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Method, apparatus and system for a water jet

Auris Surgical Robotics

Method, apparatus and system for a water jet

Air cleaner; replaceable filter cartridges; and, methods


Air cleaner; replaceable filter cartridges; and, methods

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cart-related patents
 Multi ecommerce floating window with a shopping cart patent thumbnailnew patent Multi ecommerce floating window with a shopping cart
The present invention is directed to a novel multi ecommerce floating window configured to allow a shopper to surf and collect variety of items/products from separated independent ecommerce websites into one electronic shopping cart. The invention is also directed to a method and system for purchasing products from a plurality of unrelated internet commerce sites offering products for purchase through electronic commerce systems using said novel multi ecommerce floating window provided herein.
Buy America Us Corp.
 Method, apparatus and system for a water jet patent thumbnailnew patent Method, apparatus and system for a water jet
A water jet instrument may be used for manually performing eye surgery such as, cataract, or perform micro-surgery (remove cartilage), or any emulsification technique. The water jet instrument may be manually controlled or controlled by a system with a robotic control.
Auris Surgical Robotics, Inc.
 Air filter assembly; components thereof; and, methods patent thumbnailnew patent Air filter assembly; components thereof; and, methods
An air filter cartridge arrangement, an air cleaner assembly, and components therfor, are provided. The air filter cartridge generally has perimeter shape with a straight side and an opposite arched side.
Donaldson Company, Inc.
 Air cleaner; replaceable filter cartridges; and, methods patent thumbnailnew patent Air cleaner; replaceable filter cartridges; and, methods
The disclosure concern air cleaners. Preferred air cleaners are shown which include a housing and a removable and replacement primary filter cartridge.
Donaldson Company, Inc.
 Methods for reshaping cartilage structures patent thumbnailMethods for reshaping cartilage structures
Described are methods and systems for reshaping a cartilage structure. Such methods comprise treating the cartilage structure with electromagnetic energy and fitting a device to the cartilage structure to retain it in the desired place, form, and/or orientation.
 Devices, compositions and methods for treating acute and chronic tissue damage patent thumbnailDevices, compositions and methods for treating acute and chronic tissue damage
A device to prepare and deliver a bioactive substance such as stem cells, platelet rich plasma, and/or other bioactive compositions. The device can utilize a hallow interior or cavity to deliver bioactive substances during a surgical procedure or to an area of cartilage defect or cartilage disorder.
 Disrupted cartilage products patent thumbnailDisrupted cartilage products
This invention provides disrupted cartilage products, methods of manufacturing disrupted cartilage products, and methods of treating a subject comprising administering a cartilage product. The cartilage products are manufactured by a method comprising disrupting a collagen matrix, e.g.
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.
 Convertible filtration system patent thumbnailConvertible filtration system
A convertible filtration system for use with cartridge filters and bag-type filters for filtering contaminated fluids comprising a filtration system housing, a base attached to the filtration system housing, and a lid mechanism for generating sealing pressure between the lid mechanism and the filtration system housing. The filtration system housing includes a basket support flange and an integral basin for accommodating both cartridge and bag-type filters.
Clarus Fluid Intelligence, Llc
 New pharmaceutical compositions of flurbiprofen and glucosamin patent thumbnailNew pharmaceutical compositions of flurbiprofen and glucosamin
The present invention relates to new pharmaceutical compositions of flurbiprofen or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and glucosamine or salts thereof. Particularly, the present invention relates to new pharmaceutical compositions for use in the treatment of pain and inflammatory symptoms associated with joint and cartilage disorders, especially with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis..
Sanovel Ilac Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi
 Device for treating water by means of a replaceable filter cartridge patent thumbnailDevice for treating water by means of a replaceable filter cartridge
A device for treating water by means of a replaceable filter cartridge comprising a device (2) for determining and/or signalling a spent status of the filter cartridge that is removably housed in a housing seat (3). The determining and/or signalling device (2) and the housing seat (3) are provided with respective magnetic elements (21, 31), the magnetic element (31) of the seat (3) being arranged from a part opposite the determining and/or signalling device (2) with respect to a wall (32) that defines the seat..
Laica S.p.a.

Filter assembly; components therefor; and, methods

Air filter assemblies and components therefor are described. The air filter assembly typically includes an air filter cartridge.
Donaldson Company, Inc.

Program messaging system

A system for accessing a procurement application by means of a plug-in tool installed on an instant messaging system. The implementation of the plug-in allows a user to obtain information about a purchase order or shopping cart from within the messaging system without requiring user authentication by the procurement application..
International Business Machines Corporation

In-store collaborative shopping

In an embodiment, a primary user initiates a collaborative session in a shopping application executing in a mobile device of the primary user. Primary user can select secondary users and invite them to join the collaborative shopping in-store.

