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Cascaded pll for reducing low-frequency drift in holdover mode

Online based system and method of determining one or more winners utilizing a progressive cascade of elimination…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cascade-related patents
 Policy assertion linking to processing rule contexts for policy enforcement patent thumbnailnew patent Policy assertion linking to processing rule contexts for policy enforcement
A selectable policy enforcement mode of a policy enforcement point (pep) is configured that, based upon a selected policy enforcement mode, selectively modifies an input message processing context. The selectively modified input message processing context is used to invoke policy enforcement rules from multiple policy domains to implement one of independent policy enforcement and sequential cascaded policy enforcement of the policy enforcement rules from the multiple policy domains.
 Method and system for data compression in a relational database patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for data compression in a relational database
A method for applying adaptive data compression in a relational database system using a filter cascade having at least one compression filter stage in the filter cascade. The method comprises applying a data filter associated with the compression filter stage to the data input to produce reconstruction information and filtered data, then compressing the reconstruction information to be included in a filter stream.
 Foamable composition, foam composite, method of making foam composite and use of foam composite patent thumbnailnew patent Foamable composition, foam composite, method of making foam composite and use of foam composite
The invention provides a foamable composition comprising a foam pre-cursor and man-made vitreous fibres produced with a cascade spinner or a spinning cup, wherein at least 50% by weight of the man-made vitreous fibres have a length of less than 100 micrometres.. .
 Online based system and method of determining one or more winners utilizing a progressive cascade of elimination contests patent thumbnailnew patent Online based system and method of determining one or more winners utilizing a progressive cascade of elimination contests
A system of determining winners of a contest through a progressive cascade of elimination sub-contests is provided. The system comprises means for a user to select a contest from a plurality of contests, means for a user to join a contest room of a contest so as to enable the user to participate the contest and join the contest room, means for the user to vote on other contestants' submitted contestant items, means for determining winners of a contest room, and means for enabling winners to move onto a higher level of the participated contest..
 Cascaded pll for reducing low-frequency drift in holdover mode patent thumbnailnew patent Cascaded pll for reducing low-frequency drift in holdover mode
A cascaded phase-locked loop (pll) clock generation technique reduces frequency drift of a low-jitter clock signal in a holdover mode. An apparatus includes a first pll circuit configured to generate a control signal based on a first clock signal and a first divider value.
 Cascade adaptive regulator tap manager method and system patent thumbnailCascade adaptive regulator tap manager method and system
A method is disclosed of controlling the operation of a system for providing electrical power to one or more electrical devices, the system comprising an adjustable power source root node and a plurality of adjustable power source remote nodes located remotely from the root node.. .
 System and method for emitting optical pulses in view of a variable external trigger signal patent thumbnailSystem and method for emitting optical pulses in view of a variable external trigger signal
Method and system for emitting optical pulses in view of a desired output energy of the optical pulses and a variable external trigger signal, using a laser system having a seed laser oscillator optically coupled to one or more cascaded optical amplification stages. For each amplification stage, a plurality of sets of pump pulse parameters are provided, each associated with specific values of the output energy and the trigger period.
