connection can be established.
Wincor Nixdorf International Gmbh

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