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Cart-related patent applications - as published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

NEW Integrated composite filter cartridge and water purifying system having same
Midea Group Co., Ltd.
February 15, 2018 - N°20180043288

Disclosed are an integrated composite filter cartridge (200) and a water purifying system (300) having same. The integrated composite filter cartridge (200) comprises: an outer shell (20), wherein a chamber (21) is defined in the outer shell (20), and the outer shell (20) is provided with a raw water inlet (22), a pre-treated water outlet (23), a pre-treated water inlet (24), a purified water outlet (25) and a waste water outlet (26) ...
NEW Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating arthritis
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology
February 15, 2018 - N°20180042984

The present invention relates to: a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating arthritis, which comprises synthetic polypeptides; injections for preventing or treating arthritis; and a pharmaceutical composition for inducing differentiation of cartilage cells. Synthetic polypeptides of the present invention consisting of a polypeptide represented by seq id no: 1 and a polypeptide represented by seq id no: 2 have activity for recruiting ...
NEW Engineered sterile cartilage implant plug(s) with sterile, specific instrument kit(s)
In2bones Usa, Llc
February 15, 2018 - N°20180042736

An apparatus and a method are provided for performing cartilage graft implant surgeries. The apparatus comprises a graft plug kit comprising one or more grafts configured to treat osteochondral defects in various bone joint locations in a patient's body. Each of the grafts comprises a cartilage layer coupled with a bone portion. The cartilage layer comprises a thickness selected to ...
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Navigation systems and methods for wheeled objects
Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.
February 08, 2018 - N°20180037246

A navigation system uses a dead reckoning method to estimate an object's present position relative to one or more prior positions. In some embodiments, the dead reckoning method determines a change in position from the object's heading and speed during an elapsed time interval. In embodiments suitable for use with wheeled objects, the dead reckoning method determines the change in ...
No donors for the treatment of impaired tissue perfusion
Mirandapharmaceuticals Ag
February 08, 2018 - N°20180036259

A method for treatment of prophylaxis of a chronic disease or condition associated with impaired tissue or organ perfusion, comprising administering an amino-c2-c6-alkyl nitrate, an amino-c2-c4-alkyl nitrate, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, to a patient in need thereof. The disease or condition is a micro- and/or macro-vascular disease selected from the group of diseases ...
Methods and compositions for treating osteoarthritis and promoting cartilage formation
New York University
February 08, 2018 - N°20180036238

The invention provides methods and compositions for treating or inhibiting the development of osteoarthritis in a subject having osteoarthritis or at risk for developing osteoarthritis and for stimulating or increasing cartilage production or formation in a subject. The methods feature administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of a composition comprising one or more agent from among adenosine, an ...
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Cart Patent Applications
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Virtual inventory management tools and methods of use
Sas Automation, Llc
February 01, 2018 - N°20180033076

Methods and systems for virtually managing product inventory from an application on a smart device through at least one of a bar code scanning feature, an integration of a virtual toolbox component and a shopping cart component, and a checkout selection option to request a purchase order associated with a user token authorization.
Multi-signal based shopping cart content recognition in brick-and-mortar retail stores
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc
February 01, 2018 - N°20180033066

Identifying products in a physical store shopping environment. The method includes, using a first detection method, identifying that a given product likely belongs to a given set of products. The method further includes, using one or more other detection methods, determining that the product is likely a specific product from the given set of products.
Self charging shopping cart and customer interest tracker
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.
February 01, 2018 - N°20180033028

Embodiments relate to systems and methods for determining customer interests in a retail environment. In one embodiment, a system includes a receptacle module coupled to a shopping receptacle, a shopping receptacle tracking system, and a customer interest engine. The shopping receptacle tracking system installed in the retail environment communicates with the receptacle module to receive customer information and shopping receptacle ...
Mesh size control of lubrication in gemini hydrogels
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.
February 01, 2018 - N°20180030209

A device comprises a surface that is a hydrogel having a targeted mesh size that permits a low-speed friction coefficient near or lower that that typically reported for cartilage of 0. 01 to 0. 02, a transition. The device can be a contact lens to sit on the cornea where, during a blink, eyelid slides past the eye surface at about 100 mm s−1. ...
Cutting/portioning using combined x-ray and optical scanning
Nordischer Maschinenbau Rud. Baader Gmbh + Co. Kg
February 01, 2018 - N°20180029246

