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Method for preparing a silicon/carbon composite material, material so prepared, and electrode, in particular negative…

Networked security system with translating router

Date/App# patent app List of recent Caps-related patents
 Fruits of the genus capsicum with improved taste and enhanced nutritional value patent thumbnailnew patent Fruits of the genus capsicum with improved taste and enhanced nutritional value
The present invention relates to a method for obtaining fruits of plants of the genus capsicum with improved taste and enriched nutritional value and especially to fruits with increased sucrose and/or ascorbic acid content as compared to plants of a similar type. The method involves manipulation of the cl and the y loci of plants of the genus capsicum..
 Networked security system with translating router patent thumbnailnew patent Networked security system with translating router
A system and method for protocol translation between security devices in a security network using a transforming router. The router utilizes protocol templates to identify the protocols that encapsulate messages sent by the devices, and to determine the format of the messages.
 Business service management system patent thumbnailnew patent Business service management system
A business service management system for controlling a layout of resources, the system comprising: a dbms (database management system), being a database having manipulation tools thereof; at least two data items, stored in the dbms, each encapsulated within an encapsulating data item, wherein each of the encapsulated data items being associated with one of a plurality of resources of the layout, each encapsulated data item comprising different characteristics of at least the resource; an infographic user interface comprising a plurality of icons, each associated with the data items, each icon presenting information related to an operation of the controlled resource thereof; the user interface further comprising data flow and operational dependency between the encapsulating data items regarding the encapsulated data items; wherein each of the icons being adapted to allow a user to change, by manipulating the icon, an operation of a resource associated with the icon.. .
 Method, client and system of identity authentication patent thumbnailnew patent Method, client and system of identity authentication
A method, client device and system of identity authentication are provided. The method may include detecting a login or registration operation, to a server, via a login interface on a user interface of an application client.
 Cell migration inhibition system patent thumbnailnew patent Cell migration inhibition system
Generally, an intraocular implant and methods for treating an ocular condition. In particular, an intraocular implant which implanted between an intraocular lens and the surface of the posterior capsule of the eye inhibits migration of residual lens epithelial cells after cataract surgery by providing structural barriers to reduce posterior capsule opacification of the eye..
 Timed release capsule and device for use with beverages patent thumbnailnew patent Timed release capsule and device for use with beverages
Timed release capsules administered in beverage preparations may be used for delayed release of flavor or color enhancements, and pharmaceuticals. A composite timed release capsule includes: a first layer, including a first material; a second layer, including a second material, such that the second material further includes inner bodies; and an inner layer, which includes a third material.
 Cranial cap patent thumbnailnew patent Cranial cap
Cranial caps designed to serve as an infection barrier and that can easily be placed on and removed from a patient's head are provided herein. Preferred cranial caps include an aperture that can be opened and closed that allows medical personal to easily inspect and/or treat the wound while the patient is wearing the cranial cap..
 Manipulation of an untethered magentic device with a magnet actuator patent thumbnailnew patent Manipulation of an untethered magentic device with a magnet actuator
A method of manipulating an untethered magnetic device, such as a magnetic capsule endoscope, can include positioning a magnet actuator and an untethered magnetic device proximate one another such that the untethered magnetic device is within a constant magnetic field of the magnet actuator. A position of the untethered magnetic device can be determined relative to the magnet actuator.
 Compositions and devices for the detection of biomarkers in the gastrointestinal tract and methods for making and using them patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions and devices for the detection of biomarkers in the gastrointestinal tract and methods for making and using them
In alternative embodiments, the invention provides compositions such as devices, pills, beads, capsules, products of manufacture, particles, microparticles, nanoparticles, gels, liquid gels, liquid gel capsules, capsules, tablets, geltabs, liquids, sprays, emulsions, suspensions, pastes or yogurts, for the detection and isolation of biomarkers, nucleic acids, proteins or peptides, proteoglycans, lipids, fats, sugars or polysaccharides in the gastrointestinal tract for e.g., detecting the presence of particular exogenous or endogenous nucleic acids, e.g., dna or rna, or proteins, in the gastrointestinal tract, for example, to diagnose the presence of an infectious or exogenous agent such as a virus, a fungus, a parasite, a bacteria, intestinal helminths and protozoan parasites, and the like, or a biomarker such as a cancer-causing or cancer-predisposing allele, e.g., mutations of the kras2 oncogene in pancreatic cancer. In alternative embodiments, compositions of the invention comprise magnetic particles such as a magnetically-responsive microparticle or nanoparticle; a superparamagnetic bead or polystyrene bead; a superparamagnetic fine particle; a ferrimagnetic particle; or, a magnetic microsphere, nanosphere, microbead or nanobeads.
