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Carbohydrates patents


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 Antibacterial agent for treating infectious diseases of bacterial origin patent thumbnailAntibacterial agent for treating infectious diseases of bacterial origin
The invention relates to medicine, namely to the antimicrobial agent for the treatment of infectious bacterial diseases including hospital infections and drug-resistant tb which represents the ion nanostructured complex (insc) synthesized from carbohydrates proteins and/or polypeptides (albumins, interleukins, interferons, signaling proteins, etc), which are to enhance the antimicrobial activity in vivo, by activating immune cells that contain at least one terminal amino acid such as phe, ala, val, ala, leu, ile, and others with electron-donor functional groups, iodine and halides of the alkali and alkaline earth elements in the fourth stage at a certain ionic strength; an antibacterial agent increases: the susceptibility of bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant, to antibiotics; activity of monocytes and macrophages; efficiency of antibiotic treatment of hospital infections and drug-resistant tb; it also has antiviral activity, stimulates hematopoietic function of bone marrow; has an antitumor effect and radioprotective properties; in acceptable concentrations of components can be used as non-pharmaceutical agent (bafs or parapharmaceutical); is presented in the pharmacological form suitable for parenteral, oral, external, or other application. Insc has the formula [{(ln(mei3)+)y[me(lm)i]+x}(cl—)y+x+k] with m=30-300 kda..
"scientific Center Of Anti-infectious Drugs" Joint-stock Company

 Anti-viral azide containing compounds patent thumbnailAnti-viral azide containing compounds
Methods of using azide-modified biomolecules, such as fatty acids, carbohydrates and lipids, to treat a plant, an insect or an animal infected with a virus or to inhibit infectivity of a virus, such as the human immunodeficiency virus, are provided. Also provided are methods of labeling a virus, such as human immunodeficiency virus, with an azide-modified biomolecule, such as a fatty acid, a carbohydrate, or an isoprenoid lipid.
The Johns Hopkins University

 Method and system for the integral treatment of wastewater from the maize industry patent thumbnailMethod and system for the integral treatment of wastewater from the maize industry
A novel integral process for the treatment of wastewater, commonly known as nejayote, from the nixtamal, masa and tortilla industry, having an improved method for removing the insoluble fraction and a filtration system for separating and concentrating the fractions forming the nejayote. The method includes the steps of: (a) neutralizing the nejayote; (b) enzymatically hydrolysing the starch granules; (c) flocculating and separating the insoluble fraction.
Centro De InvestigaciÓn En AlimentaciÓn Y Desarrollo, A.c.

 Methods for the valorization of carbohydrates patent thumbnailMethods for the valorization of carbohydrates
There are provided methods for the valorization of carbohydrates. The methods comprise reacting a fluid comprising at least one carbohydrate with at least one metal catalyst or at least one metal catalytic system in a fluidized bed reactor so as to obtain at least one organic acid or a derivative thereof..
Polyvalor Societe En Commandite

 Immunologically active compositions patent thumbnailImmunologically active compositions
This invention provides a microparticle carrier system comprising of one or more proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids or other bioactive substances with or without targeting molecules attached. In addition, the invention also provides immune modulatory compositions and methods of eliciting protective immune responses both in uninfected and infected hosts as well as the induction of immune tolerance..
Galenbio, Inc.

 Method and   generating and delivering personalized nutrition patent thumbnailMethod and generating and delivering personalized nutrition
Determining and delivering personalized nutrition to individuals by generating a personalized nutrition plan for an individual that specifies at least one dosage formula including specific amounts of a plurality of nutritional ingredients. Once the dosage formula is defined, the ingredients are physically delivered to the individual and the dosage formula is delivered over an electronic communication network to a nutrition appliance associated with the individual.

 Using galectin-binding carbohydrates as predictors of melanoma progression and metastasis patent thumbnailUsing galectin-binding carbohydrates as predictors of melanoma progression and metastasis
Disclosed herein are assays and methods to determine tumor malignancy, for example, in melanoma or ovarian carcinoma, by determining the expression level of gal-1 ligands. Also provided are methods to assess the metastatic potential of a tumor..
The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.

 Gaas-based detector highly stable in aqueous solutions patent thumbnailGaas-based detector highly stable in aqueous solutions
The present invention provides semiconductor devices, particularly devices based on the molecular controlled semiconductor resistor (mocser), which are highly stable in aqueous solutions. The semiconductor devices of the invention may be used for the detection of various target molecules, e.g., proteins, peptides, carbohydrates and small molecules, in different solutions such as physiological solution, bodily fluids and bodily fluid-based solutions..
Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd

 Can/flass soda can. the new can opening. patent thumbnailCan/flass soda can. the new can opening.
The two presented opening in “the glass of soda in the can” remove the whole top of the can. And still keep the original design of a small opening.

