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Capillary patents

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Reagent patterning in capillarity-based analyzers and associated systems and methods

Slow cooker with thermometer for indicating a temperature condition of the food in the cooking vessel

Capillary absorption spectrometer and process for isotopic analysis of small samples

Date/App# patent app List of recent Capillary-related patents
 Integrated modular unit including an analyte concentrator-microreactor device connected to a cartridge-cassette patent thumbnailIntegrated modular unit including an analyte concentrator-microreactor device connected to a cartridge-cassette
The present invention relates to an immunoaffinity device for capturing one or more analytes present at high or low concentrations in simple or complex matrices. The device is designed as an integrated modular unit and connected to capillary electrophoresis or liquid chromatography for the isolation, enrichment, separation and identification of polymeric macromolecules, primarily protein biomarkers.
 Reagent patterning in capillarity-based analyzers and associated systems and methods patent thumbnailReagent patterning in capillarity-based analyzers and associated systems and methods
The present technology describes various embodiments of devices for processing, analyzing, detecting, measuring, and separating fluids. The devices can be used to perform these processes on a microfluidic scale, and with control over fluid and reagent transport.
 Slow cooker with thermometer for indicating a temperature condition of the food in the cooking vessel patent thumbnailSlow cooker with thermometer for indicating a temperature condition of the food in the cooking vessel
A slow cooker having a thermometer such as a capillary thermometer and a graphic display device for indicating a temperature condition of the food product contained within the cooking vessel, the thermometer measuring the temperature of an outer surface of the cooking vessel and the graphic display device displaying the temperature measured by the thermometer but adjusted by a correlation factor to indicate at least an approximate temperature of the food product within the cooking vessel.. .
 Capillary absorption spectrometer and process for isotopic analysis of small samples patent thumbnailCapillary absorption spectrometer and process for isotopic analysis of small samples
A capillary absorption spectrometer and process are described that provide highly sensitive and accurate stable absorption measurements of analytes in a sample gas that may include isotopologues of carbon and oxygen obtained from gas and biological samples. It further provides isotopic images of microbial communities that allow tracking of nutrients at the single cell level.
 Capillary microcuvette having double loading means patent thumbnailCapillary microcuvette having double loading means
The present invention relates to a capillary microcuvette, the microcuvette comprises a body member having two plates and a cavity formed within the body, the cavity being defined by two opposing inner surfaces of the two plates of the body member, a portion of the cavity defining a detection zone, a capillary inlet being provided at one end of the body member that is communicated with the cavity, a sample slot being provided at a portion of the body member in which the capillary inlet is not formed, the sample slot being communicated with the cavity. The present microcuvette improves user convenience by providing dual application means of applying a specimen directly from a fingertip or using a pipette..
 Means of introducing an analyte into liquid sampling atmospheric pressure glow discharge patent thumbnailMeans of introducing an analyte into liquid sampling atmospheric pressure glow discharge
A liquid sampling, atmospheric pressure, glow discharge (ls-apgd) device as well as systems that incorporate the device and methods for using the device and systems are described. The ls-apgd includes a hollow capillary for delivering an electrolyte solution to a glow discharge space.
 Plasma generator, manufacturing method of rotating electrode for plasma generator, method for performing plasma treatment of substrate, and method for forming thin film having mixed structure by using plasma patent thumbnailPlasma generator, manufacturing method of rotating electrode for plasma generator, method for performing plasma treatment of substrate, and method for forming thin film having mixed structure by using plasma
A plasma generator according to an embodiment of the present invention is provided to generate a high density and stable plasma at near atmospheric pressure by preventing a transition of plasma to arc. The plasma generator includes a plate-shaped lower electrode for seating a substrate; and a cylindrical rotating electrode on the plate-shaped lower electrode, wherein the cylindrical rotating electrode includes an electrically conductive body that is connected to a power supply and includes a plurality of capillary units on an outer circumferential surface of the electrically conductive body; and an insulation shield layer that is made of an insulation material or a dielectric material, exposes a lower surface of the plurality of capillary units, and shields other parts..
