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Molded leadframe for pcb-to-pcb connection

Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd

Molded leadframe for pcb-to-pcb connection

Communicating data over a mesh network

Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

Communicating data over a mesh network

Communicating data over a mesh network

Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

Communicating data over a mesh network

Date/App# patent app List of recent Caps-related patents
 Control of electric field effects in a printed circuit board assembly using embedded nickel-metal composite materials patent thumbnailControl of electric field effects in a printed circuit board assembly using embedded nickel-metal composite materials
A printed circuit board assembly (pcba) controls an electrically-initiated device (eid) in an electric field. The pcba includes a conductive layer, a dielectric layer, and a trans-conductive layer (tcl).
Sparton Corporation

 Molded leadframe for pcb-to-pcb connection patent thumbnailMolded leadframe for pcb-to-pcb connection
A method for making a leadframe includes removing a group of parallel, strip-shaped electrical conductors from a metal sheet, embedding end portions of the conductors in molding compound defining a leadframe body, and separating the conductors from each other, such that portions of the conductors remain encapsulated in the molding compound while other portions remain exterior to the molding compound and define leads of the resulting leadframe.. .
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd

 Communicating data over a mesh network patent thumbnailCommunicating data over a mesh network
A communication device capable of operating in a mesh network and configured to transmit data to a destination device by encapsulating that data in a broadcast packet and transmitting it over the mesh network in order that another communication device, on receiving the broadcast packet, may forward it towards the destination device, the communication device being further configured to: establish a schedule for transmitting data encapsulated in broadcast packets; transmit information defining that schedule over the mesh network; and subsequently transmit the broadcast packets in accordance with that schedule.. .
Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

 Communicating data over a mesh network patent thumbnailCommunicating data over a mesh network
A wireless communications device capable of operating according to a wlan communications protocol, and capable of communicating in a mesh network. The wireless communications device may be configured to generate a mesh network data packet.
Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

 Methods and apparatus to route fibre channel frames using reduced forwarding state on an fcoe-to-fc gateway patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus to route fibre channel frames using reduced forwarding state on an fcoe-to-fc gateway
In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a switching policy module configured to define a switching policy associating a fibre channel port with a destination media access control (mac) address. The switching module can be configured to receive a fibre channel over ethernet (fcoe) frame from a network device and send a fibre channel frame encapsulated in the fcoe frame to the fibre channel port based at least in part on the switching policy and a destination mac address of the fcoe frame..
Juniper Networks, Inc.

 Communicating control information within a real-time stream patent thumbnailCommunicating control information within a real-time stream
Providing control information is disclosed. A real-time streaming communication channel is established with a communication party using a real-time streaming protocol.
Ooma, Inc.

 Packet processing method, forwarding plane device and network device patent thumbnailPacket processing method, forwarding plane device and network device
Embodiments of the present invention provide a packet processing method, a forwarding plane device and a network device, the method includes: receiving, by a forwarding plane device, a first packet transmitted by a user, where an identity of the user is comprised in the first packet, and a forwarding table is comprised in the forwarding plane device; determining, by the forwarding plane device, an identity of a service according to a corresponding relationship between the identity of the user and the identity of the service as well as the identity of the user in the first packet; generating, by the forwarding plane device, a second packet by encapsulating the first packet with the identity of the service; and transmitting the second packet to a network device, to enable the network device to manage the service according to the identity of the service in the second packet.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Atomic cell, manufacturing  atomic cell, quantum interference device, atomic oscillator, electronic apparatus, and moving object patent thumbnailAtomic cell, manufacturing atomic cell, quantum interference device, atomic oscillator, electronic apparatus, and moving object
An atomic cell includes an internal space in which alkali metals are encapsulated, a coating film formed on the wall surface of the internal space, holes that allow the internal space and the outside to communicate with each other, and coating members having surfaces that face the internal space along openings of the holes on the internal space side and formed of a coating material having a characteristic same as or similar to a characteristic of the coating film.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Wire cable assembly having a terminal with an encapsulated wire end patent thumbnailWire cable assembly having a terminal with an encapsulated wire end
A wire cable assembly includes a terminal having a termination segment attached to an end of a wire cable, a connection segment configured to attach to a mating terminal, and a transition segment intermediate the termination segment and the connection segment. The transition segment of the terminal has a generally rectangular cross section and a recess defined in at least one distal edge and preferably both distal edges of the transition segment.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