 Instant water soluble bioactive dietary phytonutrients composition of spice/herb extracts and a process for its preparation patent thumbnailInstant water soluble bioactive dietary phytonutrients composition of spice/herb extracts and a process for its preparation
The present invention relates to a method for the preparation of the instant water soluble, stable, phytonutrient rich spice/herb extracts exhibiting significant antioxidant and other bioactivities, in a ready to use form and a composition for beverage and food applications to deliver physiologically relevant amounts of phytonutrients per serving without taste or aroma issue and in organic quality. The composition derived in the present invention include the bioactive phytonutrient molecules along with its natural counter parts comprising mainly proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fibre of the spice and/or herb..
Akay Flavours & Aromatics Pvt. Ltd

Methods for reducing muscle soreness after exercise using beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate

Nutritional compositions containing beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (hmb) are administered to an individual to reduce muscle soreness after exercise. The compositions contain a source of hmb; a protein source with at least about 21% branched-chain amino acids, by weight of total protein in the protein source; and a carbohydrate blend which contains a combination of rapid release and sustained release carbohydrates..
Abbott Laboratories

Hydrating compositions

Powdered and liquid hydrating compositions and methods for hydrating an adult subject are provided. The compositions may include a combination of carbohydrates, sodium, potassium, chloride, citric acid, and malic acid.
Abbott Laboratories

Advanced auger and filtration system for the saccharification of biomass

The present disclosure provides methods and systems for generating sugars from biomass. The methods and systems provide increased yields of carbohydrates and fermentable sugars by combining enzyme recycling with removal of saccharification enzyme inhibitors and increased solids loading..
Edeniq, Inc.

Continuous process for conversion of lignin to useful compounds

This specification discloses an operational continuous process to convert lignin as found in ligno-cellulosic biomass before or after converting at least some of the carbohydrates. The continuous process has been demonstrated to create a slurry comprised of lignin, raise the slurry comprised of lignin to ultra-high pressure, deoxygenate the lignin in a lignin conversion reactor over a catalyst which is not a fixed bed without producing char.
Biochemtex S.p.a.

Dry food composition

Suggested is a dry food composition for mixing with a drinkable liquid, said composition comprising (a) carbohydrates, (b) proteins, (c) fats, and optionally (d) probiotic micro-organisms and/or prebiotics, and (e) vitamins, minerals, texturisers, fibres, sweeteners, flavourings and/or colorants, whereby said composition shows a particle size distribution wherein (i) about 90% b.w. Of the particles show an average diameter of less than about 400 μm, (ii) about 50% b.w.
Symrise Ag

Extracted whole corn kernels and improved processed and processable corn produced thereby

The ≦5% extracted material may include, but is not limited to, soluble starches, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, oils, fibers, flavonoids, polyphenols, antioxidants, phenolic acids, dyes/pigments, and the like.. .

Co-production of biofuels and glycols

Methods and systems for co-producing higher hydrocarbons and glycols from bio-based feedstocks containing carbohydrates are disclosed.. .
Shell Oil Company

Method for synthesis of lactic acid and its derivatives and catalyst for preparing same

The present disclosure provides a catalyst for preparing lactic acid and derivatives thereof, comprising at least one of metallic compounds mxn, wherein m is selected from na, k, mg, ca, sr, ba, al, ga, in, sn, sb, bi, cr, mn, fe, co, ni and zn, and n is an integer of 1 to 6. The present disclosure further provides a method for synthesis of lactic acid and derivatives thereof, wherein at least one raw material including carbohydrates, at least one alcohol, at least one of the aforesaid catalysts and at least one solvent are heated to react to prepare lactic acid and derivatives thereof..
Microvast Power Systems Co.,ltd.

