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Disposable cartilage cutter

Disposable cartilage cutter

Regeneration and repair of mesenchymal tissue using amelogenin

Interlock device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cart-related patents
 Systems and methods for providing an e-commerce slip cart patent thumbnailSystems and methods for providing an e-commerce slip cart
A method for managing an electronic commerce (e-commerce) shopping cart may include, in a computing device comprising a touch screen, memory, and at least one processor, receiving a selection of one of a plurality of web pages associated with an e-commerce web site. The selected one of the plurality of web pages and an indication of the e-commerce shopping cart may be displayed on the touch screen.
 Disposable cartilage cutter patent thumbnailDisposable cartilage cutter
A medical cutting device for producing thin cartilage disks has a device body with a first holding device with a first working section having a first recess disposed on a top side of the device body such that the first recess is entirely or partially enclosed by a first delimiting ridge and, a connecting section that is directly, rigidly adjoined by the first working section and a cover with a counterpart section to the connecting section that is directly, rigidly adjoined by a first pressure section, which comprises a central, first pressure plate that is resiliently held in the first pressure section and, in an operating state for producing thin cartilage disks, is disposed opposite the first recess, which is entirely or partially enclosed by the first delimiting ridge.. .
 Regeneration and repair of mesenchymal tissue using amelogenin patent thumbnailRegeneration and repair of mesenchymal tissue using amelogenin
A method of treating an injury to hyaline cartilage in a subject in need thereof. The method comprises administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of amelogenin..
 Interlock device patent thumbnailInterlock device
A filter receptacle assembly is described including a filter receptacle having a receptacle wall and a circular edge defining an opening for receiving a filter cartridge and a first interlock device coupled to the receptacle wall of the filter receptacle, wherein the first interlock device comprises a first actuator moveable between a first position and a second position and biased into the first position, wherein at least a portion of the first actuator protrudes from the receptacle wall in the first position, wherein the first interlock device is configured so that when a filter cartridge is inserted into the filter receptacle, the first actuator is moved by the filter cartridge from the first position to the second position and is held in the second position by the filter cartridge.. .
 Making product substitution recommendations patent thumbnailMaking product substitution recommendations
Aspects of the invention provide a method for making a product substitution recommendation to a consumer. Initially, a rejection of the product by the consumer is detected.
 Method of reconstructing a patient's wrist patent thumbnailMethod of reconstructing a patient's wrist
A method of reconstructing a patient's wrist. A prosthesis is provided having proximal and distal assemblies.
 Peptide-hydrogel composite patent thumbnailPeptide-hydrogel composite
The present invention relates to polymers, especially polymers useful as hydrogels, and to use of hydrogels for repair or restoration of tissue. In particular, the polymers and hydrogels of the present invention can be used for the repair or restoration of cartilage, especially articular cartilage.
 Composite material for tissue repair patent thumbnailComposite material for tissue repair
The present disclosure provides a biocompatible composite and method for its use in repairing tissue defects, including defects in cartilage. The biocompatible composite includes a fibrous polymeric component and a polymerizable agent, which is capable of forming the biocompatible composite in situ at the site of a tissue defect.
 Method and apparatus for processing poultry or a part thereof patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for processing poultry or a part thereof
The invention relates to a method for processing poultry or a part thereof in a processing line, including the step of detaching and/or collecting a cartilage of the poultry's keel bone, whereby during transport of the poultry's carcass in the processing line, a cut is made in the cartilage of the keel bone. The cut is made initially transverse to the transport direction of the poultry and towards the poultry's backbone.
 Sore throat remedy patent thumbnailSore throat remedy
A method for treating a sore throat involves administering to a human subject in need of treatment of at least one of cartilage and a material derived from cartilage in a vehicle or composition that promotes or facilitates prolonged or extended contact of a sore throat with at least one of cartilage and a material derived from cartilage to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of a sore throat, typically within hours. The cartilage or materials derived from cartilage can be administered in a powdered form that is dispersed in a beverage, a syrup or a lozenge..