 Mass spectrometry device patent thumbnailMass spectrometry device
Vacuum gauges are arranged in intermediate vacuum chamber and analytical chamber 10 in which collision cell is installed, and gas pressure determination unit determines whether or not the gas pressures detected by vacuum gauges are at or below a threshold value prior to analysis, and issues an alert if they are at or below the threshold value. If the supply of cid gas into collision cell stagnates, the quantity of cid gas flowing out into the analytical chamber will decrease, and the degree of vacuum in the analytical chamber will thus become too high.
 Inhalation device patent thumbnailInhalation device
The present invention provides for the integration of drug dispersion methods into a drug or medicine delivery system. The drug dispersion methods used include shear (e.g., air across a drug, with or without a gas assist), capillary flow or a venturi effect, mechanical means such as spinning, vibration, or impaction, and turbulence (e.g., using mesh screens, or restrictions in the air path).
 Capillary microviscometer patent thumbnailCapillary microviscometer
Low-cost and easily-operated microviscometer suitable for medical diagnosis clinical studies and other fluid tests. The equipment consists of a microchannel (2) formed by concatenated microchannels made by micro-manufacturing techniques, and a fluid column position detector inside the microchannel.
Composite membrane for western blot containing pvdf nanofiber and manufacturing method thereof
Provided is a composite membrane for western blot, in which the composite membrane is prepared by combining nanofiber webs with nonwoven fabrics, and a basis weight of the nanofibers is in a range of 1 gsm to 50 gsm on the nonwoven fabrics, and an average pore size is in a range of 0.1 μm to 1.0 μm. The composite membrane for western blot including nanofibers has advantages such as saving of a production cost, and an excellent response characteristic due to a capillary phenomenon of a double structure, to thereby easily detect even a small amount of a particular substance present in a protein..
Spindle motor with hydrodynamic bearing structure having capillary seal and disk drive apparatus including same
A lubricating oil is arranged between stationary and rotating portions of a spindle motor. When the motor is stationary, upper and lower surfaces of the lubricating oil are respectively located in upper and lower capillary seal portions.
Stacked wafer ddr package
A top package used in a pop (package-on-package) package includes two memory die stacked with a redistribution layer (rdl) between the die. The first memory die is encapsulated in an encapsulant and coupled to a top surface of the rdl.
Poly and copoly(n-vinylamide)s and their use in capillary electrophoresis
The invention relates generally to polymers and copolymers comprising n-vinylamide-type monomers, their preparation, and compositions, such as electrophoresis separation media, containing the same; to supports, such as capillaries, containing these polymers; and methods for separating a mixture of biomolecules, especially polynucleotides, using capillary electrophoresis. Separation media comprising such polymers yield advantageous performance in the analysis and separation of biomolecules by capillary electrophoresis..
Electrode comprising an embedded layer, and a method for producing same
An electrode for transcutaneously transmitting electronic signals with a first layer that is designed to retain a liquid, also at least as a result of a capillary force, and an electrically conductive polymer layer, which contains conductive particles. The first layer is partially permeated by the polymer layer such that it protrudes out of said polymer layer on at least one first side.
Method for making a coiled tubing assembly
A coiled tubing assembly includes coiled tubing having a side wall that defines an opening and an insert covering the opening and affixed to the coiled tubing. The coiled tubing has a longitudinal axis.
Low volume assay device having increased sensitivity
An assay device includes: a liquid sample zone; a reagent zone downstream and in fluid communication with the sample addition zone containing a reagent material; a detection zone in fluid communication with the reagent zone. The detection zone has a substrate and projections which extend substantially vertically from the substrate, wherein the projections have a height, cross-section and a distance between one another that defines a capillary space between the projections capable of generating capillary flow parallel to the substrate surface.
Micro-fluidic device
Embodiments described herein provide micro-fluidic systems and devices for use in performing various diagnostic and analytical tests. According to one embodiment, the micro-fluidic device includes a sample chamber for receiving a sample, and a reaction chamber for performing a chemical reaction.