Process for the continuous production of ethylene glycol from carbohydrates

A continuous process for converting carbohydrates to ethylene and propylene glycol. The carbohydrates are mixed with water and passed through a reactor at a temperature that hydrolyzes the carbohydrate mixture at least partially to monosaccharides.
Iowa Corn Promotion Board

Method for producing high purity lignin

The method is for separation of lignin from original black liquor (blin) that has a first precipitation stage (pr) for precipitation of lignin by a first acidification using acidifier ac1, preferably using co2, at alkaline conditions, then separating a lignin cake with subsequent suspension of the lignin cake in a strong acid in order to leach our metals from the lignin followed by dewatering and obtaining a clean lignin product lp. The process further is improved by intensified hydrolysis of lignin cake such that most of the carbohydrates are broken down to dissolvable monomers that could be separated from the lignin in the filtrate from a filtering stage subsequent to the hydrolysis.
Valmet Ab

Compositions and methods for reduced carbohydrates and increased erythritol in beverages

The present invention provides novel compositions and methods for naturally decreasing carbohydrates and calories, while increasing erythritol, in beverages. The method includes fermenting beverages, such as fruit juices with a microorganism capable of metabolizing sugars into sugar alcohol(s) such as erythritol, to produce a fermented beverage having reduced carbohydrates, and therefore reduced calories, and increased erythritol as compared to an unfermented equivalent beverage..
Chr. Hansen A/s

Method to produce water-soluble sugars from biomass using solvents containing lactones

A process to produce an aqueous solution of carbohydrates that contains c6-sugar-containing oligomers, c6 sugar monomers, c5-sugar-containing oligomers, c5 sugar monomers, or any combination thereof is presented. The process includes the steps of reacting biomass or a biomass-derived reactant with a solvent system including a lactone and water, and an acid catalyst.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Crosslinked thermoset resins and methods thereof

The present invention relates to a method of making a crosslinked thermoset resin. One embodiment of this method comprises: (i) separating a plant-derived flour mixture into a protein fraction comprising proteins and a carbohydrate fraction comprising carbohydrates; (ii) subjecting the carbohydrate fraction to an oxidizing agent to yield oxidized carbohydrates comprising aldehyde functional groups or both aldehyde functional groups and carboxyl functional groups; and (iii) reacting the oxidized carbohydrates with the protein fraction under conditions effective to crosslink the proteins, thereby yielding a crosslinked thermoset resin.
Cornell University

Cobalamins to help maintain a normal body weight and a healthy body mass index (bmi) in underweight, overweight and obese humans

The current invention discloses novel uses of orally ingested cobalamins for the maintenance of a healthy and normal body weight and body mass index (bmi). Cobalamins support mitochondrial conversion of carbohydrates into chemical energy called atp.

Improved process for conversion of lignin to useful compounds

This specification discloses an operational continuous process to convert lignin as found in ligno-cellulosic biomass before or after converting at least some of the carbohydrates. The continuous process has been demonstrated to create a slurry comprised of lignin, raise the slurry comprised of lignin to ultra-high pressure, deoxygenate the lignin in a lignin conversion reactor over a catalyst which is not a fixed bed without producing char.
Biochemtex S.p.a.

Administration of cells and cellular extracts for rejuvenation

The invention describes methods and agents for improving cosmetic appearance, for promoting, improving or restoring health of cells and tissues, preferably skin, and more preferably, for restoring aged or damaged skin to a healthy appearance. In some embodiments, the invention relates to compositions of cells, eggs, cell extracts, egg extracts, and extract components such as purified nucleic acids, polypeptides, lipids, carbohydrates or other natural products..

Increasing the bioavailability of flavan-3-ols with carbohydrates with a low glycemic index

The present invention relates generally to the field of flavan-3-ols. In particular, the present invention provides a way to increase the bioavailability of flavan-3-ols.

2.5-furandicarboxylic acid integrated production process

A two-step 2.5 fdca integrated production process is described, comprising a first step for generating 5-hmf from streams comprising an aqueous carbohydrate solution wherein sub-critical water works as a catalyst by dehydrating the carbohydrates and generating 5-hmf, and a second step wherein 5-hmf is oxidized into 2.5 fdca.. .
PetrÓleo Brasileiro S.a. - Petrobras

Athletic performance enhancing beverage

Embodiments of the invention include an athletic performance enhancing beverage. In an embodiment, the invention includes a beverage including a fruit or vegetable juice, wherein the fruit or vegetable juice provides at least 50% of the carbohydrates of the beverage; and water; wherein the ratio of glucose+sucrose:fructose in the beverage exceeds a ratio of 2:1.
Campbell Soup Company

Production of commercial biodiesel from genetically modified microorganisms

The invention provides a fermentation and recovery process for the production of biodiesel of commercial grade quality according to commercial and environmental standards (e.g., astm anp, or epa trace elements and emissions standards), by fermentation of carbohydrates using a genetically modified microorganism. The process provides a direct route for the production of fatty esters, without the need for producing oils which are later chemically transesterified with the concomitant production of large quantities of glycerin and other undesirable side-products..
Reg Life Sciences, Llc

Carbohydrate composition obtainable from mediterranean fruits

The present invention is directed to a composition comprising carbohydrates obtainable from carob and carbohydrates obtainable from at least one further fruit.. .
Wild Valencia S.a.

