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Date/App# patent app List of recent Cart-related patents
 Integration of customer-stored information with media enabled shopping systems patent thumbnailIntegration of customer-stored information with media enabled shopping systems
A media enhanced shopping cart system comprises a shopping cart comprising a frame, a basket, a handle, a base tray, a plurality of wheels, a read component for performing a proximity scan of the shopping cart, a locationing component for determining a location of the shopping cart within a store based on the scan, and a display component for displaying at least one advertisement for a product based on the location of the shopping cart within the store, wherein the locationing component is further operable to determine a location of the product within the store relative to the shopping cart based on the scan, and wherein the display component is further operable to display an indication of the location of the advertised product relative to the location of the shopping cart.. .
 Methods and means for treatment of osteoarthritis patent thumbnailMethods and means for treatment of osteoarthritis
The present invention relates to in vivo and in vitro methods, agents and compound screening assays for inducing anabolic stimulation of chondrocytes, including cartilage formation enhancing pharmaceutical compositions, and the use thereof in treating and/or preventing a disease involving a systemic or local decrease in mean cartilage thickness in a subject.. .
 Cartilage cell processing system patent thumbnailCartilage cell processing system
An automated or semi-automated module-based cartilage cell processing device (20) for preparing a cell seeded carrier (27a) from a biological material, comprising at least a cartilage preparation module (21), a cell isolation module (22), a cell mixing module (29) and a carrier cell seeding module (29a). The invention further relates to the individual modules of the module-based cartilage cell processing device (20)..
 Segmenting and playback of whiteboard video capture patent thumbnailSegmenting and playback of whiteboard video capture
The present invention discloses methods of archiving and optimizing lectures, presentations and other captured video for playback, particularly for blind and low vision individuals. A digital imaging device captures a preselected field of view that is subject to periodic change such as a whiteboard in a classroom.
 Hand-held wireless electronic device with accelerometer for interacting with a display patent thumbnailHand-held wireless electronic device with accelerometer for interacting with a display
A device and method for interacting with a display using an accelerometer sensitive to tilt about two perpendicular axes and a third signal having a magnitude responsive to user input. The device and method allow a user to change a characteristic of an object on the display by converting pitch information, roll information, and a linear dimension into cartesian coordinates for use by the display..
 Shopping list attachment and holder for a shopping cart patent thumbnailShopping list attachment and holder for a shopping cart
A shopping cart list holder includes a central list backing support, a support neck, and a cart attachment. The list holder is adapted so that it is easy to attach to a shopping basket or shopping cart.
 Air filter cartridges, components thereof; and, air cleaner assemblies patent thumbnailAir filter cartridges, components thereof; and, air cleaner assemblies
Air cleaner assemblies, features thereof and components thereof are described. Among the components described are a main filter cartridge and a safety cartridge.
 Air filter arrangement; assembly; and, methods patent thumbnailAir filter arrangement; assembly; and, methods
An air filter media construction or arrangement is disclosed. The air filter media construction or arrangement includes strips of media comprising corrugated sheets secured to facing sheets and forming inlet and outlet flutes secured to one another in a stack.
 Automated detection and exposure of behavior-based relationships between browsable items patent thumbnailAutomated detection and exposure of behavior-based relationships between browsable items
Various processes are disclosed for discovering item relationships between particular items, such as products represented in an electronic catalog, based on monitored user behaviors (e.g., item viewing activities, item purchases, shopping cart activities, etc.). The discovered item relationships may, for example, be used to generate personalized item recommendations for users, and/or to supplement item detail pages of an electronic catalog with lists of related items.
 Plastic surgical instruments patent thumbnailPlastic surgical instruments
Disclosed herein are tools, systems, methods and surgical techniques for a disposable grasping, cutting, severing and/or biting surgical instrument having sharp cutting tips. Such instruments are lighter than their equivalent stainless steel instruments currently being used, and can be designed to employ a shearing/cutting or grasping mechanism that may be suited for specific cutting and sampling bone, cartilage and soft tissue.
Cutting tool for bone, cartilage, and disk removal
A cutting tool for bone, cartilage, and disk removal includes a body with a first radial array of helical flutes formed along the body with a continuous radius in a first helical direction. The body has a second radial array of helical flutes formed along the body with a continuous radius in a second helical direction opposed to the first helical direction and intersecting the first array of helical flutes.
