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Carrier Assembly patents


This page is updated frequently with new Carrier Assembly-related patent applications.

 Tag carriers and assemblies for rfid tags patent thumbnailTag carriers and assemblies for rfid tags
Carriers and carrier assemblies for use in apparatus, such as tools, are provided. A carrier assembly generally includes a carrier and an rfid tag which may be coupled to the carrier.
Wolff Industries, Inc.

 Data storage drive module carrier assembly patent thumbnailData storage drive module carrier assembly
A data storage sled is provided. The data storage sled includes a circuit card assembly comprising connectors for coupling to drive modules and a host connector for coupling the data storage sled to an external connector, an enclosure comprising apertures in the enclosure thorough which individual ones of the drive modules can be inserted into an associated connector on the circuit card assembly.
Liqid Inc.

 Linear slide rail and guide wheel seat assembly thereof patent thumbnailLinear slide rail and guide wheel seat assembly thereof
A linear slide rail includes a rail structure and a slider structure. The rail structure has an elongated strip shape and defines a longitudinal axis direction, wherein the rail structure has two guide grooves respectively disposed at two opposite sides of the rail structure.
Ome Technology Co., Ltd.

 Vacuum cleaner and carrier assembly patent thumbnailVacuum cleaner and carrier assembly
A vacuum cleaner and carrier assembly includes a vacuum cleaner and a carrier. The vacuum cleaner includes a housing having a suction inlet and an air outlet, an airflow passage that extends from the air inlet to the air outlet, and a suction source disposed within the housing and operable to generate a suction airflow that travels through the air inlet and through the air outlet.
Ac (macao Commercial Offshore) Limited

 Tool less component carrier patent thumbnailTool less component carrier
A component carrier includes a housing having an open front portion, two partially open sidewalls, and a partial rear wall forming a receiving space. The receiving space is configured to receive at least one storage device.
Quanta Computer Inc.

 Planetary gear sets for power transmissions patent thumbnailPlanetary gear sets for power transmissions
A planetary gear arrangement includes a planet carrier assembly defining a sun gear rotation axis for rotatably supporting a plurality of planetary gears about the sun gear rotation axis and a positioning element coupling a first of the planetary gears to the planet carrier. The planetary gear is movable between first and second positions for displacing a rotation axis of the first of the planetary gears relative to the sun gear rotation axis to change load share among the plurality of planetary gears..
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

 Ablation catheter patent thumbnailAblation catheter
Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for the mapping of electrical signals and the ablation of tissue. Embodiments include an ablation catheter that has an array of ablation elements attached to a deployable carrier assembly.
Medtronic Ablation Frontiers Llc

 Utility knife patent thumbnailUtility knife
A utility knife includes a shell including first and second shell bodies releasably assembled together and disposed symmetrically in a z-axis direction. A compartment is defined by inner walls of the first and second shell bodies.
Goodly-ch Enterprise Co., Ltd.

 Bulk container transport system patent thumbnailBulk container transport system
A material storage and transfer system includes a material carrier assembly, discharge valves, a transport conduit, and an air blower. The material carrier assembly includes a framework and compartments.

 Brake conditioning patent thumbnailBrake conditioning
A wheel carrier assembly (104) for a vehicle (110) is clamped on a frame (14) and a carbon composite brake disc 41 of the assembly is bedded by pneumatically applying the brake pads to the brake disc so as to heat the disc in cycles, the wheel carrier assembly then being removed from the frame and fitted to the vehicle.. .
Aston Martin Lagonda Limited

Agricultural machine

An agricultural machine (2) comprises an operating unit (6) and a carrier assembly (8) for the operating unit. The carrier assembly (8) includes a carrier arm (12) and a suspension system (16) by which the operating unit (6) is suspended from the carrier arm (12).
Kverneland Group Kerteminde A/s

Contact system for a circuit breaker

A contact system of a circuit breaker includes a fixed contact. The contact system also includes a moveable contact arm assembly comprising at least one moveable contact arm having a moveable contact thereon, the moveable contact arm moveable to define a closed condition and a blow open condition.
General Electric Company