 Method for separating a free-flowing mixture in a flowing medium and apparatus for carrying out said method patent thumbnailMethod for separating a free-flowing mixture in a flowing medium and apparatus for carrying out said method
Use in agriculture for preparing seeds by dividing the seeds into fractions and cleaning foreign bodies and dust from the seeds; the method comprises gravitationally feeding in particles of the mixture to be separated, subjecting said particles to an aerodynamically monotonically increasing effects on them at an acute angle to the vertical with a cascade of slot jets in a mode of resonant auto-oscillatory movement of each jet and of the entire cascade of jets at the frequency of the first harmonic half oscillation, and discharging the prepared fractions, where the lightest solid volatile fractions of the foreign bodies are calibrated according to size into two independent fractions, where the finest fraction together with some of the air stream which has already been used is returned to the generator in which the foreign bodies are accelerated, where a second, larger fraction of volatile foreign bodies is immediately and removed together with the dust and the rest of the stream of air; the apparatus comprises a hopper with a vibrating trough, a jet generator mounted there below, with slot nozzles which are arranged one under another and at an acute angle to the vertical and the height of the cross sections of which, and the mounting pitch and angle, increase from the top downwards, and the generator is connected to a source for pressured feeding air into the generator and is enclosed by lateral walls to prevent air leakage from the environment onto generator, the separating chamber under which fraction collectors are arranged, the output from separating chamber is covered by a filtering element which is in the form of a rotating drum with a calibrating sifter on the surface, where said sifter being equipped on the external side with purifier against solid foreign bodies which cannot pass there through, the internal cavity of the rotating drum is connected to a drive for supplying air into the slot jet cascade generator, the purifier is in the form of a slotted confuser, ventilator and cyclone with a waste hopper which are arranged consecutively, wherein the filtering element adjoins the confuser slot with a guaranteed gap, where one of the edges of the confuser is equipped with the cleaning element; technical advantages: energy saving clean grain from the adhesive layer of dust, environmentally friendly production.. .
 Biaryl compositions and methods for modulating a kinase cascade patent thumbnailBiaryl compositions and methods for modulating a kinase cascade
The invention relates to compounds and methods for modulating one or more components of a kinase cascade.. .
 Method and system for split voltage domain transmitter circuits patent thumbnailMethod and system for split voltage domain transmitter circuits
Methods and systems for a photonically enabled complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (cmos) chip are disclosed and may comprise in an integrated circuit comprising a driver: amplifying a received signal in a plurality of partial voltage domains, and generating the partial voltage domains in a domain splitter in the driver. A voltage domain boundary value between two partial voltage domains may be controlled utilizing a differential amplifier that samples an output voltage of a cascade amplifier that is an input to the driver and controls a current supplying said cascade amplifier.
Method and apparatus for algorithm on flexible square-qam coherent detection
In software defined elastic optical networks, modulation format and constellation size may be flexibly modified. As a result, digital signal processing (dsp) algorithm should be compatible with different modulation schemes or readily reconfigurable at the optical coherent receiver.
Transmission circuit for ethernet and protection component set thereof
A transmission circuit including four transmission component sets for ethernet is provided. Each transmission component set is coupled between an ethernet connector and an ethernet chip and has a protection component set.
Method and system for cascaded flashcopy zoning and algorithm and/or computer program code and method implementing the same
A method for storage volumes in a cascade of storage volumes including starting a first data map relating a first storage volume to a second storage volume while a second data map relating the first storage volume and a third storage volume is active. Starting the first data map uses a zone map that relates the first storage volume to a zone within the cascade of storage volumes..
Five-membered heterocycles useful as serine protease inhibitors
Or a stereoisomer or pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate form thereof, wherein the variables a, l, z, r3, r4, r6, r11, x1, x2, and x3 are as defined herein. The compounds of formula (i) are useful as selective inhibitors of serine protease enzymes of the coagulation cascade and/or contact activation system; for example thrombin, factor xa, factor xia, factor ixa, factor viia and/or plasma kallikrein.
Cascaded plasma reactor
Embodiments relate to a plasma reactor including two or more sub-plasma reactors connected in series to generate an increased amount or increase the reactivity of radicals and reactive species. The two sub-plasma reactors may be of the same type or a different type.
Process for the production of chlorine using a cerium oxide catalyst in an adiabatic reaction cascade
A process for the production of chlorine by thermo-catalytic gas phase oxidation of hydrogen chloride and oxygen is described, the process comprising at least (1) a cerium oxide catalyst and (2) an adiabatic reaction cascade, containing at least two adiabatic stages connected in series with intermediate cooling, wherein the molar o2/hcl-ratio is equal or above 0.75 in any part of the cerium oxide catalyst beds.. .
Bypassed cascaded cell converter
In a converter for converting energy from a generator to a power network, wherein the converter comprises multiple power modules, wherein each power module includes at least two power cells and a transformer for connecting the power cells to the power network, wherein each power cell includes a phase input, a phase output, a transformer output connected to the transformer, a rectifier circuit and an inverter, the transformer (t) of a power module (4.1, . .