Shopping cart
A shopping cart features a frame forming a chassis portion and a handle portion. A number of casters are attached to the chassis portion while a basket attached to the handle portion.
Filter cartridge
The present invention presents a removably secured seal for forming a second stage water-tight seal within a two stage cavity filter head assembly for mating with a complementary manifold having cylindrical (male) bayonet ports. The seal includes a base circumferential seal having a center aperture and sidewall members extending axially upwards from the base seal; the sidewall members being insertable within cavities or slots formed in the second stage recess cylindrical cavity sidewall..
Installation of correct filter cartridge in fluid filter assembly before allowing assembly to be completed
The descriptions relate to preventing assembly of a fluid filter apparatus unless a filter cartridge is installed, and preventing assembly of a fluid filter apparatus if the incorrect filter cartridge is installed. A mechanism includes cooperation of a movable member and a structure that can move the movable member to ensure that a fluid filter apparatus cannot be completely assembled, for example connecting its filter head to its shell, when there is no cartridge installed inside the shell or when there is an attempt to install an incorrect cartridge.
Filter cartridge for a reducing agent delivery device and delivery device and motor vehicle having a filter cartridge
A filter cartridge for a delivery device for a reducing agent includes at least one filter wall and at least one supporting wall together forming an interior space. The at least one supporting wall has an outflow opening and a bypass opening.
Crankcase ventilation filter assembly; components; and methods
Crankcase ventilation filter arrangements and components therefore are described. Example arrangements are described.
System and method for joint shopping cart
A method and system may include receiving input, by a processor, from a first user. The input may describe one or more items sold by a retailer, and the first user may be part of a group of users.
System and method for joint shopping cart
A method and system may include receiving input, by a processor, from a first user. The input may describe one or more items sold by a retailer, and the first user may be part of a group of users.
Navigation systems and methods for wheeled objects
A navigation system uses a dead reckoning method to estimate an object's present position relative to one or more prior positions. In some embodiments, the dead reckoning method determines a change in position from the object's heading and speed during an elapsed time interval.
Systems and methods for providing a femoral component
Systems and methods for providing deeper knee flexion capabilities. In some instances, such systems and methods include a femoral knee replacement component that includes an articular surface, a first interior surface, and a second interior surface, wherein the first and second interior surfaces run substantially parallel to each other.
Partial joint resurfacing implant, instrumentation, and method
An implant for repairing an articular cartilage defect site including an implant fixation portion with an upper segment and at least one bone interfacing segment and a top articulating portion with an articulating surface and an engagement surface. The upper segment includes a supporting plate with a first locking mechanism segment.
Joint support and subchondral support system
A joint support and subchondral support system and method of use of same for providing structural and dampening support to damaged subchondral bone adjacent to a body joint are disclosed. The joint support and subchondral support system and method of use of same are applicable to many parts of the joint as any area with cartilage disease has an adjoining subchondral component..
Methods for modulating osteochondral development using bioelectrical stimulation
Compositions and methods are provided for modulating the growth, development and repair of bone, cartilage or other connective tissue. Devices and stimulus waveforms are provided to differentially modulate the behavior of osteoblasts, chondrocytes and other connective tissue cells to promote proliferation, differentiation, matrix formation or mineralization for in vitro or in vivo applications.
Cartilage repair system with flexible trephine
A system for repairing cartilage includes a trephine having a passage extending along a longitudinal axis of the trephine. The trephine has a distal end and a proximal end.
Tissue and bone graft removal device
The present invention discloses a rongeur type bone and cartilage removal device incorporating first and second pivotally secured handles, the first handle terminating at a forward end in a first jaw exhibiting a plurality of extending teeth, with second handle terminating in a second jaw opposing the first jaw and exhibiting a continuous blade edge against which the teeth seats during pivotal motion of the jaws.. .