Oral hygiene implement and assembling an oral hygiene implement

An oral hygiene implement, in particular a replacement brush head, that has a carrier assembly mounted at a housing part for movement relative to the housing part. The carrier assembly has at least two carriers arranged at a distance therebetween and an elongated, shaft-like connector element connected to the at least two carriers.
Braun Gmbh

Retaining assembly for a circuit breaker contact system

A moveable contact arm assembly includes a moveable contact arm having a moveable contact thereon. Also included is a carrier assembly operatively coupled to the moveable contact arm.
General Electric Company

Ball type continuously variable transmission/infinitely variable transmission

A variable transmission includes an input shaft, a planetary gear set drivingly engaged with a variator comprising, a variator carrier assembly, a first ring assembly, and a second ring assembly; and the output shaft, arranged with various combinations of brakes and clutches to produce transmissions with continuously variable or infinitely variable torque output ratios.. .
Dana Limited

Pet transport

A deployable pet carrier assembly for a vehicle includes a sliding rail guide system configured to attach the pet carrier to a vehicle seat back and collapsible front, rear, and side walls defining a box structure when deployed. An actuator is provided, configured to retain or release the pet carrier walls for transitioning the pet carrier between a collapsed configuration and a deployed configuration.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Component carrier

An apparatus having a component carrier assembly configured for supporting a component. The component carrier assembly having a first mating element and a connector assembly.
Quanta Computer Inc.

Tilting multiplier

A method of operating a tilting carrier assembly includes operating a conveyor in a primary direction of travel and supporting a work piece from the conveyor by a pair of links. A pair of respective upper connection points of the links are laterally spaced transverse to the primary direction of travel and a pair of respective lower connection points of the links are also laterally spaced.
Sst Systems, Inc.

Automatic transmission with improved gear arrangement

The present disclosure provides an automatic transmission having an input adapted to couple to a torque-generating mechanism and an output coupled to the input. The transmission also includes a first rotating torque-transferring mechanism disposed along a first torque path and coupled to the input.
Allison Transmission, Inc.

Clutch carrier assembly

A clutch carrier includes a stamped carrier and a hub portion. The stamped carrier has a first circumferential wall, a second circumferential wall axially and radially offset from the first circumferential wall, and a first radial wall extending radially inward from the second circumferential wall.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

Automated pharmacy system for dispensing unit doses of pharmaceuticals and the like

A system for storing and dispensing discrete doses of pharmaceuticals includes: a housing with an internal cavity having a front wall with first and second windows; multiple storage locations positioned within the housing; and a carrier assembly positioned and movable within the housing. The carrier assembly is configured to receive a pharmaceutical dose package loaded into either the first or second window and convey the pharmaceutical dose package to one of the storage locations for storage therein, and is further configured to retrieve a pharmaceutical dose package from one of the storage locations and return the pharmaceutical dose package to the first or second window for dispensing therefrom..
Parata Systems, Llc

Dual motion sloped floor recline mechanism for a theater seat

Provided is a dual motion recline mechanism for a seating assembling and seating assembly including the same. The seating assembly provides a user with the ability to both tilt the seat member so as to save space and the comfort of a back member capable of reclining.
Vip Cinema Llc

Multi-modal olfactometer

A multi-modal olfactometer including a carrier assembly slidably coupled with a track and movable between a loading and testing position, a distribution block coupled with the carrier assembly and including a plurality of independent flow channels, a plurality of bottles configured for containing a gas stimuli and for being coupled with the distribution block, a plurality of tubes in flow communication with corresponding channels defined in the distribution block, an outlet piece including a plurality of independent flow channels that are each in flow communication with one of the respective tubes, and at least one actuator positioned adjacent to the bottles when the carrier assembly is in the testing position. The actuator operates to impact each of the bottles to cause the respective gas stimulus to flow through the respective channel in the distribution block, tube, and channel in the outlet piece for inhalation by a test subject..