Surgical technique using a contoured allograft cartilage as a spacer of the carpo-metacarpal joint of the thumb or tarso-metatarsal joint of the toe

A spacer for implantation into a subject is provided that includes a sterilized piece of cartilaginous allograft tissue. The piece forms a y-shape with a base adapted to insert within a first carpo-metacarpal joint or carpo-metatarsal joint of the subject, and has a first area adapted to secure to a trapezium bone adjoining the joint, and a second arm adapted to secure to a proximal metacarpal or metatarsal bone adjoining the joint.

Methods of manufacturing cartilage products

This invention provides porated cartilage products and methods of producing porated cartilage products. Optionally, the cartilage products are sized, porated, and digested to provide a flexible cartilage product.
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.

Filter cartridge for an air purifier

Provided is a filter cartridge for an air purifier, comprising a structure ensuring the retention of a filter medium, the filter medium comprising a standard absorbent material chosen from the group consisting of activated charcoal or zeolites, and the filter medium further comprises a nanoporous specific absorbent material functionalized with probe molecules in such a way that chemical pollutants of the aldehyde type can be trapped.. .

Magnification viewer lens

A magnification lens holder is provided for use with a golf cart steering column or for general use while shopping in a grocery store. The preferred embodiment comprises a magnifying viewer lens disposed within a housing that allows the lens to be removed and interchanged.

Filter module and modular filter system

One aspect of the invention relates to a filter module comprising: —a filter element having at least one filter medium which separates a filtrate side and a retentate side of the filter element from one another, and having a filter medium holder to which the filter medium is attached and which has at least one holder intake channel and at least one holder discharge channel, —a first filter cartridge part having at least one first cartridge intake channel and at least one first cartridge discharge channel, —a second filter cartridge channel having at least one second cartridge intake channel and at least one second cartridge discharge channel, wherein the filter medium holder is arranged in an arrangement position between the first filter cartridge part and the second filter cartridge part in a fluid-tight manner, wherein the at least one holder intake channel has a fluid connection with the at least one first cartridge intake channel and the at least one second cartridge intake channel, in order to form a module intake channel, wherein the at least one holder discharge channel has a fluid connection with the at least one first cartridge discharge channel and the at least one second cartridge discharge channel, in order to form a module discharge channel, wherein the module intake channel has a fluid connection with the retentate side of the filter medium and wherein the module discharge channel has a fluid connection with the filtrate side of the filter medium, and a modular filter system.. .
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

Water filtration system and method

A water filtration system that includes a filter manifold having a rotatable cover is provided. A filter cartridge is provided that includes a sump having a filter head integrally secured to a first end and cap releasably secured to a second end.

Derivates based on hyaluronic acid, capable of forming hydrogels, preparation thereof, hydrogels based on said derivatives, preparation thereof and use

The invention relates to a new hyaluronan derivative according to the general formula (i), the method of preparation thereof, a hydrogel based on the new derivative, method of preparation of the hydrogel and the use of the hydrogel in tissue engineering, cosmetics, medicine or regenerative medicine, especially in the form of scaffolds for the treatment of articular cartilage or bone tissue defects.. .
Contipro Biotech S.r.o.

Integrated online and offline inventory management

Method, systems, and apparatus for integrated online and offline sales management. A system manages both offline and online transactions and inventory in an integrated environment.
Square, Inc.

Method for collecting sales and use tax in real-time

A system and method for collection of tax in real time from customers conducting a remote, non-in-store purchase. The system comprises a merchant shopping cart subsystem, tax calculation service, and a charging, archival, and reporting system (cars) subsystem.
Integrated Direct Management Taxation Services, L.l.c.

System of multi-functional ecommerce websites each with an integrated shopping cart, a catalog of products from drop shippers or suppliers of any type, a secure payment processing gateway, a real-time merchant account activation module, a website builder that creates custom or duplicate websites with a url, and a centralized content management module capable of modifying web-site-content to each website in the system.

A system and method of creating ecommerce web sites which are fully integrated with products for sale, a shopping cart, and a merchant account. The created ecommerce websites include a site builder module capable of creating other ecommerce websites.