Method for nano-dripping 1d, 2d or 3d structures on a substrate
A method for the production of nano- or microscaled id, 2d and/or 3d depositions from an solution (6), by means of a liquid reservoir (2) for holding the ink with an outer diameter (3,d) of at least 50 nm, is proposed, wherein there is provided an electrode (7,8 or 9) in contact with said ink (6) in said capillary (2), and wherein there is a counter electrode in and/or on and/or below and/or above a substrate (15) onto which the depositions are to be produced, including the steps of: i) keeping the electrode (7, 8, 9) and the counter electrode (15, 18) on an essentially equal potential; ii) establishing a potential difference between the electrode (7, 8, 9) and the counter electrode (15, 18) leading to the growth of an ink meniscus (1) at the nozzle (3) and to the ejection of droplets (13) at this meniscus with a homogeneous size smaller than the meniscus size (11) at a homogenous ejection frequency; keeping the voltage applied while the continuously dried droplets leave behind the dispersed material which leads a structure to emerge with essentially the same diameter as a single droplet, wherein the distance between the substrate (1) and the nozzle (3) is smaller than or equal to 20 times the meniscus diameter at least at the moment of nano-droplet ejection (12); wherein the conductivity of the ink (6) is high enough to stabilize the liquid meniscus during droplet ejection;. .
Hub and spindle assembly
A rotating hub and fixed spindle assembly with first and second fluid dynamic journal bearings and first and second fluid dynamic thrust bearings for a disc drive memory system has a pump seal and a radial ring seal at a first axial terminus for lubricant containment, and a capillary seal and a labyrinth seal at a second axial terminus for lubricant containment and storage. Lubricant fluid pressure differences between first and second seals are minimized through one or more lubricant fluid communicating channels in the hub assembly, in order to minimize lubricant fluid loss through a seal.
Sample analysis method and solution to be used therein
Provided are a sample analysis method using capillary electrophoresis capable of enhancing analysis accuracy, a solution for capillary electrophoresis, and a sample analysis kit. The sample analysis method includes separating and/or detecting a substance to be analyzed in a sample through capillary electrophoresis, in which the substance to be analyzed is separated and/or detected in the presence of a ph buffer substance and a non-surfactant-type zwitterionic substance.
Inhaler component
The invention relates to an inhaler component for forming a vapour/air mixture or/and condensation aerosol by evaporation of a liquid material (18) and, if appropriate, condensation of the formed vapour, comprising: an electric heating element for evaporating a portion of the liquid material (18); a wick with a capillary structure, which wick forms a composite (10) with the heating element and automatically supplies the heating element with the liquid material (18); a carrier plate (11), preferably a printed circuit board, which carries the composite (10) and on which the heating element is electrically contacted; a capillary gap (16) formed at least partially by the carrier plate (11) and automatically supplying the composite (10) with the liquid material (18), by means of an end portion of the wick extending into the capillary gap (16); a liquid container (19) which contains the liquid material (18) and from which the capillary gap (16) draws the liquid material (18). In order to achieve a compact overall arrangement, it is proposed that the capillary gap (16) at least partially covers the liquid container (19) on the outside, in a view perpendicular to the carrier plate (11)..
Method for producing sapphire substrate used in light emitting diode
In a method, a sapphire raw material is placed into the recess of a mold and melted by heating to infill the recess by capillary action to form a liquid film. A sapphire seed having a specific growing plane is moved to dip the growing plane into the liquid film, thus forming a solid-liquid interface.
Method for the conversion of energy and energy converter
Method and air conditioning system for the conversion of energy, particularly solar energy; the method featuring the steps of heating a first end (e1) of a base body (2) made of a porous material by way of electromagnetic radiation that impacts on an element of absorption (3), which is thermally coupled to the base body (2) at a first end (e1); supplying an evaporative fluid to the body base (2) at a second end (e2) as opposed to the first end (e1) so that the evaporative fluid penetrates inside the base body (2) and spreads inside the body base (2) by way of capillary action; and circulating a heat exchange fluid in contact with the base body (2) at the second end (e2).. .
Low-cost point-of-care assay device
The present disclosure provides methods and systems for analyzing a liquid sample. A micro-fluidic device to perform an assay of a liquid sample is described that includes a sample application site and a vent outlet in fluid communication with the capillary channel.
Disposable capillary electrophoresis detecting device
A disposable capillary electrophoresis detecting device includes a fixing device, a capillary electrophoresis microchip, and an electrochemical sensor microchip. The fixing device includes two chip-fixing bases having a first chip-holding cavity horizontally arranged and a second chip-holding cavity vertically arranged.
Pipe containing a metal casing with a plastics material inlay for use in low and high pressure applications, in particular as an hplc column
A chromatography column comprises a pipe that contains a tubular metal casing with an inlay and sealing ring. The inlay is configured as a plastics material tube and is pushed or drawn into the metal casing and a sealing ring of plastics material is connected to the inlay at the end.