 Electrode active material,  producing electrode active material, electrode, battery, and  using clathrate compound patent thumbnailElectrode active material, producing electrode active material, electrode, battery, and using clathrate compound
Provided is an electrode active material containing a clathrate compound that is more likely to withstand load involved in repetition of penetration and desorption of, e.g., lithium ions compared to no guest substance-encapsulating silicon clathrate compounds. An electrode active material according to the present invention includes a clathrate compound.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


Separator with improved thermal stability and secondary battery comprising the same

The present disclosure refers to a separator, comprising a microcapsule consisting of core-shell layer-spacer layer and loading a thermal stabilizer, which can release the thermal stabilizer on the overheating of a battery using the same, thereby achieving thermal stability of the battery.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Organic light-emitting display apparatus

An organic light-emitting display apparatus includes: a substrate including a first surface and a second surface opposite to each other; an organic emission unit disposed on the first surface of the substrate and including: an emission region configured to emit light; and a first transmission region configured to transmit external light; an encapsulation unit joined to the first surface of the substrate, the encapsulating unit configured to seal the organic emission unit from external air; a first optical layer configured to delay a phase of the external light; and a second functional layer configured to linearly polarize the external light, wherein the second function layer is disposed farther from the organic emission unit than the first functional layer and includes a second transmission region corresponding to the first transmission region.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Organic light emitting display apparatus

Provided is an organic light emitting display apparatus. The organic light emitting display apparatus includes: a substrate; a display unit disposed on the substrate; an encapsulation layer covering the display unit; an integrated circuit device disposed on an outer portion of the display unit on the substrate; and a transparent protection unit (window) disposed on the encapsulation layer and separated from the integrated circuit device..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Amoled panel and encapsulating the same

The embodiments of the present disclosure provide an amoled panel and method of encapsulating the same. The amoled panel comprises: a substrate; a plurality of tfts arranged on the substrate spaced from each other; a cover, at a surface towards the substrate, the cover is provided with recesses corresponding to the plurality of tfts and spacing parts formed between recesses; the cover covers on the substrate and tfts; each tft is received in each recess correspondingly, and the spacing parts are positioned between neighboring tfts respectively; and a sealing layer connecting the spacing parts to the substrate.
Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited


Optoelectronic component and producing an optoelectronic component

Various embodiments may relate to an optoelectronic component, including a glass substrate, a glass layer on the glass substrate, and encapsulation, which includes a glass fit, wherein the glass frit is arranged on the glass layer. The glass frit is fastened on the glass substrate by the glass layer.
Osram Oled Gmbh


Plasma assisted atomic layer deposition titanium oxide for conformal encapsulation and gapfill applications

The embodiments herein relate to methods and apparatus for depositing an encapsulation layer over memory stacks in mram and pcram applications. The encapsulation layer is a titanium dioxide (tio2) layer deposited through an atomic layer deposition reaction.
Lam Research Corporation


Thermoelectric devices having reduced thermal stress and contact resistance, and methods of forming and using the same

A method includes preparing a thermoelectric material including p-type or n-type material and first and second caps including transition metal(s). A powder precursor of the first cap can be loaded into a sintering die, punches assembled thereto, and a pre-load applied to form a first pre-pressed structure including a first flat surface.
Alphabet Energy, Inc.


Package support, fabrication method and led package

A package support including: metal frames connected together; one or more dielectric materials disposed in an inner gap of the metal frames; wherein: the package support has a frame region and a function region; wherein the function region has complete upper and lower surfaces configured to prevent leakage if at least one of the entire upper or lower surfaces is covered with an encapsulant material. A fabrication method allows for manufacturing the package support with a high cell density, relatively low price, high reflectivity, good heat dissipation, and high reliability.
Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Led chip-on-board component and lighting module

An object of the present invention is to provide a light emitting diode (led) construction. It is an object of certain embodiments of the present invention to provide an led chip-on-board (cob) construction comprising, a thermally and electrically conductive substrate, at least one semiconductor light emitting die or diode and an electrically insulating material.
Lumichip Limited


Semiconductor device grid array package

A grid array assembly is formed from an electrical insulating material with embedded solder deposits. A first portion of each of the solder deposits is exposed on a first surface of the insulating material and a second portion of each of the solder deposits is exposed on an opposite surface of the insulating material.