Electro-optical distance measuring device
An electro-optical distance measuring device includes a laser driver for a laser diode for emitting laser light pulses. The measuring device further includes a laser diode voltage supply having a cascade of at least two voltage regulators, each of which provides an output voltage at a level below a laser threshold voltage of the laser diode.
Output buffers
An output buffer is provided. The output buffer is coupled to a first voltage source providing a first supply voltage and used for generating an output signal at an output terminal according to an input signal.
Anodized aluminum oxide tubular nano-porous membrane module and method of manufacture thereof
The present invention relates to an anodized aluminum oxide tubular nano-porous membrane array module and method of manufacture thereof. Further the invention relates to a system of such modules.
Performance improvement of magnetocaloric cascades through optimized material arrangement
M: mass of the particular magnetocaloric material contained in the magnetocaloric cascade.. .
Quantum cascade laser manufacturing method
A quantum cascade laser manufacturing method includes: a step of pressing a mother stamper against a resin film having flexibility to make a resin stamper 201 having a second groove pattern p2; a step of making a wafer with an active layer formed on a semiconductor substrate; a step of forming a resist film 304 on a surface on the active layer side of the wafer; a step of pressing the resin stamper against the resist film 304 by air pressure to form a third groove pattern p3 on the resist film 304; and a step of etching the wafer with the resist film 304 serving as a mask to form a diffraction grating on a surface of the wafer.. .
Protein involved in detection of cancer metastasis and a treatment thereof
Using phosphoproteomics, we profiled the phosphorylation levels of hundreds of proteins concurrently across an isogenic model of breast cancer metastasis. Among them is trpv4, a calcium channel that we found to be overexpressed in invasive breast tumors compared to ductal carcinoma in situ, a pre-neoplastic lesion and normal tissues.
Cascade impactor
The invention relates to low flow rate cascade impactors for sampling aerosols, notably but not limited to pharmaceutical aerosols. The impactor stages serve as both orifice plate and collecting cup, simplifying collection and analysis.
Methods of preventing or treating diseases and conditions using complex carbohydrates
The invention relates to a method of preventing and treating diseases and conditions associated with allergies, autoimmunity, the adhesion cascade, the metastatic cascade or the coronary cascade comprising administering (i) at least one complex carbohydrate as the sole active ingredient, or (ii) at least one pharmaceutical composition which comprises as an active ingredient a pharmacologically effective amount of at least one low purity or cosmetic grade complex carbohydrate selected from the group consisting of oligosaccharides, sialylated oligosaccharides, polysaccharides and glycosaminoglycans, and an effective amount of at least one transdermal or transmucosal carrier in an amount effective to deliver the complex carbohydrate into the blood stream.. .
Mrna interferase from myxococcus xanthus
A regulated deployment of a toxin gene for developmental programmed cell death in bacteria is described. M.
Clotting cascade initiating apparatus and methods of use and methods of closing wounds
Wound closure methods and apparatuses are provided which utilize blood fluid by activating the clotting cascade of the blood fluid outside the body within a substantially enclosed sterile container then introducing coagulated blood to the wound site to complete clotting. Methods and apparatuses for providing ways of inhibiting anticoagulants and slowing fibrin clot degradation are also disclosed.
Parallel cascaded cycle gas expander
A multi-stage, two-flow, axial flow expander close-coupled to a driven machine, such as a generator. The expander includes one or more expansion stages separated by a series of flow stream dividers that separate each expansion stage into outer and inner expander flowpaths.
Data bus synchronizer
A data bus synchronizer includes a plurality of registers arranged in a cascade, configured to generate a synchronized output in response to sampling an asynchronous bus without an enable signal, where the plurality of registers receive a value on the asynchronous bus. A last register of the plurality of registers is configured to generate the synchronized output in response to a load enable signal.
