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Rippled wafer
The invention provides a confectionery bar comprising a rippled wafer comprising a base portion and two lobes , enrobed in a layer of chocolate. The base portion and the lobes define between them a channel . A cylindrical bar of caramel partly fills the...

Caramel-coated insecticide
An insect bait comprising particles of an insect-killing compound onto which a coating of insect attracting material has been applied, and the method by which this bait is prepared....

Removal of reaction byproducts and impurities from caramel color and a shelf stable caramel color concentrate
Caramel color concentrates are prepared by subjecting a solution of caramel color to ultrafiltration through a semi-permeable membrane having a Molecular Weight Cut Off (MWCA) of no greater than 3000 Daltons to retain caramel solids, but remove 4 MeI and other salts. After ultrafiltration, the retentate is subjected to an acidifying...

Adsorption purification of caramel
A process of purifying a caramel color solution comprising introducing the caramel color solution into an adsorbent wherein the adsorbent adsorbs 4-MeI to form a purified caramel color solution, and adding an acid to the purified caramel color solution to lower the pH to less than 5....

Garlic based pepper vegetarian sauce
A garlic-based sauce which includes garlic, chili peppers, bell peppers, a quantity of flavorings and spices. These ingredients are combined without addition of any preservatives. The method of preparing the garlic-based sauce includes caramelized chili peppers by heating or broiling and blending the ingredients into a mixture, mixing spices and flavorings....

Pre-closing apparatus of a machine
A pipe-closing apparatus of a machine which is suitable for processing foodstuff mixtures, contains a throttling valve arranged in a pipeline and has a closing element configured with respect to the pipeline with two sealing sections. The apparatus further has an activation apparatus for transferring the closing element into an open...

Crumb, e.g., chocolate crumb, having enhanced caramel flavor
The present disclosure provides crumb of the type used in making milk and white chocolates with enhanced flavor and/or aroma. It has been found that adding alpha-dicarbonyls, e.g., 2- or 3-carbon alpha-dicarbonyls, can add noticeable caramel and/or toffee notes to the flavor and/or the aroma of the crumb without a concomitant...

Color-fading primer composition
The present invention provides a primer composition for sealant in which the coating quality can be visually inspected and which can sufficiently fade on exposure to the light. The primer composition for sealant use comprises (A) a binder resin and (B) one type or two or more types of pigment selected...

Griddle having raised, bun toasting surface
An apparatus for caramelizing a cut surface of a split bread product is provided. The apparatus comprises a substantially flat heatable surface and at least one raised surface portion in heat transfer communication with the flat surface, and extending upwardly therefrom. The raised surface portion defines an upper contact surface for...

Method and apparatus for the manufacture of caramel
The present invention relates to a method for the manufacture of caramel, comprising: providing air to the bottom of a closed reaction container that contains a sugar liquid, making the air rise from the bottom and discharge from the top of the reaction container. In the whole process, the oxygen participates...

A process for preparing a dried malted beverage product. The process comprises: a) mixing together solid and liquid constituents of the beverage product in a single vessel so as to form a mixture; b) subjecting the mixture in the vessel to heat at a lowered pressure so as to effect drying...

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