Methods, devices and non-transitory computer-readable media for augmented reality shopping

The present invention provides a method and system for augmented reality shopping. A visual code of the product can be scanned by a portable device.
Infosys Limited

In-store promotion techniques for electronic devices

In-store promotion techniques for alerting an electronic device user of local in-store promotional events are disclosed. The in-store promotion mode may determine the user's taste profile based on the user's shopping cart, wish list, search history, purchase history, content ratings, favorite authors, and/or event preferences. Llc

Alignment guides with patient-specific anchoring elements

A method for preparing a bone of a joint during joint arthroplasty. The method includes mounting an alignment guide on the bone of a patient along an alignment direction.
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc

Arthroplasty jigs with mating accuracy

Disclosed herein is a method of defining a mating surface in a first side of an arthroplasty jig. The mating surface is configured to matingly receive and contact a corresponding patient surface including at least one of a bone surface and a cartilage surface.
Otismed Corporation

Mobile telephone

The mobile telephone disclosed in the present specification has a mobile telephone upper edge unit including a right-ear cartilage conduction unit, a left-ear cartilage conduction unit, and a linking unit linking the right-ear cartilage conduction unit and the left-ear cartilage conduction unit, the units being exposed at the mobile telephone surface; and a cartilage-conduction vibration source for transmitting vibration to the mobile telephone upper edge unit.. .
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Beverage filter cartridge

A beverage filter cartridge includes an inner cup made of filter paper and defining a first chamber, an outer cup holding the inner cup in a second chamber therein, and a seal film bonded to the outer cup to seal the inner cup in the outer cup. The inner cup has a hard rim extending around the top open side thereof and supportable at an inner upper part of the outer cup to suspend the inner cup in the second open chamber of the outer cup.

Methods for using synthetic triterpenoids in the treatment of bone or cartilage diseases or conditions

The present invention features the use of a synthetic triterpenoid to induce gene expression and differentiation of stem or progenitor cells in the treatment of bone/cartilage diseases or conditions.. .
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept. Of Health And Human Services

Adipose cells for chondrocyte applications

The present disclosure concerns methods and compositions for differentiating cells, including adipose cells, into chondrocyte-like cells via in vitro, ex vivo, and/or in vivo mechanical strain. In particular aspects, adipose cells or re-differentiated adipose cells that are chondrocyte-like cells, are delivered to a joint or are shaped into cartilage.
Spinalcyte, Llc

Support device

A support device for transferring at least part of the weight of an earring from an earlobe to a part of the ear that comprises cartilage, the device comprising a first portion (p1′) capable of being attached to the earlobe and a second portion (p2′) protruding from the first portion and capable of when the first portion is attached to the earlobe, extending from the earlobe to attach to the part of the ear comprising cartilage.. .
Doosan Infracore Co. Ltd

Systems, apparatuses and methods for providing a price point to a consumer for products in an electronic shopping cart of the consumer

Systems, apparatuses and methods for dynamic targeting of advertising campaigns to consumers are described, which systems, apparatuses and methods may enable a merchant to offer an exclusive price point to one or more consumers that may be particularly receptive to the exclusive price point. An example system for providing an exclusive price point to a consumer for products in an electronic shopping cart of the consumer includes a processor, storage, and memory with instructions for hosting an electronic marketplace, gathering and generating product and consumer data, and/or providing affinity data to a merchant for use in targeting an advertising campaign..

Production of tissue engineered digits and limbs

The invention pertains to methods of producing artificial composite tissue constructs that permit coordinated motion. Biocompatable structural matrices having sufficient rigidity to provide structural support for cartilage-forming cells and bone-forming cells are used.
Wake Forest University Health Sciences

Method for modifying larynx position by trans-positioning muscle and electrode stimulation

A method of modifying larynx position in a human subject includes cutting one end of digastric muscle, attaching the cut end of the digastric muscle to thyroid cartilage thereby trans-positioning the digastric muscle, providing a stimulation electrode configured to stimulate the trans-positioned digastric muscle, generating at least one stimulation parameter for the stimulation electrode using a processor, and stimulating the trans-positioned digastric muscle with the stimulation electrode using the stimulation parameter in order to modify the larynx position.. .
Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

Method of preparing mesenchymal stem cell basic culturing medium, making of cellular therapy product with mesenchymal stem cell basic culturing medium, and the differentiated one by using the medium

Disclosed is a basic culture medium for mesenchymal stem cells, and a cell therapeutic agent cultured and differentiated using same. The basic culture medium reduces the time taken from collection to mass culturing by increasing the proliferation rate of undifferentiated mesenchymal stem cells derived from an adult tissue such as human marrow and adipose tissue, and also is capable of various differentiations into treating agents for bone-forming cells, for cartilage cells, or for fat cells..
Sewon Cellontech Co., Ltd.

