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 Bare die integration with printed components on flexible substrate patent thumbnailBare die integration with printed components on flexible substrate
Provided is a manufacturing process for electronic circuit components such as bare dies, and packaged integrated chips, among others, where the surface of the electronic circuit component is at the same level as the associated substrate, the surface of the electronic circuit component holding connection pads. A gap exists between the electronic circuit component, and the end of an opening within the substrate.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

 Electronic module patent thumbnailElectronic module
An electronic module is provided, which includes a first package and a second package stacked on the first package. The first package has an encapsulant and an electronic element embedded in the encapsulant.
Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

 Electronic vaporiser system patent thumbnailElectronic vaporiser system
A heating or atomising unit for an electronic cigarette vaporiser, in which the unit includes a protective elastomer wall or barrier configured to enable (i) the unit to fit inside a body in the vaporizer and to prevent leakage around the outside of the unit whilst e-liquid is being supplied under pressure to a reservoir surrounding the unit and (ii) e-liquid to pass from the e-liquid reservoir outside of the unit and into the unit. The unit can be a cylindrical ceramic cell and the elastomer wall can be a pair of silicone end-caps placed on each end of the cylinder, separated by a gap through which e-liquid can reach the outer surface of the ceramic cell and pass through the ceramic and into the atomizing chamber in the cell..
Beyond Twenty Ltd.

 Location awareness to packet flows using network service headers patent thumbnailLocation awareness to packet flows using network service headers
A classifier network device in a service function chain receives a data packet from a first computing device. The classifier network device generates an encapsulated packet for the service function chain by encapsulating the data packet with a network service header.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Multihoming for tunneled encapsulated media patent thumbnailMultihoming for tunneled encapsulated media
A system that implements multihoming for real-time communications receives a request to establish a tunnel by a tunneling server with a tunneling client of user equipment, where the request includes two or more network addresses for the tunnel. The system establishes the tunnel and sends a list of the allocated two or more network addresses for the tunnel.
Oracle International Corporation

 Method and system for vxlan encapsulation offload patent thumbnailMethod and system for vxlan encapsulation offload
A method for virtual extensible local area network (vxlan) encapsulation. The method includes receiving a first augmented mac frame on a first ingress port of a first network device, where the first augmented mac frame includes a first egress port id (epid), a first ingress port id (ipid), and a first mac frame.
Arista Networks, Inc.

 Method for encapsulating service routing packet, service forwarding entity and control plane patent thumbnailMethod for encapsulating service routing packet, service forwarding entity and control plane
Embodiments of the present application disclose a method for encapsulating a service routing packet, including: receiving a first packet, and determining that a next hop is a legacy spe; temporarily storing a correspondence between an sfc header and a first original packet that are included in the first packet, and sending the first original packet to the legacy spe; receiving a returned second original packet, and determining, according to an acquired mapping rule of an original packet of the legacy spe, that the sfc header of the first packet corresponds to the second original packet; and encapsulating the sfc header of the first packet in the second original packet, to form a new service routing packet. By means of the embodiments of the present application, a problem of an abnormal interruption caused by a loss of an sfc header can be avoided..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Organic light-emitting diode and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailOrganic light-emitting diode and manufacturing method thereof
An organic light-emitting diode and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. The organic light-emitting diode includes: a substrate (10) and a first light extraction layer (20), a first electrode layer (30), a light-emitting layer (40), a second electrode layer (50) and an encapsulation layer (70) that are sequentially disposed on the substrate, wherein the organic light-emitting diode further includes a second light extraction layer (60), and the second light extraction layer (60) is disposed adjacent to the encapsulation layer (70); the light-emitting layer (40) is an organic light-emitting layer and the first electrode layer (30) is an anode layer or a cathode layer and correspondingly the second electrode layer (50) is a cathode layer or an anode layer..
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

 Display apparatus and  manufacturing the display apparatus patent thumbnailDisplay apparatus and manufacturing the display apparatus
A display apparatus includes a first display area including a first display unit configured to generate light and a first encapsulation unit disposed on the first display unit; a second display area including a second display unit configured to generate light and a second encapsulation unit disposed on the second display unit; and a through area disposed between the first display area and the second display area. The first encapsulation unit includes a first encapsulation layer covering a first side of an area of the first display unit corresponding to the through area.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