A collapsible or foldable cart, shopping cart, utility cart or supermarket cart. The cart includes: a basket mounted on top of a plurality of wheels; and a bridge element to engage with an edge of a vehicular trunk.
Linking online and retail-location shopping carts
A system for linking a shopper's online electronic shopping cart with the shopper's in-store electronic shopping cart is provided. The system includes an online website of a merchant for the purchase of goods by one or more shoppers.
Systems and methods for managing layaway payments
A method for managing layaway payments in connection with an online retail channel of a retailer may include establishing a layaway contract for an item available for sale by the retailer. The layaway contract may be associated with a purchaser of the item, and may include a payment obligation by the purchaser to pay an initial layaway payment and one or more remaining layaway payments for the item.
Genetic regulation of bone and cells by electromagnetic stimulation fields and uses thereof
The present invention provides methods to modify the genetic regulation of mammalian tissue, bone, cells or any combination thereof by preferential activation, up-regulation and/or down-regulation. The method comprises steps of tuning the predetermined profiles of one or more time-varying stimulation fields by manipulating the b-field magnitude, rising slew rate, rise time, falling slew rate, fall time, frequency, wavelength, and duty cycle, and exposing mammalian cells or tissues to one or more tuned time-varying stimulation fields with predetermined profiles.
Dextran-based tissuelette containing platelet-rich plasma lysate for cartilage repair
The invention relates to a dextran-based tissuelette comprising platelet-rich plasma lysate (prpl), which can be used for tissue repair. In particular, the tissuelette of the present invention can be adapted to display properties similar to natural cartilage, while having increased chondrocyte-attraction.
Methods for treating cartilage disorders, diseases, and injuries
The invention is directed to methods for treating cartilage disorders, diseases and injuries including, but not limited to, degenerative disc disease. The invention is also directed to methods for preventing cartilage disorders and diseases including, but not limited to, degenerative disc disease.
Adjustable electronic device holder mountable to a cart handle
An adjustable electronic device holder mountable to an elongated shopping cart handle includes a base with an advertising panel, a rear support attached to the back of the base at an obtuse angle, a fixed clamping member and a linearly movable clamping member attached at the rear support. Each clamping member has a concave gripping side, which may include a resilient gripping pad.
Bottle system and method for filtering or treating a beverage
A beverage filter or treatment bottle system has a bottle, lid, and a beverage improvement component such as a filter element. A filter element may be positioned to separate the interior space of the bottle into a filtered beverage compartment and an unfiltered beverage compartment.
Filter alignment device
A removable device that ensures that the port of a filter cartridge is liquid tightly sealed to the port of the head of a housing even when there is insufficient room beneath the bowl to allow one to physically secure the cartridge port to the head port before securing the head and bowl together. The invention uses one or more removably attached alignment devices to center the cartridge in the bowl and maintain it at a height sufficient to ensure that the two ports are aligned and liquid tightly sealed to each other when the bowl and head are mated together..
Dvb-s receiver device, adapter for interconnecting a tuner and a scart connector of the dvb-s receiver device, and method for automatically detecting an output voltage of the tuner
A digital video broadcasting-satellite (dvb-s) receiver device includes a tuner, a scart (syndicat des constructeurs d'appareils radiorécepteurs et téléviseurs) connector and a system on chip (soc). The tuner is for generating an output voltage.
Method of billing an online purchase
The present disclosure relates to a method of billing an online purchase of a user by himself or a third party. The disclosure particularly provides a method for handling a superordinated virtual shopping cart in which articles of different online providers can be accumulated and billed commonly..
Supports and methods for promoting integration of cartilage tissue explants
The present disclosure provides tissue supports and methods for preparing a cartilage composition for repairing cartilage defects, which is prepared by expanding and integrating small cartilage tissue pieces derived from donor or engineered tissue. The methods and supports described herein promote cell migration and integration of neighboring tissue pieces in culture to form the cartilage composition.