Embedded die ball grid array package

A method of assembling a semiconductor package includes attaching a semiconductor die to a frame having a strip or panel form. The semiconductor die has at least one stud bump.


Self repairing process for porous dielectric materials

The present disclosure relates to a structure and method to create a self-repairing dielectric material for semiconductor device applications. A porous dielectric material is deposited on a substrate, and exposed with treating agent particles such that the treating agent particles diffuse into the dielectric material.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Method of forming high density, high shorting margin, and low capacitance interconnects by alternating recessed trenches

Embodiments of the invention describe low capacitance interconnect structures for semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing such devices. According to an embodiment of the invention, a low capacitance interconnect structure comprises an interlayer dielectric (ild).
Intel Corporation


Semiconductor die package with pre-molded die

A semiconductor die is packaged by providing a die assembly that includes a semiconductor die with an active surface and an opposite mounting surface with an attached thermally conductive substrate. The die assembly is mounted on a first surface of a lead frame die flag so that the thermally conductive substrate is sandwiched between the die flag and the semiconductor die.


Semiconductor device and forming encapsulated wafer level chip scale package (ewlcsp)

A semiconductor device has a semiconductor die and an encapsulant around the semiconductor die. A fan-in interconnect structure is formed over the semiconductor die while leaving the encapsulant devoid of the interconnect structure.
Stats Chippac, Ltd.


Semiconductor package and fabrication method thereof

A method for fabricating a semiconductor package is provided, which includes the steps of: providing a packaging substrate having a first surface with a plurality of bonding pads and an opposite second surface; disposing a plurality of passive elements on the first surface of the packaging substrate; disposing a semiconductor chip on the passive elements through an adhesive film; electrically connecting the semiconductor chip and the bonding pads through a plurality of bonding wires; and forming an encapsulant on the first surface of the packaging substrate for encapsulating the semiconductor chip, the passive elements and the bonding wires. By disposing the passive elements between the packaging substrate and the semiconductor chip, the invention saves space on the packaging substrate and increases the wiring flexibility.
Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.


Integrated circuit package configurations to reduce stiffness

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards an integrated circuit (ic) package including a die having a first side and a second side disposed opposite to the first side. The ic package may further include an encapsulation material encapsulating at least a portion of the die and having a first surface that is adjacent to the first side of the die and a second surface disposed opposite to the first surface.


Method and manufacturing semiconductor module

Disclosed is a technique capable of preventing an encapsulating material from covering a heat-dissipating surface of a semiconductor module, which releases heat of a switching element. Specifically disclosed a step for manufacturing a semiconductor module including a submodule having a collector and an emitter with heat-dissipating surfaces, including a step for placing the submodule in the cavity so that the submodule is pressed by the pressing device while covering the heat-dissipating surface of the emitter with the pressing device and covering the heat-dissipating surface of the collector with the lower mold, and a step for feeding the encapsulating material to the cavity by moving the piston so that the pressure of the cavity measured by the pressure measuring device does not exceed the pressure at which the pressing device presses the submodule..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Rotary resistance device

A rotary resistance device providing resistance to rotary object includes a magnetic field generating assembly having a magnetizable main body, an even number of magnetizable extended bodies, magnetizable coils and separators, two first caps, and two shaft sections; a magnetizable outer cylinder enclosing the magnetic field generating assembly therein and rotatably connected to the shaft sections; and a magnetorheological fluid filled in a space formed between the magnetic field generating assembly and the magnetizable outer cylinder. The magnetizable extended bodies have the magnetizable coils wound thereon and are radially equally spaced on the magnetizable main body; the separators are respectively connected to between two adjacent magnetizable extended bodies; the first caps are closed onto two ends of the assembled magnetizable main body, magnetizable extended bodies and separators to seal the magnetizable coils in the magnetic field generating assembly; and the shaft sections are fixedly connected to the first caps..
National Taipei University Of Technology


Composition and process for processing radioactive waste for shipment and storage

A process for encapsulating a radioactive object to render the object suitable for shipment and/or storage, and including the steps of preparing a plastic material, causing the plastic material to react with a foaming agent, generating a foaming plastic, encapsulating the radioactive object in the foaming plastic, and allowing the foaming plastic to solidify around the radioactive object to form an impervious coating.. .
Barnhardt Manufacturing Company


