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This page is updated frequently with new Caps-related patent applications.

new patent Double insulated heat spreader
An apparatus for thermal management for an electric device. In one embodiment the apparatus comprises a primary heat spreader disposed within an enclosure that contains a printed circuit board (pcb) populated with at least one electrical component, wherein the primary heat spreader is thermally conductive and wherein the interior of the enclosure is at least partially filled with an encapsulating material; a secondary heat spreader coupled to an exterior face of a first wall of the enclosure, wherein the secondary heat spreader is thermally conductive; and a thermal interface coupled between the primary head spreader and the pcb, wherein the thermal interface is thermally conductive and electrically insulating..
Enphase Energy, Inc.

new patent Flexible display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
A flexible display apparatus, including a flexible substrate including a bending area and a non-bending area; a display unit on the flexible substrate; and an encapsulation unit covering the display unit, the encapsulation unit including a first inorganic film, a second inorganic film, and an organic film between the first inorganic film and the second inorganic film, the organic film having a first thickness in the bending area and a second thickness greater than the first thickness in the non-bending area.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

new patent Conductive stiffener, making a conductive stiffener, and conductive adhesive and encapsulation layers
A wearable device includes a flexible printed circuit board and one or more conductive stiffeners. The conductive stiffeners include a conductive surface that can be electrically or thermally connected to contact pads on the flexible printed circuit board.
Mc10, Inc.

new patent Fragmentation of service data units in a high-efficiency wireless local-area network
Apparatuses, methods, and computer readable media are disclosed for fragmentation of media access control service data units (msdu) in a high-efficiency wireless local-area network. An apparatus of a access point or station comprising memory and processing circuitry coupled to the memory is disclosed.

new patent Headset with major and minor adjustments
A method and system for a headset with major and minor adjustments, where the headset comprises a headband, a headband endcap at each end of the headband, a headband slide coupled to each headband endcap, ear cups operatively coupled to the headband slides, and a floating headband coupled to the headband endcaps. A major adjustment of the headset may include actuating a headband slide in a vertical direction.
Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.

new patent Headset with force isolation
A method and system is disclosed for a headset with force isolation, where the headset comprises a headband having two upper headband sections coupled by a center block and two ear cups, where each ear cup is coupled to one of the two upper headband sections. The two upper headband sections may include side support strips between which a movable strip may be placed utilizing a slider knob, thereby increasing the rigidness of the headband when fully extended between the side support strips utilizing the slider knob.
Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.

new patent Headset with internal gimbal
A method and system for a headset with internal gimbal, where the headset comprises a headband, a headband, and ear cups coupled to the headband, wherein each ear cup may be coupled to the headband utilizing an internal gimbal, which may comprise a gimbal post in an aperture. The gimbal post may comprise a tip that is wider than its base.
Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.

new patent Internet control message protocol enhancement for traffic carried by a tunnel over internet protocol networks
A first network element (ne) comprises a receiver configured to receive a tunnel redirection request message from a second ne, wherein the tunnel redirection request message is a request to re-route packets to a third ne instead of the second ne, wherein the tunnel redirection request message comprises an address of the third ne and a first destination address, wherein the packets comprise the first destination address. A processor of the ne is coupled to the receiver and configured to add an outer header and an encapsulation header to a first subset of the packets, wherein the outer header comprises the address of the third ne, and wherein the encapsulation header comprises an identifier of an encapsulation protocol supported by the third ne, and a transmitter coupled to the processor and configured to transmit the first subset of the packets to the third ne via an overlay tunnel, and transmit a second subset of packets to the second ne..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

new patent Data modulation ieee 802.11 and ieee 802.15 devices to generate low frequency signals
A data modulation method with low frequency signals, encapsulating a plurality of data along with an identifier corresponding to one or multiple lr receivers, and a given preamble into their associated fields to form a lr frame by means of a formatter. The preamble of the lr frame prepares the lr receiver for the reception of the receiver id and data.
Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya

new patent Doorless modular panelboard
A panelboard is composed of modular units. Each unit has compartments for circuit breakers, side walls, and wiring gutters.
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

new patent

Cord control apparatus

The present invention is a cord control apparatus including a cord restraint assembly extending from a plug. The plug is connected to a first end of an electrical cord.

new patent

Wireless communication apparatus

A wireless communication apparatus includes a base, a sidewall, a top cap, a main ground structure, an antenna and a parasitic ground structure. The base has a top surface.
Pegatron Corporation

new patent

Method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus

An organic light emitting display apparatus includes a substrate, a display unit on the substrate, and a thin-film encapsulation layer for sealing the display unit, the thin-film encapsulation layer including a first organic film, a first inorganic film covering the first organic film, and an interlayer disposed at a lower surface of the first organic film, the interlayer defining an area where the first organic film is formed, an area of the interlayer being the same as the area of the first organic film.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

new patent

Fluorine-containing polymerized hmdso applications for oled thin film encapsulation