Asparagus containers and related methods
Asparagus spears may be stored and displayed for sale, and sold, in individual containers having a reservoir containing a volume of water, with a group of asparagus spears arranged in the container such that their white tips are in contact with the volume of water. This allows the asparagus spears to be moved from a retail display, to a shopping cart, to a shopping bag, and eventually to a customer's home, without having to remove the white tips of the asparagus from contact with the water.
Biomaterials and implants for enhanced cartilage formation, and methods for making and using them
The invention provides products of manufacture, e.g., biomaterials and implants, for cartilage maintenance and/or formation in-vivo, in-vitro, and ex-vivo, using nanotechnology, e.g., using nanotube, nanowire, nanopillar and/or nanodepots configured on surface structures of the products of manufacture.. .
Peripheral inspection system and method
A method of inspecting two or more sides of an object is provided. The method includes generating one set of image data of two or more sides of the object, such as by using spherical mirror segments that project all sides of the object onto a single image and generating an x by y array of image data of the single image.
System and method to generate a shopping cart list
A method includes receiving user input at a computing device. The user input indicates a selection of an image at a purchasable item displayed via a first display element of a plurality display elements of a representation sent to a display device associated with the computing device.
Application of diffusion hardened material
An improved implant having components comprising an oxidized zirconium bearing surface adapted to decrease pain, lower friction, and minimize wear when coupled with natural femoral articular cartilage. The improved implant components also provide for reduced backside wear effects in fixed and mobile implants.
Methods of inducing chondrogenesis in mesenchymal stem cells using synthetic triterpenoids
The present invention relates to methods for enhancing differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes and/or inducing chondrogenesis. The invention also relates to applications in the treatment of diseases which can affect cartilage (chondrodystrophies).
End of service life indicating systems for layered filter cartridges
Layered filtered cartridge systems with an end of service life indicating system include a filter cartridge that includes filter media. The filter media includes a multi-layer construction, of a first sorbent layer, a second sorbent layer, and a sensing element adjacent to the first and second sorbent layers such that an indicating element of the sensing element is located at the interface between the first and second sorbent layers.
Air cleaner replaceable filter cartridges; and, methods
An air cleaner assembly, a main filter element, a safety element, combinations and methods for servicing an air cleaner assembly are provided according to the present invention. The air cleaner assembly includes an air cleaner housing and a main filter element.
Dynamic spinal implants incorporating cartilage bearing graft material
A dynamic spinal implant utilizes cartilage bearing graft material in dynamic disc replacement and/or facet arthroplasty. Methods and apparatus for dynamic spinal implants incorporate bulk articular graft tissues derived from donor joint sources in human (allograft or autograft) or non-human (xenograft) tissue.
Cartilage production promoter and prophylactic or therapeutic agent for diseases associated with cartilage damage
Specifically disclosed are a cartilage production promoter, a glucosaminoglycan and/or proteoglycan production promoter, and a prophylactic or therapeutic agent for diseases associated with cartilage damage, each of which comprises fucoidan as an active ingredient.. .
Canine amniotic membrane-derived multipotent stem cells
The present invention relates to canine amniotic membrane-derived multipotent stem cells (cam-mscs) and preparation method thereof. More particularly, the present invention relates to canine amniotic membrane-derived multipotent stem cells, which show negative immunological properties on human markers cd3, cd11c, cd28, cd34, cd38, cd41a, cd45, and cd62l and positive immunological properties on human markers cd90 and cd105, and have the ability to be maintained in an undifferentiated state for 20 passages or more and the ability to be differentiated into fat, bones, nerves, cartilage, etc..
Infant carrier holder
An infant carrier holder has a floor with a ramp and sidewalls and is mounted to a shopping cart. The ramp and sidewalls can contribute to stably supporting an infant carrier.