Magnetic storage medium comprised of magnetic nanoparticles contained within nanotubes

A magnetic storage medium is formed of magnetic nanoparticles that are encapsulated within nanotubes (e.g., carbon nanotubes).. .
Sigma Pro Ltd. Llc


Co-emulsification of insoluble compounds with toner resins

A process for making a latex emulsion suitable for use in a toner composition includes co-emulsifying a bio-based resin with an insoluble component, such as a pigment or wax, whereby the resin encapsulates the insoluble component. The resulting latex, including the insoluble component encapsulated in the resin, may then be utilized to form a toner.
Xerox Corporation


Conformal electronics with deformation indicators

A conformal electronic device with a deformation indicator is disclosed. The conformal electronic device includes electronics operable to measure one or more parameters of an object on which the conformal device is disposed on or proximate to, a conformal layer that encapsulates the electronics, and a deformation indicator configured to indicate a deformation threshold of the electronics, the conformal layer, the conformal device, or a combination thereof..
Mc10. Inc.


Barrel and suppressor sleeves and heat resistant weapon accessories

Suppressor sleeves and gun barrel sleeves and covers have longitudinal interior splines and venting valleys and exterior ribs arranged at angles relative to the interior splines. One or more sleeves and caps are combined to provide suppressor sleeve assemblies and gun barrel covers and related weapon accessories..


Strong light light-emitting diode (led) light source module and production process thereof

A production process of a strong light led light source module, including the following steps: step a: prepare an integral led chip, and on a non-electrode surface having a large size in the led chip, coat a film having a high refractive index; step b: cut the led chip coated with the film having a high refractive index into individual led chips as required; step c: fix the individual led chips on the surface of a substrate, wherein a surface coated with the film having a high refractive index is in contact with the substrate and the individual led chips are connected through welding wires; step d: coat a film having a high refractive index on five remaining surfaces of the individual led chips; step e: assemble or encapsulate a compete led light source module as required.. .
Dongguan Meisheng Electrical Products, Co., Ltd.


System, method and tooling for flexible assembly of cylinder-head valve trains

An assembly method is provided by orienting a cylinder-head at a first orientation. A first plurality of spring caps and a first plurality of retainer keys are installed into the cylinder-head in the first orientation by a first robot.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Method for obtaining and detecting a marker of objects to be identified, related marker, authentication method and verification method

Procedure for obtaining a marker of objects to be identified, comprising at least one polymorphic dna fragment and preferably a plurality of polymorphic dna fragments, such as microsatellite or single base polymorphism, modified in their three-dimensional structure, adsorbed to metallic nanoparticles and micro encapsulated, which are active to raman radiation. Said marker is also protected; as well as the marker detection method; the method to instantly authenticate marked objects with the said marker; the method to verify the marked objects with the said marker and the method for incorporating the said marker to the desired object to be identified..


Recombinant rna particles and methods of use

The present invention provides compositions and methods for the production and delivery of recombinant double-stranded rna molecules (dsrna) targeting pathogen sequences, which can be useful as an rna vaccine. The compositions contain engineered double-stranded rna particles (dsrps) that can contain a double-stranded rna molecule that can be a genome or portion of a genome, which can be enclosed in a capsid or coat protein.
Synthetic Genomics, Inc.


Culture media, cell cultures and methods of culturing pluripotent stem cells in an undifferentiated state

Provided are novel serum-free culture media which comprise basic fibroblast growth factor (bfgf), transforming growth factor beta-3 and ascorbic acid at a concentration of at least about 50 microgram/ml; ascorbic acid at a concentration range of about 400-600 microgram/ml, bfgf at a concentration range of about 50-200 ng/ml, xeno-free serum replacement and a lipid mixture; the il6ril6 chimera at a concentration range of about 50-200 picogram per milliliter (pg/ml); or leukemia inhibitory factor (lif) at a concentration of at least 2000 units/ml; cell cultures comprising same with pluripotent stem cells such as human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem (ips) cells, and methods of using same for expanding pluripotent stem cells in an undifferentiated state using two-dimensional or three-dimensional culture systems; and methods of expanding ips cells in a suspension culture devoid of substrate adherence and cell encapsulation.. .
Technion Research & Development Foundation Limited