Method for optimizing cleaning of maps in flashcopy cascades containing incremental maps
A method for optimizing cleaning of maps in storage cascades includes determining whether a target disk of a map contains data unavailable to a downstream disk from an upstream disk in a cascade and detect whether the downstream disk has a copy of the data. Additionally, the method includes copying the data from the target disk to the downstream disk, if the target disk of the map contains data unavailable to the downstream disk from the upstream disk and the downstream disk does not have the copy of the data.
Floating-point multiply-add unit using cascade design
A floating-point fused multiply-add (fma) unit embodied in an integrated circuit includes a multiplier circuit cascaded with an adder circuit to produce a result a*c+b. To decrease latency, the fma includes accumulation bypass circuits forwarding an unrounded result of the adder to inputs of the close path and the far path circuits of the adder, and forwarding an exponent result in carry save format to an input of the exponent difference circuit.
Na/k-atpase-derived peptide src inhibitors and ouabain antagonists and uses thereof
A novel src inhibitor that targets the na/k-atpase/src receptor complex and antagonizes ouabain-induced protein kinase cascades and uses thereof are disclosed.. .
Liquid to liquid biological particle concentrator
A rapid one-pass liquid filtration system efficiently concentrates biological particles that are suspended in liquid from a dilute feed suspension. A sample concentrate or retentate suspension is retained while eliminating the separated fluid in a separate flow stream.
Gamma voltage generation unit and display device using the same
A gamma voltage generation unit is discussed which includes: a voltage booster to boost a first maximum reference voltage into at least one second maximum reference voltage; a mode selector configured to select one of the maximum reference voltage and the at least one second maximum reference voltage as a selected maximum reference voltage; and a plurality of gamma voltage adjusters. The selected maximum reference voltage selected by the mode selector is provided as a 255th gray-scale gamma voltage.
Method for managing and checking data from different identity domains organized into a structured set
The invention relates to a method and system for managing and checking different identity data relating to a person. According to the invention, a derived-identity management server generates for the person at least part of the identity data with which said person can be authenticated in relation to a service provider for the derived-identity domain, on the basis of information derived from identity data from parent domains.
System of object detection
In a system of object detection, a color detector detects at least one image region in an input image having a color specifically pertinent to the object under detection, thereby obtaining an object width. A dynamic down-sampling unit adaptively performs down-sampling on the detected image region using a generated down-sampling factor according to the object width.
Equalizer and semiconductor device
An equalizer includes a first discrimination circuit to receive an input signal corresponding to a signal output from a transmit-side equalizer to binarize the input signal by a first threshold value in unit time, a second discrimination circuit to binarize the input signal by a second threshold value in unit time, a first delay circuit to delay an output signal of the first discrimination circuit and that includes n-number (n>=2) of stages of unit delay circuits connected in cascade and operating in unit time, a second delay circuit to receives an output signal of the second discrimination circuit and that includes not less than an (n+1)-number of stages of unit delay circuits connected in cascade and operating in unit time, and a control unit that receives an output of the first delay circuit, and a second output signal output from the second delay circuit.. .
Cell processing method and device for switch fabric chip
A cell processing method and device for a switch fabric (sf) chip are disclosed, which belong to the field of communications. The sf chip includes a unicast route table, which is multiplexed in two working modes and is looked up according to a unicast cell, and a multicast route table, which is multiplexed in the two working modes and is looked up according to a multicast cell.
Gate driving circuit, display module and display device
Provided are a gate driving circuit, a display module and a display device belonging to the field of display technique and being designed for solving the problem of high power consumption of the display module in the prior art. The gate driving circuit is used for driving gates of tfts corresponding to gate lines connected thereto, and includes at least two stages of shift registers connected in cascade, wherein each stage of shift register includes a first output terminal and a second output terminal, the first output terminal is connected to an enable signal input terminal of a next stage of shift register so as to output a next stage enable signal to the next stage of shift register, and the second output terminal is connected to a corresponding gate line so as to apply a gate driving signal on the gates of tfts through the corresponding gate line..