A processing system (10) and corresponding method (158) are provided for processing workpieces (wp), including food items, to cut and remove undesirable components from the food items and/or portion the food items while being conveyed on a conveyor system (12). An x-ray scanning station (14) is located on an upstream conveyor section (20) to ascertain size and/or shape parameters of the food items ...
Ballast water treatment systems
February 01, 2018 - N°20180028952

A ballast water treatment system. Implementations may include an intake screen, a ballast water intake pump coupled to the intake screen, a screen filter coupled to an outlet of the ballast water intake pump, and a multi-cartridge filter system coupled to the screen filter and with one or more ballast tanks. A ballast water dump pump may be coupled with ...
Filter assembly for retaining wall drain holes
Jet Filter Systems, Llc
February 01, 2018 - N°20180028950

A filter assembly for allowing groundwater to flow through a hole in a seawall from a landward side of the seawall to a seaward side of the seawall includes a housing with a flange and a perforated shell. The filter assembly also includes a filter cartridge configured to be removably positioned inside the shell and a face plate positioned over ...
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Cart Patent Applications
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Peripheral kappa opioid receptor agonists for hard tissue pain
Cara Therapeutics, Inc.
February 01, 2018 - N°20180028594

A method for preventing, inhibiting or treating hard tissue pain in a mammalian subject, the method comprising administering an effective amount of a peripherally-restricted kappa opioid receptor agonist to the subject. The hard tissue pain can be associated with bone, tendons, or cartilage. The peripherally-restricted kappa opioid receptor agonist can be a l-amino acid-containing peptide, a d-amino acid-containing peptide, or ...
Resilient arthroplasty device
Iorthopedics, Inc.
February 01, 2018 - N°20180028319

The disclosure is directed to a resilient implant for implantation into human or animal joints to act as a cushion allowing for renewed joint motion. The implant endures variable joint forces and cyclic loads while reducing pain and improving function after injury or disease to repair, reconstruct, and regenerate joint integrity. The implant is deployed in a prepared debrided joint ...
Bag dispenser
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.
February 01, 2018 - N°20180027994

A bag dispenser for use in a retail store is described. The bag dispenser holds and dispenses bags from a roll of plastic bags such as grocery bags, meat bags, or produce bags. The bag dispenser includes a bag holder rod that holds the roll of bags and allows the roll of bags to rotate on the bag holder rod ...
Enterprise data marketplace system and method
Guardian Life Insurance Company Of America
January 25, 2018 - N°20180025413

A system and method for a centralized data asset marketplace including a single network or cloud platform environment for the sharing and distribution of data assets, wherein the platform is public or private; multiple user interfaces, wherein the user interfaces include a home page, a data asset detail interface, a shopping cart interface, a user data section interface and an ...
Determining in-store location based on images
Focal Systems, Inc.
January 25, 2018 - N°20180025412

An in-store location system determines the location of a shopper within a store based on images received from a shopper client device. The shopper client device can be attached to a shopping cart and may be connected to one or more cameras that capture images of products on shelves. The in-store location system can detect products in images received from ...
Supply ordering system
School Family Media, Inc.
January 25, 2018 - N°20180025409

A system for facilitating the creation, dissemination and fulfillment of supply lists includes a central controller that receives native supply lists from supply requestors. The controller uses intelligent matching to classify and translate individual items from each native supply list into an electronic supply list on a standardized platform, the electronic supply list including a upc for each requested item ...
Widget-based integration of payment gateway functionality into transactional sites
Amazon Technologies, Inc.
January 25, 2018 - N°20180025397

Various embodiments of a payment service are disclosed. In some embodiments, a merchant can enable customer use of the payment service by adding widget code to a web page, such as a catalog or shopping cart page, of the merchant's site. Thereafter, a user can invoke the payment service and complete a purchase transaction directly from the merchant site, without ...
Hat and air filtration system
January 25, 2018 - N°20180021607

A hat includes a shell, and an air filtration system for providing a protective stream of air across the face of the wearer of the hat. The shell defines an exterior of the hat. At the back of the shell is a fan housing which contains a fan and defines an interior through which air is passed through the hat. ...