Biomaterial for articular cartilage maintenance and treatment of arthritis

The present disclosure provides biomaterials and methods for preventing and minimizing progression of cartilage and/or connective tissue damage. Also provided herein are biomaterials and methods for alleviating and/or reducing the risk for developing arthritis (e.g., osteoarthritis) associated with joint injury and/or joint surgery..
Rhode Island Hospital

Gdf-5 mutant for inducing cartilage formation

The present invention is directed to gdf-5 related proteins having an improved capability of inducing cartilage formation and a reduced capability of inducing bone formation. The novel proteins are particularly useful in the treatment of cartilage defects, wherein the formation of bone tissue is undesirable..
Biopharm Gesellschaft Zur Biotechnologischen Entwicklung Von Pharmaka Mbh

Biomaterials comprising hyaluronic acid binding peptides and bifunctional biopolymer molecules for hyaluronic acid retention and tissue engineering applications

The present invention provides novel biomaterial compositions and methods having a technology to improve retention of hyaluronic acid (ha). The biomaterial compositions utilize small ha binding peptides that is tethered to synthetic biocompatible polymers.
The Johns Hopkins University

D, l-cyclic peptide nanotube reinforcing agents

The disclosed subject matter can provide a nanotube-reinforced polymer composite material comprising a plurality of nanotubes, each nanotube being formed of a plurality of cyclic peptide molecules, disposed within a polymer matrix, such as a biodegradable polymer matrix. A cyclic polymer, such as a cyclic 8-mer, composed of amino acid residues of alternating absolute configurations (d/l, r/s), can self-assemble into nanotubes useful for preparation of the composite polymer material of the invention.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Shopping cart with folding legs

A four-wheel shopping cart includes a substantially rectangular base surrounded by vertical side, front and rear walls to form an open-topped, cargo basket. The front wall opens fully to provide access to the cargo area, while the rear wall is shorter than the others to allow easy access from behind while shopping.

Air filtration module for coated seed planters

An air filtration module has a filter cartridge that contains a filter media to filter out and contain current seed treatment products that contain neonicotinoids. The module takes the place of the porous seed container wall through which compressed air is discharged out the seed hopper air discharge chute.
Jps Ag, Llc

Systems and methods for providing an e-commerce slip cart

A method for managing an electronic commerce (e-commerce) shopping cart may include, in a computing device comprising a touch screen, memory, and at least one processor, receiving a selection of one of a plurality of web pages associated with an e-commerce web site. The selected one of the plurality of web pages and an indication of the e-commerce shopping cart may be displayed on the touch screen.

Disposable cartilage cutter

A medical cutting device for producing thin cartilage disks has a device body with a first holding device with a first working section having a first recess disposed on a top side of the device body such that the first recess is entirely or partially enclosed by a first delimiting ridge and, a connecting section that is directly, rigidly adjoined by the first working section and a cover with a counterpart section to the connecting section that is directly, rigidly adjoined by a first pressure section, which comprises a central, first pressure plate that is resiliently held in the first pressure section and, in an operating state for producing thin cartilage disks, is disposed opposite the first recess, which is entirely or partially enclosed by the first delimiting ridge.. .

Regeneration and repair of mesenchymal tissue using amelogenin

A method of treating an injury to hyaline cartilage in a subject in need thereof. The method comprises administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of amelogenin..

Interlock device

A filter receptacle assembly is described including a filter receptacle having a receptacle wall and a circular edge defining an opening for receiving a filter cartridge and a first interlock device coupled to the receptacle wall of the filter receptacle, wherein the first interlock device comprises a first actuator moveable between a first position and a second position and biased into the first position, wherein at least a portion of the first actuator protrudes from the receptacle wall in the first position, wherein the first interlock device is configured so that when a filter cartridge is inserted into the filter receptacle, the first actuator is moved by the filter cartridge from the first position to the second position and is held in the second position by the filter cartridge.. .

Making product substitution recommendations

Aspects of the invention provide a method for making a product substitution recommendation to a consumer. Initially, a rejection of the product by the consumer is detected.

Method of reconstructing a patient's wrist

A method of reconstructing a patient's wrist. A prosthesis is provided having proximal and distal assemblies.

Peptide-hydrogel composite

The present invention relates to polymers, especially polymers useful as hydrogels, and to use of hydrogels for repair or restoration of tissue. In particular, the polymers and hydrogels of the present invention can be used for the repair or restoration of cartilage, especially articular cartilage.

Composite material for tissue repair

The present disclosure provides a biocompatible composite and method for its use in repairing tissue defects, including defects in cartilage. The biocompatible composite includes a fibrous polymeric component and a polymerizable agent, which is capable of forming the biocompatible composite in situ at the site of a tissue defect.