Programmable delay generator and cascaded interpolator
A programmable delay generator and a cascaded interpolator are provided. The cascaded interpolator includes a set of interpolator stages, each having two signal inputs and two signal outputs, configured to receive two input signals having two different phases and to generate two output signals that have a phase separation equal to a fraction of a phase separation of the two input signals; and a phase converter connected to a last stage of the plurality of single-bit interpolator stages, configured to convert the two output signals into a single final output signal of a given phase..
Aquatic remediation apparatus
A low power treatment device for the in-situ remediation of aquatic infrastructure is disclosed. Water is pumped up from the surface, directly, or indirectly trickled down through multiple elevated and cascaded stages containing bio-media, into the accumulation base of which is floating on the surface of a body of water.
Light-sensitive chimeric gpcr protein
A light-sensitive chimeric protein comprising domains from at least two members of the g-protein-coupled-receptor (gpcr) protein super family, which are fused to yield a light-sensitive gpcr chimera capable of coupling a light signal to the signaling cascade of the metabotropic glutamate receptor 6 (mglur6) is provided for medical therapy and for the manufacture of medicaments for improving vision, in particular for treating loss of vision resulting from retinal photoreceptor degeneration. A first of the at least two gpcr family members contributes domains which mediate the light-sensitivity to the chimeric light-sensitive gpcr protein.
Blade cascade and turbomachine
A blade cascade of a turbomachine having at least one shape variation of a blade situated on the blade side in the proximity of a side wall and extending downstream, and at least one side wall contouring of the side wall or at least one second shape variation of an adjacent blade near the side wall, as well as a turbomachine, are disclosed.. .
Crosstalk cascades for use in object detection
Technologies pertaining to object detection are described herein. A cascaded classifier executes over subwindows of an image in a plurality of stages.
Iii-nitride power conversion circuit
According to an exemplary embodiment, a iii-nitride power conversion circuit includes a gate driver having a plurality of cascaded inverters, each of the plurality of cascaded inverters including at least one iii-nitride transistor. At least one of the plurality of cascaded inverters has a cutoff switch and a iii-nitride depletion mode load where the cutoff switch is configured to disconnect the iii-nitride depletion mode load so as to prevent current from flowing from a supply voltage of the at least one of the plurality of cascaded inverters.
Self-registered comb laser source
An integrated optical source is described. This optical source outputs one or more optical signals that provide a comb of wavelengths for use in wavelength-division-multiplexing (wdm) optical interconnects or links.
Da converter, solid-state imaging device, driving method of solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
Disclosed is a digital-analog converter including a current generation section, a current source transistor bias voltage keeping section, a cascade transistor group switch section, and a conversion section. The current generation section has at least one current source transistor group including a plurality of current source transistors and generates an output current based on a value of a digital input signal.
Combined cascade refrigeration cycle apparatus
According to one embodiment, an apparatus includes a housing, two high-temperature-side refrigeration circuits and two low-temperature-side refrigeration circuits. Each of the high-temperature-side refrigeration circuits is configured to exchange heat with both of the two low-temperature-side refrigeration circuits by cascade heat exchangers.
Extensible iterative multiplier
An extensible iterative multiplier design is provided. Embodiments provide cascaded 8-bit multipliers for simplifying the performance of multi-byte multiplications.
In vivo device and method for researching gi tract processes, microbes, and variables associated with illnesses and diseases
An orally ingested capsule has capabilities of sampling gut substances and microbes before, during and after delivery of system perturbation substances, to the gut at any point or time. Sensors are provided to simultaneously measure, monitor, record, and transmit data in real time obtained within the exact vicinity of substance deployment and microbial assisted digestive processes occur.
Method for producing an l-amino acid using a bacterium of the family enterobacteriaceae having enhanced expression of the flagella formation and motility cascade genes
The present invention provides a method for producing l-amino acid using a bacterium belonging to the family enterobacteriaceae, particularly a motile bacterium belonging to the genus escherichia, enterobacter or pantoea, wherein the bacterium has been modified so that expression of at least one gene of the flagella formation and motility cascade is enhanced.. .