Novel compound useful for the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory diseases
A novel compound able to inhibit jak is disclosed, this compound may be prepared as a pharmaceutical composition, and may be used for the prevention and treatment of a variety of conditions in mammals including humans, including by way of non-limiting example, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, proliferative diseases, transplantation rejection, diseases involving impairment of cartilage turnover, congenital cartilage malformations, and/or diseases associated with hypersecretion of il6.. .
Monoclonal antibody capable of binding integrin alpha 10 beta 1
The present invention provides a monoclonal antibody or a fragment thereof binding to the extracellular i-domain of integrin alpha10beta1 and a hybridoma cell line deposited at the deutsche sammlung von microorganismen and zellkulturen gmbh under the accession number dsm acc2583. Furthermore, the present invention also provides a monoclonal antibody or a fragment thereof binding to the extracellular i-domain of integrin alpha10beta1 produced by the hybridoma cell line deposited.
Method for obtaining a tissue-engineering product for regeneration of cartilaginous tissue
The present invention relates to a method for obtaining a tissue engineering product designed to regenerate cartilage tissue, said product comprising expanded bone marrow mesenchymal cells, a non-cellular matrix and a fibrin gel, the method comprising the steps of: (a) expanding the mesenchymal cells; (b) conjugating the mesenchymal cells to the matrix; (c) washing the product obtained in step (b); and (d) mixing the product obtained in step (c) with a fibrin gel.. .
Biodegradable polyurethane/urea compositions
The present invention relates to biocompatible, biodegradable polyurethane/urea polymeric compositions that are capable of in-vivo curing with low heat generation to form materials suitable for use in scaffolds in tissue engineering applications such as bone and cartilage repair. The polymers are desirably flowable and injectable and can support living biological components to aid in the healing process.
Filter cartridge, dust collectors, and methods
An air filter cartridge has z-media and a gasket arrangement with a perimeter gasket member against the downstream flow face and a side gasket member adjacent to at least a partial extension of a first side panel. The side gasket member includes no portion against second, third, and fourth side panels of the air filter cartridge.
Air cleaner arrangements; components; and, methods
An air cleaner assembly and components therefor are described. The components include features of an air cleaner housing; advantageous main filter cartridges; and, advantageous safety filter cartridge features.
Method for automatically allocating tasks to users within a workflow management system
A computer-assisted method for automatically assigning work tasks in a workflow management system includes providing at least one first directed graph and at least one second directed graph assigning, with respect to a user, an authorization category to at least one object in the first graph and to at least one object in the second graph in order to respectively obtain at least one assigned object forming the cartesian product of the first and the second graph to obtain a product graph, identifying the product object of the product graph resulting from the assigned object of the first graph and the assigned object of the second graph and identifying sub-objects of the product object, to which the second authorization category also applies, if applicable, assigning the user to the identified product object and the identified sub-objects of the product graph, obtaining a responsibility request with respect to a requested object of the product graph, determining the user assigned to the requested object, and assigning the request to the user.. .
Silk fibroin materials and use thereof
The present invention provides processes for producing porous silk fibroin scaffold material. The porous silk fibroin scaffold can be used for tissue engineering.
Backseat safety alarm
The disclosure teaches a two component system for ensuring persons (such as infants), objects or animals are not unintentionally left unattended in parked cars. The system requires the driver (custodian) to activate a first component that emits a radio signal.
Osteochondral implants, arthroplasty methods, devices, and systems
Implants for resurfacing or repairing one or more articular cartilage bearing surfaces of a biological organism include an engineered tissue and a biocompatible porous substrate secured to the engineered tissue for attaching the implant to a native bone of the biological organism. The engineered tissue includes a scaffold containing a biocompatible material, and a plurality of living chondrocytes supported by the scaffold.
System and method for a universal resident scalable navigation and content display system compatible with any digital device using scalable transparent adaptable resident interface design and picto-overlay interface enhanced trans-snip technology
A software application system and method for building a common adaptable user interface that is universally compatible with any digital device. The software application is in a small file format that is rapidly downloaded with a resident “core application” and an emulation of a “resident server” on the digital device for immediate access and display using an adaptable universal pictooverlay navigation interface.
