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Tunnelling of information

Tectia Oyj

Tunnelling of information

Packet forwarding method and apparatus, and data center network

Huawei Technologies

Packet forwarding method and apparatus, and data center network

Packet forwarding method and apparatus, and data center network

International Business Machines

Armature-clad mram device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Caps-related patents
 Condenser microphone capsule backplate patent thumbnailCondenser microphone capsule backplate
An assembly for a condenser microphone capsule, the assembly comprising: a plate having opposing planar surfaces and one or more tabs extending laterally from a peripheral region, at least one tab being adapted to receive an electrical connector; and a mount affixed around at least a portion of the peripheral region.. .
Freedman Electronics Pty Limited

 Tunnelling of information patent thumbnailTunnelling of information
This invention provides a method for providing network security services, such as those provided by the ipsec protocol, through network address translation (nat). The method is based on determining the transformations that occur on a packet and compensating for the transformations.
Tectia Oyj

 Packet forwarding method and apparatus, and data center network patent thumbnailPacket forwarding method and apparatus, and data center network
The present invention provides a packet forwarding method and apparatus, and a data center network. The data center network includes two tenant end systems, a local management function, and a network virtualization edge.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Armature-clad mram device patent thumbnailArmature-clad mram device
A magnetoresistive memory cell includes a magnetoresistive tunnel junction stack and a dielectric encapsulation layer covering sidewall portions of the stack and being opened over a top of the stack. A conductor is formed in contact with a top portion of the stack and covering the encapsulation layer.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Semiconductor light-emitting device patent thumbnailSemiconductor light-emitting device
A semiconductor light-emitting device having favorable optical characteristics can include a first conductor pattern having a die-bonding pad and a second conductor pattern having a wire bonding pad, which are formed on a circuit board. The semiconductor light-emitting device can also include a semiconductor light-emitting chip mounted on the die-bonding pad, a first encapsulating material, which can include a wavelength converting material to wavelength-convert light emitted from the chip and can cover the chip in a substantially fair dome shape on the circuit board, and a second encapsulating resin to cover the first encapsulating material, which can transmit light emitted from the first encapsulating material.
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

 Optoelectronic semiconductor chip having a plurality of active regions arranged alongside one another patent thumbnailOptoelectronic semiconductor chip having a plurality of active regions arranged alongside one another
An optoelectronic semiconductor chip is disclosed. The optoelectronic semiconductor chip includes a semiconductor layer sequence having an active zone suitable for emitting radiation, a carrier substrate, and a mirror layer, the mirror layer being arranged between the semiconductor layer sequence and the carrier substrate, wherein the semiconductor layer sequence is subdivided into a plurality of active regions arranged alongside one another, wherein the plurality of active regions are separated from one another in each case by a trench in the semiconductor layer sequence, wherein the trench in each case severs the semiconductor layer sequence and the mirror layer, wherein the mirror layer has side surfaces facing a trench and side surfaces facing an outer side of the semiconductor chip, wherein the side surfaces of the mirror layer that face an outer side of the semiconductor chip have a metallic encapsulation layer..
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

 Encapsulant modification in heavily phosphor loaded led packages for improved stability patent thumbnailEncapsulant modification in heavily phosphor loaded led packages for improved stability
Heavily phosphor loaded led packages having higher stability and a method for increasing the stability of heavily phosphor loaded led packages. The silicone content of the packages is increased by decreasing the amount of one phosphor of the blend or by increasing the thickness of the silicone phosphor blend layer..
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc

 Method of passivating an iron disulfide surface via encapsulation in zinc sulfide patent thumbnailMethod of passivating an iron disulfide surface via encapsulation in zinc sulfide
A method for passivating the surface of crystalline iron disulfide (fes2) by encapsulating it in crystalline zinc sulfide (zns). Also disclosed is the related product comprising fes2 encapsulated by zns in which the sulfur atoms at the fes2 surfaces are passivated.

 Semiconductor device and  forming 3d dual side die embedded build-up semiconductor package patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and forming 3d dual side die embedded build-up semiconductor package
A semiconductor device has a plurality of semiconductor die. A substrate is provided with bumps disposed over the substrate.
Stats Chippac, Ltd.