Osmotic delivery device comprising an insulinotropic peptide and uses thereof

A suspension formulation of an insulinotropic peptide (e.g., glucagon-like peptide-1 (glp-1) or exenatide) is described. The suspension formulation comprises (i) a non-aqueous, single-phase vehicle, comprising one or more polymer and one or more one solvent, wherein the vehicle exhibits viscous fluid characteristics, and (ii) a particle formulation comprising the insulinotropic peptide, wherein the peptide is dispersed in the vehicle.
Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

Peptide analogues of pa-il and their utility for glycan and glycoconjugate analysis and purification

Provided are peptide analogues of pa-il and compositions containing them. The pa-il peptide analogues have altered carbohydrate binding specificity relative to a pa-il of seq id no:1, and thus the analogues contain amino acid substitutions in seq id no:1.
Dublin City University

Biological synthesis of difunctional hexanes and pentanes from carbohydrate feedstocks

Provided herein are methods for the production of difunctional alkanes in microorganisms. Also provided are enzymes and nucleic acids encoding such enzymes, associated with the difunctional alkane production from carbohydrates feedstocks in microorganisms.
Celexion, Llc

Antibodies with simultaneous subsite specificities to protein and lipid epitopes

Antibodies and method of making antibodies, either monoclonal or polyclonal wherein said antibodies have dual or multi-specific binding capacity to more than one type of antigenic epitope. The antibodies have simultaneous or independent recognition subsites to each of the epitopes.
United States Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

Layer-by-layer surface functionalization of catalyst-free fullerene nanostructures and the applications thereof

Fullerene nanostructures produced using a catalyst-free carbo thermal carbon conversion process may be protected and fuctionalized using a layer-by-layer method whereby functional groups on the nanostructure surface may be further derivatized to incorporate additional functional moieties. Exemplary moieties include redox mediator molecules, crown ethers, catalysts, boric acids, carbohydrates, oligonucleotides, dna or rna aptamers, peptide aptamers, proteins such as enzymes and antibodies, quantum dots and nanoparticles, cells, cell organelles, or other cellular components.
Nanoselect, Inc.

Production of renewable hydrocarbon compositions

Provided herein are processes and microorganisms which utilize both protein hydrolysates and carbohydrates from biomass feedstocks to produce renewable hydrocarbon compositions. Advantages of the disclosed methods may be recognized in fuel blends comprising such hydrocarbon compositions..
Butamax(tm) Advanced Biofuels Llc

System and displaying real-time information for a dispensed item

A system that tracks and communicates product nutrition information for a beverage dispenser, such as a self-service soda dispenser, the system configured to display nutritional information to a user based on a dispensed quantity of soda or other selected beverage. The system includes a flow rate sensor in communication with a syrup container to measure an amount of dispensed syrup used to create the beverage.
Aullor, Llc

Carbohydrate-glycolipid conjugate vaccines

The present invention relates to the field of synthesizing and biologically evaluating of a novel class of carbohydrate-based vaccines. The new vaccines consist of a multi-modular structure which allows applying the vaccine to a whole variety of pathogenes.
UniversitÄtsspital Basel

Medicinal carbohydrates for treatment of respiratory conditions

A method of promoting recovery of cell viability of a damaged respiratory cell. The method includes a step of administering to the cell at least one pharmaceutically acceptable compound, which accelerates sialyglycoconjugate biosynthesis to restore sialylglycoconjugates on the surface of the respiratory cell.
Australian Biomedical Company Pty Ltd.

Whippable topping with high freeze-thaw stability

A whippable topping composition comprising: (a) water-soluble carbohydrates, (b1) hydrogenated vegetable fat, (b2) optionally milk fat, (c) an emulsifier formulation having an hlbformulation value of less than 9, (d1) a first hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, (d2) a second hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, (e) protein, (f) optionally a non-protein hydrocolloid stabilizer, and (g) water, wherein the weight ratio of first hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (d1) to second hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (d2) is within the range of from 3:1 to 13:1.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Multi-sensor array compound and methods of use thereof

The present invention is directed to a multi-sensor array compound including at least three chromophores, at least one receptor and an anchor. Contacting the compound of this invention with an analyte (such as carbohydrate) forms a complex with unique optical signature.
Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.