 Quantum dots (qd) glass cells, and the manufacturing methods and applications thereof patent thumbnailQuantum dots (qd) glass cells, and the manufacturing methods and applications thereof
A qd glass cell includes a glass cell and qd fluorescent powder material. The glass cell includes a receiving chamber, and the qd fluorescent powder being encapsulated within the receiving chamber.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Proximity sensor having light-blocking structure in leadframe and making same

A method for fabricating a semiconductor proximity sensor includes providing a flat leadframe with a first and a second surface. The second surface is solderable.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing the same

Disclosed is an organic light emitting display (oled) device that may include a thin film transistor on a substrate; a first electrode electrically connected with the thin film transistor; an organic emitting layer on the first electrode, the organic emitting layer separated by a partition; a partition cover on the partition; a second electrode on the organic emitting layer; and an encapsulation layer on the second electrode, wherein a width of an upper surface of the partition cover is smaller than a width of a lower surface of the partition cover.. .
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device and forming inverted pyramid cavity semiconductor package

A semiconductor device has a first substrate. A conductive layer is formed over the first substrate.
Semtech Corporation

Carrier substrate

A carrier substrate includes an insulation encapsulation, first conductive patterns, second conductive patterns, at least one first dummy pattern, and at least one second dummy pattern. The carrier substrate has a first layout region and a second layout region.
Powertech Technology Inc.

Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof

A semiconductor package includes a package member and a stress controlling layer. The package member includes an encapsulation layer and at least one chip.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Packaging module and substrate structure thereof

A substrate structure is provided, including: a circuit board having a plurality of wiring layers; a first circuit layer; a plurality of conductive posts disposed on the first circuit layer; a first insulating layer encapsulating the circuit board, the first circuit layer and the conductive posts; and a second circuit layer formed on the first insulating layer and electrically connected to the wiring layers with the second circuit layer electrically connected to the first circuit layer through the conductive posts. According to the present disclosure, fine-pitch circuits are formed in the circuit board, and thus only the circuit board needs a high-cost insulating material, thereby allowing the first insulating layer to be made of a low-cost material to reduce the fabrication cost..
Phoenix Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device package and manufacturing the same

The present disclosure relates to a semiconductor device package and a method for manufacturing the same. The semiconductor device package comprises a substrate, a first patterned conductive layer, an insulator layer, a second patterned conductive layer, and a dielectric layer.
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.

Method for making a semiconductor device having an interposer

A semiconductor device and a method for making the semiconductor device are provided. The semiconductor device comprises a leadframe and a metal interposer.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Semiconductor packages and methods of fabricating the same

Semiconductor packages and methods of fabricating the same are disclosed. The semiconductor package may include a package substrate, a semiconductor chip, which is mounted on the package substrate to have a bottom surface facing the package substrate and a top surface opposite to the bottom surface, a mold layer provided on the package substrate to encapsulate the semiconductor chip, and a heat dissipation layer provided on the top surface of the semiconductor chip.

Electronic package and fabrication method thereof

An electronic package is provided, which includes: a first circuit structure; at least first electronic element disposed on a surface of the first circuit structure; at least a first conductive element formed on the surface of the first circuit structure; a first encapsulant encapsulating the first electronic element and the first conductive element; and a second circuit structure formed on the first encapsulant and electrically connected to the first conductive element. By directly disposing the electronic element having high i/o functionality on the circuit structure, the invention eliminates the need of a packaging substrate having a core layer and thus reduces the thickness of the electronic package.
Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

Filling cavities in an integrated circuit and resulting devices

A methodology enabling filling of high aspect ratio cavities, with no voids or gaps, in an ic device and the resulting device are disclosed. Embodiments include providing active area and/or gate contacts in a first ild; forming selective protective caps on upper surfaces of the contacts; forming a second ild on upper surfaces of the protective caps and on an upper surface of the first ild; forming a hard-mask stack on the second ild; forming, in the second ild and hard-mask stack, cavities exposing one or more protective caps; removing selective layers in the stack to decrease depths of the cavities; and filling the cavities with a metal layer, wherein the metal layer in one or more cavities connects to an upper surface of the one or more exposed protective caps..
Globalfoundries Inc.