Sonotrode with cutting mechanism
During mounting to an inlay substrate, at least one end portion (including end) of an antenna wire is positioned directly over a terminal of the chip module for subsequent connecting thereto. A sonotrode is disclosed with a cutter above the capillary for cutting or nicking the wire.
Silk-elastin like protein polymers for embolization and chemoembolization to treat cancer
A chemoembolic agent is disclosed that includes an injectable, recombinantly synthesized silk-elastin like protein copolymer and one or more chemotherapeutic agents. Upon injection, the chemoembolic agent blocks the tumor vasculature, including the capillary bed, and may optionally release chemotherapeutic agents.
Axial illumination for capillary electrophoresis
System and method for fluorescent light excitation and detection from samples to enhance the numerical aperture and/or reduce the cross-talk of the fluorescent light.. .
Method and system for producing calibrated microcapsules
The present invention relates to a method for producing microcapsules having a calibrated diameter and at least one parameter characteristic of the mechanical properties of an equally calibrated microcapsule, characterized in that the method includes the steps of: producing microcapsules by means of injection into a microsystem (10) of three fluids (f1, f2, f3); deforming the microcapsules by means generating a flow within a capillary tube (20); observing and acquiring the outline of at least one deformed microcapsule observed by an optical acquisition means (30); comparing the acquired outline with outlines from a collection of reference microcapsule outlines; determining the diameter and said at least one parameter characteristic of the mechanical properties of the observed microcapsule; and modifying the flow rates (q1, q2, and/or q3) of the fluids (f1, f2, f3). The present invention also relates to a system for producing calibrated microcapsules..
Capillary device for use in heat pipe and method of manufacturing such capillary device
A capillary device (102) for use in a heat pipe in which heat is transferred from at least one evaporation region to at least one condensation region by means of evaporated working fluid is disclosed. The capillary device comprises a body portion defining chambers (108) containing powdered material (110) therein, wherein at least part of the periphery of at least one said chamber is porous to allow flow of condensed working fluid, by means of capillary action, through said powdered material in said chamber when flowing from a condensation region to an evaporation region..
Glucose control test strip
A control test strip for glucose that includes a cover that forms a fluid path when affixed to the test strip substrate. The fluid path includes a glucose deposit area formed by drying a glucose solution on to the cover or onto the test strip substrate.
Array printing
The invention provides a method of printing, onto a substrate (12), an array (14) of spots of reagent compositions for use in a chemical and/or biochemical analysis. The method includes displacing an array of reagent composition containing capillary tubes (22) arranged alongside one another from an inoperative position to an operative position in which open ends of the capillary tubes (22) simultaneously impinge against a substrate and thereafter displacing the array of tubes (22) from the operative position back to the inoperative position.
Metallic ink composition and writing instrument containing same
Metallic ink compositions for use in capillary-action markers are provided. More particularly, a metallic ink composition includes an organic solvent, a metallic pigment, and a resin component..
A pipette for delivering a measured volume of liquid having an elongated hollow tubular body (or capillary tube) (2) configured to draw liquid by capillary action, the hollow tubular body having a lower open end and an upper open end; and a chamber (3) structurally connected to the upper end of the tubular body (2), the chamber having an orifice (4) in the upper portion of the chamber.. .
Distance-based quantitative analysis using a capillarity-based analytical device
Apparatus for quantitative analytical measurements using capillarity-based analytical devices is described. Porous cellulose (i.e., common filter paper) may be used as the reagent carrier for the analyses.
Method and apparatus for focusing miniature ultrasound transducers
The present disclosure provides methods and apparatus of fabricating a transducer for use in ultrasound imaging. A substrate is provided.
Device for removing liquid silicon from a crucible
A device for taking up a silicon melt comprises at least one block of a refractory with a capillary structure.. .
Heat pipe
An improved heat engine is disclosed. The heat engine comprises at least one heat pipe containing a working fluid flowing in a thermal cycle between vapor phase at an evaporator end and liquid phase at a condenser end.
Heat engine system
An improved heat engine is disclosed. The heat engine comprises at least one heat pipe containing a working fluid flowing in a thermal cycle between vapor phase at an evaporator end and liquid phase at a condenser end.