Mechanically invisible polymer coatings

The present invention relates to a composition comprising encapsulated particles in a polymeric material. The composition comprises a continuous phase and a discontinuous phase incorporated therein, wherein the continuous phase comprises a first polymeric material and wherein the discontinuous phase comprises particles, said particles comprising a filler material and an encapsulating coating of a second polymeric material, wherein the backbones of the first and second polymeric materials are the same.
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Beverage capsule with an opening system

The present invention is directed to a beverage capsule (100) comprises a capsule body (101) with an outlet (104), a plug (111) configured to mate with said outlet (104), and an opening device (110) being at least partially fabricated from a shape-memory alloy and biased to retain said plug (111) within said outlet (104) in a first, closed position, and which is configured to deflect from said first, closed position when heated above the transition temperature of said shape-memory alloy, thereby withdrawing said plug (111) from said outlet (104) into a second, open position and permitting fluid communication through said outlet (104).. .
Nestec S.a.


Beverage capsule with safety feature

The present invention concerns a capsule (12) for the preparation of a food or beverage by injection therein of a fluid under pressure, comprising a chamber containing a substance, a bottom pierceable membrane (23), and opening means (24) allowing the capsule to be opened by piercing the bottom membrane for allowing the beverage to flow out of the capsule, the opening means (24) comprising a surface with a multitude of piercing elements (25) which are configured to engage the bottom membrane (23) under the effect of the rise in pressure in the chamber, characterized in that said opening means (23) further comprises at least one safety piercing element (26) that is surrounded by a safety wall (27) such that the apex (28) of said safety piercing element is located within the vicinity of said safety wall (27).. .
Nestec S.a.


Single serve capsule for improved extraction efficiency and favor retention

Disclosed is a single-serve capsule for improved extraction efficiency and flavor retention. Extraction efficiency is improved by using ground roast coffee having an average particle size in the range of from 300 to 800 μm.


Travel bottle system

A travel bottle system comprising: a plurality of portable bottles, where each bottle includes a screw-on receptacle; a plurality of caps provided for placement onto the plurality of bottles; and embedded lettering on each cap for identifying the contents of each respective bottle. The embedded lettering may include a single identifying letter.


Multi-compartment drink bottle

A multi-compartment drink bottle comprising at least two nipples, at least two end caps and at least one union. Each nipple includes a substantially cylindrical hollow tube having two opposingly disposed ends, a diameter and an external mating surface disposed on each of the two opposingly disposed ends of the nipple.


Wheel center cap and method related thereto

Disclosed is an invention in the field of automotive wheels and center caps. The present invention particularly relates to a wheel center cap and method of production thereto.
Flixrims, Llc


Marker saver

A multi compartmental receptacle for releasably and securely holding multiple marker caps holding markers simultaneously and facilitating easy marker management while in use.. .


Application of designs to portion of food container

The present disclosure describes a process for applying a design to a sheet metal for use in a portion of a container, for example a cap or an end of a food container. Embodiments provide for applying a multi-color design in a single printing step to a sheet of metal to create a printed metal sheet that can then be rolled into a printed coil or cut to length.
Golden Aluminum, Inc.


Encapsulants for window assemblies

A window assembly for a vehicle having an essentially chlorine-free modified polyolefin primer (24) disposed onto a transparent pane (12) and a two-shot encapsulant applied onto the primer is provided. The two-shot encapsulant includes a first encapsulation layer (22a) disposed on the primer (24) and a second encapsulation layer (22b) disposed on the first encapsulation layer (22a).
Agc Automotive Americas R&d Inc.


Pipe wrench with an adjustable handle

A wrench, such as a pipe wrench, has an adjustable handle that allows a user to work past obstructions without requiring the user to remove the pipe wrench grips from an object. The wrench includes a wrench body having a typical pipe wrench adjustment mechanism.


Board sport binding

An apparatus for a board binding system. A board can include a channel that includes the a first magnet.
Bon Hiver


Eccentric exercise training device

The eccentric exercise training device includes a housing that supports a floating platform and encapsulates a motor and mechanisms for driving the platform. The platform is positioned to allow easy access.