Fabrication coreless packaging substrate

A coreless packaging substrate is provided, which includes: a dielectric layer having opposite first and second surfaces; a first circuit layer embedded in the dielectric layer and exposed from the first surface of the dielectric layer, wherein the first circuit layer has a plurality of first conductive pads; a plurality of protruding elements formed on the first conductive pads, respectively, wherein each of the protruding elements has contact surfaces to be encapsulated by an external conductive element; a second circuit layer formed on the second surface of the dielectric layer; and a plurality of conductive vias formed in the dielectric layer for electrically connecting the first circuit layer and the second circuit layer. The present invention strengthens the bonding between the first conductive pads and the conductive elements due to a large contact area between the protruding elements and the conductive elements..
Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

Low pressure encapsulant for size-reduced semiconductor package

The present disclosure relates to a packaging process using a low pressure encapsulant. According to an exemplary process, an assembly including a substrate, a surface mounted device (smd) mounted on the substrate, and a space between the smd and the substrate is provided.
Qorvo Us, Inc.

Method for packaging circuits

A method for packaging integrated circuit chips (die) is described that includes providing a base substrate with package level contacts, coating a base substrate with adhesive, placing dies on the adhesive, electrically connecting the die to the package level contacts, and removing the backside of the base substrate to expose the backside of the package level contacts. Accordingly, an essentially true chip scale package is formed.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Graphene oxide free-standing film and methods for shielding electromagnetic radiation at microwave frequencies

A composition of graphene oxide free-standing film, a method of making the film, and a method of using the film to shield electromagnetic radiation particularly at microwave frequencies from 1 ghz to 12 ghz. The composition comprises stacked layers of graphene oxide nanosheets oriented parallel to the film surface and stacked layers of graphene oxide nanosheets oriented perpendicular to the film surface.
King Abdulaziz University

Reconstruction with object detection for images captured from a capsule camera

A method of processing images captured using a capsule camera is disclosed. According to one embodiment, two images designated as a reference image and a float image are received, where the float image corresponds to a captured capsule image and the reference image corresponds to a previously composite image or another captured capsule image prior to the float image.
Capso Vision, Inc.

Display device and manufacturing the same

A display device includes a light guide plate, a light source unit adjacent to a side surface of the light guide plate and including a printed circuit board and a light source which is on the printed circuit board, and a connection member which connects the light guide plate to the light source unit. The light guide plate, the printed circuit board and the connection member together encapsulate the light source.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Biodegradable soil sensor, system and method

A biodegradable soil sensor, a biodegradable soil sensing system and method for obtaining soil information is provided. The biodegradable sensor may include one or more electrically conductive bioinert traces and a biodegradable substrate having a printed circuit of the one or more electrically conductive bioinert traces.
Ndsu Research Foundation

Projectile with fire-safe infra-red strike point marking

A projectile (100, 100a, 100b, 100c) containing two chemiluminescent dye components (123, 125), a dye powder (126) and one or more capsules (170) containing a pyrophoric substance. Upon impact at a target, a nose cap (110) of the projectile (100, 100a, 100b, 100c) and the capsule(s) (170) become broken, thereby allowing the pyrophoric substance to oxidize and emit an infra-red signal to mark the strike point.
Armtec Defense Products, Co.

Pcm container approximating a container

A phase change material container assembly for use in a thermal energy storage system. The container assembly includes a plurality of containers (plates, wedges .
Puretemp Llc

Air conditioner and operating method thereof

Disclosed is an air conditioner including a tray and a capsule installed to the tray to discharge a functional material. The capsule includes a main body defining an inner space for accommodation of an electrode, a first cover configured to cover the top of the inner space, the first cover having a first hole for discharge of the atomized functional material, and a second cover having a protrusion for accommodation of at least a portion of the electrode.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Outboard motor of a reciprocating piston internal combustion engine type

The outboard motor of the reciprocating piston internal combustion engine type has a crankshaft system with a crankshaft positioned upright within a machine housing of the internal combustion engine and having at an upper end region a flywheel. The flywheel is clad with a cover that extensively surrounds the flywheel starting at a top side of the internal combustion engine.
Neander Motors Ag

Enhanced oil recovery processes

Oil recovery processes from carbonate or sandstone reservoirs. With a carbonate reservoir, the reservoir is initially flooded with a fluid such as sea water.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Recombinant rna particles and methods of producing proteins

The present invention provides compositions and methods for the production and delivery of recombinant double-stranded rna molecules (dsrna) encoding heterologous proteins, which can be useful for various therapeutic purposes as well as for the production of desired proteins. The compositions contain engineered double-stranded rna particles (dsrps) that can contain a double-stranded rna molecule that can be a genome or portion of a genome, which can be enclosed in a capsid or coat protein.
Synthetic Genomics, Inc.