 Methods and apparatuses to form self-aligned caps patent thumbnailMethods and apparatuses to form self-aligned caps
At least one conductive line in a dielectric layer over a substrate is recessed to form a channel. The channel is self-aligned to the conductive line.
Intel Corporation


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

Provided is a semiconductor device using a lead frame, in which an outer lead (5) is electrically connected to an inner lead suspension lead (3) via an inner lead, and hence a plated film is also formed on an outer lead cut surface (11) so that a solder layer is easily formed on all of surfaces of the outer lead extending from an encapsulating resin (10). Further, the inner lead suspension lead (3) includes a first narrowed portion (12a), which can suppress impact to be generated when the inner lead suspension lead is cut..
Seiko Instruments Inc.


Semiconductor package

A semiconductor package is provided. The semiconductor package includes a substrate, a semiconductor chip mounted on an upper surface of the substrate, an encapsulant formed to cover sides of the semiconductor chip on the upper surface of the substrate, a heat transfer layer formed on the upper surface of the semiconductor chip and an upper surface of the encapsulant, and a heat slug including a plurality of metal plates disposed to be spaced apart from each other on an upper surface of the heat transfer layer..


Methods of forming reduced resistance local interconnect structures and the resulting devices

A method includes forming a layer of insulating material above first and second transistors, within the layer of insulating material, forming a set of initial device-level contacts for each of the first and second transistors, wherein each set of initial device-level contacts comprises a plurality of source/drain contacts and a gate contact, forming an initial local interconnect structure that is conductively coupled to one of the initial device-level contacts in each of the first and second transistors, and removing the initial local interconnect structure and portions, but not all, of the initial device-level contacts for each the first and second transistors. The method also includes forming a copper local interconnect structure and copper caps above the recessed device-level contacts..
Globalfoundries Inc.


Ambient sampling mass spectrometry and chemometric analysis for screening encapsulated electronic and electrical components for counterfeits

A method and apparatus for identification of a counterfeit electronic component, subjecting a suspected counterfeit electronic to an analytical method of ambient surface analysis to desorb and ionize compounds directly from a suspected counterfeit electronic surface with no pretreatment, detecting the resultant ions, comparing the identified ions to known standards, and returning a confidence that the suspected counterfeit electronic being analyzed is counterfeit.. .
United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Simplified electronic module for a smart card with a dual communication interface

An electronic module with a dual contact and contactless communication interface, has, on a first face, an electric contact terminal for contact with corresponding contacts of a smart card reader, and, on a second face, an antenna with a coil and a microelectronic chip coated with insulating resin and provided with a contactless communication interface. The antenna has a proximal connection pad and a distal connection pad to be connected to the corresponding terminals of the contactless communication interface of the chip.
Smart Packaging Solutions


Electrophotographic toner and producing the same

Disclosed is a decolorizable electrophotographic toner, including: a binder resin; and a colorant which contains at least a color developable compound and a color developing agent and is covered with an outer shell so as to have a capsule structure, wherein the number ratio of particles having an equivalent circle diameter of 0.6 μm or more and 2.5 μm or less of the toner when measured using a flow particle image analyzer after the toner is dispersed in an aqueous medium at a ratio of 0.08% by weight and the resulting dispersion is subjected to a stirring treatment in which stirring is performed at 5000 rpm for 30 minutes using a homogenizer (t-25 digital ultra-turrax (manufactured by ika japan k.k., provided with a shaft generator s25n-10g)) is 30% by number or less.. .
The Pilot Ink Co., Ltd.


Methods for fabricating display structures

An electronic device display may have a color filter layer and a thin film transistor layer. A layer of liquid crystal material may be interposed between the color filter layer and the thin film transistor layer.
Apple Inc.


Display device with microcavities

The disclosure relates to a display device, and more particularly to a display device having an improved aperture ratio and robustness. The display device may provide a display device including: a substrate; a thin film transistor formed on the substrate; a pixel electrode connected to the thin film transistor; microcavities formed on the pixel electrode, the microcavities holding liquid crystals; a roof layer formed on the microcavities and covering some sides of the microcavities; and an encapsulation layer formed on the roof layer to seal the microcavities, wherein sides of neighboring microcavities define openings are disposed in a matrix configuration..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Wireless, motion and position-sensing, integrating radiation sensor for occupational and environmental dosimetry

Described is a radiation dosimeter including multiple sensor devices (including one or more passive integrating electronic radiation sensor, a mems accelerometers, a wireless transmitters and, optionally, a gps, a thermistor, or other chemical, biological or emf sensors) and a computer program for the simultaneous detection and wireless transmission of ionizing radiation, motion and global position for use in occupational and environmental dosimetry. The described dosimeter utilizes new processes and algorithms to create a self-contained, passive, integrating dosimeter.
Landauer, Inc.