Plaster with medication dispenser

An adhesive wound plaster includes a substrate having an adhesive layer on one major surface thereof on which is located a pad that is adapted to be placed directly over a wound and held on the skin by the substrate's adhesive. The plaster further incorporates a capsule having a dispensing neck at least partially overlaying the pad and where the capsule contains a medicament.


Recombinant measles virus expressing chikungunya virus polypeptides and their applications

The invention relates to recombinant measles virus expressing chikungunya virus polypeptides, and concerns in particular virus like particles (vlp) that contain envelope and capsid proteins of a chikungunya virus at their surface. These particles are recombinant infectious particles able to replicate in a host after an administration.
Institut Pasteur


Therapeutic agent preparations for delivery into a lumen of the intestinal tract using a swallowable drug delivery device

Embodiments of the invention provide swallowable devices, preparations and methods for delivering drugs and other therapeutic agents within the gi tract. Many embodiments provide a swallowable device for delivering the agents.
Rani Therapeutics, Llc


Exendins to lower cholesterol and triglycerides

Provided herein are pharmaceutical formulations containing exendins, exendin agonists, or exendin analog agonists that are administered at therapeutic plasma concentration levels over a sustained period of time to lower total cholesterol levels; to lower ldl-cholesterol levels; to lower triglyceride levels; to treat dyslipidemia; to treat and slow the progression of atherosclerosis; and to treat, prevent, and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients. In the pharmaceutical formulations and methods of the invention, the exendin may be exendin-4, an exendin-4 agonist, or an exendin-4 analog agonist.
Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals Lp


Aav vectors targeted to oligodendrocytes

The invention relates to chimeric aav capsids targeted to oligodendrocytes, virus vectors comprising the same, and methods of using the vectors to target oligodendrocytes.. .
The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill


Highly soluble purine bioactive compounds and compositions thereof

The invention provides nutritional supplements, in powder, tablet or capsule dosage forms and aqueous formulations, containing one or more of the purine bioactive compounds described including theacrine and theacrine species.. .
Jho Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc


Pharmaceutical composition

A pharmaceutical formulation comprising at least one omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid in free acid form or a pharmacologically acceptable derivative thereof is contained in a soft gelatin capsule characterised in that the capsule comprises gelatin extracted by an extraction process comprising acid pre-treatment of a collagen source. One advantage of the present invention over a soft gelatin capsule containing the same formulation but comprising gelatin extracted by an extraction process comprising alkali pre-treatment of the collagen source is that the present invention does not harden significantly over time and thus has a longer shelf life..
Chrysalis Pharma Ag


Soft elastic capsules containing tablets and liquid or semisolid fills and methods for their manufacture

Disclosed herein is a soft elastic capsule that includes an acid resistant, capsule shell that defines an encapsulated space having a predetermined volume, a liquid or semisolid fill comprising a first active ingredient located within the encapsulated space, and a first compressed tablet a having a minimal dimension of 2 mm, being located within the encapsulated space, unanchored to the capsule shell, and surrounded by the fill, said tablet comprising a second active ingredient that is substantially insoluble in the fill. A method of manufacturing a soft elastic capsule is also disclosed..
Banner Life Sciences Llc


Finasteride polymeric nanoparticle, aqueous suspension containing the same, composition for the treatment of alopecia, process of preparation of said composition, and its use

The present invention aims to provide a pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of alopecia, said composition comprising polymeric nanoparticles, preferably nanocapsules, containing finasteride, additives and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, as well as the use of the nanoparticles for preparing said composition for treating alopecia. The invention further includes an appropriate finasteride nanocapsule preparation process suitable for a composition for topical application for treating alopecia..
Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul - Ufrgs


Triggerable compositions for two-stage, controlled release of proactive chemistry using aldehydes

A triggerable composition for two-stage, controlled release of a functional active chemical includes an aldehyde-based functional active incorporated in an organic salt-based acetal that releases the functional active through a hydrolysis reaction upon contact with an aqueous medium, and an encapsulation material for encapsulating the organic salt-based acetal, the encapsulation material triggerable to release or expose the organic salt-based acetal upon the occurrence of an environmental stimulus such as a ph change. The triggerable composition can be included in an absorbent article having at least one absorbent layer or in a viscous liquid such as a lotion, cream, or medicament..
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.