Rear view camera system for a motor vehicle

A rear view camera system for a motor vehicle includes a movable carrier assembly, a camera optical system, which is movable with the carrier assembly, and a drive unit coupled with the camera optical system. The camera optical system is pivoted in relation to the carrier assembly about an adjustable axis which is rotatably coupled with the drive unit and can be moved about the adjustable axis between a rest position and a recording position.
Huf Huelsbeck & Fuerst Gmbh & Co. Kg

Spring-activated extendable sun visor blade

A carrier assembly for a vehicle extendable sun visor includes a track element defining a channel, a compression spring disposed within the channel, and a carrier slidably received within the channel, the carrier including a spring plate detent. A first compression spring end may contact a first track element end and a second, opposed compression spring end may contact the carrier.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Assembly for holding game pieces and a flexible game mat

A carrier assembly for holding a game that is played with game elements on a game play field. The carrier assembly has a cylindrical case for holding the game elements needed to play the game.

Carrier assembly with caps for medical connectors

An assembly for mounting medical connector caps includes a carrier formed from a sheet of material and having an array of holes. The assembly also includes a plurality of medical connector caps.
Catheter Connections, Inc.

Optoelectronic semiconductor apparatus and carrier assembly

A semiconductor apparatus with an optoelectronic device and a further device is disclosed. Embodiments of the invention provide a semiconductor apparatus with an optoelectronic device and a further device, wherein the optoelectronic device and the further device are interconnected to one another in parallel when the semiconductor apparatus is in operation, wherein the optoelectronic device is connected to a first contact and a second contact, the first contact and the second contact being configured to externally contact the semiconductor apparatus, and wherein the further device is connected with at least one further contact of the semiconductor apparatus..
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

Vehicle seating assembly having a blower mounted to the seatback against a plastic matrix

A vehicle seating assembly for a motor vehicle has raised seatback that includes a permeable foam layer having a plurality of spaced apertures. A distribution system having airflow passages is juxtaposed against the permeable foam layer, such that the airflow passages of the distribution system are in fluid communication with the apertures in the permeable foam layer.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Methods, carrier assemblies, and systems for imaging samples for biological or chemical analysis

Method includes positioning a first carrier assembly on a system stage. The carrier assembly includes a support frame having an inner frame edge that defines a window of the support frame.
Illumina Cambridge Limited

Double make double break interrupter module with independent blades

An interrupter module (10) of a molded case circuit breaker (2) includes two stationary electrical contacts (20), and a blade carrier assembly (100) with a blade assembly (130) and a carrier (160) for the blade assembly. The blade assembly includes two conductive blades (140a, 140b).
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

Planetary gear carrier assembly and related making

An improved planetary gear carrier assembly is disclosed including a carrier and a ring. The carrier has a hub extending in an axial direction.
Gkn Sinter Metals, Llc

End effector

An end effector for the packaging industry comprises has a frame, a bridge on top of the frame, a rack and pinion assembly, actuation rods, carrier assemblies, and vacuum ports. The rack and pinion assembly is configured to be operatively connected to a robot's rotatable shaft, and to the actuation rods.
Propack Processing And Packaging Systems, Inc.

Composite carrier and automated thickness measurement and calibration system and method

A thickness measurement system includes a composite carrier assembly and a thickness sensor system. The composite carrier assembly includes a sample carrier and a gauge standard carrier.
Ocean Industries, Llc

Vapor deposition system and method

A deposition system includes a system housing having a housing interior, a fixture transfer assembly having a generally sloped fixture transfer rail extending through the housing interior, a plurality of processing chambers connected by the fixture transfer rail, a controller interfacing with the processing chambers and at least one fixture carrier assembly carried by the fixture transfer rail and adapted to contain one substrate. The fixture carrier assembly travels along the fixture transfer rail under influence of gravity.
Quantum Innovations, Inc.

Card tray for electronic device and tray carrier assembly using the same

A card tray for use in electronic devices is disclosed that can improve tray durability, eliminate the occurrence of resin flash during insert molding, and simplify the tray mold structure. The card tray for electronic devices according to a preferred embodiment may be a card tray for electronic device use for insertion into and withdrawal from a card socket of an electronic device with a card loaded thereon, comprising a tray body made of a nonmetallic material whereon is formed a card mounting hole or mounting recess for mounting the card, and a metal frame part that is coupled to the tray body so that the cross section protrudes from the front of the tray body..
Molex, Llc

Storage device carrier assembly

A computing system for housing a number of storage devices includes a number of device cages, and a backplane coupled to each of the device cages to electrically couple a number of the storage devices to the computing system. The backplane includes a number of device combination signal and power interfaces located on a first side of the backplane to couple a number of the storage devices to the backplane.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Disk drive carriers and mountable hard drive systems with improved air flow

The side profile of a hard drive assembly may be configured with one or more open areas to allow cooling air to pass side-to-side through a lateral flow channel provided by a cavity defined in the base portion of the hard drive assembly. Corresponding and complementary open areas may be also be defined in mating drive carrier assembly side components to allow passage of lateral side-to-side cooling air through the base portion flow channel of a hard drive assembled to the drive carrier assembly to form a mountable hard drive system that is installed into a storage enclosure.