Expandable multicast optical switch
A scalable multicast m×n optical switch (mcs) includes a non-scalable mcs having a plurality of (l+1)×1 selector switches east coupled at one of its l entrance ports to egress ports of the non-scalable mcs, the remaining l−1 entrance ports being coupled to an l*n upgrade ports, where m and n are integers ≧2, and l is an integer ≧1. This allows the scalable mcs to be cascaded in a daisy-chain fashion, providing scalability from the m common ports to l*m common ports.
Bidirectional unisolated dc-dc converter based on cascaded cells
A dc-dc converter (200) comprising a first (201) and a second (202) variable voltage source, a capacitor (203), an alternating current filter (204), and controlling means (205), is provided. A first dc voltage (udc1) is provided over a series-connection of the first and the second voltage source, and a second dc voltage (udc2), being lower in magnitude than (udc1), is provided over the second voltage source.
Method and apparatus for performing spectral classification
A method and a device useful for identifying or detecting the presence of a material of interest, such as an explosive or a biological contaminant, in a sample is presented herein. The sample is illuminated with electromagnetic radiation at a predetermined set of wavelengths.
Cascaded coils for multi-surface coverage in near field communication
Described herein are techniques related to near field coupling and wireless power transfers. A device may include a cascaded coil antenna to include a first coil antenna that is connected in series with a second coil antenna.
Thrust reverser device
A thrust reverser device of a nacelle includes a thrust reversal cowl which moves alternately from a closed position to an open position in which the thrust reversal cowl opens a path within the nacelle and uncovers a flow deflector, and a rear frame supporting deflecting cascades. The flow deflector includes first deflecting cascades distributed over a circumference of the thrust reversal cowl and arranged so that a diverted flow passes, at least in part, through the first deflecting cascades, when the thrust reverser device is in reverse jet.
Quantum cascade laser element
[solution] one embodiment of the present invention provides a thz-qcl element (1000) with a qcl structure (100), which is a semiconductor superlattice (100a) sandwiched between a pair of electrodes (20, 30). The semiconductor superlattice (100a) (qcl structure (100)) is provided with an active region (10) that emits thz range electromagnetic waves due to the transition of electrons between sub-bands during application of a voltage to the pair of electrodes, for example.
Method and device for testing the material of a test object in a nondestructive manner
A method for testing the material of a test object (8) in a nondestructive manner, said test object being moved relative to a probe (1) at a variable relative speed, comprises the following steps: detecting a probe signal (us) by means of the probe (1), subjecting the probe signal (us) to analog-to-digital conversion in order to generate a digitized probe signal (usd) in the form of a sequence of digital words with a predefined, in particular constant, word repetition rate, n-stage decimation of the word repetition rate of the digitized probe signal (usd) or of a digital demodulation signal (um) derived from the digitized probe signal by means of n cascaded decimation stages (5_1 to 5_n), where n≧2, selecting an output signal (ua_1 to ua_n) of one of the n decimation stages (5_1 to 5_n) depending on the instantaneous relative speed and filtering the selected output signal by means of a digital filter (7), which is clocked with the word repetition rate of the selected output signal.. .
Use of alternate refrigerants in optimized cascade process
Methods and systems for liquefying natural gas using nonflammable refrigerants are provided. Methods of liquefaction include cooling a natural gas stream via indirect heat exchange with a first nonflammable refrigerant selected from the group consisting of: difluoromethane, pentafluoromethane, trifluoromethane, hexafluoroethane, tetrafluoroethane, pentafluorethane, trifluoroethane, pentafluoroethane, any derivative thereof, and any combination thereof during a first refrigeration cycle; and cooling the natural gas stream via indirect heat exchange with a second refrigerant during a second refrigeration cycle..
Thrust reverser device for compact jet pipe
A bypass turbojet engine nacelle that forms a fan casing includes a first, upstream, streamlining element and a second streamlining element that forms a jet pipe. The second element can move translationally between a position ensuring aerodynamic continuity of the nacelle and a downstream position uncovering flow reversal openings.
Thrust reverser system with translating-rotating cascade and method of operation
A thrust reverser system and operation suitable for high-bypass turbofan engines. The thrust reverser system includes a cascade system adapted to be translated with a translating cowl in an aft direction of an engine to expose a circumferential opening.