Apparatus and diamond blade mechanism to make an annular incision in soft tissue

The present invention relates to a device and method for cutting an annular piece out of the soft tissue of a selected mammal. The device can be utilized in surgical situations such as capsularhexis.
Rhexis Surgical Instruments, Inc.


Intraocular lens, in particular capsular sac intraocular lens

The present invention further relates to an intraocular lens having at least an anterior and a posterior optic element and a haptic element interconnecting both optic elements. According to the invention the haptic element forms an overhang at the transition to the anterior optic element, wherein the anterior surface of the haptic element anterior extends beyond the edge of the anterior optic element or the haptic element forms an overhang at the transition to the posterior optic element, whereby the posterior surface of the haptic element posterior protrudes over the edge of posterior optic element, wherein the anterior or the posterior optic element is preferably embodied as a pinhole..


Vascular grafts and preserving patency of the same

This disclosure provides vascular grafts having a textured microporous surface capable of reducing perigraft fibrotic capsular formation, and a method of maintaining the patency of the vascular grafts.. .
Healionics Corporation


Components packaging structure for pharmaceutical containers

A components (17) packaging structure for pharmaceutical containers, comprising at least one tray (10), which has at least one open side for introducing and extracting at least one supporting shelf (11) which is parallel to a bottom plane (14) of the tray (10) and which rests in correspondence of the inner walls (15) of the tray (10); said supporting shelf (11) has a spatially predetermined distribution of first seats or cavities (13) within which closing components and/or generic accessories of said containers, such as rubber caps (17), nuts (20) with crimping snap or other types of sealing nuts and/or caps, are placed, so that the vertical axis of each closure component is perpendicular to said bottom plane (14) of the tray (10), said structure thus constituting a guarantee of sterility and cleanliness of said closing components and/or generic accessories which are inserted in said seats or cavities (13).. .
Fedegari Autoclavi S.p.a.


Capsule storage

A controller configured to send information to the module, through the first interface, when the first element is switched into the first state.. .


Brewing operating a brewing apparatus

The present invention relates to a brewing apparatus for extracting a portion capsule, comprising a first brewing chamber element and a second brewing chamber element, the first and/or the second brewing chamber element being movable along an axial direction from a loading position, in which the first and the second brewing chamber element are spaced apart from one another, to an extraction position, in which the first and the second brewing chamber element form a substantially closed brewing chamber, and the brewing apparatus further comprising a drive mechanism for moving the first and/or second brewing chamber element, characterized in that the brewing apparatus has a separate locking mechanism for locking the brewing chamber in the extraction position.. .
Eugster/frismag Ag


Insecticidal formulations of microcapsules

Use of formulations consisting of suspo-emulsions comprising a microcapsule suspension, the microcapsules including at least one active ingredient selected from the pyrethroid and/or neonicotinoid classes, at least one synergistic agent, and an emulsion comprising at least an active ingredient of the above classes, and at least one synergistic agent, the microcapsules being formed of polyurea, obtainable by inter-facial polymerization of diphenylmethylen-4,4′-diisocyanate, optionally in admixture with polymethylenpolyphenylisocyanate, the formulations having a prolonged knockdown and killing effect, even of three months, even of six months or even of nine months, the suspo-emulsions comprising: component a): microcapsules in suspension comprising inside the microcapsule at least one active ingredient, a synergistic agent, optionally a solvent, the total amount of these components being not higher than 50% by weight with respect to the weight of the suspension a), the complement to 100% by weight of component a) comprising the polymer of the micro-capsule shell, water and additives; component b): emulsion comprising an amount of at least one active ingredient and one synergistic agent, the amount of active ingredient+synergistic agent being not higher than 50% by weight of the emulsion, of component b) constituted by water, additives, optionally solvents.. .
Endura S.p.a.


Stacked electronic packages

A stacked electronic package includes a substrate and conductive straps each having sides, a top, and a bottom opposite the top. Each conductive strap is coupled along the bottom to an upper surface of the substrate and is separate from others of the conductive straps.
Carsem (m) Sdn. Bhd.


Capsule endoscope

A capsule endoscope having a folded optical imager resting upon a coverglass overlying a sensor such that such that the sensor is substantially at the image plane of the imager and an image may be formed on the sensor.. .
Capsovision Inc.

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