Cartilage repair, preservation and growth by stimulation of bone-chondral interfase and delivery system and methods therefor
Therapeutics and methods of treatment to repair, preserve and grow cartilage are presented. In addition, systems and methods for delivering a therapeutic to a hard to reach anatomical area, such as, for example, the bci, are presented.
Compositions and methods for promoting tissue regeneration
Provided are compositions for promoting bone and cartilage growth. In certain embodiments, tissue graft compositions comprising a polymeric scaffold (e.g., plga), hyaluronic acid, and substantially purified mononucleated cells derived from bone marrow aspirate.
Filter having a filter cartridge, and corresponding filter cartridge
A filter assembly includes a filter body, a removable filter cartridge, and a bypass valve with incinerable and non-incinerable portions. The bypass valve includes a valve seat and a movable valve closure element removable with the removable filter cartridge and incinerable.
Proteoglycan-containing material
The present invention was made in view of an object to produce a novel proteoglycan-containing material, and find a novel use and/or a superior effect of the proteoglycan-containing material. The present invention provides a proteoglycan-containing material obtained from fish cartilage, wherein the proteoglycan-containing material comprises an acidic saccharide component having a molecular weight of not less than 2000 kda.
Versatile compact air precleaner, air cleaning method and disposable air filter cartridge for air precleaner
A versatile compact air precleaner, air cleaning method and disposable air filter cartridge for air precleaner for separating heaver-than-air particulate debris from debris laden air to provide a clean airflow, wherein a flow path for air passing through a separator chamber of the air precleaner is retroflexed en route to the outlet. A plurality of independently rotatably adjustable housing sections of a housing provide utility with multiple clean air outlet configurations, freedom of direction of ejection of particulate debris from the ejector ports, different inlet configurations, mounting of the precleaner from different sides, accommodation of different sizes of filters, and different clean airflow rate capabilities.
Protective gear for body
The present invention provides an improved protective gear comprising an elastic base layer and at least one constraining layer to provide a constraining force. The constraining layers are interlaced on one side of the base layer, and the two ends of the base layer, away from said one side of the constraining layer, are surrounded by at least one elastic securing portion exhibiting a resisting force.
Knee brace for continual electro-acupunctural stimulation; in vivo and in situ tissue engineering
A knee brace for continual electro-acupuncture stimulation system comprises: a first electrode configured to electrically coupled to acupuncture point “heting (s 156)”; a second electrode configured to electrically coupled to acupuncture point “spleen 10”; a third electrode configured to electrically coupled to acupuncture point “stomach 34”; a fourth electrode configured to electrically coupled to acupuncture point “hsiyen (s 145)”; a fifth electrode configured to electrically coupled to acupuncture point “stomach 35”; a sixth electrode configured to electrically coupled to acupuncture point “bladder 40”. The first, second, and third electrodes are connected to a polarity of voltage, and the fourth, fifth, and sixth electrodes are connected to an opposite polarity of voltage, such that electric currents flow in a body of a patient to achieve analgesia, cartilage repair and regeneration in the knee joint..
Scanner with wake-up mode
An indicia reader system includes an indicia reader provided at a point of transaction; a controller for controlling power to the indicia reader; a detector for detecting a customer, item or shopping cart at the point of transaction and providing an indication signal to the controller of the presence of customer, item or shopping cart at the point of transaction; wherein the controller interrupts power to the indicia reader during a power save mode and resumes power to the indicia reader upon receiving the indication signal.. .
Universal fit tablet computer, smartphone, electronic device holding display unit that fits onto grocery or shopping carts
This device will hold tablet computers, smart phones, or electronic devices in a manner that the user can see the device while it is being held on the handle of a shopping cart or grocery cart by means of a rear assembly. It will hold the electronic devices on the front and clip to grocery carts by means of a rear assembly on the back which can be modified to accommodate retailer specific cart designs when necessary..
Water gathering cover
A water gathering cover has a water gathering element, multiple hole sets and multiple mounting sleeves. Because a cover of a water purification unit and the water gathering element are integrated, the assembling of the water purification device is simplified as follows.