Restaurant-specific food logging from images

A “food logger” provides various approaches for learning or training one or more image-based models (referred to herein as “meal models”) of nutritional content of meals. This training is based on one or more datasets of images of meals in combination with “meal features” that describe various parameters of the meal.
Microsoft Corporation

Methods and compositions for synthesis of nucleic acid molecules using multiplerecognition sites

The present invention provides compositions and methods for recombinational cloning. The compositions include vectors having multiple recombination sites and/or multiple topoisomerase recognition sites.
Life Technologies Corporation

Reduced salt precipitation in carbohydrate containing binder compositions

Aqueous binder compositions with reduced rates of salt precipitation are described. The compositions may include a carbohydrate and a sequestrant for sequestering one or more multivalent ions (e.g., ca2+, mg2+, ba2+, al3+, fe2+, fe3+, etc.).
Johns Manville

Selective oxidation of carbohydrates

The invention relates to the field of carbohydrate chemistry. Provided is a process for the regioselective oxidation of a single secondary hydroxy function of a carbohydrate substrate comprising two or more secondary hydroxy functions, comprising contacting the carbohydrate substrate in a solvent in the presence of a transition metal catalyst complex with an oxidizing agent to yield a mono-oxidized carbohydrate..
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Process for the production of furan derivatives

A process for the production of furan derivatives from carbohydrates in the presence of an acidic catalyst, characterized in that n-methylpyrrolidone is used as a solvent and that the acidic catalyst is homogeneous.. .
Annikki Gmbh

Expandable amnion membrane for treating non-healing wounds

The present disclosure generally pertains to methods of treating non-healing wounds. Specifically, the method includes injecting amnion fluid derived cells along the periphery of the wound.
Nutech Medical, Inc.

Carbohydrate detection

The present invention relates to a method for detection, identification and/or quantification of one or more carbohydrates. The method comprises the steps of contacting an objector a sample with a luminescent conjugated oligothiophene (lco) and detecting at least one detection signal of the luminescent conjugated oligothiophene.
Richter Life Science Development Ab

Conversion of carbohydrates to levulinic acid esters

The present invention relates to the field of converting carbohydrates into levulinic acid, a platform chemical for many chemical end products. More specifically the invention relates to a method for converting carbohydrates such as mono-, di- or polysaccharides, obtained from for example biomass production into a suitable levulinic acid ester in the presence of a zeolite or zeotype catalyst and a suitable alcohol, and the ester may be further converted into levulinic acid if desired..
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

New polyphosphate synthesis

The subject of the invention is a new method of the synthesis of polyphosphate analogues, such as nucleosides, oligonucleotides, carbohydrates, peptides and proteins, which are of biological importance and are used in organic chemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology. Polyphosphate analogues, including in particular nucleoside 5′-triphosphates, display high biological activity and are responsible for the provision and storage of energy in live organisms.
Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej Polskiej Akademii Nauk

Magnetic beads having surface glycoconjugates and use thereof

Magnetic beads that include polyvalent ligands comprising various carbohydrates are described. Methods for fabricating such magnetic beads are also provided as well as methods of their use to capture and enrich pathogen cell population for subsequent culture, lysis and identification..
Life Technologies Corporation

Ingredient for consumption and application

Ingredient for consumption and application is created in various methods and forms so that the ingredient is available for the consumer in a convenient, effective, and efficient manner. The ingredient includes plant ingredient, chinese medicine, nutritional ingredient, health ingredient, cleansing ingredient, and food additive.

Catalysts for hydrodeoxygenation of oxygenated hydrocarbons

The present invention provides catalysts, methods, and reactor systems for converting oxygenated hydrocarbons to oxygenated compounds. The invention includes methods for producing cyclic ethers, monooxygenates, dioxygenates, ketones, aldehydes, carboxylic acids, and alcohols from oxygenated hydrocarbons, such as carbohydrates, sugars, sugar alcohols, sugar degradation products, and the like, using catalysts containing group viii metals.