Methods for forming an oled device are described. An encapsulation structure having organic buffer layer and an interface layer disposed on the organic buffer layer sandwiched between barrier layers is deposited over an oled structure.
Applied Materials, Inc.

new patent

Organic light-emitting display device and manufacturing the same

An organic light-emitting display device includes a substrate, a display unit on the substrate, and a thin film encapsulation unit configured to encapsulate the display unit, and including a corrugated portion including a first layer and a second layer that are sequentially stacked, wherein the first layer includes a material having a lower modulus of elasticity than the second layer, and wherein a corrugated surface is formed at an upper surface of the first layer and a lower surface of the second layer due to a difference in the moduli of elasticity of the first layer and the second layer.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

new patent

Oled substrate and producing method thereof, panel, and display apparatus

This disclosure provides an oled substrate and a producing method thereof, a panel, and a display apparatus, and pertains to the field of oled products and production. The oled substrate comprises an oled device and an encapsulating layer, which are located on a first substrate, wherein the encapsulating layer encapsulates the oled device, and wherein the oled substrate further comprises a heat-dissipating layer which is provided above the oled device.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

new patent

Heat-curable epoxy resin composition for optical semiconductor element encapsulation and optical semiconductor device using same

(b) a curing accelerator.. .

new patent

High power solar cell module

A high power solar cell module including a cover plate, a back plate, a first encapsulant, a second encapsulant, a plurality of p type passivated emitter rear contact solar cells and a plurality of reflective connection ribbons is provided. Each of the p type passivated emitter rear contact solar cells has a light receiving surface and a non-light receiving surface opposite to the light receiving surface.
Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

new patent

Field-plate structures for semiconductor devices

Field-plate structures are disclosed for electrical field management in semiconductor devices. A field-plate semiconductor structure includes a semiconductor substrate, a source ohmic contact, a drain ohmic contact, and a gate contact disposed over a gate region between the source ohmic contact and the drain ohmic contact, and a source field plate connected to the source ohmic contact.
Cambridge Electronics, Inc.

new patent

Microelectronic assemblies with cavities, and methods of fabrication

Die (110) are attached to an interposer (420), and the interposer/die assembly is placed into a lid cavity (510). The lid (210) is attached to the top of the assembly, possibly to the encapsulant (474) at the top.
Invensas Corporation

new patent

Semiconductor device and forming emi shielding layer with conductive material around semiconductor die

A semiconductor device has a plurality of first semiconductor die mounted over an interface layer formed over a temporary carrier. An encapsulant is deposited over the first die and carrier.
Stats Chippac Pte. Ltd.

new patent

Wiring board with embedded component and integrated stiffener and making the same

A wiring board with embedded component and integrated stiffener is characterized in that an embedded semiconductor device, a first routing circuitry, an encapsulant and an array of vertical connecting elements are integrated as an electronic component disposed within a through opening of a stiffener, and a second routing circuitry is disposed beyond the through opening of the stiffener and extends over the stiffener. The mechanical robustness of the stiffener can prevent the wiring board from warping.
Bridge Semiconductor Corporation

new patent

Integrated power module and manufacturing method thereof

An integrated power module comprising a power board including at least one power switching device, a driver board including at least one driver for driving a gate of the at least one power switching device, and an interconnection extending across the power board and the driver board mechanically connecting the power board and the driver board together. Included are a lead frame to which the power board and the driver board are mounted, and a package encapsulating the power board and the driver board mounted on the lead frame.
Mosway Technologies Limited

new patent

Die packages and methods of manufacture thereof

Die packages and method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. In an embodiment, a method of manufacturing a die package may include forming an encapsulated via structure including at least one via, a polymer layer encapsulating the at least one via, and a first molding compound encapsulating the polymer layer; placing the encapsulated via structure and a first die stack over a carrier, the at least one via having a first end proximal the carrier and a second end distal the carrier; encapsulating the first die stack and the encapsulated via structure in a second molding compound; and forming a first redistribution layer (rdl) over the second molding compound, the first rdl electrically connecting the at least one via..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

new patent

Phosphonium compound, epoxy resin composition including the same and semiconductor device prepared using the same

A phosphonium compound, an epoxy resin composition including the same, a semiconductor device encapsulated with the same, and a method of encapsulating a semiconductor device, the phosphonium compound being represented by formula 1:. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

new patent

Semiconductor device and method

Disclosed herein is a semiconductor device that includes a substrate having a conductive circuit and a first mold material encapsulating the conductive circuit, the first mold material configured to function as an electrical insulator. The semiconductor device further includes a semiconductor die encapsulated with the first mold material or a second mold material.
Chip Solutions, Llc

new patent

Lithography process for the encapsulation of patterned thin film coatings

A single lithography process for multi-layer metal/dielectric coatings using a series of developing, baking, and lifting steps to coat two or more thin films without re-patterning that results in the encapsulation and profile optimization of multi-spectral patterned thin film coatings is disclosed.. .
Pixelteq, Inc.