Adeno-associated virus virions with variant capsid and methods of use thereof

The present disclosure provides adeno-associated virus (aav) virions with altered capsid protein, where the aav virions exhibit greater infectivity of retinal cells compared to wild-type aav. The present disclosure further provides methods of delivering a gene product to a retinal cell in an individual, and methods of treating ocular disease..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Microencapsulation of detergent components

The present invention provides a microcapsule composition produced by crosslinking of a polybranched polyamine, which is used for stabilizing non-enzymatic detergent components.. .
Novozymes A/s

Chomically indicating sterile wipes

Aspects of the present disclosure generally relate to sanitizing wipe that provides a visual indication that a sufficient amount of abrasive scrubbing has occurred for a given period of time to properly sterilize various medical devices and medical equipment including needless intravenous hub-and-port systems. The sanitizing wipe can change color when used to properly sanitize medical equipment.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Methods and compositions for suspending components in oils without suspending agents

Methods and compositions for a suspending-agent free suspension may include one or more solids having at least 30 wt % of the suspending-agent free suspension being suspended in one or more oils. The one or more solids may be, for example, proppants, oxidizers, reducers, gums, starches, minerals, resins, and/or polymers, and the foregoing one or more solids may exist in various forms, including, for example, gelatinous, encapsulated, powder, crystalline, fine, course, natural, flake, or combinations el thereof.
Radixkhem, Llc

Thermal energy storage and temperature stabilization phase change materials comprising alkanolamides and diesters and methods for making and using them

This invention generally relates to thermoregulation and temperature stabilization, thermal protection and insulation, and nucleating agents. In particular, in alternative embodiments, provided are organic phase change materials comprising diesters and alkanolamides.
Entropy Solutions Inc.

Sugar alcohol microcapsule, slurry, and resin molded article

A sugar alcohol microcapsule obtained by mixing particles that include molten sugar alcohol and are dispersed in an oil phase with a material that reacts with the particles, and encapsulating the sugar alcohol.. .
Hitachi Chemical Comapny, Ltd.

Encapsulation film

Provided are an encapsulation film, an organic electronic device including the same, and a method of manufacturing the organic electronic device. Therefore, provided is the encapsulation film, which may form a structure capable of effectively blocking moisture or water entering the organic electronic device from the outside, and have excellent processability in a process of manufacturing a panel and excellent heat retention under a high-temperature and high-humidity condition..
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Self-healing coating for reinforcement steel

A self-healing coating for reinforcing steel embedded in concrete includes emulsion derived microcapsules having a healing agent and adapted for dispersion through a liquid coating medium for application on a structural steel surface to form a coating for corrosion prevention. The microcapsule particles are dispersed in the coating medium for being disposed on the surface and are configured to rupture and release the healing agent onto the surface in response to a compromise of the coating, such as being dropped or dragged on a construction site.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Method for synthesis of polymer containing multiple epoxy groups

A method for a synthesis of a polymer containing multiple epoxy groups includes steps of: under protection of nitrogen or argon, with a photosensitive free radical initiator under an ultraviolet light irradiation, initiating a mixture of a dithiol compound and alkynyl glycidyl ether or other alkynyl-containing compounds to proceed a thiol-yne polymerization, so as to obtain the polymer. The number of the epoxy groups is able to be adjusted through changing a type of a dithiol monomer, a mixing ratio of the dithiol monomer, and a mixing ratio between the alkynyl glycidyl ether and other alkynyl compounds.
Zhejiang University

Stable and ion-conductive fluoropolymer-based electrolytes

Novel fluorocarbon polymers with a heteroaromatic group or a hpca group are disclosed. A protonated fluoropolymer with a heteroaromatic group can be used as a cation-conductive electrolyte while an hpca-based fluoropolymer encapsulating a h+ or li+ can be employed as anion-transporting electrolyte..
Midwest Energy Group Inc.

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