Heat engine
An improved heat engine is disclosed. The heat engine comprises at least one heat pipe containing a working fluid flowing in a thermal cycle between vapor phase at an evaporator end and liquid phase at a condenser end.
Universal sample preparation system and use in an integrated analysis system
The invention provides a system that can process a raw biological sample, perform a biochemical reaction and provide an analysis readout. For example, the system can extract dna from a swab, amplify str loci from the dna, and analyze the amplified loci and str markers in the sample.
Eyewear attachment device
A sweat wicking and glare reducing eyeglass attachment is provided that is adapted to secure to the upper surfaces of a pair of eyeglasses or pair of sunglasses. The attachment comprises a u-shaped frame having a frontal portion and a pair of side portions, wherein the cross section of the frame is j-shaped and comprised of an upstanding portion and an upper overhang portion.
Water dispenser nozzle for an appliance
A nozzle for dispensing water from an appliance is provided. The nozzle decreases the velocity of water flow so as to reduce or eliminate water splashing out of a consumer's container during dispensing while still providing a rate of flow sufficient to timely fill the container.
Flat heat pipe and method for manufacturing the same
An exemplary flat heat pipe includes a hollow tube and a wick structure lining an inner surface of the tube. The tube includes an evaporator section, an adiabatic section and a condenser section defined in turn along a longitudinal direction thereof.
Fluid handling device, fluid handling method, and fluid handling system
A fluid handling device (100) comprises: a first channel (130); a second channel (140); a communication section (150); an air introduction path (160); and an air reservoir (190). The first enamel (130) and the second channel (140) are channels through which a fluid (210) can move by capillary action.
Capillary system with fluidic element
An aerosol generation system having an aerosol generator wherein a liquid formulation is at least partially volatilized in a capillary passage and discharged from the capillary passage to form an aerosol. The aerosol generation system includes a pumping unit adapted to supply a liquid formulation to the aerosol generator; and a fluidic element located between the pumping unit and the capillary passage of the aerosol generator, wherein the fluidic element increases backpressure of the liquid formulation as the liquid formulation enters the capillary passage of the aerosol generator..
Plate-type capillary column, capillary column unit, and chromatograph using same
A plate-type capillary column has extensibility that enables a capillary to be extended as a whole to improve resolution of a chromatograph by stacking respective plate-type capillary columns. The capillary column is provided with a plate having first and second face plate parts that face each other; a capillary that is formed inside the plate; a first bottom-equipped hole connected to one end part of the capillary and formed to open in the first face plate part; and a second bottom-equipped hole connected to the other end part and formed to open in the second face plate part, wherein as viewed from a direction vertical to the first face plate part or the second face plate part, on a capillary column first virtual circle, passing through the second bottom-equipped hole, one or more through-holes penetrating through the first face plate part and the second face plate part are formed..
Capillary column
There is provided a capillary column comprising a flat cross section and a desired theoretical plate number and having both high resolution and high sample load capacity. The capillary column 1 comprising a stationary phase on an inactivated inner surface, which is used in gas chromatography, comprises a narrow part 3 formed in a central part of a cross section of internal space and a bulge part 4 formed on each of both sides of the narrow part 3..
Capillary manipulation of clinical samples
A system for collection and delivery of sub-milliliter liquid samples is described that provides a dramatic simplification for the measurement of clinical values. The system produces high dilutions of capillary size samples, such as bodily fluids or blood, by a factor of 1000 or more.
Method of producing ice segments
A method of making an ice structure comprising the steps of: providing a mold with at least two mold portions where the at least two mold portions come together to form a cavity that defines a shape of an ice structure; placing the at least two mold portions in thermal communication with at least one cooling source; chilling the at least two mold portions using the at least one cooling source; orienting the at least two mold portions in spaced apart relation; delivering a flow of water such that the flow of water passes along the surface of the at least two mold portions with the mold segments such that water flows (by capillary/wicking action) over the mold segment and forms an ice structure segment; ceasing the flow of water when the ice structure segments are formed; and fusing the ice structure segments together to form the ice structure.. .
Process for applying a hair care composition to hair
The present invention relates to a process for non-therapeutic treatment of human keratinous substances or mucous membranes, comprising the step consisting in transferring onto human keratinous substances or mucous membranes packets, preferably droplets (g), of a composition (p), held by capillary action or otherwise in cavities (3) in a support (2), by putting said support (2) in contact with keratinous substances or mucous membranes and/or by ejecting said packets, preferably said droplets, from the support (2) by mechanical action.. .