 Capsule camera with variable illumination of the surrounding tissue patent thumbnailnew patent Capsule camera with variable illumination of the surrounding tissue
The invention relates to an ingestible capsule and method for in vivo imaging and/or treatment of one or more diseased areas of interest within the gastrointestinal tract of an animal or human being. The capsule comprises an image sensor; a lens system for focusing images onto the image sensor; at least one light source for illumination of the tissue area of interest, the at least one light source optionally being capable of providing optical therapeutic treatment to the diseased areas; a variable lens system located in front of the at least one light source, wherein the variable lens system comprises beam steering means and focusing means for directing and focusing the light beams from the at least one light source onto the diseased tissue areas; a control unit in communication with the image sensor, the at least one light source, and variable lens system, the control unit comprising image storing means, processing means and image transmission means; wherein the control unit correlates stored images received from the image sensor as the capsule travels through the gastrointestinal tract and controls the beam steering means and focusing means of the variable lens system to ensure that the light beams from the at least one light source are directed and focused onto the diseased tissue areas; a power source for powering the image sensor, the at least one light source and the control unit; and a non-digestible, transparent outer protective shell configured to pass through the gastrointestinal tract, housing within the image sensor, the lens system, the at least one light source, the variable lens system, the control unit and the power source..
new patent Thermally expandable microcapsule and foam-molded article
A thermally expandable microcapsule, which shows excellent heat resistance and a high expansion ratio and thereby can be suitably used for molding processes involving high shearing force, such as kneading molding, calender molding, extrusion molding, and injection molding. The thermally expandable microcapsule also provides a foamed product using the thermally expandable microcapsule.
new patent Cleavable lipids
Disclosed herein are novel compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds and related methods of their use. The compounds described herein are useful, e.g., as liposomal delivery vehicles to facilitate the delivery of encapsulated polynucleotides to target cells and subsequent transfection of said target cells, and in certain embodiments are characterized as having one or more properties that afford such compounds advantages relative to other similarly classified lipids..
new patent Novel trialkyl cationic lipids and methods of use thereof
The present invention provides compositions and methods for the delivery of therapeutic agents to cells. In particular, these include novel cationic lipids and nucleic acid-lipid particles that provide efficient encapsulation of nucleic acids and efficient delivery of the encapsulated nucleic acid to cells in vivo.
new patent Microcapsules and uses thereof
The present invention relates to perfume-containing microcapsules having both an aqueous inner phase and an oily inner phase, which can be used in home or personal care products, as well as to the process for producing these microcapsules and the consumer products comprising them.. .
new patent Capsule array devices and methods of use
This disclosure provides microwell capsule array devices. The microwell capsule array devices are generally capable of performing one or more sample preparation operations.
new patent Variable release water dispersible granule composition
A water dispersible granule composition comprising microcapsules comprising at least one agrochemical active ingredient encapsulated within a urea formaldehyde polymeric shell wall, at least one inert filler and at least one agrochemical excipients.. .
new patent Package including an interposer having at least one topological feature
Embodiments include but are not limited to apparatuses and systems including semiconductor packages, e.g. Memory packages, having an interposer including at least one topological feature, such as a depression in a surface of the interposer, a die coupled to the surface of the interposer, and an encapsulant material formed over the die and the interposer, and disposed in the at least one depression to resist movement of the encapsulant material relative to the interposer.
new patent Organic light emitting diode display
Disclosed is an organic light emitting diode (oled) display comprising a substrate; an organic light emitting element disposed on the substrate; an encapsulation substrate disposed on the organic light emitting element; and an adhesive layer formed on the substrate, covering the organic light emitting element, and bonding the substrate on which the organic light emitting element is formed with the encapsulation substrate.. .
new patent System and method for optical detection using capillary action
A system and method for the detection of one or more analytes in a collected sample employs capillary action in a sample card containing a sample substrate, at least one test capsule and an absorbent pad. The absorbent pad absorbs the contents of the test capsule and delivers the same to the sample substrate, with the contents of the test capsule chemically reacting with at least one detection reagent to establish an optical indicator for the analyte(s).