Leak detection device in joints between pipes with flanges and gaskets

The present invention relates to a device for detecting leaks of liquids or gases caused by temperature variations, pressure variations, wear on the clamping and coupling devices, wear on sealing devices, by corrosive action, among others, in joints between pipes made by flanges (f) and together and basically comprises a strip (1) to be applied to the region of the “gap” (g) between flanges (f) with a pressure sensor (2) and protective caps (3) adapted to a screw head casing (pe) and nuts (p) employed for mounting between flanges (f).. .
Petroenge PetrÓelo Engenharia Ltda


Deposition source, deposition apparatus, and manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus

A deposition source for depositing a deposition material on a substrate, the deposition source including: a nozzle disposed to face the substrate and discharge the deposition material toward the substrate; and a hardening portion disposed to at least one side of the nozzle for immediately hardening the deposition material discharged via the nozzle when the deposition material reaches the substrate. The deposition source being part of a deposition apparatus for manufacturing an organic light-emitting display having improved characteristics of a deposited film and encapsulation characteristics..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Use of composition to reduce weeping and migration through a wate soluble film

B) solvent system comprising at least one primary solvent having hansen solubility (δ) of less than 29 said composition being encapsulated in a water soluble film pouch, for reducing migration and weeping of said composition through said film.. .


Enhanced deposition of ethyl vanillin or vanillin with friable microcapsules

The present invention is an ethyl vanillin and/or vanillin friable shell-core microcapsule composition prepared by combining ethyl vanillin or vanillin with preformed friable shell-core microcapsules for a time sufficient for the ethyl vanillin or vanillin and microencapsulates to interact. Wash off consumer products and a method for depositing ethyl vanillin or vanillin on a surface are also provided..
International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.


Thermoformable polymer thick film transparent conductor and its use in capacitive switch circuits

This invention is directed to a polymer thick film transparent conductive composition that may be used in applications where thermoforming of the base substrate occurs, e.g., as in capacitive switches. Polycarbonate substrates are often used as the substrate and the polymer thick film conductive composition may be used without any barrier layer.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Polycyclic polysiloxane composition and led containing same

The present disclosure describes the use of a polycyclic polysiloxane polymer for light emitting diodes (leds). The polymer is characterized by high flame retardancy, high temperature stability, and low moisture and gas permeability.
Osram Sylvania Inc.


Wafer level hermetic bond using metal alloy with raised feature and wetting layer

Systems and methods for forming an encapsulated device include a substantially hermetic seal which seals a device in an environment between two substrates. The substantially hermetic seal is formed by an alloy of two metal layers, one having a lower melting temperature than the other.
Innovative Micro Technology


Flat bar opener

A flat bar opener used to remove crown caps wherein the opener has a hook to hold the opener on a clothing loop or pocket worn by the user in order to keep the opener in a readily retrievable position. Further provided are various tools distal to the cap removal aperture.


Apparatus and feeding empty capsules to a packaging machine

A feeding apparatus for feeding single empty capsules to a packaging machines includes a magazine (11) adapted to house a stack (12) of trays (13) including a plurality of empty capsules; a drawing and moving device (14) adapted to draw from the stack (12), and move, a tray (13); a separation device adapted to receive the tray (13) from the drawing and moving device (14) and to obtain single empty capsules; and a transfer system (16) adapted to transfer the empty capsules from the separation device to a transport system of the packaging machine.. .
I.m.a. Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.a.