Wetland meter
A system (100) for measuring the depth of saturated soil includes a water level detector (102) along with a stimulating/actuating device (104) that directs an actuating medium into the ground at the elevation of the capillary fringe or below the elevation of the capillary fringe. The actuating medium may consist of water, ultrasound emissions, or vibrations..
Sampling device and method for collection and preservation of live cells from tissues and cell cultures
A sampling apparatus for collection and preservation of live cells comprising a collection tube, a capillary tube extending distally and substantially axially from the collection tube, the capillary tube having a first capillary tube section defining a first capillary tube inside diameter, and a luer hub engaged proximally and substantially axially on the collection tube substantially opposite the capillary tube, the luer hub having a luer passage formed therethrough, whereby installation of the sampling apparatus in a linear actuator assembly capable of providing a vacuum as by engaging the luer hub with a filter coupling of the linear actuator assembly enables selective suctioning through the luer passage, the collection tube, and the capillary tube so as to collect one or more cells within the collection tube of the sampling apparatus.. .
Reusable fitting for attaching a conduit to a port
Described is a reusable fitting for attaching a conduit to a port. The fitting includes a housing, a spring, a retainer and cap.
Multi-capillary column and high-capacity ionization interface for gc-ms
A gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (gc-ms) system includes a multi-capillary gc column coupled to a mass analyzer through an ionization interface. The ionization interface includes an ionization device and an ion guide configured for receiving a high-capacity gas-sample flow from the gc column and transmitting a compressed ion beam to the mass analyzer.
Electrokinetically controlled calibrant delivery
An electrokinetic pump can be used to deliver calibrant (“lock mass”) ions to a mass spectrometer for calibration of a mass spectrometry system. Electrokinetically controlled calibrant delivery can help to eliminate the need for the more cumbersome mechanisms that are often used for ion delivery.
Wire bonding apparatus
Provided with a wire bonding apparatus capable of preventing oxidation of a surface of a free air ball. The apparatus is provided with: a capillary for bonding a wire to each electrode; a horizontal plate provided with a through hole allowing a tip of the capillary to be inserted and removed; and a first and a second antioxidant gas flow channel for allowing an antioxidant gas to be blown to a center of the through hole along an upper surface of the horizontal plate, the gas from the second channel being blown in a direction substantially intersecting with a direction in which the first channel extends.
Heat pipe and processing method thereof
A heat pipe processing method includes steps of providing a metal tube with openings at two ends, where an inner wall of the metal tube has a capillary structure surface; and oxidizing the capillary structure surface so as to form an oxidized structure surface. In another embodiment, a heat pipe includes is provided, including a metal tube, a working fluid, and a first oxidized structure.
Non-seizing tapers for use in purged connections of capillary tubing used in gas chromatography
A non-seizing taper used for purged capillary tubing connections in gas chromatography that stops capillary tubing at a predictable position within the taper during installation and maintains space for gas to flow past the capillary tubing. The disclosed taper is an improved component of commonly used purged devices such as inlet liners and purged unions.
Dispensed liquid measurement device
A measurement device containing one or more capillaries to measure the volume of a dispensed fluid and determine the volumetric accuracy of the dispensing device. The measurement device can contain a reservoir containing the fluid to be measured and there may be an additional reservoir for a secondary fluid.
Manufacturing method of thin heat pipe
A manufacturing method of thin heat pipe includes steps of: providing a hollow tubular body and a mesh capillary structure; placing the mesh capillary structure into the tubular body; providing a tool and placing the tool into the mesh capillary structure; sintering the tubular body to make the mesh capillary structure sintered on an inner wall face of the tubular body and then taking out the tool; vacuuming the tubular body and filling a working fluid into the tubular body; sealing the tubular body; and pressing and flattening the tubular body into a flat form by means of mechanical processing. According to the manufacturing method of thin heat pipe, the mesh capillary structure can fully tightly attach to the inner wall face of the tubular body to keep the completeness of the tubular body and the completeness of the vapor-liquid circulation passageways in the heat pipe..