new patent

Composite electronic component and board having the same

A composite electronic component includes a multilayer ceramic capacitor including a ceramic body in which dielectric layers and internal electrodes are alternately disposed, and first and second external electrodes disposed on a lower surface of the ceramic body; a tantalum capacitor including a body portion containing a sintered material of a tantalum powder and a tantalum wire having a portion embedded in the body portion, and disposed on the multilayer ceramic capacitor; and an encapsulant part enclosing the tantalum capacitor and the multilayer ceramic capacitor, wherein the internal electrodes are led to the lower surface of the ceramic body.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

new patent

Methods and systems for material cladding of multilayer ceramic capacitors

Methods and systems to improve a multilayer ceramic capacitor using additive manufacturing are disclosed. Conductive layers and termination caps comprising a base metal may be cladded with a noble metal to lower costs without the tendency of base metal atoms combining with oxygen atoms in the dielectric material as the base metal does not physically contact the dielectric material.
Vq Research, Inc.

new patent

Coupling inductors in an ic device using interconnecting elements with solder caps and resulting devices

Methods of coupling inductors in an ic device using interconnecting elements with solder caps and the resulting device are disclosed. Embodiments include forming a top inductor structure, in a top inductor area on a lower surface of a top substrate, the top inductor structure having first and second top terminals at its opposite ends; forming a bottom inductor structure, in a bottom inductor area on an upper surface of a bottom substrate, the bottom inductor structure having first and second bottom terminals at its opposite ends; forming top interconnecting elements on the lower surface of the top substrate around the top inductor area; forming bottom interconnecting elements on the upper surface of the bottom substrate around the bottom inductor area; forming solder bumps on lower and upper surfaces, respectively, of the top and bottom interconnecting elements; and connecting the top and bottom interconnecting elements to each other..
Globalfoundries Inc.

new patent

Method and system for detection of contraband narcotics in human digestive tract

A method for automated detection of illegal substances smuggled inside internal cavities of a passenger, e.g., as capsules. The method provides for an automated detection of narcotics hidden in a passenger's stomach area using pictures produced by an x-ray scanner.
Adani Systems, Inc.

new patent

Encapsulated valve with lever action

Gas regulating means (22), to regulate the flow of gas so as to achieve a desired pressure set by a user, is provided. The gas regulating means (22) is located within a gas flow path between a gas inlet and a gas outlet, characterised in that the gas regulating means (22) comprises an encapsulated valve (24; 410) with a lever (26; 426) that can be actuated by a proximate movable piston arrangement (20).
African Oxygen Limited.

new patent

Acoustic window

An acoustic window for passage of desired acoustic waveforms therethrough is provided. The acoustic window includes at least a pair of structural septa.
Rohr, Inc.

new patent

Compositions and methods for measuring cellular mechanical stress

Provided are compositions and methods employing cells encapsulated within and attached to a hydrogel, e.g., for measuring mechanical strain and/or stress of the cell and for investigating the mechano-chemo-transduction mechanisms at cellular and molecular levels.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

new patent

Reference electrode insert for an electrochemical test cell

A reference electrode insert (14) for an electrochemical test cell (10), in particular for testing lithium ion cells, comprising a reference electrode (46) and a sleeve (15) for holding the reference electrode (46), characterised in that the sleeve (15) and the annular reference electrode (46) form a structural unit, the reference electrode (46) being secured firmly and captively in the sleeve in an encapsulated manner.. .
El-cell Gmbh

new patent

Coated ballistic structures

Armor components having a ceramic substrate, a thermal sprayed barrier coating covering the substrate material to form a barrier coated substrate, and an outermost encapsulation of metal generally surrounding at least the periphery of the barrier coated substrate are disclosed herein. The encapsulation of metal was cast to the ceramic substrate as molten metal, and the thermal sprayed barrier coating comprises a cermet material, a ceramic material, or a combination thereof., Inc.

new patent

Firearm pivot pin system

A pivot pin is configured to simplify and improve engagement and/or disengagement from its position as a pivot axle and/or connector, for example, in a lower receiver of a firearm. The mostly cylindrical main body of the pivot pin includes a longitudinal detent track featuring at least one recessed dimple and an aperture extending radially through the track for transfer of a detent spring and detent pin through the main body into the detent chamber of the lower receiver.

new patent

Recombinant construct, recombinant microorganism, recombinant plant cell and providing plant with resistance against dna virus and rna virus

Provided is a strategy for generating transgenic plants with concurrent resistance to dna and rna viruses at one construction, so as to develop an rna-directed dna methylation (rddm) transgenic system using a hairpin construct of ageratum yellow vein virus (ayvv) promoter region residing in an intron to resist dna virus infection by rddm. Furthermore, the hairpin construct of the ayvv promoter region coupled with an untranslatable nucleocapsid protein (np) fragment of melon yellow sport virus (mysv) is created to induce post-transcriptional gene silencing (ptgs) against mysv.
National Chung Hsing University

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