Gate driving apparatus and display device
A gate driving apparatus and display device are provided to settle abnormal display in a full screen caused by abnormality in signals output from a shift register when short-circuit occurs in wirings associated with gate lines within a liquid crystal panel. The apparatus comprises a plurality of gate driving units connected in cascade.
Controlled switch
The invention proposes a voltage regulating device having a switch in an electrical circuit between a first node (30, 140) and a second node (40, 130), comprising a first field effect transistor (21, 110) and a second field effect transistor (22, 120) connected in cascade. The switch is controlled by: —setting the gate (g1,g3) of the first transistor to a first electrical potential, and, —to close the switch, setting the gate (g2, g4) of the second transistor to the first potential, or —to open the switch, setting the gate of the second transistor to the electrical potential of the second node, with the difference between the first potential and the second potential then being adapted to allow opening the first transistor and the second transistor.
Cascading plant
An integrated refrigeration and air conditioning plant working in a cascade cycle with two different refrigerants for the low and high temperature circuits. The low temperature segment works with an ozone friendly synthetic refrigerant with a minimal amount of refrigerant charge, while the upper stage operates with another ozone friendly refrigerant with much lesser global warming potential than the one in the low stage.
System for data transfer between asynchronous clock domains
A system for transferring data between asynchronous domains in an soc includes a slave request generation and data latch circuit, a busy signal generator, a positive edge detector, and a cascaded synchronizer. A host device transmits a host request signal and host data to the slave request generation and data latch circuit for execution by a slave device, which operates at a different frequency than the host device.
Organo-cascade catalysis: one-pot production of chemical libraries
A method for production of a chemical library is provided, where the method involves: reacting, in a single vessel, a) a plurality, x, of aldehydes and/or ketones; and b) either (i) a plurality, y, of nucleophiles, (ii) a plurality, z, of electrophiles or both (i) and (ii); in the presence of c) a cascade catalyst capable of catalyzing reaction between said plurality of aldehydes and/or ketones and said plurality of nucleophiles, said plurality of electrophiles or both; to obtain a mixture of x-y β-nucleophile substituted aldehydes and/or ketones, x•z α-electrophile substituted aldehydes and/or ketones or x•y•z β-nucleophile substituted, α-electrophile substituted aldehydes and/or ketones; and the chemical libraries thus produced.. .
Cascading baseband processors
Cellular processors are cascaded to provide different configurations, which result in higher-capacity base stations, increased numbers of simultaneous users over one frequency band, and/or aggregation of several carriers while still using only one radiofrequency (rf) chipset. The processors are aligned in both time and frequency, with each processor having a data port that allows data exchange with the other processors.
Multiple-enzyme nanocomplexes
Provided are nanocomplexes having at least two different enzymes and a polymeric network anchored to at least one of the enzymes. In some embodiments, the activities of the enzymes catalyze a cascade reaction..
Method of diffusing a gas turbine compression stage, and diffusion stage for implementing same
A diffusion stage of a radial or mixed gas turbine engine compressor includes an impeller formed by two plates, between which fluid flows in a centrifugal or inclined manner from a center towards a periphery. Blades of a cascade are distributed between the plates to channel the flow of the fluid between leading edges of the blades at the center and trailing edges at the periphery.
Configurable embedded memory system
An embodiment of a memory module is disclosed. This memory module is a configurable hard macro.
Memory with output control
An apparatus, system, and method for controlling data transfer to an output port of a serial data link interface in a semiconductor memory is disclosed. In one example, a flash memory device may have multiple serial data links, multiple memory banks and control input ports that enable the memory device to transfer the serial data to a serial data output port of the memory device.
A lamp (1) comprising a support structure, a lighting element, characterized in that said structure comprises a plurality of modular elements (2, 2a, 2b) which can be hinged together by means of releasable connections to form a structure composed of a succession of said modular elements connected in cascade to each other; each of these elements being provided with means of transmitting electrical power to said lighting element.. .

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