Filter cartridge
A filter cartridge includes a filter medium configured as an elongated bellows having a first and a second longitudinal end. The bellows are connected at the first longitudinal end to a base and at the second longitudinal end to a top.
Protecting and repairing cartilage and musculoskeletal soft tissues
Provided herein are compositions and methods related to promoting protection or repair of articular cartilage and/or musculoskeletal soft tissue by contacting the cartilage, tissues or cellular components thereof with a parathyroid hormone/parathyroid hormone-related protein (pth/pthrp) receptor agonist or releasing factor.. .
Method for preparing dietary supplements
A novel dietary supplement and methods for manufacturing the said dietary supplement are disclosed for promoting healthy cartilages, connective tissues and bones. The dietary supplement of the present invention comprises glucosamine hydrochloride, collagen, and other dietary ingredients.
Composite material for tissue repair
The present disclosure provides a biocompatible composite and method for its use in repairing tissue defects, including defects in cartilage. The biocompatible composite includes a fibrous polymeric component and a polymerizable agent, which is capable of forming the biocompatible composite in situ at the site of a tissue defect.
Non-motorized vehicle wheel replacement treads and methods
A wheel for a non-motorized vehicle (e.g., a shopping cart) can include a housing assembly and a tread assembly. The housing assembly can be configured to sealingly house electronics or other components.
Cart connection assemblies and methods
In certain embodiments, a connection assembly can engage a cart, such as a retail shopping cart, to facilitate pushing and/or pulling the cart or a number of carts that have been nested together. In some embodiments, the connection assembly includes an engagement member with a recess.
Portable water container with pump and filter
A portable water delivery system is described. The system includes a container with an opening, and a filtration system disposed in the opening.
Attribute value properties for test selection with cartesian product models
A method for modeling a test space is provided. The method comprises defining a coverage model including one or more attributes, wherein respective values for the attributes are assigned, one or more definitions of value properties for said attributes with assigned values, and one or more requirements that limit combination of attribute values that are legal for the model, wherein at least one of said requirements is defined using at least one value property..
Method and system for providing information by using store terminal
Provided are a method and system for providing information by using a store terminal. A method performed by a mobile terminal to receive information about goods, the method may include storing a first list of goods from a store; receiving, from the store terminal, a second list of goods confirmed by a store terminal; and displaying goods included in the stored first list and goods included in the second list.
Three dimensional shopping cart
The present invention generally relates to web based electronic commerce systems. In particular, embodiments of the invention are directed to systems and methods configured to provide a three dimensional shopping cart for the display of items to be ordered by a user or group of users..
Cartilage repair mixture containing allograft chondrocytes
The invention is directed toward a sterile cartilage defect implant material comprising milled lyophilized allograft cartilage pieces ranging from 0.01 mm to 1.0 mm in size in a bioabsorbable carrier taken from a group consisting of sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid and its derivatives, gelatin, collagen, chitosan, alginate, buffered pbs, dextran or mixed polymers with allograft chondrocytes added in an amount ranging from 2.5×105 to 2.5×107.. .
Stacking portable water filter
A stacking portable water filter includes an upper and a lower canister, with the lower canister having a filter aperture which receives a filter cartridge therein. Untreated water received in the upper canister flows through the filter cartridge by gravity to be collected in the lower canister.
Helium junction with replaceable graphene cartridges
A helium separation junction is provided for separating helium gases entrained in aqueous fluids. The junction includes a body, an inlet for receiving an aqueous feedstock having helium entrained therein, a helium outlet for allowing a helium gas stream, an aqueous fluid outlet for allowing a water stream having a reduced helium content relative to the feedstock, a helium filter cartridge that allows for the passage of helium while resisting the passage of water and an aqueous fluid filter cartridge that allows for the passage of water while resisting the passage of helium..
Automatic shopping cart checkout
An apparatus and method for purchasing contents of a virtual shopping cart are disclosed herein. Automatic checkout settings are received from a user, the automatic checkout settings including an automatic checkout time and specifying item substitution behavior.
Patient-specific hip joint devices
An implant for a femoral head of a patient. The implant includes a shell implantable on the femoral head of the patient and correcting a defect of the femoral head.