Method of manipulating encapsulation of color changing materials

Methods of manipulating a color displayed by a transfer medium or substrate comprising iron oxide colloidal nanocrystals arranged within chains, wherein each chain of nanocrystals is encapsulated are described. The method includes (a) applying a magnetic field to the transfer medium or substrate to control the color displayed by the transfer medium or substrate; and (b) applying energy to at least some of the chains of nanocrystals at a level that destroys the encapsulation surrounding the chains of nanocrystals to which the energy is applied..
Adidas Ag


Pneumoccal polysacchride conjugate vaccine

The present invention is in the field of pneumococcal capsular saccharide conjugate vaccines. Specifically, a multivalent streptococcus pneumoniae immunogenic composition is provided with various conjugated capsular saccharides from different s.
Glaxosmithkline Biologicals S.a.


Recruitment of mensenchymal cells using controlled release systems

The present invention provides microparticles that deliver in vivo predictable release profiles of at least one chemokine to create a biomimetic chemokine concentration gradient that induces the migration of multipotent stem cells to the anatomical site of the microparticles. Various release profiles are demonstrated that depend upon the relative concentration of alginate in the chemokine-loaded microparticle.
University Of Pittsburgh-of The Commonwealth Syste System Of Higher Education


Layering and microencapsulation of thermal sensitive biologically active material using heat absorbing material layers having increasing melting points

A layered microencapsulation structure and a method of preparation of the layered structure are provided herein. The layered microcapsules comprises different coating layers having a specific arrangement order where each layer is composed of at least one phase change material which is able to absorb heat from surroundings and still to keep constant temperature or an insignificant increase in temperature via a fusion process occurring at a specific temperature (e.g.
Keepcool Ltd.


Extended-release topiramage capsules

An extended-release topiramate capsule that includes a capsule shell containing a single population of coated particles; wherein each coated particle includes a core and a coating thereon; wherein each particle core includes a homogeneous mixture comprising topiramate throughout its core; and wherein the coating includes one or more release controlling agent(s).. .
Upsher-smith Laboratories, Inc.


Biodegradable microcapsules containing filling material

Biodegradable microcapsules include a biodegradable polymer shell and filling material. The polymer shell completely encompasses the filling material.
Akina, Inc.


Formulation for retinoid-containing soft gelatin capsules

A new pharmaceutical formulation for retinoid-containing soft gelatin capsules is disclosed. The new formulation comprises a soft gelatin capsule filled with a fill mass comprising a retinoid as an active ingredient, a natural vegetable oil, a partially hydrogenated natural vegetable oil and medium chain triglycerides.
Glaxo Group Limited


Microcapsule comprising glycoprotein derived from plants

The present invention relates to a microcapsule containing a glycoprotein derived from plants. Also, the present invention provides a microcapsule having oxidation ability and which is easy to prepare.
Amorepacific Corporation


Methods and systems for performing a capsulotomy

A method of performing a capsulotomy comprises applying a light-absorbing agent to a lens capsule of an eye 1; illuminating the lens capsule using a first light beam and recording an image of the lens capsule using a camera 43; analyzing the recorded image and determining whether the light absorbing agent has been correctly applied to the lens capsule; if it is determined that the light absorbing agent has been correctly applied to the lens capsule, directing a shaped second light beam 19 onto a predetermined line on the lens capsule in order to modify a structure of a tissue of the lens capsule. The first light beam can be generated by defocusing the second light beam using a lens 37..
Carl Zeiss Ag


Surgical system for opening the lens capsule in an eye

A surgical system for opening the lens capsule in an eye includes an application instrument introducible into the anterior chamber of the eye through an incision in the cornea and/or in the sclera. The application instrument has a contact body that is placeable against the anterior capsular wall of the lens capsule of the eye.
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag


Intraocular lens having an optical and a haptic part, making an intraocular lens and implanting an intraocular lens into an eye

An intraocular lens has an optical part and a haptic adjoining the optical part. At least one additional fixation element that differs from the haptic is formed on at least an upper side of the intraocular lens.
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag


Device for arthroscopic use, and diagnosis or treatment of joint ailments using said device

Method and device used in arthroscopy for the diagnosis or treatment of a joint (2) surrounded at least partially by a capsule (3). The device (1) includes a plate (6) and a traction element (10).
Unidad De CirugÍa ArtroscÓpica, S.l.


Implantable biosensor and methods of use thereof

Disclosed herein is an analyte sensing device capable of continuously monitoring metabolic levels of a plurality of analytes. The device comprises an external unit, which, for example, could be worn around the wrist like a wristwatch or could be incorporated into a cell phone or pda device, and an implantable sensor platform that is suitable, for example, for implantation under the skin.
Optoelectronics Systems Consulting, Inc.