Online purchase processing system and method
A system and method to use quick response (qr) codes encoded with merchant website t identification codes and session guid to register a user or code scanner with a merchant server, login the user or code scanner with the merchant server, and complete a purchase of an item or service within a virtual shopping cart of the merchant server. A code scanner can scan a qr code displayed on a device connected to the interne.
Tax code determination
A method of assigning tax codes for a transactional document such as a list of items in a shopping cart. This method is a configurable solution without making changes to the application code.
Resilient interpositional arthroplasty device
This disclosure is directed to a resilient interpositional arthroplasty implant for application into a joint to pad cartilage defects, cushion, and replace or restore the articular surface, which may preserve joint integrity, reduce pain and improve function. The implant may endure variable joint compressive and shear forces and cyclic loads.
Reduced pressure augmentation of microfracture procedures for cartilage repair
A system for applying a treatment to a defect in one bone of two bones forming a joint that comprises a bladder for delivering a reduced pressure to the defect and for providing a positive pressure as bracing between the two bones of the joint is disclosed. A method for applying such treatment is also disclosed.
Inhibition of the renin-angiotensin system for the treatment of renal, vascular and cartilage pathology
A method of treating a disease or condition in which up-regulating gags is therapeutically beneficial is disclosed. The method comprises locally administering to a subject a therapeutically effective amount of an agent capable of down-regulating activity or expression of a component of the renin-angiotensin system..
Process and apparatus for producing a foamed meat or fish product
The invention relates to a process for producing a foamed meat or fish product, comprising the steps of: delivering a pumpable starting material containing comminuted meat or fish and pieces of bone or cartilage to a dispersing apparatus having a chamber with a cylindrical rotor disposed therein, which is provided, on its periphery, with a number of indentations to generate cavitation, supplying a gas to the dispersing apparatus, operating the dispersing apparatus while generating cavitation and dispersing the starting material with the gas supplied, in the process of which the pieces of bone or cartilage are passed through the chamber, and generating a foamed meat or fish product containing pieces of bone or cartilage which can be sterilised.. .
Fibroblasts for treatment of degenerative disc disease
The present invention concerns methods and compositions for differentiating cells, including human fibroblasts, into chondrocyte-like cells via in vivo mechanical strain. In particular aspects, fibroblasts are delivered to a joint, such as an intervertebral disc, following which the fibroblasts differentiate into chondrocyte-like cells to treat dysfunction of cartilage therein, including to repair degenerated discs, for example.
Gas turbine engine fan blade airfoil profile
A fan blade for a gas turbine engine includes an airfoil that includes leading and trailing edges joined by pressure and suction sides to provide an exterior airfoil surface that extends in a radial direction to a tip. The external airfoil surface is formed in substantial conformance with multiple cross-sectional profiles of the airfoil described by a set of cartesian coordinates set forth in table 1.
Air filter arrangement
An air cleaner arrangement is shown. The air cleaner arrangement includes a serviceable filter cartridge comprising strips of media arranged in a stacked configuration.
Joint bioscaffolds
Provided herein are compositions and medical devices, and in particular, biodegradable scaffolds capable of repairing and replacing cartilagenous meniscuses. Also provided herein are methods of using scaffolds for treating degenerative tissue disorders.
Method, apparatus and system for a water jet
A water jet instrument may be used for manually performing eye surgery such as, cataract, or perform micro-surgery (remove cartilage), or any emulsification technique. The water jet instrument may be manually controlled or controlled by a system with a robotic control.
Therapeutic agent for arthrosis
This invention provides a therapeutic agent for arthrosis exerting inhibitory effects on articular cartilage destruction and high therapeutic effects on arthrosis. The invention provides a therapeutic agent for arthrosis which comprises, as an active ingredient, cyclic phosphatidic acid or carbacyclic phosphatidic acid..
Liquid filter assembly; components; and, methods
A liquid filter assembly is provided. The preferred assembly includes a serviceable filter cartridge having a primary filter section and a secondary or bypass filter section.

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