Novel compound useful for the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory diseases
Novel pyrrazolopyridines according to formula i, able to inhibit jak are disclosed, these compounds may be prepared as a pharmaceutical composition, and may be used for the prophylaxis and treatment of a variety of conditions in mammals including humans, including by way of non-limiting example, allergy, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, proliferative diseases, transplant rejection, diseases involving impairment of cartilage turnover, congenital cartilage malformations, and/or diseases associated with hypersecretion of il6 or interferons.. .
Shopping assistant
Systems and methods of assisting in an electronic shopping experience are disclosed. A request may be received to add a first item to a virtual shopping cart from a user.
Hydroswellable, segmented, aliphatic polyurethanes and polyurethane ureas
Hydroswellable, absorbable and non-absorbable, aliphatic, segmented polyurethanes and polyurethane-urea capable of swelling in the biological environment with associated increase in volume of at least 3 percent have more than one type of segments, including those derived from polyethylene glycol and the molecular chains are structurally tailored to allow the use of corresponding formulations and medical devices as carriers for bioactive agents, rheological modifiers of cyanoacrylate-based tissue adhesives, as protective devices for repairing defective or diseased components of articulating joints and their cartilage, and scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering.. .
High-strength collagen fiber membrane and a manufacturing method thereof
The object of the present invention is to provide a collagen fiber membrane, which has sufficient strength and can be used as a cell culture substrate, a scaffold material for regenerative medicine (for example, material for tissue engineering of cartilage, bone, ligament, corneal stroma, skin, or liver), an implantation material (for example, wound dressing material, bone grafting material, hemostatic material, anti-adhesive material) or a carrier for drug delivery. The object of the present invention can be solved by a fish-derived collagen fiber membrane, characterized in that (1) a tensile strength is 30 mpa or more, (2) a density determined by the gravimetric method, is 0.4 g/cm3 or more, and (3) an average membrane thickness is 1 μm to 2 mm, and a variation in membrane thickness is plus or minus 30%, relative to the average membrane thickness..
Generation of cartilage ex vivo from fibroblasts
Embodiments of the invention encompass the ex vivo production of cartilage from chondrocytes differentiated from fibroblasts or stem cells. In particular embodiments, fibroblasts are subjected to conditions to produce chondrocytes in the form of cartilage tissue, for example cartilage having a desired shape.
Cathepsin k as a marker for cartilage production, repair and regeneration
Ctsk is used as a marker to identify, track, and manipulate ctsk positive cartilaginous stem cells for cartilage repair and regeneration in vitro and in vivo.. .
Cartridge filter assembly
The fluidized bed processor of the present invention includes an internal filter assembly with a rack and a cartridge-type filter supported at the lower end by a bracket. The rack includes an elongated rod extending through the filter.
Accessory cap for a respiratory filter cartridge
An accessory cap for a respiratory cartridge includes a housing having a front wall and a side wall which cooperate to define an interior cavity. The side wall includes a retaining formation configured and arranged to releasably engage and hold the housing on the respiratory cartridge.
Filter group
A filter cartridge (30) comprising a filter membrane (33) and at least a support element (31) fixed to the filter membrane (33), the support element being provided with at least a snap-engaging element (36) suitable for snap-engaging to a support body (20) following a reciprocal translation between the filter cartridge (30) and the support body (20) along a nearing axis (a), the support element (31) further comprising disengaging means (38) suitable for disengaging the snap-engaging element (36) from the support body (20) following a reciprocal rotation between the filter cartridge (30) and the support body about the axis (a).. .
System for creating and distributing a cartoon to mobile devices
A system for creating cartoons for mobile devices facilitates the creation and dissemination of cartoons to a plurality of mobile devices and computers. A cartoon can comprise of multiple panels, and each panel, in addition to graphics and text, can have an ordered set of audio (voice, music, etc.) provided, which are played back in a mobile device by a cartoon client component in the specified order for each of the panels.
Systems and methods for near field communication enabled shopping cart corrals
Certain embodiments disclose a corral and enclosure defined by three members having an opening configured to hold one or more shopping carts and display one or more advertisements, with two substantially parallel walls of equal or different lengths and advertisement panels affixed on the walls, such that they can be staggered. The staggered arrangement of the at least two panels facilitates better visibility and allows the simultaneous viewing of at least two panels.