End caps for blood pressure cuffs and blood pressure cuffs therewith

This disclosure relates generally to medical devices. An end cap for a blood pressure cuff can comprise a flexible outer covering part, wherein an inner hole may be arranged on said outer covering part, said inner hole may be a blind hole, and said outer covering part is capable of clamping an outer wall of an air plug arranged on the blood pressure cuff by interference fit between said inner hole and said air plug; the end cap may be inserted into an inner wall and/or clamp an outer wall of the air plug to seal the open end of the air plug, thus small particles, such as dust, and cleaning and disinfectant liquid cannot enter into the blood pressure cuff and thus cause an air path jam and corrode air path components during deflating, thereby prolonging the life of the blood pressure cuff..
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.


Beverage machine

A machine (1) for preparing a beverage from an ingredient capsule (20), comprises: an ingredient capsule processing module (15) having a chamber (16,17) for processing the capsule therein; a passage (2) for a transfer of the capsule to the chamber; and a capsule positioner (40) having at least one member (45a, 45b) that is pivotable about a pivoting axis (a) from a position for receiving and holding the capsule to a position for releasing the capsule into the passage (2). The pivoting axis extends through an area (44′) occupied by the capsule when held by the pivotable member(s)..
Nestec S.a.


Smoking article with manually releasable odorant

A smoking article has an outer surface and a plurality of frangible microcapsules provided on the outer surface, wherein the microcapsules are capable of being manually ruptured by a consumer to release an odorant encapsulated therein. The smoking article preferably comprises a wrapped tobacco rod; and a filter attached to the wrapped tobacco rod by tipping paper, a mouth end portion of which is “over tipped” with a band or strip of “peel and sniff” microcapsules and/or a band or strip of “scratch and sniff” microcapsules..
Philip Morris Usa Inc.


Encapsulated essential oils

A process for the preparation of essential oil microcapsules including dissolving a di- or polyisocyanate into an essential oil, emulsifying the resulting mixture in an aqueous solution containing a di- or polyamine, and or a di or polyhydroxy compound to effect encapsulation of the essential oil through interfacial polymerization, whereby there is formed a polyurea and/or polyurethane film around the essential oil droplets which film enhances the stability of the essential oil, reduces its evaporation rate and controls its release rate when applied to a substrate.. .
Ben-gurion University Of The Negev Research And Development Authority


Encapsulated wood preservatives

A method of incorporating biocides into wood or a wood product, the method including the steps of synthesising a plurality of capsules each having an outer shell of polymer and incorporating within each said capsule an additive which includes an organic biocide, and then applying the said capsules to the wood or wood product in a manner whereby the capsules penetrate the wood or wood product.. .
Tapuae Partnership


Multiple mode artificial fishing lure

A multiple mode fishing lure that includes a main body portion having a waterproof inner capsule, the waterproof inner capsule containing an electronic circuit to produce sounds which mimic bait fish. The electronic circuit includes a controller having pre-recorded bait fish sounds stored thereon and operationally coupled to a speaker to broadcast the bait fish sounds, a power source for providing power to the components of the electronic circuit, and a plurality of electrodes, wherein each electrode can be actuated, and wherein actuation of at least one of the plurality of electrodes gives an operational result.
Spfm, L.p.


Data processing method, communications board and device

Embodiments of the present invention provide a data processing method, a communications board and a device. The method includes: acquiring, by a first communications board, an optical channel data unit odu data flow; performing, by the first communications board, slicing processing on the odu data flow according to a fixed frame frequency, so as to obtain various slices, where each slice includes a section of continuous odu data in the odu data flow; separately encapsulating, by the first communications board, each slice into an ethernet frame; and sending, by the first communications board, each ethernet frame to a time division multiplexing tdm service switching module in an ethernet switching chip, so that the tdm service switching module sends each ethernet frame to a second communications board to which a destination mac address carried in the ethernet frame directs..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and methods for packetized content delivery over a bandwidth efficient network

Methods and apparatus for providing packetized content to users via a bandwidth-optimized network. In one embodiment, legacy and iptv streams are carried over the same switched digital infrastructure, and freely intermixed without regard to their encoding or type.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Encapsulation of video scanning format information for media transport and storage