new patent Vibrio cholerae 0139 conjugate vaccines
The disclosure pertains to conjugates of the capsular polysaccharide of vibrio cholerae o139, or a structurally and/or immunologically related oligo- or poly-saccharide, and a carrier. These conjugates are useful as pharmaceutical compositions and/or vaccines to induce serum antibodies which have bactericidal (vibriocidal) activity against v.
new patent Method for preparing a silicon/carbon composite material, material so prepared, and electrode, in particular negative electrode, comprising said material
Silicon/carbon composite material, consisting of at least one capsule comprising a silicon shell within which there are carbon nano-objects partially or totally covered with silicon, and silicon nano-objects. The capsule may further comprise an amorphous carbon shell inside the silicon shell and adjacent to the latter.
new patent Capsules, apparatus and methods for preparing a beverage
A beverage preparation capsule containing a beverage preparation ingredient, having a body with side walls formed from one or more substantially air- and liquid-impermeable sheet materials defining a chamber containing a beverage preparation ingredient and further defining an outlet channel having an upstream end in fluid communication with the chamber for escape of beverage from the chamber. At least a region of the outlet channel is filled by a filtration material for filtering the beverage escaping from the chamber.
new patent Capsule with messaging system
A capsule is provided with a body defining an interior space having an opening. A filter is disposed in the interior space to define an ingredients chamber.
new patent Particulate flavor delivery system, a method of making it and use thereof
A particulate flavour delivery system comprising a starch carrier and a blend of a first flavouring agent and a plasticizer, said first flavouring agent being non-liquid at a temperature of 20° c. To 25° c., and said plasticizer being liquid at a temperature of 20° c.
new patent Flow medium
A flow medium for distributing a resin in vacuum assisted resin transfer molding processes for manufacturing long, thick and more complex composite parts comprises a flow channel encapsulated by a layer of fibrous material, which provides a high volume flow of resin distributed in a timely manner in the mold.. .
new patent Method of preparing microspheres by using polymer having sol-gel transition property and microspheres prepared thereby
The present invention relates to a method of preparing microspheres by using a polymer having a sol-gel transition property and microspheres prepared thereby, and more particularly, to a method of preparing microspheres by using a polymer having a sol-gel transition property and microspheres prepared thereby capable of preventing a solvent in a polymer solution for a carrier from being rapidly diffused to the aqueous medium before formation of the microspheres to reduce porosity of the microspheres and reduce surface roughness of the microspheres in order to obtain microspheres having a sphere shape, and increasing an encapsulation ratio of a bioactive substance, by using a polymer having a sol-gel transition property as a surfactant included in an aqueous medium into which a primary emulsion is injected and gelating a secondary emulsion formed after injecting the primary emulsion using the sol-gel transition property of the polymer used as the surfactant.. .
new patent Extended-release topiramate capsules
An extended-release topiramate capsule that includes a capsule shell containing a single population of coated particles; wherein each coated particle includes a core and a coating thereon; wherein each particle core includes a homogeneous mixture comprising topiramate throughout its core; and wherein the coating includes one or more release controlling agent(s).. .
new patent Soft-gelatin capsule formulation
The present invention discloses a soft gelatin capsule formulation of a 15-keto-prostaglandin compound, which comprises: a soft gelatin capsule shell comprising gelatin and sugar alcohol as a plasticizer, and a mixture comprising a 15-keto-prostaglandin compound and a pharmaceutically acceptable vehicle which is filled in the shell. By encapsulating the 15-keto-prostaglandin compound in the specified soft gelatin capsule shell, stability of the compound is significantly improved..
new patent Vesicle-encapsulated corticosteroids for the treatment of cancer
The invention further relates to a new pharmaceutical composition suitable for treating cancer, and especially solid primary and secondary tumors.. .
new patent Hybrid polyurea fragrance encapsulate formulation and method for using the same
A hybrid polyurea encapsulate formulation obtained by mixing a starch/fragrance emulsion with a polyurea capsule suspension is provided as is a method of using the formulation in a personal care product, a beauty care product, a fabric care product, a home care product, a personal hygiene product, an oral care product and a method for releasing an encapsulated fragrance by moisture, shear, or a combination thereof.. .

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