Nose tensioner and opener and nose tip lifter for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea, snoring and respiratory obstruction
The invention relates to a device for external use on the nose with a special and innovative action mechanism, with hooks that are inserted into the nostrils and apply a vigorous mechanical action, tensioning the (nostril dilator) nose muscle, the (nostril opening) nose wing and upper lip elevator muscles, and the nose wing greater cartilage (greater alar cartilage), this tension applied to the three structures widely opening the nostrils, tensioning and lifting the nose tip and cancelling the action of the nasal septum depressor muscle. The correct position is maintained by pulling the upper end of the device vertically, towards the root of the nose, and attaching it to the ridge of the nose with adhesive tape, thus stopping obstructive sleep apnea, snoring, nose, soft palate and uvula obstructions.
Collapsible shopping cart
A collapsible shopping cart includes a collapsible support assembly having a support frame with a vertical frame member and a horizontal frame member. The vertical support member is pivotally secured to the horizontal support member allowing the support frame to be selectively folded.
Antitheft device for shopping carts
A security lid that converts the upper shopping cart storage area into an enclosed secure storage area for valuables. The lid can be rigid, and sized to fit one or more shopping cart types, and alternatively, it can be fabricated from foldable or flexible materials that allow it to be carried in the handbag of a customer.
Method for treating drinking water by means of a replaceable cartridge filtering system
A method for treating drinking water by modifying the ion concentration in the filtered water by means of a replaceable cartridge filtering system comprises: —defining a plurality of types of water to be filtered on the basis of chemical and physical features of the water to be treated; —defining a plurality of classes of filtered water to be obtained with the filtering system on the basis of chemical and physical features of the filtered water; —providing a plurality of filter cartridges containing a filtering material based on a mixture of two or more ion exchange resins, the mixture being formed from predetermined proportions of the two or more resins, each cartridge of the plurality of cartridges having a different mixture of the two or more resins and being capable of retaining ions from, and/or releasing ions into, the water filtered in the filtration process; —correlating one or more of the classes of filtered water with each cartridge of the plurality of cartridges for each type of water to be filtered; —selecting a cartridge from the plurality of cartridges in order to obtain a desired class of filtered water on the basis of a specified type of water to be filtered.. .
Crankcase ventilation filter assembly, components; and methods
Crankcase ventilation filter assemblies, components thereof, features thereof, and methods of assembly and use are described. An example assembly is characterized in which the assembly includes a housing having an access cover and a base, and a filter cartridge is configured to sealingly engage both the access cover and the base, in preferred manners.
Seal arrangement for filter element; filter element assembly; and, methods
A filter cartridge arrangement is provided which includes a media pack comprising z-filter media, a preform and a housing seal member. Improvements in the preform and seal member are described which include: a single beveled surface of the seal member to facilitate installation; and, an inside region of the seal member having a tip adjacent in inwardly directed lip of the preform, to control flash during molding.
Filter media and filter device comprised thereof
This disclosure describes examples of a filter media for use in filter devices, e.g., pulse filter cartridges found in power generating systems. Embodiments of the filter media include a base media and a membrane, which partially covers one or both sides of the base media.
Method and device for post-operative application of pulsed radiofrequency for prevention of pain and cartilage loss
A pain alleviation method as well as cartilage sparring or repairing method in the intraoperative as well as perioperative time of treatment device are disclosed herein. Pain maybe alleviated by applying a pulsed radio frequency (prf) signal in the intraarticular as well as intrabursal or intracapsular area of a joint, while controlling the fluids in the joint area using suction.
Bioreactor for cell culture on a three-dimensional substrate
The invention also relates to the advantageous use of these bioreactors in tissue engineering, for the production of tissue grafts, notably a bone or cartilage graft.. .
Disrupted cartilage products
This invention provides disrupted cartilage products, methods of manufacturing disrupted cartilage products, and methods of treating a subject comprising administering a cartilage product. The cartilage products are manufactured by a method comprising disrupting a collagen matrix, e.g.

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