A method and apparatus for attaching scanning format information for video data for purposes of media transport or media storage are provided, thus enabling efficient compression, decompression and display of the video data. The information is attached to the media transport or storage format header in the form of a descriptor or as a data structure..
Zte (uk) Limited


Distributed coordination of network elements for packet encapsulation

In one embodiment, an encapsulator device receives a source stream of encoded packets in a first transport format and converts the source stream to packets of an output stream in a second transport format for communication over a data network. The encapsulator device generates a mapping stream with information indicating which packets in the source stream are used to generate the output stream.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Method and system for handling subscribers' network traffic

A method for handling subscribers' network traffic between a cpe (customer premises equipment) and a broadband access network includes establishing a subscriber session between the cpe and a bng (broadband network gateway, an entity within the broadband access network), to set up a network route between the cpe and the bng. Data transmitted within the subscriber session are encapsulated into protocol frames.
Nec Europe Ltd.


Software defined infrastructures that encapsulate physical server resources into logical resource pools

A software defined infrastructure (sdi) makes available a subset of a computer server's resources to a cloud solution or workload. Multiple subsets of resources can be combined in a sdi to provide a logical resource pool.
International Business Machines Corporation


Software defined infrastructures that encapsulate physical server resources into logical resource pools

A software defined infrastructure (sdi) makes available a subset of a computer server's resources to a cloud solution or workload. Multiple subsets of resources can be combined in a sdi to provide a logical resource pool.
International Business Machines Corporation


Electrical contact plug and plug housing

An electrical contact plug has a cable with a plurality of conductor cores connected thereto. A plug housing extends in the longitudinal direction and extends from a front contact region up to a rear insertion region.
Leoni Bordnetz-systeme Gmbh


Organic light emitting display apparatus and manufacturing the same

Provided are an organic light emitting display apparatus and a method of manufacturing the same. The organic light emitting display apparatus includes: a thin film transistor (tft) substrate including a plurality of thin film transistors, an organic light-emissive device on the tft substrate, and an encapsulation layer on the tft substrate and the organic light-emissive device, the encapsulation layer being configured to cover the organic light-emissive device, the encapsulation layer including a hybrid material including: a block copolymer, and functionalized graphene..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Display device

A display device is disclosed. In one aspect, the display device comprises a display panel, a window cover, at least one align key and a sealing portion.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Composition for encapsulant and encapsulant and electronic device

Provided are a composition for an encapsulant having a viscosity of about 4,000 to about 9,500 mpa·s when measured using a brookfield (dv-ii+pro) spindle no. 52 at a torque of about 90% under atmospheric pressure at about 23° c., whereby maintaining a phosphor precipitation degree within about 18% when including a phosphor and allowed to stand at about 23° c.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Method of forming an electronic article

An electronic article has a perimeter and includes a superstrate, an optoelectronic element disposed on the superstrate, and a silicone encapsulant that is formed from a curable silicone composition and that is disposed on the optoelectronic element sandwiching the optoelectronic element between the superstrate and the silicone encapsulant. The electronic article is formed using a method that includes the step of depositing the curable silicone composition on the optoelectronic element in a pattern defining at least one passage extending from an interior of the electronic article to a perimeter of the electronic article.
Dow Corning Corporation



A photosensor simplifies the resin molding process for an emitter element, a receiver element, and a luminous element forming an operation indicator lamp. The photosensor includes an emitter element, an emitter-encapsulating portion, a receiver element, a receiver-encapsulating portion, a circuit portion, and a circuit-encapsulating portion.
Omron Corporation



A photosensor includes a sensor module in which emitter and receiver leads protrude from a circuit-encapsulating portion in a direction intersecting with a direction in which an external connecting terminal extends. The photosensor includes a light emitter, a light receiver, a circuit-encapsulating portion, a connecting terminal, first and second emitter leads, and first and second receiver leads.
Omron Corporation


Led device with embedded nanowire leds

A nanowire device and a method of forming a nanowire device that is poised for pick up and transfer to a receiving substrate are described. In an embodiment, the nanowire device includes a base layer and a plurality of nanowires on and protruding away from a first surface of the base layer.
Luxvue Technology Corporation

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