Ball type cvt with powersplit paths

A variable transmission comprises an input shaft; three planetary gear sets; a ravigneaux gear set; a variator comprising, a first ring assembly, a second ring assembly, a carrier assembly; various arrangements of brakes and clutches; and the output shaft. The variable transmissions comprise a continuously variable mode, an infinitely variable mode, or a combination thereof and can provide an input-coupled powersplit solution function.
Dana Limited

Electric traction drives

Inventive embodiments are directed to components, subassemblies, systems, and/or methods for electric traction drives employing a continuously variable transmission (cvt) having a variator provided with a plurality of tilting traction planets and opposing traction rings. In one embodiment, an electric traction drive is provided with an electromotive device configured to transfer power to or from a traction sun of a cvt.

Composite cam carrier

A cam carrier assembly includes a cylinder head having valves and a camshaft having lobes. A cam carrier has a first side coupled with the cylinder head engaging around the valves and a second side with bearing surfaces supporting the camshaft.

Shell carrier

Disclosed herein is a device for containing and accessing ammunition. Specifically, a shell carrier assembly is presented herein that comprises a shell carrier holder, wherein the shell carrier holder comprises a releasable connector assembly; and a shell carrier, wherein at least a portion of the shell carrier holder and at least a portion of the shell carrier are operably coupled via the releasable connector.

Axle carrier cover defining support ribs between vehicle mounting surfaces

A cover for an axle carrier assembly having a carrier-mounting surface on a first side, vehicle-mounting surfaces on a second side, and first and second support ribs extending between the vehicle-mounting surfaces on the second side to provide support for the axle carrier assembly. The first and second support ribs may extend across the second side of the cover connecting the vehicle-mounting surfaces to each other.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices

Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device. A preliminary wafer-carrier assembly is formed in such a way that a wafer structure having a plurality of via structures is adhered to a light-penetrating carrier by a photodegradable adhesive.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Medical device

A carrier assembly includes a sub-assembly including a pump, at least one solenoid valve, and a check valve. The pump, the at least one solenoid valve, and the check valve are in fluid communication with each other and with at least one pressure transducer via a manifold.
Welch Allyn, Inc.

Direct injection molded solder process for forming solder bumps on wafers

Solder bumps are provided on round wafers through the use of injection molded solder. Copper pillars or ball limiting metallurgy are formed over i/o pads within the channels of a patterned mask layer.
Globalfoundries Inc.

Adjustable bed

An adjustable bed having two bedframe halves and a gear hinge assembly for simultaneously translating the bedframe halves and for rotating one bedframe half. The gear hinge assembly is mounted to a carrier assembly that provides lateral movement and causes the bedframe halves to move from side to side.

Electric fluid pump with improved rotor unit, rotor unit therefor and methods of construction thereof

An electric fluid pump, rotor unit therefore, and methods of constructions thereof are provided. The fluid pump includes a stator unit configured to generate a magnetic field in response to a control signal.
Magna Powertrain, Inc.

Ball type continuously variable transmission

A variable transmission includes an input shaft, a planetary gear set drivingly engaged with a variator comprising, a variator carrier assembly, a first ring assembly, and a second ring assembly; and the output shaft, arranged to produce transmissions with continuously variable or infinitely variable output ratios.. .
Dana Limited

Ball type continuously variable transmission

A variable transmission includes an input shaft, a planetary gear set drivingly engaged with a variator comprising, a variator carrier assembly, a first ring assembly, and a second ring assembly; and the output shaft, arranged to produce transmissions with continuously variable or infinitely variable output ratios.. .
Dana Limited

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