Methods for stabilizing a bioprosthetic tissue by chemical modification of antigenic carbohydrates

Methods are provided herein for modifying antigenic carbohydrate epitopes within a xenographic bioprosthetic tissue by oxidation of vicinal diols to form aldehydes or acids and subsequence reductive amination of aldehydes to form stable secondary amines, or amidation or esterification of acids to form stable amides or esters. Advantageously, methods provided herein mitigate the antigenicity of the bioprosthetic tissue while leaving the overall tissue structure substantially undisturbed, and thereby enhance the durability, safety and performance of the bioprosthetic implant..
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Plant powder, plant bag, and dried plant; plant including herb, tea, root, flower, flower bud, pollen, stem, stem shoot, leaf, bulb, cereal grain, nut, seed, bean, fruit, fruit skin, vegetable, and vegetable skin

Plant powder, plant bag, and dried plant are created with a wide range of various ingredients. Plant powder, plant bag, and dried plant are created comprising at least one plant ingredient, with at least one flavoring.

High soy protein nuggets and applications in food products

The present invention relates to food materials containing a high concentration of protein and processes for their manufacture. More particularly, the present invention relates to protein extrudates containing high concentrations of soy protein, dairy protein, and mixtures thereof and low concentrations of carbohydrates, processes for manufacturing such protein extrudates, and the use of such protein extrudates as functional food ingredients..
Solae Llc

Methods and systems for processing a reaction product mixture of cellulosic biomass material

Processing of a reaction product mixture of cellulosic biomass material containing at least one volatile organic compound at least one of lignin, a lignin-derived compound, unextracted cellulose, unextracted hemicellulose, a caramelan, and any combination thereof by vaporizing the at least one volatile organic compound using at least thermal energy generated by combusting at least a portion of the reaction product mixture. In a particular embodiment, the reaction product mixture comes from reactions involving deconstruction (or digestion) of cellulosic biomass which contains various polysaccharides (e.g., carbohydrates) and lignin..
Shell Oil Company

Methods and systems for processing a reaction product mixture of cellulosic biomass material

Processing of a reaction product mixture containing at least one volatile organic compound as well as lignin, lignin derived compounds, and/or unextracted cellulose and hemicellulose using a recovery system comprising at least two flashers or at least one flasher and at least two reboilers. In a particular embodiment, the reaction product mixture comes from reactions involving deconstruction (or digestion) of biomass, particularly cellulosic biomass which contains various polysaccharides (e.g., carbohydrates) and lignin..
Shell Oil Company

Biomass pre-treatment for co-production of high-concentration c5- and c6-carbohydrates and their derivatives

Described is a method of processing biomass to separate it into a liquid fraction enriched in solubilized c5-sugar-containing oligomers and c-5 sugar monomers and a solid fraction enriched in substantially insoluble cellulose and c6-sugar-containing oligomers. The method includes the steps of reacting biomass with a solvent system comprising water, at least one lactone, or at least one furan, or at least one cyclic ether, and at least one acid, for a time and at a temperature to yield the liquid and solid fractions.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Pharmaceutical or nutraceutical composition

The invention relates to a pharmaceutical or nutraceutical composition comprising an alkalized organic substance selected from the group comprising proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, vitamins, therapeutic agents and mixtures thereof. Such compositions are useful for treating a range of diseases and conditions.

Method for activating a surface by increasing the hydrophilicity and/or for binding target structures

The invention relates to a method for activating a surface by increasing the hydrophilicity and/or for binding target structures, particularly selected from the group consisting of proteins, cellular proteins, proteins, cells, carbohydrates, peptides and amino acids. It also relates to the use of an oxidoreductase for activating a surface for the mentioned bonds and to corresponding activated surfaces..
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Bio-based binders including carbohydrates and a pre-reacted product of an alcohol or polyol and a monomeric or polymeric polycarboxylic acid

An environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, aqueous binder composition that includes a carbohydrate, a crosslinking agent, and a pre-reacted product of an alcohol or polyol and monomeric or polymeric polycarboxylic acid or polyglycerol is provided. The pre-reacted product may include glycerol and esters of citric acid such a monoglyceryl citrate, diglyceryl citrate, and triglyceryl citrate as well as other higher molecular weight citric acid-based esters.
Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, Llc

Systems and methods for automated biomass sampling and analysis

An apparatus for measuring moisture content of biomass is disclosed. Systems and methods for measuring the compositional content of biomass is disclosed, which assists in gauging quality of the biomass for any given purpose, and may assist in properly valuing the biomass during transactions.
Poet Research, Inc.

System, for analysis of carbohydrates

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to recognition tunneling methods, systems and devices for the detection of carbohydrates by measuring tunneling currents of sugars which give distinct electronic signals in a tunnel gap functionalized respectively with, for example, in some embodiments, 4(5)-(2-mercaptoethyl)-1h imideazole-2-carboxamide and 4-mercaptophenylboronic acid molecules on at least one, and preferably each electrode.. .
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

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