Method and processing poultry or a part thereof

The invention relates to a method for processing poultry or a part thereof in a processing line, including the step of detaching and/or collecting a cartilage of the poultry's keel bone, whereby during transport of the poultry's carcass in the processing line, a cut is made in the cartilage of the keel bone. The cut is made initially transverse to the transport direction of the poultry and towards the poultry's backbone.

Sore throat remedy

A method for treating a sore throat involves administering to a human subject in need of treatment of at least one of cartilage and a material derived from cartilage in a vehicle or composition that promotes or facilitates prolonged or extended contact of a sore throat with at least one of cartilage and a material derived from cartilage to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of a sore throat, typically within hours. The cartilage or materials derived from cartilage can be administered in a powdered form that is dispersed in a beverage, a syrup or a lozenge..

Shopping cart

A shopping cart features a frame forming a chassis portion and a handle portion. A number of casters are attached to the chassis portion while a basket attached to the handle portion.

Filter cartridge

The present invention presents a removably secured seal for forming a second stage water-tight seal within a two stage cavity filter head assembly for mating with a complementary manifold having cylindrical (male) bayonet ports. The seal includes a base circumferential seal having a center aperture and sidewall members extending axially upwards from the base seal; the sidewall members being insertable within cavities or slots formed in the second stage recess cylindrical cavity sidewall..

Installation of correct filter cartridge in fluid filter assembly before allowing assembly to be completed

The descriptions relate to preventing assembly of a fluid filter apparatus unless a filter cartridge is installed, and preventing assembly of a fluid filter apparatus if the incorrect filter cartridge is installed. A mechanism includes cooperation of a movable member and a structure that can move the movable member to ensure that a fluid filter apparatus cannot be completely assembled, for example connecting its filter head to its shell, when there is no cartridge installed inside the shell or when there is an attempt to install an incorrect cartridge.

Filter cartridge for a reducing agent delivery device and delivery device and motor vehicle having a filter cartridge

A filter cartridge for a delivery device for a reducing agent includes at least one filter wall and at least one supporting wall together forming an interior space. The at least one supporting wall has an outflow opening and a bypass opening.

Crankcase ventilation filter assembly; components; and methods

Crankcase ventilation filter arrangements and components therefore are described. Example arrangements are described.

System and joint shopping cart

A method and system may include receiving input, by a processor, from a first user. The input may describe one or more items sold by a retailer, and the first user may be part of a group of users.

System and joint shopping cart

A method and system may include receiving input, by a processor, from a first user. The input may describe one or more items sold by a retailer, and the first user may be part of a group of users.

Navigation wheeled objects

A navigation system uses a dead reckoning method to estimate an object's present position relative to one or more prior positions. In some embodiments, the dead reckoning method determines a change in position from the object's heading and speed during an elapsed time interval.

Systems and methods for providing a femoral component

Systems and methods for providing deeper knee flexion capabilities. In some instances, such systems and methods include a femoral knee replacement component that includes an articular surface, a first interior surface, and a second interior surface, wherein the first and second interior surfaces run substantially parallel to each other.

Partial joint resurfacing implant, instrumentation, and method

An implant for repairing an articular cartilage defect site including an implant fixation portion with an upper segment and at least one bone interfacing segment and a top articulating portion with an articulating surface and an engagement surface. The upper segment includes a supporting plate with a first locking mechanism segment.

Joint support and subchondral support system

A joint support and subchondral support system and method of use of same for providing structural and dampening support to damaged subchondral bone adjacent to a body joint are disclosed. The joint support and subchondral support system and method of use of same are applicable to many parts of the joint as any area with cartilage disease has an adjoining subchondral component..

Methods for modulating osteochondral development using bioelectrical stimulation

Compositions and methods are provided for modulating the growth, development and repair of bone, cartilage or other connective tissue. Devices and stimulus waveforms are provided to differentially modulate the behavior of osteoblasts, chondrocytes and other connective tissue cells to promote proliferation, differentiation, matrix formation or mineralization for in vitro or in vivo applications.

Cartilage repair system with flexible trephine

A system for repairing cartilage includes a trephine having a passage extending along a longitudinal axis of the trephine. The trephine has a distal end and a proximal end.

Tissue and bone graft removal device

The present invention discloses a rongeur type bone and cartilage removal device incorporating first and second pivotally secured handles, the first handle terminating at a forward end in a first jaw exhibiting a plurality of extending teeth, with second handle terminating in a second jaw opposing the first jaw and exhibiting a continuous blade edge against which the teeth seats during pivotal motion of the jaws.. .

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