Method for selecting and establishing a d2d communication path in mtc capillary networks
A method for selecting and establishing a device-to-device (d2d) communication path in mtc capillary network, to be executed on an mtc device, is provided, including receiving a paging request; piggybacking the paging request into a probe/beacon signal and sending said probe/beacon signal piggybacked with said paging request to an mtc gateway, when said mtc device being configured to use said mtc gateway; determining a d2d link quality and report result to an enb connected to said mtc gateway, when receiving a probe/beacon signal without paging response from said mtc gateway; and when receiving a probe/beacon signal with paging response from said mtc gateway: setting up a d2d communication link, when said received response indicating said probe/beacon signal with paging request being accepted, or, setting up a direct cellular connection when said received response indicating said probe/beacon signal with paging request being rejected.. .
Connector unit and connecting system for connecting capillaries, in particular for high-performance liquid chromatography
The invention relates to a connector unit for connecting capillaries, in particular for high-performance liquid chromatography, wherein a sealing element sealing the capillary protrudes at least partially into the interior of the capillary, while a portion of the sealing element that protrudes axially from the capillary can be subjected to a compressive force that is introduced via the capillary to obtain an axial or radial plastic and/or elastic deformation.. .
Atmospheric pressure interface ion source and mass spectrometer
An api (atmospheric pressure interface) ion source and a mass spectrometer with the same are disclosed. In the disclosed api ion source and the mass spectrometer with the same, the included angle α between the capillary (2) and the mass analyzer (4) of the mass spectrometer (10) is 80°˜150°.
Balanced capillary bridge viscometer
A capillary bridge viscometer, comprises an input port (flow in) an output port (flow out) a first capillary tubing arm (r1) in a first hydraulic path between the input port and a first differential detection point (dp+), a second capillary tubing arm (r3) in a second hydraulic path between the first differential detection point (dp+) and the output port (flow out), a third capillary tubing arm (r2) in a third hydraulic path between the input port (flow in) and a second differential detection point (dp−), a fourth capillary tubing arm (r4) in a fourth hydraulic path between the second differential detection point (dp−) and the output port (flow out), an adjustable mechanical flow restrictor (20) in one of the first, second, third, and fourth hydraulic paths, wherein the adjustable mechanical flow restrictor (20) is operative to mechanically adjust a resistance to flow of a fluid while the fluid flows through the adjustable mechanical flow restrictor.. .
High throughput detection of fusion proteins
A method and related microfluidic chip and kit for high throughput detection of proteins of interest contained in a sample is disclosed. The method comprises of specifically labeling fusion proteins in a complex sample with fusion tag specific fluorophores that specifically bind the fusion tags coupled to the proteins of interest, and subjecting the sample to automated capillary electrophoresis, wherein the presence of the proteins of interest in the sample is detected by fluorescence signals associated with the fusion tag specific fluorophores..
Apparatus and method for separating plasma from blood and delayed wetting
Devices and methods are disclosed herein for separating a supernate from a suspension. The apparatus consists of a sample zone, a controllable gate, and an analysis zone.
Devices and methods for emanating liquids
A device for emanating a liquid is described wherein the device is for use with a refill of liquid, wherein the device comprises: a housing with at least one exit port for emanated liquid therein; a hollow and elongate extraction limb having at least one capillary tube therein, said at least one capillary tube being open at one end to extract liquid from the refill and open at the other end to deposit said liquid on at least one wick provided only on an outer surface of a refill housing.. .
Gas regulator fitting
A gas regulator fitting is to be devised that prevents distortions of the temperature value to be regulated caused by ambient temperature fluctuations. Retrofitting without intervention into the gas-conducting space is also to be made possible.
Quick-release coupling
A quick release coupling for connecting at least two connecting elements of a fluid system for a liquid medium, and comprises a coupling body, defining a flow channel between a first connecting end for the connection of a first connecting element, and a second connecting end. The coupling body includes a sensor chamber separated from the flow channel by a separating wall.
Flow measurement device and method
The present invention relates to a fluid measuring device comprising a capillary device and a non-linear response device. The capillary device typically having a flow channel comprising a contraction with a sidelet upstream and sidelet downstream of the contraction, the sidelets each comprises a pressure sensor arranged to determine the pressure drop over the contraction, the geometry of the flow channel of the capillary device being adapted to provide a flow response by the linear effects in the fluid, with the least response from the non-linear effects in the fluid.

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